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Darquesse, Goddess of Evil Versions of One’s Self (Stephanie Edgley, Valkyrie Cain)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A Black Flame
  • Theme Song: Angel of Death
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Escaped Inner Darkness, One Woman Army, Person of Mass Destruction, Apocalypse Maiden, Humanoid Abomination, Omnicidal Maniac, Reality Warper, Can Absorb the Power of Others, Superpowered Evil Side, Blue-and-Orange Morality, Healing Factor, Combat Sadomasochist, Able to Take Huge Amounts of Damage and Dismissive of Serious Injuries
  • Domains: Chaos, Darkness, Destruction, Dread, Evil, Knowledge, Magic
  • Followers: Remnants Or at least those she hasn't absorbed yet, Nihilists
  • Allies: Melkor, Hermaeus Mora
  • Enemies: Skulduggery Pleasant, Valkyrie Cain, the GUAG, Madoka Kaname, Asura, Son Goku, The Slender Man
  • Friendly Rivals: Majin Buu
  • Opposed by: Voldemort
  • Darquesse did not formally ascend to Pantheon but instead enter via portal she created. Eyewitnesses said that they saw a red sky and heard inhuman screaming on the other side of the portal.
    • Shortly after her arrival, she learned about the House of Magic and attempted break-in order to gain abilities and knowledge possessed by the deities there. But before she could even get close to the house, Asura (whose daughter, Mithra, resides in the house) stopped her, after a short but brutal fight, Darquesse retreated to the House of Villainy to heal.
  • Skulduggery has told the GUAG that Darquesse is a being from his universe; she is the evil side of his friend Valkyrie Cain that was eventually separated from her but then killed Valkyrie’s “Reflection” (a magical clone) which she then possessed and went on a rampage. Skulduggery stopped Darquesse by gathering a bunch of psychics and having them put her into a daydream and tricking her into going into a dimension full of insane gods.
    • Skulduggery has decided to create a special task force in order to stop her once and for all.
  • Hermaeus Mora, upon discovering that she holds vast knowledge of magic, decided to form an alliance with her (though he knows full well that she can turn on him at any moment).
  • Allied with Melkor after hearing his almighty rant after the Great Upheaval and even applauded him after his speech.
  • Once had her head chopped off during a battle with the GUAG (She got better). The only thought going through her still-alive-head at that moment was Oh, hell.
  • For some reason, she shows genuine fear towards The Slender Man, Skulduggery says most likely due to her experience with the Faceless Ones.
  • Once met Lord Voldemort and started teasing him in front of his followers about how he couldn’t kill a baby, Voldemort become enraged and was about to use Cruciatus curse on her when Darquesse reduced him to atoms and reformed him as a rubber duck then back to atoms again and reformed him back to his normal self, Voldemort has despised her ever since.
  • Found Majin Buu’s ability to turn people into candy rather amusing and even challenged to a who-can-wipe-out-all-life-in-the-universe-first completion, the whole Pantheon is holding its breath to see if Majin Buu accepts.
  • Rumours have started to spread that Darquesse looking for deities who have powers and knowledge that’s she wants.
    • Because of these rumours, the House of Defence has decided to start a protection programme to make sure that any deity who Darquesse may target are protected from her or any of her followers.note 
  • Goku once fought her and said he sensed that there was good in her and that the GUAG could try and appeal to her better nature.
    • Skulduggery dismissed this claim calling it blind optimism and that any good in her would been as insignificant as a drop in an ocean.

Greater Gods

    The Dark Knights 
The Dark Knights, Divine Group of The Darker Route Not Taken (The Batman Who Laughs: Bruce Wayne of Earth -22, The Darkest Knight | The Dawnbreaker: Bruce Wayne of Earth -32 | The Devastator: Bruce Wayne of Earth -1 | The Drowned: Bryce Wayne of Earth -11 | The Merciless: Bruce Wayne of Earth -12 | The Murder Machine: Bruce Wayne of Earth -44 | The Red Death: Bruce Wayne and Barry Allen of Earth -52)
Clockwise-The Merciless, The Devastator, The Dawnbreaker, The Murder Machine, The Red Death and The Drowned. The Batman Who Laughs is in the center.
  • Ranks:
    • The Batman Who Laughs: Intermediate God (Overdeity as The Darkest Knight)
    • The Devastator: Greater God (with the potential of eventually becoming an Overdeity, since he has the same powers as Doomsday)
    • The Merciless: Greater God
    • The Dawnbreaker: Intermediate God (Greater God in the proximity of a Blue Lantern)
    • The Murder Machine: Intermediate God
    • The Red Death: Intermediate God(s) (could potentially become a Greater God if one of it’s halves could completely gain control over the other)
    • The Drowned: Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: The Batman cowl shaped like a skull, and a Bat Symbol on the forehead
  • Theme Song: Broken Dreams Inc. by Rise Against (The Batman Who Laughs)
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (the Barry Allen trapped in the Red Death) Lawful Evil (The Murder Machine), Neutral Evil (The Drowned, The Red Death), Chaotic Evil (The Batman Who Laughs, The Dawnbreaker, The Devastator and The Merciless)
  • Portfolio: Alliance of Alternates, Evil Counterpart, Embodying the Fears and Darkness of Batman, Most Were Once Heroic, Body Horror, Composite Character, From Worlds Doomed To Die, Dark and Troubled Past
  • Domains: Dark Matter, Alternate Universes, Dark Paths, Inner Fears, Evil (all of them), Chaos, Destruction, Cruelty (The Batman Who Laughs), Spite, Light and Darkness (The Dawnbreaker), Infection, Doom, Monstrosity (The Devastator), Flooding, Mad Science, Metahumans (The Drowned), War, Madness, Conquest (The Merciless), Cybernetics, Calculations, Introversion (The Murder Machine), Speed, Fusions, Loss (The Red Death)
  • Superior: Barbatos
  • Interests: Melkor, Griffith (all of them), Chernabog (The Dawnbreaker), Khorne (The Merciless), the House of Combined Forms (The Red Death)
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: William Stryker (The Drowned)
  • Rivals: Lord Drakkon (except for The Dawnbreaker), Yuuki Terumi (The Batman Who Laughs), En Sabah Nur/Apocalypse (The Merciless), Mesogog (The Drowned)
  • Enemies: All heroic DC deities, especially Bruce Wayne/Batman, Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, Fused Zamasu, Funny Valentine
  • Opposes: The House of Light & Brightness (The Dawnbreaker)
  • Opposed by: The House of Regret (The Red Death), Selina Kyle/Catwoman (The Drowned), the House of Family (The Murder Machine)
  • Below The Multiverse rests the Dark Multiverse, a place where whatever can go wrong does. Unstable worlds never meant to exist. And when Barbatos emerged to conquer the light, he had seven versions of Bruce Wayne answer the call. Each represents Batman's fears and doubts of him, the dark paths he could have taken, the evil in his heart. And they want the optimistic universes for themselves.
  • Applies to multiple/all the Dark Knights:
    • With the exception of The Batman Who Laughs, the Dark Knights were confirmed or assumed to be dead. Unfortunately, with the Dark Multiverse and Barbatos' ascension, he was able to restore his Dark Knights, who now seek the pantheon to achieve their dreams and desires. As twisted versions of Batman and some of DC's greatest heroes, the GUAG considers them not just a physical threat but an ideological threat as well. However, because they are all counterparts of one person, they all find a Kryptonite Factor not just with Nth Metal and the even stronger 10th Metal/Element X (due to their dark matter physiology), but Funny Valentine's Stand.
    • Already partnered with Barbatos over their love of debasing and corrupting others, Melkor was happy to see the Dark Knights ascend as a twisted mockery of the forces of good. And he's hoping to find twisted versions of his main enemies in the now expanded Dark Multiverse. That said, the Dark Knights don't see anything beyond a possible meal ticket with the Dark Lord of Arda. Griffith seemed more invested as like him they're former heroes turned into villains, usually over falling to despair. He finds it nostalgic.
    • Their own sub-house was interested in the various different darker paths that the Dark Knights took. Darquesse and Jeanne d'Arc Alter like comparing notes as they are literal evil versions of a heroic character. However, most think they're nuts or don't fit with their own ideals. Exceptions include the Psycho Rangers(an evil team of counterparts, but only the Batman Who Laughs and the Dawnbreaker are evil enough to get along with them).
    • Zamasu was quick to use the Dark Knights (especially the Batman Who Laughs) as an argument for why Humans Are Bastards, despite Barbatos humiliating him upon his visit to the Dark Multiverse. As several terrible villains that embody the potential for evil that Batman has, it truly shows how innately evil mortals are, no matter how they try to hide it. It also shows how mortals are the failures of the gods since not only are they capable of killing gods, they are also the result of Barbatos abandoning his duty as a Destroyer Deity and becoming a conqueror. Zamasu himself once being a well-intentioned god who became darker than any mortal, and Infinite Zamasu being a nightmare of a new reality worse than the Dark Multiverse alludes him, and most don't even bother pointing it out due to seeing Zamasu as a lost cause.
