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Recap / Steven Universe S0E1 "What are gems?"

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"Simplified down to our basic form, Gems are, well, just gems!"

Pearl teaches the viewers about Gem bodies.


  • Homage: The entire thing is a loving recreation of the Gunbuster Science Lessons, from the format of the short to the art style, even the color of the background.
  • Never Say "Die": Pearl says that "when [a gem] is shattered completely, they will cease to be."
  • Super-Deformed: The characters are all drawn in super-deformed style and the backgrounds are highly simplified.
  • The Unreveal: Steven asks what happens if a half-human Gem is injured. However he phrases it as "What if a Gem is half-human?", so Pearl claims that the answer is... Steven himself. (Fans have often wondered if Steven can be "poofed" like other gems, retreating into his gem if injured. Apparently, today's not the day we learn the answer.)
    • This would be answered in the season 5 episode "Change Your Mind" where Steven's gem gets removed and it's strongly implied that he came very close to dying.
    • It would be further answered in the Steven Universe Future episode, "Growing Pains", with Steven's first visit to a doctor. Turns out Steven isn't actually Nigh-Invulnerable — his Gem powers just put him back together really quickly. Pretty much every bone in Steven's body has been broken at least once by that time, to the point his X-ray looks like a completed jigsaw puzzle.


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