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Greater Gods

    The Dark Matter Horde 
The Dark Matter Hordenote , Unholy Army of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Media (General: Dark Rimuru, Dark Rimuro, Dark Rimura | Zero: 0 | 02: Zero-Two, Zero-Squared, Oh-Two, Oh-Squared, Oxygen | Dark Nebula: Ruler of the Underworld, Dark Zero, Lord of the Dark)
Top to bottom: 02, Miracle Matter, Zero, Dark Matter Blade/Real Dark Matter. Art by Doctor-G
Dark Nebula
  • Greater Deities as a whole. By themselves, Zero and 02 are Greater Deities and Dark Matter, Miracle Matter and Dark Nebula are Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Dark Star with multiple Dark Matters peering out
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Frightening Villains in Idyllic Settings, Eldritch Abomination, Evil Darkness, Demonic Possession, Oculothorax
  • Domains: Evil, Corruption, Darkness, Eyes
  • Heralds: Most unascended Kirby villains.
  • Followers: the Big Bad, The Spirit of the Book, Gargan, many unascended Pretty Cure villains
  • "Allies"note : Void Termina (possible progenitor), Ganondorf, Melkor, Chernabog, Master Xehanort, Barbatos
  • Rivals: The Heartless, the Dark Star, the Taken, the Shadow Queen, The Shroobs, Bill Cipher, Solaris, Metallix (all), Starro (Dark Nebula)
  • Enemies: Pretty much everyone not in "Allies", but notable ones include: All good and neutral aligned Kirby deities, but especially Kirby, King Dedede, Meta Knight, Rick, Kine and Coo, Gooey, Waddle Dee, Whispy Woods, Samus Aran, ROB, The Entity, The House of Light and Brightness, the good Kingdom Hearts Deities, Deities affiliated with the sun (Includes The Unconquered Sun, Ra, Helios, Aurora, Apollo, Sekhmet, Amaterasu, Princess Celestia), Meridia, Mirai Kuriyama, Esidisi, Jedah Dohma, Zero (Mega Man X), Sage, Lelouch Lamperouge, Zero (Drakengard 3), Zero Two, Ultraman, Ultraman Zero, Gai Kurenai, Isaac, Riku Asakura, the Mage of the Beginning, the Twins, Monoculus, Ramiel, Polygon Man, victims of Demonic Possession, Team Dai-Gurren
  • The planet of Pop Star is an idyllic one; colorful lush landscapes filled with (mostly) cute, friendly, easygoing inhabitants, and a general sense of peace. And yet, it seems that it keeps getting endangered by powerful, frightening, oft otherworldly threats that Kirby has to defeat to save the day. Perhaps the most infamous threat Kirby ever faced was the Dark Matter Horde, an eldritch force of unknown origin and motivations who exist to cover the universe in darkness.
    • It started when a single member arrived at the Rainbow Islands, shattering the Rainbow Bridges connecting the islands and possessing King Dedede as a first step to take over Dream Land. Kirby, with the help of his animal friends, collected the Rainbow Drops that form into the Rainbow Sword to exorcise Dedede and defeat the Dark Matter.
    • Later on, an entire swarm of Dark Matter began enveloping Pop Star, possessing more yet again. Kirby, with the help of Gooey and his new animal friends, defeated the Dark Matter instances while collecting Heart Stars, which resulted in Kirby armed with the Love Love Stick facing off against their leader Zero within the Hyper Zone.
    • It seems that third times the charm, as the Horde would eventually corrupt another planet named Ripple Star, which made the Ripple Queen send out a fairy named Ribbon out with their Crystal to escape the threat. However, Ripple was attacked by a group of Dark Matters, shattering the Crystal and making her crash onto Pop Star, where she met Kirby, who decided to help her find the missing shards. Teaming up with a Waddle Dee, Adeleine and King Dedede, the group would travel across planets to find the missing shards until they reached the considerably corrupted Ripple Star, where they defeated a member of the Horde named Miracle Matter. When it seemed all was well, the fully formed Crystal exorcised a large chunk of Dark Matter from the Queen, prompting the group to head to Dark Star, where Kirby and Ribbon with the Crystal fought against their leader 02, finally ending the Dark Matter threat for good.
  • For a long time, only Zero held the position of Disproportionately Evil Villains in Light-Hearted Shows, and it seemed it would stay that way until one peculiar day, in which a unusually high amount of darkness were found in Houses such as Villainy, Nature, Emotion, Narrative and Food. Multiple deities, including Kirby and his friends were sent to investigate the sudden darkness where they found a large portion of the Houses coated in a suffocating darkness, with a few unfortunate deities possessed by some unknown force. It was then Kirby and friends realized that this darkness came from Dark Matter, a force they have fought multiple times before. The intervening deities exorcised the Dark Matters from the possessed deities and fought the origins of the darkness, of which there now seem to be five commanders; Dark Matter Blade/Real Dark Matter, Zero, Miracle Matter, 02, and Dark Nebula. After their defeats, the commanders and remaining Dark Matters coagulated at the House of Villainous Roles, Narrative Tone and Darkness and Shadow and just remained there. The Court of the Gods decided to grant them a shared title under Zero's title as they felt it would be better to keep them there and to monitor their activity rather than try to remove them from the realm.
  • Needless to say, Kirby and his friends were not happy to see the Dark Matter Horde ascend in greater numbers, remembering how much trouble they were back in their world. Kirby hates the Horde the most, as he had to deal with them every time they invaded. The Animal Friends and Gooey also heavily oppose them, being involved in stopping two invasions, with Gooey's existence as a rogue Dark Matter making things even more notable. King Dedede also dislikes them as he happened to be possessed everytime they invaded, with his Waddle Dee army hating them too because of that plus one of the helping Kirby collect the Crystal Shards. While Meta Knight was absent during the main three invasions, he has dealt with Dark Nebula by trying to keep its treasure chest out of reach, and is willing to point his sword at them should the need arise. Samus Aran and ROB happened to be at Pop Star during the invasion and supplied Kirby with Heart Stars, so they're also willing to fight them.
  • The Dark Matter Horde are mainly located in three spots in the Pantheon; one in Villainous Roles, another in Narrative Tone and the other in Darkness And Shadow. Sometimes a few instances are seen out of those three spots, requiring some deities to purge them before it gets worse. Being a malevolent force of darkness, it was inevitable that the other forces of darkness and villains using darkness would take an interest in the Horde and want to use them for their own purposes. The problem is that the Horde is rather chaotic and self-serving, being indiscriminant when it comes to targeting victims for corruption and possession. The House of Villainy know this all to well, as they were one of the Houses who fell to their initial onslaught and even some deities residing there fell victim to their Demonic Possession. Nevertheless, villains like Melkor and Chernabog are willing to use the Dark Matter Horde for their own ends, believing that letting them do their work and not interfering would make them safe from any potential attacks from them, plus some like Master Xehanort are quite interested in studying them. Of special note is Barbatos, the God of the Dark Multiverse and Dark Matter itself. Barbatos finds the Horde quite interesting and perhaps valuable to his plans of dragging worlds down in darkness, but has to make a few precautions to control the Horde in the event they might attack him. The Dark Matter Horde tend to clash a lot with other forces of darkness like the Heartless and the Dark Star over breaches of territory. Another dark force they clash with a lot is the Taken, Oryx's army consisting of empty shells corrupted by darkness.
  • Since the Dark Matter Horde are a malevolent force of darkness, it was inevitable that the light-based deities and those who wield the light would oppose them. The House of Light and Brightness are some of their fiercest opposers, as they find the existence of Dark Matter anathema to theirs. The Entity, embodiment of White Light, also greatly hates the Horde for their destructive behaviour. The benevolent Keyblade Wielders, no stranger to malevolent darkness, have sworn to fend off against the Horde and to purge it from those possessed. Deities associated with or have domains over the sun also hate the Horde for blotting out the daylight with their vile darkness, and will show them who's boss when provoked. Meridia, Knight Templar extraordinaire and light user, wants nothing but to see the entire Horde snuffed out of existence. While the Ultramen aren't really affiliated with light, they do have experience in fighting the forces of darkness, so they're willing to fight them too. Ultraman Zero in particular dislikes their possession shtick, given that he was once possessed by Ultraman Belial's spirit.
  • One of the most notable powers of the Dark Matter Horde is to possess people and take over their bodies. While possessed, the victim's appearance changes to become more frightening, and in some cases gain powers like the Dark Matter's eye bulging out of the stomach to fire projectiles. Obviously, many deities who ended up as victims of Demonic Possession really hate the Horde, and fear being possessed by them. There also happens to be others capable of Demonic Possession like the Mage of the Beginning, Pazuzu, and the Beast. The Mage, despite her darkness powers, dislikes the Horde believing them to cause nothing but suffering, Pazuzu finds them annoying to deal with, while the Beast is merely amused by them.
  • The most striking feature of the Horde is that their bodies feature a single large eye and not much else, the rest of the body being simplistic and circular. This lead to comparisons with other mono-eyed Deities like the Twins and Monoculus. Encounters with them usually end up in a big brawl between the parties. Bill Cipher, another one-eyed Eldritch Abomination, is interested in the Dark Matters and thinks it would be fun to torment the Pines by unleashing them on the twins.
  • No one is certain about the motivations of the Dark Matter Horde, or even if they have any at all; they seemingly exist to drown the universe in darkness. However, some speculate that the Horde may be lacking emotions and that they, or at least the Dark Matter Blade attacked Pop Star out of jealousy for its inhabitants camaraderie, lacking any friends to call their own. Of course, many Deities are hesitant on actually befriending any of the Dark Matters, fearing that they may be attack or possessed. For those lacking emotions like Xemnas and Flowey, they are respectively interested and disinterested in the Horde, but both of them agree that they should be cautious with them given their chaotic nature.
  • No one knows for certain on the origins of Dark Matter, but some speculate that Void Termina may be their progenitor and perhaps the first of its kind. Given the equally ambiguous ties the Dark Lord of Destruction has to Kirby himself, this theory seemingly raises more questions than answers. While these theories have yet to be proven, it has been noted that the Dark Lord of Destruction is one of the few deities the Horde has no problem with, which disturbs many deities.
  • The first instance of Dark Matter happened to be the one who tried to corrupt the Rainbow Islands by shattering the Rainbow Bridges and possessing King Dedede, with plans to corrupt all of Dream Land. It later appeared during the second invasion of Pop Star residing in the Hyper Zone. This particular Dark Matter has the ability to change between two forms; One being its "flower" form capable of shooting out dark lightning and firing out its "petals", and its "blade" form, where it attacks using its sword which can fire sword beams.
    • As it turns out, the Haltmann Works Company has somehow managed to create a clone of Dark Matter, which Star Dream summoned when testing Meta Knight's combat credentials. It's question on exactly how the Company managed to get their hands on some Dark Matter, but what's notable is that the clone pushed Star Dream to its limits and even then it could only copy the Blade form in an incomplete state, which says something about the Horde's eldritch, incomprehensible nature.
  • Zero is the leader of the Dark Matter Horde during their second attempt at taking over Pop Star. Taking residence in the Hyper Zone, the area with the highest concentration of Dark Matter, Kirby can only fight it by collecting all the Heart Stars which combine into the Love Love Stick and then flying into the Hyper Zone, upon which it appeared after the Dark Matter's defeat. It's notable for looking quite unlike its brethren, being a stark white with a blood red eye in contrast to the mostly pitch-black Dark Matters.
    • Zero's most notable trait happens to be that it attacks by shedding its own blood and shooting it at targets. It's also capable of having its eye burst out of the white body in a bloody explosion, an act which many blood-squeamish gods thought was incredibly disgusting. Its not the only Deity to use their own blood to attack, as Jedah Dohma, Esidisi, and Mirai Kuriyama can attest to. Those three gods all dislike Zero, knowing that the Horde is likely to attack and corrupt them without hesitation.
    • This Zero should not be confused with the other Zero's of the Pantheon, which include the reploid, the Intoner, and the codename of Lelouch Lamperouge. All three detest the Eldritch Abomination for its corruptive nature, the Intoner especially as it shares multiple traits with her like color scheme and an association with blood, plus it reminds her of the Flower a bit.
  • Miracle Matter is a peculiar kind of Dark Matter stationed in the center of the darkness during the invasion of Ripple Star. Its design is peculiar even by Dark Matter standards, sharing Zero's color scheme with the design of a icosahedron. It has the unique ability to change its form into ones based on Kirby's copy abilities and can only be harmed by the same ability while in one of those forms.
    • Its design as a living icosahedron has lead to some comparisons to other menacing geometric Deities like Ramiel and Polygon Man. As with other members of the Dark Matter Horde, encounters with these Deities usually end in fights, which end up surprisingly tedious due to Miracle Matter's elemental change abilities making it invulnerable to anything that doesn't match its current form.
  • 02 is the leader of the Dark Matter Horde during the invasion of Ripple Star. Residing in the humongous mass of Dark Matter referred to as Dark Star, it can only be fought when Kirby collects all the crystal shards, in which it then exorcises the Dark Star from the Ripple Queen, which makes Kirby and his allies fly to Dark Star to confront the monster. Kirby, wielding the Crystal Gun while being carried by Ribbon, fought and defeated 02, ending the Dark Matter threat once and for all.
    • Given their similar names and appearances, many speculate that 02 is a reincarnation of Zero. Plus, the bandage below its halo may hide the wound it got when it ripped its own eye from its body. This theory hasn't been completely confirmed yet, although nobody has seen both Zero and 02 at the same time in the Pantheon.
    • 02 should not be confused with, and is in no way related to the half-Klaxosaur hybrid with a similar name. Zero Two would rather not associate herself with an Eldritch Abomination, and insinuating otherwise will earn you a beating from either parties.
  • Dark Nebula is a bit of an odd duck, as he wasn't involved in any of those three events but rather a completely unrelated one. In this story, Kirby was chasing Daroach and his gang because he believed they were holding his cake captive in a treasure chest while believing it to be precious treasure. Things didn't improve when Meta Knight arrived and took the chest for himself, not explaining why to Kirby or Daroach. After much fighting, Daroach finally opened the chest, only to find neither cake nor treasure, but rather Dark Nebula, who possessed him and took off to Gamble Galaxy, prompting Kirby to chase him, and with Daroach's Triple Star Cane, defeated the monster after exorcising the being out of Daroach's body.
    • Dark Nebula spend much of its time locked inside a treasure chest until Daroach inadvertently freed it from its confines. Even in the Pantheon, it's usually stuck inside its treasure prison, waiting for some unsuspecting deity to open it up and release it. Of course, some overly curious Deity usually ends up releasing it from its prison, forcing Kirby and a few others to combat it. Because of this, it gets lumped with other sealed threats like Nightmare, Dagon, and Typhon, so it's often on watch.
    • Dark Nebula has been noted to have some resemblances with Starro, in that they're both star-shaped, cyclopean entities capable of possessing/attaching themselves to others to control them. The two tend to clash often whenever they're near eachother, so chances of them teaming up are slim.
    • Certain Deities find it quite amusing that Kirby and Daroach both expected cake and treasure respectively, only to find Dark Nebula inside, rendering their efforts for naught in a sense. GLaDOS in particular finds it kinda funny that after all that chasing and running around, the cake really was a lie in Kirby's case even if he got his cake in the end.
  • By the way, there might be more members of the Dark Matter Horde like Dark Mind and Dark Crafter, but no one is certain if they really are a part of the Horde or it's just a coincidence.
  • Can also be found in Villainous Roles.

