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Greater Gods

Esdeath, Goddess of Sadism (General Esdeath, The Empire's Strongest, Esdese, "I am a Sadist")
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: The symbol for her Teigu, Demon's Extract
  • Theme Song: Esdeath
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil with Chaotic Neutral leanings
  • Portfolio: Villains with ice powers that are absolutely broken, Enforcers Who Love Their Jobs Way Too Much, Prolonging Wars so She can Keep Fighting, Extremely Off Her Rocker, A Mother to Her Men, Always evil, Believes Only the Strong Will Survive, Sadism, Sociopaths with honor, villainesses who really want the hero
  • Domains: Ice, War, Love, Chaos, Blood, Killing
  • Heralds: The unascended Jeagers, the Ice Cavalry
  • Superiors: Prime Minister Honest, Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Dio Brando, Gauron, Cooler, Kolin, Cinder Fall, Raven Branwen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Envy
  • Enemies: Night Raid (especially Akame and Mine), Queen Elsa, Sub-Zero, Cygnus Hyoga, Jin Kisaragi, any pacifists in the Pantheon, Gray Fullbuster, Big Boss, Killia, Valvatorez, Kiritsugu Emiya, Velvet Crowe, Ezio Auditore
  • Opposed by: The House of Dragons, most Dragon Pokémon, Sans
  • Scares: Eric Cartman (even a 7-year-old brat who grounded someone's parents into meat for chili because he was hoodwinked 20 dollars has standards, you know)
  • Pitied by: Nunnally Lamperouge
  • Ascended after an alternate version of herself died at the hands of Akame, but not before taking Tatsumi's corpse with her. She ascended with the ranking of an Intermediate Deity because of this incarnation, but her threat level grew as she displayed more dangerous powers in her main universe. After unleashing a country-sized blizzard on the Empire, the Court of the Gods considered making her a Greater Goddess, which was finalized after her true death in the manga canon.
  • Esdeath was able to rule over her title for a while in peace, until the members of Night Raid ascended. To say she was unhappy to see Akame, who killed her, and Mine, who took Tatsumi away from her, again is a bit of an understatement, and she arranged Seryu's ascension in order to combat them. Despite all this, she still pines for Tatsumi, despite being told by him multiple times that he is not in love with her and already has a girlfriend.
  • Used to be enemies with Arthas, before he was able to convince her to give in to her inherent nature. Esdeath admitted that she felt better that way, and conceded to him.
  • Her warmongering and Social Darwinist nature caught the attention of one Senator Steven Armstrong and his Winds of Destruction. Through him, she was able to join the GUAC. When asked about her opinion on Armstrong, Esdeath merely stated he has the power to fulfill his goals.
    • Of course, this put a strain between her and Seryu. Esdeath was eventually able to convince Seryu to stop whatever Macross Missile Massacre she was planning on, though the Jaeger still remains on the side of the GUAL.
    • Out of all the Winds of Destruction, she likes Sundowner the most, since he also promotes war (for his own reasons, but still). She also sympathizes with him for his harsh upbringing, being somewhat reminded of her own childhood.
  • Her relationships with fellow cryomancers is...interesting, to say the least. Elsa and Cygnus Hyoga don't approve of her sadistic ways and her beliefs. Sub-Zero, while impressed with her cryomancer abilities and sadistic ways of finishing off her enemies, also disapproves of her beliefs. Her relationship with Jin Kisaragi, on the other hand, goes far beyond the others. They dislike the fact how similar they are in their fighting methods, statuses and overall attitude towards Ragna the Bloodedge and Tatsumi. Jin even looks down on her and calls her childish for not getting over Tatsumi, while Esdeath keeps bringing up the things he has done in the past. Every now and then Esdeath has to look over her shoulder in case Jin comes at her on his Ice Car.
  • Since her former superior, Prime Minister Honest, isn't in the Pantheon, Esdeath has offered her services as a freelance enforcer to any organization who needs one. As a result, she found a rival in Gauron when it comes to looking for a job. While they are united with each other against Night Raid, Esdeath finds him a bit too much for her tastes.
    • Eventually Honest managed to ascend to the Pantheon. She and Seryu both returned under his service. However, she still is willing to serve other bosses.
