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Shub-Niggurath, Divine Mother of a Thousand Young (The Black Goat of the Woods with a Thousand Young, The Mother Goddess, Chiyo)
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Intermediate Goddesses

    Jun Kazama 
Jun Kazama, "Vanishing" Goddess of Absent Mothers (Ecological Fighter, Light of Hope, Unknown)
Jun's classic design
Jun in Tekken 8 

Lesser Goddesses

    Amida Arca 
Amida Arca, Goddess of Leading Wives in a Harem
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Turbines Emblem. Alternatively, the head unit of her red STH-05/AC Hyakuren
  • Theme Music: Teiwaz Accordion ver. (Shared with Naze)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Top Wife of Naze Turbine, Ace Pilot, Action Mom, Ambiguously Brown, Rugged Scar Across Her Torso, Statuesque Stunner, Pink Prototype Hyakuren, Going Down with the Ship, Impaled with Extreme Prejudice, Together in Death With Naze
  • Domain(s): Harems, Mafia, Death
  • Heralds: Lafter Frankland, Half of the Turbines (the other half are with Naze)
  • Followers: P-01s/Horizon Ariadust, Queen Katerina, Prala, the First Lady, Tnneya
  • Allies: Naze Turbine (her husband), Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka, Rias Gremory, Raku Ichijou and Chitoge Kirisaki
  • Enemies: Most Gundam villains, Glenn Quagmire, Zeus, Hera
  • Harems are such a tricky affair. If affections for the wives are not explicitly balanced, then one will inevitably be favored over all the others.
    • When Naze Turbine was nominated for ascension under Sexy Man, Instant Harem, someone in the Court decided to nominate Amida Arca for the trope Top Wife so she can join him. It helps that she fits the trope really well and—as was the case of Penny—an ascension for that trope had the prerequisite for being able to apply for the trope to one of the Pantheon's deities already present. Sure, Naze was just on his way up, but it still counts.
  • After the ascension ceremony that followed (and the heartfelt reunion with Tekkadan's leaders), the two were escorted to their separate temples, only to then each find a portal that takes them to a spatial dimension that holds the TIR-0009 Hammerhead's interior. The portals also allow both of them to visit each other's temples so that neither are as separated as their Houses would otherwise require them to be due to distance. This ship of theirs (and the mobile suits within) can also be fielded from either temple by portal.
    • And greeting them inside were others in the Turbines who made it in the Pantheon as well, though—just like with Tekkadan—it wasn't all of them, for some reason. Specifically, only those who have died, Lafter Frankland among them, have ascended with Naze and Amida as their heralds.
  • No longer part of Teiwaz, the couple were immediately invited to the GUAG. Despite being from what was essentially a Yakuza In Space, they're treated somewhat better than Tekkadan's is.
    • Due to a shortage of ships as a result of his frame-up and Iok's attack against his fleet, extra ships and supplies from the GUAG have been provided to compensate for those losses, though it's not that much given his significantly smaller crew compared to his previous count of 50,000.
    • Speaking of yakuza, this got them the attention of Kazuma Kiryu, who has history as such a member himself. That said, he can see that the Turbines aren't even that evil, so he gets along with Naze just fine. His good care with kids has also earned him Amida's approval as well.
  • Being part of an unorthodox love dynamic means it wasn't long before the usual rivals who get involved in such affairs, Princess Cadance and Kyu Sugardust, come over to evaluate their relationship.
    • Being in the neighborhood at the time, the alicorn princess decided to pay her a visit and was concerned with Amida's relationship with Naze and how his harem hasn't fallen into the usual jealousy pitfalls she expected there to be. The mobile suit pilot decided to invite her in to the Hammerhead so she can tell the full story.
    • After being escorted to a recreational room—at around the same time Naze was bringing in Kyu, and after the Turbines were familiarized with their rivalry—the couple narrated the tale of how they met and how they formed the crew they see here today.
    • By the end of the tale, Cadance was close to shedding tears while Kyu was left somber; after all, marrying ladies in order to rescue them from their previous exploitative careers is a pretty special circumstance, and Naze was lucky that Amida was fully on board with his plans.
  • Pilots a customized pink Hyakuren that was among the first nine straight from production before the project ran out of budget and started making cutbacks. Its primary melee weapon is a huge, vicious-looking, and very sharp knife, which Amida's very good at using to its fullest, and its standard ranged weapon is a heavy-duty 130mm rifle.
  • Despite how she's usually dressed, thus showing her chest and the scar across it, she's pretty experienced in motherhood and is good with children.
  • Is known to be an exceptional mobile suit pilot even without any form of enhancements most of her opponents had, going toe-to-toe with mass production MSs, super prototypes, and even a Gundam, all while taking only light damage. It took a bombardment of railguns to bring her down, and even then she managed to get a shot at the enemy commanding ship's bridge before expiring.
  • Despite her being clearly a married woman, Glenn Quagmire has attempted to who her, naturally to little success. She's also aware of his track record with women and how violent his... "lovemaking" with them is.
  • The situation with Raku and Chitoge has a similarity to Naze and Amida's; they used the pretense of marriage for protection purposes, the older couple for rescuing exploited women and the marriage was legal, and the younger pair pretended to be a couple to keep their yakuza families from tearing each other apart, although it does become real by the end.

    Madame Foster 
Martha Foster, Goddess of Cool Old Ladies (Madame Foster)
  • Allies: The Imaginary Friends, Piccolo, Alice, DW Read, Muriel Bagge, Babar, Mrs. Claus, Van Hohenheim, Cow and Chicken, Princess Carolyn, Gumball Watterson, Yukie, Jane Marple, Rudy Tabootie and Snap White, Candice White, Marceline the Vampire Queen, Wander, Ben and May Parker
  • Enemies: Carol/Mom, Needles Kane
  • Respected by: Nana
  • Considers all other members of the pantheon to be her grandkids. Seldom seen in the main areas of the Family House due to her difficulty climbing stairs.
