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Aliens and Extraterrestrials

The House of Extraterrestrials initially started off as a Hall that centered around on alien lifeforms and their cultures, actions, and behaviour, in addition to initially being a part of the House of Otherness. Eventually, the Hall began to swell up with more than enough aliens that represented ideas and quirks that identified them as was gaining a large-enough presence that the Hall was eventually splintered off to form its own House, dedicated to symbolizing and representing the presence and importance of extraterrestrial lifeforms and their influence and legacy in an ever-expanding realm.

This House is quite unique, compared to others, in that there initially wasn't much regarding its own identity and personalized infrastructure; all there was to it was a barren orange wasteland filled with asteroid-esque craters and holes, a reference to typical depictions of the Planet Mars. Overtime, with new deities and the older ones later finding motivation, a society of sorts was established, one where they were able to formally declare their presence and reputation in the Pantheon to some degree or another. That, and the landscape has seen some changes, with weirdly-colored oceans, tunnels and caves, and even a seemingly futuristic city being common sightseers for visitors and natives alike. That said, there are a number of alien-like beasts, some of which migrate between here and the House of Beasts and Fauna and have yielded various results from providing a nice sense of enrichment towards the environment or turning the already unsettling place for some into a death zone with many predators lurking around for their next prey.

The closest the House has to spokespeople to help in properly representing it and promoting it in the Pantheon effectively are it's chosen Hose Guardians, The Divine Alien Ambassadors, though only Liara T'Soni seems to care about taking this position seriously; E.T. is usually reclusive and is only really socially functional when around those he is comfortable being with, which isn't a large number of individuals, and Zim is too busy messing around with his inept attempts at leading alien invasions, which makes many wonder why Zim was even chosen to be a representative. When asked, Zim states that it's because he's a great leader and he's got great authority and power, though nobody buys his words.

Obviously enough, The House of Extraterrestrials not also has a close relationship, but is literally neighbored with the House of Time And Space, especially considering that many of the more sentient alien life forms have a tendency to travel from one House to another for various uses and that one of their most convenient ways to do so is by space travel. This helps the two Houses to have a close eye on one another as well as making sure that alien cultures and their presence is maintained to their best efforts. The different societies that many of the alien races have established have also elicited interested from the House of Cultures, though relations have been tense, considering some of the aliens can be either quite hard to communicate with, or are just outright hostile and violent. The Men in Black and the SCP Foundation are two organizations who have taken up a role in closely monitoring the House and trying to make sure of any potential threats and outbreaks that can occur. So far, their attempts have been successful, but they do worry that they may have to deal with something that could prove too powerful for them to handle, though they have got some support from fellow allies in a potential encounter against them in the future.


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The Divine Alien Ambassadors

They are chosen to speak for the House of Extraterrestrials.

E.T., God of Innocent Aliens

    Liara T'Soni 
Liara T'Soni, Goddess of Alien Babes (Dr. T'soni, The Shadow Broker)

