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Greater Gods

Cell, God of Molecular Healing and Ultimate Lifeforms (The Perfect Being, [False] Android 21, Mr. Perfect Cell, Ultimate Perfection)
Perfect Cell
Click here to see his Imperfect form 
Click here to see his Semi-Perfect form 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Red Ribbon Army insignia on a green background with black spots.
  • Theme Music: Cell's Slow Theme, Perfect Cell's Theme II, Perfect Cell Runs, Perfection, Cell Returns, The Man Called 'C', Cell Games Arena, News of the Cell Games, 'P' is for Perfect
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Being a Perfect Organism, Healing Factor From a Single Cell, Fully Organic Android, Blood Knight, LEGO Genetics, Mix-and-Match Man, Looks in His Forties, Only in His Twenties, Civil Psychopath, Nigh-Invulnerability, Power Copying, Would Kill Everyone to Satisfy His Hedonism, Lightning Bruiser, Strong and Skilled
  • Domains: Bio-Clones, Absorption, Evolution, Perfection, Fighting and Destruction
  • Followers: The Chimera Ants, the Ultimate Being, Neo Organism/Doras
  • Heralds: the Cell Jr's. (his offsprings).
  • Possible Mentor to: Ace (emphasis on possible)
  • Allies: Dr. Gero (his creator), Frieza (genetic donor), Majin Buu, Cooler, Broly, Handsome Jack, Cioccolata, Dark Danny, The Indominus Rex
  • Rivals: Shadow the Hedgehog, Kars, Doomsday
  • Enemies:
  • Evil Counterpart to: Android 21
  • Annoyed by: Ash Ketchum, Deadpool
  • Opposed by: Mayuri Kurotsuchi, Dizzy, Yugi Muto
  • Feared by: Noel Vermillion
  • Cell was the last full creation of Dr. Gero. A bio-android with the genes of (at least) Goku, Piccolo, Vegeta, Frieza and King Cold, he would be born the ultimate fighting machine. Waking up in the future, the androids he needed to absorb were dealt with by Trunks. To remedy this he killed his version of Trunks, stole his time machine and went back so he could absorb the androids. Possessing his genetic donors' techniques and strengths, he was one of the toughest foes the Z fighters ever faced.
    • Starts off as a bug-like humanoid who's devoured thousands of people for his development via a syringe-like tail. Absorbing Android 17 made him more humanoid but dip into the Uncanny Valley, though Akira Toriyama considers "Semi-Perfect Cell" his favorite form. Absorbing Android 18 made him perfect, looking like a well-built pale man in a bug costume. Since Perfect Cell is his most well-known form, he is delighted to know that he can maintain this form indefinitely in the Pantheon.
  • Responsible for the multiple timelines alongside Future Trunks. His timeline is the "original" (or at least earliest example). The Cell of the main timeline was killed in development by Future Trunks and Cell, the former killing the Cell of his timeline. Interestingly, this means Cell and Trunks have killed each other twice. The heroic deities of the House of Time and Space oppose him for his evil use of time travel. His response was that he doesn't care about the other timelines or further time travel, as he's already reached his perfect state and the past's fighters amuse him more. His time there led him to meet and get along with Dark Danny, given they're both future beings with a love of death and destruction.
  • Seems to have some respect for his creator Dr. Gero, unlike Android 17 and 18. That doesn't make him subservient though, and has made it clear to his "father" he won't hesitate to kill him if he gets in the way. Either because of King Piccolo, Frieza or Gero's influence, Cell's goal upon becoming perfect is to see people's faces contort in terror while he hunts everyone down. Cioccolata was immediately interested in working with Cell because he desires the same thing.
  • Fused Zamasu despises him as Cell is a literal representation of humanity's abuse of knowledge and life in the universe in both his existence and his actions. However Zamasu shares a lot in common with Cell — they're both green arch-enemies of Goku and Future Trunks, both are involved with time travel, both killed Goku (Cell was a Heroic Sacrifice on Goku's part, Goku Black/Present Zamasu did in Goku in the unaltered main timeline), and they're both sociopathic narcissists. Zamasu takes the comparison a lot more poorly than Cell, something which Cell finds hilarious as it makes Zamasu easy to troll for being a ridiculous hypocrite. So at one point Cell was asked what he would do if Zamasu fought Goku and/or Trunks again in the Pantheon:
    Cell: Easy. I'll just grab some popcorn, enjoy the destruction, and maybe step in to dispose of all their carcasses if I feel like it.
  • He often hosts tournaments (sponsored by Hetap) in order to observe the fighting skills of the other gods, and to show off his own power. Ryu, Ken, Sonic, Knuckeles, Yugi, Light, Genos all show up and with little success. Only Kenshiro, Saitama and Ash have had some success. When Light Yagami tried to enter and kill him with his Death Note, another discovery was made about Cell's LEGO Genetics: he has multiple hearts. Most likely, either that's one heart for each of at least four races he's comprised of or, worse, one tiny microscopic heart for each individual cell in his body.
