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Lord Beerus, Divine Representative of Lazy Deities (God of Destruction Beerus, Beerus the Destroyer, Beerus-sama, Bills, Birusu, Bils, Beers, Birusu, Birus)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Oracle Fish
  • Theme Songs: Beerus's Wrath, Beerus and His Overwhelming Power, Indestructible Beerus, Beerus' Madness, and God of Destruction
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Adorkable, Anti-Villain, Balance Between Good and Evil, Beware the Nice Ones, Big Eater, Blood Knight, Not Evil, Just a Different Moral Code, being a humanoid cat, with all the negative traits that come with it, The Dreaded, Prone to Petty Vengeance, Finger Poke of Doom, Fun Personified, Hot-Blooded, Being Unopposed, Lean and Mean, Physical God, Psychopathic Manchild, Punch-Clock Villain, The Lesser of Dragon Ball Evils, The Sociopath with Standards, Purple Is Powerful, Sore Loser, Being the indirect cause of planet Vegeta's destruction and by extension almost everything that happened in the story of the Dragon Ball franchise
  • Domains: Destruction, Balance, Neutral, Chaos
  • Herald: Champa (his brother and God of Destruction of Universe 6)
  • Superior(s): Present and Future Zeno
  • Allies: Whis, Madoka Kaname, Kyoko Sakura (Friendly Rivalry over DanceDanceRevolution), Ventus, Mickey Mouse, Destruction of the Endless, Alphonse Elric, Sakaki, Galactus, Garfield, Taylor Herbert
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Vegeta, Shin, Gandalf, EVERY good God related to creation with the notable exception of Madoka
  • Friendly Rivalry with: Son Goku, Asura
  • On speaking terms with: Gowasu (Universe 10 contemporary)
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, The Incubators, YHVH, anyone who steals his pudding
  • Annoyed by: Hotaru Tomoe/Sailor Saturn and Sailor Galaxia
  • Feared by: Frieza, Chronoa, Shenron, Ozai
  • Respects: Master Roshi
  • When there is creation, there is also destruction. In the twelve universes of the Dragon Ball Multiverse, each requires a God of Destruction for the Gods of Creation. The seventh, where Goku and his friends come from, is home to Beerus. Attended and mentored by Whis, he is by far the strongest being in his universe (except Whis of course) and feared by all. As Destruction of the Endless left his position long ago, Beerus was picked to represent destruction in the Trope Pantheon... until it was discovered that Beerus was a very lousy destroyer, often leaving his job to the likes of Frieza and Majin Buu for him and preferring to nap instead. This created far more harm than good, as shown by the "highlight" of when Buu wiped out all the Universe 7 Supreme Kais except for Shin, their most inexperienced member; the consequences of which resulted in Universe 7 becoming the universe with the second lowest mortal level. That caused him to get his Destroyer Deity title removed and relocated somewhere else, which got him mad but he couldn't do anything about it.
    • He has a twin brother called Champa, who is God of Destruction in Universe 6 (also a twin of Universe 7). The two don't get along, but Beerus does seem to care for him deep down as he used the Super Dragon Balls to revive his universe's Earth so he may enjoy the delicious food there and was quietly saddened when his brother was erased by Zeno.
    • Despite being coworkers, every God of Destruction of the Dragon Ball Multiverse despises Beerus. The reason? Many years ago, Zeno hosted a hide-and-seek tournament, and Beerus hid so well he fell asleep for fifty years. The Omni-King was so angry the other Gods of Destruction were almost erased before they calmed him down.
  • Beerus is very confused as to why he has been considered evil by others in the House when it is his job, and on top of that an important one, to destroy planets, as it maintains balance and equilibrium in the universe because new planets will just be created, by the Gods/Goddesses of Creation, as replacement for the planets that are destroyed. Once you get to know him, Beerus is a polite, friendly and likable Manchild who can become friends with you, and acts like the lazy, affectionate, fun-loving overgrown cat that readily joins in the food, song, laughter and dance (yes, he lets loose some truly funky breakdance moves) instead of the God that he should be. That said, other gods note his point would still stand if he could be a lot less petty and trigger-happy with said powers.
  • The real reason the Saiyan race was exterminated? King Vegeta stole the most comfortable pillow in the universe for himself in a raid ordered by Beerus then tried to hoard it for himself instead of giving it to Beerus, then he failed to give Beerus a sumptuous enough banquet even while letting Beerus use his head as a stepping stone while he was eating as punishment, so he encouraged/"ordered" Frieza to destroy Planet Vegeta because he knew Frieza wanted to anyway and he couldn't be bothered to do it himself. Damn. Oh, and ever wonder why King Kai lives on such a small planet? Beerus and King Kai played a car racing video game together and Beerus lost, and being the sort of person he is, he destroyed the planet in a fit of rage at losing. King Kai then took a large leftover fragment, whittled it down to a sphere, and built a road on it so that he could have fun driving there. This became King Kai's current planet. Beerus has since been advised by many to NEVER play Call of Duty.
  • Much to the shock of the rest of the Pantheon, he gets along famously with the kind-hearted Madoka Kaname herself. Madoka's Herculean feat of not only destroying an entire universe wracked by grief and despair, but rebuilding a kinder and gentler place over it quite certifiably earned Beerus' respect; not to mention the fact that he really enjoys the affectionate chin-scratches that Madoka readily gives him and the delicious Afternoon-Tea Parties her mentor Tomoe Mami holds every Thursday Afternoon. At one particular Tea Party, he has struck off a Friendly Rivalry with Kyouko Sakura, who swears she will not stop practicing until she can beat his funky breakdance-moves in Dance Dance Revolution.
  • Be careful around this friendly, polite and fun-loving Deity. Like all cats, Beerus is prone to mercurial temperaments and violent mood-swings that can be set off by the pettiest of reasons; do remember he is the same God who used King Vegeta's head as a footstool in front of his own son Prince Vegeta while making him treat him to an Eight-Course Banquet, and that was when he was in a good mood. Every other God in Dragon Ball's Seventh universe fears him. Even Shenron fears Beerus. He is so immature he needs Whis to remind him about waking up in the morning, good manners and brushing his teeth before going to sleep. While he is awake, tense days for the Supreme Kai's continue, as not even they know how many planets will be sacrificed.
  • Beerus is no longer invited to dinner parties with other Gods in the house due to creating a ruckus at the last party he was invited to due to no pudding being available.
  • Beerus absolutely detests the little bitch known as Kyubey. Not only does it insist on preserving a universe of sadness by destroying hope and creating despair; but more importantly, it made his beloved friend Madoka cry. To his frustration, no matter how many of the little fuckers he vaporizes, there will ALWAYS be more of them. His anger towards Kyubey pales in comparison to his fury towards YHVH and his plot to kill Madoka. This plot triggered his involvement in The Pantheonic Rebellion. His fury towards Vanitas on learning of his plot to join with Madoka to forge the χ-blade, possibly causing a universal apocalypse, was so great, that Whis had to calm him down. Even though Madoka isn't Vanitas's true target…
  • His reputation has become more feared (among those who are aligned with Good) and admired (among those are aligned with Evil and Chaos) when it was revealed that Beerus sealed one of the Supreme Kais (who are essentially the Creation Gods of the Dragon Ball multiverse) in a sword after the Supreme Kais and the Gods of Destruction got into an argument over some trifling thing. Beerus viewed sealing one of the Supreme Kais in a sword as an "appropriate" form of retribution as supposed to destroying the Sacred World of the Kais, which he originally thought of doing. This revelation has also frightened many within in the House of Magic as this feat makes it seem as though he could also be an extremely powerful wizard or magician of some sort if he was able to perform a sealing spell on a God so effortlessly and efficiently.
  • Despite terrifying them and having the opposite job, Beerus doesn't have anything against gods of creation since they need to work together. Literally, the Gods of Destruction and Supreme Kais of each universe are linked; if one dies, so do(es) the other/s. He's in no rush to reveal this. He doesn't take kindly those who wish to destroy or pervert this, and he will step in and painfully atomize the offender. Isn't that right, Zamasu?
  • Beerus is absolutely hated by many in the House of Beasts after they found out he wiped out the fucking dinosaurs because one of them acted rudely to him during one of his trips to Earth millions of years ago. Because he is capricious, he destroys even important planets without a second thought.
  • Wonder why he and Deadpool don't hang out? Everyone has had to keep him away from the god. Just imagine what would happen if the merc got on his nerves? It certainly wouldn't be hard to do.
  • He doesn't know what to think of the Furry Fandom. He either likes it or hates it, given the circumstances. If you want to please him, show him "Dreamkeepers". If you want to anger him, just show him Rule 34 artwork of him. Bad artwork, mind you.
  • There is only one known person Beerus (and Champa) fear, and that is their boss, the Omni-King Zeno. The entire Pantheon was in shock when they saw him fearfully and humbly bowing to him. Considering that he is the ruler of their multiverse and is capable of destroying all 12 universes without effort, it was understood why. Especially when it was discovered there were once 18 universes... before the Omni-King destroyed six of them.
  • Beerus shocked everyone once again when he showed his actual power (to some extent); not only did he erase the ghost of the known gag scientist Dr. Mashirito (who escaped Hell just because he wanted to — yes, the same Hell that kept the likes of Golden Frieza) with the same ease in which he destroyed Zamasu, but he was also in position to kill Arale herself; those events made every comedy and gag-related god and a few of the spirit and ghost deities in the pantheon quite wary of Beerus, to say the least.
    Whis: It doesn't matter if they're a ghost or not. There is nothing Lord Beerus cannot destroy.
  • Alphonse and Sakaki both became fans of his because he's a powerful cat god and they both love cats. He's cool with both of them, especially Al. However, he's not keen on Al thinking he needs his protection, so he made sure to show off his destructive power in front of the alchemist once. (Whis reversed the damage, of course).
  • Doesn't like how Whis keeps searching for a potential successor to his job, and is particularly side-eyeing Sailor Saturn. Still, that doesn't stop him from training Vegeta in the use of the Power of Destruction, since he knows both Vegeta and Goku have rejected the job offer. So long as they never flippantly speak of a destroyer's ass again, anyway.
  • Beerus is well aware there are people who think he, and the Supreme Kai, Shin, would make a cute couple. He finds the idea absurd, shouting "I only hugged him once!" and threatening anyone who dared remind him of the incident, and Shin would rather not expend too much time with him due to his anger issues. Naturally, Whis loves to tease him about it.
  • When he heard he was going to be featured in a DEATH BATTLE!, he was eager to know who he was fighting, and was intrigued to hear it was Sailor Galaxia. However, he then became irritated since she wasn't as willing to play ball, having turned a new leaf and all. To compensate, with cooperation from Whis, Boomstick and Wiz managed to arrange the fight anyway via a disposable Alternate Universe that had a pre-redemption Sailor Galaxia. Since it would take a while for her to notice and head to its Earth to destroy it, Beerus was encouraged to nap and have some ice cream while he waited. Next thing he knew, the planet was destroyed along with his ice cream, and he located his opponent before engaging in battle. In the end, he returned to the Pantheon quite pleased with himself since he... managed to avenge his ice cream. He then asked Whis for another one.

    God (God, the Devil and Bob
God, Divine Deity of Flawed Creators (Arthur from Ypsilanti)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: His mortal form in sunglasses
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Domain: Narrative, Personality
  • Portfolio: All-Loving Hero, Easily Forgiven, flawed but good creator, doesn't like tampering with free will, hanging out together with the Devil, pops in and out of his prophet's personal space
  • Herald: Bob Alman
  • Allies: Mostly everyone, but especially Catwoman, Cosmos, Aslan, every newborn baby in the Pantheon, The One Above All
  • Friendly Enemy: The House of Demon (yes, really)
  • Enemies: While he is too nice to really hate anyone, he really doesn't like his Evil Counterpart YHVH
  • Opposed by: Every French deity
  • Opposed: Every single deities that plan to destroy the world especially The Lich, anyone who performed a Face–Heel Turn, the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the Greek Pantheon
  • Good Counterpart to: YHVH
  • Complicated Relationship with: Lucifer, Satan, Sam and Dean Winchester, Ned Flanders
  • Because he is the God in his universe, the House of Faith once sent an agent to ask him why is there evil in his world when he was supposed to be all-knowing heavily equipped with listening device. Their hearing process was interrupted by a train running and said agent was disappeared thanks to the effect of the Status Quo.
