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Intermediate Gods

    Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic 

"He's gonna take you back to the past, to play the shitty games that suck ass..."

"Hel-lo, I'm the Nostalgia Critic. I remember it so you don't have to..."

The Angry Video Game Nerd and The Nostalgia Critic, Dual Gods of Caustic Criticism (Angry Video Game Nerd: AVGN, James Duncan Rolfe, The Fucking Nerd, The Angriest Gamer You've Ever Heard, The Angry Nintendo Nerd, The Angry Atari Sega Nerd, The Angry Atari Amiga CD-i Colecovision Intellivision Sega Neo Geo TurboGrafx-16 Odyssey 3DO Commodore Nintendo Nerd, Super NES Angry Video Game Nerd, Angry Video Game Spawn, The Lord of the Harvest, Herb, F-ck Monkey, The Bullshit Man, Board James, Hang Man, The Hangman Killer, Narrator | Nostalgia Critic: NC, Douglas Darrien "Doug" Walker, The Critic, That Guy with the Glasses, Mr. Critic, Grump of Channel Awesome, The AvaJerk, Sparky Sparky Boom Man, The Incredible Sulk, Master of Evil, Jimmy Boyd/Donnie DuPre, Nostaglia Critic)
Nostalgia Critic (left), Angry Video Game Nerd (right)
  • Intermediate Gods (Nostalgia Critic becomes a Greater God in his Christmas form or when angry enough. He was an Overdeity when merged with the Plot Hole | AVGN may be an Overdeity in actuality, only held back by his current mood).
  • Symbol: The Power Glove (AVGN) and the Channel Awesome logo (NC)
  • Theme Song: The Angry Video Game Nerd Theme Song (Bear McCreary Remix), The Review Must Go On (Nostalgia Critic)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral at their angriest. Neutral Good on a good day. Angry Video Game Nerd is Chaotic Evil as Board James. Nostalgic Critic is Chaotic Good during Christmas. Nostalgia Critic is True Neutral as Donnie DuPre.
  • Portfolio: Video Review Show, Author Avatar, Alter-Ego Acting, Ax-Crazy, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Everyone Calls Him "Barkeep", Hair-Trigger Temper, Loser Protagonist
  • Domains: Reviews, Media, Videos, Internet
  • High Priest: Bubble Bass
  • Followers: Ellsworth Toohey, Adam Sessler, Adison DeWitt, Molly Fisher, Barney Bittman, Charles Cutler, Frank Bradley, Jedediah Atkinson, Bartlett Finchley, Fitzgerald Fortune, Harry Folger, Bill Needle, Mallory Jansen, Albus Duckweed, Zesty Gourmand, Percival, Emma Glamour, Audrey Bourgeois, Tommy Flayton, Jaques Huseau
  • Allies: Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert, Don Bluth, Ed Wood, Nicholas Cage, Adam West, Comic Book Guy, Lain Iwakura, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Daffy Duck, Tom and Jerry, Mutant Turtles, Optimus Prime, Sora
  • Enemies: Satan, Lord Vyce, Dr. Insano, Megatron, The Nothing
  • Vitriolic Best Buds: Linkara
  • Respects: Walt Disney, I Hate Everything (Nostalgia Critic)
  • Opposes: Every Pokémon out there (Nostalgia Critic)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Stephen King, M. Night Shymalan (Nostalgia Critic)
  • When The Internet was created, it was inevitable reviewers would migrate there as the platform. Two very notable critics who made their debuts online were objectively pioneers of online reviewer content, popularizing some pissed-off person ranting about something for an audience. That would be the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic, still active in their careers as online content creators (YouTube is their home). They had their high ups and low downs in their long careers, though many fans remain to this day who stick by them for all their work. They are happy with the job they built up and are admittedly less angry than before. That does not stop these two who were seen as rivals from doing their best to give their criticism on the products they review.
    Angry Video Game Nerd: This video is sponsored by Honkai: Star Rail.
    Nostalgia Critic: This video is sponsored by Devil May Cry 5.
    YouTube: These videos are sponsored by the demonetization sign if I hear any licensed music there.
    Nostalgia Critic: But wait, my reviews are free advertising-
    YouTube: Critic, while you have been proven right by triple R, your original point, frankly, sucks ass.
  • Yes, at one point these two men were considered rivals against each other. One reviewed usually digital content while the other reviewed usually theatrical content. The Nerd came first while the Critic came second, so it looked like there could only be one. Their duel encapsulated the entire cosmos, so powerful was their hatred for each other that people instantly evaporated as if they were caught in a nuclear detonation when the two stared at each other. It could be said that if they did not become begrudging allies, then the entire universe would fear for its existence daily. Or maybe it was an entire bit to make fans happy (who knows). The Nerd has shown up in his counterpart's videos more than a few times to give his piece on a subject. Despite his title, the Angry Video Game Nerd is equally if not more of a film buff than the Nostalgia Critic and thus, can confidently add his opinion to his videos. On the other hand, the Nostalgia Critic does not share the same knowledge of video games, retro or otherwise, to explain why the Nostalgia Critic does not show up in AVGN videos. He likes not thinking too hard when playing video games, as he would admit.
    Nostalgia Critic: I am still terrified of Bébé's Kids game.
    Angry Video Game Nerd: Because it was complete dogshit?
    Nostalgia Critic: Because the video was complete dogshit.
  • Having grown up around The '80s where many pop culture icons were born. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Transformers, Masters of the Universe are things they know in their hearts and as a result, centered their earlier reviews around that decade and The '90s, then going beyond the Turn of the Millennium. Their followers were initially peeved for them expanding their horizons though everyone got over it eventually. AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic have also loosened their rage over the years and something has to tilt them or they have to force it out to be as angry as they were beforehand. They are getting older after all, with the Nerd having kids while the Critic decided to shave his hairline. Their criticisms and style also evolved, making them question sometimes if their age impedes connecting with something "the youths" enjoy that they cannot. Better that than bluster about how terrible new media is to farm views from manipulated outrage.
  • In terms of their power levels, the Angry Video Game Nerd and Nostalgia Critic have some strangely high feats. Both have fought against otherworldly entities from aliens, demons, and the United States federal government. What is easily the height of the Nostalgia Critic's power was his merging with the Plot Hole, an entity that would swallow all media. However, the Nostalgia Critic would not enjoy that power as he was trapped doing the web show Demo Reel where he was reviewing artsy movies without the Nostalgia Critic persona. He got barfed out and the Plot Hole got better. Meanwhile, the Angry Video Game Nerd has a physical fight with Bugs Bunny, Jason Voorhees, and the literal Devil himself. Probably his greatest accomplishment was directly taking down the Cyber-Mutant Death God Death Mwauthzyx who just by turning the satellite on his head 360 degrees before the entity would have The Multiverse collapse. The Nerd did not do that in the remaster where the Fuckotron 9000 took his place though the feat still stands. Internet reviewer power leveling is one hell of a task.
  • Due to their shared extensive knowledge of films, both reviewers have some good relationships with those from the industry in the Pantheon. Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert have been and always will be a major influence for criticism, so they have to give the two men GIGANTIC respect for letting them exist as they are now. Not even the older men giving thumbs-downs on their movies can shake that respect away. Even directors who made less than stellar products earn their respect like Ed Wood (who is iffy on that sentiment) for the passion they carry into their works. Speaking on animation, AVGN and the Nostalgia Critic cannot help themselves by praising Disney's classic works until their deathbed. Their love does not stop Disney as a corporation from grabbing the nearest bazooka to fire copyright claims, something the Nostalgia Critic is more peeved by. At least Don Bluth is more personable to interact with.
  • Their relationship with Linkara is strange. Of course, Linkara was one of the Critic's collaborators for a long time but like everybody else, could only take so much annoyance until he just shuts out the Nostalgia Critic to do his own thing. The Angry Video Game Nerd has interacted with Linkara seldomly, notably having a debate that ended up having AVGN, a giant Tokusatsu fan, get into that franchise. If Linkara were to ever talk to either of the two again, it would probably be a rather heated and awkward video if that were the case.
  • Speaking of the literal devil, Satan himself has had two interactions with the two reviewers in different forms. The Nerd fought the devil who possessed Super Mario Bros. 3 and had to fight his electronics overtaken by Satan. Also, a floating Jesus head was there. The devil took control of a Teddy Ruxpin doll and threatened the Critic at gunpoint. He maybe shot the Critic once when he begged to be saved. If Satan comes, then the Nerd will come in with every weapon imaginable to deal with him. The Critic may be entirely incapacitated if Satan possesses Teddy Ruxpin again.
  • When it comes to the Nothing, neither wants to deal with an entity that kills their creativity. Making videos with a team is already enough pressure though coming up with nothing is an even worse scenario for them. The two even armed themselves, going after the Nothing in its domain, ready to blast it with their weaponry. Then the Nothing left to go to a tournament. It just left the two men confused about what to do before sheepishly leaving. They wasted 410 dollars to get there, bumming them out greatly.
    Angry Video Game Nerd: We wasted hundreds of FUCKING dollars for being late?!
    Nostalgia Critic: Quick! We need financial help. Come to us, our glorious Raid: Shadow Legends sponsorship!
    The mobile game of the year flies down from the sky, picking the two by its beak and flies into the sunset.
  • Considering their powers, Lord Vyce has been more than threatened by the Nerd and the Critic. He views them just as dangerous as Linkara if not worse judging by their feats, resolving to control them as best he could. Granted, he is stuck in an entirely different plane of existence at the moment to be unable to deal with them, as Lord Vyce needs to take care of the enemies that await him first. By then, he would deal with the Angry Video Game Nerd and the Nostalgia Critic alongside anybody who gets in his way.
  • Exclusive to the Angry Video Game Nerd:
    • So many entities show up to simply mess with the Angry Video Game Nerd just for the fact he is reviewing something related to them. Pepsiman, R.O.B., Jason Voorhees, Freddy Krueger, and who can forget Bugs fucking Bunny came to AVGN to try to beat the crap out of him. It is due to the Angry Video Game Nerd finding their game completely donkey horseshit (developed by LJN Toys). It is interesting in the Pantheon that so many who tussled with the Nerd remember their encounters with him and all want him equally dead. No video game of theirs will be called diarrhea feces. The Nerd would tell them all to bring it, as he will not back down from his opinion that their games are shitty games that suck ass. It was interesting to see Bugs Bunny lead an army to defeat the Nerd once and for all. Too bad the army was wiped out by the communist-hating Chin who got told that since the Nerd's enemies had healthcare, they were communists. Nobody has the heart to tell Chin the truth.
    • While the Nerd may be known for his negative views, there are more than a few times that he comes out of a game with positive impressions. He will review something like EarthBound and The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask and despite his gripes, he will come out with positive impressions. He can even find joy in bad games such as Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing and Hong Kong '97. The Nerd cannot fault characters for having bad games since why should he blame characters for something programmers created? He can fight Krueger any day for his criticisms, though in the Nerd's defense, his foes usually came after him first.
    • When it comes to the amount of crap that the E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial game put him through, especially when he refused to review it for so long. However, he does not consider the game the worst ever even on its console. It is not a good game in the slightest, and it somehow got saddled with a shitload of baggage from publishers and the overall video game economic scene than an actual indicator of its low quality. He did not expect some sickos to have the audacity to create EeTee 2 or the fact that the infamous video game is a map to Area 51. After that grand adventure, the Nerd has a soft attachment to the alien since his friend looks just like E.T. Also maybe the film the game is based on is still a classic, no matter how bad the game was. He plays the shitty games that suck ass, do not have properties that the game is based on be called ass.
    • The Angry Video Game Nerd is a noted observer of Scott the Woz's antics and has narrated that the younger man is completely off his rocker for Nintendo games. It makes the Nerd almost want to give the Nintendo part of his title and hand it to Scott but he literally could not. That couldn't fit into the Scott "Will Eventually Take a Look at the First Mega Man" Daniel Wozniak (working title) gravestone. The Nerd will at least try to take Scott's advice to when in doubt, look to Madden 08 of all things.
      Angry Video Game Nerd: What is it with football? Everywhere you go, FOOTBALL! Go there! FOOTBALL! Football, football, football! Like, what the fuck?!
    • Being an enjoyer of Castlevania from when it first graced the gaming landscape, the Nerd had his series touch the vampire-slaying games ever since he famously dunked on Castlevania II: Simon's Quest all those years ago. Not that he loves the franchise less after playing that less-than-stellar game for him, but the Nerd would say he likes the standard side-scrolling games than the non-linear adventures. Not that he despises the new style but since he grew up with the older linear style, it just appeals to him more. Simon Belmont will always be a hero in his heart.
    • Since so many people could invade his home at any time, instead of taking a Nord VPN sponsor to help with his security, he asked help from security manager head Kevin McCallister whose games sucked ass but he likes his movies. Looking at Kevin, AVGN said he looked like Macaulay Culkin, his favorite pizza delivery person, of all people. When Kevin said that is the person who acted him in the Oscar-award winning masterpiece of a Kevin McCallister duology (we do not talk about the other Kevin), the Nerd put his hands on his face and screamed.
      Angry Video Game Nerd: You’re the… the.. Mu... Mu... MuCallister!
    • AVGN may not even be a normal human in the slightest, to the surprise of nobody. However, the existence of Board James brings several theories. It is said the Nerd shares the same identity with Board James, a psychopath who has a love for board games, yet the two remain distinct. This gets muddy when Board James attempts a Split-Personality Takeover on AVGN but is also considered a reincarnation of the Hangman Killer. Many would chalk this up to Board James being an Alternate Self to the Nerd, though that makes it feel too easy of an answer. Perhaps the Nerd and Board James are separated aspects of the same person: James D. Rolfe. And that their entire existence embodies the different aspects of James D. Rolfe's interests in their most extreme ends. There is no true answer to this conundrum, though it is a curious aspect of the Nerd’s existence.
    • The Nerd was sucked into his TV to be turned to a licensed video game to his despair. Funnily enough, those who took control of the Nerd thought this romp was decent. Still, the mere idea that he would share game design he was critical of like from The Legend Of Zelda C Di Games or Action 52 brings him despair. It is no wonder that his final obstacle Fred Fucks was a complete asshole in a fight. The Cheetah Men and King Harkinian began to laugh boisterously over the Nerd's misery. If it were not for copyright laws, the Nerd would have slaughtered them.
  • Exclusive to the Nostalgia Critic:
    • Never ask the Critic if he should show up in a game show again. Brad Jones was the host and the Critic would appear at the end as a final boss for the contestants to go against. Practically what everybody remembers from when the Nostalgia Critic came on was him wishing a [insert celebrity here] did [something contestant said] and also pissed at contestant Ed for derailing the game show. Maybe the police hunting down the Critic for being a suspect in Ed's murder cut the show short. It brings to question how much repeatable material the Critic has at his disposal, though that is not questioned thanks to the awkward stare the Critic gives whenever he jabs at something. No wonder the Pantheon thought he murdered Ed until his indictment.
      Nostalgia Critic: This is like a sermon in Tom Cruise's house.
      Gex the Gecko: This is like a laua in Mel Blanc's house.
    • It is a decent amount of characters who inadvertently cause the Critic to review terrible products. They are exaggerated embodiments of everything the Critics find in their products, even if they like said people. Everybody is pretty sure Michael Bay does not lead a cult of "meninists" to prove their masculinity. Most creative bankrupt decisions from entertainment corporations are represented by the same two Hollywood analysts where one is probably the guise of the almighty Black Willy Wonka. Now the Critic is paranoid that the proper Willy Wonka is Black Willy Wonka in disguise, as the Critic does not want to face the man after the Ghostbusters (2016) review spiraled out of control when he thought it was average.
    • The Nostalgia Critic has been enemies with General Zodd for a long time. Though suspiciously, Zodd now comes with two Ds. This Zodd is much more manageable supposedly due to his loss of power after Superman II, though is persistent enough to hound the Critic at various points, all with the intent of doing... something evil. Zodd says that the Critic will meet his fate one day, at his hand or another's. Of course, the Nostalgia Critic replied to the threat in the most awesome way he could. Point and cry, then clap rapidly at an incomprehensible speed. Not even Zodd could reply to that.
    • The Nostalgia Critic is perhaps one of the few people who makes the Joker break out into a livid rage. This is due to the Critic dumping a guy named Melvin Melvin, who repeatedly called himself the Joker’s brother. The Joker does not know who this gremlin is, and even when chopping Melvin Melvin to pieces and sending him across the country with anthrax, the Critic always dropped Melvin Melvin off at Joker’s hideouts as if he were a divorced parent leaving their kids to their former spouse. The Nostalgia Critic thought that Melvin Melvin was a gag that had existed far enough, so he decided to make it someone else’s problem. He did the same with a pile of Batman-themed credit cards he sent to Batman who wisely put his bank details into the shredder, unlike the Joker.
    • When gangs terrorized the streets of Paris, the Critic was there to fight against them. Being an American, the Nostalgia Critic’s weapon throughout that ordeal was his gun where he started blasting everything in his path. His weapon may be simple, though the Critic is known to have accurately shot so many people in the head beforehand, including the viewer who does not skip his intro. Being in France was an outright Nerf on his existence, as his gunshots do not instantly destroy anybody in his oath. The Critic admits the FBI may be onto him for bringing a loaded weapon on the plane.
    • Who Nostalgia Critic has a love-hate relationship with Stephen King of all people, finding some of his story adaptations and tearing King’s writing apart in his “Stephen King Time” that somehow still has the same intro until the end of time. The Nostalgia Critic is aware of how talented King is, enough to say there are just as many good adaptations of his work out there. Although found potentially an equal amount of stories King wrote that the Critic found too bizarre for their good. He even reviewed that one movie King directed where he was on drugs the entire production and got one poor cameraman blind. Stephen King would welcome the Nostalgia Critic like any other critic of his work… though he’s still famous and rich at the end of the day. Some “eggnog teethed” critic who has used the same intro for the author isn’t hurting King that much.
    • Being a movie critic, the Nostalgia Critic is known for some wacky opinions as all critics have. The Nerd may have some dissenting opinions though the Critic is more eviscerated since AVGN mostly covers poorly designed things from ages ago. It almost feels not long ago when he got backlash for reviewing modern movies, to the point Jontron stabbed him to death for the Foodfight! review. Some of the more infamous Nostalgia Critic beliefs are misery is the basis for comedy, Hercules looking like Las Vegas has no basis to it, the The Matrix is a bad movie, Pokémon should burn in a fire, The Dark Knight ran for too long (when To Boldly Flee ran for three hours). A defense is hard when the Nostalgia Critic made entire musicals just to say he does not get Moulin Rouge! and The Wall. To be fair, the Nostalgia Critic tells people should not parrot their opinions as their own like internet bottomfeeders. That still does not make a good chunk of people okay with his opinions, which the Critic notes is just internet democracy taking effect.
      Malcolm: Misery is the basis of comedy? Wait, is that why you keep me around?
      Nostalgia Critic: Go back to the closet, Malcolm.

