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Barbatos, God of Dark Matter (God of the Dark Multiverse, Former Dragon of the World Forge, "The True Father of Batman")
  • Overdeity (The Anthropomorphic Personification of Nightmares and Darkness)
  • Symbol: The Bat Symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: All that isn't real, and all that embodies our fears and nightmare, The Usurper, "The True Father of Batman", Dragon Ascendant, Twisted Universes Not Meant to Be, Nightmares Come to Life, Dark Mirrors of Heroes, "All Roads Lead Back to Darkness", Complete Monster
  • Domains: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Nightmares, Fear
  • Followers: All those who exist within and feed off the nightmares of others, especially The Court of Owls (posthumously)
  • Allies: Melkor, Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Antasma, Atropos the Bane Elemental, Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle
  • Former Servant: The Batman Who Laughs
  • Enemies: Dream of the Endless, Batman, Alpheus (his former master), Carter Hall, Shiera Hall, Wonder Woman, the rest of the DC Multiverse, Dreamy Luigi, Beerus, Merged Zamasu, The Creation Trio, Funny Valentine, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, The Monitor
  • Beneath the Multiverse and the Pantheon, there rests an oceanic, subconscious realm comprised of "reactive matter" - a Dark Multiverse. Within this realm, worlds live and worlds die, worlds created from the hopes, fears and nightmares of all those who live. One being presided over this nightmarish realm - Barbatos, a dark horned-god whose presence is felt through other evil deities.
  • Barbatos' existence was initially unknown to the Pantheon, but his presence was revealed after he attempted to drag Earth down into the Dark Multiverse.
    • Dream of the Endless revealed Barbatos' true nature: the Dark Multiverse was originally home to the World Forge, the place where Alpheus the World Forger would hammer out worlds from the hopes and fears of living beings, creating new worlds from the "metal of possibility". Those worlds that were stable became part of the Orrery of Worlds; the twisted, unstable worlds were once destroyed by Barbatos to have their energies returned to the Forge, as he was the Forger's Great Dragon. However, he killed Alpheus and allowed the World Forge to darken.
  • Barbatos was a former Destroyer Deity, but rebelled and chose to be a conqueror instead. Beerus the Destroyer is nothing short of disgusted with the dark god; while he destroys things (and often for poor reasons), he's trying to keep balance. If anything, Barbatos is more like Merged Zamasu, except arguably worse in scope and a destroyer instead of creator. Merged Zamasu hates Barbatos as well, though it's more of a projection of his own wicked nature and hating any comparison. That and the Dark Multiverse is an eternal reminder of his deranged worldview of the evil of mortals and the failures of the gods.
    • When Barbatos himself heard this, he just laughed and pointed out his hypocrisy and flaws, wearing down Zamasu until he reached a breaking point when he said, "Face it, Zamasu, for all your talk of justice and order, you're just as much a sinner as the mortals you hate. In other words, in a metaphorical sense, you are a mortal, too." Driven insane by rage and denial, Zamasu tried to attack the dark god, only to have the Time Ring snatched off his finger. Without the Time Ring, the Goku Black component keeping the fusion together was erased, leaving only Future Zamasu. However, the already unstable fusion affected his immortality on a cellular level, causing his body to turn back into Merged Zamasu, but as his half corrupted form. His mind completely gone, Zamasu threatened to turn into his Infinite form, only to have Barbatos drain him to a withered husk barely clinging to life, stopping him from achieving the transformation. Zamasu's hatred for the Great Dragon grew as he recovered in his temple, but Barbatos didn't care.
  • The Creation Trio harbor a deep loathing towards Barbatos. They are dragon guardians of dimensions, namely time (Dialga), space (Palkia) and antimatter (Giratina). And as Barbatos is a dragon god who once maintained dimensional stability, that later went rogue, he is an abomination that must be vanquished by them. Giratina in particular takes umbrage since while it is a scary looking Dracolich guarding the creepy-looking Distortion World, it would never shirk its duty and fall to the depravity Barbatos has.