    • Honest has dispatched her as an envoy to the Black Organization since their ascension, and faithfully serves them as well, with Gin's very similar tastes striking her. They are an excellent Big Bad Duumviratenote , and many run should both appear in the same place.
  • Scouted Noob Saibot to join the Jaegers after enjoying his fatalities, as well as his ability to create shadow clones, which can come in handy when she can't call in her Ice Cavalry. Noob, also enjoying how she finishes off her enemies, gladly joined.
  • Is frequently seen in the Houses of War and Slaughter (especially the sub-house of Obscene Actions), participating in the carnage of the former and learning new ways to torture opponents in the latter. During one of her trips to the former house, she discovered the Big Gete Star and met Cooler. To her disappointment, he didn't have ice powers, but she was delighted to learn about the Meta-Coolers. While Esdeath does acknowledge the power gap between them, Cooler is wary of her unique powers.
  • Is banned from entering the House of Dragons because of her attraction towards Tatsumi's dragon form, which creeps all of them out. Is also disliked by most Dragon-type Pokémon, due to their own vulnerability to her powers.
  • Made an enemy out of Big Boss, who has an intense her Bad Boss tendencies and warmongering for her own selfish desires. Esdeath just shrugs off his contempt for her, knowing that he too needs war to feel alive, something that Big Boss reluctantly admits is true. Still, he warned her that he's beaten supernatural opponents before, and he'll beat her too when the time comes. The two have since had a very unfriendly rivalry as mercenaries.
  • Like many before her, Esdeath decided to face Saitama, after she could feel the intense bloodlust boiling inside him. Of course, she wasn't expecting the might of even one Normal Punch, and she was taken care of expectedly. To everyone's surprise (or expectation), however, she enjoyed his power, and is looking forward to the next time she comes face-to-face with the Caped Baldy.
  • Gained the ire of two residents from the various Netherworlds, Killia and Valvatorez. The former for seeing his past self in Esdeath (and also because she sounds like Usalia, and the latter because of his dislike of warmongers. Their resistance to Esdeath's ice powers is what pisses her off.
    • For the same reasons as Valvatorez, Esdeath made another enemy in Kiritsugu Emiya. The fact that he resides in the same house as Night Raid means that an encounter between the two won't be easy for Esdeath, something which makes her mad.
  • Sans once challenged Esdeath to a fight to topple her stance on social Darwinism. Once she heard about his reputation as the "Easiest Enemy", Esdeath agreed to fight him. After multiple turns, Esdeath got tired and used Mahapadma to hit him.
  • Surprised many members of the Pantheon, including Night Raid, when she became allies with Coyote Starrk. They ended up meeting at one of the GUAC meetings and had a battle at the request of Lucifer, during which The Empire's Strongest found herself enraptured with Starrk's power. Afterwards, they talked and she was shocked to learn that not only did Starrk not care for his power, he secretly wished he could be weaker. Starrk originally expected his words to drive the General away in disgust, but to his surprise, she instead claimed that it would be a sin for one such as he to lose his power, and so declared herself his ally so as to make sure he would have the motivation to stay strong.
  • Shortly after Führer King Bradley ascended to the Pantheon, he sought her out to start a new team of co-conspirators to rebuild his Father's forces (which also became Dante's to an extent when she ascended from being Father's herald). After testing each other in battle, she accepted his offer in return for greater directive control over their operations. He agreed to this, but with the caveat that the team being deployed to serve Honest was out of the question. While the Furious Führer added several more recruits to the team, Seryu, Starrk and Noob Saibot were of course brought on board by Esdeath herself, though they remain exceptions to the anti-Honest clause.
    • One of Bradley's brothers, Envy, recently revealed his existence in the Pantheon. While she was drawn to Envy's sadism, she heavily disliked his powers, as her subordinate Bols was killed by a shapeshifter. Engaging Envy in a fight, she overwhelmed him and found him to be a waste of time. He's been livid with her ever since, which the rest of the team can clearly see.
  • I don't understand the feelings of the weak. The law of the world is survival of its fittest. It's how the weak are weeded out. It just means those people that died were too weak. It's only natural for the weak to perish.

