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Intermediate Gods

    Jak and Daxter 
Jak and Daxter, Divine Duo of Comedic to Dramatic Tone Shift (Unlikely Heroes)
  • Intermediate God (Jak); Lesser God (Daxter, though he's in the form of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Arc Wielder and Peace Maker next to a Jet Board
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Jak is Chaotic Evil when under the influence of Dark Eco, though)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Friendship, Darkness, Light, Dramedy
  • Herald: Tess
  • Allies: Samos, Keira, Ratchet, Clank (both are also rivals), Sly Cooper, Bentley Turtle, Murray Hippo, Mickey Mouse, Sora, Riku, Zeus, Tidus, Snow White, Kevin Flynn, Melody, Absol, Hoopa Confined
  • Unlikely Ally: Homura Akemi (Jak only)
  • Enemies:
  • Oppose: Funny Valentine, Enrico Pucci
  • Evil Counterparts: Sephiroth (for Jak), Kyubey (for Daxter)
  • Conflicting Opinions: Hoopa Unbound
  • The two were trying to find some Eco deposits but were somehow drawn into Polygon Man's huge Battle Royale. After passing, the two were rewarding with godhood in the House of Narrative.
  • The two have a friendly rivalry with Ratchet and Clank. The two duos are even racing to see who can defeat Maleficent first. Ratchet faced her and won, but it doesn't count as he needed outside help.
    • Eventually, Wizard and Boomstick decided to determine which pair of them was the strongest in a Death Battle. Thanks to superior weaponry and sidekick combat prowess, it was Ratchet and Clank who came out on top.
    • Nevertheless, Jak is still one of the few people who have defeated Master Xehanort in battle, which is something Ratchet would only dream of doing at his current state.
  • Jak is one of the few non-Disney Gods who can see a positive side of Zeus. This was because Zeus became a father-like figure after Damas was killed.
  • The two can sometimes be seen in the House of Travel, having friendly races with some of the other gods.
  • Jak and Daxter met up with Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper and Bentley over some galactic games and got along pretty well with one another.
  • Whenever the Evil Queen attempts to murder Snow White out of jealousy, Jak is very likely to be nearby to foil her plot. In fact, his Light Eco and royal blood allows him to see through her various disguises.
  • Jak and Daxter formed a sports team with Nathan Drake and Crash Bandicoot, called the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • One should never try to use the Dark Eco within Jak to control him, especially if Daxter is nearly. Master Xehanort would learn this lesson the hard way. He eventually found another way.
    • The two have gotten the attention of Absol, given how Jak can have some control over the Dark Eco inside him, with hardly any innocent people dying by accident when caught up in his darkness-induced rage. Jak wonders if the Disaster Pokémon can one day learn to control the aura triggered by her Mega Evolution and not end up killing fainthearted people. He admits learning to control the Dark Eco wasn't easy, and he's not reached the point where Xehanort cannot corrupt him, but hopes she'll be able to control her aura without Riku's help.
  • The two are on good terms with Melody, mainly because of how her voice reminds them of their friend (and Jak's Love Interest) Keira Hagai. Melody, in return, has even said that Daxter sounds like her friend Tip, and he even acts like him at times.
  • They both really don't like the idea of people being kidnapped to be used as test subjects for Super Soldier programs, citing that although Jak survived and was able to gain control of the Dark Eco injected into him, others have either died or became insane. They don't even like the idea of the DNA of unborn children being tampered with for the same reason, given what had happened to Sephiroth.
  • When the Darkness Proxy got trapped inside the newly-built Friendship Asylum, so were Jak and Daxter, though they escaped during "Muse Hysteria", and helped defeat the Slamwitch. They didn't remain free for long, since Maxwell pulled them back during a Blitzball match, and tried to corrupt them into Asylum Guardians. Daxter couldn't be corrupted due to already being made of Darkness, while Jak was set free.
    • The two would end up being the center of attention because Jak was involved in an experiment that involved pieces of his heart being swapped with that of Sora. This resulted in Jak falling into a coma and losing many of his memories, but he is slowly recovering. At least Jak was given a Dream Eater (Juggle Pup) to help him out.
