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Greater Gods

    Kaworu Nagisa 
Kaworu Nagisa, God of Mystical White Hair (Tabris, The Last Angel, The Seventeenth Angel, The Angel of Free Will, Seele's Boy, Kaworu-kun, Homo-boy, Gay Space Jesus)

Intermediate Gods

    The Mermaid Princesses 
The Mermaid Princessesmembers  Collective Goddesses of Distinguished Hair Colors ([Color]note  Pearl Voice, Lucia: Luchia, Ruchia, Rina: Lina, Caren: Karen, Noel: Nuil, Noelle)
Art by Miru-Pitch
From left to right, top to bottom: Noel, Coco, Caren, Hanon, Lucia, Rina, Seira
Not pictured: Sara

    Stella Vermillion 
Stella Vermillion, The Goddess of Fiery Redheads (Crimson Princess)
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: Her Sword Device Laevateinn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: One of the best Blazers of Hagun Academy and the Only one at Rank A, Princess of the Vermillion Empire that kicks ass, Eats a lot given her High metabolism, Her Sword can reach about 3000 degrees Celsius, Being Born with a lot of innate power as a Blazer which she trained hard to control, Literal Fiery Redhead, Lightning Bruiser, Tsundere, Zettai Ryouiki
  • Domains: Fire, Magic, Swords, Royalty
  • Allies: Ikki Kurogane (Her Boyfriend/Fiancé), Shizuku Kurogane (Kinda), Tohka Todo, Lazlo, Zuko, Asgore Dreemurr, Toriel, Gwyn, Artoria Pendragon, Pyrrha Nikos, Charizard, Ho-Oh, Volcarona, Rias Gremory, Azusa Miura, Honoka Kosaka, Hiro, Neptune, Satellizer El Bridget, Soma Yukihira, Megumi Tadakoro, Sonia Nevermind, Cuuko, Adell, Vulkan, Alexstrasza
  • Rivals: Kazuto Kirigaya and Asuna Yuuki (On a friendly note), Samuel Rodriguez, Vali Lucifer
  • Enemies: Azula, Ragnaros the Firelord, Garfield Lynns/Firefly, The Pyro, The Firebird, Shiro Tagachi, Noyubuki Sugou, any ascended Yandere.
  • Odd Friendship: Flande Scarlet
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Any sibling involved in incestous relationships
  • Not Related to: Noel Vermillion, Vermillion
  • Commonality Connection: Queen Elsa
  • Known as one of the Strongest Blazers in Hagun Academy and the only one there at Rank A, Stella Vermillion wasn't always as strong or Brilliant as everyone think. She had to actually train a lot to properly control her power which didn't always ended well for her but in the end she managed to control it. The Pantheon once took note of this and decided to let her in.
    • Her title used to belong to Lazlo, but he allowed stella to enter after he heard her story and found many similarities between the two. Stella really grateful for his kindnesss became good friens with him after she arrived.
  • She doesn't like when people refer to her as a "Prodigy" or a "Talented" person, because as mentioned before, she had to train her immense power in order to control it and she burned herself a lot most of time. For that same reason she sympathizes with Elsa, who had also a similar problem with her Ice Powers. However, the latter is hesitant to befriend Stella due to her Fire Magic.
  • Her Magic is fire based and as such, she gets along with many good-aligned deities that also control fire. She however isn't very fond of those who uses fire in a destructive ways. People like Ragnaros is one of the few she personally hates for giving fire a bad reputation.
  • She likes to frequent the house of Food after hearing of many delicious meals that can be found there. Many have noticed that she tends to eat a lot, which she explained that is due to the high metabolism of her body. Most Goddesses are also really jelous that she manages to keep a nice figure, while stating that most of the food she eats goes to her Breasts.
    • However, she gets along well with other that girls that have a big appetite just like her such as Honoka Kosaka, Neptune or Satellizer El Briget.
    • There was one time that she run into both Soma Yukihira and Megumi Tadakoro, who thought that they heard the familiar voice of their friend Ikumi Mito only to find Stella in her place. Evem them, they get along rather well and Stella became a big fan of the foods they prepare.
  • She befriended fellow prince Zuko for being another Firebender like her and his story reminding her very much of Ikki. She also isn't very fond of her evil sister and they both have clashed at various points.
    • She also really admires the King of the Monsters Asgore Dreemurr for his outstanding fire control and fighting style. She has expressed a lot of interest in challenging the Boss Monster at some point but Asgore kindly refused the offer saying that he doesn't fight anymore. However, he still retains a fairly cordial relationship with Stella (given her royal background) and often invites her to drink some tea whenever she can.
    • Another figure she admires is Artoria Pendragon thanks to her skills with the Sword. Weirdly enough, they both also like to eat a lot and occasionally, Stella goes to visit her in Shirou's temple to taste his "infamously delicious dishes" that saber told her about. She was not dissapointed.
    • He also bonded with Sonia Nevermind because they are both Princesses that hail from a rather small country
  • She gets along really well with fellow red-headed heroine Pyrrha Nikos for being a world-wide famous fighter just like her and even they both have sparred ocasionally. She also is helping her slowly open up to her Teammate Jaune Arc and encouraging her to confess her feelings just like she did with Ikki.
    • Another redhead she befriended was Rias Gremory, particularly because they both belong to important families and they share the nickname of "Crimsom Princess". They usually talk about their respective boyfriends and Stella has expressed interest in challenging Issei Hyodo at some point.
  • She was once challenged by the White Dragon, Vali Lucifer to a duel after hearing about her outstanding abilities in combat. They indeed fought to a draw but Vali decided to not go All-out on her but promised to finish the fight the later. However, she is weirded out for the fact that he sounds surprisingly similar to Ikki.
  • She doesn't support any kind of Incestous relationship. The reason for this is that it reminds her of her rival Shizuku Kurogane (Ikki's little sister) and she frankly doesn't want to deal with people like that (even though it doesn't affect her relationship with Ikki.
  • While wandering around the House of Fighting and Combat after a long day of training, she accidentally bumped accross Flande Scarlet, who later started to followed the redheaded Princess everywhere. While she had hear of Flande's fearsome reputation, she didn't hesitate to show Laevateinn to her. This amused the vampire greatly, because she also happens to wield a sword by the same name. They do keep in touch from time to time but they haven't "Played" toguether for the moment.
  • The House of Love and Affection is shocked on how smoothly Stella's relationship with Ikki went, given that usually it takes time for a couple to develop. Not to mention that she is actually engaged with Ikki and even slept with him. Many goddesses are really jealous of how lucky Stella was with her Boyfriend.

