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Game On is a Canadian teen sitcom, which premiered on YTV in May 2015.

Based on the Norwegian series Kampen, the show stars Grayson Gurnsey as Toby Martin, a 14-year-old boy whose successes and failures in life are narrated in the style of a sports play-by-play by an anchor team played by Jonathan Torrens and Samantha Bee.

The show is not to be confused with the 1995 British Sitcom.

"And it looks likes these are the tropes Toby is going to be trying to use in his series":

  • Christmas Episode: In "The Christmas Tree", Toby and Seth accidentally destroy the family Christmas tree.
  • Convenience Store Gift Shopping: When Toby forgets his mother's birthday in "Mom's Birthday", he sneaks out of the house and down the block to the only business in the neighbourhood open early on a Sunday morning: the gas station. He winds up buying her an umbrella hat, and wrapping it in a free road map. He manages to salvage the situation by linking the hat a childhood memory of spending time with his mom.
  • Discreet Dining Disposal: In "Seafood Surprise", Toby tries to hide his dinner at Jessica's house.
  • Halloween Episode: In "Trick or Track Meet", Toby and Seth see who can get the most Halloween candy in five minutes.
  • Irrevocable Message: In "The Text", Toby sends a funny text to Jessica, but worries she'll find it offensive.
  • Kids Shouldn't Watch Horror Films: In "Scary Movie", Toby and Seth watch a scary movie right before bed with predictable results.
  • Last-Minute Project: In "Hurried Homework", Toby forgot about an assignment, and has only 10 minutes to build it.
  • Life Embellished: Toby Martin is a 14-year-old boy going through the normal successes and failures of adolescence. However, his endeavours are being narrated in the style of a sports play-by-play by an anchor team.
  • Love Letter Lunacy: In "Toby's Valentine", Toby puts a valentine in the wrong girl's locker and Hilarity Ensues.
  • Makeover Torment: "The Makeover" features Toby being blackmailed by his younger sister into letting her and her friends give him a makeover.
  • Picture Day: In "Picture Day", Toby wears nothing but underwear to school on picture day.
  • Rise of Zitboy: In "The Pimple", Toby tries to fix a pimple on his face before a presentation.
  • School Play: In "Act, Toby, Act", Toby tries out for the school play, in hopes of acting with Jessica.
  • Sick Episode: In "Sick Day", while home sick, Toby and Seth compete to see which dad will do the most for them.
  • Sticky Situation: In "Better Late Than Never", Toby - already late for an appointment with the principal to talk about chronic lateness - gets his hand glued to a piano.