  • Cerebus the Aardvark is being considered as a co-god for this seat, as his adventures named the trope. We say "considered", because the comics then veered into Author Tract, but perhaps Dave Sim, the author of those comics, is to blame for that, not Cerebus.
  • Occasionally, Daxter will help the White Hats with their hacks by eating data in a Pac-Man style mini-game. This is one of the few times he's seen without Jak.
  • Jak isn't pleased with what Nephrite did to Sailor Mercury when he learned about this from Riku. He has sworn that the next time this happens, Nephrite would have to deal with his Dark Eco Bomb in adition to Riku's Dark Aura, Terra's Ultima Cannon, and Mega Absol's Night Slash.
  • Jak has a large ongoing feud with Prince Hans over both of them being royalty who can never ascend, but while Jak has accepted his status, Hans has not, and tried to marry Ashelin Praxis with the intention of becoming the ruler of Haven City; the resulting clash between the two princes lead to Hans' Heartless, Sköll, becoming the biggest threat to Jak's world since the Dark Makers.
  • Because he spent his childhood in the past, Jak is only five years old chronically, but is otherwise 19 physically and mentally. This has gotten Rydia's attention.
    • Daxter, on the other hand, is 519 years old thanks to travelling to the future.
  • Both are happy that Samos and Keira finally entered in the Pantheon.

    Shadow the Hedgehog 
Shadow the Hedgehog, The Darker and Edgier God (Fake Hedgehog, the Ultimate Life Form, Shadow the Edgehog, "Ow the Edge", Original the Characternote  A Bitch-Ass Motherfucker)
  • Intermediate God (Greater God without his Inhibitor Rings, Overdeity as Super Shadow)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of his head
  • Theme Music: Throw it All Away, I Am... All of Me, or All Hail Shadow
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Evil Twins (formerly), Anything Darker and Edgier, Emos, Cynicism Catalysts, Speedsters, Those With Expansion Pack Pasts, Letting go of the past
  • Domains: Darkness, Chaos, Alacrity, Suffering, Acceptance (as in the fifth stage of grief)
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship with: Noriaki Kakyoin
  • Rivals: Sonic the Hedgehog, Vegeta, Cell
  • Enemies:
  • Ascended after the events of his own game, something that made many people cry out in anguish, "ow, the edge". He often goes to secluded places and unleashes his anger by slowing down time there.
  • Zuko has been seen hanging out with him, trying to outmatch his angst. He's stopped since he got over his daddy issues, much to the relief of the other Gods.
  • His angst possibly stems from a chronic inability to find that DAMN fourth Chaos Emerald.
  • Has once fought Vegeta in a battle. Shadow has respect for him, considering him a rival (Besides Sonic, of course), but the Saiyan still calls him a ripoff.
    • Also has a rivalry in the form of Cell as they're both ultimate life-forms, but doesn't condone for his motivations of destroying the earth (it would make anyone, especially Maria, upset). Shadow prepares for the day they battle.
    • Was later put into a fight against Mewtwo. Those who witnessed Shadow's previous fight hopes he'll do a better job against the mon. Once again, he lost. However, both of them seem to be getting a bit along due to having some time to contemplate over things.
  • There was one point in time where Shadow got over himself and didn't angst even when he had a good reason to, but because that didn't happen in the Pantheon's main timeline, he wasn't able to shake off his title.
    • Later, certain gods in the House of Time and Space who do remember this has made the case that Shadow's Character Development took place before this erased adventure, meaning that he was still over his angst. He was then promptly rechristened as "the Darker and Edgier God" instead. Shadow himself cares less and instead focuses on managing his duties.
  • Madoka is one of the few people that can get through to his inner feelings. This is because she is exactly like the best friend that he lost aboard the ARK. He has sworn to protect her, which also includes being the 2nd person Amy recruited for the Pantheonic Rebellion at the behest of her new found superior. He has also sworn to never let Vanitas succeed in his plot.
  • At first, extremely uncomfortable and awkward around Sailor Moon, due to her resemblance to Maria. However, the two have since become rather unlikely friends.
  • In an alternate reality, Shadow mocked Sonic, saying that his loyalty to his friends was his greatest weakness. Sonic was not amused, thinking that the comparisons to a certain pony were over. Shadow himself doesn't seem to tolerate this since he outright states he wouldn't do specific things unless it was solely for a good reason.
