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    Ahura Mazda 
Ahura Mazda, God of Heroes Destined To Triumph (Ormazd, Bounteous Spirit, Lord of Wisdom, God, Asura, Virochana, Dainichi Nyorai, 101 other names)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Faravahar
  • Theme Song: The Portal of Ormazd
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Always Triumphant God of Good, The Good Side Of Moral Dualism, Benevolent God of Light and Order, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, The Paragon
  • Domain(s): Good, Creation, Light, Victory, Wisdom
  • Heralds: The Amesha Spenta, Atar
  • Allies: Cosmos and the Grand United Alliance of Good, The Love that Moves the Stars, The Alpha and Omega, God (God, the Devil and Bob), Chuck Shurley, Eru Ilúvatar, Ra, Osiris, The One Above All, The Presence, Philemon, Primus, Mata Nui, Raava, The Monitor, Ezalor, Amara, Manwë Sulimo, Auriel, The Prince of Persia, Makoto Naegi, The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Freddie Mercury
  • Enemies: Angra Mainyu, Melkor and the Grand United Alliance of Evil, all who represent or embody evil, malevolent supreme beings, Dis, Apophis, Lucifer, YHVH, Nyarlathotep, Chernabog, Unicron, Teridax, Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta, Hikawa, Bandos, The Beast, Fortinbras, the Godhand, HIM, Azmodan, Mundus, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Galeem and Dharkon, Vaatu, Darkseid, The Anti-Monitor, Chaos Knight, Merged Zamasu, Nerose Satanael, Hajun, The Light of Destruction, Satan, Monokuma and Junko Enoshima, Aku
  • Odd Friendship: George R.R. Martin
  • Pities: Angra Mainyu/Avenger
  • Opposed by: Death (Final Destination), Crow
  • Zoroastrianism is one of the oldest still active religions, and perhaps the first for its divinity to be divided by clear good and evil lines. Ahura Mazda, also known by his Persian name of Ormazd, was the God of Good, and his brother Angra Mainyu was the God of Evil. Equal in power, he is thought to be the source of all goodness and frequently uses the aid of humans in his eternal feud against his brother. However, although they are equals, the self-defeating nature of evil means he will always win in the end.
  • Ahura Mazda ascended into the pantheon shortly after the ascenscion of Angra Mainyu in order to continue opposing his brother's attempts at sowing chaos and destruction. Having already suspected his brother's involvement in the GUAG, Angra Mainyu was extremely annoyed to discover that his brother had indeed ascended. Being the source of all goodness, Ahura Mazda wondered whether or not he was the creator of Philemon. However, Philemon explained he embodies the innate goodness and creative power of Humanity. Although Ahura Mazda has criticized Philemon for his manipulative behavior and his bet with Nyarlathotep, the two nonetheless get along and work together for the good of Humanity.
  • Due to his nature as a benevolent creator deity who constantly aims to increase happiness and enforce justice, Ahura Mazda quickly managed to befriend the other benevolent supreme beings and good deities in the pantheon. However, he was rather critical of them upon discovering that many of them were directly responsible for creating their respective incarnations of Satan or an equivalent, whereas Ahura Mazda was not responsible for Angra Mainyu's existence and has never had any of his own creations turn on him. His relationship with Chuck Shurley, in particular, has become a lot more strained once he learned about how Chuck treats the universe and humanity like his Cosmic Playthings and manipulated Sam and Dean for his own amusement.
  • Ahura Mazda is one of the most dedicated members of the GUAG in their battles against the GUAE, as his nature causes him to oppose evil in any and all forms. He also opposes YHVH and Lucifer, their respective alliances and the GUAM. Although he has some difficulty in dealing with unconventional morality systems such as order/chaos/machines, he nonetheless does not approve of any evil actions taken by any of them. He also opposes Chiaki Hayasaka, Isamu Nitta and Hikawa for similar reasons. The fact that Angra Mainyu is the Demonic Sponsor of Hikawa, promoting the Reason of Shijima, has resulted in Ahura Mazda keeping a particularly close eye on him.
  • Although one of his titles is the "uncreated spirit", some sects of the faith believe that he and his brother are both sons of Zurvan, the God of Time. He saw similar dualistic dynamics in Primus and Unicron, Mata Nui and Teridax, Jubileus and Queen Sheba, Galeem and Dharkon, Raava and Vaatu and the Monitor and Anti-Monitor. However, he was quite appalled to discover that Jubileus and Galeem, despite representing light, are just as malevolent as their counterparts. On the other hand, he was pleasantly surprised to discover that Chuck/God and Amara used to have such a dynamic, but the latter got over her sibling issues.
  • Although he opposes Dis and the various other Satans and their equivalents, he generally just feels pity for them, viewing them to an extent as wayward children who lash out in anger at their respective creators, which he knows will ultimately bring them nothing. However, he also regards the Anti-Monitor and Darkseid as serious threats, as they actually have decent track records in terms of competent villainy.
  • Ahura Mazda is quite wary of the Hadou Gods. He was quite surprised to learn of how they started out as humans and subsequently became gods after ascending to the Throne. However, almost all of them ended up enacting Laws that either removed free will or destroyed nearly all life in the universe. As a result, Ahura Mazda is especially wary of Nerose Satanael and Hajun.
  • Unsurprisingly, Ahura Mazda is enemies with the various demon lords and evil deities. He's particularly abhorred by Fortinbras and The Godhand, as they are evil deities without good equivalents in their respective worlds. He opposes The Godhand's system of despair and wickedness, which tries to make humanity dependent on bad things happening and not consider evil the aberration.
  • Ahura Mazda strongly respects Makoto Naegi for his unshakable optimism even when facing off against those who try to bring never-ending despair. The two both oppose Junko Enoshima and Monokuma, although the fact that Junko enjoys her own despair when faced with the fact that good will triumph over her has made their confrontations somewhat awkward. Ahura Mazda is especially appalled by Junko's suggestion that he only does good and punishes evil because he supposedly gets some kind of thrill out of it.
  • He is on good terms with the Powerpuff Girls, as they embody goodness. Similarly, he strongly opposes Aku due to him being the embodiment of evil and has formed an alliance with Samurai Jack because of their mutual goal of defeating him.
  • Ahura Mazda was quick to befriend Ezalor, as they are both benevolent light beings. He also opposes Ezalor's counterpart, the Chaos Knight, as well as Chernabog, who is a malevolent darkness being. However, Ahura Mazda also has a bit of difficulty in understanding moral grayness due to being from a school of thought that believes in moral absolutism. As a result, malevolent light beings such as the Light of Destruction and benevolent darkness beings initially caused some confusion for him. However, he does his best to adapt and gain a better understanding in order increase his effiency in recognizing and fighting evil.
  • Ahura Mazda was rather disturbed to learn that, in the SMT multiverse, he was demonized and cursed by YHVH into becoming Asura Oh, King of the Asuras, in the Hindu pantheon while also becoming Vairoxana/Danichi Nyorai in the Buddhist pantheon. In these forms, he became a staunch ally of Lucifer and Chaos while Angra Mainyu became a close ally of Law and Order. Ahura Mazda has since been wary of meeting such a fate and has since been observing the universes in which it happened to him, being especially curious as to how the nature of him and his opposite could have ended up on such sides.
  • Ahura Mazda has also found an ally in Freddie Mercury, whose Parsi descent made him knowledgeable enough about Zoroastrianism to side with Ahura Mazda and oppose Angra Mainyu.
  • Ahura Mazda quickly became enemies with Merged Zamasu, who regards his cooperation with humans to be distasteful and considers them to be unworthy of such guidance due to their propensity for evil. Recognizing that Zamasu's inability to discern moral gray areas is similar to what Ahura Mazda and Angra Mainyu represent, it further strengthened Ahura Mazda's resolve to better understand moral grayness in order to avoid being anything like Zamasu.
  • He is opposed by the Death of the Final Destination universe and Crow. Death is on good terms with Angra Mainyu and regards the notion of good always winning as something that could threaten his design. Ahura Mazda doesn't particularly like him either, as he finds the increasingly brutal and elaborate deaths that Death provides when killing mortals who cheated him. Crow, on the other hand, opposes him mostly out of principle, although he's not on friendly terms with Angra Mainyu either and is even ashamed of having his approval.
  • George R.R. Martin is disinterested in him and Angra Mainyu as he prefers grey morality in his writings over the Black and White Morality they represent However, it's mainly a preference in his writing style and neither of them holds anything against one another.
  • Ahura Mazda strongly pities a different person called Angra Mainyu. That version is a mere mortal turned into an effigy of all mankind's evils, in hopes of having a God of Evil to move their own sins away from themselves. However, he was glad to hear that he eventually relearned how to care for others, to the point where he sacrificed himself.

Greater Gods

Conan, God Of Barbarians (The Barbarian, The Cimmerian, The Destroyer, The Adventurer, King Conan)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Himself holding his trusted Sword while standing on top of a massive pile of Bones wile having a half-naked woman near his side.
  • Theme Song: "Anvil of Crom", "Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom" and "Conan The Destroyer"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral with Chaotic Good tendencies.
  • Portfolio: BARBARIANS, One Man Armies, Attackers of Physical Gods, Telling Deities To Go To Hell If They Do Not Listen, popular with wenches of all lands, sympathetic thieves and thugs, gritty fantasy heroes
  • Domains: Adventure, Chaos, War
  • Avatar: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Followers: Beowulf, Leo, Tusk, Barbara the Barbarian Princess
  • Allies: Tryndamere, Sonya the Barbarian (part of the Nephalems), Daenerys Targaryen, Aquaman, Guts, Marv, Thor
  • Enemies: Anyone who wants to steal from him. Or challenge him.
  • Rivals: Elric of Melnibone
  • Used to pray to Crom. Last he heard, Crom's started praying to him! Sometimes descends upon the mortal world again to wander around killing things. Thinks that Voldemort and Orochimaru are (both?) pretty shifty.
    • Actually, it all started when Crom failed to grant him a wish about a vengeance against something. Conan makes full use of his old prayer before: "And if you do not listen, then to hell with you." and went on to kick some divine ass, to the point Crom begged for mercy and offer to reverse position about who prays and who gets prayed for. Of course, his followers follow suit and Conan used that as a way to judge his followers, if they can live up to their claims about "To hell with Conan", then they can overtake Conan's throne. However, either every of his followers are well-served with Conan's boons, or never makes that claim, or makes that claim... and never lived to tell the tale.
    • ... Until the rise of the Nephalems, and one of them, Sonya, tells Conan that if he does not improve her MMR, then to hell with him. Conan obviously didn't understand what the term 'MMR' meant so he did not listen, and instead accepted her challenge to fight like true Barbarians. The battle surprisingly ended in a tie, due to Sonya's overwhelming power being a Nephalem with the power of both Angels and Demons, impressing Conan and letting her live to tell the tale. And as a reward for the good fight, Sonya took back her words about 'to hell with Conan'.
  • Is one of the best fighters in the Pantheons, and is very hard to stop so long as he has his back to a wall so he can't be snuck up on.
  • Pet peeve: Being confused with the host of The Tonight Show.
  • There are rumors going around that he plan to fight Godzilla one day. The House of Beasts have made an evacuation plan in case that would ever happen.
  • Really has no comment on a French critic dressing up as him in the quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • May or may not be a past life of the The God-Emperor of Mankind.
  • Currently, a version of him is actually smitten with an amnesiac Wonder Woman, since he believes her to be Yanna, a girl he met as a young boy. For him, it was Love at First Sight and the second time they met (at age 12), not only did she steal his first kiss, but they planned to run away together before they got attacked by bandits. The fact that Yanna also came from a all-female tribe alongside Diana looking very much like any other Cimmerian would from the Hyborian age just reinforces the hope that she is Yanna.
  • While most deities see Conan as his original live-action incarnation, Daenerys Targaryen sees him as a newer one resembling her late husband Khal Drogo. This has made them bond heavily, and Conan goes along with her because Dany is a strong woman with dragons, and who can say no to that?
    • This alternate avatar also made Conan get the sympathy of Aquaman. When both are around Dany, Arthur is thankfully seen in his original blonde version by Daenerys to not confuse the two.
  • "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women!" And if you're not listening to this...Then to Hell with you!