  • Has once attempted to absorb Asura in order to obtain his powers. Asura proceeded to beat the ever-loving crap out of him. Cell DID obtain a power boost upon healing from that near death experience, though. Considers Kenshiro both a threat and a great deal of help, due to being somehow able to find his pressure points and make him explode, which also happens to be a great way to get a Zenkai Boost out of regeneration, what with his Saiyan and Namekian genes.
  • Unsurprisingly, Alucard doesn't like Cell, since he sounds like the guy the former hates the most. At the same time, however, Anderson doesn't like him either and considers him "unholy" and has made him his largest target outside of Alucard. This hate has only increased when Cell started taking after Alucard's voice. Also, Cell has tried to absorb Alucard to gain his vampire powers and become godlike, only for the latter to absorb Cell instead. He did get out, though it took awhile.
  • He has a bit of a rivalry with Shadow the Hedgehog, due to both laying claim to the title of Ultimate Life Form. There's a similar rivalry with Kars and Doomsday, though with the latter it's less pronounced as he dislikes how mindless the beast is and that he isn't as fun an opponent. Him and the I.Rex got along because they're both genetic chimeras meant to be ultimate beings, and sadistic monsters.
  • Can go from acting like a master of swagger to full-on slasher psychopath in 0.1 seconds. This is one of the reasons Noel Vermillion is scared of him, since it reminds her so much of Nu-13. As Imperfect Cell he was tactical like Piccolo, Semi-Perfect he's brash like Vegeta, Perfect he's laid-back like Goku and Super Perfect he's deranged. He's also a huge Troll, making his debut in television to reveal the Cell Games and terrorize the populace. Makes sure there's a camera on hand so he can film fights in the House of Combat.
  • Upon learning that Androids 17 and 18 were in the Pantheon, Cell tried to absorb them to increase his power, but he was defeated by the Androids with the help of Crash Bandicoot, a follower of theirs who had ascended himself. Another time he took a beating from 17, who had ascended to Super 17 using the Aghanim's Scepter instead of an Evil Knockoff and thus retained his own personality. Cell has vowed to kill the bandicoot and find a way around the Super form before trying again.
  • Cell was freaking nettled upon hearing of Tien Shinhan's ascension to the Pantheon. Repeatedly being put into the ground by his Kikoho can instil very strong desires of revenge in someone.
  • Has taken an interest in Lavos. He's realized that the two have some things in common; being drawn by Akira Toriyama, burrowing into the ground to mature for years, emerging to kill people, being characters in a plot that involves time travel, three different forms and having cells from other beings. Not to mention the fact that its humanoid core bears a great resemblance to Cell. Others are horrified at the prospect of Cell and Lavos joining forces, whether literally or figuratively…
    • But nowadays at the same time, Cell is personally deeming that Lavos may be too dangerous even for him…since Lavos' origins unlike Cell's are completely unknown even from within space. Cell is developing countermeasures just in case.
  • When Frieza was brought back to life (twice), Cell was privately jealous that he's been Out of Focus compared to the other Z arc villains, but intrigued at Golden Frieza. He should have more potential than the tyrant, and if he ever trains "Golden Cell" would be a truly impressive foe. Dragon Ball Fighter Z would reveal that he had been brought back to life temporarily as well alongside Frieza and the Ginyu Force (incidentally bumping Frieza's new-era revival count up to three), and though he lacks a new super-form he makes it up for being really great at roasting "friend" and foe alike.
    • During this time he made his intention perfectly clear to pay Gohan back for killing him. However, he was unable to act on this due to becoming chow for the insatiable hunger of Android 21 in both the first and final timeline iterations of 21's story. 21's ascension to the Pantheon naturally pisses him off, and not just because she ate him back to Hell. She's a bio-android with a more advanced palette of powers and abilities than him, converted from a human base. Since this revelation has come out, his creation has been described so lowly as to be a test bed for hers.
    Cell: I REFUSE to ever entertain another taunt from that woman about how she is my Superior Successor. I am the Ultimate Life Form, I am the Perfect One, and no cute little guinea pig has any right to make a mere Super Prototype out of ME!
  • Is an Affably Evil Challenge Seeker around Ace, who arrived in the Pantheon alongside Tien, but his Brutal Honesty while mentoring him at times can get on Ace's nerves.
  • Has attempted to gobble up another female android in the Pantheon, designated 2B. Both she and her partner 9S, who ascended sometime after this, hate his guts now.
  • Is a very good singer in his free time. While he was in Hell, he kept himself entertained by posting mainly reactions on Youtube. Has hosted the Cell Games 2.0 many who have spectated have referred to it as the weirdest spectacle they have ever beheld.