  • Several Gods have put christened him, Ryuuko Matoi, and Dante as the trinity of "edginess". The three aren't impressed, though they get along well enough.
  • Seems willing to take Silver under his wing more readily than others, but still in his own way.
  • Despite their encounters being erased from time, Shadow has an innate disdain for Mephiles the Dark, and the feeling is mutual. Though the fact that Mephiles is an Ax-Crazy Mad God copying Shadow's appearance certainly isn't helping.
  • Some people like to gag that Noriaki Kakyouin shared the same voice with Shadow due to the "emerald" theme, and the fact that he could kick Jotaro in the head the same way if he sounded like Silver. However, it's not as valid of a joke anymore ever since Kakyouin got his voice changed.
    • That said, people also like to compare him to Gin Ichimaru for the same voice reason, but Shadow doesn't take kindly to Gin for some reason.
      • But after learning Gin's real reasons though, Shadow can emphasize with him and prays for him to rest in peace, especially since he too has pursued a certain goal for the sake of someone else for as long as he can remember. He also doesn't take too kindly to Hazama and/or Yuuki Terumi for outright mocking his look-alike for being a softy deep down inside.
  • He'd rather not have to associate with the Freedom Planet deities. However, one of them has already made it his business to go after his Chaos power, and he has proven to be much more ruthless than Eggman, and so he has no choice but to defend himself and (reluctantly) request for intel on this enemy from Sash Lilac.
  • His power increases immensely when he takes off those rings, but he considers taking them off a Godzilla Threshold because he becomes a Destructive Savior.
    • And then there are those who believe that if he removed the Inhibitor Rings on his ankles instead of just his wrists like he normally does, he might be able to outspeed Sonic. Shadow has refused to comment on his reasons for never removing his ankle Inhibitor Rings (as "often").
  • Nowadays, Shadow seems to be quite contemplative and willing to turn over a part of a new leaf ever since the resolution of his own game; he's still distant but not as openly rude as before.
  • It was discovered that, to promote his game, Shadow conducted an official interview with a mortal gaming site. While still true to Shadow's character, it did reveal some interesting tidbits about him, such as the fact that he likes Hot Pockets, and that he once owned a Razor cell phone. While he refuses to comment on most of the interview, Shadow was pleased to find that the Terminator was actually in the Pantheon.
  • Considers anime a highly respected form of art. Especially Kill la Kill.
    • Ryuko, of course, caught wind of this. She is never going to stop teasing him about it.

    Uso Ewin 
Uso Ewin, God of Breakneck Tonal Shifts (Uso Ebin, Usso Evin, 13 Year Old God of Death)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The League Militaire symbol, and the Wings of Light of his Victory 2 Gundam
  • Theme Song: Stand Up to the Victory note 
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Creator Breakdown, War Is Hell, Child Soldier, Break the Cutie, Nice Guy, Trauma Conga Line, Ace Pilot, Falling into the Cockpit, Humongous Mecha, Deceased Parents Are the Best, Attempted Rape, Iron Woobie
  • Domains: Tragedy, Comedy, Death, Mechs
  • Allies: Amuro Ray, Kamille Bidan, Domon Kashu, Banagher Links, Heero Yuy, Loran Cehack, Kira Yamato, Bright Noa, Shinji Ikari, Jacuzzi Splot, Eru Chitanda
  • Enemies: All Evil Gundam deities except for Char.
  • Complicated Relationships: Char Aznable, Yoshiyuke Tomino
  • A seemingly ordinary boy living an agrarian life on the outskirts of what was once Prague turned the tide of battle against the Zanscare Empire. That boy was only 13 years old, and his name was Uso Ewin, the last Gundam pilot of the blood-soaked Universal Century. Fighting in longest war of the Era as well as one of the cruelest, by the time he went back to his little farm in the former Czech Republic he had lost almost everyone for the sake of peace.
  • Oh, and he fought some giant robot mantises, some robot lice, and one robot that can be best described as a Fruit by the Foot dragon. He's defeated some of these enemies by literally throwing his own arms and legs at them.
