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As this show was made by someone who worked on Adventure Time and it airs on Cartoon Network, a station known for children's shows with their fair share of family-unfriendly material, it'd be more of a surprise if this show didn't have a radar page, but unlike that and other shows from the station's "renaissance" age, this series doesn't revel in radar-dodging antics.

However, having a TV-PG rating means that typical examples of radar-dodging for other shows get a pass. Not only that, but the showrunners work directly with the standards and practices folks to know exactly where and how to push the envelope, meaning that everything is fairly subtle and innocuous, with little in the way of these shows' typical sexual innuendo: contrary to popular interpretation, Rebecca Sugar and writer Matt Burnett are insistent that fusing is a metaphor for relationships (not strictly romantic ones), and Sugar's personal philosophy that a relationship is its own person, not simply sexual intercourse. Despite these efforts, the show has still received its fair share of censorship in various countries, with the UK, Russia, and the Middle East dishing it out the hardest. With the exception of the UK, these countries aren't as tolerant of LGBTQ+ people as the United States and have rules against depicting them in children's entertainment.


ALL spoilers are unmarked! Proceed with caution.


  • The camera seems a little too interested in Pearl's butt whenever it's drawn more shapely and curved, such as in the final act of "Laser Light Cannon", "Tiger Millionaire", and, more blatantly, Amethyst's taunting in "Cat Fingers", where she morphs into Pearl and repeatedly smacks her rear while going "Whomp! Whomp!"
  • In Season 1 and early Season 2, Amethyst wore an off the shoulder tank top, which means you could see the bra she was wearing underneath. And it wasn’t over then, Smoky Quartz has 4 shoulder straps in their first form. Not to mention Ametheyst has a visible bust. In the extended intro when the gems reveal their gemstones, she slightly has to pull her shirt down to fully see it.

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  • At the Big Donut, Lars teases Steven for being a boy that lives together with three women. When he asks for three doughnuts, Lars offers to "connect them with a hot dog", which a second later turns out to be a real promotion the store offers.

    Season 1A 

Laser Light Cannon

  • Amethyst rubs Steven onto the Laser Light Cannon (which is slightly penis-shaped), and Pearl says that it "isn't helping".

Cheeseburger Backpack

  • This (maybe unintentional) gem (no pun intended).
    Steven:Anyone want a wet bagel?


Bubble Buddies

  • When the bubble first comes up this conversation ensues:
    Connie: "How long does it last normally?"
    Steven: "Oh, yeah. (Grunts and tries to get rid of bubble) I guess it doesn’t wanna go away."
  • A sign at Funland advertises "Wiener in Hand."

Steven's Lion

  • Steven orders a large pizza for two. Then in the background, Ronaldo does a Spit Take: "Steven's PREGNANT?!" Sadly, CN UK decided to cut it out.

Arcade Mania

  • One of the games at the arcade is a rhythm game called "Meat Beat Mania". It repeatedly states "Shake that meat!" As expected, this didn't make it past the UK censors, who shortened it to "Beat Mania", but didn’t redub any of the lines, and only made visual edits, making it rather pointless.

Giant Woman

  • When the giant bird No Sells Pearl's staff, a rather suggestive line occurs.
    Pearl: "He swallowed my spear".
  • During the Fusion Dance needed to form Opal, Amethyst does the Stanky Leg dance, which involves shaking her rear at Pearl. Needless to say, Pearl isn't amused.

So Many Birthdays

  • When Steven magically grows up (without realizing the physical changes he's undergoing), he tries playing a game of Whackerman at the arcade, but soon moves on.
    But a boy on the cusp of manhood can't spend the whole day whackering.
    • Unfortunately, the CN Philippines and UK airings of the episode cut the line out. Bummer.
  • Later, while he's actually talking about a special cape and crown his dad gave him, he asks Lars and Sadie to help him "into [his] birthday suit." Sadie chases him out with a stool.
    Sadie: Yeah, you better run!

Onion Trade

  • A conversation between Steven and his dad:
    Steven: I lost something...something precious.
    Greg: (gasps) Your innocence?
  • In the episode's accompanying Keep Beach City Weird entry, Ronaldo shows off his collection of B.O.Y.S.note . One of the figurines, "Beach Boy", has a surf board that reads "I Love Fish Tacos".

Lion 2: The Movie

  • This line from the Dogcopter 3 trailer:
    This February... the fur hits the fan!