    • Lord Drakkon considers the Dark Knights rivals to his plans of conquest, mainly because of how they are versions of a hero twisted to villainy due to personal tragedy and suffering, representing the worst of what they could become. Well, except for The Dawnbreaker. He shares a resentment for the world as a whole, due to Drakkon's jealousy of his heroic counterparts.
    • The Imperium of Mankind regards The Devastator as an abominable mutant and perversion of the human form, and The Drowned as much of the same but sea-based. Ironic, given in their own twisted way they think they're helping humanity; by making them nigh-invincible Doomsday monsters and protecting them under the water against metahumans.
    • The Murder Machine, given how swiftly he dealt with the criminals in his world and anybody trying to stop him, also finds himself agreeing with Light Yagami's views on justice. Copy X and Jeanne Alter, fellow villainous counterparts, also seem to respect the Murder Machine due to his efficiency in terms of being a Knight Templar. The Red Death is appealing to Copy X and Jeanne as well since he wants to make the world better at any cost, and his Super Speed makes him very effective. The other Dark Knights are a bit too much for them, however.
    • Before you ask, the Grim Knight was considered for entry. However, he wasn't part of the original seven as Barbatos didn't see him as evil enough, so that's why he didn't ascend to the pantheon. The Punisher is disappointed with this, given the Grim Knight took a lot of notes from him.
  • Applies to The Batman Who Laughs:
    • On Earth -22, the Joker caused havoc across Gotham, making Batman watch as he re-enacted his parents' death and Jokerizing the orphans. When Batman did what everyone wanted and killed him by snapping his neck, it released a neurotoxin that changed his morality to that of the Joker while retaining Bruce Wayne's mind. He ended up killing everyone, turned the Jokerized orphans into his army of Rabid Robins, Jokerized his world's version of Damian and joined Barbatos to do it again, embodying the Batman's fear of becoming as bad as him and his inability to end their never-ending feud by just killing the Joker. Amazingly, the Joker considers him to be worse than him, and Harley Quinn was both infuriated that he killed the Joker of his world, and finds him too scary for her. Kefka was more okay with The Batman Who Laughs, as he's an insane Joker-like villain who's madness made him an Omnicidal Maniac.
    • While The Dark Knights are similar to the Dark Judges, in looks and personality The Batman Who Laughs is most like Judge Death. And like him he mowed down much of his family, then turned Damian Wayne into a twisted Joker/Robin hybrid. The Heroic Protectors of Family hate him for it. He relates to the Plutonian and Dark Danny since they gave up on being heroes, becoming homicidal maniacs instead. Danny Fenton was very disturbed by this, and yet another twisted version of a hero.
    • He has inherited the Joker's desire to bring out the worst of everyone, and generally breaking people For the Evulz. Yuuki Terumi, like the Joker, considers him "The Batman Who Talks" and second in inflicting despair to him, though it's almost entirely Terumi's monumental ego. Junko Enoshima is more willing to play ball, seeing him as a kindred spirit who has very much enjoyed the despair the Joker inflicted, and wishes to improve it. The Batman Who Laughs thinks she's got spunk.
    • The reason Zamasu hates him more than any of the other Dark Knights? He managed to break him down just by talking to him. It got so bad, he almost turned into Infinite Zamasu, but was thankfully restrained and forced back to his temple. Whatever it was he said to him, Zamasu won't talk about it.
    • The entire Pantheon went on lockdown the instant he became the Darkest Knight, with the entirety of the Main House doing everything they can to prevent his influence from spreading into other houses. Fortunately, he was eventually Killed Off for Real in his own Multiverse and his transformation was subsequently reversed in the Pantheon. The Batman Who Laughs is still plotting to find a way to regain his lost power, something that many gods (both good and evil) are making sure to prevent.
  • Applies to The Dawnbreaker:
    • On Earth -32, Bruce Wayne got a Green Lantern ring at the moment of his parents' murder. Not because he could overcome fear, but a void in his heart where fear should be. Which he proceeded to use to kill criminals, and really anyone who made him mad. And he corrupted the ring into something so monstrous, the entire Green Lantern Corps came to free it from him. They were not prepared for how powerful the darkness in his heart was. He's pretty detestable, and first started harassing the House of Happiness for daring to be more fortunate than him. He's a Batman who never grew up and was consumed by his parents' death, the embodiment of Batman's fear he can't grow past it.
    • The Dawnbreaker's unique ability as a Green Lantern is "Blackout", where he sucks the light out of the area, including Green Lanterns. Then he sics his monstrous constructs, fueled by his vile thoughts. He hangs out in the House of Darkness and Shadow, because "it matches the dark void in my heart". Chernabog believes that the Blackout ability and its darkness is useful. As the edgelord that he is, the Dawnbreaker dislikes the House of Light and Brightness.
    • Claims that the darkness in his heart can cut through any light, but a dark empath like Raven hijacked his creations. The Phantom Thieves of Heart find him the easiest target to go after because his own twisted sense of spite and inability to grow up makes his ego very fragile. The Dawnbreaker seems to relate to Eric Cartman's pettiness and desire for revenge, and Infinite's egotistical "edgelord" persona.
  • Applies to The Devastator:
    • On Earth -1, Superman went rogue and Batman tried to stop him. Bleeding out from the loss of an arm, he found no choice but to infect himself with the Doomsday Virus. He became a monster bent on spreading the Doomsday Virus so everyone would be safe from the likes of Superman, representing Batman's inability to trust the Man of Steel and the fear of what he might become as a Cape Buster. The hulking behemoth is interested in Nurgle's strengthening plagues as a means of "protecting" mankind as a Nurgle/Doomsday hybrid, becoming unkillable monsters like himself.
    • As far as the Devastator is concerned, Superman is evil, or at least a time bomb ready to go off. The existence of not just his Regime incarnation, but the Plutonian is proof and he wants to give more people the Doomsday Virus so they can better handle them. The Plutonian especially since he's the worst "Superman" gone rogue, and would even contemplate an Enemy Mine situation with the main Superman to stop the Plutonian. He also doesn't like the original Doomsday, stating that "he's a mindless beast of destruction, I'm a mindful beast of salvation through destruction".
  • Applies to The Drowned:
    • On the genderswapped Earth -11, Bryce Wayne lost her love Sylvester Kyle in a metahuman brawl. Since then she's distrusted metahumans, and she messed up any peace conference the Atlanteans could've had. Modifying herself, she overthrew Atlantis and changed mankind to be ruled over in a flooded world. She represents Batman's fear of losing Catwoman and his distrust of metahumans. She's on the hit list of King Triton and Ariel for what she did to her world. Prince Zuko doesn't like her either, because of how much of a villain she became and how antithetical his firebending is to her water-based powers.
    • Selina Kyle herself has nothing but pity and discontent towards her, stating that 'Sylvester Kyle' would hate her if he saw what she'd become.
    • A Mad Scientist who altered her own physiology to better combat the Atlanteans, she regards Mesogog as a rival because they both have their own competing belief on how life should be shaped for what is, in their eyes, a better world. William Stryker, given his own hatred of mutants, saw it as a potential opportunity to continue his "crusade" by playing her hate of metahumans in general(of which mutants are a notable sub-set), but doesn't exactly trust her. The House of Water & Moisture walks on eggshells around her.
  • Applies to The Merciless:
    • On Earth -12, Ares created a helmet that enhanced his power a hundredfold. Batman and Wonder Woman were lovers, and it appeared Ares killed her when Batman took the helmet for himself. In reality, he knocked her out, and Batman killed Wonder Woman when sent into a rage by the helmet and she tried to take it off. He became the new War God, representing Batman's fear of breaking his code and letting revenge take control. Khorne was impressed by what he'd accomplish with it and wants to enhance that rage. En Sabah Nur considers him a Worthy Opponent. He'd rather not talk about it.
    • The Merciless found he had things in common with Kratos-both of them became war gods after usurping Ares for basically ruining their lives, though the Merciless only assumed he accomplished it. Whilst Kratos is understanding, he's been trying to be a better person and opposes the Merciless out of contempt for the man he once was. The Merciless in return wishes he could have had the same hope and strength Kratos has. Guts considers him a warning of what the Berserker Armour and his own rage could turn him into.
  • Applies to The Murder Machine:
    • On Earth -44, Bane managed to kill Alfred Pennyworth. In his grief, Batman designed the Alfred Protocol to replace him. However, the Protocol started becoming hostile to anyone besides Bruce, eventually leading to Bruce's assimilation into a soulless robot who only cares about Alfred. He represents the extremes of Batman's introversion and fear of losing Alfred, along with his reliance on technology. The House of Family considers the Alfred Protocol as much a perversion of the idea of family as they find it a tragedy how the Murder Machine lost his humanity over the grief from losing his father figure. Naturally, he wants the Bane of the pantheon, or any version in the multiverse, to die slowly for what he did.