    • However, investigation with his previous prophet and representation of humanity Bob has them suspected that his word to Bob (without evil being good is meaningless) might or might not answer the question.
  • As soon as heard that God is now in the Pantheon, Archangel Michael immediately pledge his eternal service under him. Now the two of them are working hard to ensure that there will always be goodness in the world so it doesn't have to be destroyed. The two of them also working hard to lead those who had done a Heel–Face Turn - which he considered to symbolically choosing Satan over him, to lead them back to the path of righteousness.
    • Another one that is gladly to plead fighting in his namesake is Alexander Anderson, who would gladly decimate the entire House of Devil if he ever asked. Of course, being who he is, God never took up the offer.
  • Was very surprised when seeing Catwoman in the Pantheon as he once dated one of her mortal avatar Julie Newmar. They agreed to avoid each other as Selina is with Bruce now.
  • Was annoyed that every deities that want to destroy the world constantly want him to join in. He usually calmly responds with "I'm not that kind of God." and leave.
    • However, he was not very liked by any deities came from French as they don't like how he once wants to eliminate their country out of the hypothetical new universe he created.
  • He can sometime be seen in the House of Insanity in order to offer words of comfort to everyone reside and hopes they can try and get better.
  • He was especially well-liked in the House of Friendship because of how friendly he is. He welcome their affection as they are the kind of people he can be relaxed about as the House of Angels always reduced to a teary mess whenever he enter it (except for Archangel Michael due to how frequent the two interact) causing him to sometimes feels lonely. He compensates their kindness by sometimes make a double rainbow so that anyone who doesn't follow his religion doesn't feel left out.
  • Surprising everyone, he is very uncomfortable around any teenage deities and more comfortable around children who can see him. This is because of the fact that in his world God and The Devil struck that get human until they're 12, then the Devil gets human until they're 20.
  • Is currently has a rocky relationship with every single versions of Lucifer in the Pantheon. While they understand that he isn't the deity that oppress them, they still find it hard to get along with him due to their own alternative versions of God are much more evil and unreasonable. He still doesn't give up and reply that if he can mend his relationship with his version of Lucifer then he would try his best to atleast on speaking term with the other versions.
    • However, he once sit down with one version of Lucifer and share their dislike for his Evil Counterpart YHVH.
    • Similarly, Sam and Dean Winchester is uneasy around him due to their own bad experience with their own God.
  • He and Moses once had a long conversation with each other because now they are able to see each other again and Moses is reduced to a gibbering mess for now he can see God for the first time in the physical realm.
    • Ramses II is scared out of his mind when seeing God in close proximity given all the things he did to God's "chosen people" the Jews during his time as a mortal. God, being who he is, doesn't hold it against the Pharaoh but chastise to never do that again.
  • Heard that one of his version portrayed by Morgan Freeman once gave a mortal his power for 24 hours. While he appreciate that version's intention, God disappoints everyone by announcing that he won't practice something like that after learning the mess that it can cause.
  • He once met with Aslan and the two got along very well considering the lion is an Expy of him.
  • Because of his title, he has interact with various Pantheon from many cultures and came to his own opinion for them.
    • While he is a great allies for the Norse and Egyptian Pantheon because while they're definitely flawed, all of them all tried to better themselves and protect the world they're living in but he absolutely despises the Greek Pantheon for how frequent the deities screw over the world they didn't even created. Although he does acknowledge that not all Greek deities are Jerkass and made friends with the nicer ones like Athena, some good versions of Hades etc.
    • Doesn't like the Spaghetti Monster for its nonsensical understanding of gravity and is the protectors of pirates.
  • Denied answer when asked if he is truly the person that talks to Jeanne d'Arc by saying that he doesn't usually concerns himself with fighting and is more of a rehabilitating guy.
  • Because of his absolute friendliness to everyone, the House of Demons can't find it in their heart to really hates him except for those that hates everyone.
    • However, do NOT mistakes friendliness for being a pushover. Any devils that create messes that took a long time for him to clean up will be severely punished by exposing them to all of his holy power of goodness.
  • Through gossips from the House of Demons, three deities who are all devout Catholic are all in awe when seeing God in person and turned out he was much friendlier than they imagined: Asia Argento, Xenovia Quarta and Irina Shidou. For his part, God is touched by their devotion, especially considering the fact that the first two are demons and praying to holy powers caused them physical pain. He decided to dedicate his next double rainbow to their name.
  • Doesn't particularly like Ned Flanders because he was too preachy and lacks respect for non-Christians, which God is trying to be inclusive. However, the two of them agree that YHVH is not a good example of the all-powerful.
  • One thing he can't stand is people groveling... AND APOLOGIZING!! Everytime he talks to someone it's 'Sorry' this, 'Forgive me' that, and 'I'm not worthy'... WHAT ARE YOU DOING NOW!? What, averting your eyes? Well, don't! It's like those miserable Psalms, they're soooo depressing... Now knock it off!!

    Jubileus and Queen Sheba 
Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Divine Representatives of Conflict between Paradiso and Inferno (Jubileus: actual name unpronounceable, Dea, The Creator)
Queen Sheba
  • Overdeities (Jubileus borders Greater Goddess when improperly resurrected)
  • Symbols:
  • Theme Song:
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil (Jubileus), Chaotic Neutral (Queen Sheba)
  • Portfolio: Celestial Gods, Heaven Versus Hell, Both Being Morally Dubious, Magic is Evil, Being Gigantic, Implied To Be Two Halves Of One Being
  • Domains: Power, Divinity, Magic (Both), Order, Light, Angels, Heaven (Jubileus), Chaos, Darkness, Demons, Hell (Queen Sheba)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Enemies: Each other and each other's allies, Rodin, Dante Sparda, Vergil, Sparda, Kat (DmC), Dante Alighieri, Archangel Michael, The Seven Heavenly Virtues, Sargeras, Merged Zamasu
  • Complicated Relationship: Aesir, Ten Commandments
  • Jubileus and Queen Sheba both emerged from the cataclysmic events of the First Armageddon, which created the Trinity of Realities. Jubileus was subsequently forced into dominion over Paradiso, while Queen Sheba became the ruler of Inferno. However, Jubileus was also put into an endless slumber. Knowing that releasing her from her slumber would trigger a reunification of the Trinity of Realities and allow Paradiso to rule over the universe, the Angels of Paradiso and the Demons of Inferno began an endless war for domination over one another.
  • Ultimately, Jubileus was awakened through the actions of Father Balder and the Angels. However, Bayonetta was freed from Jubileus by Jeanne during the ritual, preventing her from reaching full power. Bayonetta and Jeanne then managed to summon Queen Sheba, who subsequently used her power to punch Jubileus' spirit from her body through the solar system and straight into the sun. Afterwards, Jubileus' physical vessel fell to Earth and was destroyed by Bayonetta and Jeanne, leaving no trace of it behind.
  • Applies to both:
    • Jubileus and Queen Sheba ascended into the pantheon through the machinations of Father Balder and Satan, the former hoping that Jubileus' ascension would eventually lead to a new Armageddon and the latter seeing her as a useful ally for the GUAL. However, as explained by The Truth, the angels and demons of their world reflect light and darkness as natural elements rather than good and evil, and either one overpowering the other would bring about an imbalance and oppress the humans. As a result, Queen Sheba ascended alongside Jubileus and, much to their shared annoyance, the two were forced to share a temple.
    • Both of them share a mutual enmity with Rodin, the famed weaponsmith and Fallen Angel who had previously ruled a portion of Paradiso until he was exiled, became feared as the most dangerous demon in the entire barren wasteland of Inferno, and still frequently visits Inferno in order to collect the souls of its denizens to use them in making his weapons. Jubileus is appalled that one of her angels had turned against his own kind and, due to his massive power, wants to eliminate him in order to prevent him from potentially trying to usurp her. However, Sheba, although she doesn't like him either, prefers to ignore and avoid him, as she knows that he has no desire to usurp her. She also doesn't particularly care about the demons that he kills during his visits to Inferno, as it's very common and expected among the demons to kill and even eat one another on a regular basis.
    • Unsurprisingly, Dante and Vergil oppose both of them. Dante opposes Jubileus due to how she and her angels disregard and outright abuse humanity in order to win their war against the demons and bring about their rule. Vergil, on the other hand, has merely remarked that Jubileus' usual condition makes her an ineffective and unworthy ruler and that Paradiso doesn't offer anything that he or even humanity would deem desirable. By contrast, their opinion of Queen Sheba is slightly better, albeit only in the sense that they like that she doesn't pretend to be virtuous. Sheba herself has shown an interest in them because she suspects that they are the sons of a certain Legendary Dark Knight and an Umbra Witch named Eva, who had previously faced the amassed armies of Inferno. When said Dark Knight indeed ascended to the Pantheon and confirmed Sheba's suspicions by having his wife revived as his Herald via the power of his contract, he declared similar opposition to both celestial goddesses.
    • Through the existence of Kat's timeline, they're both aware that angels and demons could potentially mate to create hybrids called Nephilim. Neither is particularly fond of this due to the Wild Card nature of the Nephilim. They carry the powers of both Paradiso and Inferno with no incentive to be loyal to either side, making them a threat to both realms who will choose their targets depending on who oppresses their lives or obstructs their interests. Take the Nephilim versions of Dante and Vergil, for example. Living in a world dominated by a demonic conspiracy led by a banker version of Mundus, one is an antisocial hedonist who turns into a rebel on the side of the humans and the other is a Control Freak who will destroy the demons' control grid just so he can take the throne for himself. Kat herself was cynical about angels in general and very much against most demons even before learning of Paradiso and Inferno's true nature, considering the demons' dominance in her world as well as the treachery of Nephilim Vergil.
    • The poet Dante Alighieri strongly dislikes both of them, but especially Jubileus due to the fact that, like YHVH, he views her as a black-hearted mockery of the Christian God. Sheba respects Dante's ability to fight his way through Hell and eventually return, but nonetheless doesn't view him as much of a threat.
    • Their shared enemies include the Archangel Michael and the Seven Heavenly Virtues, who refuse to swear fealty to Jubileus and oppose Sheba on sheer principle. Michael and the Virtues disapprove of Jubileus' goal and disregard for humanity's free will, with the Virtues in particular remarking that she reminds them of an alternate reality in which God decided to destroy Earth and Hell.
    • Other common enemies include Sargeras and Merged Zamasu, both of whom desire to create a better world by killing everyone. Jubileus hates them for standing in the way of her plans and is especially annoyed by Zamasu's assessment that her goal to merge the Trinity of Realities into one world ruled by her and her angels is not sufficient and should at least include the complete extermination of all sentient mortal life. Sheba, meanwhile, views Sargeras as a potential threat to her title, as he is not only strong enough to pose a challenge to her, but has also managed to gather a sizable army of demons to his side. Fortunately for her, many of the demons regard his goal to destroy the universe as being too extreme even by their standards. On the hand, Zamasu hates Sheba because he regards her as an abomination due to her demonic nature.
    • Their interactions with the elite demon warriors known as the Ten Commandments are somewhat complicated, mostly due to Estarossa/Mael. When Sheba first encountered them, she gave them an offer to join her. Fraudrin, Galand, Grayroad and Melascula made it clear that their loyalty belongs exclusively to the Demon King, but that they're otherwise willing to work together with her. Zeldris, Derieri and Monspeet were a lot more willing to join her, as their loyalty to the Demon King has either diminished or even outright vanished. Drole and Gloxinia, being a giant and a fairy respectively, declined her offer due to not wanting to serve another Demon Monarch again. Estarossa, surprisingly, accepted her offer without much hesitation, seeing it as an opportunity to acquire more power for himself. Sheba is well aware of his thirst for power and unstable mindset, but deems him to be useful enough to keep around as an ally. However, when it was revealed that Estarossa is actually the Archangel Mael, it strongly dismayed Sheba and drew the attention of Jubileus, who approached Mael with an offer to join her in exchange for helping him find a way to avoid turning back into Estarossa. However, he rejected her offer because he doesn't want to repeat the mistakes he made when he served the Supreme Goddess, much to Jubileus' annoyance.