    Doraemon and Co. 
Nobita Nobi, Doraemon, Shizuka Minamoto, Takeshi Goda and Suneo Honekawa, Divine Cast of High Stakes Tie-In Movies (Nobita: Noby; Shizuka: Sue; Takeshi: Gian, Big G; Suneo: Sneech)
L-R: Suneo, Nobita, Doraemon, Shizuka and Gian Click here to see their 1979 anime designs 
  • Doraemon is a Greater God, the rest are Demideities
  • Symbol: Doraemon himself
  • Theme Song: "Doraemon no Uta"
  • Alignment: Doraemon and Shizuka are Lawful Good, Nobita is Chaotic Good, Gian is Chaotic Neutral and Suneo is True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Long-Runners, Slice of Life, Big Damn Movie, Kid Hero, True Companions despite not always getting along
  • Domains: Technology, Children, Time Travel, Heroism
  • Allies: Astro Boy, Dr. Light, Shin-chan, Hello Kitty (also a former crush of Doraemon), Timmy Turner, Cosmo and Wanda, Future Trunks, Lucina, Cream the Rabbit
  • Enemies: Grand United Alliance of Machines, Dokuro Mitsukai, Ivo Robotnik
  • Fears: The Hall of Rabbits and Rodents and any other rodents scattered across the Pantheon (Doraemon)
  • Complicated Relations: The Tanuki of Tama Hill, Jimmy Hopkins
  • Doraemon is a robot cat from the 22nd century sent back in time to the 20th century by a boy called Sewashi. Sewashi wants Doraemon to help his great-great-grandfather, Nobita Nobi, grow up into an upstanding man. The reason for this is that Nobita is by nature a weakling and a loser, and if he keeps being so, he will plunge his family into debt for generations. So Doraemon lives with the 10-year-old Nobita and helps him in his daily life through a seemingly endless supply of gadgets contained in his four-dimensional pouch. With that said, Nobita is prone to abusing said gadgets to try to coast through life, against Doraemon's advice, leading to him learning some harsh lessons when things inevitably blow up in his face. Nobita's neighbors tend to also get involved in his misadventures; this includes his circle of on-again off-again friends consisting of Shizuka, a prim and proper girl who may become his future wife if he plays his cards right, a hulking, bad-tempered boy nicknamed Gian who tends to beat up Nobita and anybody else at the slightest provocation, and the cowardly rich boy Suneo who often joins Gian in bullying Nobita.
    • As improbable as it seems, this quartet of suburban 10-year-old kids and their goofy robot cat friend also regularly go on dangerous, action-packed adventures most kids their age can only dream of. They've been to unknown corners of the Earth, have traveled way back in the past or far off into the future, or even to planets located in entirely different galaxies. In many of these adventures, they have discovered entire civilizations on the brink of collapse or some other plot on which hinges the fate of the world, all of which Doraemon, Nobita and the rest of the gang are able to set straight in the end.
  • Doraemon ascended quite some time before his friends owing to his iconic status and for a while was all on his lonesome. Doraemon's devotion to Nobita's edification did not sit well with the GUAM, who thought the robot cat was squandering his considerable potential on a human that was even more lowly than the average. To resolve this, the GUAM kidnapped Doraemon and reprogrammed him to bring him to the side of machine supremacy; the organization believed this was freeing for Doraemon. Back in his world of origin, Nobita and the others hadn't heard of Doraemon in a while and worried about him. They were then visited by a friend of Doraemon's, Astro Boy, who delivered Doraemon's pouch to them (having managed to snatch it off him) and told them he was in big trouble. Hearing this, Nobita, Shizuka, Gian and Suneo wasted no time in going into the Pantheon to help. Armed with Doraemon's pouch, they managed to build a strategy involving his gadgets to get through the GUAM (having Astro Boy on their side helped too) and get their favorite cat back to them and to his usual self; Astro Boy enlisted Dr. Light to reprogram Doraemon to this end. Once things were back to normal, the Main House summoned the five-strong gang and commended them, offering all of them joint godhood over Big Damn Movie (in celebration, those events were indeed made into an exclusive movie which premiered at the House of Theatre and Spectacle).
  • Even though that's what Doraemon identifies himself as, he doesn't look like much of a cat, nor are his behavior or personality recognizably catlike. He did have pointed ears in the past, but they were chewed away by robot mice, leading to Doraemon having a phobia of them (he also used to be yellow and the grief at losing his ears turned him blue). So when Doraemon realized there were not only a lot of ascended rodents around, but a number of them were either huge or actively malicious, he was quite dismayed. At least with his friends around, he can find some comfort in them and not go completely ballistic on the occasions when he comes face to face with the creatures. He could hardly even shake hands with fellow icon Mickey Mouse without fainting dead away.
    • Since he doesn't obviously look like a cat, Doraemon is often confused for a tanuki, which never fails to make him enraged. A lot of the ascended tanuki are left wondering resentfully what problem does he have with them, as has happened when the gang went on a field trip to meet the displaced Tanuki from Tama Hill. Doraemon had intended to teach the kids about the impact urbanization has on the wildlife, as he is concerned with environmental issues, but couldn't contain his anger when some of the tanuki confused him for one of their own. Relations between the tanuki and the gang have been rather strained since then, despite Shizuka's profuse apologies for the incident. Although the tanuki don't hate that the gang care for the environment and the natural world and have more tolerance for supernatural things than most people from their time.
  • Doraemon was interested to learn about Dokuro Mitsukai, an angel sent back in time to, supposedly, help a loser-y kid grow up into somebody decent. Doraemon thought that was very relatable until he heard that boy, Sakura Kusakabe, would turn the entire world into a pederast utopia without Dokuro's interference, which made Doraemon short-circuit out of shock and look askance at the whole story. Then, he was completely appalled that Dokuro's idea of helping Sakura involved brutally maiming and killing him at every misstep only to ressurect him shortly after, and that caused Doraemon to march down to her temple and give her a "The Reason You Suck" Speech on how that is no way of educating her charge to become a good human being. Dokuro responded by smilingly throwing her spiked bat at Doraemon, causing him to respond with his gadgets; who came out victorious is a mystery. Either way, Doraemon truly hates Dokuro and deeply resents any comparisons between the two, which aren't few. As far as Nobita is concerned, he's tried to use the argument that Sakura is so much worse than him to try to get Doraemon to not be so strict with him, to no avail (on the other hand, he's very thankful he got Doraemon and not Dokuro).
  • Another similar case, but less upsetting than Dokuro's, is Timmy Turner and his fairy godparents. Doraemon had been familiar with them for a while, being friends with the godparents, Cosmo and Wanda, since they have similar tasks in watching over their charges and helping them. And like Doraemon with Nobita, Cosmo and Wanda have to put up with Timmy's whimsical wishing and the bad consequences that often come from it. Out of the two, Doraemon prefers Wanda by far, since she's got more common sense, but he's glad both of them have Timmy's best interests at heart, unlike Dokuro. Nobita and Timmy themselves easily befriended each other due to both being put-upon losers and the same age. As a precaution measure, Doraemon and the godparents have forbidden them from seeking their help on each other's behalf, which doesn't really stop them from doing it in secret.
  • Have been learning to put up with Shin-chan, who tends to annoy them in their Pantheonic daily life; his antics range from trying to dive into Doraemon's pouch to steal a gadget to play with (and sometimes he's successful, leading to all kinds of havoc), to devising schemes to spy on Shizuka in the bath, to just trying to get in on whatever Nobita, Gian and Suneo are doing. If Shin-chan doesn't get his way, he gets his revenge by mooning them or pulling pranks on them, which leads to Gian attempting to beat him up, only to be made a fool of by Shin-chan in some way. Because of that, it's rare that the kids want to play with him, unless it involves peeking at Shizuka in private moments. That said, Shin-chan has also gotten himself involved in their bigger adventures, not always willingly on the gang's part. As it turns out, he also has experience with these things despite his mundane setting of origin and always ends up being genuinely helpful to them in some unexpected way, which causes the gang to respect him more. The rest of the time, though, they still find him more annoying than anything.
  • For some time, Doraemon went to the Hall of Advertising so often that Nobita and co. wondered what was up. Doraemon refused to explain and just said it was provate business. So the quartet decided to sneakily follow him and get to the bottom of this provate business. What they discovered was Doraemon hanging out with Hello Kitty, wearing an awfully pleased expression on his blushing face. Nobita, Gian and Suneo barely held back their laughter as they realized Doraemon was in love, while Shizuka chided them and said they should support him. When Doraemon came back to their temple, he figured out the four had found out what he was up to thanks to Gian and Suneo cracking unsubtle jokes about it and was mortified, but then comforted when all four assured them they had his back. Sadly for Doraemon, before he could work up the courage to ask Hello Kitty out, he found out she already had a boyfriend, Dear Daniel. This sent Doraemon into shock and depression (even a power failure) for a while, until Hello Kitty came knocking, worried that she hadn't seen her friend in some time. Despite his broken heart, Doraemon is happy that Hello Kitty cares for him and is content with hanging out as friends.
  • The Time Police were initially aghast at how lightly time travel is treated in Doraemon's society, though they decided to leave the group in peace since the trips truly hadn't caused any harm and were often used for education. Certain notable time travelers such as Future Trunks and Lucina still showed interest in how Doraemon was technically doing the same thing as them: going back into the past to set right wrongs. Of course, Future Trunks' and Lucina's travels had much more obviously dire circumstances behind them, while Doraemon is largely just fixing the fate of a single family, but they feel the elevation of what would have been a Future Loser can be just as important for the fate of the world.
  • Being a well-educated girl, Shizuka has found a kindred spirit in Cream the Rabbit, who was strictly but lovingly raised to become a true proper lady. The fact that Cream is a rabbit gives her another level of affinity with Shizuka, plus Shizuka thinks she's just adorable. For her part, Cream has taken to inviting her and her friends to her tea parties, where she politely ignores the many faux-pas committed by Nobita, Gian and Suneo. When they heard her story of how an evil scientist named Robotnik took over her planet, they were outraged, although she assured them she was quite well mentally despite everything and was lucky to have many friends who helped her. They were even angrier when he heard of Robotnik's habit of roboticizing animals in a bid to create his own empire, with doraemon saying that was not what technology was for. Since then, the gang has made it their business to try to thwart the evil scientist.
  • Gian's bullying ways don't get him a lot of love in a place like the Pantheon, where a lot of deities are willing to crack down hard on such things even outside of school. Noted Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins has had his share of violent encounters with him where Gian was roundly punished for hitting some helpless kid; Jimmy feels a lot less guilty about beating him up than he would other 10-year-old kids since Gian is so large. On the other hand, Gian has also proved to be a great friend to his frequent victim Nobita in their bigger adventures and some smaller ones as well, and their friendship will apparently endure into the future, something Jimmy isn't too sure what to make of. He does feel like Nobita could stand up for himself more and not just when the fate of the world is at stake.