  • Although now trapped at the bottom of the Dark Multiverse while the World Forge burns anew again, Barbatos' influence is still felt within the Pantheon, and he schemes to break his chains and enter the Dark Multiverse of the Pantheon to raise the denizens there up against the Pantheon, and to drag the Pantheon itself down into darkness.
  • As a byproduct of the conflict with Barbatos, the World Forge became accessible to the Pantheon, and the Tenth Metal of Possibility that resides there is now being considered for use in constructing new structures in the Pantheon. However, the immense power of the Tenth Metal means any materials are kept under Maximum Security, and only allowed for use by a very select few deities after use by the Justice League inadvertently shattered the Source Wall.
  • Due to Barbatos' association with nightmares and fears, especially his use of them in torturing his enemies, he has many allies among nightmare deities, but also a number of new enemies:
    • Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black both sought him out for the purpose of combining forces and spreading fear and terror throughout the Pantheon.
    • Darkrai has no love whatsoever for the bat-god who revels in the nightmares and suffering of others, and is part of the forces that fight against those in the Dark Multiverse who would seek to free their master.
    • Antasma leapt at the chance to join Barbatos' side, perhaps seeing the bat-god as the source of his ascension into what he is now, as it was a nightmare Antasma fed on that turned him from a regular bat into a creature of nightmares. Perhaps, so he believes, he was intended to be Barbatos' avatar in the Mario world.
      • However, when Antasma directed Barbatos to assail the dreams of Luigi, Mario wasted no time jumping into his brother's dreams to team up with Dreamy Luigi and Princess Luna to force Barbatos and Antasma out.
  • A disturbing theory began circulating around the Pantheon that the Dark Multiverse which Barbatos hails from is just one section of a far vaster domain, one which may be directly responsible for the creation of many of the darker entities in the Pantheon. H.P. Lovecraft, James Cameron and H.R. Giger all based their respective creations upon nightmares which they themselves have had, and their nightmares reached out to all those terrified by their works and gave their creations shape, many of which have made their way into the Pantheon proper.
  • Disturbingly enough Melkor gets along swimmingly with Barbatos. Like him, he was once loyal to his creator and a guardian of reality. However Melkor's envy, pride and contempt led him to disrupt and marr creation as the god of the Dark Multiverse did, and they share a goal of despoiling reality into a miserable state of despair and fear. To say their alliance sent a chill down the spine of those in the Grand United Alliance of Good is an understatement.
  • Most of his army, such as the Dark Knights, consists of alternate selves allying together. As such, Funny Valentine is capable of exploiting Never the Selves Shall Meet quite easily. This and his utter disgust to the Dark Multiverse despite his villainy makes him a thorn in Barbatos' side.
  • The Chaos Gods were heard laughing with glee when the Dark Multiverse, a dimension shaped by fears and nightmares much like the ones which feed into the Warp, ascended into the Pantheon, for the two formed a feedback loop - the more fears and nightmares there were, the more Dark Universes are born, and the more negative emotions are fed into the Warp and Chaos Gods to create new terrors and horrors, and the cycle repeats...
  • While it cannot be confirmed, some suspect that Barbatos' Dark Multiverse may, in fact, be the realm where terrible fiction and fan-fiction alike 'exist', the horror of their existence or perversion of real universes causing them to manifest there in a cycle of horrific creation and destruction. As such, he rules over every failed story and every failed character within those stories and all of them desire to usurp the original characters and the true stories.
    • One of the greater dangers of the Dark Multiverse is that it is also a place which villains could have their own desires fulfilled, as many villains sided with Barbatos for the promise of having their own worlds to rule.
  • "All roads lead back to darkness."
  • He was originally the master of the Batman Who Laughs, but the evil combination of the Batman and Joker has cast away his allegiance to the Dark God and become a terrifying and monstrous villain in his own right. Barbatos attempted to persuade He Who Laughs to rejoin him and conquer the Pantheon together, but the corrupted Bruce Wayne ended up refusing the offer, stating that ever since Barbatos and the other Dark Knights died, he went solo and he's ended up enjoying being on his own and having full control without a superior instead, leaving Barbatos disappointed. Though the Dark God would soon learn about how He Who Laughs would go on to seize godly power of his own and kill Perpetua, which made him realize that trying to recruit He Who Laughs would be too risky a suggestion at this point. While he still enjoys watching the havoc and mayhem that the Batman Who Laughs can unleash, he also plans to make him pay for his insolence.

