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Some of the main protagonistsnote 

Villa Dulce is a chilean animated series created by Francisco Bobadilla and Beatriz Buttazzoni, who aired in Canal 13 between 2004 and 2006. It was created using Flash. Although there was some well known Flash animations and web series created in Chile at that time, Villa Dulce was the first animated show using Flash who aired on local TV.

"The land of eternal Sunday"Translation  is written in the billboard who welcomes to the town of Villa Dulce, but it not convinced Sonia, the granddaughter of the mayor of the town, Epifanio Toscano. Against her desires, she arrived from Santiago to stay some time in Villa Dulce, believing is a boring town, but she will discover that Villa Dulce isn't as boring as she thought. As Jerson said to her in the same day she arrived, in Villa Dulce, there are always happening things, and the adventures of the kids in the town such as Melón, Peca, Luiggi, Marlena, and the rest of the gang, prove that.


It lasted two seasons. It has also two specials: The first one, who serves both as a Recap of the first season as well as the finale of that season, and "Dulce Navidad", a christmas one.

As of May 2020, it is airing on TV Educa Chile, and the entire first season is available on Canal 13's Youtube channel. Some episodes are also available on Canal 13's free online streaming service, 13 Now.

¡Churraca! Villa Dulce provides examples of:

  • A Dog Named "Dog": The dog found in the episode "El fin del mundo", who appears gasping in the intro of the first season, had no name through that season. Both the soundtrack and the second season revealed his name: PerroTranslation .
  • Afraid of Needles: In "Las vacunas", both Melón and Epifanio are reluctant to take the vaccine against the XP influenza, because both were scared of needles in the past.
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  • Alliterative Name: Teodoro Tapia. His first name was revealed in 'El embajador'Translation .
  • All There in the Manual: The soundtrack released near the end of the first season reveals that the name of the speechless character in a pogo, shown in the intro (and in some episodes) is named Soto.
  • Big Ball of Violence: In "La venganza es dulce", Jerson and Melón get into one, when the latter tries to recover his hat.
  • Big Eater: "El Guatón Mito" Translation 
  • Bland-Name Product: One of the products used on Marlena's hair, as part of her makeover in "Ella... la más bella", has the brand Laura Existe, referencing the real brand L'Oreal Elvive.
  • Catchphrase:
    • "¡Churraca!", from Sonia
    • "¡Bacán!", from Luiggi
  • Chekhov's Exhibit: The elegant suit donated by Nemesio in "La venganza es dulce".
  • Christmas Special: Aired between both seasons.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Whatever happened that caused Horacio to not appear in Season 2, it's a mystery.
  • Cute, but Cacophonic: Peca. Sure she looks cute, but oh boy, it sounds loud when she shouts.
  • Diet Episode: The reason because "El Guatón Mito" in "Mato por comida"Translation  acts so rude in taking away the food from others, is because his mother, who is a fashion model, put him on a diet.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: "La venganza es dulce" Translation . Eight words: Do not try to take off Melón's hat.
  • Dream Episode: "Tengo sueño"Translation 
  • Episode Title Card
  • The Faceless: The faces of the parents of the children from Villa Dulce are never seen.
  • Half-Identical Twins: The Rientes twins
  • Hypocritical Humor: In "Inundación!"Translation , when Peca was sent out of Melón's house, she left off his memory album of Nemesio, the pop singer who is fan. She was picked up by Sonia and Marlena, who before went to see the movie of Rexy Teener, the pop artist who Sonia is fan. Later, when Peca says to her mom, that she needs to go to Melón's house to recover said album, Sonia says "Increíble el fanatismo de alguna gente"Translation . The camera pans to the wall behind Sonia, who was covered with three Rexy Teener posters, in which one of them Sonia pasted a cutout of her head on top of the head of another person accompanying Rexy Teener.
  • Injection Plot: The plot of the episode "Las vacunas" involves a vaccination campaign against the XP influenza for all children in Villa Dulce around 1-12 years. Among the chldren, both Melón and Sonia are decided to avoid the vaccine. In the case of Melón, he had a traumatic experience in the past with a vaccine, and he is decided to get rid of the vaccine with his name. In the case of Sonia, she draws a scar on her left arm to pretend she was vaccinated. Also, Epifanio was asked to receive the vaccine so he can be a role model for the children, triggering memories of his own traumatic experience with a needle.
  • Iris Out: Many episodes from season 1 end this way.
