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This is the recap page for Steven Universe.

WARNING: All episodes will have unmarked spoilers. Proceed with caution!

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  • "The Time Thing" — Amethyst gives Steven a time-traveling hourglass, which he uses for comebacks.

    Season 1 
Due to various scheduling issues, certain episodes in this season were either pushed to Season 2 or aired Out of Order. Differences are noted, and the intended episode order can be seen here.
  1. "Gem Glow" — Steven starts to think his favorite snack can help him control his powers.
  2. "Laser Light Cannon" — Steven asks his father Greg to help find a much-needed Gem weapon.
  3. "Cheeseburger Backpack" — Steven uses his new novelty backpack to make sure he's prepared for a mission with the Gems.
  4. "Together Breakfast" — Steven explores the interior of the temple as he tries to convince the Gems to join him for breakfast.
  5. "Frybo" — Steven uses a magical Gem shard to help out one of his friends.
  6. "Cat Fingers" — Steven tries to learn the power of transformation, and accidentally turns all his fingers into cat-heads.
  7. "Bubble Buddies" — Steven and his new neighbor Connie end up trapped in a bubble together.
  8. "Serious Steven" — Steven tries to prove he can be serious and focused while on a mission to an old Gem temple.
  9. "Tiger Millionaire" — Steven discovers Amethyst's double life as a pro wrestler, and decides to join in as her tag-team partner.
  10. "Steven's Lion" — Steven finds a mysterious pink lion that follows him home from a mission in the desert.
  11. "Arcade Mania" — Steven takes the Gems to the local arcade to celebrate a successful mission, where Garnet becomes addicted to a game.
  12. "Giant Woman" — While on a mission with Pearl and Amethyst, Steven tries to get them to show him the power of Gem "fusion".
  13. "So Many Birthdays" — Steven's failed attempt to teach the Gems about birthdays nearly leads to catastrophe.
  14. "Lars and the Cool Kids" — Steven and his friend Lars relish the chance to hang out with some of the coolest kids in town.
  15. "Onion Trade" — Steven unwisely trades a Gem artifact to get a rare collectible from local troublemaker Onion.
  16. "Steven the Sword Fighter" — Pearl is accidentally "poofed" while trying to teach Steven how to fight, and while waiting for her to regenerate, Steven is left only with one of her Holo-Pearls for company.
  17. "Lion 2: The Movie" — Steven and Connie's trip to the movies is sidetracked by Lion taking them to an old Gem armory.
  18. "Beach Party" — Steven tries to patch things up between the Gems and the owners of Fish Stew Pizza with a beach barbecue.
  19. "Rose's Room" — Steven discovers the mysterious powers of his mother's old room in the Crystal Temple.
  20. "Coach Steven" — Inspired by Garnet and Amethyst's powerful fusion Sugilite, Steven decides to do some serious training.
  21. "Joking Victim" — Steven offers to help Sadie with her job at the Big Donut... and then helps her get even when she learns Lars lied to ditch work.
  22. "Steven and the Stevens" — Steven uses a time-travelling hourglass to form a band with his past selves.
  23. "Monster Buddies" — Steven accidentally frees a Gem monster, and tries to tame it.
  24. "An Indirect Kiss" — Steven tells Connie about his mission to help an injured Amethyst, and his attempts to unlock his mother's healing powers.
  25. "Mirror Gem" — Steven makes a new friend out of a Gem artifact, but it leads to some conflict with the Crystal Gems.
  26. "Ocean Gem" — When the ocean goes missing, Steven sets out to talk down his new friend Lapis Lazuli.
  27. "House Guest" — Greg stays over at Steven's house after injuring his leg.
  28. "Space Race" — When Pearl starts to miss exploring space, Steven tries to help her build a working space ship.
  29. "Secret Team" — Steven, Amethyst and Pearl form a "secret team" after the two Gems accidentally free some rogue Gem shards.
  30. "Island Adventure" — Steven takes Lars and Sadie on a trip to an island that accidentally leaves them stranded.
  31. "Keep Beach City Weird" — Steven tries to make friends with Ronaldo, an amateur paranormal investigator who blames the antics of the Crystal Gems on "snake people".
  32. "Fusion Cuisine" — In order to get on the good side of Connie's parents, the Crystal Gems must fuse together into Alexandrite and pose as Steven's mom.
  33. "Garnet's Universe" — Steven speculates on what Garnet does on her solo missions, and spins a wild tale of talking animals and kung fu battles.
  34. "Watermelon Steven" — Steven accidentally animates an army of watermelons that look just like him.
  35. "Lion 3: Straight to Video" — When Lion starts keeping Steven up all night, it leads to Steven discovering a mysterious item hidden in Lion's mane.
  36. "Warp Tour" note  — Steven argues with the Gems when he insists he saw something, or someone else using the Warp Pad system.
  37. "Alone Together" note  — Steven accidentally fuses with his best friend Connie, and the two try to adjust to their time as "Stevonnie".
  38. "The Test" — Steven wants to prove himself to the Gems, and asks them to put together a series of challenges.
  39. "Future Vision" — Steven learns more than he wanted to about Garnet's power to predict the future.
  40. "On the Run" — Steven and Amethyst live life on the road, but their trip turns sour when Amethyst shows Steven the "Kindergarten".
  41. "Horror Club" — A night of watching movies leads to Steven, Lars, Sadie and Ronaldo butting heads with what may be a genuine ghost.
  42. "Winter Forecast" — Steven has a series of strange visions about trying to get Connie home safely on a snowy evening.
  43. "Maximum Capacity" — Amethyst offers to help Greg clean out his storage unit, but the two instead get caught up in the past.
  44. "Marble Madness" — Steven and the Gems try to figure out why their new enemy Peridot keeps sending probes to Earth.
  45. "Rose's Scabbard" — When Steven finds the scabbard to his mother's old sword, it kicks off a series of events that leave Pearl feeling conflicted about her beloved leader.
  46. "The Message" — Greg tries to help the Gems interpret a mysterious message from space.
  47. "Political Power" — During a blackout, Steven helps Mayor Dewey keep the peace in Beach City.
  48. "The Return" — Steven must choose between protecting his neighbors or standing with the Crystal Gems when Peridot and a Homeworld soldier named Jasper invade Beach City.
  49. "Jail Break" — Steven meets Ruby and Sapphire, two new gems that hide something surprising, while trying to escape from a Gem warship.