  • When you survive one of the shows that gave a man the nickname Kill 'Em All, you know you’ve been through some shit. And said man literally went insane while working on Usso's show, which is why he and his creator have a troubled relationship within the pantheon.
  • Of the Universal Century Gundam pilots in the pantheon he’s one of the weaker newtypes. To compensate, he’s also one of the most talented pilots of them all in terms of pure skill, creativity, and killing ability, helped by the fact that he may or may not be directly related to a certain Zeon pilot who likes red thingsnote . Not only that, his V2 Gundam is the last and most advanced Gundam-type mobile suit of the Universal Century timeline.
  • Some of the wacky hijinks he gets into is amazing. He's fallen into the cockpit via hang glider, and he managed to save the day once by creating a reflection on a giant bubble. Speaking of the fights he has, his shield has the power to shoot a giant glowing letter V that stuns enemies because reasons, and his enemies have laser helicoptor blades on their arms and ride around in giant laser tires.
  • He’s also killed a lot of people. A lot of people. Some of those people killed themselves once they realized the pilot they were fighting was a child. And he’s seen even more people he’s known and loved get killed around him over the course of the Zanscare war. Including other children! Hell, he may have accidentally had a hand in one of his friend's deaths! Oh, and then there's that little thing that happened to Prague...
  • Usso has had... very interesting past interactions with women, to say the least. His penpal/crush betrayed his rebel group to join the Evil Empire where she upgraded from a class A bitch to a rare diamond SSS class Axe-Crazy bitch. At the beginning of his show he had a team of six female badass Ace Pilots, and by the end of the show he had seven badass Ace Pilot graves. Because their male team leader also died.note  Surprisingly he still managed to leave the war with a living, non-insane girlfriend and an adopted orphan son named Karlmann. Again, Usso is 13, but it's not like there were many adults left alive by then.
  • He frequently visits the therapists in the pantheon, where he recounts in sullen silence that time he watched his mother get beheaded by a giant space battleship shaped like a motorcycle, or how he was attacked by a bunch of girls with jet packs and bikinis aiming bazookas at him while he fried one of them with his laser sword. And of course there was that time when a female enemy pilot handcuffed him naked inside of a bathtub to try to 'test his skills'
  • He's also very good friends with Shinji Ikari, since he's one of the only people around who's had a life quite as spectacularly fucked as his. He's also friends with Jacuzzi Splot, who shares his affable shyness and sense of duty, while the both of them are friends with Eru Chitanda. She never fails to barrage Usso with questions about his Gundam, his war record, his farm, his haircut, and why he and Jacuzzi sound just like her boyfriend.
  • In spite of his insane past experiences, he remains the same kindhearted boy he always was and is still very humble despite his macabre war record. He's often found in the House of Food delivering some of the crops he's grown from his little farm in Kasarelia.
  • Within the GUAG Robot War Division he specializes as a front-line shock trooper, using the Wings of Light from his V2's twin Minovsky drive to mow down enemies like a threshing machine. His Buster Assault armor allows him to punch a hole through enemy defensive barrages while counterattacking with carrier-class mega-particle launchers. Damaged parts on his Gundam can easily be switched out autonomously mid-battle using the modular three-part core block 'Victory' system, as long as a support ship is close by.

Lesser Gods

    Sigurd & Seliph Baldur Chalpy 
Sigurd and Seliph Baldur Chalpy, Gods of Theme Shattering and Reconstruction (Sigurd: Siglud, Zigludo, The Descendant of the Warrior of Light, The Paladin of Grannvale, The Prince of Chalpy, Holy Knight; Seliph: Scion of Light, Celice, Serlis, The Prince of Light, The Prince of Grannvale, The Savior of Light)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The crest of the Dukedom of Chalpy and the legendary weapon Tyrfing.