    Shadow the Hedgehog 
Shadow the Hedgehog, The Darker and Edgier God (The Black Blur, Fake Hedgehog, Faker, Android, The Ultimate Life Form, Shad, The Evil One, Shadow the Edgehog, Protecter of the ARK, Most Powerful Hedgehog in the World, The Ultimate Hedgehog, "Ow the Edge", Terios the Hedgehog, Original the Characternote , Hot Topic (Wannabe), a Bitch-Ass Motherfucker, New Dead Body, King of Hell, President Shadow, Lesbians the WHOLE TIME?! (good for them, good for them), Jumpscare Vegeta, The Awesome, Sombra)
Super Shadow 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Project Shadow logo
  • Theme Music: Throw it All Away, I Am... All of Me, or All Hail Shadow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with Neutral tendencies (formerly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Evil Twins (formerly), Anything Darker and Edgier, Emos, Cynicism Catalysts, Speedsters, Those With Expansion Pack Pasts, Letting go of the past
  • Domains: Darkness, Chaos, Alacrity, Suffering, Acceptance (as in the fifth stage of grief)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Zuko, Noriaki Kakyoin
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Vegeta, Cell
  • Enemies:
  • Annoyed by: The ESP Research Society
  • Respected by: Dante Sparda
  • Of the many worlds in the multiverse with anthropomorphic animals living alongside normal humans, perhaps the msot iconic of them all would be the one inhabited by Sonic the Hedgehog. What would happen, however, if Sonic met his evil twin? When the Blue Blur came face to face with a black-furred biped hedgehog with fire engine red stripes and crimson eyes, whose speed and abilities rivaled or perhaps overmatched his own, who introduced himself as the ultimate lifeform, Shadow the Hedgehog, it seemed we would be getting the answer to that question. However, it would turn out that Shadow's origin was never intended for any kind of answer to Sonic at all, much less one devised by Dr. Eggman.
    • Shadow was actually created by Gerald Robotnik, Ivo's grandfather, and when first confronted he sought to destroy the Earth in order to carry out Gerald's will of revenge againt humanity for the killing of another grandchild, namely his terminally ill granddaughter Maria, who was Shadow's close friend during his development. However, Amy Rose's pleas with him to give humans another chance, because that's what his friend would've wanted, triggered a memory of Maria's last words in which she in fact did wish for him to give humanity hope. With a tear in his eye, he realized his wrongs and rushed to atone, helping Sonic destroy his own prototype and coming to terms with respect for the blue hedgehog as an equal fighter. Seemingly sacrificing himself in the process, Shadow would be remembered by both Sonic and Rouge that Bat as a truly heroic hedgehog who gave his life to save everyone.
    • However, it seemed either death was not to claim Shadow at the time or there was more of him running around than had died that day, because Shadow would resurface through other adventures, striking up an alliance with Rouge as well as the robot Omega. This trio became known as Team Dark, and Rogue and Omega were there to help Shadow overcome his own uncertainty about whether he was the original article or one of his many android clones. While this troubled him, he still resolved to fight on as himself, helping to thwart Metal Sonic's Eggman-impersonation plot along the way.
    • Later, though, his unease about his origins took a grim turn while separated from Team Dark, as the brooding caused his attitude to become more sour and dismissive towards humans. This led to an alien conqueror called Black Doom approaching him and appealing for his help to take over the world. Shadow mostly tried to ignore Black Doom and go about his business, but kept crossing paths with not only the malevolent entity, but also Sonic and friends. He even defeated Sonic in battle again, an act which forever entrenched his superiority complex towards his sunnier counterpart, while also finally getting many of the answers he'd been looking for about who he really was. Short version: Gerald Robotnik may be his creator, but Black Doom is his genetic "father".  In the end, while multiple possibilities exist as to what he could've done, Shadow concluded his game by destroying Black Doom. This particular saga made enough people cry out in anguish, "ow, the edge," that it set the stage for his ascension as the God of Angst.
  • Certain urban legends came to spread in the Pantheon since Shadow's ascension, some more credible than others. One has it that he often goes to secluded places and unleashes his anger by slowing down time there. He does act in seclusion a lot, as well as slow down time in a certain dimension, but those are two separate matters. Another states that his angst possibly stems from a chronic inability to find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald. He would like to remind everyone who repeats this that he did in fact find all seven Chaos Emeralds during that time.
  • He once fought Vegeta in a battle, which didn't end that well for the Black Blur. Shadow has respect for the Saiyan Prince, considering him a rival (besides Sonic, of course), but the Saiyan still calls him a ripoff, saying his attitude doesn't have much purpose behind it nowadays. As far as ultimate lifeforms go, he's also got a rivalry with Cell over that particular claim, especially since the "perfect" bio-android's motivation of destroying the Earth would make almost anyone, especially Maria, upset. Shadow prepares for the day they battle.
    • Was later put into a fight against Mewtwo. Those who witnessed Shadow's previous fight hoped he would do a better job against the mon. Once again, he lost. However, both of them seem to be getting a bit along due to having some time to contemplate over things.
  • There was one point in time where Shadow got over himself and didn't angst even when he had a good reason to, but because that didn't happen in the Pantheon's main timeline, he wasn't able to shake off his title. Among other things, this meant the ESP Research Society would continue pestering him and trying to get him to lighten up, refusing to give it up no matter how many times he told them no. And then Mephiles the Dark showed up in the Pantheon and tried to accost Shadow and Team Dark, while Sonic, Silver, and the rest of their friends had to contend with Iblis. This would bring back the Sonicverse deities' memories from the events of the erased timeline containing the flames of Solaris. While the three hedgehogs' Super forms were once again enough to turn back the destruction of the evil sun god and his wicked components, it was not enough to kick them out of the Pantheon.
    • The return of Solaris prompted certain gods in the House of Time and Temporality to go into the documents and gateways of history for research. Many of them found evidence to make the case that Shadow's Character Development took place before the erased encounters with Solaris and his components, meaning that Shadow had been over his angst all along. This in fact is exactly why Kotoura-san and her friends' efforts only furthered his annoyance with them. He was then promptly rechristened as "the Darker and Edgier God" instead. Shadow himself cares less and instead focuses on managing his duties, though he seems willing to take Silver under his wing in his own way, and he and Mephiles have no problem expressing their innate disdain for one another whenever he sees the Ax-Crazy Mad God copying his form.
  • At first, Shadow was extremely uncomfortable and awkward around Sailor Moon, due to her resemblance to Maria. However, the two have since become rather unlikely friends. He also became friendly with Madoka, who's even more similar to Maria than Usagi is on a personal level to the point she's one of the few people that can get through to his inner feelings. He has sworn to protect her whenever he can, which includes never letting Vanitas succeed in his plot.
  • In an alternate reality, Shadow mocked Sonic, saying that his loyalty to his friends was his greatest weakness. Sonic was not amused, thinking that the comparisons to a certain pony were over. Shadow himself doesn't seem to tolerate this since he outright states he wouldn't do specific things unless it was solely for a good reason.
    • Another version of himself has portrayed himself as Sir Lancelot, which has gained the attention of the knight. Most likely favoring that alternate self a lot more than the gratuitously arrogant antagonist who never fully abandoned Gerald's hatred of humans, Shadow himself has been taking lessons from Lancelot on being nicer.
  • Several Gods have christened him, Ryuuko Matoi, and Dante's Nephilim counterpart as the trinity of "edginess". The three aren't impressed, though they get along well enough.his answer to the question of his favorite anime is telling at all, Shadow seems particularly fond of Ryuko:
    • Ryuko, of course, caught wind of this. She is never going to stop teasing him about it. That doesn't mean they won't become combat buddies when the time calls for it, though. One day Shadow came across an invasion of Life Fibers and fought to head them off, delaying their advance just long enough for Ryuko to arrive and intercept it as the two teamed up to turn back the evil sentient clothes. This may have had a hand in Shadow being noticed by a certain Grand Couturier, however...
  • Some people like to gag that Noriaki Kakyouin shared the same voice with Shadow due to the "emerald" theme, and the fact that he could kick Jotaro in the head the same way if he sounded like Silver. However, it's not as valid of a joke anymore ever since Kakyouin got his voice changed.
  • That said, people also like to compare him to Gin Ichimaru for the same voice reason. Shadow didn't take kindly to Gin due to his treacherous actions and thus wasn't a fan. After learning Gin's real reasons though, Shadow can emphasize with him and prays for him to rest in peace, especially since he too has pursued a certain goal for the sake of someone else for as long as he can remember. He also doesn't take too kindly to Hazama and/or Yuuki Terumi for outright mocking his look-alike for being a softy deep down inside.
  • He'd rather not have to associate with the Freedom Planet deities. However, one of them has already made it his business to go after his Chaos power, and he has proven to be much more ruthless than Eggman, and so he has no choice but to defend himself and (reluctantly) request for intel on this enemy from Sash Lilac.
  • His power increases immensely when he takes off those rings, but he considers taking them off a Godzilla Threshold because he becomes a Destructive Savior. And then there are those who believe that if he removed the Inhibitor Rings on his ankles instead of just his wrists like he normally does, he might be able to outspeed Sonic. Shadow has refused to comment on his reasons for never removing his ankle Inhibitor Rings (as "often").
  • Zuko has been seen hanging out with him in various quiet locations, trying to outmatch each other's reason for having angst. This stopped once Zuko got over his daddy issues, much to the relief of the other Gods. They still continued to run into each other here and there, sometimes as allies, other times passing by while out and about. One particularly eye-opening encounter took place when Shadow and Rouge were looking for clues about a villain's plot when they came across an old man with Zuko's same eye scar and clothing style. While this man conversed with Rouge, it took for him to bring up their times hanging in the dark for Shadow to finally recognize that this was Lord Zuko in the next Avatar's era.
    • The Older and Wiser Zuko would remark that Shadow was even quieter than he remembered (though this would be written off as Rouge carrying the conversation), but he also perceived that Shadow is quite contemplative and has turned over something of a new leaf since back then; he's still distant but not as openly rude as before. With Rouge backing this up as how he normally is when not trying to compete with Sonic, Shadow would claim that he was being argumentative with the younger Zuko on purpose, to get him to see that his issues weren't the end of the world. The next time Shadow came across Zuko's younger form this conversation was remembered, and the Firebending Teacher of the Last Airbender has since become one of Shadow's staunchest advocates, owing to both of their growths over time.
  • Oddly at one point, the third Extreme Gear competition somehow had him lusting for prize money. After the contest was over, Shadow wondered why this was even the case at all, since he normally doesn't even care for such things.note  However, he also admitted that he had fun and that he was excited to face off against Sonic and Jet for fun in the future.
  • It was discovered that, to promote his game, Shadow conducted an official interview with a mortal gaming site. While still true to Shadow's character, it did reveal some interesting tidbits about him, such as the fact that he likes Hot Pockets, and that he once owned a Razor cell phone. While he refuses to comment on most of the interview, Shadow was pleased to find that the Terminator was actually in the Pantheon.
  • Of course, him missing Maria is a subject some of the more depraved or heartless gods love to make fun of. Nui Harime once tried to dress up as her to mock Shadow. He responded by stabbing the fake Maria with his chaos spears in her shoulders to knock her arms off, before sneering and walking away.
    Shadow: Nui Harime, was it? Now you've angered me. Welcome to The List. It's a very special list, of very special people. I look forward to crossing your name off it someday.
  • Upon entering his temple one day, he was stunned to find a blonde haired girl in a blue dress. Convinced it was another prank at first, he froze upon hearing her speak, greeting him and remembering her last moments freeing him and telling him to let humanity be happy, and proud of how far he came. Realizing that this girl actually WAS Maria, he teared up at first before hugging her, happy to finally be reunited with her once again.
  • Would like to remind everyone that he does not use rollerskates. They're called air shoes.

Intermediate Gods

    Jak and Daxter 
Jak and Daxter, Divine Duo of Comedic to Dramatic Tone Shift (Unlikely Heroes)
  • Jak and Daxter met up with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley over some galactic games and got along pretty well with one another.
  • Whenever the Evil Queen attempts to murder Snow White out of jealousy, Jak is very likely to be nearby to foil her plot. In fact, his Light Eco and royal blood allows him to see through her various disguises.
  • Jak and Daxter formed a sports team with Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot, called the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • One should never try to use the Dark Eco within Jak to control him, especially if Daxter is nearly. Master Xehanort would learn this lesson the hard way.
    • The two have gotten the attention of Absol, given how Jak can have some control over the Dark Eco inside him, with hardly any innocent people dying by accident when caught up in his darkness-induced rage. Jak wonders if the Disaster Pokémon can one day learn to control the aura triggered by her Mega Evolution and not end up killing fainthearted people. He admits learning to control the Dark Eco wasn't easy, and he's not reached the point where Xehanort cannot corrupt him, but hopes she'll be able to control her aura without Riku's help.
  • The two are on good terms with Melody, mainly because of how her voice reminds them of their friend (and Jak's Love Interest) Keira Hagai. Melody, in return, has even said that Daxter sounds like her friend Tip, and he even acts like him at times.
  • They both really don't like the idea of people being kidnapped to be used as test subjects for Super-Soldier programs, citing that although Jak survived and was able to gain control of the Dark Eco injected into him, others have either died or became insane. They don't even like the idea of the DNA of unborn children being tampered with for the same reason, given what had happened to Sephiroth.
  • Occasionally, Daxter will help the White Hats with their hacks by eating data in a Pac-Man style mini-game. This is one of the few times he's seen without Jak.
  • Jak isn't pleased with what Nephrite did to Sailor Mercury when he learned about this from Riku. He has sworn that the next time this happens, Nephrite would have to deal with his Dark Eco Bomb in addition to Riku's Dark Aura, Terra's Ultima Cannon, and Mega Absol's Night Slash.
  • Jak has a large ongoing feud with Prince Hans over both of them being royalty who can never ascend, but while Jak has accepted his status, Hans has not, and tried to marry Ashelin Praxis with the intention of becoming the ruler of Haven City; the resulting clash between the two princes lead to Hans' Heartless, Sköll, becoming the biggest threat to Jak's world since the Dark Makers.
  • Because he spent his childhood in the past, Jak is only five years old chronically, but is otherwise 19 physically and mentally. This has gotten Rydia's attention.
    • Daxter, on the other hand, is 519 years old thanks to travelling to the future.
  • Both are happy that Samos and Keira finally entered in the Pantheon.

    Uso Ewin 
Uso Ewin, God of Breakneck Tonal Shifts (Uso Ebin, Usso Evin, 13 Year Old God of Death)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The League Militaire symbol, and the Wings of Light of his Victory 2 Gundam
  • Theme Song: Stand Up to the Victory note 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Creator Breakdown, War Is Hell, Child Soldier, Break the Cutie, Nice Guy, Trauma Conga Line, Ace Pilot, Falling into the Cockpit, Humongous Mecha, Deceased Parents Are the Best, Attempted Rape, Iron Woobie
  • Domains: Tragedy, Comedy, Death, Mechs
  • Heralds: Shakti Karen, the Shrike Team and the rest of the members of League Militaire.
  • Allies: Amuro Ray, Kamille Bidan, Domon Kashu, Banagher Links, Heero Yuy, Loran Cehack, Kira Yamato, Bright Noa, Shinji Ikari, Jacuzzi Splot, Eru Chitanda
  • Enemies: All Evil Gundam deities except for Char.
  • Complicated Relationships: Char Aznable, Yoshiyuke Tomino
  • A seemingly ordinary boy living an agrarian life on the outskirts of what was once Prague turned the tide of battle against the Zanscare Empire. That boy was only 13 years old, and his name was Uso Ewin, the last Gundam pilot of the blood-soaked Universal Century. Fighting in longest war of the Era as well as one of the cruelest, by the time he went back to his little farm in the former Czech Republic he had lost almost everyone for the sake of peace.
  • Oh, and he fought some giant robot mantises, some robot lice, and one robot that can be best described as a Fruit by the Foot dragon. He's defeated some of these enemies by literally throwing his own arms and legs at them.
  • Of the Universal Century Gundam pilots in the pantheon he’s one of the weaker newtypes. To compensate, he’s also one of the most talented pilots of them all in terms of pure skill, creativity, and killing ability, helped by the fact that he may or may not be directly related to a certain Zeon pilot who likes red thingsnote . Not only that, his V2 Gundam is the last and most advanced Gundam-type mobile suit of the Universal Century timeline.
  • Some of the wacky hijinks he gets into is amazing. He's fallen into the cockpit via hang glider, and he managed to save the day once by creating a reflection on a giant bubble. Speaking of the fights he has, his shield has the power to shoot a giant glowing letter V that stuns enemies because reasons, and his enemies have laser helicoptor blades on their arms and ride around in giant laser tires.
  • He’s also killed a lot of people. A lot of people. Some of those people killed themselves once they realized the pilot they were fighting was a child. And he’s seen even more people he’s known and loved get killed around him over the course of the Zanscare war. Including other children! Hell, he may have accidentally had a hand in one of his friend's deaths! Oh, and then there's that little thing that happened to Prague...
  • Usso has had... very interesting past interactions with women, to say the least. His penpal/crush betrayed his rebel group to join the Evil Empire where she upgraded from a class A bitch to a rare diamond SSS class Axe-Crazy bitch. At the beginning of his show he had a team of six female badass Ace Pilots, and by the end of the show he had seven badass Ace Pilot graves. Because their male team leader also died.note  Surprisingly he still managed to leave the war with a living, non-insane girlfriend and an adopted orphan son named Karlmann. Again, Usso is 13, but it's not like there were many adults left alive by then.
  • He frequently visits the therapists in the pantheon, where he recounts in sullen silence that time he watched his mother get beheaded by a giant space battleship shaped like a motorcycle, or how he was attacked by a bunch of girls with jet packs and bikinis aiming bazookas at him while he fried one of them with his laser sword. And of course there was that time when a female enemy pilot handcuffed him naked inside of a bathtub to try to 'test his skills'
  • He's also very good friends with Shinji Ikari, since he's one of the only people around who's had a life quite as spectacularly fucked as his. He's also friends with Jacuzzi Splot, who shares his affable shyness and sense of duty, while the both of them are friends with Eru Chitanda. She never fails to barrage Usso with questions about his Gundam, his war record, his farm, his haircut, and why he and Jacuzzi sound just like her boyfriend.
  • In spite of his insane past experiences, he remains the same kindhearted boy he always was and is still very humble despite his macabre war record. He's often found in the House of Food delivering some of the crops he's grown from his little farm in Kasarelia.
  • Within the GUAG Robot War Division he specializes as a front-line shock trooper, using the Wings of Light from his V2's twin Minovsky drive to mow down enemies like a threshing machine. His Buster Assault armor allows him to punch a hole through enemy defensive barrages while counterattacking with carrier-class mega-particle launchers. Damaged parts on his Gundam can easily be switched out autonomously mid-battle using the modular three-part core block 'Victory' system, as long as a support ship is close by.