Intermediate Gods

Kage, Unholy Embodiment of the Killing Intent (Kagenaru Mono, The Shadow One, Embodiment of the Satsui, Evil Ryu)
  • Intermediate God (Potentially a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The kanji "Metsu" (滅)
  • Theme Song: Where Satsui Leads… (derived from Black Power)
  • Portfolio: Amazing Technicolor Population, Hades Shaded, Offensive focused, Ax-Crazy, Blood Knight, Enemy Without, Fangs Are Evil, Horns of Villainy, Uncertain Doom
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Killing, Power, Identity
  • Allies: Majin Buu, Nightmare, Dark Link, Nu-13
  • Rivals: Altria Alter, Jeanne d'Arc Alter
  • Enemies: Ryu, Akuma, Sagat, Asura, Jin Kazama, Heichachi Mishima, Kazuya Mishima, Kazumi Mishima, Dark Pit, Lana and Cia, The Investigation Team, Android 21
  • Interested in: "Hero Killer" Stain
  • Throught a period of his life, Ryu has struggled with the evil powers of the Satsui no Hadou that emerged ever since he confronted Sagat in the first World Warrior tournament. However, after managing to tap into the Power of Nothingness, Ryu managed to purge the evil energy from his body permanently. However, the energy inside had enough power to manifest itself into the real world and take a life of its own, resulting in the creation of Kage, the personification of the Satsui no Hadou expunged from Ryu's body. The shadowy figure's mission is to convince his former self that without him he is nothing, even going as far as to challenge Ryu's greatest rivals but ultimately, Kage perished after Ryu admitted that he isn't afraid of him anymore and sees him as a separate being, causing Kage to cease to exist. At least, until the Shadow One emerged from the pantheon's most shadowy corner, still dead set on becoming one with his former self, whatever the cost.
  • Ryu wasn't happy to learn of Kage's ascension but he accepts his existance as a powerful being separate from him, possibly an equal in power, something that Kage refuses to believe and still insists on re-emerging with Ryu. Besides him, Kage has unfinished business with both Akuma and Sagat, both of whom he confronted in the past and even won against, but Kage believes that they were holding back and plans to kill them for good to prove his superiority.
  • Whenever he managed to take over Ryu's body in the past he was better known as Evil Ryu. Even though nowadays he goes by another name, many do make the mistake of still referring to him as such, increasing his belief that Ryu is nothing without him. One such deity that did confuse him for Ryu was Asura, who he remembers having fought after Ryu succumbed to the Satsui no Hadou and actually keeping up with the destroyer deity. However, unlike with Akuma, Asura has no respect for Kage's destructive ways and evil nature, seeing him as no different from the gods he slaughtered, and challenged the shadow one to a fight. Even when he was getting serious, Kage was able to keep up with Asura and before the confrontation could escalate, they were both stopped by Pantheon authorities and some members of GUAG who feared they would destroy a huge chunk of the Temple they were in. Before disappearing, Kage promised he would destroy Asura the next time they meet.
  • Kage is a walking reminder to those people that have struggled with a Superpowered Evil Side or an alternate evil version of themselves. His thirst for power and destruction has also made it hard for him to have a lasting alliance with someone but he has found kinship with other deities like Majin Buu, Nightmare and Dark Link, shadowy entities formed for the evil of the original person (Or in the case of Buu, the purest form of evil that expunged its good side).
  • At first it would be seem that Kage and Altria Alter would get along given that both have a similar origin but that didn't turn out to be the case. Given the latters code of honor and not being a destructive as the demon, she usually prefers to fight him off than actually ally with him, and even when they share a goal they barely cooperate. Similarly, the other Saber Alter Jeanne d'Arc isn't very fond of Kage even if her goals of destroying the worlds would say otherwise, she feels her reasons aren't as petty as the demonic fighter and would also prefer to kick his ass that actually work with him.
  • Not fully content with just challenging Ryu's rivals from the same universe, he also has gone after other powerful fighters outside of their home universe, starting with the Mishima clan, particularly the Devil Gene wielders. Both Heihachi and Kazuya recognized Kage after having encountered Akuma and promptly took up the challenge but their respective fights ended inconclusively. Meanwhile, Kazumi initially tried to avoid confronting Kage in case her Devil Gene got out of control but once he personally went to challenge her she had no choice but unleash it. Thankfully her old comrade Akuma stepped in and interrupted their fight just to settle things with Kage once and for all, but the demon chose to flee since he was outnumbered.
  • When many heard of his obssession with becoming one with Ryu, many compared him to Nu-13 and her desire to be one with Ragna the Bloodedge, which could cause The End of the World as We Know It. Oddly enough, the demon and the murakumo unit do get along fine provided neither gets in the way of the other and have sparred a few times, although Nu has warned him to stay away from Ragna or else she would have to kill him.
  • When he heard of the existance of a being like him who instead of being an expelled evil entity was a good side that was separated from their original self, Kage grew curious and went to investigate the source of this claim. Turns out that said deity was Lana, the good side of Cia and who she even shared a temple with, Kage considered the witch a weakling unworthy of her time, even as far as to praise the original half for discarding the weaker parts of her in order to become strong. However, even Cia opposed Kage as she was ashamed of her actions that were driven by jealousy and evil and even joined forces with Lana after Kage threatened to kill her for refusing to accept to succumb to her evil intents.
  • Rarely does Kage regard deities with anything that isn't scorn or a desire to kill. However, he took interest on the infamous "Hero Killer" Stain after learning about the incident he was involved. He felt the sheer power of his Killing Intent residing inside him and sought him out to test his power. After the bout concluded, Kage was impressed by Stain's sheer determination and murderous intent but he didn't return the sentiment, as anyone who is evil or murders without reason is as bad or even worse than the phony heroes he hunts and has nothing but contempt for the demon.
  • Initially he was dubbed a Shadow by the Investigation Team, who contacted Ryu so that they could deal with him like they have done with previous Shadows. However, Ryu insisted on rejecting Kage, as being an embodiment of the Satsui no Hado rather than any standard vice or insecurity of Ryu's made him operate in a manner quite opposite from most Shadows. Accepting Kage once more would restart the whole ordeal with resisting the urges of Satsui no Hadou trying to overtake him instead of creating a new Persona, whereas considering Kage his own being ultimately transferred his existence from his home universe to the realm of the Pantheon. Ultimately they agreed and decided to honor Ryu's request, realizing it's a lot safer to keep him on his own rather than having him being part of Ryu.
  • "Be afraid. Now you gaze upon your death!"