    • Participants
    Snorlax (or it could've been Bork Lazer)
    Jigglypuff (with a Sharingan for some reason)
    Yoda carrying a bow, a bomb, a boomerang and an assortment of other weapons
    Cloud (surprisingly in his original form for some reason)
    The Hulknote 
  • Also has a place in the House of Science.
The Gyaos, Deified Race of Fast Reproduction (Gyaos, Gaos, Shadow of Evil, ShodaiGyao, Space Gyaos, Neo Gyaos, Mecha Gyaos,HeiseiGyao, Super Gyaos, IrisuGyao, Hyper Gyaos, AvantGyao, Original Gyaos, Powered Gyaos)
Gyaos' Design in the Showa Era
Space Gyaos 
Powered Gyaos
Gyaos' Design in the Heisei Trilogy
Super Gyaos 
Hyper Gyaos 
Gyaos' Other Designs in the Heisei Era (From left to right: 2006 "Original Gyaos" and 2015 Gyaos) 
  • Varies. Lesser Deities as newborns. Intermediate Deities (Regular and Space Gyaos). Greater Deities (As Super Gyaos, Hyper Gyaos or Powered Gyaos)
  • Symbol: Their species' head facing at the front.
  • Theme Song: Apperance of Gyaos
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral in theory, but lean more towards Chaotic Evil due to their uncontrollable and destructive nature.
  • Portfolio: Reproduce very quickly and in large numbers, Kaiju, Giant Flyer, Turned Against Their Masters and wiped them all out, Horror Hunger, Extreme Omnivore, Always Chaotic Evil, Bat Out of Hell, I'm a Humanitarian, Breakout Villain, Arch-Enemies to Gamera, Attack with supersonic screams that manifest as lasers, Unexplained Origins in the Showa Continuity, Giant Bird Vampire Pterodactyl Bat Kaiju, Ptero Soarer, To Serve Man, Regular members can't stand sunlight
  • Domains: Reproduction, Kaiju, Hunger
  • Heralds: Irys, Zedus
  • Followers: The Bio-Meat Creatures, The Tribbles, The MUTOS
  • Allies: None, really. Though they've been forcefully employed as minions by evil-aligned deities such as Darkseid, Fatalis, Deathwing and King Ghidorah.
  • Enemies: Pretty much everything else but most withstanding are: All Heroic Kaiju Deities (Especially Gamera), The Grand United Alliance of Good (Mainly the GUAG Toku Division), The Grand United Alliance of Nature, All Ascended Monster Hunter Deities, All Ascended Pokémon Deities (Especially Mewtwo), All Ascended Steven Universe Deities (Especially Rose Quartz and Steven Universe), All Ascended Marvel Comics and DC Comics Heroes, All Human Deities in general, Yveltal, Beerus, The God Emperor of Mankind, Galactus, Discord, Kirby, The Fierce Protectors of Royalty, Nostalgia Critic, Siskel and Ebert, Kazuma's Party, The Satellite of Love Crew, Hoss Delgado, Alex Mercer, Aya Brea, Solid Snake, G-Force, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Bunny, The Holy Trinity, Simon Belmont, Tao Trio, Daenerys Targaryen, Tiki, The Phoenix, Princess Celestia and Luna, the Mane Six and their allies/friends, Aquaman, Raleigh and Mako, Gowasu, Yuma Tsukumo, All Deities in the House of Prehistoric Beasts.
  • Feared by: All human Quasideities, many human Demideities and some human Lesser Deities, Hedorah
  • Source of Interest for: SHOCKER, Ultraman Belial, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Lysandre, Dharkon, Claudandus, Oryx, The Lich, Phazon, Yapool.
  • Rivalsnote : Rodan, Sindragosa, Smaug, Rathalos and Rathian, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor
  • There's only been one official backstory for the Gyaos and it is told in the Heisei Era Trilogy:
    • In a distant Universe, the land of Atlantis was once a flourishing paradise of technological advancement unlike any seen before. But soon enough pollution and trash of their developments became too much of a problem for the Atlanteans, to remedy this, they created an artificial species of kaiju, the Gyaos, who were given an unending appetite and the capacity to reproduce asexually and quickly, as well as the capacity of evolving by the minute. Tragically, the Gyaos soon grew too numerous, and once they ran out of pollutants to eat, they turned to an equally numerous food source, humans. Thus forcing the Atlanteans to create another race to combat them, the Gameras; but things didn't go the way the Atlanteans expected as they wound up completely extinct, and only one Gamera remained while a few Gyaos did as well... They lay dormant for thousands of years until one day they awoke.
