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Festivities and Holidays | Killjoys and Griefers | Xmas and Yule

It should be noted that not everyone in this Hall is a killjoy or griefer; some are the victims of such behavior...

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Intermediate Gods

Carol, Goddess of Hating Celebrations and Mean People With Kind Personas (Mom)

    Glenn Arias 
Glenn Arias, God of Deadly Weddings (The Merchant Of Death, Ariego)
As Ariego 

    Kiriya Kujo/Kamen Rider Lazer (Turbo) 
Kiriya Kujo, High Prophet of Yuletide Tragedies (Kamen Rider Lazer, Machine Lazer, Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo, The Examiner, Bakusou Bike, Super High-School Level Medical Examiner, Super High-School Level Motorcycle Racer, Ki-Rider, Lazer X)
Kamen Rider Lazer Bike Gamer Level 2 
Kamen Rider Lazer Turbo Bike Gamer Level 0 
Kamen Rider Lazer Level X 

    The Luminary 
The Luminary, God of the Dangerous 16th Birthday (Eleven, Darkspawn, Partner, Yggdragonspawn, Erdrick: Mightiest of Heroes, Number 72)

    Mr. Dark 
Mr. G.M. Dark, Harbinger of Town Festivals Under Attack
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: Tattoos of Will Halloway and Jim Nightshade on his hands
  • Theme Music: Something Wicked This Way Comes
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Repulsive Ringmaster, Deal with the Devil, Circus of Fear, Faux Affably Evil, Emotion Eater, Dark Is Evil, Southern Gothic Satan
  • Domains: Carnivals, Souls
  • Allies: The Devil (Cuphead), Ludwig von Tokkentakker (with a bit of a Friendly Rivalry going on between them), The Coachman, Conal Cochran
  • Enemies: Cuphead & Mugman, Care Bears, Takuto Maruki, Jack Skellington
  • Interested in: The Other Mother
  • On Good Terms with: Yuuki Terumi
  • Avoids: The Emotional Entities
  • Halloween is just around the corner and a carnival has arrived in Green Town, Illinois. As best friends Jim Nightshade and William Halloway find out, this carnival is hiding many dark secrets that threaten their home. Mr. Dark, the charismatic ringleader of the carnival, promises patrons that he’ll fulfill their greatest wishes, but in doing so, he makes them part of his carnival and feeds off their life force. Now a target of Mr. Dark, Jim and Will seek the help of Jim’s father Charles, who knows Mr. Dark’s true nature as one of the Autumn People, entities that prey on human emotion. Through the combined effort of Jim, Will, and Charles, Mr. Dark is defeated and his carnival seemingly destroyed as well.
  • Mr. Dark woke up in a desolate area far removed from Green Town and the first thing he witnessed was the ruins of what was once his carnival. As he walked around this area, thinking about trying to get revenge on those who defeated him, he stepped on a piece of paper that ended up getting his attention. The paper Mr. Dark found was for a place known as the Pantheon, where many worlds are connected and it mentioned that traveling carnivals are more than welcome to set up shop there provided that they meet various standards. While getting revenge on Jim, Will, and Charles is tempting, he’s willing to wait until the time is right and has opted to take advantage of this Pantheon in order to rebuild his carnival and find more unfortunate souls to take advantage of.
  • It didn’t take long for him to learn that there were other devious amusement parks operating in the Pantheon and Mr. Dark was eager to see what they had in store. Carnevil was one such theme park that got Mr. Dark’s attention, mainly by virtue of everything associated with it presenting itself with a far more openly evil disposition in contrast to the fake politeness Mr. Dark goes for. While both carnivals were supernatural in nature, the path to meeting Ludwig von Tokkentakker was far more linear and required more effort, if only because Carnevil delighted in seeing its victims suffer. Mr. Dark was intrigued with seeing the fear that comes out of whoever is suffering from Carnevil and while he maintained a friendly relationship with Tokkentakker, there were slight disagreements between the two, mainly that Mr. Dark prefers to maintain an air of mystique before going in for the kill in contrast to Tokkentakker’s more bombastic approach.
  • The Coachman was someone who Mr. Dark took an immediate liking to after hearing about the former’s MO. Taking naughty boys to a theme park for them to indulge in their vices, only for them to become donkeys to be used for slave labor was something that fascinated Mr. Dark and The Coachman found Mr. Dark’s carnival to be just as devilish of a concept. Since Jim and Will proved to be difficult for Mr. Dark to deal with, The Coachman has given advice on how to better get children to fall for any dark tricks the carnival has in store. The Coachman also had some spare boys-turned-donkeys available for Mr. Dark to use as slave labor in maintaining the carnival, an offer that Mr. Dark accepted and the two have developed a solid partnership in keeping their businesses afloat in the face of immense opposition from others.
  • Besides the various amusement parks run by villains that are in operation across the Pantheon, Mr. Dark learned of other recreational fronts that were meant to prey on others’ desires. It was at that point that he learned of a casino that was operated by an actual demon and Mr. Dark would learn how things would work there. The Devil running the place came from Inkwell Isles and he had soul contracts tied to his victims and can either try to kill them if they back out or turn them into his slaves if they accept an offer from him. The Devil was defeated by Cuphead and Mugman, a duo who Mr. Dark finds to be infuriatingly similar to Jim and Will due to being mischievous, yet willing to fight back if they discover something horribly wrong with a deal they’re given. The Devil was known for setting up entertainment venues such as casinos and carnivals to steal the souls of others and since he is mainly focused on his casino, The Devil given Mr. Dark some advice on how to deal with Cuphead, Mugman, and other similar troublemakers to ensure that Mr. Dark’s operations will continue without fail, regardless of how many problems have to be confronted.