    • Each have rather complicated ties to Aesir and his halves. True to his character when he's whole, the balancing God of Chaos tends to remain neutral between the two. When they're split in two, Loki generally finds them unpleasant and opts to ignore them, while Loptr was the one who corrupted Father Balder into worshiping and helping awaken Jubileus. Even that alliance is rather shaky, as she can't be sure whether he actually intends to entrust her with the Eyes of the World or keep them for himself.
  • Exclusive to Jubileus:
    • Although YHVH was greatly annoyed by Balder's deception and brief insurrection, he was pleased by the possibility of gaining another ally for the GUAL. However, her improperly resurrected form makes her of little use to them. As a result, the GUAL started looking for methods of restoring her to full power. After a while, they successfully found several methods of fully restoring her. Unfortunately, none of their methods have managed to be permanent, and she always ends up reverting back to being a mindless, uncontrollable force of nature. To make matters more complicated, Jubileus' true personality was revealed to be equivalent to that of a self-absorbed, typical sixteen-year-old human. As a result, Jubileus tends to not get along with YHVH, as she generally doesn't tolerate anyone other than herself being Top God.
    • Aside from YHVH, Jubileus tends to butt heads with The Love that Moves the Stars, Eru Illúvatar, and Chakravartin, as they are all similarly creator deities. She dislikes the Highest Joy and Eru Illúvatar for seemingly being rather passive, allowing evil to persist rather than trying to eradicate it outright. On the other hand, her rivalry with Chakravartin is a bit more amicable due to the fact that she initially ascended as one of his followers before she and Queen Sheba were given their own shared temple. Also, among the GUAL, Jubileus generally manages to get along with Galeem, who shares her goal of imposing order upon others and similarly desires to defeat his own dark counterpart.
    • Jubileus has managed to become allies with Jibril and Malthael, although neither has explicitly sworn fealty to her. Jibril isn't really interested in Jubileus' goal, but is willing to work for her in exchange for books and the opportunity to once again kill something. Malthael, on the other hand, fully supports her goal and is very dedicated in their common battle against the demons.
    • Jubileus has a strong dislike for angels that outright oppose her and her goals. As such, she quickly became enemies with Flonne, Artina, Tyrael and Auriel. The fact that Flonne inadvertently became a Fallen Angel by helping Laharl become Overlord and Tyrael gave up being an angel altogether in order to aid humanity directly is something she finds particularly appalling.
  • Exclusive to Queen Sheba:
    • Queen Sheba quickly sought to establish herself as the undisputed ruler of all Demons. Fortunately for her, most of her rivals are either weaker than her, such as Mundus and Fortinbras, or are not in any position to effectively oppose her, such as Dis. As a result, her position as ruler of demonkind is relatively secure. However, she has received critisim for her rather hands-off-approach to her title, seemingly content to let the demons do as they please and fight among themselves for supremacy. Many lesser demons who are disgruntled with her lack of initiative have instead sworn fealty to her rivals, resulting in Mundus and Frotinbras forming their own factions and even Dis having many loyal followers who are willing to carry out any orders given to them by the Dolorous One.
    • Many of the gods have speculated that her seemingly apathetic approach to leadership is because, in order to maintain the Balance Between Good and Evil, the demons cannot overtake the angels or vice-versa. As such, due to Jubileus being rendered inactive for long periods of time, Sheba cannot get too involved either, as that would upset the balance. It is similarly believed that she allows the demons to fight amongst themselves in order to prevent them from potentially forming an alliance against her.
    • When approached by Lucifer with an offer to join the GUAC, Sheba accepted and has since provided the GUAC with her army of demons. However, she has also received criticism for not taking a more active role in their alliance, which she generally shrugs off.
    • One day, she was approached by the demon Crowley, who, due to his prior experience as King of Hell, offered his services to her as her second-in-command, allowing her to issue orders to the demons who are still loyal to her without having to get personally involved. Although Sheba is well aware of the fact that Crowley isn't particularly loyal to her, she accepted his offer due to the convenience that it offers to her and the fact that she doesn't regard Crowley as a threat to her.
    • Sheba also managed to gain an ally in the Devil of Inkwell Isles, who shares the common goal of many demons to make deals with people. However, his reason for joining her is mainly due to his realization that she is much stronger than him.
    • Asmodeus tried to strike up a partnership with Sheba by proposing that they could rule over the demons together, pointing out that he was similarly a primeval demonic entity who was born alongside a good counterpart, his brother Ihys, whom he eventually killed. However, Sheba rejected his offer not only because she couldn't stand his unrepentant misogyny, but also because she regards his frequent Loophole Abuse as something that would deter people from making deals with them. She allowed Crowley, on her behalf, to make their case:
    Crowley: "We have one rule: make a deal, keep it. There's a reason we don't call our chips in early; consumer confidence. This isn't Wall Street. This is Hell! We have a little something called integrity. This gets out who'll deal with us? Nobody! Then where are we?!"
    • Dismayed and annoyed, Asmodeus has since formed his own faction of demons and desires to one day overthrow Sheba and prove that he is superior to her.
    • Other enemies of Sheba include the Archangel Imperius and Demon Hunter Illidan Stormrage. Imperius, although not an ally of Jubileus, is nonetheless extremely dedicated towards killing demons and anyone with demon blood. Similarly, Illidan's dedication towards hunting and killing demons is so strong that he was eventually banished from the House of Demons entirely in order to prevent further damage. Sheba has aknowledged both of them as legitimate threats and has fought them on several occasions since.
  • Their temple has two doors, the other being in the House of War.

    The King of All Cosmos 
The King of All Cosmos, The High Deity of Unusual Gods
The King in front of his son, the Prince.

    La Muerte & Xibalba 
La Muerte and Xibalba, The Deity Couple (La Muerte: Mi Amor, Muertita, La Catrina, Mary-Beth; Xibalba: Balby, Guicho)
Left: La Muerte Right: Xibalba
  • Overdeities
  • Symbol: A red heart in front of black wings
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (La Muerte) and True Neutral leaning to Evil (Xibalba)
  • Portfolio: God Couple, Can't Live with Them, Can't Live without Them, Beast and Beauty, Opposites Attract, Ugly Guy, Hot Wife, Jealous of each other chasing other people, Having Unique Forms of Flight, Having Mortal Disguises, Compulsion to making numerous bets
  • Domains: Love, Divinity, Balance, Memories
  • Herald: The Candlemaker
  • High Priests: Fu Xi & Nu Wa
  • Followers: Kami-sama and Ansuz, Queen Jaydes and King Grambi, Marduk and Kyra
  • Allies: Cosmos, Eru Iluvatar, Manwe, Dizzy, Hector, Histoire, the Librarian, Retsu Unohana, Gomez and Morticia Addams, Zen & Rei, Kouta Kazuraba/Kamen Rider Gaim, Mai Takatsukasa, Madoka Kaname, Hades, Persephone, Asura, Mithra, The Nephalem, Aphrodite, Princess Cadence, Shining Armor
  • Enemies: Melkor, Lord Chaos, Garland, Lucifer, YHVH, Nekron, Lord English, Doc Scratch, Zanza, Nurgle, Shinobu Sensui, Lysandre, Kid Icarus' Hades, Bandit Keith, Malthael, SCP-049, Master Xehanort, The Lich, Justice (Afro Samurai)
  • Opposes: Zeus, Ato-ko Shirogane
  • Opposed by: Trip & Grace, SCP-1440
  • Pities: Xion
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homura Akemi, Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki, Hera
  • Not long after Hector's ascension, two divine looking beings, a woman in red with a large hat and a skeletal humanoid with large black wings were seen out on a date in the House of Love and Affection. The Court of the Gods were notified of their presence and sent messengers to summon them, but the couple show themselves up to the courtroom and introduced themselves as La Muerte and Xibalba. The Court tells them that they qualify for the God Couple trope, due to the fact that they are two deities married to each other and are still going strong despite their differences. They accept their newfound position and settled in the sub-Houses of Divinity and Couples Archetypes.
  • Speaking of Hector, he at first thought they run his homeworld's Land of the Dead. They told him that is sadly not the case, but they still have good relations with him as they sympathized with his former best friend KILLING HIM and stealing the credit of a song he wrote, as well as trying to reunite with his daughter, much like Manolo Sanchez's own problems with Joaquin and Maria. On another unrelated note, the three have noticed the similarities between their universes and decided they shouldn't be discussed further than that.
  • They have donated a copy of The Book of Life to the House of Knowledge, with Histoire and the Librarian acknowledging the transaction. Histoire in particular got along with the divine couple really well for guarding a big book of information much like their Herald, the Candlemaker who she got acquainted with swiftly.
  • They have quickly allied themselves with Cosmos, Eru Iluvatar and his second in command, Manwe who have congratulated them for giving the people of San Angel an edge in fighting the bandit king Chakal. They were wary of Xibalba and his previous actions, though the latter says he is currently redeeming himself from them by playing nice; La Muerte promises them he will not cheat again, considering she's his Morality Pet.
    • Of course, Melkor did not take kindly to their ascension so he threatens them by vowing to extinguish the Land of the Remembered just out of spite, which rubs them the wrong way and also shows that there are far more worse adversaries than Chakal. Lord Chaos and Garland are also villains the couple have been wary of, since Cosmos heavily implied she and Chaos were once an item and Xibalba feels conflicted from hearing about it.
    • The other Grand United Alliance Leaders are not friendly with them either. YHVH thinks the Land of the Remembered does not deserve times of joy, a fact La Muerte takes great offense at. Lucifer may have somewhat reasonable goals, but his penchant for anarchic chaos makes Chakal look like a wannabe. Nekron may as well top their enemies list; him wanting death and destruction makes him more dangerous than Chakal, which threatens the living and the Land of the Remembered as well. Nekron called them pathetic for giving the dead too much leeway, especially Xibalba for not being spiteful enough to go against everyone; this angered Xibalba greatly, who refutes that despite his abrasiveness towards everyone, he wouldn't stoop too low to the point of raising the dead because he has someone he cares about. Nekron then leaves disgusted at them, angered at their moral upstanding.
  • The couple have a better time with Retsu Unohana than with Nurgle. That's because Retsu cares about everyone and their safety while Nurgle thinks so, but does not realize his actions are more harmful to others. Nurgle thinks he could be best buds with Xibalba, but the latter wants nothing to do with him.
    Xibalba: Yeah, sorry buddy. I can't hang out with you, I must uh... feed my snake.
    • They cannot agree with SCP-049 and his perspective on "curing" the living. That would mean far too many needless deaths entering the Lands of the Remembered and Forgotten. Xibalba is offended that someone else with the Touch of Death never thinks about what their powers can actually do to innocents. They are also enemies with Malthael, a Fallen Angel that has powers over death and seeks to purge all living beings corrupted by demons who sees the couple as demonic.
  • Being a divine couple, they have gotten along with other couples. They see a lot of themselves in Gomez & Morticia Addams and Hades & Persephone, who welcome them warmly in their respective temples anytime. They were surprised that Kouta Kazuraba & Mai Takatsukasa were once human, and Kouta does more Divine Intervention than Mai who must always look after Planet Helheim. They were also surprised that Zen, a divine being and Rei, a human can actually get together. Princess Cadence & Shining Armor have also congratulated them (Cadence especially) on maintaining their happy marriage.
    • Zeus and Hera never had the best marriage, which disappointed La Muerte and Xibalba. Doesn't help that Zeus constantly cheated on her with other goddesses and Hera commends them for having a happier marriage despite giving said goddesses punishments for getting close to Zeus, something even La Muerte find too much. The other Hades is someone they're enemies with, since he tarnishes their good friend's name. Considering what they are capable of, he is treading caution while still finding a way to taunt them good.