    Monokuma and his Mastermind 
Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Destroyers of Hope (Junko: The Mastermind, Super High School Level Gyaru/Ultimate Fashionista, True Super High School Level Despair/True Ultimate Despair, Super High School Level Analytical Prowess, Ryōko Otonashi, Super High School Level Forgetful Girl, Super Duper High School Airhead | Monokuma: The Headmaster, Super High School Level/Ultimate Despair Headmaster Monobear, Totes Sinister Bear-in-Command)

Redyue, Goddess of Enjoying Being Evil (The Jade Overlord Inves)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Dau (Her Weapon)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Evil Feels Good, Dark Action Girl, The Heavy, Contralto of Danger, Hope Crusher, Creepy Monotone, Despotism Justifies the Means, Manipulative Bitch, Mad Scientist, Backstabbing Anyone for Power, Absolute Immorality
  • Domains: Combat, Depravity, Insanity, Evil
  • Allies: SHOCKER, Sora Takigawa/Gremlin, Takeshi Asakura/Kamen Rider Ouja, Johan Liebert, Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, Ali Al-Saachez, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Bernkastel and Yuuki Terumi), Starscream, Gregor Clegane
  • Headbutting Villains With: Ryoma Sengoku/Kamen Rider Duke
  • Complicated Relations With: Akechi Mitsuhide
  • Enemies: All ascended Toku Heroes (especially Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Kaito Kumon/Kamen Rider Baron, Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen (former ally), and Mai Takatsukasa), Lock Dealer Sid/Kamen Rider Sigurd, Seto Kaiba, Yuno Gasai, Yukiteru Amano, Asuka Langley Soryu, Gracia, Princess Pretty Cures, Shark, Rio Kamishiro, Vector
  • The Overlord Inves were once a civilized race of human alien beings from the planet Femushinmu until their world was overtaken by the Helheim Forest to the point of their race's extiction due to numerous conflicts on their survival to grasp the Forbidden Fruit, but Redyue stands out among them for being a vile, selfish, and a manipulative monster who is willing to do evil deeds just to satisfy her own benefit ranging from the time when she kills her own family upon her transformation into an Overlord, being the one who Kick started the invasion on Earth, up to her treachery towards the leader of the Overlord Roshuo just to grasp the Forbidden Fruit into her own hands.
  • After her death at the hands of Kouta Kazuraba, she had found herself in the pantheon as she sees the denizens and the place as her new toy for her to play just like how she expressed these things back on Earth which she made a point to start her plans for her own benefit.
  • In fact, most of the ascended citizens of Zawame were not pleased of her presence in the pantheon since she gave alot of trouble with them during the Helheim invasion. She also set her sights on both Kouta and Mai as she wanted to kill them so she can snatch the Forbidden Fruit from them. However, both Kouta and Kaito doesn't see her as a problem anymore considering they already possessed the same, if not, more powerful Overlord powers, that could pulverized her instantly.
    • Lock Dealer Sid also gained an ire towards her considering the fact she lured him into her trap that leads to his demise back in the mortal world as Sid tries to be cautious of her tricks the next time they would encounter each other again.
    • She doesn't take Mitsuzane Kureshima's redemption very well upon hearing his actions during Kogane's 2nd rampage and during Megahex's invasion in Earth. However, she became thrilled upon hearing his actions during Project Alternate Gentaro, Redyue swaers that she will finish off what he had started.
  • She quickly joins the terrorist organization SHOCKER after she became intrigued with their aspirations for conquering the whole pantheon while the organization sees her as another assets for their cause. From there on, she started to provide her own set of Inves to the group in order to strengthen their numbers.
    • Due to her being an employed member, she is in the same league with Ryoma Sengoku. However, the two doesn't like to cooperate with each other since are fighting each other for their goals of grasping the Forbidden Fruit for their own benefit.
  • She has an unhealthy relations with fellow toku villains like Takeshi Asakura and Sora/Gremlin as the three were seemed to have something in common. Things would even get worse whenever the three would spread havoc towards their enemies for their own amusement.
  • She has somewhat gained an interests with the Trollkaigers because she was amused of their atrocities towards their respective foes. As such, she made an alliance with Yuuki Terumi and Bernkastel as they had a lot of things in common, particularly, their acts of committing heinous actions out of boredom. As such, she was enlisted as Terumi's newest subordinate after he was amused of her actions during the Helheim Invasion.
  • Has gained an interest with fellow Hope Crushers like Junko Enoshima and Monokuma after she became thrilled with their actions during the tragedy where they induced despair to everyone that leads to chaos and destruction in their home world. They also started to forged their alliance after they noticed their shared hatred towards Kouta Kazuraba and his group of Hope Bringers as they're looking a way to dismantle the group by any means.
    • This reason has caught in the eyes of Johan Liebert after he was impressed with her hope crushing tendencies during her stint in the mortal world. Because of this, he invites her into his own group so they can inflict more despair in the pantheon.
  • Has forged an alliance with the Decepticon Starscream after the two noticed that they shared things in common especially with their schemes of overthrowing their superiors in order to gain more power for themselves.
  • She gained an interest towards Gregor Clegane and Ali Al-Saachez after she became intrigued with their thirst for battle which she made a remark on both of them being similar to her old comrade Demushu. Rumors that she would make plans for them as her new associates as part of her schemes in order to further her own agendas.
  • It should noted that she is mistaken for being a man due to her deep-sounding voice whenever she speaks. Due to this, she ended up being enemies with Seto Kaiba, who had a rather similar voice to her own. Rumors that she is planning to take over the Kaiba Corp. to her own ends, which Kaiba had made a point to stop her efforts.
  • Has currently setting her sight towards Akechi Mitsuhide after noticing that he has two personalities within him as Redyue plans to corrupt Mitsuhide so that his evil self would be his dominant personality. Due to this, Misuhide's daughter Gracia has started to hate her guts after she became aware of her plans towards her father as she made a point to stop her to prevent her father's total corruption.
  • The fact that she takes pride of killing her entire family has drew an ire on Yuno Gasai, who was outraged by her actions as Redyue taunts her for being no different from her, Yuno cited that her actions are far worse than her since she, to be precise, her 1st world counterpart, accidentally murders her parents because of the abused that she inflicted from them. On the other hand, Yukiteru has gotten the attention on the turmoil between Yuno and Redyue as he and Yuno had made a point to stop Redyue at all cost.
  • Her actions have brought an ire on the Princess Pretty Cures because of her ability to spread Helheim vines and her act of causing despair to her victims reminding them of, if not, worse than how Dyspear inflicted on them back then. The Cures has deemed her a threat should not be messed with as they made a point to stop her actions any further.
  • Due to her Mind Rape abilities, she became an enemy towards Asuka Langley Soryu who tries to stay away from her by any means after Redyue attempts to inflict her abilities on her.
  • She was being hated by both Ryoga and Rio Kamishiro due to the fact that her treachery towards her own race for her own gain reminding them of how their former enemy Vector did the same thing to them. In a twist of irony, Vector doens't like her guts too as her actions would remind him of how he used to be before he redeems himself in the end as he became disgusted with her after she cross the line completely regarding on her actions.

