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Recap / Steven Universe S5E10 "Kevin Party"

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Kevin is throwing a party, and Steven is invited.


  • 555: Steven's phone number begins with "301-555".
  • Cannot Spit It Out: Connie admits she doesn't know what to say to Steven, besides that she's angry, she misses him, and she feels like she's out of her mind.
  • Continuity Nod:
  • Creator Cameo: Two of the people sitting together at Kevin's party look like head writers Matt Burnett and Ben Levin, and storyboarder Amber Cragg can be seen taking a selfie with Lion.
  • Evil Cannot Comprehend Good: When Kevin realizes that Steven and Connie had an argument, he tries to figure out how people treat their friends... and draws a complete blank.
  • Entertainingly Wrong: After weeks of no communication with Connie, and then seeing her with a new look and Lion by her side, and seemingly happily socializing with the other party guests without him, Steven erroneously jumps to the possible conclusion that she has ultimately decided to cut him out of her life for good for hurting her back in "Dewey Wins", which almost causes him to decide to leave the party without talking her. Later, after Steven accepts Kevin's advice to manipulate Connie into coming back to him by making his life look great without her in it, the tables are turned: this time, with Connie erroneously concluding that Steven, after being (unintentionally) left in the dark by her for the last few weeks, has finally given up on trying to reconcile with her at this point (possibly due to the above reasons), and has ultimately decided not only to cut her out of his life in return, but also to replace her with Kevin, their mutual nemesis, as his new best friend, which nearly drives her to leave instead after angrily confronting him over it. In the end, they finally become honest with their feelings, clear up the misunderstanding, and reconcile.
  • The Dark Side Makes You Forget: Steven slightly invokes this trope when he, out of desperation, takes Kevin's advice to deliberately give Connie the cold shoulder and make it look like that his life is going great without her in order to bait her into making the first move in them reconciling. Predictably, this ends up having the opposite effect, until Steven returns to his senses.
  • Expository Hairstyle Change: From this episode onwards, Connie is seen with shorter hair, starting at about chin-length.
  • Face on a Milk Carton: Steven puts up a "missing" poster for Lion.
    Pink, magical, old??
    Likes: naps, Lion Lickers
    Dislikes: enthusiasm
  • Failed Attempt at Drama: Kevin dramatically drives away while telling Steven that his invitation is for Stevonnie... then has to pull back to give Steven the address.
  • Friendless Background: Kevin has no idea how to help friends patch things up, the implication being that he's had few if any real friends.
  • The Friend Nobody Likes: Kevin's status as this bites him in the butt since he has no idea how to help Steven and Connie patch things up.
    Kevin: Think, Kevin. How do people treat their friends?
  • Gone Horribly Right: Kevin's method of getting Connie to talk to Steven is actually fairly effective, as it provokes Connie into finally communicating with him. However, the inherent manipulativeness of the tactic causes it to backfire: Connie angrily confronts Steven, briefly making the situation worse.
  • Hidden Depths: Kevin got burned by a bad breakup a while back, and he's almost sincere about helping Steven deal with what he thinks is his.
  • I Am Not Weasel: Kevin thinks Lion is a dog.
  • Immediate Self-Contradiction: Connie planned to send Steven the message "I can't talk to you right now.", but decided against sending it because that would be talking to him, and changed her plan to meeting him in person.
  • I Resemble That Remark!: After seeing Steven hanging out with Kevin for the whole party, Connie angrily insinuates that Steven has replaced her with Kevin as his best friend. Steven vigorously objects, as does Kevin—simultaneously with, and using the same words and hand gesture as, Steven.
  • It's All About Me: The only reason Kevin invited Steven and Connie to the party (and tried so hard to get them to reconcile) was so they could form Stevonnie and make his party something that his guests would remember for the rest of their lives.
  • Inelegant Blubbering: Snot runs out of Steven's nose as he tears up thinking about how he needs to apologize to Connie.
  • Irony: Kevin is furious that Steven and Connie don't Fuse into Stevonnie, because he thinks instead of bringing someone cool he just ruined the party by letting in some kids. Even without becoming Stevonnie, their presence actually does seem to liven the party up.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Although Kevin's general advice is dishonest, he is right that Inelegant Blubbering is a poor way to greet someone, even if Connie specifically wouldn't have minded.
  • Just Ignore It: Learning from previous experience, Steven does his best to ignore Kevin until he finds out Connie is going to his party.
  • Laser-Guided Karma: Kevin puts a lot of effort into helping Steven and Connie so he can get Stevonnie to show up and make him look cool by association. The two leave together without Fusing and he ends up falling into the pool when he tries to chase after Lion, not paying attention to his surroundings and unaware of Lion's ability to Walk on Water. The two sincerely thank him for the (attempts at) help and the party, which of course just makes Kevin even angrier. The two leave, and Derrick laughs off screen.
  • The Matchmaker: Kevin reluctantly plays matchmaker for Steven and Connie because he wants Stevonnie to show up at his party and needs them together to make that happen. However, he assumes they were dating and broke up; when he finds out they're only friends (ostensibly), Kevin has far fewer ideas.
  • Mic Drop: When Kevin sees Connie and Steven are together again, he uses a microphone to announce Stevonnie's coming. When the two of them decide it's time to leave without fusing, Kevin drops the mic by accident.