  • Allows Piccolo to take over whenever she's away. Some find this to be a bad idea.
  • One of the only gods who can tolerate DW as Madame Foster found about DW's Imaginary Friend, Nadine. DW was slightly shock that the old woman could see her friend, but after finding out that Nadine became real, DW is now seen with Madame Foster on a daily basis.
  • Due to living in a pantheon like this, she has had to state on multiple occasions that eldiritch abominations are off limits in her business. They just all happen to be too sinister and too powerful for the prison she hold for imaginary friends of that caliber.
  • Van Hohenheim once mistook Madame Foster for his good friend Pinako Rockbell. The two ended up becoming good friends over a drink though; Martha reminds him a lot of Winry's grandmother.
  • Because of his series's original intention of finding a home for abandoned characters, Martha took a liking to Gumball Watterson. However, Gumball initially tried to run away from her because he thought she suspected his family was screw up and tried to adopt him. After resolving his misunderstanding through a face-to-face, Gumball can be seen hanging out neat the Foster home as he is surrounded by beings as weird as his friends are.
  • She was more than happy to listen to Miss Marple's various mysteries over the years. The God of Cool Old Ladies was glad to find a similarly aged woman who is spry for her age. She agreed to share those stories to the imaginary friends who live in her temple.
  • Martha is really not fond of Needles Kane as he creeps everyone in her foster home. They aren't impressed with his imaginary friend either, as its just a normal paper bag. Hearing this, Kane rampaged through the House, rammed his Sweet Tooth truck into their temple and attempted to chop Bloo to pieces. This led to of course, a restraint order on Kane's part.

    Sophitia Alexandra 
Sophitia Alexandra, Goddess of Action Mothers (Sophie)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: The Omega Sword & Elk Shield
  • Theme Music: Fearless Eyes, Sacred Dawn
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (was once Neutral Evil by force and desperation in one Timeline)
  • Portfolio: Action Mom, Decided to Combat Soul Edge over her Husband, Has a Stable Marriage with Rothion, Nice Girl, The Girly Girl to her Sister's Tomboy, Light Is Good, Gorgeous Greek, Hair of Gold, Heart of Gold, Absolute Altruism, Paladin and Paragon Archetypes, Religious Bruiser, Is Idolized by Cassandra
  • Domains: Family, Motherhood, War, Protection, Holiness
  • Heralds: Patroklos and Pyrrha Alexandra (her children), Rothion (her husband), Lucius Alexandra (her younger brother)
  • Allies: Cassandra Alexandra (her younger sister), Hildegard von Krone, King Arthur Pendragon, Arturia Pendragon, Jeanne D' Arc, Izumi Curtis, Statesman, Percy Jackson and his Friends, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Heracles, Link, Lucina, Bryan Mills, Asura
  • Odd Friendship: Tyrion
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Grøh, Zasalamel
  • Enemies: Nightmare, Soul Calibur, Cervantes de Leon, Tira, Badgirl, Dr. Sofia Lamb, Ares, Morathi, The Child Abuse Supporters, Darkseid
  • Pities: Anakin Skywalker/Darth Vader, Kratos
  • Worships Deities of Greek Religion, Vulcan (Hephaestus in Roman Interpretations)
  • Watching Over: Atreus
  • Respected By: Algol
  • Sophitia Alexandra was once a woman who showed a strong devotion towards the Greek Pantheon. Initially, she was set for a normal, yet happy, life when she married Rothion. However, fate would intervene when the cursed blade, Soul Edge, was beginning to resurface, prompting several warriors from across the world to begin searching for the legendary blade for their own desires and goals. In Sophitia's case, she was contacted by Hephaestus, who warned her of the sword's malicious and destructive nature and personally blessed her with the divine will of the Greek Gods. Sophitia was also granted the Omega Sword and Elk Shield, the latter of which was forged by Rothion via a holy ore, before choosing to go out and look for Soul Edge, battling countless foes and Malfested, beings who were corrupted by Soul Edge, before stumbling upon the current wielder of the blade, Cervantes de Leon, an undead pirate who sought to use the blade to assert control over the seas and the world. Sophitia and Cervantes duelled viciously, with the latter gaining the upper hand before the former received the unexpected aid of the ninja, Taki. However, Sophitia was struck with a serious blow from Cervantes, causing a shard of Soul Edge to be embedded into her body, though it wore the pirate off to the extent where Taki was able to kill him. Taki then took to treating Sophitia's wounds and removing the sharks in her body before dropping her to her own family while Taki took to departing to Japan.
    • This, however, was not the end of Soul Edge, and things would take a turn for the worse. A being known as Nightmare emerged and used Soul Edge to carve a way of carnage and destruction. Around the same time, Sophitia bore two children with Rothion; Pyrrha and Patroklos. She still took to reentering the battlefield to combat the Azure Knight, though her younger sister, Cassandra, also decided to enter the battle to reach Soul Edge and Soul Calibur, at one point, stealing the Omega Sword and Elk Shield to prevent Sophitia from taking another burden in protecting the world and doing it herself. Regardless, Sophitia would venture out regardless, but things took a turn for the worst when Tira kidnapped her daughter, Pyrrha and subjected her to Soul Edge's influence. Blackmailed and left with little choice, Sophitia was pressured into siding with Nightmare's forces to ensure Pyrrha's safety. Siegfried eventually managed to slay Nightmare, but destroying the source of Soul Edge also ended up killing Pyrrha, after which Sophitia decided to use up the remaining shards of Soul Edge in her body to resurrect her daughter at the cost of her own life.
  • However, in a new timeline, it seems as if fate is now playing with events more differently. Though Sophitia is destined to conceive a child at some point, it still not going to stop her from fulfilling her duty to serve her gods and to save the world from Nightmare and Soul Edge. That said, Cassandra had become far more aware of the events that are to happen in the old timeline and has become far more assertive in preventing her family's tragedy from happening again.
