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Amatsu-Mikaboshi, Anti-God of the Primordial Chaos (Chaos King, Ama-No-Kagaseo, Amatsu Mikaboshi, August Star of Heaven, Oblivion)

Barbatos, God of Dark Matter (God of the Dark Multiverse, Former Dragon of the World Forge, "The True Father of Batman")
  • Overdeity (The Anthropomorphic Personification of Nightmares and Darkness)
  • Symbol: The Bat Symbol
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: All that isn't real, and all that embodies our fears and nightmare, The Usurper, "The True Father of Batman", Dragon Ascendant, Twisted Universes Not Meant to Be, Nightmares Come to Life, Dark Mirrors of Heroes, "All Roads Lead Back to Darkness"
  • Domains: Dark Matter, Dark Energy, Nightmares, Fear
  • Followers: All those who exist within and feed off the nightmares of others, especially The Court of Owls (posthumously)
  • Underlings: The Dark Knights
  • Allies: Melkor, Freddy Krueger, Pitch Black, Antasma, Atropos the Bane Elemental, Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh, Nurgle
  • Enemies: Dream of the Endless, Batman, Carter Hall, Shiera Hall, Wonder Woman, the rest of the DC Multiverse, Darkrai, Dreamy Luigi, Beerus, Merged Zamasu, The Creation Trio, Funny Valentine, Princess Celestia and Princess Luna, The Monitor
  • Beneath the Multiverse and the Pantheon, there rests an oceanic, subconscious realm comprised of "reactive matter" - a Dark Multiverse. Within this realm, worlds live and worlds die, worlds created from the hopes, fears and nightmares of all those who live. One being presided over this nightmarish realm - Barbatos, a dark horned-god whose presence is felt through other evil deities.
  • Barbatos' existence was initially unknown to the Pantheon, but his presence was revealed after he attempted to drag Earth down into the Dark Multiverse.
    • Dream of the Endless revealed Barbatos' true nature: the Dark Multiverse was originally home to the World Forge, the place where Alpheus the World Forger would hammer out worlds from the hopes and fears of living beings, creating new worlds from the "metal of possibility". Those worlds that were stable became part of the Orrery of Worlds; the twisted, unstable worlds were once destroyed by Barbatos to have their energies returned to the Forge, as he was the Forger's Great Dragon. However, he killed Alpheus and allowed the World Forge to darken.
  • Barbatos was a former Destroyer Deity, but rebelled and chose to be a conqueror instead. Beerus the Destroyer is nothing short of disgusted with the dark god; while he destroys things (and often for poor reasons), he's trying to keep balance. If anything, Barbatos is more like Merged Zamasu, except arguably worse in scope and a destroyer instead of creator. Merged Zamasu hates Barbatos as well, though it's more of a projection of his own wicked nature and hating any comparison. That and the Dark Multiverse is an eternal reminder of his deranged worldview of the evil of mortals and the failures of the gods.
    • When Barbatos himself heard this, he just laughed and pointed out his hypocrisy and flaws, wearing down Zamasu until he reached a breaking point when he said, "Face it, Zamasu, for all your talk of justice and order, you're just as much a sinner as the mortals you hate. In other words, in a metaphorical sense, you are a mortal, too." Driven insane by rage and denial, Zamasu tried to attack the dark god, only to have the Time Ring snatched off his finger. Without the Time Ring, the Goku Black component keeping the fusion together was erased, leaving only Future Zamasu. However, the already unstable fusion affected his immortality on a cellular level, causing his body to turn back into Merged Zamasu, but as his half corrupted form. His mind completely gone, Zamasu threatened to turn into his Infinite form, only to have Barbatos drain him to a withered husk barely clinging to life, stopping him from achieving the transformation. Zamasu's hatred for the Great Dragon grew as he recovered in his temple, but Barbatos didn't care.
  • The Creation Trio harbor a deep loathing towards Barbatos. They are dragon guardians of dimensions, namely time (Dialga), space (Palkia) and antimatter (Giratina). And as Barbatos is a dragon god who once maintained dimensional stability, that later went rogue, he is an abomination that must be vanquished by them. Giratina in particular takes umbrage since while it is a scary looking Dracolich guarding the creepy-looking Distortion World, it would never shirk its duty and fall to the depravity Barbatos has.
  • Although now trapped at the bottom of the Dark Multiverse while the World Forge burns anew again, Barbatos' influence is still felt within the Pantheon, and he schemes to break his chains and enter the Dark Multiverse of the Pantheon to raise the denizens there up against the Pantheon, and to drag the Pantheon itself down into darkness.
  • As a byproduct of the conflict with Barbatos, the World Forge became accessible to the Pantheon, and the Tenth Metal of Possibility that resides there is now being considered for use in constructing new structures in the Pantheon. However, the immense power of the Tenth Metal means any materials are kept under Maximum Security, and only allowed for use by a very select few deities after use by the Justice League inadvertently shattered the Source Wall.
  • Due to Barbatos' association with nightmares and fears, especially his use of them in torturing his enemies, he has many allies among nightmare deities, but also a number of new enemies:
    • Freddy Krueger and Pitch Black both sought him out for the purpose of combining forces and spreading fear and terror throughout the Pantheon.
    • Darkrai has no love whatsoever for the bat-god who revels in the nightmares and suffering of others, and is part of the forces that fight against those in the Dark Multiverse who would seek to free their master.
    • Antasma leapt at the chance to join Barbatos' side, perhaps seeing the bat-god as the source of his ascension into what he is now, as it was a nightmare Antasma fed on that turned him from a regular bat into a creature of nightmares. Perhaps, so he believes, he was intended to be Barbatos' avatar in the Mario world.
      • However, when Antasma directed Barbatos to assail the dreams of Luigi, Mario wasted no time jumping into his brother's dreams to team up with Dreamy Luigi and Princess Luna to force Barbatos and Antasma out.
  • A disturbing theory began circulating around the Pantheon that the Dark Multiverse which Barbatos hails from is just one section of a far vaster domain, one which may be directly responsible for the creation of many of the darker entities in the Pantheon. H.P. Lovecraft, James Cameron and H.R. Giger all based their respective creations upon nightmares which they themselves have had, and their nightmares reached out to all those terrified by their works and gave their creations shape, many of which have made their way into the Pantheon proper.
  • Disturbingly enough Melkor gets along swimmingly with Barbatos. Like him, he was once loyal to his creator and a guardian of reality. However Melkor's envy, pride and contempt led him to disrupt and marr creation as the god of the Dark Multiverse did, and they share a goal of despoiling reality into a miserable state of despair and fear. To say their alliance sent a chill down the spine of those in the Grand United Alliance of Good is an understatement.
  • Most of his army, such as the Dark Knights, consists of alternate selves allying together. As such, Funny Valentine is capable of exploiting Never the Selves Shall Meet quite easily. This and his utter disgust to the Dark Multiverse despite his villainy makes him a thorn in Barbatos' side.
  • The Chaos Gods were heard laughing with glee when the Dark Multiverse, a dimension shaped by fears and nightmares much like the ones which feed into the Warp, ascended into the Pantheon, for the two formed a feedback loop - the more fears and nightmares there were, the more Dark Universes are born, and the more negative emotions are fed into the Warp and Chaos Gods to create new terrors and horrors, and the cycle repeats...
  • While it cannot be confirmed, some suspect that Barbatos' Dark Multiverse may, in fact, be the realm where terrible fiction and fan-fiction alike 'exist', the horror of their existence or perversion of real universes causing them to manifest there in a cycle of horrific creation and destruction. As such, he rules over every failed story and every failed character within those stories and all of them desire to usurp the original characters and the true stories.
    • One of the greater dangers of the Dark Multiverse is that it is also a place which villains could have their own desires fulfilled, as many villains sided with Barbatos for the promise of having their own worlds to rule.
  • "All roads lead back to darkness."
  • Also resides in the Main House.