  • Limited Wardrobe: Sonia wears the same outfit in every episode. When we see her closet, however, is a mixed situation. It's lampshaded by the fact she has many equal t-shirts. But, it's averted by the fact she has three different pairs of shoes: One pair colored pink (her usual shoes), one pair colored pink but taller, and one pair colored green. Although we haven't seen Sonia wearing the other pairs of shoes, both pairs are there. This becomes a problem for her in "La venganza es dulce" when Melón infiltrates the place where she stays, sneaks out her closet, and steals one of her shoes, so he can use the shoe prints to frame Sonia for the robbery of Nemesio's suit.
  • Meat-O-Vision: Featured in the extended version of "El fin del mundo" Translation . At the end of the episode, the only children who are still inside the abandoned candy factory are the Rientes twins. At the time the female twin asks the question about what they will eat, and aware they can't eat anything inside the factory due to be rotten, he starts to hallucinate. The episode ends with him seeing the head of his sister as a sandwich.
  • "Mission: Impossible" Cable Drop: Melón in "La venganza es dulce" does this to sneak into the city hall, bypass the security system, and steal Nemesio's suit.
  • Mr. Fixit: Herman
  • Multi-Part Finale: The 3-part series finale, "La Fábrica" Translation .
  • No Indoor Voice: Sonia
  • Non-Gameplay Elimination: It happens twice in "La Fábrica":
    • When the Rientes twins were testing a recipe, the male twin suffered a accident who burned his face. With his head completely bandaged, and needed for medical treatment, he was evacuated from the factory.
    • Luiggi suffered a nervous breakdown due to passing too much time without watching TV, who causes him to say he wants to get out. This forced the medical staff to evacuate him from the factory.
  • Only Known by Their Nickname / Only One Name: Except for Epifanio Toscano, Teodoro Tapianote , Sonia Buendía, Marlena Marga, and Horacio Becerra note , the rest of the characters have only one name (first or last), or they are known only by their nickname.
  • Recap Special: Also doubles as the first season finale. Sonia is going back to Santiago, so before leaving Villa Dulce, she and her friends organize a party and remember some of the best moments we had seen through the season.
  • The Runaway: Peca runs out of her house in "Amenazada por las cuentas". In the note she leaves in her room, she explains her reasons to do it. See the example immediately below.
  • Shockingly Expensive Bill: In "Amenazada por las cuentas" Translation , Peca lets his friends to use the phone of his house to call to vote for Nemesio in the TV show "Fiesta, Fama y Fortuna"Translation . As a result of this, the telephone bill raises high, and when Peca hears the punishments she will receive for doing this, she runs out of his house, promising to go back when she gets the money to pay the bill.
  • Shoe Slap: A running gag in "Nemesio Is Dead". Beginning with the hit received on stage, several times in the episode, Nemesio is hit in the face with a shoe. And at the end of the episode, Nemesio's grandmother also received the hit. The character generator of the TV show "K-Win" Translation , seen through the episode, lampshades this with the text "Fábricas de zapatos no dan abasto" Translation .
  • Shout-Out:
    • An odd example, considering it's a kids show: In "La esquina peluda", at the time Luiggi's house was surrounded by the police, he was watching Scarface.
    • In "Inundación!", when Melón and Luiggi found the note where Peca says she will come back for her things, both thought that she was dead, and Melón imaginated her coming out of a television, just like Samara in The Ring.
    • The judge from "La venganza es dulce" Translation  has a very clear resemblance of the famous judge Ana María Polo from Caso Cerrado. It even tries to imitate her characteristic voice.
    • In the first elimination of "La Fábrica", Nemesio ejected Nancy in the same way and expression used by the TV show host Catalina Pulido in the chilean adaptation of The Weakest Link.
  • Show Within a Show: "Brocacochis" Translation , an Animesque TV show featuring three heroes as his main characters. It's a very popular show inside and outside Villa Dulce, to the point to have its own merchandise.
  • Sick Episode: "El embajador" is this for Luiggi. While he's sick, he is watching a soap opera. All his appearances, along with the scenes of the soap opera, are used to mark the dramatic points of the whole episode.
  • Sleepwalking: In "La esquina peluda". In the middle of a curfew, Luiggi sleepwalked through the streets, causing a police car to crash.
  • Stock Footage: "Nemesio Is Dead" starts with real footage from the 2005 Viña del Mar International Song Festival. It even features Ricardo Montaner's entrance to the stage. To adapt the footage with the show and the episode's plot, signs cheering Nemesio and Villa Dulce were created, as well as a logo for that festival featuring Sonia and Jerson's silhouettes.
  • Yet Another Christmas Carol: Featured in the Christmas special. After Epifanio knows that Sonia will not come to Villa Dulce for Christmas, he decides to cancel all the Christmas celebrations in Villa Dulce, and when he knows that Don Tapia is working with the children of Villa Dulce to celebrate Christmas anyway, he proceeds to fire him. Soon later, while he's sleeping, in his dreams is visited by the three ghosts who will show the mistakes of his actions.