  • The ascension of the Gyaos was unlike anything seen before, with swarms of them ravaging and wrecking the Houses of the Pantheon, and eating every human Deity that did not hid in their temple, only Gamera and fellow heroic kaiju were able to stop their rampage, destroy most of them and force them back into their temple as pseudo-sealing technique, ever since, the Gyaos await the day where they'll be free to wreck havoc once more.
  • A special note has been placed for any human deities, especially the Quasideities, to avoid their Temple at all costs, as Gyaos are highly chaotic and will not listen to reason.
  • Their quick reproduction, destructive nature and self-evolving capacity has made a source of great interest for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, though controlling them and keeping their usual mentality unchanged has proven to be borderline impossible to do due to their uncontrollable hunger and the fact that they'll eat anything and anyone that crosses their path, even each other. Thus only immensely powerful beings such as Fatalis, Darkseid, King Ghidorah and Deathwing have been able to employ them (Through strong-arming them) and even that has proven to end disastrous for the employers.
  • They consider their sworn nemesis to be Gamera and the feeling is mutual. They have been known to always drop all things they're doing, no matter how important or critical, to confront each other, destroying and killing anything that gets in their path, this has made it a priority of the Pantheon's handlers to ensure the Gyaos and Gamera never ever cross paths, as neither party will stop until the other one is dead, regardless of all the casualties and collateral damage ensuing from the crossfire.
  • Their destructiveness has also made them enemies with the entire Grand United Alliance of Nature, with Gaea viewing them all as aberrations and insults against nature, as well as one of the biggest examples of humanity tangling with forces they have no control of.
    • While not a member of it, Alan Grant also is disgusted by the existence of the Gyaos, viewing them as the logical conclusion of mishandled genetic engineering and bad science. Though like all humans, remains wary of the kaiju and keeps his distance from their house at all times.
    • Viridi has also nothing but contempt for the Kaiju, viewing them as a plague as bad if not worst than humanity, and absolutely refuses to ever think of using them as minions to ensure humanity's extinction for the sake of nature, knowing the Gyaos will simply switch to attacking every other living being once humanity is done for.
  • They've encountered a fair amount of rivals in the Pantheon, though most rivalries are one-sided on the other deities' end, as the Gyaos don't care particularly about such concepts.
    • Most notable is Rodan, who doesn't appreciates other flying kaiju in the Pantheon and has constantly challenged Super and Hyper Gyaos to fight him, although the Gyaos themselves have been rather uninterested in the challenges.
    • The Rathalos and Ratians have also grown a one-sided rivalry with the Kaiju, viewing them as competition for food, and a threat to their young, and thus challenge them at every toss and turn. They've been known to reluctantly team up with fellow monsters and the Monster Hunters themselves for the sake of fending off attacks.
  • They've become a source of great interest for Oryx, who plots to corrupt their numbers and add them to the Taken, having no issue whatsoever in stripping the whole flock of it's personality for his own goals. For the same reasons, the Lich and Phazon have some huge interest in the Gyaos, viewing them as the perfect Mooks in their quests, with the Lich seeking them out as a better and more powerful army than all his previous ones for the erradication of all lifeforms, while Phazon sees them as perfect hosts for it's power given their already high power they naturally have and their self-evolving abilities.
  • Kazuma and his party once tried to fight them in their temple, swearing they'd take them all out... Of course, as it is to be expected, they failed miserably at it, with Kazuma getting eaten by a swarm of newborns as soon as he took a step in their Temple, Megumin getting squashed by an adult, Darkness getting carried off by a Hyper Gyaos and eaten; and finally Aqua unsuccessfully casting an attack against a group of adults, who proceeded to eat her once she failed. Ever since, Kazuma and his party have been wary of going anywhere near the Gyaos, even if they still arrogantly believe they can defeat them all one day.
  • Kirby is another sworn enemy of them, as the Gyaos' gluttony and extreme omnivore tendencies mean they can easily eat all of his food; casting aside the part of them being chaotic and uncontrollable monsters.
  • Hedorah is TERRIFIED of them, knowing of their pollution-eating habits as a red flag for him to avoid them. A few Gyaos on their part are waiting for him to let his guard down so they can eat him.
  • Like many others, deities such as Doom Slayer and Aquaman hate these creatures with a passion, not only for them being man-eaters, but also for being uncontrollable agents of chaos with no self-limitations or mitigating factors to their destructiveness. Aquaman also loathes them due to the fact that they wiped out another world's Atlantis and wants to make sure they don't do the same to his own world's Atlantis.
    • On the same boat, the God Emperor of Mankind has swore on the Imperium of Mankind to ensure the complete extinction of the Gyaos, in order to ensure the superiority of humanity against their own creations, as well as to rectify the mistakes of the Atlanteans.
  • Raleigh and Mako have also sworn to destroy all of their kind, due to knowing the ruin and devastation these creatures brought and their preference for human flesh, which resonates too much with their hatred of Kaiju back in their home Universe.