Greater Gods

    Funny Valentine 
Funny Valentine, God of Weaponizing Letting The Selves Meet (The Twenty-Third President of the United States of Valentine)

    Rex Dangervest 
Radical Emmet X-Treme Machete "Rex" Dangervest, God of Alternative Self Name Changes (Ninja Star Dangervest, Master Breaker, Alpha Wolf Bro-Dog, Real Jerk, Dark Emmet and Hufflepuff. Original name: Emmet Joseph Brickowski)

    The Time Eater 
The Time Eater, Deified Dimensional Devourer (Mephiles... maybe)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its time holes
  • Theme Song(s): BOSS BATTLE: TIME EATER (Versions 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination Space Time Eater, Shadowy Creature Able to Manipulate Time, Homing Projectile, Clockwork Creature Being Similar to Solaris, Actually a Mecha From Unwilling Roboticization, Super Strength, Final Boss, New Dimension
  • Domains: Time, Destruction, Monsters, Clockwork
  • Followers: The Chronophage, The Chronovore, The Langoliers, The Maelstorm
  • Interests: The Anti-Monitor, Unicron
  • Superior: Doctor Eggman
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman's allies, Dr Wily, Lavos, Lord English
  • On speaking terms with: Mephiles the Dark
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman's enemies, Sonic the Hedgehog and all his allies, Mega Man and his allies, The Pantheonic Time Police, Wreck-It Ralph, The Doctor, Dialga, Rassilon, Kirby, Agent 9, Clockwork, Chronos, The Dahaka
  • The Time Eater was an enigmatic supernatural entity that Dr Eggman found floating in space. Intrigued by the being's power over time, he worked with his past self to turn the Time Eater into a Humongous Mecha he could use to undo his past defeats. The Time Eater wrecked havoc on history, swiping different points in space-time, before eventually succumbing to the combined force of Classic and Modern Super Sonic.
  • As the name suggests, the Time Eater can "eat" time and drag points of history into a white void. For this reason, it is considered a mortal foe of Pantheonic Time Police. Dr Eggman considers the creatures his ace against them, at least until he finds something better. There have been some comparisons made to Mephiles, and some even theorize it's what's left over from Solaris. No word on if this is the case, however.
  • All guardians and deities of time consider the Time Eater to be an abomination that must be put down ASAP. This includes Dialga, Clockwork and Chronos.
  • Seemingly devoid of sentience, and is the first Eldritch Abomination Dr Eggman has learned to control. As such, it doesn't have much allies out of Dr Eggman's, and is mainly focused on eliminating allies of Sonic. Due to their partnership, Dr Wily is interested in the Time Eater being much more effective in time manipulation than any Robot Master or the Time Skipper. Eggman is happy to let Wily be the co-pilot, as he thinks Wily is just as smart as himself and Classic Eggman thinks Modern Eggman's a bit loopy.
  • Due to being Dr Eggman's monster and now siding with Dr Wily, all allies of both Sonic and Mega Man are considered the creature's enemy. It also considers Kirby and Agent 9 enemies. With Agent 9, this is because of his position of providing Boss Arena Recovery, which is inconvenient since Super Sonic ends up burning through rings to sustain his state and Agent 9 can replenish them. Kirby is probably due to fighting monsters like itself on the regular.
  • The only other beings something as primal as itself can relate to is Lavos and Lord English. Lavos is a beast of apocalyptic destruction that seems to lack intelligence, only doing what comes naturally to it. That, and the Time Devourer is similar in how it eats time. Lord English is intelligent albeit still idiotic, but thinks the Time Eater's powers would be very useful for his efforts to destroy everything everywhere.
  • The Anti-Monitor and Unicron recognize that the Time Eater, like themselves, can devour dimensions. While the Time Eater is a lot weaker and less focused, they consider the creature to be a very useful tool in enhancing their own abilities once they learn to usurp control from Eggman. Most agree the good doctor's current ownership would be the lesser of two evils.
