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Greater Gods

Cell, God of Molecular Healing and Ultimate Lifeforms (The Perfect Being/Warrior, [False] Android 21, Mr. Perfect Cell, Ultimate Perfection)
Perfect Cell
Imperfect Cell
Semi-Perfect Cell
  • Greater God (could potentially become an Overdeity with enough training and significant Zenkai Boosts)
  • Symbol: The Red Ribbon Army insignia on a green background with black spots.
  • Theme Music: Cell's Slow Theme, Perfect Cell's Theme II, Perfect Cell Runs, Perfection*, Cell Returns, The Man Called 'C', News of the Cell Games, Cell Games Arena, 'P' is for Perfect
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Created and Claims to be the Ultimate Lifeform, Bio-Mechanical Android Created with the Samples and Cells of the Universe's Greatest Fighters, Able to Regenerate from just Traces of his Cellular Organs, Sees Himself as "Perfection" and will Gladly Show it Off in Combat, Arrogant Kung-Fu Guy, Thrill Seeking Blood Knight, Gains Power through Stabbing, Sucking, and Liquefying his Victims with his Stinger Tail, Core Personality Consists of Personality Traits and Quirks of his Genetic Donors, Strong and Skilled, As Powerful and Fast as he is Intelligent, Power Copying, Green and Mean, Derives Enjoyment out of Making Others Suffer, Wants to Terrify and Savor the Fear of his Victims as he Commits Universal Genocide, Falsified Politness to Blanket his Blatantly Malevolent Nature, Figurative Abomination
  • Domains: Androids, Clones, Evolution, Combat, Evil, Destruction, Narcissism
  • Followers: The Chimera Ants, the Ultimate Being, Neo Organism/Doras
  • Heralds: the Cell Jrs. (his offsprings), Cell Max (his Modified Clone)
  • Allies: Cooler, Broly, The Batman Who Laughs, The Plutonian, Shao Kahn, Grima, Kefka Palazzo, Doctor Weil
  • Villainous Friendship: Frieza
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Vril Dox/Brainiac, Ultron, Skynet, Ragyo Kiryuin, Shinnok
  • Rivals: Majin Buu, Doomsday, Metallix, Omega, Fecto Forgo, Sephiroth, Father Homonculus
  • Arch-Enemies: Son Gohan, Future Trunks
  • Enemies:
  • Worthy Opponent: Son Goku
  • Opposed By: House of Time and Temporality
  • Complicated Relationship: Dr. Gero (his creator), Professor Hojo
  • Disappointed In: Shou Tucker, Thanos, Alduin
  • Good Counterparts: Android 21, Shadow the Hedgehog
  • Admires: Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, King Ghidorah, Nekron
  • Respected By: Junko Enoshima
  • In his bid to destroy Son Goku out of revenge for the collapse of the Red Ribbon Army and for killing his son, Dr. Gero set off to create cybernetic beings, with each build successfully becoming stronger and more effective. For his final piece, Dr. Gero decided to collect DNA samples of Earth's greatest fighters including Goku, Krillin, Tien, and Piccolo before setting his sights on the galaxy with Vegeta and Frieza being included. The end result was a 21st android that was purely biomechanical, but its development time would take years before it fully matured. This being would awaken a long time later with a built-in purpose to kill Son Goku, but also to find two other androids, namely 17 and 18 whom it could absorb to reach its "perfect state". The creature found out it awoke too late as 17 and 18 were already destroyed by a warrior named Trunks. Taking no chances, it quickly ambushed and killed Trunks before taking his time machine and travelling to the past to hibernate for some time before re-emerging to cast terror upon Earth.
    • The creature would awake at around the same time Androids 17 and 18 would emerge. Christening itself as "Cell", he would signal his arrival at Ginger Town where he would kill everybody by using his tail to dissolve his victims and siphon their nutrients to himself, gaining more power in the process. After a close encounter with Piccolo, Cell would make more attacks until he was powerful enough to defeat the Namekian and absorb 17. Despite some setbacks and an interruption from Android 16, Tien, Vegeta, and a Trunks from another point in the future, Cell would absorb 18 as well, finally reaching his perfect form. Not too satisfied with his accomplishment after demolishing whatever stood in his way, Cell made a public announcement to host a tournament of his own called the Cell Games where if he were to win, he would destroy Earth. On that fateful day when the tournament was held, Cell and Goku fought to determine the planet's fate, only for Goku to give up midway and pass on the battle to his son, Gohan. Interested in wanting to see the young boy's hidden potential, Cell proceeded to mentally and physically torture Gohan, even conceiving mini-spawns of his own called "Cell Juniors" to attack the Z-Fighters. Cell got his wish by killing Android 16, which incidentally triggered Gohan's transformation into a Super Saiyan 2, only to realize he was way over his head when Gohan coldly killed the Cell Juniors and proceeded to mentally and physically torture Cell, destroying his confidence and regurgitating 18. Frantic, frightened, and angry, Cell attempted to blow himself up, but Goku took to teleporting himself and Cell away and into King Kai's planet before detonation. However, Cell would survive, regenerate in his Perfect Form with an energy boost, teleport back to Earth and resume his battle. In the midst of this, he reached an epiphany that he was created to be the "end of all things", and that he would embrace this role, intending to spread terror and despair to everybody on a planet before destroying it and repeating it until the universe is deprived of life, starting on Earth. He and Gohan engage in a beam clash and although the android was close to winning, a timely intervention enabled Gohan to make a spectacular comeback, finally destroying the omnicidal bio-android.
  • Cell's story may have ended in defeat, but his notoriety managed to persist as he would be given a second chance in life, much to the shock and horror of those who had come to know him. Indeed, Cell would find himself in the Pantheon, his Perfect Form retained and quickly travelling this new realm to learn more about it. It didn't take long for Cell to realize his situation and he was excited to restart his proclamation about being the "end of all things". To begin his quest for terror and genocide, he decided to search for a planet and slowly have its inhabitants succumb to fear and helplessness, after which the bio-android happily destroyed the world and scouted for another one to do the same. The event would not go unnoticed as the Grand Spacial Onlookers would immediately take an offensive stand and make plans to find and stop Cell from spreading unchecked destruction. However, this was Cell's plan all along; he wanted a group of galactic onlookers to put their attention to him, figuring that they would send out some powerful fighters to battle against so the android could have an excuse to flaunt his power and stature. Cell is making sure that the Pantheon becomes a playground for him to fight in and enjoy, desiring that said fights make him stronger to prepare himself against more powerful opponents.
  • As an android, Cell possesses great power, speed, and endurance, as well as a wide assortment of abilities thanks to his nature of hosting a number of genetic donors. He also shares their personality traits; Goku's love for fighting, Piccolo's cool mind and analytic thinking, Vegeta's pride and ego, and Frieza's cultured demeanour, bloodthirsty, and sadism. Even so, Cell's nature remains unique, though, like Frieza, he has a penchant for wanting to cause destruction, carnage, and despair for entertainment's sake. While not the most significant of threats in the Pantheon, Cell intends to provide a grand opening for himself in a godly realm, so he likes to start off by fighting strong foes to entertain himself. As a result, he was pleased to learn that Goku was in the Pantheon as it meant that he could finish the fight that Goku had thrown and he's not taking any chances to let that happen. Gohan and Future Trunks' presence in the Pantheon was also welcoming news as he could exact his revenge for being killed, and them being much stronger meant motivation for Cell to begin training and becoming stronger. That said, his reputation and goals have made him a rather unpopular figure, but after learning just how big the Pantheon is, the android has decided that gaining a few allies might be a refreshing change to simply operating on his own.
  • Given his nature and what he desires most, Cell hardly has allies. Most either hate him for being a brutal, sadistic monster while others are more annoyed by how much of a showoff and narcissist he is. Not that Cell really cares about such, but despite some bickering with each other, mainly due to his own snark, Cell and Frieza get along rather well. Considering the former has the latter's DNA as part of his genetics and thus, contributes to his malignant nature, Cell is sure to thank Frieza for being a partial reason why he's perfect. He's also enamoured to learn that Frieza's training allows him to become stronger at a far faster rate than Saiyans and thus, took this as a chance to further train himself, hoping that Frieza's genes allow him to bypass even his Perfect Form. The two of them work effectively together when in combat, with Frieza even offering a position for Cell to join his army as his right-hand. Cell declined politely, though, in his mind, he can't see himself as a servant, but otherwise tells the galactic tyrant that he is happy to collaborate and work with him.
    • Cell also gets along with Cooler, considering their shared enmity against the Saiyans and the two sometimes having ostensibly civil conversations with each other about spreading terror towards others and asserting dominance against those who dare to challenge. To everyone's surprise, he's even come to form an alliance with Broly, with Cell outright admiring his bloodthirsty and destructive nature as well as the sheer power he possesses. He and Broly shared an enemy in Goku, hence why the two came to some form of agreement, with Cell even affirming Broly a chance to work together in a bid for universal despair and carnage, an idea that the Legendary Super Saiyan was immediately interested in. As for how they work, Broly is the destroyer while Cell spreads the terror in an effort to make their combined work more theatrical. However, despite their shared goals, Cell is unable to get along with Majin Buu and instead sees him as a rival. Though this is mainly because the Buu in the Pantheon is currently Kid Buu, someone who literally cannot be reasoned with, much to Cell's annoyance and he feels that Buu is too chaotic and unpredictable to even communicate with. That said, he'd assume that maybe Super Buu he could get along, as long as Cell himself isn't absorbed by the pink Eldritch Abomination.
    • Zamasu was the one Z-Fighter adversary who hates Cell just as much as the heroes, but his reason is summed up as "you're a creation of mortals, you committed acts of evil, hence you're a representation of mortal sin that must be cleansed for the cosmos", not to mention committing the "sin" of travelling through time. When Cell learned about Zamasu, he burst out laughing out loud because he can see right through the fallen Kai's delusion and see him for what he truly is; a narcissistic, immature elitist who's too mentally lost in reality. In addition to boasting about his own immorality and nature, Cell affirmed that he's happy the way he is, and if some deity is to whine about him, then maybe he should try to see more about themselves before jumping to conclusions. Not that Zamasu would ever care about this, he would rather smite the android more than anything else. While not as strong, Cell at worst finds Zamasu incredibly annoying and preachy about being the divine being, which isn't saying much considering his own liberal use of the word "perfect" and would just prefer to do whatever he likes, a stark contrast to Zamasu's burning hatred towards him simply for his nature of being a creation of mortals.
  • The Batman Who Laughs was one of the few foreign allies that Cell was able to make and the reasons are easy to see why; they're both Omnicidal Maniacs motivated by a desire to cause despair and terror as well as getting a thrill out of destroying existence, not to mention they have a very high opinion about themselves. While not an alternate Batman, He Who Laughs still finds Cell fascinating in his own way and was delighted at the chance of working together, especially as Cell can't be killed in most conventional ways and Cell himself is interested in He Who Laughs's several ways to torture others and play mind games with them, even feeling a little inspired to take some cues from him. He also found amusement in the Plutonian's fall from heroism and into villainy, but quickly found appreciation in his reign of terror. The Plutonian saw Cell as a potential ally, made all the easier by their mutual alliance with He Who Laughs and they soon formed an alliance. With He Who Laughs being the brains, Cell being the instigator of terror, and the Plutonian being The Brute, though not letting behind the fact that the latter two are smart, the trio aims to take their reign of destruction as far as they could in the Pantheon and even bleeding it into the Dark Multiverse, a scope that Cell is all too eager to expand to.
  • He admires Dr. Gero, but only because he created him with his own genius mind, so it just comes off as stroking his own ego even more, though it is the reason why the scientist is exempt from the android's killing spree. Gero himself is rather conflicted; sure Cell succeeded in killing Goku and was a smashing success in regards to his plans and as an android, but planetary and universal destruction was not something that he was banking on Cell to be. As a result, conversations between the two of them tend to be very awkward, with Cell praising Dr. Gero for his work, and the latter just not really having a clue what to say. Things have soured between the two, given that Android 16, the android that Cell killed to spike Gohan's anger and hidden power, was a physical template for Gero's son, and even more so with Vomi, Gero's wife, being a template for Android 21 and having the capacity to become stronger and potentially rival/devour Cell to become stronger. While Cell still wouldn't kill Gero and still admires him in his own self-serving perspective, he does intend to kill 21 partly to prove himself the superior android and to punish Gero for daring to make a better android than him.