    • Aphrodite thought Xibalba would be willing cheat on La Muerte, but the truth couldn't be more farther than that as they love each other too deeply. This relieve her greatly and she wishes them best, which they accept more than they do with Hera's praise. They have heard of Ato-ko Shirogane and her shtick of destroying relationships and already, they are more than happy to punish her should she do the same to them. Ato-ko herself wouldn't dare to ruin their marriage, considering that they are deities and their devotion is too strong to be broken.
    • They feel conflicted over the fact that a villainous couple like Medea & Souichirou Kuzuki could be happy together. Sure their marriage is something they can respect, but both are willing to do bad things nonetheless. Trip & Grace feel insecure and are in denial over the fact that two deities are happier being together than they are; the divine couple tries to give them marriage advice, but they are too adamant and refuses to even listen to them.
  • Given that the Land of the Remembered needs everyone remembering their loved ones, La Muerte has befriended Mithra for managing the faith for the Trope Pantheons. Asura also got acquainted with her, finding her not as bad as the other gods he met in his adventure. He and Mithra are still intimidated by Xibalba and are wary of him, despite the latter being harmless lately.
  • They are very impressed with The Nephalem's exploits of defeating Diablo just by not being included in their prophecy. It helps that their heroic roles are just like Manolo's, though La Muerte granted Manolo the power to be Immune to Fate while The Nephalem were already granted said power from the start.
  • Since they love making bets a lot which gives them ups and downs (severity depends on their actions), they are seeking Tsunade and Marge Simpson for counseling on reducing this behaviour. Though half the time, Tsunade often ended up enabling said behaviour instead, causing Marge to Face Palm. Tsunade does note that she and La Muerte have something in common. For Marge, she at least finds solace over the fact that they are Good Parents towards their children, even if one of them (Sartana) ended up being a bad guy. Given the bad experiences of Xibalba cheating during bets, Bandit Keith is someone they consider a bad example of, even moreso than Xibalba. Keith is staying far away from them, lest he makes a bet with them and not holding up his promises like he usually do.
  • Lord English and Doc Scratch are arguably worse than Nekron in terms of wanting destruction and the couple are making preparations should their plan nearly comes to fruition again. There's also Zanza, who wants to recreate the world as he sees fit after destroying it and Yuuki Terumi, whose countless atrocities involve inflicting despair and provoking weapons of mass destruction just to get back at the creator goddess that has forsaken him. Misanthropes like Shinobu Sensui and Lysandre are also enemies to look out for considering like them, Chakal hates his fellow humans too. All of them see La Muerte and Xibalba as greater obstacles to overcome so that they can achieve their goals for the end of the world.
  • They have met Madoka Kaname and find her a really sweet girl who only wants what was best for everyone. Her friend, Homura Akemi is a bit different; sure Homura's pain of wanting to seeing her friend again is understandable but she also depowered said friend just so she does not lose her. La Muerte is more willing to hear her out (despite Homura not wanting to talk about it), knowing that Homura is suffering as much as everyone she has wronged while Xibalba sees it as an injustice, vowing to end Homura for good should she pull another stunt like that.
  • The Land of the Forgotten is where the dead go whenever nobody ever remember them. However, the couple has never heard of someone being instantly erased from existence; that someone is Xion. They have met her and were saddened of her fate in the mortal world. Xion also has warned them about Master Xehanort and his plans to kidnap the princesses and other girls with similar auras for his grand master plan against the entire Pantheons, which they agree to keep in mind. They then bet each other that either one of them will ruin one of Xehanort's plans.
  • They have met Dizzy, who's also a sweetheart like Madoka. Xibalba is fascinated by her black wing, Necro though he assures her that he just find him cool-looking and not provoking him until he's out of control. SCP-1440 does not like them, since he mostly stay away from death entities after escaping death, despite the couple actually pitying his current state.
  • Apparently according to their creator, they along with La Muerte's sister, La Noche and her husband, El Chamuco make bets all the time, which ended up causing every single event known in human history. Because of this, all deities (even the real ones who are still living) are now wary of them and Marge has more reasons to be exasperated at them.
  • Exclusive to La Muerte:
    • La Muerte has gotten along with other benevolent goddesses and queens like Palutena and Princess Celestia. She finds a lot of common ground with Palutena and even joins her for tea talking about their favourite people. Princess Celestia is happy that La Muerte is living proof that death is not always a bad thing.
    • She rules the Land of the Remembered, an afterlife where the dead go and stay forever as long as there is people alive to remember them. Since she shows that the afterlife is a fun place, she gets along with the good-aligned deities in the sub-house of Afterlife Entities. Her opinion on the evil ones are obvious. There is also Lord Death, who La Muerte once serve as his follower. Lord Death is ecstatic that a fellow friendly reaper is here and together, they help spread the idea that death is not something to fear.
    • She has also befriended fellow All Loving Heroes Yusuke Godai, Rushuna Tendou and Fluttershy. She is glad that Yusuke and Rushuna are fighting for everyone's happiness and Fluttershy was initially almost intimidated by her appearance, but is relieved once she find La Muerte to be quite friendly and also have met Princess Celestia.
  • Exclusive to Xibalba:
    • Finds a lot of common ground with Discord, who finds him a jolly good fellow to have fun with. It helps that they are reforming, though Celestia, La Muerte and Fluttershy are making sure that they still do so. Also got along with fellow Trickster God Loki, who also reformed though even Xibalba is making sure to be wary of his motives time and time again.
    • Has joined Death from Regular Show, Grim and Charon for their own games of poker. Xibalba feels bad about Grim's predicament of having to be the best friend of two kids (doesn't help that one is incredibly stupid and the other is scarily bossy, even for a child) and Charon being Sadly Mythtaken just like his superior, Hades. The three find him a not really bad guy, though they promise to La Muerte that his cheating habits will be punished more often than not, given they too value upholding bargains.
    • Currently under supervision of Dizzy's father Sol Badguy who helps other people who did bad things repent for their actions. It also helps (and is often irking) they have another thing in common.

Greater Gods

Eos, Goddess of Deities Dismissing Mortal Consent (Goddess of the Dawn, Aurora)
  • Greater Goddess
  • Symbol: A painting of sunrise with roses and saffron
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (was likely True Neutral before the curse)
  • Portfolio: Extreme Libido Due To Being Cursed By Aphrodite, former Love Goddess, Repeated Double Standard: Rape, Divine on Mortal (And Female On Male), Really Gets Around, Wed To The God of Dusk, Light Is Not Good, Light 'em Up
  • Domains: The Dawn, Light, Lust, Abduction, The Accursed, Divinity
  • Herald: Astreus, her husband
  • Allies: Helios and Selene (her siblings), Inanna, The Kankers, The Cicadas, Yuno Gasai, Alex Forrest, Tsumbai Kamoni, Mad Moxxi, Calistria, The Black Queen of Sogo, Vlad Masters, Necrozma
  • Friends with Benefits: Glenn Quagmire, Zapp Brannigan
  • On speaking terms with: Ares, Brynhild
  • Enemies: APHRODITE, Kratos, Slaanesh, rape victims, Fused Zamasu, Ann Takamaki, Griffith, Molag Bal, SCP-166, Arael, Tanukichi Okuma, Chernabog, Nightmare Moon
  • Opposed by: Kyu Sugardust, Panty Anarchy, Princesses Celestia, Luna and Candace, Ezalor
  • Feared by: Luka, Youta Tada
  • Pities: Johann Faust VIII, Belarus, Lumi the Paladin
  • The Titans Hyperion and Theia had three children; Helios for the sun, Selene for the moon and Eos for the dawn. Once a Love Goddess, she got on the bad side of Aphrodite for sleeping with Ares, and was cursed with unquenchable lust. As such, she always ends up taking handsome men to have their way with, whether they want to or not. Of course most Greek gods don't give a crap about consent.
  • While the Ancient Greeks didn't consider rape a big deal if it was the powerful on the weak, the Trope Pantheon and most of modern society is hell no on that. As such, she is detested by rape victims of both genders. Tanukichi Okuma is reminded of Anna at her worst, who fortunately improved as a person but it still doesn't change the fact he only avoided it because she didn't know the mechanics of sex.
  • Unlike Zeus, Eos does have a reason for why she's a Serial Rapist; Aphrodite cursed her with unremitting lust. As such, she absolutely despises Aphrodite for cursing her and taking her position as goddess of love. She doesn't like Arael for inflicting Mind Rape, which she considers her own curse to be something like it. She also despises Slaanesh for corrupting people with lust of various degrees, and especially Kratos for killing Ares.
  • Though she is quick to blame Aphrodite for her rapaciousness, the Phantom Thieves believe she is using it to not tackle her own problems. Ann especially, given she was a sex abuse survivor, and plan to pay her a visit. Unfortunately given Eos is a literal god (not some product of the collective consciousness like Yaldabaoth, a bonafide deity) it is unlikely to end well for them.
  • She is feared by Luka and Youta Tada due to their aphrodisiac nature, which combined with Eos' insatiable sex drive would spell death for them. She does get along with the Kankers, given their double standard of obsession with other men. Interestingly despite Innana's similarities to Aphrodite the two get along, mainly because the goddess of the Dawn can relate to how Ishatar is Not Good with Rejection and her Woman Scorned tendencies.
  • She was happy to meet her siblings in the pantheon, wondering where they had been the past couple years. She recognized some similarities between them and the alicorns, though neither of them wanted to associate themselves with Eos. Neither did Ezalor, despite Eos liking him for being a benevolent god of the light. Interestingly Eos is married to the god of the dusk, Astraeus. If he cares about her sleeping around or not has yet to be discovered.
  • Her arrival was met with intense anger from Chernabog. As the rising sun forces him away, the fact that Eos is the goddess of the dawn makes her one of his gravest opponents. Conversly, she finds Nightmare Moon's desire to prevent the sun ever rising again to be utterly opposed to her role as goddess of the dawn. It also defies her husband's role as god of the dusk. However she has no hard feelings towards the House of Darkness and Shadow, given she's married to a darkness-related god.
  • Despite her dismissal of consent, like Zeus she has had a number of willing lovers. However her gifts can backfire. One time she wanted to avert the Mayfly–December Romance trope by granting Tithonus' wish for eternal life. However she forgot about eternal youth and Tithonus continued to get older until he was too decrepit to move and begged for death. In later retellings he was given a mercy and became a cicada, thus making the cicadas sacred to her.
  • Among her most common male lovers are Glenn Quagmire, who shares similar issues with respecting consent, and Zapp Brannigan. Glenn was able to keep up with her libido, and it's assumed the only reason Eos didn't catch all his STDs is because of her divine nature(explains why Zeus never complains about it). Zapp had trouble keeping up and Eos was more the pursuer. Of course, Zapp doesn't have real angst when he was almost snu-snued to death as a prisoner of the Amazonians. Plus while not a rapist, he still pulls dirty tricks to get laid.
  • The Forms of Immortality sub-house was paid a visit by Eos, which they were initially opposed to given the fate of poor Tithonus. She said "that was the one time!" and had arrived in order to learn how to give her lovers proper immortality. There are a number of different immortal deities to take an example from, after all.
  • Though not exactly happy with her "meh" view on consent, Necrozma is on good terms with Eos. It's down to the two seeing in each other a fallen deity, far more severe in the Blinding One's case. Its crippling left it in a bad place, and as an act of kindness Eos is working to restore the Prism Pokemon to its full power without the need of Nebby or Ultranecrozium.
  • Hypocritically has it out for Griffith and Molag Bal. While a very understandable disgust, most think she fears they will rape her. Griffith made it clear that what he did to Casca was about spite, not lust, and believes she fears his ambition and supplanting him. Molag Bal is someone to be more scared of, but he approves of her making men her boy-toys given his spheres of rape and domination. He feels deities can get away with it because of the rule of the strong, and would be welcome to a consensual one night stand with her. Given his appearance, she's grossed out at the idea.