    The Shadow Monster/The Mind Flayer 
The Shadow Monster, Unholy Being of the Dark World (The Mind Flayer, The Brain, "He")
An Avatar’s Physical Form 

Yog-Sothoth, He Who Transcends Space-Time (The Gate, The Key, Tawil at-'Umr, Aforgomon, Yog Sawhaw, The Great Intelligence, Sut-Typhon)
One of Yog-Sothoth's many forms


Greater Gods

    The Crime Syndicate of America 
The Crime Syndicate of AmericaMembers , Divine Representatives Of Morally Flipped Universes (Crime Syndicate of Amerika (Anti-Matter incarnation) | Ultraman: Kal-Ul, Lt. Clark Kent, Kal-Il | Owlman: Thomas Wayne Jr. | Superwoman: Lois Lane | Johnny Quick: Jonathan Allen | Power Ring: Harold "Hal" Jordan, Joseph Harrolds)
From left to right, non-ascended are italicized: (Top row) Power Ring, Ultraman, Superwoman, Deathstorm (Bottom row) Grid, Owlman, Johnny Quick with Atomica on his shoulder

    Funny Valentine 
Funny Valentine, God of Weaponizing Letting The Selves Meet (The Twenty-Third President of the United States of Valentine)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His Stand, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap, raveling itself in the American Flag.
  • Theme Song: They Are All Those Of "Justice"; alternatively, Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap by AC/DC
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: One of the Most Formidable Adversaries In the Series Thus Far, Dimensional Hopping, Dignified and Honorable, Weaponizing Misfortune, and Teleportation, Ultimately Doing What He Thinks Is Necessary for the Betterment of His Country
  • Domains: Strength, Glory, Alternate Universe, America, Justice
  • Allies: Solidus Snake, Skull Face, Maximillian Caxton, Gabranth, Nikolai Bulygin, Sakazuki, The Illusive Man, YHVH
  • Rivals: Steven Armstrong, Lex Luthor
  • Enemies: Steve Rogers/Captain America, Raiden, Johnny Joestar, Gyro Zeppeli, Diego Brando, Gentaro Kisaragi, Booker DeWitt and Elizabeth, Sora, Nozdormu
  • His Stand Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (or D4C for short) has the ability to allow different parallel worlds/dimensions to co-exist at the same time and/or in the same place. It also allows its user to visit these parallel worlds/dimensions and interact with them. Valentine can also pull other people to other dimensions by forcing them between two objects.
    • If more than one iteration of a person or object exist in the same universe as no two versions of the same person can co-exist in the same dimension, one of them will have to go back into their own. If not, and if they get too close to one another, both will crumble, splitting into Menger sponges before obliteration. This rule does not apply to Valentine himself. His Stand protects Valentine himself from this effect, but he weaponizes it against others.
    • Because of his Stand, he is considered easy to kill but harder to keep dead, since D4C can transport Valentine's consciousness to an alternate universe body if he suffers a mortal wound, then bring the fresh body back.
    • It also has the nifty side effect of allowing him to simply just transport a private army of himselves to attack en mass.
  • He can often be seen with a man with a similar appearance to that of Dio; In reality, it's his Alternate Universe counterpart, Diego, though he can still utilize The World.
  • Has found a rivalry with Armstrong; While they both want the best for America, Armstrong believes that it can relish from destruction, while Valentine believes in a more unified state.
  • He is often seen trying to obtain artifacts know as the Holy Corpse Parts (The corpse of Jesus Christ) to have the power to make America the ideal perfect nation.
  • He often attempts to bring other AU versions of Gods and goddesses in the Pantheon (As he did with Diego Brando). His best attempt so far was bringing in an alternate version of Feral Chaos. He is also investigating Gentaro Kisaragi's alternate universe self and has plans of bring that version over as well as a potential ally.
    • Is also investigating The Injustice Universe and is planning on bringing that universe's Superman, as well as the Magica Universe for people named Oriko Mikuni and Kirka Kure in case there's a need to fight magical beings.
    • Unfortunately, with the help of Mitsuzane Kureshima, he succeeded in bringing in, Alternate!Gentaro, laughing in glee as he watched him massacre Micchy.
      • Only for Alternate!Gentaro to Valentine, forcing Valentine to abduct Sora for the plot he intended to use with Alternate!Gentaro: use him as a siphon to extract the All-Star Power from the Heart of the Friendship Asylum.
  • Is seen as a threat by Lex Luthor, who doesn't want his title as President challenged.
  • Often seen trying to help Caxton out on his mental well being and trying to make him another ally in trying to bring glory to America.
