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Hidden by black thunderstorms, the House of Electricity is a large grassland filled with pylons and power plants. Lightning continually strikes, with various thunderstones and lightning rods redirecting it from the rest of the pantheon. It's quite windy, but not as much as the House of Wind and Air can get. The power from this electricity is transmitted to help power the rest of the pantheon. Recommended that visitors wear protective insulated clothing.

Used to be part of the same house as the House of Fire and Heat, until one too many busting of fuses from the heat and becoming far too large for its own size forced a split. Daring researchers from the House of Science experiment here, as do those studying and utilizing magnetism.

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Greater Gods

    Thor (Marvel
Thor, God of Thunder (Thor Odinson, Donald Blake, The Mighty Thor, Hammer-Thrower, Lightning-Caller, Storm-God, The Thunderer, Point Break, Lord of Thunder, Pirate Angel, Bro Thor, Prince of Asgard, Party Thor)
Thor's Marvel Comics depiction
Click here  for Thor's depiction in Battlefield of the Gods.
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Zeus, God of Thunder Cast from The Sky (King of Olympus, Jupiter, King Of The Gods, Lord of the Sky, Lord of Heaven, Ancient God, Mobile Flagship Interstellar Combat Annihilation Fortress, Zete, God of Bethel Greece)
Incarnations of Zeus clockwise from top left: Marvel Universe, Smite, The DCU, Saint Seiya, Dota 2, Shin Megami Tensei, The Camp Half-Blood Series, God of War. Center: A Statue of Zeus
More Incarnations of Zeus. Left to Right: Top Row: Shadowverse, Age of Mythology, Kamigami no Asobi. Middle Row: Warriors Orochi, Hades, Assassin's Creed. Bottom Row: The Olympians, Herc-Xenaverse, Lore Olympus
  • Greater God (potential Overdeity when he goes One-Winged Angel)
  • Symbol: A bolt of Lightning over the Aegis Shield.
  • Theme Song: Heart of Gaia, Disturbances - The One Called from Beyond, ZEUS!
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Lawful Evil, depending on one's point of view. Officially, he's Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Being rather attractive during his younger days, Mean Dieties, Having his way with many women and a few men, Being able to turn into Thunder and Tempest incarnate, ruling over many other gods, Not paying attention during parenting classes, The Casanova, Improbable Aiming Skills and of course Bolt of Divine Retribution
  • Domains: Lust, Thunder, Power
  • Followers: Most of the gods in Mount Olympus yet to enter the Trope Pantheons, Ramuh, Thunderbringer
  • Allies: Hercules, Jak, Aphrodite, Vulcan, Rubick, Poseidon
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Thor, Eren Jaeger (Due to his titan nature), Most Radiant Heroes, Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi, the other Zeus
  • Rivals: Allfather Odin and the Norse Deities, Amaterasu
  • Enemies: KRATOS!, Isaac Clarke, the majority of the House of Love, Both incarnations of Hades, The Colossi, Sun Wukong, Daxter, ANY mortal that gets on his bad side, Annie Leonhart, Reiner Braun, Bertholt Hoover, Shub-Niggurath, The Master of Chaldea, Altera
  • Despite his new position amongst the gods of the Pantheon, he rarely visits this place for two main reasons. The first being that he doesn't like to share power with the other gods, instead, bossing around the other Olympians as he sits on his golden throne. The other reason being that Kratos nearly destroyed the entire House of Nature when he found out about his recent ascension. The few times he does appear is when it's time for a fight, when he feels to get it on with members in the House of Love or when he keeps fighting his son for the Blade of Olympus.
  • Not many members of the House of Love look forward to his visits. If Panty Anarchy (One of the few women who can stand him) is to be believed, he might be an amazing lover who knows how to take charge, but he does NOT take no for an answer. And he has a REALLY bad habit of never wearing protection, leading to him having MANY illegitimate children!
    • And to make matters WORSE, he doesn't miss out on the chance to get it on with some male deities as well. Just ask Akio Ohtori and Abe Takakazu about their unfortunate experiences with him!
  • Over time, with multiple facets of himself, Zeus found himself possessing several versions of himself. If he's feeling particularly angered and decides to deliver fatal punishment, he reverts to the 'dark, ruthless mode', which was what Kratos faced. If he's feeling more even-tempered, but not exactly happy (e.g: Neutral), he reverts to the 'neutral' mode, which is the form he took in the Battleground of the Gods. If he feels rather joyous, but still can afford a bit more happy thunder blasting, he reverts to his 'slightly more family-friendly combat', which is seen in the Fields of the Ancients (which is why he thought 'emulating Mario's jump' is a jolly idea). But Zeus also has his ways for good publicity, the 'totes family friendly' mode. Though this still doesn't win him as many fans as he expected, because the last always comes at the expense of Hades.
  • Go ahead. Bring up that time he lost to a mortal who didn't even know that he was a Greek God. Or that time he went into a week-long coma after sleeping with Morinth. The ashes of the last schmuck who tried to shove it in his face are still smoldering somewhere in the pits of Tartarus.
  • Zeus might be one of the best marksmen in the entire Pantheon, considering how he can hit the smallest of targets with his lightning bolts from the sky-high tops of Olympus, even with clouds blocking his sight.
  • Though he sure as hell won't be winning any Father of the Year awards any time soon, it is important to note that he does care for Hercules enough to throw bolts of thunder against most people who try to harm him. It's one of his more positive traits, to say the least.
  • While it's not unclear how powerful Zeus' lightning bolts can be when he's at full strength or when he decides to become Thunder and Tempest Incarnate, it was proven by the House of Technology that at times they can reach up to 21 thousand gigawatts.
  • Whenever Zeus and Kratos do fight (mostly over trying to get their hands on the Blade of Olympus), most of the other members of the Pantheon do everything in their power to limit or repair the damage as quickly as possible while evacuating any weaker inhabitant from the area. The reason for this dire security measure is because the last time Kratos and Zeus were locked in mortal combat, it ended with the destruction of the entire world!
  • Has piqued an interest in Asura and his fighting skills, but is advised against making any moves on his daughter Mithra.
  • Zeus has a very uneasy relationship with the Nordic God of Thunder, Thor, mostly over how they treat their followers. Where the Odinson is willing to fight and die for his people and allies in a heartbeat in order to protect them from any threat, Zeus on the other hand barely lifts a finger when his followers are slaughtered by the hundreds. In fact, he's perfectly willing to screw over all of them for the slightest of offenses. Give him the bad part of a buffalo? Your entire people go without fire. Claim that you're a better lover than him? Your entire continent goes infertile. Say that his beard looks stupid? The entire planet goes hairless and unattractive.
    • Both Thor and his father Odin has called him out on this, with Zeus also noting that while they may have some good deeds and lighter than him, they're no different as they, especially Odin, are also capable of dick moves if they please. This tends to be the source of argument when they duke it out in the Battleground of the Gods, but surprisingly, it slowly mutates into something of a Friendly Rivalry on Odin's case (Thor gets to play more with Hercules), especially when Zeus gave a hint/warning that knowing Kratos, after he destroyed Olympus, he might have set his eyes to wreak havoc in Valhalla next.
    • Both Zeus and Odin eventually agreed to send an invitation to the Far East Pantheon to invite Amaterasu to participate. However, when news reached that Amaterasu was under assault by Yuki Terumi and in the verge of losing, Zeus surprisingly was the first to rally the whole Greek Pantheon (those that trusted him anyway) to give their 'prayer and support' to help Amaterasu. It was not out of kindness or disgust at Terumi, however. Zeus' reasoning is merely that it'll be bad for "business and fun" if Amaterasu cannot make it to the Battleground.
  • Whenever the Olympic Games take place, he is always seen watching every single sport take place in the House of Sports, thinking that they are carried out in order to pay him tribute. The other gods who partake in the Olympic Games simply play along in order to get him out of their hair for a while, knowing that these games are a massive case of Serious Business for him. In fact, he takes it so seriously that he even tries to stop many gods from the House of War to carry out their jobs during these seasons. Any interruption of the Olympic Games will strike a nerve that is best avoided.
  • His relationship with his brother, Hades, has become VERY confused ever since they both joined the Pantheon. When they are in the realm of Olympus, Greece, Italy or Rome, they tend to have a proper brotherhood (or at least as proper as the Olympian gods can get). However, the moment they meet on the grounds of the Pantheon, Hades becomes far more prone to betrayal and Zeus becomes far more paranoid against his older brother. In fact, he even tends to forget that Hades is supposed to be older than him whenever they met in the Pantheon. The strange effect wears off the moment they return to their original realms. They try not to talk about it during family meetings.
