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As this show was made by someone who worked on Adventure Time and it airs on Cartoon Network, a station known for children's shows with their fair share of family-unfriendly material, it'd be more of a surprise if this show didn't have a radar page, but unlike that and other shows from the station's "renaissance" age, this series doesn't revel in radar-dodging antics.

However, having a TV-PG rating means that typical examples of radar-dodging for other shows get a pass. Not only that, but the showrunners work directly with the standards and practices folks to know exactly where and how to push the envelope, meaning that everything is fairly subtle and innocuous, with little in the way of these shows' typical sexual innuendo: contrary to popular interpretation, Rebecca Sugar and writer Matt Burnett are insistent that fusing is a metaphor for relationships (not strictly romantic ones), and Sugar's personal philosophy that a relationship is its own person, not simply sexual intercourse. Despite these efforts, the show has still received its fair share of censorship in various countries, with the UK, Russia, and the Middle East dishing it out the hardest. With the exception of the UK, these countries aren't as tolerant of LGBTQ+ people as the United States and have rules against depicting them in children's entertainment.

ALL spoilers are unmarked! Proceed with caution.


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    Season 1A 
Bubble Buddies

Steven's Lion

  • Steven orders a large pizza for two. Then in the background, Ronaldo does a Spit Take: "Steven's PREGNANT?!" Sadly, CN UK decided to cut it out.

Arcade Mania

  • One of the games at the arcade is a rhythm game called "Meat Beat Mania". It repeatedly states "Shake that meat!" As expected, this didn't make it past the UK censors, who shortened it to "Beat Mania", but didn’t redub any of the lines, and only made visual edits, making it rather pointless.

So Many Birthdays

  • When Steven magically grows up (without realizing the physical changes he's undergoing), he tries playing a game of Whackerman at the arcade, but soon moves on.
    But a boy on the cusp of manhood can't spend the whole day whackering.
    • Unfortunately, the CN Philippines and UK airings of the episode cut the line out.
  • Later, while he's actually talking about a special cape and crown his dad gave him, he asks Lars and Sadie to help him "into [his] birthday suit." Sadie chases him out with a stool.
    Sadie: Yeah, you better run!

Coach Steven

Joking Victim

  • Sadie tells Steven a story about how Lars made her wait in line for 7 hours to buy a video game, but then afterwards they spent the whole night together.
    Steven: That does sound nice. Must have been one great video game.
    Sadie: (wide-eyed) was... (looks away)
  • She later sees that Lars ditched work to hang out with his friends, including Jenny Pizza, and wonders if their "video game night" even meant anything to him. The only subtle part of the implications is that what Sadie witnessed was incredibly tame compared to what she reacted like it was.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Small moment when the concerned Pearl wants to look at Amethyst's gem, which is of course located on her chest (Amethyst also being the only gem with a visible bust):
    Pearl: (reaches out to Amethyst's chest) Show me your gem!
    Amethyst: (slaps Pearl's hand away) Fresh!

    Season 1B 
Island Adventure
  • Sadie and Lars have a VERY heavy kiss in this episode, complete with moaning and back-rubbing. And then Steven interrupted them with his song! This kiss was censored literally everywhere outside of the US.

Watermelon Steven

  • In the scene where Sadie appears, the "Wiener in Hand" sign returns.

Warp Tour

  • Upon seeing Steven Jr. with a couple of smaller goats (presumably his children), Amethyst states that "Steven Jr.'s been busy!" This line was muted in Australia, New Zealand, and Southeast Asia.

Alone Together

Horror Club

  • Steven says that Lars should stop being a "dink" to Ronaldo. Depending on the regional dialect, "dink" can be a permutation of "dick". As usual, the UK cut this line.

    Season 2 
Say Uncle

Story for Steven

  • When Greg opens his van and recoils, Marty and Vidalia step out.
  • Some of Marty's comments implies that he Really Gets Around.
    "Man, Greg, you really missed out. Vidalia's friends were wild and crazy! Glad that town wasn't a total waste."
    "See, Greg, this is your problem: you want one huge woman when you could have multiple smaller ones."

Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

  • A call-back to the "Steven's Pregnant?!?!" line - Ronaldo showed a picture of Steven's stomach bulge and added the words "Baby maybe?!" to it.

Onion Friend

  • Vidalia greeted Steven and Amethyst with a double-barreled shotgun. No Family-Friendly Firearms here.
  • Onion played the video of his birth in front of Steven. We didn't see it, but it sounded pretty graphic.
    Matt Burnett: Big thank you to the CN S&P team for working with the Crewniverse to produce an insane 11-minutes of television tonight. #HappyBirthdayOnion

Too Far

  • Peridot says of Garnet: "She's not even fighting, she's just, y'know..." and then proceeds to bump the sides of her fists together side-to-side in a way that, coupled with Steven's confused reaction and the sexual undertones already present in fusion, is a clear allusion to same-sex female intercourse.

Log Date 7 15 2

  • Peridot sees two humans making out off-screen and is confused, asking if they're fusing. Steven says no, but then backtracks and starts mumbling something about his dad giving him The Talk.

    Season 3 
Too Short to Ride
  • Note: the "Wiener in Hand" sign is gone, replaced by one that just says "Hot Dogs". Apparently the radar caught on.

The New Lars

    Season 4 
Future Boy Zoltron
  • A sign for "Meat Beat Mania" is seen again.

The Zoo

  • When everybody gets ready to go to sleep, one prisoner appears to be fully naked, though most of their body is obscured by someone's hair in the foreground.

"Are You My Dad?"

  • Lars and Sadie are watching a movie called "Dream Ghost", with a smirking ghost in the cover groping a girl while she blushes.

    Season 5 
Back To The Kindergarden
  • The entire 2nd Steven hygiene montage shows him in the shower and doing "The Butt Floss" like Meg from Family Guy but without a shadow discretion shot.

Pool Hopping

  • Vidalia's portrait is pretty suggestive, containing a nude Steven censored by clouds.

Made of Honor

  • Meat Beat Mania makes its grand return. Steven even suggests it as a wedding gift.

Alternative Title(s): Steven Universe Future