Coach Steven

Joking Victim

  • Lars says his back "Hurts like-" thankfully Sadie cuts him off.
  • Sadie tells Steven a story about how Lars made her wait in line for 7 hours to buy a video game, but then afterwards they spent the whole night together.
    Steven: That does sound nice. Must have been one great video game.
    Sadie: (wide-eyed) was... (looks away)
  • She later sees that Lars ditched work to hang out with his friends, including Jenny Pizza, and wonders if their "video game night" even meant anything to him. The only subtle part of the implications is that what Sadie witnessed was incredibly tame compared to what she reacted like it was.

Steven and the Stevens

  • When Steven is trying to warn Greg about Yellowtail’s boat crashing he shouts, "Dad, Dad. It’s fat." He looks down and is offended.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Small moment when the concerned Pearl wants to look at Amethyst's gem, which is of course located on her chest (Amethyst also being the only gem with a visible bust):
    Pearl: (reaches out to Amethyst's chest) Show me your gem!
    Amethyst: (slaps Pearl's hand away) Fresh!
    • She doesn’t mind when Steven asks, though.

Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

  • In "Mirror Gem", Steven excitedly bumps into Lars upon learning he's on "summer vacation", prompting Lars to respond:
    Lars: Watch where you're going, ya little f-... (glances over at Sadie) ...Ssssteven!
  • Lars’ summer plans
    Lars: "All those girls traveling to town without their boyfriends, if you know what I mean. (Cue eyebrow raise and bottom lip bite.)
    • In Ocean Gem he says he’s ready for the babe city.

    Season 1B 
Secret Team
  • Steven performs a cannonball in front of Amethyst and ask about how well he did. She tells him to "put more ball in your cannon." Steven looks down and asks, "Is that gonna hurt?"

Island Adventure

  • Sadie and Lars have a VERY heavy kiss in this episode, complete with moaning and back-rubbing. It's basically a snog. And then Steven interrupted them with his song! This kiss was censored literally everywhere outside of the US.
  • Steven literally third-wheels a hug between Sadie and Lars, then Lars kicks Steven away. UK censors blocked it as usual.

Fusion Cuisine

  • Pearl gives a disturbing description of the human digestive process and Amethyst responds with, um... something.
    Amethyst: Ha! I love it when mush passes through my body.
    • And that was tame compared to how it was originally written.
    Amethyst: I love poppin' biscuits in my body tube!

Watermelon Steven

  • In the scene where Sadie appears, the "Wiener in Hand" sign returns.

Lion 3: Straight to Video

  • When Lion is sleeping on Steven and Pearl chases him off:
    Steven [gasping for breath]: What happened?
    Pearl: Steven, are you all right? Why was Lion sleeping on top of you?
    Steven: I don't know. He's being a little clingy today. But that's cause I'm his favorite! Oh! [Lion pulls Steven's face into his mane] *muffled* See? Wait... Why are you here, Pearl?
    Pearl: Me? Nothing. I was just uh... well, you know how I always say... um, I just uh... I like to watch you sleep sometimes. And by sometimes I mean often.

Warp Tour

  • Upon seeing Steven Jr. with a couple of smaller goats (presumably his children), Amethyst states that "Steven Jr.'s been busy!" This line was muted in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Alone Together

  • Some of the Fusion Dance moves the Gems demonstrate are even more suggestive than the Sugilite dance in "Coach Steven": One even ends with Pearl swung so her back is against the wall, Garnet leaning against the wall with her hands to either side of Pearl's head, and Pearl blushing. Then Steven tries to do the same dance, taking Garnet's place. And his height puts him square in front of her crotch.
  • The camera pays rather close attention to Stevonnie's shapely legs and rear during their introduction.
  • Pearl says that Steven and Connie fusing (in a completely literal sense) is "at the very least inappropriate".
  • Both Lars and Sadie seem to be attracted to Stevonnie.
  • When Stevonnie is invited to the rave by Sour Cream, Sour Cream mentions that there "will be lots of free... glowsticks", the obvious implication being free drugs or under-aged alcohol instead. (Though he really did hand out free glowsticks at the end.)
  • Stevonnie begins having second thoughts about being a fusion and remarks, "We can stop if you want... no, it's fine."
  • Kevin sees the person he's been hitting on turn back into Steven and Connie and goes Blue with Shock.
    Kevin: That's two kids! I'm out!

Horror Club

  • Lars and Sadie are closing shop and Sadie emerges from the store fixing her clothes with a blissful expression and her hair messed up.
  • Steven says that Lars should stop being a "dink" to Ronaldo. Depending on the regional dialect, "dink" can be a permutation of "dick". As usual, the UK cut this line.