Wyald, Official God of Stupid Evil
Click here  to see his Apostle form.

Lesser Gods

    Ali Al-Saachez 
Ali Al-Saachez, God of Villainy for the Hell of it (Gary Biaggi, The Indestructible Saachez, Prince Ali)

    Basco ta Jolokia 
Basco ta Jolokia, God of Harming Children

Bradwarden, God of Trampling (Centaur Warrunner, Centaur Warchief)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Horn and hoof
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Our Centaurs Are Different, Gladiator Champion Without Any Challenges Who Seeks Worthy Foes, Hoof Stomp, Double Edge, Return, Stampede, Blood Knight, Violent Culture, Very Tanky in Health and Aggressive Playstyle
  • Domains: Centaur, Trampling
  • Allies: Khorne, Leonidas, Cú Chulainn, Samuel Rodrigues, Undyne, Saxton Hale, Zaraki Kenpachi
  • Rivals: Axe, The Champions of Runeterra especially Xin Zhao and Hecarim, Chiron, Ventari, Maximus, any Worthy Opponents
  • Enemies: Tirek
  • Opposed by: Centorea, Simba
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Cairne and Baine Bloodhoof
  • Odd Friendship: Tiny
  • A champion among the centaurs in the arena of Omexe, Bradwarden found himself empty when he has no one to fight. Upon hearing of the War of the Ancient and the Pantheon, he stampeded through into the face his next challenge. It is said that he trampled the unexpected as he paved through the road of the Pantheon with the crushed victims.
  • He would enter the House of Combat in order to find someone that is worth a challenge. He fights mostly gladiator champions to see if they were as strong as him. One of the gladiators included Xin Zhao, one of the survivor from Noxian games and now a warrior of Demacia, in which Bradwarden would gladly face.
  • As a gladiator who has killed to satiate his bloodlust, he appreciate those that kill for glory and wars. In additional, he would see his allies as worthy opponents to face in a duel.
    • Some thought that his love for combat would attract the attention of the Chaos Gods, especially Khorne, and corrupt him to a Chaos Chosen leading the Beastmen.
  • Among other centaurs, he considers the passive ones to be weaklings as his culture is based on violence. He is not well-liked by Cerea since he is a lot like the male centaurs in her world, thuggish and violent. He viewed Chiron with bitter rivalry because of their more passive nature compare to a centaur and considered Ventari a coward.
    • However, he consider Tirek unworthy of being a centaur because of his reliance on magic rather than his strength. And he's ugly...
    • It does consider Hecarim as his most intense rival and he may consider him a Worthy Opponent as he shows the strength and dread of a centaur.
  • Because of the similar attack, his Double Edge is often compared to the move some Pokemon are capable of using. Despite the same name as Return, it is not the friendly-powered attack, but a damage-reflecting passive ability.
  • Cairne is not respectful towards him as in his world, the centaurs are the arch-enemies of the Tauren. Baine remembers the time he was kidnapped by centaurs, but also thinks peace can work.
  • Some believed that Bradwarden wasn't always... bloodthirsty. He was once known as "Centaur Warchief" and his goal was to defend the Sentinel from the ongoing Scourge. He used to be a heroic centaur... until something happened and he became the Blood Knight he is today. He has made no comment on the issue.
  • Despite the two heroes being of different backgrounds and motives, Tiny and Bradwarden are good friends. They bonded when they made a famous strategy of Tiny tossing him into the battlefield and let Bradwarden get the initiative by stunning them.
  • Like Godzilla, he was prohibited from meeting Bambi. While he would compare the little fawn to Enchantress, considering how Godzilla and Bambi met, it was a safety precaution.
  • Because of how Simba saw that his father was trampled by a herd of wildebeest, he doesn't like him for that traumatic incident.