  • Not everyone is able to live their best lives, but Mr. Dark will be able to fulfill one’s desires at a significant cost related to their better nature. He’s far from the only one who’s been able to take advantage of someone’s wants and needs for his own ambitions and it also meant that finding someone to take advantage of is going to be a lot harder if they know about the downsides of taking the easy road to success. One dark method to give someone their desires is to trap them in a fake reality that can be seen as their ideal and that was something Takuto Maruki attempted to do. While Takuto is no longer attempting such a thing thanks to various circumstances, Mr. Dark has mused to himself if more power is needed for him to try such a thing, twist it to his own ends, and figure out what would be needed to avoid the mistakes Takuto made back then. Takuto isn’t happy about someone selfishly trying to take advantage of other people’s desires and making his victims worse off than they already were.
  • Given how a couple of kids played a role in his defeat, Mr. Dark was more than curious about the Other Mother and how similar and different she was in relation to his methods. Both are willing to give their victims what they want before preying on them and taking their souls for themselves. The Other Mother had her own world that she resided in and waited for hapless victims to arrive (though she’ll chase them down if angry) compared to Mr. Dark who is willing to travel across many different places to set up his carnival to find his own victims. Since the Other Mother primarily targeted children and had a method of keeping track of the victims she’s taken (followed by her eventual defeat at the hands of a youthful Coraline Jones), Mr. Dark sees the Other Mother as a guide on what can be done to get children to fall for his deals, even if he hasn’t fully figured out how to achieve such goals or how he’ll visit the Other Mother’s domain with his carnival alongside him.
  • There existed some forces that drained the emotions from others like what Mr. Dark has done. While it was something that Mr. Dark liked to hear, it was learning about someone whose existence was based entirely on negative feelings that surprised him. Yuuki Terumi didn’t merely just feed off the hatred of others, but relies entirely on said hatred in order to thrive and that’s not getting into having a personality that exceeds Mr. Dark in terms of vileness. When Terumi learned of a carnival that feeds off people’s negativity, he decided to visit Mr. Dark and see what it had to offer. After checking out what was there, Terumi remarked that the only thing missing was an attraction that highlighted his own character and when Mr. Dark asked if there was any benefit to setting up such an attraction, Terumi said that there’s so much negativity everywhere and that desperate people will resort to finding some form of a safe haven to escape from their troubles before their happiness eventually gets crushed. After plenty of discussion, an attraction was made that was a difficult shooting gallery involving trying to target cardboard Terumis, which would indirectly empower Terumi through seeing others struggle to take down fake versions of himself while Mr. Dark would work his way around the rest of the carnival in corrupting others not focused on that gallery. Mr. Dark and Terumi still keep in touch, mainly to see how much suffering they’re gathered from others throughout their travels.
  • If eating the negative emotions of others is what lets Mr. Dark thrive, then positive emotions are considered anathema to him. The Care Bears being able to weaponize positive emotions into a collective attack was seen as a nightmare scenario for Mr. Dark as not only is their saccharine nature (even from the more seemingly pessimistic members such as Grumpy Bear) a pain, but it could be more dangerous to him than what he was originally defeated with. It wasn’t just the potential for emotions to be weaponized that Mr. Dark had to be worried about, but how people are able to utilize said emotions to their benefit. The existence of various Lantern Corps, who use different emotions to give them power, has given Mr. Dark another problem to worry about, as not only does a Lantern with the power to use positive emotions such as Willpower, Hope, and Love could severely weaken him, but even the Lanterns with the powers of negative emotions such as Fear and Rage would be far more difficult for him to eat the emotions from given how powerful they are. Not only does he try to keep his distance from the Lantern Corps, but he doesn’t want to be anywhere near the Emotional Entities that are responsible for the Lanterns’ powers as that could spell trouble for him.
  • While he could in theory put out his carnival at any time in order to take more souls for himself (and has probably done such a thing prior to traveling to Green Town), Mr. Dark seems content with taking advantage of the Halloween timeframe to carry out his plans. This earned him the animosity of a number of Pantheonic figures dedicated to Halloween for using the holiday to make things miserable for others. Jack Skellington is more than welcome to the idea of a spooky carnival as part of the Halloween festivities, but he would certainly not follow in Mr. Dark’s footsteps when it comes to fulfilling such an idea. Conal Cochran on the other hand, has been open to the idea of having a booth in Mr. Dark’s carnival to sell his wares, mainly as a means to extend his business and continue his devious deeds. During his conversation with Cochran about such a proposal, Mr. Dark mentioned that there are some people who need his “help” and that Cochran’s items can be sold to those who don’t have a pre-existing problem for Mr. Dark to exploit after learning about what items Cochran likes to sell. The two did eventually agree to a partnership that would allow a booth to be set up selling Cochran’s items, mainly since it would mean someone could get too distracted by Cochran’s items to notice what Mr. Dark plans to do with the people he “helps”.

