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A Battle Couple at such a young age.

Steven Universe has so many awesome moments that'll show you how Steven and the Gems always save the day!

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so ALL spoilers are unmarked! Proceed with caution.

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    The Pilot 
  • Steven using a time travel device to make insult comebacks. Sure, he could have used it for more emergency situations but this is a far more frequent and often more satisfying use.
    • Actually, towards the end, Garnet does utilize Steven's time travel ability by asking early on "Steven, why are you such a butt-face?" before battling the monster. And later, when the monster has nearly defeated them, Garnet asks Steven the question again, thus pressuring Steven to come up with a come back. ...and travel back before the monster could hurt them.
      • Becomes even more cooler when you bear in mind Garnet can see the future, and foresaw that it would come in handy!

  • The way Steven leaps ahead of Garnet and the others in the first theme song.
  • Every time Steven brings out Rose's Shield. He always finds a way to help.
  • Every time Steven helps someone just by talking. There are many instances where Steven will talk/yell/sing at someone to help them through a problem. Doubles as Heartwarming.
    • A notable example is when he motivates Pearl to fight Sugalite, by giving her an amazing pep-talk!
  • Garnet is the walking embodiment of awesome, period.
  • Doubles as Heartwarming: The diverse set of families in the SU world. From single parents, blended families, traditional family, multi-generational households, or a family that consists of a single parent and three rock aliens that act as surrogate mothers. Each of them have flaws and problems, but not one of them is presented entirely bad. And every type of family is loving and tight-knit.
  • This tumblr post about how relatable all of the characters, Gem and human, are;
    You know, it’s pretty wild just how much I can relate to so many of the SU characters. Like, all of the main characters are like me in some way, not to mention some of the humans too like Lars and his fear of what people think of him, Sadie and her overbearing mom, Kiki not being able to tell someone no. Hell, even Yellow Diamond's tyrannical ass repressing her emotions and literally singing an entire song about what's the use of feeling is relatable.

    And, I just love it so much. I can't believe how many of the characters on this show are like me. We share the same fears and struggles and issues. Sometimes it's like I'm watching myself on screen and I can sympathize so badly with a character, even characters who I thought were nothing like me can say or do something that puts me in shock because I'm suddenly being reminded of myself. I'm really so grateful to this show because with other stuff I watch, there's typically only one character I can relate to and I'm lucky if there's a second. Some shows, I don't even relate to any of the characters at all. But, with SU, so many of the characters are like pieces of me. And, I absolutely adore it.

    I love this show, I love these characters, I love the way they're written, I love their depth and layers, I love how the writers refused to just have them be cartoony caricatures and made them multifaceted, three-dimensional, realistic individuals that are still learning and growing and healing, the way that I am still learning and growing and healing.

  • The 30-second promo for the "In Too Deep" event manages to combine this with Nightmare Fuel, by completely avoiding any hint of lightheartedness that Steven Universe commercials usually portray, including a really well-done Dark Reprise of Pearl's lines "If you could only know, what we really are" from the extended theme. It also shows Alexandrite fighting Malachite, as well as Peridot and Steven using the drill to tunnel into the earth to confront The Cluster. All in all, it does its job of getting the viewer pumped for May 12th, and then some!