  • Rassilon wants to suppress and analyze such a creature, most people thinking this might be part of his plan to pull out the Final Sanction again when things go south, or as a potential ace in another Time War. It didn't take long for the Doctor to catch on to this, but at the end of the day Dr Eggman finds both inconvenient for his own ambitions with the Time Eater.
  • Hated by the Dahaka. While on the surface both are shadowy creatures related to time, the Dahaka is a guardian entity and what the Time Eater does is more that change fate but a danger to time itself, making him one of his top priorities to take down.


    James Dean (Monument Mythos) 
James Dean, God of of Historical Figures With Different Roles In Different Timelines (Jimmy, President Dean, 37th President of the United States, Satan)
  • Demigod, possibly Lesser if he's anomalous
  • Symbol: His MAIZE hearing aids
  • Theme Song: The Larry Page Orchestra
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral, though some might argue Lawful Evil instead
  • Portfolio: Alternate History in Analog Horror, James Dean The 37th President, Charm Person, somewhat of an Action Politician, Possibly An Affable Villain with Good Publicity (at worst, a Well-Intentioned Extremist, also Ambiguously Human, Determinator
  • Domains: Analog Horror, U.S Presidents, Charisma, Alternate History, Ambiguity, Race Cars
  • Under the watch of: The SCP Foundation, The Men In Black
  • Allies: John F Kennedy, Lightning McQueen, Dominic Toretto
  • Headbutting Heroes with: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Clark Kent/Superman, Theodore Roosevelt
  • Friendly Rivalry with: The Hypnotoad
  • Enemies: Frank Underwood, Funny Valentine, Apophis, the Alternates, Col. Benjamin Button, Charles Victor Szasz/the Question, Walter Kovacs/Rorschach, Johan Liebert, Senator Seven Armstrong, 50 Blessings
  • Distrusted by: Various conspiracy theorists in the Trope Pantheon
  • Pities: Richard Nixon's head
  • The world of THE MONUMENT MYTHOS is another timeline where many American landmarks and iconography have a dark, otherworldly secret to them. One of the changes to the timeline is to actor James Dean; in this universe he never died of a car crash. Instead he would eventually get into politics, and in 1968 won a landslide election against Richard Nixon. President Dean was a wildly popular president who initially focused on bringing the troops back from Vietnam, and he would legalize same-sex marriage while also supporting the Civil Rights movement. However he would deal with a domestic terrorist group called the Anti-Dean Association/ADA, who treated him like the Devil and caused a variety of incidents like mass deafness. He would serve two full terms.
  • When learning of the "main" timeline, all he had to say was "I'm surprised". As Dean likely knows where some of the multiple dimension doppelgangers come from, it could be a privately sarcastic moment. He was kind of upset to learn that his OTL counterpart died in a car accident, but he is more glad to see that OTL lacks the various anomalies causing problem for the nation. He still needs a guide to the differences between the timelines, so he has tried to get advice on the differences from Presidents Kennedy and Ford as they're the closest presidents to him timeline-wise. Dean has taken a particular liking to the former as he's a handsome, young and incredibly charismatic Democrat not afraid to let their disability get in the way of dealing with crises; Kennedy the Cuban Missile Crisis, and Dean the Anti-Dean Association terrorist group.
  • How many presidents in OTL were also presidents in the Deanverse isn't clear, asides from the obvious exception of Nixon (and by implication, Gerald Ford). He tries to be generally cordial with them, though it is unknown how he would react to George Washington since if he knows who the Horned Serpent was, he knows the evil he has potential for. Theodore Roosevelt respects him for his willingness to take a personal hand fighting American threats, though he can't say he trusts Dean outright. Ford thinks that he needs to lighten up, though maybe that's just because he has more chill than most presidents.