Maximum Capacity

  • As Greg is trying to convince Steven and Amethyst that he can clean out his storage garage on his own, Amethyst offhandedly mentions that she's "seen his junk before."
  • When Steven is asking if he can have some books from the unit, Greg sees a book entitled "Passions of Xanxor" and takes it away, stating that Steven should wait until he's older for that one. He also blushes as he says it. And it wasn't as if he glanced in the box and just happened to notice it. Greg asks to look through the books before letting Steven take them, and he says it in such a way that makes it very obvious he's checking to see if any of his more "adult" material is in the collection.

Marble Madness

  • The whole desert scene is this
    • After the Gems have defeated yet another Robonoid, Pearl yells at it, "STOP... COMING... HERE... YOU... STUPID... BALLS!" A bit later, she follows with "They just keep coming and coming and we don't even know what they are!" while blushing. Also, the Plug Robonoids explode into white goo when destroyed.
    • Amethyst’s "Yeah, let it out! Get crazy!" line during this.
    • Steven says Greg tells him "Weird Dad stuff." Considering he tries to tell Peridot about his Dad giving him "The Talk" in Logdate: 7/15/2 it’s not too hard to think about what he meant.
  • There is a moment where Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst all come out of Garnet's room, covered in whitish goo.
  • When they arrive at the Kindergarten, Pearl instinctively tries to pull out her spear to destroy the ball they were riding on. A well timed pause gives Pearl an... interesting face as her spear slowly retracts into her gem.

Rose's Scabbard

  • The sexual overtones are all over the place when Pearl is talking about Rose's scabbard: she hugs and blushes over it and the camera focuses on her intertwined fingers while she says "nothing else could fit so perfectly inside."
    • There’s also the noises Ametheyst and Garnet make in the background while she says this.

Political Power

  • Dewey calls Pearl "Hot" and when she asks him if she can help him he blushes and says a sultry "Yes."
    • In Historical Friction he makes another, stronger, move on her.
  • Lars says his day had been "A pain in the-" and is cut off when he sits in a box of melted ice cream.

Joy Ride

  • Steven accidentally has his hands on Jenny's butt when he lifts her up.

    Season 2 

Say Uncle

  • As Uncle Grandpa tries to figure out how to provide Steven the emotional clarity he needs to reliably activate his shield, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger drops by:
    UG: Oh hi, Giant Realistic Flying Tiger! You got any advice for Steven?
    GRFT: (growls)
    UG: Aw, I'm not going to tell him that! That only works on cats!
    Pearl: What's going on? Who is this... stranger?
    Steven: He's not a stranger, he's Uncle Grandpa!
    Amethyst: Uncle... Grandpa?
    Pearl: So that would make him Greg's brother... and father?
    Garnet: That would explain a lot.


  • At the end where the gems hug Ametheyst you’ll notice Pearl and Steven's hands are...somewhere.
    • Ametheyst doesn’t seem to mind too much to top it off.

Story for Steven

  • When Greg opens his van and recoils, Marty and Vidalia step out.
    • "Drop Beat Dad" confirms that Sour Cream is Marty and Vidalia's biological son, and the timeframe makes it almost certain that was when he was conceived.
  • Some of Marty's comments implies that he Really Gets Around.
    "Man, Greg, you really missed out. Vidalia's friends were wild and crazy! Glad that town wasn't a total waste."
    "See, Greg, this is your problem: you want one huge woman when you could have multiple smaller ones."
  • When Greg mentions that he can't stop thinking about Rose, Marty's first question is, "How big was she?"
  • Rose's response to Greg wanting a relationship.
    Rose: You're awfully cute, and I really want to play with you...

Shirt Club

  • When Steven goes to the Gems to ask for advice for his shirt dilemma, they mistakenly believe that the shirts are dangerous and start frantically listing off possible disasters they could be causing. Among these, though it's disguised by a lot of excess wording, is what seems to be a suggestion that they're causing mass suicides.
    Pearl: Are the shirts destroying the wearer's will to continue on in this mortal coil, thereby shutting down Beach City?!

Love Letters

  • During Jamie's moment of Love at First Sight, some of the shots focus on Garnet's shapely hips and lips, her entire body dripping with water. Double points if you consider that it comes from Jamie's point of view.

Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

  • A call-back to the "Steven's Pregnant?!?!" line - Ronaldo showed a picture of Steven's stomach bulge and added the words "Baby maybe?!" to it.

