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The show has many moments that make our hearts happy.

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so ALL spoilers are unmarked! Proceed with caution.

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  • In an overall sense, the parental relationship between Steven and the rest of the Gems is so strong and genuine, that one would think they actually are related. This is best exemplified by the fact that Steven has three distinctive relationships with the Gems. When he's with Amethyst, she's like a Cool Big Sis whom he's able to have fun and run around with; Pearl is constantly worried over his safety and well being, and with Garnet he's most eager to impress her because she has such complete faith in him and is able to call off Pearl and Amethyst when they're being a bit overbearing.
  • The relationship between Greg and Rose. Despite what the other Gems seem to think of Greg, Rose obviously loved him very, very much.
    • And it was mutual, because it's clear that Greg still adores Rose.
  • The relaxing credits. And the lyrical version played after the season finale. And the full version.
    • Even better, many fans interpret it as being sung from Rose's perspective.
  • The Gems playfully tossing Steven around in the Cartoon Network logo.
  • In contrast to the first opening, the second opening has the Crystal Gems are all seen close together. A visual representation of their character development from season 1, that had them growing closer.
    • The second opening also has Connie and Lion joining the beach cookout. They're part of the family now!
    • Connie runs off happily to follow the van instead of just watching, and Greg reclines on Lion as he happily strums a chord on his guitar.
    • Seeing all three Gems tousling Steven's hair (instead of just Garnet) and the four of them sitting on the beach together is liable to make you squee. Steven also grins at the sign of affection rather than expressing annoyance at being treated like a kid.
    • Garnet, heck everyone, smiles a lot more during this version of the opening.
    • Steven also gets a part when the Gems sing "We are the Crystal Gems"!
      • And if you listen closely, you realize it's Greg who says "believe in" before the final roll call, affirming his belief in them all.
  • As pointed out here (warning, some spoilers), every character in the show, no matter what the body type, appearance, or traits, is depicted as beautiful in some way. Everyone has someone who loves them or finds them beautiful.
    • This can even be seen in a meta-way. Even Big Bad characters like Jasper or the Diamonds have a lot of fans and fanart. There is no character yet where the fandom agrees on that they are not attractive to some extent (with the exception of certain Fusions, possibly).
    • As Nightmare Fetishist Jonathan Wocjcik pointed out on on his tumblr, even monsters like Centipeetle manage to build up a sizable fanbase and get described as "cute". While not as reaffirming as the portrayal of other body types, there's something refreshing about what would typically be a generic monster getting a fanbase.
  • Steven's powers in general are really heartwarming: Whenever he needs to protect himself he can summon his bubble, but when he wants to protect someone else he gets his shield. Also, his spit can heal cracked Gems, poor vision, and broken bones. It's not even a conscious choice; His shield gets summoned by protective instincts, and all his nonweapon powers so far are devoted to protecting and healing people.
  • Greg's entire life is equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. He's emotionally devastated, having lost the love of his life in childbirth (or something like it) when she bore him a son, after fully coming to understand that both Rose and Steven aren't human, and there are things about their lives that he simply can't be part of. It's not what he wants, but letting Steven move in with the Gems is what's best for him in the long-term, and he never lets that stop him from being an affectionate, patient, supportive dad. This is even clearer when he becomes something of a mentor-in-law for Connie, offering his support as someone who knows what it's like to just be a human being surrounded by all these drastic Gem things... and it's clear that Steven gets his rampant optimism from his dad, not his mom.
    • Considering the reactions from his cousin Andy, a normal person who has never seen Gem-related shenanigans, Steven risking his life on a regular basis with the Gems must be terrifying for a father. But Greg, who has first-hand experience about the challenges a person must face to fulfill their destiny, never holds Steven back with his own fears.
  • The concept of Steven's forgiving nature in itself is a heartwarming concept. The show in general teaches kids (and even adults) the idea that if a person can learn from their mistakes, then take that chance and help them. The show teaches children that people who refuse to acknowledge any forms of harm and hurt other people's feelings constantly deserve no time.
  • The entire relationship between Steven and Connie. They are not just each other's romantic interest, but best friends, battle partners, and the person who helped transform them in many ways — Steven's encouragement and inspiration transformed Connie from a shy girl to a more self-assured young lady; and likewise, Connie's good sense and practicality has made it possible for Steven (who has a major Guilt Complex and developed into a Stepford Smiler by season 4) to have someone for emotional reliance. Yes, he has positive relationships with the Crystal Gems, his father, and most of Beach City, but Connie is the arguably the one he can vent to the easiest. In fact, Word of God mentioned in a previous interview that the duo's relationship would become a "main thread" in the future of the show.
  • The Cool Kids — Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream. In most shows, those who are considered "cool" are often portrayed as mean, snobbish jerks who act antagonistic towards the main protagonist and other characters. However, these Cool Kids are nothing but kind, accepting teens. Even though they're far from perfect, they are all good people.
  • Doubles as Awesome: The diverse set of families in the SU world. From single parents, blended families, traditional family, multi-generational households, or a family that consists of a single parent and three rock aliens that act as surrogate mothers. Each of them have flaws and problems, but not one of them is presented entirely bad. And every type of family are loving and tight-knit.
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation got a kid to watch the Season 5 opener episodes early. Not only did the crew behind Steven Universe happily agree, they also drew her Gemsona, Moonstone, and sent her doodles of the characters.
  • Steven Universe has become the first children's show in the States to show a same-sex couple kiss and get married.

  • The adorable theme song Steven strums out on his ukulele and how Garnet is the one who starts everyone clapping for him. Steven gets stars in his eyes when he's excited.
    • The theme song for the show (which is the song from the pilot, but in a higher tempo and keyed up). Steven's song holds so much meaning to the Gems that they'll sing it altogether.
  • Garnet calling Steven a buttface. It's not because she actually thinks he is a buttface as much as she knows that he'll be able to use a comeback to return before the fight with the knowledge to save the day.
  • While he's introduced as an obnoxious jerk, Lars seems to be trying to keep Sadie safe during the Gems' fight with the skull creature.

     Season 1 

Gem Glow
  • Sadie letting Steven take the Cookie Cat freezer home.
  • The reason why the Gems went out and stocked up on his favorite ice cream snack: because they knew it was Steven's favorite and heard it got discontinued. There's just something incredibly simplistic and sweet about the fact that they did that just because they wanted to do something nice for him for no reason other than just because.
  • "You're one of us, Steven! We're not the Crystal Gems without you!" After Amethyst says this, Garnet smiles and nods.
  • At the end of the episode, the Gems assure Steven that he'll discover how exactly he summons his weapon. And Garnet remarks:
    Garnet: Yes... in your own Steven-y way!

Laser Light Cannon

  • Amethyst and Steven hanging out at the beginning of the episode
  • Greg may be a Bumbling Dad, and he knows that what the Gems do is way out of his league, but he still loves his son enough to help him out with whatever he might need, whenever he comes looking for him.
  • "Let Me Drive My Van into Your Heart" is a song by one-man-band Greg Universe. When he performed it in concert, no one showed up... except Rose Quartz, the woman who would eventually give birth to Steven Universe. Hell, the song itself is pretty heartwarming in its own right.
  • Rose using one of Greg's silly Catchphrases as the activation Code Phrase for the light cannon.
  • The Gems helping Steven hold the Light Cannon.
  • Greg shedding a few tears at seeing Rose in the beam of the light cannon.
    • He could've also been tearing up at Rose using his catchphrase about hot dogs as a sort of "password" to get the cannon to activate.

Cheeseburger Backpack

  • The motherly, almost neurotic concern Pearl shows for Steven. Once they show up at the Crystal Spire, she saves him from falling down a chasm and immediately wants to send him back to keep him safe.
  • Even though Steven did botch the mission, none of the Gems blame him. They even try to make him feel better about it afterwards, despite how much the tower obviously meant to them.
  • All the Gems getting excited for, and believing in, the power of Steven's Cheeseburger Backpack. Even when the raft doesn't work out, Garnet and Amethyst tell Steven it was a good idea anyway.

Together Breakfast

  • The entire premise of the episode, which is simply Steven trying to gather all the Gems in one place, just so they can all eat breakfast together.
  • Steven finds himself in Amethyst's "room", where she declares she's going to add him to the Junk Pile, but in a fun, sisterly, teasing manner, making it impossible to be anything but heartwarming.


  • Steven spends most of the episode trying to comfort and be a good friend to a fellow child named Peedee, who's having some serious daddy issues and is depressed by his new job. It just goes to show what a sweet, outgoing kid Steven is. There's something really adorable about the way that Steven tries to help Peedee feel better, even though it's clear he doesn't understand why Peedee is sad. Even if he can't comprehend or fix the problem he can still try and support Peedee through it.
  • Peedee standing between his dad and Frybo in an attempt to defend the former, despite clearly being scared out of his mind.
  • "Dad, I'll... (beat) Are you gonna get another costume?" "(beat) Nah... I don't need another Frybo. I've got the Fry-man."

Cat Fingers

  • Steven and Greg bonding with a playful water fight.
  • A YouTube comment summed up the climax as thus: Someone cares about you when they're concerned when you're in danger. Someone loves you when you've turned into a metamorphing cat monster and they still only see you as their son.
  • After the Gems have returned and found that Steven has got his shapeshifting under control, Garnet tells the others that they should have more faith in Steven.
    • The first thing Pearl does when they get back? Jump off the boat, ask if Steven's okay, and instruct him to "let me see it" while inspecting his fingers. She treats him like a toddler who's just banged his finger, and it's absolutely precious.
  • Before things turned to Body Horror, the cat fingers do look cute.

Bubble Buddies

  • Garnet tells Steven to just talk to Connie, rather than let Pearl over-plan it.
  • Steven unconsciously creating the bubble to protect Connie and himself. Especially when you realize that this was by accident, and he was risking his own life to save Connie.
    • The entire experience. Instead of being a story where the girl doesn't even know about the hero's powers because they didn't ask or the hero is too self-conscious to say so, the opposite happened. Connie got to see Steven as he was, a kid who is half-gem and half-human, both friendly and laid-back, but extraordinary and brave. Instead of being in the dark of what he was capable of, their friendship started off with honesty, no secrets between them.
  • Steven kept Connie's bracelet safe for over a year until he saw her again. He finally worked up the nerve to talk to her and gave it back to reassure Connie when she's feeling overwhelmed. They both recall each other even after an entire year.
    Connie: I'm going to disappear without making a single friend... (crying)
    Steven: (shows her the bracelet) ...We could be friends.
    • Heck, the way Steven gives Connie her bracelet is a reminder of a proposal.
  • Steven protecting the bracelet from the sea monster. No, really, think about it—all the monster wanted was the bracelet. Steven could've just thrown it to the monster and they would've been fine. But no—he risked his life to save the bracelet and defeat the monster another way. Now that's devotion.
  • After Steven takes down the monster, he and Connie hold hands.
  • When Amethyst and Pearl start to be too meddlesome with Steven and Connie, Garnet steps in to keep them from being a bother while repeating how Steven asked not to "Mess up his funky flow". While it's funny that she took a comment like that so seriously, it's also very heartwarming that she listened, took note and indeed took it completely seriously. Simply because Steven asked her to.
  • Steven going starry-eyed after Connie demonstrated that she can write backwards.
  • Sadie not only attempts to break Steven out of his bubble, she also yells at Lars to stop embarrassing Steven in front of Connie.

Serious Steven

  • Steven and the Gems all going to the Amusement Park to ride the Teacups. Double as a Funny Moment as well when Steven is riding with Garnet.
  • Just how nice Garnet is to Steven. She's always really kind and supportive of him but it really comes out in this episode due to how much time they spend together. A particularly notable moment is when Steven ends up fainting from seeing the third trap and the spinning nature of the pyramid giving him nausea. When he comes to and finds that Garnet had carried him through the chamber, she just tells him that he was taking a nap and remains encouraging, rather than telling him that he fainted or collapsed.
  • While all the Gems obviously love Steven, Garnet also shows him a lot of respect. When Pearl goes into exposition-mode about how the place worked to begin with, Garnet immediately tells her "Steven already figured that out". Garnet clearly listens to what Steven says and always takes him seriously, which Pearl in this case, probably with her tendency to think a bit highly of herself, apparently forgot. Given Steven's insecurities about being a full member of the team, it's really very sweet.
  • Garnet's response to Pearl's concern that Steven isn't ready for the mission pretty much mixes her trust and respect for him with her doting, parental side.
    Shh. Just look at him.

Tiger Millionaire

  • Steven's speech about Purple Puma's backstory, which is pretty heartwarming in itself, is followed by this plea to let Amethyst keep at it:
    Steven: Can't we have this? Can't we just... wrestle?
    • The speech in general can be summed up as a defense to people who detract from wrestling that it's more about enjoying the events and athleticism and having fun than it is a literal sporting event.
  • Pearl looks genuinely horrified and concerned when it seems Garnet disapproves of Amethyst's need to wrestle.
  • After realizing how much bottled-up anger Amethyst holds in towards their no-nonsense expectations of her, Garnet and Pearl especially decide to go along with her wrestling facade and pretend to be the Heels, allowing themselves to be "beaten" so that Amethyst and Steven can have a good time. That they decided to play up themselves as evil, fun-hating buzzkills showcases that they were willing to admit they were wrong earlier.
  • The "fight" between Pearl and Steven has her pretending to be knocked out by him in an overly-dramatic fashion that's very reminiscent of a parent or older-sibling having a mock fight with a young child.
  • Amethyst regretfully apologizes to Garnet while she's pretending to be knocked out, who apologizes in return.
  • Lars's restored love for Tiger Millionaire by the end of the episode.
    Lars: I love you, Tiger Millionaire.

Steven's Lion

  • Garnet gently teasing and reassuring Steven that nothing can harm him in the desert at the beginning of the episode. Very cute.
  • Steven's complete and utter adoration of the lion, and the lion being completely gentle and passive to Steven in response, not to mention the lion eventually rescuing Steven and helping him reach the desert glass.
  • Just the image of Steven and Amethyst taking a nap under a pillow fort they made. Further cementing their sibling-like relationship without even saying anything.
    • Particularly given that gems don't need to sleep; Amethyst is doing it with Steven purely for the fun of it.

Arcade Mania

  • At the beginning of the episode when Steven is in danger, all three Gems work together to save him. Garnet catches him from his fall and prevent him from being hit by a monster's projectiles, then Amethyst carries him to safety while Pearl covers their escape.
  • Steven wanting to treat the Gems to a day of fun at his favorite place in Beach City.
  • Steven separately grabs each one of the Gems by the hand as he leads them to a game he thinks they'll enjoy.

Giant Woman

  • It seems the only thing that can get Pearl and Amethyst to agree with each other is seeing Steven in danger.
  • When Steven meets Opal for the first time, he's nervous because he's not sure if Opal still retains Pearl and Amethyst's memories. Opal reassures him by gently singing to him, specifically the "Giant Woman" song he made up earlier that day after learning about fusion.
  • This exchange at the end of the episode:
    Garnet: I also see you helped your teammates Fuse.
    Steven: And all I had to do was get eaten by a bird!
    Garnet: Nice work. You'll be great at fusing one day.
  • Steven befriending a mountain goat and naming him Steven Jr.

So Many Birthdays

  • Steven, upon learning that Gems don't really celebrate birthdays, vows to throw a party for each Gem, hoping to make all of them as happy as his own birthdays have in the past.
  • Steven pretends to fall to perform the classic pie in face gag. Pearl, not realizing the joke and being... well, Pearl, takes about half a second to stand up and catch him, preventing him from falling on his face.
  • Although the rapid aging doesn't bode well for him, (adolescent) Steven tries Wackerman rather than his usual Wackerman Jr. Despite feeling gloomy over being too old for kid's stuff, he clearly enjoys himself. This is possibly the only positive effect of his aging, as he decides to try something new he would've never tried otherwise.
  • Sadie attempts to cheer up the rapidly aged Steven after he has a breakdown in the donut shop, despite not even recognizing him at the time.
  • Upon finding an aged Steven laying in the sand, Lion immediately grabs him and rushes him to the other Gems, showing that even Lion is concerned for his new friend's safety. After he transports Steven to the Gems, he lets Steven sit/lie against him.
  • Garnet keeps wearing the cape and crown she had on for the party Steven tried to throw for her throughout the episode. When told she doesn't have to wear it anymore, she says that "it makes [her] feel important". D'aw.
    • When Steven turns into an old man and suggests his Birthday suit might help de-age him, without question, Garnet removes the King Costume and dons it on Steven. What makes this especially heartwarming is, she wants Steven to feel important.
  • The moment when Steven finally reverts to his normal age and the Gems tackle him out of absolute joy should definitely garner a huge sigh of relief.

Lars and the Cool Kids

  • Throughout the entire episode, Steven goes out of his way to help Lars pique the interest of the alleged "cool kids", all while just being his own sincere, goofy, lovable self.
  • When it's all over, Lars tries to give Steven some very well-deserved credit for saving the day. Steven immediately interrupts him to say Lars was the one that drove them all up there. That's pretty big of both of them.
  • Steven and Lars look at each other, smile, and give each other a "chest-five," nodding back to when Steven did it to Lars earlier in the episode.
  • The end of the episode, in which the true nature of the moss is revealed and the kids gaze dumbstruck at the sight of the flowers floating over the city.

Onion Trade

  • Greg giving Steven the bag full of quarters so Steven can get as many G.U.Y.S. as he wants. He really is a great dad.
  • The conversation Onion has with his dad. It's impossible to understand what they're saying but it's clear they love each other and that Onion really loves the little time they spend together.
  • Steven giving Onion his Ranger Guy even though he tried to destroy the town because Steven realizes he needs it more.
  • The conversation between Steven and his dad at the end of the episode.
    Greg: You went through all that trouble for a toy?
    Steven: It was more for the memories than the toy.

Steven the Sword Fighter

  • Pearl offhandedly mentions that she'd be happy to show Steven real sword fighting techniques. Then she feels Steven's hand on her head and looks up to see him staring at her excitedly with stars in his eyes.
    Pearl: Now?
  • The way Pearl cares much more about cheering and reassuring Steven than the sword in her chest. Even knowing it cannot harm her for good, it's still pretty strong.
  • The Gems don't blame Steven for Pearl getting stabbed by her own hologram because they know she is going to be fine.
  • Amethyst comforts Steven by telling her that what happened to Pearl usually happens to her. Garnet teasingly reminds her that it always happens to her. Steven laughs and cheers up.
  • Steven mentions that Pearl usually helps him clean his room.
  • Steven tends to Pearl's Gem the entire two weeks she's gone. He talks to it, keeps it warm, and brings it with him to watch a movie. Clearly, he's doing his best to look after her the same way she looks after him.
  • While also serving somewhat as Nightmare Fuel, it is pretty adorable how Steven initially tries to interact with Hologram!Pearl as if it were the real one.
  • And there's Steven's reaction when Pearl is finally regenerated. He runs straight over and hugs her, with Pearl just giving a chipper little "Miss me much?". Aaawe.
  • The way Pearl's shocked for a moment as he almost bowls her over before smiling gently at him and placing a hand on his hair.

Lion 2: The Movie

  • Just about every second Steven and Connie spend together in this episode can induce diabetes. Despite having very different lives from each other, they very much enjoy having fun together.
  • Connie grabs onto Steven's sword when they get attacked by the robot head and manages to make use of her tennis skills to help defeat it.
  • Steven and Connie can be seen holding hands while they ask for movie tickets.
  • In the short amount of time that they appear, the Gems make an effort to appear impressive to Connie for Steven's sake, in a rather parent-like fashion.

Beach Party

  • Steven's adamant determination to show the Pizza family that the Crystal Gems aren't just destructive assholes. He won't stand for anyone thinking badly of his friends/family.
  • Jenny telling Nana how hilarious she is. It's a small moment but it shows even irresponsible teens love their grandmothers.
  • Pearl and Kiki high-fiving each other after scoring in the volleyball game, Amethyst and Jenny teaming up, and Garnet and Kofi actually getting along.
  • Garnet calling Nana brave for taking on the Gem with Steven.
  • Kofi's Pet the Dog moment towards Steven in the earlier part of the episode — despite being angered over the Crystal Gems (particularly Garnet), he refers to Steven as a "good boy" and doesn't understand how he can be raised by "circus freaks".

Rose's Room

  • While this is mostly a pretty scary episode, there are lots of little heartwarming moments. Steven eating four cans of Cream Corn just so the four of them can go play minigolf is very sweet, and the Gems actually really do look sorry when they say they can't go. It's cemented further when they come back from their mission and are all happily showing him the stone they brought, clearly thinking he'll find it exciting. Too bad they interrupted him at a bad time this once... and of course, at the very end, they still end up playing minigolf.
    Garnet: Guess what? We have time to hang out now.
  • At the end, Steven apologizes for getting mad at the Gems, understanding that they sometimes just couldn't spend time with him when he wants it. They apologize in turn for having to always leave him behind.
  • Pearl takes Amethyst biting her on the arm without complaining, because she was too concerned about Steven to care about Amethyst bothering her at the moment. Likewise, Amethyst doesn't retaliate when Pearl accidentally elbows her in the face.
  • At the end, Garnet does end up wearing the golf pants Steven showed her, probably just because he wanted her to.

Coach Steven

  • It's not much, but before Sugilite starts smashing the communication hub, the way she acts towards Steven, like asking him if he wants to see something cool before summoning her weapon(s), indicates that she still retains some of Amethyst's Cool Big Sis qualities as she clearly wants to impress him.
  • Pearl singing out how she wants to be an inspiration to Steven.
    • While singing, she picks up and folds the shirts he left scattered on the floor in a decidedly mom-like fashion.
    • How Steven hears her song, is really touched by it, and sings his own bit so it's almost like he and Pearl have a Fusion of their own.
  • Pearl, believing herself too weak to protect the ones she cares about, almost hits the Despair Event Horizon as she faces her teamates' Fusion form. Steven, having spent the entire episode worshiping Sugilite and believing physical strength to be "real strength", finally understands what Pearl told him earlier about being strong "in the real way" and begins yelling encouragement to her, reviving her fighting spirit.
  • When Garnet and Amethyst are finally able to separate from Sugilite, Pearl responds by pulling both into a hug out of relief, though she forgets that they're currently in pain and can't move. Shortly after, Garnet apologizes for not listening to her when they should've.

Joking Victim

  • Sadie's story about how she waited seven hours for a game that Lars wanted and how Lars gave her favorite snack, oyster crackers and played the game with her in return.
  • Although a sad moment in context, it's oddly endearing how Sadie holds a fire-breathing Lars' hand while she tells him off. It's almost as though her actions speak volumes of how much she cares about him, granted she does not condone his lying.
  • Steven's almost sibling-like relationship with Sadie while he temporarily works with her at the Big Donut. It's small, but it's sweet, especially given their age difference.
  • Blink and you'll miss it: when Steven and Sadie are serving their customers donuts, Mr. Fryman can be seen leaving with Peedee riding on his shoulders like a normal little boy and his father would. Looks like their Character Development in "Frybo" is here to stay.

Steven and the Stevens

  • A very brief little moment, but just as Steven's about to leave for Beach-a-palooza, he holds the door open for a crab and says "after you, sir!" A very cute and funny moment that shows how much of a Nice Guy and Friend to All Living Things Steven is.
  • Although a sad and grim moment in context, Steven 1 telling the main Steven to "Stay cool forever" is this in its own way. He's trying to warn Steven not to lose that kindly Friend To All aspect of his personality.
  • In the end after numerous time-travelling shenanigans, who fills in for Greg in Steven's Beach-a-palooza performance? The Gems of course!

Monster Buddies

  • Steven and the Centipeetle's friendship, with the latter performing a heroic sacrifice to save Steven.
    • The way the Gems comforted Steven after the event, telling him that his mother would've been proud of what he'd done.
  • Garnet permits Steven to try and tame the Centipeetle, in the manner of a parent allowing their child to keep a stray animal as a pet. He runs up and hugs her leg in gratitude.
    Garnet: I can't say no to that face...
    • Made even more heartwarming knowing about Garnet's Future Vision. She may see that Steven can help the Centipeetle overcome what the corruption has done to it, and maybe other Gems, something Rose supposedly hadn't quite succeeded at. Sure, the Centipeetle winds up poofing at the end of the episode, but Steven will no doubt succeed one day, and Garnet can no doubt see that.
  • Steven bubbling a bag of chips (Centipeetle's favorite food) next to its gem at the very end.

An Indirect Kiss

  • Amethyst teasing Steven for being so worried about her. Especially in light of "On the Run," which implies she was likely doing it because she just wanted to be reminded of how much he loved her.
    Amethyst: [giggles] Steven, why are you getting so worked up? [Makes a mock-lovestruck face] What— do you care about me or something?
    Steven: [eyes glistening] YES!
    Amethyst: Aw, Steven, I didn't mean to make you— [pretends to fall backwards] woah, woah!
    • And the callback to this towards the end of the episode, when Steven is blaming himself for what happened to Amethyst, and she manages to grin up at him and say "Ha ha... you... care... about... me." Even broken-down and incapable of speaking normally, she's still trying to lighten the mood and let him know she's not blaming him for anything. What makes this even more heartwarming is that everything she says is backwards, but that one sentence is not, despite sounding slow and distorted. She literally talked backwards which then came out as normal so Steven could understand her!
  • Connie doing her best to cheer up the down Steven.
    Steven: Everyone expects me to be like my mom...what if I never get those powers?
    Connie: Then you'll be like me. That's not so bad.
  • Connie and Steven having an Almost Kiss.
    • The two also have the titular indirect kiss because by this point they're apparently close enough to be okay with sharing saliva. Aaaaaawwwww.
  • Even if Connie puts a lot of admiration and awe in Steven's magical adventures, it's shown in this episode she cares about her friendship with him more than any of that, comforting Steven when he starts breaking out in tears about fear that he can't go on magic adventures with the Gems without powers.
    Connie: (shyly, while holding his hand) You don't need any powers to be here with me.
    • Also remember that Steven is Connie's first friend. Of course she treasures him!
    • She does visibly tear up when Steven mentions that he can't feel sad about his mother since he doesn't know her. Connie finds him so precious that this insight in Steven's emotions made her almost cry.
  • Pearl showing an outright terrified but motherly concern over Amethyst's cracked gem, proving without a doubt that she really does care deeply about Amethyst.
  • Amethyst, despite being very disorientated from her gem cracking and losing her ability to speak coherently, still pushed Steven out of harm's way and tried to comfort him when he got upset about not being able to help her.
    Amethyst: (to Steven, after having a fit of animalistic screeches) !ay lliw, pu reehCnote 
  • After Amethyst recovers, she floats over to Steven and shouts "Look at this guy, savin' my life!"

Mirror Gem/Ocean Gem

  • Lapis Lazuli's interactions with Steven. She calls him a friend while in the mirror and actually is both astonished but touched when he helps her out of it, since he was the only person who ever bothered to talk to her instead of asking for answers she couldn't give. She even risks discovery from the Crystal Gems to inform Steven that she works "just for [him.]"
  • After Steven discovers the mirror can communicate, rather than freak out or treat it as a tool, proceeds to treat it as a person by joking with it, complimenting it and calls it his friend. He even goes against the gems when they try to take back the mirror, in spite of its protests.
  • When Steven accidentally smacks Garnet in the face when he refuses to return the mirror, Pearl tries to calm down Garnet down when the latter goes after Steven in a fit of rage, explaining that he didn't know what he was doing nor understand the severity of the situation.
  • Greg, Connie and Lion teaming with Steven to bring back the ocean. Then the Crystal Gems, though they were mad at Steven for his disobedience, team along too.
    Garnet: You're un-grounded, by the way.
  • Despite all that happened in "Mirror Gem", Steven is the only one that tries to talk down Lapis Lazuli and the only one she allows to meet her at the top of the water tower, showing they still consider themselves friends.
  • Lapis Lazuli thanking Steven for fixing her gem, allowing her to return home, the only thing she wanted.
    • The moment it is fixed is this too. We see the gem becoming perfect again, followed by wings shooting from Lapis' back and her previously empty eyes showing blue irises, and she smiles. It's enough for tears of joy.
  • Steven receives a well-deserved hero's welcome from the entirety of Beach City after bringing the ocean back. And it's all set to the calming credits music, too.
    • There is also a brief shot of Ronaldo and, of all people, Lars, holding up Connie and Steven respectively on their shoulders.

House Guest
  • Basically all the interactions with Steven and his dad are incredibly heartwarming.
    • The song they sing, especially.

Space Race

  • After Greg puts his foot down on the space project out of concern for Steven's safety, Pearl works on the ship herself - and then, during the night, sneaks in to wake Steven up so she can show him the spaceship, and says they can take it for an "engine test". Let's reiterate: PEARL, of all people, breaks rules to pal around with Steven, acting very much like a parent who can't wait to show a child a gift they know they'll love.
  • As Pearl muses about the probability of successfully building a functional spaceship, the one thing that pushes her decision is the glowing look on Steven's face.
  • Pearl kind of loses it for a bit in this episode. She practically kidnaps Steven for their 'engine test' (which she reveals would take about 50 years, much to Greg's dismay) since she misses going to other worlds so much. But when the engine fails and they bail, Pearl, holding Steven tightly, immediately apologizes to Steven, who in turn assures her they'll go to space together someday. This prompts this adorable exchange.
    Pearl: .You know, I think I'd rather be here on Earth.
    Steven: (Cheerfully) With me!
    Pearl: Yeah. With you.
    • What makes this extra heartwarming is that this is a Call-Back to earlier in the episode. Pearl laments that she is stuck on Earth, Steven mentions that he is there and she gives him a smile that looks dishonest. At the end, when he repeats the statement, the smile is genuine.
  • While Steven and Pearl are in the spaceship together, there's only one seat, so he sits in her lap. It's a small detail that neither of them draw attention to, but they both seem so comfortable with it and the gesture is so quietly parental that it winds up being adorable nonetheless.

Secret Team

  • Pearl and Amethyst actually having a good time catching the Gem shards. Part of why Steven wanted to have secret team was that he was seeing Pearl and Amethyst having a nice time together instead of bickering.
  • Steven and Garnet doing a little secret team of their own, with Steven playing along with Garnet's scolding and trying to spare Pearl and Amethyst punishment.
  • Garnet's lesson about teamwork at the end.
    Garnet: Steven, I know you wanted to help them. You wanted to protect them; even from me. They made you feel like you had to take their side. (looks at Pearl and Amethyst) But there are no sides, because we're all on the same team. The Crystal Gems! (Garnet rips her Secret Team membership card and throws it on the ground. The others do the same while the main theme plays.)

Island Adventure

  • This clip, shown at the New York Comic-Con. From Steven's song of togetherness to a budding relationship between Lars and Sadie, there's no shortage or adorableness here.
  • Lars kisses Sadie.
  • Lars and Sadie (as well as Lars, Sadie and Steven) bonding together while cooking, fishing and eating together is really sweet. Especially since Lars started off not wanting to be anywhere near them.
    • They even seem to have formed their own little family and household together while trying to survive on the island.

Keep Beach City Weird

  • The Crystal Gems coming to Steven's rescue, with Pearl exclaiming, "We know you have our Steven!"
    • Including also Amethyst barking and growling at Ronaldo like a guard dog and Garnet trying to restrain them both.
  • Peedee wanting to keep Ronaldo happy, even if it means putting up with his eccentric traits.
  • Pearl carrying Steven home on her shoulder, complete with Garnet ruffling Steven's hair adorably.

Fusion Cuisine

  • Steven has to pick a Gem to pose as his mother, and sits all three Gems down to figure it out. He has a brief scene that is basically just him listing all their good qualities (and one bad to keep them from being picked), and outright acknowledges all of Pearl's very motherly qualities.
    • While Steven's idea of posing Alexandrite as his mom is laughably bad, the intention is pretty sweet: he feels all of the Gems could make a good mom, so he opts to have a Fusion of the three of them do that role.
    • Let's break this down in detail. Connie's mother has already heard Garnet's distinct accent, and that makes her the most logical choice in that circumstance. At least, it does to adult/mature viewers, and most likely the Gems. They never bring it up, instead choosing to let Steven take the lead 100% and go along with his plan, not out of what might work or what is practical, but because Steven is so convinced that all of them together are great parents.
  • Greg's response "Because we love you, Steven..." after Steven asks why he is grounded from TV.
  • Just about all of Steven and Connie's moments together:
    • The first scene of the episode has them watching Under the Knife together.
    • How Steven describes Connie:
      I'll never know a star that shines as bright as you.
    • After Alexandrite is unfused and Connie's parents discover she lied, Connie runs away. Steven follows her and they both apologize for what they did (Connie for making Steven think she's ashamed of him and Steven for making the situation worse). They even decide to elope.
    • Steven hugging Connie after her parents decide they can still see each other. It's cuter since Connie starts blushing and laughing nervously.

Garnet's Universe

  • The entire episode is basically a celebration of the close relationship Steven has with Garnet.
  • Just look at Garnet playing along with Steven's silliness before he asks about her day and try claiming it doesn't melt your heart.
    Garnet: Tiny hands—my only weakness.
  • Throughout the fantasy story, Garnet has a photograph of her and Steven together and says that Steven is her favorite person in the world. When Ringo destroys said photograph, Garnet immediately goes on a Roaring Rampage of Revenge.