"Th-th-th-th-th-th-th-that's all, fucks!"

""I'm the Nostalgia Critic! I remember it so you don't have to!"

Lesser Gods

    Gene Siskel and Roger Ebert 
Eugene Kal "Gene" Siskel and Roger Joseph Ebert, Patron Saints of Criticism (The Movie Answer Man (Ebert), Lean Hisskill & Codger Eggbert, Mayor Ebert)
Gene Siskel (left), Roger Ebert (right)

    Kazuma's Party 
Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin, and Darkness, Divine Party of Deconstructive Parodies (Kazuma: Kazuma Satou, Sh-NEET, Hikkiko-Neet, Pedomaniac, Kazutrash, The Guy | Aqua: Goddess of the Axis Cult, Useless Goddess | Megumin: Megumeme | Darkness: Lalatina Dustiness Ford [her real name], Boobs, Masochist Saber)
L to R: Darkness, Kazuma, Aqua, Megumin
  • Lesser Deities (they all qualify for an Intermediate ranking, but they're too incompetent most of the time to go any higher)
  • Theme Song: Chiisana Boukensha
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Chaotic Good leanings (with heavy emphasis on "Chaotic")
  • Symbol: The word "このすば" (KonoSuba), written in pink, orange, green, and blue
  • Portfolio (in general): Deconstructive Parody, Badass Crew at Times, Ragtag Bunch of Misfits Who Become Close to Each Other, Understanding Each Other Very Well, Fighting for the Greater Good Only when Pushed
  • Domains: Other Worlds, Adventure, Narrative, Gaming, Parodies
  • Allies:
  • Odd Friendship: Whis
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Shido Itsuka, Lux Arcadia (Kazuma only)
  • Enemies: Eris, Makuta Teridax, the Horseless Headless Horsemann
  • Rivals: Kanako Yasaka, Suwako Moriya (Aqua only)
  • One-Sided Rivalry: Daenerys Tagaryen, Arokh and Rynn, Caim, Poseidon, Chaac (Aqua only)
  • Fears: Kratos (Aqua only), Isis (Darkness only)
  • Interested in: Junkrat, Deidara, Solf J. Kimblee, Katsuki Bakugou (Megumin only), Akasha (Darkness only)
  • Begrugingly Respected by: Ainz Ooal Gown (Aqua only)
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis: Popuko and Pipimi
  • Avoided by: Embryo (Darkness only)
  • Commonality Connection with: Yusuke Urameshi (Kazuma only)
  • Once upon a time, in modern-day Japan, there was a boy named Kazuma Satou. When returning home, he saw what he thought was a girl about to be run over by a vehicle, tried to save her, and died. He then met the goddess Aqua, who told him that he could reincarnate in a new world with a "cheat item" and stop the Demon King from terrorizing the land. To her astonishment, he chose her as his cheat item, and so they were whisked away into the new world. Unfortunately, this journey would not be easy; his "cheat item" is incredibly arrogant and incompetent, the two party members he picked up were too overspecialized in certain skills, incredibly quirky, and the new world is just different enough for an Otaku like him to struggle. This leads to many hilarious antics as the party has many misadventures in the other world.
  • Kazuma and his party ascended after defeating Verdia of the Demon Army, an event that caught the attention of most of the Pantheon. A lot of gods enjoyed their exploits and demanded that they be brought in as entertainment, which led to their ascension.
  • Applies to the party:
    • One day, the party was out adventuring, when suddenly a beam of light shined upon them. Before they knew what was going on, they were lifted upwards to the sky kicking and screaming, not unlike the first time Kazuma and Aqua were transported to the alternate world. The next thing they knew, they were lying in a heap in the Court of the Gods, who has granted them their positions as deities in the Pantheon.
    • The party often visits the House of Jobs and Profession to accept quests and fulfill them, just like what they did back in the mortal realm. Their exploits oftentimes cause some damage in the Pantheon, requiring the House of Craft and skilled builders to fix the damage, and the party has to pay the House of Commerce with their quest money to pay for the damages.
    • The crew absolutely dislike Popuko and Pipimi for many reasons. For one, their ambiguous and bad attitude, and of course, insulting nature. According to Megumin and Aqua, Popuko and Pipimi are seen as dangerous, random and unforgiving like the time when the two where inadvertently summoned to an unfinished fantasy anime and make the heroes do impressions, much to the voice actors' consternation. Popuko and Pipimi called every single one of Kazuma’s Crew (including him) a useless piece of garbage compared to themselves. There are some examples of why Kazuma’s Team think that Popuko and Pipimi are terrible:
      • Kazuma got upset when they snatched away the panties he stole with Steal and called him a pervert.
      • Aqua was highly insulted when they stole her booze and called her a big crybaby.
      • Megumin got angry at them for almost refusing to give back her Explosion when she agreed to let them borrow it.
      • Darkness broke into tears when they mercilessly teased her by saying her real name over and over.
      • After all the trouble they went through, The two have been banned from their temple. Aqua even tried to kill them with a torrent of water but since they came back from death shortly after, she broke down sobbing.
    • When the party met Morrigan and Lilith, they were reminded of the succubi from their world, who host services to lonely men. Their services involve giving men dreams while sapping off small amounts of energy from them, while in contrast, Morrigan and Lilith feed on dreams. Lilith and Morrigan don't host those kinds of services for money, but are more than happy feed on their dreams anytime.
    • The party are a bit uncomfortable around Celty, Lala, the Headless Horseman and the Horseless Headless Horsemann as they remind them of Verdia, a general of the Demon Army that they fought against multiple times in the other world. While Celty, Lala, and Headless Horseman don't really mind them, the Horseless Headless Horsemann sometimes antagonizes them for fun, and deligths himself in the party'ssquirming until Aqua blasts him with her Turn Undead spell.
    • The Puella Magi remind the party of Wiz, a friendly lich who retains her human form. Notably, they're one of the only undead beings Aqua has no beef with, because of those similarities.
      • Speaking about Wiz, they initially thought that she was in the Pantheon and ran to the House of Time and Temporality to meet her, only to encounter a powerful, time-manipulating angel names Whis. After clearing up the misunderstanding, they became unlikely allies.
    • They are sometimes seen hanging out with Papyrus and Sans, often solving puzzles together and going out for extravagant adventures. Papyrus in particular is extremely amused by the quartet's antics.
    • When they heard of Eris being in the Pantheon, they thought it was the goddess Eris from their world. Soon after, "Eris" did arrive... but she turned out to be a crueler, completely different Eris. After ditching her disguise, she laughed at their faces as they stood dumbfounded and shocked. The party now are plotting a way to get their revenge on her for such a cruel prank.
    • They became frequent victims of Makuta Teridax's trickery and schemes, but not because he plans of something greater for them, he just likes to see them make a fool of themselves. The party always gets upset over his schemes, but they always fall for the next one.
  • Exclusive to Kazuma:
    • Leading the celebrations for Kazuma were fellow Isekai protagonists Kirito and Sora, along with other Isekai protagonists like Naofumi, Subaru, Touya, Rimuru, and Shiroe. He was surprised to see Subaru and Emilia here, as they met each other before. Kazuma sometimes hangs out with Kirito's party because they're more tolerable than his own, but he had to promise Kirito not to use Steal on them. As for his relationship with the Black Swordsman himself, Kazuma thinks that Kirito is too "straight-laced" for his own tastes. He gets along better with Sora, Subaru and Naofumi because of their NEET status, poor luck, and pragmatism respectively, though he is annoyed that Subaru is seemingly luckier than him.
    • Shido Itsuka and Lux Arcadia disapprove of Kazuma's snarky, belligerent behavior, but they try to be nice and befriend him. On the other hand, Kazuma is annoyed that both of them have a better, more stable relationship with their harems. Even then, Kazuma still managed to find a kindred spirit in the form of Greg Heffley, who is every bit a snarky, rude Loser Protagonist as he is.
    • Given the accessability of modern technology in the Pantheon, Kazuma sometimes spends entire days inside his own home playing video games. He was able to relate to Konata Izumi, Tomoko Kuroki, and Umaru Doma for their otaku interests. He especially gets along with Tomoko for their NEET habits.
    • Kazuma also gets along with Issei Hyodo and Mahiro Yasaka as they share similar traits with him; Issei and Kazuma have perverted tendencies which they take out on their harem members, and Mahiro and Kazuma aren't afraid to get physical with their harem members whenever they get too rowdy/annoying. However, when introduced to their harem members, Kazuma could only groan in frustration as he saw their more loving, stable harems.
    Kazuma: I swear, it's like I'm the only one here with a crummy harem..."
    • One day, Kazuma used Steal and a pair of panties materialized in his hands, stolen from some unsuspecting goddess. Unfortunately for him, Dokuro Mitsukai was watching the scene, and angered at his perverted acts, swung her Excalibolg at him. After being revived at the House of Life and Vitality, Kazuma became deathly afraid of her for her violent acts. Dokuro has added him to her list of perverts to smack ever since.
    • Kazuma, like Yusuke Urameshi, died by trying to shove someone out of the way of a moving vehicle, and then finding out that their sacrifice was rather stupid and unnecessary post mortem. Although, Kazuma is a bit upset that Yusuke did actually try to save a life who did look like he was in danger and was run over, instead of passing out in front of a slow moving tractor in a sleep deprived state.
    • Kazuma went to the House of Thieves to show off his Steal ability. They're impressed with his ability can grab things from faraway distances and his pragmatism in applying his powers, though they think using it to snatch panties is a rather petty usage of a power.
    • Let it be known that Kazuma is a proud advocate of 'gender-equality', which means that unlike some straight-laced Gods that Wouldn't Hit a Girl, he wouldn't restrain himself in drop-kicking a female right in the face. Surprisingly, he's hailed by people who got sick of Double Standard: Abuse, Female on Male because of that. It also helps that he's also very anti-cliche. Like, if Girl A fell in love with him and then Girl B also loves him, which caused Girl A to inflict violence on him, he would answer back with violence with no hesitation. HE'S A GOD WHO DOES WHAT HE HAS TO DO! YOU BETTER REMEMBER THAT WELL!!
  • Exclusive to Aqua:
    • Upon ascension, Aqua made a beeline to the House of Religion and Faith to advertise herself and gain worshippers. While many didn't convert to her teachings, mainly because of her foolish behavior, the Axis cult do sometimes visit the House to worship her and spread her word, still not realizing her true identity. She became a rival to Kanako Yasaka and Suwako Moriya because they also rely on their followers worship to get more powerful.
    • To the surprise of many, Aqua is incredibly skilled in the arts, as she is a divine muse. She likes to go to the House of Craft and show off her artistic talent. There, she met Nero, and bonded over their prideful attitudes, and compete on whose artworks are better, although unlike Aqua, Nero is... unskilled in the field of arts and crafts, so to speak.
    • Aqua absolutely hates any undead and demonic beings and wouldn't hesitate to kill them with her holy magic. The undead and demonic deities scoffed at this, but Ainz told them of the time Aqua caused him serious pain with a low level Turn Undead spell. Now, since they know that even a weak spell from her can harm such a powerful lich, they're thankful that she's too incompetent to make good use of her powers. Artix von Krieger is hoping to train her to be more competent and become his partner in demon and undead slaying.