    • He thinks Shou Tucker is absolutely pathetic. That said, this is not for moral reasons, given that Cell couldn't care less about Nina and Alexander, but because the android found the scientist to be so unambitious, basic, and lacklustre in his pursuit of creating talking chimeras via alchemy and that his creations were simply trash from the get-go. Not to mention Tucker's desire for fame and entitlement for something so mediocre in Cell's eyes were annoying and he'd chuckle anytime the Sewing-Life Alchemist is killed, either by others or himself. With Professor Hojo, Cell admits that his creations do have some value and entertainment factor to them, but his son, Sephiroth was what really got his attention, considering his origins as a test subject to be Shinra's ultimate product for their SOLDIER project, their take on an Ultimate Lifeform. Cell had an epic battle against the One-Winged Angel, the fight resulting in the latter having to morph into Safer Sephiroth once the two began to push their limits. The match ended prematurely with Cell bailing out, only to teleport in front of Hojo and congratulate him for creating somebody whom he could call a Worthy Opponent. Hojo was a bit stunned but remained affirmed that Sephiroth is still the better fighter; after all, he's his creation.
    • While most don't really know the origins behind Doomsday, Cell, having developed an interest in the monster for his nature to destroy everything around him, managed to find out about that. He wound up praising Betron for his attempt at creating "The Ultimate", regardless of the immoral and depraved efforts Betron took to get to that end and was excited to test his might against the creature. In their first fight, Cell killed Doomsday by firing a Solar Kamehameha into the monster as well as destroying the planet they were in, though not without Cell having a dose of punishment back from being pummeled. In their second fight, Cell was shocked to see how Doomsday adapted to that and Cell had to feign being dead once he was beaten too many times. Although terrified, the android was further interested in what Doomsday was capable of and now seeks to learn how he could adapt similarly, believing that "further perfection" may be possible after all, thanking Doomsday for giving him a further drive in wanting to become stronger and indestructible. That said, he sees Doomsday as a rival while the former just sees Cell as another threat he needs to kill for his own survival.
  • He became enemies with the Powerpuff Girls when he decided to visit the city of Townsville as his next destination for his killing spree, and the girls immediately confronted him as a threat who needed to be halted. Mojo Jojo initially considered working with the android, only to be terrified when Cell confronted the monkey and made it clear that he intends to spread his destruction as far as he could. Mojo Jojo doesn't mind taking down the girls, but Townsville is his to conquer and he doesn't like the fact that Cell would want to ruin everything solely for his own entertainment. This marked one of the very rare occasions where the monkey admitted that he'd have the Powerpuff Girls be the victor in this case and would even help them against Cell, affirming that only he gets to deliver the ultimate defeat of the girls. Cell just laughs all this off, and learning that Mojo Jojo indirectly played a hand in creating the girls only leads to him using this information to make fun of the monkey for trying to destroy something of his creation because he got rejected by daddy. He also finds Professor Utonium to be boring and the idea of creating his daughters through "girly things" to be incredibly nauseating and putrid on his end. On the other hand, Utonium finds Cell to be a horrible monster who needs to be stopped at all costs, which only further prompted Cell to affirm how uninteresting the good professor is.
  • Not surprisingly, he's made an enemy out of Sonic the Hedgehog and Mega Man due to his omnicidal desires. That said, Cell wanted to fight Sonic due to his Super Mode, which he saw as a "Super Saiyan imitation", something that he found amusing. Cell's goals were not a new thing for some in Sonic and Mega Man's rogues gallery, but the fact that he found the idea of destroying their friends and loved ones to be one he would indulge joyously made the two heroes very alert about Cell's depravity, which was soon justified when they saw just how powerful he was. Cell, on the other hand, found fighting with Sonic to be rather fun, but the Blue Bomber was somewhat disappointing; whatever Mega Man can do, Cell can do a lot better, at least from what he says. It's also from them that Cell learned of their arch-enemies, Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, but both scientists quickly took opposition against him; sure they're evil and proud, but they want to conquer, not destroy, not to mention Cell's actions even left the two doctors a bit shocked at his brutality. That said, there are a few versions of Eggman and Wily that are capable of being just as evil as Cell, but the dominant iterations have made it clear that they want nothing to do with the android and would rather see him gone as they feel Cell would be a massive and fatal roadblock to their endgoals if not stopped.
    • Despite being built with a similar purpose, Metal Sonic has nothing but opposition against Cell. Defeating Sonic is one thing, but killing everything is something he finds pointless and detrimental. Cell simply sees him as "a waste of Eggman's talent", citing his imperfect replication of others' techniques as such. With Metallix, there is some serious rivalry between the two. Cell quickly noted how his dark quest to obtain the Chaos Emeralds to achieve his ultimate power is too similar to Cell's attempt to gain his Perfect Form as well as Metallix having a sadistic desire to cause torment and destroy life. The two noted their similarities, but an alliance was nowhere to be found as their claims to be the ultimate being ended with them fighting to determine said status. Given he's never lost a fight, Metallix was annoyed about finding someone who could match him while Cell, whose since witnessed defeat, had some enjoyment in said fight. Despite this, he does want Metallix to find the Chaos Emeralds, expressing a desire to fight the Robotic Psychopath at his full power. Metallix was surprised to hear such but declared that he will kill Cell if he ever achieves his goals, with the latter telling the former that he'll be waiting for that day.
    • Shadow the Hedgehog was another attempt at an Ultimate Lifeform and it was for this that Cell even bothered to pay some attention towards him. That said, Cell found out about a battle simulation between Shadow and Vegeta... where the former lost terribly and used this information to mock Shadow about how if he couldn't stand a chance against Vegeta, how would he fare against the android. This didn't deter Shadow, who has since moved on from his thoughts about the simulated fight and told Cell that if he will fight to defend his world, he will do it without hesitation. Even with that aside, Cell was amused to hear that Shadow was created in an attempt to find a cure for a girl Shadow grew to care about, which he found laughable and told Shadow that Maria Robotnik is not worth suppressing the full potential of his power and to just give in to his dark impulses. This infuriated Shadow into fighting the android, as Cell expected, though he realized that Shadow wasn't as weak as he had made the hedgehog out to be. Still, Cell did manage to understand why Shadow was considered the Ultimate Lifeform... in his world, and while he did put some effort into their bout, the omnicidal bio-android still affirmed his superiority. Shadow has since vowed that the next time they'd meet, he wouldn't let Cell get away with his crimes. Cell just left with a sarcastic nod, proving that he's still a threat for Shadow to be prepared for in the future.
  • If he's not out trying to raze destruction, Cell will just create an arena and host what he would call the "Cell Games", being the host and manager for obvious reasons. While it's a blatant recreation of what he did in his mortal life, he's been putting some effort into making things more theatrical, knowing that tournaments and fighting competitions are a popular sport in the Pantheon. Said promotion caught the attraction of Shao Kahn of Outworld and Heihachi Mishima of the Mishima Zaibatsu Corporation who hosted the Mortal Kombat and Tekken tournaments respectively. Heihachi very quickly became an enemy to Cell and has made it clear that he cannot support someone who wants to destroy worlds, provided that he wouldn't be able to host his events and keep his company afloat if that happens. Shao, on the other hand, was impressed with Cell's vicious nature and the two quickly became acquaintances as a result. Cell was also quick to praise the Mortal Kombat tournaments that Shao and his minions hosted, taking a liking to a competition where fighters had to kill their opponents. The two of them would sometimes observe each other's tournaments to get some ideas about how to make theirs more interesting and Cell is taking notes of how to kill his enemies more "spectacularly" in his own words, being inspired by the fatalities that the MK fights end to end on. That said, both are devious schemers when their put their thought into it and with Shao being a notorious backstabber, Cell needed to affirm to keep their relationship professional as he wants some entertainment. Shao has kept this afloat for his own reasons, which Cell is alright with.
  • Being a threat from the future, he's obviously not liked by the House of Time and Temporality, though a few deities like the Reverse-Flash have admitted to being impressed by the lengths Cell would take to make others fearful. It doesn't help that Cell would make several ramifications at different points in time, all out of an obsessive desire to become "perfect". And related to time, the android found yet another foe in Lucina, a warrior heir who travelled back in time to stop an omnicidal dragon named Grima from laying waste to her world. Cell took Lucina's tale as key information and, in an attempt to mock and insult her, formed an alliance with Grima. As it turns out, the Fell Dragon was also an attempt by a Mad Scientist to create an exquisite being in his view, so the android felt enamoured to find someone of similar origin and desire. Lucina was not happy to learn of such and very quickly made efforts to fight or at least interfere Cell in an attempt to stop him from achieving what was basically Grima's goals, though Cell treats her as a pest and would rather want to humiliate her first before considering killing Lucina as he wants fun in tormenting someone first. Grima himself was impressed by Cell being relatable and being someone who could support and aid him in his path of destruction.
    • And speaking of threats and fights connected to the past and future, Cell noticed that Trunks shared a lot of similarities with John Connor, with the obvious exception being that, unlike Trunks, John was a leader and a more obvious symbol of hope compared to the half-Saiyan. By extension, Cell also learned about the supercomputer, Skynet and was fascinated by how an AI decided to become a destroyer immediately upon activation. Skynet came to support Cell... somewhat. They both want to destroy life and the two work together in killing sprees, but Skynet aims at organic life with the express purpose of having the machines dominate existence while Cell is impersonal to the idea of conquest. Even so, Cell knows that Skynet is lying to itself about machine supremacy and only wants dominance solely for itself if its paranoia about its creations turning against it is of any indication. Regardless, Cell plays along, finding Skynet's sadism and hatred towards life interesting and seeking to learn more about torturing and breaking others, though Skynet's paranoia may result in using Cell as a template for a bio-cybernetic Terminator as a last resort, assuming that such a creation would develop sapience quickly and usurp Skynet in its scenes for destruction and conquest. John is predictably not comfortable with being reminded by Cell, though this allowed him to develop his friendship with Future Trunks, with the two of them equally assuring that they'll put a stop to Cell, no matter what.
  • While they aren't in an alliance due to them lacking proper sapience and being insanely indulgent in their predatory behaviour, Cell does express admiration for the Indominus Rex and the Indoraptor for being exactly that; unhinged monsters who have no care about who they attack and what they target. The android does wish that they remain long enough to recognize their position and hopefully embrace themselves for being remorseless killing machines, which is helped by other unnaturally sadistic and unfettered tendencies. It helps that they, like Cell, were made with the DNA template of multiple beings, in those two's case, different sorts of theropod dinosaurs and modern-day animals and were additionally made to be military weapons rather than living park attractions. If he has spare time, Cell would sometimes go to wherever the Indominus and Indoraptor are and observe them from a safe distance, marvelling at their destructive behaviour and them killing whatever they could sink their teeth and claws on, with the android seeing it as one of his favourite hobbies. Regardless, Cell baulks at the idea of a Jurassic Park and a Jurassic World, figuring that creating cloned dinosaurs was only a step in furthering mankind's desire for self-destruction and found their downfall to be hilarious, only lamenting the fact that he wasn't there to personally witness it.
  • On the subject of being the ultimate being, Cell learned about the Omnitrix, a watch that allowed its wearer to transform into any being they like, complete with those in the top physical condition and possess an array of abilities, and quickly went off to search for its current holder, Ben Tennyson. At first, Cell was underwhelmed by Ben's admittedly large variety of transformations and techniques... until Alien X showed up, after which Cell showed excitement about the idea of fighting a potentially omnipotent being, only to be surprised and humbled by the transformation's far greater power and control over the battle. Being humiliated and beaten badly before being disintegrated, it was one of the very few times where Cell felt truly angry when he returned to life in the House of Life and Vitality, despite gaining a significant power boost. Despite wishing to kill Ben as horribly as he could, he wants to do so when he is being Alien X, mainly because he needs to affirm his pride that he truly defeated a god-like alien. Until then, he's now trying to find ways in becoming stronger, training included.
  • Cell's omnicidal odyssey caught the attention of Brainiac and Ultron, who were also notorious for their attempts at destroying life, albeit for differing reasons. For Brainiac, he wants to capture the most advanced city on a planet, shrink them and put them into a bottle for his own research and collection before destroying the planet it came from and for Ultron, he disproportionately hates organic life, desires robot supremacy, and is not above killing mechanical life if they dare oppose him. Both of them saw Cell as someone they could work with for their own ends, with Ultron feeling that an android with a desire to end life would be a suitable partner. Cell agreed on an alliance, though he has no interest in collection or supremacy, rendering this a little loose. That said, Cell does respect Brainiac's intelligence as being above expectations and the Coluan reciprocates by seeing Cell's physiology and potential as "exquisite", whereas Cell also appreciates Ultron's tenacity and adaptiveness in case things go rough for him. On an extended note, Brainiac decided to enlist Cell in an attempt to kill Superman, something that the bio-android expressed high excitement for and despite his loss, felt that the Man of Steel would be a great opponent to deal with if it means getting back and getting stronger, causing Cell to always look for an opportunity for another fight against him. By contrast, Superman utterly despises Cell for his malicious nature and forgoes any attempt at mercy after seeing just what lengths Cell would go to for his own goals.