    • Incidentally, these events also attracted the attention of the Greek Gods and, by extension, the Trope Pantheons. They took heed to the destructive nature and conclusion of the old timeline and recognized that the warriors in the new timeline are determined to make a difference this time. With Sophitia being one of the most staunch and enduring of the cast, she was among the first to be properly recognized and given a place in the Pantheon. Though she was technically yet to become a mother, her actions in the old timeline were still displays of incredible valour and familial love and it was certain that her new timeline version will retain those traits. Hence, Sophitia was crowned to represent mothers who will enter the battlefield if it means protecting or proving herself worthy for her children, courtesy of Hephaestus. And such a position was one of the most honoured to be given, especially for someone like Sophitia.
  • Thanks to her experience of fighting against Soul Edge and the feats that she managed to accomplish as a warrior, it was natural for the Grand United Alliance of Good to sought her out. With Soul Edge attracting numerous warriors of evil from different sides, she was keen to accept being inducted into the GUAG Sacred Knights where she was anointed into playing the role of mediator and moral benefactor within the group. As someone who was eloquent in giving advice and encouragement and was being a capable fighter, she won the respect of many of the other members there.
    • Sophitia is also one of the very few individuals who are capable of purifying and restoring a Malfested into their original selves without killing them, courtesy of her blessing by the Greek Gods. This was seen as a major asset in the battle against Soul Edge and usually, she is among the first to head out in objectives should reports of Malfested be identified. Although her efforts are valiant, she does have a tendency to butt heads against Grøh, who is driven by vengeance via the death of his friend Curtis and being corrupted by Nightmare, and seeks to kill off any identified Malfested. He is aware that he is one himself and doesn't mind being killed off in case he loses control of himself, though Sophitia is unwilling to let those happen, choosing to sympathize and wanting to help Grøh from his pain. While it is difficult for both of them, they are in agreement that there are things beyond just Soul Edge that need to be tended to as well.
  • As befitting of her position, Sophitia is one of the most respected and beloved residents of the House of Family and Relatives, with many being eager to talk and learn some combat techniques and wisdom from her. She is willing to give them the advice and practice necessary, though she's not willing to want too much praise from her fans and admirers, only stating that she did what she did because it was a divine duty.
    • Being a fierce warrior and a more devoted mother, Sophitia is not afraid to call out on those who indulge in abuse and neglect. Quickly enough, she came to directly oppose the Child Abuse Supporters, especially Lady Tremaine for her treatment of Cinderella and for not really doing an adequate job on raising her two biological daughters either, a perspective that Tremaine herself scoffs. On a more serious note, Sophitia finds Sofia Lamb to be the most reprehensible out of the established evil mothers in the Pantheon. While Sophitia took it upon herself to destroy Soul Edge to keep the world safe and would do anything to keep her children safe, even if it meant working with those she opposed, Sofia abused and used her own daughter, Elenore, whilst fairing about creating an ideal Utopia when it was anything but when she is willing to sacrifice Elenore to reach her goals. Being I. The same Hall doesn't improve matters either, with Sophitia and Sofia being neck-and-neck towards one another. It's clear that they can't stand each other, which prompts a lot of other deities to break up any potential in-fighting that can happen between them.
  • A devout believer of the ancient Greek Pantheon, it's a common sight to see Sophitia take visitations to the House of Religion and Faith, where she would offer her prayers and make contact with the very gods that she worships. Unsurprisingly, Hephaestus expresses outright admiration and respect for her, seeing Sophitia as a being that represents the best of her kind and religion, both by personality and by her prowess and determination. Even Zeus expresses some respect for her and is one of the few women that the King of the Gods will not act like a jerk towards, let alone make incredibly questionable moves and actions towards. Still, she's not exactly happy with how Zeus has done some unforgiving deeds and that there's still a lot to do before he can properly earn her approval. Zeus is sure to remedy that at some point and does acknowledge that the gravitas of his actions means that his redemption is indeed a long road.
    • To her surprise, Hephaestus is yet to be ascended into the Pantheon, especially given how much of a notable presence the Greek Gods already possess. Sophitia had decided to put in some good faith that someday, Hephaestus will make it in and be officially recognized. To make up for this, she takes community service in her own fashion, attending Hephaestus's company in her homeworld while trying to honour his reputation in the Pantheon. It'll be a long road, but Sophitia will carry on.
      • Later on, Sophitia realized that, upon having a conversation with Zeus, it turned out that Hephaestus was actually in the Pantheon, but ended up taking up a different name under Vulcan, which is what he's known as in Roman Mythology. Her devotion to his Greek iteration was welcoming for Vulcan and he further liked Sophitia for being, in his words, a wondrous individual who is as good of a warrior as she is a mother. He also took an inspection of the Omega Sword and Elk Shield and described them as finely crafted and well suited for someone like Sophitia, alongside praising Rothion for making the latter. While Vulcan may not be the Hephaestus she knows, Sophitia keeps in contact with him and the Smith God expresses that she should spend as much time enjoying her life with her loved ones as much as she does fighting for them.
  • While she naturally opposes Soul Edge for its evil nature and for corrupting and ruining so many innocent lives, an extra sense of tragedy is also thrown in when it turns out that Soul Calibur itself is not as virtuous nor wise as it made itself out to be. If anything, Sophitia began to detest the supposedly "holy sword" just as much for refusing to see anything possessed by Soul Edge as anything other than monsters to be slaughtered, Pyrrha included. The fact that it goaded her son, Patroklos, into killing his sister further sours that notion, alongside Soul Calibur using the physical appearance of Sophitia upon taking the guise of Elysium. Needless to say, Sophitia only sees Soul Calibur as an enemy, which is further highlighted by how Cassandra herself was able to see through the sword's deceptiveness and shrewd nature, which only prompted her to try destroying both it and Soul Edge.