Watermelon Steven

  • The episode opens with some silly and adorable father/son bonding between Steven and Greg as the two show off their watermelon seed-spitting techniques. Greg eventually concedes defeat and crowns his son "Your Watermelon-jesty".
  • Steven expresses joy and relief and when the kidnapped baby-melon returns to him. In fact, even before he learned it was alive, there's the Adorkable manner in which he dotes on the "precious" baby-melon.
  • Fridge-Heartwarming: Steven isn't just wrangling the watermelon-Stevens simply as a product recall. Now that he knows they're living creatures, he recognized that selling them was some form of slavery. So in reality, he's liberating them.

Lion 3: Straight to Video

  • Doubles as a funny moment, Pearl reveals that she likes to watch Steven sleep. When Steven objects to this, Pearl tells the other Gems that they'll need to take over for her.
  • Rose's entire Happier Home Movie:
    • Rose's speech about the beauty of the world.
      Isn't it remarkable, Steven? This world is full of so many possibilities. Each living thing has an entirely unique experience. The sights they see, the sounds they hear... the lives they live... are so complicated, and so simple. I can't wait for you to join them.
    • Getting to see Rose and Greg just hanging out, enjoying each others' company.
    • Seeing Greg and Rose interact together on this video has an extra tugging of heartstrings when you realize that Rose and Greg both know that Rose will disappear when Steven is born, but all you can see is calmness and a lot of love between them. Rose is satisfied with her choice and Greg is supportive of her choice, and they're both just happily enjoying the time together they have left.
    • Rose Quartz telling Steven how much she loves him. How it's not possible for both of them to exist together, but she'll become half of who he is when he's born. So whenever Steven loves being himself, that is her loving him. Both Steven and Sadie are driven to tears after watching it.
      You're going to be something extraordinary. You're going to be a human being. Take care of them, Steven.
    • Seeing how excited Greg is about how he's going to be a daddy. He even sets up a special introduction for himself, proudly declaring that his son is going to have "the coolest dad in the universe."
    • The end of the video shows Greg and Rose standing together and about to share a kiss, with Greg caressing Rose's very pregnant belly.
    • During all this, Steven is just glued to the screen with an expression of pure joy.
  • At the end, Sadie calls up her mom to say that she really does appreciate the lunches she packs.
  • Just before then, he Call-Back to "Lars and The Cool Kids", with Steven high-fiving Lars' chest.
  • The fact that Steven trusts Sadie enough, and considers her enough of a friend, to share this moment with her, seeing his mother for the first time.
  • Immediately after the video finishes, Lars comes into the break room, to tell Sadie they need to open the store, only to find Sadie and Steven with shocked tears in their eyes. Lars doesn't make a snide remark like usual. He just backs out of the room, understanding that something important has just happened.
  • Lion turns out to have one large moment of this for Steven the entire episode. Steven tells Lion he wishes he knew more about his mom and Lion spends the rest of the episode trying to show him what Rose left behind in his mane. Once Steven finally understands what Lion was trying to tell him, he finds the tape Rose left for him. At the end of the episode after watching the tape with Saide, Steven goes outside and gives Lion a hug, thanking him for helping him.

Warp Tour

  • Pearl and Amethyst actually getting along and complimenting each other's fighting techniques in the opening scene.
  • Garnet and Pearl trying to wake up Steven to cookies they baked. He ended up not being the one to eat them, but the fact that they made those for him (as the Gems that don't even really get eating) is still adorable.
  • Garnet rescuing Steven and apologizing to him when he and the droid fall out of the warp stream. The way she holds him during this is especially sweet.
    • There's also Garnet admitting the Gems were wrong in doubting his word - even if she herself was the one who insisted they go check for his sake. With this line, she makes it perfectly clear that Steven is very much part of the team.
      Garnet: I should have listened to you. You're a Crystal Gem too.
    • Notice that she briefly sticks her fingers under her shades—she's wiping away tears, likely of sheer relief. Last time she cried at all was in "So Many Birthdays" when Steven nearly aged himself to death right in front of her. She really can't stand the thought of the little guy getting hurt.
  • Steven Jr. having two kids, one of which he lets sit on his back.
    Amethyst: (to Steven) This makes you a grampa!

Alone Together

  • The first scene of Steven trying to dance with the Gems is full of adorable mishaps. In particular, the problems of size difference arising when Steven tries to imitate Garnet and Pearl's dance, we see Pearl leaning down to lock fingers with Steven, Garnet holding him up so he can dip Pearl and Steven trying to pin Pearl to the wall but only coming up to her waist. And the smile Pearl gives Garnet on the last one.
  • Steven and Connie dancing together alone on the beach.
  • Pearl's worry over Stevonnie can come across as this when you realize that a half-Gem fusing with a full-on human is an unprecedented event, and she has no way of knowing how this might affect Steven or Connie, so she has every right to worry her head off about the two. It's actually quite motherly.
  • The fact that Garnet's first reaction to Steven and Connie's Fusion is just a big, goofy smile. Even more heartwarming when you consider that unlike the other Gems, with Pearl being unsure that Steven could ever Fuse due to him being half-human and Amethyst just teasing him about it, Garnet always believed that he could do it.
    • Garnet's words to Stevonnie.
      "Listen to me. You are not two people, and you are not one person. You...are an experience! Make sure you're a good experience. Now, go. Have. FUN!"
      *gives even bigger goofy smile*
    • Considering that Garnet was the first Fusion between different kinds of Gems, it is no wonder that she loves Stevonnie. Steven and Connie are pioneers, just like Sapphire and Ruby were.
    • Garnet's reaction to the entire event becomes an even bigger crowning moment when you realize Garnet is a Fusion of two lovers.
      • When she first sees Stevonnie, she's grinning while holding her hands clasped together. She's holding the gems in her hands in direct contact, as if her two halves were kissing!
  • A lot of Stevonnie's actions come across as either Steven or Connie talking through them, leading to a few of these moments, such as what seems to be Steven assuring Connie that they can break the Fusion if she's uncomfortable, while what seems to be the Connie side not only marvels at how amazing the Fusion is, but also chastises Pearl for not showing any pride at Steven's successful Fusion. In a broader sense, Stevonnie's personality seems to be largely Connie, but with Steven's self-confidence bolstering her, which is probably a big help in the moment below.
  • In a way, the ending is kind of adorable. After Steven and Connie split from their fusion, they stare at each other for a moment...and then begin dancing wildly and laughing their heads off, having the time of their lives. And this time, neither one cares if everyone else is staring at them.

The Test

  • At the beginning of the episode the Gems are playing a game with Steven that they clearly don't understand and congratulate him when he wins. It's really an adorable thing to watch.
  • The ending. Steven discovers that the entire test is fake and designed so that he can't lose and nothing can hurt him. This makes him angry at Amethyst, Pearl, and Garnet until he overhears them talking among themselves about how much they doubt themselves as his parents. So, realizing that the rest of them need confidence as much as he does, he swallows his pride and pretends he didn't find out about the test, instead reacting as though he passed a real test so that the other Gems can feel good and be proud. Topped off with all three of the Crystal Gems hugging Steven while saying how proud of him they are.

Future Vision

  • Pretty much the entirety of the episode, but there are a few stand-out bits.
    • Garnet catching Steven, then giving him a nose-boop and calling him a 'cutie pie'.
    • The two of them spending the whole morning together; exercising, getting breakfast, walking the board-walk...It's usually Pearl and Amethyst who are seen spending time alone with Steven, so this was a refreshing change.
    • When Lars accidentally spills hot coffee all over Garnet, he sounds genuinely concerned. (According to Garnet, there was also a very real chance where he could have high-fived Steven, and that alone seems rather kind for him.)
    • Garnet's monologue at the end of the episode:
    I took a risk at your expense. There was a chance you would understand [future vision] and we'd be closer. Steven, I see so many things that could hurt you. I should never have let one of them be me. There are a million possibilities for the future! But it's up to you to decide which one becomes reality. Please understand! You choose your own future!

On the Run

  • Even though Amethyst is not whole-heartily in it, seeing her and Steven go on a adventure while singing is pretty adorable.
  • Pretty much everything about Pearl and Amethyst talking in Amethyst's hole.
    Pearl: You're the only good thing to come out of this whole mess. I always thought you were proud of that.
    • When they come out, Amethyst looks away for a sec, then starts to cry a bit again and hugs Pearl tightly, who returns the hug after the surprise wears off.
    • Complete with a heartwarming reprise of the first few notes of Opal's theme.

Horror Club

  • All the Ship Tease moments.
  • Sadie refusing to abandon anyone.
  • Ronaldo's little "turn it down a notch" comment, and Lars' embarrassed reaction. That moment seems to imply they might be able to repair their friendship, or at least let go of the bad feelings associated with it. The post Ronaldo put on his Character Blog some time after helps as well.
  • It's a bit misleading but when they're watching the horror movie together Steven is behind the couch, not because he's afraid but the Gems told him he's not allowed to watch TV for a thousand years. The punishment may be rough, but him honoring it is just cool.

Winter Forecast

  • Garnet gives Steven a kiss on the forehead. It's actually to temporarily transfer her powers to him, but that doesn't make it any less sweet.
  • Steven and Connie eating marshmallows and generally being adorable together.
  • Connie's parents letting Steven and Greg stay the night rather than let them try and go home through the storm.
  • Connie coming down and watching the snow fall with Steven.

Maximum Capacity

  • At the beginning of the episode, Steven asks Greg what his favorite type of firework is. Greg responds that he doesn't have one; he just likes watching them with Steven. Cue Steven blushing.
  • Greg and Amethyst spending time together was pretty nice, unfortunately they got totally sucked into the show and started neglecting Steven.
  • Amethyst moving all of Greg's stuff to her room so he won't have to throw anything out and getting a new frame for the picture of him and Rose as an apology.
  • Pearl and Garnet attending the New Year fire-works with Steven, even putting on human clothes to do so. Extra points for both going along with the Universe tradition of making noise during the fireworks and Pearl even asking shyly, if she is doing it correctly.
  • Steven is still trying to avoid catching sight of TV even when Amethyst and Greg tell him it's okay because he's still honoring being grounded!

Marble Madness

  • Connie obviously loves "Unfamiliar Familiar", so it's nice to see her try and share it with Steven.
  • Though it was mostly a funny moment, the Gems hugging while covered in Robonoid goo was pretty sweet.

Rose's Scabbard

  • Pearl telling Steven how much he looks like Rose, after just having described her as "beautiful".
  • During the initial argument, Steven speculates that Rose might have kept secrets from Pearl to protect her, and Pearl snaps and yells at Steven that he doesn't know what he's talking about because "You never even met her!" Last time someone used his mom against him in a fight (when Lars insulted her during the moss incident) he angrily talked back, and by God he had every right to do the same here. But no, he asks if Pearl is alright even though her outburst left him in tears. As sad as the scene is, that is beyond sweet of him.
  • Pearl reveals that she stayed on Earth because of her loyalty to Rose, and she even reenacts the scene with a hologram, kneeling in front of it as Rose speaks. It does cross with being a Tear Jerker though.
    Rose: You must understand. If we lose this war, we will die. And if we win, we can never go home.
    Pearl: Why would I want to go home when you're here?
    Rose: My Pearl.
    Pearl: Intertwined Fingers You're wonderful.
  • Steven chases after Pearl to cheer her up after her Heroic BSoD. When he finally catches up to her, she reveals that she decided to stay on Earth because Rose Quartz did, but now she's wondering if Rose is seeing her through Steven's eyes and what she's thinking.
    Steven (hugs Pearl from behind) Well... I think you're pretty great.
    • The torment and salvation on Pearl's face, and the fact that Steven, her own sorta-adopted son and an aspect of her beloved Rose, is holding her and telling her she's pretty great, after she has been so vindictive towards him, just puts so many emotional layers on this scene.
  • They then proceed to have a tender moment, with Steven doing a couple of 'magic' tricks with Lion, and Pearl telling him a story of the battle. The fact that we don't hear them makes it loads more intimate.
    • Doubles as some needed one-on-one relationship building for Pearl with Steven as his own person, rather than as "half-Rose". Who else would try to do silly magic tricks for her?

The Message

  • Steven's ode to Lapis Lazuli, as he improvises lyrics to his father's song in order to help him understand her better and not see her as just another villain.
  • Garnet placing Steven on top of the pile of cushions she'd covered the Wailing Stone with.
  • The origin of the message. Even though she obviously fears what her home has become, she still tries to contact and warn Steven about what's coming. And in turn, the fact that despite how scary the warning is, Steven's first reaction is to be sad at how unhappy Lapis looked.
  • Garnet keeps calm in light of the bad news to give a sincere thank you to Greg for all his help. Judging by Greg's response, it's probably the nicest thing any of the Gems have said to him recently.
    • Even when she gave up on him earlier, she offered him her sincere thanks for trying and seems genuinely sorry he couldn't help, while the other Gems dismiss him offhandedly from the start.
  • Steven's unwavering support for his dad throughout the episode.

Political Power

  • Mayor Dewey's crush on Pearl is adorable. When listing off the Gems, he refers to her as "the hot one"; his first reaction to hearing Pearl coming to the door is to straighten his tie, blushing the whole time; and when she asks if she can help him, he replies with a dreamy "yes" before pulling himself together.
  • Steven talking down the angry mob by appealing to the best in all of them, then covering for Mayor Dewey.
  • While defending Mayor Dewey's deceptive actions, Steven realizes that the Gems keep him in the dark because they're trying to protect him and keep him from panicking. Steven lets them know this but demands the truth anyway. When they finally let him know the severity of the situation, does he panic? No:
    Garnet: The truth is... we're scared.
    Steven: We've been scared before, right? None of us knows what's gonna happen, but that's okay. We'll figure things out. Together.
    • And then the lights come back on. It's cheesy, but nonetheless touching.

The Return/Jail Break

  • The Gems sending Steven off with Greg, telling him that he might be needed to save the townspeople if they fail.
    Garnet: Steven, I know you don't think we trust you. I know more often than not we treat you like a human child. But the truth is, we rely on you. Your voice inspires us, binds us, reminds us why we promised to protect the planet. You must now be that voice for [the townspeople].
  • How about this completely defining Steven quote:
    "Maybe when Peridot gets to Earth, she'll see how nice all the people are. And she won't want to hurt anyone."
    • And how utterly right he was!
  • When Steven and Greg swerve off the road, Fryman and Peedee shows up to see if they are okay, and then camera pans to show the entire town. They might be bemused and exasperated by Steven from time to time, but they do care about him.
  • Greg leaves with Steven fully knowing the weight of the situation, and just how hopeless it might be. He was willing to risk dooming his town and possibly the planet to protect his boy, however slim the chance it might be.
  • Lion shows up to get Steven back to Beach City. And then the latter calls Connie to say goodbye.
  • Garnet and Pearl are visibly distraught to find Steven returning to fight alongside them, but Amethyst seems more relieved than anything. She doesn't show it often, but his presence really gives her strength.
    "You came back!"
  • The Crystal Gems going into Mama Bear mode when Jasper notices Steven.
  • Pretty much everything about Ruby and Sapphire is incredibly heartwarming, both in this episode and in hindsight. Note that it basically covers this entire entry, which shouldn't be a surprise since it makes up more than half the episode.
    • The first thing that happens when Steven meets Ruby is Ruby being upset about him being there and asking him not to look before even noticing that he escaped his cell. Garnet wanted to surprise Steven with her being a Fusion on his birthday. Despite the horrible situation, the first thing that Ruby cares about is that the surprise birthday gift they had planned for him is ruined.
    • When Ruby begs Steven to let her out, she argues that she needs to find Sapphire since she is all alone. We later find out that Ruby were Sapphire's assigned bodyguard before they fell in love, and Ruby honors her job of protecting Sapphire til this day. This and the fact that both have decided to exist as Garnet, so they are no longer used to being alone in any way.
    • When they reunite, Ruby asks if Sapphire is hurt, and she answers no. When Sapphire asks the same, Ruby just exclaims "Who cares?", merely being glad to have found Sapphire. Sapphire's answer? "I do!" and then proceeds to kiss away Ruby's Tears of Joy from her eyes. AWWWWWWWWW~
      • Becomes even more heartwarming in hindsight: Ruby thinks of herself as one of many, she literally doesn't know why she would be special. But Sapphire loves Ruby and only this one, so of course she cares.
    • Ruby grabbing Sapphire for a Twirl of Love as they Refuse into Garnet, laughing all the while.
    • Ruby and Sapphire love each other so much that they choose to be Garnet forever, and have no desire to be anything else. Practically making Garnet the walking embodiment of Gem marriage.
    • This also explains Garnet's reaction back in "Alone Together". If anyone can appreciate what it means for two beings to Fuse simply because they just naturally connect, it'd be Garnet.
    • Not to mention how difficult Fusion is for others. They can only maintain it for a short time, can lose control, have to do this long dance to make it happen, and often look quite monstrous, but Ruby and Sapphire become Garnet easily and live as her permanently. This despite having radically different personalities, and a stubborn streak as the most visible trait they have in common. Every second that Garnet exists, you're seeing The Power of Love taken Up to Eleven. Yup, Jasper never did stand a chance.
    • Garnet is a little upset Steven got to see her as Ruby and Sapphire... because she wanted it to be a birthday surprise. Not that it stops her from surprising him with something similar on his birthday.
    • When Steven asks Garnet if he made a good first impression on Ruby and Sapphire.
      Garnet: Oh Steven. We already love you.
    • When Steven asks Garnet if she can beat Jasper on her own:
      Garnet: It's okay, Steven. I'm never alone!
    • The creators of the series managed to make Garnet singing an "I Am" Song/Badass Boast into this, due to being about how her nature as a Fusion between two Gems who are so perfect for each other makes her stronger than the two of them combined.
      Garnet: And you're not gonna stop what we made together./We are gonna stay like this forever.
      Garnet: I am made oh-oh-oh-oh-of/Lo-oh-oh-oh-ove, oh-oh-oh-oh-oh
      • And the whole time she's singing and fighting Jasper, Garnet is smiling. Not a Slasher Smile like we see Jasper with, but a smile of genuine joy. Even in the midst of battle, even when she gets slammed into walls or through floors, Garnet is just enjoying being herself so much that she can't help smiling.
    • Garnet's song is both more awesome and heartwarming when you realize the melody is a triumphant version of the song Sapphire was singing to calm down Ruby. The song is indeed a true representation of their love.
    • There's also this line from Garnet: "I won't let you hurt my planet. I won't let you hurt my friends." The former part of that lyric is especially heartwarming because she says "my planet", not "this planet". It doesn't matter to her if Earth is not her Homeworld. It's her home, and she won't let anyone harm it.
    • In addition, the line "I am their fury, I am their patience, I am a conversation," isn't just about Ruby and Sapphire. It's about Pearl and Amethyst too, and how she's everything that they care about.
  • It also adds even more Heartwarming in Hindsight to all your favorite Garnet moments. Everything about her, from the times she's badass to the times she's gentle to the times she's stern, the warrior, the leader, the surrogate mother; and any time you held your breath 'cause now crazy-strong Garnet's angry and she doesn't usually get angry but in the end her Anger Born of Worry never leads to a rash decision, or that time in Tiger Millionaire when Amethyst actually attacked Garnet and in defending herself, Garnet proves that she's leagues beyond Amethyst in power and yet she never actually hurt Amethyst. All that is all because, as we hear in what's probably the only instance of a war song and a love song being one and the same, she's made of love.
  • And the fact that this is the song she sings during a battle that wouldn't look out of place in Dragon Ball Z really shows that that's where everything she does is coming from, what she sees as the most important part of herself even as a warrior.
  • Even though Lapis has totally given up hope, Steven refuses to give up on her, promising to come back even though she doesn't want to be rescued.
  • The fact that the Gems wanted to show Ruby and Sapphire to Steven for his birthday implies that they may have intended to throw him a birthday party. This would, in turn, imply that they're learning about human culture and might be slowly inching away from their Noble Bigot/Smug Super tendencies. It also counts as a bit of Fridge Brilliance when you realize how important birthday parties are for Steven and what nearly happened the last time the Gems knocked/didn't understand the concept of birthdays.
    • It's also since been confirmed that the reason Ruby freaked out and told Steven "don't look at me!" was because she was upset the surprise was ruined.
  • Lapis sacrificing herself. She doesn't care about the Crystal Gems and she doesn't care about Earth, so the only reason to take Jasper into the ocean was to save Steven.
    • It also seems that Lapis has overcome her own fear by this point. She is deathly afraid of Homeworld because of how powerful and heartless it has become. She would prefer to avoid angering them while Steven insists all those things she fears is exactly why she needs to fight back. While her choice to fuse is a dark moment, ultimately it means she overcame her own fears and found a way to do as Steven said and fight back. Given that up until now she's essentially been imprisoned and abused for thousands of years, that's no small thing for her to overcome.
  • Blink and your miss it, but at the very end of the episode, after everything has gone down, you can see Pearl gently leaning on Garnet.
  • It's something definitely missed at first, but when Steven looks at the monitor, it's already on the fight. None of the Gems touched it (let alone knew how to change it), so Peridot must've been the one to have it on. Despite what she said in "Gem Drill", Peridot was worried enough to check on Jasper.
  • Lapis and Jasper's Fusion Dance, for some. It looks very romantic, and creates the lovely Malachite. And Lapis agreed to it, despite being scared of Jasper at first.

     Season 2 

Full Disclosure
  • Greg still trying to be a good supportive father to Steven despite pretty much having a panic attack after Steven tells him what happened after they parted ways in "The Return." Dude's having a damn meltdown over his son nearly dying in a spaceship crash, and he still takes the time to say he loves and supports him before immediately digging for the relaxing music and driving away.
  • Garnet's insistence on "no fences" on the grounds of Steven needing to stay in touch with his father and Connie is a quiet one, but it's a subtle reinforcement of what we've learned about her last episode: Garnet knows love and strong relationships are a source of strength (both emotional and literal, at least for her) and doesn't want Steven to lose that, especially after his Fusion with Connie.
  • Steven briefly considers telling Connie that his frantic phone message was All Just a Dream, but discards the idea because "she's too smart for that." It's a funny moment, but the matter-of-fact way he says it also makes it clear that he has a lot of respect for Connie.
  • As heart breaking as it was to see, Steven deciding to break off his friendship with Connie solely because he doesn't want her getting hurt on his account is one of the most selfless things he's ever done, and this is Steven we're talking about! "Selfless" may as well be his middle name and this is still the most heartwarming act he could have done for her.
  • The fact that Steven values their relationship enough to not only rescind his request that they not see each other again, but also spill his guts to her about all that he's feeling in light of the revelations from "Jailbreak" and Lapis' sacrifice. She then promises to always be there for him, even if she's just there to listen or be a shoulder to lean on. If there was any doubt about how powerful their friendship is, it's in this episode. She's essentially telling him that he doesn't need to act like a lone wolf, and that he should never be afraid to share his feelings with her, because he was kind enough to befriend her.
    Steven: Are you ok?
    Connie: Are you okay? You're the one who's been through everything. The least I could do is just listen.
    Steven: I can't ask you to do that.
    Connie: I want to, Steven, I want to be a part of your universe!
  • Connie cares so deeply for Steven that whenever he's in trouble, she gets worried for his safety:
    Connie: Steven, your eye! What happened to you?
    Steven: I didn't want you to worry about it.
    Connie: I've been worried sick all day, what do you think I'm doing here?
    Steven: I just wanted to protect you.
    Connie: Stop. Just tell me everything.
  • At the end of the episode, Greg (having recovered from his Heroic BSoD) finds Steven and Connie talking and asks if Connie needs a ride home. As they drive through Beach City, Steven sees all the townspeople working to fix the buildings that had been wrecked during the invasion. It's a great way to show Steven that while things looked grim at first, Greg and the other townspeople are pretty good at bouncing back.
  • Steven's song in this episode. It's all about how much he cares about Connie and doesn't want to see her get hurt accompanied with images of them having fun and fooling around.

Open Book

  • Connie being alright with Steven loving the ending of the book, considering how passionate she was about hating it.
  • Connie realizing that she was basically forcing her interpretation of the book on Steven without really asking how he enjoyed it, and then backing off after the confession was forced out of him by Room!Connie
    Connie: Oh, of course you liked the wedding. You're Steven, you love schmaltz.
  • Connie listening to Steven's interpretation of the ending and why it would work out. They discussed about it and went a bit back and forth, but it was polite and both sides acknowledged that it was their individual interpretation which is quite mature, seeing that both are big fans of the series.
  • Steven using a piece of ancient Gem tech that he doesn't fully understand and had already run afoul of once before just so he could give Connie the ending to the book that she wanted was a really sweet gesture, even if it didn't quite work out.
    • And when Room!Connie just passively goes along with whatever Steven wants to do, he actually gets upset because he wanted Connie to be able to explore the ending to the series that she wanted.

Joy Ride

  • Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream notice that Steven isn't his usual fun-loving self, so they decide to show him a good time.
    • When he tells them his many major life problems and ends it with his worries that the Gems blame him for his mother dying, they treat it with all the somberness and seriousness such a thing deserves. Buck also praises him for still smiling despite all the problems he has.
    Buck: But you always look so upbeat. (Takes off glasses) You're a real champ, Steven Universe.
    • What makes this especially heartwarming is that the Cool Kids at first talk about their individual issues and argue a bit about who got it worst. When Steven talks about his own, they don't even try to act like it's nothing and instead all acknowledge that he has serious troubles and react understanding.
  • Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream all standing up for Steven when the Gems get upset at him for playing with Peridot's escape pod instead of bringing it straight to them, even though they admit they don't understand a lot of what's going on in Steven's life.
    • The teens, when calling the Gems out on not giving Steven much of a break so soon after the events of the season one finale, take the time to acknowledge that the stuff that he and his caretakers do is really important for the safety of the planet. Which shows that they are able to put themselves in other's shoes, a skill that doesn't usually show up in teenagers in cartoons.
    • Before that, Jenny steps in the way of one of Garnet's punches to keep her from punching the escape pod with Steven still inside.
  • Garnet ungrounding Steven from his 1000 year ban from watching TV after Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream talk them into cutting Steven some slack was really touching.
  • The Gems actually joining on selfies with them, although the concept seems to confuse the hell out of Pearl.
  • The Cool Kids wanting to hang out with Steven in general. When you consider that they're young adults old enough to drive, have jobs, and have their own social lives, yet they choose to spend that time with a kid several years younger than them, it's a very rare yet incredibly awesome sight. They just find him that much of a blast to be around.
    Buck Dewey: You got that much needed counter-part to our cynical world view. You have to come.
  • Likewise, consider that when they're discussing the various issues they have with their parents and family, not once do they question or deride Steven for his own outstanding and unconventional issues. They acknowledge the gravity of his problems, especially for his age and work to show him a good time to help him relax in response. They don't treat him as just a kid; they treat him as an equal and accept his word at face value, no matter how unusual it sounds.
  • In a strange way, the fact that Yellowtail wants Sour Cream to follow in his footsteps as a fisherman can be seen as evidence that Yellowtail doesn't care that Sour Cream is not his biological son.

Say Uncle

  • The premise of the episode is that Uncle Grandpa crossed dimensions to help Steven with his problem, and the end shows that he's done it before to help others and is going to do it at least once more.
    • Not only that, but the people he's helped before are all characters of other Cartoon Network series. Billy and Mandy, Mac, Finn, etc.
      • Hell, he's even helped out the SWAT Kats! And that's the first time the series has been acknowledged by CN or anyone in more than a decade, especially given the series' online following.
  • While the episode as a whole is a Funny Moment, when Pearl sees Pizza Steve dressed up as Steven, her immediate reaction is to scream "That's not my baby!" while clinging to Garnet's leg.
  • Steven quickly bonds with Uncle Grandpa, and he ultimately manages to summon his shield and not his bubble protecting the man from the Gems.
  • Lion and Giant Realistic Flying Tiger briefly bonding, and Lion being sad when she has to go.
  • After Pizza Steve defaced Mr. Gus' picture, Uncle Grandpa called in a favor from Rebecca Sugar herself and got her to draw Mr. Gusite fanart in order to cheer Mr. Gus up.

Story For Steven

  • A younger, shorter-haired Amethyst running around Greg like an excitable child.
    • Bonus points: She says she really likes his hair. Next we see her (chronologically at least) she has almost the exact same hairdo. She based her new 'do off of his! And still does, even after their apparent falling out in "Maximum Capacity".
    • Amethyst taking an immediate liking to Greg as if he's some potential new pal for her.
  • Amethyst holding onto Rose's dress, she is like a child clinging to her mother.
  • The full set of the Crystal Gems are adorable together, laughing with each other like best friends.
  • Greg calling out his manager about being a womanizing prick is a nice touch.
  • Greg putting the moves on Rose at the end:
    Rose: *sigh* You're awfully cute, and I really want to play with you, but your life is short and you have dreams. I won't let you give up on everything you want.
    Greg: Well, that's gonna be a problem.
    Rose: Huh?
    Greg: You're everything that I want!
    * Rose's pupils become star-shaped just like Steven's.*
    • Bonus points for her coming out of the temple wearing the T-shirt from his show that he gave her.
  • Steven teasing Greg about Rose.
    Steven: ♫You loved her~♫
    • Steven having the same laugh as Rose.
  • The revelation that Greg's music career wasn't just a dream that never got off the ground. He had a decent shot at making it big, gave it up to be with Rose, and doesn't appear to have a single regret about this (of course, it helps that his manager Marty was a total jerk).
  • In the scene where Greg meets the Crystal Gems for the first time, you can notice none had the five-pointed star on their outfits, but Greg did. And now in present time, all Crystal Gems have it, and it's their symbol.

Shirt Club

  • Despite being a consistent source of embarrassment for his son Buck, and his frequent requests for Buck to get into politics, Mayor Dewey does seem to genuinely support his artistic pursuits, and cherishes the campaign flyer that Buck drew for him as a little boy.

Love Letters

  • Although it made things worse, Steven and Connie tried to let Jamie down gently.
  • Garnet's surprisingly gentle advice to Jamie. Made all the more touching when you realize it's coming courtesy of Ruby and Sapphire.
    Garnet: Love at first sight doesn't exist. Love takes time and love takes work.


  • Steven, Pearl and Garnet giving Amethyst a hug after her final regeneration. She likes it, even if she pretends she doesn't.
  • Considering their history, and the general assumption that Pearl would dislike Greg, Pearl and Greg fixing Greg's van together and shared confusion about Crying Breakfast Friends counts. They seem to get along well.
  • As Amethyst starts to come back the final time, Steven urges Pearl and Garnet to be supportive no matter what, fully understanding what her issues really were the whole time.
    • Garnet's reaction to Amethyst's new form.
    Garnet: It's perfect.
    Amethyst: Eh, whatev. It's just what feels right.
    Garnet: That's why it's perfect.
    • Pearl also congratulates her. In her usual way, but it's obvious that she's very proud.

Sworn to the Sword

  • Steven and Connie having a "jam" session at the beginning is just precious.
  • Pearl's wibbling, teary-eyed joy and pride at Connie's resolve to fight alongside Steven to protect the planet is extremely sweet considering she probably saw herself in Connie at that moment.
  • It's a bit sad and entirely adorable that Steven's reaction to Pearl summoning a Holo-Pearl is to reflexively form a bubble around Connie.
  • Steven's insistence that he'll always be there to fight alongside Connie.
  • Pearl, at the end. It's clear that while she was almost insanely devoted to Rose, Rose tried to get her to throttle it back and spare some care for herself - the argument she has with Steven is pretty clearly a reprise of one she had with Rose at some point.
    Connie: Did Rose make you feel like you were nothing?
    Pearl: (smiling through the tears) Rose made me feel like I was everything.
    • Steven and Connie instantly going to sit next to Pearl and talk it out with her after her outburst.
    • It's also nice to see that, unlike the last time Pearl had to confront her feelings for Rose and Steven, she gets over her turmoil very quickly this time.
  • Pearl is actually a very good teacher when she has a genuinely interested student. While it showed something really lovely that she never got angry at Steven for her being stabbed, her lessons with Connie really showcase what a good teacher she is. She's speaks gently when correcting technique, telling what to do and not simply what not to do, she's not shy with the praise, and she recognizes Connie's limitations while also expecting her to do her best. While it's obviously not good, even the "sacrifice yourself" message doesn't seem to be malicious - Pearl has been shown to have a tendency to get a little carried away in other episodes when she's passionate about something, like Space Race.
  • Just a few episodes ago in "Full Disclosure," Steven nearly breaks off his friendship with Connie to protect her from the monsters and Homeworld Gems that want to hurt him. In this episode, Connie enthusiastically and determinedly throws herself into training to stab anything that even looks at Steven funny. Knowing how much she cares for her best friend, it's not hard to see that Connie's determination is at least partially her response to what Steven tells her in "Full Disclosure."

Rising Tides, Crashing Skies

  • The group picture of the Crystal Gems together. Here's a transparent version of it.
  • Garnet lifting Steven so he can sit on her head. Here's the cute moment.
  • It's kind of touching that Mayor Dewey's desk has a "#1 Rad Dad" mug on it.
  • Even after everything Ronaldo did, just to make his crappy video, Steven decides to click the like button when he sees that he and the Gems were the only ones to see it.
    • Hell, Steven is adorable throughout the whole episode. Whilst most of the citizens Ronaldo interviews are annoyed or apathetic, Steven always remains his normal, cheery, friendly self. Plus, bear in mind that Ronaldo once kidnapped Steven, believing him to be an evil snake person.
    • In the lower thirds on his interview with Steven, he calls Steven "gracious host."
  • Ronaldo thanking Peedee and complimenting him.