  • Recently, Zeus decided to put his feud with Kratos on hold and tried to be a good father by taking him on a day out. Unfortunately, Zeus' plan did not succeed, because he did that while wearing his 'dark ruthless' form and Kratos still hates his guts (granted, not that Kratos would ever show mercy to his other forms). On the bright side, Jak was looking for a father figure of his own, which resulted in Zeus and Jak forming a father-son relationship of their own. Jak is one of the few gods unaffiliated with Disney who is able to see Zeus' more positive side.
    • Unsurprisingly, Daxter fears Zeus. Jak understands why and has pleaded with Zeus to treat him with respect.
  • Surprisingly, he has given help to Pit on his first two adventures and was surprisingly nice to him. That being said, he did start saying "YOU WEAKLING!" to anyone who he saw being way below his might.
  • Once tried to go after Aigis due to him thinking that she is copying his symbol. However, his appearance caused her and the members of both SEES and Investigation Team to remember a forgotten memory of the time when he possessed Elizabeth and tried to fight them, causing them to go on defense. Once Zeus remembered that they beat him that time and realizing that the former team beat and sealed away Nyx (who even Zeus fears), he had to call back.
    • Because of this, he has a Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with Makoto. Yes, he beat him once and could summon him at will, but he also keeps Nyx sealed away, which Zeus is at least grateful of.
    • This has also made Airy his enemies. If they ever become close to House of Nature, he will strike them with lightning without a second thought.
  • One of the few beings that even Zeus fears is Nyx's daughter Nemesis, whose desire to mete out justice for unrighted wrongs had turned Zeus (who is guilty of that about ten times over) into a regular punching bag for her. Upon hearing of her ascension, Zeus fled to Mount Olympus and didn't return until he confirmed that the amount of other evil people in the pantheon meant he wasn't her number one target.
  • Zeus has a rather interesting taunt called Heavenly Jump when he used his "slightly more family-friendly" form, where he jumps Super Mario style. Alongside his appearance there which has an uncanny similarity to Mario himself, people have started to wonder if there's a connection between Zeus and Mario.
    • It's been a long contest, but Zeus ended up as the winner of an arcana vote contest thanks to overwhelming mortal support, and will be receiving an arcana set in the future. Zeus was quite pleased with his victory and did not waste an opportunity to rub it in the competition's face. First things first, he visited a divine barber to get some facial upgrade.
    • He... was about to do the boasting but had to hold that thought in a bit since when he got that, he encountered Zet the Arc Warden and came across the news about how the Radiant or Dire he fought with might be something more ancient than Godlike beings like himself. This forces Zeus to ponder about things and what actions he needed to take to assert his authority.
  • Thor and Zeus decided to rap against each other to see which thunder god is mightier. It was decided Thor won. Zeus wasn't too happy about that.
  • In "neutral" mode, he doesn't take it well when someone invades his home and seeing too many rebelling within his "children". But he stands resolute that he CAN and WILL quell them, with these words:

Intermediate Gods

Astalos, God of Multi-Colored Lightning (Raizekusu, Thunder Wyvern, Lightning Rebel, Shocking Scoundrel, Thunderclaw Wyvern | Boltreaver Astalos: Lightning Revolt, Blue Thunder Lord)
Boltreaver Astalos 
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as Boltreaver Astalos)
  • Symbol: It's Hunter's Guild icons
  • Theme Song: Electric Rebel (Astalos) Resolve Flaring in the Heart (Boltreaver Astalos, shared with all Deviants)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Glass Cannon, Insectoid-looking wyvern, Red Eyes, Take Warning, I'm a Humanitarian, Psycho Electro, Breath Weapon, Punched Across the Room, Beware My Stinger Tail that inflicts Paralysis, Charges itself up, Part of the Fated Four as The Lancer, Flagship Monster
  • Domains: Lightning, Wyverns, Aggression, Violence
  • Allies: None. Way too murderous.
  • Rivals: Rathalos and Rathian, Glavenus, Valstrax, Lagiacrus, Rajang, Zinogre
  • Enemies: Fatalis, Salamence, The Radiance, Turbo
  • Opposed by/Opposes: The Monster Hunters, The House of Insects in particular HerakleKabuterimon and Atom Ant
  • Interests: Shino Aburame, Agitha, Sig
  • Avoids: The House of Ice and Cold along with anyone with ice powers, The House of Water and Moisture and anyone with water powers
  • Size: 1544.63 cm - 2194.07 (normal) 2108.45 cm - 2441.36 cm (Boltreaver)
  • High Priest: Toxicitry
  • Watch the skies, traveler, for there’s many a Flying Wyvern in the wild these days. If ever you hear the crackle of thunder, your hairs stand on end from the air’s electricity, and are face-to-face with a wyvern whose appearance harkens to that of an insect then chances are you are dealing with an Astalos. Erratic and violent, both are indeed apt words to describe the Thunder Wyvern. The only thing nastier than its default temperament is the zap of its shocks, particularly from its pincer tail. All in all, not a beast one should just decide to fight out of the blue.
  • Once the Herald of Glavenus owing to his status as a member of the Fated Four. However, he proved to be the least controllable out of its fellow monsters and often ventured beyond the temple grounds to pick a fight leading to the Monster Hunters being called into deal with it. These trips were usually quite quick and not far from home but at point it disappeared for a few days. Astalos eventually resurfaced when a string of attacks across the House of Wings and Feathers were traced back to it and was found by the authorities to be fighting Salamence. Their fight was also soon interrupted, forcing the Astalos to retreat into the House of Electricity.
  • Its thought process is easy to understand, really: If an Astalos sees something, that something must die. No ifs, ands, or buts about it, it must die. They are just that brutal of a beast, and it goes way back. As a young wyvern, they are not above eating one of their own if given the chance. And as a parent it can sometimes be found devouring one of its own children by mistaking them for Neopterons. It's not looking upon favorably by the House of Family because of this, even if it is a wild animal.
  • An Astalos’ entire body serves as an organ that generates electricity and it is fully capable of charging up parts of its body to enhance its attacks indicated by a brilliant yellow-green glow. In addition, its own pincer tail is also capable of paralyzing prey and other manner of foes along with some mean hooks from its wings, too. It’s a Glass Cannon to be sure, especially if charged up, but its durability hardly becomes an issue if it forces its opponents into the defensive with such a twitchy and aggressive fighting style combined with flight abilities on par with a Rathalos. It gets into some scrapes with the it and the Rathian as you can imagine. And on the topic of scrapes its power over the Thunder element has also led to some heated rivalries with other monsters with similar abilities like Zinogre, Rajang, and Lagiacrus. It also tends to butt heads with fellow Fated Four member Glavenus, usually over being the mascot monster. They do tend to team-up against Valstrax, however.
    • Its more aggressive Boltreaver Deviant takes the abilities of a normal Astalos and cranks it to eleven. Its electrical organs are far stronger than those of a normal species demonstrated not only from its entire body being charged up by default but also taking it a step further and enter an “ultracharged” state, turning its body a cyan blue like the high voltages it dishes out. The Boltreaver also has a few new tricks too, namely the electromagnetic spheres it can use to pull in prey like some sort of pseudo-black hole.
  • Glass cannon archetype aside it's also susceptible to water and cold. Quite fitting for a wyvern that has zero chill. The former should really not come as a surprise. It tends to avoid picking fights with them, but as always don't expect it to back down easily. Interestingly enough, electricity itself also has its uses against Astalos. If a strong enough shock hits a body part that's surging with electricity it can cancel out the charge on that particular part. However, the Monster Hunters do not recommend this method for the simple fact that one can just as easily accomplish the exact opposite result so for practicality reasons a more direct method of attack is preferred.
    • This leads into the irony of it not dwelling long in the House of Electricity despite it literally being its home house as being elsewhere would allow it to have a better grip on its own element. Instead, it plagues the House of Travel when not in the House of Wind and Air and quests revolving around driving it out are among the bulletin boards.
  • Due to essentially being a giant flying bug zapper it's not really welcome in the House of Insects despite its appearance. The dozens of times it tried to single out and eat the weaker members didn't really help. On the Astalos' end it doesn't hold a particular hatred any of them besides HerakleKabuterimon and Atom Ant, of whom its more-so vexed by. They tend to be the first on the scene when it comes to dealing with the Electric Wyvern. For the former, it may also stem from wielding the same element as it leading to some sort of rivalry, something that the Digimon really reciprocates.
    • Its frequent attacks on the House did begin to slow when The Radiance managed to afflict it with her signature Hate Plague and sicced it upon the rest of the Pantheon. Its newfound strength in frenzy made it a terror to behold but it was eventually stopped. When it does attack it strays from her grounds, though the specific hatred it holds against her surpassed that of the Digimon and the superhero.