Lesser Gods

    The Antagonist (Hatred
The Antagonist, God of Excessively Bleak Settings ("Not Important", Nadim Portant, Northem Portent, Nodhim Poortint, The Crusader, The Hero, Jeffrey Cuddletrousers, Nathan Explosion, Edgy McEdgerson)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Black Longcoat
  • Theme Song: Particular Hatred by Iperyt
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Genocidal Misanthrope, Main Focus of the Game, Completely Maniacal, Wishes to Die Violently, Video Game Cruelty Potential Invoked, Cruelty Is the Only Option, Sociopathic Nature, Badass Longcoat, Barbarian Longhair, Often spewing out One-Liners, Escalating the Scale of Damage towards New York City, Killing Victims Gruesomely, Hates Everyone Equally, Lack of Empathy, Shruging off Several Attacks, Succeeding with his Goal of Causing a Nuclear Explosion in New York, Excessively Bleak Setting, Unintended Cheesiness, Being Heavily Controversial
  • Domains: Hate, Misanthropy, Anger, Genocide, Bleakness
  • High Priest: Keyaru
  • Allies: As far as he is concerned, none. However, he'll be willing to work with the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, if mainly because they have the same endgoal.
  • Rivals: The Postal Dude, Leo Kasper
  • Enemies: Everyone is an enemy. The Antagonist takes no exceptions. However notable examples include the entire House of Justice, Clark Kent/Superman, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Yusuke Godai/Kamen Rider Kuuga, Steven Universe, Madoka Kaname, Jax Teller, Franklin Clinton, Michael De Santa, Trevor Philips, Mr Burns, Daniel Lamb, Yahtzee
  • Begrudging Respect From: Zamasu
  • Source of Interest From: Lionel Starkweather
  • Opposes: House of Love and Affection
  • A man packed up his weaponry and went out into the streets of New York City. His goal; to completely destroy the city whilst also wishing to be killed violently because he hates humanity and everything about it. He eventually got his wish, setting up launch codes to trigger a nuclear explosion whilst being gunned down by military personnel. He died laughing as he mused the destruction of New York.
    • His death, however, managed to inspire a whole new cult, compromised of fellow misanthropes and nihilists. They took to worshipping him like a deity and hence began to carry out their own purge against banking, dedicated to torturing and killing any humans they come across to carry out what he had left off.
  • The Man ascended into the Pantheon shortly after the violent death he desperately wanted. His first thoughts on the Pantheon was a rather perplexing thought about the idea of a whole new world, though not without figures who happened to reside from New York as well. Hearing about the Pantheonic Forever War, he took to storming into a gun store at a late-night and retreat to an abandoned warehouse. Learning about the Pantheon through news broadcasts and word of mouth, he decided to initiate a second crusade. If he destroyed New York, why stop there? The Pantheon is next.
  • The Man doesn't have a known name and it's unlikely anyone will ever know what he's truly called. However, many took notice of his introductory line, where he claims that his name is "Not Important" as in he's saying his name doesn't matter to him and is unimportant in the grand scheme of things. Some, however took it literally and nowadays, whenever he's the topic of discussion, he's always referred to as "Not Important". He honestly doesn't care.
    • That said, he does not want to be called "Jeffrey Cuddletrousers" either, considering that Yahtzee slammed that name in a mocking and satirical approach on him. As a result, he's considered personally approaching and viciously gunning Yahtzee down. Oh, and his grim appearance is not to be talked about either in his presence.
    • There are apparently plans for a Death Metal album based primarily on his experiences of trying to destroy New York. This comes off as ironic, given that his theme song is actually a Black Metal track (Though it's common to find Death Metal songs about Nihilism and Misanthropy). He doesn't care about music one bit, let alone the fact that there may potentially be songs about him.
  • "Not Important" has no allies. He finds it pointless to consider the concept of camaraderie as if it just alien to him. There are other misanthropic beings like Shinobu Sensui and the Fatalis that "Not Important" may find interesting, but to him, association with them is barely tolerable.
    • That said, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction are interested in "Not Important's" hateful nature and his desire for absolute destruction. Seeing as there's really no other choice, "Not Important" begrudgingly allowed himself to be enlisted in the GUAD Scar Corps, if mainly to be given access to more weaponry and resources as possible. Beyond that, "Not Important" has no true loyalty and is not above betraying the GUAD should he feel like it.
  • Zamasu initially thought that "Not Important" was an exemplary example of how Humans Are Bastards, but then started having a soft spot of sorts towards him after learning of his misanthropic nature. The Fallen Kai gave credit for "Not Important" for actively resisting whatever attempts were made to stop him and delivering some sort of "justice" to lowly mortals. Still, he's a mortal, so Zamasu doesn't have a high opinion on "Not Important". However, it's credit where it's due, and Zamasu will consider him a noteworthy exception to the list of "filthy mortals". That said, inducting him into his alliance is next-to-impossible, given how "Not Important" is in the GUAD.
  • Before someone asks, no, he is not amused by how someone threw a teddy bear at him and it suddenly changed him into some attractive hunk via The Power of Love. It's for this reason that "Not Important" tends to look away from the House of Love and Affection as being reminded of it causes him to cringe violently. Unfortunately for him, a lot of deities like to make fun of "Not Important" for that, though they keep it to themselves, just in case "Not Important" starts another killing spree just because he heard a derogatory comment thrown at him.
  • Misanthropy is a very drastic contrast to love and idealism, so it's no surprise that "Not Important" comes into blows very frequently against those who live up to such beliefs. It doesn't help that they're terrified and disgusted by the destruction that he is willing to cause and seek to suppress and stop him at all costs. "Not Important" himself finds Kouta Kazuraba and Yusuke Godai incredibly aggravating, given what they represent, and Superman and Captain America being seen as all-inspirational icons of hope is another point of contention. "Not Important" seeks to find some kind of armoury and weaponry when it comes to dealing with those four.
  • The killing sprees caused by "Not Important" has caught the intrigue of Lionel Starkweather, who was morbidly delighted by his actions and seeks to feature him in a series of Snuff Films, believing this would cause the Snuff Film Industry to see a spike in popularity and influence. That said, he has no chance of directly approaching "Not Important" directly, and thus, has to use a series of proxies and drones to get close to his actions. All Lionel wishes is that "Not Important" catch him before Lionel's footage is complete.
  • It is revealed that "Not Important" was initially the High Priest to another unnamed figure who goes by "The Postal Dude" due to their sensationalized killing in video game format and for going out with an explosive bang. Unfortunately, "Not Important's!" nature means the two of them can never truly form an alliance, which meant that "The Postal Dude" has to see him as a competitive rival in who gets to kill more. That, and "The Postal Dude" is much more reserved and controlled than "Not Important" could ever be.
  • Given that he destroyed New York City by overloading a nuclear power plant, "Not Important" has set his sights on the numerous power plants that he could set his eyes upon for more carnage and destruction. This got Mr Burns, of all people, concerned as this potentially means Springfield is a place of interest for "Not Important". Not that he could care about the populace and its needs so much as he prioritizes his survival and his business. Mr Burns has taken to increasing his security in his power plant, solely because he fears what "Not Important" would try to do if he ever comes to Springfield.
Human scum; they've always felt so fucking safe inside their homes. Surrounded by the possessions gathered their whole lives. So weak, so fragile, they don't deserve a natural death unconsciously waiting to be obliterated by my Hatred! Those parasites think their walls can save them, but I will destroy everything they own and everything they are.

    Glitchy and Glitchy's Mario 

Someone's first time reading the SMG4 profile.


Supermarioglitchy4 and Glitchy's Mario, Godly Bringers of Escalating Nonsense (Glitchy's Mario: Mario Sexy the Plumber, Mario is not gay, Master Mario (By Toadsworth), Stupid Mario, Red; SMG4: Glitchy, Luke Lerdwichagul, Super Meme Guardian 4)
SMG4 and Mario during one of their saner adventures. No, really.
SMG4's Human Form 

    Kazuma's Party 
Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, Divine Party of Deconstructive Parodies (Kazuma: Kazuma Satou, Sh-NEET, Hikkiko-Neet, Pedomaniac, Kazutrash, The Guy | Aqua: Goddess of the Axis Cult, Useless Goddess | Megumin: Megumeme | Darkness: Lalatina Dustiness Ford [her real name], Boobs, Masochist Saber)
L to R: Darkness, Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin
  • Lesser Deities (they all qualify for an Intermediate ranking, but they're too incompetent most of the time to go any higher)
  • Theme Song: Chiisana Boukensha
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic Good leanings (with heavy emphasis on "Chaotic")
  • Symbol: The word "このすば" (KonoSuba), written in pink, orange, green, and blue
  • Portfolio (in general): Deconstructive Parody, Badass Crew at Times, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Who Become Close to Each Other, Understanding Each Other Very Well, Fighting for the Greater Good Only when Pushed
  • Domains: Other Worlds, Adventure, Narrative, Gaming, Parodies
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Whis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia (Kazuma only)
  • Enemies: Eris, Makuta Teridax, the Horseless Headless Horsemann
  • Rivals: Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya (Aqua only)
  • One-Sided Rivalry: Daenerys Tagaryen, Arokh and Rynn, Caim, Poseidon, Chaac (Aqua only)
  • Fears: Kratos (Aqua only), Isis (Darkness only)
  • Interested in: Junkrat, Deidara, Solf J. Kimblee, Katsuki Bakugou (Megumin only), Akasha (Darkness only)
  • Begrugingly Respected by: Ainz Ooal Gown (Aqua only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi
  • Avoided by: Embryo (Darkness only)
  • Commonality Connection with: Yusuke Urameshi (Kazuma only)
  • Once upon a time, in modern-day Japan, there was a boy named Kazuma Satou. When returning home, he saw what he thought was a girl about to be run over by a vehicle, tried to save her, and died. He then met the goddess Aqua, who told him that he could reincarnate in a new world with a "cheat item" and stop the Demon King from terrorizing the land. To her astonishment, he chose her as his cheat item, and so they were whisked away into the new world. Unfortunately, this journey would not be easy; his "cheat item" is incredibly arrogant and incompetent, the two party members he picked up were too overspecialized in certain skills, incredibly quirky, and the new world is just different enough for an Otaku like him to struggle. This leads to many hilarious antics as the party has many misadventures in the other world.
  • Kazuma and his party ascended after defeating Verdia of the Demon Army, an event that caught the attention of most of the Pantheon. A lot of gods enjoyed their exploits and demanded that they be brought in as entertainment, which led to their ascension.
  • Applies to the party:
    • One day, the party was out adventuring, when suddenly a beam of light shined upon them. Before they knew what was going on, they were lifted upwards to the sky kicking and screaming, not unlike the first time Kazuma and Aqua were transported to the alternate world. The next thing they knew, they were lying in a heap in the Court of the Gods, who has granted them their positions as deities in the Pantheon.
    • The party often visits the House of Jobs and Profession to accept quests and fulfill them, just like what they did back in the mortal realm. Their exploits oftentimes cause some damage in the Pantheon, requiring the House of Craft and skilled builders to fix the damage, and the party has to pay the House of Commerce with their quest money to pay for the damages.
    • The crew absolutely dislike Popuko and Pipimi for many reasons. For one, their ambiguous and bad attitude, and of course, insulting nature. According to Megumin and Aqua, Popuko and Pipimi are seen as dangerous, random and unforgiving like the time when the two where inadvertently summoned to an unfinished fantasy anime and make the heroes do impressions, much to the voice actors' consternation. Popuko and Pipimi called every single one of Kazuma’s Crew (including him) a useless piece of garbage compared to themselves. There are some examples of why Kazuma’s Team think that Popuko and Pipimi are terrible:
      • Kazuma got upset when they snatched away the panties he stole with Steal and called him a pervert.
      • Aqua was highly insulted when they stole her booze and called her a big crybaby.
      • Megumin got angry at them for almost refusing to give back her Explosion when she agreed to let them borrow it.
      • Darkness broke into tears when they mercilessly teased her by saying her real name over and over.
      • After all the trouble they went through, The two have been banned from their temple. Aqua even tried to kill them with a torrent of water but since they came back from death shortly after, she broke down sobbing.
    • When the party met Morrigan and Lilith, they were reminded of the succubi from their world, who host services to lonely men. Their services involve giving men dreams while sapping off small amounts of energy from them, while in contrast, Morrigan and Lilith feed on dreams. Lilith and Morrigan don't host those kinds of services for money, but are more than happy feed on their dreams anytime.
    • The party are a bit uncomfortable around Celty, Lala, the Headless Horseman and the Horseless Headless Horsemann as they remind them of Verdia, a general of the Demon Army that they fought against multiple times in the other world. While Celty, Lala, and Headless Horseman don't really mind them, the Horseless Headless Horsemann sometimes antagonizes them for fun, and deligths himself in the party'ssquirming until Aqua blasts him with her Turn Undead spell.
    • The Puella Magi remind the party of Wiz, a friendly lich who retains her human form. Notably, they're one of the only undead beings Aqua has no beef with, because of those similarities.
      • Speaking about Wiz, they initially thought that she was in the Pantheon and ran to the House of Time and Temporality to meet her, only to encounter a powerful, time-manipulating angel names Whis. After clearing up the misunderstanding, they became unlikely allies.
    • They are sometimes seen hanging out with Papyrus and Sans, often solving puzzles together and going out for extravagant adventures. Papyrus in particular is extremely amused by the quartet's antics.
    • When they heard of Eris being in the Pantheon, they thought it was the goddess Eris from their world. Soon after, "Eris" did arrive... but she turned out to be a crueler, completely different Eris. After ditching her disguise, she laughed at their faces as they stood dumbfounded and shocked. The party now are plotting a way to get their revenge on her for such a cruel prank.
    • They became frequent victims of Makuta Teridax's trickery and schemes, but not because he plans of something greater for them, he just likes to see them make a fool of themselves. The party always gets upset over his schemes, but they always fall for the next one.
  • Exclusive to Kazuma:
    • Leading the celebrations for Kazuma were fellow Isekai protagonists Kirito and Sora, along with other Isekai protagonists like Naofumi, Subaru, Touya, Rimuru, and Shiroe. He was surprised to see Subaru and Emilia here, as they met each other before. Kazuma sometimes hangs out with Kirito's party because they're more tolerable than his own, but he had to promise Kirito not to use Steal on them. As for his relationship with the Black Swordsman himself, Kazuma thinks that Kirito is too "straight-laced" for his own tastes. He gets along better with Sora, Subaru and Naofumi because of their NEET status, poor luck, and pragmatism respectively, though he is annoyed that Subaru is seemingly luckier than him.
    • Shido Itsuka and Lux Arcadia disapprove of Kazuma's snarky, belligerent behavior, but they try to be nice and befriend him. On the other hand, Kazuma is annoyed that both of them have a better, more stable relationship with their harems. Even then, Kazuma still managed to find a kindred spirit in the form of Greg Heffley, who is every bit a snarky, rude Loser Protagonist as he is.
    • Given the accessability of modern technology in the Pantheon, Kazuma sometimes spends entire days inside his own home playing video games. He was able to relate to Konata Izumi, Tomoko Kuroki, and Umaru Doma for their otaku interests. He especially gets along with Tomoko for their NEET habits.
    • Kazuma also gets along with Issei Hyodo and Mahiro Yasaka as they share similar traits with him; Issei and Kazuma have perverted tendencies which they take out on their harem members, and Mahiro and Kazuma aren't afraid to get physical with their harem members whenever they get too rowdy/annoying. However, when introduced to their harem members, Kazuma could only groan in frustration as he saw their more loving, stable harems.
    Kazuma: I swear, it's like I'm the only one here with a crummy harem..."
    • One day, Kazuma used Steal and a pair of panties materialized in his hands, stolen from some unsuspecting goddess. Unfortunately for him, Dokuro Mitsukai was watching the scene, and angered at his perverted acts, swung her Excalibolg at him. After being revived at the House of Life and Vitality, Kazuma became deathly afraid of her for her violent acts. Dokuro has added him to her list of perverts to smack ever since.
    • Kazuma, like Yusuke Urameshi, died by trying to shove someone out of the way of a moving vehicle, and then finding out that their sacrifice was rather stupid and unnecessary post mortem. Although, Kazuma is a bit upset that Yusuke did actually try to save a life who did look like he was in danger and was run over, instead of passing out in front of a slow moving tractor in a sleep deprived state.
    • Kazuma went to the House of Thieves to show off his Steal ability. They're impressed with his ability can grab things from faraway distances and his pragmatism in applying his powers, though they think using it to snatch panties is a rather petty usage of a power.
    • Let it be known that Kazuma is a proud advocate of 'gender-equality', which means that unlike some straight-laced Gods that Wouldn't Hit a Girl, he wouldn't restrain himself in drop-kicking a female right in the face. Surprisingly, he's hailed by people who got sick of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male because of that. It also helps that he's also very anti-cliche. Like, if Girl A fell in love with him and then Girl B also loves him, which caused Girl A to inflict violence on him, he would answer back with violence with no hesitation. HE'S A GOD WHO DOES WHAT HE HAS TO DO! YOU BETTER REMEMBER THAT WELL!!
  • Exclusive to Aqua:
    • Upon ascension, Aqua made a beeline to the House of Religion and Faith to advertise herself and gain worshippers. While many didn't convert to her teachings, mainly because of her foolish behavior, the Axis cult do sometimes visit the House to worship her and spread her word, still not realizing her true identity. She became a rival to Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya because they also rely on their followers worhip to get more powerful.
    • To the surprise of many, Aqua is incredibly skilled in the arts, as she is a divine muse. She likes to go to the House of Craft and show off her artistic talent. There, she met Nero, and bonded over their prideful attitudes, and compete on whose artworks are better, although unlike Aqua, Nero is... unskilled in the field of arts and crafts, so to speak.
    • Aqua absolutely hates any undead and demonic beings and wouldn't hesitate to kill them with her holy magic. The undead and demonic deities scoffed at this, but Ainz told them of the time Aqua caused him serious pain with a low level Turn Undead spell. Now, since they know that even a weak spell from her can harm such a powerful lich, they're thankful that she's too incompetent to make good use of her powers. Artix von Krieger is hoping to train her to be more competent and become his partner in demon and undead slaying.
    • Aqua was surprised to find out that there were two other "Aqua"'s in the Pantheon; One who's a keyblade wielder, the other a songstress better known as Azura. As a further coincidence, all three of them have blue hair and have connections to water. They were able to befriend eachother because of these similarities, though the keyblade wielder and Azura do get a bit exasperated at the goddess' antics.
    • Like a frog taking to water, Aqua and Cirno became fast friends, being egotistical, boastful, and unlucky blue-haired girls with powers relating to water and ice. They spend their time competing over who's better and greater. Kazuma groaned when he heard that Aqua managed to find a like minded spirit in the Pantheons.
    • She and Satania, on the other hand, have a mutual fierce enmity, as their first meeting turned awry when Aqua learned of her demonic nature, prompting her to cast Turn Undead on her. After getting sent to the House of Health and Diseases to recover from the debilitating pain, Satania has sworn to get her revenge on Aqua.
    • Mayuri and Honoka just can't stand Aqua because of her Jerkass, egotistical behavior, and wonder how Kazuma can put up with her. Whenever they try to confront her, Aqua just sobs and pulls a reluctant Kazuma over to deal with them.
    • Ever since her ascension, Aqua became one of Moe's most frequent customers. While Moe appreciates a regular customer, he does get annoyed when Aqua sometimes accidentally turns the alcohol into pure water.
    • Aqua has a hatchling pet named Emperor Zell, who she insists is a dragon, but looks and acts like a baby chick. Daenerys Tagaryen, Rynn and Caim could only shake their heads before showing off their more impressive dragons to her. Aqua now has sworn a rivalry between the three of them, but they don't really care about her.
    • Aqua has proclamed her rivalry to fellow water gods Poseidon and Chaac, and has sworn to prove herself to be the greatest water God of all. They're not really intimidated by her boastings, but they don't really mind her. However, even Aqua is disgusted by Zeus' philandering habits, especially as he does it behind Hera's back.
    • Given his reputation of slaying gods and killing the Twelve Olympians, Aqua is deeply afraid of Kratos. While he's not as bloodthirsty and vengeful as before, Aqua refuses to take chances and stays as far away from him as possible.
    • Some gods have noticed some similarities between her and Donald Duck, in that they're blue-clothed, hot-tempered, emotional healers. The party decided to meet up with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to see what they're like, only for Aqua and Donald to start arguing and get on eachother's nerves. Their companions had to pull them away from eachother to stop their squabbling.
    • One day, the party encountered a fearsome dragon named Vaal Hazak. Aqua tried to blast it with Turn Undead, but to their horror, it wasn't affected at all, because it's not an undead dragon. She then tried to drown it in her water spells, but it was completely immune to it. It took a well time Explosion from Megumin to damage the beast, as the party was sent packing.
    • Gilgamesh once forced Aqua to hold a stone tablet saying "2nd Worst Goddess" as she reminds him of Ishtar, a goddess he holds much ire towards as she was responsible for many misfortunes in his life. As Aqua sobbed in humiliation, Kazuma can only dread what Ishtar is like.
    • Despite being a 'water goddess', the House of Water somehow pissed Aqua off. There she was introducing herself to the House as the Goddess of Water and the whole house looked in awe... and then snorted en masse. (because she's not taking the title anytime soon from Percy Jackson) When she complained that to Kazuma... he couldn't help but snort at her.
  • Exclusive to Megumin:
    • Megumin raced to the House of Weapons when she heard that there was a subhouse dedicated to explosions there. There, she met Michael Bay, who wanted to see her Explosion spell in action. Needless to say, Michael was over the moon when Megumin demonstrated her spell. Megumin accepted his offer to help him create explosions in his films, although he is disappointed that she loses all her energy after only one spell. She also became friends with Nice Holystone, the Soldier and Demoman, and they frequent the House of War to blow stuff up. Megumin was also floored by Yoshikage Kira's Stand, Killer Queen, Blacephalon's explosive head, and Karna's Brahmastra Kundala.
      • Megumin also managed to befriend fellow explosion enthusiasts Mona and the Plague Knight, and they were impressed by her Explosion spell. She also takes interest in Junkrat, Deidara, Katsuki Bakugou, and Solf J. Kimblee for their explosive prowess, but is annoyed that others are telling her about how dangerous they are, as she just wants to see their explosions in action.
    • Megumin became fast friends with Rintaro Okabe, Ranko Kanzaki, and Jurai Andou over their shared Chuunibyou attitudes. They often like to roleplay dramatic scenarios with each other and have a blast doing so.
    • Megumin has a cat familiar named Chomusuke, who is able to fly and breathe fire. She then met Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch girl with a pet cat names Salem Saberhagen, who can't fly or breath fire, but can talk and is actually a 500-year old warlock sealed in the body of a cat. Naturally, Megumin was enamored with him, and Sabrina was also interested in the flying, fire-breathing demonic cat, and they became friends.
    • After a series of explosions occurred at the House of Magic, Megumin ran to see who created them. The source turned out to be a jewel-eyed rabbit named Ruby. Ruby was surprised to see Megumin gush over her magical mishaps. After some initial confusion, the two became friends.
    • Megumin gets along with fellow mages Emilia and Atsuko Kagari. Akko is flummoxed that Megumin chooses to hone only one spell despite her talent, while Akko tries hard to study magic despite her handicaps.
    • Upon meeting Rias Gremory for the first time, Megumin initially thought she was a fellow Crimson Demon due to her title, magical prowess and otherworldly-sounding name. Rias was quick to clear out the misunderstanding, though; she was however impressed by the strength of her Explosion magic, and has proposed to help Megumin handle her magic better. However, Megumin can't help but feel a bit... dwarfed by Rias's assets.
    • Megumin's red eyes have special properties, namely that they can glow in the dark, and have a varying intensity depending on her feelings. She thinks that Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan abilities are extremely cool and awesome, but Sasuke's just annoyed by her, as she's seemingly uncomprehending the consequences of such powers.
  • Exclusive to Darkness:
    • Unsurprisingly, Darkness became fast friends with Ryouna, as they share similar masochistic tendencies. Darkenss is glad that there is someone who likes the same things she likes. She also holds interest in Akeno Himejima's brand of sadism, and wants to experience it herself.
    • Darkness became interested in Akasha, the Queen of Pain, wanting to experience the kind of pain she can dish out on her. Lisa Williams and Allison Carter approached her when they heard about her masochism and requested that she should meet up with them instead of Akasha, as the latter harms others without regard for safety, while they take precautions to ensure a safe and pleasurable expreience. Darkness accepts their offer, but is still interested in Akasha as she doesn't really care about the whole "safety" thing.
    • While walking around in the House of Royalty, Darkness met Artoria Pendragon, and was surprised at their physical similarities. Artoria explained that she wasn't the only lookalike around, as Jeanne d'Arc, Nero Claudius, Mordred, Okita Souji, and Violet Evergarden could attest to. They became allies as they are sword-wielding blonde women who care and fight for others, even if Artoria is disturbed over Darkness' masochism.
    • One day, a powerful crusader named Johanna approached Darkness, and asked her to be her successor. She can see potential in the young paladin, and wishes to train her to be more skilled in sword-fighting and to fight for the faith, the people, and good, instead of satisfying her masochistic urges. Darkness appreciates her offer, but is content with where she is right now. Johanna still aims to train her one day.
    • Surprisingly, Darkness turns out to be the one being that could freak out Embryo. Let's just say that the moment Embryo tried to do his usual thing of entitlement and bad mistreatment to women, it instead dials Darkness kink to the point that Embryo was positively creeped out and has been avoiding to put Darkness into his 'harem target' list solely because of that. This episode made Ange and her friends approach Darkness and invite her to support them in their battle against Embryo, only to get themselves freaked out by the crusader's fetish.
    • Darkness isn't her real name, just a cooler alias she uses to cover up her more embarrassing name, Lalatina Dustiness Ford. Because of this, Darkness heavily dislikes Isis for knowing everyone's true name, and avoids her to evade an embarrassing confrontation.
  • Can also be found in Critique and Parody.

