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The show has many moments that make our hearts happy.

Spoilers Off applies to all Moments pages, so ALL spoilers are unmarked! Proceed with caution.

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  • In an overall sense, the parental relationship between Steven and the rest of the Gems is so strong and genuine, that one would think they actually are related. This is best exemplified by the fact that Steven has three distinctive relationships with the Gems. When he's with Amethyst, she's like a Cool Big Sis whom he's able to have fun and run around with; Pearl is constantly worried over his safety and well being, and with Garnet he's most eager to impress her because she has such complete faith in him and is able to call off Pearl and Amethyst when they're being a bit overbearing.
  • The relationship between Greg and Rose. Despite what the other Gems seem to think of Greg, Rose obviously loved him very, very much.
    • And it was mutual, because it's clear that Greg still adores Rose.
  • The relaxing credits. And the lyrical version played after the season finale. And the full version.
    • Even better, many fans interpret it as being sung from Rose's perspective.
  • The Gems playfully tossing Steven around in the Cartoon Network logo.
  • In contrast to the first opening, the second opening has the Crystal Gems are all seen close together. A visual representation of their character development from season 1, that had them growing closer.
    • The second opening also has Connie and Lion joining the beach cookout. They're part of the family now!
    • Connie runs off happily to follow the van instead of just watching, and Greg reclines on Lion as he happily strums a chord on his guitar.
    • Seeing all three Gems tousling Steven's hair (instead of just Garnet) and the four of them sitting on the beach together is liable to make you squee. Steven also grins at the sign of affection rather than expressing annoyance at being treated like a kid.
    • Garnet, heck everyone, smiles a lot more during this version of the opening.
    • Steven also gets a part when the Gems sing "We are the Crystal Gems"!
      • And if you listen closely, you realize it's Greg who says "believe in" before the final roll call, affirming his belief in them all.
    • The third opening for Steven Universe Future has everyone singing. Peridot, Lapis, Bismuth, Connie, the Off-Colors, the DIAMONDS, and freakin' Spinel, ALL part of the intro, all singing 'Happily Ever After', and the ending at the beach has the whole Crystal Family there, while Peridot can't help but adorably sing the refrain one last time.
  • As pointed out here (warning, some spoilers), every character in the show, no matter what the body type, appearance, or traits, is depicted as beautiful in some way. Everyone has someone who loves them or finds them beautiful.
  • As Nightmare Fetishist Jonathan Wocjcik pointed out on on his tumblr, even monsters like Centipeetle manage to build up a sizable fanbase and get described as "cute". While not as reaffirming as the portrayal of other body types, there's something refreshing about what would typically be a generic monster getting a fanbase.
  • Steven's powers in general are really heartwarming: Whenever he needs to protect himself he can summon his bubble, but when he wants to protect someone else he gets his shield. Also, his spit can heal cracked Gems, poor vision, and broken bones. It's not even a conscious choice; His shield gets summoned by protective instincts, and all his nonweapon powers so far are devoted to protecting and healing people.
  • Greg's entire life is equal parts heartwarming and heartbreaking. He's emotionally devastated, having lost the love of his life in childbirth (or something like it) when she bore him a son, after fully coming to understand that both Rose and Steven aren't human, and there are things about their lives that he simply can't be part of. It's not what he wants, but letting Steven move in with the Gems is what's best for him in the long-term, and he never lets that stop him from being an affectionate, patient, supportive dad. This is even clearer when he becomes something of a mentor-in-law for Connie, offering his support as someone who knows what it's like to just be a human being surrounded by all these drastic Gem things... and it's clear that Steven gets his rampant optimism from his dad, not his mom.
    • Considering the reactions from his cousin Andy, a normal person who has never seen Gem-related shenanigans, Steven risking his life on a regular basis with the Gems must be terrifying for a father. But Greg, who has first-hand experience about the challenges a person must face to fulfill their destiny, never holds Steven back with his own fears.
  • The concept of Steven's forgiving nature in itself is a heartwarming concept. The show in general teaches kids (and even adults) the idea that if a person can learn from their mistakes, then take that chance and help them. The show teaches children that people who refuse to acknowledge any forms of harm and hurt other people's feelings constantly deserve no time.
  • The entire relationship between Steven and Connie. They are not just each other's romantic interest, but best friends, battle partners, and the person who helped transform them in many ways — Steven's encouragement and inspiration transformed Connie from a shy girl to a more self-assured young lady; and likewise, Connie's good sense and practicality has made it possible for Steven (who has a major Guilt Complex and developed into a Stepford Smiler by season 4) to have someone for emotional reliance. Yes, he has positive relationships with the Crystal Gems, his father, and most of Beach City, but Connie is the arguably the one he can vent to the easiest. In fact, Word of God mentioned in a previous interview that the duo's relationship would become a "main thread" in the future of the show.
  • The Cool Kids — Jenny, Buck, and Sour Cream. In most shows, those who are considered "cool" are often portrayed as mean, snobbish jerks who act antagonistic towards the main protagonist and other characters. However, these Cool Kids are nothing but kind, accepting teens. Even though they're far from perfect, they are all good people.
  • Doubles as Awesome: The diverse set of families in the SU world. From single parents, blended families, traditional family, multi-generational households, or a family that consists of a single parent and three rock aliens that act as surrogate mothers. Each of them have flaws and problems, but not one of them is presented entirely bad. And every type of family are loving and tight-knit.
  • Make-A-Wish Foundation got a kid to watch the Season 5 opener episodes early. Not only did the crew behind Steven Universe happily agree, they also drew her Gemsona, Moonstone, and sent her doodles of the characters.
  • Steven Universe has become the first children's show in the States to show a same-sex couple kiss and get married.