  • While on the topic of bug zappers that much as sums up the encounter with it and Turbo in his Cybug form when it came bursting down his door one day. While he put up a fight for a while the moment the Astalos turned berserk and electrified its entire body was the moment his fate was sealed, a repeat of his fate in the mortal realm. Turbo has grown to despise the beast and plans on dealing it later though he would prefer to do it in a less direct way lest he get crushed. And brute forcing it with his Cy-Bug form would only allow him to fall prey to instincts.
  • Classified as a Flying Wyvern it may be that didn't stop the likes of Sig, Agitha, and Shino Aburame from occasionally observing it from afar. Initially, when they heard about it and its power over electricity alongside its aggressiveness they didn't think much of it though they haven't properly meet it due to not dwelling in the House of Insects for very long despite its frequency in arrival. It was only after the above mentioned incident that the three decided to personally look into the monster and finding out from the Monster Hunters that the Astalos is indeed bug-like itself (treehopper-like horn, Glasswing butterfly-esque wings, dragonfly tail) changed things a bit. Don't get them wrong, part of coming to observe it also means intervening in the times it tries to start something but they are also equal parts fascinated by it too.

Maxwell "Max" Dillon, God of Psycho Electros (Electro, A God Named Sparkles?)
Electro's normal form
"Blue" Electro 
  • Intermediate God. Greater God (as Blue Electro when supercharged or going all out).
  • Symbol: His Lightning Insignia
  • Theme Song: The Electro Suite, My Enemy and Still Crazy.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil. Initially True Neutral.
  • Portfolio: Psycho Electro, Shock and Awe, Might Be a Dormant Mutant, Occasionally A Woobie, Destroyer of Worlds, Fashion-Victim Villain, Jerkass, Unskilled, but Strong.
  • Domains: Electricity, Villainy, Mayhem
  • High Priestess: Livewire
  • Herald: Francine Frye/Electro II
  • Followers: Surge the Tenrec, Shock Treatment, Megavolt
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Eneru, Static and Black Lightning, Gunvolt.
  • Enemies: The Marvel Comics Heroes (especially Peter Parker/Spider-Man and Thor Odinson), The Heroic DC Comics Deities, The Heroic My Hero Academia Deities, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, The Crystal Gems, Plusle and Minun, Red Gyarados.
  • Avoids: Kletus Casady/Carnage, Norman Osborn/Green Goblin.
  • Max Dillon was once an ordinary guy, until a freak accident gave him (or awakened) vast electrical abilities, with his newfound powers Dillon renamed himself Electro and became one of Earth's most infamous villains who found himself opposed by the ever-present superhero, Peter Parker/Spider-Man. He would eventually join a group known as the Sinister Six, led by Dr. Octopus/The Master Planner, along with fellow supervillains Sandman, Kraven the Hunter, Mysterio and Vulture. However, no matter how powerful he became, to the point of even turning into a being of pure electricity, Spider-Man always managed to defeat the insane electrical being and put him in jail.
  • Electro's ascension was fully done after his recent defeat in a different world where he was overloaded with energy and destabilized to the point of losing his grip on the physical plane. Electro soon reappeared, with a golden bolt as the prelude, now fully reformed in the Pantheon and with memories from all other universes. Soon enough he began adjusting himself to his new existence and started meeting back up with his old allies of the Six such as Doctor Octopus and Mysterio, Electro has been planning to join his fellow villains in taking care of Spider-Man (who is also in the Pantheon) once and for all.
  • Electro has made enemies with more than just Spider-Man, over the years he's clashed with not only Spider-Man's contemporary and succeeding heroes within the latter's area but also many higher class heroes such as Captain America, Iron Man and even Thor, God of Thunder; this last one is a particular sour memory for him as he fought the Asgardian in his "Blue" form where he can become a being of pure lightning and though he initially believed this made him all-powerful against Thor it quickly went south when Thor simply used his powers to fling Electro around since the latter was the exact thing he could manipulate, thunder. Electro has sworn he'll get payback on Thor any way he can as a result.
  • Has formed a rivalry against fellow electric villain, Eneru, both of them bragging about how much better each thinks themselves of than the other at what they do best. Eneru himself is also made of electricity thanks to the powers of his Devil Fruit, not unlike various incarnations of Electro, which has furthered his rivalry with his fellow electric supervillain. Electro does find many of Eneru's actions quite reprehensible and abhorrent and considers them far worse than he could hope to do even on his worst days, as such this one rivalry is quite fierce and hate-fueled on both ends of it. Another thing that led to them clashing was their delusional behavior of godhood-seeking which has made the two seek to one up the other in destructive scope to prove their might.
  • Due to his vocation as a hitman, the Adept Gunvolt came to hear of Electro and his status a mutate with electric powers that might've been innate all along. Gunvolt approached Electro to get to know him better but was sorely furious to find out the kind of person Electro is, ever since Gunvolt's entered a bit of a rivalry with the electric supervillain and is bent on helping stop him for good eventually. A point that made them big rivals was Electro's great control of electricity and capacity to transform into the element itself.
  • With his psychotic streak and penchant for evildoing with electricity he got an enemy in Pikachu and his trainer, Ash Ketchum, as both are specialists in the electric type attack business and were quite unhappy to know of what Electro does with said power. This enmity only became clear after Ash and Pikachu ran into Electro and drove him off with a powerful 10,000 Volt Thunderbolt which overwhelmed even Electro's capacities and has made the supervillain see Ash as a legitimate threat to him.
  • He's not quite fond of fellow Marvel supervillain, Carnage, if only because Carnage is far too evil even for him. Electro has mostly tried to avoid associating with the psychotic symbiote. Another non-Sinister Six villain that he's not quite on good terms with is Flint Marko/Sandman, once a member of the Sinister Six whose recently been drifting more to the side of good. While at times Sandman goes back to villainy, he's become more and more of a neutral/good force leading to Electro's relationship with his fellow villain taking a sour turn.
  • Electro has always had one issue going on for him: self-loathing and an utter incapacity to ever creatively use his superpowers for either personal gain or in a fight. This means that his usual lethal abilities rarely if ever show their true power. As such some lightning deities have offered him mentorship on exploring and developing his powers, one of such deities was the more evil versions of Zeus, though mostly as an amusement exercise rather than legitimate mentorship.
  • A few of Batman's enemies have made allies with him, particularly thanks to his resemblance to another electric supervillain, Livewire. Among these allies are the Riddle, Bane and Two Face. Their enmities with Batman is something that Electro can understand given his own enmity against Spider-Man and the multiple humiliating defeats he's suffered at the hands of the arachnid.
  • At least in world he was once a shy and introverted nerd who worked at Oscorp as an electric engineer who was sadly screwed out of his rightful payment and fame for designing a hi-tech power grid for New York City with genetically modified electric eels, and turned evil once he was transformed by a freak accident and mistreated in his new form. As such he made a connection with Odio, who was once a champion of heroism but due to excessive prejudice and hardships put forth by mankind, wound up turning into a villain.
  • He's become something of an ally with M. Bison, who's teamed up with the Marvel villains from time to time. Bison views potential in Electro's capacities if he were to go all out and actually use his powers properly, especially given that most of Bison's main enemies would be straight-up defenseless against Electro if he were to truly remove his biggest combat flaws. For what its worth, Electro has no issue taking up jobs for the criminal mastermind and has been excited to meet stronger foes that he can use to become powerful enough to finally trounce Spider-Man.
  • Since they can be "poofed" by powerful enough electricity, the Crystal Gems (and any by extension) are extremely wary of Electro's abilities as even a slight fight might result in one getting poofed before they can stop the electrical supervillain. Steven tried to reason with Electro in one occasion owing to Electro's Dark and Troubled Past in many universes, but was unsuccessful in accomplishing anything because of Electro's stubborn dedication to his evil ways.
  • Though he initially fully treated Norman Osborn as an ally, several recent events involving Osborn screwing him over in more than one way have soured Electro's views on his fellow villain, instead preferring to keep far away from him. Osborn doesn't really cares for this, as he isn't too attached to any of their previous alliances and would rather seek out more and more allies to team up with.
  • Azula is a fellow lightning user who relates to Electro's anger and self-esteem issues given her own history of dealing with neglect from her parents and having had her life work ruined by the expectations from her father. Azula was interested in hearing of Electro's status as a lightning humanoid that might've been a mutant or more all along but finds herself somewhat disappointed with his lack of creativity in regards to his powers and using them in battle.

