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KaBOOM! Comics, formerly known as Boom! Kids, is the all-ages licensed comics imprint of Boom! Studios. It started out publishing comic books based on licenses from Disney and Pixar, including stories from Disney Italia which were previously only available in Europe. They've since lost the Disney licenses after the Disney buyout of Marvel Comics, which led to the abrupt cancellation of Pixar and The Muppets and two of The Disney Afternoon series being cut short. But they are now gaining new licenses, such as the contemporary Cartoon Network stable (IDW Publishing has the rights to the Cartoon Cartoons-era shows), and then early Nicktoons. The Pixar and Muppet material is being reprinted by Marvel and Joe Books; stories from those series might possibly be continued down the line. There is the possibility of Boom reprinting them as Disney's acquisition of 20th Century Fox means they now own a minority stake in Boom Studios as a whole, thus possibly allowing Boom to use Disney's licenses again.

Boom! also publishes creator-owned all-ages and YA comics, under the imprint Boom!Box.

In 2020, BOOM! Studios ended their partnership with Cartoon Network. As such, all of their Cartoon Network comics were removed and are no longer on sale on their official website.

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Alternative Title(s): Boom Kids