    Sun Jian 
Sun Jian (style name: Wentai), The Sexy Gray-Haired God (Emperor Wulei, The Tiger of Jiang Dong)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Sword next to flag of Wu
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Officer and a Gentleman, Almighty Janitor, Hunk
  • Domains: War, Attractiveness
  • Heralds: Sun Quan (his eldest son) and the rest of the Kingdom of Wu.
  • Allies: Sun Ce (his other son), Joseph Joestar, Sonsaku Hakufu, Litchi Faye-Ling, Sub-Zero
  • Rivals: Cao Cao, Liu Bei, Guan Yu, Lu Bu, Musasahi Miyamoto
  • Enemies: Oda Nobunaga, Ghetsis, Relius Clover
  • He ascended after many characters noted his attractiveness with his graying hair. Of course when he ascended he was immediately greeted by his son Sun Ce and his reincarnation, Sonsaku Hakufu after the latter thought it was her father who ascended.
  • He has been constantly hit in by various girls in the pantheon. He politely declines everytime. Of course this won't stop some.
  • As a proud warrior and father, anyone who attacks them will feel the wrath of tiger. As he will cut you down.
  • Like his son he confused Litchi Faye-Ling for his son's bodyguard Lianshi but he quickly noticed the difference. He doesn't exactly condemn her actions and has made a valuable ally in the process.
  • He's encountered his son-in-law Liu Bei and it's gotten rather awkward as he was angered at the fact that he attacked his youngest son Sun Quan, but given the reason Sun Wentai himself would've probably acted the same way.
    • Not to mention the big family he and his wife have to look after with a few other sworn sons-in-law in the mix (and one of them even having a relative from Wei)... Sun Ce and Xiahou Yuan can only shrug...
      • Also realizes the dangerous potential of his youngest son Sun Quan drinking wine alongside his other sworn son-in-law Zhang Fei. Sun Jian orders Sun Ce, Zhou Tai and Zhang Xingcai to just outright snatch everything from them if the two decide to party with alcohol. However, thanks to Cao Cao's input, they've had to also account for his middle son, Cao Zhi, as well. Those three younger siblings (Zhang Fei, Sun Quan and Cao Zhi) will soon become a handful nowadays....
  • He once faced Musashi Miyamoto at some point, but was interrupted by enemy soldiers.
  • He is absolutely overjoyed to hear of his sons' accomplishments hearing how he became a conqueror at a young age while he is a little sad that they didn't remain loyal to the Han. He'll accept it as it's not his choice to make.
  • It's very confusing when Hua Xiong is brought out as some say he killed him while other say that Guan Yu killed him. Chances are that The Tiger slayed him according to official records.
  • He tends to be very wary of ambushes as he was killed by one in his lifetime. Though he managed to get savvy and use the Imperial seal as hidden shield or managed to effortlessely avoided using his instincts.
  • His skill with a sword is top notch on top of the sound-based attacks he uses (from his sword's rings) make him one of toughest warriors in all the land. However, he may or may not have used his Guding Dao/Kotei Tou (lit. Ancient Lock Blade) that was previously used by Zhou Yu.
  • Don't ask how there's an oversized yellow tiger suit within his house, or if he goes around the Pantheon wearing that. Best you can peer from it is that it's made by his daughter Sun Shangxiang.
  • When he heard that there was someone named 'Kuai Liang', Sun Jian is eager to pay him a visit, maybe asking how it feels to orchestrate his death as a mortal. When it turns out that this Kuai Liang was no advisor of Liu Biao, but instead one known as Sub-Zero, their meeting goes into another way more positively.
  • Sun Jian remembers he was also called a "scoundrel wolf" by a man named Gongsun Du, upon reading the Book of Wei for himself...he decided that he and his son Sun Quan should instead be likened to noble wolves instead, so "to hell with that insult, I'll be both a tiger and a Sirius of Jiangdong".
    • Is also annoyed that both Sun Quan and him have the same on'yomi renders for their names (Son Ken)....heaven forbid that it ends up with Japanese dialogue whenever both of them are talked about; but at least their style names are different enough.
  • "Why yes, I did beat the shit out of pirates and bandits when I was younger. I will forever be the justice this land needs, and this time, it's going to be harder to just up and kill me."
  • That aforementioned imperial seal wouldn't do anything for him in terms of trying to use it to become an emperor (his prior benefactor Yuan Shu learned this the fatally-hard-way), but Sun Jian claims he'll hold onto the seal to make sure he can give it to someone who can use it well for the sake of the people, lest he has it fall into the wrong hands.
    I can't do anything with this seal...but it is far better than letting more worse folks get their hands on it.