Keeping it Together

  • Garnet claims that the Earth will be "janked" if the Kindergarten were to reactivate, which is basically slang for "fucked up". Amethyst's reaction to her word choice makes it clear that the naughty language was intentional: though it's not something most censors would block (except for the UK censors, as per usual), it's treated in-universe as a Precision F-Strike.
  • When Peridot wiggles her finger out of Amethyst's whip to shock it so she can escape, it briefly looks like she's giving the Crystal Gems the finger.
  • The experiments the Homeworld are conducting on Gem shards to permanently and forcibly fuse Gems together are essentially graverobbing, desecration of dead bodies, and necromancy all in one day. The sexual subtext we've seen before with fusion only makes things worse.

We Need to Talk

  • The entire music sequence is rife with suggestiveness, from the lyrics ("What can I do for you / What can I do that no one else can do") to the way Greg and Rose are looking at each other throughout. Pearl and Rose's fusion dance features a blatant Almost Kiss and finishing with Rose dragging Pearl up into her chest as they fuse together. In fact, it was deemed so erotic that the version shown on the UK Cartoon Network had to replace most of the scenes of Pearl and Rose Quartz together with reaction shots of other characters.
  • The scenes shown from Greg's point of view contain a lot of close up shots of Rose and Rainbow Quartz.
  • When Greg tries to explain to Rose that he's feeling insecure about himself in their relationship and wonders if he's just a "novelty", he starts with, "Look, these last few months have been great—" which Rose interrupts with a very sultry, "Oh, yes."

Chille Tid

  • When Pearl says they need to keep searching she says she wants to go with her alone at first. Think about the premise: Alone on a raft at night, with no one to bother them.
    • What happens in Cry For Help makes this easy to believe.
  • In the first dream, Garnet says this gem:
    The big dance, huh? Don't do anything I wouldn't do!
    • Followed by a rather blatant "Woooooo!" from the Studio Audience.
    • Note that she's a permanent fusion, and Steven and Connie have already fused themselves.
  • We see Pearl’s dream being with Rose.
    • They’re both in a pretty inappropriate position during the dream.
    • Pearl apparently had some plans since she wanted to abandon the city and travel the universe with Rose.
    • To top it off she freaks out when she realizes it was Greg the whole time.
    • She then is asked to describe the dream to put Steven to sleep. She blushes when she has to explain. The fact that she gets cut off proves how inappropriate it was.

Cry For Help

  • Pearl and Garnet form Sardonyx while performing some very sensual dance moves (especially from Pearl). The track in which this sequence occurs is even titled "Enticement".
  • When Garnet finds out that Pearl has been repairing the hub as an excuse to fuse, her reaction is exactly like finding out that a partner tricked them into having sex under false pretenses, or a similar violation of trust.

Keystone Motel

  • When Ruby and Sapphire start making up (and making out), Steven starts blushing and covering his eyes. While there's not a kiss on the mouth, Ruby nibbling and kissing up Sapphire's neck is arguably more explicit. Amazingly this wasn't censored in UK airings.

Onion Friend

  • Vidalia has what's mistaken for a Stalker Shrine to Amethyst in her garage, filled with her (occasionally suggestive) paintings of the Gem.
  • Vidalia greeted Steven and Amethyst with a double-barreled shotgun. No Family-Friendly Firearms here.
  • Amethyst asks Vidalia if she's heard from Marty recently, and she says she doesn't care. This all but confirms that Sour Cream is Marty's illegitimate son (later confirmed for real in "Drop Beat Dad".)
  • Onion played the video of his birth in front of Steven. We didn't see it, but it sounded pretty graphic.
    Matt Burnett: Big thank you to the CN S&P team for working with the Crewniverse to produce an insane 11-minutes of television tonight. #HappyBirthdayOnion

Historical Friction

  • Dewey makes an advance on Pearl, he suggestively says he wrote the play himself.
    • It also seemed like he was gonna try to put his arm around Pearl and out his hand...somewhere. Thankfully Pearl moves away.
  • At the end of the play, Nanefua slaps Jamie's butt.

Friend Ship

  • There are definitely middle finger gags with Peridot’s blasters.

Sadie's Song

  • The song Steven walks in on Sadie singing contains the lyric "They're hypnotized by my way of walking" and plenty of Male Gaze shots. The Turkish censors weren't happy with the close-up of Sadie's butt.
    • And if this wasn't enough, the short "Gem Karaoke" has Amethyst sing the line in a deep, sultry voice while twerking in Pearl's face.
  • Barb literally says, "What are your intentions with my daughter?" to Steven.