Keeping It Together

  • The Gems all folding laundry together at the start of the episode.
  • The look on Steven when Garnet asked him to come along with the mission.
    • He later compliments Garnet for being a Genius Bruiser when she observes the area for what Peridot was really looking for after Peridot flees from Pearl and Amethyst.
  • Steven showing concern for Peridot when Pearl knocks an Injector on her. It's classic Steven.
  • The implication that the Crystal Gems did their best to find all the shattered pieces of their fallen comrades.
  • Steven and Garnet talking about Fusion at the end of the episode.
    • The "wouldn't want to split up a pair" scene with the red and blue socks.

We Need To Talk

  • Steven and Connie dancing and fusing Stevonnie again.
    • Also, the fact that fusing, an act that usually requires great care and effort, comes so easily and naturally to them that they can do it by accident. It really shows just how close these two are.
    • It actually calls to mind how Ruby and Sapphire simply did a Twirl of Love to Fuse again in "Jail Break".
    • Even just the two of them dancing before fusing. Both blushing while staring at each other and laughing. They have so much fun and joy just being together, it's absolutely adorable.
  • Greg being supportive of Steven and Connie fusing once he gets past the initial surprise.
  • Greg, Rose, Garnet, and Amethyst doing a homemade music video together, also counts as an Awesome Music moment too.
  • Although Pearl's doing it for all the wrong reasons, the effortlessness with which she Fuses with Rose (even while trying to stick it to Greg) and the way Rose immediately trusts her and goes along with it is (mostly) heartwarming.
  • Greg attempting to Fuse with Rose.
    • Garnet's advice to Greg about his attempts to Fuse with Rose - he shouldn't dance like Pearl he should dance like himself. And while they don't Fuse, they do get closer together as a result.
      • There's something very cute about Garnet giving Greg this advice, even going as far as to admit she believes Greg and Rose can work it out. Given two months ago, she was willing to, essentially, beat him up if he didn't play good enough music. And it's not at all sarcastic or anything - Garnet genuinely wants to help Greg.
    • Greg and Rose dance and not only are both having fun, but by the end, Rose is visibly absolutely amazed by her human boyfriend. Though the scene soon turns to Mood Whiplash for her making fun of him and not understanding his problems, it is very apparent that she is deeply attracted to him.
      • And it becomes even more heartwarming when they just start to dance again once they had their first good talk.
    Pearl: Why are they still dancing, it didn't work?!
    Garnet: Yes, it did. It worked.
  • Greg and Rose coming to terms with just how many problems their relationship has, how quickly they rushed into things, and how vastly different they both are. It's a tearjerker, but after talking it out, they realize that being lost and confused about the whole business is the one thing they have in common. They laugh and dance together, relieved and happy as can be. Also of note is that at around this point Rose moves from calling him "Mr. Universe" to just "Greg".
  • Rose tells Greg that she is glad he doesn't know much about her, implying to her background of having fought a horrific war. Greg mentions in "The Return" what had happened during the war. He doesn't know a lot of details, but he knows quite a lot for a human, possibly hinting that Rose in the end trusted him enough to actually tell him about herself, including the bad things.
  • Greg promising Connie that if she ever feels overwhelmed with all the magic stuff, she can talk to him about it.
  • Amethyst in general is adorable in this episode as it once again shows how much more childlike she used to be both in appearance and personality. She also acts the most familiar around Greg and by the end calls him her "favorite".

Chille Tid

  • Steven's determination to find and help Lapis.
  • Though it's a bit of a tearjerker too, especially with the similarities to "Sworn to The Sword", Lapis's desire to protect Steven is pretty heartening. Lapis was trapped in the mirror for ages, finally got free only to discover her home was as good as gone, got shoved right back into being a prisoner, willingly condemned herself to something that would be a living nightmare for herself and still chooses to give up the only things she has left, her freedom and her very identity, all so she can keep the first person in a very long time to show her any kindness safe. Lapis is a Crystal Gem in all but name by this point for the sacrifices she has chosen to make.
  • When scared, Steven immediately running to Pearl and Garnet for cuddles.
  • In Steven's sitcom dream, he's taking Connie to the School Dance and Pearl is fussing over his suit like a typical mom.
    • The WHOLE dream is pure delight (well, until Lapis shows up). It shows that Steven always thinks of the Crystal Gems as his family.
    • In the dream, the Crystal Gems are all human. It shows that Steven just thinks of them as people and doesn't really think about them as being different.
  • Garnet supporting Steven's sleepover idea. On top of that, instead of telling Pearl to look after the others, she gives the command to Steven.
    Garnet: Steven, put these Gems to bed.

Cry for Help

  • Amethyst and Garnet watching Crying Breakfast Friends with Steven, even if they don't like/understand the show.
  • Garnet sharing the blame of the Sugulite incident with Amethyst, saying how "I can be rash, you can be reckless, and we can both get carried away." While you can see a lot more of Amethyst's personality in Sugulite, Garnet knows that she had as much of a hand in it as Amethyst did. It takes two gems to Fuse, after all.
  • The fact that Pearl's initial reaction to Garnet deciding to Fuse with her is her bursting into tears.
  • After The Reveal that Pearl had been fixing the hub in order to keep fusing as Sardonyx, despite their usual animosity, Amethyst goes to her defense and tries to explain why she acted the way she did. It doesn't work, but it helps mitigate the Tear Jerker nature of the ending just a bit.
    • It's worth emphasizing this. Until the halfway point, it looked like the episode would explore Amethyst's jealousy over Pearl and Garnet Fusing, and given their prior interaction one would expect Amethyst to be hostile towards her. But when it turns out that Pearl is lying to them all, Amethyst is devastated, tries to clue Pearl in without telling Garnet the truth, and leaps to her defense when Garnet figures it out. She doesn't even take a moment of satisfaction, even though she gets what she wanted at the beginning of the episode.
  • It's a blink-and-you'll-miss-it moment, but in Steven's room, you can see he has a picture of Connie.
  • While waiting outside the communication hub hoping that they can catch Peridot repairing it, Steven and Amethyst pass time by playing with their fingers to make optical illusions. It's the happiest they've been for the entirety of the episode, especially Amethyst.
  • When Steven realizes that Amethyst is feeling down because of Pearl and Garnet fusing, he decides to plan a stakeout for Peridot for them so she'll feel better.
  • The Fusion dance between Pearl and Garnet, and especially when they Unfuse. They're so happy that Garnet twirls Pearl around, laughing the entire time, in a manner rather reminiscent of Ruby and Sapphires' reunion in Jailbreak. And they looked about as ecstatic to have shared that experience together as Ruby and Sapphire did to find each other. It also strengthens Garnet's beliefs on Fusion as opposed of her distressful reaction in "Keeping it Together". Which makes the later half of the episode even more of a Tear Jerker.
  • Sardonyx playfully teasing and entertaining Steven while he's completely amazed by her, and showing genuine excitement and joy at meeting him for the first time.
  • Lion being Lion and doing cute cat things, like trying to eat Sardonyx's dragonflies.

Keystone Motel

  • After an entire episode spent arguing, Ruby and Sapphire make up.
    Ruby: You know what's nice about being split up?
    Sapphire: What?
    Ruby: I get to look at you.
  • Though Garnet is still mad at Pearl by the end, she's at least speaking to her again.
  • The Oh, Crap! look shared between Ruby and Sapphire when Steven storms off. Argument or no argument, Garnet never wants to hurt Steven and so her components.
  • While their argument gets much more focus, we get quick insights into Ruby and Sapphire's individual connections to Steven — appropriately, they're Garnet's reactions split down the middle. In short, Sapphire apparently provides Garnet's parental side, while Ruby confers the respect and belief Garnet has in him.
    • Sapphire tries to be both reassuring and practical, assuring him that the conflict won't last and downplaying the drama, as many parents would. Basically, she tries to avoid involving him in the fight. However, when Steven's upset, she immediately realizes why he's upset... and the part she and Ruby have played in upsetting him.
    • Ruby speaks to Steven as an equal, being honest with him and expecting him to understand why she's so angry. If anything, she overestimates his maturity and is horrified when he blames himself for the situation — why would it even occur to him that he was somehow at fault? If you hear Garnet telling everyone have faith in Steven and never mess his funky flow, it's Ruby that speaks for us.
  • Steven's reaction to seeing Garnet, Fused and whole, again.
  • When the gang gets back to the Temple, Amethyst is apparently trying to comfort Pearl. Blink and you miss it, but she even had a reassuring hand on Pearl's knee.
  • Despite the fact that they're too incensed with each other to pay much heed to Steven, both Ruby and Sapphire do make their separate attempts to humor him. Ruby does end up entering the pool at Steven's request, although her anger and continuing rant about Sapphire causes her to forget that he's in the pool (and as a result almost boil him to death). Sapphire likewise agrees to Steven's request for her to watch TV with him and suggests the channel he'll enjoy the most, but also is too absorbed in her anger to notice that she's freezing the whole room (and him by extension). The other half of it borders on Tear Jerker though due to their being busy being angry.
  • The fight itself, ironically, has some sweetness to it. Ruby and Sapphire never resort to petty insults to one another, nor does the argument ever escalate into a physical fight; even after Ruby apologizes to Sapphire and calls herself "stupid", Sapphire quickly responds that Ruby isn't.
  • Greg's unwavering patience with Ruby and Sapphire's antics, and his repeated attempts at distracting Steven from their bickering in the diner. Throughout the whole episode, he tries desperately to downplay the tension because he knows how sensitive Steven is and make the best of the bad trip. He shows disappointment when Steven finally reaches his limit and leaves the restaurant in extreme frustration. Despite Steven's outburst ultimately being Ruby and Sapphire's fault (along with the two of them costing him a lot of money in property damage), he doesn't get angry at them, possibly realizing more anger will only make the situation worse. He doesn't even ask to know what was going on; he realizes something is up and they need to be given their space. Greg definitely won the MVP award for this episode.

Onion Friend

  • Amethyst and Vidalia's friendship. They presumably haven't talked since Steven was a baby, but they don't hold any animosity towards each other. If anything, they're delighted to finally talk to each other again.
  • We see a couple of adorable pictures of Amethyst and Vidalia at one point, two friends just goofing off together.
  • After getting fed up with Onion's antics, Steven's ready to leave Onion behind and head for the hills... only to spot Amethyst pouring her heart out to Vidalia. Realizing how much Amethyst needs to get away from the drama at home, he turns around and plays with Onion some more.
  • Onion showing Steven his private collection of toys, and then giving one to him. As creepy as he may be, Onion really seems to like having Steven around.
    • In Onion's secret room, there's a picture of him as an infant in starchild-like pose, and likely painted by his mother when he was a baby.
  • Amethyst inviting Vidalia over to the Temple sometime at the end.
  • Runs into Nightmare Fuel, but the mouse that came out of Onion's mouth might have been the one he was going to feed to his snake; if so, he kept it alive for Steven!
  • It's a quick moment, but it's shown here that Vidalia, Onion, and Sour Cream have a list of dates of when Yellowtail will come back.
  • Sour Cream giving Steven the peace sign after the little guy greets him.
  • Its very subtlety implied, but the whole episode could be seen as Onion getting Steven to chase him so he'd discover his mother's paintings of Amethyst and reconnect them. No matter how creepy or insidious he can act, he clearly loves his mother and wanted her to be happy.
    • And for as... interesting as Onion is, Vidalia clearly adores her youngest child.
    • When Steven learns about their relation, Onion clings to Vidalia like a completely normal, shy little boy, nothing like the Creepy Child we're used to.
  • It's implied that Onion wanted to make a genuine connection with Steven.
  • Vidalia being completely supportive of Sour Cream's dream of being a DJ, even when his equipment uses up all the electricity in the house.

Historical Friction

  • When Steven starts talking with Pearl about William Dewey's Her Codename Was Mary Sue depiction in the play, his talk about how Perfection Is Impossible (as well as the play itself) seems to help get Pearl out of her funk a bit and feel better about her mistakes, asking Steven when he became so smart.
  • Pearl going into full on mom mode during the play, loudly calling out to Steven and gushing over how talented he is. Moreover, her encouragement visibly helps Steven get over his nervousness. Team Mom at her finest.
    • Indeed, you'd expect this to be an Amazingly Embarrassing Parents moment, but instead of getting embarrassed or trying not to break character, Steven smiles cheerfully and even waves back to Pearl!
  • Buck Dewey praises his dad for choosing to portray William Dewey as a troubled figure, rather than a perfect role model. The praise seems to be the final clincher for Mayor Dewey's decision to promote Jamie rather than destroy his career.
  • This caps off a running theme of the Sardonyx arc of Steven being emotionally supportive of all the Gems equally. It would be so easy for him to take sides in the conflict, but he chooses to remain a neutral party and focuses all his energy on simply making them happy: he tries to play peacemaker between Ruby and Sapphire during their argument, he bears with Onion's creepy tendencies so Amethyst can receive emotional support from Vidalia, and he gives Pearl much-needed validation and encouragement with his Perfection Is Impossible speech and needing her assistance with fixing the play. Despite his emotions getting the better of him in the first third, he ultimately succeeds three-for-three in lifting their spirits independently of one another. It shows just how much he loves them all, and how much they love him to be that genuinely receptive to his efforts.

Friend Ship

  • After the events of last episodes, Garnet and Pearl finally have a talk, somewhat cooling down the tension between them.
    • Not only somewhat cooling down the tension, either: Sardonyx makes a reappearance, which many thought would be impossible after what happened in Cry For Help. With Sardonyx representing Garnet and Pearl's friendship and trust, and that being what made her reappearance possible in this episode, reconciliation could finally take place between the two Gems.
    • Garnet is finally able to speak of her true feelings to someone rather than hiding them behind a stoic face for the sake of leading the team. She also assures Pearl, who has cripplingly low self-esteem, that her actions have an impact and that she is her own Gem, who decides her own fate.
    • Garnet admits that sometimes, she looks toward Pearl for strength, which visibly surprises her. Cue "The Answer" where it's revealed the first impression Pearl makes on Garnet's components is that of a rebellious, merciless assassin. That might have solidified Garnet's view of Pearl as someone with strength and conviction.
  • Between this episode and "Keystone Motel," it's become clear that Steven is very good at keeping highly personal information to himself. In "Keystone Motel", Greg was unaware of the infighting between the Gems, and even when Steven can't keep a lid on the fact that something's wrong (evident from the two very angry small Gems running around, with the one who dried out an entire pool and the other one who made their room a big meat locker), he doesn't tell his dad why they're fighting. Greg notes that something serious must have happened, but Steven doesn't provide details. Here, we learn that Amethyst and Pearl were completely unaware of what happened between Ruby and Sapphire: Garnet has to explain what happened to Pearl, and an eavesdropping Amethyst is clearly stunned, turning to Steven for confirmation. Given how open Steven usually is, and that anyone living under the horrible atmosphere he'd been stuck in would want to vent to someone, the fact that Steven kept his mouth shut says a lot about his respect and empathy for others: apparently, he decided that it wasn't his place to comment.
    • He might not interfere directly because he knows that he can't solve their problems overnight just by talking sense to them and lashing at them (or to unfortunate ones) because it would just aggravate the problem even more but because he believes that his friends will do the right thing in the end. Because he respects them and tries to understand why his friends act and think that way. Counts as a Moment of Awesome too, since normally people will snap at the dysfunction they'd face. But Steven, being Steven, works hard to keep himself and Crystal Gems together.
  • Even after everything she's pulled, Steven greets Peridot with a cheery "Good morning!"
  • Amethyst, though she acts annoyed by the other Gems joking around at the end, is glad that Garnet and Pearl have finally made up.

Nightmare Hospital

  • When Connie laments that she isn't able to practice her swordsmanship as much as she would like at home, Steven immediately takes out the Rose Quartz sword and offers it to her so she can. And with adorable exaggerated "eth"s.
  • When they enter the hospital, Connie does her best to reasure Steven that the hospital isn't that scary, it's just how it looks when the lights are turned down. But the second they both are frightened by strange noises they instinctively start to hold hands for comfort.
  • Steven protecting Connie from a Cluster Gem. Especially his statement when fighting.
    Steven: Keep your hands off my Connie!
  • As overprotective as she is, Connie's mother still shows she loves her daughter when she clears a path from the Cluster Gems.
  • After one-and-a-half seasons of secrecy, Connie reaches an understanding with her mother about her magical adventures, which draws many parallels to anyone who's ever had to deal with keeping secrets from their parents out of fear of their reaction.
    • Not only that, but the realization of just how bad their relationship had become. Connie's mother's behavior was either toeing the line of emotional abuse or well past it, and Connie had come to both resent and fear her. In real life, scenarios like that can't always be expected to end happily, nor should they — which makes it all the more heartening to know that in this particular instance, it's not too late.
  • Steven hugs Rose's sword tightly and warmly after seeing Connie reconcile with her mother.

Sadie's Song

  • Sadie adorably singing "I'm Too Famous" while Steven watches, eventually breaking out into applause.
  • Barb apologizing for being a Stage Mom and reconciling with Sadie; and Steven also apologizes for pushing Sadie into performing.
  • Steven taking Sadie's place complete with dress and makeup, and the town loving it, showing in turn how well they all know and love Steven.
  • The ending with Sadie singing in the backroom of the Big Donut with Steven accompanying on his ukulele.
  • Kiki and Nanefua doing a ventriloquist act together.
  • Smiley giving some advice to Sadie on how to lose stage fright, telling her that a smile never hurt anyone.

Catch and Release

  • Despite being enemies and just being kidnapped, Steven is legitimately concerned when he sees just how scared Peridot is. His response is to ignore her past transgressions and try and talk with her about what she is afraid of. It seemed to be working until the other Gems arrived.
  • Pearl goes straight to hugging Steven after she, Garnet, and Amethyst come to save him.
  • Though Amethyst scares and teases Steven once he's back in bed, she also hugs him and says with genuine honesty that she's glad to have him back. Cool Big Sis indeed.
  • Steven and Peridot's interactions in the Burning Room are quite Adorkable, especially when he sees her mini-form.
  • Peridot making adorable faces in the mirror. It's the happiest we've seen her the entire episode.
    • Her reaction to discovering the mirror would also indicate that this is the first time she's seen her reflection.
  • Steven helpfully shouting to Peridot through the bathroom door about how to use the shower without burning herself.
  • Steven giving Peridot her foot back. It's probably the first time since she got to Earth that someone did something nice for her. The way she clings to it afterwards shows it means a lot to her.
    • Also, Peridot locks the door again after receiving her foot, but after a few seconds decides to open it again so Steven can come inside the bathroom.
    • While clutching her foot, Peridot snaps at Steven that it's a "great souvenir of that other time you assaulted me." Rather than pointing out that he and Peridot were enemies at the time or that Peridot had attacked him too, Steven genuinely apologizes to her.
  • Even if she believes he can't do anything, Peridot expresses actual gratitude towards Steven for offering her help.
  • The Gems don't get angry at Steven for releasing Peridot. Instead they are only shocked, but they let him explain why he did it and they calm down when he does.

When it Rains

  • It's been made obvious before, but for the first time since "Jail Break", Garnet tells Steven that she loves him! The look on her face is absolutely precious.
    • She's also holding her hands in a heart shape and doesn't stop until she disappears into the Warp Pad.
  • Possibly even better, Peridot calls Steven by his name.
    • Well, that is if she's realised it refers to him specifically and not his species. (As one might otherwise hear in "Come back human!" or "There is an infestation of Stevens")
  • Steven running around in the rain, whooping and cheering. And the reason Peridot is calling Steven's name is because she's worried for him, and she's scared and wants him back inside so he will be close to her.
  • While being a possibly Tear Jerker, seeing Peridot run to Steven when she hears the thunder, believing the world to end is very heartwarming. As much as she acted like she didn't like him, when she thought it was over, she instantly went to the one person that had been nice to her and seeks comfort in at least not dying alone.
  • Peridot's first experience with rain. She slowly opens her hand to it before stepping out into it, bit by bit. For the first time, Peridot is experiencing something on Earth that not only is she not bothered by, but is implied to like. Or perhaps...the first time she has ever felt anything.
    Steven: See Peridot, isn't this cool?
    Peridot: (softly, with rainwater flowing down her face like tears) ... Cool.
    • Also, when she trusts Steven and takes a step out in the rain, Steven instantly praises her proudly with a big grin.
  • Peridot actually thanking Steven for helping to show her rain is nothing to be afraid of.
  • Steven and Peridot holding hands while they explore the Kindergarten.
    • Even after they both fall a long way, the first thing he does is to regain hand contact.
  • Steven mentions that Greg taught him about how rain works.
  • It's pretty sweet, if misguided, that Peridot would place enough trust in Steven's knowledge about the Earth to think they had a chance at stopping the Cluster because of him alone. Considering how freaked out she was by just about everything on Earth, Steven calming her down by explaining some of the basics must have given her a lot of faith in him.
  • At the end of the episode, Peridot seems to finally put trust in the Crystal Gems, at least enough to tell them about the Cluster.
    • Or, at the very least Peridot trusts Steven enough to share what she knows with the Crystal Gems.
    • Also, Peridot standing up for Steven and taking the blame for them going to the Kindergarten.
    • Plus, while it likely may have just been for Steven's sake, which is heartwarming in itself, she corrects herself when calling the Gems "Crystal Clods," backing up and properly calling them "Crystal Gems" for once.

Back to the Barn

  • Pearl compliments Steven's lovely drawing, and gently lets him know that the drill likely won't look like his drawing.
  • When Pearl and Peridot both show their robots, Pearl announces cheerily that her's is bigger. Seeing that Peridot had not only been a source of fear and anger for almost an entire season, but also hurt Pearl's pride and self-worth, it is quite adorable that she seems to have fun.
  • When the competition between Pearl and Peridot winds up as a tie, Pearl graciously accepts it and tries to cool things off with Peridot. Peridot, however, doesn't listen.
  • The general support Pearl gets from the Crystal Gems, cheering her on during the competition, making sure she's alright after Peridot's eventually wins by way of direct combat and complimenting her on her efforts.
    • Notably, it's Amethyst who is the first one to start cheering on Pearl when she fights Peridot. Afterwards, she gives Pearl a big hug and even asks to come wrestling with her. Despite usually being at odds with each other, it's nice to see Amethyst showing complete adoration towards Pearl and openly acknowledging her fighting skills.
    • Garnet likewise shows Pearl nothing but support, and it appears she's more or less completely put the Sardonyx incident behind her. Pearl herself looks particularly bashful when Garnet comes to congratulate her.
  • Steven defending Pearl from Peridot's attitude at the end.
    • this is Pearl's face as he does so.
    • Also, Garnet and Amethyst have the broadest of grins as Steven speaks.
  • Though not exactly apologizing for her earlier behavior, Peridot compliments Pearl's skills by the end of the episode, and Pearl has the good graces not to force an apology out.
    • If one considers the short time frame and that Peridot is having to give up on a fairly ingrained world view, her finding it in herself to be conciliatory towards Pearl so quickly is actually quite amazing. Peridot's seeing that another Gem has the potential to become more than they were meant to be, and given the Fantastic Caste System that Homeworld seems to enforce, that idea might be completely foreign to her. More than that, given her shown bitterness about her own physical weakness and limited abilities, Peridot might actually like what Pearl represents.
    • In fact, the short time period in which Peridot shows the development is most probably the reason why Pearl accepts the compliment at the end with a smile and doesn't force an apology.
  • Garnet proudly telling Pearl that she (Garnet) was right. A callback to "Friendship" where she told Pearl to find her own strength and motivations.
  • The Reveal about Pearl's origins gives us a whole new perspective on why she loved Rose so much. In particular, the line "Rose made me feel like I was everything" carries a lot more weight when you consider that Pearl likely spent a good portion of her life being told she was little more than a servant.
    • It also brings up the possibility that Pearl actually was Rose's servant, and that Rose established a relationship with her as equals instead of a master-slave relationship. Despite the glaring evidence that Pearl latched onto this in an unhealthy way, it was still important to both of them from a development standpoint that this be established; for Rose, it would reinforce her All-Loving Hero status, and for Pearl, it would be the catalyst for her eventually developing into the competent warrior and engineer we've seen so far.

Too Far

  • Steven giving Peridot a tape recorder as an apology for breaking her limb enhancers.
  • Just how much Peridot seemed to enjoy joking around with Amethyst, makes it almost seem as if she's rarely even had an opportunity to enjoy being 'funny' around someone else. While the implications aren't necessarily pleasant, the amount of happiness Peridot showed while hanging out with one of her enemies was strikingly sweet.
  • Peridot's apology to Amethyst for certain.
    Peridot: ... I have concluded that they are all defective. But I am no better. I failed my mission and I'm now working with the enemy. And I can't even get that right. I have apparently "hurt" Amethyst's "feelings", which was not my intent. If I damaged my standing with the best Gem here, then I've made a serious mistake. I'm still learning. I hope you understand. I want to understand. I'm sorry.
    • Even more importantly, Amethyst accepting the apology with a smile.
      Steven: Oh Peridot!
  • Peridot snapping the child leash and intentionally putting herself in harm's way to save Amethyst from the runaway injector drill head is sweet. Especially how she cries Amethyst's name in concern when she sees the drill head going toward the unaware Gem.
  • When Peridot ends up sitting on Amethyst after rescuing her from the drill she instantly apologizes. Steven misunderstands the reason and congratulates her on being polite. Peridot then apologizes for that as well.
  • The final line of the episode, after Peridot makes up with Amethyst.
    Steven: How do you feel?
    Peridot: Big.
  • While Peridot might have chosen her words terribly, she clearly voiced she, even after such a short time, has respect for Amethyst and tells her that despite staying underground for too long, she still has all the qualities that make a Quartz, fitting to be a leader and warrior, and that Pearl and Garnet are supposed to be taking orders from her. Considering all the insecurity Amethyst has shown before, it really is a shame Peridot worded this the way she did, because phrased more carefully it might have been as much a balm on Amethyst's wounds as Garnet's "YOU decide your fate. Not me. Not Rose. Not Steven." speech was to Pearl.
  • A subtle one, but the fact that while Steve was visibly uncomfortable with Peridot's assessment of him, he still set aside his own feelings in favor of Amethyst's, who was visibly seething at the implication of being defective. Steven spends the rest of the episode trying to get Peridot to understand what she did wrong, and at no point does he demand or even imply that he himself wants an apology.
  • Amethyst also manages this in the same scene. The last time someone (Pearl) pissed her off in the Kindergarten by striking that particular nerve, she went into a Berserker Rage that damn near killed Pearl and extremely upset Steven. This time, she is far more calm and collected, not even raising her voice (sans a short battle cry) as she shears the drill head off. Notably, she takes out her frustration on the drill head instead of physically attacking Peridot. She is also much more gentle with Steven this time around; the first time, she roughly shoved him aside or tied him up to get him out of the way, then ran away in shame after realizing that she'd made him cry. This time, she simply touches his shoulder to get him to stop intervening. At the end of Peridot's assessment, Steven timidly asks if Amethyst is okay. Amethyst morosely tells him not to worry about it. All in one go, she's displaying enough faith in Steven to not use Peridot's words to ostracize her, and she's showing more self-control by behaving in ways that won't upset Steven.

The Answer

  • The episode's premise is that we finally get to see how Ruby and Sapphire met.
    • The circumstances of said meeting: Ruby, with 2 other Rubies, was supposed to act as a bodyguard to Sapphire, who was high-ranked because of her Future Vision. The two other Rubies fighting cause our Ruby to bump into Sapphire, who gracefully accepts the awkward apology. A while later, Sapphire is resigned to her fate at the hands of Pearl, but Ruby will have none of that and saves Sapphire, accidentally fusing with her in the process. When Blue Diamond threatens to smash Ruby's gem for that, Sapphire returns the favor by saving Ruby and running away with her, abandoning her place in the Homeworld hierarchy. Extra points for Ruby's rage at a blameless Gem like Sapphire just walking into her death seeping into Garnet's voice as she talked about Sapphire having accepted her fate but Ruby not being able to.
  • Garnet wishing Steven a happy birthday as early as possible; at midnight.
    • It makes "Jailbreak" more heartwarming as well: Garnet wanted to introduce Ruby and Sapphire to Steven on his birthday. In a certain way, she does.
  • Steven squishing Garnet's face. Just, adorable.
  • The adorably awkward little song Ruby and Sapphire sing just before they decide to Fuse for good.
    • The way they start humming "Stronger Than You" while dancing/purposely fusing for the first time.
    • The last sentences of the song mark the end of their "after-glow" into what's practically a Love Confession.
    Ruby: And now you're here [on Earth] forever!
    Sapphire: What about you?
    Ruby: What about me?
    Sapphire: Well, you're here too. We're here together. (Holds Ruby's hand)
  • The connotation of Fusion being something very intimate similar to sex is made once more clear during their love song. Not only did Ruby instantly apologize once they had Unfused back in court, but during the love song, it shows just how intimate it is. And that while not consensual then, that both don't hold a grudge. It really feels like two teenagers that had their first time, possibly felt awkward, accidentally hurt each other and then try to reassure each other afterwards that they still appreciate the experience.
    Ruby: And you haven't before...
    Sapphire: Of course not! When would I have ever?
    Ruby: I'm so sorry!
    Sapphire: No no! Don't be!
  • Baby pastel-coloured Garnet, so confused in herself and so dramatically different from the cool, collected badass we know and love, but so adorable.
  • The Title Drop, when the newly formed Garnet meets Rose and Pearl. Kind of sappy, but it's hard not to smile.
    Rose: Don't ever question this. You ARE the answer.
    (cut to the present)
    Steven: So? What was it? The answer?
    Garnet: (softly) Love.
    Steven: (excitedly) Wooow! I knew it!
    Garnet: So did I.
  • A retroactive CMOH for "Jailbreak": Sapphire wasn't just singing the chorus line to what would eventually become "Stronger Than You" to alert Ruby to her whereabouts: she was singing their song to call to her partner and let her know she was okay!
  • The episode ends with the usual star outro... followed by hearts.
  • We get another glimpse of Rose's empathy and kindness, and her first conversation with Garnet:
    Garnet: I don't... upset you?
    Rose: Who cares about how I feel? How you feel is bound to be much more interesting.
    • Garnet's answer, describing her feelings, is not just a perfect encapsulation of her situation, but the feelings of anyone who has ever been persecuted for being who they want to be. Rose's response is just as heartwarming.
    Garnet: I feel... lost... and scared... and- and happy. W-why am I so sure I'd rather be this than everything I was supposed to be? And that I'd rather do this than everything I was supposed to do?
    Rose: [grins along with Pearl] Welcome to Earth!
  • Sapphire worrying over Ruby and always considering her feelings despite there being tons of her is heartwarming in "Jailbreak's" retrospective; who cares about Ruby? Sapphire does.
  • In a sweet little moment, while hiding from the rain in a cave, Ruby turns to see Sapphire brushing the Blinding Bangs from in front of her eye. The sight was enough to get Ruby so hot under the collar she causes the twigs and branches under her feet to catch on fire.
  • During this episode's montage, we see Ruby and Sapphire fascinated by a butterfly, until it's almost eaten by a frog... and then the pair proceed to find the frog equally fun. These two are aliens on a completely new planet, probably down there for the first time considering Sapphire's attitude at the beginning of the episode, and their first reaction is to be delighted by every part of it, together. No wonder Garnet makes for such a good Crystal Gem.
  • If you pay close attention to Sapphire you'll notice she's shedding Tears of Joy after Unfusing. Fusion must have really woken up some strong emotions in Sapphire and Ruby.
  • Garnet's speech when asked about how she feels encapsulates the feelings of anyone who has ever been persecuted for being who they want to be.
  • When Garnet falls down the hill and finds a sword pointed at her face, the first thing she does is scramble back and shout "Don't hurt her!" Not "Don't hurt me" or "Don't hurt Ruby/Sapphire", but "Don't hurt her." Given how new Garnet was, both Ruby and Sapphire probably would have instinctively thought that the sword was being pointed at them, and for both of them the first thing that came to their mind when confronted with an apparent enemy was ensuring that the other one was safe.