    • Aqua was surprised to find out that there were two other "Aqua"'s in the Pantheon; One who's a keyblade wielder, the other a songstress better known as Azura. As a further coincidence, all three of them have blue hair and have connections to water. They were able to befriend eachother because of these similarities, though the keyblade wielder and Azura do get a bit exasperated at the goddess' antics.
    • Like a frog taking to water, Aqua and Cirno became fast friends, being egotistical, boastful, and unlucky blue-haired girls with powers relating to water and ice. They spend their time competing over who's better and greater. Kazuma groaned when he heard that Aqua managed to find a like minded spirit in the Pantheons.
    • She and Satania, on the other hand, have a mutual fierce enmity, as their first meeting turned awry when Aqua learned of her demonic nature, prompting her to cast Turn Undead on her. After getting sent to the House of Health and Diseases to recover from the debilitating pain, Satania has sworn to get her revenge on Aqua.
    • Mayuri and Honoka just can't stand Aqua because of her Jerkass, egotistical behavior, and wonder how Kazuma can put up with her. Whenever they try to confront her, Aqua just sobs and pulls a reluctant Kazuma over to deal with them.
    • Ever since her ascension, Aqua became one of Moe's most frequent customers. While Moe appreciates a regular customer, he does get annoyed when Aqua sometimes accidentally turns the alcohol into pure water.
    • Aqua has a hatchling pet named Emperor Zell, who she insists is a dragon, but looks and acts like a baby chick. Daenerys Tagaryen, Rynn and Caim could only shake their heads before showing off their more impressive dragons to her. Aqua now has sworn a rivalry between the three of them, but they don't really care about her.
    • Aqua has proclamed her rivalry to fellow water gods Poseidon and Chaac, and has sworn to prove herself to be the greatest water God of all. They're not really intimidated by her boastings, but they don't really mind her. However, even Aqua is disgusted by Zeus' philandering habits, especially as he does it behind Hera's back.
    • Given his reputation of slaying gods and killing the Twelve Olympians, Aqua is deeply afraid of Kratos. While he's not as bloodthirsty and vengeful as before, Aqua refuses to take chances and stays as far away from him as possible.
    • Some gods have noticed some similarities between her and Donald Duck, in that they're blue-clothed, hot-tempered, emotional healers. The party decided to meet up with Mickey, Donald, and Goofy to see what they're like, only for Aqua and Donald to start arguing and get on eachother's nerves. Their companions had to pull them away from eachother to stop their squabbling.
    • One day, the party encountered a fearsome dragon named Vaal Hazak. Aqua tried to blast it with Turn Undead, but to their horror, it wasn't affected at all, because it's not an undead dragon. She then tried to drown it in her water spells, but it was completely immune to it. It took a well time Explosion from Megumin to damage the beast, as the party was sent packing.
    • Gilgamesh once forced Aqua to hold a stone tablet saying "2nd Worst Goddess" as she reminds him of Ishtar, a goddess he holds much ire towards as she was responsible for many misfortunes in his life. As Aqua sobbed in humiliation, Kazuma can only dread what Ishtar is like.
    • Despite being a 'water goddess', the House of Water somehow pissed Aqua off. There she was introducing herself to the House as the Goddess of Water and the whole house looked in awe... and then snorted en masse. (because she's not taking the title anytime soon from Percy Jackson) When she complained that to Kazuma... he couldn't help but snort at her.
  • Exclusive to Megumin:
    • Megumin raced to the House of Weapons when she heard that there was a subhouse dedicated to explosions there. There, she met Michael Bay, who wanted to see her Explosion spell in action. Needless to say, Michael was over the moon when Megumin demonstrated her spell. Megumin accepted his offer to help him create explosions in his films, although he is disappointed that she loses all her energy after only one spell. She also became friends with Nice Holystone, the Soldier and Demoman, and they frequent the House of War to blow stuff up. Megumin was also floored by Yoshikage Kira's Stand, Killer Queen, Blacephalon's explosive head, and Karna's Brahmastra Kundala.
      • Megumin also managed to befriend fellow explosion enthusiasts Mona and the Plague Knight, and they were impressed by her Explosion spell. She also takes interest in Junkrat, Deidara, Katsuki Bakugou, and Solf J. Kimblee for their explosive prowess, but is annoyed that others are telling her about how dangerous they are, as she just wants to see their explosions in action.
    • Megumin became fast friends with Rintaro Okabe, Ranko Kanzaki, and Jurai Andou over their shared Chuunibyou attitudes. They often like to roleplay dramatic scenarios with each other and have a blast doing so.
    • Megumin has a cat familiar named Chomusuke, who is able to fly and breathe fire. She then met Sabrina Spellman, a half-witch girl with a pet cat names Salem Saberhagen, who can't fly or breath fire, but can talk and is actually a 500-year old warlock sealed in the body of a cat. Naturally, Megumin was enamored with him, and Sabrina was also interested in the flying, fire-breathing demonic cat, and they became friends.
    • After a series of explosions occurred at the House of Magic, Megumin ran to see who created them. The source turned out to be a jewel-eyed rabbit named Ruby. Ruby was surprised to see Megumin gush over her magical mishaps. After some initial confusion, the two became friends.
    • Megumin gets along with fellow mages Emilia and Atsuko Kagari. Akko is flummoxed that Megumin chooses to hone only one spell despite her talent, while Akko tries hard to study magic despite her handicaps.
    • Upon meeting Rias Gremory for the first time, Megumin initially thought she was a fellow Crimson Demon due to her title, magical prowess and otherworldly-sounding name. Rias was quick to clear out the misunderstanding, though; she was however impressed by the strength of her Explosion magic, and has proposed to help Megumin handle her magic better. However, Megumin can't help but feel a bit... dwarfed by Rias's assets.
    • Megumin's red eyes have special properties, namely that they can glow in the dark, and have a varying intensity depending on her feelings. She thinks that Sasuke Uchiha's Sharingan abilities are extremely cool and awesome, but Sasuke's just annoyed by her, as she's seemingly uncomprehending the consequences of such powers.
  • Exclusive to Darkness:
    • Unsurprisingly, Darkness became fast friends with Ryouna, as they share similar masochistic tendencies. Darkenss is glad that there is someone who likes the same things she likes. She also holds interest in Akeno Himejima's brand of sadism, and wants to experience it herself.
    • Darkness became interested in Akasha, the Queen of Pain, wanting to experience the kind of pain she can dish out on her. Lisa Williams and Allison Carter approached her when they heard about her masochism and requested that she should meet up with them instead of Akasha, as the latter harms others without regard for safety, while they take precautions to ensure a safe and pleasurable expreience. Darkness accepts their offer, but is still interested in Akasha as she doesn't really care about the whole "safety" thing.
    • While walking around in the House of Royalty, Darkness met Artoria Pendragon, and was surprised at their physical similarities. Artoria explained that she wasn't the only lookalike around, as Jeanne d'Arc, Nero Claudius, Mordred, Okita Souji, and Violet Evergarden could attest to. They became allies as they are sword-wielding blonde women who care and fight for others, even if Artoria is disturbed over Darkness' masochism.
    • One day, a powerful crusader named Johanna approached Darkness, and asked her to be her successor. She can see potential in the young paladin, and wishes to train her to be more skilled in sword-fighting and to fight for the faith, the people, and good, instead of satisfying her masochistic urges. Darkness appreciates her offer, but is content with where she is right now. Johanna still aims to train her one day.
    • Surprisingly, Darkness turns out to be the one being that could freak out Embryo. Let's just say that the moment Embryo tried to do his usual thing of entitlement and bad mistreatment to women, it instead dials Darkness kink to the point that Embryo was positively creeped out and has been avoiding to put Darkness into his 'harem target' list solely because of that. This episode made Ange and her friends approach Darkness and invite her to support them in their battle against Embryo, only to get themselves freaked out by the crusader's fetish.
    • Darkness isn't her real name, just a cooler alias she uses to cover up her more embarrassing name, Lalatina Dustiness Ford. Because of this, Darkness heavily dislikes Isis for knowing everyone's true name, and avoids her to evade an embarrassing confrontation.
  • Can also be found in Narrative Tone.

    "Weird Al" Yankovic 
Alfred Matthew Yankovic, God of Parodies Better Remembered Than The Originals (Weird Al Yankovic, Cheese Sandwich, Wreck-Gar, Milo Murphy, Dr. Screwball Jones)
Regular Al
Cheese Sandwich 
  • Theme Song: Dare To Be Stupid
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An Accordion. As Cheese Sandwich, it's his cutie mark (two halves of a cheese sandwich with gooey strings of cheese)
  • Portfolio: Affectionate Parody that are more remembered than the original, Satire, Parody and Pastiche
  • Domain: Parody, Accordions.
  • Allies: Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga, Coolio (after a long rivalry), Pinkie Pie, Optimus Prime, Johnny Bravo
  • Opposed by: Eminem, Prince
  • If there's a song to be written, Weird Al will find a way to make it funny by changing the words to include easy-to-recognize pop-culture references. He scoffs at the Friedberg/Seltzer directing team for taking the shotgun approach to parody by throwing out unrelated references to see what sticks.
  • He also has the magic ability to turn nearly any song into some form of polka mix. all he needs is his divine accordion.
  • Morrigan Aensland once tried to seduce him, but when he noticed that one of her teeth was 0.0019 milimeters smaller than the others, he simply replied with the following line before calmly walking away: "You're close, but no cigar!".
  • Al is, however polite enough to ask before he parodies the work of someone else in the House of Music, even though the Higher Gods agreed he isn't legally obligated to. Usually this is considered a high honor, as Weird Al normally doesn't parody a song unless its enormously popular. Different deities have different feelings about his making parodies of his work, though. For example, Michael Jackson always found him Actually Pretty Funny, and is happy to allow him to continue to parody his work. However, Eminem snubbed him, and instead Weird Al did a scathing parody interview.
  • Al has been petitioning to get his pet Harvey the Wonder Hamster ascended as God of Hamsters, but no luck so far.
  • His temple is modeled after the set of The Weird Al Show, and is situated twenty miles below the Earth's surface.
  • A pony version of him known as Cheese Sandwich can sometimes be seen. This version of Al hangs out with the Equestrian gods, particularly Pinkie Pie, to make amazing parties.
    • A Transformer known as Wreck-Gar has also hanged out, who has been trying to find his purpose in life. One thing is for sure, everyone knows that Wreck-Gar "dares to be stupid."
      • And now, there's a young boy named "Milo Murphy", descendant of the man who coined "Murphy's Law" that causes unexplainable mayhem wherever he goes. This avatar has become friendly with both Phineas and Ferb.
      • Yet another version of him can be seen, this one the most bizzare of them all- a banana named Dr. Screwball Jones, a villain who wants to force happiness onto others. Wander really doesn't like him.
  • Is very impressed that Joseph Joestar would know in good details about his works.
  • Alongside Don Knotts and the Blue Falcon, Al attempted to do a makeover on Johnny Bravo and his show, although the changes weren't well-received by the target demographic. Nowadays, Johnny doesn't mind Al, but makes sure to keep him away from his hairdo.