    The Exile 
The Exile, High Prophetess of the Prodigal Child's Return (Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile)

    Nathaniel Adam/Captain Atom 
Nathaniel Christopher Adam, God of Military Superheroes (Captain Atom, Monarch)
  • Greater God, Overdeity as Monarch
  • Symbol: His Chest Insignia
  • Alignment: Lawful Good with neutral tendencies
  • Portfolio: Chrome Champion Captain Superhero with Energy Absorption, Flying Firepower, Radiation Immune Energy Being, Super Strength, Power Incontinence, Married a former villain,
  • Domains: Law, Good, War, Air, Strength
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: Lex Luthor, Darkseid, Regime Superman
  • Complicated Relationship: The House of War
  • Not to be Confused With: Jon Osterman/Dr. Manhattan
  • Out of all the superheroes in the Pantheon, Nathaniel Adam stands out over his military background. Normally, such people are frowned upon in the community as their tendencies to follow orders from their superiors flies in the face of those who prefer to act on their own accord. Even then, Nathaniel Adam was thrusted into the community as a spy for the US military in order to learn their secrets. Eventually, Nathaniel actually liked the idea and ended the relationship. It turns out he was blackmailed into the job, one the Justice League helped him overcome.
  • While the two may clash over differences in how to go about their business, Captain Atom and Superman have maintained a steady relationship. The Man of Steel is worried about Atom's ability to emit red sun radiation though, which is capable of weakening him.
    • Not surprisingly, the other more tyrannical Superman in the Pantheon put Captain Atom on his list of people who could pose a problem for him in the near future.
  • Has better luck with Batman. The Caped Crusader may be hard on him at times, but he liked working with the captain during his time in Justice League International.
    • Speaking of which, it was this particular tenure in his career that not only introduced him to many other superheroes, but reintroduced the audience of his nature. It was also the time when some of his co-workers found out his true origins. They have since promised not to reveal it to any other person. Kookiness aside, Captain Atom enjoyed his time there and yearns for a chance to bring the group back together.
    • Was considered for God of Chrome Champions, but that was currently occupied by teammate John Henry Irons. Nathaniel decided not to push him aside to gain more heroes.
  • Is the second superhero from the Charlton Comics world to gain a seat in the Pantheon. The Question had figured it was only a matter of time before at least one of his compadres made the jump over to the Pantheon. While not as close as before, the two manage to keep in touch. In one instance, the two nearly came to blows many times over before settling their differences.
    • May well have Alan Moore to thank for saving them from obscurity. During the Crisis on Infinite Earths. While their world was on the verge of disappearing, Alan Moore wanted to give them a final hurrah in a miniseries. DC ultimately decided to keep the group, which Moore creating his own superhero group known as the Watchmen. Doctor Manhattan is believed to have been based on Captain Atom, one that is far more powerful. Intrigued by this, Manhattan came over to meet Atom for the first time. After asking the superhero some questions, Manhattan disappeared never to talk to him again.
  • Has a rather unique take on DC villains. He takes on the likes of Lex Luthor and Darkseid on a daily basis, but never did he think that he would end up marrying one of them. One of his most prominent villains was Plastique, a bomb expert using her expertise to open banks. The two had a surprising amount of chemistry between them. It got to the point that she reformed and ended up marrying him. The two have been a couple ever since. Selina Kyle, the patron saint of such relationships with heroes, found it amusing that a soldier would skirt the law like so.
  • Sees himself as a friendly rival to the Husky Russkie Colossus, though the two are actually friends. Neither are interested in bringing out any Cold War memories. Still, American and Russian detractors from both sides hope for the two to come to blows.
  • As a Military Superhero, Nathaniel struggles to balance his work in the Air Force with his work as a superhero. He actually has someone that can relate to that. Fellow captain Captain America agreed to help him walk that tight rope. Steve too had to make choices between the government and the superhero community, many of which put him at odds with the United States.
  • While the United States government does not have a stake in the Pantheon, many of its members do in the House of War. They see Captain Atom as a potential asset to fight their wars. Nathaniel is hesitant to get involved into that sort of business though he does occasionally lend aid.
  • Would rather not mention the time when he became the unstable Monarch. During this time, he was one of the most powerful beings in the DC Universe and could even go toe-to-toe with Superboy Prime. The GUAG Superhero Division have been hard at work to make sure that he doesn't turn back to that monstrosity. Melkor saw that development as an opportunity to recruit a potential ally into the fold.
  • Can also be seen in the subhouse of Soldiers & Warriors.

Orion, God of Divine Superheros (Son of Darkseid, The Dog of War)


Saitama, God of Comically Invincible Heroes (One Punch Man, The Caped Baldy, Sensei [by Genos], Caillou Shippuden)
  • Greater God normally, Overdeity when serious (but nearly everyone, at least in his home world, thinks/believes he's a Lesser God)
  • Symbol: His red right glove curled up like a closed fist
  • Theme song: THE HERO !! ~Set Fire to the Furious Fist!~ or Seijaku no Apostle as default. Theme of ONE PUNCH MAN ~Seigi Shikkou~, for when things get really serious.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Megaton Punches, One Hit Kills, Heroes who find victory boring, Gaining inhuman skills through training alone, Being unknown despite his achievements, Badass Normals, Bald of Awesome, Nigh-Invulnerability, Blood Knights, having a very unremarkable appearance
  • Domains: Heroism, Combat, Good
  • Allies: Genos (his disciple), Fubuki (his superior in the Hero Association), Tatsumaki (when they have to work together), all heroes of the Pantheon, Ashi
  • Enemies: all villains in the Pantheon (especially the ones who mock heroes), Sea King
  • Worthy Opponent: Boros
  • One-sided Unknown Rival: Speed-o'-Sound Sonic
  • Nobody knows when he actually ascended, he just showed up one day looking for crimes to stop.
  • His ridiculously average look and dull costume causes villains of the Pantheon to belittle and not take him seriously. They are then taken completely caught off guard when he quite easily tanks anything they throw at him. By the time they wise up, it's usually too late.
  • Thinks of heroism as a hobby. This doesn't sit well with some heroes but his heart's in the right place and if he can get the job done (albeit in a most likely gory fashion) no one's complaining.
  • Repeatedly insists that he got his strength by doing 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running ''every single day with no breaks''. Nobody believes him though (save for one Kaito Kumon).
    • When he told Yang Xiao Long about his training regimen, she half considered it... until he tossed in the fact that he lost his hair by doing so. Yang's reaction was... less than positive.
  • No matter what crime he stops or how grand he does so, he never gets the recognition he deserves for it and is sometimes blamed for damage done or accused of being a fraud. He doesn't really care though.
    • That said, the Grand United Alliance of Good is more concerned with making things right than the Hero Association in his world, and Saitama is thus treated with considerably more respect and recognition there.
  • Never mock heroes or their resolve to do the right thing in his presence. Especially if said heroes regularly risk their lives for others. Seriously, it won't end well for you.
  • More than anything, Saitama wants to fight someone who won't go down in one hit and give him the fight of his life. Since this is the Pantheon, he'll probably get it sooner or later.
    • Somehow along the way, he got into a fight with Bertolt Hoover. It went just as well as you'd expect.
    • Also, Beerus decided to face off against him. Every god was surprised to find Beerus spitting blood soon afterward. Rather than go ballistic, the God of Destruction was actually moved and he's been trying to find the hero's secret since. Overtime, it's become more of a hobby than an obsession, though.
    • Nobody knows what would happen if Saitama were to fight or try to punch Accelerator, and for the sake of the Pantheon, nobody wants to find out.
    • He had an inconclusive battle with the Demi-Fiend. He pulled back a punch just as Demi-Fiend put up Tetrakarn, only for the force of the punch destroying the protective shield and sending them both flying, but left unharmed. Saitama concludes he isn't a bad guy and just asks if they could get something to eat instead, which the Demi-Fiend agrees. The two of them were last seen eating with an acquaintance of Saitama's known as Licenseless Rider.
    • Lucifer once challenged him to test his potential as a being capable of having great impact upon the pantheon with the power of his punches. Saitama accepted the battle in exchange for buying him some expensive exotic food. During the fight itself the force of a half-hearted punch from Saitama ended up hitting Lucifer's demon form so hard he turned into his Angel form, only to erupt in a shower of magnetite upon defeat. The beaten Morningstar muses that only Raidou Kuzunoha had displayed the same ability of bringing out his own light through battle. He kept his promise to offer him expensive exotic foods from the demon world, giving Saitama indigestion for a week.
    • As per usual, many deities are hoping for Saitama and Superman to go one-on-one, what with their similar powers, morales, and costumes, and also due to the fact that many are still disappointed with Supe's fights with Goku. Many are betting that Saitama stands a good chance of defeating the Man of Steel, as he only displayed a fraction of his power while obliterating world-destroying menaces. So far, the two have acknowledged and left each other alone (because they're genuine heroes and not Blood Knights), but the day may yet come when they cross fists.
      • They did fight, but not to the full extent of their powers. It was originally meant to go for one minute, but apparently Saitama broke that time limit for reasons unknown. Apparently, this was during, or more accurately after, Goku had been constantly denied his lunch, leading to a ripple effect that ended with him dying (once again) when he provoked Saitama. Superman himself was in the area at the time, where an escalation of events lead to them (for lack of a better word) fighting eachother. Needless to say, Saitama was still holding back.
    • He once ran into Dio Brando. Unlike most of his encounters, Dio didn't prove much of a challenge. No one knows how their fight ended, but most guess it was pretty one-sided.
  • Usually stops by the House of Commerce to get some bargain finds, despite being nearly broke, moreso on bargain days.
  • No one seems to faze Saitama, even those who normally strike fear in most others. Even if you unleash your full power, this is the most you'll get out of him.
  • With the inevitable arrival of Genos to the Pantheon, Saitama now is seen contantly "training" with his disciple, which mostly consist of doing the Housework or running around the Pantheon in a hilarious manner.
  • After learning he had kept someone from taking their life, Ashi came to thank him and ask for his aid. She wanted to gather some people together to keep an eye out for any of the manipulative deities who would trick someone into taking their life or others that would just of their own will. Saitama was not one for being in groups, but told her if something happened to bring them to whatever roof he was eating at.
  • Eventually, one of the strongest foes he faced, the intergalactic pirate known as Lord Boros, ascended not longer after his defeat. The first thing Boros did is confront the Caped Baldy and declare that he will train to become strong enough to defeat him. While Saitama, as usual, wasn't fazed by said declaration, he secretly looks forward to a rematch. On the other hand, many fear of the results that might happen if they eventually cross paths again.
  • He got along very well with Goku when they met for real, and they were in the midst of scheduling a few hundred sparring sessions when Saitama revealed that his "hero training" was the source of his baldness. Without missing a beat, Goku cheerfully offered to teach him Super Saiyan 3 to solve his "problem." Saitama, having been presented with the Logic Bomb of regaining his hair at the cost of getting even stronger, stared off into the distance for quite some time before mumbling something about "bargain day at the supermarket" and making a hasty exit. Goku hasn't seen him since.
  • Saitama doesn't know what to make of The Tick.