    • During her final days, Sophitia would come to learn of the legendary Hero King, Algol, who was responsible for the creation of Soul Calibur. While he may have indirectly caused a catalyst of events that bought upon death, misery and despair towards many, Algol himself was driven by grief after accidentally killing his own son when the latter was corrupted by Soul Edge and used a shard of the Cursed Sword to forge Soul Calibur under the risk of his own soul. However, despite the two having fueled with one another, Algol has come to see Sophitia with great respect, due to her pure nature and her determination of wanting to protect and look after her children. Hearing of her sacrifice only furthers the Hero King's admiration towards her. Sophitia feels sympathetic for Algol and, as a result, the two are on amicable terms with one other for now.
  • Kratos was a controversial figure for Greek ethnic deities for a very long time. It's one thing that he suffered abuse, neglect and being disrespected by many, especially the Greek Gods, but then he ended up redirecting all of his rage to killing most of the Pantheon, Hephaestus and Zeus included. Sophitia initially disliked the Ghost of Sparta for quite some time until further circumstances revealed that Kratos was unsatisfied and felt regretful and ashamed for his past sections. This prompted Sophitia to approach him, where the two actually managed to understand one another in taking in a lot of burdens. Like Algol beforehand, Kratos came to respect Sophitia for her love towards her children, though he chose to keep himself distant. While Sophitia hasn't fully forgiven the former God of War for his actions, she decided that it was best if he took the time to reflect on his actions and prove himself capable of redemption. That said, Kratos isn't really on board with Sophitia still being devoted to the Greek Gods, most of whom are still not over Kratos killing them (though he does express some sympathy towards Hephaestus to an extent, given that his last actions of trying to kill Kratos were really only driven by the fact that he wanted to protect Pandora, whom he saw as a daughter).
    • Later on, Sophitia would learn of Kratos's son, Atreus, who ended up ascending into the Pantheon a little later. Sophitia heard about Calliope during the one time she spoke to Kratos, so Atreus's presence was surprising. In more shocking news, she was stunned to see that Kratos was doing the best he could to teach his son in becoming a morally better man than he was and with decent results. Sophitia was happy to see that Kratos was making progress in wanting to be a better man and a good father. In fact, when she met Atreus, the two got along pretty well and with enough convincing from Atreus's side, Kratos decided to trust Sophitia enough to allow her to look after his son for some time. Given that both were loving parents in their own way, this was the most he could have done to showing respect to Sophitia, which she reciprocated.
  • She's known for being one of the more notable Greek deities in the Pantheon who isn't an actual deity either. It helps her to stand out more among them, in more ways than one. Though she's not exactly the kind of woman who is all too interested in the concept of Fanservice, not to mention she's more fixated on family matters and trying to stop Soul Edge's influences. Many have noted that she doesn't get the irony of her not caring about her looks when everyone else seems to think she's really attractive.
    • While not exactly of Greek ethnicity, Percy Jackson is a demigod son of Poseidon and made his own contribution to saving the world before with the help of his friends and the Greek Pantheon. His loyalty to those he sees as companions and proving himself as a worthy successor to the Greek Pantheon (even if he chose not to take up immortality and the responsibility of Godhood) did endear Sophitia, who quickly went to befriend him. She was open to teaching Percy and his friends martial and combat training, provided they now live in a world where many are expected to face off against beings stronger than themselves. By extension, she also got along well with Leo Valdez, in part due to being Hephaestus's son, though his difficulty in controlling his pyrokinetic powers makes Sophitia concerned over it's destructive capabilities. She is still eager to help him out though.
  • She and Wonder Woman have a great deal of respect and camaraderie towards one another. It helps that both of them are warriors with Greek influences, with Wonder Woman once being a demigoddess that was descended from the old Greek Pantheon. Being good friends, Wonder Woman took Sophitia to Themyscira where she was scheduled to take up combat against several Amazonian warriors to prove her worth as a warrior blessed by the gods. She held her own pretty well and gave a good fight against Wonder Woman herself, despite losing the fight. Regardless, she earned the other Amazonians' respect and Wonder Woman took to seeing Sophitia as an honorary member of her kind.
    • From the same universe as Wonder Woman, there was a possible scenario where Darkseid, a New God who ruled the dystopic planet of Apokolips would kill the Greek Pantheon as a means to power himself up and with the help of his daughter, Grail. And with the Greek gods being representatives in the Pantheon, this also meant that they would be targets once again. Sophitia immediately took this as a sign to oppose the Lord of Tyranny for his actions and for being willing to target the other mythological god's beyond just the Greek versions. As for Darkseid himself, he couldn't care less about Sophitia, but in case she becomes too much of a threat and presence, he is more than willing to challenge her or to use her loved ones as leverage in exchange for humiliating Sophitia in the most terrible way possible.
  • While not familiar with Superheroics, Sophitia still came to become good allies with Statesman, thanks to the latter being imbued with the powers of Greek gods and using them to do good. That said, Statesman can be rather harsh and critical when it comes to the job and effectiveness of other heroes, but luckily, he sees Sophitia as a good example of a paragon and sincerely wishes her well. That, and he's not going to egg her on the fact that she worked with Nightmare at one point. Statesman became a father at one point as well, so it's possible that he would have been in a very hard position if his daughter, Miss Liberty, and his granddaughter, Ms. Liberty, were put in the same situation as Sophitia and Pyrrha were.
  • During her time in the House of Family, Sophitia came across Tyrion, himself a great paragon, in his case towards the High Elves of Ulthuan. Both have strong familial instincts and as a result, the two got along. However, what really got them talking was when Sophitia could out about the Widowmaker, a sword forges by the Elven War God, Khaine, whose possession is said to corrupt the mindset of any that wields it. Conversely, Tyrion was shocked to realize just how similar the Widowmaker and Soul Edge were, though, in the case of the latter, Soul Edge was a truly evil being that needed to be stopped, whereas the Widowmaker can only be hidden away for the time being. Out of concern, Sophitia does try to look after Tyrion in case his younger twin brother, Teclis, isn't around. Though he may be haughty and brash like the other High Elves, Sophitia is one of the few hand that he can respect. That, and the two have united in opposing Morathi, who was a major influence in tempting Tyron to take up the Widowmaker and poison his mind during the End Times. That, and she's a wicked, shrewd witch whose manipulations and deceptions towards her son, Malekith does not score her points for good parenting. If anything, it only serves to further Sophitia exhibiting her enmity towards the Hag Sorceress as she is a threat who will not back down in reaching her goals.