Steven's Birthday

  • Steven worries about not looking his age for Connie, complaining that "When she's president, what will that make me? First boy?" Which is sweeter: him naturally assuming he's going to marry Connie, or him thinking it's equally obvious that she'll be president?
  • Amethyst and Pearl dancing together. If one were to look closely, one can notice that both are incorporating each other's type of dance.
  • Pearl complimenting Connie's skills during their game against Steven and Amethyst in racquetball.
  • A small one, but the fact that Connie's parents are letting her stay over at Steven's for the weekend. While they did send her every piece of medical equipment possible, they are making progress in letting their daughter have her independence.
  • Greg showing Connie pictures of Steven's previous birthdays.
  • The Crystal Gems deciding to take a break from working on the drill in order to celebrate Steven's birthday.
  • Garnet and Pearl telling Steven how much he has grown over the past year.
  • Steven's and Connie's Convenient Slow Dance is absolutely precious.
  • Greg holding a small piñata for Amethyst to try and hit. It seems they've made great strides in repairing their friendship.
    • In general the Gems getting in on the birthday fun by actually participating, even when Steven isn't watching. Seeing that they were not really interested in "Too many birthdays", it shows they at least slightly understand the traditions and that they're just meant for fun now.
    • Likewise, despite Peridot not being interested in the proceedings, Amethyst still made a point of trying to invite her to join the party.
  • Connie crying Tears of Joy and hugging Steven (who gives out a Crush Blush) when he returns to normal.
  • In a subtle bit, Connie gives Steven a new pink shirt, which he wears even though it's more like a vest on his larger body. When he returns to normal, he puts on the shirt properly.
  • The Crystal Gems baking a Cookie Cat cake for Steven's birthday.
  • Garnet making goofy faces and sticking out her tongue to placate baby Steven is absolutely adorable, not only because it's Garnet, but also because she uses her third eye as part of her repertoire.
  • Amethyst transforming into a baby seat for Steven was a sweet gesture on her part.
    • Amethyst is really chill and on top of things about taking care of Baby Steven, considering she's the wild one. She's even the first one to reach for Baby Steven.
    • Hell, Amethyst proves to be a better mother than Pearl, who immediately freaks out at the thought of taking care of baby Steven.
    • Same with Garnet who asks for Steven the moment Pearl backs away, just to try and humour him in an attempt to stop him from crying. She even looks disappointed when it doesn't work. Seeing that she is the one that actually bothers to continously tell him that she loves him and is always very affectionate to him, it is lovely to see her extend this even to Baby!Steven (though making it a Tear Jerker that it doesn't work out).
  • Greg confirms that he was the one who looked after Steven as a baby, because the Gems really had no idea what to do with a human infant. That's how awesome Greg is, even after losing his wife in a very painful way, he still took care of their son from the getgo.
  • The one thing that manages to finally calm down a crying Baby Steven is Connie's reassurance that she'll be there to watch over him whenever the Crystal Gems do "Gem stuff" and his dad is busy with his job.
    • A small one, but the next day when Connie wakes to find only Steven's shirt and mistakenly thinks he's gotten even smaller. Why is this sweet? Because it implies that Connie and Baby!Steven slept in the same tent together.

It Could've Been Great

  • Peridot begins to open up to Steven and the Gems, even joining in SINGING with them around a campfire as well as clearly enjoying herself during a Hard-Work Montage. It makes the latter part of the episode more of a Shocking Swerve.
    • The contents of the song are made of heartwarming too, as they talk about the planet Earth and how it's precious and worthy of protection. Keep in mind, the song was made up by Steven on the fly, proving yet again that Steven takes after his mother.
    • Peridot's song that Steven urges her to write is full of subtle sweetness. Just the fact she's performing it in front of a campfire with everyone sitting down to listen shows they've all come very far together. No one is offended when she calls them 'insane' in the lyrics, she adds that she is too, and that "anyone would be if stuck on the earth with you," basically admitting the Gems have rubbed off on her. Steven's reaction to the song is to laugh and cheer her on, just happy she made a thing for the sheer enjoyment of making it. It's really quite amazing.
    • Also the fact that instead of just stepping outside of her self-declared role as The Spock to enjoy the music, Peridot actually comes up with a reason to appreciate it from a technician's perspective.
    Peridot: Do-mi-so-do. Devoid of substance or purpose, a hypothetical pattern... Do-mi-so-ti. For the satisfaction of bringing it to completion.
  • Garnet giving Peridot an appreciative pat on the back for creating the drill and adding "nice work".
  • Steven thanking Lion for his hard work of getting them to the moon, combined with snuggles.
  • The Crystal Gems' anger at Peridot's flippant disregard for all the lives that would have been lost if Earth had been colonized. Even if they are somewhat prejudiced against humans, they still see them as valuable and worth protecting.
  • As much of a Tear Jerker as it was, Steven's disappointment in Peridot after it seemed that she was coming around on Earth is pretty heartwarming; even after she denigrated his planet and his mother's life mission that she ultimately gave her life for, he can't muster up the hatred to be truly angry with her like the Crystal Gems are.
    • Added to this, the fact that Steven begged a visibly incensed Garnet not to beat Peridot's face in for what she said is this and a CMOA. He's seen what Garnet can do with those fists and he had every reason to be just as pissed at Peridot as Garnet and the others were, but he didn't want to see her get hurt. It's highly doubtful Garnet was going to, for several reasons, but Steven's concern is still touching.
    • And on the flipside, as angry as Garnet was, she immediately listened and backed down when Steven asked her to stop.

Message Received

  • Steven's faith in Peridot being rewarded by her Heel–Face Turn.
    • And her reason for the Heel–Face Turn? She wanted the Earth to be spared. Though her reasoning is more logical than emotional, the fact she wishes NOT to destroy the Earth is still a big change. And that she threw away a chance to get off the planet to do so.
    • When Steven locks her into the car, she is instantly terrified, starts begging and crying and even calls Steven her friend. She may have difficulty in understanding herself and even more problems with telling others what she actually thinks, but in that moment it was clear that she really likes Steven.
      • Even though her reason for this does seem mostly out of losing respect for Yellow Diamond, the way she intentionally takes the blame for her ship crashing over the Gems after seeing Steven's desperate expression and some of the crushed faces she has when talking to Yellow Diamond, along with the delivery of some of her lines, make the fact she truly does care about the Gems and Earth abundantly clear.
    Peridot: I won't do it! I can tell you with certainty that there are things on this planet worth protecting!
    • Just the fact that Peridot was never going to betray the Crystal Gems. She only wanted to do what they were doing: Protect Earth. And she thought she could reason with Yellow Diamond on how to do it. It may have not worked, but kudos for her for trying. If it weren't for her Poor Communication Kills, she may even have gotten the approval and trust of at least Steven to do it.
      • Heck, she even took the blame for them destroying the ship back in "Jailbreak". She really has come to think of them as friends.
    • In a way, Peridot's faith in Yellow Diamond is this. She wasn't planning to sell Earth out behind the Gems' backs; she just thought their way of going about things—armed rebellion, destroying the Cluster—was stupid and fueled by "emotion over reason," hating the Authority too much to negotiate with them. In her own words, they're just delaying the inevitable. Clearly, the best way to save Earth for real is to make the Diamonds not want to destroy it. She tried to explain her plan to Steven; she just did so very badly.
      • Peridot genuinely believed, up to the very end, that her Diamond was OBVIOUSLY a wise, objective, reasonable person who would of course want a mutually-beneficial solution, and that a simple conversation would be enough.
  • Despite their previous disputes all of the Crystal Gems are visibly happy to have been proven wrong about Peridot and are quite willing to welcome her into their ranks.
    Steven: Do you know what this means?
    Peridot: I'm a traitor to my Homeworld.
    Steven: You're a Crystal Gem!
    Garnet: Whether you like it or not.
    • Seeing Steven smile after he hears Peridot say there are things on Earth worth protecting. Hearing Peridot's words really restored his faith in her.
  • In a way, Amethyst's reactions to Peridot's supposed betrayal. She was just as upset as Steven. The point? It shows that she really treasured her friendship with Peridot.
    • This comment from a reviewer makes it even more heartwarming.
      Smalley:...Amethyst seemed to be the Crystal Gem most personally hurt and outraged by Peridot's betrayal at the beginning of the episode. I think that because of her parallels to Amethyst, Peridot's become Amethyst's friend and counterpart in a way that the older Gems and Steven and the humans can't quite equal. It's definitely of interest to me to see what their relationship looks like in the future.
  • Garnet's response to Peridot's attempting to convince Yellow Diamond of Earth's worth is quite sweet. She sounds somewhat amused, but also impressed at Peridot's genuine willingness to go out on a limb and argue the case.
  • While it's brief and subtle, Yellow Diamond's treatment of her Pearl has some heartwarming aspects of it. Instead of being made to "stand around and look pretty", she is Yellow Diamond's secretary. And when Yellow Diamond asks her Pearl who is using the private diamond communication line, she doesn't ask it in a rude manner and gently takes it from her Pearl to handle it. Despite her being a jerkass, these are some real Pet the Dog moments.
    • Although YMMV on that, as Yellow Diamond's Pearl starts flinching and placing the blame on Peridot as soon as Yellow Diamond starts getting annoyed, suggesting her diamond may not be all that kind to her.

Log Date 7-15-2

  • While it is somewhat disturbing to see Peridot go almost insane from having insulted Yellow Diamond, it is also quite adorable to see that one of her emotions is great pleasure in having had the courage to do it.
  • Upon once more realizing that she is now a Crystal Gem, apparently one of her biggest issues is to decide where on her body she should put the star. Seeing that she was wailing during the ending of the last episode when being told she now joined the team, this shows just how much she has already accepted being a CG now.
  • Garnet places a comforting hand on Peridot's shoulder while she's going through her emotional breakdown and suggests she calms down, which immediately works.
    • The flashbacks show that Garnet, whose very existence has been repeatedly insulted by Peridot, has started to act friendly and encouraging towards her and even offered to Fuse with her to help her understand it better. Equally nice is that Peridot admits she has a better understanding of Garnet now.
    • Not only does Garnet offer to Fuse with Peridot, the latter takes her up on the offer. However, despite it all, they begin, but Peridot isn't ready for such a big change so quickly. The fact that she at least tried shows tremendous growth on Peridot's part, and the aftermath of the failed Fusion, where she and Garnet both accept each other for who they are, is one of the series' most heartwarming moments.
    • The handling of Garnet's offer and Peridot ultimately declining is a meta-example. Most shows don't go the extra mile in, even in a roundabout way, discussing consent and visibly showing how it should work between people, regardless of what the consent is for. Steven Universe: teaching kids that saying no is okay, and that it's not unreasonable to expect people to respect that - even if you change your mind.
      • Especially because it isn't even discussed or argued by Garnet at all. The moment Peridot says "No", Garnet lets her go and allows Peridot to back off and gain some distance until she feels comfortable again. If we take the situation as two people about to have sex, most media have the dominant person show displeasure at having to stop, complain or try to change the other's mind gently. Garnet does no such thing, she instantly breaks body contact and acts supportive of Peridot at least having tried to go along, making clear that she will wait for however long Peridot needs and has not taken personal offense in Peridot quitting in the middle.
      • It actually goes even deeper than that. Garnet makes the offer which visibly freaks Peridot out and Garnet says that she can understand, if Peridot is not ready for it yet. Peridot gives it a try after feeling ashamed of having freaked out, just to quit last minute. Most shows, no matter if for kids or adults, only show someone saying no to the offer, but once they agree to it, they go through with it, even if they get doubts. Peridot and Garnet show that it doesn't matter, if it is when casually sitting around or already being more or less in the middle of it, the moment you feel uncomfortable, it is okay to quit and the other should respect this. For this being a kids show, it is really impressive.
    • In general, Garnet's interactions with Peridot in this episode feel just as motherly/big sisterly as a lot of her interactions with Steven, and it really is heartwarming to see.
  • The way Garnet is able to explain her status as a "Permafusion" to Peridot in terms she can understand, is pretty nice. It really drives it home that Garnet was actively working on trying to gain an understanding of Peridot, rather than expecting Peridot to do everything from her end. Especially notable is that - once again - Garnet proves that she actually listens to those around her. It first seems as a Funny Background Event that Garnet suddenly sits with Steven and Peridot in front of the TV. But when Peridot voices confusion about why she is a Permafusion, Garnet quotes the very thing that Peridot loved about the TV show and Peridot understands it instantly.
    • It's also very nice to see how Peridot immediately understands Garnet's existence when she tells her "I'm Percy and Pierre." While Peridot may not understand Garnet entirely, she does realize that Garnet exists because of Ruby and Sapphire's love for each other.
  • Peridot reading a book on jokes, because, as the subtitle of the book says, she is trying to learn 'How to make people laugh around you instead of feel bad'.
  • We get to see Pearl and Amethyst Fuse with no problems at all.
  • Pearl struggling to contain her laughter at Amethyst's joke, showing that's grown fond of Amethyst's sense of humor.
    • Followed not long after by Peridot faking a laugh for Pearl's similar joke, privately noting "Pearl tries really hard for some reason and I appreciate that." Judging from Pearl's prideful grin, she appreciates the compliment.
    • The fact alone that Pearl is making a joke is heartwarming. She is usually the more serious one, often only laughing when nervous or victorious after a battle. She has probably noticed that Peridot gets along very well with Amethyst and in an attempt to befriend Peridot, she copied her. She is awkward, but the very thing that she tries to approach Peridot in a way that Peridot seems comfortable with is really great, especially since Peridot had spend a lot of time insulting Pearl.
  • Garnet showing approval for all of Peridot's attempts at learning more about Earth/The Gems (minus pushing Greg off the roof of the barn to see if he can fly), whether it's trying on Goofy Print Underwear, getting enthusiastic about an Earth TV show, or laughing and enjoying time with Pearl and Amethyst. And she doesn't do it loudly to draw attention to Peridot's attempts and potentially embarrass her, she just gives her a small smile and a thumbs up.
    • And with Garnet always showing up at the right place at the right time, it is very likely she had been using Future Vision to keep track of Peridot and prevent her from doing too much damage and acknowledging her development.
      • At the end, Peridot even mimics the thumbs up Garnet has been giving with a small blush.
  • Peridot is very visibly pleased when Amethyst pays her a compliment, blushing and smiling awkwardly shortly afterwards.
  • Greg shows his sweet side once more by immediately forgiving Peridot for almost killing him by shoving him off the roof to see if he could fly. And even before that: Peridot was sitting quietly in front of him glaring which made him visibly uncomfortable, but he simply greets her and awkwardly waits for a reaction instead of being rude or leaving the threatening Gem.
    • Points also to Garnet for saving him.
      • Garnet's small smile when Peridot shouts she does understand Earth, with Garnet responding with an accurate, "No, you don't". It's almost reminiscent of a mother gently scolding her child.
  • Amethyst transforming into a chicken. Why? Because Peridot asked her to.
    • Even better: Amethyst specifically asked Peridot if she had a request.
    • But wait! There's more! Peridot wanted to know what a chicken was so she could understand a joke. This was one of her attempts at learning about Earth.
    • Also Amethyst having turned into Peridot before this, complete with mimicking her. Peridot is first weirded out by it, but when Amethyst shows that she has observed Peridot (proving that she is interested), but still acknowledges that only Peridot can truly be her (which is a compliment for Gems that are assigned a number and otherwise have no feeling of individuality in Homeworld), Peridot is visibly flattered by it.
  • Peridot including Garnet in one of her tape recordings.
  • Garnet telling Peridot of how proud she is of her because Peridot made an effort to try and understand why Garnet chooses to stay as a Fusion.
  • Despite becoming somewhat annoyed and even falling asleep, Steven (at some point joined by Garnet) listens to Peridot's entire rant on why she thinks Pierre and Percy make the best couple. At the end of the rant, Garnet again gives Peridot a thumbs up.
  • Garnet's recording on Peridot's diary tells us something really quite amazing: she knew all along that Peridot would become a Crystal Gem. This log entry occurred before the trip to the moon, and Garnet already knew that Peridot would give Steven back the recorder and why, but she didn't say anything because she didn't want to interfere. Garnet saw a future in which Peridot joined their ranks and chose to take the steps to ensure its fruition. If there was any doubt that Peridot was wanted on the team, it was erased right there.
    • It also gives another reason why, in her Tranquil Fury moment in "It Could Have Been Great", Garnet restrained herself from attacking Peridot and merely said "You are speaking of things which you do not understand".
  • The way Garnet picks Peridot up near the beginning of the episode is heartwarming in retrospect— note that the first time she touched Peridot's back it was to squeeze her to death to protect Pearl, in Catch and Release, and the second time, patting her on the back in congratulations in It Could've Been Great, Peridot panicked. This time? She picks her up by the arms first so she isn't startled, and then wraps her arms gently around her. Not only is Garnet being careful to respect Peridot's boundaries, Peridot trusts her enough that it works.

     Season 3 

Super Watermelon Island
  • The Gems were a complete mess as Alexandrite in "Fusion Cuisine". Here, they again come close to splitting apart, but manage to keep it together, and are united enough to hold their own against one of the most powerful characters in the show. Driving the point home, Alexandrite's arrow turns into a projection of Garnet, Amethyst and Pearl holding hands, echoing how the Laser Light Cannon turns into a projection of Rose. It shows how far they've come as a team since the beginning of the series, which is saying a lot since they'd already been a team for thousands of years at that point.
    • Granted, Guide to the Crystal Gems had Garnet state that Alexandrite was a deadly force in battle when the three of them shared the resolve to fight, which means this isn't all THAT significant, but it still feels heartwarming.
    • The Gems are starting to take pages from Steven's book. Alexandrite offers Malachite a chance to not fight. It shows how much they came since their usual response to trouble is violence. And she only seems to fight Malachite out of concern for her component Gems, telling them they "should spend some time apart" and forcing them to Unfuse rather than destroying them.
    • At the end of the fight, Alexandrite gently catches the unconscious Lapis Lazuli and Jasper in two of her hands.
  • Steven rousing the Stevenmelons to the aid of the Crystal Gems.
  • The Stevenmelons blushing as the Gems thank them and Steven for helping. This also counts as something of a redemption.
    • What's more, the Steven-melons worked together with the Crystal Gems this time.
  • The Gems telling Steven they love him and he can do this before he returns to his body to save the world. You can just tell they have faith in him being able to. Which shows just how far Steven and his relationship with them has come. Believe in Steven...
    Amethyst: You got this, dude! You know the drill.
    Pearl: Be careful, Steven. Watch each others' backs.
    Garnet: And Steven... we love you.
    • And before that, Steven runs up to hug Pearl and she instantly recognizes him.
  • The Stevenmelons have made a functioning society, complete with baby melons. It's adorable.
  • After everything that's happened, when the Cluster's earthquake creates massive crevices, Amethyst is quick to reach for Lapis' hand and keeps her from falling in, and Pearl makes an attempt to reach for Jasper before she slides too far away, and Steven being worried when Jasper falls.
  • Two of the melons adopting a baby melon at the start.
  • Baby Melon is memorialized in a statue at the center of the melon town, with other baby melons being taught by the melon elder. Guess you might say they truly have learned from their mistakes, just as Steven advised them to in Season 1.
  • Malachite's reaction to the Watermelon Stevens attacking her. A genuine smile and an amused giggle. True, it might be because of how seemingly futile the Watermelon Stevens attack might be, or another reason that might belong more in Nightmare Fuel than Heartwarming, but either way it's probably the happiest moment in the life of a being made of hatred.

Gem Drill

  • Peridot saying that even though she still misses Homeworld, she appreciates the friendship of Steven and the Gems.
  • Steven's last words as he thinks he and Peridot are about to be killed by the Cluster (or at least the Earth being destroyed)?
    Steven: I love you, Peridot!
    • Peridot's response? A direct Call-Back to Steven's explanation on how to express gratitude in "Log Date 7-15-2".
      Peridot: (Teary-eyed) Wow, thanks.
    • Before that, Peridot apologizes to Steven for failing to save him and "the billions of other lifeforms who matter far, far less to me!"
    • Peridot and Steven clinging to each other when they think they're going to die.
  • Peridot straight up abandons the drill's controls to help Steven when his empathetic connection with the Cluster starts seriously hurting him, despite the possibility that dropping their offence could have gotten them killed.
  • Steven convinces the Cluster shards to bubble each other so they won't have to destroy the Earth.
    • Let's put this in perspective: Steven defeats a planet-destroying Eldritch Abomination by talking to it until it decides to stay in the planet and become friends with itself!
    • The entire scene with Steven convincing the Cluster shards to talk to one another. They begin greeting one another with hellos and hi's and some of them sound enthusiastic.
  • The Cluster itself has a pretty heartwarming moment when Steven tells it that forming would destroy the Earth. All the Gems in the Cluster just start saying "no" in a quiet, saddened tone. Added to later with how desperately they say "can't stop, going to form" when they start forming anyway. As Garnet said in Keeping it Together, most of the Cluster experiments were made from fallen Crystal Gems. They already died once to protect the Earth, and when faced with the knowledge that they're about to do something that would hurt it, they desperately don't want to.
  • Peridot hugging Steven after returning to the surface, exclaiming "You did it!" in preventing the Cluster from forming. Steven is quick to remind her that they did it together.
  • Even with all the risks involved and the impossibility of predicting what will happen, the Gems bring the unconscious Lapis back home with them, willing to give her the same chance that turned out so well with Peridot. And as their reactions from the previous episode detailed earlier show, they were willing to even try with Jasper, before she fell into that crevice.
  • It's brief, but when Peridot explains molten peridotite (the substance that earth-made peridots are made of) to Steven, there is something about her voice and expression that seems almost nostalgic, as though she were reminiscing about an old friend. It's quite a sweet little moment.

Same Old World

  • This sneak peek shows us Lapis laughing, twice! Happy Lappy!
  • Remember that fart joke in "Mirror Gem?" While flying over Jersey, some guy yelled and threw a boot at Lapis and Steven. The boot missed them, and what was Lapis' reaction? Doing that same fart joke to the guy as a response! She remembered~! After seeing Lapis so depressed for such a long time, it's nice to see this playful (if somewhat immature) side of her and it goes to show how close she is to Steven.
  • After millennia of being imprisoned and abused, Lapis finally has her freedom. Whilst she has trouble adjusting at first, she's finally ready to give the Earth a chance at being a new home.
    • The way Steven gets Lapis to realize that is the case: do the one thing no one has done for Lapis for eons: give her a choice. He gives HER the choice to stay or go. To come to love the Earth or leave.
  • Steven offering to let Peridot come back to the Temple with them. Even if she didn't, it was still a nice thought.
  • Peridot gushing about how cool the trip to stop the Cluster was, while also not getting so wrapped up that she forgets to give Steven the proper credit and letting him tell his part.
    • And the Gems all sit there and listen with full attention, even smiling amused at Peridot.

Barn Mates

  • Peridot, with the help of Steven, giving Lapis an apology card. And by the way, there's a crayon picture (Steven drew the pictures) of Lapis and Peridot smiling on the front! Somewhat undermined by the contents, though...
    • Funnily enough, considering how much Peridot seems to appreciates finding out new things, she might have thought what she wrote was genuinely complimentary.
  • For the first time, we see Lapis content and comfortable with her surroundings. She's not angsting or brooding anymore, she's clearly relaxing and enjoying the atmosphere on Earth for the first time ever. Too bad her moments of peace don't last long.
  • Peridot giving her recorder, her most precious earthly possession, as a gift to Lapis in an attempt at a peace offering.
  • When Lapis tells Peridot that she doesn't want to be near her, Peridot leaves immediately, without complaining. It doesn't last, because of the Roaming Eye, but it's nice that her final decision was to do what Lapis needed, rather than telling her to leave or anything.
    • After saving them from the Roaming Eye, Lapis asks if Peridot is o.k., Peridot responds with a huge grin and a giggle, making Lapis blush.
      • Even better. That may be Peridot's first completely happy smile in the series. Not a smug smile, not a Cat Smile, not a Slasher Smile, not a Laughing Mad smile, but one of pure joy. It's goofy and Adorkable, but hey, that's Peridot in a nutshell. Compare that face to her first appearance back in "Warp Tour", and marvel at how far she's come.
  • It's not that obvious, but when Lapis protects Steven and Peridot, Peridot says "Holy Smokes", only for the Gems to arrive and Amethyst to say the same thing. The two are apparently still very close, even though we haven't seen anything of that lately.
  • As irritated as Lapis gets with Peridot, she never lets that seep onto Steven. She instantly comes when he calls for her, humors him by using her wings as blindfolds, and gently lets him know that he isn't at fault for her temper.
  • Lapis' anger itself, ironically, has some sweetness to it. She never resorts to physically assaulting Peridot (Lapis could have easily poofed her, if so), even after she takes out her anger on Peridot's tape recorder first.

Hit the Diamond

  • The Gems all reacting happily when they see Ruby and Sapphire. Steven even rushes up and hugs them!
  • When Peridot wonders why the Gems are bothering to help her even though she's done nothing but cause problems, Garnet replies "We help out anyone who calls the planet home. Even clods like you."
    • Even better is that Peridot appears incredibly touched by Garnet saying "clod".
    Peridot: That's my word.
    • What about the fact Garnet actually Unfused to protect Peridot? Given how much she doesn't want to do that under most situations, it says a lot about how she feels about Peridot now.
  • Lapis gives her human alias as "Bob". It's impressive that she still remembers Steven's "No prob, Bob" line way back in "Ocean Gem".
    • Just the fact that Lapis is even playing baseball is pretty heartwarming. She thinks it's a dumb plan, and she doesn't really have to play, considering she hates both Peridot and the Crystal Gems. But if it's for Steven? No problem.
    • Very small moment; Lapis returns Ruby's high-five. Her hatred of the Crystal Gems is ebbing!
    • Another small moment; Lapis gives a small smile to the Ruby with her gem located on her thigh.
    • The fact that when the ruse gets revealed, Lapis just files in with the rest of the Crystal Gems without argument or hesitation. While it might be to protect Steven, the fact she doesn't complain or show any annoyance with it does say a lot about how she's changed.
  • Peridot attempts to sacrifice herself to save the others. It turned out to not really be necessary, but points for trying.
    • It even seemed to get Lapis' attention, with her sour mood giving away to apparent surprise as Peridot was offering herself up. Another step forward to Lapis realizing how much Peridot has changed perhaps?
  • A small one. Pearl gleefully says "Nice" upon Amethyst getting a home run, even though she does so in a way that had a chance of blowing their cover. The Pearl at the very start of the show would've freaked out over that. She's come a long way.
  • The third Ruby to step out of the ship, the one with her gem located on her stomach. She's much more soft-spoken and outgoing than her teammates, gets entranced by the sight of the planet (which she immediately describes as "lovely"), and just looks so adorably blissful looking around.
  • A quick one but after Ruby (accidentally) hits a home run, Army and Doc run up to home plate to congratulate her. More heartwarming for the former given that she punched Ruby for (intentionally) striking out when the game began.
  • One that's more noticeable when rewatching. At two points in the episode, Leggy is seen pulling a Security Cling on Eyeball, who never objects to it. Considering what we later learn about Eyeball's personality and how expendable she views herself and her squad, it's a nice gesture between teammates who barely know each other.

Steven Floats

  • The Gems spending all night keeping Steven company.
  • Sadie is genuinely happy to see Steven again and instantly tells him to be early to get a freshly baked donut.
    • It's even sweeter: when Steven gets his donut at the end, he mentions that it's his favorite kind. Sadie didn't make just any donut, she made Steven's donut.
  • While yes, she's in a bit of a panic, it's nice to see Pearl back in doting mother figure mode. Recent episodes have spent a lot of time on her issues (specifically the Rose-related ones that muddy her relationship with Steven), often meaning that we see her resentment and insecurity issues before we see her genuine devotion to Steven. It's good to see her fully concerned and affectionate again, no strings attached.
    • When Steven asks to be weighed down with items in order to fall faster, Pearl drapes a jacket over him with a tender expression. It didn't help Steven's purpose, but its sweet to see what her priorities were.
    • She gets disappointed when Steven, in his rush to get to the Big Donut, forgets to hug her on the way out. Hopefully. she did eventually get that hug she wanted (and knowing what a Cuddle Bug Steven is, she did with interest).

Drop Beat Dad

  • Steven helping Sour Cream with his show.
    • Steven's speech about roadies. He loves the spotlight, and he wants to make sure everyone else loves being in it too.
  • Steven's response when he sees his dad's old jerk manager is back in town? Declare he'll protect his dad!
  • Yellowtail's Papa Wolf reaction to seeing the jerk who knocked up his wife and abandoned his stepson.
  • Yellowtail proving he cares more about Sour Cream than Marty does by getting his DJ gear at the last minute to salvage the show.
    • Before that Yellowtail left the show to get the gear and Greg called out to him to stay, thinking he was leaving in a huff:
      Greg: Yellowtail, come back! Your son needs you!
    • And after Yellowtail brings him his gear, Sour Cream calls him "dad" for the first time. Aww.
  • Sour Cream not just Calling the Old Man Out, but speaking the same gibberish as Onion and Yellowtail while doing so.
  • When Sour Cream sees Marty again, he goes for a hug and instead gets a rather impersonal handshake. At the end, he sheepishly offers Yellowtail a handshake, obviously remembering what Marty had done earlier, only for Yellowtail to grab him into a big hug.
  • Yellowtail, Vidalia, and Onion attending Sour Cream's rave. The moment can be seen here.
    • Earlier in the episode, Yellowtail can be seen sheepishly waiting for the show to start in the crowd near Greg.
  • Greg receiving $10,000,000 at the end of the episode. Given the implications of his financial situation, it's well deserved.
    • The fact that Marty was willing to give Greg the check at all, especially when it's revealed that the only reason he helped Sour Cream was for the money. He told Greg he was "legally obligated" to give him the check, so that may indicate that there is at least one line Marty won't cross.
  • Despite his flaws (his many, many, many flaws), even Marty seems to like Steven, and is never rude or cruel to him. It's not much, but it's the best we can hope for from him.
  • When Steven heads out on stage to do a mic check, somebody in the audience cheers "Woo! Steven Universe!" The whole town loves this kid.
  • Yellowtail and Sour Cream's interactions as a whole can come across as this for kids who may struggle with their own stepparents. They may butt heads, but they do care about each other and it's made clear that Yellowtail doesn't consider him any less his son than he does Onion. Despite their problems, Yellowtail wholeheartedly loves Sour Cream and wants him to be happy.

Mr. Greg

  • The fact that Greg is so completely content with his life with Steven that there's next to nothing he can think of to use the money he's come into for. He's got everything he could ever want as it is.
    What do I do, with all this money? I'd rather just spend time with you
    • His only idea? Putting Steven through college. Steven's first idea? A house and car for Greg.
  • Steven drags Pearl along to Empire City with him and his dad even though they don't get along all the time. Turns out, he actually did it on purpose because he wants to get them to talk about their feelings and make up.
  • One of Pearl's lines is about how she's just happy to spend time with Steven.
  • Pearl is utterly confused about what is going on when they arrive at the hotel, leading to the point where Steven and Greg stare at her mischievously from the pool... but instead of throwing her into the pool, they dress her into a suit as well.
  • The Universe's giving large tips to the hotel staff.
  • Pearl and Greg bonding over their memories and shared love of Rose and realizing they're Not So Different. The episode ends with them happily chatting away in the van on the drive home.
  • Pearl and Greg dancing. Let us repeat that: Pearl, and Greg, dancing. The ultimate symbol of love and trust in this series, and Pearl and Greg are doing it with each other. They are half a step away from fusing.
    • This gets even more emphasis by the pose that Pearl and Greg have at the end since it reflects the pose of Pearl and Rose during fusion, only with Pearl now holding on instead of being dipped.
  • Steven probably realized that Rose loved both of them as well and would have wanted them to get along.
    • The pink glow that encompasses them both when Steven sings "you both love me and I love both of you." It almost seems like Rose is singing through Steven — and given the mysterious nature of the whole thing, it's not entirely implausible that she isn't.
  • In the end, after so many years of not being able to talk to each other, Greg and Pearl communicate in the only way they have left: Dancing. The symbol of love, trust, and friendship in the series, and it is once again used to mend a relationship.
  • Even though they were romantic rivals, it seems like Pearl and Greg never really hated each other.
  • There a bit of understated heartwarming in Pearl's song It's over. isn't it?. She's singing to Greg (the lyrics address him), despite him being asleep, but not one bit of it is insulting. The lyrics give a bit of insight into Pearl and Rose's relationship and Pearl's mindset. She's effectively confiding in Greg (even if he doesn't know about it).
  • The fact that the show never punishes Greg for his extravagance. The bill is long enough for him to cringe at, but there's absolutely nothing to indicate he blew through all of it, or even most of it. Because let's face it... if anyone deserves one night of throwing money around, it's Greg Universe.
    • This is confirmed later in "Beach City Drift", where Greg references the fact that he is still rich.

Too Short to Ride

  • Steven giving Peridot her tablet, which she very much enjoys.
  • Amethyst and Steven spend the better part of a day trying to help Peridot learn how to use shapeshifting after finding out she's incapable of doing so.
  • Amethyst, after Peridot snaps at Steven and her by claiming that shapeshifting is an insult to their natural form, doesn't get mad. She simply looks at Peridot and asks what's really bothering her. This proves Amethyst really does care about Peridot and understands that Peridot tends to lash out when mad or upset, much like herself, so doesn't hold it against the little green Gem.
  • Amethyst reassures Peridot after the other gem is shown to be insecure about herself and her abilities, saying that they like Peridot for who she is. It's nice because Amethyst's had to deal with the same sort of self-esteem issues herself, and now she's helping others with them.
    Amethyst: (to Peridot) This whole time we've been here you've just been focusing on what you can't do, of course you're not having any fun. You think that all you are is what you could be. But we don't hang out with you because of who you COULD be! We like YOU.
  • Peridot's discovery of her power to move things at a distance once more demonstrates that there is more to a gem than what Homeworld designs them to do.
  • Peridot's adorable reaction to the stuffed alien and Amethyst and Steven's determination to help her win it.
  • This episode was just a good day for Peridot. She gets a tablet from Steven, discovers she has ferrokinesis, and then uses said ability to win the stuffed alien that she adored.
  • Peridot and Amethyst's final lines in the episode:
    Amethyst: (After Peridot uses her newly found ferrokinesis to win the stuffed alien she wanted) Give it up for Pei-Pod!
    Peridot: No, give it up for the Shorty Squad.
  • Peridot's Twitter account is mostly hilarious, but she does have a sweet moment at the end of the (both in and out of universe) day:

The New Lars

  • Sadie and Lars actually getting closer as the episode ends.
  • Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream rushing to Steven's defense after Lars regains his body.
  • Steven apologizing for his actions to Lars and even giving an apology letter. And even though Lars, understandably, rips it up, Steven doesn't get angry, knowing that he crossed a line.