    Seraph Lamington 
Seraph Lamington, God of Guile Heroes (Angel Batman, Christo)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: A set of six white wings
  • Alignment: Lawful Good (of the good first type). Does have Knight Templar servants (currently working on that with decent success).
  • Portfolio: Guile Hero, Benevolent Boss, Batman Gambit, Xanatos Speed Chess, The Chess Master, Physical God, Big Good, Light Is Good, Good Is Not Dumb, Good Running Evil.
  • Domains: Good, Law, Trickery
  • Subordinates: Flonne, Artina
  • Allies: Oyashiro-Sama, Batman, Philemon, Madoka, Usagi, Sayaka Miki, Cosmos, Laharl and Etna (much to their denial), Byakuren Hijiri, Colette Brunel, Usalia.
  • Enemies: Copy-X, Kefka, Dr. Weil, YHVH
  • Manipulated pretty much every major character in Laharl's Netherworld in a plan to bring peace. This also included hijacking a traitor's evil scheme within 24 hours of figuring it out. Considered one of the most brilliant Batman Gambits ever pulled. The fight with Laharl was also planned, and he was heavily holding back as part a Secret Test of Character.
    • There are theories going around that he was also manipulating the Hades Party in a manner similar to Laharl, with the net objective of giving that human world a 2nd chance by defeating Fear The Great. Possibly as a Zeroth Law Rebellion. No one knows.
    • Recently, it was revealed that he was the mastermind behind Flonne's "Pure Pink" transformation. Her new found magical girl powers have gained her a place amongst the Sisterhood. What his objective is, only he knows.
  • At first Oyashiro-sama was afraid of him over her anxiety due to her horn complex (namely how it makes her look like a demon) when she was mortal. She was given a reassuring smile and chatted about their respective dealings with the issues of their followers and servants. He gave one hint before leaving: "Rika and Mion are key."
  • Has been talking with Usagi about developments in the Sisterhood and has pledged is aid (and "Pure Pink). Has three back up plans (co-conducted by Cosmos, Philemon and Batman) brewing in case YHVH finds out about the situation. Plan B: manipulate events to trigger the awakening of a certain "Tyrant", which based on the Artina ending, might be coming to fruition very soon. Plan C: Cause Gig to get reminded of Drazil. Plan D: Arrange for Superman to get exposed to X-Kryptonite, assure him that the god Superman is fighting against is NOT the one Superman believes in and is in fact basically Regime Superman if he was infinitely worse. These plans would eventually become the catalyst for "The Pantheonic Rebellion".

    Zero (Mega Man
Zero, God of Heroic Zeroes (The Red Ripper, The Crimson Hunter, The Bloody Maverick, DWN-∞, Zero Wily, Commander Zero, Commander of the 0th 'Shinobi' Unit, Model Z, The Mysterious Long-Haired Ninja)
Zero  in Mega Man Zero
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His helmet and Z-Saber (both apply for both of his incarnations)
  • Theme Song: Enter Zero, either the Mega Man X version or the Mega Man Zero version; alternatively the MvC3 remix of his MMX2 theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a Maverick Hunter (Chaotic Evil when under the influence of either too much or no Maverick Virus), Chaotic Good as a Resistance Fighter.
  • Portfolio: Rapunzel Hair, Laser Blade, Energy Weapon, Super-Powered Evil Side, Heroic Sacrifice, Shut Up, Hannibal!, Big Brother Mentor, Taking A Third Option, Determinator, Big Damn Heroes, Colony Drop, Swiss Army Weapon, One-Man Army, Hyperspace Arsenal, Anti Anti Christ, Commanding Coolness, Very Technically A Ninja, Not Acknowledging Oneself As A Hero
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, Army, War, Fury
  • Followers: Omega-Xis, Zero.EXE and Protoman.EXE
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Sigma, Vile, Omega, Dr. Weil, The Joker, The Tails Clan, Copy X, Ultron, The Flood, Metal Sonic
  • Worthy Opponent: Fighting Fefnir
  • Friendly Rivals: Fairy Leviathan, Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Prometheus and Pandora, Elpizo
  • Opposed By: Bass (his older brother)
  • Additional Relationship: Dr. Wily (his creator), Repliforce, especially Iris
  • Dr. Wily created him to be the ultimate destroyer, and as was discovered when he was first fought by Commander Sigma, the substance that became known as the Maverick Virus actually stabilized him in a sense. After gaining control of himself, he became one of the Maverick Hunters serving under Sigma alongside X. However, Sigma had obtained some of the virus in that first battle as well; it simply couldn't overtake such a strong Reploid, instead having to assimilate into his being and more subtly warp his mindset to where he eventually turned and became leader of the Mavericks. Thus, Zero spent the better part of a century helping X defending their world from Maverick outbreaks all tied to Sigma in some way or another.
    • As a living carrier of the Maverick Virus, he became concerned that he was spreading the trouble to the world, and thus sealed himself away following the end of the Maverick Wars. He was later awakened by Ciel in a new-model copy body in an era where Reploid forms had become more similar to humans… and the main government of the time was led by X in an indeterminate assault on Reploids, who were declared Maverick and terminated for the smallest of reasons, being deemed responsible for an energy crisis. Venturing out to stop X and his "Guardians", he discovered that this was in fact a malfunctioning Copy X, and the real X had become a Cyber Elf and guided Ciel to awakening him. Through a series of events, Zero found himself faced up against another insane threat; the malevolent criminal Dr. Weil and his ultimate creation Omega.
  • Thanks to the weird nature of his creation, the Court of the Gods have put up a decree regarding him: No one is to allow him to get ten feet of (A) any version of the Maverick Virus that is not inside a reploid host, or (B) any type of anti-virus vaccine that will directly intrude on his neural functions. NO ONE wants to deal with Zero in either his "Awakened" (too much MV) or "Berserk" (no MV at all) states.
  • Despite his high ranking, he doesn't like to consider himself a god or a hero. Nobody's really gonna impose the issue, though.
  • There is a prophecy regarding him, Dante, Link, Kratos, and Mega Man fighting each other at once. A few more names may be involved, but everyone is too afraid to read any more. All that's really known is this: it will be bloody awesome, and the House of Commerce is going to make a killing.
    • In one continuity, he actually meet fellow deities Dante, Wolverine, Taskmaster and Chun-Li (plus several others such as Amaterasu and Haggar) in a fateful battle between two dimensions. A battle so great it shakes the Pantheon's very ground.
  • Frequently mistaken by his followers for dying and coming back several times, not unlike Jean Grey of the House of Life and Death.
  • Has a mortal follower trying to take his mantle, named Girouette. The guy has many of Zero's portfolios, including his penchant of sacrificing himself. Unfortunately, unlike Zero, he doesn't get better (he just turns into a Cyber-Elf). Being a Sacrificial Lamb, Giro now also serves as Mami Tomoe's some-time helper. Fortunately, there's still Vent/Aile who took up the mantle shortly thereafter.
    • He briefly had a misunderstanding with Grey, who originally mistook him for Aile in her Model ZX form. After clearing that up though, Zero has taken to training the young Reploid in swordsmanship and other skills, though he finds it a little weird to be facing down what appear to be genderbent versions of Leviathan, Fefnir, and himself.
  • His relationship with his father has been complicated. At first, Wily was irritated that his son didn't help out with his evil schemes. Over time, though, he's let that go and is genuinely proud of him. Though it's rare, you can sometimes see them having a father-son picnic. Wily has decided not to bother with his other "son", Omega, who's too Ax-Crazy to socialize. This of course is ironic when one realizes that Omega, bearing Zero's original body in the modified form his new body would be based on, is EXACTLY what he INTENDED Zero to be.
  • Has recently befriended Raiden due to their past as rippers.
  • He's not entirely sure what to make of Prometheus and Pandora. On one hand, he respects their hatred of Weil and their power. At the same time, he can't forgive them for their brutal slaughter of countless lives.
    • Some say Prometheus also reminds him of Omega slightly.
  • Madoka reminds him of X and everything that X stands for, which is why he's taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Upon Bass's ascension, Zero was immediately confronted by the black robot, saying that he'll never live up to him. Zero just ignored him, and Bass continues to antagonize the Reploid.
  • He and Android 16 were able to become friends thanks to their common ground as good robots created by Omnicidal Maniacs, or because of a special relationship between both of their voices. Leon Magnus also vouches for this, though Zero himself states that Leon needs to work together with people more effectively.
  • Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki have dragged him into sparring contests with their fellow Big 3 member Ichigo Kurosaki because he sounds similar to Ichigo and is a cool-headed sword master. He wouldn't care to mention these trips but since evidence of one such match came out and he started being asked about it, he admits he had fun and praises Ichigo's skill. He won't say who beat who, though, since he knows that would expose Ichigo to annoying levels of gossip either way.
  • Upon Elpizo's ascension, Zero was surprisingly neutral about seeing the one who destroyed X's original body and tried to kill him. He only told the Reploid that he'd be watching him, and has on several occasions been forced to step in when he starts getting a little too Drunk with Power.
  • Was not happy to learn of the existence of Model W within the Treasury, though he was one of the ones who prevented X from going down there to destroy it, stating that it'd be useless to fight something like that with its favorite meal. He has sworn to make sure no one gets their hands on it.
  • Is rather recently surprised about the vocal range he possesses, which leads him to make friends with a lot of different people, such as Alucard and Sima Shi. He openly dislikes Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott however, and is outright disgusted by him.
  • The Persona androids Aigis and Labrys are also on good terms with him and X, as both like that there are robots whose person and whose specific and voluntarily-chosen mission in life is to protect humans. Though Labrys is a bit queasy about Zero's cavalier attitude towards taking down enemy robots...
  • Joined X and Axl in confronting and greeting Epsilon upon the rebel commander's reappearance in the Pantheon. The conversation went well, as neither side was looking for a fight, and the Hunters were able to confirm in detail to Epsilon that Colonel Redips had manipulated his downfall to capture his Supra-Force Metal. After it was agreed that Epsilon should continue towards his goals of advancing Reploid potential as long as the Hunters are there to keep him on the right path, Zero warned in a brief aside that if Epsilon goes Maverick again he'll have to personally cut him down. Epsilon appreciated this.
  • Zero actually took on some students in sword play, one promising 'student' being a certain Grolla Seyfarth. However, Zero is unable to bring them as followers because not everyone has 'Zero' or sorts in their names. That said, teaching Grolla had a good boon, as it enabled Zero to succeed on a certain mission to rescue a brainwashed Spiritia Rosenberg; since Spiritia and Grolla are friends, the swings of his Z-Saber managed to break her out of brainwashing by reminding her of Grolla's swordplay. Zero finds it suspiciously intriguing to think that Spiritia had a run-in with a little girl (Iris Zeppelin) with a caliber of evil matching Dr. Weil...
  • Zero found a peculiar ally in the form of Professor Nutmeg after a series of odd circumstances. The scientist once visited Neo Arcadia and, upon discovering the devastation Dr. Weil wrought upon it and the extent of his evil (while the Professor isn't in favor of robots with human-level A.I., he is even less in favor of Weil's racist genocide and sadistic cruelty), he made a misguided effort to try and find the Dark Elf for himself so he could overpower the deity (if just to take over Neo Arcadia for himself as a self-proclaimed hero, although undoubtedly even he would have made a better ruler than Weil) and potentially overcome his own enemy Felix the Cat as a bonus. Zero got word of his actions and, with the help of Felix, attempted to intercept the scientist. Unfortunately, the Professor succeeded in finding the Dark Elf first. Zero, remembering what happened with Elpizo and the Dark Elf, tried to warn Professor about its effects, but he refused to listen, and the subsequent merger transformed the Professor into an insane robotic abomination. Zero and Felix were ultimately able to subdue his new form and return him to normal, while the Dark Elf fled. After finding out Zero was built by Dr. Wily and was also in the fight against Weil, The Professor reluctantly formed an alliance with him.
  • Was VERY happy to see Ciel ascended to the Pantheon. The reunion between the two Neo Arcadia Resistance allies was one of the few times he reverted back to his more energetic pre-Repliforce demeanor as he and X promptly introduced her to their fellow Maverick Hunters. He calmed down after that, though. Later, when he discovered her deal with Epsilon, he advised her to be careful around the Commander, but did not attempt to dissuade her.
  • He once fought Metal Sonic in a duel to the death. Zero was able to effortlessly slice through Metal Overlord but this has caused him to make an enemy out of Metal Sonic.
  • "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"
  • Is also placed in the House of Naming.