    Sigurd & Seliph Baldur Chalpy 
Sigurd and Seliph Baldur Chalpy, Gods of Theme Shattering and Reconstruction (Sigurd: Siglud, Zigludo, The Descendant of the Warrior of Light, The Paladin of Grannvale, The Prince of Chalpy, Holy Knight, Emblem of the Holy War; Seliph: Scion of Light, Celice, Serlis, The Prince of Light, The Prince of Grannvale, The Savior of Light)
  • Lesser Gods, Sigurd is an Intermediate God as an Emblem
  • Symbol: The crest of the Dukedom of Chalpy and the legendary weapon Tyrfing.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Sigurd is Lawful Evil when controlled by Fell Dragon energy
  • Weapon of Choice: Tyrfing
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes, Knights, War, Light
  • Allies: Marth, Lyndis, Erinys, Caeda, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Ayra, Tailtiu, Ramza Beoulve, Solid Snake, Aerith Gainsborough
  • Uneasy Relationship: Arvis
  • Enemies: Grima
  • The tale of Sigurd was... not a pretty one. He was merely following what standards Marth has set upon amongst the realm of Fire Emblem. Unfortunately, because of his overly noble attitude, Sigurd ended up failing to realize the greater maneuvers of politics, sadly costing his life, and even he before death started to worry that he might have failed Marth. Thankfully, his genes were passed onto his son Seliph, who worked his ass off to restore his father's legacy (along with Marth's), making Jugdral a better place. This tale was quite phenomenal that eventually the Pantheon raised both of them into this throne, just because the setting is already bleak, doesn't mean it's definitely time to wallow in angst, fight your ass off and you can make it a better place!
    • That said, on ascension, both of them agreed that even if it's phenomenal, maybe their tale was just too dark for others' standards, so they agreed that for now, their tale isn't publicized massively, perhaps the world is not ready for them... yet. The most they would get would be Seliph's visit to Ylisse where he got acquaintated with Lucina and Chrom.
  • Both of them detest Grima for being far too similar to their own arch-nemesis, Loptyr. If they aren't one and the same, that is.
  • Those who know their tales, especially Sigurd's, knew just how hard it is to see the tale's hero just up and up die in the middle. Even Aerith was shocked, seeing that before her incident with Sephiroth, Sigurd has experienced that kind of shit.
  • Even though he is credited as the hero of the war, Seliph knew that he wouldn't even make it if it wasn't for his half-sister Julia banishing Loptyr from the body of Emperor Julius. With that said, he's fine if Julia gets more spotlight than him.
  • Sigurd has some things to say about Seliph's new outfit when visiting Ylisse. It was nice.
    • He's also surprised that Seliph did not take after him, instead being a Swordmaster. On hearing that Seliph probably learned that from Shannan, the Isaachian boy he saved and protected in his generation, Sigurd was very proud that Shannan grew into such a fine swordsman. He also told Seliph to maybe pay a visit to Shannan's aunt Ayra, who resided in the Pantheon as well, which made Seliph recognize from where the strength of his allies Larcei and Ulster REALLY came from.
  • Ever since the beginning of his journey, Seliph has been wary around nuns in general, not because he fears them, but he regrets the one time he said "Nuns and warfare DO NOT MIX" and would rather avoid slipping into bad habits.
  • Seliph has noted that Lucina is a lot like him, as both are the children of famous heroes who met an untimely end, as well as leaders of a group of ragtag individuals who were the children of their fathers' army. Though he is glad that Lucina managed to save Chrom from befalling the same fate as Sigurd.
  • Upon meeting Suzaku Kururugi, Seliph mistook him for his cousin and friend, Leif Faris Claus, as both share some superficial similarities. Both are brown-haired and usually fight in white and gold armor (even if Suzaku's is a little bigger), the sons of the former leaders of occupied nations, and are exceptionally skilled in combat. However, Seliph soon discovered that Leif and Suzaku were more different than they appeared... Especially when he noticed that Leif has NEVER did a spin kick maneuver like Suzaku.
  • Both Sigurd and Seliph occasionally give unbreakable orders to flying units, sometimes for no reason. They usually order their Pegasus and Dragon Knights to fly wherever they need to be, but often tell them not to approach neutral castles that none of the ground units can approach. Those castles inevitably start attacking, although Sigurd did have a good reason to not attack one certain castle, as he had promised his friend Eldigan. Once Seliph gave an arbitrary order to stay away from that familiar looking Dragon Knight with that familiar looking lance who refused to fight against Seliph's army. Said Dragon Knight turned out to be Seliph's long lost cousin Altena.
  • When it comes to romance, Sigurd is known to be rather dramatic, with lines like "A fate which I cannot kiss you is a fate I will not recognize!" when it comes to his love Deirdre. Everyone thinks the line is cheesy as hell, though for Seliph, he thinks that yes, it's cheesy, but it's awesome
  • Surprisingly, Sigurd has been trying to keep a good relationship with his murderer Arvis. First, he understood that he'd do all the same thing Arvis did, minus the betrayals and such, that is, to create a reign of peace, and to his credits, Arvis DID create a peaceful reign even for just 15 years after his betrayal, so he recognized his noble goal. Second, he already lectured Seliph beyond the grave that Vengeance Feels Empty and Seliph shouldn't fight solely to avenge him, so he won't be so hypocritical. Seliph also took the lessons at heart and he also doesn't hold it as badly towards Arvis, and Arvis also admitted that maybe Seliph was right, he was just too weak to let fate sweep over him like that.
  • To Sigurd's surprise, he saw one of his friends Tailtiu ascend. After a bit introduction with Seliph, knowing that she is the mother of Seliph's friends Arthur and Tine, Sigurd had to tell him about her tragic end, even he considered it maybe the second or third most tragic fate (could be right behind the deaths of his friend and sister, Quan and Ethlyn). Seliph was speechless and expressed that words just couldn't describe how sad he felt. Of course, because this was a slightly-fixed Tailtiu, she just responded by stretching Seliph's cheek to show that he can now enjoy what she was like when she was in her prime.
    • While Sigurd and Seliph greeted the ascended Erinys well, Seliph was a little conflicted in about telling the truth about her husband Lewyn who served as his advisor, namely him being Dead All Along and the one who assisted him was just the Dragon deity Forseti using his body. The way Erinys said she 'understood' Lewyn's deal kind of confused Seliph even more.
  • Sigurd hates going to BBQ parties and stays as far away from Ragnaros as humanly possible.
    • When he eventually comes to pay a visit to Embla where Seliph has been going, the latter was shocked to see Sigurd decked with quite a bit of anti-magic charms that he labelled 'In case of BBQ parties'.
  • Recently, it has been discovered that in the world of Elyos, Sigurd has appeared as an Emblem, a spirit housed within a ring that grants powerful abilities to the wielder. It remains to be seen if, and how, this power can be unlocked in the Pantheon.