Beach City Drift

  • Greg still has a big chunk of his royalties left, so he doesn't care about Kevin's jerkiness. Nice to see him doing OK.
  • Steven and Connie deciding to continue the race for themselves as opposed to trying to get back at Kevin.
    • Once they resume the race on that resolve, they start enjoying themselves again. They even enjoy the view of Beach City, taking in its beauty and splendor as they drive. Once again, they are an experience, and a good one at that.
  • Stevonnie being the bigger person when they lost the race, even congratulating Kevin and showing an overall positive attitude despite it frustrating Kevin to no end.
  • Even though they lost Ronaldo and Jenny still rooted for Stevonnie when they got back. In addition, Jenny was just about to go up the mountain to check on Stevonnie after they had stopped unexpectedly until they had began driving again.
  • Steven's Berserk Button getting mashed hard where Kevin is concerned, to the point where he freely declares he hates him. The thing that triggers it? Kevin being a jerk to Greg.
    • While Kevin being a jerk to Greg is what mashes the Berserk Button in this episode, the only reason that button exists is because of what happened in "Alone Together": Kevin being a pushy, inconsiderate jerk and invading his and Connie's personal space. Since we've seen Steven attacked, imprisoned, and nearly killed multiple times, one can assume he's more upset about how uncomfortable and violated Kevin made Connie feel, especially since it was Connie's half that was having the panic attack during "Alone Together".
  • Throughout the episode Connie (and later Stevonnie) wears a jacket that is identical to (and probably is) the one her father wears.
  • It's nice to see Ronaldo at the race and possibly accepted by the Cool Kids since it's been implied that he isn't really accepted around town.

Restaurant Wars

  • Jenny Pizza calling her sister Kiki "the cutest girl in Beach City".
    • She then gives her sister a raspberry kiss on the cheek. As seen here.
  • When Mr. Fryman and Kofi find out that Ronaldo and Kiki are allegedly dating, they are completely supportive of the relationship and (almost) agree to stop the war because "love is a beautiful thing".
    Fryman: Well, Kofi, love is a beautiful thing.
    Kofi: Yes, love is beautiful. We must end this feud in order for this love to blossom.
  • Ronaldo having a girlfriend... until he loses her.
    • A small note — Ronaldo calls Jane (his girlfriend), "ohime". What does that mean? Princess.
    • After the breakup, there were a few sad posts on Keep Beach City Weird about it, one of which is Ronaldo desperately wishing Jane could take him back. She liked it.
  • Considering how the rest of the Crystal Gems tend to stay out of matters that aren't directly Gem related, and generally treat most human matters with a degree of apathy, seeing them step up and help Steven create a restaurant in order to end the restaurant war is pretty sweet. Even if they most likely only did it for Steven's sake.

Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service

  • Steven immediately apologizes for going into Kiki's dream when he realizes it, clearly feeling guilty about going into her mind. She isn't mad, but he shows how mature the little guy is about using his powers.
  • Kiki being so grateful for Steven's help that she even gives him free pizza.
  • Both the real and dream!Jenny quickly understand when Kiki puts her foot down, agreeing she deserves a break.
  • When Steven admits he can't keep up going into Kiki's dreams to protect her, Kiki completely understands.

Monster Reunion

  • A small moment: Pearl stopping Steven from using his healing spit, because she doesn't want him touching a broken plate.
  • When Centipeetle reforms but is still partially corrupted, Steven assumes she just needs more healing magic and gives her a sweet kiss on her gem. Unfortunately, her gem is also her eyeball so it smarts a bit, but the thought counts.
  • Centipeetle remembering her love of Chaaaps chips after Steven sings a part of the jingle, even making her own rendition of the song and 'singing' the rest of the jingle with Steven.
  • Steven suggests that he and Centipeetle communicate through art, and draws a picture of himself. Centipeetle takes the picture and draws a stick figure of herself holding Steven's hand.
    Steven: You remember we were buds!
    Centipeetle: Ye-aah!
  • The reason Centipeetle stayed behind? She was looking for her crew.
  • The ending. Even though Steven couldn't uncorrupt Centipeetle in the end, he was able to take her back to her crew, who had been waiting for her this whole time. And the other Crystal Gems let her stay there, unbubbled, with her friends.
    • In addition to this, its shown that Centipeetle still has the sentience she gained when Steven healed her, meaning that she isn't just a mindless beast anymore.
    • Centipeetle's crew knew full well that the entire planet was about to be attacked by something that would very likely kill everyone and everything on it and they had a very short time to escape, they still stayed behind for their captain. Even as corrupted monsters, they're clearly happy to have her back after thousands of years.
    • Even better, considering they're all clearly the same type of Gem as Centipeetle, and might have been tailor-made to be her crew, it's very possible they're the closest things Gems get to being her family.
  • Steven coming between Centipeetle and the gems when they try to "poof" her, refusing to let her be hurt.
  • The entire episode serves as one for Steven, as he managed to give Centipeetle something she hasn't had for at least 6,000 years; someone to listen to her and try with all of their might to help her. He may not have been able to fix her body, but he fixed her mind enough to let her find her crew and the gratitude she showed for his effort is absolutely heart-melting. He really lived up to his Friend to All Living Things status in this episode.
  • When they leave the ship. Centipeetle and her crew are peacefully cuddling each other.
  • Centipeetle is explicitly shown to have fought on Homeworld's side during the war but unlike the other gems who were affected by the rebellion such as Lapis and Peridot, she doesn't seen to hold it against them when she regains her mind.
  • Centipeetle is still a fundamentally damaged and broken, but that doesn't lessen her value as a person. She still cries, has complex feelings, cohesive thoughts, can communicate in writing, is intelligent enough to recognize her own reflection in a mirror (akin to Peridot in Steven's bathroom.), and is not dismissed is incredible. The Crystal Gems were ready to dismiss her the moment it was clear she wasn't "right", but Steven sticks by her and, through compassion and patience and just trying to understand her, figures out what she wants. Even as her humanoid form is failing and she's turning beastly again he still sticks by her.
  • A small one, but Amethyst was clearly uncomfortable when asked to poof Centipeetle and was visibly relieved when everyone agreed to let her stay un-bubbled. Given that Amethyst has been shown to be previously unsympathetic towards others at times, and is clearly feeling some sympathy towards Centipeetle shows some emotional growth for her.
    • At the same time, Garnet shields Steven from having to watch Centipeetle get poofed.

Alone at Sea

  • Greg renting a boat to help Lapis overcome her fear of water despite having previously having been attacked by her, written a "The Villain Sucks" Song about her, and her not remembering who he was.
  • And despite some initial awkwardness and Lapis' previously standoffish behavior, the two seemed to genuinely get along. Throughout their whole trip, Greg strove to be understanding, friendly, and kind, while Lapis was polite and made an apparent effort to get along with him.
    • Special mention to how Greg leaves Steven and Lapis in the captains room since Lapis actually enjoys honking. Instead of being annoyed or similar, he just decided to leave and do something else, leaving them to have fun on their own.
    • Similary, Lapis wanting to help Greg catch a fish. She overdoes it and it is a bit awkward for both her and Greg, but it's sweet to see her make an effort for a human other than Steven.
  • Lapis defending Steven against Jasper, punching her sheer across the horizon!
    • To say nothing of Steven immediately interposing himself between Jasper and Lapis in an effort to deter the maniacal, deranged Homeworld Gem.
  • Steven hugging Lapis after the event, actually managing to make her genuinely smile despite how badly the confrontation had affected her.
  • Even though she doesn't appear in this episode directly, Peridot's Twitter account (updated in time with the show's east coast airing) has a heartwarming moment all itself. During the episode, it has her fooling around with things, experimenting with her powers, and planning to show things to Lapis when she gets back. At the end, it implies she immediately noticed something was wrong when Lapis got home and dropped everything to comfort her.

Greg the Babysitter

  • The present timeline has Steven helping Greg at "It's A Wash".
  • Greg waiting by the warp pad to spend time with Rose.
    • A small one: when Rose starts dancing the background changes to Love Bubbles, evidently in Greg's POV.
    • One time when she returned, she gently lifts his head to kiss him.
    • Another moment has Rose playfully throwing Greg up in the air and catching him.
    • Greg falling asleep in the beach and Rose watching him with a smile. For hours.
    • Garnet and Amethyst look happy to see Greg every time they warp in or out as well.
    • The song it plays during the montage:
    And me, I guess I'm content to be on the arm of someone who is as incredible as you/ I always did believe that love is all you need to be a happy man...
  • Despite being annoyed at his freeloading, Vidalia allows Greg a place to stay and washes his clothes when he spills milk on them.
  • Sour Cream copying his mother's actions.
  • Vidalia's worn out from being a single parent, with an infant that's still eating mushed up carrots and the father nowhere in sight. She doesn't let her fatigue get in the way of being a good mother, or threatening Greg that she will destroy him if anything happens to Sour Cream.
  • Rose's dialogue about how humans grow and change is heartwarming in itself.
    Rose: (to Greg) When a Gem is made, it's for a reason. They burst out of the ground already knowing what they're supposed to be, and then...that's what they are. Forever. But you [humans], you're supposed to change. You're never the same, even moment-to-moment. You're allowed and expected to invent who you are. What an incredible power...the ability to grow up.
  • Rose's cute interactions with Baby!Sour Cream.
  • Although it's disturbing that Rose like Peridot had no idea about human fragility, she understands it better than Peridot did. She immediately tries to figure out the logic of it when Greg asks her why she let Sour Cream climb the Ferris Wheel, and follows his lead to rescue the baby.
  • Rose going into protective mode when Greg gets in danger.
    • The scene becomes more heartwarming when comparing to a similar scene.
  • From a meta standpoint, the adult blind reactors on YouTube generally have this reaction when Greg finds Rose and Sour Cream gone: "Where did she take the baby?!"

Gem Hunt

  • Steven not losing his desire to try and help the Corrupted Gems, even after his failure to fully heal Centipeetle.
  • Steven squealing over Connie's first mission and taking loads of pictures for her parents.
  • Pearl being a protective mom as usual but also trusting the kids to go off on their own and praising Connie when she was disappointed in herself for being scared.

Crack the Whip

  • Amethyst recognizing that Connie's feeling upset due to the previous mission's failure, and giving her and Steven a fun day off to help them relax.
  • Steven and Connie playing in the ocean together, each saying the other is the best.
  • When Jasper insult Amethyst, saying that she's an overcooked runt, Amethyst says that Rose told "she's perfect the way she is".
  • Steven and Connie becoming Stevonnie and leaping to Amethyst's defense.
    • The fact that they fused on instinct without meaning to—they're just that in tune with each other.
  • Lion nuzzles Stevonnie just before they clash with Jasper.
  • Amethyst forcing herself to regenerate as fast as she could in order to protect Steven and Connie from Jasper.
  • A small note — Kiki and Jenny are shown hanging out together.
  • There's something sweet about the fact that, despite everything that Jasper did and her trying to outright shatter Amethyst... Stevonnie repeatedly gives her chances to apologize for her actions. Most heroes would say This Is Unforgivable!, but not a fusion of Steven and Connie.

Steven vs. Amethyst

  • Pearl's reaction when Steven tells her that Stevonnie fought off Jasper. Instead of (understandably) freaking out, she's just proud of how all of their training paid off.
  • Steven asking Amethyst along to training in an attempt to cheer her up.
  • The Holo-Pearls are much more genial this time around, saying things like "defeat accepted".
  • When Steven realizes that Amethyst is bummed out over having performed poorer than him during Pearl's training lessons, he challenges her to a fighting game, then purposefully throws the fight so Amethyst will have something to feel proud about. It's doesn't work, but still.
  • When it comes down to a sparring match between the two of them, Amethyst marvels at the kind of techniques that Steven's pulling off (albeit subconsciously)—she may be jealous of his improvement, but she won't let it stop her from complimenting him.
    • It actually is as funny as it is heartwarming, but Steven joins in as well, ending with both throwing some really angry sounding yet genuine compliments at each other as if they were insults. As angry and frustrated as both get, Amethyst is awed by how far Steven has come and Steven is still extremely impressed with what Amethyst is capable of.
  • After their attempt at ending the fight with a Cross Counter fails hilariously (both of them so exhausted by this point that they miss and collapse next to one another), Steven and Amethyst both end up laughing at the absurdity of the situation.
  • Although there are moments where they seem to be getting carried away, they spend the whole fight complimenting each other. Even after what seems to be a particularly serious attack, with Amethyst slamming Steven down into the ground with her whip, she stops to ask if he's okay.
  • Steven admits to Amethyst that he knows what it's like to feel outclassed; even with all his improvement, he still feels inferior to Rose.
  • In a meta sense, the fact that everyone thought this episode was going to be heartbreaking and that Steven and Amethyst's fight was going to end badly, when really them fighting and getting their insecurities off their chests actually helped them cope with them better. It was a welcome break from the tense endings of the last few episodes.


  • Garnet and Pearl's utter glee at having Bismuth back, with Pearl positively wailing Bismuth's name in tearful delight.
    • Their subsequent interactions are quite adorable, as they playfully banter like old friends(?).
    • At one point, Garnet joyfully hooks Pearl into a one-armed hug in the background.
  • Bismuth accepting Amethyst and Steven as her friends and teammates instantly.
  • Bismuth treating Amethyst like any other quartz, never once bringing up her height and complimenting her whip. After what Jasper did to her, it's nice to see someone outside the Gems we know genuinely compliment her.
    Bismuth: Not every Quartz can make a whip like this.
  • Bismuth telling Steven how, after ages of building things on orders from elite Gems, Rose asked her what she wanted to make.
  • Steven confesses to Bismuth the terrible pressure he feels living up to Rose's legacy. Bismuth tells him that he can be even greater by just being himself. It's the first time someone has told him that.
  • As heartwrenching as it is, Steven doing what Rose wouldn't: tell the Crystal Gems exactly what happened to Bismuth and why it happened is definitely a heartwarmer. It seems that A) rejecting Bismuth's ideas concerning the breaking point, B) poofing Bismuth, and most importantly C) hiding what happened to Bismuth really did a number on her. When the fight with her and Steven breaks out, she sees it as the same situation happening all over again. And up until the end it seems as though she's right. She fights "Rose" over the same reason as before and ends up about to be poofed and bubbled. So Bismuth has every right to believe she'll be bubbled and forgotten without even a reason why. That Steven promises to tell the others, to tell Bismuth's friends what happened to her as opposed to being bubbled and forgotten, allows him to provide a small comfort that Rose had not the previous time. It really seems to touch Bismuth as well, as she admits that Steven might be better than his mother. And after Steven returns, true to his word he tells Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl what happened and why. It shows that even to those he fights, Steven shows a great deal of care and consideration, maybe even more than Rose.
    • After everything, they put the bubbled Bismuth into the Burning Room and comfort Steven, not at all angry that Steven had to poof and bubble their strongest ally, instead understanding the circumstances that forced Steven to go through the action and accepting it. It goes to show that no matter what happens, Pearl and Garnet will try their best to comfort him.
  • Before Steven retaliated an attack from Bismuth by throwing back the statue at her, Steven warns her first.
    Steven: Bismuth, watch Oooout!
  • Rose seems to have kept Bismuth's fall a secret in order to not tarnish her memory.
    • Think about it. Rose could have done any number of things to keep Bismuth's actions even more of a secret, like shattering her gem, not to hide the fact that Rose fought one of her closest allies, but to prevent another Breaking Point. Instead, Rose kept Bismuth in a bubble because she believed that someday Bismuth could be redeemed.
    • Also remember that Rose and Bismuth were in a ziggurat, far away from the other gems. Not even Garnet and Pearl knew where they were or what happened. Rose could have covered up Bismuth permanently with none the wiser forever. And she didn't.
  • This promo of the gang with Bismuth.
  • Steven can't even bring himself to "kill" a fake target, and tears up when prompted to do so.
  • It's oddly adorable how the gems are just hanging out with Steven in the beginning, coaching him while he's playing his video game.
  • Bismuth, who is very gung-ho about battle, still fully enjoys the "rituals" Steven shows her - playing badminton and cards, making pizzas, and watching television together. The whole group spends a day playing around together, grins all around.
    • Also, Steven makes up the couch as a bed so Bismuth can sleep if she wants. MC Bear-Bear is even sitting on the couch, possibly so Bismuth has something to cuddle with. Alternatively, Steven's offering her the use of his bed while he takes the couch. Either way? D'aaaawww!!!!


  • Lapis's Little "No" while smiling when Peridot casually demands she fly them to the barn. This requires some explaining. All her life on Earth, Lapis has been forced to do what she doesn't want to do. Nobody accepted her "No's." Peridot cheerfully accepts it without complaint; Peridot's still learning about what's unacceptable to ask for or demand anyways. This may also be how Peridot sucked Lapis into her Camp Pining Hearts fandom. She's not pro- Percy and Pierre per se, but she's against Percy and Paulette (like Peridot is) because she sees denying it as cathartic to her own previous Malachite situation. And from the way Peridot asks, she seemed to know Lapis would say no and asked just to give Lapis the chance to say no (because why else would Peridot ask Lapis to fly them to the building they're directly in front of).
    • Peridot just in general making sure what Lapis' boundaries are and not crossing them. For one, when Amethyst says Jasper, Peridot immediately looks over to Lapis in concern and tells Amethyst that she tries not to use the "J-word" loosely. It's a small indication of how much better she's gotten and being sensitive to others' feelings. And before they go off to see the Kindergarten Jasper was made in, Peridot stops to check in on Lapis. She really has come a long way from the cold, dismissive Gem she was first introduced as.
  • The simple fact that Lapis and Peridot are watching "Camp Pining Hearts" together, snarking at it. They've come quite a ways since "Barn Mates."
  • Nearly everything about Lapis and Peridot's relationship. Between watching TV together, the easy and familiar way to they talk to each other and Lapis humoring Peridot and taking her enthusiasm in stride, they seem more like sisters than roommates.
  • Peridot and Lapis putting on a little music show together.
  • Just look at how happy Lapis is when she sees Steven and Amethyst. After all her previous appearances of being desperate, hurt, shell-shocked, and dealing with guilt, she's finally able to enjoy herself.
  • Given the timing, it's possible that Peridot redecorated the barn with Lapis to cheer her up after "Alone At Sea", especially since the redecorating seems to have included the two of them going absolutely ham with their powers, and also making meepmorp to express themselves.
    • Considering the gap in Peridot's Twitter update, it's possible that's what she's been up to.
    • Notice how Peridot and Lapis' little 'loft' is made out of the back of the pickup truck stuck near the roof of the barn? Peridot has never been shown to like heights, nor is she able to get up there easily. Heights are what Lapis likes, and considering the metallic nature of the truck, Peridot probably helped install it there.
  • Peridot doing her absolute best to cheer Amethyst up after her defeat, which happens to also be the perfect antithesis to what caused the rift between them back in "Too Far."
    • Even more so when you realize she practically gives Amethyst the same pep talk she gave her in "Too Short to Ride".
  • Peridot has adopted the same "thumbs up" system Garnet used with her in teaching Lapis about life on Earth, which Lapis seems to have taken to much more easily.
  • Even though Lapis' memories of the ocean were tainted by Malachite, she fills her new home with aquariums. She's not letting her trauma control her.
  • Peridot sacrificed her Alien plushie for its bowtie. She got the plushie because it reminded her of caring and empathy. Nice feelings are nice! But then Lapis comes home after "Alone at Sea" and Peridot realizes that Lapis needs caring and empathy way more, and simulated emotions don't carry over well. So she would have to become the being of caring and empathy. Peridot needs a symbolic gesture for this transformation; so she takes the bowtie from the doll and wears it, thus becoming it. The shell, its soul taken, is discarded. (Sorry buddy, you're just a a doll, this is my barnmate.) Wearing the bowtie represents her support for Lapis, which is why she leaves it with Lapis when she leaves to check out the Beta Kindergarten with Amethyst and Steven.
  • Amethyst saying she wants to beat Jasper not just for herself but for all the imperfect Gems is, in its own way, fairly sweet.
    Amethyst: ... And this mess. Yeah, I bet she was great.
  • It's small, but Peridot's reaction to the caged Corrupted Gems shows some sympathy for them, she may see them as inferior beings due to their Corruption ("Kindergarten Kid") , but she is clearly uncomfortable seeing them caged and willfully mistreated
    Peridot: Why? Who would do this!?


  • Steven managing to reassure Amethyst after she nearly loses hope. Afterwards, he helps her up and she immediately pulls him close for a hug, causing them to form Smoky Quartz.
    Amethyst: Steven, I can't win... no matter what I do, no matter how hard I work, she came out right.. and I came out wrong.
    Steven: That's just what Jasper thinks, and she's the only one who thinks you should be like her. Stop trying to be like Jasper, you're nothing like Jasper, you're like me! Because we're both not like anybody. And yeah, it sucks. But at least I've got you... and you've got me. (tearing up) So stop leaving me out of this.
    Amethyst: (also tearing up) Us worst gems gotta stick together right?
    Steven: That's why we're the best.
  • Smoky Quartz is an incredibly harmonious fusion, with only a single extra arm on their otherwise perfectly humanoid body. It shows just how much Steven and Amethyst care about each other and the power of platonic love.
  • After the fight is over, Amethyst leans against a comforting Steven, both exhausted. It's a short but sweet moment.
  • Despite everything Jasper did, Steven still tried to heal her.
  • Peridot defending the Earth to Jasper, and proudly proclaiming herself to be a Crystal Gem.
    Jasper: How can you side with Rose Quartz?! Why... Why protect this useless shell of a planet?
    Peridot: It's not a shell. There's so much life, living here. That's what I'm doing, living here! I've been learning new things about myself all the time! Like how I can make metal do my bidding!... The point being, Earth can set you free.
  • Even after everything Jasper put her through, Amethyst still shows some sympathy for her, even referring to her as "sis".
    • Amethyst calling Jasper "sis" is a big one. Even though Jasper is completely unrepentant and hurt Amethyst and her friends repeatedly, she realizes just how messed up Jasper is. Jasper is the ultimate quartz, but she is utterly alone and practically incapable of having a healthy relationship, fusion or otherwise. Amethyst stayed in the ground longer than planned, but she was raised with support and compassion. They're both from Earth, and it's just a fluke that Amethyst didn't turn out just as cruel and untrusting as Jasper. So, for just a moment, she shows Jasper some sympathy.
  • Peridot happily planning to dedicate a new meepmorp to the formation of Smoky Quartz, chatting away to Steven and Amethyst as they leave the warp pad. Given how she looks out for Lapis nowadays, it's also possible that she's putting her newfound empathy skills to good use, lightening the mood and providing a confidence boost after the horror of Jasper's self-inflicted corruption.
  • Even though she was the most brutal antagonist seen yet, there is something oddly heartwarming about Jasper's attempts to avenge Pink Diamond. Even though Pink Diamond was effectively rendered an Unperson by the other Diamonds, Jasper was still loyal to her until the very end.
    • There's also how Jasper was angry about "Rose" stripping away Peridot's limb enhancers, status, and dignity. Despite Peridot declaring her loyalty to the Crystal Gems and trying to distract and antagonize her former escort, Jasper barely responds, accuses Amethyst and "Rose" of taking away everything that would have protected and secured Peridot's position (as a Homeworld Gem, anyway), and sounds more bewildered than enraged when Peridot challenges her to her face.
  • It's safe to say that Steven Universe is not exactly Jasper's biggest fan, given the number of times she's kicked him around, harmed or nearly killed his loved ones, and displayed callous and violent behavior towards virtually everyone and everything in her path. Despite that, he doesn't want her dead, he really doesn't want her to become corrupted, and he's willing to put aside any sense of personal animosity and try to save her from her self-inflicted doom. And this is before he discovers that most of Jasper's awful conduct seems to stem from her rage and trauma over Steven's mother having shattered their Diamond, Pink Diamond.

Back to the Moon

  • Eyeball turns out to be a big Hero-Worshipper for Jasper, and is delighted to meet "her" at last.
  • Eyeball's reaction when "Jasper" pats her on the head and says that she trusts her.
  • Amethyst is thoughtful enough to ask Lapis if she's cool with playing prisoner.
    • Followed by Peridot protectively grabbing Lapis' arm and glaring at the insensitivity.
  • Garnet going "awww" at the angriest Ruby, Army, and tucking her under the arm. Half of her did used to hang around other Rubies, so it's probably a nice nostalgic moment for her.
  • For the whole time on the moon base, Steven and Garnet are holding hands together.
  • The fact Amethyst doesn't take advantage of the fact she's impersonating Jasper to make her look bad as one would expect her to. If anything, she behaves such that it makes the Rubies like her more than they did (and probably was kinder than the real Jasper would've behaved to them). Shows that Amethyst's sympathy towards her 'sis' in the previous episode is still there.
  • The return of Sardonyx implies that Garnet and Pearl's trust is completely renewed.


  • Eyeball and Steven momentarily working together when they hit the asteroids. Eyeball even tells Steven to take cover.
  • Steven healing Eyeball after her gem gets cracked. Unfortunately, it quickly turns into a tearjerker and Nightmare Fuel.
  • Steven and the Gem's joyful reunion after they find him in the Ruby ship.
    • Made especially poignant with the nearly complete version of "Love Like You" playing.
  • Garnet explaining to Steven why Rose shattered Pink Diamond; "The Earth belonged to Pink Diamond. Destroying her was all Rose could do... for Amethyst to be herself... for Pearl to be free... for me to be together... for you to exist."
    • Steven's reaction to the truth, no matter how hard, is likewise uplifting:
    Steven: Thanks for telling me.

    Season 4 

Kindergarten Kid
  • Steven explains that he isn't staying to look after Peridot, but to look after the monster.
  • At the campfire, Steven works to help Peridot empathise with the monster, albeit by pelting her with an incredible number of marshmallows. This is in spite of the fact that the monster in question has come very close to maiming him multiple times over the course of the episode. It shows, clearer than anything else, that he gets what is happening to the monsters, why they act the way they do, and perhaps most important of all, that he knows it isn't their fault.
  • Bubbled Gems aren't necessarily sent to the Burning Room; they're sent "home". When Garnet, Amethyst, Pearl, or Steven does this, the bubble appears in the Burning Room of the Temple because the Temple is "home" to them. But when Peridot does this, the bubble appears right above Lapis in the rafters of the barn, because the barn has truly become "home" to Peridot.
  • Steven encouraging Peridot despite her failed plans.
  • After poofing the Gem monster who has been the bane of her and Steven's existence since Peridot had first claimed she could easily do it, Peridot tells the other Gems that the Gem monster was truly an opponent worthy of her skill.

Know Your Fusion

  • Steven and Amethyst are so in tune with each other after "Earthlings" that they don't need to dance to fuse, just hold each other's hands. The only other Fusions that go this easily are Steven and Connie and Ruby and Sapphire.
    • Pearl and Garnet are just as impressive, as they are capable of fusing instantaneously to prevent Smokey Quartz from doing anymore more damage to the house. They've really mended their relationship since "Friend Ship".
  • Pearl praising Amethyst directly in the end is incredibly heartwarming when you stop to think about it. While the two get along a lot better than they used to, it's rare for Pearl to actually praise Amethyst. Also considering how important raising Steven right is to Pearl, her calling Amethyst "a good influence on Steven" is probably the highest praise she can give to ANYTHING.
    • Amethyst has the good grace to admit it's the other way around. To Pearl, the one who has been the most critical of her.
  • Garnet and Pearl realizing the mistakes they made as Sardonyx and making amends as soon as Smoky pulls them out of danger. They heap praise on Steven and Amethyst, speak highly of their yo-yo, and encourage them to talk about themselves and their story — which they very enthusiastically do.
  • Garnet's utter glee upon seeing another new fusion, so much much so that she yells excitedly for about a minute, all while shaking a frazzled Pearl in complete delight.
  • Although it blew up in her face, Sardonyx's efforts to get to know Smoky Quartz were coming from the right place. And once she realizes that all she's doing is putting intense pressure on Smoky and making them self-conscious and uncertain about themself, she turns back into Garnet and Pearl, realizing that she'd made things about her instead of Smoky.
  • Although Pearl is at the bottom of Sugilite's strength tester, she is the only single gem on it. She really is strong in the real way.
  • A big one in hindsight, once you remember how bad Amethyst felt about not being able to fuse with Garnet anymore and having to watch Sardonyx have such a good time. Now she can have her own fusion even when Sardonyx is around, that has just as much fun and is actually healthy for her to be in.
  • A meta example; the name of the track when Smoky saves Garnet and Pearl? "One Big Super Right".

Buddy's Book

  • Connie taking Steven to the library with her, coupled with his immediate enthusiasm and delight.
  • Rose finding Buddy in the desert and saving his life, then encouraging him when he gets depressed by praising what he is good at, resulting in him finding a calling as an author. After the bombshells dropped last season, this one reminds the audience of what Rose really was like.

Mindful Education

  • Garnet's support and encouragement of the duo, both separate and as Stevonnie.
  • Ruby and Sapphire reuniting in Garnet's Mental World.
    • Steven, Connie, Sapphire and Ruby lying on the ground of the Mental World together.
  • Garnet stopping Pearl from interfering when Stevonnie ends up in the Mental World again, fully trusting that Steven and Connie can work it out on their own this time.
  • Steven still feels compassion for Bismuth, Eyeball, and Jasper, despite everything they did to him and all the emotional fallout that ensued from their confrontations.
  • Jeff accepting Connie's apology for flipping him.
    • The fact that she even apologized in the first place. The way the story framed it, it seemed like Connie was going to learn a lesson about not stewing over the bad you've done, which is fine save for the fact that it would gloss over the damage the kid received to his arm. But the fact that she was able to clear her head with meditation and offer the boy a proper apology for flipping him the next day is a much nicer moral to give kids.
    • Even better? Connie has made another friend.
  • Steven and Connie are able to settle their emotional problems in order to keep Stevonnie from falling apart completely.
    Stevonnie: I'm here.
    • Stevonnie's statement can be taken as having two different meanings: 1) Stevonnie accepting themself as an individual (using "I" instead of "we" to refer to the fusion) who can exist now that Steven and Connie can deal with their emotional issues, and 2) Steven and Connie talking to each other and saying that they will always be there to help each other deal with those issues.
    • Remember that Garnet sings this line first, meaning she's here for Steven, Connie, and Stevonnie.
  • The two messages of the episode itself. First, Garnet teaches Connie that running away from your problems instead of doing something about it only makes it grow worse and worse. When Connie understands this, she apologizes, and is repaid with Jeff both accepting it and befriending her. Then, once Connie and Steven fall, she understands that Steven can't apologize to Bismuth, Jasper, or Eyeball, so instead the message is "Accept the pain and forgive yourself". We pretty much have a lesson for those that accidentally hurt others, and one for people with survivor's guilt. In a kids show.
    • This really deserves emphasis: "Steven Universe" made an episode on anxiety and survivor's guilt so profound it made the adult fans take notice as much as the kids. With only 10 minutes and gorgeous animation, it spoke volumes to the experiences of many. What an accomplishment.
    • In a meta-sense, it is even more heartwarming about what it might do for those that watched the episode. A lot of kid movies/series have (half-)orphans as the hero, but they either already dealt with that issue or go through a very long and complicated adventure to find literal evidence of how their lost one doesn't blame them for living, something that actual children almost never have. SU on the other hand has a child that hasn't come to terms with it after all those years (which is realistic) and gives out very clear, hands-on advice on how to deal with it. Being, talk to others about it, accept your negative feelings about it, understand them, don't hate yourself for the situation. A topic that often not even adult shows touch appropriately, SU handles with so much care and love it would deserve a prize.

Future Boy Zoltron

  • Steven's advice to the people of Beach City comes from a place of genuine concern, respect, and understanding, as always, and they react accordingly. In particular, Lars showing some professionalism and work ethic and Ronaldo giving his dad a bear hug stand out.
  • Mr. Smiley and Mr. Frowney reenacting their old bit, culminating in the latter cracking a smile because he "finally got the joke." Especially if one reads it as them being more than just ex-partners.
  • Garnet willingly giving Steven her future vision and providing Mr. Frowney with an additional quarter so that Steven could help patch up his relationship with Mr. Smiley.
  • Garnet once again being a real mom by telling Steven to try to be home for dinner.
  • Mr. Frowney's reaction upon seeing Mr. Smiley for the first time in years? A spontaneous, joyful smile.
  • The interaction of Lars and Sadie — their conversation is very reminiscent of a couple. Plus, it shows that Lars is making an effort to be nicer to her (since "The New Lars") and both of them are acting healthier towards another.