    • Having purged himself of humanity except for his feelings towards Alfred, the Murder Machine finds himself agreeing with a number of the tenants of YHVH. He still wants to deal with criminals after getting a stable world from Barbatos, and without a real soul anymore The Evils of Free Will seems appealing. He also agrees with the Cybermen for how they create an orderly society at the expense of emotions and individuality.
    • Alfred himself is disappointed in the Murder Machine, not just for what he'd done and for his unhealthy obsession with him but for having one thing in common with the Dawnbreaker and that's being, in Alfred's words, "a scared and angry child who never got over his grief".
  • Applies to The Red Death:
    • On Earth -52, Batman was driven over the edge with the loss of too many of his Robins. As the unstable universe was beginning to fall apart, he hijacked Barry Allen in order to use the Speed Force to go back and undo all the misery. The result was the Red Death, a hybrid of the two with Barry powerless. The Red Death represents Batman's fear of losing his family and not being fast enough to save everyone. The House of Regret may understand why, but they do not condone the extremism of his actions.
    • The Red Death seeks the House of Time and Space so he can undo the tragedy of his past. Because of how he's become unstable, the Pantheonic Time Police isn't letting him go back and risk total chaos. Nox approved of his actions however, since he went to some extreme ends to try and save his own family even if it was All for Nothing. He's still considered not as bad as Eobart Thawne since the Red Death is evil in hopes of undoing tragedy and not because It's All About Me like Thawne. The Reverse-Flash thinks Batman becoming an evil speedster is hilarious, and loves the fact that he stuck the Barry Allen of his world in an And I Must Scream situation, though the Red Death still has enough morality to not like Thawne's "glowing review". Captain Cold doesn't like the fact this Batman stole his gear in his mad plan, rather than listen to reason and work with his Flash to stop the apocalypse that was happening.
    • The Barry Allen trapped in the Red Death managed to assert control, taking on a gold appearance. However, the others never trusted the Red Death as he was only half Batman, so they disposed of him as part of a Hope Spot. Unfortunately for Barry, his resurrection in the Trope Pantheon had Melkor figure out how to revert him to Bruce in charge, and hopes to completely eradicate that Barry's consciousness so there is no division.

    Jeanne d'Arc (Alter) 
Jeanne d'Arc Alter, Goddess of Villainous Fakes (Ruler Alter, Avenger, Lancer, Berserker, Jeanne Alter, Jalter, d'Arcness, The Dragon Witch, Holy Maiden of Vengeance, The (Summer) Dragon Witch, Santa Alter Lily, Jailter, Christmas Maiden of Orleans, Joan of Arc Alter, Joan Alter, Mad Dog)
Jeanne d'Arc (Santa Alter Lily) 
In a Swimsuit 
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: Her sword, La Pucelle
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, Chaotic Neutral under the Master of Chaldea. Chaotic Good as Santa Alter Lily
  • Portfolio: An evil knockoff, Knight Templar, Extremely popular in game, Highest attack in the game and has the defense of wet toilet paper, Seeks a harem of cute and edgy boys, Tsundere, Main antagonist of Orleans and the Da Vinci Event, Summons dragons and empowers them, Insecure about her being in the original's shadow, Secretly wants people to care about her, Ineffectual villainous schemes, Not-so-nice grins, Playing with Fire
  • Domains: Anger, Fire, Evil, Vengeance, Authenticity
  • Herald: The separate Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily (much to the grown-up one's dismay)
  • High Priest: Dark Zagi
  • Allies: The Master of Chaldea, Gilles de Rais, Issei Hyodo, Brynhild, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm, Dark Pit, Natsu Dragneel, Shana
  • Rivals: Saber Alter, Professor James Moriarty, Celestia Ludenberg
  • Enemies: YHVH, Goetia, Jean Pierre Polnareff, Judge Frollo, Ornstein and Smough, Mileena, Copy X, Metal Sonic, Vanitas, Kage, Nyarlathotep, The Yandere Squad, Yapool, The Psycho Rangers, The Dark Knights, Fafnir, Raynare
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: B.B., Kiara Sesshouin, Atalanta
  • Opposes: Kyogre, Makoto Itou, Darkness (Konosuba), Girag
  • Opposed by: Sara Pezzini, Punishing Bird
  • Respected by: Ashirogi Muto, Rohan Kishibe
  • Source of Interest for: Lucifer, Ragnaros The Firelord
  • Disappointed in: Avenger (F/HA)
  • Special Relationships with: Jeanne d'Arc (her original and not-sister)
  • Born of the Caster Servant Gilles de Rais' wish for a vengeful Jeanne d'Arc as retribution for burning the original Jeanne at the stake, Jeanne d'Arc Alter is a darkened version of the Saint of Orleans' legend where she avenges her own punishment at the stake by subjecting others to the same fate. Once she was created, she began to lay waste on France, summoning dragons, wyverns and Servants to do her bidding and empowered the latter with Madness Enhancement to keep them under control. It was only through the effort of the Master of Chaldea as well as the world summoning the original Jeanne in response to her assault does Jeanne Alter fail and Gilles de Rais defeated, ending the Singularity and history is restored.
    • But her existence did not stop there. Aside from minor summons against Jeanne and attempting to ruin Santa Saber Alter's first Christmas run, Jeanne Alter came back to create counterfeit Heroic Spirits to fulfill a new dream: creating a harem of handsome men in order to feel loved. Even after the plan failed, she had gained newfound respect towards the Master of Chaldea and was allowed to the Throne of Heroes soon afterwards. Once she was summoned under him as an Avenger, one of the first things she had done is to defeat the lingering resentment in the citizens of France before it becomes a new Singularity; the proof of her willing to own up to her crimes despite not regretting them makes her more qualified to be a Heroic Spirit and fully cements her position in the Throne. Later in an attempt to foil Santa Alter once again, she carelessly drank a bottle of Child Gilgamesh's Lily potion thinking it was different one, turning her not only into a Lily, but a Santa. In the form now referred to as Jeanne d'Arc Alter Santa Lily, she becomes that year's Santa but she doesn't really understand human joy & happiness, because such things weren't relevant to what she used to be as a wraith of resentment and the way she brings out presents is based on need instead of want, so the Master concocts an elaborate plan with the rest of his Servants to bring out her innermost desire: seeing the ocean, a sentiment the original Jeanne knows best; with a true link to Jeanne's legend, this resolution fully cements Jeanne Alter's existence. Jeanne Alter also contributed in the fight against Goetia and the Demon Pillars, aiding in the downfall of the Demon Pillar Andromalius.
    • Jeanne Alter later aided the Master in the Shinjuku Pseudo-Singularity as a major ally, bantering with Saber Alter along the way. Later into the mission, she sacrificed herself to defeat the Avenger of Shinjuku and was presumed dead until after the final battle, where she demands a dance with the Master since she was jealous of Saber Alter dancing with him first. Later, a Singularity appears in Hawaii and Jeanne Alter was once again a major ally aiding the Master in figuring out its true cause as they must create Doujinshi for the first time; Jeanne Alter accepted as she wants to one-up the author of a doujin who aggravated her enough to take up drawing. When the culprit was revealed to be B.B. instead of the suspicious Foreigner Servant was only trying to seek the other Foreigner that's causing the Singularity, the Master and his Servants eventually defeated her; in the aftermath it turns out that the very doujin Jeanne Alter was one-upping is authored by herself, sent to the past to make her draw in the first place, a fact the then-Berserker was embarrassed at.
  • Jeanne Alter was ascended before the Master of Chaldea had his foothold on the Pantheon called in by her original (much to the fake's chagrin), having the trope of Mirror Self as her part of her position. But as she takes a good look at it, she came to the realization that it's a lot better to have a title that accurately represents her existence, no matter how much she hates the reason why; she then makes her case to the Court of the Gods to renew her title. She reasoned that she is a fake copy of Jeanne d'Arc who supposedly embodies the evil in her heart as Gilles intended, but the real Jeanne never had any evil in her regardless of the atrocities she had committed. The Judges evaluated her old title and decided to approve her title change; she is now the Goddess of Villainous Fakes.