  • He also has a spot in the Hall of Genetic Engineering.
"Once I've finished tearing this world into pieces, I'll just use Goku's Instant Transmission technique to move onto other planets. That is my destiny!' I am the universe's end!"

The Gyaos, Deified Race of Fast Reproduction (Gyaos, Gaos, Shadow of Evil, ShodaiGyao, Space Gyaos, Neo Gyaos, Mecha Gyaos, HeiseiGyao, Super Gyaos, IrisuGyao, Hyper Gyaos, AvantGyao, Original Gyaos, Powered Gyaos, Suzaku, Guardian of the South)
Gyaos' Design in the Showa Era
Space Gyaos
Powered Gyaos
Gyaos' Design in the Heisei Trilogy
Super Gyaos
Hyper Gyaos
Gyaos' Other Designs in the Heisei Era (From left to right: 2006 "Original Gyaos" and 2015 Gyaos)
  • Varies. Lesser Deities as newborns. Intermediate Deities (Regular and Space Gyaos). Greater Deities (As Super Gyaos, Hyper Gyaos or Powered Gyaos)
  • Symbol: Their species' head facing at the front.
  • Theme Song: Apperance of Gyaos
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral in theory, but lean more towards Chaotic Evil due to their uncontrollable and destructive nature.
  • Portfolio: Reproduce very quickly and in large numbers, Kaiju, Giant Flyer, Turned Against Their Masters and wiped them all out, Horror Hunger, Extreme Omnivore, Always Chaotic Evil, Bat Out of Hell, I'm a Humanitarian, Breakout Villain, Arch-Enemies to Gamera, Attack with supersonic screams that manifest as lasers, Unexplained Origins in the Showa Continuity, Giant Bird Vampire Pterodactyl Bat Kaiju, To Serve Man, Regular members can't stand sunlight
  • Domains: Reproduction, Kaiju, Hunger
  • Heralds: Iris, Zedus, Barugon (manga only), Garasharp
  • Followers: The Bio-Meat Creatures, The Tribbles, The MUTOS, Dagahra
  • Allies: None, really. Though they've been forcefully employed as minions by evil-aligned deities such as Darkseid, Fatalis, Deathwing and King Ghidorah. Also, Eren Yeager
  • Enemies: Pretty much everything else but most withstanding are: All Heroic Kaiju Deities (Especially Gamera), The Grand United Alliance of Good (Mainly the GUAG Toku Division), The Nature Uprising, All Ascended Monster Hunter Deities, All Ascended Pokémon Deities (Especially Mewtwo), All Ascended Steven Universe Deities (Especially Rose Quartz and Steven Universe), All Ascended Marvel Comics and DC Comics Heroes, All Human Deities in general, Yveltal, Beerus, The God Emperor of Mankind, Galactus, Discord, Kirby, The Fierce Protectors of Royalty, Nostalgia Critic, Siskel and Ebert, Kazuma's Party, The Satellite of Love Crew, Hoss Delgado, Alex Mercer, Aya Brea, Solid Snake, G-Force, The Powerpuff Girls, Ben and Gwen Tennyson, Bunny, The Holy Trinity, Simon Belmont, Tao Trio, Daenerys Targaryen, Tiki, The Phoenix, Princess Celestia and Luna, the Mane Six and their allies/friends, Aquaman, Raleigh and Mako, Gowasu, Yuma Tsukumo, All Deities in the House of Prehistoric Beasts.
  • Feared by: All human Quasideities, many human Demideities and some human Lesser Deities, Hedorah
  • Source of Interest for: SHOCKER, Ultraman Belial, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Lysandre, Dharkon, Claudandus, Oryx, The Lich, Phazon, Yapool.
  • Rivalsnote : Rodan, Sindragosa, Smaug, Rathalos and Rathian, Indominus Rex and Indoraptor
  • There's only been one official backstory for the Gyaos and it is told in the Heisei Era Trilogy:
    • In a distant Universe, the land of Atlantis was once a flourishing paradise of technological advancement unlike any seen before. But soon enough pollution and trash of their developments became too much of a problem for the Atlanteans along with hordes of giant snake creatures known as the Garasharp, to remedy this they created an artificial species of kaiju, the Gyaos, who were given an unending appetite and the capacity to reproduce asexually and quickly, as well as the capacity of evolving by the minute. Tragically, the Gyaos soon grew too numerous, and once they ran out of pollutants and monsters to eat, they turned to an equally numerous food source, humans. Thus forcing the Atlanteans to create another race to combat them, the Gameras; but things didn't go the way the Atlanteans expected as they wound up completely extinct, and only one Gamera remained while a few Gyaos did as well... They lay dormant for thousands of years until one day they awoke.
  • The ascension of the Gyaos was unlike anything seen before, with swarms of them ravaging and wrecking the Houses of the Pantheon, and eating every human Deity that did not hid in their temple, only Gamera and fellow heroic kaiju were able to stop their rampage, destroy most of them and force them back into their temple as pseudo-sealing technique, ever since, the Gyaos await the day where they'll be free to wreck havoc once more.
  • A special note has been placed for any human deities, especially the Quasideities, to avoid their Temple at all costs, as Gyaos are highly chaotic and will not listen to reason.
  • Their quick reproduction, destructive nature and self-evolving capacity has made a source of great interest for the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, though controlling them and keeping their usual mentality unchanged has proven to be borderline impossible to do due to their uncontrollable hunger and the fact that they'll eat anything and anyone that crosses their path, even each other. Thus only immensely powerful beings such as Fatalis, Darkseid, King Ghidorah and Deathwing have been able to employ them (Through strong-arming them) and even that has proven to end disastrous for the employers.
  • They consider their sworn nemesis to be Gamera and the feeling is mutual. They have been known to always drop all things they're doing, no matter how important or critical, to confront each other, destroying and killing anything that gets in their path, this has made it a priority of the Pantheon's handlers to ensure the Gyaos and Gamera never ever cross paths, as neither party will stop until the other one is dead, regardless of all the casualties and collateral damage ensuing from the crossfire.
  • Their destructiveness has also made them enemies with the entire Gaea's Avengers, with Gaea viewing them all as aberrations and insults against nature, as well as one of the biggest examples of humanity tangling with forces they have no control of.
    • While not a member of it, Alan Grant also is disgusted by the existence of the Gyaos, viewing them as the logical conclusion of mishandled genetic engineering and bad science. Though like all humans, remains wary of the kaiju and keeps his distance from their house at all times.
    • Viridi has also nothing but contempt for the Kaiju, viewing them as a plague as bad if not worst than humanity, and absolutely refuses to ever think of using them as minions to ensure humanity's extinction for the sake of nature, knowing the Gyaos will simply switch to attacking every other living being once humanity is done for.
  • They've encountered a fair amount of rivals in the Pantheon, though most rivalries are one-sided on the other deities' end, as the Gyaos don't care particularly about such concepts.
    • Most notable is Rodan, who doesn't appreciates other flying kaiju in the Pantheon and has constantly challenged Super and Hyper Gyaos to fight him, although the Gyaos themselves have been rather uninterested in the challenges.
    • The Rathalos and Ratians have also grown a one-sided rivalry with the Kaiju, viewing them as competition for food, and a threat to their young, and thus challenge them at every toss and turn. They've been known to reluctantly team up with fellow monsters and the Monster Hunters themselves for the sake of fending off attacks.
  • They've become a source of great interest for Oryx, who plots to corrupt their numbers and add them to the Taken, having no issue whatsoever in stripping the whole flock of it's personality for his own goals. For the same reasons, the Lich and Phazon have some huge interest in the Gyaos, viewing them as the perfect Mooks in their quests, with the Lich seeking them out as a better and more powerful army than all his previous ones for the erradication of all lifeforms, while Phazon sees them as perfect hosts for it's power given their already high power they naturally have and their self-evolving abilities.
  • Kazuma and his party once tried to fight them in their temple, swearing they'd take them all out... Of course, as it is to be expected, they failed miserably at it, with Kazuma getting eaten by a swarm of newborns as soon as he took a step in their Temple, Megumin getting squashed by an adult, Darkness getting carried off by a Hyper Gyaos and eaten; and finally Aqua unsuccessfully casting an attack against a group of adults, who proceeded to eat her once she failed. Ever since, Kazuma and his party have been wary of going anywhere near the Gyaos, even if they still arrogantly believe they can defeat them all one day.
  • Kirby is another sworn enemy of them, as the Gyaos' gluttony and extreme omnivore tendencies mean they can easily eat all of his food; casting aside the part of them being chaotic and uncontrollable monsters.
  • Hedorah is TERRIFIED of them, knowing of their pollution-eating habits as a red flag for him to avoid them. A few Gyaos on their part are waiting for him to let his guard down so they can eat him.
  • Like many others, deities such as Doom Slayer and Aquaman hate these creatures with a passion, not only for them being man-eaters, but also for being uncontrollable agents of chaos with no self-limitations or mitigating factors to their destructiveness. Aquaman also loathes them due to the fact that they wiped out another world's Atlantis and wants to make sure they don't do the same to his own world's Atlantis.
    • On the same boat, the God Emperor of Mankind has swore on the Imperium of Mankind to ensure the complete extinction of the Gyaos, in order to ensure the superiority of humanity against their own creations, as well as to rectify the mistakes of the Atlanteans.
  • Raleigh and Mako have also sworn to destroy all of their kind, due to knowing the ruin and devastation these creatures brought and their preference for human flesh, which resonates too much with their hatred of Kaiju back in their home Universe.
  • Steven, to everyone's surprise, completely considers them enemies to be taken down, mainly after they tried to go after Greg and Connie following Steven failing to tame them, Rose never had any hopes and if there's something the estranged mother and son duo can fully agree on without any conflict, is their enmity against the kaiju.
  • Their nature as artificial creatures has made them enemies with other artificial or genetically modified beings such as Solid Snake, Mewtwo, and Rexy; to name a few, all of them viewing the Gyaos as the worst side of genetic modification and dark mirrors of what they could've become. While some like Mewtwo and Rexy don't particularly care about the eating humans part as much as others do, they still do not approve of their behavior nor the harm they'll bring if unchecked and have made sure to eventually help take them all down.
  • Among the Deities most interested in employing the Gyaos is Ultraman Belial, who views them as the perfect replacement for his 100 Monster Army, due to the Gyaos' sheer destructiveness and variability in abilities. He also learnt of the existence of the Chimera known as Powered Gyaos, which reminds him of his chimeric forms such as Beryudora, Chimeraberos and Atrocious. Thus he's been seeking ways to gain full control of the Gyaos race as a whole, uncaring if they bring ruin to everything else, as long as they destroy the Ultras, their allies and the Grand United Alliance of Good in general.
  • They've also earned the disapproval of Galactus, who while destructive is merely doing his job, and thus disapproves of the uncontrolled hunger and destruction that the Gyaos bring everywhere they go, he's made sure to assist those desiring their complete extinction, unwilling to let a single one survive.
  • SKREEE!!!

Intermediate Gods

    The Chaos Kin 
The Chaos Kin, Unholy Mook Maker

Dust, God of Merged Souls (Sen-Mithrarin, Cassius, Jin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Blade of Ahrah
  • Alignment: Neutral Good ( The Cassius piece of his soul was likely Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Combos, Eye-Obscuring Hat, Reverse Grip, Quest for Identity
  • Domains: Swords, Souls, Justice
  • Herald: Fidget
  • Allies: Raiden, Tails, Navi, Kisuke Uzuki, Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Rival: Ermac
  • Enemies: Most evil-aligned gods in general qualify, but especially YHVH and Dolores Umbridge, Shang Tsung, Shadow Fiend
  • There has been cases of multiple souls merging into one. Dust is one of these cases, as he is the product of a spell that merges two souls to create the Sen-Mithrarin, a warrior that requires two opposite souls to keep it in balance. In Dust's case, it's one kind and compassionate soul that guides him to a path of righteousness, and one powerful but ruthless soul that grants him great strength and skill.
  • As Dust fights for justice, he has become fast allies with Raiden, who has a similar belief. Dust and Raiden both being agile fighters helps with the friendship.
  • Dust truly detests tyrants and similar figures, which is why Dust opposes YHVH and Dolores Umbridge as they're among the worst of them.
  • Gets along quite well with Tails and Navi, since they remind him of his sidekick, Fidget. The former for being a flying fox and the latter for... well. Dust in general seems to be much more resistant to annoyance than most.
  • Within the pantheon, he found a kindred spirit in the form of Kisuke Uzuki, who has the soul of Senju Oboroya merged within him. While Senju doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't stop their friendship from being formed.
    • He also learned that Ichigo is a similar case, though in a different way. Meeting Kisuke Uzuki and Ichigo Kurosaki got Dust to wonder if there's more entities like Dust himself throughout the multiverse...