King Winterbolt, God of Usurping Santa
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His scepter
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Evil Is Deathly Cold, Knight of Cerebus, The Most Despicable Rankin/Bass Foe, Seeks to Take Santa's Place as Ruler of the North Pole, Big Bad, Beard of Evil, Master of Blizzards and Cold, Former Magical Lord of the North Pole, Faux Affably Evil, Transflormation
  • Domains: Cold, Evil, The North Pole, Magic, Cruelty
  • Allies: Princess Morbucks, Melkor, Mad King Thorn, Jack O'Lantern, Turles, Oogie Boogie, Jadis, Kaldr
  • Enemies: All non-evil members of the House of Celebration (especially all versions of Santa), everyone who saved Christmas, Rudolph, The Miser Brothers, Olaf, Queen Elsa, Jack Frost, Aslan, Treebeard, Exdeath, Ice King, Finn and Jake, Mordecai and Rigby
  • Opposed by: Scrooges and grinches who turn over a new leaf
  • Avoids: The Hall of Fire and Heat
  • Before Santa Claus, Winterbolt ruled the North Pole with an iron fist. He was defeated by the Northern Lights who cast him into a deep sleep, only to wake up centuries later when Santa Claus had become the new head of the North Pole. Infuriated, Winterbolt sought to cast Santa down and usurp his place to get what was to him his rightful position as king once more.
  • Of the Rankin-Bass villains, he stands out as the most irredeemable and ruthless. Never being reformed or being remotely sympathetic, Winterbolt would pull strings to try and ruin Rudolph's life by tricking him into using his nose for evil, and is willing to kill Frosty. He is opposed by anyone who loves Christmas.
  • Hates all versions of Santa Claus and anyone working with him. He doesn't even like Robot Santa Claus, though this is mainly because Robot Santa Claus doesn't take kindly to those who'd threaten other Santas. He also considers Ebenezer Scrooge and the Grinch to be failures since they turned over a new leaf rather than continuing to be Christmas villains.
  • When first hearing about Jack Skellington, he though he might be a potential ally. However it was clear Jack only wanted to "help" Christmas in his own way and wasn't evil. Jack Skellington opposed him for wanting to destroy Christmas and take out Santa, adding another holiday that Winterbolt doesn't like.
  • Oogie Boogies had a very different view on Winterbolt. Wanting to take over the different holidays and bring back Bug Day, Winterbolt was the perfect ally for his war on the holidays. The two have joined to destroy all the holidays and Winterbolt can become ruler of the North Pole once more.
  • His newfound opposition towards Jack Skellington has got him the favor of Mad King Thorn and Jack O'Lantern, in hopes of expanding their evil across the holidays. Turles was jubilant to see a fellow foe of Santa, and the two also joined forces. He saw Princess Morbuck's attempt to usurp Santa, and has allied with her for it. And Melkor, being the irredeemable Satanic Archetype he is, liked Winterbolt for what he represented and an ice-themed evil sorcerer works for him.
  • Spends most of his time in the Hall of Ice and Cold, the cold making him feel at home. There, he would meet up with Kaldr. His goals of spreading cold and ice throughout the world was something that really appealed to him. As did Jadis' "winter without a Christmas". Gotten a number of heroic ice characters like Queen Elsa and Olaf on his shit-list.
  • Winterbolt's ultimate fate was to be turned into a tree, after his scepter was destroyed. He has come to hate all tree folk for this traumatizing experience, regardless of alignment. He isn't too fond of anything related to fire and heat either, given his wintry powers.
  • Sought to trick the Ice King into doing his bidding and spread blizzards everywhere, along with trying to steal the Ice Crown. Finn and Jake realized what was going on, and consider him a much wickeder version of Ice King even at his worst. Winterbolt is ignorant of its true dark power, or that things have changed with Simon Petrikov and the crown.