Intermediate Gods

    Bruce Wayne/Batman 
Bruce Wayne, God of Heroes Who Fight in the Shadows and Head Strategist of the GUAG Superhero Division (Batman, The Dark Knight, The Caped Crusader, The Darknight Detective, The Goddamn Batman, The World's Greatest Detective, The Son of Gotham, Ninja Batman)

Link, God of Diversified Weaponry and Eternal Heroes (The Hero of Time, The Hero of Winds, The Hero of Twilight, The Hero of Legend, The Hylian Champion, Hero of the Wild, The Hero of Hyrule, Champion of Hyrule, Young Link, Master of the Ocarina, Toon Link, Wind-Waking Warrior, Fairy Boy, Hero's Shade, Zelda)
Link over the ages.
Hero of the Wild 
  • Intermediate God (the Hero of Time is a Greater God, potentially Overdeity, with the Fierce Deity Mask equipped)
  • Symbol: The Triforce of Courage
  • Theme Song: The Legend of Zelda Main Theme
  • Alignment: Varying with each incarnation, but always Good.
  • Portfolio: Ancestral Weapons, Arrows on Fire, Chain of Deals, Cosmic Keystones, Fetch Quests, Wordlessness, Being Equipped to handle anything, Hyperspace Arsenals, Hammerspace, Heroism, Destined To Be A Hero, Heroic Spirit, Humility
  • Domains: Courage, Strength, Time, War, Reincarnation
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Caim, Firion, Cloud
  • Enemies: Ganondorf, Zant, Ghirahim, Majora, Bowser, Cia, Claude, Hermaeus Mora.
  • Followers: Dirk the Daring, The Kid
  • Weapon of Choice? Pfft! Whatever Link pulls out of his bag is his Weapon of Choice. Yes...even a big chunk of meat and a bottle. When forced to choose only one, however, it is usually his Sword of Plot Advancement, which is often (though not always) the Master Sword.
  • Destined to reincarnate in an endless cycle for as long as there is evil. Over the past two thousand years or so has started wearing a green tunic and pointy hat in each life for reasons he isn't sure about - every time he is born, he forgets very nearly everything, to the point of being surprised every time he learns that he is a god. This is just as well, considering the tantrum he threw the last time he didn't. Growing up and collecting all that weaponry is time consuming!
  • Used to hold the title of Silent Protagonists, until it was stolen by Claude. He is understandably upset.
  • Didn't know what to say in regards to how the Nostalgia Critic dressed up as him during the quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • To combat the GUAE's growing power, Link has been training with other gods. Notably Ieyasu, Yukimura, Guan Yu, Zhang Fei and Liu Bei. The results have been impressive.
  • Subject to an equally endless line of prophecies, most of which only apply to one lifespan each.
  • The other Prophecy Gods let him in to this house to do their errands. When it comes to MacGuffin Delivery Services, particularly matched sets, you can't hire much better than Link. And he can get a bottle of milk from the cow to the god paying in two minutes flat, or it's free.
  • Needless to say, with all of this reincarnation going on, he is pretty much Virtuous' bitch.
  • Finds kinship with Lucina, due to having once also worn masks to impersonate others.
  • In recent times Link has had conversations with other gods. While the gods remember the subjects they talked about, no one can ever seem to remember exactly what the hero said or what sort of voice or accent he might have had.
  • Never, never, NEVER put Link into a wrestling match, unless it is a sumo wrestling match. He can Body Slam EVERYTHING to death!
  • Because of his unrelenting heroism, courage and benevolence; Link has proven to be one of the nicest gods in the Pantheon, capable of forming long-lasting friendships with fellow heroes and defenders of justice:
    • Link is a good friend of Nintendo deities Mario, Samus Aran and Fox McCloud. They are always on the look out for any dangers that might threaten the Nintendo realms.
    • Has become friends with a kind-hearted Artificial Intelligence from AlfheimOnline called Yui, as well as her parents Kirito and Asuna. Yui is very fond of Link because his relationship to Navi reminds her of her own with her father; a Charming Elvish Sword-Loving Bad-Boy and his adorable fairy companion. Link is also warmly reminded of his relationship with Zelda when he sees how close and loving Kirito and Asuna are.
    • One day, he started beating the stuffing out of Donald Duck and Goofy without warning. Sora stepped in to knock some sense into Link. He succeeded. Turns out, Link was possessed by Dark Link, who gained more power by combining with the Heartless. Link, Sora, Donald, and Goofy beat back Dark Link and his minions after a long fight, and now the four are staunch allies after everything they've gone through.
    • One of Link's most recent allies is Optimus Prime. They became friends after dicussing their recurrent roles as heroes across space and time. Also, Link can sympathize with Optimus because of his unyielding heroism despite... certain events.
    • Link is also fond of travelling with Ash Ketchum and his trusty Pikachu. Seeing how close Ash and Pikachu reminds the Hero of Hyrule of his companions.
    • Link also struck up a friendship with the Master Chief, as they are both green-clad heroes who saved their worlds from unspeakable dangers. John also sees Link’s loyalty and devotion to Princess Zelda similar to his own friendship to Cortana, and wonders how can Link, a legendary hero the same as him, can also function as a regular person. By his own admission, the one time John traveled to Hyrule, he was taken aback by the everyday kindnesses of the Hyrulean people.
    • Also finds common ground with James Ramirez, what with them being their universes' errant boys and not saying much. Ramirez considers Link something of a forefather, since he does all the hero work in his universe all by himself.
    • The Soul Series deities, who he fought once, like to invite him for battle. Sometimes just for kicks he enters the bouts with his Bug-Catching Net.
  • Recent peeks into Zelda's diary have revealed that the primary reason for Link's reputable silence is to cope with the stress of his many responsibilities.
  • It has recently been theorized that Doomguy is one of Link's incarnations. He and Zelda were both unnerved by the idea.
  • Link eventually found out that, in a separate universe, Hermaeus Mora was responsible for completely destroying Hyrule in his obsession to find the ancient knowledge that the kingdom held. Because of this, Link keeps a steady eye on the Daedric Prince just in case he feels Hermaeus Mora is about to pose a visible threat to Hyrule.
  • Really dislikes crossdressing, a feeling Ash Ketchum, Shido Itsuka and Lux Arcadia share. He did it once to enter the Gerudo's territory, but a lot of his followers took this particular instance and ran away with it, drawing Link wearing girly clothes. Don't misinterpret Link, he will crossdress for the greater good, but don't expect him to be happy about it.
  • Also present in Multi-Wielding Weapons.

Ness, God of Kid Heroes (The PSI Powerhouse)

    Rick Taylor/The Terror Mask 
Rick Taylor and The Terror Mask, Gods of Possessed Heroes (The Hell Mask (Terror Mask))

    Samurai Jack
Samurai Jack, God of Wandering Swordsmen
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The family crest that can be seen on his cloak.
  • Theme Song: Gotta get back... back to the past, Samurai Jack! Watch out!
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: 100% Adoration Rating, Badass Normal, Beware the Nice Ones, The Chosen One, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Clothing Damage, Determinator, The Drifter, Fish out of Temporal Water, Humble Hero, Katanas Are Just Better, Knight Errant, Martial Pacifist, Master of All, Master Swordsman, Mr. Fanservice, Only Known by Their Nickname, Warrior Prince
  • Domains: Honor, Warriors, Time, Family
  • Allies: Ashi (his wife), Link, Fa Mulan, Po, Iroh, Leonidas, The Demoman, Finn the Human, Jake the Dog, Skips, Dexter, Jin, Ryu (Street Fighter)
  • Enemies: Aku, The Lich, GLaDOS, Dr. Ivo "Eggman" Robotnik, Ultron, Melkor
  • Rivals: Cloud Strife, Afro Samurai, Himura Kenshin, Roronora Zoro
  • Odd Friendship: Sanji
  • Opposes: Cornelia li Britannia
  • Ascended when the Pantheon realized he had been through far too much to not be.
  • Attacked Iroh after hearing his voice. Luckily, Iroh was able to hold his own until the other gods finally managed to convince him that he wasn’t Aku. The old firebender forgave him for the incident when Jack told him his story, and talked about various other things over tea. Jack constantly visits him now, whether it be him feeling homesick and wanting to get the feeling of home, learning the fighting style behind firebending to add to his arsenal of various abilities, or sometimes just coming for tea and a game of Pai Sho (Iroh was surprised to find he was actually very good at it.).
  • When Mulan heard of his ascension, she went to him hoping to get training. He agreed, but Mulan became confused when their first training session involved bamboo sticks of all things instead of regular swords; she found out the hard way just how formidable Jack is with any weapon he gets his hands on. Since then, though, he has taught her many things, such as ‘Jumping good’, and fighting without the use of sight. As a result, it has increased her skills greatly.
  • When he heard of the House of Time and Space, he immediately left to ask them to help him get home. Some denied, due to being already aware of the actual point in which he returns to the past and not wanting to drastically alter time. There were some that agreed, but when Jack attempted to use any time machine, the finished products mysteriously broke down. Jack suspected it was Aku’s doing, and came to the conclusion that he had probably become aware of his ascension. Not wanting to hinder them or even put them in danger, he gave up on that route, saying that he would find another way.
  • Has earned the wired ire of many evil robotic and technologically assisted gods for his vast cybernetic kill count of androids, cyborgs, computers and many other machinations of metallic mayhem. The digital list goes on, from Eggman to Ultron.
    • GLaDOS, however, hates him for a different reason. She managed to trap him once in Aperture Science, taking his sword away in the process, and tried to test him with her various obstacles. Instead of using the portal gun, however, he simply leaped across all of them with his impressive jumping skills, even retrieving his sword (since she hadn’t known about the jumping, she had been taunting him with it in plain sight), all without much issue. She has said nothing about the incident, and has despised him for making a fool out of her ever since.
  • Has also gained rivalries with many swordsmen of the pantheon, such as Cloud and Kenshin. He trains with them when he feels up to it. Was glad to find a fellow samurai in Afro, although he doesn’t really agree with many of his motives and methods.
    • Has been accused of not being a samurai at all, but a ronin…and that it made him better than any actual samurai, since he was not bound by honor and duty, allowing him to be a hero to the people oppressed by Aku. Jack doesn't know what to say of this, except finally understanding why he felt his Persona was named Ronin.
  • Has made friends with the Demoman, after finding him very similar to his friend, the Scotsman. Well, similar albeit drunk, anyway.
    • Similarly, he has found a friend in Leonidas after fighting alongside a futuristic version of the Spartan from his world.
  • Joined up with the combat division of the GUAG, wanting to stop many other evils like Aku. Melkor has set his threat level to Very High, since he is able to take on armies of mooks and hold his own against some pretty high ranking villains.
  • He is shocked on how Mundus looks like an angel yet is just as bad, if not worse than Aku.
    Jack: *to Mundus* Your appearance is that of a holy being, yet your essence is that of evil and darkness! I shall destroy you!
  • Had a run in with the Lich, who attempted to, unsurprisingly, kill him and destroy his sword. Jack was able to resist any mind control tricks on him, however, as he had fought off a possession by Aku himself before. Jack was able to ‘kill’ the Lich, but after being told of his abilities, he is wary of future attacks on him by the radiated wizard.
  • Many goddesses (and some gods) of the House of Love absolutely adore it when his clothes become tattered and ripped, revealing his impressive figure. Many have tried to get into a romantic relationship with him, though he has rejected all of them, feeling that he is too dangerous to be around or would simply be too distracted.
    • No one has the opportunity now. Jack and Ashi were able to finish their wedding ceremony in the Pantheon.
  • Constantly has to visit the House of Craft so Rarity can fix his robes. She always ends up asking how it managed to happen this time, and he always has an interesting story to tell. The other Equestrian gods head to Rarity's home when Jack does to listen in as a result.
    • Brought Ashi with him one time. Rarity immediately got out multiple new clothes for her to try on. He hid his face behind his hat for both of their sakes.
  • Absolutely despises Melkor with every fiber of his being. (Then again, anyone with a modicum of morality would.) Jack thinks he is the most disgustingly evil thing he has ever known and believes he is the reason Aku exists to begin with.
  • Is very wary of Princess Celestia after having a risky run in with a similar looking forest spirit a while back.
  • He has been seen preparing to travel once more; speculation at the time said this was due to the fact that his story will finally be continued. Rumors have circulated that he has gotten some armor of some sort. When he later confirmed that he was finally going to continue his journey, everyone was cheering to the rooftops and congratulated him, though he didn't understand why.
    • The journey proved to be his last in the mortal realms, where he managed to travel back in time and slay Aku for good and restored the timeline and undid the Bad Future. Even if he lost his true love in process, Jack regained the hope for the better future in his world. Though returning to the Pantheon afterwards, he's noted that with the situation at the Pantheon, Melkor may find a way to bring Aku back at least within the Pantheon. Despite so, Jack stands ready to face Aku again any time, nothing will break him, and at the very least, his world is safe and nothing will change it.
  • One day. He found Finn and Jake chasing after him. All of his allies had split up to look for him after learning that Ashi would be ascending within the next ten minutes. Jack took off before the pair could finish talking. He jumped over the crowd that had already gathered so he would be in front. He would have never forgiven himself if he had not been the first one to see her. Luckily, he was.
    • They often have lunch now in the House of Nature. Ashi enjoys being able to see all the beautiful plants Jack had told her about. Jack enjoys just being able to see her. That is not to say Ashi isn't glad to be with him, asking him questions just to make their time together last longer. They've realized being in different Houses makes scheduling dates hard.
    • He has also helped mediate meetings between Ashi and Six along side Toriel.
  • Ashi once told Jack about a friend named Sanji who's a really good cook. Jack knew who she was talking about and was a bit worried given Sanji's Casanova Wannabe reputation, but it turns out he wanted to meet Jack and asked her to bring the Samurai over for a meal with the Straw Hats. When the table conversation turned to why Sanji has never made a move Ashi, the chef offered this:
    Sanji: Easy, Jack. She's your sweetheart, not mine.
    • Zoro also wanted to test his swordsmanship, so they sparred after dinner in the House of Combat. Zoro was able to overwhelm Jack at points, but Jack was quick to spot openings in Zoro's game to be able to force him back, even managing to stab the side of his ribs once. The fight stopped a few minutes after that as Zoro started to noticeably wear down. In the end, he walked away reassured about Sanji, as well as looking forward to Zoro's next challenge.
  • Recently met and confronted Afro Samurai on a bridge at which point they smelled the blood on each others blades. A battle broke out. The two crossed blades and Jack pushed through Afro's attempts to fight dirty. In the end Jack won but at the cost of an arm. After the fight he was seen walking away wearing the Number One headband.
    • Due to mutual connections, he got his arm put back together thanks to Trafalgar Law.
  • Also a member of the Wayfaring Quartet in the House of Travel.