  • Mistaken Age: Kevin assumes Steven and Connie are both around seven, but they're actually fourteen and twelve to thirteen years old, respectively. With Steven, this is because he's Older Than They Look, though even Connie is bizarrely short for a preteen.
  • Mixed Metaphor:
    Steven: Nice weather you're wearing.
    Connie: Uh... I got your texts.
  • Motivational Lie: Steven had no interest in coming to Kevin's party until he said Connie was going. As Kevin is leaving, Steven realizes he probably got Connie to come by telling her that Steven was already going.
  • Mundane Made Awesome: Kevin describes throwing a good party as a quest for ultimate glory.
    Everyone's gonna be talking about this night until they're old grandparents, and their last words to their grandchildren will be "Kevin throws the best parties." I wouldn't normally do this because you're a pitiful kid with snot coming out of your nose, but I need those old people to whisper my name when they die.
  • Noodle Incident: Kevin hints that he had a bad breakup with a girl named Sabina.
  • Not So Similar: Kevin tells Steven about how he broke up with a girl named Sabina, and tries to give advice based on his experience. It doesn't work; while Connie and Steven are close, they aren't a couple, and Kevin's advice doesn't help.
  • O.O.C. Is Serious Business: Connie and Steven both realize they're really desperate to see each other if they're willing to come to Kevin's party to do so.
  • Pet the Dog: Surprisingly, despite Kevin's plan being motivated by his narcissism, he shows something resembling kindness when encouraging Steven to talk to Connie. Also, despite previously calling Stevonnie "girl", he uses more gender-neutral terms this time around ("they", "someone", etc.). Although it wasn't his intention, Steven and Connie thank him for his help.
  • Poor Communication Kills:
    • It turns out that Connie wasn't ignoring Steven (at least, not intentionally), she was just having trouble articulating over the phone that she wanted space and eventually decided that she wanted to discuss their problem in person, but Steven had left on vacation by the time she tried.
    • At the party, both Steven and Connie, due to awkwardness and being unsure of where they stood (due to Steven believing that Connie's new look combined with her total lack of response to his previous attempts to reach out and make amends were signs that she had decided to move on from him, and Connie presumably being uncertain of what Steven thinks of her after unintentionally leaving him completely in the dark for the last few weeks), fail to communicate: Steven by following Kevin's manipulative advice to make Connie jealous, and Connie by not simply walking over and speaking to Steven right from the start.
  • Reality Ensues: Kevin, having apparently never had a positive relationship in his life, has no idea how to help Steven and Connie, since they're not dating and that's the best he's ever had (and even the one relationship he mentioned ended badly, from what we hear).
  • Rule of Pool: There's a swimming pool in the middle of the party that Kevin falls into when he walks after Lion walking on water.
  • Saying Too Much: As Kevin urges Steven not to go back to Connie while crying uncontrollably with a running nose, he accidentally implies he's been in a similar state.
    Kevin: If you don't pull it together, you're gonna regret it. And it'll be Sabina all over again!
    Steven: Wh—Who's... Who's Sabina?
    (Kevin pauses before his face turns red and he tries to compose himself)
  • Shout-Out: Kevin remarks that he thought Steven's name was "Clarence" for some reason.
  • Stepford Smiler:
    • Kevin, having mistaken Connie to be Steven's ex-girlfriend, advises Steven to make his life look as if it's going great without her, regardless of his actual feelings, so she'll want to come back. Steven ends up looking so happy, Connie starts to feel that he's glad, or at the very least, no longer cares that she's gone.
      • Prior to this, Connie, even after she and Steven notice each other, continues to happily socialize with the other party guests (at least at first). While somewhat subverted as she seemed to be genuinely having a good time in spite of her personal troubles, the fact that she continues to happily socialize instead of going straight over to Steven to talk (which was the whole reason she even showed up at the party at all), combined with her new look, having Lion at her side, and her leaving Steven completely in the dark during the last few weeks, leave him feeling that she (and possibly Lion as well) has moved on from him and no longer wants anything to do with him, which consequently leaves him desperate enough to listen to Kevin's advice.
    • Steven admits that his blasé attitude after getting back to Earth from Homeworld in "Dewey Wins" was just his way of trying to cope with everything that happened by acting like it was no big deal, but it was a big deal and realizes that it didn't help Connie get over what happened at all.
  • Stunned Silence: Kevin asks Steven if he's messaged Connie. Steven answers "several dozen times", and Kevin pauses for multiple seconds with a shocked face.
  • Sympathy for the Hero: Despite his selfish reasons, Kevin does feel sympathy for Steven and his troubles with Connie.
  • The Voice: Several jokes involve a guy named Derrick, who's heard but always offscreen, even when Kevin steals his jacket to give to Steven.
  • They Wasted a Perfectly Good Sandwich: A bag of snacks Steven brought to the party get thrown over a fence by Kevin.
  • Unusually Uninteresting Sight: None of the partygoers pay much attention to a pink lion standing in the middle of the pool. They're much more interested in Kevin falling into the pool because he didn't notice either.
  • Weirdness Censor: Kevin knows that Stevonnie is somehow related to Connie and Steven being in close proximity. That this in itself is strange or that Stevonnie is human-alien hybrid fusion of the two children seems to entirely escape him.
  • Worthy Opponent: Kevin seems to have acknowledged Stevonnie as this; he admits that Stevonnie is cooler than him, and that having them at his party would elevate his status.