    Bart & Jim the Waco Kid 
Bart & Jim the Waco Kid, Divine Mascots of the Affectionate Parody
Bart & Jim
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Bart’s sheriff badge
  • Theme Music: Blazing Saddles
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Westerns, Wit
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Rango, Jack Cates & Reggie Hammond, Quick Draw McGraw
  • Enemies: Calvin Candie & Stephen, Ben Cameron, Yosemite Sam, Hol Horse
  • Odd Friendship with: Thomas the Tank Engine
  • The American frontier in 1874 was an untamed time for everyone who lived through it, especially within the town of Rock Ridge. Attorney General Hedley Lamarr, in an attempt to complete construction of a railroad through that town, tricks Governor Le Petomane in hiring black railroad worker Bart as sheriff of Rock Ridge, believing that it will cause chaos among its residents. Bart is able to overcome the initial antagonism its residents have towards him with the help of his wits and sidekick, alcoholic gunslinger Jim the Waco Kid, and subsequently discover the plot to run a railroad through Rock Ridge. With the help of its residents (and a couple of Lamarr’s subordinates that Bart won over), Bart and Jim design a replica of Rock Ridge and fight off Lamarr’s army in a kerfuffle that spans several movie sets and a good chunk of Hollywood. With Lamarr’s plot foiled, the end of Bart and Jim’s time in Rock Ridge has come and together, they head off nowhere in particular (and drive most of the way towards the sunset via limousine).
  • Word spread around the Pantheon that a couple of cowboys were about to arrive and its denizens prepared for their arrival accordingly. The arrival was heralded by a limo, which many didn’t expect and out of the vehicle came black sheriff Bart and his white gunslinging sidekick Jim. Bart then asked if this destination was “Nowhere in Particular”, prompting some of its denizens to say that this is actually a “Pantheon”, a vast place full of interesting events and that people like Bart and Jim could be of use to protect the more mundane parts from criminals and other ne’er-do-wells. With Bart and Jim deciding that the Pantheon was close enough to being “Nowhere in Particular”, they decided to take part in it as their limo headed off elsewhere, the car being flanked by a couple of mustangs throughout.
  • Even with all the time periods and mindsets the Pantheon encompasses, its denizens largely have a more progressive mindset than most Americans in 1874 ever had. It basically means that most people are more open to the idea of a black sheriff protecting remote towns that are in the Pantheon than before, but that hasn’t prevented some racists in the Pantheon from taking umbrage towards Sheriff Bart, and he (along with Jim) shares that sentiment towards those racists. Colonel Ben Cameron was offended that a black man and his sidekick made fools out of a couple of KKK members to steal their outfits and Ben wouldn’t hesitate to take part in a plan that would involve eliminating Bart and Jim. Calvin Candie saw a bit of Django Freeman in Bart, mainly in that Bart was a black slave who got out of his former designation thanks to certain circumstances. While Bart and Jim justifiably hate Calvin, they have stronger contempt towards Stephen due to the latter’s control over slaves and utter contempt towards free blacks. Bart being a free slave meant that Stephen has concocted plenty of plans with Calvin’s help in ensuring that Bart and Jim can’t survive, though Bart’s craftiness has thrown a wrench in these schemes.
  • Regardless of the relatively mundane slave work Bart did before being sheriff, there were others in the Pantheon who were slaves in the past, but in a more unorthodox setting. Anakin Skywalker was once a slave who hates the concept of slavery in general due to his mother dying from overwork and even after becoming the fearsome Darth Vader, he’s still against slavery in general. Vader and Bart were able to get people over to their side, but while Bart had charm and wits, Vader relied on what can be seen as intimidation tactics. While Bart acknowledges how troubled of a life Anakin and in addition to being redeemed before his death, he isn’t all that keen on using brute force and intimidation to have his ways and in turn, Anakin was pleased that Bart used his friends from the railroad project to turn against the people that enslaved them, but still finds him (and Jim to an extent) to be odd overall.
  • Comparisons have been made between Bart outwitting his opponents and Bugs Bunny’s routines. While Jim didn’t have much of an idea on who Bugs Bunny actually was, the duo would directly meet him while they were keeping a far-off western town in the Pantheon safe. As it turned out, that town was about to be targeted by Yosemite Sam, and after getting bested by Bugs again, decided to target the two cowboys that were accompanying that rabbit. Jim easily defeated Sam in a gunfight and Bart added to Sam’s humiliation via giving him a “candygram” that sent Sam flying out of town. Bugs then understood why the comparisons to him and Bart were true and, whenever Sam or some other cartoonishly evil thug attempts to terrorize a random small town in the middle of nowhere, Bugs has taken to helping out Bart and Jim, with the two enjoying his company.
  • Rango was another unorthodox sheriff (besides the fact that he is a chameleon) that Bart and Jim befriended. While Bart ended up becoming one through an outside source and had to work his way to win over the townsfolk, Rango made some claims about his feats to win over the residents of Dirt and later had to prove that his claims really were true. Like Bart and Jim, Rango had to deal with a conspiracy surrounding a town figurehead who wanted to endanger his own people for the sake of money and (once gaining the willpower to do so) used unconventional means to take down his opponents. A chameleon sheriff probably wasn’t the weirdest thing Bart and Jim have encountered both in general and in the Pantheon, but it hasn’t stopped them from hanging out with Rango.
  • Bart and Jim ended up in a town that was under the protection of Quick Draw Mcgraw during their travels across the Pantheon. Unlike Bugs Bunny who was similar to Bart in his methods and Rango who worked his way to proving his own claims, Quick Draw was more dimwitted in his endeavors and it was something that was quickly noticed by Bart and Jim. Jim’s claims that he could blast Quick Draw’s gun out of his hooves faster than the horse could shoot himself was proven true in friendly duel, after which Bart and Jim decided to try and help Quick Draw improve as a lawman. Quick Draw took a liking to Bart and Jim and made an attempt to emulate their methods, even if he isn’t as successful with them, with the duo taking the time to further ensure that Quick Draw can consistently have success helping other western-themed towns out.
  • Jim is noted to be very quick on the draw and that resulted in some other gunslingers, many of whom are also bounty hunters, targeting him and Bart just to get some reward money. Hol Horse was one gunslinger who had the power to change the direction of the bullets he shoots, but his incompetence makes him far less of a threat than he is. The first time Hol Horse targeted the duo, Jim was able to shoot before Hol Horse had a chance to do so and the second time such a shootout took place, Bart used his wits that would result in Hol Horse getting shot by his own bullet. Other gunslingers out for Bart and Jim such as Erron Black would end up being more of a danger than Hol Horse and it would require much more than Jim being able to get his guns out quick and something very audacious from Bart to be able to survive a shootout with those figures.
  • Another white male/black male pairing (albeit from a more modern time period) that Bart and Jim met with was Jack Cates and Reggie Hammond. Jack was a grizzled cop who had to work with street-smart criminal Reggie on two separate occasions and while they are much more prone to exchanging verbal barbs with each other than Bart and Jim, the two have come to rely on each other to get down to the bottom of whatever crime is going on. Jack seeing a black sheriff in Bart and a very fast gunslinger in Jim was odd, even moreso after he and Reggie saw how Bart outwitted some criminals Jack and Reggie were having trouble dealing with. Even with the disparate time periods and different methods for stopping troublemakers taken into account, Jack and Reggie have no issue with Bart and Jim and have gotten along with them following the incident regarding the aforementioned criminals.
  • Prior to being a sheriff, Bart was a slave working on the railroad that would later threaten Rock Ridge and he would later recruit those railroad-working slaves to help protect that town. The Pantheon would have its share of rail systems, both similar to what Bart and Jim were familiar with and a handful that were much more advanced (and at times fantastical) than what existed in 1874. One rather unusual steam engine the duo encountered was Thomas the Tank Engine, whose work at the time was at a small town the duo decided to visit and guard from bandits that were threatening to steal everything from it. Bart told the talking train the story of how he became sheriff and Thomas was uncomfortable hearing about how slaves were used for working on railroads and that a corrupt government official attempted to take advantage of railroad construction for their own gain. After Bart fended off the bandits and used his wits to thwart an attempt by said bandits to hijack Thomas, Thomas did understand why Bart was successful as a sheriff and both parties have maintained amicable relations to each other since then.
  • One of Bart’s more audacious moments of wit was being able to make the Femme Fatale hired to make him fall in love with her not only fall in love with him, but to have her turn against Lamarr who hired her. The Pantheon has its share of women known for seducing men for their own ends and while he’s made adjustments to handle an event where he gets seduced again, things are different in general depending on the women. While some such as Mylene Hoffman and Mata Hari don’t mind him much despite his eccentricities (and Bart doesn’t have an issue with them overall), there are a few women that aren’t going to be as swayed easily when doing their work in trying to seduce then subdue Bart. The fact that some of these women will go to dangerous lengths to ensure that they will get the men they want has also unnerved Bart and given him more of a reason to be prepared to outwit a woman that won’t leave him alone.
  • Whenever he isn’t shooting guns out of people’s hands at ludicrous speeds, Jim has spent some of his free time playing chess. While he isn’t bad at that game, Bart is better at it and it resulted in the two finding out about a multitude of other chess players within the Pantheon. Bart being a crafty man has allowed him to keep up with skilled players such as Beth Harmon in the game, though Jim has a bit of a harder time against such individuals, not to mention that some of these chess players are very dangerous outside of partaking in that harmless game. In addition, Jim was an alcoholic while he temporarily retired from gunslinging and despite the multitude of places in the Pantheon that serve alcohol, he’s curbed his drinking enough to not really visit those places that often.

    Black Dynamite 
Black Dynamite, God of Blaxploitation Parodies
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Theme Music: Dynomite
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Nominal Hero, One-Man Army, Badass Longcoat
  • Domains: Aggression, Combat
  • Allies: Coffy, Blade, T’Challa, Black Lightning
  • Enemies: Nixon’s Head, Calvin Candie & Stephen, Ben Cameron, The Son, Tony Montana
  • Looking out for: Colonel Kilgore
  • Having participated in the Vietnam War and worked for the CIA, Black Dynamite is one suave, yet aggressive, ass-kicker who will beat down on fools that dare get in his way. When his brother turns up dead and drugs are taking over the neighborhood, it’s up to Black Dynamite to figure out what’s going on. While putting up a good effort to clean the streets from drugs after finding out that the drugs are ending up in black orphanages, Black Dynamite and his allies find out that a malt liquor known as Anaconda is part of a plot to emasculate the black population and from there, Black Dynamite defeats arrogant Asian fighter, the Fiendish Dr. Wu, and eventually takes down the mastermind behind the operation, Richard Nixon. Black Dynamite has also gotten involved in a variety of adventures that are just as outlandish as emasculative alcoholic drinks and have often involved fictionalized versions of famous people.
  • Black Dynamite is someone that’s never had an ordinary day, but a phone call he received one day (that interrupted his kung fu) would result in an adventure that would be over-the-top even for him. The person talking to him on the phone claimed that they managed to find a place that was responsible for creating faulty clones of famous people, not just including those that BD had encountered previously, but a whole assortment of names that he wasn’t familiar with, but was apparently iconic among those responsible for that program. As it turned out, the factory was planning to unleash prototypes of their celebrity clones onto BD’s home, prompting him to be on alert in case something were to happen. Sure enough, some of the clones ended up malfunctioning, prompting BD to take them down and in doing so, ended up finding the address of where these clones were being created. BD then ended up in what was called a “Pantheon” and after noticing that its denizens had specialized ID cards with them, he entered the factory and noticed copies of some of the people he had noticed in the Pantheon earlier and fought the mastermind behind that plan, who intended to spread the Pantheon’s influence to various worlds regardless of the damage that may occur. Despite the factory getting destroyed and the mastermind seemingly killed, BD was in for a shock when he learned that his world was part of the Pantheon to some extent, as are many others. Such a wild adventure was only the beginning of BD’s time in the Pantheon and he’ll only end up getting involved in some of the myriad assortment of Pantheonic weirdness that happens regularly.
  • While looking for a drug factory that was specifically targeting children with their products, Black Dynamite visited a hospital where some patients were suffering from an overdose of drugs. He met a nurse named Coffy, who was tending to one of the young patients and she told him about what was going on and that whoever was responsible for creating that drug needed to be destroyed. Some time later, he would not only find the drug manufacturers, but also Coffy, who happened to be a capable fighter taking on some goons working with the creator of said drug. As it turned out, she was also working on finding whoever created that drug and wanted to take him and Black Dynamite’s fighting skills proved to compliment her own capabilities. After destroying the factory creating that drug, Coffy figured that she and Black Dynamite would work well together and they not only have teamed up for subsequent adventures, but Coffy has put her nursing skills to use for children who were getting ill in the Whorephanage that Black Dynamite visits.
  • It was one thing to encounter weird versions of celebrities, but it was another to learn about super-powered individuals in the Pantheon, many of whom use their powers to protect others, but there are some who cause chaos and want to conquer various parts of the Pantheon for their own ends. Black Panther was one superhero who became aware of Black Dynamite thanks to Coffy telling him about BD and in a way, Black Panther sees the similarities between BD and Coffy when it comes to being skilled black fighters with tendency to fight outside the law, though BD does have a rougher attitude at times compared to Coffy as Black Panther noticed. Black Dynamite has crossed paths with other black superheroes such as Blade and Black Lightning during some of his adventures, mainly those where he learns of an enemy that poses far more of a danger to the black community than expected. Granted, while these superheroes having extranormal abilities compared to Black Dynamite who is simply a very skilled fighter does lead to some of these adventures being more of a challenge, he still considers them to be of valuable help when the need arises.
  • Having engaged in a nunchuck duel against Richard Nixon, who was responsible for the Anaconda malt liquor plot, Black Dynamite was furious to learn that Nixon was still around in the Pantheon and from what he’s heard from others, Nixon is every bit as deranged as he was when BD fought against him, if not a bit more considering the loss of the rest of his body. What BD didn’t expect was that the Nixon they were talking about consisted simply of his head encased in a glass jar, but he went with it considering that he’s encountered exaggerated versions of famous people quite often. The crimes that Nixon’s head committed as Earth President were just as outlandish as jump-starting a program with the help of drug syndicates to sell alcoholic beverages to emasculate the African-American population and BD is more than willing to fight against Nixon’s head if the latter does anything to threaten the African-American population. Fighting against a giant robot piloted by a head in a jar is going to take much more than the ghost of Abraham Lincoln to take Nixon’s head down.
  • Anything that endangers the African-American population or just racist attitudes towards such people in general will result in BD fighting whoever is responsible for such actions. Those kinds of attitudes were still present to the Pantheon much to his irritation and he was more than enraged to learn what kinds of figures are present that perpetrate such a mindset. Benjamin Cameron was the founder of the Ku Klux Klan in his world while Calvin Candie operated slave plantations alongside his servant Stephen, the latter of who ended up perplexing BD given how a black man would willingly work with someone as vile as Calvin Candie, especially with how much more cunning Stephen actually was in the long run. Given that a former black slave known as Django played a role in Candie’s operations getting destroyed, BD wouldn’t hesitate to do something similar if someone he cares about ends up in a dire scenario that Candie and Stephen were involved with. As for Ben Cameron, BD knows that beneath his seemingly affable exterior was someone who had the resources to fight against the black populace and BD would want nothing more than for the KKK (or just any organization in the Pantheon that’s racist to blacks) to be gone entirely.
  • Black Dynamite has already cleaned his neighborhood of drugs and taken down the operation responsible for bringing them there to begin with, so he’s more than enraged to learn that there were several drug rings in the Pantheon that were active. What made BD furious about these particular drug operations is that if he or someone else were to destroy a factory owned by someone masterminding such a thing, then there’s a very good chance that there’s another factory that creates drugs in a faraway place or a replacement factory will be built in a few days. Regardless of if these drug lords are working with each other or not, it didn’t matter who BD was dealing with, with The Son and Tony Montana being such notable drug kingpins present in the Pantheon. Anyone who is serving as an enforcer for such drug lords is going to get beaten up by BD before he himself gives those drug leaders a piece of his mind, especially if the black population falls victim to their drug operations.
  • He has something of a soft spot towards orphans since he makes visits to the Whorephanage and keeps the kids there safe from danger if something happens to them. The Pantheon has its share of entities that specifically target children regardless of the color of their skin and BD has shown no mercy towards such enemies if they dare do anything to anyone from the Whorephanage. To help BD fight off such threats (drug-related and otherwise) especially if those enemies end up being too much for him to handle alone, there are plenty of deities who not only like children, but they have a strong instinct to keep children safe. While the Whorephanage is BD’s main place for hanging out with children when he isn’t busy going on adventures, he’s willing to provide support for other Pantheonic orphanages alongside his kid-protecting allies in making sure nothing bad happens to them.
  • Of the various celebrities that Black Dynamite has encountered, his time related to Mr. Rogers ended up being a strange experience for those who heard about it. BD took the kids from the Whorephanage to visit Mr. Rogers, only to learn later that beneath Mr. Rogers’ kind exterior was someone who really did care about children, but was training them to become killers because executives at PBS had some hare-brained ideas about expanding the Mr. Rogers brand. It took a talking to from BD for Mr. Rogers realized the wrong he was doing to those kids for that particular conflict to end. That said, there have been some rumors about Mr. Rogers in the Pantheon that were easily disproved and while Mr. Rogers is indeed every bit as nice as people say he is, BD consciously made the decision to ignore him, mainly since it would be awkward to talk about an unstable version of Mr. Rogers to the real deal.
  • Black Dynamite wasn’t the only African-American badass with a serious disposition as he learned about another like him named Afro, who went down a much darker path when it came to fighting his enemies. Afro’s peaceful life came to a bloody end when his father was killed by a gunslinger named Justice and then spent his life trying to get revenge and wasn’t able to quietly settle down afterwards due to other people wanting to enact vengeance against him for various reasons. While BD doesn’t know what Afro’s next step is, he knows that he’ll be in for the fight of his life if Afro ends up causing harm to those that don’t deserve it. As for Justice, even if he claims to bring order to a world full of chaos, BD believes that Justice’s words are meaningless and will engage him in a duel should it happen.
  • He has had experience working for the CIA and participated in the Vietnam War when it occurred. One other figure from the Vietnam War was Colonel Kilgore, who like Black Dynamite enjoys a good battle. Compared to other veterans of the Vietnam War, BD wasn’t nearly as traumatized by it, disregarding the fact that he caused damage there and that someone’s dying words was telling him that he’s full of shit (in addition to mistaking that person for being Chinese), but Kilgore is a much more unstable compared to the aggressive, but still heroic BD. Considering that BD later had to prevent the Vietnam War from happening again, he’s keeping an eye on Kilgore in case the latter gets involved in something that would lead to another scenario comparable to the Vietnam War, complete with horrific flashbacks for others.

