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    Mata Nui 
Mata Nui, the Benevolent God (The Great Spirit, The Being, not the Island)
Toa Mata Nui (and Click!) 
Prototype Great Spirit Robot 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Kanohi Hau, the Great Mask of Shielding
  • Theme Song: (as the Great Spirit) Legend of Mata Nui, (as a Toa) Bye Bye Babylon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Abel to Makuta Teridax's Cain, Deus Est Machina, God Is Good, God of Good
  • Domains: Destiny, Elements, Heroes, Machines, Science
  • Followers: Every Being in the Matoran Universe
  • Allies: the Toa Nuva, the Turaga of Mata Nui, the Toa Mahri, Cosmos, Primus, Jeanne d'Arc, Optimus Prime, Simon the Digger, Kamina, Jean-Luc Picard, Emmet, Gandalf
  • Enemies: Teridax and, as a result of his actions, most other Chessmaster Magnificent Bastard-types, Darkseid, Megatron, Unicron
  • Odd Friendship with Satsuki Kiryuin
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork / Headbutting Heroes with: YHVH
  • Membership: Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Law
  • Mata Nui's ascension was met with much rejoicing from the Toa Nuva. Though they were surprised when he met them in his Toa form. He explained that his true form is far too large to interact with most members of the Pantheon. That and his actual body is on a scale far too large to even see most members of the Pantheon.
    • Somehow Click, Mata Nui's Scarabax Beetle Pet and Sidekick came with him. He's incredibly happy at this.
    • Makuta Teridax has now joined the Pantheon, something which Mata Nui is not happy about - particularly considering that he was assigned the trope that he is now God of, Hijacking Cthulhu, as a result of his takeover of the Great Spirit's body. Mata Nui is determined to ensure that nothing like that will ever befall anyone again, and with his newfound allies at his side and lessons learned on Bara Magna fresh in his mind, he is more ready than ever to stand up to the task.
  • The reason why the Kanohi Hau, Mask of Shielding is symbol of the Great Spirit Mata Nui, is because their functions are the same: to protect.
  • Because of the Great Spirit's truly massive size, he does enjoy spending time with Primus due to being of similar size and disposition towards their subjects, though their reasoning for their non-interference are slightly different: Primus dislikes interfering on a non-interference clause, Mata Nui is simply mostly unaware of the beings in his body.
    • Due to Mata Nui and Primus' alliance, he has an enemy in Unicron and Megatron.
  • Jean-Luc Picard immediately took a shine to the Great spirit, due in both to having similar philosophies and Mata Nui having a voice that Picard could trust immediately.
  • Arael shows an odd interest in Mata Nui, due to believing that the Great Spirit may be a Seed of Life. Mata Nui has no comment on this, as he doesn't understand exactly what a Seed of Life is. Eventually it was explained to him, to which he explained while his Duty was similar, it was not the same.
    • Despite this, his relationship with Shinji, Rei, and Asuka is on mostly good terms, due to his naturally benevolent nature. His relationship with Kaworu is a bit different, as there's something about the boy that just seems... off to Mata Nui.
  • Team Dai-Gurren (mainly Kamina and Simon) were interested in how a robot of his size was able to operate without Spiral Energy. Mata Nui explained that his body runs on Energized Protodermis, which is comparable. He did warn them not to touch it, as it's effects are incredibly unpredictable.
    • Kamina also decided to make Mata Nui an honorary member of the Dai-Gurren Brigade, in any of his forms. (Kamina would prefer his 40-million feet tall body though)
  • He ended up having a surprising friendship with Satsuki Kiryuin, due to their shared trait of dominating a sentient being to their will. Though he didn't enjoy learning Satsuki did it for power, as his reasoning for dominating the Ignika's will was born from a need to survive and having multiple minds in one body is fairly counter-intuitive for survival. Though he did eventually come around after learning exactly why Satsuki needed to dominate Junketsu. They have remained friends and allies since, and Satsuki is in the process of having Mata Nui meet her group, causing Mata Nui to be surprised that Gamagoori is bigger even than him.
  • Due to being another LEGO-originated God, Mata Nui gets along incredibly well with Emmet. Mata Nui also approves of his creative ideas when it comes to design, as creativity has benefited his own followers.
  • Mata Nui has already informed the Treasury Keepers that the Ignika won't be put in The Great Treasury, despite it being a Weapon of Mass Destruction, as the Ignika is an essential item for his body, not to mention it being where his spirit and consciousness is also kept. That and keeping the Mask of Life in a room with other things is a very, very, VERY bad idea. Just ask the Cursed Great Being.
  • Mata Nui is in a unique position due to being a member of both the Grand United Alliance of Good and Grand United Alliance of Law, as while he understands the GUAL's spirit, he dislikes its manner. Due to this, he tends to be a bit distant when dealing with members of the GUAL.
    • However, he has struck up a friendship with one member of the GUAL: Jeanne d'Arc. They quickly became close allies because of their shared outlook on things, and due to the fact that Jeanne reminds Mata Nui of Kiina. Though their time spent together has amused many due to the size disparity between them, in either of his forms. As she's 5'2 and he's 7'6 as a Toa, or 40 Million feet as a Great Spirit.
  • Mata Nui once encountered Eliphas and Eiki Shiki. After a introductions from the other two and a short discussion, Mata Nui learned of the plan to reform the GUAL. He agreed to help, and also informed Eliphas that while order is good, chaos is also a necessary and fundamental force of existence. Balance between the two is better than having one or the other, as he pointed out what happened with Eliphas' Astral World.
    • Despite not having died permanently (he did die once, but was brought back with Matoro using the Ignika to revive him), Eiki Shiki decreed that his spirit was undeniably White.
  • Recently became friends with Artanis, as they are both leaders attempting to save their people from destruction; not to mention there was something about Mata Nui that reminded Artanis of Ouros, the last benevolent Xel’naga. One time, Artanis asked Mata Nui if the Great Beings were an alternate iteration of the Xel’naga. Since Mata Nui did not know much about his creators, he admitted it was a likely possibility.

    The Unconquered Sun 
The Unconquered Sun, Godly Embodiment of Virtue (Ignis Divine, Sol Invictus, the Lord of Excellence)
  • Overdeity (though not that proactive)
  • Symbol: His personal weapon, The Daystar
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, emphasis on Lawful
  • Portfolio: The Ace and The Cape to a Certain Degree, Personifies Virtue and Excellence, Light Is Good, The Power of the Sun, Required to Be as Virtuous as Possible, Burned Out on Purity Yet Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Good Is Not Nice, Head of the Celestial Bureaucracy, Created by the Ebon Dragon to Better Define His Vices, Good Hurts Evil
  • Domains: Goodness, Virtue, Divinity, The Sun, Light
  • Heralds: The Solar Exalted
  • Interested in: All Anti-Antichrists
  • Interests: Mithra (Shinza Bansho Series), The Fifth Church
  • Allies:
  • Dueling Messiahs with: Nerose Satanel, The Immortal Emperor of Mankind, Eliphas (Yu-Gi-Oh)
  • Drinking buddies with: The Flying Spaghetti Monster
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Deities who prove Dark Is Not Evil
  • Enemies:
  • Not so different from: Fused Zamasu, YHVH
  • Pitied by: The Love That Moves The Stars, The Father (Star Wars)
  • The gods of Exalted were once slaves of the primordials until they rose up and, well, excelled at certain things. The Ebon Dragon, effectively the Anti-Exalted, needed a true force of virtue to oppose. And so the Unconquered Sun came to be. Representing Virtue, he lives to fulfill that role and be the best, most noble at...well, everything really. However this comes at the cost of him being burned out, often busy in the Game of Divinity and living up to his own standards. Still, while kind of arrogant he remains the Embodiment of Virtue and tries to live up to Compassion, Conviction, Temperance and Valor.