  • Zamasu was pretty disgusted by her. Publicly it's because she disavows her for being a rapist, though really it's because he considers the idea of sex with a mortal to be gross and humiliating for the god. There's also the fact that as Kais are born from divine fruits, their sex drives would be at most limited (Old Kai has the excuse of having merged with a witch in the past). For a brief moment there was silence at it seemed for once Zamasu wasn't being a Hypocrite. But then Eos shot back
    Eos: "Oh, you think you have the moral high ground because you don't force mortals to be your lovers? Let's put aside your genocide of man and god alike and point out you stole Goku's body as Goku Black, and twisted it into a thing of terror. If rape is forcing someone's body to your own ends, then that makes you a rapist, just not the sexual kind. So don't play Even Evil Has Standards with me".
  • Tends to get along with yanderes and those who feel entitled to relationships, like Alex Forrest and Vlad Masters. For what it's worth she's genuinely fond of them. However she also has genuine pity for more moral gods like Lumi due to needing to Mate or Die, and Johann Faust for the woman he lost and wants to see again. She seems to be fond of Brynhild due to the tragedy of her love.
  • Hangs out with lusty deities. Some like Panty are a bit too concerned with her kidnapping of men to hang out with her despite wanting to do so, others like the Black Queen of Sogo were more willing.
  • Was intrigued at how the common theory on how the Moon had formed was an impact by a Mars-sized planet called Theia, named after her mother. She was rather dissapointed to learn the moon named after her father was a glorified asteroid, and she couldn't find anything named after herself.

    Geb and Nut 
Geb and Nut, Divine Couple Of Incest Amongst The Gods (Geb: Seb, Keb, Son of the Earth, God of Earth and Mines, King of the Riches Under the Earth, Father Under the Skies and Sands, Lord Earth, Gebthant, Gebakotep, Nut: Nenu, Nunut, Nent, Nuit, Goddess of the Sky, The Star-Spangled Goddess)
Nut above Geb in traditional Egyptian art
Nut depicted in Puzzle & Dragons
  • Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The arc of a dark blue night sky over the ground (both), the goose on top of his head (Geb), a starry dark blue water pot (Nut)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio
  • Domains: Twins, Incest, Love, Divinity, Celestial Beings, Creation Myths (both), the Earth, Geese, Earthquakes, Crops (Geb), the Sky, Stars, Cows (Nut)
  • Heralds: Shu and Tefnut (their parentsnote ), Nephthys (their daughter)
  • Venerated by: Most ascended pharaohs (Anarkis, Tutankahmun, Yami Yugi and to a lesser extent Cleopatra)
  • Special relationship with: Neith (their great-grandmother sometimes), Osiris, Set and, Isis (their kids), Anubis, Horus and Sobek (their grandsons)
  • Allies
  • On good terms with: Haruka and Sora Kasugano, Pangu, Hadesnote  and Persephone (both), the House of Plants (Geb), most solar and lunar deities (Nut)
  • On speaking terms with: The Alpha and Omega, the God known by Bob (both), Lilith (SMT) (Geb)
  • Rivals: Groudon (Geb), Ouranos (Nut)
  • Enemies
  • Opposes: Ra (their grandfather sometimes), Ahkenaten, Aerys II Targaryen, Cersei Lannister (both), Cronus (Geb)
  • On poor terms with: Al'akir, Fujin (both)
  • Annoyed by: Belarus, Ramses (both), Beavis and Butthead (Nut)
  • Pities: Jaime Lannister, Hansel and Gretel, Izanami-no-Mikoto, Romeo and Juliet (both)
  • Amused by: The Goose (Geb)
  • Respects: Most Happily Married deities like Gomez and Morticia Adams unless they're too evil
  • Incest amongst gods often lacks the taboo that incest amongst humanity does. After all, when you're a literal deity the dangers of inbreeding usually aren't there and there usually aren't that many options. Geb and Nut are elder deities of the earth and sky, being twins in love. Their father Shu also married his twin Tefnut but he apparently didn't care for their relationship, so he forces earth and sky to be separate; in fairness, it's kind of hard for life to thrive when the earth and sky are so close. This didn't stop them from canoodling and having quadruplets, who coupled up as Osiris and Isis, and Set and Nephthys. Ra tried to stop their procreations by made it so that Nut would be sterile for every day of the year. Thoth decided to help her out by gambling with Khonsu for 1/72nd of Moon's light, adding an additional five days to the year where Nut was free to have as many children as she could bear; this why there are 365 days in a yearnote .
  • Applies to both
    • Geb used to be a member of the Trope Pantheon, under the Rock Monster trope. Over time however the Court of the Gods chose to let him go because he wasn't upkeeping his temple and said trope was only applicable to his Smite incarnation. He accepted this if only because he swore that somehow he would bring his sister-wife Nut into the Trope Pantheon. The couple celebrated finally being able to reunite and not having to deal with their dad blocking them. However they still aren't allowed to get that physical, not because it is gross (they're gods, they get a pass on incest) but they don't want to cause too much chaos with the earth and sky being too close together. The one who organized their reunion? Their grandfather Ra...when he is their grandfather. It's a long story involving the primordial Atum.
    • Another factor behind their ascension were good words put in by Zia Rashid, a magician and scribe of the House of Life and a member of the First Nome who had an important role in protecting Egypt. Further support was given by deities of another pantheon; Aphrodite and Eros. Aphrodite is all about supporting her OTPs and was pissed at their father getting in the way of true love so out of support for them, and spite towards Shu had her son Eros help ascend them as a couple. Another deity, Pangu, found this a rather interesting development. In his own cosmology his body would become the cosmos, and the creator of yin and yang found Geb and Nut's ascension to be a tantalizing prospect. However Geb was going to need the skinny on everything that's happened since he left; to start with, Regirock has found another partner.
    • Shu was still really persistent and put his foot down that they better make him and his sister-wife/their mom Tefnut their heralds, as they were original incestuous Egyptian power couple. This was to watch them and try to curtail their relationship, but it backfired big time when he realized being their herald meant being lesser on the pantheonic totem pole. Worse for Shu; it means he can never ascend in proper because his kids already have Divine Incest. Talk about an Epic Fail! Set had a laugh about this and his parents getting a win, as in spite of Geb and Nut's descendants often being in conflict they love them equally. The only Egyptian deity they're united in opposition with is Apophis, for obvious reasons. They aren't too fond of Ahkenaten either due to choosing monotheism in the form of a sun disc, reminding them of the grandfather they don't like. The other pharaohs still respect them as deities so the couple are cool with them, though they think Ramses shoud call off.
    • Neither are that fond of wind-related deities. Their dad Shu was a wind deity, and they're still salty about him. Shu tried to place the blame to Ra because he told him to separate them; they know, but they're still annoyed at him following orders and Ra has told the two to suck it up, much to their frustration. Part of why he did this was because he foresaw one of their kids would overthrow them. The two got into a bit of an argy-bargy with Azir due to mistaking him for their grandfather, but after realizing they mistook him apologized for the whole affair. Al'Azir and Fujin aren't fond of them projecting their own issues on them. On a more serious note, neither are fond of Cersei Lannister. Yes they understand her and Jaime's Twincest but they consider her an abusive partner, and feel bad for what happened to Jaime. Of course, they acknowledge that as much they're frustrated by Shu he's still a better dad than Tywin.
    • Geb and Nut are seen as a Foil to Gaea and Ouranos, another incestuous coupling of land and sky. Ouranos was an Abusive Offspring who sealed away his more monstrous-looking children for "being ugly" so Gaea got their son Cronus to castrate him in vengeance, and outside of maybe joining forces to help Rhea hide baby Zeus they've never reconciled. There's a fair bit of envy towards, but also respect from the Earth Mother to the couple. Hades and Persephone also ship the two. The two have a soft spot towards Romeo and Juliet because of their own forbidden love. Generally, the two are in favor for anyone who is Happily Married. They feel somewhat bad for Izanami due to what she became after her Death by Childbirth.
    • Because they are Egyptian deities they have a rocky first impression with those connected to Biblical lore. YHVH has certainly not helped as His obsessive need for control and being the only deity of worship is offensive to them, especially since it reminds them of the whole "Cult of Aten" malarky. However the actually good Gods like the Alpha and the Omega, and the one known by Bob, are more accepting of them even if they don't hang out persay. Also, because of their frustration with their grandfather Ra they are inclined to hate Grandfather for being, like, the worst grandpa ever. They're also annoyed by Belarus for her incessant stalking of her brother. They have no issue with the incest obviously, but the Yandere? No thank you.
  • Applies to Geb
    • Geb blesses the land with a plentiful harvest for men. He represents the land in both the harsh deserts and the lust fertile ground, though he's more often associated with the latter. As such, he is sometimes treated as the consort of Renenutet, the goddess of vegetation and harvest, and the father of a snake deity called Nehebkau. This isn't that widespread, though Geb is known for being associated with snakes and sometimes he will be depicted with the head of one. He was even thought as a father of snakes. He likes the fashion statement the SMT version of Lilith has, though outside of opposing YHVH isn't one for "her politics". As she desires to reunite with the first man Adam she understands his desire to be with his beloved sister-wife. She mused on how since his parents are the ancestors/creators of all human and animal life in his mythos, what Adam might think of them and Geb.
    • As mentioned, Geb originally debuted in his Smite where he loses a lot of his good looks and becomes a Rock Monster. Its thematically appropriate but he can't imagine Nut'll be happy if she has to take an inorganic form should she be added to the roster. He'd have to ask their great-grandmothernote  Neith if she can give a good word in to bring Nut into the game. Though Geb looks fearsome in this form he is a Gentle Giant; this makes him pretty good friends with both Groot and Iron Giant. When in combat, Geb always tries to end it as peacefully as possible. This mentality has made him good friends with the likes of Optimus Prime and Usagi Tsukino. Usagi has also sympathized with Geb's plight of being separated by his wife and she hopes to help on anyway she can to reunite the two.
    • Geb had additional experience as to how the Trope Pantheon works thanks to having involved himself with Dungeons & Dragons. Within the Forgotten Realms he has a church in Mulhorand. It’s a hereditary church with the priests being members of the House of Gebthant. Each member has at least one ancestor that was a human incarnation of Geb. Despite this dwarves and gnomes are also known to be a part of said church, just not as priests. Displease him and you'll deal with a personal earthquake, but please him and follow his will and you'll be rewarded with gems. Miners who worship him are warned of unsafe areas with cracks on the ground and rock. In the Elemental Plane of Earth, he's considered the God to worship for travelers. Because the world is just Earth, and you'll effectively need Divine Intervention to survive. In this form he gets along with Aule, what with him being the crafty Valar who made the dwarves in his 'verse. Geb has given his blessings to any gnome or dwarf deity who respects his element, and could potentially give them Mithril for a valiant service.
    • Has been known to create earthquakes every time he laughs. Once he saw a comedy special at the House of Theatre and Spectacle and nearly destroyed the entire house. In his defense Geb doesn't mean to cause earthquakes, but he's so powerful that it happens. Not wanting to cause more fuss, he has asked Clark Kent to help him in controlling his power. Geb felt he kind of owed it to him because he's stopped the Earth from being conquered/destroyed hundreds of times at this point, and well he is the Earth. So if any Planet Eater or world destroyer is going to threaten Earth/him yet again he'll be ready to throw hands once he's had his boxing lessons from Superman.
    • Compared to the Grecian Earth Mother, the Egyptian Earth Father is a lot more chill and he has tried to advise Gaea in "not getting involved in your descendants' BS". For the most part Gaea and Geb get along, but they do have somewhat of a Friendly Rivalry in who does the job better. For some reason Cronus was compared to Geb by classical authors, which he finds rather offensive for obvious reasons...though to give the devil's due, Cronus did rule over a Golden Age before paranoia got the better of him. He's definitely more chill than Groudon, the Olympus Mons of land who is constantly feuding with its opposite. Groudon is pretty territorial towards Geb, but the Egyptian god tries to not let it get to him.