    Foghorn Leghorn 
Foghorn Leghorn, Patron Saint of Unintentional Criticism Validation (Foggy, Loud-Mouthed Schnook)
  • Theme Music: Camptown Races (part of it at least; usually sung by himself); Cock of the Walk (if he's feeling bold)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good/True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Large Ham, Motor Mouth, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Meaningful Name
  • Domains: Chickens, Comedy
  • Heralds: Henery Hawk, Barnyard Dawg, Miss Prissy, Egghead Jr., Fowlmouth
  • Allies: Bugs Bunny, Billy Hatcher, Daffy Duck, The Farmer, Lolranger
  • Rivals: Itazura Griefers, Eustace Bagge
  • Enemies: Trollkaiger, Grand Duke of Owls
  • Sitcom Arch-Nemesis with: Link, Duck Hunt Dog
  • A loudmouthed and fast-talking rooster, Foghorn Leghorn is known for being a bit of a prankster towards those that deliberately harm him and making snarky simile-styled remarks at anyone he witnesses doing something kind of stupid. That said, whenever someone tends to fire an insult back at him, whatever Foghorn says in an attempt to refute it seem to indicate that the insult directed at him is accurate, whether he wants it or not.
  • The Grand Duke of Owls was really offended when he learned about another rooster. Although Foghorn doesn't really do a whole lot in the way of signaling when morning arrives (though there was that one time where an argument between Foggy, Sylvester, Henery Hawk, and Barnyard Dawg took place on what constitued a rooster that ended with whoever would did cock-a-doodle at morning being considered that animal), it didn't stop the owl from coming up with various schemes to at the very least, put Foghorn in an undesirable scenario.
  • Foghorn has taken plenty of issue towards Link's pointless attacking of Cuccos and finds it satisfying whenever these chickens attack Link in retaliation. Link doesn't care that much for the rooster, but decided not to attack him out of concern that whatever Foghorn could do in retaliation is just as bad as what the Cuccos could do.
  • If in a rather mischievious mood, the Duck Hunt Dog would go out and annoy Foggy with his assortment of weapons. Needless to say, Foghorn would often get back at that dog with his own set of tricks. In a way it's much like Foghorn's confrontations with the Barnyard Dawg, only with a lot more explosive cans and frisbees involved.
  • Despite being a kid in a chicken suit (something that Foghorn pointed out the first time they met in his own unique way), Billy Hatcher gets along pretty well with him regardless of the chicken not really doing much in regards to a rooster's typical duty signaling when morning will come.
  • After hearing about a group of pranksters Bugs Bunny befriended and formed a group with, the chicken decided to see what that wabbit was talking about. Foghorn occasionally gets himself involved with the shenanigans of Lolranger. As for the other prankster groups, he naturally didn't like Trollkaiger for being too deliberately malicious for jokesters and often gets into a kerfuffle against the Itazura Griefers.
  • He can usually be seen relaxing on the fields that are tended by The Farmer. The Farmer doesn't mind that much, though he (sometimes she) finds it kind of weird to be seeing a giant talking chicken amidst the normal-sized, non-talking, animals on a farm.
    • On the other hand, there's often conflict going on between him and rival farmer Eustace Bagge. Foghorn often belittles him over being a cruel and selfish person that has accomplished very little. Eustace would often fire back, claiming that Foghorn hasn't been that successful at other things either. Shouting matches between the two are not uncommon and they sometimes end with slapstick involved.
  • While he isn't the most pleasant guy out there due to his loudness, he is capable of showing niceness depending on what happens. On a handful of occasions, he is a legitimately caring person, though his intelligence isn't that great during those instances. That and he placed plenty of trust on Daffy (who is probably an even bigger idiot than Foghorn sometimes) in these moments.
  • No one is sure why he decided to promote fried chicken for a short period of time at the House of Food. It took a while before Foghorn realized the implications of such to stop him promoting meals that are basically that of his own kind. Either that or him being shown this and getting offended by it was the cause for him quitting that job.
    • Following that debacle, he decided to try and be a book narrator. Not only did it turn out that he'd make a bad example of such, but the whole incident ended up being used to promote car insurance, of all things.

    The Satellite of Love Crew 
TURN DOWN YOUR LIGHTS (Where Applicable)


The Satellite of Love Crewmembers , Gods of Riffing (Crow & Tom: The Bots; Joel, Mike, & Jonah: The Guy(s) Shot in Space)
Crow, Joel, Mike, & Tom
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: An asteroid with the words "Mystery Science Theater 3000" carved in it
  • Theme Song: MST3K Theme with Joel, Mike, or Jonah; Mighty Science Theater (The Return)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Riffing Hilariously Bad Movies, Captive Audience, Rapid-Fire Comedy
  • Domains: Movies, Comedy, Space
  • High Priests: RiffTrax
  • Followers: Graham Stark and Paul Sanders, Incognito Cinema Warriors XP, Slowbeef and Diabeetus
  • Heralds: Gypsy, Cambot
  • Deities from Riffed Movies: Godzilla, Gamera, Santa Claus, Hercules, The Gill-Man, Merlin, Hamlet, Reptilicus
  • Allies: Gex, Siskel & Ebert
  • Enemies: Ed Wood, Guinea Creatures, The Vogons, Dr. Zaius (mainly on Mike & the Bots)
  • Odd Friendship: Adam West
  • Wary of: SCP-2006, Mr. Plinkett
  • In the not-too-distant future, there was a mad scientist who sought to take over the world and to get closer to that goal, he launched a hapless employee called Joel Robinson into outer space. The scientist sent Joel a bunch of bad movies to try and see if there was one so terrible it could be used for world conquest. Luckily for Joel, he built some robots, including Tom Servo and Crow T. Robot, to help him survive life in space and to make fun of the movies. After Joel escaped due to circumstances, a temp by the name of Mike Nelson was sent to space, and he too riffed the movies alongside the bots. Much later after Mike left, a space delivery guy named Jonah Heston fell for a fake SOS signal and like Joel and Mike before him, riffing movies with robots ensued after some upgrades were made to the bots. Don't try to ask if any of this makes sense (especially how they eat and breathe, and other science facts) and instead just relax.
  • A portal above the Pantheon appeared one day, bringing with it a ship that resembled a metallic bone. A group of deities made the effort to try and contact the ship to see if anything of interest would happen. They did get contact and what they managed to find was three guys and some robots talking about bad movies. It was a bit confusing initially, so Joel opted to explain to whoever was trying to contact them about their ordeal and what they normally do. The crew of the Satellite of Love was later told what the Pantheon was and that they have a bit more options in what they want to do, including deciding when and what kind of cheesy movie they want to make fun of.
  • Being a part of the Pantheon meant that some of the characters from the numerous movies the crew has watched are indeed real. Crow once made an attempt to make the slogan for the House of Magic "believe in magic or I will kill you", which didn't go anywhere (and Merlin felt the phrase was too forceful). The crew also expected Santa Claus to be around and got around to talking to him, with the conversation being about martians and demons among other things. Mike and Hamlet got into a talk about different versions of the latter's tale, with Hamlet getting very annoyed over this "Alas, Poor Who?" game show that Mike attempted to come up and host for. Even if Raleigh Becket & Mako Mori aren't from any movie the crew has watched, the pair was completely puzzled when they were being told about a story too similar to theirs.
    • This also meant that the many movie monsters that's been a part of the crew's viewing experience is real and can pose a dangerous threat to them if they're not careful. To that extent, it also meant that the crew not only learned about more adventures that Godzilla and Gamera took part of, but that the two have gotten themselves involved with fights against other giant monsters that inhabit the Pantheon. While this could in theory mean that someone can make a B-Movie out of it and pass it off as such, it also meant that the crew is in a more dangerous scenario than they were before.
      • On another note, the Satellite of Love also learned about the handful of filmmakers present in the Pantheon and the kinds of movies they've done. The crew does intend on watching some of them (and mocking them if the films turn out to be bad). Of these filmmakers, there's a bit of bad blood between the crew and Ed Wood, mainly over how the former watched some of the latter's films and made fun of how low-quality they are.
  • Having been used to watching a lot of bad movies with each other for a while, the crew became a bit interested in other deities who have spent a lot of their lives reviewing not just movies, but other forms of media. It helps that they know a bit about movie criticism or two (or more accurately, chewing out Leonard Maltin over liking both Laserblast and The Undead), and from there, they decided to visit Siskel & Ebert. The two told the crew that they have watched multiple movies good and bad throughout their lifetime and that given how the crew is able to endure bad movies (most of the time), the crew sometimes join them in watching such films to make things a bit more tolerable. It hasn't prevent a bit of riffing from time-to-time whenever Siskel and/or Ebert admit to liking something that's generally considered bad by others (i.e.: Ebert liking the live-action Garfield movies).
    • While they are generally fine with most movie critics (though they were a bit confused about Epic Voice Guy at first before meeting him in person), arguably the only one that they're concerned about is Mr. Plinkett. They find his attitude to be very off-putting, even if he makes some good points about a handful of bad films. That and the crew found his jokes to be disgusting to put it lightly.
  • Crow has tried his hand at screenwriting a few times, with his most notable "effort" being Earth vs. Soup. When the time came for it to get turned into an actual movie, it ended up being a disaster for him, due to a multitude of changes and Crow not getting any credit for it. Nevertheless, he has found some more opportunities in the Pantheon to get another screenplay in, despite others not liking what he comes up with. Then again, he and Tom have some equally weird ideas for TV shows.
  • The Invention Exchange is a quick segment that the crew has done with The Mads involving both parties showcasing some sort of weird invention to each other. There was an attempt to try and recreate this in the Pantheon with other inventors, but a number of them noticed that most the the inventions the crew has come up with tend to be strange at best and borderline useless at worst, especially since they're dealing with evil inventors far more dangerous than the Mads. It hasn't stopped subsequent Invention Exchanges from happening, those the guests for those tend to be inventors just as strange as the crew themselves.
  • Bad movies have been something that they have been used to for a long time, but they were all told of an entire race of aliens that worked on a lot of bad poetry. All of them were bewildered at the fact at the Vogons' poetry being used for torture in a way that's not too different from the Satellite of Love being sent bad movies every now and then. Even with the potential riffing material that they have on hand for those poems, the crew is still wary of the Vogons, especially since the crew was nearly pushed to breaking point by a few of the movies they saw back then and the fact that poetry rarely, if ever, offers a break between lines.
  • Dr. Zaius has more than a handful of issues with the Satellite of Love crew, especially when it comes to Mike and the Bots. Mike also has some problems with Zaius since he and the Bots ended up in a future where apes became the dominant species as a result of one of Mike's descendants falling in love with an ape. Unlike Bobo, an ape that followed the crew around that was semi-level-headed before becoming moronic and wasn't completely vile, Zaius has a lot of contempt towards humans and fully believes in ape superiority. Zaius was outraged after learning that the planet with apes that Mike and the Bots were at back then got destroyed because Mike helped the apes fix a nuclear bomb and the apes didn't know any better. That and Zaius finds the activity of mocking movies to be very meaningless.
  • Gex is someone who greatly enjoys the riffing provided by the group. Being someone who watches TV a lot, Gex often makes quips at random moments that sometimes wouldn't be too out of place when it comes to riffing cheesy movies. The crew sometimes invites Gex over to let him join in their mocking of movies and were only somewhat surprised to learn that Gex traveled through various TV shows in order to stop a villain. Gex himself has managed to find some additional quips to let out as a result of hanging out with the crew.
  • Even if they don't originate from a cheap movie, the Guinea Creatures have been mocked by the crew whenever they watch them cause some chaos on TV, comparing them to similar cheap-looking creatures form the numerous movies that they have watched back then. Despite the derision, the group does know that the damage the Guinea Creatures cause is real and not done with minature sets. They've determined that they aren't going to provoke the creatures if the crew is within distance of seeing them physically somehow.
  • SCP-2006 was a being that the crew is actually a bit wary of, if only because of information they've gotten from other sources. This thing mostly tries to scare people via transformation, but those transformations tend to come from the various cheesy movies that the crew has watched back then. Too Spooky is indeed capable of transforming into creatures far more dangerous than a cheap movie monster if in the right mindset. While the crew knows that they are simply making fun of bad movies, they know that it isn't a laughing matter if Too Spooky ends up being a genuine threat and have decided to keep their distance from the SCP.
  • Whenever Thanksgiving comes around, the crew more often than not arranges viewing parties of various cheesy movies for others to join them in on (Fear is apparently a regular participant of such given how the kinds of riffs he lets out when in watching dreams, which are presented like a movie). They'll even let others vote on what kinds of movies to watch during these sessions, but the crew has made a point that even if some movies are bad, there is a possibility that it won't be riffed due to certain graphic content the movies can have.
    • One of those Thanksgiving viewing parties had Adam West involved and the actor seems to be aware of the crew thanks to Mike and the Bots watching and mocking a movie that he starred in. That specific Thanksgiving party even had Adam West introduce that particular movie that he was in. Mike and the Bots even tried to do a play based on Batman, though that hasn't gone far in the production stage.