Catch And Release

  • Steven has a plush toy called "Playful Kitty." Playful Kitty looks like this.

Back to the Barn

  • One of the challenges is painting Amethyst... in her underwear. And while the quality of both paintings is poor, it's pretty clear that her underwear was left off entirely in both Peridot's and Pearl's interpretations.
  • When Peridot is talking about Pearl's former status as a servant girl:
    Peridot: She's a pearl. She's a made-to-order servant just like the hundreds of other pearls being flaunted around back on Homeworld.
    Steven: Wait... there's hundreds of pearls!?
    Pearl: (blushing) Well, yes, but—
    Peridot: (holding Pearl's sash) And she looks like a fancy one, too.
    • Later in the episode:
    Peridot: You're an accessory! Somebody's shiny toy!

Too Far

  • Peridot says of Garnet: "She's not even fighting, she's just, y'know..." and then proceeds to bump the sides of her fists together side-to-side in a way that, coupled with Steven's confused reaction and the sexual undertones already present in fusion, is a clear allusion to same-sex female intercourse. Just check out the uproar of laughter and hoots from when the episode was played at the New York Comic-Con.
  • After Peridot pushes Amethyst away from the drill, she ends up accidentally kneeling on Amethyst's lap:
    Amethyst: Uhh... Peridot?
    Peridot: Aah! It was an accident, I swear! (Peridot jumps off Amethyst's lap)
    Steven: Hey, don't worry about it. We know you didn't mean to start the drill.
    Peridot: Uh... yeah. That was an accident, too...

The Answer

  • More sexual undertones of fusion, made stronger by the fact Ruby and Sapphire are a real romance. Especially a few choice lines in Ruby and Sapphire's duet:
    Sapphire: So, um, you say I was different.
    Ruby: And you hadn't before?
    Sapphire: (blushing) Of course not...When would I have ever...
  • When Ruby sees Sapphire's one eye for the first time, the former gets aroused in a way that causes her to flare up the ground she was standing on. In other words, she gets "hot & bothered".
  • When Ruby and Sapphire become Garnet for the first time, the other Gems express disgust at how "unnatural" it is for two different Gems to form a fusion, which is eerily reminiscent of bigoted contempt towards gay, inter-caste or interracial relationships.

Steven's Birthday

  • Connie and Greg discuss the possibility that Connie will get older and Steven will remain the same. Steven obliquely addresses that any romantic relationship would make her (or at least make her look like) a pedophile.
    Steven: When Connie grows up and becomes president, what's that gonna make me? First boy!?
  • At the end of the episode when Steven grows his first Beard Hair, Amethyst jokingly asks: "Is there more where that came from?" Use your imagination for what OTHER places hair appears during puberty...

Log Date 7 15 2

  • Peridot sees two humans making out off-screen and is confused, asking if they're fusing. Steven says no, but then backtracks and starts mumbling something about his dad giving him The Talk.
  • There's also Peridot's reaction to Garnet proposing that they fuse. She falls off her seat and then stands up, brushing herself off and blushing uncomfortably. When she and Garnet later try to fuse, Peridot shortly backs out and says she can't do it. It's very similar to someone suddenly hesitating about being intimate for the first time.

    Season 3 
Drop Beat Dad
  • Steven's roadie montage has what appears to be a heavily drunk rock star bending over a toilet bowl about to be sick.

Mr. Greg

  • Pearl's song suggests that Rose had a rather promiscuous past, not a trait typical to a highly idealized mother figure in a cartoon show.

Too Short to Ride

  • The "Wiener in Hand" sign is gone, replaced by one that just says "Hot Dogs". Apparently the radar caught on.
  • Peridot's tablet gets a spam advert saying "Find cute roommates in your area!" It's supposed to reference pornographic adverts where you find locals to hook up with.

The New Lars

  • When Steven enters Lars' body, Lars wakes up naked with a suspicious looking magazine on his face, titled NOICE, which has a heavy-set woman on the cover. The implication is that Lars masturbated right before going to sleep.
  • We see Lars' butt for a few seconds in the mirror, then he yells "I'm naked!" and crouches in the corner.
  • Lars’ mom is surprised he didn’t cuss while at the table.
  • A box on Sadie's movie shelf is clearly titled HELLHOUND, despite the first two letters being covered by a $1.00 sticker.
  • This episode continues the implications that Sadie and Lars had sex. When Steven-as-Lars confesses love to Sadie, her angry response sounds like she thinks Lars is just being nicer to get in her pants. At the end, Lars wonders what Steven did with his body, especially what he did in Sadie's house with his body.