Lesser Gods

    Alisa Bosconovitch 
"I'm Alisa. Nice to meet you."

Alisa Bosconovitch, Goddess of Rose-Haired Sweeties (The Steel Maiden Who Has Awakened From A Long Slumber, Robotic Smile, Destroying Automaton)
Alisa's classic design
Alisa in Tekken 7 
Alisa in Tekken 8 
  • Lesser Goddess, bordering on Intermediate
  • Symbol: Her flower, crossed with two chainsaws
  • Theme Songs: Karma, Plucking Tulips, Fight in the Netherlands
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Lawful Evil if her Safe Mode is disabled)
  • Portfolio: Rose Haired Sweeties, Detachment Combat, Badass Adorables, Chainsaws, Artificial Girls Capable of Having Human Emotions Despite Being Referred as One, Dissonant Serenity, Skyrocket Super Punch, Being Modeled After the Doctor's Deceased Daughter, Moeblobs, Superpowered Evil Side
  • Domains: Weapons, Technology, Combat
  • Herald: Dr. Bosconovitch (her creator)
  • High Priestess: Mina Ashido
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima, Bryan Fury, Heihachi Mishima, Ultron, Sigma, Ogre, Juri Han, M. Bison, Dr. Wily and by extension, his Robot Masters
  • Respects: The Maverick Hunters
  • Respected by: Jun Kazama
  • Opposed by: Asuka Kazama
  • Additional Relationships: Sakura Kasugano, Blanka
  • Created by Dr. Bosconovitch in his late daughter's image, Alisa's original purpose was to protect her boss, Jin Kazama. During her journey, she joined Lars Alexandersson (who suffers from memory loss) after being activated by him in a lab. Despite her bond with him, she revealed herself as an enemy when she was called by Jin Kazama to disable Safe Mode and attack Lars. A second encounter later, Lars defeated her, which caused her to shut down.
  • Traveled alongside Lars in the quest to retrieve and destroy Pandora's Box. During their journey, while Alisa was running out of batteries, they encountered Sakura Kasugano and Blanka, who was charged with electricty at that time; with Lars believing that he could repower Alisa, this resulted in a battle. When they encountered the Box, Alisa detached her head to successfully explode it.
  • According to one event, Alisa was originally enemies with Xiaoyu, as they were working for Jin and Kazuya respectively and were sent to Kyoto International School in order to capture a man named Shin Kamiya. However, they eventually formed an unbreakable friendship which resulted in them finding out that Heihachi was using Shin as a bait to get the Devil Gene, helping to fuel Alisa's animosity towards him. The two decided that after that, they will join the sixth King of Iron Fist Tournament.
    • Her new friendship with Xiaoyu caused her to become friends with Xiaoyu's pet, Panda, and her other best friend, Miharu Hirano, who she may have formed another endless bond with after a trip to an amusement park. When seeing Xiaoyu ascend, Alisa was estatic and embraced her, and the two have since been waiting for their other two friends to ascend to complete the quartet.
  • Although they haven't met, because she wanted to protect Jin Kazama at any cost, she got the good side of his mother, Jun Kazama. She seems proud to see that there is at least someone willing to see the good side of Jin and wanted to protect him. Although Jun doesn't want to meet her just yet, she knows that she will someday, and hopes that she will be safe in her new journey, along with her son, Lee, and Lars.
  • Because she was employed to protect Jin Kazama and still has a desire to protect him, Jin's less-than-approving cousin Asuka sees her as an accomplice to the global devastation he caused in his brief reign over the Mishima Zaibatsu. Asuka questions how a sweet girl like her is employed under Jin and still wants to protect him after all the things he had done. Although Alisa is hurt to see that, she understood Asuka's intentions and decided to stop having encounters with her.
  • With the help of Lee Chaolan, she was restored and was back to Safe Mode, who reunited her with both Lars and an unconscious Jin. The three proceeded to protect him from an attack by Heihachi Mishima's Tekken Force, while Heihachi was finally removed from the war for control of the Mishima Zaibatsu and G Corporation's overall assets thanks to Kazuya killing him in battle. As Jin finally woke up, Alisa stood with her employer and friends as they prepared to defeat Kazuya.
  • She can easily relate to Kula Diamond, as they are both naive, innocent, kindhearted girls who have little to no knowledge of the modern world. They eventually found much more common ground when they were both revealed to work for an enemy, although in the case of Alisa, Jin did it to erase Azazel, and went back to the side of good, while NESTS does it for world domination.
  • Before stepping into Korean territory, Alisa changes out her chainsaws with Laser Blades at the suggestion of Luke Skywalker, much to Kim Kaphwan's rejoicing delight. It's common knowledge that in Korea, chainsaws are absolutely forbidden.
  • Alisa is good friends with Ruby Rose, as the latter reminds her of Penny Polendina. The two also seem to find some similarities in that they are both naive, but kind people. Ruby is also fascinated to see Alisa's arsenal of weapons, but is a bit creeped out upon hearing what will happen if she is disabled fron Safe Mode, but she hopes that it may not happen.
  • Due to her robotic nature, she bonded with other robots such as Mega Man, Astro Boy, Jenny, and KOS-MOS. She is interested in Mega Man's ability to replicate the weapons of the Robot Masters, and hopes she is able to do that to protect her friends. She finds some common ground with Astro Boy and Jenny, as they all have an arsenal of weapons, but she bonds more with the latter as she has experienced a lot of human things thanks to the latter's desire for a normal life, and Alisa hopes she could learn more human things from her. She seems to have become allies with KOS-MOS, due to both being robot girls with undying loyalty, even if KOS-MOS is unnerved to see that one of the people she is loyal to formerly caused chaos around the world.
  • Although not as eccentric as her "father", Dr. Light reminds her of him and as such, she supports his values and ideals. He feels bad for her creator's grief over his own late daughter, which is the reason why he created her in the first place. Although she may not possibly be as similar as his real daughter, Dr. Light is proud to see that she enjoys human interaction and emotion and how she had so much growth because of it. Her friendship with him extends to her becoming friends with his Robot Masters, and also results with her becoming enemies with Dr. Wily and his Robot Masters. Understandably, she doesn't support Wily's plans of world domination.
  • She seems to be allies with Tsukasa Kadoya as him having memory loss reminds her of Lars. His plans to unite the entire world (or in this case, entire worlds) against him as part of a plan to ensure their safety reminds her of Jin's self-hatred due to the Devil Gene, which he believes makes him a danger in society. They also seem to suffer a lot of Heel Face Turns along the way as a Commonality Connection between the two.
  • Hates Ultron because of his destructive hatred for humanity. When Ultron commented that she is a Hypocrite because of it due to her loyalty to Jin in spite of the chaos he caused, Alisa replied that she doesn't care: she loves humanity, wants to learn more about them, gained human friends along the way, and finally has a chance to save the world, along with her employer, who had a valid reason for his treacherous acts at the time, and her new friends.
  • In one event, she was reprogrammed by SIN to capture Jin Kazama and kill Heihachi Mishima with Juri and V-Dural. Due to a program error, the reprogramming was destroyed and she went back to her old self, although she still has Heihachi programmed in her hit list. Jin forced her to removed Heihachi from that list sp that she could join the heroes' side for their battle.
  • "That was fun."