  • Attempting to get Gabranth to his rightful place in the House of Justice, since he feels he found a kindred spirit in him and wishes to have Gabranth work with him to help Valentine's America.
    • Is happy to see Gabranth ascend in the House of Justice, and is now going to the second part of his plan to get Gabranth to work under him to make America as powerful as can be.
  • Had a run in with Elizabeth and gave her an offer to help her with her powers as it was similar to Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap. It resulted in a fight when he noticed Booker and called him "Comstock"; Since then they have avoided each other though Valentine claims that the offer still stands when Elizabeth needs it, though Elizabeth was surprised that any version of Funny Valentine she ever encountered was always the same man no matter what universe he came from, all offering the same thing.
  • "Dojyaaa~~n!"
  • He decided that in order to obtain the Holy Corpse Parts and help bring absolute power to America, he needed to help the Regime under YHVH. So far, his Alternate Universe powers have amassed a huge army for the Pantheonic Rebellion.
  • Was trying to secretly maneuver "Minato" and "Minako" Arisato (AKA Makoto Yuki and Kotone Shiomi) into meeting in hopes of eliminating both of them. This plan was disrupted when they finally did meet in an alternate dimension.

    Nicol Bolas 
Nicol Bolas, Dragon God of Multiversal Conquerors
  • Greater God (formerly Overdeity)
  • Symbol: A Gemstone floating between two horns
  • Alignment: Above Good and Evil (so he claims)
  • Portfolio: Agony Beam, Mind Rape, The Most Powerful Planeswalker, The Dreaded, Evil Overlord, Dragon Sorcerer, Xanatos Gambit, Oldest Planeswalker, Sorcerous Overlord, Mind Manipulation, Black Magic, Dimensional Traveler
  • Domain: Magic, Dimensional Travel
  • Allies: Arael
  • Rivals: Dormammu, Alduin, Homura Akemi, Darquesse, Ganondorf, Aizen Sousuke
  • Enemies: Ajani Goldmane, Sorin Markov, Madoka Kaname, Lord Kroak, Azir, Doctor Strange, Merlin, Io, Bahamut
  • Nicol Bolas arrived inside the Pantheon when he Planeswalked into the dimension, having sensed the immense concentration of power that resided in the Pantheon. His arrival was immediately noticed by Sorin Markov, who alerted fellow deities in the Magic Pantheon to his presence.
    • Since then, Nicol Bolas has taken to studying the nature of the Pantheon and the various users of Magic within it.
  • Nicol Bolas is an immensely old and immensely powerful Planeswalker, one of the few still living from the days when Planeswalkers were powerful enough to be considered Gods, even able to create their own days. But with The Mending, Nicol Bolas lost that power and immortality he once possessed, and he set various machinations in place to reclaim that power. He hopes his plans in the Pantheon will lead to that conclusion.
  • Nicol Bolas once dared to confront Arael, desiring to know what kind of powers the Angel possessed. Unfortunately, Nicol Bolas was able to strike up an alliance with Arael (Bolas would never indulge in 'friendship'), because Nicol Bolas shared a propensity for shattering minds with but a touch with Arael.
  • Very few in the Pantheon are able to match Nicol Bolas in terms of magical power, even though his powers are not what they once were. Before the Mending, he was essentially a God within the Multiverse, able to create entire planes which he ruled, immortal, and able to use magic with effects on a Multiversal level. Now, he has lost that power with the nature of the Planeswalker spark changing, but he seeks to regain that power by any means necessary.
  • He has his eyes set on Homura Akemi, as he believes that he could steal her power to restore himself back to his past glory. As such, many of the Good-aligned deities in the Pantheon stand against him and his ambitions, particularly Madoka Kaname.
    • If not, then he can always try to take the Hogyoku from Aizen, and use it to give him immortality and restore his power. After all, such an item is more suited for his hands than a mere Soul Reaper who plays at being a God.
  • He also has rivalries against many of the powerful Evil-aligned magic users in the Pantheon, particularly Darquesse, whom he sees as a dangerous hinderance to his plans.
  • He begrudgingly acknowledges Io as being the progenitor of his own race of dragons, but that only drives Nicol Bolas' ambition to reclaim his powers not only so that he can regain his own strength, but surpass and usurp Io as well. He will have none who are above him, Dragon or otherwise.
  • He has shown an interested in in other deities who can summon creatures and spells to do their bidding through cards, as it reminds him of certain Outer Beings who play as Planeswalkers in another plane of existence.
  • He is aware of the how the Pantheon came to be, as he once hijacked a page on the Magic The Gathering site to explain the rules of the game based on his multiverse.note 
  • Can also be found in the House of Conquest and Conquerors