Beach City Drift

  • The reason Steven harbors such strong feelings against Kevin is because Kevin had pressured Stevonnie into dancing with him even after they had declined. The whole thing was played out as a pretty obvious parallel to an attempted sexual assault and feelings that a victim might have afterward.
  • Kevin says Stevonnie is "Obsessed" with him, and "Had a taste" of him. He says it with REALLY obvious sexual undertones, and is aware that Steven and Connie are two kids.

Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

  • When Kiki mentions how one of Sour Cream's tapes caused the car to break down, Steven said that "they were pretty dirty".

Alone at Sea

  • Jasper's obsession with Lapis has strong parallels with someone who was involved in a mutually dysfunctional relationship, and became obsessed after the breakup and started stalking their partner in an attempt to force the two of them back together.
    • There are also strong drug addiction parallels, with Jasper saying she needs the Power High Malachite brought her.
    • She can also easily come off as a Combat Sadomasochist, fascinated by the experience of being at someone's mercy after being the strongest in the room her whole life, falling to her knees and begging Lapis to fuse again, and insisting she's the only one who can handle the abuse Lapis dishes out.
    • Lapis also admits to enjoying taking out all her frustrations and anger on Jasper while holding her down; very Sadistic, as a counterpoint.
  • When Greg offers his captain's hat to Lapis, she answers: "Thanks, but I'm not putting that on my body".
  • Greg picked up some jokes from sailors while he was renting the boat, saying in so many words that he was surprised how little cursing they did.

Greg the Babysitter

  • Passions of Xanxor is back. And Rose is reading it with Greg!
  • Rose Quartz innocently asks Greg if he "made" Sour Cream, which flusters Greg.


  • Towards the end Bismuth insists Steven use the Breaking Point (a weapon that can one-hit kill any gem) on her to kill her, basically asks Steven if he'll assist her in committing suicide.
  • The climax of the episode in general is a lot more violent and darker than usual Steven Universe fare, starting with Bismuth nearly murdering a child, and ending with Bismuth being stabbed through the gut. Sure, there isn't any blood, but still...


  • When Jasper fights Smoky he forces a fusion on a monster. When they unfuse she tries to restrain the monster. When they hit the ground the monster runs off. Doubles as Nightmare fuel.
  • Jasper starts becoming corrupted after fusing with another corrupted Gem monster. In keeping with the usual fusion as sex metaphor, this comes off very much like contracting an STD after unsafe sex.

Back to the Moon

  • Steven comes up with nicknames for the Rubies based on their gem placements, like "Leggy" and "Army". However, when he gets to their leader, he says "Uh... Doc". Her gem is in the center of her chest, which together with his hesitation implied he was thinking of calling her something like "Chesty" or "Booby".
  • One of the rubies seems eager to sit on Jasper’s (Ametheyst’s) lap twice.


  • When Steven has to fix Eyeball’s gem he leans in slowly and sticks his tongue out and licks her eye, justifying it with that’s how his power to heal works. Eyeball is not amused.
  • When Eyeball is talking about getting her own Pearl, she wears an expression that is hard to describe as anything but lustful, while giggling and chewing the handle of her knife. What in the universe does she have in mind? Whatever it is, it's a little disturbing.

    Season 4 

Kindergarten Kid

  • At the very beginning of the episode, when Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl go into the hole to fight the corrupted Gem (before the roadrunner one), Amethyst can be heard shouting "I've got its leg!" Garnet shouts back "That's not a leg!" Do we even want to know?

Buddy's Book

  • The library appears to have some racy material in stock: when Steven and Connie come in, the librarian is reading Passions of Xanxor (from "Maximum Capacity" and "Greg the Babysitter"), and Nanefua Pizza is briefly seen reading a bodice-ripper called Brigand.
  • Buddy briefly attempts suicide by... sticking his head into a lion's mouth.

Future Boy Zoltron

  • A sign for "Meat Beat Mania" is seen again, along with a new game, "Third Wheel".

Last One Out of Beach City

  • "I think I'll try drinking tonight." She's actually trying to drink apple juice like an organic being, but Pearl says this during what is clearly a wild night for her, like a vanilla person trying to learn the joys of alcohol.
  • Amethyst was clearly going to call Pearl a "badass" before she was cut off mid-word.
  • It's a quick shot, but Mystery Girl clearly looks Pearl up and down before returning her handshake.