    Season 2 
  1. "Full Disclosure" — Still reeling from his latest adventure, Steven wonders if he might have to go to extremes to protect his friends and family.
  2. "Open Book" note  — Steven uses Rose's Room to help Connie come up with an alternate ending to her favorite book.
  3. "Joy Ride" — Steven takes a break from being a Crystal Gem to hang out with the Cool Kids and blow off some steam.
  4. "Say Uncle" note  — A strange and unexpected guest offers to help Steven master his powers.
  5. "Story for Steven" note  — Greg regales Steven with the story of how he and Rose Quartz first met.
  6. "Shirt Club" note  — Steven teams up with the Mayor's son, Buck Dewey, to promote Greg's guitar lessons.
  7. "Love Letters" — Steven and Connie learn that Jamie the mailman has a crush on Garnet.
  8. "Reformed" — Amethyst tries to prove herself to Garnet while chasing an escaped Gem monster through the temple.
  9. "Sworn to the Sword" — Pearl teaches Connie how to be a sword-fighter, but Steven worries they're taking Connie's training too far.
  10. "Rising Tides, Crashing Skies" — Ronaldo investigates the threat the Crystal Gems and their enemies pose to Beach City.
  11. "Keeping It Together" — Garnet reveals more about herself while on a mission to the old Gem Kindergarten.
  12. "We Need to Talk" — When Greg learns about "Stevonnie", he shares an anecdote about his own experience with fusion as his relationship with Rose got more serious.
  13. "Chille Tid" — While taking a break from trying to find Jasper and Lapis Lazuli, Steven has a series of weird dreams.
  14. "Cry for Help" — While Garnet and Pearl fuse into the fabulous Sardonyx to intercept Peridot's transmissions to Homeworld, Steven discovers Amethyst has some issues and Pearl has a dark secret.
  15. "Keystone Motel" — A road trip turns sour when Garnet can't get over an argument with Pearl.
  16. "Onion Friend" — Steven tries to get along with Onion when he discovers his mother Vidalia is an old friend of Amethyst.
  17. "Historical Friction" — Steven and Jamie put on a play about the founding of Beach City, and Steven turns to Pearl for help in making it more historically accurate.
  18. "Friend Ship" — Garnet and Pearl are forced to put the differences aside on a botched mission to capture Peridot.
  19. "Nightmare Hospital" — When Connie's strict mother confiscates Rose Quartz's sword, Steven and Connie must get it back.
  20. "Sadie's Song" — Steven convinces Sadie to sign up for a talent show.
  21. "Catch and Release" — Steven deals with an unexpected guest when he tries to find out about the mysterious "Cluster".
  22. "When It Rains" — Steven tries to earn the trust of a captive Peridot.
  23. "Back to the Barn" — Tension between Peridot and Pearl leads to a fiercely competitive robot Olympiad.
  24. "Too Far" — Peridot's wisecracks get on Amethyst's bad side, and Peridot tries to figure out where she went wrong.
  25. "The Answer" — Garnet tells Steven the story of Ruby and Sapphire, why she came into the world, and how she met Rose Quartz and Pearl.
  26. "Steven's Birthday" — Steven's attempt to be more "mature" nearly spoils the celebration of his birthday.
  27. "It Could've Been Great" — A trip to an old Gem base on the Moon leads to some tension between Peridot and the Crystal Gems.
  28. "Message Received" — Steven starts to question whether Peridot is still loyal to Homeworld.
  29. "Log Date 7 15 2" — Steven listens in on Peridot's audio logs to chart her relationship with Garnet.