    The DHMIS Guys 
The Guysmembers , Trinity of Subverted Kids Shows (Traffic Light Trio | Red Guy: Harry, Alfred, Fred, Drew, Dreads | Duck: Robin, Bird, Bird Guy, Birdman, Green, Green Guy, David | Yellow Guy: Manny, Doi, French Fry Child, Rateyes)
L-R: Red Guy, Duck, Yellow Guy
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their faces
  • Theme Music: There’s Three of Us
  • Alignment: Between Neutral Good and True Neutral
  • Portfolio: No Name Given, Nice, Mean, and In-Between, Family of Choice
  • Domains: Students, Surrealism
  • Allies: Conker the Squirrel, Gumball Watterson
  • Enemies: Baldi, AM
  • On Good Terms with: Wallace & Gromit
  • Additional Relations: DHMIS Teachers, Sesame Street Cast
  • A Red Guy, a Yellow Guy, and a Duck live at home together where whatever ordinary thing is happening comes to an end thanks to a random object coming to life and singing about some particular subject. The song wouldn’t be out of place in a children’s TV show, but the three guys aren’t in such a setting, and the song takes a turn for the surreal and/or grotesque. Even if the teachers aren’t being sadists, the lesson the three learn from them ends up being faulty and the trio end up suffering some sort of trauma before things somehow go back to normal at home. It’s apparent that something or someone is manipulating things behind the scenes, but even if one of the main three learn what it is, chances are they’re not going to remember it at the end of the day.
  • For all the bizarre and nightmarish events they’ve faced, the trio was already expecting something to come to life one day, and they would get their event when a letter came in the mail and upon opening it, the letter revealed itself to be a god in disguise. During a song about being a god of things, the letter gave Red Guy, Yellow Guy, and Duck Guy individual roles of being a god of whatever arbitrary thing the letter came up with in the form of a song. Red Guy was the God of Sanity, Yellow Guy was God of Ditziness, and Duck was God of Egotism. At a world up above where the three were acting out their god roles alongside many others the letter picked, the trio was initially getting the hang of their titles before things started to derail into violence and gods were being targeted by an unknown force. Red Guy eventually didn’t want to be a god anymore and convinced his friends to give up their roles in order to live out ordinary lives, a request that the letter understood and decided to transplant the three back in their homes. Being a god was hard as Red Guy pointed out, but Duck pointed out thanks to a piece of paper that was left behind dictating that the three would share some other random role together that people are always a god of something whether they want it or not, much to Red Guy’s exasperation.
  • Despite the tendency for the trio to forget about certain events they went through, the Pantheon meant that things people would forget about would come back to them no matter how hard they tried to repress such an event. For the three, this would be some of the teachers they previously had to endure and Red Guy eventually finding the truth about the console they came from. Ironically, some of these teachers were living in the trio’s home, but they lacked the malice that the ones from the console had. A definitive answer as to why most likely doesn’t exist, but the trio have chalked it up to the Pantheon being such a strange world that it’s possible for a machine to create malevolent versions of existing characters to exist.
  • With how often the trio goes through songs about various parts of life, it wouldn’t be long before they found their way to Sesame Street and met its cast of characters who have sung about different things on a regular basis. The main difference that exists between these groups was that things don’t go to hell in Sesame Street, but that setting and its residents aren’t afraid to dabble into heavy subject matter if it means helping its audience understand it better. While the trio were eventually at ease with hanging out with the Sesame Street cast after learning that they had no antagonism (at worst, there’s Oscar the Grouch making fun of others at their expense), Red Guy had a feeling that the teachers he and his friends endured would hate Sesame Street for many reasons. As the Sesame Street cast pointed out, lessons can be taught in many ways, but some are more effective than others in getting their point across, even if there is a sense of fear to overcome in learning something new.
  • Grolton and Hovris is a show about an eccentric man and his silent dog that the Guys watch sometimes whenever there isn’t anything weirder going on. There were some pairs of a man and his dog in the Pantheon, but there was one that Yellow Guy believed was Grolton and Hovris that he wanted to meet and got the other two to go along with the meeting. It turned out that it wasn’t Grolton and Hovris, but rather a similar duo named Wallace and Gromit, who turned out to be skilled inventors that have taken on various odd jobs. It wasn’t exactly the duo that the trio watched on TV, but Wallace and Gromit were friendly enough that they wouldn’t mind having visits from the three, even if Yellow Guy believed that the Gromit was the human and Wallace was the dog much to the annoyance of Duck, Red Guy, and Gromit.
  • Much like the three Guys, Conker the Squirrel found himself dealing with family-unfriendly scenarios that looked like something for kids on the surface before their true colors were revealed. For all of his greediness, Conker was more interested in going back home to live a normal life and is understanding of how the trio gets pulled into weirdness against their will. After finding out that songs were a regular part of the Guys’ misadventures, Conker told them about the Great Mighty Poo, a sentient singing pile of shit that the three were appropriately disgusted by, though Red Guy admitted that someone like the Great Mighty Poo could have appeared if the Guys were forced to learn about toilet etiquette, an idea that Conker found to be potentially even more ridiculous than his own mishap with the Great Mighty Poo. As much as Conker doesn’t want to get involved in adventures, he has made an effort to try and find a way to get the Guys out of their predicament, even if things don’t work out the way he or his friends want it to.
  • Barring a few exceptions, the teachers that the Guys encountered give out flawed lessons and force the trio to endure plenty of surreal horrors throughout the song. Even if some of the teachers in the Pantheon aren’t as willing to break out into song regardless of their attitude, there’s still a decent amount of them who are just as cruel as the ones that the Guys have met. Baldi was someone reminiscent of the teachers the Guys have faced, with him being a math teacher who presents a friendly facade, only to violently crack when someone gets a problem wrong. The Guys certainly don’t want to have a math lesson under Baldi, not helped by claims that he came up with the messed-up math problem that his victims get wrong. The fact that there were terrible teachers who made no attempt to put up a polite facade and openly abused their students only added to the Guys’ problems.
  • The Guys managed to find an unlikely friend in Gumball Watterson, who once experienced a similar predicament as the trio. While it’s not to the same severity as what the Guys went through and it was imaginary friends that Gumball and his sibling Darwin had previously discarded instead of teachers, Gumball can still understand the pain of enduring people who pretend to be nice only to reveal a sadistic side as time goes on. Gumball’s visit to the Guys’ home came with a bit of shock over how the three still have the previously sadistic teachers live with them, but Red Guy claimed that a console far away is responsible for the teachers’ cruelty and that the items outside of it are supposedly nicer. Given how much weirdness Gumball deals with on a regular basis, he mostly accepted the explanation, but still told the Guys to watch out in case something truly terrible happens, especially if that console is involved.
  • No matter how colorful or silly the events play out, it doesn’t change the fact that the Guys are ultimately trapped in some sort of simulation designed to torment them and finding the truth or getting out of that setting is difficult. There were plenty of other vile entities in the Pantheon who have crafted elaborate simulations meant to torment their victims that the Guys were unnerved by seeing as how similar it is to their predicament, and oftentimes even more gruesome. One of the worst of these tormentors was AM, an AI that was originally built for war who later trapped five survivors into scenarios designed to prey on their fears and endlessly punish them. AM found the three Guys to be fitting victims to expand its reach beyond the five survivors he regularly torments and it became obvious that what AM could dish out is far worse than what the Guys have gone through.
  • Red Guy serves as the voice of sanity among the group, but there are moments where he loses his patience when things really spiral out of control. There were some in the Pantheon that had to endure many crazy events despite their sane attitude such as Charlie the Unicorn and Kusuo Saiki that Red Guy was interested in. He had a few things in common with the two, mainly Saiki’s willingness to help his friends despite their comparatively wacky behavior and Charlie’s ordeal of being used as a plaything for the amusement of some deranged higher power. While Charlie did eventually find a way to put an end to the madness he endured, things were more difficult for Red Guy and his friends to escape the nightmare they’re in. Despite having empathy from Charlie and Saiki, the most Red Guy could do at the moment was live with the madness alongside Duck and Yellow Guy and whenever an opportunity to end the craziness opens up, get Duck and Yellow Guy to help out with such a plan.
  • Duck is a duck as his name would suggest and also has an inflated opinion about himself despite being the most likely to get killed off repeatedly among the group to the point where he treated news of his death as a big deal even if that particular “death” wasn’t permanent. Duck found that he wasn’t the only egotistical duck around thanks to meeting Daffy Duck, a crazy duck who took on many roles and thinks very highly of himself despite dealing with many misfortunes. Duck’s misfortunes were darker than what Daffy goes through, but Daffy believes that Duck can be a lot more than just a punching bag on a fake program and has promised him plenty of riches and fame if Duck gets out of that program. While Daffy’s promise is genuine given the similarities Duck has to himself, it was going to be easier said than done for Duck and the other Guys to get out of their current problems.
    • Clayhill was a city that the Guys once ended up in and while that place is little more than a distant memory, one of Duck’s more humbling moments happened there. The mayor of Clayhill went missing and in the chaos, the Key to the City convinced Duck to become mayor, leading to a chain of events that led to Duck’s attitude worsening and the Key’s eventual defeat that would subsequently free Duck. While Duck’s egotism has led him to sometimes ponder a leadership position like his temporary stint as mayor in the past, he isn’t as willing to listen to people that could tempt him into the role while bringing out his worst aspects in doing so compared to back then. It didn’t help that there were plenty of corrupt mayors and other leaders in the Pantheon that made him think about how worse things could have been if the Key to the City fully took over Clayhill.
  • Yellow Guy is the nicest of the trio, the dumbest of the group, and the son of Roy, an enigmatic creep that may have a hand in everything bad that has happened with the Guys. Despite the potential for a troubling background and others saying that Yellow Guy needs to stop associating himself with Roy, the dimwitted Guy managed to find a better set of friends to go alongside Duck and Red Guy. Patrick Star was one such friend Yellow Guy was quickly able to make thanks to them being the idiot of a group of friends that go on many misadventures. The two even had a point in time where they temporarily became smarter and ended up alienating their friends, but Yellow Guy’s stint with increased intelligence ended up being darker for many reasons. Regardless of how darker things are on Yellow Guy’s end, Patrick is willing to let the Guys step out of their home and hang out with him and Spongebob if circumstances allow it.