  • Not many people would say it in front of her face, but when her Master had finally ascended into the Pantheons, she was acting excitedly during the party thrown by Pinkie Pie. He was one of the only people (probably the only one) who truly understands her true intentions: she wanted to be loved and accepted and she wanted to be her own person separate from the original Jeanne d'Arc and Fujimaru gives her both, no matter how much the Tsundere act failed to convince anyone otherwise. Speaking of Jeanne, she was glad that Alter is here as she wanted to play "big sister" since she had become the little one for far too long; in more serious circumstances, should Alter go back to being evil, Jeanne can exorcise her if possible since Alter is an evil spirit. Jeanne Alter herself again wanted nothing to do with her since she wants to stand out as herself, yet she can't help but getting roped in with her original's comical shenanigans; they do put aside their rivalry to aid their Master should he need their call in a dire time, since without him they both wouldn't have been able to materialize anyways.
    • To rub in the metaphorical salt wound even further, the separate Jeanne Alter Santa Lily was made her Herald. Jeanne Alter hated seeing a younger version of herself, finding her to be a brat who should be acting like an actual child (which she isn't wrong about) and Santa Lily likewise feels ashamed by looking at the peevishness of the adult Jeanne Alter. Like with the original Jeanne, Jeanne Alter swallows her pride and reluctantly cooperates with her if only to ensure the Master's safety.
      Jeanne d'Arc Santa Alter Lily: It seems like she is still embarrassed about becoming a Servant herself and doesn’t know how to deal with her Master. Good grief, she really cannot be helped!
    • She was a little apprehended when she saw that Gilles ascended along with his Master, Ryunnosuke Uryuu because on one hand, his hammy antics, worshipping of her and creepy tentacle attacks are irritating but on the other, she finds his presence a breath of fresh air from seeing too many a goody-two-shoes in Chaldea and plus, without him she wouldn't be here appreciating Master's faith in her. Most people have a fondness for seeing Jeanne Alter with Saber Alter for being much alike, backstories notwithstanding but the thing is, they have a fierce rivalry towards each other, as in "they would rather kill each other in cold blood than become true allies" fierce with their bitter opinions not helping to calm them down. They do agree on a few things, such as defending their Master and humanity in general and their own merits being worthy of each other's respect, but you'll mostly catch them fighting if you see them around.
      Saber Alter: ...Mad dog.
      Jeanne Alter: Ice bitch queen.
      Saber Alter: It seems our rivalry didn't end in Chaldea. I fully expect you to start it again, no?
      Jeanne Alter: Heh, of course I am! These days, you and I will settle this to the death real soon.
      Saber Alter: I cannot wait to pummel you into a puddle myself.
    • Brynhild and Siegfried find it amusing that Jeanne Alter had made counterfeits of them that are just as real as them... just to fill in archetypes of a harem story. They have no problems allying with her of course since the original is there to keep her in check; Jeanne Alter was at least a bit glad that she's not amongst the 'Brynhild's Beloved' list, not because she's afraid Brynhild would kill her but it's going to be annoying to take her sweet time for defense. Sieg finds her existence a bit weird and even more confused when Jeanne introduced her as her sister; regardless he tries to befriend her but like with other people, she pushed him away. Atalante finds her to be hard to work with, not just because she's a dark version of Jeanne but also she had undergone Madness Enhancement under her control back in Orleans and she refused to stand by that; not that Jeanne Alter cared much about it but she does look out for her Berserker Alter variation since she's more violent in that form.
    • She hates Moriarty, due to the fact that he tried to destroy the entire world with a meteor during the Shinjuku Pesudo-Singularity, though she already recognizes she probably shouldn't criticize him because she tried to destroy France with dragons herself. Shakespeare got a kick out of finding an evil version of Jeanne D'Arc to exist and if he does another production of Henry VI Part 1, she will play the part of Jeanne D'Arc; Jeanne Alter herself wants nothing to do with the playwright since his penchant for cheap and extravagant drama made her understand why the original Jeanne dislikes what he did to hernote . She got pretty disappointed with her "senpai" in the Avenger class being very weak so she's not gonna expect much of him sooner or later and Angra could care less about her, although he's fascinated that there's more Servants under his class which delights him that his influence towards the Greater Grail is working.
      Jeanne Alter: That's the original Avenger? Huh, is that supposed to be a joke? Wait a second. The same class as me? No way... My senpai is too weak...
    • She had experience in fighting the dire threats of the Beasts, Goetia, Tiamat and Kiara Sesshouin, who have been detrimental to her world's history with their sheer power and misplaced love for humanity and she has no problem in joining in fending them off again. Goetia in particular sees her as part of Gilles' failed plan to ruin Orleans, France through history but otherwise, he mostly rebuffs her as another of the Master's living weapon. Ever since the ServaFes debacle and hearing the news of the SE.RA.PH. incident, Jeanne Alter is rocky with B.B. since her definition of "helping" the Master of Chaldea involves less than savoury methods of keeping them safe, which is expected of her being an A.I. from the residual feelings of the Sakura Matou AI on the Moon Cell; she nowadays is helping the Master normally but that doesn't make the Avenger Servant quell her understandable concern of her.
  • Being an Evil Knockoff, Jeanne Alter has a lot of noteworthy interactions with those like her but to her dismay most of them are batshit insane even for her. Like for instance, Copy X and Metal Sonic who are evil copies of Mega Man X and Sonic the Hedgehog respectively. Copy X wants to defend humanity much like his predecessors but his extreme methods borders into near-villainy which most of the heroes he faced disagrees with very heavily, a sentiment Jeanne Alter agrees and shares. Metal Sonic shares her angst in being second best but while Jalter's woes and attempts are ineffectual at worst, Metal Sonic's are destructive and now lives to replace Sonic and nothing else which honestly turns her off from making an ally in him.
    • She's not an outright clone, but she's got the angst which Rau Le Creuset tries to convince her with to his side as he sees destructive value in her powers. She didn't bought anything he said, because even if the original outclasses her regardless, she still wants to stand on her own without her while she goes on her own alive as well, and if he hurts her or their Master she'll give him a burning so bad he can't pilot his mobile suit for months; Rau clenches his teeth and relents, missing his chance to have a vindictive witch at his side. And then there's Mileena, a Tarkatan clone of the Edenian princess Kitana created by Shang Tsung as a sister to her, but Kitana finds her to be an abomination that shouldn't exist instead. Mileena thinks Jalter should be getting along with her "sister" the original Jeanne, but while she's standoffish about that relationship, Alter makes it clear that she wouldn't want her dead as badly as Mileena would after she was rejected, even if both of them also have teen-like behaviours that came way after their conceptions.
      Mileena: You should be bonding with your "sister"!
      Jeanne Alter: First of all, she's not. Secondly, she might as well ignore me instead.
      Mileena: Yet, she does not give up on you. Will you ignore that...?
    • Yapool specializes in creating Evil Knockoffs of the Ultras in the form of Ace Killer (which he can possess, too) which is a far cry from her making counterfeits of Servants during her harem shenanigans. He prefers her Ruler Alter self as the her right now is loyal to the Master and he finds it to be a big loss of a potential ally; Jeanne Alter likewise can see that hatred has defined him even after coming back from the dead with it since she is also a being of hatred but should he pose a threat to her Master, she'll make sure his burning would be painful in spite of her size against him. Like Darquesse, Jeanne Alter also likes the idea of the Dark Knights' existence as she is also an evil version of a hero but unlike her, she finds them to be batshit insane (no pun intended) especially the Batman Who Laughs, the most insane version of Batman that makes Angra Mainyu look like a street thug. The same somewhat goes for the Psycho Rangers who are capable of impersonating the heroic Sentai teams to near unrecognizable levels which is something Jeanne Alter finds as annoying as fighting against the Assassin of Shinjuku.
    • She may not be an Enemy Within of Ryu like him, but Jeanne Alter still isn't very fond of Kage even if her (former) goal of destroying France would say otherwise, because she feels her reasons aren't as petty as the demonic fighter and like Saber Alter, would also prefer to kick his ass than actually work with him. Vanitas has proven too crazy for Jeanne Alter to ally with as well, even beating her in the whole "destroying everything with lots of Mooks" part; like Rau, Vanitas missed out on a powerful ally but he's considering torturing her Master so that she can give in...
    • The Avenger Servant actually relates a lot with Dark Pit, who like her is also an evil duplicate of a hero's supposed eviler traits, but came out as not that different from their nicer counterparts. In her case, she's only different in that she's standoffish and able to use La Pucelle without dying while in his case, he's cynical and scathingly honest and at the very worst just neutral and fights for himself; both of them do warm-up to people later on. The two have become Friendly Rivals in a way, and when they find the time they spar just to challenge each other's might. Due to his Rider form being a dark counterpart to Emu Hojo, Kuroto Dan is often seen being associates with her and Saber Alter, as he act himself as a buffer between the two all thanks to their opposite personalities; Jeanne Alter thinks his hammy tendencies makes him a bigger idiot than threatening, but after a he fended off a Bugster because it hindered his business she realized he's more threatening than what his behaviour implies.