  • Steven, to everyone's surprise, completely considers them enemies to be taken down, mainly after they tried to go after Greg and Connie following Steven failing to tame them, Rose never had any hopes and if there's something the estranged mother and son duo can fully agree on without any conflict, is their enmity against the kaiju.
  • Their nature as artificial creatures has made them enemies with other artificial or genetically modified beings such as Solid Snake, Mewtwo, and Rexy; to name a few, all of them viewing the Gyaos as the worst side of genetic modification and dark mirrors of what they could've become. While some like Mewtwo and Rexy don't particularly care about the eating humans part as much as others do, they still do not approve of their behavior nor the harm they'll bring if unchecked and have made sure to eventually help take them all down.
  • Among the Deities most interested in employing the Gyaos is Ultraman Belial, who views them as the perfect replacement for his 100 Monster Army, due to the Gyaos' sheer destructiveness and variability in abilities. He also learnt of the existence of the Chimera known as Powered Gyaos, which reminds him of his chimeric forms such as Beryudora, Chimeraberos and Atrocious. Thus he's been seeking ways to gain full control of the Gyaos race as a whole, uncaring if they bring ruin to everything else, as long as they destroy the Ultras, their allies and the Grand United Alliance of Good in general.
  • They've also earned the disapproval of Galactus, who while destructive is merely doing his job, and thus disapproves of the uncontrolled hunger and destruction that the Gyaos bring everywhere they go, he's made sure to assist those desiring their complete extinction, unwilling to let a single one survive.
  • SKREEE!!!

Intermediate Gods

    The Chaos Kin 
The Chaos Kin, Unholy Mook Maker

Dust, God of Merged Souls (Sen-Mithrarin, Cassius, Jin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Blade of Ahrah
  • Alignment: Neutral Good ( The Cassius piece of his soul was likely Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Combos, Nice Eye-Obscuring Hat, Reverse Grip, Quest for Identity
  • Domains: Swords, Souls, Justice
  • Herald: Fidget
  • Allies: Raiden, Tails, Navi, Kisuke Uzuki, Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Rival: Ermac
  • Enemies: Most evil-aligned gods in general qualify, but especially YHVH and Dolores Umbridge, Shang Tsung, Shadow Fiend
  • There has been cases of multiple souls merging into one. Dust is one of these cases, as he is the product of a spell that merges two souls to create the Sen-Mithrarin, a warrior that requires two opposite souls to keep it in balance. In Dust's case, it's one kind and compassionate soul that guides him to a path of righteousness, and one powerful but ruthless soul that grants him great strength and skill.
  • As Dust fights for justice, he has become fast allies with Raiden, who has a similar belief. Dust and Raiden both being agile fighters helps with the friendship.
  • Dust truly detests tyrants and similar figures, which is why Dust opposes YHVH and Dolores Umbridge as they're among the worst of them.
  • Gets along quite well with Tails and Navi, since they remind him of his sidekick, Fidget. The former for being a flying fox and the latter for... well. Dust in general seems to be much more resistant to annoyance than most.
  • Within the pantheon, he found a kindred spirit in the form of Kisuke Uzuki, who has the soul of Senju Oboroya merged within him. While Senju doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't stop their friendship from being formed.
    • He also learned that Ichigo is a similar case, though in a different way. Meeting Kisuke Uzuki and Ichigo Kurosaki got Dust to wonder if there's more entities like Dust himself throughout the multiverse...
  • Ermac has expressed interest in Dust for being a similar being, and has stated that they would like to challenge Dust to a battle one day.
  • Dust isn't sure what to think of Morrigan and Lilith at all, who's essentially one soul split into two. Since it confuses him, he will question it at a later time.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Shovel Knight, Sash Lilac, Octodad, and Captain Viridian have been invited as well.


Lesser Gods

Houyi, God of Stripped Immortality (Shenyi, Yi, Marquis Pacifier of the Country, The Defender of Earth)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red bow with a white arrow
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Neutral Evil after Chang'e became immortal (became Neutral Good again after his death)
  • Portfolio: Lost of Immortality And Godhood, The Exile from Heavens, Ex-God of Archers, Improbable Aiming Skills, Immortality Seeker, Hunter of Monsters, Fallen Hero, Star Crossed Lover (with Chang'e), Power of the Sun (ironically)
  • Domains: Archery, Immortality, Sun
  • Allies: Chang'e, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Kung Jin, Akagi, Son Wukong, Guan Yu, Romeo Montague
  • Enemies: Junko
  • Opposes: Eirin Yagokoro
  • Conflicted Opinion on: Volcarona
  • A celestial archer once send to stop the misdeeds of the ten solar crows. Where he was send to frighten them to obey, Houyi was angered by the havoc they caused and shot down nine of them, only being stopped to spare the last one. Due of this, Di Jun took away his immortality and godhood, turning him into a mortal man.