  • James Dean tries to be friendly with other leaders, however he shows nothing but contempt for Frank Underwood. Yes you can argue Dean is evil, and Frank is quick to point out his ethically dubious actions, but he genuinely means well and wants to help America in his own way. By contrast Frank is an entirely myopic leader who only sees America for how it can serve his interests and ego. Dean has called President Underwood a terrorist for organizing cyber attacks that lead to numerous horrible riots and accidents and sitting idly by as sarin gas is deployed against countless innocents, outright declaring Underwood an enemy of the United States just like the ADA. Dean is a lot less venomous in his response with Funny Valentine as he respects his dedication to American exceptionalism, but he disagrees on how he disregards the rest of the world to do so and considers him potentially dangerous.
  • In his timeline while Nixon lost decisively, the two remained on good terms with each and liked to race cars with one another. There's an element of tragedy considering that Nixon would survive as a god-like entity and orchestrate Dean's death in another timeline in part to try and make sure that reality doesn't suffer as his own did. While OTL Nixon was considered too controversial to ascend, his 31st century head in a jar was fair game. Dean pities how he has stewed in his resentment and became an insane President Evil, though the Earth president has no idea what he's talking about. However he was able to warm up a bit to the cyborg president with a derby race.
  • James Dean is under investigation by both the Men in Black and the SCP Foundation for the fact he may be an anomalous entity. He was able to be elected effortlessly off apparent sheer charisma and uses mere honeyed words to win the hearts of thousands. He even distracted Nixon with derby races and even when the sound was cut out of an ad, people still cheered. The thing is, however, that there is nothing that 100% proves he's not just an ABSURDLY charismatic man. In addition, President Dean believes co-operation for both secretive groups is in his best interest. He knows more about the more clear-cut anomalies than the public does, but it's unknown to what extent asides from "definitely not as much as the Foundation and Men in Black would be able to find out". He's personally asked them to help him keep an eye on the alternate 23rd president as his interdimensional Stand might give him a better understanding on the capabilities of the Special Trees
  • Magneto has his own theory for what James Dean really is; a mutant. Professor X asked "are you sure it's not just JFK like you claim", only for the former to go "it's an Alternate History, perhaps it was James instead of Jack". They're both in agreement that James Dean is not an Alternate. Asides from being from different types of Analog Horror, President Dean is actively opposing the Alternates. And it's not like the Alternates are known for infighting, or having any positive traits that Dean does. James Dean is paranoid about them because they're malevolent beings who reminds him of reports he got from Alcatraz, which assimilates and copies things. By the 2020s, it succeeds at replacing the entire U.S.
  • It's not clear how much he is aware of the Horned Serpent and its true nature, though one of the major tech companies he collaborated with (Maize Machines) is aware of a lot. Possibly that the Horned Serpent is the Deanverse's George Washington. However Dean has publicly stated that he has a special concern surrounding giant monstrous snakes like Apophis (guess why). He also isn't that comfortable with the Aztec deities also existing to an extent in the Trope Pantheon given they're known for Human Sacrifice; it's a reminder of the dirty dealings his government has felt necessary. President Dean is relieved to know Quetzalcoatl is a giant serpent not interested in sacrifice.
  • President Dean isn't outright evil and at worst he sits on the "well-intentioned" side of the Well-Intentioned Extremist trope. But he has still been complicit in morally dubious acts, which is why paragons and exemplars of the American dream look at him with a hefty bit of skepticism. The 37th U.S President has a whole lot of respect for Captain America and Superman for all their work, however they are wary of Dean. He's certainly a better president and person than Lex Luthor was, but they can't shake off the feeling he probably shouldn't be allowed the amount of power he has. To his credit, James Dean has made no moves against them in part because "I'm not stupid enough to believe getting rid of two of Earth's great protectors would ever be a good thing". To Dean's fans they applauded wildly, but cynics just thought this was a case of Pragmatic Villainy.
  • Conspiracy theorists don't like Dean since even if many think the ADA's claims he's Satan to be Malicious Slander, they do think he's some sort of Humanoid Abomination up to even more shady activity than what's been revealed. The Question is currently trying to kidnap him to find out his deal and expose whatever his real goal is. These conspiracy theories include being in collusion with The Patriots and the Enclave, but as far as any serious research into the Dean administration has considered he is merely intrigued by them. Rorschach is of a similar mind to the Question that James Dean is dangerous and must be stopped, which was fueled by his moral absolutism and reactionary/conservative political views.
