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Pantheon / Extraterrestrials

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Aliens and Extraterrestrials

The House of Extraterrestrials initially started off as a Hall that centered around on alien lifeforms and their cultures, actions, and behaviour, in addition to initially being a part of the House of Otherness. Eventually, the Hall began to swell up with more than enough aliens that represented ideas and quirks that identified them as was gaining a large-enough presence that the Hall was eventually splintered off to form its own House, dedicated to symbolizing and representing the presence and importance of extraterrestrial lifeforms and their influence and legacy in an ever-expanding realm.

This House is quite unique, compared to others, in that there initially wasn't much regarding its own identity and personalized infrastructure; all there was to it was a barren orange wasteland filled with asteroid-esque craters and holes, a reference to typical depictions of the Planet Mars. Overtime, with new deities and the older ones later finding motivation, a society of sorts was established, one where they were able to formally declare their presence and reputation in the Pantheon to some degree or another. That, and the landscape has seen some changes, with weirdly-colored oceans, tunnels and caves, and even a seemingly futuristic city being common sightseers for visitors and natives alike. That said, there are a number of alien-like beasts, some of which migrate between here and the House of Beasts and Fauna and have yielded various results from providing a nice sense of enrichment towards the environment or turning the already unsettling place for some into a death zone with many predators lurking around for their next prey.

The closest the House has to spokespeople to help in properly representing it and promoting it in the Pantheon effectively are it's chosen Hose Guardians, The Divine Alien Ambassadors, though only Liara T'Soni seems to care about taking this position seriously; E.T. is usually reclusive and is only really socially functional when around those he is comfortable being with, which isn't a large number of individuals, and Zim is too busy messing around with his inept attempts at leading alien invasions, which makes many wonder why Zim was even chosen to be a representative. When asked, Zim states that it's because he's a great leader and he's got great authority and power, though nobody buys his words.

Obviously enough, The House of Extraterrestrials not also has a close relationship, but is literally neighbored with the House of Space and Cosmos, especially considering that many of the more sentient alien life forms have a tendency to travel from one House to another for various uses and that one of their most convenient ways to do so is by space travel. This helps the two Houses to have a close eye on one another as well as making sure that alien cultures and their presence is maintained to their best efforts. The different societies that many of the alien races have established have also elicited interested from the House of Cultures, though relations have been tense, considering some of the aliens can be either quite hard to communicate with, or are just outright hostile and violent. The Men in Black and the SCP Foundation are two organizations who have taken up a role in closely monitoring the House and trying to make sure of any potential threats and outbreaks that can occur. So far, their attempts have been successful, but they do worry that they may have to deal with something that could prove too powerful for them to handle, though they have got some support from fellow allies in a potential encounter against them in the future.


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The Divine Alien Ambassadors

They are chosen to speak for the House of Extraterrestrials.

E.T., God of Innocent Aliens

    Liara T'Soni 
Liara T'Soni, Goddess of Alien Babes (Dr. T'soni, The Shadow Broker)

Zim, God of Funny Aliens