My resolve... Will never falter!

    Talia al Ghul 
Talia al Ghul, Goddess of Persian Baby Mamas (Talia Head, Leviathan, The Demon Star, Miranda Tate)


    Kitty Forman 
Katherine "Kitty" Forman, Goddess of Doting Mothers

    Olenna Tyrell 
Olenna Tyrell, Goddess of Old Ladies Not To Be Trifled With (Olenna Redwyne before marriage, The Queen of Thorns)

    Princess Carolyn 
Princess Carolyn, Goddess of The Law of Inverse Fertility and Tongue Twisters (Carolyn, PC, Tangled Fog of Pulsating Yearning In The Shape Of A Woman, Priscilla Crustacean, Pink Cat Lady)
  • Demigoddess.
  • Symbol: Her collar
  • Theme Music: I Love You, Princess Carolyn
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, though can occasionally slip into Lawful Evil territory to get her way.
  • Portfolio: Really wanting to have a child, but being unable to because of her infertility, Iron Lady, Control Freak, Pink Means Feminine, Is fond of using Tongue Twisters moreso than anyone, Can be rather mean but is nice deep down, A very Honest Advisor, Had far more mastery of BoJack's life than the latter, Constantly hooked up with and broke up with BoJack but ended their relationship for real after some time, Eventually adopted a baby porcupine, Happily Married to Judah, After her long and painful struggles she got a happy ending with her husband and adopted daughter
  • Domains: Cats, Mothers, Infertility, Desire, Children
  • Heralds: Vincent Adultman; Judah Mannowdog, Ruthie (Her husband and daughter respectively)
  • High Priests: Klaus and Lydia
  • Allies: BoJack Horseman, Todd Chavez, All Good Parents, Most of the Deities in the House of Surrogate Relationships, Amida Arca, Madame Foster, Sophitia Alexandra, Top Speed, Kitty Forman, Chi-Chi, Selma Ježková, Bugs Bunny, Bunnymund, Mrs. Brisby, Monterrey Jack, Powerpuff Girls, Lola Bunny, Donald Duck, Goofy, Mulan, Minato Namikaze and Kushina Uzumaki, Tenzin, Melody, Greg Universe, Cow and Chicken, The Baudelaire Orphans, Summer Smith, Anne-Marie, Francis.
  • Enemies: All Abusive Parents in the Pantheon (Especially Lady Tremaine, Ozai and Scar), The Hyenas, Katz, Evil-Aligned Deities of the House of Tainted Love,
  • Clients: Various in the Pantheon Theatre
  • Respected by: The Good-Aligned Deities in the House of Family Carl Fredricksen
  • Annoyed by: Garfield, Screwy Squirrel, Daffy Duck, The Wilkerson Family
  • Neutral Opinion: The Boss, King Asgore.
  • Hollywoo saw the rise, fall and redemption of BoJack's fame. But he wasn't alone on his personal quest. Princess Carolyn was one of BoJack's closest friends, being his on-and-off girlfriend as well as his agent, being in charge of furthering the horse's career she was tough-as-nails and rather quick witted. But even she had her own personal struggles, with her biggest one being her desire for a family and a child, despite her best tries she had never gotten pregnant, but one day she did. Except it was a miscarriage, and soon enough, it was revealed that it wasn't her first miscarriage, either, and that she had a long history of miscarriages, which all had ruined her romantic relationships. But things looked on the bright side for her once she went through a personal journey of self-discovery and reflection, eventually deciding to adopt a baby porcupine, and after learning how to deal with the struggles of being a single mother for months she got married to Judah, an old acquaintance of her. Allowing her story that we saw to end on a happy note for the most part, even if her loyalty to BoJack was shaken after his own unsavory actions came to light and she found herself unable to defend him due to his ego.
  • Princess Carolyn was ascended when her struggles with desiring to be a mother came up and just how far it drove her actions and character arc. Thus once she sorted out her issues with maternity she was given the title of Goddess of the Law of Inverse Fertility and ascended into the Pantheon.
  • While her faith and loyalty to BoJack were shaken after certain revelations, Carolyn remains a friend of his regardless, she occasionally visits him in his temple to check on him and his emotional state, especially after BoJack's bouts of therapy in the Pantheon. The two remain close friends despite all their problems in the past and are friendly with each other's allies.
  • She's become a target of the antics of various screwballs in the Pantheon, such as Screwy Squirrel and Daffy Duck, who enjoy tormenting her due to her no-nonsense personality, but unlike most of their victims, she tends to get the last laugh on them as she's far more calm and collected than the people they usually antagonize.
  • She's gained the respect of the House of Family and Relatives due to her putting aside her issues with maternity and adopting a baby porcupine from a couple of teenaged parents. Carl Fredicksen has also come to respect her for the same reason, as he himself once had a desire to have children with his deceased wife, Ellie, but couldn't in the end due to Ellie's infertility, as such he's happy that PC has found a way to have children in spite of her infertility, Carolyn herself admires Fredicksen's determination to fulfill (what he believed to be) his wife's greatest wish.
  • Her husband, Judah, seemingly never leaves her temple. According to Carolyn: "He just can't stop living in the business world even when I'm a Goddess". Some Deities have spread rumors that Judah has left his temple in some occasions but nothing is confirmed yet.
  • She's bonded with other good parents in the Pantheon, often sharing parenting tips and learning some from other parents, one particular and unexpected friend was Toriel Dreemur who also adopted a child from a different species to her.
    • Likewise, any Abusive Parent in the Pantheon is an instant enemy of hers, especially those who wanted/want their children dead or actively put them through harm, viewing them as the most selfish and cowardly of people there is.