    T- 800 Model 101, Mark 2/The Terminator 
Cyberdyne Systems Model 101 Series 800 Version 2.4 Infiltration-Combat Unit, Mechanical Deity of Heroic Caretakers (The Terminator, Uncle Bob, T-800 Model 101 Mark 2, Pops)

Tassadar, God of The Messianic Archetype (Savior of the Templar, Twilight Deliverer)
  • Intermediate God, potentially Greater God when channeling the Khala and Void simultaneously. But… well, see below for details.
  • Symbol: The Protoss Icon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kind Protoss Who Shouldn't Be Angered, Sacrificed Himself To Destroy The Zerg Overmind, Defied The Conclave When They Told Him To Raze Zerg-Infested Terran Worlds, Frontline General, Powerful Psionic Powers, Using Both Khala and Void
  • Domains: Psychic, Martyrdom, Khala, Void
  • Allies: Zeratul, Artanis, Jim Raynor, Sarah Kerrigan, Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Tyrael, Cosmos, Madoka Kaname, Optimus Prime, Oyashiro
  • Enemies: Arcturus Mengsk, Arthas Menethil, Diablo, The Tyranids, Lucifer, The Combine
  • Tassadar left the mortal plane during the battle against the Overmind in Aiur. In turn, his sacrifice ushered peace between Templars and Dark Templars amongst Protoss and ensured the survival of Protoss. He is then honored with the phrase 'En Taro Tassadar' and seemingly turned into a spirit. In truth, he was in fact ascended to the Trope Pantheons, where the Pantheon recognized his great sacrifice and compassion. It just took him kinda long to appear in public due to… difficulties.
    • While Tassadar was taking his time to show up in the Pantheon, he personally requested for Cosmos to take care of his divine duties and grant blessings to his followers while he was taking care of said difficulties. Once he got everything over with, Cosmos gave Tassadar the title that he was meant to ascend for. In return, Tassadar shows gratitude to Cosmos for helping his followers out while asking little in return.
  • Following his ascension, Tassadar was reunited with Zeratul and Jim Raynor. However, when questioned on the conversations his spirit form apparently had with Zeratul at one point, he was confused, holding no memory of that. Investigation by the two ascended Protoss soon uncovered the truth: the "Tassadar" who had given Zeratul prophetic information and guidance had in fact been the avatar (chosen as a face Zeratul would trust) of Ouros, last of the benevolent Xel'Naga.
  • Fights alongside Zeratul and his other allies in the Nexus.
  • Yes, he can channel the Khala and Void together once more to replicate the attack he did on the Overmind. However, since it killed him last time he did that, he's not exactly willing to do that again unless the situation is dire. Thankfully, Death Is Cheap within the pantheon.
  • Seeing and hearing of the Tyranids brings back too many bad memories of the Zerg. Tassadar has offered to help out should the Tyranids ever manage to break the seal.
  • Has deep respect for Madoka Kaname for her selfless and heroic sacrifice. Which is why he shows no sympathy toward Lucifer for manipulating one of her best friends into undoing her hard work.
  • En Taro Tassadar!... is what his followers and friends would say. For Tassadar himself, it's always En Taro Adun!
  • Also has a spot in the House of Faith.

    Viewtiful Joe 
Joe Black, the Henshin A Go-Go God (Viewtiful Joe)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His helmet
  • Theme Song: From the game
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Hero-Worshipper, Ascended Fanboy, Badass Goatee, can slow down time and speed it up, Cool Helmet, Genre Savvy, Nice Guy, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Scarf Of Asskicking, Precision Guided Voomerang,
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Glory, Strength
  • Herald: Silvia/Sexy Silvia
  • High Priests: Science Ninja Team Gatchaman
  • Allies: All Ascended Toku Heroes, all superhero deities, especially James Howlett/Wolverine, Richard Rider/Nova, Steve Rogers/Captain America, Jennifer Walters/She-Hulk, Tony Stark/Iron Man, Peter Parker/Spider-Man, Dante Sparda, Cosmos, Rashid
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Dormammu, Doctor Doom, Magneto, The Psycho Rangers, Shadow Moon, Sting Chameleon
  • Admired by: 9-volt and 18-volt
  • The Toku Base has held the title of Henshin Hero for a long time. But it put them in a bind. Many of their kind have ascended as individuals, causing disorganization for their crew. It was decided that only the ascended members would stay in the Pantheon. Now they need someone to hold the title. It would eventually go to a fanboy called Joe Black. He quickly accepted the position, paving the way for his ascension.
  • What followed was a fangasm unlike that anyone has seen before. He made it his goal to visit every single Henshin Hero and Superhero in the Pantheon that day... and succeeded. Of course it helped that he had the power to control time in his finger tips.
  • Cosmos was quick to approve of the decision. She believes he will become a great hero... even when he tends to be brash at times.
  • Has naturally befriended all ascended henshin deities in the Pantheon, from both the Kamen Rider and Super Sentai universes. As such he comes in direct opposition to SHOCKER. He doesn't have to deal with them himself, but me may have to step up to help his followers deal with these constant attacks from monsters.
  • As with many other heroes of his kind, Viewtiful Joe has to tangle with Evil Counterparts Shadow Moon and the Psycho Rangers. This resentment is particularly harsh on him; The fact that these two groups employ his former idol Captain Blue hurts him to this day.
  • One may not know this, but his status gives him domain over many Magical Girls who depend of transformation sequences to gain their powers. He often teams up with the Sailor Scouts, though some of them accuse him of stealing their spotlight. Sailor Moon doesn't seem to mind, knowing they need all the help they can get.
  • Participated in the Fate of Two Worlds crossover with both Marvel and Capcom fighters. He considered it a privilege to fight alongside some of the greatest heroes around... as well as test them in battle.
    • Has been obsessed with Nova ever since he found similarities with their helmets. He has constantly tired to get himself into the Nova Corps a request Rider has repeatedly denied.
    • Has revealed to have a crush on She-Hulk. While Jen took it as a compliment. Silvia was not nearly as pleased.
    • Was happy to fight alongside Dante the most, delighting in his stylish ways. Not that the phrase is as cool as 'viewtiful', but he does admit it has a good ring to it. Both gods have even adopted the other's catchphrases.
    • Wondered how a man like Ryu could shoot out fireballs and not call himself a superhero by now. The warrior wondered how it's such a big deal in the first place.
    • As such, he's dedicated himself to help Earth's Mightiest Heroes to take on their enemies. While he's a good help with many of them, one can't help but feel him to be outclassed by the likes of Doctor Doom and Dormammu. That hasn't deterred him from helping out regardless.
  • Few deities are more quotable than Captain Falcon. Viewtiful took full advantage, adding his quotes to his growing arsenal of catch phrases. Not that the good captain minds; he very much approves of Viewtiful Joe's moves, especially adding flames to his attacks. With that said, he won't go into how he does the Falcon Punch.
  • It was only inevitable that Viewtiful Joe himself would be subjected to hero worship by certain groups of the Pantheon. The first on that list were 9-volt and 18-volt. The two hoped that Viewtiful Joe would be the patron saint of the Ascended Fanboy. While it wasn't the case, the Henshin Hero promised to help them find a suitable candidate for the position. Still, Joe couldn't help but bask in the fact he has become the adored one.
  • Though he and Sting Chameleon constantly battle each other, they are familiar with each other. Joe once took the Cameleon when the former invaded his world, mistaking him for Cameo Leon.
  • Is flattered that Rashid of the Turbulent Wind is such a big fan of his, especially given how quickly Rashid gained his own reputation for friendliness and heroism after revealing himself among the Street Fighters.
  • "Henshin A Go-Go, baby!"

Lesser Gods

    Aichi Sendou 
Aichi Sendou, Patron Saint of Failure Heroes (Yandere Aichi, PsyAichi)