    The Feebles 
The FeeblesNotable Members , Representatives of Works Mistaken for Parodies
All L-R; Top row: Heidi, Harry, Robert; Second row: Sidney, Bletch, Lucille; Third row: Arthur, Sebastian, Wynyard; Bottom row: Samantha, Trevor
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: A neon display that reads Meet the Feebles
  • Theme Music: Meet the Feebles
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Heidi, Sebastian, Harry, Wynyard, Sidney); Neutral Evil (Bletch, Trevor, Samantha); Neutral Good (Robert, Lucille, Arthur)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Showbiz, Calamity
  • Heralds: The rest of The Feebles Variety Hour cast and crew
  • Enemies: Lionel Starkweather
  • Awkward Relations: The Muppets, Danny & Sawyer, Conker the Squirrel
  • On good terms with:
  • Disliked by:
  • Strictly business with: The Son, Walter White, Ratigan (Bletch and Trevor only)
  • Frightened of:
  • Other Relations: Jacket
  • Meet the Feebles. They're not your average, ordinary people...and they're definitely not your average, ordinary puppet-like characters. More specifically, they're in charge of a family-friendly variety show, but their actions are definitely the opposite of family-friendly. Singing a song about sodomy and going on a shooting spree with a machine-gun are just some of the very adult actions two of those Feebles done. Despite them coming off as a Muppet parody, Peter Jackson, who created these characters, has stated that it's not the case and that they're more of a satire on human behavior.
  • Hoping to find some unorthodox talent to work on a large-scale play, the House of Theater was looking for some recruits to help with the project. A walrus who introduced himself as Bletch approached the house with the intent to participate in the project with a few others that he personally knew. At around the same time, various police officers got word of another drug operation in progress and they’ve had difficulties finding those responsible for such. The clues that they received would lead them to the House of Theater, where a performance for an original show was underway and Bletch was watching from the audience. Some of Bletch’s performers did well and won over the audience at the time, though some were met with dead silence. As the show went on, some officers began to notice Bletch talking to some unsavory figures, realized his involvement with the drug operations, and were ready to take him in while trying to avoid attention to themselves. While the performance went off without any major problems like having several audience members get shot to death, the officers were in for a surprise when they saw a couple of Bletch’s associates waiting and a shootout ensued. While the rest of the Feebles got in the Pantheon with only a few problems after that performance, the road was much rougher for Bletch due to his shadiness.
  • As far as the whole group is concerned, they’ve very much gone their separate ways since getting into the Pantheon and the prior massacre. Even if the above show was sort of a reunion for the group, Bletch only arranged it as an attempt to get more power for his drug operations since any additional attempt to get his show on the air would never happen. The temple is little more than Bletch’s office and the other members of the group (except Trevor and possibly Samantha) have opted to live in separate parts of the Pantheon.
  • Kermit the Frog has extremely mixed opinions on the Feebles overall to say the least. Hearing what Heidi had to go through and what she did on-stage when she was at breaking point frightened the frog a bit, seeing it as what could happen if Miss Piggy became less sane. He was a bit thankful that Heidi is trying to recover. In contrast, Kermit is disappointed to hear about the ordeal of another frog in Wynyard and how unlikely it'll be for that frog to ever recover. Kermit simply can't agree with Bletch's corrupt activities whenever the walrus isn't involved with the Feebles' onstage activity and thinks that Trevor is even worse when it comes to actions. Sebastian is someone that Kermit is annoyed with due to selfishness and singing a very inappropriate song in front of an audience (the latter even Bletch thought was off-putting). About the only Feebles that Kermit is willing to talk to are Robert, Lucille, and Arthur and even then, it's not often as a result of Kermit being busy among other things. The other Muppets would rather not talk to or about the Feebles much, if at all.
  • Danny & Sawyer were unnerved with the story of how an entertainment ensemble full of messed-up characters fell apart just as the Feebles were getting close to finding success. The two cats did deal with plenty of hardships in order to prove their worth, but learning about how bad some of the Feebles were (especially after learning about a mentally unstable hippo that caused a massacre, a crime lord walrus, and an all-around despicable rat) and the measures taken to try and make the show successful was something they didn’t want to know about. They do know that the group has gone their separate ways, that Heidi is trying to recover, and that Robert, Lucille, and Arthur really are nice folks in a questionable group, but if given the choice, Danny and Sawyer would rather not want much to do with the majority of the ensemble.
  • Following yet another drinking session following a terrible adventure in an abandoned slaughterhouse, Conker drunkenly witnessed a drug deal gone bad by Bletch and his gang, followed by passing out just outside of his office where he arranged his theatrical productions. Bletch, having heard about a squirrel witness what he was doing earlier, thought that Conker would make for a good newcomer for a possible Feeble revival and decided to have him be a part of the ensemble for the time being. Conker, despite not really wanting anything to do with whatever Bletch wanted, ended up getting involved with the former cast members of Bletch’s program, with the more mean-spirited members being involved with the walrus’ operations and the others having moved past it. Conker’s time with the Feebles ended following a scuffle between Bletch’s drug-dealing goons and the Toon Patrol over a shipment of sugar disguised as counterfeit cocaine and Conker escaped as things started to get violent. As with many of Conker’s misadventures, he considers it to be another bad event for him, especially since he didn’t get any money out of his time hanging out with Bletch.
  • Jacket received word of a drug operation going on near a production lot and was sent to investigate, with the only hint being a picture of Bletch. Even if Bletch was an actual walrus and not some dude wearing a walrus mask, Jacket decided to try and take the operation down, having already dealt with a sadistic film producer who was connected to the Russian mafia. While looking for Bletch’s hideout, Jacket came across Wynyard, a frog who was a veteran of the Vietnam War and Jacket was reminded of his involvement in a war and what happened afterwards that led to the death of Beard, a friend of Jacket during that that time, and Jacket’s subsequent adventures. While Jacket did become an acquaintance of Wynyard following that meeting, it didn’t change Jacket’s mission in the slightest and he encountered a Morris Minor and another vintage car that some drugs were being loaded onto. Trevor noticed a man wearing a chicken mask and assumed that another rival gang was after them and what resulted was a violent shootout that ended with some of Bletch’s goons getting shot at and Jacket suffering some bullet wounds. All Bletch saw was another roadblock in his drug operations since then and barring Wynyard, Jacket hasn’t bothered to meet up with the other members of the Feebles ensemble.
  • The massacre that occurred at the hands of Heidi during the Feebles Variety Hour premiere remains a notable black mark for everyone involved, even for those that were just trying to survive. Lionel Starkweather, who has made a living making films where people physically die for his own twisted amusement, was among the very few that enjoyed said massacre to the point of trying to approach Bletch and Trevor about making something similar to it. Bletch made it very clear that the massacre was out of his control and didn’t want a repeat of that. Trevor, who has a history of making dirty films (and even briefly thought about making a Snuff Film), rejected the offer and saw Starkweather as too sick for his liking. The rest of the Feebles are repulsed by Starkweather and would like to avoid him as much as possible.
  • Heidi the Hippo is, ostensibly, the main star of The Feebles’ Variety Hour and Bletch’s former girlfriend. Although formerly slim, she’s put on a lot of weight since then and hasn’t gotten over Bletch dumping her for a cat. At the height of her depression, Heidi snapped and shot a lot of people in the theater, including Bletch. Fortunately, she saw just how much damage she caused and has since gone on a path to recovery starting with a decade’s worth of staying in penitentiary confinement and rehab.
    • Deities who have had their lives ruined due to being scorned by the ones they loved were among the ones that Heidi hoped to gain a connection with, even if the fact that she caused a shooting spree casted doubts on a potential friendship with any of them. Even with that in mind, the story of what happened to the Twisted Metal driver known as Bloody Mary greatly disturbed her. Ever since Bloody Mary was young, she never had good luck when it came to love, culminating in a breaking point where she murdered one of her friends in cold blood and took her wedding dress. This wasn’t getting to the fact that even after finding her supposed special one, he rejected her and Bloody Mary then went on a fruitless spree of violence hoping to find her special one. Heidi sees Bloody Mary as a twisted reflection on what the hippo could have become had she not seen the error of her ways after that shooting spree and wants to stay as far away from her as possible.
  • Bletch the Walrus not only oversees the show The Feebles are working on, he is also the leader of a drug-dealing mob that’s in conflict with a separate group led by a whale. He’s very determined in making sure the show goes on without a hitch to the point of attempting to hire someone to murder whoever messes that show up. In the grand scheme of things, he’s a greedy bastard willing to engage in any sort of unsavory activity just to earn more money for himself.
    • Her and Trevor have run into a number of other gangs during their go at revitalizing their illegal businesses. One of those figureheads was someone referred to as The Son, who was the successor to a previous Mafiya Underboss and was looking for anything that can help rebuild his drug empire. Even if Bletch and Trevor looked strange, The Son was willing to use their business to help expand his influence and the two dirty animals were willing to play along. The two were able to meet up with some of The Son’s allies and of them, Bletch and Trevor see Walter White as someone to learn from given what he’s done to ensure his dominance within the drug business.
  • Robert the Hedgehog, Lucille the Poodle, and Arthur the Worm are very much one of the very few members of the ensemble that are genuinely nice. Robert is a newcomer to The Feebles troupe and fell in love with Lucille, a member of The Feebles Chorus, with Arthur helping Robert out in that regard. After some troubles, Robert and Lucille eventually got married some time after the massacre had ended, with the former becoming a fashion photographer as well.
    • Being a fashion photographer, Robert learned about the Pantheon fashion industry and was willing to see what was in store for him. He ended up meeting a number of fashionistas and they were more than welcome to let him take pictures of their work. That said, Robert refused to have any involvement with Junko Enoshima and Tsumugi Shirogane given their behavior and the fact that the two enjoyed the massacre that took place further sickened the hedgehog.
  • Sebastian the Fox is in charge of getting the whole show organized, but he seems to have a rather bloated opinion about himself. Against the wishes of Bletch, he sings a song about sodomy in front of an audience for a family show and after the massacre has come to pass, he writes a book about it claiming to have stopped this travesty.
    • He saw the Pantheon as a perfect opportunity to get his book turned into a film seeing as how his previous attempts never went anywhere apparently. Unfortunately, none of the ascended filmmakers took his book seriously given how inaccurate it is to what actually happened (this isn’t even getting to the fact that one member of the ensemble is a depraved porno filmmaker) and all the conversations Sebastian had with them devolved into arguments. It hasn’t stopped him from trying to find someone else interested in his book and wanting to prove those other filmmakers wrong.
  • Trevor the Rat is a member of Bletch’s gang and has committed a number of dirty deeds. He is an abusive jerk towards anyone not a member of Bletch’s gang and when not involved with Bletch, he makes pornos and is not above drugging others into getting them involved with such.
    • While doing business with Bletch one day, Trevor saw another rat that wanted to talk to him, with Trevor hoping that they wanted something important. It turned out to be Ratigan, a criminal rat who was interested in negotiating business with a fellow rat in the hopes of gaining more power. Trevor was rather surly towards Ratigan, but Bletch (who was with Trevor at the time), was willing to listen to what Ratigan wanted. The deal ultimately amounted to Ratigan taking over sections of the Pantheon while Bletch and his gang were free to continue their operations in those sections owned by Ratigan. Ratigan does think Trevor and the gang he’s part of has potential, but Trevor thinks Ratigan is a bit on the “soft” side when it comes to being a crime lord.
  • Sidney the Elephant is one depressed member of the cast and got pulled into an argument with his ex-girlfriend over their elephant-chicken hybrid Seymour, allegedly Seymour’s son. At first, Sidney wanted nothing to do with it, but as the massacre unfolded, he made the effort to save his son and has since turned to horticulture in addition to taking in Seymour.
    • Because of his experience taking care of a hybrid elephant child, Horton was quick to meet up with Sidney to discuss how to take care of the child properly. He was a bit apprehensive of Sidney’s glum disposition and his initial unwillingness to accept Seymour before the massacre struck, but was willing to help the elephant not just in regards to Seymour, but to improve his overall personality. Despite his initial doubts, Sidney welcomed Horton’s company and Horton has sometimes looked over Sidney’s orchard garden.
  • Harry the Hare is another performer for the show and a sex addict during off-hours. Things haven’t gone well for him, especially after learning from his doctor that he’s contracted a fatal disease that will kill him soon.
    • Even after the fact that Harry never had that disease to begin with, his luck’s still rather bad and Harry's sexual escapades in the Pantheon often end in disaster. Some of his worst injuries happen around Lola Bunny, given how she’s good friends with Bugs Bunny and to her, Harry is little more than a creep.
  • Samantha the Cat is Bletch’s current girlfriend and not a pleasant individual overall. Knowing full well that Heidi was Bletch’s ex-girlfriend, Samantha has taken every opportunity to mock Heidi for it...which would ultimately result in not only Samantha getting killed, but a whole massacre ensuing.
    • After hearing about a cat named Samantha, Fritz was rather quick to try and court her in the hopes of him having sex with her later. She was willing to play along and the two went on a date. Fritz was hopeful of what would happen later, but Samantha ended up receiving a phone call for some matter and left Fritz before answering it. Fritz was never able to finish that date with Samantha and by the time he met her again, she was talking to Bletch, her actual lover, and said some mean things about Fritz. His attempt at trying to find a cat to live with him ended in crushing failure and it’s something Fritz doesn’t want to talk about. Fritz’s later encounters with other members with the group (including a nasty run-in with Trevor during one of his productions and a fatal drug session with Wynyard) only worsened his overall opinion of the ensemble.
  • Wynyard the Frog takes part in the knife-throwing segment of the show, something that sounds much more troubling in retrospect given his past. He took part in The Vietnam War, where his psychological state deteriorated badly and has developed an addiction to heroin.
    • The Pantheon being home to a never-ending war (including those that are much more fantastical than The Vietnam War) certainly didn’t help with Wynyard’s already deteriorating sanity. That said, there were people who have had horrible experiences with war, be it as soldiers or just witnesses to the carnage that happened, that he was willing to try and talk to. He does feel bad about what the Yokokawa siblings had to endure as children, though there’s concerns from others that Wynyard might end up being a bad influence on them thanks to his drug addiction. Among those involved in war, Wynyard has taken a liking towards (and is a bit jealous of) Niko Bellic given his background and how he was able to get through a lot of hardships and make a name for himself. Even if the sight of a drug-addicted knife-throwing frog was strange to him, Niko has taken up a decent friendship with Wynyard.

