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Masako Katsuki (born October 15, 1958 as Masako Shiono) is a veteran Japanese voice actress.

She may be mostly known today as the voice behind Tsunade of Naruto, or perhaps as the original Michiru Kaioh/Sailor Neptune. She's often pigeonholed as older female characters, such as women with large breasts (or even a Berserk Button), Yamato Nadeshiko types, Action Girl and Lady of War type roles (strong and sexy is probably her high point), mother types, Tsundere types. Can even play Bishōnen if necessary, and also the Big Bad. She also has a knack in playing Senpai or Sensei roles, or even baronesses. Has a nice singing voice too, and can be heard in narration and a lot of Western shows and movies dubbed in Japanese.

Also, the actual person doesn't seem to mind showing different hair colors. She is also an avid golfer.

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