  • Long ago when the Pantheon was young, he and the Ebon Dragon existed among other beings from their world. He represented the Holy Hand Grenade. But he was found to be lacking and he left to pursue other matters. Before gaining the title of Embodiment of Virtue, it used to be held by Morgana however the Phantom Thieves chose to have a shared temple. Being what he is, the Unconquered Sun is fond of the cat. His ascension, like his creation, was part of the Ebon Dragon's designs to be able to be more proactive.
  • At home, he is the de-facto head of the Celestial Bureaucracy though he is often busy. This high-ranking position has him often conversing with Gods with a capital G, to varied effect
    • Given what YHVH is like, one may think He would be a quick enemy of the Unconquered Sun and vice versa. And yet while they fundamentally disagree on issues, enough to go to blows, they actually are fond of each other. Mainly because they both share an obsession with fulfilling certain virtues. YHVH's madness in obsessing over law is similar to the Unconquered Sun's obsession with fulfilling the four virtues. The GUAG is continuing to analyze their newfound relationship.
    • The Love That Moves The Stars is naturally very fond of the Unconquered Sun. However there is a fair bit of sympathy towards his need to fulfill virtue and the stress of it, comforting him by saying "it is hard, but ultimately pays off in the end". The Alpha and Omega can relate to the stress of being God that the Unconquered Sun must feel.
    • Considerably quirkier was the Flying Spaghetti Monster's interactions. While more of a drinking buddy, his own ineptitude and messes led him to be sympathetic towards the Unconquered Sun.
  • Proves that sometimes, it's a good thing that The Paragon Always Rebels. After all, he was going against the Primordials. When seeing both Cronus and the Divine Powers, he was reminded of them and decried their malevolence. However some part of him likely feels guilty for it, being what he is. The Divine Powers ignored this critique, instead calling him out on being so dedicated to fulfilling all virtues that it has limited his capabilities to actually be the Big Good of creation.
  • The Fatal Flaw of The Unconquered Sun, and the reason several gods, including the Love That Moves The Stars, pity him, is this: As an Embodiment of Virtue, he physically cannot be less than perfectly virtuous in every way. Every time he faces a moral dilemma is torturous to him, and when he has to pick one virtue over another, he loses the part of his very being associated with the discarded virtue along with the powers associated with that virtue in a process best likened to spiritual self-dismemberment. This is a fundamental part of his nature that he cannot change, and he was created to be this way. He physically cannot commit a Necessary Evil without essentially tearing off a part of his very being.
  • The Unconquered Sun recognizes the irony that he was created by the Ebon Dragon. Basically he's an invoked example of the Anti Anti Christ; a force of pure good brought about by a force of pure evil. Naturally he relates to Raven, and has a clear interest in those who defied a destiny of evil. But to those that embrace it? Well, Damien Thorn is a foil in that he lives for his maker's destiny. And he considers the Unconquered Sun's existence to be the cosmos' greatest joke. It's also another reason why he chooses to reject the Ebon Dragon; why work with someone who creates their arch-enemy just to mean something? Evil, as far as he sees it, requires being proactive.
  • Inherently opposed to evil, and all that embody or champion it are enemies of the Unconquered Sun. He is a staunch enemy of the GUAE, and they were quite upset to learn he had returned to the pantheon. Some would say he's been gone way too long after The Great Upheaval.
    • Dis is personality-wise the most like his Arch-Enemy, the Ebon Dragon. Notably the Emperor of the Kingdom Dolorous was once Lucifer, the most beautiful being that the Love created. And yet in his fall he shed all virtues, becoming an entity of pure evil and vice like the Ebon Dragon. The idea that an entity of virtue can devolve into an entity of vice is extremely disturbing to the Unconquered Sun.
    • There is of course Angra Mainyu, who is also extremely similar to the Ebon Dragon. A force of darkness and evil, like the Shadow in All Things it shows that if one were to dedicate themselves to lack of virtue, then they are inherently pathetic. Ahriman has teamed up with the Ebon Dragon in order to gang up with the Unconquered Sun, before pulling the same stunt on Ahura Mazda. However this will inevitably fail due to mutual Chronic Backstabbing Disorder.
    • Darkseid Is...not impressed by the Unconquered Sun. His business with games of divinity and obsession with virtue makes him inflexible and thus, in his eyes, a failure at being a God of Good. To his severe reluctance he admits Highfather, who has chosen to ally with the Unconquered Sun, is superior in that aspect...but this may just be mockery. As The Devil Is a Loser in no way applies to the Lord of Apokolips, he is a more serious foe. Molag Bal is a more serious foe, as despite everything he is above the Ebon Dragon in Valor.
    • Melkor, being the head of the GUAE, was not pleased to learn that the Unconquered Sun had returned. Given his snubbing of the Ebon Dragon and replacing his position with Griffith, he rationalizes this as a means of both having a foe to better define himself by and to get back at Melkor hard for said snubbing. A Stupid Evil thing to do if true, but such is the Ebon Dragon's nature. However as a fallen Arda, Melkor shares Damien's humor in the sheer irony of the Unconquered Sun's creation and reason for being.
    • As dark entities in multiple ways, Aku and Dark Gaia are on his enemies list. The Unconquered Sun is working to ascend Light Gaia to balanced out Dark Gaia. He was rather incensed to learn of the Godhand, as there is no good force to oppose them. The existence of the Idea of Evil and what it represents was chilling to him. Looking at all this, the Beast merely mocked the Unconquered Sun
    The Beast:"Your efforts are futile at best! Try as you might evil will always persist, and so shall I!"
  • One to side with the light, specifically its benevolent aspects. He is a god of the sun, after all, but tends to try and not think about Sekhmet and focus on her father Ra instead. Basically if you show Light Is Good or The Power of the Sun is good, count the Unconquered Sun among your friend list. Particularly Ezalor given they're on similar levels of power. Protecting the Life Entity is also important, though thinks the Entity could be nicer. The Entity simply responded "perhaps, but you could try being less smug yourself".
  • If you're a God of Good or Made of Good, you are also a firm ally of the Unconquered Sun. Especially Ahura Mazda, given how focused they are on being good. When he showed up again some in the GUAG debated on whether he would argue for leadership over Cosmos, but this came to nothing as he was content with its current leadership and is often too busy to hold a leading position. However he argues attention should be focused on their original and primal foe, the GUAE. Partly because that's what they were founded for, and partly because he's been out for so long he lacks the old-standing feuds with the other alliances that emerged while he was gone.
  • Possesses a loathing towards "Creatures of Darkness", mainly those who prove Dark Is Evil such as the main representative of Chernabog. Another lord of darkness he hates is Barbatos, a being of dark matter who champions the nightmares of the waking multiverse and the worst case scenarios. Given how burned out the Unconquered Sun is, one of these Dark Multiverse worlds is him finally snapping and going Knight Templar on everybody. This is something that innately terrifies him.