Lesser Gods

    The Grinch 
The Grinch, The God Who Hated Christmas and Tried to Steal it
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: His grinning face
  • Theme Song: You're A Mean One, Mr. Grinch
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Neutral Good; formerly Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Being Bad But Turning Good, Gadgeteer Genius, Cheshire Cat Grin, Villain Protagonist, More Sympathetic in Adaptations Sometimes with a Reason for his Behavior
  • Domain: Christmas, Ambiguity, Technology
  • Heralds: Max (his dog), Cindy Lou (his first friend) and Martha May Whovier (his girlfriend)
  • Superior: Dr. Seuss
  • Allies: Grouchy Smurf, Grumpy Bear, King Dedede, Angry Video Game Nerd, Ebenezer Scrooge, The Professor
  • Enemies: Bowser
  • Opposes: Noise, Incineroar
  • Opposed by: The Nostalgia Critic (the Movie version), Dogs
  • Odd Friendship: Truman Burbank
  • The Grinch used to hate Christmas. Nobody knew why he hated it. It could be his head wasn't screwed on just right. It could be, perhaps, that his shoes were too tight. But some think that the most likely reason of all, may have been that his heart was two sizes too small. Either way, tired of the Whos' jovial activities and the noise, noise, noise, NOISE, the Grinch decided to steal their Christmas. However, after seeing the Whos celebrating with no gifts, the Grinch realized what Christmas was actually about, and his heart warmed and grew three sizes that day, even returning all the presents and decorations that he stole.
  • As stated, no one really knows why the Grinch hated Christmas. There was one version that did give a possible reason. As a little Grinch living in Whoville, he didn't care all that much about Christmas. Though, he was willing to get in to the Holiday spirit for a girl he had a crush on. Unfortunately, an incident with a shaving mishap and being humiliated at school, made the Grinch hate Christmas even more and the Whos who celebrated it.
  • There are some in the pantheon who believe that the Grinch may have turned bad again. This is because of two accounts of him terrorizing the Whos and Cat in the Hat. Others think those incidents happen before he turned good. Another theory is that they may not be the same Grinch and it was an entirely different Grinch. So far, Grinch has been behaving himself.
  • While The Grinch does enjoy the holiday festivities, he still hates noise, noise, noise. Some believe hearing certain sounds will turn him bad. He tries to stay away from certain parts of the pantheon so it won't happen.
  • His relationship with Nostalgia Critic is a bit complicated. While NC is ok with his animated counterpart, he really hates his movie counterpart as he finds him annoying. The Grinch for his part doesn't really care all that much.
    • Speaking of his two counterparts, The Grinch's personality often shifts between the two. His animated counterpart is a bit calmer compared to his movie self, who is more wacky.
  • Dogs don't like him. This is because of his mistreatment of his dog Max. Even if he started to be nice to him, it only happened in the end of his story. And there was that other version that actually left the Grinch because of being mistreated.
  • Found out that his stealing Christmas has been done by others, with different variations on what is being stolen. Even the Angry Video Game Nerd got in on the act. In this case, he stole all the good games and replaced them with crappy ones. The Grinch expressed relief that there weren't any awful games about him. Well, depending on one's views...
  • To prove that certain deities would rather deal with a seasick crocodile then the Grinch, some have given both Sobek and Renekton seasickness. Most regretted that choice.
  • While its unknown if he has spiders in his brain, it is known that he has termites in his smile. Gross.
  • Has been spotted digging through the trash of the pantheon's residents. Old habits die hard. More often then not, he uses it to build stuff for his temple.
  • Is one of the few deities to get along with the more grumpy deities like Grumpy Bear, Grouchy Smurf and Dan since he too can get grumpy.
  • Gets along very well with Ebenezer Scrooge. This is because both hated Christmas but then started to love it. Deities make fun that the two are so close that they started to sound the same.
  • One time, the Grinch attempted his most nefarious deed yet: to leak the entire Smash roster. Fortunately, his plans were foiled with the unexpected appearance of Incineroar. He's now thinking of a plan to get revenge on the wrestler.


    Jake Peralta and Amy Santiago 


Det. Jacob "Jake" Peralta and Sgt. Amy Santiago, Co-Deities of Unsportsmanlike Gloating (Jake: Jake Lady-Hands | Amy: Amy Peralta)
Left: Amy, Right: Jake