  • Ermac has expressed interest in Dust for being a similar being, and has stated that they would like to challenge Dust to a battle one day.
  • Dust isn't sure what to think of Morrigan and Lilith at all, who's essentially one soul split into two. Since it confuses him, he will question it at a later time.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Shovel Knight, Sash Lilac, Octodad, and Captain Viridian have been invited as well.

Lesser Gods

Fecto Elfilin, God of Accidentally-Created Lifeforms (Subspecimen ID-F87, Dubious Little Creature)
  • Lesser God, with the potential to reach Greater God levels.
  • Symbol: An image of his own head
  • Theme Song: Ready to Go! and Welcome to the New World! normally, his self-titled theme in quieter moments
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animal-Like Beings Spawned By Mistake From Nightmarish Beings, Physical Aspects Who Absorb Their Other Halves, Cartoon Creatures With Cyan Fur, Flight-Granting Ears Designed After The Moon, Adorable Heroes From Abandoned Worlds, Loving Those Around Them Practically By Nature, Mouthless Aliens With Cheery Demeanors, Living MacGuffins Who Are Kidnapped Because Of It, Lab Escapees With Little Memory Of Their Time As Test Subjects, Having Blue Eyes With Space-Like Qualities, Nicknames With Meaningful Anagrams, Glowing With Power At Their Game's End, Suffering Repeated Misfortunes Even After Being Saved From Assimilating Villains, Harmless Ear Notches, Possessing Fourth Wall-Breaking Knowledge
  • Domains: Friendship, Kindness, Counterparts, Science, Portals, Animals, Nature
  • Heralds: the Beast Pack
  • Allies: Kirby, the Waddle Dees (especially Bandana Waddle Dee), King Dedede, Meta Knight, all other benevolent Kirby deities, Mew, Shadow the Hedgehog, Batty Koda, Simba, Mufasa, Aslan, Shaymin, Nana, Agent K and Agent J, Lilo, Stitch, Eleven, Silvally, Cassiopea, Fat Buu, Piccolo Jr., Android 21, Yune, Lana, Basil, Dawson, E.T., Dumbo
  • Enemies: Fecto Forgo, all other malevolent Kirby deities, Cell, Professor Hojo, Albert Wesker, Shou Tucker, Mesogog, the Phazon, Hexxus, Lavos, The Thing, the Firebird, Majin Buu, King Piccolo, Ashera, Cia, Claudandus, the Meowth trio, Dex-Starr, Professor Ratigan, the Xenomorph Drone, the Facehuggers, Dr. Hämsterviel
  • Annoys: Mewtwo
  • Fears: the SCP Foundation
  • Pities: Tetsuo Shima, Lucy
  • One of the various denizens of the Forgotten Land, Elfilin is one of the many, many allies Kirby found himself making over the years, venturing through the remains of a one-strong society alongside the pink puffball. However, compared to the various comrades Kirby has joined forces with over the years, his connection to his game's main threat is far more personal: not only is his being directly tied to it, but he is the very force controlling the Beast Pack from the shadows. After Fecto Elfilis' rampage on Earth and subsequent capture, the residents of the Forgotten Land saught to utilize its abilities for their own benefit, dreaming of the day they could use their newfound powers to explore the cosmos. However, thirty years after their research on its spatial abilities began, an accident within Lab Discovera resulted in the two beings splitting apart, with Elfilin gaining the less murder-y traits Elfils (now Fecto Forgo) had. Eventually escaping from its birthplace to explore the world, Elfilin remained a wanderer of the expanse even after its original inhabitants ferried themselves into history, eventually becoming close to the remaining animals who overtook civilization. This peace would change, however, with the rise of the Beast Pack, their psychically-induced violence forcing Elfilin into hiding from his other half's wrath.
    • As Fecto Forgo's powers grew less and less stable, Kirby and their allies became one of the first beings in a long time to happen upon the remnants of the once-developed world. Determined to protect the strange beings he later knew as Waddle Dee's, his attempts to aid in their fight resulted in them being briefly captured. After being saved by the questing puffball, Elfilin made fast friends with Kirby over a shared desire to thwart the rash of dee-napping, deciding to journey alongside them to aid in the species' plight. While he isn't much of a combatant, the noble being proved to be a valuable ally to Kirby regardless, offering advice to the questing blob and happily joining in any r&r he may want to do. As their adventure continued, however, Elfilin's role would begin to become known after he was captured by King Dedede (having, unsurprisingly, fallen under Forgo's control), forcing Kirby to journey to Lab Discovera to rescue them. Learning of their greater connection with the Forgotten Land though the discoveries Leongar imparted, Kirby became well-equipped to handle Elfilis' wicked half even after it assimilated Elfilin to regain its full strength. Helping give Pop Star the last push it needed to overcome Elfilis and seal the wormhole it summoned, Elfilin's sacrifice would be rewarded by grander travels with Kirby after Clawroline helped return them to full health. After aiding in a now-benevolent Leongar's revival through repairing his soul across Forgo's memories, Elfilin's devotion would be tested after his other half returned as Chaos Elfilis, more intent than ever to see the realms the heroes hail from be shattered before it. After a long, grueling encounter, Elfilin would manage to reduce Forgo to its purest form, with the merging of their souls, this time, being done on affable terms. With the gateway to the Forgotten Land now being permanently open for Kirby and his allies, Elfilin now operates proudly as his homeworld's greatest heroes, doing whatever he can to ensure peace and prosperity reigns in his brave new world.
  • It was a normal day in the pantheon. The sun was shining above a sky dotted with light clouds, birds chirped their beautiful melodies as they soared through the sky, plants below the divines' feet continued to grow in silence glory... and the gods were dealing with a villainous figure amongst them going on a rampage. Empowered by the machinations of the GUAE, Fecto Forgo was temporarily restored to its full might in order to further the organization's needs: causing destruction and mayhem for the sake of terrorizing the pantheon. As the creature effortlessly defeated many of the pantheon's guardians as it laid waste to its surroundings, many gods feared that Elfilis' havoc was unstoppable in this higher form, knowing all too well the extreme power it possessed. As it continued to raze its surroundings, however, Elfilis suddenly stopped as a strange feeling over took it. As far as it knew, Elfilis was so far the only being of its species to exist in the pantheon, with the GUAE merely doing the dirty work of catching Elfilin for them to achieve their might. But, if they were supposedly allowed to reach their higher form, why did he feel as is as if his very being lies in sync with another? It was then Elfilis realized that it wasn't alone, instead being watched by someone all too familiar to their very being. Diving to the floor with a shriek in a murderous lust, Elfilis was intent on finding this unwelcome witness in order to drive them out... only to plunge straight into a wormhole. Hitting the ground with a great clammer, Elfilis stood itself up as it tried to make sense of where it was flung to, although when it tried to gaze into the open sky, its eyes were quickly obscured by a flurry of orange and white crashing on top of them. Having dedicated Elfilis' rampage of being particular concern, Kirby quietly snuck out of the pantheon in order to bring the one person he knew was capable of intercepting them, Elfilin not wasting a moment towards the prospect of helping his friend. As Kirby continued to use the resulting rubble to pin Elfilis down, Elfilin acted quickly on redirecting the active heroes by warping them towards their ambush. Impressed with their strategy following Forgo's reimprisonment, the gods honored Elfilin's herosim with a seat in the pantheon.
  • Unsurprisingly, the gods most pleased with Elfilin's ascension happened to be from the same series be hailed from. While he was beaten to the punch to have it as his own for quite some time, Elfilin is frequently seen within the confines of the Waddle Dees' temple, Waddle Dee Town. While it's amenities isn't exactly a theme-park-level attraction, the familiar sites and sounds are enough to draw Elfilin in again and again. Even if none of its sights are particularly interesting to Elfilin on a given day, they regardless like to stop by and check on the daily ins and outs of the Waddle Dees managing the space, just to see how they are doing. More intriguing to Elfilin, however, was the chance to see of his comrades' domains in their fill glory, namely those belonging to Bandana Dee, Meta Knight, and King Dedede. Having only seen their presence while within the Forgotten Land, the site of Dedede's castle and Meta Knight's Halberd was enough to immediately strike awe into Elfilin's face, surprised with just how extravagant his comrades are with things. While this was all things Elfilin reasonably expected upon their arrival, what caught them more off guard was the sheer number of previous allies Kirby had wandering the pantheon's domain, their eternally forgiving nature allowing for the puffball to amass a small army's worth of allies to give aid at any given time. While Elfilin originally had some trouble assimilating into their ranks fully, getting experienced with some of Kirby's other far-flung allies helped the being formally submit himself into Kirby's collection of confidants.
  • Opposite halves of the same whole. While Elfilin represents all the goodness and heart Elfilis could've had during its optimal state, Forgo is merely a stand-in for the burning hate he has towards all life. Any attempt the redeem Forgo, then, would be a pointless endeavor, its singular devotion rendering it completely disinterested in redemption. Having known this for some time, Elfilin is deeply disappointed that its ascension did nothing to quell Forgo's wickedness, with its fully-formed soul having solely negative intentions towards all life. However, instead of trying to fight against the natural ways of his separation, Elfilin instead looked to other gods to be more equipped to understand the nature of Forgo's existence.
    • As Elfilin flew along the dusty towers of the pantheon's great buildings one day, he happened upon a small, cat-like creature bounding itself through the rooftops. Following after it at first out of curiosity, Elfilin caught a glimpse of a creature similar in design to it, having the time of its life by simply zipping across the skyline. What first started as a possible interview for Mew's background ended in the two having the time of their lives, playing with the world around them as they flew among the clouds. Even though Mew didn't turn out to be the talking piece Elfilin desired, they left their first encounter with Mew with the greatest answer they never thought they needed: who cares? As long as someone enjoys life at its most basic level, the matter of their creation and associates is completely irrelevant. The only thing that should be valued in life is the potential one has to make positive connections, and as for its impact on a worried Elfilin, a newly found friend is worth far more than anything he could dream of unconvering.
      • After learning about Mew properly from personal research, Elfilin's interest was peaked upon finding out Mew was not alone in terms of Pokémon like it. In a story all too familiar to the flying rodent, Mewtwo was a being constructed solely to fulfill mankind's desires, namely: to aid Team Rocket's goals of world domination. However, while the organization's scientists managed to get most of the details right with cloning Mew, Mew's love for the world was unable to be replicated, being replaced with a stoic distrust towards its creators. Seeking Mewtwo out in the hopes of discussing their reasons of holding onto such a grudge (this time making sure that his subject can actually respond to his questions), Elfilin's search resulted in them finding the 'mon within the corridors of its temple, deep in thought. The moody loner they are, Mewtwo was already put off by the way his visitor suddenly barged into their temple. Not helping the situation was the fact the strange, flying creature was also talkative in nature, insistently trying to drain his knowledge from them for some unknown purpose. After being bombarded with questions en masse from the being, Mewtwo was forced to give a firm, telepathic command to tell them shut up and go home. However, this attempt to silence Elfilin's yapping backfired spectacularly when Elfilin thought he merely needed cheering up, its foul mood being the result of its generally unhappy past. As such, Elfilin has made it his mission to help the cloned 'mon loosen its spirits and learn to enjoy life in the pantheon, hoping that an improved mood would allow them to unload their secrets. Left to be the constant participant in Elfilin's games, Mewtwo would've crushed the rat like a soda can if it wasn't for Kirby's presence rendering it a stupendously bad idea. Not wanting an outraged god slayer to barge into their temple to deliver the mother of all beatdowns, Mewtwo has resigned themselves to be Elfilin's guest of honor during his free time, his face locked in a death-desiring sneer all the way through. At least it serves as an excuse for them to exit their temple every once in a while.
    • Fecto Forgo may not be the most likable soul out there, but calling it a being that completely defies pity would not be telling the truth. Imprisoned for god knows how long within Lab Discovera, Forgo was ultimately reduced to a resource bank after scientists began tinkering with their form, left to sit and mald over the presence of snotty brats visiting them on school trips. Even after the Forgotten Land's residents packed their bags and escaped into the cosmos, Forgo was forced to listen to the same song and dance meant to introduce it for years, being so haunted by the constant noise that the roll call haunts his very dreams. Despite holding little respect for the being in question, the things Forgo went through had caused Elfilin to have a lot of empathy towards those who were similarly mistreated in their past. Thankfully, Elfilin hasn't had to worry about another carbon copy of his arch-nemesis hiding amongst the gods, but the results of what he did find wasn't much better. Crammed into a research center during crucial periods of their lives, Tetsuo Shima and Lucy only serve to reinforce Elfilin's fears of wanton studying can bring, changing once innocent people to bloodthirsty monsters capable of flattening entire armies. However, the fact the divine realm has done little to tamper with the former's ego and the latter's heritage-driven instability render Elfilin wary of their presence, only watching from afar in vain hope of them one day changing. While it would pain them greatly to formally stop them one day, Elfilin has come to terms with the fact that there may come a time when they go too far in pursuit of meaning in the universe, with them being driven blind by the power they seek. As such, Elfilin has already discussed a contingency plan with Nana in the case of any significant outbursts the diclonius has, in the hopes that being properly treated in a scientific setting would help aid in rehabilitation.