  • Nightmare Moon's desire for a night that never ends is diametrically opposed towards the Unconquered Sun. The Dark Star, a dark Omnicidal Maniac who takes the form of a star, is a great abomination to him. Then there's Nekron, who represents the void, cold and absence of light. The Lord of the Unliving chastises the Unconquered Sun as he finds the being as ineffectual and a slave to his role as Embodiment of Virtue. The Unconquered Sun shot back at this accusations by pointing out that for claiming to be an Above Good and Evil Cosmic Entity, he shows greed and grim satisfaction similar to the life he hates.
  • Despite the term "Creatures of Darkness", he holds no ill will towards Midna and those like her. However, they do hold a somewhat strained relationship, due to his ability to declare entire species fair game for holy powers. By contrast, while the idea of Light Is Not Good was initially confusing he later regarded it as a great insult and believes that in a combination of irony and pettiness, the Ebon Dragon was to blame. He claims so, but this is definitively a combination of winding his Arch-Enemy up and claiming to be a greater deal than he actually is.
    • Once opposed Amara, but she's been behaving. And the Unconquered Sun recognizes that if she dies, so does Chuck and the world of Supernatural.
  • Despite being opposed to evil on principle, some villains of the pantheon have sympathy from the Unconquered Sun. And they're rather surprising.
    • On some level, the Unconquered Sun feels bad for Giygas. His attempt to try and reconcile love with the need for conquest, and other conflicting emotions, resulted in the path to it devolving into an Almighty Idiot and Eldritch Abomination. This is mainly projection on his part, as sometimes his own Virtues end up conflicting and being problematic for him.
    • It's safe to say all heroic deities hate Zamasu with a passion. The Unconquered Sun is the exception; he recognizes the root of Zamasu's madness was the inability to find a middle ground between good and evil, and desperately trying to serve the good side. Well, that's at least how he sees it and gives him a bit more benefit of the doubt than others. Surprisingly while Zamasu believes he needs to be removed for the sake of justice, he has no hard feelings for the Unconquered Sun. He considers him a tragic figure never able to find out how one should be good, and regrets the fact they will never agree enough to work towards each other. The Unconquered Sun is one of the few beings to whom Zamasu has Villain Respect towards.
  • His setting follows Grey-and-Gray Morality, so he is distinct from that along with the Ebon Dragon due to more moral absolutism between them. It seems he's more comfortable in that field. Mithra of the Hadou Gods is most intrigued by what he represents, but critics believe she is planning to exploit him to usurp Cosmos as leader of the GUAG so she can decide what good and evil ARE. Eiki Shiki has more innocent interest in him; she wants to help him promote good and determine what is evil. The Unconquered Sun has been studying the Ones and their dynamic. The Father wishes he didn't feel as trapped by his duties, much like he does.
  • Naturally, a number of gods disagree with his methods. Nerose Satanel respects what he's doing, but believes he's not trying hard enough; he needs to eliminate all evil, period. The Unconquered Sun argues that despite his utopia, by removing free will he removed good along with evil, something the 3rd Hadou God finds as naive and weak-willed. Eliphas and the Emperor of Mankind think he's not doing enough, though for the latter it's less "be a Knight Templar" and more "you're naive and need to accept necessary evils to be effective".
  • Among his names are Sol Invictus, an actual solar cult deity most known for its following by Emperor Aurelian. He may or may not be the same being, and the Fifth Church wishes to "rectify" this along with potentially using him for their larger ambitions.

Greater Gods

    The Chosen Four 
The Chosen FourMembers , Holy Quartet of Kid Heroes (Ness: The PSI Powerhouse)
From left to right: Poo, Jeff, Ness and Paula
  • Greater Gods and Goddess together, who can take down Overdeities
    • Jeff is a Demigod
    • Paula is an Intermediate Goddess
    • Ness and Poo are Intermediate Gods with Ness being a Greater God Post-Magicant and possibly an Overdeity depending on how much you want to put into Leder's Exposition Dump
  • Symbol: The Sound Stone
  • Theme Songs: Title, Opening Credits, Smiles and Tears, The Eight Melodies
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Kid Heroes, The Chosen Four, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Heroes, Children, Teams, Psychic Powers, Technology
  • Heralds: Their families and Ness' pet dog King, the children at the Polestar Preschool, the entirety of Dalaam's citizens and Buzz Buzz
  • Allies: Mr. Saturn, Lucas, The Hawkins Party, Crono's Party, The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, The Ninja Turtles, The Z-Fighters, Beerus, Zeno, Pops Maellard, The Emperor Of Mankind, The Warner Siblings, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Mario, Sonic the Hedgehog, Ash Ketchum, Cosmos, Matilda Wormwood, Harry Potter, Ron Weasley, Hermione Granger, Captain Underpants, George Beard, Harold Hutchins, (Insert Name Here), The New Kid, Shigeo Kageyama, Haruka Kotoura, all good-aligned deities of the Underground
  • Enemies: Giygas, Porky Minch, Starman, Galeem and Dharkon, Tabuu, The ENTIRE Grand United Alliance of Destruction, but especially The Mind Flayer, The Shroobs, Sailor Chaos, Nagash The Undying, Lord English and Hajun, Lord Voldemort, Dolores Umbridge, Agatha Trunchbull, Asroc, Aku, GOLB, Junko Enoshima & Monokuma, Yuuki Terumi, Fused Zamasu, Melkor, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Majin Buu, Light Yagami, Xehanort's Incarnations, Vanitas, The Shadow Queen, Dimentio, The Dark Star, Sauron, The Four Chaos Gods, Solaris, The Dark Matter Horde, Hades, Ganondorf, YHVH, Lucifer, Joker (Precure), Joker (DC), The Batman Who Laughs, Nekron, The Anti-Monitor, Lord Vortech, AM, pretty much every large-scale villain in the Pantheon
  • Rivals: Pico, Nene, and Darnell
  • Opposes: Eric Cartman, The Dursleys, Benjamin Krupp
  • Conflicting Opinion from: Viridi (Ness), Sticks the Jungle Badger (Jeff)
  • Pities: Homura Akemi (Paula only) Stan Marsh, Kyle Brovfloski, Kenny McCormick, Butters Stotch, Jimmy Valmer
  • Feared by: Lord Tirek
  • At some time in the past, a group of children had to stave off an Alien Invasion lead by Giegue, the alien eventually being stopped. Unfortunately, this was not the last the Earth had seen of Giegue. Later, Giegue, now known as Giygas, arrived to Earth once more, having gained unfathomable power. With a warning from the future, Ness sought out the other three heroes who were destined to help him stop Giygas.
  • Their ascension...was kind of forced, actually. One day, Chaos decided it would be a brilliant idea to gather members of the Grand United Alliance of Destruction. This was so it and the rest of the alliance could gain intelligence on how threatening the members of the rest of the alliances are. Gathering some of the Shroobs and getting permission from Nekron to do this, Chaos attacked...and things got bad. Ness, realizing the situation, quickly fled to get his heralds. Ness eventually returned after gathering Paula, Jeff and Poo and after explaining the situation and just how bad things had gotten, they realized they absolutely needed to help. With their aid as well as some from other deities, they managed to defeat the Shroobs accompanying Chaos, before fighting the beast itself. Thanks to just how powerful Paula's prayers are, they managed to force the beast to retreat, realizing that they could actually defeat it, those attacks not being magical in nature or energy-based, therefore it couldn’t absorb and nullify them, and though it would eventually return as Sailor Chaos, it wants to do it on its own terms. Chaos fled, and they were properly ascended along with Ness under his current trope Kid Hero.