    Tree Gelbman 
Theresa "Tree" Gelbman, Goddess of Terrible Birthdays (Crazy White Girl)
  • Demigoddess
  • Symbol: A poisoned cupcake atop her Dumpstaphunk shirt
  • Theme: "Stayin' Alive" by Lizzo
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, sometimes Chaotic Good (priorly Neutral Evil)
  • Portfolio: Getting Slaughtered on Her Birthday Over and Over, Hard-Work Montage Where She Repeatedly Dies In Funny Ways, Continuing is Painful, Broken Bird, Becoming Stronger and Kinder Through Her Loops
  • Domains: Death, Time Travel, Birthdays, Black Comedy
  • Herald: Carter Davis
  • High Priestess: Nadia Vulvokov
  • Allies: Phil Connors, Major William Cage, Laurie Strode, Sidney Prescott, Sarah Connor, Serge, Marty McFly and Doc Brown, Subaru Natsuki
  • Enemies: All Slasher Film villains, Airy, Mercurius, Libby Smith
  • Tree Gelbman was a snooty, unpleasant and uncaring sorority sister before being killed on her birthday, and somehow awakening that same morning again. By experiencing this deadly birthday repeatedly, in the meantime becoming a better person, she learned who wanted to kill her and dispatched the assassin, which helped her get rid of the time loop. And after she again was trapped in a deadly cycle during her birthday (which was actually in an Alternate Timeline), the Pantheon thought she deserved an ascension for going through all this misery, even letting her boyfriend Carter come along as a herald so they'd finally have all the time possible together.
  • Given Tree revealed to never have seen Groundhog Day (or heard of Bill Murray, for that matter) or Back to the Future, Carter likes to show some movies to her in their off time lest she embarrasses herself in front of other deities. That being said, she briefly served as a follower to Phil Connors and they became friends for having faced similar ordeals (though Phil pities how Tree had someone out to kill her, even if both were bad people prior to their loops); and Marty and Doc introduced themselves to Tree even if she ignored their series to acknowledge her handling being trapped in an alternate timeline, and they are on good terms.
  • Even if her movie was a less traditional slasher, Tree instantly got the attention and respect of Laurie and Sidney for going from the bitch who is usually killed first to a person who isn't afraid to fight the murderer (and also because she had to die repeatedly to get there). All slasher villains also decided to target Tree feeling the Babyface Killer was weaksauce, with Sidney's archnemes(e)s Ghostface taking particular joy in tormenting her.
  • Has gotten along with Major Cage and Subaru Natsuki as they all experienced a time loop which had them repeatedly killed, while managing to become better fighters (and find love) along the way. Serge's experience with alternate timelines also made both bond, though Tree envies how he managed to seamlessly travel between them. And she managed to find much common ground with Sarah Connor, who was also stalked by a killer, grew to be a capable fighter as a result, and had weird time shenanigans to thank.
  • Airy and Mercury, who used or intended to create cycles for evil intents, instantly became disliked by Tree. Another one she fiercely opposes is Libby, for being an Alpha Bitch that would fit at home in her sorority (while also reminding Tree of how despicable she was prior to her deadly experience).
  • Though her second time in the loop revealed what caused the phenomenon, some of the mad scientists in the Pantheon want to poke and prod Tree just for shits and giggles. She's getting annoyed by it, almost as much as when someone decides to kill her and forces Tree to awaken in pain in Carter's bed.
  • Prefers to avoid the Hall of Alcohol if she's alone - repeatedly facing a nasty hangover from the wild night before combined with the pains of whatever just killed you traumatized Tree big time!
  • Pitied in the House of Family and Relatives for how the death of her mother shook Tree enough for her to become a bitch - and how when offered a chance to live again with mom, Tree decided to just go back to her regular life with Carter.
  • While her temple is a recreation of some of Bayfield University's rooms, depictions of the Baby mascot are forbidden nearby, for the sake of not annoying Tree after two confrontations with the Babyface Killer. And troll deities who show up to her wearing that mask are far from welcome. Additionally, playing a certain Embarrassing Ringtone is practically begging for Tree to beat you, as she heard it enough for several lifetimes.


    Sara Berry 
Whoa, down on your knees before the queen.
Whoa, down on your knees before the queen.

Sara Berry, Goddess Who Unleashes Chaos at the School Prom (A Popular Bitch, Queen of Highschool Land)