    Rick Sanchez and Morty Smith 
Rick Sanchez and Mortimer "Morty" Smith, Co-Gods of The Interdimensional Travel Device
Rick And Morty, respectively

    The Time Eater 
The Time Eater, Deified Dimensional Devourer
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Its time holes
  • Theme Song: Its final boss theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination Space Time Eater, Shadowy Creature Able to Manipulate Time, Homing Projectile, Clockwork Creature Being Similar to Solaris, Actually a Mecha From Unwilling Roboticization, Super Strength, Final Boss, New Dimension
  • Domains: Time, Destruction, Monsters, Clockwork
  • Followers: The Chronophage, The Chronovore, The Langoliers, The Maelstorm
  • Interests: The Anti-Monitor, Unicron
  • Superior: Doctor Eggman
  • Allies: Dr. Eggman's allies, Dr Wily, Lavos, Lord English
  • On speaking terms with: Mephiles the Dark
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman's enemies, Sonic the Hedgehog and all his allies, Mega Man and his allies, The Pantheonic Time Police, Wreck-It Ralph, The Doctor, Dialga, Rassilon, Kirby, Agent 9, Clockwork, Chronos, The Dahaka
  • The Time Eater was an enigmatic supernatural entity that Dr Eggman found floating in space. Intrigued by the being's power over time, he worked with his past self to turn the Time Eater into a Humongous Mecha he could use to undo his past defeats. The Time Eater wrecked havoc on history, swiping different points in space-time, before eventually succumbing to the combined force of Classic and Modern Super Sonic.
  • As the name suggests, the Time Eater can "eat" time and drag points of history into a white void. For this reason, it is considered a mortal foe of Pantheonic Time Police. Dr Eggman considers the creatures his ace against them, at least until he finds something better. There have been some comparisons made to Mephiles, and some even theorize it's what's left over from Solaris. No word on if this is the case, however.
  • All guardians and deities of time consider the Time Eater to be an abomination that must be put down ASAP. This includes Dialga, Clockwork and Chronos.
  • Seemingly devoid of sentience, and is the first Eldritch Abomination Dr Eggman has learned to control. As such, it doesn't have much allies out of Dr Eggman's, and is mainly focused on eliminating allies of Sonic. Due to their partnership, Dr Wily is interested in the Time Eater being much more effective in time manipulation than any Robot Master or the Time Skipper. Eggman is happy to let Wily be the co-pilot, as he thinks Wily is just as smart as himself and Classic Eggman thinks Modern Eggman's a bit loopy.
  • Due to being Dr Eggman's monster and now siding with Dr Wily, all allies of both Sonic and Mega Man are considered the creature's enemy. It also considers Kirby and Agent 9 enemies. With Agent 9, this is because of his position of providing Boss Arena Recovery, which is inconvenient since Super Sonic ends up burning through rings to sustain his state and Agent 9 can replenish them. Kirby is probably due to fighting monsters like itself on the regular.
  • The only other beings something as primal as itself can relate to is Lavos and Lord English. Lavos is a beast of apocalyptic destruction that seems to lack intelligence, only doing what comes naturally to it. That, and the Time Devourer is similar in how it eats time. Lord English is intelligent albeit still idiotic, but thinks the Time Eater's powers would be very useful for his efforts to destroy everything everywhere.
  • The Anti-Monitor and Unicron recognize that the Time Eater, like themselves, can devour dimensions. While the Time Eater is a lot weaker and less focused, they consider the creature to be a very useful tool in enhancing their own abilities once they learn to usurp control from Eggman. Most agree the good doctor's current ownership would be the lesser of two evils.
  • Rassilon wants to suppress and analyze such a creature, most people thinking this might be part of his plan to pull out the Final Sanction again when things go south, or as a potential ace in another Time War. It didn't take long for the Doctor to catch on to this, but at the end of the day Dr Eggman finds both inconvenient for his own ambitions with the Time Eater.
  • Hated by the Dahaka. While on the surface both are shadowy creatures related to time, the Dahaka is a guardian entity and what the Time Eater does is more that change fate but a danger to time itself, making him one of his top priorities to take down.

