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Waybuloo is a British cartoon produced by CBeebies.

The series follows four animal-like creatures called Piplings:

  • De Li, a pink cat,
  • Lau Lau, a purple bunny,
  • Nok Tok, a blue bear, and
  • Yojojo, an orange monkey.

They live in the magical world of Nara.

Everyday, human children called Cheebies visit Nara. Together, the Piplings and the Cheebies solve small problems and learn about the world.

Contains examples of:

  • Medium Blending: The Piplings are animated, while everything else is live-action.
  • Odd Name Out:
    • Yojojo. His name is three syllables and one word, while the other Piplings have two-word names that are two syllables.
    • Downplayed compared to the above example, but De Li's name is four letters while the other Piplings' names are six letters.
  • Pink Girl, Blue Boy: De Li is pink and Nok Tok is blue.
  • Token Minority: Of a sort; Nok Tok has a dark face while the other three Piplings have pale faces. However, whether this was intentional or not is up for debate.


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