    • She has mixed feelings on Asgore, mainly because she finds his killing of children reprimandable and disgusting, but can ultimately understand his actions once she looked into them. With all that said, she has made statements that her views on Asgore are neutral.
    • Similarly to Asgore, she has mixed feelings about the Boss, and though her opinions on the Boss have become less negative over the years, she still remains rather neutral on her views towards her and mostly strays clear of her path.
  • To a lot of deities' surprise, she took her status as a Goddess in a rather humbled manner. This is mostly due to her past experiences letting her know that obtaining a high position and letting the fame get over to her head can end badly. She mostly states that in her time in the Pantheon she'll be sure to keep her work from the mortal realm of assisting actors and other entertainment industry workers on kickstarting/improving their careers.
  • She has gotten well along with fellow feline deities like Bastet, Sylvester, Tom and the Pink Panther. Likewise she's good friends with all good-natured rodents and lapines, mainly thanks to her world being one where all sorts of animals live together and her experiences with one of her ex-boyfriends, Ralph, who was a really Nice Guy to her.
  • She's gotten herself many new jobs and stars to handle in the House of Theatre and Spectacle, this has put her back to work, and as a workaholic, she's glad to do what she's the best at. Her clients usually admire her for her knowledge of the world of spectacle, even if her ruthless and no-nonsense attitude can intimidate them.
  • Among her enemies stand those who are willing to utilize people for their own selfish needs, particularly those who employ emotional manipulation and blackmail. Likewise, those who use other people to boost their own reputation without caring about harming them do not leave a good of an impression on her.
  • She's also become friends with Mae Borowski another cynical and emotionally complex feline in the Pantheon, she's felt a need to mentor Mae further on accepting her adulthood, given how she reminds Carolyn of Todd's own immaturity at growing up and the responsibilities of adult life.
  • It's good advice not to try and underestimate her, as many have found out, Carolyn is not one cat to be trifled with and can outsmart higher ranking deities with her quick wits and willingness to play dirty to get her way.
  • She feels bad for all the orphaned kids, among the notable ones are the Baudelaire children, who not only had to deal with losing their parents, but with bad people wanting to get the money that they'll inherit.
  • She's also extremely frustrated by the utterly dysfunctional Wilkerson Family, and has on many occasions tried and get them to "get their shit together", but much to her displeasure she's gotten nowhere near close to her goals of stabilizing their dynamics. One occasion had her straight-up fistfight Lois when she disagreed with the latter's methods of encouraging her children to grow. Both combatants were eventually forced to stop their fight, but have remained bitter enemies ever since. She does at least get along individually with Hal, whom she views as more inept than a jerk, and Malcolm, given that he is usually more amicable than the rest of his family sans Hal.
  • Another title she got was being the Goddess of Tongue Twisters, and no one was dumb enough to try and contest her for it, as she swiftly left Deities of all ranks baffled with her ability to say utterly complex twisters without missing a beat or problem. Not even Overdeities adept at speech patterns were willing to dispute her position once she got it. Ever since, she will sprinkle them when she can in her dialogue, per her own words: she's the best at it.

    Dr. Sofia Lamb 
Dr. Sofia Lamb, Goddess of Evil Mothers (Head of the Rapture Family, Dr. Lamb)

    Son Chi-Chi 
Son Chi-Chi, Goddess of Unopposed and Scary Mothers (Chichi, Anonymous, The Ox-Princess, Name-Withheld-Upon-Request, Milk)
Click here to see her in childhood 
Click here to see her as a teenager 
  • Demigoddess (Intermediate to Greater Goddess when angry)
  • Symbol: Her preteen outfit (or at least the helmet)
  • Theme Music: Goku and Chi Chi, Home Sweet Home
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Education Mama, Feared by Many, Hair-Trigger Temper, Protective of Her Sons
  • Domains: Motherhood, Education, Temperament
  • Herald: the Ox King (her father)
  • High Priestess: Nicole Watterson
  • Followers: Beverly Goldberg, Mamako Oosuki
  • Allies: Son Goku (her husband), Son Gohan, Son Goten (her sons), Son Videl (her daughter-in-law), Mr. Satan, Krillin, Piccolo, Yamcha, Vegeta, Bulma, Jun Kazama, Sophitia Alexandria, Kushina Uzumaki
  • Enemies: Fused Zamasu, Majin Buu, Cell, Frieza, the original Broly
  • The daughter of the legendary Ox-King who originally lived in a grand castle on Mt. Frypan, Chi-Chi is Goku's first and only love (though he didn't realize it when they first met). At the start Chi-Chi was rather panicky, attacking anything threatening with extreme force (for example, she beheaded a T-Rex with only the blade on her helmet), though eventually grew out of this to become a rather firm fighter. At first when Chi-Chi asked Goku to wed, he agreed, under the impression marriage was food. When he realized his mistake years later, he still gladly agreed to marry her anyway.
    • She would bear him two children, Son Gohan (named after Goku's adoptive grandfather, after numerous attempts by Chi-Chi to give him "smart guy" names were rejected by the boy himself) and Son Goten. With Gohan, she was a rather overprotective parent, worrying about his education to the point that it clashed with his saving the world. She loosened up somewhat with Goten, training him personally herself (in honor of her husband who'd been dead at the time following the events of the Cell Games), though still worries about her family's welfare in general and panicks about the blonde "delinquent" look of the Super Saiyan transformation.
  • She ascended after hearing about the offhanded comments about Gohan being in the house of Power and Abilities and demanded that he'd be moved to the House of Knowledge. Unfortunately for them, she didn't seem pleased after hearing that they had no title for him. Fortunately for them, Gohan managed to tell her that he often goes to the House of Knowledge to study.
  • Don't EVER harm her sons, because she will kick your ass. Majin Buu only got away with it because he can transform people into eggs. Other than that, she would have probably kicked his ass. She is the only person that the unstoppable Goku is afraid of. It's rumored that if she went to the Cell Games she would have won it in one round. Cell however, disagrees.