Intermediate Gods

Gargos, Divine Dimension Lord
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in his own dimension)
  • Symbol: His wings
  • Theme Song: Kneel To Your God
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Thinking Up Portals, Winged Humanoid, Summon Magic, Satanic Archetype, Mighty Glacier, Large and in Charge, Evil Sounds Deep
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, Void, War, Earth
  • Heralds: Shadow Jago, Omen
  • Followers: Emperor Muge Zorbados, Hyperstorm, Timemaster, Yivo
  • Allies: Dormammu, Firebrand, The 501st Division, Pazuzu, Shuma-Gorath, Trigon, The Other Mother, Melkor
  • Rivals: Shao Khan
  • Enemies: Black Orchid, Fulgore, Hisako, Jago, Maya Fallegeros, Arthur, Doctor Strange
  • Opposed by: Spinal, Goliath
  • The Killer Instinct Gods had hoped that they could prevent the coming of Gargos. A dimensional devil of unfathomable power, he has been plotting to take over their world for years. Little did they know that he had an ace of his sleeve. This time, Gargos opened a portal to the Pantheon, hoping to find a connection to their world from there. This was met with a rare unified force against him. Even archenemies Jago and Ultratech settled their differences to fight Gargos off. With that said, Gargos managed to find a home for himself. Like it or not, he was here to stay.
    • Spinal despises him most of all. He was forced to serve the demon for his freedom. Gargos tried to do the same, but Spinal is much tougher to capture these days. The skeleton has no intention to return to servitude.
  • It wasn't long before Gargos signed himself into the GUAE with Melkor. Having dimensional portals at his disposal will pay dividends in invasions as well as quick retreats. The God of Evil has promised to deal with Jago, Orchid and the other defenders as a show of gratitude.
  • With the ability to create portals at will, bringing his army into the Pantheon was quick and easy. And with them came his heralds: Omen as well as various shadow versions of characters. The GUAG fears that he can do the same with many other heroes in the Pantheon. Indeed, Gargos is interested in just how many other worlds he can conquer.
  • Of course, he draws inspiration from Dormammu, perennial Doctor Strange foe. The lord of the Dark Dimension may be the first, but he was satisfied to find a worthy being for the title.
    • Also visited the domain of Shuma-Gorath. That being has proven to be more difficult to make alliances with. The Oculothorax has little use to them and would rather take control itself.
    • Strange himself has kept a close watch of this new being. He has declared Gargos to be responsible for the various other dimensional monstrosities that has plagued the Marvel Universe, starting with Dormammu himself.
  • Trigon merely acknowledges his existence. Regardless, the Ravager would rather keep things to himself when it comes to claiming Raven and taking over the DC Universe.
  • As with many others in the two worlds, Gargos has developed a rivalry with Shao Khan. While the ruler of Overworld has intrigued to have another conqueror at his disposal, he has figured it would only be a matter of time before the two squabble over worlds to conquer. The two haven't gone to blows just yet, instead testing out a possible alliance. Such a teamup is unlikely to last, as both sides appear ready to backstab the other when the need rises.
  • It was first thought that Gargos was a gargoyle before his reveal as a demon, both Goliath confirmed that he has kicked Gargos out long before the Retcon. The rejection doesn't bother Gargos anymore, claiming to have bigger plans than skirmishes with gargoyles.
    • In that case, he is at least in good company with Firebrand. Another gargoyle, the demon holds a contempt for humans and is more than happy to carry out Gargos' plan of universal domination. Gargos finds it odd for Firebrand to have such a hard time fighting a knight as brittle as Arthur. With that said, Firebrand's ability to convert those he has defeated is something he hopes to replicate upon himself. Arthur for his part is willing to defeat this latest threat to the GUAG.
  • As of his latest appearance, he has amassed a sizable party of mooks to fight by his side. This has led to forming an alliance with the 501st Division, the most famous group of minions in the Pantheon. Some within the ranks are wary of them, as Gargos has a tendency of harming his own when he fights.
  • He is also known for Demonic Possession. Thankfully, Jago has learned how to resist the influence and has taught the GUAG how to do the same. Gargos responded by going to the sub-house of Demons to learn from a creature legendary for possession. Pazuzu deduced that Gargos's success could bring forth more possessed vessels to his flock and thus has agreed to give lessons.
  • Has caused much ire in the House of Gaming. His latest boss fight is considered to be one of the most difficult of all fighting games. It helps that he is backed by an A.I. designed to adapt to the player's playstyle. One has to weaken him just to stand a chance against him. Only a brave few have managed to defeat him at full strength and within his own dimension.

