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Drinking Game / Steven Universe

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  • Take a sip whenever Steven gets stars in his eyes.
    • If someone besides Steven gets stars in their eyes, take a shot.
    • If any character gets Wingding Eyes that are not stars, down the glass.
  • Take a shot whenever you recognize an anime reference.
  • Take a sip whenever a Fusion occurs.
    • Note: If the fusion in question is Stevonnie, have a juice box instead.
    • Take another if the voice actor for the Fusion usually doesn't voice act in this genre.
    • Take another if the Fusion doesn't actually speak during their appearance.
  • Take a shot when Amethyst eats something. Take another if it's clearly not/no longer meant for human consumption.
  • Take a shot every time Amethyst shapeshifts.
  • Take a shot when the Gems don't get Earth culture.
  • Take a shot every time someone sings.
    • Take another if it comes out of nowhere.
    • Take two shots if it's the character's first song.
  • Take a sip whenever Pearl reminisces about Steven's mother.
  • Take a shot whenever Pearl freaks out about Steven's well-being.
  • Add a little salt and then take a shot whenever someone cries. If they just tear up, take a sip.
  • Take a shot every time Steven discovers a new power.
  • Take a shot whenever Sour Cream raves.
  • Take a shot every time Ronaldo mentions his blog.
  • Take a shot every time Ronaldo's predictions come true.
    • Down the glass if something he says offhandedly/casually ends up being foreshadowing.
  • Take a shot every time Onion shows up. For episodes that star Onion such as Onion Gang, preemptively down the bottle.
  • Take a shot whenever Lars is a jerk.
    • Take another if Sadie immediately reacts to it (physically or not).
      • Down the glass when it inevitably bites him in the behind.
      • For every instance of this after Lars dies, pink the drink before downing it.
      • Pour the drink on the floor when he dies in the Wanted arc, and pour a new drink (and pink it) when he is brought back to life.
  • Take a shot whenever Lars and/or Sadie make it obvious they like each other.
    • Take another if it's immediately pointed out and they deny it.
    • Down the glass when Lars almost admits it in "The Good Lars" or "Lars of the Stars".
  • Take a sip every time the characters aren't proportioned correctly. Note: Consumption of alcohol is dependent on viewer's observance. Too much observation will kill you.
  • When Garnet unfuses, get two glasses, pour ice into one, and down them.
  • Take a shot whenever Peridot uses an odd name for something.
  • Take a shot every time someone refers to Steven as his mother. Take another if he attempts to correct them, down it if he doesn't.
  • Down the glass if the episode doesn't end with a Star Wipe. Note: not recommend for episodes following "A Single Pale Rose".
  • Take a shot every time Peridot says "clod".
  • Take a shot whenever a human gets involved in Gem shenanigans (Greg and Connie excluded if you so please). Down the glass if they do so willingly.
  • When Padparadscha makes a prediction, wait approximately ten seconds, then take a shot.
  • Take a sip when a purposefully exaggerated face appears. In especially viral cases such as Aquamarine's face in "Stuck Together" or YD's face in "Message Received", take a shot instead.
  • Take a sip whenever Onion is a Creepy Child or exhibits Troubling Unchildlike Behavior.
  • Down the whole drink if any of the Great Diamond Authority appears.
    • When Pink Diamond fakes her shattering and permanently becomes Rose Quartz, pour the drink down the sink and get a new one.
  • Take a shot everytime Pearl covers her mouth. When it's revealed why she does this in "A Single Pale Rose", down the glass instead.
  • Take small sips whenever Amethyst and Pearl argue with each other.

Steven Universe Future:

  • Take a SIP whenever Steven feels bad about himself. If you take more than a sip, be prepared to die by the end of the season.
    • Upgrade to a shot whenever his bad feelings cause him trouble.
      • Make it two when his body starts acting up because of his feelings.
      • When he corrupts himself at the end of Everything is Fine, pink the bottle and down it.
  • Toast when he feels good about himself, both in between bad moods, and in the finale.
  • Drink until it stops hurting when you finish "The Future", and realize that it's over for real.

Strong In The Real Way Version:

  • Do 5 squats every time someone sings.
    • For the "Strong in the Real Way" song, attempt a set of all of the workouts the characters perform.
  • Whenever Pearl throws a spear, do 10 lunges.
  • Whenever Garnet punches, throw 5 punches.
    • If Garnet uses her fists as rockets, do 10 punches while jogging in place.
  • Whenever Amethyst uses her whip, do some leg stretches.
    • If Amethyst transforms, do 10 curls instead.
  • Whenever a Corrupted Gem appears, do some yoga poses.
  • Do 10 bicep curls whenever Jasper appears on screen.
    • When Jasper gets defeated in any manner, do 5 burpees
    • If you can't do burpees, 8 pushups will suffice.
  • Attempt to touch your toes every time Peridot appears on screen.

Alternative Title(s): Steven Universe Future