  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A bouquet of roses covered in blood alongside a similarly bloodied Prom sash, scepter, and crown; alternatively the photo which inspired her song
  • Theme Music: "The Ballad of Sara Barry"
  • Alignment: True Neutral normally, Chaotic Evil during Prom
  • Portfolio: Academic Alpha Bitch who is also loaded, Cruel Cheerleader, Will do everything she can to become prom queen, has an abusive father, loses her mind as prom queen becomes further and further away, kills six Prom Queen candidates in order to get rid of the competition, "crowns" herself queen but gets to enjoy it for a brief moment is swiftly arrested for her massacre and ends up in an asylum trapped in her delusion believing she's queen of High School Land, goes from the most popular girl at school to a lunatic, refuses to end up as a princess at prom, Villain Protagonist, Murder Ballad
  • Domains: High School, Riches, Cheerleaders, Prom, Massacre, Insanity, Delusions, Envy
  • High Priestess: Mary Lou
  • Allies: Biff Tannen, Libbie Chessler, The Evil Queen, Hera, Kotonoha Katsura, Eliza and Neil Reagan, Princess Morebucks, Azula, Kimmy Howell
  • Enemies:
  • Despises: Disabled gods (particularly those who lost their legs)
  • Evil Counterpart to: Charlotte LaBouf, Suzune Horikita
  • Pities: Carrie White, Pacifica Northwest
  • Pitied by: Sunset Shimmer, Iroh
  • Sara Berry was the atypical Alpha Bitch complete with the hot body, hot guy, being the leader of the cheer team, and loaded. But all of that changed when a classmate named Julie Jenkins gained everyone's attention for having lost a leg in a car crash. Sara didn't see anything important about her until Prom Queen nominations came rolling in. Sara was a shoe-in for queen...until the gossip spread across the school that Julie might be crowned queen out of a Pity Vote. This didn't settle well with Sara's father, who told her that there would be nothing for her if she didn't win the crown and that she'd be an utter disappointment to her mother. Thus begins Sara's journey to do all she can to become Prom any means necessary.
    • Unfortunately, no matter what Sara did, Julie always was one step ahead of her. She pushed away everyone — her clique, cheerleading squad, and boyfriend — to focus on her goal, only for her friends to shun her and her boyfriend giving a final text stating he'll take Julie to the prom. With her sanity hanging by a thread, Sara had the most evilest plan of all...if there are seven other candidates vying for the crown, why not kill them so that there's no more competition and she'll win by default? And on the night of the Prom, she unleashed a murder spree, killing six other girls in gruesome ways — poisoned punch, slamming a rock on another girl's head, drowning a third, and dismembering a fourth — before the cops pulled her away. Not that she cared at that point, crowning herself Prom Queen. Ultimately she was taken into asylum where she will spend the rest of her life in her delusions.
  • In the midst of her delusions, Sara was wheeled out of the asylum and into the light...where the Court of the Gods announced that she was to be deified as the Goddess who Unleashes Chaos at Prom. Sara responded by laughing in glee for she was no longer a queen, but a Goddess. Never mind that she was merely a quasideity, but that meant that she could finally show her father that she made it. In exchange for her godhood, Sara has to take mandatory counseling and have a bodyguard with her at all costs. Regardless, Sara was ecstatic to know that she was a goddess in two houses, something she's quick to brag to everyone around her.
    • There is one blessing about everyone being deities though; should Sara kill one of them, they return to their temple without any harm done. Plus, now that gods know about her most famous act, there's no way Sara can go on another killing spree without causing attention. Sara has conceded and decided that she's going to become Prom Queen the "proper" way.
  • Naturally, the House of School is quite wary about her reputation. Even the most sadistic teachers find her acts to be disgusting. Sure, they're sadists, but they're not killers! The Kamen Rider Club hate her the most, Miu Kazashiro especially. To her, prom is a ceremony that is akin to Passing the Torch, and something that should hold precious memories, particularly with a person who has changed you the most. The same sentiment to hating Sara can be said with Shun Daimonji, who despite being mad that Miu wanted to dance with Gentaro Kisaragi at the prom, let her go because he loved her so much. Sara sees Miu as "opposition" for being the Queen of Amanogawa High three years running, to which Miu coldly responded that she worked for her goal even after she was assaulted by one of her friends, was bandaged and on crutches. She then told Sara to get out before Shun suited up in the Power Dizer.
    Miu: I am Miu Kazashiro, Club President of the Kamen Rider Club. I will not bow to you.
    • Ryusei Sakuta also joined with the hatred since Sara killed six people without remorse and for an utterly petty reason, while he killed Gentaro in a desperate attempt to revive his friend from a coma and even felt horrified at what he accomplished, ready to die for his sins. Gentaro himself also has no kind words to say to her (which is saying something, coming from the guy who forgave the Big Bad of his world who murdered Kengo out of jealousy)!
  • Many gods pity her that she only became the way she was due to the pressure of her abusive father telling her to strive for a queen. After all, there's no future for a princess at prom. Many are furious that he ended up without going to jail for his emotional abuse towards his daughter. If Sara would finally have the strength to shut her father up, perhaps she'll get a much happier ending. However, there are a few deities who point out that her backstory doesn't excuse the fact that she still thought of murdering six innocent girls who had no idea of her Sanity Slippage. As for Sara, she refuses to have her father be her Herald, although she did get some satisfaction of sending him a letter stating that she's a Goddess now, and he can't do anything to hurt her anymore.