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Weapon of Choice: Tyrfing
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroes, Knights, War, Light
  • Allies: Marth, Lyndis, Erinys, Caeda, Lucina, Robin, Chrom, Ayra, Tailtiu, Ramza Beoulve, Solid Snake, Aerith Gainsborough
  • Uneasy Relationship: Arvis
  • Enemies: Grima
  • The tale of Sigurd was... not a pretty one. He was merely following what standards Marth has set upon amongst the realm of Fire Emblem. Unfortunately, because of his overly noble attitude, Sigurd ended up failing to realize the greater maneuvers of politics, sadly costing his life, and even he before death started to worry that he might have failed Marth. Thankfully, his genes were passed onto his son Seliph, who worked his ass off to restore his father's legacy (along with Marth's), making Jugdral a better place. This tale was quite phenomenal that eventually the Pantheon raised both of them into this throne, just because the setting is already bleak, doesn't mean it's definitely time to wallow in angst, fight your ass off and you can make it a better place!
    • That said, on ascension, both of them agreed that even if it's phenomenal, maybe their tale was just too dark for others' standards, so they agreed that for now, their tale isn't publicized massively, perhaps the world is not ready for them... yet. The most they would get would be Seliph's visit to Ylisse where he got acquaintated with Lucina and Chrom.
  • Both of them detest Grima for being far too similar to their own arch-nemesis, Loptyr. If they aren't one and the same, that is.
  • Those who know their tales, especially Sigurd's, knew just how hard it is to see the tale's hero just up and up die in the middle. Even Aerith was shocked, seeing that before her incident with Sephiroth, Sigurd has experienced that kind of shit.
  • Even though he is credited as the hero of the war, Seliph knew that he wouldn't even make it if it wasn't for his half-sister Julia banishing Loptyr from the body of Emperor Julius. With that said, he's fine if Julia gets more spotlight than him.
  • Sigurd has some things to say about Seliph's new outfit when visiting Ylisse. It was nice.
    • He's also surprised that Seliph did not take after him, instead being a Swordmaster. On hearing that Seliph probably learned that from Shannan, the Isaachian boy he saved and protected in his generation, Sigurd was very proud that Shannan grew into such a fine swordsman. He also told Seliph to maybe pay a visit to Shannan's aunt Ayra, who resided in the Pantheon as well, which made Seliph recognize from where the strength of his allies Larcei and Ulster REALLY came from.
  • Ever since the beginning of his journey, Seliph has been wary around nuns in general, not because he fears them, but he regrets the one time he said "Nuns and warfare DO NOT MIX" and would rather avoid slipping into bad habits.
  • Seliph has noted that Lucina is a lot like him, as both are the children of famous heroes who met an untimely end, as well as leaders of a group of ragtag individuals who were the children of their fathers' army. Though he is glad that Lucina managed to save Chrom from befalling the same fate as Sigurd.
  • Upon meeting Suzaku Kururugi, Seliph mistook him for his cousin and friend, Leif Faris Claus, as both share some superficial similarities. Both are brown-haired and usually fight in white and gold armor (even if Suzaku's is a little bigger), the sons of the former leaders of occupied nations, and are exceptionally skilled in combat. However, Seliph soon discovered that Leif and Suzaku were more different than they appeared... Especially when he noticed that Leif has NEVER did a spin kick maneuver like Suzaku.
  • Both Sigurd and Seliph occasionally give unbreakable orders to flying units, sometimes for no reason. They usually order their Pegasus and Dragon Knights to fly wherever they need to be, but often tell them not to approach neutral castles that none of the ground units can approach. Those castles inevitably start attacking, although Sigurd did have a good reason to not attack one certain castle, as he had promised his friend Eldigan. Once Seliph gave an arbitrary order to stay away from that familiar looking Dragon Knight with that familiar looking lance who refused to fight against Seliph's army. Said Dragon Knight turned out to be Seliph's long lost cousin Altena.
  • When it comes to romance, Sigurd is known to be rather dramatic, with lines like "A fate which I cannot kiss you is a fate I will not recognize!" when it comes to his love Deirdre. Everyone thinks the line is cheesy as hell, though for Seliph, he thinks that yes, it's cheesy, but it's awesome
  • Surprisingly, Sigurd has been trying to keep a good relationship with his murderer Arvis. First, he understood that he'd do all the same thing Arvis did, minus the betrayals and such, that is, to create a reign of peace, and to his credits, Arvis DID create a peaceful reign even for just 15 years after his betrayal, so he recognized his noble goal. Second, he already lectured Seliph beyond the grave that Vengeance Feels Empty and Seliph shouldn't fight solely to avenge him, so he won't be so hypocritical. Seliph also took the lessons at heart and he also doesn't hold it as badly towards Arvis, and Arvis also admitted that maybe Seliph was right, he was just too weak to let fate sweep over him like that.