    • One of the few people who seem not to fear her is Vanitas. Most likely because her anger just allows him to create more of his monstrous underlings, the Unversed.
  • Another thing. Don't ever insinuate that Goku is a bad father. The last guy was throw out of the window, and was chased down by her armed with a Frying Pan.
  • After her ascension, she was cordially invited to join the Heavenly Mother Squad.
  • She once chewed out both her husband and Superman after they destroyed the earth during their fight.
  • She doesn't like the fact that Krillin spread rumors that Gohan is "pounding her tuna".
  • Another reason why people don't piss her off, is that it's rumored that she will castrate you in your sleep with a rusty carving knife. While she wouldn't actually go that far (we think), her temper is legendary, and has even been known to produce a powerful red aura.
  • To those wondering why Goku ever put up with her attitude and Gohan never skipped town once he was grown, it's been revealed that as a Saiyan, Goku is naturally drawn to her strong and challenging personality. Even though she gives him and Gohan headaches about making incomes and functioning in society rather than fighting and training to be the strongest all the time, Goku knows she understands him better than anyone and is perfectly fine with having to work around her to get to his training. And in Gohan's case, while he does have an instinct for it as a half-Saiyan, fighting is a thing he does out of duty to protect his loved ones, moreso than just for the thrill of it; he actually enjoys being a bookworm and taking it easy when he can.
  • Part of why she's so angry? Goku, her universe's ultimate warrior and hero, a man who looks like a Greek God and has only ever had eyes for her, has never once kissed her on the lips in the entire two decades or so that they've been living together and sharing a bed. Furthermore, they've only ever had sex when trying to make a baby — usually upon her urging. She is quite frankly the most sexually frustrated mother in the Pantheon.


    Liane Cartman 
Liane Cartman, Goddess of Town Bicycle Mothers

Offred, Divine Baby Factory (June, Kate)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Her bonnet
  • Theme Music: Promenade of Stolen Children
  • Alignment: True Neutral with Good tendencies
  • Portfolio: Happily Married, Made a Slave, Named by the Adaptation
  • Domains: Family, Cooperation, Slavery
  • Allies: Cersei Lannister, Lady Tremaine, Immortan Joe, Don Draper
  • Abhorrent Admirer: Claude Frollo
  • Observed by: Big Brother, AM
  • Pitied by: Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Xena, Buffy, Red Sonja, Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel
  • Complicated Relationship: Damian Wayne, Lady Shiva, Imperator Furiosa
  • There are many deities who represent various Dystopian worlds. Usually, the ones who make it are the ones who rule over the subjects. This may be the first time an ascendant was the victim. There was some difficulty finding her as she did not have a confirmed name. It took the appearance of a different perspective to figure out that her name is Offred. She was hesitant at first, but decided that she would be able to watch over those subjected to her fate.
  • With a new tale of her life under Dystopian rule, some are interested in how her story ends up. Needless to say, both Big Brother and AM are keeping tabs on the woman. Neither deity wants to deal with a heroic figure.
  • Frollo on his part was delighted at the prospect of women being raised "the right way". Many in the House of Faith pointed out that he still can't participate since he's a priest. That hasn't stopped Frollo from stalking her.
  • Her ascension caught the attention of Cersei. To her, Offred has the potential as the perfect subordinate, assertive enough against her peers yet one who knows her place in a world dominated by name. Her first her meetings have been positive. That doesn't mean she will continue to have good fortune; she has few true female allies and Ofred could be yet another woman who is turned off by her attitude.
  • It seems that Lady Tremaine had a significant role of getting the woman ascended. She saw the world as an interesting dynamic to stay in. While a woman's role there is diminished, she found the world itself satisfying. She has since talked to Offred what it is like there in order to court her into applying it against Cinderella.
  • The same can be said to Immorten Joe. He owns by far the largest number of her followers. In fact, he had hoped that the Court of the Gods rule for his five wives be sent to her temple. The court promptly rejected the notion, reaffirming their herald status to Furiosa.
    • Speaking of which, the woman's ascension set a lot of mixed feelings to Furiosa. Out of all the atrocities Immortan Joe had committed, this aspect was one she hated the most. Having Offred in the Pantheon cements his legacy in the Pantheon. And yet... Furiosa knows she can't put the blame on the woman. She can only hope that Offred finds a way to break free.
  • There hasn't been a goddess that has had such a great amount of sympathy among many deities in a long time. Her circumstances herald a future that many in the Pantheon fight to prevent. Offred appreciates the help, though she is uncertain she can make a difference:
    • The state of women was enough for Wonder Woman to lament about. When she found a world that was even worse for women, she was uncertain about what to do. Eventually, she agreed to have Offred ascended as both a reminder of what could happen to disenfranchised women and a chance to make things better for her world.
  • Both Buffy and Xena have represented feminism among the deities for ages. It was no surprise that they would support Offred in the hopes that she can overcome her circumstances. Offred was astonished that a girl as small as Buffy can defeat various monsters while she liked Xena's story of redemption.
    • Rape is one thing, a the prospect of a living Baby Factory incensed Red Sonja. The redhead has become a bit of a guardian to Offred. She has also offered fighting lessons in order to protect her.
    • Her presence brought out bad memories for Carol Danvers. In one of the most infamous incidents that happened in the Avengers Mansion, she was subjected to give birth to a child against her will. It traumatized her so much that she moved over to the X-Men for a number of years. That was one of many humiliating moments in her life she has tried to forget.
  • Cassandra Cain is the rare product of a Baby Factory that has ascended into the Pantheon. His mother, Lady Shiva purposely got herself pregnant in order to create the perfect killing machine. Unfortunately to Shiva, it did not go as planned, and her daughter is carving her own path. Cain has since admired Offred's ascension in a weird way. What that woman had to go through was awful, yet Cassandra owes her existence to it.