    • With his past absorption of Elfilin doing little to improve Forgo's destructive urges, the existence of gods who fought against their negative aspects has caused Elfilin to regularly seek them out, in the hopes of controlling the soul lingering within. Amongst these dividuals, Elfilin holds the greatest amount of respect to Piccolo Jr. And Yune. Having been spurned from their creator's dark influence, the two have fought against their other halves into becoming powerful defenders of peace. With Elfilin containing some of the ominous elements of his originator even before gaining his soul, Elfilin also values the fact the two became heroes despite their eerie titles (with the former being declared inherently demonic despite his Namekian blood, while the other is a literal God of Chaos). Regardless of their origins or the time they spent as malicious beings, Elfilin is regardless open to fighting alongside them both as a method of encouragement (namely towards Cassiopea and Android 21, whose struggles against their once-inner darkness being far more defined than most) and as a playmate for any of the more lighthearted halves.
    • While he's only known by this in his greatest form, Fecto Elfilis is presently one of three scientifically-manipulated beings claiming the title of "Ultimate Lifeform". In order to best understand what this obtuse term could mean, Elfilin has sought out similar beings on their quest to see Forgo countered. Among these, Shadow was the easiest for Elfilin to befriend, at least in comparison. While typically aloof and stoic even on the best of days, Elfilin has managed to find modest success trying to befriend the hedgehog. Be this the result of Shadow having a higher tolerance from his experiences with similarly cheery allies or a secret fondness for the critter, Shadow has been surprisingly tolerant of Elfilin's existence, provided he doesn't interfere with any of his more serious duties. While he refutes it to no end, some even spread the rumor that Shadow directly tags along in Elfilin's casual outings, pleased with himself at the simple pleasures Elfilin enjoyers. While his relationship with the first "Ultimate Lifeform" has been largely positive, the same could not be said for the third. As yet another apex assimilator, Elfilin is in some regards even more appalled with Cell's purpose on the world. Not only was the android constructed to destroy and maim to his heart's content, but Cell's remorseless sadism is enough for Elfilin to be immediately against their presence amongst the gods. While nigh-untouchable from Elfilin's perspective, Elfilin hopes that further research from them both could also the gods to have a better idea of what "perfection" means for them... if only to be used to once again reduce Cell into becoming dust on the wind.
    • Elfilin's memory of his days in Lab Discovera may be hazy at best, but he is regardless s figure who owns the entirety of their existence to society's tinkering with the natural world. While they breached containment before their planet's abandonment, Elfilin has regardless remained sympathetic to the cause scientifically-crafted heroes share, standing amongst them someone who desires fairness for those born under similar principles. In fact, Elfilin even has some self-adorned guilt over the excellent condition he has to begin with, knowing that existing in an optimal state is rare amongst his brethren. Among these figures, Silvally has proven itself to be both a source of wonder and pity from Elfilin. Largely created as an attempt to rival Arceus itself, Elfilin was quickly impressed at the capabilities it has in the art of combat, swapping its type in an instant before attacking with vicious strikes. While Elfilin isn't majorly worried about the 'mon's safety at present, he is still adamant in intercepting the creation of any beings like it, both because of the patchwork needed to create one and the risk of them being reduced to attack dogs at best and macabre ornaments at worst.
      • Similarly, Elfilin is fascinated with humanity's habit of tampering with ordinary people to achieve new heights. While he often finds the methods used to allow for such heroes to exist horrific, even Elfilin is unable to break his gaze towards the hidden potential science tends to unlock in people. While it's unknown if Elfilis' otherworldly might was given to the original denizens of Elfilin's home directly, beings like Eleven tickle Elfilin's fancy towards such a wondrous idea being possible. Having been at first raised in a government laboratory, Eleven's defiance towards the idea of being a psionic spy has been universally praised by Elfilin as a just decision, with the breaking of her shackles assisting the telekinetic to reach both dazzling heights and a humble existence. While his abilities are comparably non-existent compared to the superhuman, Elfilin regardless sees them as inspirational towards his quest to wield the abilities his soul grants, dreaming of the day in which he alone would save the day.
    • Given the fact he is the only thing keeping Fecto Forgo from gaining his true strength, Elfilin is often the target of undesired attention from the pantheon's less-than-moral scientists. Be it solely for the purpose of weaponizing the alien or simply to observe what it would do, the prospect of an active Fecto Elfilis is too great for many researchers to ignore, given the near-limitless power it projects onto all who dare stand before it. While the more moral amongst these figures are contently merely theorizing on Elfilis' full potential, those without such qualms have caused Elfilin to be at an increased risk of falling victim to their schemes, with some going as far as attempting to have it kidnapped and/or combed for genetic material. Not wanting it for their prize to break free of its assimilation, figures like Professor Hojo and Shou Tucker have even gone as far to suggest permanently fusing the two beings into each other through arcane means, thus enduring their puppet remains whole and hopefully more controllable. Having grown to value the small, overlooked trait of existence, Elfilin has trained its talent of portal creation to at least have a fighting chance when confronted by these vicious figures, even if it's just to allow for a speedy getaway or to summon reinforcements.
  • With them being simultaneously biological and man-made, Elfilin's existence has attracted the attention of several organizations with branches in the pantheon. Even if their ranks aren't fully present, the MiB managed to regardless take hold of the pantheon via their eternal employees of the month: Agents J and K. With the threat Elfilin holds being as minimal as it is, the duo has given Elfilin general clearance to remain in the divine, especially given the fact the realm's residents are less and less surprised by extraterrestrials existing in the shared world by the day. Honored by this, Elfilin has made it a point to pay the two agents back someday for their generosity, even if it's something as simple as fetching the two of them coffee at some point. However, not every agency is as warm and welcoming when it comes to otherworldly forces, as other groups have the opinion that such creatures are too unpredictable to be left out in the open. Infamous for their restrictions upon the beings under their watch, the SCP Foundation's core principles upset Elfilin greatly, both of their cold treatment of the strange and the fear that such treatment could result in even more Fecto Forgos if handled poorly. With their roulette wheel of responses when it comes to overseeing the existence of the paranormal, Elfilin is much too intimidated by their presence to use them either as a resource for questions or to view their docile SCPs, fearing that he may be accidentally labeled as one of their own and sealed away for a very, very long time.
  • While Elfilin has yet to sail among the stars, it doesn't change the fact that he is extraterrestrial in origin. Split off from his space-faring counterpart in ages past, the existence of Wondaria Remains has regardless allowed for an idea of space to develop in Elfilin's head. Even if he doesn't know what to expect if the day were to pass, the prospect of seeing what lies beyond the world he knows is an intriguing prospect regardless. Through this shared passion, Elfilin has regularly confided with other pleasant aliens to get their view on space, in order to best equip Elfilin for the task. And with an entire house dedicated to the existence of alien life, Elfilin has no shortage of figures to talk to on what to expect when traveling across the inky black Elfilis hails from.
    • Amongst these beings, perhaps the greatest bond Elfilin could've formed is with a being who serves as his general opposite. While sharing his past as a former lab rat, Stitch is a far cry from both him or his other half, mostly in part from being woven from the genetic code of the galaxy's foulest creatures. The end result of Jumba's tinkering was the creation of a being of both immense power... and immense chaos. Despite their unpredictable ways and foul vocabulary, Stitch has regardless managed to forge his own destiny as his world's finest protector, with his ultimately virtuous ways catching the interest of Elfilin in particular. Even if Stitch isn't much of a talking peace thanks to his alien lingo, the two beings' boundless appetite for friendship and adventure has allowed the two to form an unexpected friendship with one another, with Elfilin acting as a literal wingman for Stitch whenever he's attempting to adjust himself to the collective civility the gods have forged for themselves. Even if the two can't always agree on certain ideals, Elfilin is regardless happy to act as backup for his ally should he ever get into trouble, with the two taking comfort in protecting the latter in the cases where they are sought after for the purpose of shaping into an ideal weapon. Even when not facing up against their enemies, Elfilin regardless stands up for his chimeric companion whenever his antics inevitably result in shame being thrust upon them, ensuring many that Stitch is totally capable of behaving himself... sometimes.
    • Sadly, a good portion of the house's representatives aren't here to make friends with the local gods. (Not-so-friendly aliens. With Fecto Elfilis being as immediately hostile as it was upon first contact, it is perhaps unsurprising that other aliens seek to use the dormant power within Elfilin for their own gain. While their ranks are ultimately spread between a single mature member and numerous children, there have been lingering fears that the Nostromo Drone could see Elfilin's ventures into the Facehuggers' domain as a direct attack on the lingering hope of establishing a hive. While this would be enough of a concern as is, the greater threat lies within the Facehuggers themselves. While they aren't as imposing, the thought of their kind unlocking untold cosmic power through applying his DNA is enough of a concern to keep careful tabs on Elfilin when venturing into the house, namely to keep the Facehuggers the hell away from infecting Elfilin with their young. A similar sentiment of caution was felt by Elfilin when it came to the proposed of another assimilating alien amongst the gods: the Thing. Arguably even more volatile than Forgo could ever dream of being due to its methods of fusion, Elfilin isn't exactly keen on trying to reason with it, not fancying his chances of getting himself disengaged from the abomination should the worst come to past. Similarly, other gods take extreme precautions to keep it away from beings like Elfilin, fearing that Elfilin would provide the perfect method of spreading its nightmarish plague.
      • However, perhaps the most intriguing and terrible threat Elfilin happened upon does not walk amongst him, but beneath. The foundation that allowed humanity to rise, the entirety of the world owes its status to Lavos, a slumbering alien of calamitous properties. While its crash landing allowed for the people of its world to flourish, Lavos is inevitably fated to awaken from its millennia-long slumber to destroy its world. Given how its nature is an amplified version of the gifts Fecto Elfilis provided, Elfilin looks upon the slumbering beast as an object of macabre fascination. While its existence does give Elfilin a lot of questions on how Elfilis would have reacted if it arrived to the Forgotten Land in an earlier stage of humanity's development, the highly destructive nature of the beast leaves Elfilin more focused on stopping it than trying to act rhetorics. Best not leave an entity that can casually devour space-time around for long, after all.
  • In the time between the Forgotten Land's abandonment and the present, nature has flourished in place of organized society. With the structures of yore being left to crumble and sprout plants without anyone to care for them, Elfilin's home is a place dominated by natural beauty, where even the areas touched by humanity are carried with the whimsy nature provides. Even with the Forgotten Land losing one of its permanent residents with Elfilin's ascension, he is regardless stalwart in ensuring that no harm comes to the place he loves. Having grown fond of plains, tropics, and theme parks from their travels, Elfilin has cooperated with beings like Shaymin in order to protect the pantheon's less developed areas, ensuring that there will be always a place for nature to flourish. With memories in their heart of the good old days of when animals lived in peace within the Forgotten Land, Elfilin aids within their efforts by spreading seeds from above, in the hopes that blooming greenery would allow for animal life to thrive within these freshly-formed environments. However, it isn't always an easy task defending the fauna and flora from unforeseen threats, as the beings who actively try to disrupt this peace are often too large to really do anything against. Be it through the raging inferno the Firebird leaves in its flight path, the overwhelming pollution Hexxus spreads like embers from a well-shaken cigar, or Phazon playing the world's most Lovecraftian edition of Conway's Game of Life, there are plenty of nasty threats for Elfilin to be worried about when it comes to nature's survival. At the very least, it is not alone in facing this plight, with Batty Koda agreeing to act as messengers alongside them should these forces ever decide to act up again.
  • As a replacement for the presently-absent Leongar, Elfilin has sought out some of the pantheon's own lions in the hopes of finding companions. On his search, perhaps the easiest to get ahold of was that of the Pride Land's premier noble duo, naturally equipped to hear the thoughts and feelings of even the most unconventional of creatures. While the two can often be busy managing their kingdom as one force, the time they have scouring their domains is enough for Elfilin to journey there every once in a while, even for things as simple as checking on the goings-on for the two. Even if much of Elfilin's knowledge of the possibilities beyond their savannah is something the two can't make heads or tails of, they never the less serve as good council for Elfilin's question, with the reigning king's vigor and emotion countered by his father's logic-driven ideals. However, perhaps the most desirable ally amongst these figures comes from an even nobler source of panthera-based power: Aslan. Even with the righteous feline's wise persona, his conditional love for the truest love the meek seek from them has resulted in them becoming both a friend and a teacher to Elfilin on the true meaning of the divine, given the fact Aslan was already a god of fathomless power by the time he made his presence known. While much of his friend's more heavy-handed diatribes often leave them scratching his head on the meaning of things, Elfilin sees Aslan as a valuable anchor who is not afraid to remind them on the greater needs the divine have of heroes, be they all-powerful protectors of realms or those merely capable of opening warp holes from one place to another.