    Gwen Stacy/Spider-Gwen 
Gwendolyn "Gwen" Stacy of Earth-65, Goddess of Alternate Badasses (Spider-Woman, Gwenie, Spider-Gwen, Deaf Leaddard, Your New Favorite, White Widow, Gwenom, Ghost Spider)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her drumsticks crossed over a spider symbol.
  • Theme Song: Face it Tiger
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Alternate Universe Gwen Stacy Is Awesome, Outta the Fridge and Into the Suit, White Suited Heroine, Breakout Character, In the Hood, For Want of a Nail, Ensemble Dark Horse, Cowgirl Cop, Typical Spidey Luck, I Let Peter Parker Die, The Atoner, Running from a Man Hunt Led by Her Father, One of Spider-Man's Several Distaff Counterparts, Lady Swears-a-Lot
  • Domains: Heroism, Spiders, Alternate Realities, Ensemble Darkhorse
  • Allies: The original Gwen Stacy, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Mary Jane Watson, Miles Morales, Venom, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Barbara Gordon/Batgirl, Bruce Wayne/Batman, Laura Kinney/X-23, Gwenpool
  • Enemies: Norman Osborn/Green Goblin, Otto Octavius/Dr. Octopus, Frank Castle/The Punisher, Tsumugi Shirogane, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat
  • Very Conflicting Opinion: Matt Murdock/Daredevil
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after the war against the Inheritors. The Court of the Gods enjoyed this version of Gwen Stacy so much that they decided to give her a place her. Spider-Man, the original himself, personally vouched for her.
  • When she heard that everyone calls her the "Best Gwen Stacy in the Universe", she was more than curious and went to the House of Time and Space to check on the last of her counterparts.
    • The first one was her Earth-616 counterpart, the original, where the most famous event took place and almost every universe copied the events of that location: The Bridge, or what she calls it "the place where many of [her] been fridged off a bridge". Her initial personality was that of a mean girl but thanks to her interactions with Peter she became the Nice Girl that everybody knows from that point on. Gwen promised this world's Peter that she will not die and that she will watch his back... not just because he vouched for her to come here, but because she had lost her Peter Parker, which wounded her deeply.
      • Once Gwen discovered the original had been frequently impersonated by clones, the Pantheon decided to stop such exploitation of her memory by reviving her. Spider-Gwen is now teaching self-defense to her alternate counterpart.
    • Next was Earth-26496 where she was a nerd like Peter. Gwen finds this version's ability to stare at someone and make them do what she wants them to do very amusing.
    • The one from Earth-1610 she found to be most interesting. That version of her formed a Cool Big Sis relationship with the Peter of that world before eventually dating him. Sadly, that version also ended up killed, that time by Carnage... temporarily. She felt the whole bit of her Earth-1610 self becoming Carnage 2.0 to be out of whack. Even more so with the Peter of that world learning that he was immortal after a climactic fight with the Goblin.
    • Then there was Earth-120703, her most recent version. Again a nerd, but this time with a relationship so deep that she rivalled 616 Mary Jane's. Her death was not on a bridge, but on a clock tower. What's sadder is that this Spider-Man almost did save her. She was saved from the fall, but it was the whiplash from the momentum and the bump on the head that ended her. Still, she was grateful that this Gwen had given a moving speech which inspired him to continue being Spider-Man.
  • Gwen found Earth-616 Mary Jane was in the Pantheon. The first thing MJ did when she saw Gwen was hugging her with tears in her eyes. They talked and bonded and Gwen was glad that this Mary Jane is nothing like her counterpart, where she has the me, me and just me attitude.
  • She and Peter can be found practicing in the House of Combat!, where he does not take any chances and makes sure she has all of his skill to protect herself. Likewise, whenever he's going through a tough time and it's obviously affecting his fighting, she never fails to cut the sparring off early and get him talking through the issue.
  • Some superheroes wonder why she has a hood as part of her suit.
  • Gwen is also a drummer in a band called "The Mary Janes" which also shows the ego of her world's Mary Jane. Not only is she wicked with the drums, but she can also use those skills to beat bad guys.
  • Batman sees parallels with Gwen and Barbara Gordon, in that both are daughters who are heroes with fathers as cops, one as Commissioner and the other as Captain. He took her to the House of Time and Space to show how much George Stacy is like his friend Jim.
  • Was worried learning that Matt Murdock was also in the Pantheon, as her world's version of Matt serves as the Kingpin and was also the one who sent a hit out on her father. Spider-Man told her not to worry as the Matt Murdock he's familiar with is nothing like that. Daredevil for his part became rather depressed to find that there exists an alternate reality of himself that would stoop to crime, let alone take the mantle of his arch-enemy.
  • Gwenpool, who in a way was inspired by Gwen, idolizes her and envies how her uniform has pants. Gwen is favorable to her, even if she finds weird her view of the multiverse (namely, that it's all a comic from her dimension).
  • Has recently formed a bond with Venom to gain revenge against her universe's Rhino for hurting her father, but now she is losing control of herself much to the horror of her friends in the Pantheon. Now, she is Gwenom and they are here to stay!