Onion Gang

  • When Steven and Onion pass Onion's house, Vidalia is painting a picture of Yellowtail in his underwear.
  • Onion and his friends form a Totem Pole Trench, open it up, and flash Suitcase Sam ...with a camera. Sam's reaction and the placement of the camera doesn't particularly help.

Gem Harvest

The Zoo

  • The lower half of the outfits the Zoomans wear only cover the front and back, leaving the sides of the legs exposed. Luckily, Steven is shown earlier to keep his underwear when being stripped.
  • When everybody gets ready to go to sleep, one prisoner appears to be fully naked, though most of their body is obscured by someone's hair in the foreground.
  • The Choosening is pretty explicitly a breeding program, and how there even are descendants of the original prisoners centuries later.
  • When Greg tells the humans they could chose who they wanted to be with, everyone, man and women, chooses Greg. This probably got through because the people in question clearly have no understanding of how romantic relationships actually work. In other countries, though, this scene was cut.

The New Crystal Gems

Room For Ruby

  • Lapis is clearly building up to calling Navy some dirty word, getting as far as "You dirty little-" before being cut off.

Lion 4: Alternate Ending

  • The gate to Rose's storage bin, together with the wreckage of a gem ship, very much resembles the lower half of a naked woman lying down. The gate even has a large pink ring above the doorway. The bin essentially just being full of refuse is something of a Visual Pun: it's just a big pile of crap. The fact that Steven has to open the door with a key does not help, though the position of these legs does provide some very clever Foreshadowing.

"Are You My Dad?"

  • When entering the Big Donut, Steven mentions Sadie and Lars (which, by the way, at this point are pretty much confirmed to be a couple) are "watching scary movies in the break room like you're not supposed to be", which is kinda weird, considering they already watched TV and listened to music in the break room in earlier episodes... until we see the "scary movie" in question, that is: A movie called "Dream Ghost", with a smirking ghost in the cover groping a girl while she blushes.

    Season 5 

Off Colors

Raising the Barn

  • Peridot demonstrates to Steven how she was "bending over backwards" to make Lapis feel better. Turns out she was literally bending over backwards — which makes for a rather suggestive shot where Peridot's angling her crotch towards the camera, and saying in a somewhat strained voice: "Oh yeah, she loves this!"

Back To The Kindergarden

  • When Amethyst comes in:
    Amethyst: "Uh, is this a bad time?"
    Steven: Of the 3 things I have to do in the sink now, this is the one I least mind you seeing.
    • And he was washing his hair, so he was bathing and didn’t mind her seeing!
  • The entire 2nd Steven hygiene montage shows him in the shower and doing "The Butt Floss" like Meg from Family Guy but without a shadow discretion shot.
    • And he came out in only 2 towels. Peridot told him to get changed quick and his room was right up there. So they probably saw him nude.

Your Mother and Mine

  • Rose is known as the "anti-Gem" on Homeworld, in a clear parallel to The Antichrist.

Pool Hopping

  • Garnet telling Vidalia to "Paint me like one of your amethysts" while in a very suggestive spread-eagle pose. This is a reference to Titanic (1997) where Rose says "Paint me like one of your French girls," by which she means nude.
    • The final portrait is pretty suggestive containing a nude Steven censored by clouds.

Letters to Lars

  • When Steven tells the story of Jamie the Mailman, we see him on the cover of the magazine named "Playbo" pan to the left... it's actually "Playbook".
  • Peedee's new food truck is called "Hot 2 Tot", apparently after the phrase "hot to trot", meaning sexually excited.

A Single Pale Rose

  • Pearl has a shotgun inside her gem, once again averting Family-Friendly Firearms.
  • One level of Pearl's subconscious is a fresh battlefield covered with broken gems. Again, we're actually seeing the equivalent of a field covered in bloody corpses.
  • Pink Diamond makes some fake Gem shards out of dirt and then swallows them, so as to leave behind convincing "remains" when poofed. Bear in mind, this is the Gem equivalent to a convincingly faked corpse. Which, again, Pink Diamond proceeds to eat.
    Pink: (giddily) Convincing?
    Pearl: (visibly horrified) Very much so, my Diamond.

Now We're Only Falling Apart

  • In perhaps the clearest comparison yet between fusion and sex, Pearl and Rose's first failed attempt at it ends with them lying on the ground sprawled over each other, with Pearl saying "This is very not allowed."
    Pearl: (blushing madly) Tell me to stop!
    Rose: (grabs Pearl while blushing madly herself) Please don't ever stop!

The Question

  • When Steven comes back home, he finds Pearl and Sapphire with mugs in front of them, looking very much like they've spent the day Drowning My Sorrows.