  • As she was cheer captain at her school, she detests the other cheerleading goddesses. Aside from Miu, there was both Kim Possible and Juliet Starling who are also well loved for being cheerleaders. While she can get away with being rich, the three are much more powerful than her: Kim fights bad guys on a weekly basis, Juliet kills zombies with a chainsaw, and Miu knows how to use sci-fi guns and a Mini-Mecha with the Queen Dizer. Sara just grumbled to herself that they'll settle this in a cheerleading competition in the future. She also tried to make a passing jab at Kim going to her prom with her loser friend Ron Stoppable. Kim remarked:
    Kim: At least I have friends who supports me! Didn't you push away your boyfriend aside for the sake of becoming Prom Queen?
    • Even if Juliet is more murderous than she is, Sara thinks Juliet running around with the head of her boyfriend strapped to her waist is weird. Juliet responds that she's only murderous towards zombies, not actual people. And she herself only cut Nick's head off as a way to save him from being zombified, not out of actual malice. Juliet also hates Sara because her envy reminds her of Swan, who decided to unleash a zombie apocalypse all because Juliet was going steady with Nick since Nick actually approached Juliet instead of pining from afar, not to mention that there must've been a good reason for Sara's boyfriend to take Julie to the prom if Sara herself couldn't spend time with him.
    Juliet: There are like, other ways to get attention instead of murdering people. Did you ever use something called your mouth?
    • The Malibu WOOHP agents, Sam, Clover, and Alex, have nothing but ire towards Sara. Not only does she remind them of their rival Mandy, but her crimes are even more heinous than many of the villains they've fought on a daily basis. And for all the things Mandy did to them, even she would never stoop as low as to kill the three.
  • Is considered the Evil Counterpart to Charlotte LaBouf. Whereas Sara is a Rich Bitch, Charlotte is Spoiled Sweet. While Sara's father is abusive, Charlotte's is doting. Sara can't stand being a "Princess at Prom" while Charlotte not only is fine being a princess but she wants others to obtain their happiness too, willing to kiss Prince Naveen (who was a frog at the time, long story) if it means her friend, Tiana, gets her happy ending. Charlotte doesn't understand what's wrong with being a Princess since it's every girl's dream of becoming one. Sara just stomped off in annoyance before she grabbed a baseball bat to cave Charlotte's head in.
    • Of course, Sara had competition with the other most notorious Prom Wrecker in Carrie White. However, Sara actually pities Carrie since the girl didn't deserve any of the shit she got from the school, particularly the pig's blood. Her pity isn't just out of pragmatism, due to Carrie's psychic powers slaughtering more people than Sara did by herself, but because Sara understands what it's like to be under the thumb of an abusive parent. Carrie was shocked that Sara of all deities gave sympathy, but Sara notes that when it's time for Prom, she will work hard to become queen once more and Carrie shouldn't solely rely on pity votes. She's also shown to feel sorry for Pacifica Northwest for having to be manipulated via Pavlov's conditioning by her own father, like she is a dog and admits that Pacifica was strong to stand up to her father. Pacifica, for her part, awkwardly thanked Sara for the comment, but also asked that Sara not go and kill her parents.
  • She dislikes gods who have one leg because they all remind her of Julie Jenkins, who was only the #1 nomination for Prom Queen out of a pity vote for losing her leg in a car crash. That said, she's picky on who she chooses to assault, particularly those who are in wheelchairs. For example, she stays clear of Nunnally vi Britannia since the girl is not only too young, but attacking her means a direct assault from her older brother. So long as these deities don't get in her way, she can just be indifferent towards them. Bentley Turtle is another crippled god that she dares not badmouth. Not just because of his tech, but because that brings the wrath of the Cooper Gang onto her as well. Another goddess whom Sara stays away from is Cherry Darling, as she not only lost her leg to zombies, but replaced it with a gun. That said, Sara does respect how Cherry survived the mess that was the Zombie Apocalypse of her world.
  • For all that she did in murdering the competition, she stays away from the House of Slaughter. She made it a point that she only killed the competition, everyone else were free to leave as they chose (not that it mattered as Sara was so lost in her delusion of being the last contestant). She wants to become Prom Queen the traditional way this time around and will refuse any additional "help" (not that it matters given that Death is Cheap).
  • Surprisingly was given pity by Sunset Shimmer since she was in a similar position of wanting to be queen at all costs, going as far as brainwashing the school populace and sending manipulative texts to her friends. Sara herself noted that was a bit too far, to which Sunset agreed. The Equestria Girls are on the fence over forgiving Sara so quickly, especially since murder is a crime that is far beyond what others have done, like Starlight Glimmer trying to create a tyrannical dictatorship and rewound time to ensure Twilight Sparkle and her friends never got their Cutie Marks solely because she didn't like it when her friend got his own, but Sara has agreed to be neutral towards them at best.
  • Naturally, as someone who was jealous of someone else becoming Prom Queen, she ended up becoming allies with the Evil Queen, who would do anything she could to murder Snow White for being "Fairest of them All". Sara did point out that the Evil Queen's plan with the poisoned apple backfired since the potion to make her the apple peddler no longer made her "Fairest of the land" and that she didn't get her hands dirty. The Evil Queen pointed out that Sara's no better — Why not talk to Julie about why being Prom Queen is so important to her? Still, Sara does admit that she'd like to learn potion brewing from the Evil Queen so she can get a leg up against her cheerleading rivals. She also can relate to Mello at being irate in being "second place", but Mello points out that Sara is still a killer at the end of the day.