  • Even if Don Draper is one of the most womanizing men in the Pantheon, he sympathizes with Offred's plight and does all in his power to keep her safe from danger. Once Offred visited his temple in gratitude, she was downright shocked to see his herald Peggy Olson looks exactly like herself.

    Selma Ježková 
Selma Ježková, Goddess of Struggling Single Mothers
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: The tin can she kept her savings in and a pair of glasses
  • Theme Music: I've Seen It All
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Single mother working hard for her son's sake, likes to make up musical numbers in her head, though she tends to be brutally brought back to reality, Deconstruction of The Musical
  • Domains: Motherhood, Immigration, Poverty, Tragedy, Musicals
  • Herald: Gene Ježek (her son).
  • Allies: Maria and Georg von Trapp, Hana and the Wolf-Man, The Heroic Protectors of Family, Cinderella, Karl Oskar and Kristina, Fievel Mousekewitz, Jean Valjean, Helen Graham, Susy Hendrix, Suzu Houjou
  • Enemies: Lady Tremaine
  • Selma Ježková was a poor Czech immigrant living in America. She had a degenerative eye condition and her son Gene inherited her disease, so she worked at a factory hoping to save enough money to pay for an operation that would cure him. To distract herself from her miserable circumstances, she enjoyed watching musical movies and imagining that the world around her was a musical. At some point, her savings were stolen by someone she thought was a friend, and she killed him. She was sentenced to death for her crime, but at the very least she died knowing her son wouldn't go blind.
  • Feeling for the woman's plight, Maria von Trapp was the first to vouch for her ascension, as Selma was connected to her through her participation in a stage production of The Sound of Music, even though her encroaching blindness eventually halted her involvement. Selma's eyesight is of course restored in the Pantheon, and thought she must be in heaven, seeing the heroine of one of her beloved musicals greeting her. Maria replied that 'heaven' wasn't quite the right word and explained the Pantheon to Selma and how she had been chosen for godhood. Having no regrets from her former life, Selma was happy to accept it, especially after a real musical number that served as her big welcome.
  • The trope Selma reigns over was once considered for Hana, the mother of two part-wolf children, before she managed to ascend with a title that included their father. As Hana went through her own share of trouble, such as dropping out of college and moving to the countryside where she had to learn to adapt, in order to raise her children on her own after their father's untimely death, she approves of Selma's ascension after seeing how she consistently prioritized her son's well-being over even her own life. Hana feels genuinely sorry hearing of Selma's tragic fate and the Wolf-Man, who respects Selma just as much, has pledged to protect her from the Pantheon's dangers.
  • Selma was brought to the attention of the Heroic Protectors of Family after Hana and the Wolf-Man put in a very good word for her. Even if Selma is just an average human with no powers whatsoever, her self-sacrificial actions for her son were no joke, since not everybody is capable of pulling that off, blood relations or no. The Protectors thus consider her an honorary member of the group and regard her story as a shining example of what it means to be family.
  • In some ways, Selma can be compared to Cinderella, mainly for their poor living conditions and how they kept themselves going by hanging on to hopes and dreams. Of course, their stories ended on very very different notes... or maybe not, considering Selma is now in the Pantheon and in a much better position to make her musical dreams come true. Cinderella is rooting for her to make them come true, saying she deserves it after what she's been through.
    • Conversely, Lady Tremaine could be seen as the antithesis to Selma, as a stepmother who cared nothing for her charge and made her work, work and work some more for her own benefit. Obviously, they kind of hate each other.
  • Her status as an immigrant in America looking for a better life (for her son if not for herself) has brought her the sympathy and respect of Karl Oskar and Kristina Nilsson, themselves immigrants who came to America hoping to find much the same thing. Much like Selma, they led a very bittersweet life trying to create a living and often struggled with poverty, but their descendants could enjoy a much better life as a result of their efforts. Thus they appreciate Selma's sacrifices, which managed to secure her son's future to a certain extent. On the other hand, Karl Oskar and Kristina are also very down-to-earth and pragmatic people, so they find Selma's musical digressions more than a little odd, and Karl Oskar in particular thinks she would do better to give up on such flights of fancy; Kristina understands Selma's need to imagine herself in other circumstances a little more.
  • Another immigrant deity who took an interest in her was Fievel Mousekewitz, who, like the Nilssons, has a special sympathy for Selma's hopes and struggles in a land not her own. As Fievel should be around Selma's son's age, she sometimes shows a bit of a motherly instinct for the young mouse, especially after learning he has something of a propensity for getting lost. And as a little bonus, Fievel comes from a musical world, which Selma of course adores.
  • Selma came to enjoy the protection of Jean Valjean, who was reminded of Fantine upon hearing her story, as Fantine also went through terrible travails to ensure her daughter was cared for, being all alone in the world after giving birth to her out of wedlock. Hearing of all the awful things Fantine had to subject herself to, such as prostitution and pulling out her teeth to sell them, and then dying in an asylum, Selma can't help but think she had it lucky even if she ended up on death row. Given Selma's experiences and her desire to be in musicals, the House of Theatre and Spectacle thinks she wouldn't be a half-bad choice to play Fantine in a hypothetic stage production.
  • In terms of other struggling single mothers, Selma came to befriend Helen Graham and Suzu Houjou. Those two's circumstances were fairly different from Selma's, starting with the fact that they did have husbands, however Helen had run away because the husband was an abusive bastard, and she took her son with her to get him away from his influence, and she made a living on her painting to support him and herself; as for Suzu, her husband was drafted for the war and she had to make do in hard times. Nonetheless, the women all understand and respect each other for their similar struggles despite their differences.
  • Having spent the last days of her mortal life blind, Selma has some admiration for Susy Hendrix learning to live with that condition she had acquired relatively recently, going so far as succeeding in defeating a gang of crooks who invaded her home. Selma can only wish she could have been as dexterous and clever in her condition and that she could have prevented the theft of her money in the first place. Susy comforted her for what happened and assured her that even though she's been blind for a fair while, it's still no cakewalk, and she thinks she had luck on her side for the home invasion.