    The Wicked Witch of the West 
Wicked Witch of the West, the Wicked Witch That Threatens Loved Ones (Theodora, Zelena)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her broomstick and green skin and hat
  • Theme Song: Wicked Witch's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Counterpart to Glinda, Evil Is Hammy, threaten taking Dorothy's dog, melt to water
  • Domains: Evil, Witch
  • Followers: Magica de Spell, Koume and Kotake/Twinrova
  • Allies: Baba Yaga, Cia, Maleficent, The Evil Queen, Ursula
  • Enemies: Dorothy Gale, Elphaba, Oz, Percy Jackson, Swampert, Blastoise, Aang, Katara, Korra, Aquaman, Undyne, Greninja, Juvia, Kingdra, Lapras, Red Gyarados, Kiki, Bayonetta, Arche Klein, Sabrina Spellman, Jaina Proudmoore, Lana, Brightwing, Batman, Gandalf, Tom & Jerry
  • The Pantheon was going about its usual day until an evil cackle and thunder struck in the Pantheon. From the smoke appeared the Wicked Witch of the West who wants to cause trouble in the Pantheon. When she finds herself to be outnumbered, she retreats before warning her enemies: "I'll get you my pretties, and all of you loved too!" and laughs before disappearing.
  • She once mistaken one of the versions of Brightwing as one of her flying monkey minions, only to find her eating one.
  • She has one weakness: water, which causes her to melt. She is trying to nullify her weakness as she found out that the Pantheon holds many adepts of water and sea creatures and could easily defeat her.
  • Many dog lovers and deified dogs were against her when she tells Dorothy that she'll get her along with her dog too.
  • She is deemed an enemy by every good witches in the Pantheon. The Wicked Witch considered them the "Good Witches" of the Pantheon and she is looking for other evil witches as the "Wicked Witch" of the Pantheon as the anti-thesis of the witches.
  • She took great notice to Elphaba, who claims to be the Wicked Witch of the West. It is hypothetical that she would be the Bad Future Version of her. She wants to make her "wicked" because she believes that it is destiny for her to fulfill her role as the Wicked Witch of the West and to be evil.
  • She is irritated by how many people are dressing up like her because she codified the concept of classic witches.
  • One of her miniature self has fought both the Batman and Gandalf.
  • The Critic once said how men were oblivious to sexual advances with women, with the Wicked Witch as the example. She tried to harass a guard, the Critic himself, and even Mark. Ironically, Mark was the one to notice and say this was sexual harassment and leaves, much to the confusion of the Witch.
  • She sometimes mistaken some red heels as the ruby slippers that were worn by her sister, the Wicked Witch of the East. She tried to take them from girls like Rei Hino and Jessica Rabbit. When warded away, she vow to retrieve them as only she knows how the slippers work, despite looking at the wrong thing.
  • She hates thing that are dropped down on people, considering that the Wicked Witch of the East was killed by Dorothy's falling house. It doesn't matter what is being dropped, just dropping them is what would anger her.
  • She remembers the time when she was defeated by Tom & Jerry, who apparently went to the Land of Oz.
  • There was once a nerd that dreamed of going to Oz and defeating the Witch. Though the dream has Eric Draven and Optimus Prime in place of the Scarecrow and the Tinman respectively.