  • Applies to all of them:
    • The Chosen Four have found a valuable ally and fan in Chuggaaconroy. While his favourite game is Xenoblade Chronicles 1, he is still a very big fan of the Mother series. The Chosen Four enjoy his help. His Luck was a great help in getting the Sword Of Kings and two Magic Frying Pans for Paula, and they are rather impressed by his knowledge of their game and his Earthbound collection. It was thought that their would be some tension between Chuggaaconroy and Poo when it became known that Chuggaaconroy thought PK Starstorm Ω sucked ass,note  but it turns out that Poo... agreed.
    • Melkor practically shat himself when the rest of the Chosen Four arrived, knowing just how dangerous they could be. He immediately put them high on his list of threats, with anyone he has sent after them being swiftly dealt with by them, sometimes with the help of allies. He is frustrated by this, but is too cowardly to face them alone, as he knows they are perfectly capable of destroying him.
    • The four had varied opinions on Porky. Ness is saddened to see that his old friend had fallen so far and realized that with everything he has done, the boy is now Beyond Redemption. Paula can't help but pity him for his past, but like Ness, is disappointed in what he became. Jeff is sad that someone so good with technology ended up turning to evil, and Poo hates him the most out of the four for what he did to the Nowhere Islands.
      • When Ness informed them of Giygas' presence, they were very alarmed. However, upon learning of his past, they couldn't help but pity him. They soon realized that Giygas' mindless babbling might have actually been more, especially when he claims that things are "not right." The four have decided that defeating Giygas now is not only in order to save everyone and everything they care about, but it would put the poor alien out of his misery.
    • The four are indifferent on the war between Order and Chaos. The one exception is Paula, who pities Homura Akemi and hates Lucifer for what he’s done. In her eyes, Lucifer tearing apart a friendship like that is unforgivable and her friends were surprised to see her that angry. Sometimes, if you catch her at the right time, she can be seen praying for Homura’s soul.
    • Of course, she also isn’t very fond of YHVH for trying to create a World of Silence and making an attempt on Madoka’s life. She fears that Lucifer's and YHVH's battles could eventually destroy everything and leave nothing left, which has led her to be very serious concerning the threat of the two. Her friends have decided to aid her, which is a nightmare for both alliances come to life as every single one of them is a One-Man Army on their own...and together, well...
    • Chaos wants to destroy them for prematurely putting an end to its plan. While it did get some intelligence on the other alliances, it didn't get nearly as much as it wanted and has sworn to slaughter them on the spot next time they fight. Ness and his friends know of its power as they witnessed it firsthand and after hearing that it created multiple other Eldritch Abominations, realized that they would need to prepare for another assault from Chaos as they quickly came to the conclusion that it merely underestimated them.
    • Ness told them about the Mind Flayer, the incident regarding its ascension, and how dangerous it is. Paula, Jeff and Poo are helping Ness fight against this threat, putting them in good graces with the Hawkins Party. The Shadow Monster is annoyed by this as it has been spending more time sealed in the Upside-Down due to the arrival of more kids with Psychic Powers, with Jeff and some other geniuses in the Pantheon searching for ways to trap it in the Upside-Down for good.
    • Ness once encountered Joker, who sought to throw him into despair. This ended horribly for the agent of Bad End when he rubbed Porky’s Face–Heel Turn in his face, with Ness immediately using PK Rockin’ on the clown.
    • Their star pendants have made many users of fire, electricity, ice and light frustrated due to their properties, as while the fire and ice attacks still hurt them, it doesn't do nearly as much harm as they would normally, and they also make them immune to light-based and electric attacks. There’s also the large amount of weaponry that they have access to, including Poo’s Sword of Kings.
    • All four of them are wary of AM due to technically having suffered a Fate Worse than Death at one point or another through diamondization from some of Giygas’ minions, and they don’t mess around at all when going up against the mad AI.
    • Paula and Poo can use a form of Mana Drain known as PSI Magnet, where they take some of an opponent’s Psychic Powers and add it to their own when they are low on energy and having trouble using there own.
    • Lord Tirek once managed to escape from his temple and saw Ness, Paula and Poo using their PSI against Terumi after he tried to torment them like Joker attempted on Ness previously. They managed to drive Terumi away even with the power of Susano’o, which Tirek then saw as his cue to enter. Believing their Psychic Powers to be magic, he attempted to drain them...only for nothing to happen. Cue Curb Stomp.
    • Gets along with fellow heroic gaming gods like Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog. Cosmos is also a big fan of theirs for striking fear into the heart of evil as children and even managing to defeat a villain Made of Evil, yet she also can’t help but express pity for Giygas. On the other hand, they are fierce enemies with The Shadow Queen, Dimentio and The Dark Star. Especially the latter for being an Omnicidal Maniac Made of Evil similar to what Giygas ultimately became in the end. They also don’t like Solaris due to him killing Sonic and trying to destroy all of time.
    • Light Yagami sees them as one of the biggest threats to his plans of becoming the god of the new world and wrote Jeff’s name in the Death Note at one point. It doesn’t take much thinking to tell what happened next. Light is frustrated as he cannot find out what Ness’ and Poo’s last names are.
  • Applies to Ness:
    • One day, while Ness was asleep in his bed, his annoying neighbour Porky knocked on his door and asked him to check out a meteor that had crashed nearby. When they visited it, a creature named Buzz Buzz tasked Ness and three other heroes with saving the universe from Giygas as well as obtaining the seven melodies from the seven "Your Sanctuaries" to gain the power to fight him.
    • Ness has a lot of power backing him up. After absorbing the power of the "Your Sanctuaries" he effectively has access to the Power of the Earth itself. As a result, he actually has the respect of Gaia and gets along well with Captain Planet. Viridi however is utterly flabbergasted on how a human of all things managed to accomplish something like this.
    • Zamasu was furious that a mere mortal child could obtain power that can surpass some of the gods and allows he and his friends to defeat others far above their own rank. He’s tried to kill Ness multiple times, only for his friends to be there with him to intercept him along with the aid of some others.
      • One of his attempts on Ness' life was also intercepted by Goku and Future Trunks, with the rest of the Z-Fighters joining in later in the fight. They conversed with them about Zamasu. More specifically, his ultimate form, Infinite Zamasu. They believe that they are fully capable of defeating Zamasu in that form given their incredible feats against the likes of Giygas and more recently, Chaos.
    • Is fully capable of using PSI as projectiles, though if things get truly dire and he gets serious, he'll use them the old fashioned way. This is a nightmare for some of the more evil and dangerous deities as when he uses his PSI like he did originally rather than using them as projectiles, the attacks become completely unavoidable.
    • Ness will sometimes speak with one of their heralds, his own mother, as he often gets homesick and unable to focus on fighting. He often goes to the House of Food to eat Steak as it is his favorite meal.
    • Once had to enter his own mind in order to fight Ness' Nightmare, his Enemy Within which looked eerily similar to the Mani Mani Statue. Nyarlathotep and Johan Liebert have both taken an interest, though the latter knows that, if Giygas is any indication, his mind abilities won’t work on Ness.