  • Generic rodents have it rough. As long as you aren't large or possess intimidating teeth, it's hard for many to take you seriously as some skittering rat-like thing, if they even regard you as an individual at all. While having a slight advantage in account of their airborne method of travel and chinchilla-esqe tail, it doesn't change the fact Elfilin is still quite mouse-like in appearance. This quality, as logic does in world's with sentient animals, has allowed Elfilin to be pitted up against new enemies solely focused on his destruction: the common house cat. Well-known for their love of hunting down innocent rodents to devour, Elfilin is often forced to hide from the less scrupulous cats that prowl amongst the divine halls, as even the smallest of openings could result in a nasty end for the critter. More unfortunately, perhaps one of the most devious of the lot even occupies Elfilin's own hall: Claudandus. A figure hellbent on gaining dominance over the world through his superior genes, Claudandus only regards Elfilin as being marginally better compared to those he seems impure, regarding them as a quick meal at best and an object to torment at worse. While Elfilin has manages to keep any unfortunate encounters at bay with his portals, any attempt to lead them to actual danger could easily be healed by the cat, thus requiring Elfilin to be cautious when flying through his house in the dark. It isn't like the other houses are much better, either, with a trio of Meowth and Dex-Starr all requiring Elfilin to be on his toes when not in the open. While the 'mon triad are content merely heckling Elfilin as part of their mischief, the latter's undying fury is enough for Elfilin to give them a wide berth even on one of his better days.
    • Even if one ignores the sheer amount of cats present amongst the gods, sometimes, the greatest threat to a being can come within. Upon hearing of its capabilities of opening wormholes from place to place, Ratigan sought to use Elfilin's abilities for his personal gain, forcing the creature to provide an easy way to break into vaults and escape from trouble. Masquerading himself as a god who was wounded from a fight with a rival deity, Ratigan met with Elfilin from the shadows, requesting that they being him back to his hall to seek treatment. Doing as such out of the kindness of his heart, the criminal quietly chuckled as he requested Elfilin come back to his temple sometime to receive a reward for his troubles. While Elfilin did see the creature's domain as ominous in nature, he threw aside his concerns to help someone in need, before agreeing to the rodent's request in good faith. As Elfilin returned in the following days, a small gift of dubiously-acquired riches foretold the request for a favor. Seemingly still recovering from the injuries he suffered, Ratigan asked Elfilin to bring him to the Hall of Commerce to buy some items from their markets. Upon doing as such, Ratigan's greed to skip the end overtook his criminal mind, too amazed at Elfilin's abilities to think straight. Out of arrogantly assuming he would be in the clear, Ratigan grabbed the rat by the tail just as he was about to fly away, demanding he take them to the financial districts of the house to easily steal from them... in full view of a stunned crowd. Realizing his failure, Ratigan dropped Elfilin and made a break for it, leaving Elfilin unharmed but alarmed at how quickly things turned. Not wanting himself to be a victim of this deception again, Elfilin saught the aid of Ratigan's enemies in order to best learn of his tricks. Unsurprised with how fast Ratigan's guise slipped, the two detectives were happy to give the details on their arch-enemy's common tricks, thus allowing Elfilin to be better equipped to respond should the crime lord try to take revenge on his failed pawn.
  • With how stubby its limbs are, scuttling across the floor like most rodents would be impossible for Elfilin to do. Ignoring the fact it wouldn't do much in the way of ensuring he would be constantly safe, but his gigantic ears and bipedal frame would only continuously hamper his attempts to use ground-based moment to flee from strong opponents. So what does Elfilin do, in this difficult circumstance? He uses his ears, instead. In a type of behavior not often seen amongst the divine, Elfilin has managed to find a way to use his ears as a makeshift pair of wings, flapping them in a butterfly-like motion in order to ensure his airborne status. While his method of flight isn't death-defying in terms of speed or agility, Elfilin's methods of flight are regardless useful when it comes to moving through the world around them, aided by his small size rendering it easy to slip through small openings. While such is good by itself, the flight capabilities of other gods have left Elfilin feeling lacking, worried that his skills may not be enough to keep pace against the numerous threats the pantheon has to offer. As said, Elfilin has taken habit of trying to replicate the acrobatic techniques Dumbo is capable of ever since he first heard of him, believing that his claim to fame would serve as an excellent muse to help enhance his physical abilities. On his part, Dumbo has no quandaries with his claim to fame being copied by the creature, happy to serve as a model example of breaking limits and using one's own capabilities to obtain prosperity.
  • Can also be found in Genetic Engineering
  • "So no matter what the future holds... I hope we'll always stay friends, Kirby!"

    Homestuck Kids 
Homestuck Kidsmembers, Deities of World-Creating Journeys (Dave, Jade, John and, Rose: Beta Kids, Heroes; Dirk, Jake, Jane and Roxy: Alpha Kids, Nobles; Dave: turntechGodhead, Knight of Time, Elizabeth, Insufferable Prick; Dirk: timaeusTestified, Prince of Heart; Jade: gardenGnostic, Witch of Space, Farmstink Buttlass; Jane: gutsyGumshoe, Maid of Life, Barnstench Fartface, Janey; Jake: golgothasTerror, Page of Hope, J, Barfbreath Turdsmirk; John: ectoBiologist, ghostlyTrickster, Heir of Breath, Zoosmell Pooplord; Rose: tentacleTherapist, Seer of Light, Flighty Broad; Roxy: tipsyGnostalgic, Rogue of Void, Rolal)
Clockwise from topleft: John, Rose, Dave, Jade, Jane, Dirk, Roxy and Jake.Click here to see them as God Tiers.

Houyi, God of Stripped Immortality (Hou Yi, Shenyi, Yi, Marquis Pacifier of the Country, The Defender of Earth)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A red bow with a white arrow
  • Theme Music: the Chinese theme of Smite (shared with other Chinese folkloric figures who fight on the Battlefield of the Gods)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, Neutral Evil after Chang'e became immortal (became Neutral Good again after his death)
  • Portfolio: Lost of Immortality And Godhood, The Exile from Heavens, Improbable Aiming Skills, Immortality Seeker, Hunter of Monsters, Fallen Hero, Star Crossed Lover (with Chang'e), Power of the Sun (ironically)
  • Domains: Archery, Immortality, Sun
  • Allies: Chang'e, Hawkeye, Green Arrow, Kung Jin, Akagi, Son Wukong, Guan Yu, Romeo Montague
  • Enemies: Junko
  • Opposes: Eirin Yagokoro
  • Conflicted Opinion on: Volcarona
  • A celestial archer once send to stop the misdeeds of the ten solar crows. Where he was send to frighten them to obey, Houyi was angered by the havoc they caused and shot down nine of them, only being stopped to spare the last one. Due of this, Di Jun took away his immortality and godhood, turning him into a mortal man.
  • In a rather ironic turn, after his death, he became the lord of the sun after his spirit ascended into the sun. This, combined with his past deeds, makes him bit of an oddity alongside fellow sun deities. Though on his behalf, the only one who bothers him is Volcarona in fear the he will turn up like the solar crows, and he seems to be fine with Leona, as she understands what he had to do.
  • Since gods cannot truly die in the Pantheon, some other gods asked if he became immortal again, thus making his title meaningless, or is he still a mortal god. Court of the Gods said "Yes".
  • Other Gods seems to be wary about him, as it was known that Houyi turned from a honorable archer into a brooding tyrant due to the loss of Chang'e. He's been on the road of recovery, as he regretted how he let his grief take control of his actions and ruin his reputation. However, his feelings towards her remain strong even in the Pantheon. He just hopes she's not mad at him on his 'change'.
  • Even though he has grown past the tyrannical nature, he almost snapped back when he heard that Chang'e was imprisoned by the people of the Moon for drinking the Elixir of Life. Furious at the news, he went after the closest Lunarian he could find, Eirin Yagokoro. However, he quickly realized that his revenge would be pointless as Eirin herself is exiled from the Moon. Where he still has a dislike forwards her, he behaves himself until he can find the true leaders of Lunarians and persuade them to let Chang'e go.
    • After looking into this world further, he came to discover few things: First is that that world's equivalent of him shot down the nine suns (one of them who is claimed to have been the god Apollo), which angered the local goddess of Hell. Second is that one of the suns he shot down fell on a child, which angered the child's mother. While he understands their grudge, the fact that they directed that grudge onto Chang'e angered him more than it should have. This makes him more determined to save Chang'e.
      • And then he heard that the Lunarians turned Chang'e into a toad to prevent her from escaping... to be honest, he thought that they are just being petty at that point.
  • Aside of his skills in archery, he is also a great architect.
  • When he first heard about Utsuho Reiuji, he at first thought that either he didn't kill one of the solar crows, or the last one decided to host inside her. However, upon hearing that Yatagarasu had really different basics, he decided not to dwell on the subject further.
  • As a celestial archer, he is naturally allies with many of the other archers in the Pantheon. Though he refuses to take any students under his wing as he thinks that the same thing what happened with Feng Meng would happen again.
    • In fact, he admitted that it was because of his fall to tyranny that he got killed. He's learned to better control his temper so this won't happen again. Still not taking students.
  • In spite of one of his titles, he has no relation to Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth!
  • Truth be told, he never believed about the story of the woman who swore revenge against Chang'e... until he met Junko in person. He never believed that there would be someone who would hate someone so badly. Especially since Junko seems to not even remember that her hatred came due of him, and not Chang'e.
  • Was finally reunited with Chang'e after all these years. He didn't believe that the day would come that he would see her face-to-face again, but it did. They tried to celebrate their reunion, but then Junko decided to crash the party and ruin it for everyone, which annoyed Houyi. But being able to be with his loved one is all what matters.

    John Price 
Captain John Price, God of Losing All His Comrades (Bravo Six, Prisoner 627, $, Black Viking, Old Man, 9051210)
  • Theme: Arabian End Game
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His boonie hat
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Cold Sniper, Captain in both Task Force 141 and the SAS, Sole survivor of Bravo Six and Task Force 141, Never Bareheaded, Smokes Villa Clara Cigars, Going to great lengths to take down his enemies, Tendency to take down his foes with sheer determination, Porn Stache, Made of Iron, Tranquil Fury, Warrior Poet
  • Domains: United Kingdom, Special Air Service, Special Forces
  • Allies: Lena Oxton/Tracer, Alex Mason, James Bond, Solid Snake, The Boss, Raiden, Tashkent
  • Enemies: General Shepherd, Vladimir Makarov, Raul Menendez, Liquid Snake, Ali-Al Saachez, Zoran Lazarević, Nikita Dragovich, Senator Steven Armstrong, Jonathan Irons, Sundowner, Solidus Snake, HYDRA, Reaper, Widowmaker
  • Conflicting Opinion: Big Boss, Setsuna F. Seiei
  • Opposed by: Steve Rogers, Iowa, Graham Aker
  • Captain John Price was ascended into the Pantheon for one reason: to counter the ever-growing threats of various warmongers and terrorists now plotting to take over the various houses through force.
  • Amongst all these threats, Price's priority targets are his old enemies General Shepherd and Vladimir Makarov. With all of his friends and allies having been killed by both these men, it's the logical choice for him to go after them first and foil their plans of wanton war and destruction. With nothing left to lose, he decides to go after them and wipe out each of their operations piece-by-piece.
  • James Bond immediately approaches him, due to his intel on both Makarov and Shepherd. Price, while initally hesitant, decides to cooperate with the MI6 agent. In exchange for this vital intel, he gives Price a number of weapons and gadgets, including a silenced sniper rifle.
  • Aside from Makarov and Shepherd, Price also tracks down their various supporters and allies within the Pantheon. For Makarov, there's Soviet Gen. Nikita Dragovich, who plans on helping the Ultranationist leader repeat their invasion of Europe, a Soviet official known simply as Kane, and a Serbian terrorist named Zoran Lazarevic. For Shepherd, there's Senator Steven Armstong, and Solidus Snake.
    • Other, similar threats that Price also lists down are Raul Menendez (whom Makarov was a formerly a follower of), and HYDRA, due to their infiltration of several high-tier government agencies across the world.
  • His quests for revenge earn the respect of the Cyborg Raiden, especially after learning that he also plans on going after the members of Desperado (due to their official backing of Shepherd's plans).
  • Other deities that become allies with Price include Solid Snake, The Boss, and Alex Mason. Each of these particular deities have mutual enemies between them, as well as similar goals to Price's own.