Eneru, God of Electricity Manipulation (Enel, Ener, God of Skypeia, Kami of Skypeia, Sky Lord)
200 Million Volt Amaru 
  • Intermediate God, borderline Greater (full-blown Greater God when he has gathered immense electricity, within 200 Million Volt Amaru, or if he learns newer Haki types)
  • Symbol: His Thunder Drums
  • Theme: Tokyopiea
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil who believes he is Lawful Good.
  • Portfolio: Psycho Electro, A God Am I, Sinister Surveillance, Nigh-Invulnerable, The Sociopath, Where I Was Born and Razed, Person of Mass Destruction, Batman Can Breathe in Space, Bolt of Divine Retribution, Lean and Mean, Lightning Bruiser, Omnicidal Maniac, Golden Maleable Rod, Smug Super, Walking Shirtless Scene, Yellow Lightning, Blue Lightning
  • Domains: Electricity, Detection, Tyranny, Machinery
  • High Priestess: Beatrice Waltrud von Kirscheisen
  • Allies: Megatron, Astolos, Kessler, Larxene, Loki, Rajang, David Zappa, Akira Otoishi, Soundwave, Shockwave, The Vex, Sentry Turrets, Metal Sonic, Sheev Palpatine, Zabi Family, Zonda and the Seven, Nightmare Moon, Starmen
  • Rivals: Zeus
  • Enemies: Monkey D. Luffy, Nico Robin, Nami, Roronoa Zoro, Usopp, Sanji, Chopper, Donquixote Doflamingo, Thor, Virgil Hawkins/Static-Shock and Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning, HerakleKabuterimon, Cole MacGranth, Tyrande Whisperwind, Zamasu, Dan Kuroto/Kamen Rider Genm, Optimus Prime, Ben Tennyson and Gwen Tennyson, Pikachu, Gunvolt, 2B, A2, 9S, Ratchet, Clank, Ivo Robotnik, Legion, Amuro Ray, Banagher Links, Balthier, Zhao, Chosen Four, Lucas
  • Eneru had been the tyrant ruling Skypiea as its "God", the designation for presiding ruler. After eating his Devil Fruit powers, Eneru massacred his homeland of Birka with his new electricity powers before overtaking Skypiea with the hopes to enact a genocide against the other sky islands. This stems from Eneru believing that they were abominations to the world due to their unnaturalness, which most would call bull on since there are much weirder things around the world than floating islands. He had accumulated a Cult of Personality throughout Skypiea, enforcing his rule by eliminating those who opposed him with lightning strikes from afar. He created the Ark Maxim to bring fruition to his insane plans but instead of reigning his terror upon the skies, Eneru faced a massive defeat when the Straw Hat pirates emerged from the Blue Seas to explore their home. Eventually, they found out the extent of his tyrannical rule and would have been mere ants to his might if Luffy has the perfect counter to Eneru's electricity powers. That being that Luffy is made of rubber which Eneru's electricity could not conduct through no matter what. With nothing to fall back on, what Eneru had to focus on was whether he could beat the Straw Hat but if he could commit that genocide he planned before his defeat. In short, he failed but managed to escape justice by going to the moon where he currently dwells as its ruler. Make no mistake, Eneru's actions would become significant again. Due to his extreme versatility with his Devil Fruit-given electrical powers was when Eneru was allowed to ascend. However, he was informed before the Straw Hats being present at the Pantheon which resulted in Eneru wanting to lay a low profile from anybody of the Blue Seas until he is ready to reign terror once more.
  • What makes Eneru so dangerous with the electric powers that make him stand apart from those who have similar powers? Eneru can do the basic application of the powers by shooting bolts of lighting to shocking people via touching them—all relatively normal if effective. But due to his Devil Fruit powers being of the Logia type, Eneru's entire body has been converted to the electrical element which gives him Nigh-Invulnerability to everything aside from what could interact with electrical currents, fundamental forces of nature, or Haki. As for Haki (or Mantra those in the sky call it), Eneru learned how to combine it with his powers to devastating effect. Using electromagnet waves, he could read the minds of those around him and have precise on where to annihilate even if he were miles away. This power he has is not even the end of it as if Eneru could gather more electricity outside of what he could generate solely to boost his power to the point he destroys islands at a whim. He is also as Fast as Lightning, can conduct himself through metals, and could generate enough heat to melt objects of varying sizes. All of these traits make Eneru probably amongst if that the best when it comes to exploiting this particular element but that was perhaps his downfall. He does not have a crutch when his abilities prove ineffective at the slightest as shown when Luffy started beating the living tar out of him thanks to his rubber body naturally making him immune to what Eneru could dish out at him. Except perhaps that melting bonus but that takes some time to work. Unless Eneru learned how to not be so reliant on his Devil Fruit, he'd be exponentially more powerful and likely be at least on par with Marine Admiral. He does have the opportunity to rectify this massive weakness but considering that Eneru was shown to be quite lazy at his downtime, it all depends if he wants to get back at the Straw Hats.
  • The secrets Eneru discovered on his trip to the moon (yes, his Devil Fruit probably allowed him to breath in space too) have sparked new revelations that Eneru now knows. Those who dwelled at the sky islands (as seen by their functionless wings) were originally from the moon before going to the planet below them. What was also on the moon are the automata that fend of Space Pirates every day with death being prominent. Eneru took down those pirates easily and gained the loyalty of the automata and proceeded to reactive their ancient city. His plans for them are less than ideal and likely would bring The Empire flavor to it all. Though it would be expected that Eneru may not be able to keep such an advanced place functioning due to the technological gap, Eneru is well-versed in engineering mechanics. He built his ship, the Ark Maxim that was able to float to the moon at one piece effortlessly. Even more impressive was that it was made of mostly gold and not enforced metals. He seeks to advance his new robot followers with whatever he can get his hands on. That said, he had taken a keen notice to YoRHa androids within the Pantheon for not just for the technology on their bodies but also the data on the numerous robots they mowed down under orders. Of course, none of the three want to give such tech to the electrical madman as he will simply use that against innocents for a new era of tyranny.
  • Even before he ascended, Eneru called himself a god despite being completely mortal if empowered. The reason for this arrogant declaration was that whoever is the designated ruler of Skypeia is named the God/Kami there but Eneru took the title literally and the less than the benevolent version of the god as well. Even now, he thinks that this is the case and his egotism makes him frustrated that "lesser beings" are gaining the titles of gods throughout the Pantheon. Though he has a very big god complex, Eneru has a few contenders for that. We have Dan Kuroto who uses technology to proclaim himself as a god thanks to his programming skills and Zamasu who is an actual god yet has such an ego he wants to kill everybody opposing him. When picking between these three on who is better or worse, they come in different flavors. Being superpowered with no opposition (Eneru), having genuine skills but believing the world revolves around their achievements as a result (Kuroto), or being a god who thinks they are in charge of life itself(Zamasu). Eneru does not like both persons as he thinks they do not fit the god moniker. Ironically, both Kuroto and Zamasu can beat down Eneru quite easily as maximum power. Kuroto would grab Zamasu and slam him onto the moon he retreated towards and a single Ki blast from Zamasu would likely end the guy instantly.
  • Doflamingo and Eneru share a lot of traits. Both proclaim themselves as gods to those they rule, have numerous subordinates at their beck and call, having a giant cage, and wanting to destroy the place where they ruled. They even share Luffy as their natural nemesis as those will the Will of D are the gods' natural enemy. Even though they share these traits, the two never met each other and are unlikely to get along even if they share a common hatred for Luffy. Doflamingo likely is the superior fighter due to his varied Haki abilities but Eneru would likely put up a pretty good fight.
  • Megatron's Decepticons are alarmingly interested in the automata that Eneru commands. It is unknown what is their interest pertains to but it is believed that they see a mechanical civilization that only just recovered from certain doom as perfect to cultivate for themselves. Eneru however, would be the biggest proponent against them as it is HIS army he found. That is why Megatron decided to ally with Eneru as having unnecessary conflict cannot be good for both parties. Eneru remains suspicious of the help from the Decepticons but said help is too valuable to pass upon. If his army even gains a fraction of what the Decepticons are capable of then Eneru would surely have a force that rivals the strongest of the Blue Seas. Of course, Optimus Prime will not allow this and wants to liberate the automata to think for themselves. Unfortunately for Optimus, Eneru is much smarter than he looks and asked Megatron to place a blockade of Decepticons poised to destroy his subordinates if they come so close. Eneru may have a second chance at success through his genocidal tendencies remain.
  • Eneru when he learned that Luffy was immune to most of his attacks, he made a particularly notable expression that embodies all of his horrors at that moment. He made that very expression when he discovered another person immune to his attacks being Ben Tennyson. Ben transformed into several aliens that nulled Eneru's electricity. Diamondhead, Chromastone, Shock Rock, Buzzrock, Frankenstrike, Shocksquatch, and Feedback nullified anything Eneru could do much to his horror. However, Ben being Ben kept switching to aliens not immune or outright have weakness to electricity which made Eneru harm Ben severely a few times. The real danger Eneru sees is his cousin Gwen who can wield powers that could protect against his electricity and can equally deal damage to Eneru in turn. Ben might wield the most potential danger yet Gwen presents the most consistent threat to him.