  • True to her name of The Dragon Witch, Jeanne Alter can summon, empower and control dragons, wyverns and anyone with the blood of a dragon, which is believed to be an inverse phenomenon from saints possessing anecdotes of dispersing the dragon kind, such as Saint Martha or maybe Saint George. This eventually came back to bite her in the ass when Smough and Ornstein kept hounding her about it, seeing her as an enemy that needs to be vanquished; she sent them packing after summoning her world's Fafnir. Speaking of Fafnir, the dwarf turned dragon refuses to let himself be controlled by her for her gain which doesn't fazed her in the slightest since he's not from her world anyways and Fafnir there is more of a concept of monstrous greed than a singular being.
  • As she is another version of Jeanne d'Arc who in another universe is a chosen wielder of a magical artifact called the Witchblade, Sara Pezzini doesn't want to let it fall into her hands as her evil nature makes her a dangerous wielder and it's worse if it's actually compatible with her. Jeanne Alter currently has no plans to obtain the Witchblade even if it piques her curiosity, but she does finds Sara's fear to be understandable.
  • Jeanne Alter's Noble Phantasm, La Grondement du Haine represents the burning of Jeanne d'Arc at the stake for leading France's army to war against Britain and a woman leading an army was considered blasphemy and unthinkable back then. As she represents the idea of the vengeful maid of Orleans, she can freely use La Pucelle unlike the original who must use her entire lifeforce to activate it because of her legend. This led Jeanne Alter to meet the fire users Shana and Natsu Dragneel, during a stop at the sub-House of Fire & Heat. Shana is a Flame Haze, and she knew fighting all her life until meeting Yuji Sakai and falling in love with him, kinda like Jalter being angsty about her existence after her failed tenures as a villain until meeting Fujimaru and developing feelings for him. Shana finds the copy rather underwhelming and a loser at first until their first sparring when she nows finds her to be no slouch while Alter sees her as a deadpan and serious Servant Oda Nobunaga, right down to the shared voices; they both still relate for sharing skin-deep denials about their feelings for their crushes though Jalter is a little jealous Shana finally hooked up with Yuji for real. As for Natsu, who is known for befriending enemies, after one fight with her he realized that she had changed so much since her attack on France and was relieved she's less likely to harm others needlessly since her Master wouldn't ask her to. As he extends his hand to her, Jeanne Alter reluctantly shakes it as she learns that he's just as head-strong and determined as her Master minus the fire powers.
    • She doesn't dwell too much on Jeanne's burning as she's too preoccupied with one-upping her but she can understand the dangerous threat of Ragnaros the Firelord and it doesn't help that he's too reminiscent of Surtr who also wants to purge the world in fire yet both have different reasons to do so (Surtr because he's fated to and Ragnaros because he's doing what fire is doing). Like he is with other fire users, Ragnaros expresses interest in Jeanne Alter and how she utilizes said legend of the burning as her ultimate weapon.
  • Most French deities in the Pantheon other than those involved with Chaldea are apprehensive of Jeanne Alter's countrywide assault on historical France despite her owning up to it because had she succeeded, they wouldn't have existed long enough for their stories to be heard. A noteworthy one is Jean Pierre Polnareff, who can't forgive her in spite of her good looks because no one dares to soil his homeland; they duked it out and while he held out against La Pucelle, he nearly got himself staked by La Grondement Du Haine. That's because the Primal Kyogre was in the vicinity, negating her fiery Noble Phantasm and Polnareff took advantage of it by knocking La Pucelle and her flag out of her hands, finally allowing him to put her out of commission with Silver Chariot; since that fight, Alter swears to take revenge on Polnareff and Kyogre for completely humiliating her.
    • On a lesser note, Punishing Bird wants to punish Jeanne Alter for the stuff she pulled against France despite her not really doing that anymore and it being completely unable to understand nuance. Luckily, she finds that his pecks are at worst just annoying so long as no one retaliates against it, a warning she'll keep in mind.
  • Jeanne Alter finds belief to be evil since to her, it leads others into a false sense of comfort which is why she likes telling other pious Christians that she defies God just for kicks. YHVH obviously doesn't like the blasphemy she's doing to His followers despite raising good points, which is why He locked her up for the transgression. It's only when Siegfried came to free her and let her out long enough to break it to the original Jeanne that she worshipped the wrong God before fully escaping His grasp; after that, Jeanne's faith in YHVH dwindled, further increased His ire against her. As for Judge Claude Frollo, Jeanne Alter is disgustingly reminded of Bishop Pierre Cauchon who burned Jeanne at the stake and her own first victim after conception; the feeling is mutual as Frollo has a special disdain for her since to him, she's a perversion of the Saint of Orleans with an extremely titillating appearance. Aside from understanding why Esmeralda hates him, Jeanne Alter plans on burning him like she did with the bishop that condemned Jeanne.
    • Because she dared to defy YHVH, Lucifer sees value in her strength as a Servant and Jeanne Alter Santa Lily can cause liability issues with Melkor, while it doesn't affect Lucifer in any shape or form. After some decision making, she instead refuses seeing that her Master already rejects him and his philosophy, not to mention that after her assault on historical Orleans, the worst she can do in her schemes are ineffectual and less malicious anyway. Lucifer concedes, beating himself up that he should have goaded her when the Master was not around yet.
  • Previously, Jeanne Alter wants to have a harem of edgy and cute boys for her to love and hate while crusading against France. Currently, she hasn't gone back to indulging it again since the Master has given her the affection and attention she wanted but it does got her mingled with unlikely people. When he heard about it, Issei Hyodo got a good laugh about it which embarrassed her a bit, but he understands the need for love when no one else is willing to love them, as he explains to her that the reason why he keeps putting himself down even if he got the harem who loved him dearly is that his ex-girlfriend Raynare killed him once. Hearing about it, Jeanne Alter offered to join in on defeating her, hoping that she'll pay for disregarding suitors like terrible clothes and probably as another to torture unabashedly; plus, he's got a draconic form so what's not to like about it? (Other than its name...) Another person who had similar aspirations than her is Celestia Ludenberg whose dream is to be in a European castle with handsome butlers styled as vampires at her beck and call; Jeanne Alter finds it farfetched to be achievable, and then she learned that she only wanted it just to escape her boring life which she finds laughable yet understandable since it's just like living in someone else's shadow. Angered that someone like her had found out about her true, boring past, Celes remained hostile towards Jeanne Alter even if she somewhat agrees being in someone's shadow is no different than being unknown.
    • She's also one of the pnly people to call out on Kiyohime's over-attraction and intolerance to dishonesty. This got her worked up against the GUAC's Yandere Squad who banded together in order to protect their beloved, no matter the methods and if they even wanted the "help"; save for the reasonable members like Yuno, Yubel and Anna, the Squad are offended that whatever it takes for them to keep their beloved around is depraved and have declared her an enemy for the one slight. The boyfriend of two of its members Kotonoha and Sekai, Makoto Itou isn't any better in Jeanne Alter's eyes as he did a lot of stupid decisions that warranted his death at the hands of both of them; Makoto himself finds her scary due to her reputation and would rather not provoke her further lest he himself get burned at the stake as well.
  • She's extremely wary of any masochists, due to the fact when she wished for a "true female friend" in the fake Brynhild, she instead got a lesbian masochist that annoyed her to no end. It's why she began to hate the knight Darkness on one afternoon when both of them got into a fight out of an argument over... something. As Jeanne Alter got the upper hand and gave her heavy damage, she began to uh... enjoy it as if it's a pleasurable experience. Disgusted, Jeanne Alter has vowed to not approach her ever, not even in a fight.
  • Jeanne Alter has picked up various hobbies to push herself to be more than Jeanne d'Arc's evil version, and one of those is drawing manga and doujinshi even if the doujin she tried to surpassed was actually authored by herself, something that she wouldn't want anyone to bring up again out of embarrassment. Still she does tries to get pointers from the duo Ashirogi Muto and the artist Rohan Kishibe anyways, should B.B. pulled her stunt again or she's invited to a convention and she needs some quick money. The duo were impressed with her work during the course of the loops and agrees that Crossvikki Magician Girl and the Monster have proven to be her best entry, something that Rohan also agrees but finds her other previous work before that to be lacking which she already noted during the loops. The Barian Emperor Gilag has also seen her works was super impressed, so much so that he tries to show his own art to her, which is... not that good. She ended up insulting it so bad that he got sad and left; she instantly felt bad but assures herself that he seems tough and can tell he's got the tenacity and passion to keep drawing even if no progress will be made to improve.
  • "If there is a God, surely I will be punished for this."