    Season 3 
  1. "Super Watermelon Island" — The Crystal Gems must save the Watermelon Stevens from the clutches of Malachite, a furious Gem fusion.
  2. "Gem Drill" — Peridot and Steven journey beneath the surface of the Earth to stop the Cluster.
  3. "Same Old World" — Steven tries to show Lapis Lazuli that living on Earth might not be so bad.
  4. "Barn Mates" — Steven tries to help Peridot and Lapis Lazuli get along.
  5. "Hit the Diamond" — Steven and his friends talk some Homeworld soldiers into a high-stakes game of baseball.
  6. "Steven Floats" — Steven's newest power nearly spoils the prospect of a new promotion at Big Donut.
  7. "Drop Beat Dad" — Steven meets Sour Cream's biological father, who also happens to be Greg's old manager Marty.
  8. "Mr. Greg" — An unexpected windfall for Greg leads to a trip to the big city, where Steven tries to help Pearl and Greg resolve some issues.
  9. "Too Short to Ride" — Peridot accompanies Steven and Amethyst on a trip to the amusement park, where she learns some things about herself.
  10. "The New Lars" — Steven accidentally finds himself in Lars' body, and sees it as an opportunity to improve Lars' social life.
  11. "Beach City Drift" — Steven and Connie borrow Greg's new car to face off with an old rival.
  12. "Restaurant Wars" — Steven accidentally stirs up an old rivalry between two restaurant owners.
  13. "Kiki's Pizza Delivery Service" — Steven helps Kiki deal with a series of strange nightmares.
  14. "Monster Reunion" — Steven tries to help Centipeetle remember her old life as a Gem.
  15. "Alone at Sea" — A boat trip with Steven, Greg, and Lapis Lazuli is spoiled by the return of Jasper.
  16. "Greg the Babysitter" — Greg recalls his first job while living in Beach City.
  17. "Gem Hunt" — Connie accompanies Pearl and Steven on a mission.
  18. "Crack the Whip" — Jasper and her new allies crash a training session with Amethyst, Steven, and Connie.
  19. "Steven vs. Amethyst" — Steven tries to help Amethyst with her training.
  20. "Bismuth" — Steven meets an old friend of the Crystal Gems who has some history with his mother.
  21. "Beta" — Peridot takes Steven and Amethyst on a trip to try and lift the latter's spirits.
  22. "Earthlings" — Steven and Amethyst must work together to defeat Jasper once and for all.
  23. "Back to the Moon" — Steven and the Homeworld Rubies butt heads once again.
  24. "Bubbled" — Steven reluctantly teams up with one of the Homeworld Rubies when they get stranded in space together.