    Hermione Granger 
Hermione Jean Granger-Weasley, Goddess of Clever People With Brown Hair (The Cleverest Witch of Her Age, 'Mione, Miss Granger)

Ikaruga, Goddess of Aloof Dark-Haired Women (The Calamitous And Incredible Class Rep, KP Kamen/BC Mask, Ojou-sama/Princess, Iki the Buzzkiller, HeirToHien)

    Jeff Hardy 

"I'll fade away and classify myself as OBSOLETE!"

Jeffrey Nero "Jeff" Hardy, God of the Dye Hard (The Charismatic Enigma, The Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling, The Rainbow-Haired Warrior, Jeff Harvey, Willow the Whisp, Itchweeednote , The Nefarious Brother Nero, The Evil Enigma, The Obsolete Mule[The last three being used by BROKEN Matt Hardy])
  • Lesser God as himself (potential Intermediate God due to his championship history); his Itchweeed, Anti-Christ, Willow nor Brother Nero personas would comment on their rankings but presumably they are also Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Hardy Boyz necklace over a stylized tattoo of roots, normally; if he's the Anti Christ of Professional Wrestling, it becomes his customized TNA World Heavyweight Championship belt; as Willow, it's his black and white umbrella; as Brother Nero, it is the name Nero in white with the spaces inbetween the letters forming his signature cross; as Itchweeed it's his weedwhacker.
  • Leitmotifs: "No More Words" normally; "Another Me" in his Anti-Christ persona, "In Willow's Way" as Willow and "Obsolete" as Brother Nero
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good normally, Lawful Evil as the Antichrist of Professional Wrestling, Chaotic Neutral as Willow and Brother Nero and just full on Chaotic as Itchweeed.
  • Portfolio: dyeing his hair in multiple colors (including shades of pink and purple), insane guys who are very talented wrestlers, atoning for his history with drugs, energetic Goth personalities, painting his face in different colors, adorning himself with a cross
  • Domains: Wrestling, Insanity, Drugs (ashamed), Atonment, Darkness (good and evil)
  • Promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Allies:
  • Rivals:
  • Worthy Opponent: The Undertaker
  • Jeff Hardy is the younger brother of the famous "Hardy Boyz" tag team, known for two things: his upbeat attitude and his high-defying aerial stunts. He and his brother have dazzled every single match they've gone and won various Tag Team Championships along the way. Unfortunately, Jeff's high-flying lifestyle lead to a downward spiral of a drug addiction that lead to a disappointment of a match and made him go through an intervention to get himself clean up.
    • After struggling with his own demons, Jeff climbed all the way to the top of the Pantheon and made his Temple here. This was met with a round of applause by most wrestlers. Most of them, since he had to contend with the likes of Edge attempting to spear him at any moment, and also because Gangrel was happy to see a former Brood member in the Pantheon. When asked what was Jeff's history with Gangrel, Jeff declined to answer.
    • Like Matt, Jeff is friendly with Gangrel's wife, Luna Vachon and Luna appreciates Jeff's "insanity" due to her outlook of life being Freaky Is Cool. That said, Jeff frequents the House of Ambiguity for some time together, just as long as there's no talk about Jeff's New Brood days.
  • The Undertaker smirked when Jeff arrived. When asked why, he explain how the two had a famous ladder match with Jeff almost winning the WWE World Championship from the Undertaker himself and ascending into early Godhood. The Undertaker awaits the day the two headline Wrestlemania in the Pantheon Square Garden.
  • Can usually be seen in the House of Craft, making crazy art sculptures; one of them being a mummy made out of aluminum foil. Also, don't interrupt him when he's painting. He'll go ape.
  • Was happy to find Matt in the House of Family, immediately tackling him into a huge hug from behind.
  • On a good day, he's goofing off and calling other gods "Creatures of the Night" or "Freaks" (but mostly because he's like them). On a bad day, he's calling himself the Anti-Christ of Professional Wrestling where he starts preaching strange dark prophecies and speeches regarding humanity.
    • In his Anti-Christ persona, he doesn't ally himself with the House of Faith so he would please like the evil Gods to stop asking him to go there.
  • Goes to the House of Craft to craft his shirts and also prepare his face paint when he enters the ring. Many of them have taken guesses as to what colors he would dye his hair and face and how long it would take before he decides to change it to another style.
  • Became good friends with Rainbow Dash, due to her high-flying style and also because Jeff really "likes her mane". Rainbow Dash laughed her head off when she found him with his hair dyed just like hers, but it was all in good fun.
    • And then there was the time he emulated Yugi's hair colors. Poor Yugi nearly jumped out of his seat when he saw Jeff approach him.
  • Was gone for some time to find himself, and then reemerged in black and white and calling himself "Willow", who makes Osaka look like she's sane. In this state he's too goddamn crazy for even Gangrel to comprehend and has to ask Matt to restrain him. Matt, while a bit happy that there's something even the vampire doesn't like, also is worried for how Jeff's sanity is going to play out. When asked why Jeff made this persona. Jeff, or rather Willow, had this to say.
    Willow: We love, we hate, we die forever late! In Willow's Way....AHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!
  • After much speculation, he and BROKEN Matt returned to the WWE at Wrestlemania 33 to become Tag Team Champions. He's no longer "Brother Nero" but he is still civil with his WOKEN brother. He's not sure what to think of Bray Wyatt essentially becoming like him though...and that was before the "Firefly Fun House" debuted.
  • Despite Jeff's eccentricities, he's actually a Grand Slam Champion and the second wrestler (behind Chris Jericho) to complete both the original and Grand Slam formula, thus giving him a chance to rise to Intermediate God status. However, he himself notes that his past drug problems will prevent him from ever receiving that rank, but he's okay with that.
  • Has absolute animosity with Randy Orton, especially since Orton has had a fascination with giving him ear pains whenever they fight as of late. This culminated with him trying to put a screwdriver through one of Jeff's ear gauges to the shock of the audience.
  • Jeff is known to woo various girls of all ages and can wear practically anything that will make them squeal. Acrylic tops, suits, wifebeaters, dark leather coats — it doesn't matter what it is, or even what his hair color looks like at the time, he'll make it look ''good'.
  • Due to Jeff's severe case of Split Personality, the gods are hoping that he doesn't get involved with his brother's affairs and turn up in Deletion battles or get randomly dunked by water from the Lake of Reincarnation. Jeff has stated that he's moved on from that phase and he just wants to atone for his sins.
  • Brother Nero 3:16: "I'll fade away and classify myself as obsolete! OBSOLETE!!!"