  • Applies to Paula:
    • Paula, a girl living in Twoson in the country of Eagleland, contacted Ness through his dreams using her Psychic Powers after being kidnapped and placed in a cell in Peaceful Rest Valley by Porky Minch and members of the Happy-Happy Cult. She gives the Franklin Badge to Ness so he can defeat Carpainter, which he does, and he gets the key to free her from her cage. Upon setting her free, she joins Ness' party and joins him in his journey to help stop Giygas.
    • A sweet, kind and caring girl, there are few things she actually hates. One of these things is those who harm children. Hurting children is a very, VERY good way to get on her shitlist. When she learned about Junko Enoshima...well...lets just say she went without a single Monokuma unit for weeks and leave it at that.
      • She later met with Makoto Naegi and Chisa Yukizome over the issue. The former respects her for not giving in when things were at their bleakest and even being the one to find Giygas’ weakness. The latter respects Paula for being a good role model to her students. Paula, in turn, has tried to comfort her over what she did while brainwashed by Junko and has sworn to never let that happen again.
    • Jervis Tetch immediately took an interest in her due to her blonde hair. Of course, he regretted trying to control her almost immediately when Batman appeared and she cast PSI Freeze α to incapacitate him before anyone got hurt.
    • Despite her powers being Psychic in nature rather than magical, she got along very well with members of the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood. Madoka in particular likes her for how caring she is and for staring into the face of doom in the battle against Giygas, ultimately saving the universe. The Sailor Guardians were impressed by that display as well as the one against Chaos.
    • DO NOT PISS HER OFF! On her own she may be an Intermediate Goddess, but her being a Squishy Mage is the only reason she isn't a Greater Goddess. Don't think that she's an easy target when she's alone either. Giygas' defeat was because of her prayers. Ness, Jeff and Poo had nothing to do with those prayers. So, she is effectively an Intermediate Goddess capable of taking down Overdeities, which makes things all the more dangerous for her foes when she is with her friends.
    • No. Her name is not Paula Polestar. It is Paula Jones. Polestar is the name of the preschool her parents own. Still, she doesn't mind being called Paula Polestar, partially because she just doesn't care and also because the kids at the preschool see her as a mother figure.
    • Despite how kind Paula is, there is one person in the Pantheon who she acts completely different than normal towards. Wild Hunt’s Champ. She finds him completely irredeemable even by the standards of similar villains, and she HATES HIM. He is one of the few villains she will not hesitate to go all out against, knowing full well her Psychic Powers could kill him.
  • Applies to Jeff:
    • A boy growing up at the Snow Wood Boarding School in Winters, Foggyland, he answered the call of the girl named Paula calling for help to save Ness and her. With his assistance, he saved the two and joined their journey as one of the four Chosen Ones to save the world from the evil influence of Giygas.
    • Though he does not possess PSI abilities like the others, he makes up for it with his genius IQ and gadgetry. Such gadgets include Bottle Rockets, stun guns, Ray Guns, Bazookas, Counter-PSI Unit, Defense Shower, HP-Suckers, Neutralizers, Shield Killer, and Slime Generators.
    • He would come to assist Ness and the other Fighters as an Assist Trophy in the Smash Bros. Tournament with his trusty multi-bottle rockets to bring mayhem and massive explosions.
    • He is the son of a famous scientist, Dr. Andonuts, and takes after his genius intelligence and inventive engineering. However, they are not in a healthy relationship as Dr. Andonuts is more concerned with his work than his family as he was dropped off into a boarding school for roughly ten years.
    • Often stays up at night to work on inventions, he would take the night shift for the House of Crafts to make routine fix-ups and inventing. It was this strong craftsmanship and ingenuity that caught the attention of the GUAG Engineering Division and recruited him.
      • He admires the craftiness of Gadget Hackwrench, somewhat reminds him of Apple Kid's mouse pet, No Name Mouse, who often holds onto Apple Kid to give to Ness.
      • Nonetheless, his inventiveness is devalued by Asroc of the Seven adepts, because of his lack of psionic abilities and looks down on him. All of them are willing to throw down against Asroc if she tries to attack him.
      • Gets along with fellow boy geniuses Dexter and Jimmy Neutron. They can sometimes be seen coming up with ideas and trying to invent things together, and the three really enjoy each other’s company.
      • Good friends with Bulma Briefs for being an intelligent inventor and scientist who is no stranger to odd happenings.
    • He soon learned that he wasn't the only normal member of a team where having supernatural powers is a standard in their own universe. He got along with Connie and Sokka as they lack any powers that is exuded by their team but more than compensated with their intelligence.
    • Enemies with those who use technology for evil like Dr. Eggman and Dr. Wily, who are frustrated by the power of his inventions. Dr. Weil being both a Card-Carrying Villain and a Complete Monster pissed him off to no end. He also isn’t a big fan of Fawful for trying to conquer the Mushroom Kingdom and attempting to take control of The Dark Star, almost causing everything to be destroyed.
    • Sticks doesn't know what to think of Jeff. On one hand, he uses technology and relies on it, and on the other, he's like Tails in the sense that he invents and fixes. She came to the conclusion that she was fine with him as like Tails, he uses his intelligence and technology for good.
    • Voldemort is out for Jeff's blood as he fears his ascension, and his expertise in technology, will encourage muggles to take up arms in order to defend themselves against magic users. He once tried to kill Jeff, and was promptly met by a PK Starstorm Ω to the face courtesy of Poo.
  • Applies to Poo:
    • The young prince of the kingdom of Dalaam, Poo soon sought out Ness and his friends after completing his Mu Training. They soon met in Summers, where Poo swore to serve Ness loyally and joined him, Paula and Jeff on their adventure to stop Giygas.
    • Syzoth greatly respects Poo for his Undying Loyalty towards Ness. The feeling is mutual, though Poo feels it is a bit unfair that Syzoth keeps getting screwed over.
    • Some Jerkass Gods and Trolls have made fun of his name. Not that he cares.
    • Shows visible pity for Cyan and what he went through. He was visibly unhappy that Cyan lost not only his entire family, but everyone in the Kingdom of Doma to Kefka's poison. This is a fate that he is going to lengths in order to avoid happening to Dalaam. He also fiercely opposes Kefka, seeing him as more vile and insane than Porky Minch.

    Conan the Barbarian 
Conan, God Of Barbarians (Conan, the Barbarian, The Barbarian, The Cimmerian, The Destroyer, The Adventurer, King Conan)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: Himself holding his trusted Sword while standing on top of a massive pile of Bones wile having a half-naked woman near his side.
  • Theme Songs: "Anvil of Crom", "Riddle of Steel/Riders of Doom" and "Riders of Taramis"
  • Alignment: Alternates between Chaotic Neutral and Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: BARBARIANS, One Man Armies, Attackers of Physical Gods, Telling Deities To Go To Hell If They Do Not Listen, is a sellsword, a thief, a pirate,a brigand leader, a monster slayer and a king, popular with wenches of all lands, sympathetic thieves and thugs, gritty fantasy heroes
  • Domains: Adventure, Barbarism, Chaos, War
  • Avatar: Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Followers: Beowulf, Leo, Tusk, Barbara the Barbarian Princess
  • Allies: Sonya the Barbarian (part of the Nephalems), Daenerys Targaryen, Aquaman, Guts, Marv, Thor, Wonder Woman, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Minsc & Boo
  • Enemies: Anyone who wants to steal from him...or challenge him. All ascended evil wizards in the Pantheon.