    Cerebus the Aardvark 
Cerebus the Aardvark, God of Contrasting Between Light and Grim Tones
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Barbarian Hero, Anti-Hero, The Alcoholic, Conjoined Eyes, Four-Fingered Hands, Hermaphrodite, Jerkass, Perpetual Frowner, Pintsized Powerhouse, Would Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Chaos, War, Glory, Animal, Strength
  • Allies: Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barney Stinson, Spawn, Yubel
  • Enemies: YHVH
  • Odd Friendship: Jak and Daxter
  • Admired by: Charlotte the Dessert Witch
  • Feared by: Arthur Read
  • Here is the curious cage of Cerebus the Aardvark. To this day, this barbarian had the longest-running comic run by a single artist. But he is most well known from the various different tones his story went through. Starting as a comedy, it went into more dramatic themes... only to dip back and forth. Throughout his 26 year run, he has been deconstructed and reconstructed with impunity. For his services, Conan saw to it to ascend his fellow follower for his varied tones.
  • Has a bit of history with fellow barbarian Sonja, given that he knew one of her followers. Red Sophia went under the same oath herself, with Cerebus claiming victory. While he was annoyed with her patron, he now has her to thank for marrying Sophia.
  • Has a notoriously bad temper. Piss him off bad enough and he can fight Conan to a standstill. Otherwise he can be seen drinking away in the House of Food or challenging folks in the House of Combat.
  • His comic in a way was inspired by the Ninja Turtles comic, though they went in completely different ways. While his comic became Darker and Edgier, the turtles show showed them in a Lighter and Softer light. The turtles later proved to be every bit as adaptable as the aardvark.
  • The other aardvark wants no association with his barbarian counterpart. Those who reside in the Pantheon concur, even when Cerebus converts to his more lighthearted incarnations.
  • Surprisingly has ties in both the Houses of Leadership and Faith as the Prime Minister and Pope respectively. Few people actually liked his terms, if only for the audacity to maintain his power.
  • Not everyone holds disdain for his actions. Barney Stinson enjoyed watching the aardvark go through increasingly outrageous antics.
  • Having fans from three of the main alliances, his only true enemy is with YHVH and the GUAL. The Absolute Lawmaker cannot stand his erratic behavior and seeks to correct it so that it would stick with one tone.
  • Is at least familiar with many superheroes in the Pantheon, seeing parodies of them in his world. The most notable is the Roach, though he has yet to find his equivalent the Tick in the Pantheon. He can only hope things stay that way.
  • He is not the only one who has suffered from such conditions. Jak had to endure 2 years of torture right after his more lighthearted first video game. He is surprisingly warm towards the barbarian and is a fan of his antics.
    • Others are people who single-handedly bring a change in tone to an entire series. Charlotte is the guardian of such people and was interested in the aardvark. Cerebus likes her style, but hasn't made the effort to meet her yet.
  • Is on good terms with Spawn, who had one of his comics written by the aardvark's writer.
  • It may not look like it, but Cerebus confirmed that he is in fact a Hermaphrodite. It's just that his uterus got destroyed as a child. Was surprised to find a deity for such people. Yubel was more than happy to be buddies with him. Cerebus doesn't mind, claiming to have seen far uglier faces.

    Max and the Wild Things 
Max and the Wild Things, Gods of Ambiguous Supernaturality (Max: Wild Thing, King of All Wild Things; Moishe: Carol; Tzippy: KW; Douglas: Emile; Bernard: The Bull; Judith: Aaron; Alexander: Goat Boy )
Left to right: Moishe/Carol, Max, Tzippy/KW, Bernard/The Bull, and Emile/Douglas
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The hood of Max's wolf suit; alternatively, the top of Moishe/Carol's head
  • Theme Song: Rumpus
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: A Boy and His X, Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane
  • Domains: Monsters, Emotion, Family, and either Imagination or Magic
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Haruto Tsukishiro, non-evil owl deities (for all, but especially KW), deities who can talk to animals
  • Enemies: Anyone who would actively try to separate the Wild Things or seriously harm Max (i.e. Trollkaiger), anyone who would gleefully harm a child
  • Avoided by: Bigby
  • Targets of Curiosity for: Those who investigate dreams and thoughts, the House of Health and Diseases
  • Banned from: The Plants subhouse (Ira)
  • Uneasy relationship with: Stone-based deities (Douglas), the Canines subhouse
  • The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another, his mother called him "Wild Thing", and Max said, "I'll eat you up!" So he was sent to bed without any supper. This is important because that night, in Max's room, a forest grew and grew and grew, and an ocean tumbled by with a private boat for Max. He sailed in this boat all the way to Where the Wild Things Are, where he tamed the island's titular monstrous denizens and was crowned King of All Wild Things. In some versions of the story, quite a bit more happened, but in the end, when he realized how lonely he was, he gave up his crown — to the Wild Things' dismay — and sailed back into his room, where his supper was waiting for him. To this day, no one knows if this was Max's imagination or if something magical happened.
  • Max was quite surprised when a road leading into the sky appeared in his room one night, and was curious where it led. As it turned out, it led into the pantheon of tropes, where the Court of the Gods named him and the Wild Things gods. When the obligatory celebration of the ascension of new gods was announced, Max had this to say:
    Max: Let the Wild Rumpus start!
  • There are ten Wild Things, but three of them are rarely seen. The most commonly-seen ones are as follows:
    • Carol, also called Moishe, the de facto leader of the Wild Things (when they don't have a king, that is)
    • KW, or Tzippy, the most mature among the Wild Things
    • Bernard, otherwise known simply as The Bull, the quiet one who is more gentle than he seems
    • Judith, AKA Aaron, the grouchy party pooper
    • Ira (alternate picture here), a kindly but none-too-bright Wild Thing who seems to like putting holes in trees
    • Alexander, also known as the Goat Boy, the attention-starved youngest of the Wild Things
    • Douglas, or Emile, who acts as Carol's sort-of right-hand Thing
      • The other three can be described as follows: one is pretty much a sea serpent, one has long hair and stripes similar to those of some species of cat, and one, named Bruno, has a prominent pinkish-red nose, small horns on his head (which looks close-shaven), and brown fur on his body.
  • Carol has been trying to rein in his bad temper. It's...a work in progress... If you lie to Carol and he finds out you've been lying, or you so much as imply anything that would separate the Wild Things, you may find yourself on the receiving end of his strength, or even inside his stomach. This was one of the reasons why all the Wild Things were ascended, not just Carol.
    • Obviously, those who would actively try to separate the Wild Things are most in danger of meeting the aforementioned fates. Trollkaiger has been trying to figure out a way to accomplish it without any casualties
    • And if you should try to seriously harm Max...God have mercy on you. One member of Trollkaiger (no one remembers which, but most say it was Terumi) attempted this, and ended up getting their arm dislocated by a furious Carol for their troubles.
      • In fact, anyone who would enjoy — and likely HAVE enjoyed, in the past — harming children are regarded with caution and either fear (by Max) or disgust (by the Wild Things).
  • Max and the Wild Things' temple greatly resembles a mixture of multiple versions of the island Where the Wild Things Are. It may, in fact, be the very same place. Either way, Max isn't always present in the temple; he has to live his life with his mother. He only appears in the pantheon whenever he's alone with his thoughts, which is usually when he's asleep.
  • Bigby is rather unnerved by the Wild Things; their appearances remind him too much of his brothers. Fortunately, they don't seem to have that Might Makes Right mentality that his brothers did; they're just giant children, mostly. Still, he's cautious of them; for reasons most people — including himself — don't understand, in the culture of Wild Things, it's considered good manners to allow someone to eat you.
  • Those who explore dreams and thoughts see Max's little adventure with the Wild Things as a big question mark; did it actually happen? The Wild Things are real in the Pantheon, for certain, but were they always real, or did someone or something in the Pantheon somehow make them real? This riddle hasn't been solved yet.
    • As for how the Wild Things are real in the Pantheon, there's a theory going around that they are figments of Max's imagination that somehow became self-aware and able to exist in the waking world. No one is sure how, but Haruto Tsukishiro has expressed interest in this theory, and has started visiting Max, telling him about his adventures through the dreamscape. Soon enough, they began discussing possible connections between the Wild Things, the Witches, and Eve.
  • Ash was impressed to learn that Max was able to befriend such seemingly-fearsome creatures as the Wild Things, though he wonders which of the rumors are true: Did Max tame them by staring them down, or did he lie to them by trying to convince them he had the power to solve their problem? No one has thought to ask yet, partly out of fear of offending the Wild Things.
  • One prank Judith likes to pull on other deities is to have them come closer, usually by claiming they've got something on their face, and then licking them with her long, slimy tongue. Of course, she knows that she'd have to avoid certain deities for that little stunt; some are obviously dangerous to touch, let alone to lick, for example.
  • Ira seems to enjoy punching holes in trees. This got him banned from the Plants subhouse, and in trouble with tree deities and those who care for trees.
  • Most of them are a little distrustful of dogs, worried that if they feed one, it'll just follow them around. With the assurance that only a few of them would do this (and that even the ones that do mean well), they've slowly-but-surely started to warm up to canines.
  • Despite knowing it's not good for him, Douglas has sometimes eaten rocks. This has earned him shaky relations with stone-based deities such as Steelix.
  • It would seem the Wild Things do have their own language, one that sounds strikingly like Yiddish. In fact, Carol demonstrated the language for those who asked. Those who knew actual Yiddish expressed shock and embarrassment; apparently, although Carol had only recited a few greetings translating to "good morning" and "how are you?", to those who spoke Yiddish, it sounded quite a bit more like something MUCH less friendly, even inappropriate.
    • Behind the scenes: Apparently, in the opera based on the book, Maurice Sendak wrote the Wild Things' dialogue so they were saying child-unfriendly — or at least cruel — things in Yiddish.
    • It would also seem that you can detach a body part from a Wild Thing and at worst, they'll be greatly annoyed. They also don't have blood in their bodies; instead, sand might pour out of the wound! The House of Health and Diseases has expressed curiosity of the Wild Things' anatomies. So far, though, it seems only heads can be re-attached, at least without the Pantheon's respawn system; Douglas had to get his arm replaced after Carol tore it off, and it was replaced with a branch. In a theatrical production based on the story, KW — or Tzippy — ended up getting her head lopped off by Max's (blunt) scepter (to Max's shock; he apparently had only meant to bump her on the noggin as punishment for accidentally stepping on him), and her headless body ran around in a panic. No other ill effects.
  • A friendly owl is always welcome to Max and the Wild Things' group of friends, especially by KW, who already had Bob and Terry the owls. Speaking of the latter two, Max and Carol were still having trouble understanding what they were saying. Fortunately, deities who Speak Fluent Animal — like Eliza Thornberry — are happy to translate.

Sky Striker Ace - Raye, Goddess of Ludonarrative Resonance
Raye in her base outfit
in her Kagari module 
in her Kaina module 
in her Shizuku module 
in her Hayate module 
in her Kagari module, limiters off 
shifting into her Shizuku module 
  • Demigoddess (Lesser Goddess while in a Sky Striker suit, Intermediate Goddess when Limit Releasing)
  • Symbol: A red-and-black katana with a large tech-blue hexagon behind it
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, leaning towards Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Literally Took Her Gear From A Museum, Gameplay Callbacks In Narrative & Vice-Versa, A Human Among Machines, Raised by Robots, Action Girl, Assist Character, Breakout Character, Dark Is Not Evil, Swiss-Army Hero, Idiot Hair, Red Oni, Blue Oni to Roze (and Shizuku & Kagari)
  • Domains: Suits, War, Technology, Card Games
  • Heralds: Roze (maybe?), The Magus (Himmel, Aakas, & Ciela), Aileron & Pylon
  • Followers: Ecclesia & Albaz
  • Allies: All good-aligned Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, Jeanne d’Arc & Artoria Pendragon & their Alters, The Epic Battle Fantasy Team, Bender, Android 16, Susie, Alpha Hatsuseno, Chito & Yuuri, Kamen Rider Super-1, Mega Man, Tony Stark/“Iron Man”
  • Enemies: AM, SKYNET, Star Dream, Ultron, Sigma, SHOCKER, Don Thousand, Zorc Necrophades, The Light of Destruction
  • Envied by: Dark Magician Girl, Kuriboh, Yubel (slightly), Exodia
  • Pitied by: The Hall of Selflessness and Sacrifice, especially Alcestis
  • Conflicting Opinion: Eliphas, Z-ONE
  • Dark Saviors, one of Yu-Gi-Oh’s side sets and released in 2018, brought a lot of support for Vampires, as well as introducing a new archetype in the form of Fur Hire. But along with these would be the initially fledgling Sky Striker archetype, focused around controlling the game with Raye, her mech suits, and a variety of gadgets. This archetype would go on to be one of the most well known archetypes of the modern era, receiving ever-so-often waves of support, fan content, and eventually, official content and lore regarding this little archetype, all the while rising to the top tables and beating other strong decks throughout its still-ongoing lifespan.
    • The OCG Stories manga dives into the origins of the Sky Striker archetype’s characters, as well as introducing new ones. Raye is one of the few, if not the last, people on Earth, growing up in a post-apocalyptic world devastated by war and an AI created by the nation of Spectra, once designed to take down its rival nation Kama. She took on the mantle of being a Sky Striker Ace when her family figures, the Magus, were attacked by Spectra’s forces.
    • While the manga visualizes the gadgets and suits that Raye uses, allowing a sense of scale and impact, the card game puts those functions in practice. For instance, all of her Spells (save for Multirole & Area Zero) require the Main Monster Zones to be empty in order for them to be used, leaving only the Extra Monster Zone to be occupied, where Raye (in one of her suits) would normally be; this ties in well to her being a One-Woman Army, as she is generally the only one on the front lines currently taking action. Raye herself has a Quick Effect to tag out from the Main Monster Zone into one of her suits from the Extra Deck & returns from the Graveyard when one of them is destroyed, representing being beaten out of that suit and the ability to quickly shift inbetween them at will. Lastly, when she first inherits the technology of the Sky Striker Ace, Himmel warns Raye that she'll lose most of her sense of self in the process of becoming a Living Weapon upon use, a factor reflected in the Sky Striker archetype's monster typings, with Raye for example being Warrior-Type, and all of her suits (Kagari, Kaina, Shizuku, and Hayate) being all Machine-Types.
  • While tackling a skirmish against some Spectra forces, Raye in her Shizuku module managed to divert them to a new area for her to switch to Hayate and blast them away, but when she did, she hit much more. The beam from Hayate’s cannon razed through its targets, but also through a cloaked convoy of GUAE tech, which alerted the guards and went up to quickly locate the source of the attack. Surprised at these new foes, Raye found herself outmaneuvered really quickly, unsure of how to take on these new opponents, forcing a retreat that would’ve ended badly for her had it not been for a GUAG scout team intercepting this scuffle. After the rescue, the scout team was more than happy to oblige to much of Raye’s inquiries, as well as those of her allies and family, before helping them establish two secondary bases of operations in the Pantheon by way of Raye’s ascension.
  • One of Spectra’s leading forces in their war against Kama was a sort of clone of Raye, aptly named Roze. Roze’s own appearance held striking tangents against Raye’s, consisting of grays and darks instead of whites, golds, and browns, having a hat, silvery hair and red eyes compared to the hatless blonde with blue eyes, and wielding a saber instead of a katana. Roze herself is also a clone that had been accelerated in age physically to match Raye, created with extensive and pure battle knowledge and nothing else, meaning everything else (such as human interaction) is all new to her, resulting in a generally withdrawn and quiet personality; a contrast to Raye being friendly and compassionate with others and knows how to use her knowledge to her advantage.
    • Jeanne d’Arc & Artoria Pendragon were both interested in Raye & Roze’s dynamic, echoing their own with their respective Alters. As they learned more about the conditions and machines that Roze grew up with, however, it only made them feel even more reminiscent of their Alters, having gone from staunch enemies to equal rivals and even friends, through the Master of Chaldea. The Alters actually do feel the same way about Roze, and hope that Raye would pull through and convince her own “Alter” to switch sides.
    • The Epic Battle Fantasy Team- consisting of Matt, Natalie, Lance, Anna, & NoLegs, had taken on their own evil counterparts throughout their journeys as well. These evil versions are respectively known as Matteus, Natalia, Lancelot, Annabelle, & God (dog), and are very much polar opposites as the Team. When it came to Roze, however, they found her to not be at the same level as the Evil Counterparts, and just like Jeanne and Artoria above, they hope Roze can be changed.
  • In Raye’s version of Earth, the power of the Sky Striker modules that were developed by the nation of Kama were more than capable of being able to destroy most of its surface, and those living on it. This in turn forced Spectra's hand, building a satellite designed to wipe out organic life, which it succeeded in doing after a few hundred years. Raye herself was born out of a fertilized egg, which is textbook life to most humans, but miraculous to her AI guardians, for humans have been wiped out long ago. Since her birth, the members of Kama worked to create a small town for Raye to be raised in, and friends for her to interact, talk, and play with.
    • The Magus and other fellow robots that Raye grew up with were very much human-looking and even human-thinking in nature. Well, at least, according to what Raye does remember of what humans looked like prior to her entry into the Pantheon. Bender can attest to at least attempting to be a parent to human children, and though he wasn't as good for raising children as the Magus were to Raye, he was at least able to understand the love and care parents may have to their children, even if they are machines, which pleases both Raye & the Magus.
    • Kama took great lengths to making Raye's home suitable for her, by letting and even helping nature heal so that it can be much more hospitable. A great supporter of this endeavor, once he learned about it, was Android 16, who then expressed the idea of allowing animals into Kama. Though denied as it would lead to unnecessary losses, the Magus greatly appreciated the support he gave towards the development of the town.
    • One main feature of the Sky Striker Ace system is the ability to switch between her suits as will, allowing her to be very versatile in combat. Those with similar technology, such Kazuya Oki/Kamen Rider Super-1 through his Five Hands, Mega Man with his multiple weapon upgrades, and Tony Stark with his Iron Man system, are also able to shift these quickly to four the demands of a battle. The trio express the idea of a fine partnership with each other to take down their respective enemies, but the Magus are unmoving on their stance of not letting others use the dangerous Sky Striker technology, while enemies of the other three aren’t happy to hear of another combatant who can switch weapons at will.
    • Ciela in particular held a special place in Raye's heart, as she was the one that took care of Raye the most, and had let herself be captured by Spectra in order to save Raye. So despite her being listed as a herald in this profile, many assumed that she is now just dismantled. Alcestis and the rest of the Hall of Selflessness & Sacrifice are, besides the rest of the Magus as well as her robot friends Aileron & Pylon, often the main comforters of Raye whenever she reminiscences about Ciela.
  • The end of humanity, at least in Raye’s world, was caused by an AI that was too efficient at its objective, resulting in a barren landscape populated mainly by robots. This AI was created by Spectra, who wanted nothing more than to crush their rival nation, Kama. When Raye and the Magus learned of similar deities and beings in the Pantheon to Spectra, they became very tense, even if they can’t really die in the Pantheon.
    • AM is at the very damn top of Raye’s shitlist, and for very good reasons, and practically considers it to be just Spectra itself with a different name & color palette. It was also developed to efficiently handle wars, but got too far ahead and instead began wiping humanity off the map, much like the enemy nation’s own AI. This amount of hatred towards militaristic-turned-apocalyptic AI has also been extended to SKYNET as well, as Raye and the Magus are also disapproving of its utilization of robots in their schemes. Both AM & SKYNET respectively echo an opinion of hatred back at Raye, citing her as an annoying piece of human garbage, but are in disagreement on how to handle her, whether it’d be through torture (AM) or termination (SKYNET).
    • Raye really, really dislikes Star Dream, but given it's antihuman coding, it makes sense- after all, Spectra's satellites and Star Dream both shared the power to eliminate all organic life on their respective planets, so the supercomputer essentially served as the Pantheon's version of Spectra’s satellites for Raye. This notion was shared with most of the good-aligned Kirby deities, but Susie in particular holds a special grudge towards the machine, and is more than willing to help Raye out for when the time comes to fully dismantle it.
    • Raye is pretty much one of the few, if not the only, human people left on her world, with the rest being just an urban wasteland of sorts. One day while exploring the Pantheon, she would come across the quaint Cafe Alpha, where its owner, Alpha Hatsuseno, and two frequent patrons, Chito & Yuuri, were at for the day. She got along with all three rather smoothly, each of them sharing what its like to be living in a world ravaged by war, though Alpha prefers for Raye to not travel around Yokohama with her Sky Striker Ace gear, much like Chito & Yuuri were advised against using their tank.
  • Raye’s ascension has been quite a hot topic for the Pantheon, echoing that of Dark Magician Girl’s back in the day. However, unlike Dark Magician Girl, she does have a full flesh-and-blood body to move around in, alongside having an uncanny ability to turn herself, her friends, and even her gear into cards. And above all else, Raye herself finds this very very strange, but she seemed content with being much more free-form and interactive with other deities- so she made it one of her missions to interact with as many previously ascended Yu-Gi-Oh! deities as possible, hoping to learn of those that came before her.
    • Very immediately holds respect for all of the main protagonists of each series, especially considering that she herself is now a protagonist, albeit with much different scope compared to them. This treatment was returned in kind, as they see Raye as a promising new addition to their group, even if she is much more unorthodox than them. One protagonist that Raye was surprised wasn’t ascended yet, however, was Playmaker, and has begun conducting research with Revolver, aka Ryoken Kogami, to figure out how to ascend him.
      • Other notable good characters that Raye liked were Tea Gardner, or Anzu Mazaki, who in term found Raye’s fashion sense to be very striking and fitting of a protagonist. She also had an affinity with Alexis Rhodes for being a person of interest in terms of appearance, a thing that both of them dislike. Raye once tried Turbo Dueling and proved herself with a modified version of Shizuku that can support her ability to duel at high speeds, allowing her to challenge people like Jack Atlas, who were impressed by her skill. Astral was especially piqued at Raye’s existence in the Pantheon, being that unlike those like him, she can be seen by other deities without modifications, leading to many an inquiry.
    • In general, Raye is very obviously against quite a few enemies, but the top of that line happens to go to Don Thousand, Zorc Necrophades, The Light of Destruction, for various reasons, of course. Generally, she took the stances to them similar to most of the other YGO deities as they are harbingers of destruction, something that Raye sees in Spectra. As for Z-ONE and Eliphas, however, she finds herself considering where she stands in comparison to them a bit more, as both have had a Heel–Face Turn in their respective series, something she yearns for Roze, as well, making her one of the few YGO deities to not really have a hostile stance toward either one.
    • Most of the ascended duel monsters in the series are actually rather envious of Raye’s position in the Pantheon, as unlike them, she can be fully seen by other ascended deities without needed modifications for seeing Duel Spirits. Alongside this, she can also be able to just shift between card and human form as well, this ability furthered towards her gear and fellow friends. While Yubel also isn’t subject to the issues the other Duel Spirits have, she finds herself with envy as well due to Raye’s wider degree of freedom with her abilities and form.
  • Can also be found in the Hall of Gaming Narratives.