  • In a rather ironic turn, after his death, he became the lord of the sun after his spirit ascended into the sun. This, combined with his past deeds, makes him bit of an oddity alongside fellow sun deities. Though on his behalf, the only one who bothers him is Volcarona in fear the he will turn up like the solar crows, and he seems to be fine with Leona, as she understands what he had to do.
  • Since gods cannot truly die in the Pantheon, some other gods asked if he became immortal again, thus making his title meaningless, or is he still a mortal god. Court of the Gods said "Yes".
  • Other Gods seems to be wary about him, as it was known that Houyi turned from a honorable archer into a brooding tyrant due to the loss of Chang'e. He's been on the road of recovery, as he regretted how he let his grief take control of his actions and ruin his reputation. However, his feelings towards her remain strong even in the Pantheon. He just hopes she's not mad at him on his 'change'.
  • Even though he has grown past the tyrannical nature, he almost snapped back when he heard that Chang'e was imprisoned by the people of the Moon for drinking the Elixir of Life. Furious at the news, he went after the closest Lunarian he could find, Eirin Yagokoro. However, he quickly realized that his revenge would be pointless as Eirin herself is exiled from the Moon. Where he still has a dislike forwards her, he behaves himself until he can find the true leaders of Lunarians and persuade them to let Chang'e go.
    • After looking into this world further, he came to discover few things: First is that that world's equivalent of him shot down the nine suns (one of them who is claimed to have been the god Apollo), which angered the local goddess of Hell. Second is that one of the suns he shot down fell on a child, which angered the child's mother. While he understands their grudge, the fact that they directed that grudge onto Chang'e angered him more than it should have. This makes him more determined to save Chang'e.
      • And then he heard that the Lunarians turned Chang'e into a toad to prevent her from escaping... to be honest, he thought that they are just being petty at that point.
  • Aside of his skills in archery, he is also a great architect.
  • When he first heard about Utsuho Reiuji, he at first thought that either he didn't kill one of the solar crows, or the last one decided to host inside her. However, upon hearing that Yatagarasu had really different basics, he decided not to dwell on the subject further.
  • As a celestial archer, he is naturally allies with many of the other archers in the Pantheon. Though he refuses to take any students under his wing as he thinks that the same thing what happened with Feng Meng would happen again.
    • In fact, he admitted that it was because of his fall to tyranny that he got killed. He's learned to better control his temper so this won't happen again. Still not taking students.
  • In spite of one of his titles, he has no relation to Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!
  • Truth be told, he never believed about the story of the woman who swore revenge against Chang'e... until he met Junko in person. He never believed that there would be someone who would hate someone so badly. Especially since Junko seems to not even remember that her hatred came due of him, and not Chang'e.
  • Was finally reunited with Chang'e after all these years. He didn't believe that the day would come that he would see her face-to-face again, but it did. They tried to celebrate their reunion, but then Junko decided to crash the party and ruin it for everyone, which annoyed Houyi. But being able to be with his loved one is all what matters.

    John Price 
Captain John Price, God of Losing All His Comrades (Bravo Six, Prisoner 627, $, Black Viking, Old Man, 9051210)
  • Theme: Arabian End Game
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His boonie hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cold Sniper, Captain in both Task Force 141 and the SAS, Sole survivor of Bravo Six and Task Force 141, Has a boonie hat which he almost never removes, Smokes Villa Clara Cigars, Going to great lengths to take down his enemies, Tendency to take down his foes with sheer determination, Porn Stache, Made of Iron, Tranquil Fury, Warrior Poet
  • Domains: United Kingdom, Special Air Service, Special Forces
  • Allies: Lena Oxton/Tracer, Alex Mason, James Bond, Solid Snake, The Boss, Raiden, Tashkent
  • Enemies: General Shepherd, Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Liquid Snake, Ali-Al Saachez, Zoran Lazarevic, Nikita Dragovich, Senator Steven Armstrong, Jonathan Irons, Sundowner, Solidus Snake, HYDRA, Reaper, Widowmaker
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss, Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers, Iowa, Graham Aker
  • Captain John Price was ascended into the Pantheon for one reason: to counter the ever-growing threats of various warmongers and terrorists now plotting to take over the various houses through force.
  • Amongst all these threats, Price's priority targets are his old enemies General Shepherd and Vladimir Makarov. With all of his friends and allies having been killed by both these men, it's the logical choice for him to go after them first and foil their plans of wanton war and destruction. With nothing left to lose, he decides to go after them and wipe out each of their operations piece-by-piece.
  • James Bond immediately approaches him, due to his intel on both Makarov and Shepherd. Price, while initally hesitant, decides to cooperate with the MI6 agent. In exchange for this vital intel, he gives Price a number of weapons and gadgets, including a silenced sniper rifle.