  • The adorable theme song Steven strums out on his ukulele and how Garnet is the one who starts everyone clapping for him. Steven gets stars in his eyes when he's excited.
    • The theme song for the show (which is the song from the pilot, but in a higher tempo and keyed up). Steven's song holds so much meaning to the Gems that they'll sing it altogether.
  • Garnet calling Steven a buttface. It's not because she actually thinks he is a buttface as much as she knows that he'll be able to use a comeback to return before the fight with the knowledge to save the day.
  • While he's introduced as an obnoxious jerk, Lars seems to be trying to keep Sadie safe during the Gems' fight with the skull creature.

    Attack the Light 
  • One of the beginning of mission quips Garnet sometimes says is to request that Steven "Keep the Harmony", which is this game's health bar stand in, and boy does he! One of his support moves is basically encouraging the other three Gems, and they regain health every time he does!
  • Steven's sheer child-like glee at going on an adventure with the Crystal Gems that is so much like his video games is sure to bring a smile to your face, especially those who have felt a deep connection to a video game and wished that they could live it.
  • At the end of the game, Steven realizes that the light army was acting on what it thought he wanted the whole time, and tells it that it can be whatever it wants and not a weapon. It then proceeds to transform into copies of Steven and peacefully fade away.

    Guide to the Crystal Gems 
  • The "Guide" book in general is pretty adorable, from the introduction by Rebecca Sugar, to Steven telling the readers what he finds cool about the Crystal Gems, Garnet talking about Fusions, particularly her own, and an adorable picture of Rose and the other Gems in a car together.
  • Garnet's thoughts on Stevonnie:
    Garnet: Perfect. A spontaneous Fusion of love, as impossible as it was inevitable. Even I could not have guessed it. Steven is capable of fusing with human beings. I could not be prouder of Steven and Connie.
  • The full Crystal Gem manifesto, as written by Rose Quartz and revealed in the "Guide to the Crystal Gems" book: "Fight for life on the planet Earth, Defend all human beings, even the ones that you don't understand, Believe in love that is out of anyone's control, And then risk everything for it!"
    • As of "A Single Pale Rose," this statement is revealed to have especially powerful meaning - as Rose was Pink Diamond, this means that a member of the highest Gem caste came to believe so strongly in the concept of love and equality that she was ready to throw away all that she was for it.

"We Are the Crystal Gems"
  • Everything heartwarming about the intro, the extended version amps up even more. Wittle baby Steven, just learning to play the ukulele, and singing his song for his whole family? Pearl tenderly sharing their history, vowing to protect Rose's ideals, the Earth, and Steven from harm? Amethyst reaffirming her existence as an Earth-made Gem? Garnet (and Ruby and Sapphire) protecting Earth as a place that allows them to love freely? Hearts may explode upon watching it.
    • The audio piece they use for the ukulele intro was actually the same audio from Steven's performance in the Pilot episode. Quite Heartwarming in Hindsight to see the Crewniverse use audio from one of the very first pieces of the show for the audience to enjoy.
    • The fact that, in-universe, baby Steven composed the show's theme song.

"Unboxing (Novelty Backpack)"

  • In a way, Pearl yelling at Steven to stop filming and help at the end if this. It shows that she values Steven's input in the team, as opposed to before where she wanted Steven as far away from danger as possible.
  • At the end of the short, Steven says "I love you! Bye!" That boy is a ray of goddamn sunshine.

"Gem Karaoke"

  • Steven and the Gems doing karaoke together, singing "Haven't You Noticed (I'm A Star)" from "Sadie's Song". Then Steven convinces Connie (who's recording the video) to join in for the refrain.
  • This short is the first time all the Crystal Gems are seen singing together (besides the intro), and they got Connie to join in too!

"Steven Reacts"

  • Steven's reactions first to Pear's friends showing up for Pear's breakfast party, crying Tears of Joy, and then when the Crying Breakfast Friends do a Fusion Dance with the Angry Lunch Enemies to make brunch.
  • Steven's Breaking the Fourth Wall moment when he acknowledges how often hiatuses will happen for Crying Breakfast Friends.