  • Due to being at his most powerful when he has gathered an incredible amount of electricity, Eneru is right at home at his Hall. Even other deities who are pissed off with him cannot do squat as he just absorbs their powers and uses them against them. Thor once had various volts of lighting from his hammer come down towards Eneru but nothing happened. The reason for wanting to strike Eneru down was because the guy sounded too much like his brother cannot be good at all. Thor fortunately fell back on his good old strength that he imbued with electricity so that it could actually hit Eneru, much to the latter's annoyance (he was able to dodge the blows through his Haki senses). Cole MacGrath tried throwing as much electricity as he could at Eneru but nothing budged him, which impressed even Kessler who is Cole's experienced future self. That said, Cole manages to have Eneru take him seriously once he started using other powers against him. At the same time though, Eneru does minimum damage against them compared to other threats due to their shared electricity powers but that does not mean they are completely immune to them unlike himself via a concept called "overloading" which Eneru is still trying to grasp on.
    Eneru: Ha! Only those who are too weak will be overwhelmed like a man drinking too much water despite being functionless without consuming it!
  • Zeus got annoyed with how Eneru preaches himself as a god when he is mortal. To put him in his place, Zeus threw a lightning bolt down at Eneru with the hopes for him to learn his place. What happened instead was that Eneru absorbed the lightning and temporarily became stronger to a ridiculous degree. Zeus did not know what was happening and decided to throw more and more bolts at him until it became apparent even to him that Eneru was a league on his own now. Eneru challenged whoever threw the lightning bolts down on him, to the horror of everyone around them. Zeus confronted and fought Eneru will all of his strength not seen since the days of the Titans all because he was pissed he grabbed his lightning. Eneru was surprisingly able to fight the man off but fell to the physical strength of the Greek god, and had the lightning bolts he absorbed ripped out of him. Though it was a painful experience, Eneru cannot find himself hating Zeus as he finds respect for the arrogant demeanor he displayed. It seems hypocritical considering his treatment of others who have similar mindsets but Zeus has the power to back his claims up. Eneru cannot consider him an enemy for this but also seeks to defeat Zeus and usurp his power which he is perfectly capable of if the stars align right.
  • Eneru once tried to kidnap Clank as he wanted Clank to upgrade his robot subordinates and their machinery. Clank agreed to do so albeit at gunpoint essentially—going to work to improve Eneru's new empire. However, even though Eneru told Clank to upgrade his workers—it flew over his head that Clank could be built automatic machinery to decrease the workload significantly. As a result, Clank just fixed up a robot at a time within a glacial place as he waited for Ratchet to figure out where he was taken (Clank could not send a signal due to Eneru being able to detect it). Ratchet did follow the footsteps that led him to Eneru's hideout and started blowing things up looking for his robot buddy. The Decepticons were poised to destroy Eneru's moon due to disturbance as they promised but Eneru resolved it by kicking both Ratchet and Clank off his city. Not even he wants to die a pointless death over some upgrades. Eneru then swore he would never kidnap a robot again as Ratchet set back his work by a few months due to his destructive rescue as well as Clank doing nothing to upgrade his robots. All he did was add the ability to pee out excessive waste at long periods. Megatron proceeded to laugh at him due to this.
    Megatron: Perhaps that upgrade was acceptable if it stops those robots from flooding themselves.
    Eneru: Do not make fun of what my warriors are capable of. They can hold as much waste inside them until wounds bleed those waste outward.
  • Due to his dwelling on the moon, Tyrande wants him evicted from there since him stationing an army will only lead to its scarring if annihilation. Eneru of course, refused—citing as a god he has higher authority than a guardian. Tyrande had spoken for everyone when she gave the middle finger to him as he walked away. Another person Eneru had to argue over the moon was a certain Ivo Robotnik who built several stations near his dwelling and Eneru blew them all up because there could only be one to live there. He did note that Eggman had VERY advanced engineering skills that exceeded even Eneru's so he asked for Eggman to upgrade his robotic empire as its leadings scientist. Robotnik of course rebuffed his offer and said there would only be one person to make Eggmanland and that was him. So constantly, one could see explosions on the moon's surface as that is probably Eneru destroying stations that went under his radar. Robotnik is VERY willing to rebuild the Death Egg just to blow the annoying guy up.
    Eggman: I've come to make an announcement: Eneru is a bitch ass motherfucker. He blew up my fucking station. That's right, he took his snake-fucking' pointy staff out and blew up my fucking station, and he said his godhood was, "this big," and I said, "that's disgusting," so I'm making a callout post on my Eneru, you've got a small staff, it's the size of my mustache except way smaller. And guess what? Here is what my Eggmanland looks like: that's right baby, all tech, no bolts, no midgets— look at that, it looks like two Six Flags and my mom. He blew up my station, so guess what, I'm gonna fuck SKYPEIA. That's right, this is what you get: MY SUPER LASER PISS! Except I'm not gonna piss on Skypeia, I'm gonna go higher; I'm pissing on his moon! How do you like that, Eneru? I PISSED ON THE MOON YOU IDIOT! You have twenty-three hours before the piss drrrropllllllets hit your fucking city, now get outta my fucking sight before I piss on it, Eneru!
    Eneru: Um... am I supposed by threatened?
    David Zappa: You get used to the moon pissing jokes. I should know. I get them all the time.
    • Aside from Tyrande, most moon deities are surprisingly indifferent to Eneru dwelling upon its surface even if it means using it as the base to invade what is the planet below him. Nightmare Moon has outright stated approval over what Eneru plans to do as if his invasion succeeds, then the moon will become a symbol of fear and worship to all as a result. Sheev Palpatine even offered tips to Eneru on how to weaponize the moon. Tyrande is horrified nobody is taking the Eneru threat as seriously as it could be, even if he is not actively doing anything malicious with the moon yet. Out of everybody on her side about this, it was Zhao who does not care for the moon but actively seeks to have it blown to smithereens for glory than actual concern. Tyrande now just wants to bash her head against a wall over this.
  • Eneru had brought many Sentry Turrets and stationed them outside his city with the hopes of getting intruders at bay. It might not seem like much effort was placed to it but Eneru has a soft spot for the little things and laughs whenever they firing like there is no tomorrow. However, it annoys Eneru to always have to find that the turrets floated around due to being propelled by their bullets. They fired at his minions, making them leak around. Eneru had an easy solution by anchoring them to the moon's surface. Sometimes a meteorite breaks their chains though the issue has been sorta resolved. The irony is that the bullets only floated instead of being shot—so Eneru keeps them around because they are fun instead of effective.
  • Eneru tried to befriend Gunvolt due to their similar powers but Gunvolt rejected Eneru almost immediately due to how much of an egotistical asshole he is. Plus, what soured Gunvolt's opinion on him was when Gunvolt was at a library and Eneru would not shut up when he spoke on how great his beliefs are to nobody in particular, annoying everybody around him greatly. He also told Eneru to shut up over that to which Eneru took offense to as he thought gods like themselves are free to express their ideologies whenever they want. Just to spite Gunvolt, Eneru went to befriend Zonda and the Seven who also really hate Gunvolt as much as he does albeit for much less petty reasons. Eneru would also like to say that the Seven also agree that they should be freely to speak their opinions within a publicly owned space, even if it is a library that they want to talk within.
    Eneru: Should they just allow Heralds to exist? I mean, they are mortal and those mortal are below others. I would rather see to it the Heralds get executed for intruding this holy place. Should we even allow those without powers for themselves because I would find-
  • Since he would have liked to pull a Colony Drop on those he likes to exterminate, Eneru made fast friends with the Zabi family. Most of the Zabi family are interested in exploiting the power Eneru has since he is like a deadly Newtype with his Haki abilities. His electrical powers could probably defuse most Mobile Suits, nuclear cores are damned. However, a small sector of the more noble Zabi family members is opposed to Eneru as his actions represent the atrocities they have committed on innocents all for a vendetta against The Federation. Amuro and Banagher have faced Eneru before and both sensed his strength from afar. Eneru in turn felt this and fought against them but retreated overseeing that their Gundams' firepower was harming him (particle-based weaponry shoots out light too). He swore that Newtypes are another oddity that is too dangerous to let live... even though Eneru also considers that his Haki is a natural thing as well.