    • He is also known to have geese as his sacred animal, who in depictions typically rest on his head. His laughter was causing a bit of trouble again when he witnessed the antics of the Goose. His (metaphorical?) air was tugged by Gaea, who wanted to talk with him about something more serious. She pointed out that as a being who maintains crops and vegetation along with other earth and land-based domains, perhaps he should aid the Nature Preservers and the House of Plants. Geb decided she's right; he'd had enough fooling around and so has focused on trying to purge walking pollution elementals like Hexxus and Hedorah. Geb has been supporting Captain Planet and his friends in their endeavors since.
    • Hostile planets like the Iris can GTFO as far as Geb is concerned. Benevolent planets like Mogo are welcome, however. Toph Beifong is welcome to benefit from his patronage due to her earth-based powers and good nature, even if she took Regirock as her partner. Yeah, he felt some kinship with the stone Golem, especially in his Rock Monster form, but that doesn't mean they need to be partners in order to be friends. Also, he's not all that fond of one of Dio's men naming their Stand after them. He is kind of amused by the irony that the Stand with his name is water based, but would prefer it if Dio keeps his "shenanigans" outside of Egypt.
  • Applies to Nut
    • Nut is the goddess of the sky, and all that implies. Not in the sense of being a wind deity (that'd be her dad), but in having a blue Celestial Body. Appearance-wise she's been compared to Andromeda and Eternity, though more human-looking. As a benevolent celestial being, she tends to get along with them. The Guy and Vishnu were intrigued by her due to the former's true form being a Celestial Body, and the latter in some versions, he "contains the entire universe within himself, and therefore resembles the night sky". They hold a mutual respect towards their duties and dedication to their missions. Lord Vortech also has a Celestial Body, but he's more of an enemy as his schemes of being a Multiversal Conqueror bent on combining the realms would bring utter havoc to the Ancient Egyptian cosmology.
    • She has a fondness for Rosalina and the Lumas as being an important part of the sky she embodies, and Nut's arms and legs act as the cardinal directions. Some consider her a figure of Fanservice because of her legs, however Nut considers this crude; she is trying to form a sky/dome over the Earth/her husband, not flaunt what she's got. If you want a Shameless Fanservice Girl, Bastet and Hathor are available. One of her friends due to their role with the stars is Aurelion Sol, who crafts stars in his 'verse'. He speculates she has the potential for being even stronger than the Egyptians believed due to extrapolating just what embodying the sky itself might mean, but that theory remains untested.
    • During the day the Sun and Moon make their way across their body, and at dusk she swallows them so they may go through her belly and be reborn the next morning. Don't compare this to planet eating or star killing; she is not like the gluttonous C'Tan who poison and feast on stars, and when given souls prove malicious on a human level. Also, she rolls her eyes whenever any vore jokes are made at her expense about this. Her body serves as a protection to those who embody or are in charge of the sun and/or moon, like the Princesses of Equestria. Also of note is that Nut's sacred animal is the cow, which is probably why she has a soft spot for Miltank.
    • Compared to Geb and Gaea's civil yet competitive relationship, Ouranos and Nut get on pretty poorly. The Greek primordial is seen as a pretty big asshole with a hostile relationship to his earth deity and especially his kids, though not without redeeming traitsnote . More than anything, he's jealous of her. The two are in conflict over who should be the sky parent, however he will aid her in holding back the Primordial Chaos that Nut acts as a physical barrier. After all, he wants something to rule over. Since the Crimson King and Amatsu-Mikaboshi are omnicidal maniacs in the same vein as Apophis, Geb works with both of them to prevent their encroachment.
    • Nyx is a being a lot older and more powerful than Nut, however the two have a good relationship. After all, they both look after their own and the night is an important aspect of the sky. Nut isn't the Egyptian goddess of darkness, however; that would be the primordial Kek. However Nut does have a connection to a force often associated with darkness; death. Her son and grandson are death gods, but she is a friend and protector of the dead, who appealed to her as a child appeals to its mother. She's believed to draw the dead into her star-filled sky, and refresh them with food and wine. Overall Nut has a good relationship with Death incarnations should they be righteous in their actions. She's fond of Death of the Endless, though made the initial mistake of treating her like a kid until realizing she was far older and more powerful than her.
    • Yes, she knows what some immature folks think of when they think of Nut. Her name was pronounced as "newt" or "noot", but that hasn't stopped jokes like saying the real reason Geb is frustrated is because he's doing No Nut November. Ouranos told her "oh, I've been there; you're name's not that awkward", only for her to reply "you stop caring when you keep hearing it". I just wish Beavis and Butthead stopped acting like it's some new, funny thing". Her grandson Sobek disagrees and has said that there's more ways to make it funny, which didn't surprise her as one of his epithets is "he who steals wives from their husbands".

Kaiba, Patron of Amnesiac Divinities (Warp)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Three circles that form an upside-down triangle
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Good; formerly Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Mind Screw, Art-Style Dissonance, Amnesiac Hero, Love Redeems
  • Domains: Memories, Personality
  • Heralds: Neiro, Hyo-Hyo
  • On Good Terms with: Klaymen, Jonas, Shadow the Hedgehog, Count Bleck & Tippi
  • Enemies: The Lich (Adventure Time), Enrico Pucci, Chaos Kin
  • Source of Interest for: Robert Daly
  • A young man wakes up in a room with no idea of how he got there or what the world is like around him. As he explores this strange world, he discovers that memories are stored inside chips and can be transferred to different bodies and that the rich live high above the clouds (and said clouds can erase the memories of those that cross it) while the poor live below these clouds. In truth, he is known as Kaiba, named after a memory-eating plant monster and befriended by Neiro before circumstances resulted in them being separated. To make things more complicated, Kaiba is actually Warp, a godlike entity responsible for the memory transfer that is standard in his world and that others, including faulty copies of himself, are trying to usurp his position and that Warp was originally an uncaring figure before encountering Neiro. It takes Neiro (whose true memories are stored inside a creature named Hyo-Hyo due to her current memories being tampered with) helping Kaiba understand his own past related to his mother that the true Warp (aka the person she named Kaiba) is able to move past his initial malevolent personality and defeat the plant monster that was threatening the world.
  • Kaiba’s entry to the Pantheon happened thanks to some unusual events that resulted in him falling from the sky and landing on the Pantheon planet. When he was first discovered lying unconscious, the people present at the time decided to bring him to a building and wait for him to wake up. Unlike the initial instance of him waking up that resulted in him running through a strange world, he was given an explanation of what this even stranger Pantheon was after others learned of what his life was like. The wider Pantheon world had an even bigger variety of methods used to examine memories beyond the memory chips that Kaiba was familiar with and while not everyone in that setting uses such things, many Pantheonic denizens still had memory eggs inside of them if something happens to them. Kaiba had already gone through a lot regarding his memories and while the chaos of the Pantheon made it less likely for him to rest, there was a sense of closure regarding his personal issues that would allow him to be better ready to handle anything that heads his way.
  • In some ways, Kaiba’s journey to understand the world around him after waking up in an isolated location has some similarities to what Klaymen went through. Both were also tied to a godlike figure, with Kaiba being said godlike figure after getting his memories back, and their main adversary was a corrupted clone of themselves (though Kaiba did have some degree of arrogance in his original Warp personality compared to the affable, but slightly dimwitted Klaymen, who only had a chance of being corrupted himself via Hoborg’s crown). The respective worlds that Kaiba and Klaymen explored are strange in their own ways and Klaymen was bewildered after learning about what Kaiba went through, especially since Kaiba was originally an uncaring ruler who softened up through his relationship with Neiro and later had to deal with others looking to usurp his rule for their own ends. In spite of the extensive amount of oddities between the two regarding their adventures (and Klaymen wondering if there was something missing in his Hall of Records regarding a Quarter that specializes in memories similar to Warp despite the latter saying that such a Quarter doesn’t exist), there’s no animosity between the two and they maintain a decent friendship with each other.
  • Jonas was someone who had the title of Receiver, which would allow him access to transferable memories from the Giver which contained memories of pre-Community society. While hearing about people who could manipulate memories unnerved Jonas, the fact that there was someone who not only functioned as a King of Memories but could access memories from inside a person and was responsible for a world where memories are stored in chips that can be transferred to other bodies and that if someone doesn’t have a chip when they die, they release memory eggs that either end up in outer space or stored in tanks (in addition to the aforementioned looking inside someone’s memories part) came as a shock to him. Not only that, but Kaiba used to have an uncaring personality until meeting Neiro changed him for the better and while Kaiba’s change of heart did mitigate Jonas’ concerns about him, Jonas still can’t imagine what society would be like if it was ruled over by a malevolent king with great power over memories. On his end, Kaiba does have a curiosity towards a normal person tasked with watching over memories and is willing to keep Jonas safe from harm. While Jonas appreciates Kaiba’s help, hearing about another world where memories are handled very differently compared to others was a lot for Jonas to take in.
  • While the memories of those from Kaiba’s world can be manipulated, there are plenty of individuals in the Pantheon who can alter various memories without the use of a memory chip. Shukuro Tsukishima was one such person with the power to alter memories to suit his needs and learning about memory chips and memory eggs that were prevalent in Kaiba’s world fascinated him. It isn’t entirely clear how such things would end up being of use to Shukuro’s plans in the Pantheon, but Kaiba does have the tools needed to go inside someone’s mind and see if something is wrong with any memories inside. In a more general sense, brainwashing someone can heavily impact memories and in spite of Kaiba being fairly powerful, he’s as much of a target as most others, if not moreso considering his association with memories, when it comes to someone wanting to alter the minds of others for something dangerous and it is possible that people like Shukuro want to use Kaiba himself for whatever plan they have.
  • Kaiba learned about other methods of altering memories, with Stands (a supernatural being present in certain deities) being one such entity that can have such powers. Rohan Kishibe was one such deity with a Stand that can look inside people’s memories, specifically through the use of Heaven’s Door where in addition to writing commands on someone’s “pages”, he can alter these pages and even tear them off, affecting someone’s memories in the process. As someone looking for an interesting story to write and draw, Rohan was more than curious about someone who was described as the king of memories and while he was tempted to use Heaven’s Door on Kaiba, he learned about the memory chips, memory eggs, and various tools that originated from the latter’s world associated with accessing the memories of someone. Rohan would learn that if he uses Heaven’s Door on someone, then the memory chip or memory eggs belonging to that person can tell that their memories would be altered. Kaiba was someone who doesn’t get too heavily involved in major conflicts, but Rohan remained intrigued by the fact that there was someone heavily associated with memories and Kaiba’s role in making transferable memories the norm in his world gave Rohan some inspiration for additional stories.
    • While Kaiba at the very least doesn’t mind Rohan that much, Enrico Pucci was someone who Kaiba had plenty of concerns about, especially where controlling aspects of people are concerned. Whereas Rohan is an eccentric, but still relatively friendly individual who only uses his powers when things get dire, Pucci is able to use his Stand to extract Discs from people, affecting them in different ways (including affecting their memories) and despite putting up a friendly front, he has darker ambitions in mind. The fact that Pucci with his Stand at his most powerful was able to reset the universe via speeding up time alarmed Kaiba as it meant that it was possible for the memory chips and/or eggs present in individuals affected during such drastic shifts in time to be outright destroyed. It was one thing to literally remove memories from someone, but to alter the passage of time through drastic methods was something that could threaten Warp and his methods of memory storage as a whole. Pucci did notice that the memory chips and eggs that were discussed in the Pantheon had a bit in common with the Discs he can extract from others and considering how those chips might be used to figure out if he had any role in changing that person and that these chips can be accessed by multiple people, Pucci has modified his plans accordingly to prevent anyone from getting ahold of these items.