  • Rivals: Elric of Melnibone
  • Pet peeve: Being confused with Conan O'Brien
  • One of the most prominent literary characters of the modern era, Conan's travels led him here, where he was welcomed with plenty of respect toward him.
  • Used to pray to Crom. Last he heard, Crom's started praying to him! Sometimes descends upon the mortal world again to wander around killing things. Thinks that Voldemort and Orochimaru are (both?) pretty shifty.
    • Actually, it all started when Crom failed to grant him a wish about a vengeance against something. Conan makes full use of his old prayer before: "And if you do not listen, then to hell with you." and went on to kick some divine ass, to the point Crom begged for mercy and offer to reverse position about who prays and who gets prayed for. Of course, his followers follow suit and Conan used that as a way to judge his followers, if they can live up to their claims about "To hell with Conan", then they can overtake Conan's throne. However, either every of his followers are well-served with Conan's boons, or never makes that claim, or makes that claim... and never lived to tell the tale.
    • ... Until the rise of the Nephalems, and one of them, Sonya, tells Conan that if he does not improve her MMR, then to hell with him. Conan obviously didn't understand what the term 'MMR' meant so he did not listen, and instead accepted her challenge to fight like true Barbarians. The battle surprisingly ended in a tie, due to Sonya's overwhelming power being a Nephalem with the power of both Angels and Demons, impressing Conan and letting her live to tell the tale. And as a reward for the good fight, Sonya took back her words about 'to hell with Conan'.
  • Is one of the best fighters in the Pantheons, and is very hard to stop so long as he has his back to a wall so he can't be snuck up on.
  • There are rumors going around that he plan to fight Godzilla one day. The House of Beasts and Fauna have made an evacuation plan in case that would ever happen.
  • Really has no comment on a French critic dressing up as him in the quest to find Malachite's Hand.
  • May or may not be a past life of the The God-Emperor of Mankind.
  • In 2017, the fates would have entangle with a woman just as mighty as he is and as skilled... 'Wonder Woman''. It turns out Diana ended up in the past and without her memory when he met her. For him, he was drawn to her since he believed her to be Yanna, a girl from a tribe of warrior woman. For the young child Conan, it was Love at First Sight and the second time they met (at age 12), not only did she steal his first kiss, but they planned to run away together before they got attacked by bandits. While he learned the truth, he was no less attached to her, especially since she did help him find Yanna. While she was already married and a family when they united, he was happy for her giving her life was help. Nonetheless, this did leave a fondness for the other. She left him one of her bracelets and the golden lasso as a parting gift when she left. When returning to the modern day, she meets a large long-haired man in a business suit that is heavily implied to be Conan reincarnated into the modern day. They went out for coffee.
  • While most deities see Conan as his original live-action incarnation, Daenerys Targaryen sees him as a newer one resembling her late husband Khal Drogo. This has made them bond heavily, and Conan goes along with her because Dany is a strong woman with dragons, and who can say no to that?
    • This alternate avatar also made Conan get the sympathy of Aquaman. When both are around Dany, Arthur is thankfully seen in his original blonde version by Daenerys to not confuse the two.
  • "What is best in life? To crush your enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their women!" And if you're not listening to this...Then to Hell with you!

    Meetra Surik/The Exile 
The Exile, High Prophetess of the Prodigal Child's Return (Meetra Surik, the Jedi Exile)

    Zero (Mega Man X
Zero, God of Heroic Zeroes (The Red Ripper, The Crimson Hunter, The Bloody Maverick, DWN-∞, Zero Wily, Commander Zero, Commander of the 0th 'Shinobi' Unit, Model Z, The Mysterious Long-Haired Ninja)
Zero in Mega Man Zero 
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: His helmet and Z-Saber (both apply for both of his incarnations)
  • Theme Songs: Enter Zero, his X2 theme (and its Teppen remix), Standby, Zero, Special Zero Unit, Fallen City
  • Alignment: Neutral Good as a Maverick Hunter (Chaotic Evil when under the influence of either too much or no Maverick Virus), Chaotic Good as a Resistance Fighter.
  • Portfolio: Laser Blade, Energy Weapon, Superpowered Evil Side, Heroic Sacrifice, Shut Up, Hannibal!, Big Brother Mentor, Taking A Third Option, Determinator, Big Damn Heroes, Colony Drop, Swiss-Army Weapon, One-Man Army, Hyperspace Arsenal, Anti Anti Christ, Commanding Coolness, Very Technically A Ninja, Not Acknowledging Oneself As A Hero
  • Domains: Chaos, Good, Protection, Army, War, Fury
  • Followers: Omega-Xis, Zero.EXE and ProtoMan.EXE
  • Allies
  • Enemies: Sigma, Omega, Dr. Weil, The Joker, The Tails Clan, Copy X, Ultron, The Flood, Metal Sonic, Tenjuro Banno
  • Varying opinion from: Devola and Popola, The Four Guardians (friendliness varies, but all four respect him)
  • Friendly Rival: Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Prometheus and Pandora, Elpizo
  • Opposes: M. Bison
  • Opposed By: Bass (his older brother)
  • Additional Relationship: Dr. Wily (his creator), Repliforce, especially Iris
  • Odd Friendship: Sticks the Jungle Badger
  • Dr. Wily created him to be the ultimate destroyer, and as was discovered when he was first fought by Commander Sigma, the substance that became known as the Maverick Virus actually stabilized him in a sense. After gaining control of himself, he became one of the Maverick Hunters serving under Sigma alongside X. However, Sigma had obtained some of the virus in that first battle as well; it simply couldn't overtake such a strong Reploid, instead having to assimilate into his being and more subtly warp his mindset to where he eventually turned and became leader of the Mavericks. Thus, Zero spent the better part of a century helping X defending their world from Maverick outbreaks all tied to Sigma in some way or another.
    • As a living carrier of the Maverick Virus, he became concerned that he was spreading the trouble to the world, and thus sealed himself away following the end of the Maverick Wars. He was later awakened by Ciel in a new-model copy body in an era where Reploid forms had become more similar to humans… and the main government of the time was led by X in an indeterminate assault on Reploids, who were declared Maverick and terminated for the smallest of reasons, being deemed responsible for an energy crisis. Venturing out to stop X and his "Guardians", he discovered that this was in fact a malfunctioning Copy X, and the real X had become a Cyber Elf and guided Ciel to awakening him. Through a series of events, Zero found himself faced up against another insane threat; the malevolent criminal Dr. Weil and his ultimate creation Omega.
  • Thanks to the weird nature of his creation, the Court of the Gods have put up a decree regarding him: No one is to allow him to get ten feet of (A) any version of the Maverick Virus that is not inside a reploid host, or (B) any type of anti-virus vaccine that will directly intrude on his neural functions. NO ONE wants to deal with Zero in either his "Awakened" (too much MV) or "Berserk" (no MV at all) states. The last time the former happened, he was left covered in blood, surrounded by a multitude of corpses. The whole thing left Zero very confused.
  • Despite his high ranking, he doesn't like to consider himself a god or a hero. Nobody's really gonna impose the issue, though.