  • Looks a lot like Eminem the rapper to which most would attest. Eneru could not deny that the musician does have similar look to himself and even liked the bars that Eminem brings out. That all led to a fated meeting between Akira Otoishi and Eneru who the former mistaken the latter for the rapper. After realizing that Otoishi had electricity powers too, Eneru wanted to see if his drum and guitar would synergize well with each other over this. Much to their surprise, it did and the resulting duet the two had was said to be quite electrifying to those who saw them. To note, Eneru does not wish to have a music career nor he could practice it in soundless outer space but Otoishi said that it would be better that way since he wants to start with a solo career instead of hogging the spotlight with another person.
  • His machine empire is seen as a positive to those like Metal Sonic who would find it hard to dismiss a cold and calculating place run by an equally cold and calculating person. However, those like Legion on the other hand think whatever Eneru is trying to build is an abomination that threatens all mechanical societies that want to remain independent from those of flesh and blood. Eneru does not care for either praise as all he focuses on is what power he gains from putting in such effort.
    Eneru: Are flesh and machine truly different? We program ourselves daily activities, we need sustenance to survive, and when a cog dislodges itself the entire system suffers. But those like myself, the gods of society have a duty to have our system spread as efficiently as possible because we are the only ones truly responsible for herding the sheep.
  • Had an encounter with the Starmen at a whim once. Eneru thought they had come to invade him dwelling but the aliens were surprisingly cordial with him after sensing no ill intent from them. They told Eneru of children who wielded the Franklin Badge which serves as an Attack Reflector against lightning—something that brings Eneru horrid flashbacks of when his lightning did not work. They left him with this information with great expectation on what he was going to do, to which he took action immediately. He attacked the Chosen Four quickly and was shocked that their Psychic Powers are capable of harming him. He managed to snatch their Frankling Badge before booking it as fast as he could. He then confronted Lucas as he wore the Franklin Badge himself, demanding it. Lucas did not hinge, as the Franklin Badge in his possession is VERY important to him. Eneru then went to beat Lucas up, with Lucas not hitting back as he did not like conflict with anybody. Eneru tried snatching it from his body but an emotionally wrecked Lucas unleashed PK Love on Eneru—causing the man to be so brutally injured he had to restart his heart to survive. By then, Lucas managed to get away and hid the Franklin Badge somewhere it would never be found. Eneru was at least satisfied with the badge he had taken already.
  • "I am lightning. No matter how hard they try, mankind can never overcome lightning. Since ancient times, mankind has labeled the unknowns of nature as God. And anything they could not understand, they feared. Everything which befalls mankind is said to be the work of God. Mankind accepts that it cannot defeat natural disasters. And I am one of them."

HerakleKabuterimon, God of Lightning-Wielding Beetles (Bubbmon, Mochimon, Tentomon, Kabuterimon, Mega/AtlurKabuterimon, HerculesKabuterimon)
  • Intermediate God (most specimens). Greater God (stronger specimens).
  • Symbol: Its horns being struck by lightning
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Non-Binary
  • Portfolio: Strong, sturdy and fast (though in some continuities it's a Stone Wall), Eyeless Face, Giant Flyer, golden final form, has characteristics of both Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon and lightning powers to match, heroic mon despite off-putting appearance
  • Domains: Insects, Lightning, Data, Mons
  • Allies: Good Digimon deities, Mothra Leo, good members of the Houses of Insects and Electricity, Nancy Archer, GUAG White Hats, Souji Tendou and Arata Kagami, Heracross and Pinsir, Herculious and Kuwagust Anchus, Gunvolt
  • Enemies: Evil Digimon deities, Enter, Xenomorphs, Zonda and the Seven (esp. Teseo), Team Rocket, Fafnir, Anub'arak
  • Opposed by: Seltas and Seltas Queen
  • Feared by: Misty
  • Hunted by: The Monster Hunters
  • HerakleKabuterimon is a Mega level Digimon who takes the form of a really, really big golden beetle. Despite the name, it's based on the Atlas beetle rather than the Hercules beetle (note the very different horns). HerakleKabuterimon combines the data of both the Kabuterimon and Kuwagamon lines to compensate for the weaknesses of both; this is evident by how its three horns resemble Kabuterimon's single horn and Kuwagamon's pair of antlers combined. It also wields some of the mightiest lightning attacks in the Digital World and despite its size is an extremely fast flyer.
  • Sig and Ken Ichijouji were just hanging out at the House of Insects, when Mothra Leo all of a sudden started going berserk and destroying everything in its path. Ken and Stingmon did their best to try to stop Mothra, but Stingmon alone was no match for the Greater God. While Sig was lamenting that he couldn't do anything to protect his favorite House, he also thought of all the bug Digimon Ken had showed him and got the idea to ask them for help. Sig used a computer to send an SOS to the Digital World, and his heartfelt pleas reached HerakleKabuterimon, who rushed to provide help. HerakleKabuterimon burst into the scene and held back Mothra long enough for Ken's friends to arrive and decisively defeat the rampaging moth. The Main House rewarded HerakleKabuterimon with godhood over Thunder Beetle at Sig's vehement insistence. Sig himself became the partner to HerakleKabuterimon, as he received the Digivice as soon as the Digimon was made a god.
    • Given HerakleKabuterimon's Child form (which it'll often be in to save energy) is Tentomon, a ladybug, it is especially appropriate for Sig to be its partner, as he's always had a ladybug trailing after him. But Sig is a true bug fanatic, so he really loves all of HerakleKabuterimon's forms.
    • By the way, it was discovered that the reason Mothra Leo went berserk was due to Enter using Millenniumon's Dark Spores to corrupt it. Neither Sig nor HerakleKabuterimon will forgive Enter for this. Mothra Leo, on the other hand, is thankful to the two for their intervention and became one of HerakleKabuterimon's first friends in the Pantheon.
  • Although it looks creepy on account of its eyelessness and its gaping maws, HerakleKabuterimon is of the Vaccine attribute, which gives it a disposition to fight for justice and protect the weak. That's why it didn't hesitate to come and help out against Mothra when asked. It's also generally friendly and polite to anyone who isn't an enemy, and it often laments how its looks and size scare other deities away. Its will to fight for good also means it won't disappoint the White Hats should they ever call upon it to help fight the villains who use the digital world as their main platform and assorted digital hazards. Sig is less happy at this new responsibility, but he'll help his partner however he can.
  • Some deities think HerakleKabuterimon looks just like the Xenomorphs, alien creatures who're also eyeless and have a mean set of jaws, which adds to HerakleKabuterimon's creepy factor as Xenomorphs are very aggressive and... messy when they deal with their victims. This comparison makes HerakleKabuterimon pretty sad, but it's declared war on them to show those deities just how different it is from the aliens. Turns out HerakleKabuterimon is quite the bane to Xenomorphs, who can't really handle it even with all their natural weapons.
  • Nancy Archer was one of the deities that was indeed scared of HerakleKabuterimon at first, which is ironic because with her size she could probably hold her own against it. Her fear of him had more to do with his lightning element than anything else though, due to how she died from electrocution. However her fear ebbed away thanks to its well-mannered ways and assurances that it'd never do anything to hurt her and only wanted a fellow big being to talk to on the same level. Now Nancy thinks of HerakleKabuterimon as a true gentlemon.
  • HerakleKabuterimon unfortunately didn't have the same luck with Misty, who remains steadfast in her fear of insects even with someone like HerakleKabuterimon, who's more articulate and human-like (in terms of personality) than most of its housemates.
  • Its personality and its deed of saving Mothra Leo from corruption made it popular with its housemates in the House of Insects. Even less moral ones like Beelzebub and Swarm have loads of respect for its power and won't engage it in combat lightly. Sometimes when HerakleKabuterimon is resting at the House of Insects, the smaller deities can be seen crawling or resting themselves on it.
  • Of all the insects in the Pantheon, it's perhaps only logical that it gets along particularly well with other Kabuto and Kuwaga beetles such as Heracross, Pinsir, Herculious Anchus and Kuwagust Anchus. The former two were initally put off by the Mega-Level Digimon due to it reminding them of Vikavolt, a Bug/Electric type the pair are opposed to. But after an incident where they teamed up to drive off Team Rocket (Jessie, James and Meowth), the Pokemon became more friendly to the digital thunder beetle. That was also the basis for a solid friendship with their human partners, Souji and Arata, who think it's fascinating that HerakleKabuterimon combines the attributes of the beetles they represent.
  • Wanted to make friends with Seltas and Seltas Queen owing to their similar beetle species. Unfortunately HerakleKabuterimon discovered that monsters from the Monster Hunter universe aren't really up for socializing. The Seltas saw HerakleKabuterimon primarily as competition and they also fear its lightning powers, due to being weak to that element (which is rather ironic). As a result, the two Seltas are hostile to HerakleKabuterimon, who's sorry for that and stays out of their vicinity to avoid unnecessary conflict in response.