Last One Out of Beach City

  • Steven and Amethyst are both 100% excited and supportive of Pearl's crush on The Mystery Girl, first getting worried about her clumsy first attempt at conversation, and then cheering her on when she manages to get the girl's phone number. It's like their own version of Garnet's reactions to Steven fusing.
    • Even better, Pearl's crush really makes it seem like she's moving on from Rose. While Mystery Girl does look a lot like Rose, there's no indication given that she acts like her; in fact, from her actions and what Pearl says after their conversation, it seems like she really doesn't act much like Rose. And yet Pearl remains completely smitten with her. Pearl is moving forward in a positive direction, and Steven and Amethyst are totally supportive.
    • And Steven not only acts like a girl-girl romance or human-gem romance is a completely natural thing, but also that a romance between his mother figure and someone who looks like his actual mother is totally okay.
  • Amethyst being credited as the "Ultimate Wingman".
    • And her straight-up admitting that she thinks Pearl is cool.
    • The fanbase likewise seem to be highly supportive of this possible new pairing as well, with a mass amount of fan art coming out of the two.
  • Hey, remember "It's Over Isn't It?" Sure, Pearl is crushing on someone who looks incredibly like Rose, and she will never completely get over Rose, but she is moving on.
  • Even though Greg had to cancel, the fact that Amethyst was excited over going to a concert with him implies that they are still friends.
    • The fact that Greg honors his earlier commitment to play cards with Vidalia and Barb is sweet in its own way.
      • The mention of the three playing cards implies they're good friends.
    • Also, not only was Amethyst really excited for the concert, but Greg apparently only came to the beach house to terminate the plans in person and explain how sorry he is for that. He even offers his car, in case the group decides to go without him, showing that he tries his best not to ruin Amethyst's night.
  • While they didn't do it, when Steven tells Amethyst that he and Pearl are going put together a puzzle and how it's going to be fun, Pearl gives a small smile.
  • Just how much of an awkward, lovestruck person Pearl is around The Mystery Girl.

Onion Gang

  • While Steven still gets freaked out by Onion's eccentricities, this episode shows that the boys have a genuine friendship now.
  • Although they initially pranked him, Onion's friends are quite happy to meet Steven and accept him as their friend.
  • Onion and his friends' fun might not always be wholesome, but it's still sweet that Onion wanted to share this part of his life with Steven.
  • Similar to the mouse in "Onion Friend," Onion yet again saves an animal for the sake of Steven's feelings.
  • Steven using the narration gag from earlier in the episode to cheer up Onion after his friends leave.
  • As funny as it is, Vidalia painting Yellowtail like one of her French girls in the middle of their driveway. Fisherman's beard? Cotton briefs? Considerable pudge? Doesn't matter; she loves him and clearly thinks he's hot enough to put to canvas.
  • One of the pictures from their Totem Pole Trench prank is a picture of Garnet, who's giving them a thumbs up in approval.
  • The genuine happiness each kid displays when Steven guesses their name right. Even Soup - who at first is quite annoyed that Steven can't figure their name out - gives him a blow kiss when he finally says the right one.
  • Garbanzo is around the age of Squash, Onion, and Soup (which is probably elementary school age) while his sister Pinto is just a baby, maybe at most a toddler. Which obviously doesn't matter to neither him nor the rest of the gang as they play with her just as if she were there on her own.
    • When Garbanzo pretends to die after the gang "crash" their car, what "revives" him? His baby sister crawling onto his chest.
    Garbanzo: (happily) Garbanzo!
  • Onion wants Steven to attend his last meeting with his summer friends.
  • Steven comforting Onion that even after all of his summer friends leave, he'll still have him.
  • Steven referring Connie as his best friend.

Gem Harvest

  • The way Pumpkin loves its owners.
    • Steven making Pumpkin to make Lapis and Peridot happy.
    • It starts out by barking and cuddling with Steven. Then when Steven scares it, Pumpkin immediately jumps into Lapis's arms and cuddles with her.
    • Peridot and Lapis's pure joy when Pumpkin comes to life. And their joy only grows when despite Steven making him, he jumps into Lapis's arms.
    • Amethyst also shapeshifts into a walking pumpkin to play with Pumpkin and it's adorable.
    • Peridot and Lapis trying to teach him how to speak, with Peridot trying to teach him to say "clod".
  • Pearl declaring that she thinks their Greg is superior to the "new Greg", aka Andy. Especially since this is Pearl, who's been jealous of Greg for the relationship that he had with Rose.
  • Overall, this whole episode demonstrates just how close and comfortable with one another everyone has become. Lapis has become comfortable enough with the Crystal Gems that she's perfectly fine with running errands with them, and Pearl and Peridot worked together to convert an engine into a stove/cooktop without issue, and even shared an aside glance with one another over Andy's reaction. Just how willing all of the Gems were to try to make things work with Andy and them all casually joking with one another about their own, sometimes harrowing, experiences.
  • "Gems don't have family. At least not before we came here. So for the sake of our family, tell us what to do."
    • When Garnet said "for the sake of our family" everyone comes together. Even Lapis and Peridot. That really speaks volumes.
  • Although he may be bitter towards Greg, Andy quickly warms to Steven.
    • The first thing Andy does on learning that Steven is his nephew is to give him a giant Bear Hug.
    • On hearing that the meal is vegetarian, Andy promises to get Steven pepperoni for his birthday.
    • Steven in turn admires how Andy can peel a potato in one go.
  • When Greg mentions that Rose is "no longer with us", Andy genuinely apologizes for bringing it up, saying he didn't know.
  • When Andy picks up and hugs Steven, the Gems take fighting stances, thinking Andy might be hurting him.
  • When they realize that no one has thanked Andy for anything, Peridot gives a surprisingly heartfelt monologue, without her usual awkwardness ruining the moment. It definitely shows how far she has come along from the first time we were introduced to her character.
    Peridot: Hmm... thank you, Andy for.. showing up! Because of you, everyone came out here to the barn, and now we're all here for the first time in a while. And it's actually... pretty great! So.. [takes plate and holds it up] Cheers!
  • Andy hasn't even known Steven for a day, yet is still concerned about his safety. When Steven and Lapis go after Andy after he's flown off in his plane, Andy snaps at Lapis when he hears Steven ask her to throw him. Then, when Andy saves Steven from falling, he angrily reprimands Steven for being so reckless, while visibly tearing up.
  • Easy to miss, especially if you haven't watched Ocean Gem in a while, but this line from Lapis: "We're not leaving our home."

Three Gems and a Baby

  • Greg holing up with Steven and the Gems during a blizzard, since the van heater hasn't worked for ages. While he has the money to get a nicer house for himself, or even a hotel room, he chooses to spend time with his son and the Gems.
    • Bonus in that the Gems are completely comfortable with Greg staying over, especially given last time.
  • Pearl making tea for Greg and giving the tea bags to Amethyst.
  • Greg never lets the fact that he's super-tired (or that he's clearly grieving Rose) get in the way of being a good dad. Even when Steven starts fussing, all Greg does is jokingly ask if Steven's showing off his dance moves.
  • In the beginning, Garnet was the most accepting of Steven.
  • Garnet willing to admit that the Gems weren't perfect when Steven was born, since Steven is Wise Beyond Their Years.
    • Garnet is the one who says the one line that is at the core of every Good Parent: "From now on, everything has to be about Steven."
  • The Gems all bringing Steven gifts. Sure, none of them worked for a baby, but the thought's still nice, particularly Pearl, who's clearly still depressed over Rose yet is willing to get something for her baby.
  • Steven, like most babies, liked to play with jingling keys.
    • Amethyst calling Steven by his name and playing with him with said keys while a heavily depressed Pearl cracks a smile for likely the first time in months.
  • Baby Steven grabbing Pearl's nose when she tries to talk to Rose through her gem.
  • Garnet, who believes that Steven is a Fusion, is willing to briefly unfuse in an attempt to make Steven more "comfortable" with the idea of unfusing. Considering that this is Ruby and Sapphire, that says a lot.
    • Baby Steven reacts to her unfusing by looking at the space where Garnet was and crying, wondering where she went. He seems to have gotten attached to her in a short amount of time.
  • The Gems ultimately accepting that Steven is there to stay, even though they don't understand why Rose gave up her life for him.
    Pearl: She wanted this so much. I just, don't understand why! (crying) "Everything should grow and everything should change and-and isn't it so great how it comes so naturally to humans?" Well, it's not natural for us! (quietly) It's not natural... For me.
    Garnet: It will be... For him.
    Amethyst: What about Rose?
    Garnet: This isn't about Rose. From now on, everything has to be about Steven.
    • During this part, there's a shot of baby Steven seeing Pearl crying and him reaching up to her, as if to try and comfort her.
  • This picture of Vidalia, Yellowtail, and a young Sour Cream.
  • Apparently when Steven was still a baby and his babysitter took him to the park, Pearl mistook her for a kidnapper and threw a jungle gym at her. Though the anecdote is Played for Laughs, it's heartwarming to be reminded that before long, Pearl went from resenting Steven's very existence to being willing to hurl enormous metal objects at anybody who she even thinks is a threat to him.

Steven's Dream

  • Greg's instant sympathy towards a weeping Blue Diamond. It startles and touches her, and then the idea that he doesn't deserve to be killed by the Cluster and she can 'save' him cheers her up. She clearly doesn't see him as a person, really, but it's sweet in a weird, skewed way.
  • Andy helping Steven and Greg get to South Korea. It's definitely a step up from the estrangement.
  • A family with resemblance to Steven accidentally mix up their grandparent with Greg's son. Everyone smiles at the misunderstanding.
  • Blue Diamond still visits Pink Diamond's ruined palanquin at the place where her 'sister' was shattered by Rose thousands of years ago, despite knowing Yellow Diamond (who's been unpersoning Pink Diamond) won't approve and Earth will be shortly destroyed by the Cluster (or so they both think). It's touching to have relatives who still care about you long after you're gone.
  • Blue also apologizes to Pink for not saving her. She feels responsible for the shattering.
  • During Steven's call out to Garnet and Pearl for continuing to hide things from him about his mother, Connie interjects, apologizing for bringing the book in the first place. But Steven tells her she was right to bring it.
  • After Steven goes to his father to ask for help involving the paladin in the book, he angrily asks if his feelings matter. Greg responds with a comforting, "Of course."
  • After Steven's failed attempt to save his father from Blue Diamond, he begins to fall to Earth...only to be caught by Garnet. And they share a brief hug.

Adventures in Light Distortion

  • Amethyst reacts with amusement to the news of Blue Diamond being on Earth, but becomes frantic the second she learns Greg was kidnapped by said Diamond. Doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • Related to the above, Pearl specifically refers to Greg as "our Greg". For someone who was once very jealous of his relationship with Rose, she's since come to think of him as part of the group.
  • The Rubies are finally going to get picked up on the way back.
    • It's a brief moment, but when Army and Navy show up, they're trying to hang onto each other.
      • A subverted moment since they fail to live up to that promise later on.
  • Before leaving to go and rescue his dad, Steven calls Connie to tell her that he and the Crystal Gems are in a hurry and can't wait for her. The sweet part? He asks her to protect Beach City while they're gone.
    • Related to the above, Garnet asks Peridot and Lapis to keep an eye on the place while they're gone, and protect it from any danger. Peridot agreeing is kind of a given, but Lapis (in her usual dry-witted way) agrees as well. For a former Broken Bird, she's come a long way.
    • It's also sweet that the Gems don't expect Lapis and Peridot to come with them. They know that the duo can't go back to Homeworld due to being recent traitors, and both still have a lot of recovery to do from season three's traumas.
  • After the whole mess with the gravity-based warp drive, the Gems take a moment to comfort Steven when they see how distraught he's become by the whole experience.

Gem Heist

  • The Crystal Gems wincing and generally giving support as Pearl, having to feign the restricted role she was made for, chafes at Holly Blue’s treatment. And during the below exchange, Ruby gives Pearl an encouraging smile and thumbs up.
    Sapphire: (whispering) Sorry!
    Steven: Hang in there!
  • When Garnet de-fuses into Ruby and Sapphire, the duo are holding hands.
  • Sapphire trying to reassure the group that they can Screw Destiny and complete the mission.
  • A small moment, but Sapphire nearly breaks the group’s cover when Ruby calls herself "forgetful" and "disposable". Just like in "Jail Break", "Keystone Motel", and "The Answer", Sapphire never wants Ruby to think of herself as worthless.
  • The Gems' Mass "Oh, Crap!" and Adult Fear when Holly Blue insists on shoving Steven into the zoo before Blue Diamond arrives. They were just trying to figure out how to get Greg out, not how to get Steven trapped.
  • While Sapphire's wink being indistinguishable from a blink and confusing Steven and Pearl is hilarious, the way Ruby immediately gets it is adorable. They really are perfect for each other.

The Zoo

  • Greg seems to have found paradise: a Gilded Cage where the humans there don't have to worry about their basic needs and they don't fight. But he mentions that he tried to escape as soon as he got there, and when Steven says they're busting out, Greg doesn't hesitate, subverting an Unwanted Rescue. In any other show, the distressed person would struggle with giving up paradise, but not Greg when his son is involved.
  • The Amethysts are on alert and storm into the zoo when its occupants get worked up, and chase them down to gather them up... and invite them to talk it out, and reassure them. Evidently, they have healthier methods of coping with sadness than most Gems on this show.
    • In particular, when Wy-Six cries, "I'll never choosen again!", the Amethyst guard, who is kneeling with him, places a comforting arm around his shoulder and soothingly tells him, "Sure you will."
  • When Steven thinks the Zoomans are about to hurt Greg, he immediately goes on the defensive. However, Greg steps in to tell Steven that the Zoomans have treated him very nicely since he arrived before anything happens.
  • Following from the previous episode’s ending shot with Greg having his hair braided by Wy-Six and Jay-Ten. All of them smiling at each other. Steven thanks them for doing that.
  • Before Greg’s "choosening", Jay-Ten states that whoever he is "choosened" with will be very lucky to have him.
    • The fact the all of the Zoomans wanted to "choosen" Greg. And remember, he's only been with them for a day.
  • From a larger perspective, the idea of the Human Zoo is Nightmare Fuel to us, but think about it this way; Pink Diamond and Blue Diamond have effectively kept humans around for thousands of years on their own terms, treated them well within the isolated circumstances they were raised in (enough so that even what was essentially a mate-choosing ritual is unanimously praised because the people don't know any better), and the entire situation is outright called a utopia by Greg, albeit not in a positive light. Even the Amethysts don't harm the people, instead trying to help them emotionally. It's a complete and utter contrast to how callous and vengeful Yellow Diamond painted Homeworld as, and while still alien in their ways, it also establishes that they can understand humans in some ways.

That Will Be All

  • Steven and Greg are being dragged off by an Amethyst guard and dumped in a room where all the guards are gathered, where they see to their dismay that Amethyst has been caught. She struggles for a while... then drops the act and reveals that the station is crewed entirely by Earth-made Gems - including a slew of other Amethysts, a few Jaspers, and one Carnelian (who is overjoyed at not being the shortest Gem around anymore)! All of these have been treated like dirt for being from Earth, a failed colony and the site of Pink Diamond’s death, and many are "defective" in similar ways to Amethyst - and because of this, they wholeheartedly accept her as one of them.
    Amethyst: Fam-ethyst for life!
    • Carnelian deserves special mention for being extremely adorable in only about five seconds of screentime, parading Amethyst around over her head like she just got the best birthday gift of her life.
    • Amethyst’s delight in having all these friendly Earth quartzes around, in being recognized and named by the amethysts that came out around where she should have. They waited for 8XM - her - after they emerged.
    • This really can't be undersold: Amethyst has spent most of her time bemoaning the fact that she's not big and tough like she's supposed to be because according to Peridot she "stayed in the ground too long". She finally gets reunited with her sisters from the Kindergarten and instantly discovers THAT DOESN'T MATTER. They're all considered defective since they're from Earth, so they love and accept her all the same. Amethyst is bouncing around excited and happy in this scene like we've never seen her before, happy to have an identity and family for once. Even encountering another Jasper like Skinny she's fully accepting, perhaps even more-so because Skinny is another gem who didn't turn out like they were supposed to.
    • Remember what Steven told Amethyst in "Earthlings". He said that Jasper's the only one that thinks Amethyst should be like her. He was right. Here's Amethyst among other members of her cut, and at least one other Jasper, and none of them care that she's small. It's almost funny when you think about it; Jasper was the only one of her kind we knew before this episode so we just assumed every quartz, every Amethyst except ours had to be huge like her, just like Amethyst did. Then out of nowhere, we find out that Steven's little pep talk had some weight to it after all.
    • The Quartzes also don't bear any ill will towards the Crystal Gems despite being on opposing sides millennia prior.
    • Reality Subtext: Mikaela Dietz herself is adopted and tried to seek out her birth parents back in Korea. One gets the sense the joy Amethyst is feeling in this scene wasn't hard for her to act.
  • The Amethysts screening Steven and Greg from Holly Blue’s sight.
  • The Amethysts also refuse to help Holly Blue capture the two "humans" and the traitor Gems. They instead laugh at their Bad Boss and cheer when Pearl mentions that if Holly Blue is busted, then the Diamonds will punish her.
  • Garnet has been keeping herself apart to hold up the charade. What makes Ruby and Sapphire fuse again? When Holly Blue Agate threatens to use her whip on Steven and Greg right when they're about to board the ship.
  • Another side of Yellow Diamond is shown. Even though she grandstands and tells Blue not to be sad, she’s clearly still concerned for her fellow Diamond. Her breezy assurances that, "Yes, I miss Pink, too" give way to real grief, ending in Yellow buckling over with her face contorting - and Blue putting a comforting hand to her back.
    • Yellow's Villain Song, though hard-worded, is at its core a well-meaning attempt on her part to convince Blue Diamond to stop grieving and get on with her life, complete with a suggestion of what she could do to feel better. It’s what anyone would do in her situation (probably minus the singing) if they had someone who’s been mourning for too long.
  • Blue Diamond is keeping a vast number of bubbled Rose Quartz gems and sometimes-defective Quartz soldiers and maintaining a zoo, against Yellow Diamond's wishes, because these were things their dead 'sister' Pink Diamond made and maintained. The humans in the zoo are happy, though apparently it wasn’t so good during the war, and the Quartz soldiers look like they'd be happy together without Holly Blue Agate.
  • After dismissing Holly Blue Agate, Sapphire, and Ruby, Yellow Diamond turns to comfort Blue Diamond.
  • Ruby squeezing Sapphire's hand when the latter nervously starts to freeze up in front of the Diamonds, especially Blue.
  • The last scene in the Roaming Eye with everyone celebrating and Garnet patting Greg in the head. The entire arc shows how much the Crystal Gems care about Greg despite their differences.
    • The best part is that the arc shows Character Development for the Crystal Gems, at least when it comes to Greg. In earlier seasons and flashbacks, the Crystal Gems were either hating Greg for "stealing" Rose, or treating him with indifference. Seeing them actually treat him like part of the family shows how far they’ve come.
    • If what they said in "Light Distortion" holds, they're going to pick up the Rubies on the way back! ...Too bad they never followed through.

The New Crystal Gems

  • For those who might have been concerned that Connie's feelings were hurt back in "Adventures in Light Distortion," worry not - in the opening of the episode, Connie reassures Steven that she understands why he had to leave without her.
    • Furthermore, in the flashback, when we hear her side of the phone conversation with Steven, she responds to his parting words with a determined and reassured: "You can count on me!" Not once did she show any sign of being upset that she had to stay behind.
  • Sadie and Lars are on what seems to be a date, slumped together on a bench, holding hands.
  • Pumpkin is adorable in this episode, as usual. Also, the fact that Pumpkin is alive and hasn't been brutally killed like other plant creations on the show.
  • Pearl smiling with pride after Connie recounts some of the tasks she's done since the gang have been in space.
  • Pumpkin immediately taking a liking to Connie when they first meet, and even sitting in the girl's lap almost immediately after.
  • It's a very subtle one, but Lapis doesn't object at all to being considered a Crystal Gem. Given her prior animosity towards them and how all her misery originated from being mistaken for one, it shows how massively she's grown since she was first released from the mirror.
  • Throughout most of the episode, Lapis and Peridot act dismissive and downright mean to Connie, the former especially. However, when Connie loses her patience and gives them a "The Reason You Suck" Speech ending with how they should be themselves in helping Beach City, Lapis actually states that Connie "makes a good Steven". Outside of Steven, Connie is the first person that Lapis has sincerely complimented.
    • And during her teardown of the two Gems, Connie notes about how patient and caring Steven is to even deal with "superpowered children". From a meta standpoint, many viewers have commented on how Steven acting like the adult to those older than him can be stressful, so it's refreshing to hear someone acknowledge how he shouldn't be doing that kind of stuff at his age.
      • This also shows how much Connie cares about Steven's emotional state over having to be an adult when he should be being a kid.
  • And following from the above moment, the said moment also can bring a sigh of relief and happiness for those who were worried about Connie due to her extreme self-esteem issues (especially due to "Sworn to the Sword"). This one moment proved that while Connie cares for Steven's emotional state, she's not going to follow every action he would've done.
  • Peridot wanting to be Garnet. While it may have been her attempt to be in charge, it really shows how far she comes from being someone who actively taunted and belittled Garnet for being a Fusion. Now, she wants to be like Garnet.
  • In the end, Steven saying how he knew Connie could protect Beach City. This is especially heartwarming, since in the beginning, Connie was concerned over being able to not let Steven down, something that was only exacerbated by Peridot and Lapis' mean comments.
  • Just how comfortable Connie is in Steven's house — From wearing his usual attire to sleeping in his bed.
  • Buck has a great moment. When the Crystal Gems Temps shows their cool way of washing the car, he immediately tells everyone in town, both to see the show and to give Greg more business.
  • After wrecking the old one, Lapis, Peridot, and Connie make a new sign for "It's A Wash". Greg loves it.

Storm in the Room

  • After seeing Connie become so worried about her mom (all but saying that she's thinking that a car accident occurred), it's an immense relief when Dr. Mahesawarn finally arrives, apologizing profusely to Connie for being so late and scaring her. They've clearly come a long way since "Nightmare Hospital."
  • Steven tries to distract Connie when the latter is worried, even offering to take her home himself.
  • Seeing Steven just act like a kid and playing games with Cloud Rose, especially after everything he's been through lately.
  • Even if it is technically Steven talking to himself, Cloud Rose reassuring Steven that the real Rose Quartz did love him.
  • Though it fails, Steven does nurture a brief hope that he can talk to the real Rose in the Room. Although Cloud Rose isn't necessarily the real Rose, it was a possibility.
  • The last time the Room helped Steven, it also attacked him via Cloud Connie. Here, Cloud Rose calmly asks Steven if he thinks that Rose lied to him in the video and offers him a Cooldown Hug. Steven accepts the hug, admits he doesn't think Rose lied, and starts crying.
  • The end of the episode, where Greg and the Crystal Gems finally get home with a pizza Greg picked up. Despite his harrowing experience in Rose's room, Steven quickly cheers up when he's with his family.


  • Ronaldo, after Steven calls him out on his behavior, seems to actually be making an effort at being a better person, and is certainly more respectful towards Steven.
    • And this happens twice, the first being when Steven proves him wrong about "Rock People", he posts a video on his blog that starts with him sincerely apologizing.
  • Steven puts up with Ronaldo's attitude for most of the episode, but the catalyst for Steven's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Ronaldo? The older teen insinuating that Connie is not dedicated to the Crystal Gems.

Tiger Philanthropist

  • Amethyst quitting wrestling is a Tear Jerker In-Universe, but to the audience, it shows that she's grown so much that she doesn't need wrestling to feel good about herself anymore.
  • As seen in "Future Boy Zoltron" and "The New Crystal Gems", Sadie and Lars are hanging out together.
  • Steven coming to the realization that he and Amethyst don't need wrestling to bond with each other.
  • The Gorgeous Ones winning the belt counts. In-Universe, they're presented as a team that's been gunning for the titles for a long time, and they finally earn them in a hard-fought victory. Especially poignant if you're a wrestling fan and have seen similar instances in real life.

Room for Ruby

  • Steven and Garnet watch the stars together. Steven then sees a shooting star and asks Garnet to make a wish. When he probes her about what it was, she says she wished for another shooting star so he could make a wish. Aww.
  • Steven convinces Garnet to give Navy a chance by pointing out that a Ruby falling from space and learning to like the Earth sounds similar to a story she told him once. Garnet's reaction is to blush and say "Aw, stop" while cupping her face.
  • How accepting of Earth stuff Navy is. Too bad it's a lie. Though maybe not entirely, given by her view of the planet when she first arrived in "Hit the Diamond".
  • Lapis and Peridot both sitting together and watching the sun rise. Especially when you remember Peridot's comments from "Barn Mates."
    Peridot: Why don't we watch the sun come up and figure out what we're going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?
  • Pumpkin showing more affection towards Steven. Considering her fear of Steven back in "Gem Harvest", it's a nice thing to see.
  • The fact that Garnet brought two balloons to the party at the end, one saying "Welcome to the Party!" and the other "Sorry for your loss". She pops the former and says "It was still worth a shot", implying Garnet saw Navy genuinely pulling a Heel–Face Turn as a very real possibility.

Lion 4: Alternate Ending

  • Steven spends the whole time stressing out over his supposed destiny, since Rose must've wanted to conceive him for a purpose. After he says this, Greg tells him that Rose just wanted him to be... Steven (or Nora, since Rose didn't even know or even care what gender her child was, as she had no purpose in mind for her child except existing). The fact he isn't The Chosen One is a great sigh of relief for him.

Doug Out

  • The fact that this episode opens with Steven and Connie getting to just go out and spend some time being kids. Yes, they're both amazing warriors in their own ways, but it's nice to see them getting to spend some time just living life and enjoying some quiet normalcy.
  • Connie's relationship with her dad has clearly gotten better and she's obviously very close to him. He for his part has apparently become fond of Steven, fond enough to playfully tease him.
  • The second Steven takes off his disguise, Onion runs to his friend's side. As we later learn, Onion wasn't actually causing any mischief this time; he was running away from Aquamarine and Topaz.

The Good Lars

  • There's something adorable about how Sadie and Steven responds to Lars' bluster about how his implied to be fantastic pumpkin cake is something any idiot could make if they had the recipe.
    Sadie: He means thanks.
    Steven: I know. I speak Lars.
  • Buck inviting Lars, Sadie, and Steven to his, Jenny, and Sour Cream's pot-luck party.
  • Remember how Yellowtail was a model for Vidalia's painting in "Onion's Gang?" Well, this episode reveals that the painting is not only done, but has also been placed in the living room.
  • When Lars tries to explain to Steven why he's nervous about going to the party, he nearly and indirectly he said he loves Sadie. Not "likes". Loves.
  • Steven giving Lars advice about his nervousness over the party: To talk about his feelings, and even if the Cool Kids don't like him, it will be their loss.
  • While the audience already knows how sweet and kind the Cool Kids are, this episode really shows it in a number of moments:
    • When Buck mentions Lars' "bingo bongo" phrase, all of them think its' cool.
    • All of them respond gratefully to Sadie for bringing paper plates to the party.
    • They cheer on Sadie when she starts singing.
  • A minor one, but at the pot-luck party Buck is wearing the t-shirt of Steven's drawing of Greg from "Shirt Club" and shows off his guitar playing skills, the latter most likely from taking guitar lessons from Greg.

Are You My Dad?

  • Garnet and Pearl build a sandcastle and are super excited to have some crabs make a home out of it.
  • Sour Cream's Affectionate Nickname for Yellowtail, "Yellowdad," makes a reappearance.
    • The fact that he seemed to know of all the places where Onion spends his time and looked for him there implies that he is closer with his brother than the show has made it appear until now.
  • Though the scene is mostly sad and scary, there's also something sweet about how worried Steven is when he finds out Sadie never made it home from the party.
  • Even if it doesn't end well, there's something sweet about how willing Connie is to help Aquamarine when she thinks she's a lost child.
  • Amethyst agreeing to wait for Jamie for Steven.
  • Barb going into Mama Bear mode and swearing to find Sadie, wherever she is.

I Am My Mom

  • Steven firmly believes that his friends are the best in the world, and that's obviously why the Diamonds have come after them.
  • Connie's ringtone? The song that was playing when she and Steven first fused as Stevonnie.
  • Doubling as a Tearjerker, after Steven tells Aquamarine and Topaz that he's Rose Quartz and gets taken away in order for everyone to be safe, the last words he says to his family and friends are "I love you."
    • An alternative to the above: Some fans think that Steven's "I love you" was towards Connie given he said it in between her pleads for him to not go on the ship. Well, while it may be ambiguous, either scenario is equally sweet and heartbreaking.
  • Even though Aquamarine is implied to work for Blue Diamond, it was Yellow Diamond who fished up Peridot's report of the humans living on Earth and issued the order to round them up. Given Yellow Diamond's disdain for the human zoo, and ducking the issue of Pink Diamond's death, she likely only did any of this as a favor to Blue. Meaning that she genuinely was making an effort to shake her out of her depression, even if it meant contributing to something she openly hated. That’s really sweet... if you’re not one of the humans she’s abducting, that is.
  • It's quick, but when Connie, Sadie, and Jamie jump from Aquamarine's ship, Connie and Sadie are holding hands.

    Season 5 
Stuck Together
  • Lars and Steven's entire conversation while being stuck to Topaz. Lars is actually understanding of Steven, comforts him and even offers him a hug (which is impossible given their current situation). Even Topaz is moved by the whole thing that she tries to help them escape.
  • The Reveal that not only is Topaz not The Stoic as previously assumed, but that the fusion between her halves is an interpersonal bond not unlike Ruby and Sapphire's.
  • Aquamarine's rather out of character restraint when faced with Topaz's betrayal demonstrated an unexpected softer side. Aquamarine notably fails to use her wand on Topaz despite having plenty of time, and when pinned and threatened reasons her down rather gently. After being let go Aquamarine could have easily turned on Topaz, but she sounded more disappointed than angry, and offers to forget the whole thing ever happened provided Topaz falls back into line.

The Trial

  • When Lars is brought into the trial as "evidence" of why "Rose" should be executed, Steven confesses to his "crimes" and promises to do any punishment, as long as they let Lars go.
  • Blue Zircon trying her best to defend Steven's case. Yes, her gem's riding on the outcome, and perhaps she's just being as professional as possible, but she nonetheless tries her hardest to support Steven, despite the fact that the latter (as far as she knows) was the leader of a rebellion.
  • Most of Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond's interactions:
    • When Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond make their first appearance, the latter is seen crying in the neck of the former, who doesn't object to comforting her.
    • When Steven inadvertently upsets Blue Diamond, Yellow quickly comes over to place her hands on her fellow Diamond's shoulders in a comforting way.
    • Yellow Diamond respecting Blue Diamond's wish to proceed with "Rose's" trial even though she really wants to shatter "Rose Quartz's" Gem.
    • When Blue halts her rampage, Yellow engages her in argument about the relevance of the trial. Not heartwarming, really...until you consider that everyone else who's gotten on her bad side tends to end up suffering Disproportionate Retribution (trying to blow up Peridot with a remote-detonated communicator, poofing both Zircons, etc.).
  • Blue Diamond, despite having as much reason to want "Rose"/Steven shattered as Yellow Diamond (and indeed, voicing her desire to inflict something worse on "Rose"), nonetheless wants a fair trial to be held.
    • Also worth noting is that when Yellow starts striking down the Zircons after the blue one's Armor-Piercing Question, Blue's the one who steps in and calls for Yellow to restrain herself - never mind that Homeworld Gems are made to serve, and one of them just accused the Diamonds of murdering Pink Diamond.
  • When Eyeball makes her return, she makes it very clear that she hates "Rose". Even so, Steven is happy to know she's alright.
    • The implication of Eyeball's return heavily implies that the entire Ruby Squad were rescued from space by Navy.
  • Overlaps with a Moment of Awesome, but when Blue Zircon points out the flaws in the official story behind Pink Diamond's shattering, the other members of the trial - even Yellow Pearl - seem to consider the matter, even though this is technically a Kangaroo Court.

Off Colors

  • The Rutile Twins rescuing Steven and Lars from the robonoids.
  • Steven gets a quick one, he says that he doesn't see anything wrong with the Off-Colors, sure it may be ignorance to what Homeworld's like but from Steven's perspective, they are all unique and beautiful.
  • In a meta sense, Fluorite being a fusion — Her dialogue implies that all of the Gems that make her is romantic. That's right. This is possibly the first healthy depiction of a polyamory relationship.
    • If you think about it Fluorite's whole existence. Rhodonite asks her to confirm how many gems she is made of which implies that new gems have entered into the relationship more than once — which means that Fluorite was probably already a fusion when some of them met, considered heretical by Homeworld's standards. And yet there were still ordinary gems that fell in love with her.
  • Similarly, we have a subtle case with Rhodonite—like Garnet, she's a fusion for love (in this case, between a Ruby and a Pearl), but unlike Garnet, she's a Nervous Wreck who's constantly terrified of getting caught and shattered. Despite this fear, however, Rhodonite never unfuses, and given that she looks very similar to Garnet when she first fused, it's implied that she hasn't unfused since her components first got together. This implies that their love for each other outweighs their fears.
  • In a fantastic case of Show, Don't Tell, Lars' changing facial expressions when he learns about the hardships that the Off Colors face on Homeworld. It's what makes his eventual Declaration of Protection all the more impressive.
  • During the robots' attack, Steven reassures Lars by putting his hand on his heart and saying to him that it's okay to be scared. Lars does the same thing and, later, uses these words as inspiration to find the courage to fight the robots to protect Steven and the Off Colors, even if it puts his life in danger.