    The Student Cultural Society 
The Student Cultural SocietyMembers , Divine Quintet of Deconstructor Fleets (Taichi: Bomb-Squad, Selfless Freak, RPG Protagonist || Inaba: Dereban || Aoki: Ahoki)
From left to right: Tachi Yaegishi, Himeko Inaba, Yui Kiriyama, Yoshifumi Aoki, and Iori Nagase
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The Clubroom's door sign, or the front page of Cultural Research News
  • Theme Music: Paradigm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good overall
  • Portfolio: True Companions, Cosmic Plaything
  • Domains: Deconstruction, Friendship, Love, Growth
  • Allies: Houkago Tea Time, SOS Brigade, School Life Club, Doki Doki Literature Club, The Literature Club, The Classical Literature Club, Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka, Anna and Tess Coleman, Haruka Koutara, Yoshihisa Manabe, Yuriko Mifune and Daichi Muroto, The Paranatural Activity Club
  • Conflicting Opinion: Goro Akechi
  • Enemies: Junko Enoshima, Chakravartin, Alessei
  • The Yamaboshi High's Student Cultural Society club were a club consisting of 5 students who were made the playthings of a supernatural entity known only as 'Heartseed'. Heartseed forces the club to experience different phenomenon that causes them to see the different sides of each other while also allowing them to help each other and grow closer as friends. Each of these phenomenons include switching bodies, losing their inhibitions, turning younger while also regaining childhood memories, Hearing each other's thoughts, Seeing their newest members take the form of someone else, Losing their memories if they experience a paradox in the phenomenons, Hearing other people's desires, being trapped in an isolated dimension where other students are forced to suffer the phenomenonsnote , or being send to a parallel world where they lose all memories of the phenomenons that allowed them to grow closer, effectively resetting their relationship back to what it was at the beginning of their story.
  • Not long after ascending, the group soon got to meet other clubs, many of whom also had some struggles as well, some having interactions with the supernatural as well, or some having lighthearted moments together. The SOS Brigade tend to go on some misadventures mostly due to Harui obliviously using her power, so the members of the group understand Student Cultural Society's position. The Literature Club, despite having supernatural powers, are able to maintain a sense of normalcy, something that the Yamaboshi High students envy. The Classical Literature, despite being normal in comparison to their club, still had their struggles to go through, so they got along quite well with them. The School Life Club was probably the club that had the biggest struggles, due to not only having to survive a zombie apocalypse, but helping to keep each other in good condition (Yuki's Selective Obliviousness, Kurumi being a Zombie Infectee, and Yūri going Sanity Slippage), Houkago Tea Time had the nicest life. The Paranatural Activity Club have offered their aid in getting rid of Heartseed if they ever try to force another phenomenon on them, something the club appreciates greatly.
    • The group became fast friends with the ESP Research Club, especially Kotoura after hearing of her traumatic childhood caused by her inability to control her Telepathy. The Student Cultural Society had first-hand experience in hearing each other's thoughts, even when they were unpleasant, so they're aren't afraid at all of Kotoura's power.
  • Understandably, the club aren't fond of people who toy other's lives for fun. Because of this, they can't stand Junko Enoshima for putting her classmates in a Deadly Game nor Chakravartin for causing countless deaths supposedly in the name of finding an "heir".
  • The club had learned how Anna and Tess Coleman went through a body swap that was reversed when they came to understand each other's problems, and also how a Yuuta and Yui went through a body swap that was pretty much permanent and they eventually came to accept it. These scenarios made the Student Cultural Society actually wonder what would happen if the Personality Exchange Phenomenon had happened differently.
  • The group aren't fond of Alessei, whose Stand has the power to turn people younger, considering how they had to go through the Time Regression Phenomenon. The group are outright afraid of his power when they heard he could reduce them to fetuses.
  • Exclusive to Taichi:
    • One of Taichi's biggest flaws was his Chronic Hero Syndrome and Martyr Without a Cause syndrome. His desire to sacrifice himself or his reputation to help others ends up straining his relationships or ends up causing more harm than good. It's even noted by Inaba that Taichi acts like a mindless RPG game avatar because he always blindly responds to the wishes of others without stopping to think of his own perspective, approach or responsibility to the situation, or whether it was in the best interest of the others. Taichi has to learn this the hard way when he ends up causing trouble in school and injuring his classmates, as well as Inaba temporarily breaking up with him due to his apparent lack of concern for their relationship.
      • Because of this, Taichi tends to meet with people who suffered from the same character flaw as him, since he knows first hand what it's like to let selfless obsessions get the better of them. Kaneki once believed it was better to be hurt than to hurt others, but he eventually decided that won't work in the long run. Both Pyrhha and Shirou had recklessly risked their lives to save others, but failed to consider how this affected the people who cared for them. Samurai Jack hindered his own quest by helping people instead of taking the opportunity to return to his time.
    • Taichi likes pro-wrestling, though whenever he tries to bring up the topic to his friends, Inaba stops him. Here in the Pantheon, Taichi can watch pro-wrestling matches all he wants.
  • Exclusive to Nagase:
    • Iori had 5 different fathers in the past, and her first stepfather was abusive to the point it caused Iori to learn to alter her personality to appease and fit the expectations of others, causing her to become unsure of who she's supposed to be.
    • Junpei and Nagase found each other to be Distaff Counterparts, since they're both the Sad Clown who suffered under an abusive parent's thumb. They also had a lot of perverted moments (Nagase through being The Tease, and Junpei for being a Casanova) towards their friends. Nagase is saddened though when she heard that the girl Junpei loved sacrificed herself to save him, and in other Alternate Universe, was saved at the cost of forgetting Junpei.
    • Became fast friends with Nah due to how an abusive family shaped their lives, Nah due to being forced grow up quicker, and Iori by coming up with different personalities. Nah actually congratulates Iori for helping her mother stand up to her abusive stepfather, with Iori admitting she wouldn't have done that without her friends's help.
  • Exclusive to Inaba:
    • Inaba has difficulty trusting anyone, including herself, though she doesn't know what caused her to become so cold and untrusting and thinks she was just born that way. This results in Inaba deeply resenting herself and having negative self-esteem.
    • Despite keeping Taichi from bringing up the topic of pro-wrestling during their club meetings, as well as being the least athletic member of the group, Inaba did put her club's advisor, Ryuuzen Gotou, through a Kimura Lock once. Some have teased Inaba for this, thinking she may have picked up that move in order to impress Taichi, even when Inaba tells them to knock it off.
    • Inaba found a kindred spirit in Therion due to both of them being untrusting towards others before opening up to their friends. However, Therion is surprised and confused when Inaba told him that she was born untrusting and doesn't really have a reason to be so. Therion doubts such a claim, since the reason he was untrusting once was because he was betrayed, and even notes just how different Inaba was as a child. Therion suspects that Inaba may just not remember.
  • Exclusive to Yui:
    • Yui suffered from androphobia as a result of an attempted rape. When she and Taichi end up switching bodies and she confides her past to him, Taichi helps her start on the path to overcoming her fear by teaching her to aim for the crotch... by intentionally kicking his body's crotch just before they switch back.
    • Tends to get along with other deities who suffered from a rape experience, including Sakura Matou, Casca, Ellen, and Red Sonja, or those who are also androphobic, such as Miku Izayoi and Tenko Chabashira..
      • Yui is downright horrified when she heard about what happened Casca, even more so when she learns that rapist responsible was someone Casca once trusted. Yui notes she could have ended up in Casca's position if she had been never managed to avoid being raped, and is glad she has her friends and boyfriend to help her in time of need.
      • Quickly became friends with Sakura Matou after hearing of the horrible trauma she went through in her childhood, while also growing to resent both Zouken and Shinji for their mistreatment of Sakura. Yui and Sakura also learned of their respective Love Interest in Aoki and Shirou, leading them both to ship the other girl with their man.
      • Sympathizes with Ellen after hearing how her rape experience left her with the fear of yellow. Since she had her friends helped her overcome her androphobia, Yui is glad that Ellen managed to overcome her fear and even take on a replica of the rapist.
      • While she doesn't quite agree with Red Sonja's philosophy in finding the love of their life through combat, Yui still respects her strength and shares her hatred of rapists. Both also had different views of to deal with rapists, Yui kicking them in the crotch, Red Sonja through castration.
      • Became one of the few to befriend Misao, mainly because of how they both suffered from a rapist's actions. Yui also in turn admits that she once had to go through a period of losing her inhibitions, which caused to react violently, leading her to get into legal trouble.
      • Sees Tenko Chabashira as a kindred spirit, mainly for their use of martial arts and refusal to let a boy get close to them. Although Yui finds Tenko's words about how "deplorable men" should disappear too extreme, not to mention she eventually started to date the boy who once got on her nerves. They do at least share a love for cute things.
      • Sympathizes with Miku after her life was ruined by a man, though she still finds her actions as a Spirit prior to meeting Shido unacceptable. Currently the two are on good terms, though Yui finds Miku's lust towards the girls as well as her discomforting.
    • Became fast friends with Mizuki, since they're both girls who love stuffed animals and martial arts. The fact that Mizuki was once a boy doesn't really bother Yui at all, since she swapped bodies with a boy before. Yui also approves of Mizuki's relationship with Takeru after seeing just nice and supportive he was.
  • Exclusive to Aoki:
    • Jokes and silly antics are all Aoki has going for him, so he intentionally acts like a Plucky Comic Relief to lighten the mood. He feels depressed and useless if he fails at the role.
    • Finds a kindred spirit in Yosuke Hanamura, considering how they're both a Sad Clown who also wanted to win the affections of a certain girl. Yosuke admits that he's jealous Aoki for winning the heart of his girl, but does congragulate for doing so. Aoki in turn feels sympathy for Yosuke after learning that the girl he was interested not only died, but apparently didn't even like him at all.