    Tsukasa Kadoya/Kamen Rider Decade 
Tsukasa Kadoya, God of Multiverse Traveling (Kamen Rider Decade, Decade, Destroyer of Worlds, The Destroyer of All, Devil, King of the Rider Worlds, The Passing Through Kamen Rider, Kamen Rider Mega Man, The Great Leader of Dai-Shocker, The Guy Who Ate Sougo Tokiwa's Dinner)
Kamen Rider Decade 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God in Complete Form)
  • Symbol: The Kamen Rider Decade Symbol
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, Chaotic Evil during the Rider War as well as during the events of "Project: Alternate Gentaro"
  • Portfolio: Transforms into different Kamen Riders, Transforming His Fellow Kamen Riders as Weapons, Being Good at Everything... Except Taking Pictures!, Archers, BFS, BFG, "I'm Just a passing through Kamen Rider. Remember That!", Guile Heroes, Jerks With Gold Hearts, Heroic Trolls, Switching sides depends on the situation, Badass Heroes In Magenta.
  • Domains: Weapons, Alternate Reality, Combat, Courage, Cards, Crossovers, Anniversaries
  • Heralds: Natsumi Hikari/Kamen Rider Kiva-la, Eijiro Hikari, Kaito Daiki/Kamen Rider Diend, Yusuke Onodera/Kamen Rider Kuuga (AR Version), and Sougo Tokiwa/Kamen Rider Zi-O (his stealth apprentice, sort of)
  • Allies:
  • Rival: Gilgamesh (one-sided)
  • Enemies: All Ascended Toku Villains, Nyarlathotep, Enrico Pucci, Yoshikage Kira, Starscream, Utrom Shredder
  • Former Enemy: Mitsuzane Kureshima/Kamen Rider Ryugen
  • After having to die and be revived by his allies to ensure that people who would have otherwise stayed dead come back to life, the Pantheon recognized that this combined with the fact that Tsukasa has save billions upon billions of people as a result allowed Tsukasa to ascend.
  • Tsukasa is occasionally accompanied by fellow Toku Base members and Kamen Riders Yuuske Onodera/AR Kuuga and Natsumi Hikari/Kivala, the latter usually to stop Tsukasa from getting big-headed.
  • Is often blamed for everything that goes wrong, even if he doesn't have anything to do with it. When this happens, there are plenty of people shouting "ONORE DICKEIDO!!"
  • Even with his ascension, his pictures are still poor quality.
  • For all the worlds that Tsukasa and his fellow travellers have gone to, not once have they met any group, let alone Earth Prime's group of Sliders.
  • For whatever strange reason, Tsukasa has obtained cards of idols that are compatible to his Complete form. When questioned, he said it was a present from one of the worlds he visited.
    • Tsukasa has joked he has cards base on certain members of the Pantheon. And to prove it, he use an "Final Form Ride" on Cure Pine. It was an interesting sight. It also still tickles.
  • He always corrects people who says he is pink that he is magenta, thank you very much.
  • Became enemies with the Shredder. Or more precise, the Utrom Shedder who was willing to destroy his entire universe and the many multiple versions of it to finally rid of the Turtles. Some have theories it was him that cause Decade's own world crisis.
  • Became very close allies with Sora since he too is a cross travelling hero.
  • True to his nature, Tsukasa doesn't stay long in the Pantheon as he travels all across the multi worlds. Also, since he is part of the pantheon, he can enter the worlds of the ascended deities' homes. And yes, when he does enter a new world, there's always some type of trouble.
    • Tsukasa actually enter a sort of Mirror Universe of the Pantheon. It was a very strange and dangerous experience.
  • In his travel, Tsukasa has cross path with another dimensional hopper, Gilgamesh. The swordsman has challenged him, intending to collect his cards to his arsenal, but is always defeated. Because of this, he considers the Rider a rival. Tsukasa barely acknowledges it.
    • There are times, however, in which Gilgamesh has helped out Tsukasa.
  • Often called the Mega Man of Kamen Riders since his powers are very similar to the Blue Bomber's own copy powers. Tsukasa did ally himself with some version of Mega Man.
  • Seems to be making as much of a mark as he can in the Pantheon... which giving that this was essential in reviving him last time, seems to be Tsukasa being paranoid.
    • Has become interested in the alternate world of the darker Gentaro and has begun to journey into that said world, as a "Passing through Kamen Rider", to see if he can set things straight. Unfortunately he was attacked and brainwashed by "Alternate Gentaro", as he is now called and has been sent to attack the Nintendo Gods for reasons not yet explained.
      • When Jeff Hardy, also brainwashed, risked being purified, Decade disguised himself as Seth Rollins and challenged Murray Hippo to a wrestling match. However, this was all a distraction, plotted by the Hacking Trio and Tron, to get both Jeff and Decade purified by computer... which worked!
    • And before that, he and Courtney Gears teamed up to capture Belle, with Decade posing as Xaldin to distract the Beast. During this time, he also tricks Mickey, Donald, and Goofy into attacking Mitsuzane.
  • "I'm just a passing through Kamen Rider... remember that!"

Lesser Gods

    Lulu (League of Legends
Lulu, The Goddess Who Spends Centuries In A Day (The Fae Sorceress, Suppordle)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Pix, Faerie Companion, sitting on her hat.
  • Theme Song: Lulu's Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cute Yordle Witch, Tasting Colors, Cloud Cuckoo Lander, Really Hasn't Matured Greatly From the Day She Left, Support Champion, Whimsy the Polymorph Spell, Wild Growth, Badass Adorable, Pix
  • Domain: Time, Space, Magic, Combat
  • Herald: Pix (her Faerie Companion)
  • Allies: Most Champions of Runeterra, though she is in particular close with Teemo, Kennen and Gnar, Ayumu "Osaka" Kasuga, Navi, the other Lulu
  • Rivals: The Defenders of the Ancients
  • Odd Friendship with: Veigar (Some suspect that it may be a Commonality Connection due to both being banished from the Yordles' homeland when they were mortals, no confirmations as of yet)
  • There are many tales that revolve around a mortal spending time in an otherworldly place for a few days, but when they return, they found out that they've been away for years or even centuries in their home... then suffers rapid ageing then die. Lulu is one of the very few that pretty much defies that, she suffers no rapid ageing, and instead became a badass champion amongst Runeterran peers. For that, she's ascended to this position.
    • Of course, if asked about how it's like, Lulu will end up speaking in circles until that someone acknowledges she's a massive Cloud Cuckoo Lander and then leave.
  • She's also REALLY adorable, to the point of there were a lot of pictures drawn in her honor, from foreign lands aplenty, apparently.
  • As it was known that Yordle goes crazy if left alone for a long while, she went to the closest Yordle she could contact and actually had free time: Teemo. The contact was accepted, if only because their official partners (Tristana and Veigar) didn't make it to the Pantheon.
    • Lulu is actually pretty nice enough that she didn't buy any of those slanders that Teemo is Satan incarnate.
    • Lulu's mood has never been better due to Veigar's recent ascension. As soon as she saw him walking around, she immediately ran over and jumped on him out of sheer joy. Veigar being, well, Veigar, quickly pried her off, but mumbled it was "not unpleasant to see [her] again" (causing her to crush him again out of joy). Teemo and Kennen just exchanged uneasy glances over the sorcerer's ascension.
  • As someone whose head is constantly on the clouds, Lulu makes good friends with Osaka. She also apparently learns more about magic thanks to that other Lulu.
  • While not enough to replace the fairy Navi, Lulu would often tell her buddy Pix to pester people she didn't like with "Hey, Listen!". It works wonders, usually.
  • Usually fulfilling the role of a supportive member, if she felt like it, Lulu could get on a bit on the offensive side, and become known as the "Machine Gun Lulu", something that strikes fear to Champions, and possibly unprepared Heroes. Even other defenders of the Ancients have noticed about Lulu's polymorphing skills, which reminded the of the Demon Witch and the Shadow Shaman, just doing it with super cute items, but nonetheless remains a dangerous figure.
  • She claims to be able to eat and taste colors, the most frequent color she mentioned is purple. That said, she tried to avoid saying that within the vicinity of Jim Raynor, because if he heard that, he'd school her about "You can't eat 'purple', they're what we call 'color'!"
  • While she is not mad at her, she avoids Taokaka, because she can't understand when it's a game or not. There was one time Lulu was playing hide and seek while polymorphing her friend into woodland things... and was horrified when she saw Taokaka trying to eat her polymorphed friend (She was just being oblivious)
  • Lulu once claimed that she played in the Magical Girl Heaven created by Madoka Kaname (Pix took her there) and was so impressed that she got her blessing. Everyone laughed at her, saying that she's just in her daydreaming escapades again like usual. But they were eventually proven wrong when Lulu started showing that blessing: Sounding like Madoka when she turned on "Japanese mode".
    • Also to Lulu, Madoka tasted pink.
  • "The best path between two points is upside-down, between, then inside-out and round again!"