  • To Sigurd's surprise, he saw one of his friends Tailtiu ascend. After a bit introduction with Seliph, knowing that she is the mother of Seliph's friends Arthur and Tine, Sigurd had to tell him about her tragic end, even he considered it maybe the second or third most tragic fate (could be right behind the deaths of his friend and sister, Quan and Ethlyn). Seliph was speechless and expressed that words just couldn't describe how sad he felt. Of course, because this was a slightly-fixed Tailtiu, she just responded by stretching Seliph's cheek to show that he can now enjoy what she was like when she was in her prime.
    • While Sigurd and Seliph greeted the ascended Erinys well, Seliph was a little conflicted in about telling the truth about her husband Lewyn who served as his advisor, namely him being Dead All Along and the one who assisted him was just the Dragon deity Forseti using his body. The way Erinys said she 'understood' Lewyn's deal kind of confused Seliph even more.
  • Sigurd hates going to BBQ parties and stays as far away from Ragnaros as humanly possible.
    • When he eventually comes to pay a visit to Embla where Seliph has been going, the latter was shocked to see Sigurd decked with quite a bit of anti-magic charms that he labelled 'In case of BBQ parties'.



    Cerebus the Aardvark 
Cerebus the Aardvark, God of Contrasting Between Light and Grim Tones
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Barbarian Hero, Anti-Hero, The Alcoholic, Conjoined Eyes, Four-Fingered Hands, Hermaphrodite, Jerkass, Perpetual Frowner, Pintsized Powerhouse, Would Hurt a Child
  • Domains: Chaos, War, Glory, Animal, Strength
  • Allies: Conan the Barbarian, Red Sonja, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Barney Stinson, Spawn, Yubel
  • Enemies: YHVH
  • Odd Friendship: Jak and Daxter
  • Admired by: Charlotte the Dessert Witch
  • Feared by: Arthur Read
  • Here is the curious cage of Cerebus the Aardvark. To this day, this barbarian had the longest-running comic run by a single artist. But he is most well known from the various different tones his story went through. Starting as a comedy, it went into more dramatic themes... only to dip back and forth. Throughout his 26 year run, he has been deconstructed and reconstructed with impunity. For his services, Conan saw to it to ascend his fellow follower for his varied tones.
  • Has a bit of history with fellow barbarian Sonja, given that he knew one of her followers. Red Sophia went under the same oath herself, with Cerebus claiming victory. While he was annoyed with her patron, he now has her to thank for marrying Sophia.
  • Has a notoriously bad temper. Piss him off bad enough and he can fight Conan to a standstill. Otherwise he can be seen drinking away in the House of Food or challenging folks in the House of Combat.
  • His comic in a way was inspired by the Ninja Turtles comic, though they went in completely different ways. While his comic became Darker and Edgier, the turtles show showed them in a Lighter and Softer light. The turtles later proved to be every bit as adaptable as the aardvark.
  • The other aardvark wants no association with his barbarian counterpart. Those who reside in the Pantheon concur, even when Cerebus converts to his more lighthearted incarnations.
  • Surprisingly has ties in both the Houses of Leadership and Faith as the Prime Minister and Pope respectively. Few people actually liked his terms, if only for the audacity to maintain his power.
  • Not everyone holds disdain for his actions. Barney Stinson enjoyed watching the aardvark go through increasingly outrageous antics.
  • Having fans from three of the main alliances, his only true enemy is with YHVH and the GUAL. The Absolute Lawmaker cannot stand his erratic behavior and seeks to correct it so that it would stick with one tone.
  • Is at least familiar with many superheroes in the Pantheon, seeing parodies of them in his world. The most notable is the Roach, though he has yet to find his equivalent the Tick in the Pantheon. He can only hope things stay that way.
  • He is not the only one who has suffered from such conditions. Jak had to endure 2 years of torture right after his more lighthearted first video game. He is surprisingly warm towards the barbarian and is a fan of his antics.