    Akio Ohtori 
Akio Ohtori, Unholy Herald of Domestic Abuse (Dios, End of the World)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A rose crest ring
  • Theme Music: Akio Car
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Manipulative Bastard, Faux Affably Evil, Really Gets Around, Broken Ace, Man of Wealth and Taste, Walking Spoiler
  • Domains: Manipulation, Seduction, Abuse
  • High Priest: Gregory Anton
  • Allies: Embryo
  • Rivals: Most other casanovas
  • Enemies: Utena Tenjou, Issei Hyodo, Princess Precures, Sakura Matou, Scott Pilgrim, good-aligned princes
  • Opposed by: James Bond, Belarus, Glenn Quagmire
  • Odd Friendship with: Dougen
  • As the chairman of Ohtori Academy, Akio Ohtori seems like the kind of guy who has a lot going for him: a cool muscle car, a home in a planetarium, and a track record of being able to seduce a lot of people at separate intervals rather easily. In reality, he was once Prince Dios, a man who put the needs of others above his own. This mindset put a strain on him to say the least and after meeting a woman named Anthy, things became much worse. Years later, as Anthy's brother, he has treated her as horribly as possible (up to and including sexual assaulting her regularly) to the point where Anthy is practically unable to do anything to oppose him. Akio has manipulated many of the students in Ohtori Academy to do battle in the hopes of finding someone of true nobility and love and use their sword to regain his powers as Prince Dios and revolutionize the world.
  • One of the things that helps his reputation of being a seductive man (on the surface at least) is his car, which he uses whenever he is going for a ride with someone. He tends to lean towards the front of the car while it's speeding with his shirt unbuttoned. It's hard to tell whether or not Akio has sex with his passenger after the ride, during the ride (which is dangerous and stupid) or if the whole thing is supposed to be a metaphor between Akio and his passenger having sex. The car being vaguely phallic-shaped doesn't help at all when it comes to figuring out what all these joyrides really mean.
    • He's also gotten into a bit of competition with some other casanovas over who can seduce the most number of people and do it with style. There are a few wannabe womanizers who are very jealous of him, but Akio couldn't care less about what they think of him. It sort of helps that some casanovas (at least, the ones that don't have a high moral ground) are willing to overlook his personal problems.
  • Some are honestly relieved that most of his manipulation prowress comes from his words and looks and nothing more. If his skills with manipulation went beyond that, it could be troublesome. Him having some sort of friendship with Dougen, who is a potent manipulator (on top of having a similar voice), has led to worries that Ohtori might learn a thing or two from Dougen about better manipulation. Dougen hasn't thought much about Ohtori's plans, but admits that he's got potential.
  • Being able to seduce others back then wasn't much of a challenge for him, but it's actually become a bit more difficult for Akio to get that same success with the number of deities who have a love interest or are engaged. Adding to that setback is that there's a good number of those who are very protective (or possessive depending on the person) of someone they love (regardless of if their love interest reciprocates those feelings or not). That and there's a lot of self-confident deities present, making his desire for power much more difficult to accomplish.
  • Despite having a high position of power in an academy, not many are really keen on him going near the School without causing any problems. It's one thing for a student and/or a teacher to fall for one another, but it's a whole different matter if someone like him gets close to a student there. This isn't even getting to the darker aspects of himself, especially since the School has its own set of problems it has to put up with on a daily basis.
  • None of the heroic princes care about him in any way due to Akio being very selfish and trying to get his powers back through unsavory means. Some princes even went as far to say that even as a formerly good man, Akio missed the point of what being a prince is: truly caring about others and not letting continuous great responsibilities wear them down.
  • Issei Hyodo holds Akio in a lot of contempt over using his sexual prowress to manipulate others. Making things more problematic is that Akio is an even worse version of Riser Phenix, the latter of whom was the mean-spirited fiancee of Rias Gremory until he was beaten by Issei. While Riser got better, Akio being very self-centered guarantees that he certainly won't improve his behavior anytime soon.
  • The Princess Precures dislike him greatly, largely because of how he physically resembles their ally Prince Kanata. Even if Akio's prior life as Prince Dios was not an easy one, the Cures just can't sympathize with him considering the number of bad actions that he did afterwards, many of which are practically the opposite of Kanata's helpfulness and selflessness.
  • Only a small number of deities ended up suffering Domestic Abuse through others and Sakura Matou is one of those victims. Hearing about what Akio did to Anthy brought back bad memories of her time with Shinji Matou and made Sakura quite upset, even if Shinji is a potentially worse person than Akio in multiple ways.
    • While Glenn Quagmire never really suffered such a thing directly, he did remember a time where his sister was in an abusive relationship with a different man that ended with Quagmire killing him. While Quagmire is well-aware of Akio being an excellent casanova, him hearing about what Akio was beyond that through others has made him reconsider going near Ohtori, mostly to avoid dark memories from coming back.
  • Comparisons have been made between him and Embryo given how they are skilled and manipulative womanizers, though Akio has also targeted men and Embryo had more than just words to get women on his side. They do get along, but there's a few bumps in their alliance. That and things turned really ugly for Akio when he tried to hit on Ange one time and she got really angry at him since she knew beforehand from others that power difference aside, Akio isn't any different from Embryo in trying to get others on his side. Embryo had to tell Akio after that meeting with Ange that she is something that Embryo will handle personally.
  • Scott Pilgrim has a lot of issues with Ohtori, specifically how he used a girlfriend for selfish interests and making life miserable in general. That and hearing how Utena had to fight for Anthy's freedom from Ohtori reminded Scott of how he had to fight Gideon Gordon Graves to ensure the freedom of Ramona Flowers.
  • Don't insinuate in front of him that he fell out of a window and died after he had a panic attack when he realized that Anthy was awake while he was molesting her. Considering that it's been stated that all interpretations of what happened at Ohtori Academy are true, it's likely that Akio is simply trying to refute the authenticity of his fallout. Some who are aware of the symbolism present in the academy and understand Utena well enough beg to differ.