  • The voice acting for this series is nothing short of astounding. On top of many heartfelt and heartwrenching performances, many of these characters having to sing as well as act, and some of these actors also had to voice multiple characters with their own distinct personalities. The combination of all these details, and the fact that almost none of performances have been noted as being weak, tells you just how rigorous and pitch perfect the casting process and direction has been.
    • The series MVP HAS to be Deedee Magno Hall, who not only was a regular cast (over 120 episodes, second only to Zach Callison), not only voiced a number of very different characters, not only sang the most songs (some of which are the most powerful in the series), but was also arguably the best actress, as Pearl is at once an overbearing mother, weird friend, caring sister, powerful soldier, tragic lover, goofball clown, and overall complex yet lovable character.
    • Also of note is the diversity of the cast, most of whom are non-white women, proving that there is a wealth of talent out there who can come together to produce one fantastic cartoon series.
  • The Comic-Con debut of the Season 2 intro, with a short film showing that, in-universe, it was Steven himself who wrote the theme song when he was a toddler. It then shows him moving in with the Gems, a recap Season 1 with some brief clips, a solo spot for every Gem, a tease for Yellow Diamond, finally ending with the triumphant chorus of WE ARE THE CRYSTAL GEMS!
    • Even better, this is a re-purpose of the song Steven sings in the unaired pilot. It's the beginnings of Steven in more ways than one!
  • The official video with the clip of Garnet fighting Jasper has gotten over 10 million views. Wow.
  • A newspaper article referring Steven Universe, along with other shows, as progressive.
  • That an Uncle Grandpa and Steven Universe crossover even exists. Despite it being vehemently hated against by SU fans the moment it was announced, or that UG creators were trolled incessantly about its creation, the fact remains that it still got made. And because both UG and SU teams have such a respect for each other's work, the episode seamlessly blended the two universes together for a hilarious non-canon enjoyment.
    • And despite the backlash, there are fans of both shows that enjoyed the crossover and had genuine fun in watching it and making fanart about it (or shipping certain characters like Lion and Tiger).
    • And the fact that now there's a Kickstarter to revive SWAT Kats from the creators themselves- after having been referenced in "Say Uncle"- it's likely that reference opened the floodgates for the fans of that show to start the ball rolling.
    • The fact that they managed to slip in a hint of the fact that Rose was actually Pink Diamond into the episode when UG tells Steven to polish his gem twice a year. You don't need to polish rose quartz gems, but you do need to polish diamonds twice a year.
  • Steven Universe isn't drawn on computer; it's actually hand drawn and inked on paper, and there are about 10,000 drawings per episode. Check it.
  • Cartoon Network ran a poll asking "What's your favorite Cartoon Network Super Squad", between the Powerpuff Girls, Teen Titans, and Crystal Gems. The Crystal Gems won in a landslide of 86% to the Girls' 9% and the Titans' 5%.
  • Connie Maheswaran got drafted into Top 5 Dead or Alive.
  • Steven Universe and the Importance of All-Ages Queer Representation.
  • Review: "Steven Universe: One of the Most Positive, Progressive, and Affirming Shows on TV".
  • Strong in the Real Way: 'Steven Universe' and the Shape of Masculinity to Come and some specific quotes from the article.
  • How 'Steven Universe' Is Educating Kids About Consent.
  • Connie, Sadie, and the Importance of Human Beings in Steven Universe.
  • In its original broadcast, "Bismuth" was the highest rated premiere of the day in the 18–49 demographic.
  • The show managed to parody everything related to pop culture, from Initial D to Wile E Coyote And The Roadrunner. And it makes them work. Very few other shows are able to do this without being completely self-aware, and no others could do this and hold on to a deep, coherent plot.
  • The entire creation of Mystery Girl, which accomplished the seemingly impossible task of more or less killing all extant ships for Pearl, because everyone instantly fell in love with her new canon love interest. And keep in mind, this is for a character that has not had a single line of heard dialogue as of her introductory episode.
  • Grey Griffin (formerly Delisle), voice actress of Daphne Blake (Scooby-Doo) since 2001, giving extreme props to Rebecca Sugar and the show as a whole for its progression and how important it is for showing positive queer representation, helping LGBT+ kids who are afraid to come out to accept themselves.
  • One design for an unused character named Concrete in the "Art & Origins" book cheesed off a lot of people, who felt that she embodied a lot of racist stereotypes about black women (obsessed with shoes, vaguely blackface-looking design, couldn't readnote ). What does Rebecca Sugar do? She takes to Twitter, claims full, total responsibility for it, profusely apologizes for any hurt that her mistake caused and promises that the offending image will be removed from all future printings. Again, this was for an unused character, and Sugar still felt that it wasn't worth showing off as part of the creative process if it meant upsetting so many people like that.
  • In regards to Lars, you really have to give the crew props; they took a character who was a base breaker at best, scrappy at worst, and, in the span of four (five if you count "The Good Lars") episodes, turned him into someone who is almost completely beloved by the fandom.
  • Season 4's fourth-to-last episode, "Doug Out", was the first episode in an arc that lasts for at least sixteen! Including follow-up, it's already taken up the entire first half of season five, and has been all about shaking up the show's status quo. How many other "kid's shows" even do that?!
  • The writing team deserves a great deal of credit for "A Single Pale Rose", arguably the biggest Wham Episode in Western Animation since "Not What He Seems". Doubly so given the gigantic amount of foreshadowing there from square one.
  • Steven Universe is the first animated show to have a gay marriage proposal! Sure, we have seen some background moments, two police officers openly declaring their love, and even actual married gay couples. But this show is the first to have an actual same-gender marriage proposal and onscreen wedding!
    • Some have also pointed out that by having Ruby be the one in the dress, more conservative countries can't rely on dubbing alone to pass her off as a man, nor can the episode be easily skipped without leaving out major plot gaps. So the Crewniverse not only included a prominent gay wedding, they made it as hard as possible to censor in other countries.
    • Plus, after several other shows in addition to SU's own history laid the groundwork, they took the opportunity to show a not ambiguous in the slightest kiss on the lips between two major characters of the same gender, another first for an animated kids' show.
  • The ratings for the entire "Heart of the Crystal Gems" StevenBomb, especially the finale, "Reunited" have been the best for Cartoon Network in over three months. note 
  • San Diego Comic-Con 2018. Cartoon Network announced that a Made-for-TV Movie titled Steven Universe: The Movie was in production!
  • In an interview with Entertainment Weekly in mid-August of 2018, Rebecca clarified that not only was Ruby & Sapphire's Wedding being planned as early as four years prior, she was okay with laying her entire career on the line for it.
    The other thing is that people would tell me often, "How are you getting these adult themes into your show?" And that would really strike me because love stories are not adult scenes. The idea that it is adult because it's queer, the gravity of that started to set in for me and the fear I had growing up myself came into focus for me. The things that I felt I couldn't talk about — even into my late 20s — came into focus for me. By including LGBTQIA content and characters in G-rated entertainment for kids, you tell kids when they’re young that they belong in this world. You can't not tell them that. There can't be only a certain group of kids that gets told someone will love you by all the entertainment that they see. It's just so unfair. By the time I reached 2016, I felt the weight of it so powerfully I would’ve risked everything just to get to say this to you now in this moment.
  • The staff of Adventure Time credit Rebecca Sugar and Steven Universe for pushing the boundaries that eventually allowed them to make Bubbline canon in the Grand Finale, something they wanted to do for years but were explicitly told they couldn't.
  • Following the events of "Reunited", many feared that the episode would be censored in the UK, especially after they censored some scenes from "We Need to Talk". It wasn't.
  • The fact that the season 5 finale, "Change Your Mind", got, at the time, the best ratings for Cartoon Network in 2019, with just under a million viewers. That title, however, got stolen by The Movie, which was even better in that regard, giving the best ratings for the network in over two years.note 
  • A while after the show ended, Sugar went into further detail about the impressively sneaky way she forced gay representation into the show: after her difficulties with making Bubbline explicit canon, she initially didn't give the network execs any hint that this show would have something similar. The result was that by the time Garnet was revealed to be a fusion at the end of the first season, with clearly romantic interactions between Ruby and Sapphire as they fuse back into her, she'd become such an important part of the main cast that there was no possible way for the network to force the show to take it out.


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