    • Mason in particular provides Price valuable intel on some of Makarov's connections, Dragovich in particular, due to his essential role as Makarov's new bomb-maker.
    • Snake on the other hand provides intel on what to expect from his own enemies. This includes handing him a sample of nanomachines for him to analyze. Price himself decides not to use it, having already proven himself in combat without any enhancement whatsoever.
  • Is actually opposed by several American deities, Steve Rogers in particular, for his questionable actions during the events of World War III in his universe. Price responds by saying that he was essentially caught between a rock and hard place, not to mention having to explain to him that what Makarov and Shepherd had done was far worse, including the duo being the very instigators of the war in the first place.
  • One newly-ascended deity who becomes yet another important ally to Price is Lena Oxton, aka Tracer. Like Price, she is a former member of the British military. While initially hesitant to help him due to his number of questionable acts, she finally decides that helping Price is the best course of action, especially after he tells her the story of Shepherd and Makarov's actions, and even personally briefs her on what happened to London in Price's own universe.
    • In exchange for this info, Tracer informs him of other newly-ascended deities from her own universe to look out for. The first is Reaper, a mysterious individual cloaked in black, and Widowmaker, a French sniper allied with the former. Price promises to return the favor and help her, but only after Makarov and Shepherd are dealt with first.

    Lavernius Tucker 
Private First Class/Captain Lavernius Tucker, God of Pregnant Dudes and Pointing Out Suggestive Lines (T-Pain, and an assortment of other Ebonic names- by Asuna, Meta 2.0)
  • Theme Song: Bow Chicka Wow Wow Wow, Another One Down, Reparation (an upbeat version of the Meta's theme)
  • Rank: Lesser God, Intermediate God when wearing the Meta suit
  • Symbol/Weapon: His Energy Sword, the Great Weapon
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Casanova Wannabe, Got a Face Full of Alien Wing-Wong, Technically an Action Mom, Most Badass Member of the Blood Gulch Crew, Brilliant, but Lazy, Master of Double Entendre, Guile Hero, Master Swordsman, "Bow Chicka Wow Wow", One-Man Army
  • Domains: Perversion, Swords, Mpreg
  • Superior: Monty Oum
  • Herald: Lt. Palomo
  • Allies: Leonard L. Church, Epsilon, Sarge, Dexter Grif, Dick Simmons, Franklin Donut, Agent Washington, Agent Carolina, Agent Texas, Caboose, Sister, Lopez, Master Chief,
  • Enemies: The Meta, Raul Menendez, Felix, Locus, Roman Torchwick
  • Teethclenched Teamwork with: Asuna Yuuki (Abridged) (one-sided)
  • Fears: The Facehugger
  • Fanboy of: The Cabot Crew
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after exposing the conspiracy of the Chorus Civil War; it was a hoax caused by Malcom Hargrove who manipulated the people of the planet to try and kill each other for profit.
    • That was actually one reason. The other reason is due to his pregnancy. Yes, you read that right. He gave birth to a baby. An alien baby, but a baby nonetheless. Though, this has terrified certain gods such as Sakura Matou and Kotonoha Katsura because this pretty much means that Tucker was raped.
    • It should also be noted that Mpregs are often to be the creations of Yaoi Fangirls (especially those who hate the female casts). Tucker has no comment about that.
  • Even if he's proud of his son Junior, he's deeply afraid of the Facehugger, given being forcibly impregnated by an alien is not an experience he wants others to have.
  • Has somewhat mixed reactions upon meeting meeting both Church and Epsilon. Sure, he's happy to see them again but he really didn't have much to say. Not surprising when you consider that they both sacrificed themselves so he and the others could fight another day.
  • One would think that due to his personality, Tucker is more or less an idiot who gets his ass handed to him on a daily basis. Make that mistake on your peril. Out of everyone of his origin, he's likely to be one of the strongest fighters. Having beaten more competent solders many times over has given him something of a reputation.
  • He's mostly seen trying to use his old tricks on some of the girls in the Pantheon. Obviously, it never goes anywhere and it's often followed up by a beating. He stays far from Abridged!Asuna though, due to her political incorrectness.
    • Among the deities who beat up Tucker are 3\4 of Team RWBY (Yang in particular punched Tucker so hard it reminded him of Tex). The exception is, of course, Ruby herself, who not only is a minor, but Tucker deeply respects for her leadership skills.
  • Given he has fathered many children back in Chorus, is frequently in the house of Commerce hoping to find a way to get the support payments the mothers have requested.
  • Had a somewhat awkward run-in with Jaune Arc, who reminded him of himself from a long time ago, except the young Huntsman does have a successful romance even though said girl did die in the mortal realm.
  • Is ready to stop Felix once and for all when he heard that he (and Locus) were in the Pantheon before him. As for Locus…he doesn't want to talk about it.
  • The Meta already hated Tucker for stabbing him and thus allowing his drowning. Once he saw Tucker temporarily took his armor, he was even more enraged and swears revenge.
  • His favorite movie is Reservoir Dogs and he was absolutely ecstatic to find the Cabot crew from said film in the Pantheon. He's also roped his fellow Red vs Blue deities to do a recreation of his film with very mixed results.
  • Also has a spot in the House of Quirks.
  • "Bow-Chicka-Bow-Wow!"

Momotarō, God of Those who were Born from Plants (Peach Boy)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A large peach
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Born from a giant peach, Given to a childless couple by the gods, Happily Adopted, Name means "Peach Boy", Befriending animals by feeding them kibi-dango
  • Domains: Heroism, Gifts, Birth, Peaches
  • Heralds: Dog, Monkey, and Pheasant (his Talking Animal friends)
  • Allies: Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, Megamind, Samurai Jack, Mario, Princess Peach, Thumbelina, James Harry Trotter and his Bug Friends, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Kirby, the Animal Friends, Ryotaro Nogami, Tethu, Tethi and Esna
  • Opposed by: Private Snafu
  • Conflicting Opinion: Yuugi Hoshiguma, Zero Two, King Dedede
  • Once upon a time, there was an elderly couple with no children. Feeling distraught over their lack of children, the prayed to the gods to give them the children they desired. One day, a massive peach floated down a nearby river, which the elderly couple decided to eat. Suddenly, out of the peach emerged a baby boy, who explained that he was bestowed upon them by the gods. They named him Momotaro and happily raised him like he was their own child. When Momotaro grew into a fine young man, a group of Oni were wreaking havoc on his hometown and stealing food from the villagers. Momotaro decided to stop the Oni's mischief by heading out to their island, Onigashima, with his trusty sword and his kibi-dango rations. During his journey, he met a dog, a monkey, and a pheasant, who decided to tag along with him after he fed them kibi-dango. When the group managed to reach the island, they gave the Oni's a sound thrashing. The Oni's surrendered, and so Momotaro and his friends returned to the village with the stuff the Oni stole, as was labeled a hometown hero for his heroic deeds.
  • It was a normal day in the House of Plants, when Mary Lennox, Wirt, and Greg discovered a giant peach growing in a patch of land in a forest. Curious about the giant peach, they decided to carry it over to the House of Food for food preparation. However, the peach suddenly split in half to reveal an adult human male sleeping inside. He woke up, and was confused by his surroundings, the three children standing in front of him, and him being inside a giant peach again. When asked about what happened to him, he claimed that the last thing he remembered was living in his village before blacking out and awaking in the House of Plants. After some more explanations, Momotaro was brought to the Court of the Gods, who gave him the divine title of Born from Plants, for his rather unorthodox birth.
  • One of Momotaro's first friends is Thumbelina, who coincedentally shares similar circumstances of birth; she was given to a childless woman desperate to have children of her own, though unlike Momotaro, she was born extremely small. Momotaro was a bit surprised when he heard this, as it reminded him of another tale of a tiny Wonder Child named Issun-boshi. He felt a bit bad that she was constantly kidnapped around, while she was impressed by his bravery in stopping the greedy Oni.
  • Momotaro also managed to meet other deities like Superman, Son Goku, Metro Man, and Megamind who were gifted to childless parents, though under different circumstances; they are aliens sent hurtling down to Earth because of their home planet's destruction and just so happened to land near a house. Momotaro was amazed at Superman's and Goku's immense strength and power, while they appreciated his willingness to defeat the Oni to protect his village. Momotaro was initially a bit antsy with Megamind because of his supervillain antics, but Metro Man assured him that Megamind isn't really evil, which calmed down Momotaro.
  • Momotaro's animal friends, Monkey, Dog, and Pheasant, are sometimes seen around him during his walks around the Pantheon. Momotaro managed to find common ground with Ash Ketchum, who has captured and befriended many Pokemon, andforged a stong bond with his partners, especially Pikachu. Momotaro is impressed by Ash's large team, and wishes to meet the rest of his Pokemon someday. He also befriended Kirby and the Animal Friends, who have accompanied Kirby on some of his adventures and helped out by tag-teaming and boosting his powers, which Momotaro was impressed by. He was quite surprised by Kirby's voracious appetite believing that Kirby would eat the giant peach in one go.
  • As a fellow samurai, it wasn't long before he met Samurai Jack, who then decided to tell each other their tales. Momotaro was floored by Jack's adventures in the Bad Future and his steadfast will to keep going despite the seeming hopelessness of his situation. Jack on the other hand appreciated his willingness to stop the Oni from ransacking his village and befriending the animals to help him. They often like to meet up and chat in their free time.
  • Ryotaro Nogami was absolutely estatic to see Momotaro in the Pantheon, as he admires him greatly and even named his first Imagin Momotaros, whose powers even reference his legend. Needless to say, Ryotaro pretty much gushed about Momotaro when they first met, making both Momotaro and Momotaros embarrassed. After calming down, they managed to become good friends, with Momotaro appreciating Ryotaro's determination and heroic spirit, despite his bad luck.
  • There are some rumors that Mario went through the same birth and journey as Momotaro, except the Oni's were Bowser and his Koopa Troop, their base was a spaceship instead of an island, and Mario carried a gun instead of a sword. When Momotaro went up to Mario to confirm the rumors, Mario debunked those rumors, saying that the circumstances of his birth were quite different than that. With this, he introduced Momotaro to Princess Peach, and they managed to become friends.
  • Momotaro took interest in Harry James Trotter and his Bug Friends because of their experiences with giant peaches, but its role was different than his own; The giant peach in James' story came because of a crocodile tongue enchanting it and the bugs living in it, serving as their "birth" in a sense, and then James and his newfound friends decide to travel to New York on the peach to start a new life and escape from James' abusive aunts. Both parties were amused at the coincedences, and appreciated eachothers bravery in stopping the Oni and escaping from abusive guardians respectively.
  • Momotaro is rather disapproving of the times King Dedede stole Dream Land's food for himself, just like the Oni stole his village's food. While Dedede doesn't engage in such activities anymore (at least, not voluntarily), Momotaro's willing to stop him should he do such things again. Speaking of Oni, he has a rocky relationship with Yuugi Hoshiguma and Zero Two, who happen to be an Oni and resemble an Oni respectively. Both sides would rather just avoid eachother lest things get uncomfortable.
  • Bizzarely, Private Snafu hates Momotaro, believing him to be a general in the Imperial Japanese army, who managed to defeat British soldiers with his animal friends. Momotaro is completely baffled by his accusations, especially as he lived way before WWII happened, and claims he remembers nothing of the sort. He tries his best to avoid the Private and not face his wrath.
  • Goro Majima, bearing a tattoo of a hannya, once fought against Dojima Family lieutenant Hiroki Awano, who bears a tatto of Momotaro, whose story reflected Awano's life. Momotaro elevating his family to a comfortable life with the riches he took back mirrors Awano being a hedonistic, laid-back man who would indulge in his comfortable life, but beneath his lazy lifestyles is his indomitable strength and skills in extortion. Ironic that he managed to get killed by Lao Gui, a man whose name means "old demon". Goro Majima could only imagine how Awano would react if he and Momotaro ever met.
  • Momotaro isn't the only one who was born from plants; the Seedlings are an entire race of living seeds living in a harsh desert, who make pacts with water spirits to survive. When Momotaro met them, he was initially disappainted he couldn't meet Esna directly and wishes to meet her, but otherwise likes the two seedlings for standing up against Chaos. Tethu and Tethi on the other hand are surprised he's not a Seedling despite his strange birth.
  • Can also be found in Miscellaneous Flora.


