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Freddie Mercury is one of the most known and talented musicians ever. But before the Bohemian Rhapsody biopic was made, Freddie was already the inspiration for various characters in media and even memes.

This trope is for those Stock Parodies or Expies based on the historical Queen frontman. The most common look is the "clone" one Freddie used in The '80s, with short hair combed back, a prominent moustache, and sometimes one of the more iconic costumes, most often that from the 1986 Wembley concert with white t-shirt and pants and yellow leather jacket. Some examples uses his look from The '70s, clean-shaven with long hair and chest-exposing leotards. Extra points if the character is Camp Gay, Macho Camp, and/or a Large Ham.

Sub-Trope of Fountain of Expies and Stock Parodies. Compare Abbey Road Crossing, Elvis Impersonator, Moonwalk Dance, Sgt. Pepper's Shout-Out, Michael Jackson's "Thriller" Parody and We Didn't Start the Billy Joel Parodies for other music shout-outs.


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    Anime and Manga 
  • One of the most remembered secondary characters from Cromartie High School is a foreign man known only as "Freddie" for his undeniable resemblance to Mercury (lampshaded and nicknamed by Takashi Kamiyama), having the look of a Caucasian man with a prominent moustache and short hair. This becomes Up to Eleven in the Gender Bender chapter where Cromartie is a girl-only school (and parody of Maria Watches Over Us), where Freddie appears in his "I Want To Break Free" drag costume. Funnily enough, Freddie doesn't speak at all throughout the series, let alone sing, although the "whistling episode" starts with Mechazawa attending a concert of his - we don't hear him sing, but he has all the stage moves (for a given value of movement) down pat.
  • One Piece: Peeply Lulu, a minor character from the Water 7 and Enies Lobby arcs, resembles Freddie in looks, having a similar haircut, wearing sunglasses and being perpetually shirtless.
  • In Fist of the North Star, there's Han, the Third Rashou of Shura and one of the Worthy Opponents Kenshiro has to fight with, who also appears in the episode 126 of the 1984 anime. He was modeled after Freddie sporting his look from The '80s, but also seems based on Clark Gable and/or Andy Hug. Mercury's status as a sex symbol appears to be referenced by the guidebook "All about the Man", listing Han as one of the handsomest man in the series.
  • Alaindelon is one of the main characters from Beelzebub and is based enterely on Freddie, not just in the look (short hair and moustache), also he sports sweatshirts and even has some mannerisms of him.
  • Dragon Ball:
  • A brief expy on Attack on Titan is seen when Levi's squad appears for first time against various titans, one of them sporting short hair and a moustache (going to Memetic Mutation as seen in the main image), being killed by Hanga Zoe.
  • In Dr. Stone, one of the outfits Senku is forced to try on for the first post-petrification photograph is based on Freddie Mercury's tank top and jeans look, complete with a fake mustache.

    Comic Books 
  • Grand Regent Thragg from Invincible basically looks like a roided-up and evil '80s Freddie.

    Films — Animation 
  • After School Midnighters: Pinia's blue form is modeled after Freddie Mercury and his behavior is very much camp, although his feminine language is Lost in Translation. There also seems to be wordplay going on between "mermaid/man" and "mercury".

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Commando: Bennett, complete with Large Ham tendencies and a fair amount of homoerotic subtext.

    Video Games 
  • Street Fighter has actually two of them instead just one, which both characters are British:
  • Final Fight: Even when he's not could be based on him, fans believe that Mike Haggar could be based in part on Freddie, because of his iconic moustache and haircut, which resembles a lot the look Freddie has in The '80s.
  • Guilty Gear series has Sol Badguy, which real name is Frederick (nicknamed as "Freddie" in the past) before being converted into a Gear. Sol has a lot of references of Freddie that makes him fit into this trope (more as an invoked example), all noticed with detail in the GG Wiki.
    • Even his holding Fireseal in a Reverse Grip was inspired by Mercury's way of holding a mic stand on stage.
  • An expy of an expy can be counted on The King of Fighters 2000 with the Final Boss (Clone) Zero, which was enterely based on Fist of the North Star's Han, who was based on Freddie (see above).

    Web Original 

    Western Animation 

    Real Life 


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