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Lance: Always trying to keep the white man down.
Conspiracy Brother: THAT'S RIGHT, THAT'S RIGHT... no, that ain't right.

Back in the '70s, Blaxploitation films took hard-nosed Black heroes and pitted them against The Man in action-packed stories full of Jive Turkey, all set to a funky beat. Most were just bad, not to mention insulting. On the other hand, some, despite the poor production values, were vastly popular, well-crafted within their limitations, and immensely entertaining nuggets of pure gold.


These days, any film producer (with the possible exception of Quentin Tarantino) would be committing career suicide if they tried to make a Blaxploitation film... even if they did it because they loved the genre. The solution is the Blaxploitation Parody, which allows the producer to showcase the best elements of the genre while avoiding the worst, all while making fun of the whole thing.

A subtrope of Affectionate Parody.



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    Anime & Manga 


    Fan Works 

    Films — Animation 

    Films — Live-Action 

  • Kim Newman's Nefertiti Bronze stories in The Lovecraft Squad Shared Universe are what happens when blaxploitation meets the Cthulhu Mythos, with a Harlem-based voodoo practitioner heroine named as a clear riff on Cleopatra Jones.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Just Shoot Me! once showed a clip from Nina's own star turn as Foxy Trouble. Even though she's white, it's still done in this style—likely because it's a flashback to The '70s and you can't get more '70s than blaxploitation.
  • Saturday Night Live had a blaxploitation film parody on the season 36 episode hosted by Jessie Eisenberg (The Social Network) with musical guest Nicki Minaj called "The Bride of Blackenstein," in which Dr. Blackenstein (Jay Pharoah) and his assistant Igor (Jessie Eisenberg) create a bride (Nicki Minaj) for Blackenstein's monster (Kenan Thompson). Unfortunately, despite the fact that the bride has a nice ass (made from two basketballs filled with Jell-O), she is very much the embodiment of the Sassy Black Woman trope (only she's not fat).
  • Similarly (and far before the SNL version), MADtv had "The Son of Dolemite" as well as "Funkenstein", with Bad "Bad Acting", nonsensical camera-cuts, and the occasional boom-mic hanging on-screen. All intentional, of course.
  • Mystery Science Theater 3000 had a host segment where they perform Crow's attempt at a Blaxpolitation screenplay, Chocolate Jones and The Temple of Funk.

    Pro Wrestling 
  • The Human Tornado and the tag team "Supply And Demand" in Ultimate Pro Wrestling. by virtue of being captain Ersatzs to Dolemite.
  • Jimi Mayhem, a captain Ersatz to Shonuff from The Last Dragon, looking to get his revenge on Bruce Leroy in NWA Vendetta Pro Wrestling.

    Video Games 

    Tabletop Games 
  • SOLID! The D20 Blaxploitation Experience features abilities like "booty slide" and being able to conceal objects inside your massive 'fro.
  • In Shadowrun, orksploitation media is a relatively popular genre of entertainment in-universe. It blends elements of both blaxploitation and gangster rap. And orks.

    Web Comics 
  • Satan Ninja 198 X features a character named Valery "Viper" Viperelli, a freelance badass, who fights Satan Ninjas and sports a bleached blond mohawk.
  • Skin Horse has Tigerlily Jones, a black female Mad Scientist who can be strapped into a straightjacket in institutional grey and come out looking like Pam Grier.

    Western Animation 
  • It's only a brief clip, but The Simpsons did a memorable gag where Homer is watching a tv-movie titled Blackula Meets Black Dracula. It's pretty much what you'd expect based on the title.
    • Also in The Simpsons, Homer watches "Blaxploitation Theater" which is said to feature Blacula, Blackenstein, and The Blunch Black of Bloture Blame. Homer's response? "Ooh, funkay!"
  • Similarly, Family Guy once had a fictional trailer for Black to the Future, a Blaxploitative version of Back to the Future. Said trailer also mentioned Blackdraft, Caddyblack and Black Kramer vs. Kramer.
  • An elder black version of Dracula in The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy is parody of Blacula, who talks like Fred Sanford.
  • Drawn Together has Foxxy Love, a sass talking black girl and mystery solver who is often fighting against oppressive, and white, institutions (i.e., The Board of Education)
  • American Dad!:
    • The episode "Brains, Brains, and Automobiles" has a Blaxploitation-style fight between Stan and the Hostess Chocodile mascot (a crocodile in Pimp Duds), complete with funky soundtrack.
      Stan: [after the latter rudely shoves him] Hey Chocodile, watch where your going!
      Chauncey Chocodile: Oh, hell no!
    • The second Tearjerker episode "For Black Eyes Only" has Francine as Sexpuneequa and Principal Lewis as Black Villain, a funky criminal who wants to melt the ice caps to turn his Detroit street into beach front property.
  • The Venture Bros. has Jefferson Twilight who is a Blacula hunter.
  • Robot Police Officer URL from Futurama is a parody of Blaxploitation heroes. This overlaps with Salt and Pepper and Odd Couple, given his partner is human Police Officer Smitty.
  • The Show Within a Show Action Hank in Dexter's Laboratory.
  • In an episode of The Cleveland Show, it was revealed that Donna starred in a film she regretted being in, Hot Cocoa Bang Bang.
  • In the episode of Diamond Boogie from Duck Dodgers, Dodgers and Cadet team up with police officer Paprika Solo (a kind of Cleopatra Jones from space) against villain Victor Von Boogieman on the planet Groovica.
  • In an episode of The Angry Beavers, all the forest animals are sitting around a campfire telling a segment of a story. Barry the Bear (an obvious Barry White parody) tells his story segment in this fashion.
  • There's an animesque Black Dynamite cartoon series on [adult swim], based on the aforementioned movie of the same name.
  • An episode of Duckman has him mention that he's a fan of Blaxploitation movies, with his favorite being about "the greatest detective of them all — Jim Slate: Big Black Dick". The episode "Ebony, baby" is an extended Blaxploitation Parody, with him working together with a Coffy Expy to solve a crime.
  • Aqua Teen Hunger Force has Boxy Brown, a cardboard box with an afro and mustache.
    Boxy Brown: I'm just a what, bitch?
  • The The Powerpuff Girls episode "Boogie Frights" depicts the Boogieman as a Blaxploitation villain, Pimp Duds and all.


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