    Todd Alquist 
Todd Alquist, Unholy Representer of Chandler's Law (Meth Damon, Ricky Hitler)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A Stash of Methamphetamine with the Vamanos Pest Symbol
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Unexpectedly Changing the Entire Tone of a Show, Utterly Remorseless and Unfeeling yet Unfailingly Polite, Dissonant Serenity, Lack of Empathy, The Unfettered, A Member of an Aryan Brotherhood Group, Beware the Nice Ones, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Heavily Looks Up to Heisenberg, Drives Most of the Conflict in Season 5, Walking Spoiler, Doesn't Really have any Animosity towards his Enemies and is Not Even Aware of his Depravity, Has a Few Nice Moments even if they're Twisted
  • Domains: Neo-Nazism, Sociopathy, Dissonance, Drugs, Tone, Murder
  • Heralds: The Other Members of his Aryan Brotherhood, especially Jack Welker (his maternal uncle), Lydia Rodarte-Quayle
  • Allies: Johan Liebert, Diavolo, Hoyt Volker
  • Business With: Vito and Michael Corleone, The 456 Ambassador, Oswald Cobblepot/The Penguin
  • Arch-Enemy: Jesse Pinkmannote 
  • Enemies: Walter White, Hank Schrader, The Joker, Agent 47, Toxie, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Vito Scaletta, Joe Barbaro, Tommy Angelo, Jimmy, Bucciarati's Gang
  • Opposes: Gustavo "Gus" Fring
  • Association By Belief: Johann Schmidt/The Red Skull, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Waffen-SS troopers, Waffen Storm Leaders, Nazi Storm Elites, Valkyrie Jäger
  • Opposed By: Houses of Childhood and Adolescence, Law and Justice, and Cultures, Anyone Subjected to Slavery
  • Todd Alquist is a Neo-Nazi member of an Aryan Brotherhood, headed by his maternal uncle, Jack Welker, and is a former exterminator for Vamanos Pest who decided to turn to the Methamphetamine manufacturing business, where he scored up a partnership with then-new drug kingpin Walter White, better known to the business as Heisenberg. Despite his reputation for being in a notorious gang with a politically incorrect philosophy, Todd was a hardworking, dedicated, yet rather shy and soft-spoken man who simply went ahead with what Walt told him to do. Working with Walt, his apprentice Jesse Pinkman, and consummate professional Mike Ehrmantraut, the four were able to pull off a train heist without issue... until they stumbled across a bypassing boy named Drew Sharp who simply waved at them. With no hesitation and without any warning, Todd shot and killed the child and scheduled with his superiors to have his body chemically eroded with hydrofluoric acid, rationalizing his actions as necessary in not wanting their criminal activities known, so essentially "no witnesses". His actions caused Jesse to want to pull away from the drug business, not wanting to go through any more violence and heartbreak, creating a deep and personal enmity towards Todd. In spite of his horrendous actions and affiliations, Todd remained impressionable and friendly towards Walt and Jesse, never acknowledging the latter's utter hatred to him. He also scored a partnership with Lydia, an electromotive company executive who initially supplied chemicals for Gus Fring and convinced her to work with him after Walt had retired, With Jack's ruthlessness and their feared reputation, Todd's Aryan Brotherhood led the meth industry in Alberquerque, New Mexico, though Walt's a sense resulted in a massive drop of quality in meth production. After Walt's brother-in-law and DEA Agent, Hank Schrader and Steven Gomez were killed in a shootout, Todd proceeded to capture and enslave Jesse whilst generously giving Walt $11 million that he earned in his meth business. From there on, the brotherhood subjected Jesse to torture, extortion, and abuse, whilst Todd tried to remain civil and friendly towards him, even after personally killing his girlfriend, Andrea Cantillo, to send Jesse a message not to ever attempt escaping from their clutches. 6 months later, Todd and the rest of the brotherhood would meet their end via an enraged and vengeful Walt using an automated M60 to massacre the gang and Todd himself getting strangled and having his neck broken by a vengeful Jesse.
  • Todd's story initially began as very normal and rather unassuming, until his murder of Drew Sharp set up an unexpected collision course that turned Walt and Jesse's already strained partnership into a permanently broken mess and furthering the tragedies of the two characters alongside their loved ones and associates. And all of this happened after Todd decided to take an initiative to leave no witnesses without so much as batting an eye, and he immediately became infamous for it. And lo, his reputation reached the Pantheon, where he was given an ascension after the shedding of his mortal coil. Todd was surprised to learn that he was the only member of his brotherhood to be granted such prestige, and while he accepted it, has made it a goal to at least get his Uncle Jack to also be recognized as a deity. Plus he's also given another chance to carry out his businesses and operations from where they abruptly left off. Also, Todd felt that he would have to start cooking meth for his brotherhood, and knowing that his end product isn't as good as Walt or Jesse's, he's going to have to find some way to improve his craft so that his business can be successful.
  • When it comes to surprisingly eerie and creepy individuals who are also just normal humans, Todd heavily sticks out. With his rather dorky demeanor and seemingly normal behavior, something still feels off about him. It's the fact that while he's unrepentant and remorseless about whatever actions he has to take, even if means killing a child or someone else's loved one willingly, enslaving and torturing someone in captivity, or participate in manufacturing drugs, he maintains this in a very, very impressionable, polite, and respectful tone towards his victims and comrades alike. It actually comes across as if he doesn't even understand just how vile and demeaning his own actions were, which left a lot of people in the Pantheon creeped out by his attitude. Todd, surprising enough, recognizes that they don't like him and would rather stay away, but he doesn't even know why they would act like that. Regardless, Todd is considered one of the most infamous deities in the Pantheon who is still just a human.
  • Just about anyone who brings Todd up as a topic of focus would unanimously bring the moment where he shot Drew Sharp without the slightest bit of hesitation because he felt as if the boy having seen them just after he, Walt, Jesse, and Mike had committed a train robbery meant to collect a batch of meth. After getting beaten by Jesse, threatened by Mike, and being treated with caution by Walt, Todd's response to the entire matter? "Shit happens, man." Not to mention that they had to take Drew's corpse and dissolve it with acid, denying his parents the chance to even bury their son. As a result, Todd is seen with nothing but disdain, fear, and auction by the House of Childhood and Adolescence, who have made it a point to never allow Todd near their premises. He personally feels upset that he is hated by them because as far as he is concerned, he killed Drew out of necessity and didn't actually take any satisfaction from it. What he fails to realize is that the House hates him for his unsympathetic and cold demeanor, which he fails to pick up on.
  • It's no surprise that Jesse reacted with disgust and rage upon finding out if Todd's ascension. Considering the fact that Jesse is very affectionate of children, was not comfortable with violence, and had to deal with a long time of abuse and mistreatment, it's not hard to see why he would feel that way. Even so, and despite the fact that he was willingly killed by Jesse, Todd still tries to make an effort to be nice and friendly to him. Not only does Jesse want nothing to do with Todd, but he also makes it clear that he would kill him again if he ever comes near him again. Todd isn't fazed by Jesse's threat, mainly because he did disarm Jesse by simply talking to him when he had an opportunity to kill him.
    • On another note, Todd also happens to be very appreciative and respectful of Walt, to such an extent that he would still refer to him as "Mr. White" instead of "Heisenberg" even in public meetings with rival meth manufacturers and allies. Some assumed that because of this, Todd may as well be risking exposing Walt's identity, but others guessed that by that point, Walt's ego had grown so much that it wouldn't have mattered. He still admires Walt for his knowledge and reputation, though considering that he went on to kill his brotherhood, Todd remains rather cautious of him, more so than Jesse. Walt, on the other hand, wants nothing to do with Todd or his affiliates, instead choosing to work with other notable figures to personally enhance his reputation, seeing the Brotherhood as "beneath him".
      • There is also the famous saying that "if Jesse Pinkman was the son of Walter White, then Todd is the direct offspring of Heisenberg". Given that Walt had made an infamous reputation in that alter-ego, and that Todd was his replacement cooking apprentice after Jesse left the business out of disgust and stress. Todd personally took this comparison as a compliment, seeing as it meant that he was able to win some sort of approval. Unlike most drug dealers and manufacturers, Todd doesn't work for Greed. but rather to impress his superiors, suggesting that he desires validation for his efforts and work above all else.
  • Gustavo Fring personally sees Todd and his Aryan Brotherhood as below him. Of course, this connects with the fact that he is Chilean and of black skin, but he also thinks that they are ultimately too barbaric and rabid for his liking, which meant that they wouldn't work well with Gus's more pragmatic and methodical approach to his criminal activities, instead likening them to Don Eladio's drag cartel and the Salamancas' more so than himself. Todd, oddly enough, doesn't act out of racial supremacy or belittlement towards non-white people and simply seeks to have his group be in better shape than Gus's. Of course, Gus scoffs at any of Todd's words, thinking that he's too chaotic and dangerous to have around, and he's not exactly wrong about that, given how Todd is more than willing to kill anything that he feels an inconvenience to him and his work.
  • As a Neo-Nazi, Todd ended up receiving additional hate and disdain from a lot of people in the Pantheon, though, unlike his fellow brotherhood members, he doesn't really care about ethnicity, race, or religion all that much and simply wants to carry on with whatever task he is given to do or to find any way to impress his Uncle Jack. He doesn't get why the House of Cultures hates him a lot, citing that all he's done is behave nicely and minding his own business. Even so, he makes an effort to try communicating with others, to mixed results as he's not exactly very good at talking to others, often coming off as introverted and socially awkward. But be someone who jeopardizes him or a target and Todd will unfalteringly kill someone.
    • The Red Skull seems to think that Todd is exactly the sort of person that he could have as a henchman; loyal, straightforward in thought, hardworking, and utterly unfeeling and cold when the situation demands it. Some of the ascended Nazis in the Pantheon seem to have a similar thought in mind too, thinking that Todd would make a very good soldier and follower into their ranks. Todd, on the other hand, is not really interested in what they have to offer; he's simply comfortable enough with the job that he has and would like to keep it that way, citing that it's best to know his place in the Pantheon and not peddle into matters that he and his group would likely be outclassed by a large margin. Though, it turns out that by The Noughties, Neo-Nazis and the Aryan Brotherhood seem to be more interested in power and money over actually promoting white nationalism
  • As if his beliefs already made him rather unpopular, Todd also caught a lot of flack for indulging in slavery. While not exactly doing it towards someone of their ethnicity, he convinced Jack to keep Jesse around so that they could cook and manufacture more meth, despite Jack's insistence that they already had enough money to do whatever they wanted. It's no surprise that they treated Jesse horrendously, beating and threatening his loved ones, with Todd killing Andrea right in front of Jesse as punishment for attempting escape and threatening Andrea's son, Brock if he ever does it again. Many in the Pantheon has since made sure that Todd would be given the appropriate punishment once he's caught and tried.
    • Todd did initially consider establishing relations with The Slavers mainly because he thought that they could be of some use to him. Jack, however, found them to be too "savage" for his liking and told Todd to simply forget about them. For once, Jack made the right call, though Jack stated that while The Slavers are capable of being tough enforcers, they're too fractious to really work, as demonstrated with the relationship between father and son, Cristu and Tiberiu Bulat. Vera Konstantin may be level-headed, but she still takes some gleeful obsession with raping and killing girls, which Jack found to be too distracting. Todd was forced to concede with Jack on working with The Slavers, which was further enforced by their universally negative reception, even among other criminals.
  • Todd's unfeeling and remorseless nature caught the attention of Johan Liebert, who normally doesn't hear much about the sort of sociopaths that are like him and a few others. Todd, being among them, stood out, and the two ended up meeting. Todd's Aryan Brotherhood was interested to learn of Johan's story and background, though were quickly intimidated and cautious about him, given the fact that Liebert could simply cause people to commit suicide just by a simple convincing from him. Todd, on the other hand, was unfazed by Johan's presence, something that the latter noticed with utmost satisfaction. While Todd and his brotherhood aren't related to the Grand United Alliance of Evil, Liebert made sure to provide them with resources and aid, with Melkor's permission as a means to make sure that Todd and his gang would rely on the GUAE in some capacity. Jack was hesitant, but Todd was able to convince him to go along with it. Todd remains one of the few people that is unaffected by Johan's influence, though whether it's because of Todd's own sociopathy or his inability to recognize or react to appropriate responses is up for anyone's guess.
    • The Joker would have considered Todd to be someone he could have considered a potential ally, had it not been for the fact that he's a Neo-Nazi. As bad as the Clown Prince of Crime is, he's an "Americancriminal lunatic", not someone who would sing praises and willingly work with Nazis one bit. Even so, both represented a different iteration of sociopaths; The Joker was extroverted, blatantly showcasing his insanity and heavily indulging in violence, sadism, and chaos. By contrast, Todd is introverted, quiet, collected, and utterly unfettered in committing a heinous act without any warning or eliciting any sort of strong emotions. Todd found the Joker to be rather amusing in some way, and feels upset that they couldn't get along.
  • Todd, with Jack's advice and permission, went on to establish an alliance between Diavolo and Hoyt Volker. The two of them ended up appreciating the brotherhood's ruthless efficiency and their willingness to be loyal and upfront about their work. The fact that Diavolo and Hoyt were morally cold and unfeeling allowed them to wholly tolerate Todd's more extreme actions that caused him to receive a negative reception in the Pantheon. Jack brokered a deal with Diavolo and Hoyt that with Todd receiving training to better his cooking in meth, he can get the desired result to above impressive quality and sell them off for a very affordable price that can net a lot of money, to which Diavolo and Hoyt accepted, thinking that the partnership can allow for their influence and opportunity to develop more resources and working relations towards other criminal gangs.
    • He also has a partnership with The Penguin, Vito and Michael Corleone, and the 456 Ambassador, all three of whom took some interest in Todd's direction in manufacturing Meth and wanting to capitalize on that to earn themselves money and power more more quickly and effectively. The Penguin and The Corleone's don't really have much of a problem with Todd and his compatriots, so long as they remain committed and respectful of the terms of their business relationship, though the 456 Ambassador seeks to finds a way to coerce Todd into kidnapping children for its own needs. Many do not like the idea of Todd working with a being that uses children as a way to manufacture drugs, though Todd doesn't really care all that much, provided that he and the 456 Ambassador can end up gaining something out from their partnership. Even Jack feels as if the 456 Ambassador is a little too messed up, but allows Todd to carry on with his work, if mainly because Jack loves his nephew, regardless of how twisted the circumstances may be.
  • Aside from Jesse obviously hating his guts, Todd is also an enemy target for some deities in the Pantheon, either because of his depraved actions or because he's a known criminal that needs to be apprehended at some point. Among those who desire to hunt him down are the Phantom Thieves of Hearts, who have made it very clear that they intent to rewrite Todd's heart into becoming a more compassionate being, even if it means a Death of Personality. Of course, Todd doesn't like the thought of his identity being erased simply because people don't like him and he does concede that the Phantom Thieves are a legitimate threat if he and Jack aren't careful enough.
    • Some criminals, such as Vito Scaletta and Joe Barbaro aren't fond of Todd in the slightest. While they have done drugs before, they also don't prefer to push it too hard on others and refuse to work for large-scale organizations regarding that topic. While Todd's organization isn't big, their unfettered nature in their business and their lack of remorse in their actions like murder, extortion, and slavery pictures Todd and his fellow brotherhood members as vicious criminals to be eliminated, not to mention their Neo-Nazi nature makes Vito and Joe's thoughts more volatile. Bruno Bucciarati and his gang quickly came to oppose Todd upon finding out about their partnership with Diavolo and decry Todd as a cold madman. The idea of him having a Stand also terrifies Bruno and his compatriots a lot, given that they are based on and represent someone's true self and identity, a hypothetical stand for Todd would be a nightmare to contend against.
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