Zim, God of Funny Aliens
  • Demigod (thinks he's a Greater God)
  • Symbol: His PAK or the Irken Empire symbol.
  • Theme Song: The Invader Zim opening theme
  • Alignment: He thinks he's Lawful Evil. In reality, he's Stupid Evil
  • Portfolio: Villain Protagonist, Thinks He's A Big Shot, Lethally Stupid, Amusing Alien, Older Than Any Living Human But Acts Like A 10 Year Old, Laughably Stupid Evil, Little Green Men, Awesome Backpack, Totally Not An Evil Alien, Evil Is Hammy, Water Hurts, The Napoleon, Genius Ditz, Destroying The Wrong Armies, Not-So-Harmless Villain
  • Domains: Invaders, Cyborgs, Aliens, Snacks, Incompetence, Destruction
  • Followers: Tony, Greedo, Strax
  • Allies: Are you kidding?! Asides from GIR, Plankton and Doctor Drakken, nobody's stupid enough to partner up with him in earnest.
  • Vitriolic Best Buds with: Roger the Alien, Starscream
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Nicholas St North
  • Rivalsnote : Octodad, The Harvesters, The Daleks, Babidi, Chou Chou, Peridot
  • Enemies: Anyone who tries to destroy the world (only Zim gets to do that!), and all humanity. More specifically, Dib (Most of the time), The Men in Black, Mewtwo, Willy Wonka, Nurgle, Typhus, Robot Santa, the House of Toxicity, Water and Ice
  • Opposed by: The House of War, and for good reason
  • The Irkens are a fearsome, militaristic race that have conquered thousands of worlds on the flimsiest of pretexts. Yet for every great empire, there's always a malcontent to drag them down. Zim is exceedingly passionate towards his people's cause, however he's ruined numerous conquests. In order to get him off their back, he was tricked into a mission to conquer the barely heard of Earth. Hilarity did ensue.
    • The true Zim is his PAK, his body being a meat shield. He can't live more than ten minutes without it, so avoids anyone with the ability to short circuit it.
  • He used to be a follower of Eric Cartman. Also happens to sound like Billy, though as incompetent as he is most agree he's still smarter than Billy.
  • Zim immediately tried to become part of the GUAE, if not its leader than Melkor's eventually backstabber. Even Melkor laughed at how out of his depth he was, since he's a walking snafu. The GUAE also balked at his desire to have the Almighty Tallest part of them, and told him to his face that "tallness equaling importance and rank" is a preposterous idea. They're trying to pawn him off to another Grand United Alliance, in hopes his incompetence will bring them down.
    • He will side with the GUAG in order to stop the GUAD. He won't let anyone destroy the world, that's his job!
  • Uses a rather simple disguise of a toupee and false contacts to appear human. In his defense the humans of his Earth are dumb and weird-looking for the most part to recognize the faults of this disguise. Unless you're Billy most of the pantheon knows he's alien, but because he's bad at his job of conquering the world nobody pays it much mind. He has been stalking Octodad for his supposed disguise, unaware that everyone's playing along.
  • So far the only villains he's able to get along with is Plankton and Doctor Drakken, in part because they're about as incompetent as him. He also has somewhat of a friendship with Starscream, if only because both of them are sick of being seen as incompetent and aspire for greater ambitions. Given they're funny and amoral aliens, him and Roger get along.
  • Chooses not to visit the House of Food, as he finds Earth food utterly inedible(except waffles). This has little to do with his alien biology, but how much of a Polluted Wasteland his version of Earth is. He is also incredibly vulnerable to water, though this may be partly his actual biology rather than the water on his Earth being toxic. He fears the likes of Nurgle and Typhus, due to being a massive germophobe.
  • He once tried to take over the world by being an imposter of Santa Claus. However his AI Santa suit became too aware, becoming an Eldritch Abomination he and Dib had to force off the planet. To prevent this experience happening again, he will reluctantly team up with Nicholas St North to face evil Santas like Robot Santa.
  • Doesn't like Mewtwo. He has had a bad experience with exceeded expectations, particularly when he put GIR on duty mode.
  • Despite his massive incompetence, he can be dangerous on rare occasion. Perhaps his crowning moment of villainy was when he took over Mars(a spaceship in his universe) and almost crushed humanity, had Dib not have a Mercury spaceship. That, or "Dark Harvest"...Uuughhh.
  • In the comic adaptation, he has become more competent and successful, though usually at petty things. He actually managed to succeed at conquering the Earth in future and genuinely impressing the Tallest, however this was undone due to the actions of his present self and Dib .
  • To this day, he remains genuinely unaware that the Tallest just wanted to get rid of him and how hated he really is among his people. Anyone who tries to prove otherwise will get their eardrums full of "LIES! LIES TO TRICK THE MIGHTY ZIM!!" Most don't bother because his delusions of grandeur are hilarious.
  • Some found that he has quite a bit in common with Peridot, which both find annoying, a lot for the Irken, and slightly less for the Gem. That said, Peridot's also annoyed with his refusal to abandon his goal of conquering Earth and failure to realize how he's being used by The Tallest, whereas she found the value in Earth and refused to have it destroyed.
    • Actually, it's a bit moreÖ vehement than that. They're both stubborn, easily aggravated aliens with a passion for what they believe in. Peridot's insistence that the Tallest are just using him and Zim's insistence on not listening and attempting to take over Earth annoys the crap out of both of them. Peridot also get vibes of her post-limb enhancer, pre-HeelĖFace Turn past self out of Zim, irritating her further.
    • Eventually, it led to Peri lifting Zim by his backpack with her powers, after which he retaliated, and it led to a fight that was both cool and kind of stupid before a fight in the House of Extraterrestrials broke out around them and they lost track of each other.
    • Their next bout came in the form of a rap battle. Victory was inconclusive, and they're looking forward to their next battle.
  • Despite Dib being his archenemy and one of the few people actually interested in stopping his plans of destroying Earth, Zim was secretly glad to hear of his ascension. After all, destroying the planet wouldn't be as fulfilling if Dib wasn't there to try and stop him.