    Vic Vega/Mr. Blonde 
Vic Vega, God of Soft-Spoken Sadism (Mr. Blonde)


    Cruella De Vil 
Cruella De Vil, Patron Goddess of Animals Suffering (Vampire Bat, Inhuman Beast, Ella, Debil)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A giant fur coat and a long cigar holder
  • Theme Song: "Cruella De Vil", much to her fury
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Drives Like Crazy, Anita's old "friend", Large Ham, Laughably Evil, Lean and Mean, really wants a coat made out of dalmatian puppies fur
  • Domains: Cruelty, Animals
  • Allies: Mr. Burns, the Disney Villains
  • Enemies: Lisa Simpson, Marzipan, the House of Beasts but especially dogs and Pongo and Perdita, Scoorge McDuck, every intelligent animals, animal-like and animal shapeshifters in the Pantheon, every Pokemon trainer and partner in the Pantheon, Tarzan, Genn Greymane
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Norma Desmond
  • Opposed by: The House of Commerce
  • Not to be mistaken for: Madame Medusa
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Ghetsis Harmonia
  • After the incident with the puppies, Cruella de Vil was rotting in jail before the Disney Villains accidentally broke her out. This is because they mistook her for her proclaimed love child Dr. Facilier. While a lot of them are upset that they rescued a non-magical user, Cruella is grateful that they helped her get out of jail in order to finish her planned coat made out of animal fur and vowed to help them anyway she can.
  • When hearing that the dalmatians that ruined her plan have ascended, Cruella was furious and sought to capture Pongo & Perdita to seek revenge. Luckily, their temple was carefully guarded by their fellow animals deities who heard about Cruella's ascension and took careful measure and her entry was soon denied.
    • However, every single deities related to animals are extremely worried when they discovered that a version of her has the power to control beasts. They planned to keep the Disney Villains and Cruella from getting any access and information about this version as any cost.
  • Her ascension caused a major uproar in the House of Beasts after hearing about her action and the fact that she still doesn't change her way. Cruella dismisses all of them, considers them pests and accessories for her new gigantic coat.
  • Was severely disliked by the House of Commerce as while they respected her fashion sense and business strategy, they don't like how shockingly poor she treated her employee, openly antagonize them whenever Cruella doesn't get her way. Scoorge McDuck especially hates her because she once tricked him into a business meeting in order to capture him and turn him into a duck feather coat. Luckily, he was rescued by the Disney good deities.
  • Because of her extreme cruelty, animal hatefulness and alliance with Mr. Burns, Lisa Simpson openly despises her.
  • Has an extreme fascination with fire.
  • Was delighted when discovered about the existence of a variety of creatures in the Pantheon, vowing that she would catch them all and turned into several giant coats.
    • In addition, Cruella is extremely fascinated with a breed of creature called Pokemon given the fact that they can be experimented into different species and has power to control various aspect of their universe. Needless to say, every Pokemon trainers despises her and keep their pokeballs far out of her reach.
  • Cruella's quest to captures Pokemon let her to discover Ghetsis Harmonia and the two of them propose to found an Animal Wrongs Group in common interest of capturing and experimenting on Pokemon. However, this group immediately ran into conflict given the fact that Cruella wants to kill the Pokemon to make a coat while Ghetsis wants to actually use them. Add that to Cruella's managing style and the group's success rate isn't very high given the fact that its Mooks always end up leaving rather quickly.
  • The only person in the Pantheon who despises her own theme song, given the fact that it was written by Roger to mock her. Every animal-related deities catch on to this and resort to sing it whenever she's around.
  • Was very furious when people mistook her as Norma Desmond. Cruella decided to pay her temple a visit to see who she is. What results is a catfight that required physical restrain from other deities because both of them insulted each other's career choice. The two are on really bad, but funny, term ever since.
  • Tarzan once mistook her for his gorilla adoptive mother Kala because they share the same voice. When learned about what she did and support, he is disgusted and vow to not let her harm any animals in the Pantheon.
  • King Genn Greymane despises Cruella due to the fact that after learning about the worgen curse, Cruella tried to send people to provoke Genn's followers so that they can become worgens themselves and collect their fur for her coat. Not only is this incident gave bad rap for his people, it can potentially create many confuse newly cursed worgens that would wreck havok to other place in the Pantheon. He tracked her down with Pongo and Perdita's help and gave her a piece of his mind.
  • Rumors has it that Cruella has a son named Carlos. Cruella fiercely denied this, citing that she would never have children; that, in the one in million chance, she does, they will hate and despise dogs not afraid of them and they will definitely NOT perform a Heel–Face Turn.

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