    Season 4 
  1. "Kindergarten Kid" — Peridot tries to prove she can handle catching a Gem monster.
  2. "Know Your Fusion" — Steven and Amethyst show Sardonyx some new tricks.
  3. "Buddy's Book" — Steven finds an old journal with some interesting tidbits about the Gems.
  4. "Mindful Education" — Garnet gives Steven and Connie some much-needed tips on fusion.
  5. "Future Boy Zoltron" — While posing as a fortune teller, Steven tries to help out an old friend of the arcade's owner.
  6. "Last One Out of Beach City" — Pearl tries to prove she can still be a rebel by going to a rock show with Amethyst and Steven.
  7. "Onion Gang" — Steven meets some of Onion's other friends.
  8. "Gem Harvest" — While helping Peridot and Lapis with their farming project, Steven reconnects with a distant relative.
  9. "Three Gems and a Baby" — Greg tells the story of an incident involving the Gems, a newborn Steven, and a snow-storm.
  10. "Steven's Dream" — When the Crystal Gems are tight-lipped about the Diamonds, Steven decides to investigate himself.
  11. "Adventures in Light Distortion" — Steven's haste to rescue his father from abduction leads to trouble.
  12. "Gem Heist" — Steven and the Gems infiltrate a heavily-guarded Gem base.
  13. "The Zoo" — Steven discovers his father in a seemingly-perfect paradise.
  14. "That Will Be All" — Steven and Greg make a daring escape, and make a near-miss encounter with Yellow and Blue Diamond.
  15. "The New Crystal Gems" — While Steven and the Gems are on their space mission, Connie teams up with Peridot and Lapis Lazuli to protect Beach City.
  16. "Storm in the Room" — Steven has some serious thinking to do about his mother.
  17. "Rocknaldo" — Ronaldo tries to learn more about the Crystal Gems... by joining them!
  18. "Tiger Philanthropist" — After Amethyst quits wrestling, Steven tries to retool his old act.
  19. "Room for Ruby" — Peridot and Lapis help Steven greet a new visitor to Earth.
  20. "Lion 4: Alternate Ending" — Steven tries to find his purpose in life with Lion's help.
  21. "Doug Out" — Steven and Connie join Connie's father on a stakeout.
  22. "The Good Lars" — Steven tries to convince Lars to pursue his dreams and put himself out there.
  23. "Are You My Dad?" — Steven and Connie investigate a strange new Gem and a rash of mysterious disappearances.
  24. "I Am My Mom" — Steven makes a sacrifice to rescue his family and his neighbors.

    Season 5 
  1. "Stuck Together" — Steven and Lars try to escape from Homeworld's clutches.
  2. "The Trial" — Steven is put on trial for his mother's crimes.
  3. "Off Colors" — Steven and Lars meet some strange new Gems while trying to get off Homeworld.
  4. "Lars' Head" — With Lars' help, Steven discovers an unexpected way home.
  5. "Dewey Wins" — After falling out with Connie over his surrender to Homeworld, Steven tries to help Mayor Dewey do damage control on his reelection campaign.
  6. "Gemcation" — Greg and the Gems try to help Steven take his mind off things.
  7. "Raising the Barn" — Steven and Peridot struggle to help Lapis Lazuli face her fears.
  8. "Back to the Kindergarten" — Steven and Amethyst try to cheer up a depressed Peridot.
  9. "Sadie Killer" — With her best friend Lars still lost in space, Sadie struggles to find her purpose in life.
  10. "Kevin Party" — Steven must put aside his enmity towards an old rival for what he sees as a shot to make amends with Connie.
  11. "Lars of the Stars" — Steven and Connie discover what Lars and the Off-Colors have been up to.
  12. "Jungle Moon" — Stevonnie has an adventure in space, and discovers some Gem history.
  13. "Your Mother and Mine" — Garnet tries to inspire the Off-Colors with the story of Rose Quartz.
  14. "The Big Show" — Steven helps Sadie's new band score their first gig.
  15. "Pool Hopping" — Garnet seeks Steven's help in exploring unlikely futures.
  16. "Letters to Lars" — Steven keeps Lars up to date with what's been happening in Beach City.
  17. "Can't Go Back" — Steven discovers where Lapis Lazuli has gone, and tries to bring her home.
  18. "A Single Pale Rose" — Steven discovers Pearl is keeping a secret from him when he tries to help her recover her new cell phone.
  19. "Now We're Only Falling Apart" — Pearl finally tells the whole truth about Rose Quartz and Pink Diamond.
  20. "What's Your Problem?" — Steven and Amethyst wrestle with their feelings.
  21. "The Question" — Steven helps Ruby discover a new side to herself, and to her relationship with Sapphire.
  22. "Made of Honor" — Steven gets in touch with Bismuth while planning a wedding.
  23. "Reunited" — A big celebration in Beach City is crashed by some old foes.
  24. "Legs From Here to Homeworld" — Steven negotiates a ceasefire with the Diamonds, and tries to find a way back to the Gem Homeworld.
  25. "Familiar" — A trip to Homeworld leaves Steven once again uncertain about his purpose.
  26. "Together Alone" — Steven tries to throw a party to ease the tension with the Diamonds.
  27. "Escapism" — Steven sends out a call for help across galaxies.
  28. "Change Your Mind" — Steven, Connie and the Gems attempt to change the way the Diamonds see Steven, other Gems, and themselves, which goes horribly awry when they confront the unsung leader of the Gem race.