Lars' Head

  • Lars tries to sacrifice himself, volunteering to stay behind so Steven and the other "Off Color" gems can go to Earth, instead of hiding out on Homeworld with people who want to kill them. The gems refuse to leave without Lars, saying they'll find their own way off Homeworld together because Lars is one of them now. A group of Gem outcasts completely and immediately accept a human outcast.
    Fluorite: Besides. Us off-colors stick together.
    • When Padparadscha Sapphire makes another one of her late predictions she shouts, "We can't leave without Lars!"
  • Steven tries to perform their 'hand to the chest' Secret Handshake, but Lars stops him and instead gives him a full-on hug.
    • This cements the Character Development of Lars as he has transitioned from a distant and cowardly Jerkass who hated the mere suggestion of being hugged by Steven, to an emotionally open and brave Jerk with a Heart of Gold who, with little hesitation, literally sacrificed his life for a group of strangers he just met, and was more than willing to stay behind and be stuck on a hostile alien planet if it meant said strangers leaving said planet and giving a speech about living on a world where they could be free and live without fear, and that Steven can also go back to that world immediately rather than being hunted down.
  • Crosses with Tear Jerker, Steven and Lars' final discussion before Steven heads back, with Steven clearly not wanting to leave Lars behind on Homeworld.
    Lars: But you've gotta go back!
    Steven: But it doesn't feel right to just leave you here!
    Lars: You said yourself that everyone on this planet is out to get you! You won't be safe until you're back on Earth!
    Steven: But, Lars-
    Lars: Don't argue with me! You're always trying to help me! You brought me back to life! Just let me be someone who deserved it.
  • Steven arrives back on Earth just in time to see the Crystal Gems, his dad and Connie warp in. Pearl's in the middle of panicking that construction on the ship they're working on isn't fast enough to save Steven. Then she notices Steven and after a Beat of the group with shock and joy on their faces, they all rush forward and embrace him.
    • Really, the fact that the Crystal Gems allowed Greg with them is heartwarming in its own accord. Back in Season 1, Greg was nothing more than the butt of the Gems' joke whose involvement in Steven's life was minimized. The Gems started to take him seriously with the Wailing Stone, but here it's firmly cemented that Greg is just as important as Connie is in Steven's life.
  • Meta: For the Make-A-Wish kid (see the General folder for more info), the crew also sent her some doodles, including a convention poster of the Crystal Gems (and Jasper) and on said poster were doodles of the Off Colors and the Zircons happily posing with the Crystal Gems, as well as other doodles such as Padparadscha and Sapphire holding each other's hands excitedly. Look at the adorableness here!.

Dewey Wins

  • Steven's way of reassuring everyone he's safe from his trip to Homeworld was most likely the wrong one, especially to Connie and Lion, but the fact that he's trying to stay positive through this post-season 4 trauma is mildly relieving.
    • On that note, Connie is at least genuinely glad Steven returned safely, even if it's overshadowed by how hurt she feels.
    • Same with the Gems. Even though their expressions tell a completely different story about how they're processing their complete concern (Amethyst and, of course, Pearl) and complete relief (Greg and Garnet), they're just glad he returned alive and (physically) unhurt.
  • Sadie's reaction to learning about Lars from Steven; though she took the news about him being stuck on Homeworld and Back from the Dead with shock, she's not at all angry with either (Steven for leaving Lars behind, or Lars for running away instead of trying to save her). Which makes her defiant remark to Dewey's promise to "hire a new Donut Boy" pretty bittersweet— flaws and all, she truly valued Lars as a person.
    • Dante and Martha share Sadie's sentiment about their son wholeheartedly, particularly the latter.
  • After Dewey gives his speech on why he should be re-elected, Nanefua really takes his points to heart: more specifically, his point of the mayoral role being about taking responsibility for each crisis that occurs within Beach City, and vowing that she, along with the rest of the Beach City citizens, will all take responsibility as a community for these events.


  • No matter how rushed the in-episode time might have felt since Steven's Heroic Sacrifice, all the Gems don't visibly blame him for making this choice, and all attempt to help him get over his "space lag," especially when they're at the Cool Ranch.
  • That Greg, Garnet, Pearl and Amethyst are discussing together how to help Steven. It's very sweet to see all of Steven's family figures not only worrying about him, but discussing together how best to find out what's upsetting him and help him through it. Especially as Greg specifically asks Pearl to talk to Steven, with who he has the most troubled relationship.
  • After Steven finally tells Greg and the Gems about the fight he and Connie had, Greg asks why he didn't tell them about it earlier. Steven admits that he was embarrassed, and believed that his guardians would have sided with Connie because he thinks that they are also angry at him for giving himself up. Greg's response to this?
    Greg: Oh, Steven, of course we're not mad! I'm sure Connie's not mad, either. Well, at least I'm sure she doesn't HATE you.
    • Greg proceeds to explain that the Heroic Sacrifice was definitely stressful and scary, but suggests that Connie isn't talking to Steven not because she's cutting him out of her life, but because that was just her way of getting over what happened; not unlike Greg's own suggestion of a vacation as his way of doing so.

Raising the Barn

  • Taking previous Lapidot moments into account, it's clear Peridot really took Lapis' traumatic experiences to heart and prioritized the latter's feelings over her own, even to the point of considering joining Lapis in evacuating Earth, and avoiding saying or doing anything to outright provoke her. In a way, the consideration Peridot shows towards her friend is both disturbing and sweet.
  • Peridot worriedly searching for Pumpkin, and apologizing after pulling her around and giving her a little kiss.
  • Peridot cementing her love of Earth and refusal to give up on it.
    Peridot: Earth is our home now. Isn't it worth fighting for?

Back To The Kindergarten

  • Just the fact that Steven, with help from Amethyst, returned to being the emotional chessmaster to help Peridot again after his Trauma Conga Line back in season 4, and the events following his return from Homeworld. Even if it didn't work in the long run, it may at least help Peridot in the right direction to recover from her Heroic BSoD.
    • Strangely enough, the entirety of the Bittersweet Ending: yes, Peridot comes to the rather bitter lesson that there are some emotional scars that can't heal, just like Lapis leaving. But on the plus side, Steven and Amethyst point out to Peridot the field of sunflowers, which she can't deny are beautiful. They remark that while she couldn't regrow any flowers in the Kindergarten, she has potential to grow strong healthy flowers elsewhere. It's a somewhat cathartic message to compliment the former message: just because some parts of you may never recover, that doesn't mean you can't "regrow" happiness in other relationships.
  • Peridot sincerely revealing how much her stay on Earth and past experiences of gardening at the barn have changed her perception of Kindergartening. Considering her extensive knowledge of how such a process works, and the uppity attitude she previously showed on both topics, this really emphasizes her changed nature alongside her revealed depression. Triples as hilarious and heart-breaking.

Sadie Killer

  • Steven and the Cool Kids deciding to have band practice at Sadie's house because her work hours make it hard for her to make it to them.

Kevin Party

  • To the surprise of pretty much everyone, Kevin of all people gets quite a few sincere moments, even if it was ultimately to feed his ego as usual.
    • When talking about Stevonnie, he actually seems to respect their pronouns and talents.
    • Right after Steven and Connie notice each other at the party, he encourages Steven to go and talk to her— the only moment he has to dissuade Steven is to get him to do it without making a fool of himself.
      • When helping Steven "play it cool," Kevin not only lends Steven extra garments to add on the effect, but also includes him in the party activities without complaint, though some of his actions come off as bullying towards the rest of his friend group at face value.
  • Overall, Steven and Connie seem to already uplift Kevin's party without necessarily talking to each other (at least at first) or even becoming Stevonnie.
    • More for Connie's character development: When she first met Steven, she was a quiet, anxious girl who couldn't bring herself to socialize with or dance in front of people. Seeing her happily talk to the other party guests and even laugh along with them cements how far she's progressed, after her befriending of Jeff back in "Mindful Education."
  • Steven and Connie finally being honest with how they felt after their fight in "Dewey Wins", and subsequently making up.
    Connie: Steven, I wasn't trying to ignore you. I was going to text you back, I even wrote "I can't talk to you right now." But I realized if I sent it, that would be talking to you. It didn't make any sense, I wasn't making any sense... If we were going to talk, I thought it had to be in person, so I rode Lion to your house, but there was a note that said "Gone Vacationing" and then I ran into Kevin, and he said you'd be here, but... Maybe this is still too soon. I-I don't even know what to say to you. "I'm angry, I miss you?" I feel like I'm out of my mind!
    Steven: No, you're not! I surrendered myself to Homeworld. I let them take me away, maybe forever, and then... I came back and I tried to act like it was no big deal! But it was a big deal. I couldn't stand the thought of you being taken away on that spaceship, but... then I did that to you! I promised we'd always be a team, and... I let you down... (tears up) I'm sorry. Jam Buds?
    Connie: (tears up and nods) Jam Buds!
    (they hug and make up)
    • To top off the moment, they even recognize and compliment their own subtle changes in looks— one nostalgic (Steven's pink shirt from his last birthday party) and one new (Connie's haircut). They don't forget to include Kevin's involvement either, despite the inherent dickishness of his plan to get them to fuse.

Lars of the Stars

  • The episode opens with Steven and Connie setting out on an adventure together. Looks like Steven resolved to take his vow that he and Connie would always be a team to heart.
    • Why are they setting out? To deliver a care package to Lars from his parents and Sadie, letting him know that they care about him.
  • Lars is quick to insist that a lot of the recent successes he and the Off Colors have had is thanks to the latter - that, without them, he'd still be hiding back in the caves on Homeworld.
    • And the Off Colors, in turn, have come to have such faith in Lars that they often look to him for advice in times of crisis.
  • Emerald certainly cares about her own starship, to the point that she won't destroy the rebels if it means destroying it in the process.
  • When Lars suffers a Heroic BSoD because he thinks Sadie's forgotten all about him, Steven and Connie are quick to inform him that Sadie still cares about him, and her moving on hasn't affected that at all - just like Lars himself hasn't forgotten about Sadie just because he's a space pirate now.
  • When Stevonnie volunteers to fly the Star Skipper against Emerald's warship, the Rutile twins are quick to announce their faith that any friend of Lars should be able to handle the task.

Jungle Moon

  • Stevonnie stays fused throughout the entire episode. Even when Steven and Connie have conflicting views on what they should do for the sake of survival, they talk it through without losing cohesion. This speaks volumes about the stability of their fusion, and how well they get along.
  • Stevonnie wishing themselves goodnight. It's easy to tell that Steven and Connie are reassuring one another.
  • It's actually oddly sweet, seeing Stevonnie/Pink trying to get Yellow's attention.
  • It's hard to tell what was part of the flashback and what was part of the dream's weirdness... But Yellow's speech didn't seem to be affected, so it's highly probable that she did call Pink "Honey," just like a regular human mother.
  • When Stevonnie manage to contact Lars, the viewscreen snaps on in the middle of Lars insisting to the Off-Colors that they won't give up on looking for them.
  • A fairly minor one, but apparently the very stern, very serious Yellow Diamond didn't seem to mind Yellow Pearl taking her selfie. Given that it was fairly easy to access, it seems hard to believe Yellow Diamond wasn't aware of it, which would suggest Yellow Diamond decided against deleting it.
    • In the selfie, Yellow Diamond can be seen in the background using the computer where the selfie was saved. This means that Yellow Pearl took the picture in another device, and Yellow Diamond saved it to her personal computer at a later time, and was looking at it before the base was abandoned.

Your Mother and Mine

  • When Garnet first meets the Off-Colors she shows alot of excitement and even complements them, calling Fluorite beautiful, saying Padparadscha is rare, compliments Rutiles uniqueness and even wanting to talk more with Rhodonite.
  • Garnet regales the Off-Colors with the story of Rose Quartz, but they point out that it still ended with Rose's rebellion being defeated, with only a handful of survivors remaining. Garnet rebuts their worries with a Rousing Speech.
    Rhodonite: So what are we supposed to get out of this? That we can never win?!
    Garnet: We haven't yet, but we can! And we will! They said they annihilated Rose's rebellion, but here we are! They said they annihilated all of you on Homeworld, but here you are! They think they have us on the run, but they're the ones running from the truth! And the truth is, we! Are! Everywhere!
  • Even after the Crystal Gems had to poof and bubble Bismuth, Garnet still makes a point of mentioning her heroism when recounting the Crystal Gem's story to the Off-Colors.

The Big Show

  • While Sadie is glad her band's first big show was a success, she's also a little disappointed that her mother didn't show up. It shows that even though she hates how smothering Barb can be when she's in "helicopter parent" mode, Sadie still loves her. Steven then reassures Sadie that she can extend Barb an invitation to their next show, which inspires Sadie to arrange a show in Beach City.
  • Barb making an actual effort not to overwhelm her daughter is heartwarming too— when she starts to get over-excited about their Empire City show, Sadie reminds her she promised to back off, and she does. Though there's tension between them still, they're clearly working on their relationship.
  • After giving up on his own dream of becoming a rockstar, Greg ends up being able to use his knowledge and connections to help Sadie and her friends become successful.
    • Sadie and the Cool Kids immediately agreeing to having Greg act as their manager, with Buck stating that Greg taught him everything he knows about playing music.

Pool Hopping

  • Steven helping Garnet work through her issues with her future vision.
  • Garnet adopts a one-eyed kitten she names "Cat Steven" so she has something small and helpless to take care of since Steven is growing up and is becoming his own person (which she acknowledges with pride).
  • Cat Steven sleeping on Lion's head at the end of the episode.

Letters to Lars

  • Garnet and Pearl are collaborating with Mayor Nanefua in protecting Beach City (with Pearl being excited about talking to people with her new cell phone) and Amethyst and Peridot have joined Jamie's improv group. It just shows how much the gems have changed and are connecting with the people of Beach City.
  • While he still complains about the weirdness of it, Lars lets Steven read the entire letter out loud patiently. He even thanks him with a smile. His Character Development really made him appreciate Steven a lot more.
  • If the scene in Fish Stew Pizza is any indication, Garnet and Pearl has gotten comfortable enough around humans to keep them more informed about Gem affairs and plan for future Homeworld attacks. Pearl and Kiki even share a moment of excitement over Pearl's first cell phone.
  • Pearl heckles Jamie's improv group during a skit about plumbers, simply because she loves Steven to the point of wanting every scene to involve him instead. They've indulged her at least once, as Peridot mentions they did a skit about Steven last week.
    • Pearl and Steven are the only ones to attend to improv group's show, likely to support Amethyst and Peridot.
  • Mr. Dewey shows up during the Suspects' band meeting while they're planning their next show. He suggests that he play a Bedsheet Ghost. Buck nixes the idea due to it going against the theme, but it's nice that he was trying to give his dad something to try and help with.
    • Jamie also apparently let him take part in the Improv group, although he's terrible at it, and people seem to rather like him working at the Big Donut, showing a lot of patience with his getting adjusted (and naming all the Donuts after himself). While the whole town was angry at him, they all seem pretty willing to help him out and find something else to do. Even PeeDee's less than flattering remarks about turning the Mayor Mobile into a food stand aren't really made with any specific malice towards Dewey himself, and he didn't even know he was nearby.
  • Mr. Dewey finally makes it up to Lars' parents for his mishap in "Dewey Wins". After he takes over the Big Donut, he names all the donuts after himself; except for one, the Pink Lars. It's a pink donut with pink frosting and pink sprinkles, and he delivers it to the Barriga household himself.

Can't Go Back

  • Lapis and Steven hanging out at the Moon Base in a sunset holographic setting... while it lasted.
  • The Crystal Gems training with Peridot back on Earth. When Peridot begins doubting her progress, they surround her with support and manage to lift her spirits. They've truly come so far accepting her as one of them.
  • Lapis singing about the peace and happiness she found on Earth.
  • A fridge heartwarming moment—if you listen closely when Pearl shows up with Rose's sword in the Diamond flashback, you can hear a small part of one of Pearl's songs. Which song is it? "Do It For Her".

A Single Pale Rose

  • Pearl's first-ever text message... to Steven, who is sitting right across the room:
    Dear Steven,
    Love, Pearl
  • Amethyst showing Pearl how to use her phone, and getting a phone case from her personal collection. And Pearl's listening attentively as well. Considering how often they were at each other's throats in the early seasons, it's nice to see how far they've come.
  • When Steven asks Pearl if she shattered Pink Diamond, he's quick to add that "it's okay," suggesting that he's not asking because he wants to cast blame - he just wants answers about his most recent dream.
  • Pearl is relieved to finally be able to tell Steven the truth - or rather, show him the truth.
    Pearl: (tears in her eyes) I wanted to tell you for so long...
  • For all her faults and how badly it backfired, Rose Quartz really did want to save Earth and give it to the Crystal Gems and Earthlings.
    • Especially since Rose was actually Pink Diamond. She went from wanting to rule a colony of her own to growing fascinated with life on Earth, and wanting freedom and equality for all Gems. Talk about Character Development!
    • Doubly so, considering she was giving up the leadership and colony that she'd always wanted in order to make it happen.
  • Another thing worth noting from the flashback is how Rose was already on very familiar terms with Pearl. Despite their differences in Homeworld social castes, Rose clearly had a great deal of trust and affection in Pearl - much more so than even Yellow Diamond's patience and tolerance towards her Pearl!
    • Especially since Rose was a Diamond. The highest of the Gem castes, considering the lowest as a confidant and equal!
    • Look no further than Pearl's outfit; Yellow and Blue Pearl are dressed in somewhat provocative leotards, like they're sexy ornaments for the Diamonds. Pink's Pearl, meanwhile, is in an adorable dress, showing how much Rose/Pink respects her. What's more, it has the colors of all four Diamonds like Pearl's modern outfits. Since Pink Diamond was the youngest, she probably wanted to incorporate all the colors of her sisters.
  • Pink/Rose could have ordered Pearl to go through with her plan, but took the time to try and convince her.
  • Just how giddy Rose is when Pearl agrees to help her fake the assassination of her own Diamond persona.
  • Despite what Pink thought, despite how horrible they were at showing it, the other Diamonds really did love her, and tried to avenge her by subjecting those who shattered her to a Fate Worse than Death.
  • A meta one: as one YouTube comment points out, the way Pearl says "Sorry to make you come all this way...", it's like she's unwittingly addressing the audience who have waited up to five seasons for the answers to Rose's past. It's as though she's letting both Steven and the audience know their patience in finding the truth about Rose is greatly appreciated, if poignantly.
  • When Steven returns from Pearl's subconscious, there is a Freeze-Frame Bonus of Garnet and Amethyst comforting Pearl over Rose's Death by Childbirth.
  • In a meta way, for the first time since "Mindful Education", the ending credits music has finally broken past its disconcerting/mysterious style, and crescendoes into a triumphant climax, as if to drive home the point of the final lines of the episode, and as if saying to the viewer "Congratulations! You finally know the truth!".

Now We're Only Falling Apart

  • The very next episode after "A Single Pale Rose" shows that not only does Ruby, unlike Sapphire, take the news of her being Pink Diamond well, but isn't affected by it at all. The same is implied with Amethyst.
  • Steven and Pearl immediately going after a distraught Sapphire, and reassuring Ruby.
  • Garnet was the third member of the Crystal Gems after Pink/Rose and Pearl and the reason their objective went from scare all gems away from Earth to make Earth a safe haven for outcast gems.
  • Pink first took on the Rose Quartz persona in order to have fun with the newly created Earth Quartzes without having the other Diamonds get on her case.
  • At the Kindergarten, there is this one Amethyst who pops out and immediately goes to hug her accepting sisters.
    • The Amethysts' orders were to move out as soon as they emerged. The reason they were waiting around? They were waiting for 8XM (our Amethyst) to emerge.
  • While misguided, Blue’s attempt to appease Pink by creating the human zoo and in a Meta sense the fact that the zoo wasn’t even Pink’s idea.
  • Sapphire managing to see Pink/Rose in a positive light again after Pearl explained Pink's motivations.
  • When Pink (in her Rose Quartz disguise) sees an Amethyst emerge in the Kindergarten, she tells the newly formed gem that she's beautiful, no wonder she was so beloved by the gems in and out of her court!
    • Even before that, Pink is on the moonbase watching with the holo-projector as the first of her Quartz soldiers emerge from the Kindergarten. When she see one pop out of the ground, she spreads her arms and proclaims, "Welcome to Earth!" It's like seeing a parent watching their children be born. The only reason she didn't go down earlier was not wanting to deal with Blue and Yellow's disapproval when they heard about it.
  • The relationship between Pink and Pearl is just wonderful.
    • Pearl notes that she was given to Pink to make her happy and you can tell that she's a little saddened that she couldn't at first.
    • Even from the start of the flashbacks, you can tell that Pink isn't comfortable with Pearl's slavish adoration.
    • Pearl is the one who suggests that Pink disguise herself to go to the Kindergarten, as well as being the one who suggests looking at the rest of the planet.
    • Pink/Rose never treats Pearl as if she is beneath her. Pink is always sharing her thoughts with Pearl and in return Pearl begins to share some of hers of being free and having met 'Rose Quartz' on Earth as a friend and not as a possession, even though she immediately follows that up with saying that she needs to be told to stop for having those thoughts.
    • While it's pretty funny how she does it, Pearl attempting to 'fuse' with Pink after Pink is expressing such wonder at two different Gems fusing (Garnet) is heartwarming when you remember that Pearl is still just trying to make Pink Diamond happy by doing the thing she thinks will make her Diamond smile.
      • And then when they actually almost do. Gems have only been shown to not need to use the Fusion Dance if they're quite close, so that speaks volumes about the strength of their connection at that point. Even if they didn't quite get all the way to Rainbow Quartz.
    • The entirety of Pearl's apparent Love Confession after her attempted 'fusion' between her and Pink:
      Pearl: Oh- I thought- if a Ruby and a Sapphire- but you're a Diamond- forgive me! What am I doing? I... I need to be replaced immediately!
      Rose: No!
      Pearl: (blushing madly) But I've been imagining things. Even when you haven't asked me to, I imagine that I ran away and met you here on Earth, a Rose Quartz. And I'm not your's, but I make you so happy anyway! Isn't that ridiculous? Tell me to stop!
      Rose: (grabs Pearl while blushing madly herself) Please don't ever stop!
  • The implication in light of the following episodes that Steven is pushing down his own quite complicated emotions about the reveal to help Sapphire come to terms with it.

What's Your Problem?

  • Throughout the entire episode, Amethyst is notably low-key about the big reveal opting instead to try to get Steven to have fun and say how he feels about it. When Steven asks how she feels, she gives an outburst that makes it clear that she's far from chill about it, but believes it's about high-time that she put Steven first instead of how these things usually play out. Steven's response? She is now the most mature member of the Crystal Gems, to which she throws a mock tantrum, which they both laugh about.
    Amethyst: I feel like, I don’t wanna say, "What about me?", okay?! And I don’t wanna be bent out of shape, I don’t wanna be stuck in the past, and I’m not responsible for what Rose did. None of us are! Not you, not Pearl, and not Garnet! But I am responsible for me! And right now, I am NOT gonna dump another thousand-year-old complex on you or anybody else! I’m ending it RIGHT HERE! I am the Ding Dong Sunshine Future – your friend FOREVER! ...And I’m not going to fall apart on you.
  • After Amethyst's declaration that she won't burden Steven with her issues, they have this exchange:
    Steven: Have you been trying to cheer me up this whole time?
    Amethyst: Yes, geez! Don't you know you deserve it, you... great... person?
  • Despite obviously going through his own issues, Steven is determined to find poor Ruby who really needs a friend.
  • The Reveal that Greg has been there consoling Ruby and trying to cheer her up since Sapphire ran off.
  • Greg giving Jenny a big tip for making her go as far out as she did to deliver the pizza.

The Question

  • Steven helping Ruby figure out what to do regarding her worries about her and Sapphire's relationship.
  • Ruby's unbridled delight at the first freedom she's ever had to simply be Ruby. The episode's gentle message that this okay, this is healthy, and on top of all that, the fact that it brings her even closer to Sapphire is all just wonderful to behold.
  • Greg's reaction to learning that the love of his life was Pink Diamond; he's okay with it. To be fair, he never shared his old name with her. It was a mutual sense of trusting that their past selves weren't as important as who they chose to become.
    • Also, Greg having a deep understanding that, instead of forcing Ruby to go back to Sapphire, she should be allowed the freedom to find herself.
  • What's the titular question of the episode? Turns out it's referring to Ruby popping THE question:
    Ruby: Sapphire... will you marry me?
    Sapphire: What? (confused giggle) Marry you?
    Ruby: Yeah! This way we can be together, even if we're apart! This time, being Garnet will be our decision. What do you say?!
    Sapphire: (smiles) ...Of course.
    Ruby: YEE-HAW!
    (they hug)
    Sapphire: I've been waiting to kiss your cute face! (kisses Ruby on the cheek) (they enter a Twirl of Love)
    • The entire thing being coupled with a gorgeous, majestic, violin rendition of "Stronger than You", as though bringing home how Ruby and Sapphire's relationship reached a new beautiful milestone.
    • In a meta-sense, this is the first instance of a gay proposal and wedding on a main-stream children's TV-show, and has received massive amounts of praise from the LGBTQ+ community.
  • The episode ends with Pearl, Steven, and Amethyst watching Ruby and Sapphire celebrate on the beach.
    • Amethyst spends the scene still shapeshifted into Ruby's horse. In any other circumstances she'd ring in with an awful pun about it, but when Pearl is taken off-guard by it Amethyst's response is to whisper "Psst. It's me. I'm a horse". It was the practically the perfect setup for a joke, but she chose not to so that Ruby and Sapphire's moment wouldn't be interrupted.
  • Pearl accompanying Sapphire while the others were off with Ruby. They're sitting together on the couch drinking tea (presumably prepared by Pearl) by the time Steven returns, and she has a comforting hand on Sapphire's back.
  • The title has an even more profound meaning, being a reflection yet opposite to a previous episode that showed the beginning of Ruby and Sapphire's relationship, and now this episode is the culmination of that relationship. Don't those two titles just come together perfectly? Much like Ruby, Sapphire, and Garnet do?

Made of Honor

  • Steven is quite happy to help out with the wedding plans. He even has a book he's apparently been filling for years with ideas for this kind of thing.
  • Sapphire calling Ruby "Sweetums".
  • During the wedding rehearsal, Sapphire expresses regret of all their old friends who can't be there. So what does Steven do? Un-bubble Bismuth.
  • Bismuth trying to free a friend of hers trapped in a bubble. Too bad she was corrupted...
  • Bismuth actually takes The Reveal about Rose and Pink much better than Garnet did and gives Steven a sincere apology for her actions.
    • When Bismuth reforms and sees Steven, she calls him "Rose" (seemingly still seeing him as his mom) before she quickly corrects herself and calls him by his name. It goes to show that after the (literal) fight they had a while ago, Bismuth realized Steven really was his own person and not "Rose" in disguise, which in turn made her want to apologize to Steven for what she did (and, of course, she was forgiven).
  • Bismuth stating that she can see that Steven is the real leader of the Crystal Gems, not Garnet, since he is the only thing keeping them all together after they discovered that Rose was a sham.
  • Near the end of the episode Bismuth says she believes the other Gems don't want her back after what she did. Steven's response is that he wants her back on the team, and he's sure that would convince the other Gems. Bismuth then says Steven is acting like a leader. Steven disagrees and says he's acting like a friend.
  • Steven then brings Bismuth to the other Crystal Gems. Much to her surprise, the others are delighted to see Bismuth again, giving her a bear-hug to the ground.
    • Bismuth shows that since she had to give Ruby and Sapphire a gift, she made them their wedding rings! They're even color coded!
  • Amethyst making sure Peridot gives Bismuth and the others some space. Most mature Crystal Gem, indeed.


  • Steven singing "For Just One Day Let's Only Think About (Love)" to cheer up everyone. The fact that he repeatedly floats, which only happens when he's in a really good mood, shows how excited he is for the wedding.
  • Ruby, being the bride, telling Sapphire not to look at her before the wedding, even with future vision.
  • There's something sweet about Peedee being concerned when his dad goes flying backwards due to Peridot's thrown flower clocking him in the face.
  • Bismuth missing her cue for the rings because she's crying Tears of Joy.
  • When Ruby sees Sapphire in her tux, she gives a huge, adorable smile, blushes heavily, and hurries down the stairs. She even uses her flame powers to move down the aisle faster!
  • The wedding itself, of course, culminating in Ruby and Sapphire sharing a Big Damn Kiss on the lips and finally fusing back into Garnet.
    Ruby: I know this is all kind of silly, I mean, we've been together for 5,750 years.
    Sapphire: And 8 months.
    Ruby: I used to feel like I wasn't much good, just one of me on my own, but when we're together, it feels like it's okay to just be me. So I wanna be me, with you, and, and, not even the Diamonds will come between us. And if they try, we'll beat em up! (punches and kicks furiously into the air)
    Sapphire: (laughs) Ruby, my future used to look like one single, obvious stream, unbending 'til the end of time. In an instant, you pulled me from that destiny, and opened my eye to an explosion of infinite possible futures, streaking across space and time, altered and obliterated by the smallest force of will. (beat) What I mean is, you changed my life. And then, I changed your life. And now, we changed our lives.
  • Garnet's adorable dancing at the reception.
  • Steven needs to talk to the Cluster, but can't sleep because of the noise. Greg suggests a lullaby, which Connie expresses doubt over, but by the time Greg has finished a few chords, Steven has fallen asleep. Dad Universe knows his son well.
  • Her anger may be misplaced, but Blue Diamond is genuinely outraged that "Rose Quartz" would turn Pink's world into her hiding place.
  • A subtle one where when Steven is shaving, he uses the very same razor that Garnet gave him as a gift as seen in "Three Gems and a Baby".
  • A minor one, but during the fight, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl are all using the upgrades Bismuth made for them in her debut episode. There's no doubt that Bismuth is well and truly forgiven, and she's back on the team for good.
  • The Cluster emerges from the core of Earth, it is in control of itself and instead of attacking the Crystal Gems it attacks the Diamonds' ships and gives Steven a thumbs up.
    • If you think about it, the way the Cluster acts is very counter to how Peridot, the Diamonds and even the Cluster seemed to think it would behave. So it's easy to come to the conclusion that the Cluster didn't just spend its time bubbled merely talking - it knew that there was still a chance it could be forced to form and it seems to have made a plan for just such an event. The many Crystal Gems shattered and lost in the earth's core are still protecting Earth the only way they can!
  • Lapis coming back having conquered her fear and finally officially joining the Crystal Gems.
  • A quick yet sweet moment, but Steven gives his friends and comrades an adorably loving smile as they all pitch in to help him hold back Blue Diamond's Beam Spam with his shield.
  • As Steven makes his way over to the Diamonds to psychically reason with them, he (quite literally) passes through the other Crystal Gems, giving them encouragement.
    • He reminds Garnet that she's made of love. She's barely even surprised that Steven is able to psychically communicate with her.
    • He gives encouragement to both Amethyst and Bismuth, and they fight back even harder.
  • Bismuth's thoughts as Steven comes by her? That she doesn't want to lose her friends again.
    • Pearl's thoughts are how she's fighting for Rose and for Steven. Steven reminds her to fight for herself as well. And she does.
  • Bismuth forming a fast friendship with Peridot, saying she likes her for how she doesn't quit.
  • After trashing Yellow's arm ship and temporarily stunning both Diamonds, the Cluster gently moves over the temple to check on everyone, and gives them a thumbs up before returning to its slumber. Steven gets one as well by checking to see if its alright, and telling it its 'the best.' Surprising, given one of the parties involve is a giant horrifying arm monster.
  • A minor moment, but Yellow Diamond helping Blue out of the wreckage before resuming the fight.
  • Steven telling the Diamonds that they’re not enemies. They’re family.
  • The reactions of the Diamonds after they recognize Pink's aura. Even the normally-uncaring Yellow Diamond has a visible look of concern on her face for Steven.
    Blue Diamond: (crying Tears of Joy) It's you! Pink!
    • Greg and Bismuth are both smiling as Steven wakes up, proud that he saved the day. Especially touching considering that Bismuth has only known Steven for roughly two days worth of time.
  • For the first time since the Season 3 finale, "Love Like You" plays over the end credits in a Triumphant Reprise. It truly cements that this is Steven's finest hour.