Made of Honor

  • Ruby mixes up two sayings about weddings: "If you want to milk the cow, you've got to put a ring on it." The first of those is actually a dirty argument against marriage: "Why buy the cow when the milk is free?"
  • Meat Beat Mania makes its grand return. Steven even suggests it as a wedding gift.

Legs From Here to Homeworld

  • Pink Diamond's ship, in contrast to her sister's Arm Ships and White's Head/Torso ship, is a huge pair of shapely legs likely modeled after Pink herself. There is a great emphasis placed on the ship's literal rear - Connie's parents glance uncomfortably at the rear end of Pink's ship, which their daughter is going to be riding in.
    • If you look closely in some scenes, you can see that the ship has a slit on its "crotch". Yeah. Said slit is featured more prominently in "Change Your Mind".

Together Alone

  • Pink's leg-shaped ship is shown to be parked in a quite suggestive squatting position.

Change Your Mind

  • After Steven's heart-to-heart with Blue Diamond (resulting in her Heel–Face Turn), Steven and Connie change into their normal clothes... together in the same room... with Blue Diamond watching.
  • The fact that Blue Diamond hides both of them in her cleavage.note 
  • When Rhodonite sees the diamonds on earth she says "Well, we're cracked!" The context makes it pretty clear she just said the Gem equivalent of "we're fucked".

    The Movie 
  • Greg saw the poofed Crystal Gems and says "Holy shhhhe really got everybody!"
  • Bismuth similarly says "Oh shhhucks!" as one of the building in Little Homeworld starts to come apart.


Little Homeschool

  • One of the pamphlets for newly unbubbled Gems is "You & your new horns", coming off very much like it's about puberty.


  • One of the gems were running a snow cone stand. Amethyst drinks the melted snow cones at one point she says "Hit me with another." Something typically said by people who are requesting an alcoholic drink.

Rose Buds

  • If the earlier hints of how much Greg slept around in his youth weren't enough, when the Zoomans arrive after they all "choosened" him, he comments there was actually another incident where he was confronted with the same number of exes.
  • Hippie Rose oozes sexual energy, almost every word from her mouth coming off as flirty at the very least. She also has traits of a G-Rated Stoner.
    • Additionally, she tries to give Garnet a "relaxing massage" which makes Garnet uncomfortable.
    • Her presence makes Garnet and Pearl shout "I need to use the bathroom!" making it seem like they needed to do something.


Bismuth Casual

  • When Pearl is telling Bismuth how to socialize with humans in the car, she unbuttons Bismuth's shirt, showing off her gem, telling her "she should show a lot of herself, the humans are going to love her". If Bismuth wasn't a gem, it would be Pearl telling her to show off her cleavage.

Growing Pains

Homeworld Bound

  • Yellow Diamond tells Steven to send any Gems her way if they want their horns reduced (like a breast reduction), a Call-Back to the pamphlet from "Little Homeschool" mentioned above.
  • Blue Diamond's clouds are practically a G-Rated Drug, especially in how they make people "get high", literally.

Everything's Fine

  • Steven's entire meltdown at the end is eerily reminiscent of someone going through a suicidal episode.
  • How the Gems react to him saying he "almost" shattered White Diamond (who for all intents and purposes is the queen of all gems, making this attempted regicide), and admitting to having actually shattered Jasper. The scene plays out like a child admitting they are a murderer offhandedly.

I Am My Monster

  • Stevens clothes clearly rip apart when he transforms, meaning he was naked in front of everyone after changing back.

What Are Gems?
  • Pearl is explaining how Gems are like a hologram, except they have mass. Amethyst smiles and comments to Garnet that she has "nice mass." Garnet smiles, twinkles her glasses, and says "I know".

How Are Gems Made?

  • Amethyst begins her lesson with an attempt at The Talk.
    First, when a mommy Gem and a daddy Gem love each other veeery much…


  • What we know about fusion may as well make this a biology Sex-Ed parody, though it is in a dance studio (but that also means it's educating you in dancing for love, yeah, that).


  • This line alone:
    Steven: (Refeering to his Cheeseburger backpack) It’s a little dirty, but that’s because I love it so much.

Cooking with Lion

  • While Steven is focused on cooking, Lion sticks a hind leg up and leans in to lick his own rear. It's hidden because of the table, but anyone with a cat knows that pose.

Gem Karaoke

  • During Amethyst's portion of the song, her dance includes twerking. In Pearl's face. While singing "they're hypnotized by my way of walking."

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