Junior, God of Delivery Storks
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A stork carrying a baby bundle
  • Theme Songs: "Fire and the Flood", "Holdin' Out", "Heiwa" by Ai
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral at first, Neutral Good later
  • Portfolio: Broken Ace, Children Raise You, I Want My Beloved to Be Happy, Papa Wolf, former Professional Butt-Kisser, Amusing Injuries, has a broken wing for most of the story
  • Domains: Birds, Children, Delivery
  • Heralds: Tulip, Diamond Destiny, every bird at Stork Mountain (including Pigeon Toady but not Hunter), the wolf pack
  • High Priest: Mr. Stork
  • Allies: Baby Bink, Tawaret, Miltank, Celebi, San, Mowgli, Baloo and Bagheera, Lag Seeing and Niche, The Smurfs, Pac-Man, Yoshi, Dumbo, Mike and Sulley, Simba, Timon and Pumbaa, Dracula, Mavis
  • Enemies: Lord Shen, The Birds, Kamek
  • Opposes: Corporations, especially if they're evil
  • Annoys: Pink Panther, several Looney Tunes
  • Annoyed by: Ed
  • Complicated Relations: La Femme
  • Under watch by: SCP Foundation
  • Storks were once in charge of delivering newborn babies to hopeful parents. That ended when one stork made the mistake of getting too attached to his charge and broke her homing beacon, resulting in the baby having to be raised by the storks, who abandoned baby delivery and restructured into Cornerstore, a package delivery company. 18 years passed and the baby grew into Tulip, whose attempts at being useful and revolutionizing the workplace weren't always appreciated by Cornerstore's avian workforce. CEO Hunter told his top employee, Junior, that he would be promoted if he fired Tulip. Junior instead transferred Tulip to the out-of-the-way mailroom, where a letter by a boy requesting a baby sibling shortly arrived. Tulip fired up the long-unused baby-making machine and Junior couldn't stop it in time before a baby, named Diamond Destiny by Tulip, came out. Junior and Tulip then went on a journey to deliver Diamond Destiny to her parents, Junior being unable to do it alone due to a broken wing. In the course of the adventure, Junior's priorities changed as he realized how empty he felt working for Cornerstore, and Tulip was finally able to meet her family. Hunter kept employing increasingly malicious methods to stop them, eventually leading to a confrontation that ended in his death and Cornerstore's end. Afterwards, Junior led the storks back to their original duty of baby delivery.
  • The storks' traditional business carried on without a hitch until Junior chanced upon a baby that seemed a bit too big to still be around Stork Mountain. Fortunately the baby carried a note that read "This is Baby Bink, please return him to the Pantheon." While not a typical stork delivery, Junior couldn't ignore a misplaced baby, so he and Tulip (in an airplane of her design) set out to search for this Pantheon, which they found after weathering through a severe storm. Junior was awarded godhood for returning Baby Bink safely, as well as for steering the storks away from a soulless corporate existence and towards their original purpose. Junior had no idea what to say, while Tulip practically crushed him in a hug while bursting with pride, saying that this went way beyond what Hunter had in store for him.
  • Junior remains close to Baby Bink after that whole adventure they shared, with Bink meaning almost as much to Junior as Diamond Destiny, whom Junior sometimes brings around so the two can play. Of course this also means Junior loses a lot of feathers due to the stress that results from the heaps of trouble Baby Bink tends to get himself in, and he'd like to know which Cloudcuckoolander higher god thought it was a good idea to make a baby a House head. Speaking of, Junior and the whole of Stork Mountain naturally have a close working relationship with the House of Childhood and Adolescence, given the storks play a pivotal role in that very first part of human life and provide babies to caring households.
  • Some of Baby Bink's friends provide other reasons for Junior losing feathers, considering a terrifying woman known as La Femme is counted among them. She has sent bloodcurdling threats to Junior after he understandably refused to provide the insane woman with a baby of her own, making him very, very grateful Stork Mountain is practically inaccessible to someone like her. But on another hand, well, she's made it very obvious already that she doesn't wish any baby any harm; in fact, it's quite the opposite if all the times she has saved Baby Bink and some of the other children from some more serious threat are anything to go by (and Junior himself got bailed out by her one such time). That, combined with La Femme's tragic backstory of losing her unborn baby in a car crash, makes Junior somewhat sympathetic towards her, though the fact that she went on to terrorize and kill another expecting woman brings back around the fact that she can't be trusted. Nonetheless, he doesn't really object to Baby Bink being around her.
  • Contrary to what one might assume, the storks are not the only source of human babies in Junior's universe. This is proven by the existence of Nate Gardner, who at 10 years old is much younger than Tulip, the last baby cared for by the storks. Otherwise, the consequences of the storks retiring from the business would have been catastrophic for the human race and that wouldn't have been a good look for the storks. Therefore, it's probably a safe bet that storks (the ones in Junior's universe, at least) get the gist of human reproduction, which is undoubtedly ironic given the whole stork story is something parents tell kids so as to not talk about what sexual reproduction entails. Even if this makes the storks seem redundant, they provide an important service for hopeful parents who cannot have babies the traditional way, such as infertile or homosexual couples, or single parents. In a way, this makes Junior complementary to Tawaret, the Egyptian goddess of pregnancy, and the two get along well since Tawaret has a generally pleasant disposition, though Junior finds her terrifying when she goes into protective goddess mode and thus takes care never to get on her bad side.
  • Junior has struck a deal with Miltank to especially provide Stork Mountain with her famously tasty and nutritious milk, all for the babies under their care of course, partly so they don't go hungry before being delivered to their parents, partly so they start their lives with the right foot. Miltank milk is said to turn children into "hearty, healthy" adults, after all. Miltank is quite happy to be of service.
  • Surprisingly, considering the sheer number of Pokemon that exist and how they are often drawn from folk tales or other aspects of human culture, there is yet to be found a species that directly correlates to the Delivery Stork. There are rumors that the time-traveling fairy Celebi might fulfill a similar role, but there's only one confirmed instance of it delivering an egg to someone and the circumstances were rather special. Either way, Celebi has been seen flitting around Stork Mountain for some reason, looking happy to interact with the babies there, and the storks have decided to take it in stride. The rumors surrounding Celebi have made Junior interested in looking into other beings that fulfill similar functions as the storks, if only to see if they do things any differently from them and what they can learn from that.
  • A wolf pack that wanted to adopt Diamond Destiny is part of Junior's Heralds, despite their initial antagonistic relationship as they chased Junior, Tulip and the baby everywhere. That's why Junior was somewhat bemused at learning there was this one girl, San, who was raised by wolves since she was a baby after being thrown at them by her cowardly human parents. San's resulting contempt for humans means she's of the opinion Diamond Destiny would have been better off being raised by the wolf pack, even as goofy as they are. Junior has to agree they'd probably do a good job of it if they stuck to their promise of raising Diamond Destiny into a strong, independent woman, but it would have been scummy to take her away from the family that had requested her. A family that, though human, is very loving and not bad at all. San begrudgingly conceded the point and decided she'd extend a hand to Junior if he ever asked, in honor of his wolf Heralds.
  • Junior's acquaintance with San has led to him learning about the curious case of Mowgli, a boy who was also raised by wolves in his early years, but when a tiger called Shere Khan threatened his life, the other animals in the forest were very invested in sending him to a human settlement to keep him safe. The bear Baloo and the panther Bagheera were the ones who accompanied Mowgli for most of his journey and they went through a lot of trouble to protect him from various things, so they and Junior can definitely relate to each other on the subject of keeping young, danger-prone human charges safe from crazy stuff. Also kind of similar is the matter of Pumbaa, a warthog, and Timon, a meerkat, raising the lion cub Simba into young adulthood after he lost his father and exiled himself from his homeland. The fact that Timon and Pumbaa decided to leave their lazy lives and support Simba when he decided to return to the Pride Lands reminds Junior of how he ended up putting Diamond Destiny and Tulip before his ambitions of promotion.
  • Stork Mountain has established close business relations with Monsters Inc., with Junior and Sulley leading the proceedings. Given Monsters Inc. relies on the laughter of children to generate energy, Stork Mountain being an important provider for their main source of energy is a big deal to them. Aside from that, Sulley and his best friend Mike were heavily influenced in their lives by a lost human baby, Boo, who they protected from the other monsters and sought to deliver home. It was also her who made them realize laughter creates stronger energy than screams, which Monsters Inc. originally ran on. Given Junior went through a very similar journey as Mike and Sulley, with Diamond Destiny changing the way he looked at life, he understands the two monsters on a very deep level.
  • He gets along well with various deities who've had their children delivered to them by storks, or were babies delivered by storks, many of them not even human. The list includes Pac-Man, the Smurfs, Dumbo and even Mario and Luigi. In that last instance, the stork ended up being abducted along with Luigi by the evil Kamek, causing the kind dinosaur Yoshi to find Mario and go on a quest to rescue the stork and Luigi. Because of that, when it comes to denizens of the Mushroom Kingdom, Junior has a closer alliance with Yoshi than anyone else from there, while avoiding Kamek for kidnapping one of his kind. In regards to Dumbo, Junior decided to pick his deliverer, Mr. Stork, as High Priest since he has a lot of experience in dealing with animal clients, something Stork Mountain is relatively lacking in and could use now that they're in the Pantheon.
  • One especially dim human teen known only as Ed still believes in the Delivery Stork tale even though that's not at all how it works in his universe, so he greatly appreciates that the Pantheon has a stork deity that lives up to his ideas and admires Junior to the point that he'll somehow get past Stork Mountain security and get in to "help" the storks with their deliveries. Though impressed that a mere human like Ed can manage to fly and drop things down chimneys, Junior really doesn't want this dumb kid getting his hands on their business. It's really enough that the storks need to handle fragile, unpredictable babies on the daily without them having to worry about one full-grown mental baby interfering.
  • One of the more unconventional versions of the Delivery Stork story can be found in the universe inhabited by Dracula (the nice fatherly one) and his daughter Mavis, as they themselves informed Junior. Apparently, the Grim Reaper and the stork are the same being, almost literally two sides of the same coin, representing death and life respectively. Junior has to admit that seeing a stork in such a unique mystical light makes for quite a contrast considering he's a lot more used to the somewhat prosaic, business-like vibe that the storks in his universe display. Anyway, this Death/stork being is probably not someone that Junior can go out and recruit for Stork Mountain willy-nilly, but he's thankful to Dracula and Mavis for the info.
  • It surprised Junior to learn that somewhere out there, there exists a universe where human beings can deliver each other and the act is not considered slavery or some other terrible crime. That is the universe where Lag Seeing and Niche come from, as Junior learned when the two came to deliver something to Stork Mountain. Given Junior and Lag are both in the business of deliveries, Lag thought it fitting to exchange thoughts with the bird; he explained that the whole human delivery thing is really more like an escort mission than anything else. Junior was also interested and maybe a tad horrified to learn the ridiculous dangers that messengers like Lag went through in his world, as they had to traverse miles of barren land that's often riddled with dangerous giant insects. And Junior thought storks had it bad with having to work in stormy weather. The notion of having a dedicated bodyguard (which Niche is to Lag) sure sounds neat, though. Either way, both parties highly respect each other as fellow delivery people who won't easily back down from a challenge when in route.
  • Has strained relations with cartoon characters such as the Pink Panther and the Looney Tunes Bugs Bunny, Daffy Duck and Sylvester because they've suffered through some trouble dealing with mistaken deliveries from storks. This has resulted in them sending strongly worded letters to Stork Mountain, more or less telling Junior to get his stuff together and make sure his workers don't cause them trouble. After the Jasper incident, Junior consciously does his best to make sure that doesn't happen, though given he has expanded Stork Mountain's work force to include multiple storks from totally different universes, and this includes the infamous Drunk Stork that was the source of trouble for the Looney Tunes, accidents are still bound to happen. Junior has tried to put the Drunk Stork on "middle management" to remedy this, but in his alcoholism, he still goes out and does deliveries that annoy someone.
  • Maintains generally good relations with the Hall of Birds, what with being a bird himself and all. It probably also helps that Stork Mountain employs many different species of birds, even flightless ones. He definitely cannot abide certain evil ones such as the peacock Lord Shen, who committed genocide on the panda species and was all to willing to kill their children to avoid a prophecy that stated he would be overthrown by one of them. Such deeds make Lord Shen anathema to Junior. He also won't go along with the Birds' call for every bird to rise up against humans since that would be a betrayal of the storks' duty to serve humans many times worse than the period when the storks were a package delivery company. Junior has also commented that he can't make heads or tails of why exactly the Birds hate humans and want to harm them, they sound so incoherent to him.
  • Stork Mountain is kept under close watch by the SCP Foundation, which regards the birds with some suspicion given the existence of SCP-918, a mill that creates storks that kidnap children. Junior has formally met with the Foundation and told them kidnapping children is pretty much the antithesis of what his birds do at Stork Mountain and such behavior will not be tolerated on his watch. The Foundation believes Junior and the birds at Stork Mountain as a whole mean well, but considering what happened with Jasper edged very close to kidnapping, maybe the Foundation has some right to be wary of the storks.