  • One beetle it's really on bad terms with is the king of the nerubians, Anub'arak (even though nerubians are spiders, their kings are closer to beetles for some reason). Anub'arak's title of Traitor King and loyalty to someone as evil as Arthas really sets HerakleKabuterimon's jaws on edge.
  • Has a good relationship with Gunvolt given they share the same electrical powers and are firmly on the side of good. And although GV's appearance isn't exactly the stuff of nightmares, Adepts do have that reputation since many did help devastate the world with their powers. And terrorist groups like Eden doesn't exactly mend that infamy either. In particular, Teseo from Zonda and the Seven is someone HerakleKabuterimon watches out for, given the internet troll has already established himself as a nemesis for several Digidestined. HerakleKabuterimon and GV agree to fight together whenever Teseo decides to raise hell in the digital world.
  • HerakleKabuterimon's body shines like glittering gold and is very hardy, leading to certain deities trying to hunt it be it because they think its body parts would fetch a high price. Such is the motivation of the Monster Hunters. HerakleKabuterimon usually just flies away when it sees members of that organization, though if they were ever able to prevent its escape, the beetle would probably be compelled to fight for its life. Some more delusional deities think HerakleKabuterimon is literally made of gold; this is the case with Fafnir, who's obsessed with said metal. Unlike the Monster Hunters, HerakleKabuterimon sees no need to hold back against the evil dragon.
  • Also present in the House of Insects.

Sparky, God of Lightning Travel (Experiment 221,note  Sparky Jookibanote )

Lesser Gods

    Gigabolt Man-O-War 
Gigabolt Man-O-War, God of Electric Jellyfish (Gigabolt Dokragen, High Voltage Drifter)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A jellyfish with a thunderbolt symbol
  • Theme Song: Dynasty
  • Alignment: Obliviously Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Not Brainwashed, Electric Jellyfish (Mainly In The Original Japanese), Airborne Robo-Jelly, Psycho Electro, Chain Lightning, More Oblivious Than Villainous And Has A Few Screws Loose, Lightning Gun, Flunky Boss
  • Domains: Electricity, Androids, Rebellion, Jellyfish, Rampages, Madness
  • Followers: Gekka, Jelectos, AmpFibian
  • Allies: Lumine, Sigma, Eneru, the Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Sting Chameleon
  • Enemies: X, Zero, Axl, Alia, Repliforce, Copy X, Dr Weil, Eelektross, Thor, Cole MacGrath, Sparky, Red Gyarados, the GUAG White Hats, Monkey D Luffy
  • Opposes: Anything involved with crystals
  • Opposed by: Anyone who lives in city regions
  • Gigabolt Man-O-War is one of the new generation Reploids, developed with the copy chip technique and an immunity to the Maverick virus. Stylized after a jellyfish(or Portuguese man-o-war in the English dub), he helped supply energy to Megalopolis. That is, until Sigma's plan to take over the Jakob Space Elevator which led him to join Sigma's cause and start stealing energy from the city.
  • As a New Generation Reploid, he is not affected by viruses. He chooses to rebel on his own free will. Though for Gigabolt, he doesn't realize he's being Maverick and doesn't register the chaos he's causing. Somewhat childish, and tends to make name his attack and death cries off random objects(usually food). He didn't exactly ascend to the pantheon as he simply drifted in like a real jellyfish.
  • Has electrical powers, due to his prior occupation of supplying energy. He was attracted to the urban areas of the pantheon, seeking to drain the energy from them. He was pushed back to the House of Fire and Electricity, and seemed happier due to the experience. He ended up becoming a good friend towards Eneru. Both are rather peculiar psycho electros who have vested interest in the moon. Gigabolt's attacks don't work on Luffy either, which annoys him.
  • Has been trying to steal the electricity of other gods in his house, resulting in him getting smashed by Thor and on Cole MacGrath's hit list. Sparky opposes him due to trying to drain the power from his lighthouse.
  • As he is working for Sigma and Lumine, Gigabolt has an allegiance to the Grand United Alliance of Machines. Lumine is somewhat disappointed that of the new generation models who worked for them, it's the weirdo jelly who ascended. The GUAM isn't that impressed since Gigabolt wanders around and doesn't take his job seriously. Sting Chameleon doesn't like having to work for him, Gigabolt Man-O-War doesn't like an old generation Reploid susceptible to the Maverick Virus.
  • Though an ally to the GUAM, the Eliksni don't want him being near them. This is because he interferes with the Deflector Shields, as electricity doesn't work around electricity. His foolish attitude is rather annoying compared to their zeal to the alliance.
  • Dr Weil despises him as he is further proof in his deranged mind that Reploids don't deserve free will and that his actions in the Elf Wars are justified. While the New Generation Reploids choose to go Maverick at free will, it doesn't begin to justify Weil's actions in the Elf Wars, let alone what he did when he returned. The fact he is a free-will android also furthers Copy X's contempt towards his own Reploid kind.
  • Isn't popular in the House of Aquatic Life, despite it being one of his homes. This is probably due to his electrical powers causing problems with anyone who lives in water. Especially in the case of the Red Gyarados. While also based on an electrical sea creature, Eelektross is no fan of him as Gigabolt wants to drain the Pokemon for its electricity.
  • Doesn't like anything involving crystals at all. This is because he is vulnerable to Earthrock Trilobyte's weapons, notably the Crystal Wall. He avoids the House of Metal and Minerals for this reason.

    Virgil Hawkins/Static and Jefferson Pierce/Black Lightning 
Virgil Ovid Hawkins and Jefferson Pierce, Divine Electric Black Guys (Virgil: Static, Static Shock, The Electric Genius from DC's Dakotaverse; Jefferson: Black Lightning)
Black Lightning
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbols: Either a yellow lightning bolt in a circle or a blue lighting bolt
  • Theme Song: Static Shock intro (Virgil) Black Lightning Theme by Godholly (Jefferson)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Jefferson) Chaotic Good (Virgil)
  • Domains: Lightning, Good, Heroism,
  • Portfolios: Beware the Nice Ones, Shock and Awe, Super Hero
  • Followers: Raikage, Volt, Baal Hadad, Black Vulcan
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: All supervillains especially Lex Luthor and Brainiac, Cartman, Kaldr, Brand
  • Opposes: Calvin Candie and Stephen
    • Black Lightning: House of War
    • Static: Gang deities, especially CJ Johnson
  • Pities: Othello, Yayoi Kise
  • Special Relationship: Tatsu Yamashiro/Katana
  • There was a faction within the God of Thunder's clergy that consisted of many of African descent. It is widely known that those heroes originated from a single man. Jefferson Pierce, the first black superhero for DC Comics was poised to ascend above them and lead them to a new temple. There was just one problem; an upsurder named Virgil wanted to take that role instead. Static may be much younger than his rival, but enjoys better popularity among fans. It was ultimately decided that both heroes would hold the title on equal footing. The two made up afterwards, with Static agreeing to be mentored by his predecessor.
    • Thor himself see the two of them as worthy of ascension. He crucially gave the court his blessing in their decision. Of course, he doubts that mere mortals can match his manipulation of electricity... but they are at least allowed to strive for that goal.
  • News of Static's ascension quickly reached Richie, his sidekick. Gear quickly came down to his best friend's side to give him the longest sequence of fist bumps in their careers. The pair agreed to start patrolling the Pantheon shortly after a trip to the House of Food.
  • Cole was there shortly afterward. Cole did teach him how to use electricity in increasingly impossible ways.
  • Both superheroes received warm welcomes from their DC brethren. To them, there can never be enough heroes to help them out in the Pantheon. Static in particular geeked out over the idea of heroes from other worlds.
    • Kamala helped calm him from the initial shock, given she had the same reaction. The two have become close friends ever since, with her showing Virgil around.
    • While Jefferson's friendship with the Green Arrow is well known by now, it should be noted that it went off to a rocky start. Namely, Oliver had a one-night-stand with his niece. Nevertheless, Black Lightning has become an important part of the Arrow family.
    • Both were glad to see Cyborg get more attention, even becoming a founding member of the Justice League. There may be murmurs over whether Victor deserved the push he's been getting lately, but Virgil and Jefferson promised to support him in any way possible.
  • Ororo was among the first to meet with the two after their ascension. While she liked them both, she developed a closer bond with Jefferson, a person who shares her philosophy of attempting to achieve pacifism whenever she can. Jefferson ponders if he got that trait from her, since she preceeded him by a couple years.