"Video Chat"

  • Peridot taking Mundane Object Amazement in Steven's ability to bend a pencil without breaking it.
  • TRIPLES as Funny (and a tad bit Tear Jerker): Lapis' initial reaction to seeing Steven on Peridot's tablet is horror, believing that Steven is trapped inside of it, and she immediately tries to free him from it like he freed her from the mirror. Upon Steven hurrying to the Barn to fix the misunderstanding, Lapis immediately embraces Steven, overjoyed that he's okay. Just seeing Lapis so genuinely concerned for Steven's safety, even for a misunderstanding, is still a very adorable moment.
    Lapis: I'll save you, Steven! I'll save you like you saved me!
  • Aside from an understandable panic at Lapis trying to break her precious tablet, Peridot doesn't seem too upset about the incident after Lapis calms down, even playfully ribbing her to be careful with the baseball bat from now on.

"Steven's Song Time"

  • After going through a really rough time, Steven decided to write a song to express himself and share it with the world. The title of the song? 'Still Not Giving Up'.
  • When Steven sings about all the stuff he had to endure and the pain he feels, he starts crying, clearly still affected by all the turmoil, but glad for the catharsis.
  • At the end of the song, Steven advises the viewers who are having a difficult time to write their own songs.
  • Steven once again signs off by saying "I love you" to the viewers.

    Side/Promotional Materials 
  • Blueberry Lemon Friendship Cake!
  • After Mr. Gus's "Gemsona" picture was erased by Pizza Steve, Rebecca Sugar drew him a new one.
  • In "Lion 3: Straight to Video", a picture drawn by one of the crew members: The Crystal Gems watching Steven sleep.
  • Grape Popsicle Amethyst Gemstones!!!
  • This 2016 SDCC poster.
  • Some moments in Peridot's official Character Blog:
    • When Peridot is investigating the noises she hears during the events of "Beach City Drift", she gets onto the roof of the barn to get a better vantage point but decides to admires the view from there and takes a photo of the sky that shows Lapis is up on the roof with her. The fact that Lapis is on the roof with her shows that she may be starting to get comfortable being around Peridot.
    • It's implied that Steven had a pizza delivered to Peridot and Lapis during the events of "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service", and because none of them had any money, the pizza deliverer said it's on the house.
      • It's more heartwarming when you think of it this way, since during that episode Kiki was the one delivering those pizzas. Maybe she said the pizza is on the house as a way to thank Steven for helping her out? That is, if Steven asked her to deliver it in the first place.
    • Peridot thinking about all the things she's learned while on Earth, followed up with "IT'S NICE LEARNING THEM WITH [Lapis] TOO!" Before noticing that she wasn't there.
    • After Lapis comes home after "Alone at Sea" Peridot stops everything on the blog. "OH" "oh." "I'LL BE BACK LATER!!!!"
  • This interview. Deedee Magno-Hall expresses her pride at being part of a show that encourages love and acceptance, that she can show to her kids.
  • Matt Burnett telling the fans to go ahead and enjoy Steven Bomb 5 without any guilt, after all five episodes were accidentally released ahead of schedule on the CN app.
  • This sweet story
  • This page from one of the comic books.
  • In one of the comics, Steven enters a bike race. The gems modify the bike the night before the race and Hilarity Ensues, but Steven winds up coming in second Sadie. However, Lars is juxtaposed in front of Sadie looking overjoyed, giving the appearance that Lars is super happy for Sadie. A sweet moment from the resident cynic of Beach City.
  • In the "Art of Steven Universe" book, design for an unused character named Concrete pissed off a lot of people who felt that [she embodied a lot of racist stereotypes about Black women (obsessed with shoes, vaguely blackface-looking design, couldn't readnote ). A lot of other white creators would probably have spun a million excuses to the tune of "..but I'm not racist!" to defend themselves, but Rebecca Sugar doesn't do that. She takes to Twitter, claims total responsibility for the offending character, apologizes for any hurt and offense that the mistake caused, and promises that Concrete will be removed from all future printings. Again, this was for an unused character, and Sugar still felt that it wasn't worth showing off as part of the creative process if it meant upsetting so many people like that.
  • Non-binary drag queen Jinkx Monsoon getting their wish of voicing a character in this show by playing as Emerald in "Lars of the Stars".
  • A little self-esteem PSA from Amethyst and Jasper.
  • This CN Portugal commercial, where Steven gives flowers to each of the Crystal Gems.
  • After the premiere of "A Single Pale Rose", the show's Tumblr posted a message from the crew, accompanied with Joe Johnston's pic of Steven and the Gems in varying states of shock and relief.
    We're glad to be getting some of this stuff off our chests.
    Thanks for sticking with us!
    Love, The Crewniverse
  • Joe Johnston's message to those who correctly predicted that Rose Quartz was in fact Pink Diamond:
    Honestly, we were super happy about it.
    To us it meant that you guys were dialed into the show and were picking up all the vibes we were laying down. As writers, its not upsetting that someone would predict a twist, its flattering.
    So thank you all of you for loving the show, and picking it apart for all its little breadcrumbs. We love leaving them for you!
    And us.
    We like making elaborate breadcrumb trails.
  • The book The Tale Of Steven is dedicated to trans and gender expansive kids.