Plutonian, God of the Evil Costume Switch (Tony, Dan Hartigan, The Wolf-Boy)
  • Greater God (potentially an Overdeity)
  • Symbol: His Chest Insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (originally tried to be Lawful Good)
  • Portfolio: Face–Heel Turn, Superman Substitute Gone Wrong, Broken Ace, Token Non-Human, Evil Costume Switch, Ax-Crazy, Can't Take Criticism, Smug Super, Faux Affably Evil, Genius Bruiser, Fallen Hero, For the Evulz, Villain Protagonist, won the Superpower Lottery, Tyrannical Superhuman, Irredeemable Indeed
  • Domains: Heroism (Resigned), Villainy, Power, Insanity, Costumes
  • Allies: Aurum, General Grievous, Katsumi Daido, Shego, Arthas Menethil, Rau Le Creuset, Nemesis
  • Rival: Regime Superman, the Homelander
  • Enemies: Every. Single. Superhero. EVER! (especially Superman), anyone that has redeemed themselves (especially The F.I.S Receptor Children and Lordgenome), Dr. Manhattan, The Doctor (the Tenth one in particular), The Boys
  • Evil Counterpart to: The F.I.S Receptor Children
  • Opposes: The House of Family; Chessmasters in general, but especially Ozymandias and Lelouch vi Britannia
  • Commonality Connection with: Reaper
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Syndrome
  • Frustrated at: Wander
  • Once Upon a Time, there was a superhero known as The Plutonian. He was someone that many can look up to, and arguably, someone that seems to follow Superman's morals by heart. Unfortunately, one too many bad things happened (including a toll on his ego), he lost his shit and turned into a destructive force of evil. With that, not only did he get a darker costume, but also a different hairstyle.
  • Despite being the former High Priest of Regime Superman, the two are on pretty bad terms with each other (though this is likely a result of the High Councilor's Knight Templar tendencies). Battles between the two can get rather destructive.
  • Among the handful of allies that the Plutonian has is Aurum, another Fallen Hero that's had a Broken Pedestal for some time. No one can say for certain if it's true or not (and many are hoping it's not), but the Plutonian is trying to get Aurum to embrace his own powers and cause chaos.
    • Speaking of fallen heroes, the Plutonian has also been seen alongside General Grievous, Katsumi Daido, and Shego. There are rumors that the four (Aurum doesn't have much interest in this particular group, at least for now) are going to form a group dedicated to targeting those who have redeemed themselves and trying to atone for their former actions.
    • Both Reaper and Plutonian were former heroes that turned evil due to circumstances regarding attention and got a new look on top of it. However, the Plutonian got a lot of attention and not all of it was positive and Reaper...didn't get a lot of attention in general. Reaper is rather jealous that the Plutonian even had attention to start with and more annoyed that the Plutonian doesn't have much time to hang out with him.
  • One of the factors that lead to the Plutonian to become evil was him taking criticism very poorly. A number of people learned that the criticisms happened only sporadically and that the few criticisms drove him over the edge. Many believe that things would be far worse if he heard a lot more criticism than normal (especially since he has excellent hearing). A lot of dread is bound to occur if he were to take part in a contest in the House of Popularity, a place where criticism by many is bound to happen.
  • If someone has redeemed themselves or is currently trying to atone for their actions, then they would hold him in very low regard. The most notable instances of that are the F.I.S Receptor Children and Lordgenome. The former for having their title being the inverse of his (though the Plutonian doesn't care about it and finds that reason to hate him very petty), and the latter because of the aforementioned rumors regarding Plutonian and Aurum (of whom Lordgenome is trying to help get back on track). That said, a few of these particular deities are convinced that there may be a way for the Plutonian to become good again.
    • Wander is one of the handful of deities who believes that the Plutonian can be redeemed. It is possible, but extremely difficult, to get the Plutonian to do at least a good deed in his current state. Whether or not it can happen no one knows (and the supervillain tends either ignore him or attack him and Sylvia just to get them to leave him alone), but Wander is convinced that there is a way for the Plutonian to return to his days of being a genuine hero, regardless of how messed up the Plutonian is.
  • More or less, every superhero in the Pantheon hate him for his actions. Superman, in particular, is both disappointed and angry at him. Disappointed because the Plutonian was someone who tried to follow the path of being a hero like Superman was and failed. Angry because the Plutonian turned back on his former ideals with no intention of returning to them.
    • Ironically enough, part of the Plutonian's essence managed to make its way to a universe where Superman's real-life creators were at, thus inspiring the then-young writing duo to create the Man of Steel. In a very loose way, Superman does have a bit of essence from the Plutonian; it's just that the former is much more stable than the latter.
  • When he was still a superhero, the Plutonian fell in love with Alana Patel, his universe's equivalent of Lois Lane. Unfortunately when he revealed the truth about his identity to Alana, she didn't take it well. Because of that, the Plutonian holds nothing but contempt towards many love interests of superheroes (including Lois Lane).
  • If there's one type of person The Plutonian hates to no end, it would be chessmasters, as they remind him of Modeus (The Plutonian actually keeps his distance from Lex Luthor given that both Lex and Modeus are similar in some aspects). However, there are some chessmasters that The Plutonian is on watch for.
    • Plutonian is highly wary of Ozymandias, a very smart being who also happened to be a fallen hero like the Plutonian. Adrian does understand why the Plutonian fell from grace, but is more than willing to have some plans for him in case the Plutonian goes too far (not that he hasn't already).
    • Lelouch's supposed unpredictability has also put The Plutonian on edge and considering that Lelouch is good-enough friends with Ozymandias, it's another reason for the Plutonian to be wary. In addition, there are rumors going around that a joint plan by the two is being considered to take down The Plutonian if things go really bad in the Pantheon and the problems can be traced to The Plutonian.
  • Before becoming a supervillain, Syndrome was originally someone who had idolized a superhero (Bob Parr). His turn to evil was because Bob didn't live up to the man formerly known as Buddy's expectations. Although both Syndrome and Plutonian do work together in targeting superheroes, there has been some tension between the two, mostly out of their own self-centered desires to get more attention. And then there's the fact that the former superhero Plutonian became evil out of his own failure to be adored by everyone as a superhero and Syndrome, even as a supervillain, tried to be a hero for his own sake at the expense of other heroes.
    • Suffice to say, the Parr Family was on edge after finding out their arch-enemy is working with another dangerous supervillain, even if that particular alliance isn't the best one there is. That family is already keeping tabs on him, whilst Syndrome has been convincing the Plutonian to eliminate the Incredibles. The Plutonian has thought about it, but has other matters in his mind for the time being.
  • There is a lot of tension between him and The Doctor, mostly because the latter brings to mind Qubit. The tension is even more pronounced with the Tenth Doctor since that one looks very similar to Qubit.
  • Both the Plutonian and Dr. Manhattan served as very powerful beings in their own universes and although they used to be involved with heroism, they moved away from it very differently. While Dr. Manhattan became more withdrawn, the Plutonian simply took his anger out on his world. The blue Physical God is rather disappointed that a former hero would devolve into a mass murderer simply because things didn't go how the Plutonian wanted it to be.
  • Rau Le Creuset has taken a liking to the Plutonian's destructive tendencies against humanity due to, as they put it, the selfishness that humans have to offer. The fact that the two of them are not exactly human beings in a traditional sense served to strengthen their friendship.
  • Part of his childhood involved being sent to multiple foster families, only to get removed from all of them due to his powers. Some of the deities in the House of Family (mostly the ones that have had a terrible childhood, though that can include those not from the aforementioned house) feel somewhat sorry about that, but they still concede that it doesn't justify the atrocities the Plutonian committed later on. The Plutonian doesn't like everyone from that house, mostly because it brings back bad memories of his childhood.
  • Nemesis was picked as his first real partner in crime because Laughs was amused at an Ax-Crazy Batman and Superman expy teaming up.
  • The Plutonian is not so much someone who has Superman's abilities, but more of a Reality Warper that just doesn't know he has that power (though he knows that he is very powerful as is). If the Plutonian does become aware of the fact that he is even more powerful than he is currently, who knows what would happen (especially since the GUAG has been trying to figure out ways to end his madness).

Intermediate Gods

    Katsumi Daido/Kamen Rider Eternal 
Katsumi Daido, God of the Fallen Ones (Kamen Rider Eternal)
Kamen Rider Eternal 
  • Intermediate God (borders on Greater God in his Strengthening Armament mode)
  • Symbol: The T2 Eternal Memory and the NEVER logo
  • Theme Song: COD-E ~E No Ango~
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil, formerly Chaotic Neutral leaning towards Good
  • Portfolio: The Main Antagonist of the Movie, Transforming Villains, Being an Undead Mercenary, Came Back Wrong, Eternal Robe, Card-Carrying Villain, "Now, enjoy your Hell!", Fallen Heroes, Driven to Madness, Eternal Edge, Honorable Villains, The Leader of NEVER
  • Domains: Combat, Chaos, Misantrope, Domination, Life and Death, Evil, Madness, Villainy, Vengeance, Terrorism
  • High Priestess: Nerissa
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Villains, the GUAE Trollkaiger (especially Basco ta Jolokia), Albert Wesker, Tanya, Monokuma and his Mastermind.