    Kula Diamond 
Kula Diamond, Goddess of Dyeing Hair Powers (The Anti-K, Ice Doll)

    Smile Pretty Cures 

The Smile Pretty Curesmembers , Quintet Goddesses of Elemental Hair Colors (Miyuki: Cure Happy, Emily, Glitter Lucky; Akane: Cure Sunny, Kelsey, Glitter Sunny; Yayoi: Cure Peace, Lily, Glitter Peace; Nao: Cure March, April, Glitter Spring; Reika: Cure Beauty, Chloe, Glitter Breeze. Also known as the "Glitter Force")
The Smile Pretty Cures in their transformed state. From Left to Right: Cure Peace, Cure Beauty, Cure Happy, Cure March, and Cure Sunny.

    Spiritia Rosenberg 
Spiritia Rosenberg, Goddess of Hair-Color Switching (Tia, RKS-001, Eins, Incarnation of Rosenkreuz)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her fairy companion Lilli, sitting down on her cross hairpin
  • Theme Song: The Ground Which Can Shine
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Gaining Power From Those She Defeated/Befriended, Hair Color Changing To Represent What Power She's Using, Very Friendly Girl, Stopping Rebelling Friends With "No Rebelling!", Ahoge, Swims Like A Brick Without Drowning, Light Is Good, Following Mega Man's Example, Badass in Distress
  • Domains: Hair, Power, Friendship, Combat
  • Allies: Freudia Neuwahl, Mega Man, X, Zero, Nanoha Takamachi, Ma-Ti
  • Enemies: The Yellow Devil, Airy, Dracula, Dr. Wily, Dr. Weil, Junko Enoshima
  • As a former follower of Mega Man, Spiritia Rosenberg was one of his finest disciples, emulating his quest in a very uncanny similarity and showing her Power Copying skills by just changing her hair color in a blink of an eye. Such was the reason why she ascended. She's very honored.
  • A lot say that while she studied under Mega Man, she also paid visits to Nanoha Takamachi to learn about friendship skills, and how she drew power from her friends. They still stay in contact afterwards.
  • The reason why she is able to draw power from her friends happens to be because she's an incarnation of the magus Rosenkreuz, who was famous for the same ability, but also possessing his kind heart. Tia puts great importance on the power of hearts and does not take it well if anyone ridicules it. The reason for this is because she knows too well what happens when someone lacks the heart while possessing power and intelligence: they tend to get bored with it and decide to play God (or 'Super Overdeity' in Pantheon terms), ruining the world for their own amusement. Such was the case with Iris Zeppelin.
  • Tia can't swim, but you can definitely trust her to hold her breath as long as possible as she sinks like a brick there.
  • She had her suspicions about Airy, whose looks and behavior reminded her of Iris Zeppelin, but couldn't seem to remember why. As it turns out, it's right down to pretending to be good. Tia even ended up being kidnapped and then brainwashed, repeating the last time Iris did that to her before her friend Freudia saved her. Except this time, it was an ally of Mega Man, Zero, that saved her by making her recall the techniques of her friend Grolla Seyfarth with his Z-Saber swings. Afterwards, she definitely got herself prepared, because unlike Iris, Airy managed to escape.
    • Some think that Airy and Iris failed because of one thing: they didn't bother to unlock Tia's power via changing her hair color.
  • Throughout her battles, she has fought over beings similar to The Yellow Devil and Dracula. The latter kind of shocked her because unlike the one she fought before, Graf Michael Zeppelin... Dracula was far too deep in evil and hatred to even try to turn back to the path of good.
  • She brought in her BFF and fellow RKS magus, Freudia Neuwahl, as her herald, helped recommend a temple for Freudia that fits her powers, and was the very first person to greet Freudia's ascension once it finally happened. Suuure, there aren't any sorts of subtexts there…