  • Though the ADA aren't reliable narrators, Dean does have a dark side. He sacrificed members of the ADA, merging of all tech companies into a single government- controlled entity and erasure, and is a potent enough Charm Person that some have seen it as evidence he's not truly human. However at worst his more amoral actions were done for the good of his country, and he isn't the first that had to sacrifice people to the Special Trees and Freedom. Senator Armstrong respects this resolve in doing what's necessary, but he fears what he's doing may make America weak. James Dean isn't fond of Armstrong as he sees him as a loose cannon, but he does admit it's out of a desire to better the country...he understands that.
  • Curing deafness was an important part of his administration after the ADA terrorist attack that deafened millions, Dean included, one of his focuses was curing deafness. He succeeded doing so across America thanks to implants, however his has been met by some criticism in the Hall of Disabilities given it was also an (unintentional) erasure of deaf culture. When asked if he would try to give an implant for other deaf deities, Dean tactfully stated "no comment" as he doesn't intend to cause controversy. Ruben Stone has come to accept his disability and isn't interested in any implants. Neither are Shoya Ishida or Shoko Nishimiya; again Dean isn't going to press the issue more than he should.
  • In addition to paranormal terrorist groups, James Dean also takes umbridge with the more conventional hate group of the Klu Klux Klan. As with the OTL Presidents Kennedy and his successor, he was supportive of the Civil Rights movement and allowed a not assassinated Martin Luther King Jr to represent the cause in a speech about it. One of the main reasons the ADA opposed him is that they didn't like that he likes Jazz music and demonizes pre-Civil War slave laborers as incompetent. Col Benjamin believes that Dean is a Hypocrite; he condemns the terroristic ADA members to Human Sacrifice or turning them into the Canyon Crowns. Dean justifies this as a necessary evil, and it's not like he opposes the ADA on a racial basis.
  • Farnsworth assumed Fry had messed up and "really screwed the granny again" for there to be a president James Dean, before realizing that James Dean was in fact part of a parallel universe. James Dean doesn't know and probably doesn't want to know what he's talking about, but he likes Fry's fashion sense since he rocks the look Dean had playing Jim Stark. Also of note is that Mordecai and Rigby have wondered if somehow the Canyon Crowns he keeps under wraps are distantly related to one Gary Bobby Ferguson. Though the world of Regular Show is anything but, Dean doubts the anomalies of his world could extend that far.
  • On another light-hearted note, the Hypnotoad was annoyed by Dean's TV interviews distracting people from "Everybody Loves Hypnotoad", as the amphibian felt that Dean was stealing viewers away. The Hypnotoad confronted Dean with the intent to mind control him to humiliate the guy, but ended up seeing his ads and realizing the man's charisma is commendable. Though President Dean admitted that a sentient toad was "strange", he did reach out to the Hypnotoad by saying they could always race cars together...however that'd work with a toad. The Hypnotoad mind-controlled his chauffer to do so. On his off days you can see James Dean having fun with Dominic Toretto and trying to beat Lightning McQueen in a race. He's really gotten into Mario Kart as of late and often joins up with the Super Mario Bros. deities in their tournaments.
  • It's not known what will happen if someone as skilled at the Breaking Speech and More than Mind Control as Johan Liebert meets as big of a Charm Person as James Dean. The latter isn't taking any chances and plans to shoot him on sight, since "he's just a man...probably". James Dean has no patience for his psychopathic nihilism or his crimes, no matter what the ADA say about him. He also doesn't have patience for another jingoistic terrorist group that calls itself the 50 Blessings, as he has no intention of becoming the president who ushers war with Russia to "make America strong or some nonsense the Janitors tell themselves".
  • Two other timeline versions of James Dean are known to exist. The Nixonverse James Dean had the same life as his OTL self, but his death was caused by the Last Son. The Montyverse James Dean suffered a breakdown in his political career due to his sister's death and resigned himself to being vice president. He learned it was caused by one Howard Melrose and went on a blood path of vengeance, not knowing he was framed for what was a suicide. Grief has made him a monster.
  • "This is Jimmy, signing off."