    • Others are people who single-handedly bring a change in tone to an entire series. Charlotte is the guardian of such people and was interested in the aardvark. Cerebus likes her style, but hasn't made the effort to meet her yet.
  • Is on good terms with Spawn, who had one of his comics written by the aardvark's writer.
  • It may not look like it, but Cerebus confirmed that he is in fact a Hermaphrodite. It's just that his uterus got destroyed as a child. Was surprised to find a deity for such people. Yubel was more than happy to be buddies with him. Cerebus doesn't mind, claiming to have seen far more uglier faces.

    Max and the Wild Things 
Max and the Wild Things, Gods of Ambiguous Supernaturality (Max: Wild Thing, King of All Wild Things; Moishe: Carol; Tzippy: KW; Douglas: Emile; Bernard: The Bull; Judith: Aaron; Alexander: Goat Boy )
Left to right: Moishe/Carol, Max, Tzippy/KW, Bernard/The Bull, and Emile/Douglas
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: The hood of Max's wolf suit; alternatively, the top of Moishe/Carol's head
  • Theme Song: Rumpus
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: A Boy and His X, Maybe Magic, Maybe Mundane
  • Domains: Monsters, Emotion, Family, and either Imagination or Magic
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Haruto Tsukishiro, non-evil owl deities (for all, but especially KW), deities who can talk to animals
  • Enemies: Anyone who would actively try to separate the Wild Things or seriously harm Max (i.e. Trollkaiger), anyone who would gleefully harm a child
  • Avoided by: Bigby
  • Targets of Curiosity for: Those who investigate dreams and thoughts, the House of Health and Diseases
  • Banned from: The Plants subhouse (Ira)
  • Uneasy relationship with: Stone-based deities (Douglas), the Canines subhouse
  • The night Max wore his wolf suit and made mischief of one kind and another, his mother called him "Wild Thing", and Max said, "I'll eat you up!" So he was sent to bed without any supper. This is important because that night, in Max's room, a forest grew and grew and grew, and an ocean tumbled by with a private boat for Max. He sailed in this boat all the way to Where the Wild Things Are, where he tamed the island's titular monstrous denizens and was crowned King of All Wild Things. In some versions of the story, quite a bit more happened, but in the end, when he realized how lonely he was, he gave up his crown — to the Wild Things' dismay — and sailed back into his room, where his supper was waiting for him. To this day, no one knows if this was Max's imagination or if something magical happened.
  • Max was quite surprised when a road leading into the sky appeared in his room one night, and was curious where it led. As it turned out, it led into the pantheon of tropes, where the Court of the Gods named him and the Wild Things gods. When the obligatory celebration of the ascension of new gods was announced, Max had this to say:
    Max: Let the Wild Rumpus start!
  • There are ten Wild Things, but three of them are rarely seen. The most commonly-seen ones are as follows:
    • Carol, also called Moishe, the de facto leader of the Wild Things (when they don't have a king, that is)
    • KW, or Tzippy, the most mature among the Wild Things
    • Bernard, otherwise known simply as The Bull, the quiet one who is more gentle than he seems
    • Judith, AKA Aaron, the grouchy party pooper
    • Ira (alternate picture here), a kindly but none-too-bright Wild Thing who seems to like putting holes in trees
    • Alexander, also known as the Goat Boy, the attention-starved youngest of the Wild Things
    • Douglas, or Emile, who acts as Carol's sort-of right-hand Thing
      • The other three can be described as follows: one is pretty much a sea serpent, one has long hair and stripes similar to those of some species of cat, and one, named Bruno, has a prominent pinkish-red nose, small horns on his head (which looks close-shaven), and brown fur on his body.
  • Carol has been trying to rein in his bad temper. It's...a work in progress... If you lie to Carol and he finds out you've been lying, or you so much as imply anything that would separate the Wild Things, you may find yourself on the receiving end of his strength, or even inside his stomach. This was one of the reasons why all the Wild Things were ascended, not just Carol.
    • Obviously, those who would actively try to separate the Wild Things are most in danger of meeting the aforementioned fates. Trollkaiger has been trying to figure out a way to accomplish it without any casualties
    • And if you should try to seriously harm Max...God have mercy on you. One member of Trollkaiger (no one remembers which, but most say it was Terumi) attempted this, and ended up getting their arm dislocated by a furious Carol for their troubles.