    Willow Rosenberg 
Willow Rosenberg, Goddess of Lame Redheads (Will, Red, The Slayer's Hex Mistress, Rosenberg the Enchantress, Supreme Witch of Terra)
  • Lesser Goddess, Greater Goddess as Dark Willow
  • Symbol: A textbook
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Adrenaline Makeover, All Witches Have Cats, Badass Bookworm, Beware the Nice Ones, Clipped-Wing Angel, Does Not Understand Sarcasm, Evil Me Scares Me, Informed Judaism, Lipstick Lesbian, Nerds Love Tough Schoolwork, No Bisexuals, Power-Strain Blackout, The Reliable One, Almost destroyed her world as Dark Willow, Took a Level in Badass, Loves Mocha Coffee, Why did it have to be frogs?
  • Domains: Magic, Love, Knowledge, Travel, Healing, (Storms as Dark Willow)
  • Followers: Mallory Pike, Twist, Chuckie Finster
  • Superior: Joss Whedon
  • Allies: Buffy Summers, Xander Harris, Sabrina Spellman, Jean Grey/Phoenix, Simon Belmont, The Mystery Gang, Barney Stinson, The Mother, Michiru Kaioh, Isabela of Riven, Asuka Langley, Lina Inverse, Pippi Longstocking
  • Enemies: Dracula, Voldemort, Bellatrix Lestrange, Maleficent, Cia
  • Opposed by: Eric Cartman
  • She was a prime candidate for the position, but she originally balked from the offer. It was equally due to being fearful of the new power and not wanting to be known for being uncool. She changed her mind after several seasons of character development and has now claimed it as a sense of pride for like-minded redheads.
    • Buffy and Spike were overjoyed to find of her ascension. Buffy had hoped she can get more members of the Scoobie Gang to join her. Willow being the next in line made sense, as she is often seen as one of the most powerful members of the group, even surpassing Buffy.
  • She has already been bombarded with smear tactics courtesy of Cartman. A ferocious enemy of all gingers, he has encouraged his followers to sabotage the works of her priests. Cartman has been wary of a direct confrontation so far as it would not end well for him. He hopes to find some sort of countermeasure to negate her magical abilities.
  • Many gods were wary of her arrival, as she has proven to be extremely dangerous in an unstable state. There was a time when she became a powerful force of evil named Dark Willow, who would have destroyed her entire world if not for the intervention of her mortal friend Xander. An event like that could jeopardize the entire Pantheon. Jean Grey has volunteered to keep an eye of the woman, teaching her how to prevent her dark side from overtaking her once more.
  • She owns a cat named Miss Kitty Fantastico who she managed to sneak into the Pantheon. It wasn't the only reason she became friends with Sabrina Spellman, but the similarities were appreciated. Salem in particular had tried to teach her how to talk... with predictably poor results.
  • She expected that Dracula would appear in the Pantheon. What she didn't expect was a different version of him. That version of him was interested in a certain parallel universe where Willow was turned into a vampire herself. Dracula hopes to replicate this result, turning her into one of his allies. The thought of a witch as powerful as her becoming a vampire frightens many, and the Scoobies hope to prevent such an occurrence. Fellow vampire hunter Simon Belmont has volunteered in that undertaking.
  • Speaking of Scoobies, she was amused when she found out the namesakes of Buffy's gang were also present. She can be a lifesaver to the gang whenever they face beings more powerful than themselves.
  • An interesting encounter occurred when she entered the House of Philosophy, she was immediately stopped by Barney Stinson, thinking that his friend Lily had ascended. When Willow told him she just looked like her, his eyes turned mischievous. He quickly started to flirt with her... only for the Mother to point out that she has been gay for some years. Though Barney occasionally jokes to being as stuck-up as Lily, the group have grown fond of each other.
  • Her switch to lesbianism has been a subject by a few deities. Once attracted to Xander, her complete loss of interest in men have been baffling. Willow herself would wish that people would move on with those discussions.
  • The main reason it wasn't an issue was the relationship of her first female love, Tara. It was tragically cut short by a stray bullet that many gods believed shouldn't have hit in the first place. Willow has been willing to move on despite protests and was happy to find other lesbians in the Pantheon. She is testing relationships with Mad Moxxi and Isabela of Riven.
    • Occasionally pays respect to Michiru Kaioh, Goddess of Lipstick Lesbians, for good luck on occasion.
  • Fellow redhead Asuka was quickly to visit Willow's temple after her arrival, willing to help her adjust to her new life. Willow appreciated the gesture, though she pointed out that she went through enough character development to be no longer considered a shrinking violet.
    • That didn't stop other redheads to congratulate her. For example, Line Inverse attempted to take her in as an apprentice, more specifically teaching her more destructive spells. Willow ultimately rejected the offer, but was willing to help her out in slaying beasts instead. The more boisterous Pippi Longstocking greeted her with a bone-crushing hug. Willow admits she girl is probably even stronger than Buffy.
  • The Malum Magia assembled in response to her arrival to discuss how to deal with there. Although there were plans to corrupt her to bring out her dark persona, it was deemed too risky. Voldemort instead voted to capture and inflict her with the Cruciatus Curse. Bellatrix in particular has been particularly fascinated in breaking her, even though Willow has proven to be more powerful than she would admit.
    • Maleficent was the closest to succeeding, bringing her to the brink before activating her dark persona. It took Jean Grey, Buffy and the entirety of the House of Magic to contain her before she was brought back to normal.
    • Willow sees Cia as the most disturbing of the group. Her infatuation with Link reminded her too much of her dedication to Buffy, just not in the Squicky kind.