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Heroes (especially Kamen Rider Double (Shotaro Hidari and Philip)), every deity that turned to the side of good
  • Opposed By: Tomoko Nozama
  • Originally an Intermediate Demon rank member of the Demonic Legion, Katsumi Ascended into the proper Pantheon with a thirst for vengeance against the Toku Base due to being killed off by Kamen Rider Double during NEVER's raid over the city of Futo.
    • Later on, Daido had successfully kicked Nerissa out of the throne for the Fallen Hero trope before he took the title and put her under his wing as his High Priestess, much to Nerissa's annoyance.
  • Katsumi has an array of T2 Gaia Memories in his set, including his own Eternal Memory which has the power to nullify his opponent's Gaia Memory, the Unicorn Memory which he executes a powerful punch attack, and the Zone Memory which gathers all of his T2 Memories in his Maximum Slots to unlock his full potential.
  • In the past, Katsumi was one of the most finest Toku Base members until he suddenly jumped the slippery slope by defeating Dr. Prospect, at the cost of losing his sanity. Now antagonizes every Good-aligned Gods with passion.
  • Ryoma Sengoku had found interest with his abilities of neutralizing every Gaia Memory users, as the mad scientist wants to upgrade the T2 Eternal Memory using the data gathered from every ascended Toku Heroes to ensure their victory against them. Also, Basco of the Trollkaiger was intrigued of his actions as he expects to work with him someday.
  • Had made an alliance with Tanya because she was impressed with his act of attacking his own hometown, Futo, just get his revenge on both Museum and Foundation X.
  • Became allies with Albert Wesker, a fellow undead, due to Wesker became interest in Daido's status as a Necro-Over as he want to add it to his research to improve Daido's strength.
  • He had crossed paths with Monokuma as the bear was intrigued of his atrocities that he commit back in his own world. The Mastermind Junko Enoshima had found him interesting due to his mercenary status reminding her a lot of her twin sister Mukuro Ikusaba before she proposed an alliance with him as they work together in their schemes.
  • In the wake of his Ascension, he proceeds to attack every single redeemed Gods within the pantheon with his full intention to turn them back into the dark side while calling their previous villainous names as a mockery for them. Because of this, notable redeemed Gods such as Mitsuzane Kureshima, Sayaka Miki, Setsuna Higashi, and Chase, gained an ire on his actions and they warned the others to stay alert against this dangerous threat.
    • This made him enemies with Roberta as well as she despised him with a passion because of his extreme revenge towards the Sonozaki's Museum organization and Foundation X reminding her of her act of revenge on the ones who killed her master Diego Lovelace. This statement had made Daido laugh as he told her that she is no different to him when it comes to extreme revenge.
    • Judai Yuki also hates his guts as Daido's fell from grace reminding him of his descent into the Supreme King. Not to mention that he also considered him a false Kamen Rider due to him committing alot of atrocities in his days as a terrorist.
  • Due him being a evil Rider, he was opposed by Tomoko Nozama due to the research she found in an article about his actions (and his former allies) attacked the city of Futo, which she deemed him a disgrace of what a true Kamen Rider stands for.

    The Psycho Rangers 
The Psycho Rangersmembers , Evil Team Counterpart Deities
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: Stylish N?
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Ax-Crazy, Badass Crew, Only They Can Defeat Power Rangers, Card Carrying Villains
  • Domains: War, Appearance, Power
  • High Priests: Jaden Sentai Neziranger
  • Followers: Bad End Pretty Cure, The Justice Lords, The Rowdy Ruff Boys, Shocker Riders, The Yoma Generals
  • Allies: Basco ta Jolokia, Ryoma Sengoku, Carnage, Melkor, Dark Link, Ginyu Force, Mesogog, Dougen, Toon Patrol
  • Enemies: All Toku Heroes especially the Super Sentai/Power Rangers, Wonderful 101, Ascended Pretty Cures (Pink ones for Psycho Pink), Senran Kagura girls, The Investigation Team, The Saber Marionettes (Cherry for Psycho Pink), Rio Kamishiro, Yang Xiao Long, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Tohru Adachi, Viewtiful Joe
  • Rival: Yoko Minato (Psycho Pink)
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Each other, Shadow Moon, Trakeena
  • It was a strange day in the Pantheon as many good-aligned deities were attack by other good-aligned deities. First the ToQger were seen battling Iron Man, She Hulk, Spider-Man, Captain America and Hawkeye. Then some how Kamen Rider OOO's Complete Combos of Gatakiriba, Latorartar, Sagohzo, Shauta, Tajadol were fighting Nightwing, Starfire, Beast Boy, Cyborg and Raven. But what didn't make any sense at all was pre-Rebellion Madoka Kaname, Homura Akemi, Sayaka Miki, Kyoko Sakura, and Mami Tomoe battling Team RWBY. Turns out, all those attacks were carry out by the Psycho Rangers who were ascended to the Pantheon.
    • Even if they were found out, the Psycho Rangers still continue to use their shape shifting ability to cause chaos in the pantheon. Like turning themselves into one of the ascended Kagura girls and attacking the others and pretending to be the Investigation Team's Shadows to play with their minds.
  • Thanks to Ryoma Sengoku's battle data collecting and Basco securing blank Ranger Keys, the Psycho Rangers are able to use the them to transform themselves into complete set of already ascended teams including Riders, Rangers, Pretty Cure, etc.
  • Despite the Psycho Rangers being a team, they sometimes can't stand each other. In fact, Psycho Yellow once stabbed Psycho Pink in the back. Luckily, or unluckily, their hatred for Rangers of any kind make them an effective team.
    • Speaking of their Hatred of Rangers, they did attack both the Lol Rangers and Trollkaiger. Hey, they are Rangerish.
  • Psycho Pink is some what more feared out of the other Rangers. Why? Because through her machinations, she was actually able to kill Kendrix Morgan, the first Pink Galaxy Ranger after she sacrificed herself to destroy Psycho Pink's superweapon. She now wants to repeat that by killing every Pink ascended Ranger or Magical Girl.
    • This goal has also made her a rival towards Yoko Minato since she is the only Pink Rider.
    • Psycho Pink, and by extension, the other Psycho Rangers earned the ire of Tuxedo Mask and the Sailor Guardians after Psycho Pink went after Sailor Chibi-Moon.
  • For some odd reason, their symbol is an N despite being the PSYCHO Rangers. Wonder what's that's all about?
  • Each Psycho Rangers have their own monster form. While in this state, they are more powerful but they lose their ability to use their keys.
  • They are pretty fine being a five person team and are in no hurry for a sixth member. There is actually a time when there was a Green Psycho Ranger.
  • They are currently waiting for the day when the Space Power Rangers ascend so they can exact their revenge. For the time being, they're fine with confronting the Lost Galaxy Power Rangers. Psycho Pink is ecstatic to fight off Kendrix again.

    Shadow Moon 
Century King Shadow Moon, God of Villainous Counterparts (Nobuhiko Akizuki, The Prince of Shadows, White RX Another RX, Red Shadow Moon, Creation King Another Shadow Moon)
Nobuhiko Akizuki 

    Thaal Sinestro 
Thaal Sinestro, God of Villainous Predecessors To The Hero
  • Intermediate God (Greater God when using Parallax)
  • Symbol: The Symbol of his own Corps
  • Alignment: Zigzags between Lawful Evil and Lawful Neutral (Currently Lawful Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Badasses With Mustaches, Well Intentioned Extremists, Human Aliens, Utopia Justifies the Means, Anti Villains, Magnificent Bastards, Crazy-Prepared, Feared Beings, Left-Handed Villains, Even Evil Has Loved Ones, Family Revelations, Real Men Are Pink
  • Domains: Fear, Ambiguity, Order, Tyranny, Extremism
  • Followers: Hades, Nerissa, Gul Dukat
  • Heralds: His fellow Yellow Lanterns
  • Allies: Magneto, Doctor Doom, Captain Cold, Fiddlesticks, Grand Moff Tarkin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: High Councillor Kal-El
  • Potential candidates for the Yellow Lantern Ring: Batman, Valvatorez, Medivh, Doomguy, Fiddlesticks, Diablo, Freddy Krueger, 1, 2, [[Pantheon/MindGames Pride, Galactus, Lord Brevon, The Pyro, Vladimir Makarov, Ornstein and Smough and in general anyone who is The Dreaded is considered
  • Disappointed in: Pitch Black
  • Friendly Enemies with: The other Lantern Corps and the rest of the Superheroic Gods in the Pantheon, especially Hal Jordan/Green Lantern.