Isabeau Dennis, Divine Heroic Seductress (Bo)
  • Theme Song: Lost Girl Theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: A leather stiletto boot
  • Portfolio: Horny Devil with With Evil Powers but a Good Nature, Can Charm Any Normal Person, Mommy Issues from Parental Abandonment and Fundamentalists, Knife Nut, ultimately an Atoner with Chronic Hero Syndrome
  • Domains: Good, Lust, Fae, Healing, Freedom
  • High Priestess: Phedre no Delaunay
  • Followers: Judith, most actual Kitsunes, Shiki Aizawa, Nancy Lee, Venus the nymph, Francesca, Linda Downey, Chiana, Sha'ira and her Consorts, Witty Ritts
  • Allies: Ann Takamaki, SCP- 166, Sol Badguy, Nancy Drew, Skulduggery Pleasant, Ahri, Chloe von Einzbern, Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Rivals: Morrigan and Lilith Aensland
  • Enemies: Handsome Jack, The Queen of Pain, Slaanesh.
  • Opposes: The House of FAITH, Hades
  • Pities: Killua Zoldyck
  • Admirers: James Bond, Mad Moxxi, Charlie Harper, Jogn Constantine, Jack Harkness, Barbarella
  • With Ann Takamaki moving in with the rest of the Phantom Thieves in a new temple, she needed a new guardian for her old one. As a fun contest, she motioned her followers to seduce someone from the GUAE to coax any useful information. In the end, there was one success from a woman named Bo. She managed to use her Charm Person spell of Handsome Jack to discover an imminent attack on the Crimson Riders. Once that was resolved, Ann officially handed the temple over to the woman.
  • Bo identifies herself as a succubus as her main ability is to charm and drain the energy out of humans. Her birth parents paint a different story. She is the daughter of a Light Fae and none other than Hades himself (albeit a different one from the ascended ones). With that, she has the potential to become much more powerful than her current level.
    • Regardless of the name, Morrigan and Lilith have been out saying that she is always welcome in their temple. Regardless, Bo is wary of staying with the two for too long. She knows that the two are a corrupting influence and may compel her to activate her more sinister powers, abilities she wants to keep limited.
  • Immediately got into trouble into the Goddess of Evil Bondage when she spotted the Queen of Pain trying to seduce another victim. Not used to beings with teleportation and stunning screams, it was a fight that didn't end well with her the first time. Nevertheless, she strove to continue monitor the outsider. Akasha looks forward to the challenge as well as the opportunity to break the fey.
  • Imagine her shock when she was face-to-face with the one and only Hades, the god she considers as her father. This one in particular is quite different from the King of the Underworld and it is disputed whether the one in her world is the same as the one in the Pantheon. Regardless, Hades thought it would be a good time to invite her to his lair. The offer was soundly rejected as she wants no part with him, whether he is truly her father or not.
  • At first, Bo was unable to control her ability to absorb the lifeforce of those caught in an act of passion with her. However, with some training, she was eventually able to perform intercourse without triggering the deadly effects. Because of this, the SCP Coporation hired her to handle SCP- 166. The being has yet to know how to stop men from trying to force themselves on her. Her experience of controlling urges and the fact that she is not male made her an ideal subject to the subject. Bo was unsure if 166 was a member of her species, but is willing to help the girl out.
  • Finds Chloe to be an odd case considering that the girl does much of the same work that she does despite looking much younger. Nevertheless, Bo insists on sending Fille Fatales over the girl's way. She believes Chloe means well most of the time.
  • This initial lack of control served a purpose; it allowed her to go on a killing spree of those who wronged her, albeit without knowing the true nature of her powers. After learning more about her abilities, she regretted her previous actions and strove to use her powers for good. While her independence prevents her from playing an active role in the GUAG, she does go to Sol Badguy's temple on occasion. She wanted to learn more about the God of Atonement and his followers and their paths towards redemption.
  • Bo learned early on that she wasn't the only one knows how to charm person. It wasn't long before she was hugged by the Vastaya Ahri. The champion had long awaited someone who has had the same experience as her. Both hoped to atone for past murders. The God of Charming did want to see if their magic had an effect on each other. That turned out to be true. Regardless, the two agreed to stay friends and help each other.
  • To the disappointment of many in the Pantheon, Bo revealed she already has a significant other: a police officer named Lauren. She has already went through the love triangle route with a man called Dyson and hopes to stay committed to her. Yes, Lauren agreed to let Bo do her business provided that it is for a good cause. With that said, Bo has stated that Lauren isn't enough to will her biological needs and requires sustenance from others to meet them with Lauren's consent. As such, a number of men and women have volunteered to help Bo meet her needs.
  • That has not stopped Slaanesh from obsessing over the succubus. The being has been trying to tempt Bo over to the Chaos God's side with the promise of permanent sustenance. For now Bo knows better than to risk her life that way and has refused the Chaos God's advances.
  • Moonlights as an Amateur Sleuth from time to time in order to get close enough to people so that she could help them. Like quite a few of them, she isn't that good in the business. Luckily for her, there is a patron for such folk in the Pantheon. Nancy Drew is happy to apply her services whenever Bo gets stumped in a case. She also gives the fae advice on how to solve them to make her a better detective.
    • Of course, there are certain cases that require someone of the mythical sense to help solve crime, an aspect outside of Nancy's wheelhouse. For those cases she turns to Skulduggery Pleasant, God of Occult Detectives. She finds him odd as a good-aligned lich, but appreciates the help he gives her.
  • Readily applies to the Combat Stilettos department of Costume wear. She knows that people love women who wears them and thus are a constant part of her wardrobe. She finds it interesting that the holder of the title is rather aloof instead of upstart. Yet she respects a woman who can fight extremely well despite the footwear.
  • Raised by Bible-loving parents, they tried their best to make her adhere to abstinence. That didn't take, and it wasn't long until she ran away from her family. While she doesn't resent religion, she is wary about working with anyone associated with the House of Faith no matter what their opinion on her lifestyle.
  • It was revealed that her father sired her mother in order for Bo to be used as his champion once she learned to despise both humans and fae. Thankfully, it didn't some to pass and she strives to help people. It is this reason that she feels sorry for Killua's situation. She hopes that the boy can keep up with his redemption.

    Edward Kenway 
Edward James Kenway, God of Underhanded Heroes (Captain Kenway, Edward the Legend)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His ship's Jolly Roger, the Assassin insignia with a skull inside it
  • Theme Song: Black Flag Main Theme, The Fortune of Edward Kenway
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (formerly Chaotic Neutral)
  • Portfolio: Underhanded Hero, Anti-Hero, Guile Hero, Pirate, Lovable Rogue, Broken Ace, The Atoner, Adventurer Archaeologist, Aura Vision, Combat Pragmatist, Determinator, The Dreaded, Dual Wielding, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, One-Man Army
  • Domain(s): Piracy, Death, Stealth, Combat, Atonement
  • Heralds: The crew of the Jackdaw
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: The Templars, Shay Patrick Cormac, Sakazuki, Stannis Baratheon, Black Manta, Luxord, Calvin J. Candie and Stephen, YHVH, anyone who opposes free will or endorses slavery
  • Complicated Relationship with: Blackbeard
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Night Raid
  • One-Time Employer: Al Capone
  • Edward was born in Swansea, Wales to humble farmers. At the age of seventeen, Edward met Caroline Scott, who intervened on his behalf during an altercation. The two fell in love and, despite their differences in social status, were married. Wishing to provide Caroline with a decent life, Edward became a privateer for the Royal Navy and, once accepted, found himself stationed in the West Indies. However, an abrupt end to the War of the Spanish Succession and the promise of gold, glory and fame eventually seduced him into a life of piracy. It was during this quest that Edward first encountered the Assassin and Templar orders, and became embroiled in their struggle. After losing nearly all of his closest friends over the course of several years, he realized the folly of his quest for glory. He then joined the Assassin Brotherhood, hunted down the Templars in the region and entrusted the Observatory to the Assassins. Eventually, Edward learned that Caroline had passed away during his absence and was later introduced to their daughter, Jennifer, whom he had unknowingly fathered prior to his departure. After returning to Britain and receiving a pardon, Edward soon acquired an estate in London and married Tessa Stephenson-Oakley, with whom he fathered a son named Haytham. Edward also joined the British Brotherhood of Assassins and eventually became their leader. However, Edward was ultimately killed in his manor by mercenaries in the employ of the Templar Grand Master Reginald Birch, who wanted to acquire Edward's journal.
  • Originally ascending as one of Ezio's many followers, Edward drew the attention and sympathy of Il Mentore due to his past tragedies. Deciding to grant him a position as a deity, Ezio eventually succeeded in granting him the title of God of Underhanded Heroes. Although all of the Assassins had used underhanded methods to various degrees, Edward was most well-known for his use of such methods.
  • Edward quickly befriended fellow pirate deities such the Straw Hats, Portgas D. Ace, Sabo, Edward Newgate, Boa Hancock and the Gokaigers. He's quite supportive of Luffy's dream of becoming Pirate King and was amazed by all of the skills and abilities of his crew. Although he finds the Gokaigers pretty weird, he relates to the fact that they don't think of themselves as heroes. Having previously lost all of his comrades, he enjoys once again being around people who understand him. However, due to being a pirate, Edward also became enemies with Sakazuki, who has placed him pretty high on his list of pirates he intends to eliminate, and Stannis Baratheon, who hates pirates in general.
  • Edward gets along quite well with Jack Sparrow, whose love of rum exceeds even that of Edward. Edward is also on good terms with Will and Elizabeth, who sympathize with him over his pirate past and regard him as being at least more reliable than Jack.
  • Sora having his own ship called the Leviathan gained him the attention of Edward and other sailors in the Pantheon. Edward quickly came to like Sora due to his enthusiasm for being a pirate, although he also cautioned him to try and avoid the more unsavory aspects of the pirate's life. Edward was decidedly less happy to hear that Luxord, one of Sora's enemies had his own vessel as well. After a battle with Luxord, Edward and Sora also encountered Heartless that could possess ships and commandeer them for terrorizing the seas. Fortunately, their weak points made them tremendously easier to sink than conventional man-crewed ships.
  • Having spent the later portion of his life traveling the world in search of First Civilization sites and artifacts, Edward occasionally teams up with Lara Croft to go on adventures. Although intially skeptical of Edward, Lara came to appreciate his ability to keep up with her and his use of Eagle Vision to avoid traps and find hidden places. Since then, the two have been good friends.
  • Edward managed to strike up a friendship with John Constantine after the two had noticed that they shared the same voice. As they had both lost friends and gone through incredible hardships, they quickly bonded and can occasionally be seen hanging out together.
  • Like the other Assassins, Edward strongly dislikes Shay Cormac. The fact that Shay works alongside Edward's son Haytham and was responsible for Adéwalé's death has resulted in Edward attacking him on several occasions, although these encounters have so far always ended in a draw. Shay and Haytham have occasionally attempted to turn Edward against the Assassins by pointing out how he had worked with the Templars in the past, but Edward has consistently refused to do so, fully affirming his allegiance to the Assassin Brotherhood and that their cause is something that he truly believes in.
  • He quickly became enemies with Black Manta upon discovering that he was willing to hurt children. Manta being a modern pirate initially intrigued Edward, but the extent of his cruelty was something that Edward could not tolerate.
  • Due to his friendship with Adéwalé, a former slave, Edward dislikes slavery and strongly opposes Calvin J. Candie and Stephen. Candie is particularly annoyed by the fact that he's being judged by a pirate, but nonetheless, he and Stephen try to avoid Edward as much as possible.
  • Edward was pleasantly surprised to hear that Blackbeard was in the pantheon. Assuming that the claims of him being Chaotic Evil were just a result of Thatch deliberately cultivating such a reputation for himself, Edward decided to seek him out. However, Edward discovered that, within the pantheon, Blackbeard has a habit of switching between different incarnations of himself from various universes, ranging from the treacherous Marshall D. Teach to a buffoonish Rider-class Servant. As a result, their encounters vary from the two having a drink and pleasantly reminiscing about old times to the two engaging each other in combat. Their relationship isn't helped by the fact that, when Blackbeard and Al Capone engaged in a rap battle, Edward was hired by Capone to retrieve his rum supply from Blackbeard, during which he killed several members of Blackbeard's crew. Edward has since apologized for doing it, insisting that it wasn't anything personal, but it still remains a sore point between the two.


Pepsiman, God of Products Transformed Into Superheroes
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Pepsi Logo
  • Theme Song: PEPSIMAN!
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, Chaotic Evil in the The Angry Video Game Nerd's universe
  • Portfolio: Amusing Injuries, Mundane Made Awesome, The Blank, Butt-Monkey, Long Song, Short Scene
  • Domains: Drinks, Superheroes, Advertising, Injuries, Products
  • Allies: Segata Sanshiro, Protonjon, Vinny, The House of Heroes
  • Enemies: Morris, The Angry Video Game Nerd, Anyone who makes fun of Pepsi
  • Opposes: Jontron, Soldier: 76
  • Pepsiman is the living embodiment of Pepsi, bringing all the thirsty people the refreshing and tasty drink that is Pepsi. He arrived one day where the House of Food was a having a shortage of drinks, quickly arriving and using his signature powers to fill the house with Pepsi. Before he got the chance to leave, he tripped over and ended up accidentally destroying half of the House he was in. The court of Gods later allowed him to have his own temple to keep doing his job in the pantheon.
  • By default he is considered a superhero, even if he doesn't do much crimefighting. He is more or less a delivery boy (Or Super Delivery Boy if you will) of Pepsi, but even then, he seems to be on good terms with the House of Heroes and he did help the authorities of his world a few times (At least for Pepsi related things that is).
  • Pepsiman's claim to fame comes from his videogame, which is a source of his constant Amusing Injuries and bizarre hijinks he gets involved with. The other most notable from said game is the live action segments featuring an unknown man with a Pepsi addiction, said footage make some people believe it comes from a Snuff Film.
  • It's obvious that Pepsiman is not fond of his parent company's biggest competitor, Coca-Cola. In fact, whenever someone brings up the Pepsi Invaders/Coke Wins game, he gets very mad.
  • He doesn't pay too much attention to other competitors outside of Coca-Cola, but one in particular has been bothered by his ascension and that's none other than the CEO of Joja Corporation, Morris. He is pissed that with Pepsiman's sudden arrival, his products have been getting less and less attention (besides obviously many people knowing they are terrible) and instead prefer to seek Pepsiman for a more refreshing drink.
  • A former follower of Segata Sanshiro given their shared over the top advertisements and (surprisingly for Pepsiman) being from Japanese origins. Segata himself welcomed Pepsiman to his temple, but he was initially upset that his main game was on the Playstation. Before Segata tried to beat him up, as he usually does, he did mention the time he appeared as a Guest Fighter in Fighting Vipers, a Sega Saturn game, and so Segata spared him.
  • There have been a few deities that are familiar with the Pepsiman videogame, like Protonjon for example. However, one particular deity that stood out for Pepsiman was Jontron, who mistakenly assumed his game didn't have any music, ignoring the trademark theme song that is characteristhic of Pepsiman or that he believes that because his world is very centered in Pepsi that maybe there is a hidden conspiracy pulling the strings from the shadows.
    • There was also Vinny from Vinesauce, who did manage to beat his game but also tried to corrupt it, but arguably had a hard time doing so. Initially he had a conflicting opinion on him but because he let it slide after he heard he finished the game for real.
  • One time he had an encounter with Soldier: 76 which didn't end very well. Jack was having trouble with a Pepsi vending machine and so Pepsiman as usual went and provided him with a Pepsi. But because he objectively prefers Coke, Pepsiman got mad and used his PEPSI PUNCH! on him, sending him flying. The two haven't been on good terms ever since.
  • Another incident involved Pepsiman's Evil Counterpart Bepisman engaging him in a duel. Pepsiman came out on top and prefers if no one talks about Bepisman.
  • Some people are a bit unneverd about Pepsiman's lack of features besides his mouth that he tends to open when using his powers, which doesn't help much.
  • Can also be found at Advertising.
  • As of 2019, there's an alternate version that's pretty much the opposite of what the ascended version stands for, and has targeted the Angry Video Game Nerd into reviewing the video game adaptation of his exploits. This one was defeated by the Nerd with the help of the TV-Games dude from the same game as this Pepsiman. Thanks to this traumatic experience, the Nerd refuses to drink Pepsi, much less allow Pepsiman anywhere near him.