  • Aside from Makarov and Shepherd, Price also tracks down their various supporters and allies within the Pantheon. For Makarov, there's Soviet Gen. Nikita Dragovich, who plans on helping the Ultranationist leader repeat their invasion of Europe, a Soviet official known simply as Kane, and a Serbian terrorist named Zoran Lazarevic. For Shepherd, there's Senator Steven Armstong, and Solidus Snake.
    • Other, similar threats that Price also lists down are Raul Menendez (whom Makarov was a formerly a follower of), and HYDRA, due to their infiltration of several high-tier government agencies across the world.
  • His quests for revenge earn the respect of the Cyborg Raiden, especially after learning that he also plans on going after the members of Desperado (due to their official backing of Shepherd's plans).
  • Other deities that become allies with Price include Solid Snake, The Boss, and Alex Mason. Each of these particular deities have mutual enemies between them, as well as similar goals to Price's own.
    • Mason in particular provides Price valuable intel on some of Makarov's connections, Dragovich in particular, due to his essential role as Makarov's new bomb-maker.
    • Snake on the other hand provides intel on what to expect from his own enemies. This includes handing him a sample of nanomachines for him to analyze. Price himself decides not to use it, having already proven himself in combat without any enhancement whatsoever.
  • Is actually opposed by several American deities, Steve Rogers in particular, for his questionable actions during the events of World War III in his universe. Price responds by saying that he was essentially caught between a rock and hard place, not to mention having to explain to him that what Makarov and Shepherd had done was far worse, including the duo being the very instigators of the war in the first place.
  • One newly-ascended deity who becomes yet another important ally to Price is Lena Oxton, aka Tracer. Like Price, she is a former member of the British military. While initially hesitant to help him due to his number of questionable acts, she finally decides that helping Price is the best course of action, especially after he tells her the story of Shepherd and Makarov's actions, and even personally briefs her on what happened to London in Price's own universe.
    • In exchange for this info, Tracer informs him of other newly-ascended deities from her own universe to look out for. The first is Reaper, a mysterious individual cloaked in black, and Widowmaker, a French sniper allied with the former. Price promises to return the favor and help her, but only after Makarov and Shepherd are dealt with first.

    Lavernius Tucker 
Private First Class/Captain Lavernius Tucker, God of Pregnant Dudes and Pointing Out Suggestive Lines (T-Pain, and an assortment of other Ebonic names- by Asuna, Meta 2.0)

Momotarō, God of Those who were Born from Plants (Peach Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A large peach
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born from a giant peach, Given to a childless couple by the gods, Happily Adopted, Name means "Peach Boy", Befriending animals by feeding them kibi-dango
  • Domains: Heroism, Gifts, Birth, Peaches
  • Heralds: Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant (his Talking Animal friends)
  • Allies: Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, Megamind, Samurai Jack, Mario, Princess Peach, Thumbelina, James Harry Trotter and his Bug Friends, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Kirby, the Animal Friends, Ryotaro Nogami, Tethu, Tethi and Esna
  • Opposed by: Private Snafu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Yuugi Hoshiguma, Zero Two, King Dedede
  • Once upon a time, there was an elderly couple with no children. Feeling distraught over their lack of children, the prayed to the gods to give them the children they desired. One day, a massive peach floated down a nearby river, which the elderly couple decided to eat. Suddenly, out of the peach emerged a baby boy, who explained that he was bestowed upon them by the gods. They named him Momotaro and happily raised him like he was their own child. When Momotaro grew into a fine young man, a group of Oni were wreaking havoc on his hometown and stealing food from the villagers. Momotaro decided to stop the Oni's mischief by heading out to their island, Onigashima, with his trusty sword and his kibi-dango rations. During his journey, he met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, who decided to tag along with him after he fed them kibi-dango. When the group managed to reach the island, they gave the Oni's a sound thrashing. The Oni's surrendered, and so Momotaro and his friends returned to the village with the stuff the Oni stole, as was labeled a hometown hero for his heroic deeds.
  • It was a normal day in the House of Plants, when Mary Lennox, Wirt, and Greg discovered a giant peach growing in a patch of land in a forest. Curious about the giant peach, they decided to carry it over to the House of Food for food preparation. However, the peach suddenly split in half to reveal an adult human male sleeping inside. He woke up, and was confused by his surroundings, the three children standing in front of him, and him being inside a giant peach again. When asked about what happened to him, he claimed that the last thing he remembered was living in his village before blacking out and awaking in the House of Plants. After some more explanations, Momotaro was brought to the Court of the Gods, who gave him the divine title of Born from Plants, for his rather unorthodox birth.