    • Princess Morebucks is essentially a younger sister of Sara, who is completely spoiled rotten by her dad to the point she can purchase tech that lets her combat the Powerpuff Girls. Princess Morebucks is more than willing to have Sara use some money in order to bolster her chances of being Prom Queen seeing it no different than the time that she became Mayor of Townsville.
  • Surprisingly gained an ally with Azula, as both of them were groomed to become who they are today by their abusive fathers and ended up in a mental asylum while trapped in their hallucinations (Sara as Prom Queen and Azula hallucinating her mother hated her). Azula doesn't do friends, but she admits that Sara has the drive and brains to do some damage if she was pushed hard enough. Of course, Sara became the target to Azula's former "friends", Mai and Ty Lee, who were quick to use their knives and pressure-points to knock her down when she tried to approach them. Sara also finds Ozai to be a total piece of shit for taking away Azula's chance to truly be a Fire Lord and then turning her into a puppet ruler. For how horrible Sara's father was, at least he didn't try to take the glory of Prom Queen away from her.
  • Tried to find a kin-ship with two other goddesses who also went through mental breakdowns — Mima Kirigoe and Nina Sayers — but both of them refused to associate with her due to her crimes. Mima already had to deal with Me-Mania and her manager trying to take her place to the point that both wanted to murder her solely because she no longer was the squeaky clean idol, while Nina herself felt horrified over the idea of (seemingly) killing Lily and just wants to focus on her craft in ballet. Sara did question to Mima why she tried to save Rumi in the first place, to which Mima answered that she didn't have the heart to see someone murdered and that Rumi "made" her into the actress she is today.
  • Amity Blight found her to be utterly disgusting since Sara is a shadow of who she could've been if Luz didn't come into her life. Amity had been horrible to her Childhood Friend, Willow Park, and was even shown to be good in Grugby like Sara was a cheerleader, and both were under the thumb of abusive parents. However, Amity was able to bounce back due to her friends, her siblings, and her father giving support, while Sara pushed everyone away because they were in the way of her being Prom Queen. But for as much as Amity hates her, even she thinks having Sara fighting off the Grometheus in order to confront her mental turmoil is excessive.
  • One would think that with their crazy mentalities and distant relationship with their dads, Sara and Bad Girl would become besties. Bad Girl does pity Sara that Sara didn't have a loving relationship with her father, but she still sees Sara as a hypocrite who set her sights way too low in murder and deludes herself to thinking that this will make her "Queen of Highschool Land". Travis Touchdown, however, can't help but feel some sympathy for Sara being fucked up as she is, but refuses to kill her for the reasons that she's a high-school student and he vows to never kill a girl after what happened with Kimmy Howell. Speaking of which, Sara has reached out to Kimmy Howell, and the former schoolgirl turned pop idol decided that Sara should get some practice to really carve up the competition through the use of a beam katana. When Travis heard of this, he only had this to say.
    Travis: Charlotte, give me some of those beers. NOW.
  • Of all deities who could relate to Sara, it was Hera. Hera could understand Sara's frustrations of having their lover leave her for another girl, as Hera is stuck with Zeus being a humongous skirt chaser. She's vowed to help protect Sara from her abusive father and to also give her the power to fight back against those who would take away her title as Prom Queen (even if Hera finds it as thinking a bit too small). Naturally, this desire to become Prom Queen and her kill record made Sara the perfect target for the Phantom Thieves of Hearts in helping to steal her treasure. However, there have been concerns that Sara would just retreat into her delusions of being the "Queen of Highschool Land" as she cannot live with the fact that she might become a disappointment to her parents. Phantom Thieves like Ann and Ryuji are unable to decide whether or not to pity her. Yes, Sara living under her abusive father is unfair but it's not an excuse to take it out on innocent people and ruining their lives forever.
    • The other goddess whom Sara has become besties with is Kotonoha Katsura, as they both went off the deep end to remove any competition for their chosen target, the only difference is Kotonoha targets those who wish to target Makoto whereas Sara was eliminating those who prevented her from being Prom Queen. Kotonoha has the utmost respect for how Sara was able to plan six murders in the span of one night, even if she did miss out on killing Julie Jenkins. Meanwhile, Sara has also found it amusing at how Kotonoha and Sekai are considered frenemies for live in regards to their love for Makoto and honestly would like to become a sister figure to the two when it comes to fighting off anyone who gets in the way of their goals.
  • She's become wary of Calypso due to his reputation of twisting someone's wish with unexpected results. Given that she just escaped her deluding herself into believing that she was "Queen of High School Land", she's refused to participate in his Twisted Metal tournaments if it granted her heart's desires. Some gods are worried if she will ask Kyubey to make her Prom Queen since that would also mean making a Magical Girl Contract. The last thing needed is for Sara to start another killing spree but being backed up with magic.
  • Surprisingly, SpongeBob is terrified of her. When he learned that she was a Prom Wrecker, he thought that they could bond over their own experiences in ruining the prom since he ended up causing trouble when he and Pearl ended up dancing. However, he learned to stay away from her when he learned that her way of wrecking prom was to kill six other girls who were stopping her from being Prom Queen.
  • Can also be found in School Activities
  • "Check Sara, choose Sara, vote for Sara Berry! Check Sara, choose Sara, vote for Sara Berry!"

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