     Lars Barriga 

Captain Laramie Barriga, God of Supernatural Hair Color Changes (Lars, Barriga, Captain Lars, Lars of the Stars, Donut Boy)
His original appearance 
  • Demigod (formerly a Quasideity)
  • Symbol: His Cool Ship, the Sun Incinerator
  • Theme Song: Lars of the Stars
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly True Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Locked into Strangeness, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Took a Level in Kindness, Real Men Wear Pink, Took a Level in Badass, Touched by Vorlons, Can't Stay Normal, Put on a Bus, Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass, Didn't Get Together with Sadie, is really good at baking
  • Domains: Hair Change, Undead, Teenagers, Immortals, Space, Captains
  • Heralds: The Off-Color Gems (Padparascha, the Rutile Twins, Rhodonite, and Fluorite), Dante and Martha Barriga (his parents)
  • High Priestess: Juniper Lee
  • Followers: Isaac Sumdac, Lucien, Merlow, Meilin Lee
  • Allies: The Steven Universe Deities (except the Diamonds), Captain Gordon, Samus Aran, Rapunzel, Aladdin, Flynn Rider, The Gokaiger, Team Lightyear, Chewbacca, Star Fox, Amuro Ray, The Space Power Rangers, The Space Sheriffs, Wander
  • Friendly Rivalry: Jack Sparrow
  • Mentor: Han Solo
  • Enemies: Ridley, Black Manta, Risky Boots, The Zabis (except Minerva and Degwin), Char Aznable, Big Brother, Thanos, Haman Karn, Horde Prime, Darth Sidious, Simon Laurent
  • Uneasy Relationship: The Diamond Authority, Rose Quartz, Wolf O' Donnell
  • In the fantastic world of Steven Universe, Lars Barriga was a normal, if very rude, teenager who got caught up often in Steven's many adventures. However, one day when Homeworld Gems took humans captive to be taken to Homeworld on the Diamonds' orders, Lars ended up being taken there even after all the other prisoners were freed when Steven took their place. Following an encounter with the "Off-Colors" a group of defective gems, he ended up having to defend them from Homeworld's elimination drones due to his human nature making them unable to see them. He ended up dying after taking out the drones sent to shatter them, but Steven's tears resurrected him and gave him a set of powers such as slowed aging, a lack of needing to eat constantly as well as portal capabilities for his now pink hair. After he let Steven go back home, he became Lars of the Stars, a more confident and nicer person who lead the Off-Colors in space adventures. While he later tried readjusting to a normal life after returning to Earth, he ultimately couldn't adjust properly and left for space once more to resume his adventures alongside his crew.
  • His ascension went quietly in the Pantheon, he mostly was informed of his new role as a God in it, which he accepted after having the whole process explained to him. In the Pantheon, he mostly spends his time wandering around, usually in his spaceship with the Off-Color Gems accompanying him. His parents were also placed as his Heralds; initially, the Court of Gods thought of also including Sadie among his heralds, but Lars declined that and said that while they were still friends, he ultimately moved on from Sadie and wants her to live her life quietly.
  • Was glad to encounter Steven in the Pantheon, he was distraught when he heard of Steven's growing issues and how he temporarily lost control of himself and somewhat guilty considering that he might've unintentionally played a part in said issues. For the rest of the ascended deities, Lars maintains a friendly relationship with two exceptions: Rose Quartz and the Diamond Authority. Though he's a bit unnerved by them given that they're all Diamonds who were once responsible for creating the machines that were hunting down the Off-Colors, he has grown more amicable to them after their genuine change of heart, though remains uneasy still. As for Rose, her entire story and all that it entailed made it quite a bit of work to get Lars to actually befriend her, especially given her role in the initial colonization of Earth, though her friendliness has ultimately rubbed off him well much better than the Diamonds did. He also apologized for that time he called her "Weird Mom" towards Steven.
  • As a Space Pirate, he enjoys the company of other more heroic outlaws, especially Han Solo who challenged Lars to a space race with Lars and the Off-Colors piloting the Sun Incinerator (which he stole once again from Emerald) to compete against Solo's Millenium Falcon. Ultimately Solo won out but he was still impressed by Lars' skills in leadership, especially coming from someone who was less experienced than him. Han has offered to take him under his wing and teach him a few more tricks, both so that Lars can become better at spacefaring and also so he can better defend himself against threats.
  • As he died and was resurrected by the magical tears of Steven, he became friends with Eugene/Flynn Rider, who also similarly died and was brought to life by Rapunzel's tears who herself also became friends with Lars. The two like to laugh a bit about how similar their situations were, as both had done a Heroic Sacrifice with no guarantee of surviving and were instantly resurrected by their mourning friend. Flynn is a bit intrigued with the fact that Lars Came Back Strong as a result of Steven's tears, as he himself was resurrected without any changes.
  • As he's a space-farer, he's encountered a bunch of nasty figures while out and exploring which all became enemies of him:
    • Emperor Palpatine, as the Sith's forces encountered Lars' Sun Incinerator when he took it out for some exploration and attacked him once they confirmed the identity of the captain. Lars loathes Sidious for his tyranny and megalomania as well as the evil actions he has committed throughout the years and the death and destruction he's caused, for now, Sidious views Lars as beneath notice but remains on guard in the scenario that the Diamond Authority provide him with some help or resources.