  • Enemies: Nekron, the Anti-Monitor, Krona, Mongul, No Face, Lich, Daffy Duck, The Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind, Fear of the Emotions, Darkseid, Mongul
  • Opposes: The GUAD, The GUAC and the GUAL.
  • Thaal Sinestro started out as a mere archaeologist, fascinated by the more orderly and glorious ancient empires of Korugar. Chosen to be the Green Lantern of Sector 1417, he became a great friend to fellow lantern Abin Sur, a mentor and friend to future Green Lantern of 2814 Hal Jordan, and was regarded as the greatest Green Lantern of them all. Alas, this would not last. The secret to how he kept his sector in perfect order was discovered; he had become dictator of his homeworld through fear, all for "the greater good". Banished, he would rise to become one of the Green Lantern Corps greatest villains.
  • Was awarded the title of God of Fear after As Nodt was attacked by Fiddlesticks. Sinestro allowed Fiddlesticks to join the Sinestro Corps, to which Fiddlestick accepted. Later on he decided that "fear tropes" felt too general for him, gave up his position as "God of Fear" and managed to get to get Hero's Evil Predecessor instead...though the "evil" is for his own sake, and would prefer him being referred to as "Hal's Necessarily Harsh Predecessor."
  • Despite his renegade status, he still wants the Green Lantern Corps to be a force for peace and order (his order, mind you); the Sinestro Corps War was a gambit to make them abandon the no kill rule. Despite his villainous attributes, Sinestro doesn't want to join the GUAE, and since its current leader is a Control Freak worse than himself, he doesn't feel part of the GUAL yet. Instead he's become a GUAG Token Evil Teammate, working to make it less soft and increase the amount of evil teammates "for what needs to be done". Everyone is keeping an eye on him, but many believe his presence there may complete the Heel–Face Turn he's been playing with for a while.
  • The House of Fear may no longer be his home, but it is where he's comfortable in. Asides from Fiddlesticks, he has chosen the following gods, though they must first conquer their greatest fear.
    • Darkrai has been pressured into helping the Sinestro Corps, as the Korugarian seeks his power over nightmares. He has promised to help the Pitch Black Pokemon overcome its Power Incontinence by using the ring as focus. He sees potential in the homunculus Pride as well due to how he fights, but isn't quite ready to give him a ring as he's still undyingly loyal to Father, who might get in the way of the Sinestro Corps' ambitions.
    • Has complete disgust over Fear of the Emotions. He ponders how on earth is he the personification of fear, if all he does is ponder and be scared of anything around him. This makes him belittle the humans due to their fears being similar to the one in the Emotions.
    Sinestro: So, this is how humans perceive fear? Well no wonder they're weak-minded.
    • Has no idea how the hell is he supposed to give Giygas a Ring. Then again, considering he's the Almighty Idiot, this halted his progress on reinstating him to the Corps.
    • Freddy Kruger, like Romat-Ru, is fine being a Psycho for Hire. Sinestro is working to let him generate a Hard Light body with the yellow ring. Balanar has joined the Sinestro Corps for similar reasons.
    • Has also spoken with The Green Goblin, seeing his motives and theme to be a worthy successor to Jonathan Crane while he isn't around. This has given him greater power to finally kill Spiderman for good, but he has restrained him in such activity.
    • Has a good understanding and a Commonality Connection with Medivh for many reasons. For instance, they are actually Anti Heroes who have dealt with more evil entities (Medivh to Sargeras and Sinestro to Anti-Monitor). Followed by their turning to evil or Knight Templar motivation, and later on their legacies (Former had Karazhan's magic and the latter had the Corps). Thanks to this, Medivh has willingly accepted the Ring itself, most especially as a asset to defeat Sargeras once he ascends. Light Yagami has also been considered for the Sinestro Corps due to sharing a similar sense of justice and striking fear into the hearts of criminals.
    • And if that wasn't enough, the Ring also sensed and brought the Pyro among the ranks of the Corps. While Sinestro and the rest are glad to bring him in, the Mercernaries of Mann Co. on the other hand and their pals aren't glad one bit. And that wasn't the end of it, because Vladimir Makarov was also recruited into the ranks of Corps, seeing his usage of the Inner Circle and his fear factor from the world gave him an opportunity to join them. And oddly enough, Ornstein and Smough joined, not because of their fear in-universe, but because they are feared by many players for being that fucking annoying boss in their univese.
    • Despite being affiliated with fear, he's rather disappointed in Pitch, as he sees his fear overtaking himself as a disgrace to what true fear is. As a result, he hasn't given him a Yellow Lantern Ring and decided to give him a "Reason You Suck" Speech in front of the house to solidify his disappointment towards him.
    Sinestro: You know, fear is powered by ourselves being the fear. We show the people why we are feared. For you, what you have become, it baffles me. And you are affiliated to fear? Not a single chance will you have anything to do, with us and our Corps.
    • He has tried to convince Batman to join his corps, for obvious reasons. To quote himself during the "forever evil" incident of his universe: "What a wonderful yellow lantern you would make, Batman."
    • He has also tried to convince the Punisher to join his corps, but unfortunately for him, Atrocitus got to him first.
    • Upon learning about Valvatorez's successful conquest of the netherworld and his ambition to "become a symbol of fear itself", He has decided to give a Yellow ring to him as a sign of friendship. He sees the tyrant as being "cut from the same cloth", not unlike himself and Black Adam. Fenrich doesn't trust him one bit, but he appreciates the gesture nonetheless, because the ring's power may come in handy someday.
  • Some have pointed out that with the name and mustache, how anyone would trust him. He's quick to point out that his name refers to "sinistra", the Latin word for left. He is left-handed, after all. Besides, Sinestro's his last name. His first name is the rather innocuous "Thaal".
  • He was surprised that he has an Even Eviler Counterpart of himself in a world where Superman becomes a tyrant. This version is a lot more sadistic and selfish than him, and the mainstream Sinestro looks down on him. He also has no respect for the Hal Jordan of that reality, due to being a Dirty Coward. His Hal would rather die than serve under him. High Councillor Kal-El is a member of the Sinestro Corps in that universe, and while the main Sinestro is fine with him helping out he's keeping an eye on him as he doesn't trust his own alternate self.
  • Initially his yellow ring harnessed the impurity inside the Green Lantern Central Battery, yellow being the weakness to the Green Lantern rings. Having realized the truth behind this impurity, he's formed an entire corps based on its true power of fear (though the Green Lantern rings are no longer weak to yellow). Naturally half his corps is unstable, but for the most part they're loyal, especially Arkillo. Batman temporarily wielded a yellow ring, as did Mongul during his coup.
  • Once served the Anti-Monitor, who served as the powerhouse and official leader of the Sinestro Corps. In truth he was using Monty for his own purposes, and fully intended to dispose of him afterwards. Nowadays, he hopes to have Galactus help out as a more loyal and stable muscle, promising to find him worlds full of dissidents to devour. Galactus is considering this, though is so powerful already the yellow ring would more or less be a trinket, but it would at the very least give him a minor power boost.
  • Once worked with the super-villain Gods in the Pantheon, he leaves due to his status as a Well-Intentioned Extremist. He likes to work with fellow well-intentioned or order-seeking villains like Magneto and Doctor Doom. Grand Moff Tarkin was happy to work with him as well, as he believes fear to be an essential means of keeping order. Of course he's still works with psychopaths so long as they inspire fear and their psychosis can be diverted to ensuring his vision.
  • With Hal Jordan's announcement of godhood, Sinestro signed, since in the long run he knew this would happen. Regardless of what histories exist between the two, Sinestro intends to continue with his own ambitions, no matter how hard Jordan intends to prevent them.
  • He has a daughter in the form of Soranik Natu, who's mother gave her up to escape the persecution his actions would inevitably bring. She's had issues with her ring due to her father's abuse of it, and is currently serving as a Morality Chain for the Sinestro Corps as a whole.
  • When the First Lantern Volthoom was released, Sinestro took a key role in taking down the Reality Warper. He's managed to successfully bond with Parallax while retaining his mind and soul, finally getting back at the old Guardians of the Universe for all they've done. He's busy with trying to fix the situation with his race, given Volthoom destroyed his homeworld, and his experience with the emotion vampire leads him to detest No Face.
  • Once battled against Daffy Duck, who'd gained a Green Lantern ring and became the Green Lantoon.
  • He was disgusted to learn that the Lich shares his voice, seeing him as Adventure Time's answer to Nekron, and doesn't understand why Orion, Hellboy or the Hulk of all gods would also sound like him.
  • Has a rather huge beef with the Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind as his mindset of "Greater Good" reminds him greatly of the Tau, a race he would rather not discuss.
    Emps: For one second, I thought I would be safe from the implications of the Tau. But now you brought them up, and I'm getting vibes all over me about that pathetic race. All because of some pink-colored lunatic.
  • "You will know the meaning of true fear."


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