Legs From Here to Homeworld

  • The Diamonds' reunion with their long lost sister, Pink... in a bittersweet way.
    • Blue's Reaction to finding out Pink's true fate; For once Blue's tears are Tears of Joy and she is displaying the biggest, most adorable smile evernote . All the while she holds Steven in her hands and nuzzles him with her cheek.
    • Yellow understandably demands an explanation as to why "Pink" is in a few form and a voice, and "why didn't you say anything at the trial?!", in a tone indicating Anger Born of Worry. Steven manages to explain that he doesn't have Rose or Pink's memories, or he would have told them. Yellow, unlike in her previous appearances, calmly accepts the explanation and hopes that Pink's memories would return.
    • It also seems that they will finally listen to Pink (through Steven) about her problems after dismissing her for thousands of years, just like a reprise of "Nightmare Hospital".
  • A small one, but apparently Blue and Yellow had no idea that the attack they used to end the war corrupted all the gems, but thought it had destroyed them all instead. Subjecting the Crystal Gems to a Fate Worse than Death was never a part of the plan.
  • Steven, Blue, and Yellow trying to cure Centipeedle at Steven's request.
  • After failing to permanently fix Centipeetle, Steven angrily demands the Diamonds do something about it. Despite scolding "Pink" for ruining "perfectly adequate Gems", Yellow (the most stern out of the three) nonetheless has no problems in trying, even if it means talking to White Diamond. This is a far cry from the dismissive attitude she had with Peridot and during the dream sequence in "Jungle Moon".
  • When Yellow gets upset over Pink 'making them' ruin so many Gems, Blue instantly jumps to Steven/Pink's defense and actually acknowledges how horrible it must have been to be trapped on Earth with the corrupted Gems for her, even if she doesn't understand they were Pink's friends.
  • Connie accompanying the Crystal Gems to Homeworld, apparently Steven took their fight to heart and isn’t going to leave her out again. And the mere fact that her parents are allowing her to go. Her mother asks her if she even has her sword.
  • Look closely at Garnet's hand: she still has her wedding ring on. They didn't just brush aside Ruby and Sapphire's wedding. Garnet no longer represents just a relationship, but a marriage.
  • Bismuth chooses to stay on Earth, partially to look after the still yet to reform Peridot and Lapis.
    • She also turns her explanation of why she is staying into a pep-talk: "in Earth terms", she thinks Steven is going into the lion's den, but fortunately Steven is a lion too, so he has to roar at them in their own language and he alone can do that.
  • Sitting in Pink's leg ship as it very awkwardly takes off, Blue has a small smile.
  • Blue and Yellow are clearly close, and work to offset each other - Blue tempers Yellow's irritability and encourages patience, Yellow gets Blue to focus and gives her a comforting hand when she's upset after White is brought up.
  • While Blue and Yellow clearly don't want to go to White and have definite misgivings about taking Steven to her, they know it's important to "Pink", so they'll do it. Blue is more obviously afraid of White than Yellow is, but Yellow's certain White will be angry and is apprehensive - and they both want to close ranks and protect their long-lost sibling from her.
  • When Steven has a clumsy take off in Pink's ship, Pearl's reaction shows she doesn't quite hold Rose on the same pedestal as she did at the beginning of the series. She's come a long way.
    Steven: I bet when Mom took off, it was pretty graceful, huh?
    Pearl: Heh… no, not really…
    • Even better in that Pink/Rose doesn't want Pearl to hold her on such a high pedestal.


  • The Pebbles are adorable in their interactions with Steven, and it's clear that they were close to Pink.
    • In a sort of retroactive example, they recognise Steven as being Pink when he says "Thank You" to them. Even before she came to Earth, Pink Diamond really didn't look down on anyone.
  • Steven and Pearl being reunited. They immediately rush to hug each other, then Pearl fusses over him making sure he's okay.
  • It's revealed that Pink would throw balls and parties that all members of every court would attend, and that the Homeworld Gems loved her. Is it any wonder she has an 100% Adoration Rating? It's also revealed that she always managed to make Blue, Yellow, and White laugh with her games, and that they were all very close. It makes Pink's belief that the other Diamonds never cared about her and her unintentionally hurting the Homeworld Gems worse than ever by faking her death, as well as Pink/Rose's statement that she never misses Homeworld all the more heartbreaking.
  • Yellow does admit that she's grateful for Pink being back, noting how she was always able to make Yellow laugh. Even if she does it in somewhat backhanded manner, it's clear that she is trying to reach out in her own way.
  • Blue makes it a point of using Steven's name when talking to him. While like Yellow she doesn't seem to grasp the situation as it is in its entirety, she is showing a level of respect for Pink's choices that neither of the other two have. She even admits to liking the name.
  • Blue is smiling throughout the entirety of the conversation with Steven. Yes, Blue. She's only seen tearing up once when reminiscing about the past and it's very brief. It's both remarkable and adorable.
  • Despite all the issues the team has had with her, Pearl is still concerned about her fellow Yellow Pearl and chides Steven for messing with her.
  • While it's Played for Laughs, Blue Pearl managing to give our Pearl a "Welcome Back" is certainly something.
  • Pearl sneaks the rest of the team into Pink's room and they all have a group hug with Steven.

Together Alone

  • The dream has what appears to be Steven reliving a memory of Pink Diamond's time on Homeworld, but with White's Pearl, who is clearly close to her apparent mistress. Unfortunately, things take a darker turn soon...
    • When Yellow Diamond comes to check on Steven/Pink and White Pearl, she initially seems as hostile as you'd expect, given their interactions in the past. That is until she sees that everything seems to be alright... and look at the smile on her face as she looks at them through the mirror and retracts her neck back. Yes, Yellow Diamond. It's not even a condescending or smug smile, it's a genuine heartwarming smile not unlike one you'd see from a mother towards her child.
  • The Sleep Cute moment between Steven and Connie at the beginning. So adorable it hurts.
  • Steven teaching Yellow and Blue Pearl about fun and they find out that Yellow Pearl likes to model while Blue Pearl likes to draw.
    • Blue Pearl showing her artwork is very similar to an artist being insecure about their skills. She gets praised by both Steven and Yellow Pearl, also, just look at that smile she gives.
    • It's also implied that her job as a courtroom artist is Blue Diamond finding a socially acceptable way for her to pursue what makes her happy.
  • When Connie sees a disappointed Steven after White Diamond is a no-show, she engages in Loophole Abuse to point out he's only not supposed to dance in White Diamond's presence, and invites him to dance. She reminds him he's not alone.
  • While it doesn't work, all the Crystal Gems fusing and standing in front of Stevonnie to protect them. No one messes with Stevonnie.
  • A pair of Jades are inspired enough to fuse, and declares she will fight for Stevonnie. Then she says breathlessly, "I knew I couldn't be the only one!" From her perspective, a Diamond showed her that it was alright to fuse, and she is fighting for that right. Unfortunately Yellow poofs her, but one can hope she'll return and become an honorary Crystal Gem.
    • Many LGBTQ+ fans have praised the line "I knew I couldn't be the only one" for perfectly representing how it feels to be in the closet in a society that won't accept you, and then finally finding that connection with the wider community.
    • Notice was her first quote as a fusion: "I knew I couldn't be the only one!" One thing sticks out: “I”. How long have these gems been fusing? To the point where their fusion calls itself its own being? These gems must truly love each other.
  • Garnet quickly becomes disgusted at Blue Diamond's anti-fusion discrimination picking open an old wound, and outright refuses to come to the ball since it'd mean being near her. But even though they both openly hate the idea of attending the ball unfused against their will, Ruby and Sapphire still split up to attend the ball that way. It really does show that despite having every reason to hate Homeworld society, Ruby and Sapphire are still willing to put up with it just to keep close to Steven and give him moral support when he really needs it.
  • It's subtle, but White Pearl doesn't frown until Steven and Connie begin fusing, several seconds after Connie brought him down to dance. Given that White Diamond is seeing, talking, and reacting through her Pearl is, that means she had no real problem with one of the Diamonds joining the dancing, even with a human... until they accidentally fuse, of course.
  • One tiny one: Steven was trying to give his best shot at being Pink Diamond, to save the Corrupted Gems. The main reason why he was dejected at the party was because he saw how miserable the other Crystal Gems were, and it ended up amounting to nothing. He wants his family of choice to be happy.
  • After their initial Deer in the Headlights reaction, Steven and Connie don't un-fuse despite the stress that comes from seeing the Crystal Gems poofed, Stevonnie grabbed and locked up, and the whole party ending in failure. Steven hasn't forgotten Connie's earlier admonition that they need to face Homeworld dangers together.


  • Despite things going rather catastrophically wrong, Connie doesn't blame Steven for his choices (and Steven doesn't blame Connie for her actions unintentionally getting them trapped in the first place), and instead reassures him that he was only trying to save the corrupted Gems the only way that seemed possible. Quite a heartwarming change from his attempt to alleviate the threat and her harsh reaction at said attempt at the beginning of season 5.
    • It helps that he brought Connie along for this one, including her and the other Crystal Gems in his plan instead of trying to put it all on himself despite their protests.
    • Really, just how plucky and upbeat Connie is during their imprisonment. This may be the Darkest Hour, but she will not let despair beat her or Steven. Her support probably kept Steven from hitting the Despair Event Horizon.
  • When Steven enters the astral realm and prepares to take off for Earth, he takes a moment to reassure Connie that he'll be okay. She, in turn, wishes him luck with a grin.
  • Upon returning to Watermelon Island in astral form, Steven sticks around long enough to resolve racial tensions among the Watermelon Stevens by showing them that, body-paint aside, they're really all the same where it counts.
  • When he finally sets out, Steven-in-a-Watermelon-Steven's body gets attacked by a watermelon shark. Despite getting mauled, Steven manages to appease said shark by kissing it on the snout! Cue the shark blushing and swimming off.
    • Heck, just all of Steven's efforts at resolving tensions on Watermelon Island. After seeing his attempts fail with the Diamonds, the payoff with the watermelons shows that his idealism isn't so foolish after all - even if not everyone is willing to listen, that's no reason to give up on trying.
  • As Steven's watermelon body begins to break down, who finds him and brings him back to Beach City to deliver his distress call? Lion! And it turns out that watermelon body or not, Lion recognizes his owner just fine.
  • Bismuth makes a return appearance. Sure, we don't hear her speak, but it's cool that the Crewniverse found a way to include her when her voice actor might not be available.
  • By the episode's end, Lion, Bismuth, and Greg Universe have learned about the Crystal Gems' predicament, and their determined expressions make it clear they're willing to do whatever it takes to save the day. Hold tight, Crystal Gems... The Cavalry is on its way!
  • A sweet, adorable Sleep Cute moment at the end: when Steven wakes up, Connie has fallen asleep with her arms around Steven, unaware that she's gently hugging Steven in her sleep for comfort, as if he were a teddy bear. Awww...

Change Your Mind

  • The flashback with the adorable alien creatures Pink released onto Homeworld, showing that she had a fascination with organic life even before Earth.
  • Though it starts out as a Tear Jerker with Blue Diamond scolding Steven and launching an energy ball at him, the former doesn't take long to start doubting herself, before realizing that Pink - and the rest of the Crystal Gems - are better off living by their own rules on Earth, rather than forced to conform to Homeworld's doctrine.
    • What makes this especially sweet is that Steven doesn't have to bring up any of this, himself - all it takes is his Armor-Piercing Question about how many times Blue made Pink Diamond cry for Blue Diamond to reach these conclusions on her own.
    • Especially poignant is the gentle reassurance in Blue's voice when vowing to help Steven and the Crystal Gems get back to Earth, which she actually refers to as their home.
      Blue Diamond: We never should have brought you back here. Your family - your Crystal Gems - are bubbled. Let's get you all back in your legs... and back home.
  • When Yellow (initially) refuses to listen to reason, Blue is quick to come to Steven's defense, even finally acknowledging him as his own person.
    Blue Diamond: She prefers to be called "Steven".
    • She even looks at Steven with a smile when she says the line.
    • Blue pointedly doesn't raise her voice even slightly when confronting Yellow. But when Yellow calls her out on hurting a fellow Diamond, Blue fires back over how they did just that not only to Pink, but to all of the Gems they rule over. Every bit of rage, grief, sorrow and guilt over everything they've done boils over not because of how Yellow has hurt her, but because of how Blue herself hurt Pink and drove her away.
    • This works in a meta sense, too. Throughout the Diamond Days event, there's been an underlying theme of a reunited family after a trans child ran away and has now returned. The Diamonds see Steven, who presents as a male, as Pink, who presents as female. But now, Blue Diamond's firm assertion of Steven is reminiscent of a parent starting to accept their trans child, even though she still uses female pronouns in reference to him (and even this may well be down to the fact that, since all Gems prior to Steven have used she/her pronouns, Blue Diamond might not be entirely aware that other personal pronouns exist).
  • When Yellow attempts to stop Steven from rescuing his bubbled friends, Blue stops her from harming the Crystal Gems, including Ruby.
  • Steven continuing to try to appeal to Yellow Diamond, despite the latter inflicting her lightning attack on Blue. And succeeding.
  • Peridot and Lapis have reformed, and even have new outfits that better reflect that they're official Crystal Gems now!
    • A minor case of heartwarming in Peridot's new costume: she not only has a yellow star on her chest in place of the diamond, she has dark-colored stars on the knees of her leggings. Peridot has a habit of adopting things from those she admires, and remember who else tends to have dark-colored stars on the knees of their leggings. She most likely adopted that look from Amethyst.
    • By that same token, consider her new visor. Pronounced as it is, she was probably inspired by Garnet!
  • Bismuth giving Connie a new sword! Not a sword that was originally intended for a Gem and passed along to her, but a sword that Connie can truly call her own.
  • During the fight with White, Garnet, Amethyst, and Pearl's gems plunge to Homeworld's depths from a very high altitude. Steven dives after them and is able to catch Amethyst's gem, but can do nothing but desperately plead for her to reform. What happens next? They fuse into Smokey! Steven was able to bring Amethyst out just in time; what's more, he didn't do it with his Diamond powers, but with his love for his family. He then goes on to repeat it for Pearl and Garnet, both of which are incredible in their own ways.
    • For Pearl, think on what it must mean to her to be a part of Rainbow Quartz again. After being so hung up on Rose for the entirety of Steven's life and likely resigning herself to never having the intimate bond that fusion brings ever again, she has her life saved by the very ideal Steven represents that Rose was willing to give up her entire existence to make possible and it allows her to know the joy that fusing into Rainbow used to bring her once again.
    • Sunstone is arguably the most impressive example. Steven is calling out for Garnet but he's actually reaching out to Ruby and Sapphire, who he doesn't know quite as well as he does Garnet. Not to mention Garnet very much takes a "three's a crowd" approach to letting others get that close and usually only fuses with the others when needed. But Ruby, Sapphire, and Steven love each other so much that the two are willing to let Steven be a part of something so personal and sacred to them.
  • Pearl squeeing over her and Steven forming Rainbow Quartz 2.0.
  • Obsidian, the fusion between Steven, Amethyst, Pearl and Garnet. The fact that they were able to fuse and stay fused for as long as they did shows the level of trust and love they each hold with one another.
  • When White Diamond overwrites the Crystal Gems, Garnet does not defuse. Ruby and Sapphire's love for each other is so strong that even when White Diamond strips away everything else about them, they still cannot be separated.
  • What happens when White Diamond removes Steven's Gem. The gemstone floats into the air, producing a pink figure that shapeshifts into the outline of Pink Diamond... then Rose Quartz... and then... Steven. For those who were worrying that Steven was just a temporary identity, this is proof that he's here to stay.
    • Also note Pink Steven's first action after his scream. He turns his head to see Steven in pain and possibly dying and ignores everything else, stopping only to deflect direct attacks on him, to walk right towards his human half and save him. The two even laugh in relief as they reunite.
    • The sheer unbridled joy that spreads across Human Steven and Pink Steven's faces as they reunite as well given how Pink Steven's face had been completely dead up until that point.
      • Remember how Rose's video said that every time Steven loved himself would be her loving him as well? That was far more true than anyone could have ever realized. Rose is truly gone but her spirit will always live.
      • And if you really think about it, this is the closest thing that Steven will come to ever hugging his mom. It's not perfect, but it's clearly enough.
    • The confirmation that Steven is not a human, a gem, a fusion, Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, or anything that he feared he could be. He's... himself, a unique being, unbound by the circumstances of his birth, capable of things beyond either of his parents, freer and more powerful than anything in the universe. Nothing has ever changed that, and now, nothing ever will again.
      • After seeing the poor kid go through the identity crisis to end all identity crises over the course of Season 5, wondering if he's even real or just a new form of Pink Diamond, seeing his Tears of Joy as he realizes he's not Rose Quartz, Pink Diamond, or anyone else, but Steven is such a wonderful payoff.
    • And there's the message and theme of this scene. Gems laughing, dancing, and then fusing with each other is a sign of great love, and this has scene both Stevens laughing and dancing with each other, even the Steven that was moments ago stoic and emotionless. After five seasons of doubt and confusion, this scene shows that Steven has come to love himself, just him, flaws and all, without question or doubt.
      Connie: Steven! Are you back together?! Are you 'you'?
      Steven: Yeah. Yeah! I'm me! I've always been me...
  • Steven going up to Pink Pearl after the latter is finally freed from White Diamond's control.
    Steven: Welcome back.
  • White Diamond - yes, White Diamond - having a Heel Realization, which Steven helps transform into a Heel–Face Turn.
    • Not to mention that after all White Diamond did - corrupting the Crystal Gems and the two other Diamonds, having the former attack Connie, and tearing out his gem - Steven still recognizes that White Diamond's a Tragic Villain when he sees her in the middle of her Villainous BSoD, and reaches out to her all the same.
    • While Blue and Yellow are initially grossed out by it, nobody teases or makes fun of White for being an off-colored Gem herself (read: blushing bright pink).
  • The finale. Just... EVERYTHING about it.
    • The song that "Sadie Killer and the Suspects" are playing? "Let Me Drive My Van Into Your Heart"! Greg is in the audience with Lion and looks fairly touched at the gesture.
    • Lars and Sadie finally reuniting. Those two are awkward, yet adorable.
    • Lars sees Lion again shortly after landing. Though a bit awkward at first, Lars greets Lion by scratching him behind the ear and calling him "buddy". Lars has a lot more respect for Lion now, since they are more alike than before.
    • The Off-Colors' reaction to Sadie; not only do they immediately know who she is, but all of them are extremely excited to finally meet her. Putting two and two together, it's easy to conclude that Lars must have been speaking very highly of her during his trip through space.
    • The Triumphant Reprise of We Are the Crystal Gems being sung by Steven once he takes the stage is this in general.
    • Steven taking the Diamonds to Nephrites' Drop Ship, he made a promise long ago that Centipeedle and her crew would be the first ones he would cure of their Corruption and is living up to this promise.
    • Blue Diamond and Steven both come up with a plan to cure all of the Corrupted Gems at once, and it would also help make White Diamond remember what she had once lost out on when Era 2 began: Gathering together in one place to take a bath, and where do they go to take their bath at? Rose's Fountain on Earth.
    • Symbolically, Blue and Yellow's smiles when they see the fountain, a memorial to their sister's alter-ego. They've found a place that celebrates Rose's life rather than Pink's death. Also, it means they have accepted Pink's choices in life, even if they didn't agree with them, and are accepting her as she was rather than what they wanted her to be.
    • When Blue, White, and Yellow sit at Rose's fountain, they sit at the Rose Quartz statue, as if Pink Diamond is there with them.
    • The Corrupted Gems, who've been part of one of the show's biggest and most unsettling subplots, have finally been healed.
    • And look closely- These Gems aren't just random scene fillers, either. By checking their bodies, savvy viewers can determine which Gem monsters they were. Even the Heaven and Earth Beetles, stuck into a box in "Giant Woman" are shown to be restored.
      • When the Beetles get restored, one of them kisses the other on the cheek.
    • A Freeze-Frame Bonus happens when uncorrupted Jasper prepares to attack Steven before seeing him and several other gems looking at someone behind her. Yellow Diamond, while having fun and joking with the other Diamonds, watches Jasper, obviously prepared to intervene if Jasper went to try and hurt Steven, even with the other uncorrupted Gems protecting him.
      • And when it's clear that Steven's in no danger, Yellow simply brushes off Jasper's initial reaction with a gentle smile.
      • The same scene has Amethyst swim over to Jasper and put her hand on her shoulder to say something to her. Even more heartwarming is that even without dialogue or subtitles in this scene, we know exactly what Amethyst is saying to Jasper just by reading her lips:
        Amethyst: Hey Sis.
    • Another Freeze-Frame Bonus: Biggs Jasper emerges uncorrupted from the pool, and Bismuth dives into the pool with her, delighted to finally be reunited with her old friend. Heck, Bismuth was the one who brought her bubble there!
    • And a third Freeze-Frame Bonus crosses into Funny Moments: Yellow Diamond's arm throwing a peace sign as the Diamonds leave the Earth showing that she's Not So Above It All.
      • Looking closely, you can also see White Diamond's ship give the faintest of wry smiles before they leave.
    • Just how...Adorkable White Diamond turns out to be, post Heel–Face Turn. She's clearly out of her depth, but trying to learn a new way of doing things all the same.
    • The Nephrites grouping together, happy to be able to see each other with their faculties intact. And when the Nephrite we've come to know and love is healed, Steven swims over to her and she's thrilled to see him.
      Steven: Hooray, you're back!
    • And after Nephrite is healed in the Fountain, she is seen beside Steven in every other scene of the Fountain Segment that Steven is part of, smiling and happy spending time with him.
    • In the same scene with Nephrite, three of her crewmen are talking together, one of them crying Tears of Joy over the nightmare being finally over as one of the Nephrites she was hugging came close and kissed her. What makes it better is that the viewer can read her lips and see what she's saying afterwards:
      Nephrite Crewmate: We're free! I missed you for... I love you.
    • The scene of Pearl and Garnet crying Tears of Joy and then hugging one another as all of the corrupted Gems are healed, especially their friends. They've been fighting since the beginning of the war and were the last two standing besides Rose at the bitter end. And now, the unthinkable has happened... The corrupted Gems are healed, the Diamonds are there peacefully, everyone is together... The war is finally over. And they WON.
      • And more than just won... they've made peace with Homeworld. No more worrying if the ancient conflict will ever be re-ignited, no shaky cease-fires, no surprise abductions of humans... at long last, the two sides have found an understanding. If Rose/Pink was here, she would have been so proud of Steven.
    • Hell, The Oner after the scene with Jasper is extremely Heartwarming in and of itself, the Corrupted Gems that were both either Crystal Gems or Homeworld Gems having moved past their issues from the Rebellion and are enjoying each others company laughing and spending time together now that they have finally been cured. Along with Steven finally seeing both his aunts Yellow Diamond and Blue Diamond, and his grandmother White Diamond finally managing to enjoy themselves for the first time as a family since Era 2 began all those millennia ago.
  • The last scene with the Crystal Gems on the beach together. They listen to Steven play, Garnet getting a little grin and Pearl looking on with a loving, tender smile, and they all look to the sky as a shooting star goes by, referencing the show's opening and bringing it all full circle, and if the series had ended then and there, the fans probably wouldn't be complaining that much.
    • Right before that is just as sweet, showing all the Crystal Gems, main and auxiliary, together again, enjoying a bonfire. Bismuth roasting marshmallows as Connie, Garnet, Pearl, and Amethyst laugh along with her, Greg chilling with Lion, Lapis relaxing on Greg's amp, and Peridot playing with Pumpkin and Cat Steven. Their war has finally ended and they get to be a family again.
    • The song itself is a beautiful affirmation of self-love that sums up many of the show's core themes.
      I don't need you to respect me
      I respect me
      I don't need you to love me
      I love me
      But I want you to know, you could know me
      If you change your mind
      Change your mind
  • Although the reality that Pink/Rose is truly gone is a Tearjerker for numerous obvious reasons, it does have a bittersweet silver lining to it; even before the reveal that the Diamond's relationship on all sides was abusive, it was still obvious that Pink wasn't happy on Homeworld. By giving up her identity as a Diamond in favor of leading the Rebellion as Rose Quartz, she not only saved the planet that she had truly grown to love, but she was able to live a (mostly) happy life after the war as well. She was able to live as herself without fear of reprisal and even found love, all while surrounded by people that not only loved her back, but never did anything to hurt her and appreciated her for who she was. And during her final days as she was pregnant with Steven, she made it clear that she was prepared to make the sacrifice to make her son a complete being, proving that she had been perfectly content with the life that she had lived. Even if there where still things from her past that held her down emotionally, the fact remains is that, while she may have died, she did so far happier than her life ever was as Pink Diamond.
    • What's more, despite being raised in an unloving environment, Pink still treated others and Earth and her Crystal Gems with love and motherly nurturing as Rose. Earth was a place where she found people she could bestow her love to and be loved by. Instead of letting the Diamonds' cold treatment of her shape her into a jerkass, she became the kind, confident matriarch of the Crystal Gems, Earth's benevolent but brave protector and the caring wife of Greg Universe. Flaws and all, she truly was kindness incarnate.
  • Rebecca Sugar & the Crewniverse didn't lie when they said the show would have no true villain and the way that's played out in this episode shows that they're not as evil as many viewers interpreted them as up until now. The Diamonds have done terrible things, yes, and they are particularly vindictive toward Earth, but it's because they legitimately don't know any better, having been the immortal rulers of an empire for an unknowable length of time. They were always doing their jobs as the rulers of the Gem Empire throughout their entire existences without the chance to learn empathy of the value of others. Not only that, Blue, Yellow, and Pink have spent their entire existences living up to White's nigh-unreachable standards, having to deal with the pressure of doing so, and living in fear of what would happen if they didn't follow White's rules. It isn't until Steven manages to get through to all 3 Diamonds that they finally overcome their fear of White Diamond, learn about empathy, and decide to treat their subjects with that very feeling upon leaving for Homeworld.

    Attack the Light 
  • One of the beginning of mission quips Garnet sometimes says is to request that Steven "Keep the Harmony", which is this game's health bar stand in, and boy does he! One of his support moves is basically encouraging the other three Gems, and they regain health every time he does!
  • Steven's sheer child-like glee at going on an adventure with the Crystal Gems that is so much like his video games is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially those who have felt a deep connection to a video game and wished that they could live it.
  • At the end of the game, Steven realizes that the light army was acting on what it thought he wanted the whole time, and tells it that it can be whatever it wants and not a weapon. It then proceeds to transform into copies of Steven and peacefully fade away.

    Guide to the Crystal Gems 
  • The "Guide" book in general is pretty adorable, from the introduction by Rebecca Sugar, to Steven telling the readers what he finds cool about the Crystal Gems, Garnet talking about Fusions, particularly her own, and an adorable picture of Rose and the other Gems in a car together.
  • Garnet's thoughts on Stevonnie:
    Garnet: Perfect. A spontaneous Fusion of love, as impossible as it was inevitable. Even I could not have guessed it. Steven is capable of fusing with human beings. I could not be prouder of Steven and Connie.
  • The full Crystal Gem manifesto, as written by Rose Quartz and revealed in the "Guide to the Crystal Gems" book: "Fight for life on the planet Earth, Defend all human beings, even the ones that you don't understand, Believe in love that is out of anyone's control, And then risk everything for it!"
    • As of "A Single Pale Rose," this statement is revealed to have especially powerful meaning - as Rose was Pink Diamond, this means that a member of the highest Gem caste came to believe so strongly in the concept of love and equality that she was ready to throw away all that she was for it.

"We Are the Crystal Gems"
  • Everything heartwarming about the intro, the extended version amps up even more. Wittle baby Steven, just learning to play the ukulele, and singing his song for his whole family? Pearl tenderly sharing their history, vowing to protect Rose's ideals, the Earth, and Steven from harm? Amethyst reaffirming her existence as an Earth-made Gem? Garnet (and Ruby and Sapphire) protecting Earth as a place that allows them to love freely? Hearts may explode upon watching it.
    • The audio piece they use for the ukulele intro was actually the same audio from Steven's performance in the Pilot episode. Quite Heartwarming in Hindsight to see the Crewniverse use audio from one of the very first pieces of the show for the audience to enjoy.
    • The fact that, in-universe, baby Steven composed the show's theme song.

"Unboxing (Novelty Backpack)"

  • In a way, Pearl yelling at Steven to stop filming and help at the end if this. It shows that she values Steven's input in the team, as opposed to before where she wanted Steven as far away from danger as possible.
  • At the end of the short, Steven says "I love you! Bye!" That boy is a ray of goddamn sunshine.

"Gem Karaoke"

  • Steven and the Gems doing karaoke together, singing "Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)" from "Sadie's Song". Then Steven convinces Connie (who's recording the video) to join in for the refrain.
  • This short is the first time all the Crystal Gems are seen singing together (besides the intro), and they got Connie to join in too!

"Steven Reacts"

  • Steven's reactions first to Pear's friends showing up for Pear's breakfast party, crying Tears of Joy, and then when the Crying Breakfast Friends do a Fusion Dance with the Angry Lunch Enemies to make brunch.
  • Steven's Breaking the Fourth Wall moment when he acknowledges how often hiatuses will happen for Crying Breakfast Friends.
  • Meta-wise, the creators homaging all of the reaction videos on YouTube, Vimeo, and Daily motion. A lot of blind reactors that enjoy this get copyright strikes, or face legal issues. The creators with this animation are telling the blind reactors, "We get you, and Steven would love you for it."

"Video Chat"

  • Peridot taking Mundane Object Amazement in Steven's ability to bend a pencil without breaking it.
  • TRIPLES as Funny (and a tad bit Tear Jerker): Lapis' initial reaction to seeing Steven on Peridot's tablet is horror, believing that Steven is trapped inside of it, and she immediately tries to free him from it like he freed her from the mirror. Upon Steven hurrying to the Barn to fix the misunderstanding, Lapis immediately embraces Steven, overjoyed that he's okay. Just seeing Lapis so genuinely concerned for Steven's safety, even for a misunderstanding, is still a very adorable moment.
    Lapis: I'll save you, Steven! I'll save you like you saved me!
  • Aside from an understandable panic at Lapis trying to break her precious tablet, Peridot doesn't seem too upset about the incident after Lapis calms down, even playfully ribbing her to be careful with the baseball bat from now on.

"Steven's Song Time"

  • After going through a really rough time, Steven decided to write a song to express himself and share it with the world. The title of the song? 'Still Not Giving Up'.
  • When Steven sings about all the stuff he had to endure and the pain he feels, he starts crying, clearly still affected by all the turmoil, but glad for the catharsis.
  • At the end of the song, Steven advises the viewers who are having a difficult time to write their own songs.
  • Steven once again signs off by saying "I love you" to the viewers.

    Side/Promotional Materials 
  • Blueberry Lemon Friendship Cake!
  • After Mr. Gus's "Gemsona" picture was erased by Pizza Steve, Rebecca Sugar drew him a new one.
  • In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", a picture drawn by one of the crew members: The Crystal Gems watching Steven sleep.
  • Grape Popsicle Amethyst Gemstones!!!
  • This 2016 SDCC poster.
  • Some moments in Peridot's official Character Blog:
    • When Peridot is investigating the noises she hears during the events of "Beach City Drift", she gets onto the roof of the barn to get a better vantage point but decides to admires the view from there and takes a photo of the sky that shows Lapis is up on the roof with her. The fact that Lapis is on the roof with her shows that she may be starting to get comfortable being around Peridot.
    • It's implied that Steven had a pizza delivered to Peridot and Lapis during the events of "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service", and because none of them had any money, the pizza deliverer said it's on the house.
      • It's more heartwarming when you think of it this way, since during that episode Kiki was the one delivering those pizzas. Maybe she said the pizza is on the house as a way to thank Steven for helping her out? That is, if Steven asked her to deliver it in the first place.
    • Peridot thinking about all the things she's learned while on Earth, followed up with "IT'S NICE LEARNING THEM WITH [Lapis] TOO!" Before noticing that she wasn't there.
    • After Lapis comes home after "Alone at Sea" Peridot stops everything on the blog. "OH" "oh." "I'LL BE BACK LATER!!!!"
  • This interview. Deedee Magno-Hall expresses her pride at being part of a show that encourages love and acceptance, that she can show to her kids.
  • Matt Burnett telling the fans to go ahead and enjoy Steven Bomb 5 without any guilt, after all five episodes were accidentally released ahead of schedule on the CN app.
  • This sweet story
  • This page from one of the comic books.
  • In one of the comics, Steven enters a bike race. The gems modify the bike the night before the race and Hilarity Ensues, but Steven winds up coming in second Sadie. However, Lars is juxtaposed in front of Sadie looking overjoyed, giving the appearance that Lars is super happy for Sadie. A sweet moment from the resident cynic of Beach City.
  • In the "Art of Steven Universe" book, design for an unused character named Concrete pissed off a lot of people who felt that she embodied a lot of racist stereotypes about Black women (obsessed with shoes, vaguely blackface-looking design, couldn't readnote ). A lot of other white creators would probably have spun a million excuses to the tune of "..but I'm not racist!" to defend themselves, but Rebecca Sugar doesn't do that. She takes to Twitter, claims total responsibility for the offending character, apologizes for any hurt and offense that the mistake caused, and promises that Concrete will be removed from all future printings. Again, this was for an unused character, and Sugar still felt that it wasn't worth showing off as part of the creative process if it meant upsetting so many people like that.
  • Non-binary drag queen Jinkx Monsoon getting their wish of voicing a character in this show by playing as Emerald in "Lars of the Stars".
  • A little self-esteem PSA from Amethyst and Jasper.
  • This CN Portugal commercial, where Steven gives flowers to each of the Crystal Gems.
  • After the premiere of "A Single Pale Rose", the show's Tumblr posted a message from the crew, accompanied with Joe Johnston's pic of Steven and the Gems in varying states of shock and relief.
    We're glad to be getting some of this stuff off our chests.
    Thanks for sticking with us!
    Love, The Crewniverse
  • Joe Johnston's message to those who correctly predicted that Rose Quartz was in fact Pink Diamond:
    Honestly, we were super happy about it.
    To us it meant that you guys were dialed into the show and were picking up all the vibes we were laying down. As writers, its not upsetting that someone would predict a twist, its flattering.
    So thank you all of you for loving the show, and picking it apart for all its little breadcrumbs. We love leaving them for you!
    And us.
    We like making elaborate breadcrumb trails.


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