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"If every porkchop were perfect, we wouldn't have hot dogs!"

The franchise centered on Steven Universe, a Cartoon Network original created by Rebecca Sugar.

The series follows the adventures of the titular character, a half-human, half gem along with his three guardians known as the Crystal Gems, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst. While they deal with threats that come from cosmic forces, some stories likewise focus on Steven trying to adjust the three to Earth culture as well and his interaction with the residents of their hometown, Beach City. As the series goes on, however, more secrets of the Gems' past slowly begin to crop up that threaten their planet, most of which seem to stem from Steven's deceased mother and the Crystal Gems' former leader, Rose Quartz.

The series began life as a short made in 2012 (later released publicly in Spring 2013) called The Time Thing, with a wildly different style and personalities for the characters. The show premiered proper in Fall 2013, garnering high acclaim for its story and characters, especially with the LGBT fanbase for openly showing lesbian characters and relationships.

Steven Universe ran for five seasons from 2013 to 2019. A movie set after the series was released in Fall 2019, while a sequel/epilogue limited series, subtitled Future, followed shortly afterward to wrap up lingering plotlines, that concluded in March 2020. Likewise, the series has had its share of comic books and video games (mostly on mobile devices) as well.


Crossover Specials


  • Steven Universe: Various comics published by KaBOOM! Comics.
    • Two ongoing series: an eight-issue series (August 2014 — March 2015) and a second ongoing series (February 2017 — January 2020).
    • Five different graphic novels: Too Cool For School (April 2016), Anti-Gravity (July 2017), Ultimate Dough-Down (December 2018), Camp Pining Play (April 2019), and Crystal Clean (April 2020).
    • Several one-shots and miniseries.


  • Guide to the Crystal Gems: A guide written in Steven's perspective (with chime-ins from Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl), filled with information about the Crystal Gems as they were during Season 2.
  • Steven Universe: The Answer: An adaption of the episode of the same name done in the style of Little Golden Books, with commentary from Ruby and Sapphire.
  • Keep Beach City Weird: You Can't Hide the Truth!!!: Based on the Character Blog. Tropes for the book can be found on the page for the blog.
  • Steven Universe: Art and Origins: An art book covering old drawings, designs, and ideas from the beginning of the show to mid-Season 4.
  • Fusion for Beginners and Experts: Written by Steven and Garnet, this book talks about Fusion and relationships as a whole through various characters.
  • Your Magic Mind and Body: Ebook released as part of Dove Self-Esteem Project x Steven Universe. Tropes for the book can be found on that page.
  • Steven Universe: The Tale of Steven: Written as both a companion and adaption for "Change Your Mind", this book details the story of Pink Diamond, Rose Quartz, and Steven Universe, from the viewpoints of White Diamond, Rose, and Steven.
  • The Art of Steven Universe: The Movie: A second, shorter art-book covering the development of Steven Universe: The Movie.
  • Steven Universe: End of an Era: A third art-book that covers seasons four, five and Future.

Tabletop Games:

  • Monopoly: Steven Universe
  • Steven Universe y las Gemas de Cristal (2017)
  • Steven Universe: Beach-A-Palooza Card Battling Game (2020)

Video Games:

  • Steven Universe Light Trilogy:
  • Soundtrack Attack: Mobile game released on July 21, 2016, for iOS and Android, in which Steven and the Gems help a rogue Gem escape from Homeworld. It is a Rhythm Game featuring remixed music from the series.
  • Dreamland Arcade: Mobile game released on November 9, 2017, for iOS and Android, in which Steven dreams up an arcade full of games with the Crystal Gems (and Onion) as the protagonists.
  • Tap Together: Mobile free-to-play RPG for iOS and Android, in which players can create and join clubs with each other to fight cloud monsters in Rose's Room.
  • The Phantom Fable: A mobile Action-Adventure game where the Crystal Gems get trapped in the eponymous tome, and Steven and Connie have to rescue them. The puzzles and bosses are solved and fought with gesture-based controls.
  • Cartoon Network Battle Crashers: A multi-player Beat-Em-Up for the 3DS, Switch, PlayStation 4 and XBox One featuring characters from the (mostly 2010s) Cartoon Network lineup as playable characters. Steven was one of such and features references and enemies from his TV series.
  • Brawlhalla: Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, and Stevonnie appear as Guest Fighter skins.
  • Multi Versus: A Massive Multiplayer Crossover Platform Fighter involving various Warner Bros. properties, including Steven and Garnet.


  • Keep Beach City Weird: An official Character Blog, written from the perspective of supporting character Ronaldo Fryman. It updated in real-time parallel to events in the show. A book titled Keep Beach City Weird: You Can't Hide the Truth!!! was released on April 18, 2017.