      • In fact, anyone who would enjoy — and likely HAVE enjoyed, in the past — harming children are regarded with caution and either fear (by Max) or disgust (by the Wild Things).
  • Max and the Wild Things' temple greatly resembles a mixture of multiple versions of the island Where the Wild Things Are. It may, in fact, be the very same place. Either way, Max isn't always present in the temple; he has to live his life with his mother. He only appears in the pantheon whenever he's alone with his thoughts, which is usually when he's asleep.
  • Bigby is rather unnerved by the Wild Things; their appearances remind him too much of his brothers. Fortunately, they don't seem to have that Might Makes Right mentality that his brothers did; they're just giant children, mostly. Still, he's cautious of them; for reasons most people — including himself — don't understand, in the culture of Wild Things, it's considered good manners to allow someone to eat you.
  • Those who explore dreams and thoughts see Max's little adventure with the Wild Things as a big question mark; did it actually happen? The Wild Things are real in the Pantheon, for certain, but were they always real, or did someone or something in the Pantheon somehow make them real? This riddle hasn't been solved yet.
    • As for how the Wild Things are real in the Pantheon, there's a theory going around that they are figments of Max's imagination that somehow became self-aware and able to exist in the waking world. No one is sure how, but Haruto Tsukishiro has expressed interest in this theory, and has started visiting Max, telling him about his adventures through the dreamscape. Soon enough, they began discussing possible connections between the Wild Things, the Witches, and Eve.
  • Ash was impressed to learn that Max was able to befriend such seemingly-fearsome creatures as the Wild Things, though he wonders which of the rumors are true: Did Max tame them by staring them down, or did he lie to them by trying to convince them he had the power to solve their problem? No one has thought to ask yet, partly out of fear of offending the Wild Things.
  • One prank Judith likes to pull on other deities is to have them come closer, usually by claiming they've got something on their face, and then licking them with her long, slimy tongue. Of course, she knows that she'd have to avoid certain deities for that little stunt; some are obviously dangerous to touch, let alone to lick, for example.
  • Ira seems to enjoy punching holes in trees. This got him banned from the Plants subhouse, and in trouble with tree deities and those who care for trees.
  • Most of them are a little distrustful of dogs, worried that if they feed one, it'll just follow them around. With the assurance that only a few of them would do this (and that even the ones that do mean well), they've slowly-but-surely started to warm up to canines.
  • Despite knowing it's not good for him, Douglas has sometimes eaten rocks. This has earned him shaky relations with stone-based deities such as Steelix.
  • It would seem the Wild Things do have their own language, one that sounds strikingly like Yiddish. In fact, Carol demonstrated the language for those who asked. Those who knew actual Yiddish expressed shock and embarrassment; apparently, although Carol had only recited a few greetings translating to "good morning" and "how are you?", to those who spoke Yiddish, it sounded quite a bit more like something MUCH less friendly, even inappropriate.
    • Behind the scenes: Apparently, in the opera based on the book, Maurice Sendak wrote the Wild Things' dialogue so they were saying child-unfriendly — or at least cruel — things in Yiddish.
    • It would also seem that you can detach a body part from a Wild Thing and at worst, they'll be greatly annoyed. They also don't have blood in their bodies; instead, sand might pour out of the wound! The House of Health and Diseases has expressed curiosity of the Wild Things' anatomies. So far, though, it seems only heads can be re-attached, at least without the Pantheon's respawn system; Douglas had to get his arm replaced after Carol tore it off, and it was replaced with a branch. In a theatrical production based on the story, KW — or Tzippy — ended up getting her head lopped off by Max's (blunt) scepter (to Max's shock; he apparently had only meant to bump her on the noggin as punishment for accidentally stepping on him), and her headless body ran around in a panic. No other ill effects.
  • A friendly owl is always welcome to Max and the Wild Things' group of friends, especially by KW, who already had Bob and Terry the owls. Speaking of the latter two, Max and Carol were still having trouble understanding what they were saying. Fortunately, deities who Speak Fluent Animal — like Eliza Thornberry — are happy to translate.



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