  • There is a prophecy regarding him, Dante, Link, Kratos, and Mega Man fighting each other at once. A few more names may be involved, but everyone is too afraid to read any more. All that's really known is this: it will be bloody awesome, and the House of Commerce is going to make a killing.
    • In one continuity, he actually meet fellow deities Dante, Wolverine, Taskmaster and Chun-Li (plus several others such as Amaterasu and Haggar) in a fateful battle between two dimensions. A battle so great it shakes the Pantheon's very ground.
  • Frequently mistaken by his followers for dying and coming back several times, not unlike Jean Grey of the House of Spiritual and Mental Powers.
  • Has a mortal follower trying to take his mantle, named Girouette. The guy has many of Zero's portfolios, including his penchant of sacrificing himself. Unfortunately, unlike Zero, he doesn't get better (he just turns into a Cyber-Elf). Being a Sacrificial Lamb, Giro now also serves as Mami Tomoe's some-time helper. Fortunately, there's still Vent/Aile who took up the mantle shortly thereafter.
    • He briefly had a misunderstanding with Grey, who originally mistook him for Aile in her Model ZX form. After clearing that up though, Zero has taken to training the young Reploid in swordsmanship and other skills, though he finds it a little weird to be facing down what appear to be genderbent versions of Leviathan, Fefnir, and himself.
  • His relationship with his father has been complicated. At first, Wily was irritated that his son didn't help out with his evil schemes. Over time, though, he's let that go and is genuinely proud of him. Though it's rare, you can sometimes see them having a father-son picnic. Wily has decided not to bother with his other "son", Omega, who's too Ax-Crazy to socialize. This of course is ironic when one realizes that Omega, bearing Zero's original body in the modified form his new body would be based on, is EXACTLY what he INTENDED Zero to be.
  • He's not entirely sure what to make of Prometheus and Pandora. On one hand, he respects their hatred of Weil and their power. At the same time, he can't forgive them for their brutal slaughter of countless lives.
    • Some say Prometheus also reminds him of Omega slightly.
  • Madoka reminds him of X and everything that X stands for, which is why he's taking part in "The Pantheonic Rebellion".
  • Upon Bass's ascension, Zero was immediately confronted by the black robot, saying that he'll never live up to him. Zero just ignored him, and Bass continues to antagonize the Reploid.
  • He and Android 16 were able to become friends thanks to their common ground as good robots created by Omnicidal Maniacs, or because of a special relationship between both of their voices. Leon Magnus also vouches for this, though Zero himself states that Leon needs to work together with people more effectively.
  • Monkey D. Luffy and Naruto Uzumaki have dragged him into sparring contests with their fellow Big 3 member Ichigo Kurosaki because he sounds similar to Ichigo and is a cool-headed sword master. He wouldn't care to mention these trips but since evidence of one such match came out and he started being asked about it, he admits he had fun and praises Ichigo's skill. He won't say who beat who, though, since he knows that would expose Ichigo to annoying levels of gossip either way.
  • Upon Elpizo's ascension, Zero was surprisingly neutral about seeing the one who destroyed X's original body and tried to kill him. He only told the Reploid that he'd be watching him, and has on several occasions been forced to step in when he starts getting a little too Drunk with Power.
  • Was not happy to learn of the existence of Model W within the Treasury, though he was one of the ones who prevented X from going down there to destroy it, stating that it'd be useless to fight something like that with its favorite meal. He has sworn to make sure no one gets their hands on it.
  • Is rather surprised about the vocal range he possesses, which leads him to make friends with a lot of different people, such as Alucard and Sima Shi. He openly dislikes Sir Isaac Ray Pelham Westcott however, and is outright disgusted by him.
    • Karen Minazuki is also a strong partner for him, possibly because of either their sadness tying them together, or because of something else about their "voices being married".
  • The Persona androids Aigis and Labrys are also on good terms with him and X, as both like that there are robots whose person and whose specific and voluntarily-chosen mission in life is to protect humans. Though Labrys is a bit queasy about Zero's cavalier attitude towards taking down enemy robots...
  • Joined X and Axl in confronting and greeting Epsilon upon the rebel commander's reappearance in the Pantheon. The conversation went well, as neither side was looking for a fight, and the Hunters were able to confirm in detail to Epsilon that Colonel Redips had manipulated his downfall to capture his Supra-Force Metal. After it was agreed that Epsilon should continue towards his goals of advancing Reploid potential as long as the Hunters are there to keep him on the right path, Zero warned in a brief aside that if Epsilon goes Maverick again he'll have to personally cut him down. Epsilon appreciated this.
  • Zero actually took on some students in sword play, one promising 'student' being a certain Grolla Seyfarth. However, Zero is unable to bring them as followers because not everyone has 'Zero' or sorts in their names. That said, teaching Grolla had a good boon, as it enabled Zero to succeed on a certain mission to rescue a brainwashed Spiritia Rosenberg; since Spiritia and Grolla are friends, the swings of his Z-Saber managed to break her out of brainwashing by reminding her of Grolla's swordplay. Zero finds it suspiciously intriguing to think that Spiritia had a run-in with a little girl (Iris Zeppelin) with a caliber of evil matching Dr. Weil...
  • Zero found a peculiar ally in the form of Professor Nutmeg after a series of odd circumstances. The scientist once visited Neo Arcadia and, upon discovering the devastation Dr. Weil wrought upon it and the extent of his evil (while the Professor isn't in favor of robots with human-level A.I., he is even less in favor of Weil's racist genocide and sadistic cruelty), he made a misguided effort to try and find the Dark Elf for himself so he could overpower the deity (if just to take over Neo Arcadia for himself as a self-proclaimed hero, although undoubtedly even he would have made a better ruler than Weil) and potentially overcome his own enemy Felix the Cat as a bonus. Zero got word of his actions and, with the help of Felix, attempted to intercept the scientist. Unfortunately, the Professor succeeded in finding the Dark Elf first. Zero, remembering what happened with Elpizo and the Dark Elf, tried to warn Professor about its effects, but he refused to listen, and the subsequent merger transformed the Professor into an insane robotic abomination. Zero and Felix were ultimately able to subdue his new form and return him to normal, while the Dark Elf fled. After finding out Zero was built by Dr. Wily and was also in the fight against Weil, The Professor reluctantly formed an alliance with him.
  • Was VERY happy to see Ciel ascended to the Pantheon. The reunion between the two Neo Arcadia Resistance allies was one of the few times he reverted back to his more energetic pre-Repliforce demeanor as he and X promptly introduced her to their fellow Maverick Hunters. He calmed down after that, though. Later, when he discovered her deal with Epsilon, he advised her to be careful around the Commander, but did not attempt to dissuade her.
  • He once fought Metal Sonic in a duel to the death. Zero was able to effortlessly slice through Metal Overlord but this has caused him to make an enemy out of Metal Sonic.
  • "I never cared about justice, and I don't recall ever calling myself a hero... I have always only fought for the people I believe in. I won't hesitate... If an enemy appears in front of me, I will destroy it!"
  • Is also one of the Protectors of Names in the House of Naming and Epithets.