  • Besides Kaiba, there were plenty of entities who suffered from amnesia in some capacity and went on a journey to figure out what’s going on. Of those characters, Mouse Fitzgerald was an amnesiac that Kaiba had to figure out a lot of since Fitz had repressed memories and was fighting against someone that wanted to control the world around them. Kaiba did have to fight against others looking to rule the world via overthrowing him, yet looking through Fitz’s memories only resulted in Kaiba finding a tangled web inside Fitz’s minds (and it’s likely that other deities have a similarly tangled web hiding other memories in them) and not much that could bring Fitz closer to the truth he’s seeking. Fitz noted that Kaiba could be someone who could understand a lot of the weirder events in the Pantheon and that the memory chips that are being mentioned could benefit someone depending on where they end up and surmises that things could get worse and that Kaiba will be in trouble, if someone dangerous gets ahold of specific memory chips. Despite Fitz’s cryptic wording, Kaiba has tried what he can to prevent the Pantheon from falling apart at the hands of some sort of force that is targeting Warp and his memory-based items.
  • There were various clones of Warp who were made to rule in his absence should it happen, with some of the aged clones conspiring to overthrow Warp’s leadership position so that they could rule it themselves and a different clone who Kaiba ended up fighting against. As far as those officially designated as a clone of some sort in the Pantheon is concerned, Shadow the Hedgehog was someone who Kaiba was able to be friendly with. Shadow was created as a weapon by a race of malevolent aliens, only to find someone named Maria Robotnik who he cared about, losing her and later his memories, before recovering said memories so that he could fight against a dangerous villain. With Shadow continuing his adventures alongside his own group of friends, Shadow found it a little amusing that someone specialized in memories would end up losing memories of his own for a bit, but was still able to understand him considering the relatively similar circumstances despite Kaiba’s story being more confusing and strange at times.
  • In his personal desire to punish anyone that wrongs him through the use of his own personal virtual reality, Robert Daly heard about Kaiba, the memory chips, and how said chips can be used to transfer someone’s memories onto someone else. While Daly is able to create copies of specific people through a single DNA sample somehow, these memory chips contain equally important aspects of an individual and Daly believes that getting access to tools that allow him to get ahold of these chips would make him even more powerful in the virtual world. Kaiba is justifiably disgusted to learn that someone would want to abuse important memory-related tools and items to live out a twisted fantasy to the point of wiping-out whatever humanity was left of victims of such. Daly actually getting to use these tools hasn’t happened yet, thanks to Kaiba and other powerful deities thwarting Daly’s efforts on a regular basis.
  • Simply put, memory chips belonging to a particular person allow that person’s conscience to be put inside a different body. Kaiba would learn that the Pantheon featured different (and at times, direct) methods of taking over someone else’s body that would end with someone’s memory chip still inside their original bodies during the entire body-jacking process. The Lich was someone who can possess different bodies and considering that he intends to destroy the world around him, Kaiba is worried that The Lich could bring devastation on a much greater scale compared to the plant monster from back then and considering how much effort it would take to get rid of The Lich for good, it would require plenty of deities and not just Kaiba diving into the minds of others to figure out where The Lich would strike next. Kaiba being a king of memories comparable to a god has made him a target of the Chaos Kin, another entity that seeks the destruction of everything around itself and those who know Warp don’t want him to revert to a more destructive version of his original pre-Kaiba personality at the hands of the Chaos Kin.
  • Warp was someone who could be described as an uncaring figure before being given the name Kaiba and becoming a better person through Neiro. When Kaiba was temporarily in his “Warp” personality while fighting against one of his clones, it was Neiro who helped him come to terms with his past to stop further devastation from occurring. Count Bleck, when he was once known as Lord Blumiere, fell in love with Timpani (later known as Tippi), only to turn to villainy before realizing at the end she was alive and and it was their love of each other that put an end to the destruction that was about to happen. Kaiba noticed some of the similarities between that duo’s relationship and his own relationship with Neiro and how one person from both ended up falling apart in different ways (Bleck turning to villainy and Neiro being used as a tool to fight Warp) before reconciling at the end. Like Count Bleck, Kaiba has been trying to be a good person in spite of his past actions, though Bleck and Tippi are willing to support him no matter what happens.

    Shin (Dragon Ball
Shin, The Inept Deity (Supreme Kai/Kaioshin of Universe 7, Kibito Kai, former East Supreme Kai, World King God)
Kibito Kai 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A golden fruit with "7" on it
  • Theme Song: Mysterious Stranger, Endurance
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Underestimating Badassery, God Is Inept But Very Good, Biggest Kai in Universe 7, Adorkable, Over Five Million Years Old But Not Immortal, Overshadowed by Awesome, Alien Non-Interference Clause, Life Tied to Beerus, Thrust in His Role Too Early, Nice Guy, Ascended Extra, Disguised Himself with His Real Name
  • Domains: Creation, Youthnote  and Inexperience, Fusion, Divinity
  • Heralds: Kibito (attendant, disciple and temporary fusee), Old Kai (colleague and acting Grand Supreme Kai)
  • Superiors: Present and Future Zeno
  • Allies: Son Goku, Son Gohan, Vegeta, Son Goten and both Trunks, Gowasu, Androids 17 and 18, God from Ypsilanti, Izaya/Highfather, Ra, The Spring Sprite, Aichi Sendou, Kittan Bachika, The Life Entity
  • On good terms with: The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Whis, inexperienced gods like himself
  • Former Enemy: Fat Buu
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Lord Beerus (God of Destruction counterpart and life link)
  • Enemies: Majin Buu, Babidi, Merged Zamasu, Dabura, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, YHVH, The Divine Powers, the other Shin
  • Opposes: Frieza, Dr. Gero/Android 20, Kratos
  • Shin used to be the East Supreme Kai of Universe 7, a relatively young and peaceful Kai. However Majin Buu's awakening by Bibidi resulted in the destruction of thousands of worlds, Shin being the only Supreme Kai that survived. For five million years he has governed the universe as the sole Supreme Kai, approaching the Earth's protectors to try and stop Majin Buu's awakening. However he would prove surprised by the Z-Fighters being a lot stronger than he'd think, and realize how unprepared he was.
  • With Universe 7 as the second-worst universe, he gets the reputation of an incompetent deity. While that's true in a number of respects, more nicer gods give him slack as the job was thrust upon him early and he remains Incompletely Trained. He's quick to remind Beerus that he's just as responsible for his mishandling, possibly even more guilty since he's been around much longer. They do not get along, but because one would die without the other they're forced to coexist.
  • Him and God get along as the two are flawed but fundamentally good deities, though feels he could learn more from him than the other way around. The Flying Spaghetti Monster is sympathetic towards him because he can understand divine incompetence, having made mistakes like causing the Great Flood due to messing up making pasta. Shin finds him hard to take seriously but fun to be around and good bartender whenever he needs a drink.
  • Has been trying to learn from the more experienced gods, in hopes of one day living up to the standards of the Supreme Kais governing universes with a higher average mortal level than 7. As such he looks to Highfather and Ra. With the former he is said to be everything a leader should in stark contrast to Darkseid, though he has grabbed the Jerkass Ball once in a while. With the latter it's because Ra's a competent Top God and defender against monstrous forces like Apophis.
  • Completely livid with Zamasu in all his incarnations, infuriated he went against everything the Supreme Kais stand for and has gone so far as to call him worse than Frieza. Zamasu despises Shin because of how inactive he was, allowing the likes of Frieza to stay alive and permitting the sin of time travel in his universe. Trying to become a better god he agrees he should be more active, but that an inept god is infinitely more preferable to someone as monstrous as Zamasu.
  • His contempt towards Zamasu is also expressed towards YHVH due to their similarities. The Great Will claims He would never devolve into such omnicide, but Shin pointed out He's very much like the disgraced Kai-both are dominated by ego, both cannot stand any rival in power and both have caused untold destruction to reshape existence in their ideal image, all while believing they cannot be at fault. The comparison utterly enraged YHVH, and Shin would've suffered a Fate Worse than Death at His hands had Beerus not come to his rescue.
  • Because of Zamasu's mass slaughter of the gods he opposes Kratos, though admits he had better reasons and is at least trying to better himself. He opposes the Divine Powers as well since he sees their methods of extreme and overbearing, the kind of behavior that a god should not have.
  • Serves as the God of Creation for Universe 7, though Old Kai being released from the Z-Sword changes this dynamic. As Universe 7 only has 28 planets with mortal life that he knows about, he has a lot of creative work to do. He has sought out the Life Entity to better get a grasp at creation, and the Spring Sprite for mending. Naturally he opposes the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, as their unfettered desire to destroy everything is against all he stands for.
  • Due to his failures at trying to stop Majin Buu and being somewhat of a Failure Hero himself, he is sympathetic towards Aichi Sendou. Kittan sympathizes with him for being thrust into a job he wasn't prepared to, as he's tried to fill the role of Kamina and has failed at that.
  • He and Beerus have been organizing fighters for the Tournament of Power, showing the Zeno so frustrated by mishandled universes they plan to erase them with said tournament deciding who should be spared. Shin realize he really should've dealt with Frieza for bringing down the mortal level, who's ironically their tenth team member. Universe 9 proves even more mishandled than Universe 7. Though with it and everyone sans its angel being erased from existence, he's now at the bottom of the barrel. Both him and Beerus are horrified at the annihilation of entire universes.
    • Was utterly relieved not only that Universe 7 won the Tournament in the end, but also that the champion Android 17 wished to restore the other erased universes. Especially when Zeno's Grand Minister revealed that were it not for this, the Omni-King would've erased everything.
  • Had heard that someone else with his name existed in the Pantheon, particularly in the House of Villainy. When he finally met this other Shin he immediately detested him, sensing something evil about the blonde giant. This sentiment was confirmed as both founded and mutual when the blonde derisively wrote him off as a pacifistic weakling.
  • Can also be found in the House of Personality.

Intermediate Gods

Yato, Loser of the Gods (Yatogami, Yaboku, Amagiri no Mikoto)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A five-yen coin topped with a golden crown, a black tracksuit and a ragged scarf
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Loser Deity, Shameless Self-Promoter, War God, Anti Anti Christ
  • Domains: Godhood, Poverty, Combat
  • Heralds: Yukine, Hiyori Iki
  • Allies: Yusuke Urameshi, Reimu Hakurei, Zagreus, Maka Albarn and Soul Evans, Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Shikishima
  • Enemies: YHVH, The Child Abuse Supporters
  • Rivals: Aqua
  • Special Relations: Amaterasu, Izanami
  • Yato is an extremely minor deity lacking a shrine or followers. Originally, he was a God of Calamity who committed murders at the behest of his Father, the human who wished him into existence. However, Yato came to loathe the heinous things he did and renounced his role, becoming instead a delivery god who fulfills various requests for humans who call him. He charges 5 yen for every wish granted. Business is often slow for him and he has seen very little progress in hundreds of years, but still he keeps dreaming that one day he will become the most revered deity in Japan. Then, one day, an unusually perceptive human girl named Hiyori Iki found herself drawn into the hidden world of gods and spirits when she was hit by an incoming bus in an attempt to save Yato, a futile action given he's a god. Because of this, she became prone to falling asleep randomly, at which times her spirit leaves her body. Yato promised that someday he would find a way to restore her back to normal. In the meantime she bears witness to his adventures as he obtains a shinki in the rebellious yet loyal Yukine, enters into conflict with various gods, and tries to stop his reincarnated Father from causing trouble.
  • When Yato received a missive proclaiming that he was invited to become a god in a so-called Trope Pantheon, he was completely beside himself with joy that he was finally getting the recognition he had craved all these years. Yukine and Hiyori were very reasonably suspicious of the whole thing, as they had never heard of a Trope Pantheon and pointed out that it sounded an awful lot like a weird cult, but they could not prevail on the foolish Yato to ignore the whole thing. So the gang went, whether they liked it or not, and discovered the Pantheon actually was the real deal. On the other hand, Yato discovered that accepting a position here actually in no way affected his standing among the gods of his world one way or the other and he would still have to work hard to be recognized there. Loser of the Gods is also not a terribly flattering title. Yukine and Hiyori thought this would make Yato forget the whole thing, only for Yato to disappoint them a little more by accepting the position, saying it was better than nothing.
