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Recap / Steven Universe S1E34 "Watermelon Steven"

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Steven discovers a new power when he grows a patch of Steven-shaped watermelons!


  • Accidental Murder: Greg accidentally steps on one of the Steven watermelons, though it wasn't sentient yet.
  • Alien Autopsy: Ronaldo's attempted autopsy of a Steven watermelon. He was about to take an electric mixer to it, but Steven interrupts.
  • Alien Blood: The Steven melons burst into pre-cut watermelon slices when destroyed.
  • Art Imitates Art: When Garnet fends off a bunch of watermelons attacking her, it looks very similar to a famously bizarre sculpture in Frogner Park in Norway of a naked man fighting babies.
  • Big "WHAT?!": The Crystal Gems do this together when Steven tells them that his watermelons came to life and are attacking people.
  • Bittersweet Ending: Slightly more bitter than sweet. Baby-melon's Heroic Sacrifice finally stops the Steven-melons from fighting. Steven essentially banishes his creations for what they did to Baby-melon. The gems comfort Steven's decision, who has no regrets that now the Steven-melons will be their own people. ...And Steven casually eats Baby-melon's remains like he would any other watermelon.
  • Black Comedy:
    • The melons dig a grave for Amethyst, complete with one showing up with a flower bouquet and Amethyst complimenting them as she's wailing.
    • At the end, Steven takes a bite from the (admittedly delicious) sliced remains of Baby Melon, squicking out the Gems.
  • Blood Knight: Garnet states that Rose's plants lived to fight, and Pearl reasons that Steven's watermelons are attacking people because he can't control them.
  • Bring It: Amethyst to the melons, when they prepare to attack. They do indeed bring it.
    Amethyst: Whaaaaat?! Bring it, melons!
  • Call-Back: Like in "Keep Beach City Weird!", Ronaldo can be somewhat disturbingly focused on finding the truth, as seen when in his glee to autopsy his watermelon even after Steven informs him it's alive.
  • Continuity Nod:
    • Ronaldo's blog again.
    • As he's trying to recollect his now-animate melons, Steven runs by a Dogcopter 3 poster.
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    • Sadie has a scar on her cheek, which she got from a cut in "Island Adventure".
    • Garnet's comment about Rose's plant mooks being aggressive might explain the behaviour of the rose bushes in Rose's fountain back in "An Indirect Kiss".
  • Creating Life Is Unforeseen: Steven spits some watermelon seeds around and by morning they've turned into an army of watermelon people.
  • Disappointed in You: Steven's speech is essentially this to the Steven-melons, for senselessly killing Baby-melon.
  • Dog Pile of Doom: The melons dogpile onto Garnet and Amethyst, though they have to try several times with Garnet since she keeps knocking them off.
  • Energy Ball: Pearl fires one from her spear.
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: There's a hot dog stand at Funland called "Wiener in Hand".
  • Green Thumb: Rose Quartz had the ability to grow and animate plant life to fight on her behalf. Steven has inherited this ability, growing a massive patch of Steven-shaped watermelons.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Baby Melon attacks Steven so the other watermelons will target him, thus calming them down.
  • Inappropriate Hunger: Baby Melon, no matter how pitiful its death is, is still quite tasty to Steven.
  • Iris Out: Over Steven eating from baby melon's remains.
  • Large Ham: Pearl, briefly, when getting overpowered by the melons.
    Pearl: Let go of my spear, you twerps! I'll destroy you!
  • Mook Maker: This is essentially the point of Steven's Green Thumb ability. The animate plants are grown to fight on his behalf, though Steven can't quite keep them under control.
  • New Powers as the Plot Demands: The Gems suddenly display unseen powers (Amethyst's Sonic-style roll, Pearl's energy blast, and Garnet's rocket fists) when fighting the melons.
  • New Superpower: Steven discovers he's able to create plant soldiers, which the Gems say Rose did as well.
  • Overly Long Gag: It takes around 20 seconds of screentime for Ronaldo to make this post on his blog, and Sadie interrupts before he finishes typing.
  • Rocket Punch: Garnet launches her Power Fists in this fashion, causing a decent explosion.
  • Rolling Attack: Amethyst bowls through a group of Steven melons a la Sonic the Hedgehog.
  • Running Gag; A few times Garnet fights her way out of a pile of warmongering watermelons, only to be immediately dog-piled by a new bunch of them.
  • Say My Name: When Baby Melon is stolen.
    Steven: ONION!
  • Self-Sacrifice Scheme: Baby Melon stops the fighting by punching Steven, which causes the other watermelons to fight it. Once Baby Melon is no more, they no longer have anything to fight.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Skewed Priorities: Ronaldo is more concerned about live-blogging the animate melons than he is about the fact that they're trying to kill him. This even extends to his blog.
  • Smashing Watermelons: Natch for the climatic battle with the watermelon Stevens, which takes place on the beach.
  • Spin Attack: Hurricane Seed Spit!
  • Sticky Fingers: Onion is up to his old tricks. It doesn't work so well when he's trying to steal an animate watermelon, though.
  • When Trees Attack: Steven's animate watermelons turn hostile when Ronaldo uses a spatula to keep Steven from taking the one he bought.
  • Zerg Rush: The Steven melons are individually weak, but there's enough of them that the Gems are eventually overwhelmed through attrition.


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