    The Unbidden 
Intercepted Transmission!

...feeding ground reached... prey bountiful... at long last... we shall feast...

The Unbidden, Unholy Beings of Horrific Hyperspace (Extradimensional Invaders, Shabanash, The Aberrant, The Vehement)
  • Demigods individually. Collectively, even some Greater Gods might not stand a chance against them.
  • Symbol: The Unbidden's flag, a slightly different atomic symbol.
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Always Chaotic Evil, Deflector Shields, Energy Beings, Transparent Spacecrafts Made Entirely of Energy, Humanoid Abominations, Hard-Coded Hostility, Viewing Sapient Lifeforms as Food
  • Domains: Hyperspace, Energy, Hunger, War
  • Allies: The Combine, ADVENT, SCP-1548
  • Rivals: Darth Nihilus
  • Enemies: Aside from most sapient life in general? The Imperium of Mankind, Gordon Freeman, XCOM, The Vex, Captain Planet, all of the Nature Preservers especially Mogo
  • Opposes: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction and Omnicidal Maniacs
  • Interested in: The Chaos Gods
  • Wanting to impress deities they wanted to befriend, the Blorg worked to install Jump Drives, a device that lets spacecraft jump far into a different system within the galaxy in no time, in their ships to show off to the Pantheon. While the Blorg Commonality knew from experience that there's certain dangers with Jump Drive technology, they figured that since the Pantheon universe must be different from the one they usually exist in, the same danger can't possibly show up in this one. Three months later, a portal opened somewhere in the galaxy.
    • By the time the Pantheon was informed that there's a tear in space itself, many fleets of strange energy-based spaceships had already arrived from the portal, attacking everything in sight and feasting upon the nearest planets inhabiting life. A strike force was sent by the Pantheon and, after a long event of space battles, managed to quarantine the threat within the sector where their portal lies. Fleets were sent to ensure that this mysterious threat is kept under quarantine, with the Blorg sending extraordinarily large fleets to make up for the fact that they're kind of responsible for unleashing The Unbidden upon the galaxy.
    • The Unbidden, energy beings that feast upon sapients, are beings from a different dimension that spaceships with Jump Drive technology enters to bypass several systems in one jump to make it across the galaxy. Jump Drives has an unfortunate tendency to give the Unbidden the opportunity to open a portal out of their home dimension, endangering the galaxy itself merely by being invented. The Pantheon can take solace in the fact that not all of the Unbidden works together. At the present time, the original Unbidden forces are fighting against two Unbidden factions, the Aberrant and the Vehement. Fortunately, the Aberrant and Vehement portals opened within the quarantine instead of elsewhere in the galaxy.
  • The Combine and ADVENT was impressed by the Unbidden's technology (which includes Matter Disintegrators) and want the Unbidden to be allies. While the Unbidden does view them as food like all else, they begrudgingly acknowledge that this galaxy is far more powerful than they expected, so there might be an alliance after all.
  • Naturally, the Unbidden bear a grudge for certain members of the strike force that helped form the quarantine, notably Gordon Freeman and the entirety of XCOM. They're looking forward to eating them when they manage to break out.
  • Despite their nature, the Unbidden has a certain interest in anyone who has been touched by The Shroud, a dimension very close to the Unbidden's own realm. While there are no deities in the Pantheon who has seen and touched The Shroud, they view the Chaos Gods with the same curiosity, interest and respect, as The Warp is apparently very similar to The Shroud.
    • The Imperium of Mankind has expressed umbrage in the fact that the Unbidden comes from a place close to The Warp. The energy beings are reminders of their mortal enemies.
  • The Vex, after sufficient analysis of the Unbidden, has declared them a threat to their goals. As such, they will not tolerate the Unbidden's presence.
  • When they eat a planet clean of life, they mean it. Planets that end up victims to the Unbidden menace will become barren once they're done, all lives on it eaten clean and whole and the planet rendered uninhabitable. This has made them one of the Nature Preservers' greatest enemies, while Captain Planet swears to protect Earth and the Pantheon's world from the Unbidden's hunger. Mogo is worried about the possibility of the Unbidden targeting him for being a planet capable of sustaining life.
  • Ironically, they do not get along with the Alliance of Destruction and omnicidal deities. Not because they find their goals to destroy all lives to be awful, but because the same goals would deny the Unbidden what they view as a buffet on a galactic level. Despite this, however, Nekron has expressed desire in wanting to destroy the quarantine and let the Unbidden loose on all life.
  • So much hatred... so much fear... it is... wonderful...


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