    Rock Howard 
Rock Howard, God of Heroes with Villainous Parents
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His jacket surrounded by two purple wings
  • Theme Song: Emergence
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Angster with an Oedipus Complex, The Hero of Garou: Mark of the Wolves, Early-Bird Cameo in Fatal Fury 3, Fingerless Gloves, Disappeared Dad
  • Domains: Fire, Air, Destruction, Good, Strength
  • Allies: Terry Bogard, Kim Jae Hoon and Kim Dong Hwan, Kim Kaphwan, Mai Shiranui, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Anakin Skywalker, Luke Skywalker, K', Bit Cloud, Miles Edgeworth, Lars Alexandersson, Jin Kazama, Rachel Roth/Raven, Lelouch vi Britannia (to an extent)
  • Enemies: Billy Kane, Ryuji Yamazaki, Albert Wesker, William Birkin, Manfred von Karma, Kazuya Kazama
  • Annoyed by: Lydia Deetz
  • Special Relationship: Geese Howard
  • Rock Howard came into existence under interesting circumstances. He was born the son of one of the most ruthless criminals in the Pantheon. He he hasn't had any noteworthy appearance until after his father's death. That was when he first met Terry Bogard. Under his guidance, he became both a formidable combatant and an overall nice person. With his moveset and shady past came many fans, yet it had been years since he appeared in a fighting game. That changed when Rock Howard finally made his first appearance in a King of Fighters game. With that, he was promptly ascended. Unfortunately, he had to do so under the acknowledgement of his relationship with his evil father.
    • Speaking of which, Rock was attacked by a familiar foe. When the two met, Rock's blood boiled like never before. Rock asked him why his blood was reacting so violently. It turned out that his assailant was Geese, who merely told him to "Come on." The two battled, with Rock acting more primally. Of course, this was all part of Geese's plan to get Rock Howard back on his side. Luckily, Terry was informed of the attack and brought Rock away from his father. After explaining how he managed to survive the fall, Rock promised not to see him again.
  • Was disappointed to see that the only agemates that made it to the Pantheon was Kim's sons. Nevertheless, it was a welcome reunion for the boys, overprotective dad aside. He at least have plenty of others from the Fatal Fury series to befriend.
    • He is not that happy to see that Geese's bodyguard Billy Kane is also in the Pantheon. Billy thought that he could bring the brat over to his boss. That only earned him a drubbing not only from Rock, but from Geese himself. The Southtown boss did not want anyone else to interfere with his son's affairs.
  • He is at least thankful that there are plenty of characters who share his grief. One of the most famous examples is that of Luke and Anakin Skywalker. This particular dynamic has a bittersweet ending with the former Darth Vader turning against the sith lord Darth Sidious though at the cost of his life. Anakin insists that though the odds are bleak, there is always the chance that Geese has a change of heart.
    • Sherry and Jake revealed a similar story with a different ending. Jake never got to confront his father Wesker at his death, and while Sherry managed to do so with her father, he never sought redemption at his death. Both fathers are in the Pantheon and have gotten in touch with Geese to pitch in their own opinions, namely to insist on bringing Rock to them to "correct" his son's behavior.
    • Joining the party is Miles Edgeworth. What makes his case worse was that his adoptive father killed his biological one. He even became his herald for a time in the Pantheon before he broke away. Unklike Rock, he has no intention of following Manfred von Karma's legacy.
    • Has also been seen chatting with Raven of the Teen Titans. Most deities are well aware of her relationship with her father Trigon and how she fought years of subordination to ultimate reject Trigon's wishes.
    • There are few places with more screwed up families than the one found in Tekken, with many within the Kazama family trying to kill each other. It was there that Rock befriended both Jin and Lars. The former even mas evil blood on his veins like him. In Jin's case, he had a brief dalliance in The Dark Side, but is now determined to kill his father. Rock has expressed interest in helping him out. In Lars's case, he was a bastard son to Heihachi just to prove the later did not have the devil gene.
    • Lelouch hoped to recruit Rock to his cause in overthrowing his father. Upon taking a look on his methods, Rock declined to pledge his full support. He felt that Lelouch relied too much on his own father's methods to truly look past them.
  • With no mother and no obvious girlfriends around, Rock Howard hasn't had much experience with girls, especially those he finds attractive. With that said, he insists that does not make him a goth. Even when Deetz tried to tell her followers not to pursue time, many persist in bringing him to their flock. He shares that sentiment with K', a fellow competitor. K' may not have a lot of friends, but he can tell someone who could use some company.
  • Much to his surprise, he has a few fans even within the Pantheon. For example, Bit Cloud came by to demonstrate how much of his clothing style was modeled after Rock's. The big difference is that Bit is much more happy about his situation. He hopes to put a smile of Rock's face more often.

    SWAT Kats 
SWAT Kats, Divine Duo of Animal Superheroes (Chance "T-Bone" Furlong & Jake "Razor" Clawson)
Razor and T-Bone in their SWAT Kats identities
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The TurboKat
  • Theme Music: SWAT Kats Theme (Both Versions)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Badass Normals, Big Guy, Little Guy, Destructive Saviors, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Determinators, Heterosexual Life-Partners
  • Domains: Cats, Pilots, Mechanics
  • Followers: Danger Mouse, Captain Carrot and His Amazing Zoo Crew!, Road Rovers
  • Allies: TMNT, Tails, Launchpad McQuack, Darkwing Duck, Star Fox, Scooter, Torbjörn Lindholm, The Engineer, Shinya Kogami, Steven Universe
  • Enemies: Ratigan, Napoleon, Cobra Commander, The Shredder, HYDRA, Junkrat & Roadhog
  • Odd Relations: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • Admired By: Joel Johansson
  • Chance Furlong and Jake Clawson used to be a pair of hotshot pilots working for the Enforcers in Megakat City until a failed attempt at capturing the supervillain Dark Kat resulted in the two losing their positions and forced to work in the city's junkyard (and this whole mess wasn't really their fault). Luckily for them, the junkyard is full of scrapped parts used by the Enforcers, so the duo used this to their benefit and became the vigilante duo known as the SWAT Kats. With their custom fighter jet loaded with unusual missiles and an array of gadgets at their disposal, they protect the city from the various villains that threaten it.
  • While their temple on the surface is less of a temple and more of a dumping ground for various deities to throw away various stuff with it being a salvage yard and all (in addition to being an auto repair facility), it also functions as their Elaborate Underground Base. Given that the discarded stuff that ends up there can include technological equipment and weapons that don't appear to be of use to their former owners, the two have used it to their advantage in coming up with new ideas on how to take down threats that they come across.
  • Although some have believed that "The Radical Squadron" one of the duo's titles, it has never been used directly by them or others associated with them. They are simply a squadron that is "radical" in the way that they deliver justice.
  • The duo are very good friends with the TMNT, due to the two groups being animal heroes with experience in protecting a city from various threats. They like to exchange stories of their adventures with each other and even team up every now and then.
  • Due to their skills at being mechanics, the two have managed to find some friends in others working that profession. Seeing what the other mechanics are capable of in addition to their primary work has impressed T-Bone and Razor quite a bit.
    • An extended conversation with fellow inventor Torbjörn came about when the pair first met him. When asked about robots (mostly due to the latter's distrust of such), the SWAT Kats had to deal with a pair of robotic gangsters a few times and at one point, a Robot Buddy tagged along with T-Bone and Razor. Torb has told them that as long as robots with any kind of sentience don't play a significant role in their tasks, things are even fine and he is pretty impressed with what the SWAT Kats can come up with.
  • They heard about another person that builds weapons out of junk and decided to learn more about it. Unfortunately, they found out that not only was that person psychotic, but he had his own partner-in-crime to help out in causing chaos. The SWAT Kats have gotten into conflict against Junkrat and Roadhog since then, partially to stop them from causing severe damage and partially to see which pair is better at utilizing weapons out of junk.
  • Joel Johansson has been noted to be a fan of the duo and is looking forward to any potential adventures that the SWAT Kats find themselves in.
  • Some confusion ensued after the two found out there was someone who was an "Enforcer" and the SWAT Kats decided to find out who it was. They ended up meeting Shinya Kogami, who told them that the "Enforcer" that he was happened to be different from the Enforcers the two were used to. Despite this, they're rather friendly to each other due to proficiency in stopping criminals, even if Kogami was a little bewildered with the Kats' quirks.
  • The two are somewhat reminded of Commander Feral (and/or his niece, Lt. Felina Feral) whenever they see Carmelita Fox in action, though she is a bit more competent than Feral and doesn't really need "chopper backup" in her line of work. She's more annoyed with how they stop criminals than anything, but doesn't want much to do with them due to other priorities anyways.
  • From time to time, the duo hang out with the members of Star Fox to engage in aerial dogfight practice. The SWAT Kats also talk to Slippy Toad during these meetings to discuss the mechanical details of projects either team is working on.
  • An encounter with Judy Hopps and Nick Wilde ended up being an unusual experience for the SWAT Kats, given how the rabbit and the fox are involved with delivering justice through more legal means (most of the time at least). The four had a conversation about dealing with corruption and chaos and the SWAT Kats told Judy and Nick that they had to deal with a law enforcer that not only did not like them a whole lot, but was not that successful in dealing with the threats the SWAT Kats confront. Furthermore, said law enforcer was their boss back when they were on the force and he blamed them for his failure (in trying to pull an Only I Can Kill Him on Dark Kat— he clipped their wing, causing them to crash into Enforcer Headquarters; Dark Kat managed to get away in the ensuing confusion), resulting in them getting demoted to the junkyard and thus becoming vigilantes in the first place. Nick and Judy stated that they were much more reasonable than whom the SWAT Kats were describing, but they weren't entirely familiar with dealing with vigilantes like the SWAT Kats.
    • Nick and Judy acknowledged that there were more dangerous threats out there like what the SWAT Kats had dealt with in the past, but they were mixed about the pilots' methods. Nevertheless, the duo left on amicable terms and from the SWAT Kats agreed to create something that would monitor Nick and Judy's enemies like Ratigan and Napoleon and the two officers would let the pilots know if there's a threat that the officers would have noticeable difficulty handling.
  • Both get along with Darkwing Duck by virtue of being animal vigilante heroes in a metropolis that is overrun with crime. Darkwing is a bit jealous that the SWAT Kats have had somewhat better luck with publicity than he has, though the two have told him not to let the desire for fame get the better of him.
    • T-Bone and Razor also got an opportunity to meet Darkwing's sidekick Launchpad McQuack during one of their team-ups. While the SWAT Kats get along with the pilot well-enough and have some level of admiration towards his piloting skills, they're a bit concerned with Launchpad's track record of crashing things with wings.
  • Having had experience in stopping criminals and terrorists from taking over Megakat City, they have decided to stop others such as Cobra Commander from taking over the Pantheon. There is some sort of additional animosity between Cobra Commander and T-Bone for a particular reason.
  • Surprisingly enough, they once met with Uncle Grandpa. Neither of them have indulged just what the heck happened.
  • But once he learned of their arrival, Steven Universe immediately went over to their hangar and met up with them— he was visited by Uncle Grandpa too, and after subsequently learning of the multiverse, he came to admire them for their heroic feats. The rest of the Crystal Gems, given their history as a rebellion, feel the same way. Lion, however, is a bit confused— mainly by the fact that they can talk, but he can't. For their part, T-Bone and Razor like Steven and the other Crystal Gems and consider them to be trustworthy allies.