  • Steven Universe: The Movie — Two years after making peace with the Diamonds, Steven finds his "happily ever after" threatened by a new enemy with personal ties to his mother.

  1. "Little Homeschool" — Steven introduces a new Gem to life on Earth, and tries to win over Jasper.
  2. "Guidance" — Steven's attempt to help Amethyst with her Gem job placement program goes awry.
  3. "Rose Buds" — Steven and his friends have difficulty adjusting to some new arrivals.
  4. "Volleyball" — Steven tries to get to the source of Pink Pearl's damaged form.
  5. "Bluebird" — Steven is suspicious of a new Fusion.
  6. "A Very Special Episode" — Steven promised to help Pearl babysit Onion, but he also promised to do a Safety Seminar with Garnet.
  7. "Snow Day" — Running Little Homeschool leaves Steven with little time to hang out with the other Crystal Gems, so they try to get him to unwind during a snow day.
  8. "Why So Blue?" — Steven and Lapis try to placate a pair of rogue Gems who are still destroying worlds.
  9. "Little Graduation" — Steven prepares a graduation party for the Off-Colors, but his fears of growing apart from his friends threaten the festivities.
  10. "Prickly Pair" — Steven's new hobby goes horribly awry when he accidentally creates a sentient cactus.
  11. "In Dreams" — Steven's dreams start broadcasting onto his bedroom TV, and Peridot convinces him to exploit this new power for the sake of fan fiction.
  12. "Bismuth Casual" — Pearl invites Bismuth to the roller rink for a lesson on how to forge human relationships.
  13. "Together Forever" — Steven realizes he can't visualize his future without Connie, and becomes convinced that marriage is the only way to keep his friend close to him.
  14. "Growing Pains" — Steven's body begins deforming and swelling up to massive size, leading Connie to suggest that he sees a doctor for the first time.
  15. "Mr. Universe" — In order to help his son figure out what he wants out of life, Greg takes Steven on the road to find the origins of the Universe name.
  16. "Fragments" — With Steven's condition worsening, he runs away from home and heads to the woods to train with a powerful mentor.
  17. "Homeworld Bound" — Steven heads to the Diamonds for advice on how to control his new powers.
  18. "Everything's Fine" — After coming back from Homeworld unsettled, Steven tries to cover up the fact that everything is not fine.
  19. "I Am My Monster" — The Crystal Gems face their biggest challenge yet - Steven's emotional issues.
  20. "The Future" — Steven is finally ready to move on, and goes about saying his goodbyes to his old friends.

  1. "What Are Gems?" — Pearl explains how Gem biology works.
  2. "We Are the Crystal Gems" — A young Steven composes a theme song for the Crystal Gems.
  3. "How Are Gems Made?" — Amethyst explains where Gems come from.
  4. "Unboxing" — Steven shows off his newest novelty bag from Wacky Sacks.
  5. "Fusion" — Garnet explains a bit about Gem fusion.
  6. "Lion Loves to Fit in a Box" — Steven makes a video of Lion at play.
  7. "Cooking with Lion" — Steven and Lion host a cooking show.
  8. "Gem Karaoke" — Steven, Connie, and the Gems have a sing-along.
  9. "Steven Reacts" — Steven watches the newest episode of Crying Breakfast Friends.
  10. "Video Chat" — Steven helps Peridot show off her new Internet connection with a video chat.
  11. "Steven's Song Time" — Steven plays a new song he wrote.

Alternative Title(s): Steven Universe Future