  • Much like in his home world, Yato spends his time in the Pantheon attending to the wishes of those who summon him. To do this, one simply has to call his cellphone; Yato has the habit of leaving his number in all sorts of places, like the wall of a bathroom stall for instance (being hard up for followers leaves a god with not a lot of dignity). The tasks he takes on are usually minor things like fixing bad plumbing or finding lost pets. More importantly, in his missions he often has to grapple with creatures called Phantoms, or ayakashi, which influence human behavior in negative ways (they are often the cause of bullying and suicides). Since he was born a War God, he is skilled in battle and can defeat Phantoms more or less easily, depending on how powerful it is. Yukine, as his shinki, turns into his weapon, a mighty sword that can cut anything it needs to, while sparing that which doesn't.
  • Things being the way they are, it was only a matter of time until Yato ran into a certain human who happens to be very active in the problems of the spirit world. That human is Yusuke Urameshi, who was appointed Spirit Detective by the Celestial Bureaucracy in exchange for coming back to life after he sacrificed his life to save a kid from a speeding car. Much like with Hiyori, this sacrifice turned out to be in vain once it turned out the kid wouldn't have been hurt at all either way, something that Yato relentlessly poked fun at him for and for putting himself in debt to heaven. Yusuke's response to this is that he feels sorry for Hiyori for having to put up with an obnoxious guy who drags his feet in fixing her problem. Deep down though, the two respect each other's strength and willingness to fight for what's right. Yato and Yusuke's personalities are bound to grate on each other's nerves, but ultimately they are willing to fight alongside each other to set things straight in the human and spirit worlds.
  • Reimu Hakurei once phoned him to request his help in getting more donations for her shrine, something she has a lot of trouble doing on her own usually. Yato couldn't say he was all that enthused about effectively helping some other deity get donations, though given they are apparently an obscure god just like him, and seeing that this was very important to Reimu, he somewhat begrudgingly agreed to help, provided he got his own five yen donation of course. Yato basically spent that day debasing himself (not that that's new to him) in advertising for Reimu's shrine. It was a bit disappointing to her that this was the best a god like him could do, even if he's a stray. Even with that being the case, the shrine did get above average business that day thanks to Yato's crazy antics, and Yato and Reimu's mutual sympathy for their similar circumstances means they remain good friends to this day.
  • Yato's very existence relies quite literally on becoming known and worshipped by as many living humans as possible, so it's understandable why he would act so outlandishly desperate and shameless in the pursuit of his goal, especially as the people who currently know him can be counted on one hand. It's something he has in common with Aqua, the water goddess who was dragged into Kazuma's party and is desperate to go back to heaven. That said, her constant and even more shameless demand for worship isn't so much because her existence depends on it, but because her powers do. The fact that she has it easier than Yato has not exactly endeared her to him, nor does the fact that they sometimes compete over worshippers, or that he finds her overall personality very disagreeable (which is ironic given Yato shares some other personality traits with her beyond the ones already mentioned, such as being lazy). They have taken to settling their differences through contests of arts and crafts, things both of them are surprisingly skilled at.
  • In the Pantheon, Yato is able to meet even gods from cultures that haven't gotten a foothold in Japan, such as those from Greek myth. Because of this, he's been able to make pretty good friends with Zagreus, an obscure Greek deity whose lesser condition (he even lacked a domain) made him feel inferior and inadequate compared to his fellow gods. Zagreus also has a relationship with his father that is strained at the best of times, which is still better than the constant mind games between Yato and his own father. Zagreus ultimately found his calling as a Prison Escape Artist for the underworld, which Yato congratulated him for. Zagreus hopes that Yato can be an effective God of Fortune as well.
  • Yato is familiar enough with Amaterasu, having already dealt with her a few times in his quest. She's an enigmatic figure whose appearances have been sparse and brief, so they don't really have a personal relationship. She represents heaven's will, which always considers itself righteous, and while she has aided Yato once or twice, she has also attempted to execute Yato and seal Yukine away for high treason before these allegations were proven incorrect. Based on these events, Yato can see no reason NOT to keep his distance from her in the Pantheon, though he's curious as to why she chooses to primarily manifest as a white wolf in this realm.
  • Once made an excursion to Yomi to rescue the god Ebisu, which brought him to face to face with Izanami. This proved to be a trying encounter for Yato as she tried just about everything to trap him within her realm so he would stay with her forever. Having experienced this, Yato doesn't exactly feel any incentive to try to become better acquainted with her in the Pantheon, lest she try the same thing again. Even with everything that happened, though, he doesn't really consider her an enemy, since she's safely trapped in her realm of death with no hope of escaping. In fact, he considers her to be more pitiful than anything, seeing her attempts at making visitors stay with her forever as being born from her lonely existence down under.
  • Yato has been known to say that everything a god does is the correct thing by default, meaning they are Above Good and Evil. Most evidence points to him not truly buying into this, though. He's mostly likely sardonically commenting on the self-righteousness and lack of accountability among the gods. Yato is really not a fan of gods like YHVH, who is something of an amalgamation of all the worst tendencies Yato is subtly criticizing, being an egotistical deity that wants to kill off all who refuse to worship him and form a utopia exclusively inhabited by those who praise his name without question. YHVH doesn't like competition, which means he intends to dispose of Yato alongside all other gods at some point. As of now, Yato is too minor to give priority to, but YHVH doesn't discard the idea that this maverick deity might spell trouble for him down the line.
  • Yato's shinki Yukine lived a short and tragic life, having been abused by his violent father. This treatment came to a head one night when Yukine was locked in a freezer, leading to his death from suffocation. Yukine's struggle to come to terms with his death and the fact that nobody helped him has led him down a dark path, leaving Yato to become a shinki for Yato's father, who further manipulated Yukine's feelings for his own purposes. Despite their frequent arguments, Yato loves Yukine as his own family, so he has some choice words for parents who beat their children or otherwise intentionally cause harm to them in any way. He hates every single one of the Child Abuse Supporters for this reason and would very much like to bring down some divine punishment on them, though he suspects they would not even consider changing their ways, so committed they are to them.
  • Yato and Yukine's deep bond did not go unnoticed by other deities who have similar relationships with their own, sapient weapons, such as Maka Albarn and her scythe, embodied by Soul Evans. Ironically, Maka and Soul's dynamic is almost the complete inverse of Yato and Yukine, as Yato and Soul are the slackers in these teams, while Yukine is not quite the workaholic that Maka is, but is still much more responsible and down-to-earth compared to Yato and constantly berates him for not working harder towards his goal. There's also Mamori Tokonome and Mirei Tsukishima, who were infected with the Arms Virus, which is why Mamori turns into a sword and Mirei can wield her. Learning that Mamori needs to be sexually aroused to turn into a weapon was very... interesting to Yato, who would have very much liked to witness the process, only to get told off and punished by Yukine and Hiyori.

Lesser Gods

Bandos, Representative Deity of Jerkass Gods (Big High War God, Lord of Battle, Warlord Bandos, The War God)


    SCP- 4338 
SCP-4338, Divine Volcano God (Vulcan, the Disaster, Osobiue, Irn'acha, God of the Burning Ocean)
Image taken from shipping vessel 31-998 during monthly offload, 01/07/2019.
  • Demigod (Intermediate before getting fat, Keter then later Safe by SCP rankings)
  • Symbol: The volcano it lives in on Moaha Island
  • Alignment: True Neutral (used to be somewhere between Chaotic Neutral and Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Jerkass Gods Turned To Couch Potatos, Appease the Volcano God, Vulnerable To Obesity Due To Accidentally Getting Leftover Junk Food, A God Am I, Magma Man
  • Domains: Volcanoes, Deities, Demands, Lethargy, Junk Food
  • Contained by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: The Divine Powers, Sakazuki/Admiral Akainu, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Interests: Firelord Ozai
  • Envies: Jerkass Gods who get off scott-free, like Zeus
  • Allies: Vulcan, Beerus, The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • On good terms with: Colonel Sanders, Aoi Ashani, Eli Bacon, Reuben, Stocking Anarchy
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, Moana, Maui, Te Fiti , Kratos
  • Opposed by: Flame Princess
  • Feared by: Homer Simpson
  • Pities: Anthony Chu
  • SCP-4338 is a sapient sphere of volcanic rock 2.3 cubic kilometers in size, living in the magma chamber under Moaha Island. Worshipped as a deity, the volcano god demanded appeasements from the natives. Refusing to give it its demands causes the God of the Burning Ocean to destroy civilizations and be devastating, but those times are long past. Now it demands junk food and has been reduced to begging the foundation for snacks.
  • Far less of a threat than it is now, because even volcano deities get fat. It can barely do anything, and the extra energy of its new house only lets it make a new Remote Body based off the last human leader it killed. Zamasu regards its state as absolutely pathetic, and depending on his mood either decries SCP-4338 as either the evil of divine indolence or an evil mortal pretending to be a god. It wasn't a good idea for the volcano to taunt Zamasu on his own inflated sense of importance.
  • Most think SCP-4338 got what it deserved and should've watched its diet if it wanted to still be Keter-class. The volcano god simply moans in self-pity and wishes it could be like Zeus, still able to get away with things. Still 4338 isn't without a soft spot, as it's come to pity Anthony Chu for all the terrible things he was forced to eat. This is mainly some bemoaning of how he was ruined by food, though unlike Chu no-one's complaining
  • Interested in the Divine Powers, mainly because it wants to get its groove back through the changes they've promised and hopes of reclaiming dominance. They simply regard SCP-4338 as a lazy couch potato not worth their time, much to the God of the Burning Ocean's frustration. It would do something about it, but proved their point in being too fat and lethargic to do anything other than complain. This state of a couch potato is why he doesn't do anything to stop Rodan from choosing his volcano's vents to hibernate.
  • Demands the House of Food feed it. The SCP Foundation decided they could spend less resources getting sweets and fast food shipped to SCP-4338, even getting 4338 to pay for KFC from Colonel Sanders and bacon from Eli Bacon. He enjoys eating with or from a number of gods, but given 4338 is a dick they're mainly using it as a means of keeping him under control.
  • Used to be feared, but now the only deity in the Trope Pantheon that seems to fear him as Homer Simpson. He run afoul of a volcano during missionary work, and only really escaped due to Negative Continuity. Some think this was SCP-4338's work, but it's known that he's pestering Homer for his Lard Lad Donuts. People think Homer should just give him the donuts, but he argues from past experience that wouldn't solve anything.
  • Has attempted to harass Moana, what with her being in the general vicinity to the Oceanic cultures. She wasn't intimidated by SCP-4388. It has attempted to get back on track by corrupting Te Fiti to Te Ka, wanting a volcanic god as his ally, but all this accomplished was getting his caldera stomped by Maui. This got the attention of Kratos, who already is on bad terms with the general idea of gods and has nothing good to say about SCP-4338.
  • Though Admiral Akainu sees SCP-4338 as useless and isn't interested in the volcano, the volcano is intrigued by his powers over magma and seems impressed by his use of the molten rock. SCP-4338 is also interested in Ragnaros, who in turn chides SCP-4338 for letting itself become lethargic and complacent. It does get along with Vulcan, mainly because of their shared dominion of vulcanism and Loser Deity status.
  • Wants to get Flame Princess and the Flame Kingdom on its side, going so far as to propose a marriage. FP scoffs at the out of shape volcano god's attempts at an alliance and desire to stay relevant, and has turned SCP-4338 down at every opportunity. Unfortunately this brought the attention of Firelord Ozai, who is trying to encourage the volcanic deity to start losing weight and be more active, and in turn help his ambitions of domination.
  • Likes chilling out with Beerus and the Flying Spaghetti Monster, the latter for his delicious pasta. While Beerus has a lot more dignity than SCP-4338, he's still rather gluttonous and lazy. Whis has taken the fate of SCP-4338 as a lesson in not getting idle to teach Beerus. One of these outings had the Racing Drones, who have had experience with a volcano-themed track, investigate its volcano in search of an Accelecharger.