  • It is rumored that Tony Isabella, the same creator of Luke Cage, was responsible for the birth of Black Lightning. Either way, Power Man was glad to welcome two more brothas into the Pantheon.
  • T'Challa was more subdued in his thanks for their ascension. The first black superhero in mainstream comics welcomed the two with open arms. When Virgil bemusably asked whether he copied from the Black Panther party, he replies they copied from him. The party, not the WW2 battalion.
  • Once helped free the Justice League from Brainiac's mind control. The 12th level intellect has learned not to underestimate the newcomer and hopes to find a better way to defeat him.
  • After a ton of speculation, Static confirmed what many suspected; he is an Expy of Spider-Man. The two share so much in common they wonder if they were long lost half siblings. Any teamup with these two will be full of quips aimed at the bad guys as well as each other.
  • Both have a strong disdain for Calvin and Stephen... for obvious reasons.
  • When it comes to romance, the two are in different situations. Jefferson is currently happily married with two daughters to take care of. Virgil on the other hand had a girlfriend only to find out she left him after a number of years. Both show empathy for Othello,the moor who lost everything due to his jealousy.
  • Virgil's comic version still has both of his parents, but his cartoon version lost his mother at an early age. He doesn't usually show sadness over his loss, but those rare moments made him a follower of Yayoi Kise.
  • If there is one thing the two have in common, it's an aversion from guns. Both Static and Black Lightning are among the most adamant against the usage of guns. Jefferson extends his disdain to those who kill.
  • Black Lightning is currently the second member of Batman's Outsiders, preceeding the katana wielding Tatsu Yamashiro. The two maintain a lukewarm reception that continue from their mortal lives. He is uncomfortable seeing her kill others, feelings that only exasperbated when he found out about her adventure with the Suicide Squad.
  • Both received a big welcome by Cartman... who ordered a waterfall to trap them inside their temple. The Superhero Division was able to get them out, but Static and Black Lightning continue to keep watch against his pranks.
  • As demonstrated by Cartman, the two gods are extremely vulnerable to water and ice-based abilities. While there are no water-based enemies, they are wary of what Kaldr & Lissandra are capable of doing to them.
  • Static holds a particular grudge with Brand. The evil fire-god is the personal sponsor of Hotstreak, one of his most perennial enemies.
  • Virgil is well aware of gang activity in his mortal life. Many of the villains he encounter were former gang members. As such, he is opposed to all gang members in the Pantheon. This goes double for Gangbangers like the one CJ Johnson runs.
  • Static may be one of the most well known deities with dreadlocks. Of course, even he would admit no one can match Lucio's dreads. The two share tastes when it comes to music and keeping themselves happy.
  • There has been a bit of a dispute whether Static belongs to the DC Universe and his own Dakotaverse. After losing the rights, there may be a chance to bring him back into the fold. When this may occur remains to be seen.
  • Black Lightning seems to be gaining the edge in popularity as of yet. He has gained entry into Injustice 2 and has even gotten a show of his own. With that said, he has confirmed that he would continue with the partnership for the forseeable future.


    Benjamin Franklin 
Benjamin Franklin, God of Improvised Lightning Rods
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A kite with a key attached
  • Theme Song: The Decemberists
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Historical Domain Character, Cool Old Guy, Improvised Lightning Rod, Sleeping Around As An Old Man And Having No Problem Doing So, Likes Older Women, I Was Quite a Looker, Having 16 Siblings, Eccentric Mentors, Bunny-Ears Lawyer, Big Fun
  • Domains: Electricity, Invention, Revolution, Humor, Lust, Reason
  • Allies: George Washington and the other U.S Presidents, AMERICA, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Doc Brown, The Doctor, George, Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage, Tyrion Lannister, Thor, Sparky, Sandy Cheeks, Albert Einstein, Lewis Anthonio, Ludwig Von Drake, Jimmy Neutron
  • Friends with Benefits and/or "bro" to: Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Jiraiya, Master Roshi, Barney Stinson, Charlie Harper, Johnny Bravo (on a good day)
  • On good terms with: Wade Wilson/Deadpool, other good-aligned inventors, the Planet Express crew
  • On speaking terms with: Timmy Turner, C.C
  • Enemies: Doctor Stephen Strange, Walder Frey, Bill Cipher, Senator Steven Armstrong, The Enclave, Judge Claude Frollo, Eneru
  • Opposes: YHVH, evil inventors and scientists
  • Annoyed by: Zeus
  • Benjamin Franklin is one of the American Founding Fathers. An inventor, he's most well-known for the invention of the lightning rod which he tested out with a kite in a lightning storm and it helped mankind's understanding of lightning and electricity. He also invented bifocals, the Franklin stove and many other inventions. This combined with his charm, wit and humor has him ingrained as the Cool Old Guy of the Founding Fathers.
  • Has a reputation as an eccentric and goofy yet competent inventor and philanthropist. He was very impressed by the progress of mankind in the centuries since his death. Naturally he gets along with Albert Einstein for his achievements, genial nature and not being afraid to be silly. He hopes to see both Jimmy Neutron, Sandy Cheeks and Lewis Anthonio progress in their inventive skills and has been helping them along.
  • On the US $100 bill, which he got a copy that he wrote his name on the back. He has become aware of Bill Cipher's connection with the Eye of Providence on the notes, and isn't pleased by the triangle's sadistic chaos or manipulation of scientists and inventors. He's not that fond of YHVH either, due to his deist views and YHVH being antithetical to the Second Amendment and a religious authoritarian.
  • Proved lightning was electricity rather than the wrath of an angry God. Though it was more the static lightning starts off as he wouldn't survive otherwise, and he grounded himself while being dry under a roof. Zeus was somewhat annoyed by this since his claim to fame was that lightning WAS the wrath of an angry god, and Benjamin think he's a prick. Thor proved a nicer god of thunder and lightning anyway, and someone who's more with the times.
  • Admires the Mythbusters for being forces of science and reason, debunking myths about the field. He gets along with Tyrion Lannister as well since he's a competent and honest adviser who has a great sense of humor and Really Gets Around like him. He seems to be fond of Sparky, and is interested in George's powers over electricity.
  • Something that comes up about Benjamin Franklin is his sexual exploits. Even as an old man he Really Gets Around. He's given advise on how to get a mistress, and believes older women are better lovers for their experience and less likely to get pregnant. You can usually find him in either Lust sub-house, giving advice on how to score. He's been working with Kyu Sugardust to help guys date and/or get laid.
  • A consummate Dirty Old Man, you can usually seem him trying to pick up chicks or discussing lewd matters with Jiraiya and Master Roshi. Despite being old and fate, Panty has made him a Friends with Benefits for his wit, humor and being "experienced". However there are a couple dirty old men he has nothing but contempt for. First of which being Frollo for his hypocritical attitude towards sex, genocidal ambitions and the violent acts he'll go to enforce his religious views. The other is Walder Frey, whom Franklin thought of "a class-less philanderer prick with a bad sense of humor" and who's violation of Sacred Hospitality is unforgivable.
  • As a Founding Father, Steve Rogers holds him up in high regard. Franklin is incredibly proud of Captain America for how he's defended the country and the world at large. Naturally America himself gets along swimmingly with him. And naturally he thinks the Enclave is an abominable perversion of the American values he helped develop, and believes that Senator Steven Armstrong is insane.
  • His ghost later helped Deadpool fight off the zombie presidents, and he hanged out at Deadpool's home before moving on. There is one Marvel character that can't stand him, however-Stephen Strange. Doctor Strange hates Benjamin Franklin with a passion for the affair he had with his girlfriend Clea. More accurately it was the wizard Stygyro disguising himself as Franklin, but Franklin still made some moves on Clea and Doctor Strange still hates him anyway since he may have slept with her for real.
  • Timmy brought him along with George Washington and Thomas Jefferson. It didn't work out well for history until he brought them back to their proper timeline. They still have conflicting opinions on him. Benjamin is less conflicted over the time that the Planet Express crew ended up in 1775, and got to spend some time with them. The Doctor also met him and they ended up as friends, supposedly helping him with the kite experiment.
  • Has a son called William Franklin, who was a steadfast Loyalist and their relationship never reconciled. William's son, William Temple Franklin, ended up helping out his grandfather instead. He's been visiting the House of Family in order to talk out his issues over this. Also, he would like to remind people he was never president...of America, at least. He was President of Pennsylvania shortly before George Washington become the first US President.
  • In her timeline, C.C is heavily implied to have known him personally, and been on good terms. However since he betrayed George Washington for a title of Britannian nobility and land in that universe, he doesn't like to talk about it. He is perfectly happy to confirm he was friends with Barney Stinson's ancestor and helped write the Bro Code. He didn't partake in a "Devil's Threesome" least not with George Washington.