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Anime / Sonic Soldier Borgman

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Pictured, in the back: Dust Gead, Left: Chuck Sweager, Middle: Ryo Hibiki, Right: Anice Farm

The Borgmen before their Transformation Sequence

A 35 episode tokusatsu inspired anime produced in 1988 by Ashi Productions that later spawned one sequel OVA in 1989, another sequel OVA in 1990 and another sequel in 1993 that takes place 28 years after the original Borgman

In the year 1999, four meteorites suddenly crashed in Tokyo and completely destroyed the city.

In the year of 2030, people built up a new city Megalo City beside the ruins of Tokyo. However, the evil squad led by Dr. Gilbert Mesh started to attack the new city. Memory Gene, the principal of the Cybersonic Institute had anticipated such attack beforehand and as such hires three young cyborg warriors; Ryo Hibiki, Chuck Sweager, and Anice Farm, protects the city using the Baltechtors and the Sonic System developed by Memory. This was the beginning of the Borgmen.

The series is also notable for its character designs by Kia Asamiya, and Koichi Ohata did some design work for it as well


Should in no way be confused with the 2013 movie, Borgman, which is something entirely different.

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Also has a character sheet that's a work in progress

The order of the series is as follows:

  • Sonic Soldier Borgman (1988)
  • The Borgman: LAST BATTLE (1989) - Takes place 3 years after the end of the TV series
  • Sonic Soldier Borgman: LOVERS RAIN (1990) - Takes place directly after the TV series
  • Sonic Soldier Borgman 2nd: New Century 2058 (1993) - Takes place 28 years after the original series


The following tropes seen in Borgman are:

  • Bittersweet Ending: The ending of the TV series, the villains are dead and the world is at peace, but at the cost of Memory's life and Memory's death affects the Sonic Team well into the OVA's
  • Cyborg: The Borgmen themselves, they had to become cyborgs in order to wear the Baltechtors.
  • Death by Origin Story: A bus crash killed all of Anice's students and she was the only survivor, this is what lead to Anice becoming a Borgman
  • Replaced the Theme Tune: It'd be understandable if it was halfway through the series, but they waited until episode 28 to change the opening & ending, which pretty late into the series than usual seeing as the TV series had 8 episodes left by that point, Creator/Ashi Productions also did this years earlier with Dancouga, which is kinda weird since Ashi Pro never did this with their other shows

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