  • One of Momotaro's first friends is Thumbelina, who coincedentally shares similar circumstances of birth; she was given to a childless woman desperate to have children of her own, though unlike Momotaro, she was born extremely small. Momotaro was a bit surprised when he heard this, as it reminded him of another tale of a tiny Wonder Child named Issun-boshi. He felt a bit bad that she was constantly kidnapped around, while she was impressed by his bravery in stopping the greedy Oni.
  • Momotaro also managed to meet other deities like Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, and Megamind who were gifted to childless parents, though under different circumstances; they are aliens sent hurtling down to Earth because of their home planet's destruction and just so happened to land near a house. Momotaro was amazed at Superman's and Goku's immense strength and power, while they appreciated his willingness to defeat the Oni to protect his village. Momotaro was initially a bit antsy with Megamind because of his supervillain antics, but Metro Man assured him that Megamind isn't really evil, which calmed down Momotaro.
  • Momotaro's animal friends, Monkey, Dog, and Pheasant, are sometimes seen around him during his walks around the Pantheon. Momotaro managed to find common ground with Ash Ketchum, who has captured and befriended many Pokemon, andforged a stong bond with his partners, especially Pikachu. Momotaro is impressed by Ash's large team, and wishes to meet the rest of his Pokemon someday. He also befriended Kirby and the Animal Friends, who have accompanied Kirby on some of his adventures and helped out by tag-teaming and boosting his powers, which Momotaro was impressed by. He was quite surprised by Kirby's voracious appetite believing that Kirby would eat the giant peach in one go.
  • As a fellow samurai, it wasn't long before he met Samurai Jack, who then decided to tell eachothers tales. Momotaro was floored by Jack's adventures in the Bad Future and his steadfast will to keep going despite the seeming hopelessness of his situaton. Jack on the other hand appreciated his willingness to stop the Oni from ransacking his village and befriending the animals to help him. They often like to meet up and cat in their free time.
  • Ryotaro Nogami was absolutely estatic to see Momotaro in the Pantheon, as he admires him greatly and even named his first Imagin Momotaros, whose powers even reference his legend. Needless to say, Ryotaro pretty much gushed about Momotaro when they first met, making both Momotaro and Momotaros embarrassed. After calming down, they managed to become good friends, with Momotaro appreciating Ryotaro's determination and heroic spirit, despite his bad luck.
  • There are some rumors that Mario went through the same birth and journey as Momotaro, except the Oni's were Bowser and his Koopa Troop, their base was a spaceship instead of an island, and Mario carried a gun instead of a sword. When Momotaro went up to Mario to confirm the rumors, Mario debunked those rumors, saying that the circumstances of his birth were quite different than that. With this, he introduced Momotaro to Princess Peach, and they managed to become friends.
  • Momotaro took interest in Harry James Trotter and his Bug Friends because of their experiences with giant peaches, but its role was different than his own; The giant peach in James' story came because of a crocodile tongue enchanting it and the bugs living in it, serving as their "birth" in a sense, and then James and his newfound friends decide to travel to New York on the peach to start a new life and escape from James' abusive aunts. Both parties were amused at the coincedences, and appreciated eachothers bravery in stopping the Oni and escaping from abusive guardians respectively.
  • Momotaro is rather disapproving of the times King Dedede stole Dream Land's food for himself, just like the Oni stole his village's food. While Dedede doesn't engage in such activities anymore (at least, not voluntarily), Momotaro's willing to stop him should he do such things again. Speaking of Oni, he has a rocky relationship with Yuugi Hoshiguma and Zero Two, who happen to be an Oni and resemble an Oni respectively. Both sides would rather just avoid eachother lest things get uncomfortable.
  • Bizzarely, Private Snafu hates Momotaro, believing him to be a general in the Imperial Japanese army, who managed to defeat British soldiers with his animal friends. Momotaro is completely baffled by his accusations, especially as he lived way before WWII happened, and claims he remembers nothing of the sort. He tries his best to avoid the Private and not face his wrath.
  • Goro Majima, bearing a tattoo of a hannya, once fought against Dojima Family lieutenant Hiroki Awano, who bears a tatto of Momotaro, whose story reflected Awano's life. Momotaro elevating his family to a comfortable life with the riches he took back mirrors Awano being a hedonistic, laid-back man who would indulge in his comfortable life, but beneath his lazy lifestyles is his indomitable strength and skills in extortion. Ironic that he managed to get killed by Lao Gui, a man whose name means "old demon". Goro Majima could only imagine how Awano would react if he and Momotaro ever met.
  • Momotaro isn't the only one who was born from plants; the Seedlings are an entire race of living seeds living in a harsh desert, who make pacts with water spirits to survive. When Momotaro met them, he was initially disappainted he couldn't meet Esna directly and wishes to meet her, but otherwise likes the two seedlings for standing up against Chaos. Tethu and Tethi on the other hand are surprised he's not a Seedling despite his strange birth.
  • Can also be found in Miscellaneous Flora.