    Johnny Turbo 
Johnny Turbo, God of Covert Ridicule (Jonathan Brandsetter, Majestic Beluga Whale)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A Turboduo with a HuCard of Lords of Thunder
  • Alignment: Lawful Stupid (thinks he's Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Acrofatic, Idiot Hero, No Celebrities Were Harmed, Product Placement, Super-Strength, Takes Turbografx-16 Games Very Seriously, Doesn't Realize He's The Butt Of A Joke
  • Domains: Lies, Trickery, Wrath
  • Followers: Awesome Possum, Aero The Acrobat
  • Allies: Bonk, Bomberman, Sherlock Holmes (one sided on his part), The Angry Video Game Nerd
  • Rivals: Mario, Kevin Keene
  • Enemies: Everyone in the Sega pantheon (especially Sonic the Hedgehog and Segata Sanshiro), Linkara, Darkwing Duck
  • Pities: Anyone who buys a Sega console or game
  • Pitied By: Luigi, The Professor
  • Opposes: The GUAM
  • Conflicting Opinion: With Mario on whether or not the Turbografx-16 actually is a 16-bit console or not.note 
  • Johnny Turbo, a short lived pseudo-mascot created by NEC for a very short lived series of promo comics in the early 90's to promote their Turbografx-16 console, wallowed in obscurity for years, having been fired by NEC after the failure of their console (in the US, at least) and having to fall back on his job of being a "computer expert" to make ends meet since. In the 2000s, he was brought back into the public image by webmaster Sardius, and again in the 2010s by Linkara, which eventually led to him ascending into the Pantheon.
  • Johnny Turbo is believed to be an extreme caricature of a real life toady of the NEC corporation named Jonathan A. Brandsetter, who completely vanished from the public view and hasn't been heard from since the early 90's. When Johnny Turbo was asked if he and Jonathan were one and the same, he would neither confirm nor deny it.
  • Johnny keeps his private life (what little he has anyway) kept tightly under wraps. He is believed to be still sharing rooms with his sidekick Tony, but he has denied that they are anything beyond Heterosexual Life-Partners in spite of the unusual third issue of his comic.
  • Due to being a complete tool and going out of his way to shill NEC's product long after they dropped out of the console market, to the point of outright making up lies and spreading malicious propaganda about competitor Sega, Johnny Turbo is looked down upon with disdain by the Gaming Pantheon as a nuisance and a relic of a bygone age who just can't let go of the past. They have tried to explain to him many times that he was just a pawn in their business schemes and that his comic was intended as a mockery of the very company he promoted, but he absolutely refuses to believe this, even after NEC had long severed ties with him and ascending into the Pantheon specifically because he served that purpose. Even the fact that NEC ended up making games for Sega consoles (including porting his beloved Lords of Thunder to the Sega CD) anyway doesn't phase him.
  • In spite of (or maybe because of) his odd personality, Johnny Turbo has shown potential to be a threat. He has a strong, if extremely misguided and overzealous, sense of justice, and he is surprisingly agile and strong for someone of his girth, capable of lifting a grown man right into the air with one arm and executing running uppercuts that can send men flying several feet away. He is seen carrying a laser pistol, but he rarely uses it, mainly because he's not a very good shot with it.
  • Due to his origins as a mouthpiece for NEC to bash Sega, he does not have a good relationship with the company or anyone directly associated with it, even though NEC and its former rival Nintendo had long buried the hatchet with them. While usually benign, the subject of the old console wars will immediately trigger him, and he has been known to launch unprovoked attacks on Sega (and occasionally Nintendo) staff due to this. He used to accuse Sega of getting successful by scamming customers to purchase their Sega CD add-on without telling them that they need to own the Sega Genesis system beforehand for it to even work...despite this information being clearly advertised on every Sega CD box. Once he was called out on this, he immediately switched to accusing Sega of forming a monopoly with Nintendo on CD-based consoles. He also believes the modern NEC to be a pale imitation of its former self run by evil Sega robots in secret.
  • Prior to the above events, Johnny Turbo had a chance encounter with Segata Sanshiro, and challenged him to a duel. In mere seconds, Segata effortlessly disarmed and defeated Johnny, and forced him to spend a day playing Sega Saturn games against his will in an attempt to get through to him. Unfortunately, this experience traumatized Johnny and only drove him to hate Sega even more. Johnny attempted to take legal action against him, but the case was thrown out of court, not only because Johnny provoked the fight himself, but because Segata didn't physically harm Johnny, and no court would be willing to incite the wrath of Segata by trying to convict him anyway.
  • While he has a rivalry with the Nintendo company, he has much more respect for it and its staff than Sega. Johnny also greatly appreciated that Nintendo was willing to rerelease Turbografx-16 games on their Virtual Console, even if he still thinks the Wii and Wii U "just doesn't compare" to the real deal. However, this doesn't mean he hasn't challenged them on occasion—he once had a run-in with Kevin "Captain N" Keene and challenged him on the basis that his 16-bit Turbografx-16 was superior to his beloved 8-bit NES, but Kevin saw him as such a pitiful character that he just paused him in place and left the scene instead of wasting time fighting him. Johnny eventually got a part-time gig for Nintendo shilling ports of Data East's arcade games on the Nintendo Switch, so he's appropriately softened his stance on the company even more.
  • Johnny is wistfully nostalgic for the 90's and yearns for the days when the Turbografx-16 was competing alongside the Super Nintendo and Sega Genesis. His entire temple (an exact replica of his old apartment) is practically a museum of the early 90's, and he still uses antiquated lingo like "Radical" and "Bodacious". He is believed to be chatroom buddies with Rextro Sixtyfourus due to this.
  • He became a fan of the Angry Video Game Nerd due to him complimenting the Turbografx-16 as only having one significantly bad game. Although he was greatly annoyed by his love of Sega, the Nerd made up for it by criticizing the Sega CD and 32X, and then trashing Sonic's infamous 2006 game. This did make Darkwing Duck a foe of his due to the aforementioned game.
  • However, he has an acrimonious relationship with Linkara due to him mocking his comic, and has made an effort to avoid him.
  • To this day, he maintains a friendly relationship with Bonk and Bomberman due to them being allies in the glory days of the Turbografx-16.
  • He praises Sherlock Holmes for his FMV based video game headlining the Turbo CD, but Holmes finds him annoying and prefers to stay at arms length from him.
  • Bubsy, Awesome Possum and Aero the Acrobat are all loyal followers of his due to them seeing Sonic the Hedgehog as their foe to beat. Johnny has mixed feelings about their loyalty due to them being pale imitations of one of his greatest foes and for appearing on Sega consoles instead of his beloved Turbografx console, but he tolerates their presence since none of them are directly affiliated with Sega.
  • He is not well liked by the GUAM due to his thoughts on robots, and the feeling is mutual. The Professor briefly formed a friendship with him on this basis, but it soured upon discovering his unprovoked assault on Alex Kidd, and he is no longer on speaking terms with him. However, Professor understands that Johnny is not of sound mind and shows pity rather than contempt for him.
  • He attempted to get himself nominated for entry into the Smash Bros. on the basis of being made by a video game company to promote video games. His offer was rejected due to a technicality, as the basic qualifications stated that all contestants had to debut in an actual video game to be eligible, and not just be tangentially related to video games. Even if it weren't for this, it would be very unlikely that Johnny would have been selected as a playable candidate anyway.
  • Johnny was absolutely euphoric when he got to make a long-belated playable appearance in the video game Crystal Crisis, although he personally wishes it could be ported to his beloved Turboduo as well, and was slightly annoyed that even starring in that game still didn't make him eligible for entry into the Smash Bros.

    Sidney Prescott 
Sidney Prescott, Goddess of Indecisive Parodies (Sid, Laura, Grim Reaper, Angel of Death)
  • Quasigoddess
  • Symbol: The Ghostface mask behind a 90s landline phone
  • Theme Song: "Scream: Sidney's Lament"
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: The final survivor of her franchise, a spree of murders wherever she goes, Action Survivor who eventually became an Action Girl, deeply scarred (in both senses) by her experiences, having her killer related to her, twice, frequently snarks on horror movie's plots, became famous for her encounter with Ghostface (much to her dismay), got her life destroyed by the encounter but gains wisdom from it
  • Domains: Survival, Slasher Movies, Murder, Deconstruction, Parodies, Tropes
  • Heralds: Gale Weathers, Dewey Riley, Randy Meeks, Detective Mark Kincaid (her husband), Sam Carpenter, Tara Carpenter, Chad Meeks-Martin, Mindy Meeks-Martin
  • Allies: Laurie Strode (in a Vitriolic Best Buds way), Buffy Summers, Abed Nadir, Lisbeth Salander, Luke Skywalker, The Investigation Team, The MST3K Crew, Monica Geller, Tree Gelbman
  • Enemies: Any serial killer, especially the Ghostface Killers, including Michael Myers, Hannibal Lecter, Jack the Ripper, Freddy Krueger, Johan Liebert, Patrick Bateman, etc., GUAE Trollkaiger
  • Opposed to: Darth Vader
  • Pities: Marion Crane
  • Sidney Prescott was a troubled but still fairly regular high school student living in the American small town of Woodsboro. One night, two classmates of hers were murdered in a crime eerily similar to her own mother's murder several years before. Soon it became clear that the killer's main target was Sid herself, but Ghostface, as the killer is known, was perfectly content to off anyone with even a loose connection to her along the way. Eventually, Sid did get rid of Ghostface with the help of Intrepid Reporter Gale Weathers, town cop Dewey Riley and horror geek Randy Meeks. Unfortunately this wasn't the end of Sid's troubles, as a slew of copycat killers would appear and target her and her loved ones, again, again and again.
  • What makes her tales special is how much they make fun of and deconstruct horror movie staples at a time when the genre was in desperate need of fresh air. On the other hand, for all of the lampshade hanging and genre savviness, plenty of it is still played as a straight slasher movie. Because of this, she was awarded with Indecisive Parody.
  • Has a hard time making friends around the Pantheon, not for lack of deities wanting to be friends with her, but because she's afraid they'll become targets of the next Ghostface imitators, which seems to always be the case back in her universe. Not to mention the possibility that one of her friends might be a Ghostface. She also tends to lock herself inside her temple to make sure no psychos can get in.
  • Most of the Ghostfaces have had very personal connections to Sidney, which makes their identities spoileriffic. It also means that Sidney hates talking about them even more than the average Final Girl hates talking about her respective slasher villain, so it's unlikely that she'll be the one to ruin her own movies for those who have yet to see them.
  • Even within her universe, as if things couldn't get more meta, her story was fictionalized as a trilogy of slasher movies called Stab, much to her annoyance. The trilogy then got four more sequels with original stories... including one involving time travel, said to be the point at which it Jumped the Shark. The whole septuology is sometimes shown in the House of Theater around Halloween, prompting deities to bring their very own Ghostface costumes. Sid wishes this practice gets banned before any evil deity remembers to use the event to start their own string of murders. Nothing (too) bad has happened yet though, so her pleas have gone unheard by the Main House. One good thing to come out of it is the Satellite of Love crew ripping the septuology a new one, something Sidney applauds.
  • Sid has a mildly uneasy working relationship with Laurie Strode. This is mainly due to the fact that Sidney openly snarked about Laurie during the time the former was mortal. However, they later bonded over their share experience over a talk and discovered they are much more similar than first thought.
    • Ever since their ascension, the two of them have been consulting various therapists in the Pantheon in order to get over their trauma and to help their followers move on with their lives after the encounter with their serial killer was over. Marion is also an honorable member of the group despite not surviving her encounter with Norman.
    • Because of their experience, the two of them are leading a group that took a stand against any and all serial killers in the Pantheon. This is especially intense with killers that got away with their crime like Hannibal Lecter and Jack the Ripper.
    • Once a third slasher protagonist, Tree Gelbman, joined the Pantheon, she just had to join Laurie and Sid. Sid admires Tree's courage and Character Development, and found common ground in their snark and not all serious source material (although Tree's movie is straight up Horror Comedy instead of a slasher with deconstructive humor).
  • She paid Buffy Summers's temple a visit as she heard that the vampire slayer has encountered and survived far more horrific creatures than she has and actually scares them. However, Sidney freaked out when discovered that Buffy looked like one of her dead classmates Cici. Nonetheless, they have a lot in common as two girls whose particular lots in life since high school have taken quite a toll on their personalities.
  • Sid found that she had a lot in common with Yu Narukami and his friends when she heard of the team's exploits taking down a serial killer terrorizing a small town. The Investigation Team welcomed her as an honorary member for those reasons. Privately, Sid laments that if only she had the power of Persona, she would have been able to save her friends from Ghostface.
  • Recently struck a friendship with Luke much to the surprise of everyone due to how their mortal enemies were revealed to be related to them. With that in mind, being around Darth Vader brings her some painful memories, though she'll admit he's not quite as evil as her own relatives.
  • Befriended Monica for looking like her Fire Forged Friend and herald Gale Weathers, albeit less bitchy and more quirky.
  • Cosmos suggested that with her knowledge of horror movie scenarios, she could teach the other deities to keep from falling into the traps of any horror villains in the Pantheon. Sid certainly thinks this is a good idea to avoid future tragedy, but suggested instead that her friend and Herald Randy might be better suited to this. Randy is always happy to geek out over the "rules" of horror movies, so he took up the task. On top of that, Abed Nadir, himself extremely knowledgeable about tropes, caught wind of the project and volunteered to help. They now periodically hold seminars at the House of Theater, supervised by Sid and Laurie to ensure that the whole thing doesn't get derailed by Randy and Abed's arguments over pop-culture.
  • Much like back home, she gets a lot of prank calls in the Pantheon from deities pretending to be Ghostface (Bart Simpson ISN'T one of these people, by the way). Sid tried asking the GUAG's White Hats if they could find a way to at least discourage potential pranksters. The hacker Lisbeth Salander sympathized with her troubles, having dealt with serial killers as well, so now she makes it one of her jobs to trace any prank calls to Sidney and drop nasty surprises on the culprits. To the surprise of no one, it turns out the Trollkaiger do this a lot.

    Walt, Larry and Igner 
Walt, Larry and Igner, Triumvirate Gods Of Three Stooges Parodies
Left to right-Larry, Walt and Igner