    • As they've also caused untold destruction and death he has little appreciation for Char Aznable or the Zabi family (with only Mineva and Degwin being spared of the hatred for being far less evil than the rest). He particularly disliked hearing how selfishly Char acted in his many schemes and how he got many innocents killed in his tunnel-visioned quest for revenge, though Char was quick to dismiss this and justify himself which Lars took as a sign of Char being a lost cause and has refused to talk to him ever again.
    • As he runs an illegal planet market, Frieza also earned contempt from Lars, not that the space emperor cares. Particularly for how similar his actions are to the ones the Diamond Authority took in the past. Frieza also views Lars as beneath notice like Sidious but is a little amused to know that Lars opposes him. Frieza's relatives and other evil Dragon Ball deities followed suit, though Frieza remains as Lars' most hated foe out of them all.
    • As a spacefaring freelancer, he's had run-ins with Ridley, in their first encounter the sadistic Space Pirate disturbed Lars with the sheer extent of his depravity and cruelty when threatening him, luckily he was saved by Samus who herself became friends with Lars and became another deity that he admired after the fact, even if she didn't stick around to be a mentor for him like Han Solo.
    • As they're controlling overlords with a tendency to override free will or suppress it with heavy force, he also came to oppose Darkseid, Horde Prime, and Big Brother. Especially because of how much he was reminded of Homeworld's own oppression that his Off-Color friends endured when the Diamonds were in power. That they're all irredeemably evil only made his hatred of them worse.
  • Is good friends with the Star Fox squadron, as their heroic nature and camaraderie rubbed off him and his crew well, the Star Fox team were pretty impressed by Lars' bravery and selfless act of fighting off Homeworld's forces to save the Off-Colors, as he was a normal human with no powers or any physical training when he did. Lars was thrilled to hear about their exploits and adventures. He likewise started out a somewhat amicable relationship with Star Wolf once he found out from Fox about Wolf's more noble traits, which prevented him from viewing Star Wolf in the same light as he did with Char Aznable.
  • As he's a legendary pilot and leader, he befriended Amuro Ray, the original pilot of the Gundams. Ray was perplexed by Lars' status as an undead and amplified human, especially given that he became that way after his death and resurrection by Steven. Ray has taught Lars some piloting skills so he could become a better fighter on all fronts, even helping Han Solo with his own lessons to Lars.
  • His status as an outlaw earned him a Friendly Rival in Jack Sparrow, who while not as scrupulous as Lars, is nonetheless a friendly person and generally amicable with others. They spend most of their time joking around and sharing their tales of adventures and fights they've gotten in, usually prompting them to have some contests to see who can outdo the other in various tasks. Another similar relationship was with Aladdin, who was similarly a sympathetic thief once yet ascended into royalty, even if he's still rather shifty and full of tricks to fool guards, this last skill made them friends as Lars learned a lot of ways to fool Homeworld Gem guards when he and the Off-Colors made their escape from Homeworld.
  • During one of his many trips through the Pantheon he encountered Wander. He got along well with the alien as he reminded him a lot of Steven with his optimism and niceness. Wander was happy to hear that Lars had outgrown his Jerkass tendencies and developed into a far better person than he was. Lars will occasionally join Wander on his many travels across the Pantheon, usually when he feels like having a more relaxed day.
  • Many deities have noted to Lars that since he technically has the same powers as Lion he could potentially become very powerful one day and might not need gem weaponry or outside help anymore to fight. Though he's not all that interested yet in developing these powers, he's grown interested in knowing if Rose Quartz could potentially train him to develop the necessary skills to utilize them, wanting to prepare himself for a possible day of tragedy where he might need to fight all on his own.
  • Many gods were surprised to learn that Lars is an amazing baker and he even had his own bakery back at Beach City. Every now and then he goes to the House of Food to show off many of the pastries he made from his adventures, but the most popular item is his Ube roll.
  • Being the only human in a galactic setting means he was quite similar to Peter Quill as he's the Token Human (before it was revealed he was the son of Ego but Ego's death made him mortal again) in a group of alien soldiers. Lars has gotten used to being in their presence and sees them as extra muscle if he and the Off-Colors need help against tougher adversaries.
  • He does not like Simon Laurent for many reasons. While he can sympathize with Simon being traumatized in having to lose his only parental figure, this doesn't give Simon any excuse for all the atrocities — like killing Tuba and then trying to murder Grace — he committed. Lars accepted that it was okay to be scared and grow as a person, whereas Simon refuses to admit that he needs to change. Thankfully Simon knows better than to try and fight Lars one-on-one.
  • "Bingo bongo!"


    Aya Komichi 
Aya Komichi, Goddess of Hair Color Dissonance (Ayaya)