    The Turaga of Mata Nui/Toa Metru/Toa Hordika 
The Turaga of Mata Nui (previously the Toa Metru and the Toa Hordika)members , Gods and Goddess of Precursor Heroes
The Toa Metru 
The Toa Hordika
  • Lesser Deities (Intermediate Deities as Toa)
  • Symbol: (as Turaga) their Badges of Office, (as Toa) their Toa Disks
  • Theme Song: A New Constellation
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (as a Team, each member has their own alignment)
  • Portfolio: Elemental Powers, Masks, Magic Knights, Precursor Heroes and Mentors to the Toa Nuva, once mistakenly thought to be not destined to be Toa, forcibly mutated into the Toa Hordika, gaining natural Rhotuka launchers in the process, Brought Down To Almost Normal of their own volition to reawaken the Matoran, Older and Wiser, Unity, Duty, Destiny
  • Domain: Legacy, Heroism, Destiny, Friendship, Leadership, Wisdom
  • Herald: Lhikan
  • Allies: Mata Nui, the Toa Nuva, the Toa Mahri, Tassadar, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, Peter Parker/Spiderman, Anivia, Zelda, Azura, Emmet, John Egbert, Hata no Kokoro
  • Enemies: Teridax, Phazon, Grima, the Gravemind, members of the GUAD or GUAM
  • The Makuta had ascended. Mata Nui's brother was a threat once more - and now to an entire multiversal Pantheon of beings, not just to his own people. The Great Spirit, knowing the danger that Teridax presented, decided that it was time that more beings from his own universe receive the gift and duty of ascension - and who better than the Turaga of Mata Nui, guardians of the Matoran for a thousand years, having faced the Makuta of Metru Nui in the course of doing so, and those who guided the Toa Nuva? It was thus that Mata Nui brought Vakama and the others to the attention of the Pantheon at large, thus that it was decided that they were worthy in their role as Precursor Heroes - and thus that they ascended.
    • They were, of course, more than pleased to find first the Toa Nuva and then Mata Nui himself upon their ascension - though they were similarly unhappy to find the Great Beings absent. Seeking to work once more for Unity and to protect and guide their new domain as they did Mata Nui, they have joined both the GUAG and the Pantheonic Toa in an advisory capacity.
      • They were even happier to find that Lhikan had come with them as their Herald after his sacrifice to save Vakama a thousand years before and were more than pleased to tell him that they had indeed managed to save the heart of Metru Nui. After hearing their full story, Lhikan for his part informed them that he was proud of them, for they had in their time as Turaga surpassed anything that he had done as a Toa.
      • One being that they were not happy to find in the Pantheon was Ahkmou, who had been appointed as Teridax's Herald after being his agent amongst the Matoran while they were on Mata Nui and acting as 'Turaga of Metru Nui' while Makuta was in control of the universe and the actual Turaga were locked up. They mean to corner him at some point to have words.
      • Though the journey that the soon-to-be Toa Inika undertook was against the orders of (the majority of) the Turaga, they are still more than pleased to have the Mahri in the Pantheon with them; the majority of them, in fact, were their aides as Matoran. In particular, Nuju is overjoyed to see Matoro again.
  • The Turaga are noteworthy in their victory over Teridax as the Toa Metru in two respects: first of all, they had been Toa for only a minute amount of time when they did so; secondly, and perhaps more shockingly, they managed to divert Teridax's Plan to rule over the Matoran. Not only that, Vakama, through threats to destroy the Kanohi Vahi, managed to secure from the Makuta a year-long peace with the Matoran so that they could rebuild!
  • At one point in their time as Toa Hordika, they discovered evidence that they weren't destined to be Toa at all; instead, Lhikan had originally planned to give six Matoran from their pasts who had discovered Metru Nui's six Great Disks the Toa Stones that transformed them into Toa Metru but decided against it at the last moment, instead choosing the six of them after their names appeared in his mind - and that the deception was Makuta's doing. As it turns out, Teridax had in turn been deceived; knowing that Makuta would try to disrupt the process, the Order of Mata Nui had convinced him that the other candidates were meant to be the Toa Metru so that he would give the names of the ''actual'' destined Matoran to Lhikan.
  • While they can adopt their Toa Metru or Hordika forms in the Pantheon and, if it is threatened, fully intend to do so, the Turaga spend most of their time as…well, Turaga. Upon being asked about this, Vakama answered that they prefer to rely upon their wisdom rather than their strength to solve problems these days - and, after all, what would the sacrifice of their powers to return the Matoran to consciousness be worth if they simply took them back now?
    • However, an alternative has been offered to them by Yu Narukami: given that they would prefer not to invalidate the sacrifice of their Toa powers by taking them back, perhaps acquiring a different power that they can use even as Turaga would serve as a loophole. They can even interpret it as another stage of their development as individuals, as confronting their Shadows (different from the Shadow Toa the Toa Nuva faced) is basically confronting their past and deepest secrets. Vakama has promised that they'll think about it.
  • The Turaga have become particularly good friends with Tassadar after meeting in their shared sub-house and subsequently discovering that they had both mentored the foremost beings of their respective races and had a history of defying corrupt authorities. They frequently visit one another's temples to discuss leadership and threats to the Pantheon and to reminisce on their pasts. For the former reason they are also friendly with Obi-Wan Kenobi and Yoda, though, while they respect the elder Jedi's wisdom, they tend to fall more in line with Obi-Wan's somewhat softer approach when it comes to mentorship.
  • Vakama can often be found wandering the House of Heroes, seeking inspiration from Mata Nui and talking to those who he meets to dispense advice and discuss the matters of the Pantheon. It was on one of these walks that he bumped into Peter Parker. After talking with him for a while, he realised that he had discovered something of a kindred spirit and resolved to keep him from making the same mistakes that he did as leader of his Toa Team.
  • Nokama is known to get along well with Princess Zelda, admiring her in particular for her wisdom and kindness, and was even more pleased to discover that her latest incarnation has scholarly tendencies. She has also struck up a rapport with Azura given the common ground in their roles to Vakama and Corrin respectively; given Nokama's long experience in using her now-limited Water manipulation, she is currently teaching the Vallite some of her techniques so that she needn't expend so much of her power at once to be effective in combat.
    • She is now putting her experience as a Ga-Matoran Teacher to use at the School.
  • Nuju's disinclination to use a language that most of the Pantheon can understand does somewhat limit his ability to engage with the vast majority of the members of the Pantheon. Fortunately for him, the Sub-House of Birds exists. In particular he enjoys spending time with Anivia due to their similar dispositions and Elemental affinity. On the other hand, he considers some of them to be something of an annoyance.
    • That said, given that he feels that only those willing to make the time to understand him are worth his time, he's rather miffed that some of those people just use translation devices (which is rather difficult as the language of bird Rahi isn't exactly a common tongue). While they can say they did put effort in by taking the time to acquire them (by way of purchase, invention, etc.), he still feels like it's cheating somewhat.
  • Whenua, after expressing significant interest in the Pantheon's equivalent of the Archives, was given the role of leading research on the artefacts there, taking over from the SCP Foundation's teams. He fully intends to put the skills that he learned as Turaga and, thus, administrator of the often-fractious Onu-Koro to use.
  • Onewa, former Carver and Turaga of a village of craftsmen as he is, spends a lot of his time in the House of Craft and, as a fellow LEGO deity and embodiment of a lot of the better traits that he can now say he wishes he had as a Toa, has gained significant respect for Emmet. He has also taken to holding and judging contests of artistry there, putting his reputation as 'The Referee' to good use. He, Pohatu and Takanuva are also attempting to introduce Kolhii to the House of Sports.
  • Matau is known for his pranks, particularly on the overly serious Nuju, and the Pantheon merely offers more opportunities for this. In particular he has made himself known to John Egbert, hoping to pick up some new tricks; needless to say, he expects his Mask of Illusion to be getting a little more use soon...
  • Like the Toa Nuva, they have elected to grant Hata no Kokoro use of their Kanohi should she need them. That does not mean that they are not concerned about her emotional instability, however; Matau and Nokama in particular have decided to take it upon themselves to take the girl under their wing, the latter because she thinks that she can help her as she helped Vakama and the former because he sees a little of his old self in her.
  • Due to their experiences with the Visorak, the Turaga are inclined to distrust the various biological manipulators and swarms of the Pantheon. Meeting with Abathur has convinced them that he is mostly harmless, if a little disturbing. They are far, far more worried about the potential alliance between Phazon, Grima and the Gravemind - Vakama has even had visions detailing the horror that the Pantheon might come to be if such an alliance is formed - and are considering forming a coalition to combat it should it ever come to fruition.
  • Of the Pantheonic Alliances, it is not actually the Grand United Alliance of Evil that they worry over most; as they and other Toa have proven before, evil can be triumphed over with surprising frequency even in the direst of circumstances, not to mention the fact that they have been able to exploit infighting in Shadow's ranks in the past through temporary pacts. Instead, it is the growing power of the Grand Unified Alliances of Machines and Destruction that the Turaga fear beyond the others; both are united in purpose to a degree that is unmatched by the GUAE, though it is a perverse Unity in comparison to their own. To counter the latter, Vakama has been working to craft Masks of Biomechanics for distribution in the event of a machine assault.
    • They are actually highly sympathetic to Lucifer and the Grand Unified Alliance of Chaos, since a great many of its members remind them of how they were during their time as Hordika; as such, they are more than willing to speak to those deities within the Alliance who, should they suffer from similar afflictions, wish to be cured of them as they were.
  • "You are not the first Toa!"

    Van and Fiona 
Van Flyheight and "Fiona" Elisi Lynette, God and Goddess of Grown Up Kid Heroes (Van: Bang Freihert, Fiona: Fine Elecyne Rine)
Click here to see them in Guardian Force 


    Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth 
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! (37th Defender of Earth)

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Thursday the Robot
  • Theme Music: Anthem of the Braves
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ditzy Heroes, Large Hams, Good Captains, Those Who Love To Shout, Error Prone Chivalry, the Enforcement of Justice, Heroically Chiseled Jaws, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Protection, Courage, Justice
  • Heralds: Jennifer and Thursday
  • Allies: Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Commander Shepard, Captain Falcon, BRIAN BLESSED, Kamina, Guy Shishioh, Buzz Lightyear, Team Lightyear, Uther Lightbringer, Master Chief, XCOM
  • Opposes: Evil aliens, Raspberyl (sort of), Charles zi Britannia
  • Captain Gordon is the 37th Defender of Earth. Brave, outrageous, though how competent he is if up to you, and he's not that bright. Still, he does everything he can to defend Earth. And he's also loud.
  • As the ascended highest prophet of BRIAN BLESSED, it is of nominal importance that his name always be spelled fully, in bolded font, and with at least one exclamation point. The great and mighty Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! will accept no less.
    • Though if you really insist of not doing that, at least respect him enough to call him Captain Gordon.
  • He was, at one point pushed off a cliff, after which the entire Pantheon wrote him off, save for Indiana Jones and BRIAN BLESSED himself, who insisted (quite correctly) that "GORDON'S ALIVE!"
  • Might have turned into a demon at one point, as Mao once demonstrated with him turning into a weapon. No one is sure if that really is the case or not.
    • Speaking of Mao's group, he still doesn't quite trust Raspberyl after an incident regarding aliens which she thought were good. Though more in the sense that he is not sure if she will do the same mistake again.
  • He gets along with Uther due of having similar voice to him. Though on other hand, he doesn't appreciate Charles zi Britannia at all due of that, especially due of him taking over the majority of Earth.

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