Intermediate Gods

    Eddie Brock/Venom/Anti-Venom/Toxin II 
Edward Charles Allan "Eddie" Brock, God of Terror Heroes (Ed, Edwin, Venom, Anti-Venom, Host, Lethal Protector, Toxin II, 998th)
As Anti-Venom 
  • Intermediate God with the Venom, Anti-Venom or Toxin Symbiotes, Lesser God without a symbiote, potential Greater God after absorbing the Grendel Symbiote, Overdeity with the Enigma Force
  • Symbol: The Venom White Spider Symbol(color-inverted to black as Anti-Venom)
  • Theme Songs: Venom's Theme, Spidey vs. Venom!, Venom's MvC theme, Pressure Heavy, and Venom by Eminem (all shared with the symbiote)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good, formerly Neutral Evil (Chaotic Neutral as Toxin and Neutral Good as Anti-Venom)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Heroism, Darkness, Space, Fatherhood
  • Heralds: Sleeper and Dylan Brock, his children
  • Avatar: Tom Hardy
  • Allies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork With: Frank Castle/The Punisher, Nick Fury, Miles Morales/Spider-Man III (one-sided on Miles end)
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Mary Jane Watson, Felicia Hardy/Black Cat, Red Sonja
  • Opposes: Any and all Abusive Parents
  • There's a lot you can say about Eddie Brock, the original Venom. He's insane, dangerous, lethal, scary, but most of all terrifying. Having originally debuted as a villain, Eddie has come a long way in trying to be a hero. There have been a number of bumps in the road, but he's strong progress throughout the years and has become genuinely heroic. After the events of Absolute Carnage, where Spider-Man and Venom had finally managed to bury the hatchet, Spider-Man decided that it was finally time for Eddie to ascend into Pantheon.
  • When Eddie first arrived, there was much debate of what to do with the Venom Symbiote, as both main host are now in Pantheon. It was decided that either one could use the Venom Symbiote while the other used the Anti-Venom Symbiote. While the idea of switching Symbiotes would normally be dangerous and lethal for Venom, if not outright impossible, the Court of the Gods have given them leeway and assured that no harm would come to it as they trade. This became a relief to both Eddie and Flash, as they wouldn't have to fight over Venom and Venom wouldn't have to be forced to make a choice. After settling the debate on what to do with Venom, Eddie immediately went to work, trying to contact anyone who was willing to work with him. Because with the awakening of Knull, Eddie needs as many allies as he can get.
    • As Anti-Venom he as the same power set as Venom, none of the weaknesses and the added bonus of Healing Hands. This power is so great, he can heal near fatal injuries instantly, cure mutations, poisons, drugs and even cancer itself. It’s also incredibly deadly to other symbiote. Naturally, Eddie makes frequent visits to the House of Health and Diseases to help out.
  • One of the first of allies that Eddie was able to acquire was obviously the Venom Symbiote itself, Peter and Flash. Now that Flash and Eddie could talk face to face. Eddie directly told him that he believed Flash to be the better Venom, he managed to make Venom a true hero, and when he died, Eddie felt that he should have been the one to die instead. Needless to say Flash was both shocked and touched. Now that the two can properly work together, they're going to make every second count.
  • Being mostly remembered as a dangerous and insane villain, there are many that are not willing to forgive or trust Eddie. With Nick Fury having registered Venom as one of the top four most dangerous individuals on Earth right next to Doctor Doom, the Red Skull and Magneto. The Symbiote race being The Dreaded throughout the Galaxy, feared by all who know of it. It's been tough.
    • Thankfully, because of the events of Absolute Carnage, there are some Gods who are willing to give him the chance. Some being Captain America, The Hulk, Wolverine, Hawkeye, The Thing and by extension the rest of the Fantastic Four, are giving Eddie a chance. The good Captain being the most welcome and supportive of them all.
    • Two Gods, or more specifically Goddesses, have not forgiven Eddie for his past actions. Mary Jane, for essentially scaring her for life. Felicia, for giving her a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown and mocking her by revealing that Spider-Man was already happily married to someone else. Red Sonja also hates him. This is because he fought against and nearly killing both her and Spider-Man during a crossover. Eddie doesn't blame them, and honestly believes he deserves the hate.
  • Thanks to having been in a DEATH BATTLE! with a villain named Bane, it didn’t take long for him to come try to take vengeance for the incident. Fortunately Bane was smart enough to bring backup when trying to ambush Eddie. Having successfully convinced General Zod and Deathstroke to aid in his revenge against Eddie. Zod was convinced by Bane that obtaining the Venom Symbiote would make him invincible, and Slade was simply paid to help. While he managed to hold his own for a while, it wasn't until Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman came to his rescue that Bane and the others were driven back. Eddie was genuinely surprised to see some of them. Because the last he met Superman, he nearly killed both him and Spider-Man. Superman and Wonder Woman heard about his reformation, and wish to give him their support, both believe that everyone should be given a chance. Batman on the other hand says that he's just here to keep an eye on him.
  • While Eddie himself doesn't try to involve himself with anything related to Outer Space, he believes that with how the Klyntar are a race of Galactic Protectors he should try to ally with anyone of similar profession. The Guardians of the Galaxy were a great help in this, thanks to their partnership with Flash Thompson. With the help of the Guardians, Eddie was able to form an partnership with Richard Rider, the various Lanterns and to everyone's surprise, the Silver Surfer. The Surfer would inform Eddie that he knows about Knull's awakening, and that he plans to help him in the oncoming war.
    • Having learned of the Jedi Order, Eddie believed that they would be the best in his preparation against Knull. Knowing that they probably wouldn't be accepting with a formerly insane vigilante with a parasitic alien, he asked if Flash could talk to the Guardians, to talk to the Lanterns, to talk to the Jedi to form a potential partnership. They were surprisingly accepting of both him and the Venom Symbiote. Having done their research, they know that while a Symbiote can act as a form of corruption, they themselves are corruptible. Learning that the Klyntar race want to do good, but the strong negative emotions from their host regularly drive them insane. To the Jedi, this is very similar to how they risk joining The Dark Side of the Force, something Eddie knows is much more similar than they realize. Jedi's such as Luke and Anakin Skywalker have been very accepting and supporting of his desire to do and be better. Qui-Gon Jinn, Darth Revan have been supportive in him trying mange both the light and the dark.
    • Having become allies with the Jedi Order, the Sith Order naturally became another enemy. Unlike most of his enemies, Eddie prefers to keep away form them, especially with both Palpatine and Plagueis. Knowing that if someone 0who's already so close to The Dark Side were to bond with Venom, they'd most likely become completely unstoppable. Eddie especially fears Darth Plagueis, for his dark power over life. Eddie fears that he could potentially create something similar to All-Black the Necrosword if he were to ever get his hands on a symbiote.
      • His fears would later be justified when he learned that there was a world were Palpatine ordered Maul to retrieve the Venom symbiote. He was glad to hear that Spider-Man and managed to defeat Maul in the end.
    • The only exception is with Count Dooku. Eddie approached Dooku to convince him to leave Palpatine‘s employment. Sighting that not only did he have Anakin kill him to take his place, he even used him as the scapegoat for the Clone Wars, forced him to betray Ventress, corrupted him to the point where Dooku didn’t even bat an eye in ordering the execution of his sister. And made everything Dooku did All for Nothing. That’s not even getting to the fact that he’s the reason why Qui-Gon died, which was Dooku’s final straw in losing all faith in the Jedi Order. Hearing all this, Dooku realized that he was right, he had absolutely zero reason to stay by Palpatine‘s side. He would no longer be a pawn in his game.
  • Like with him and Bane, Eddie has once more met up with someone he battled against, Al Simmons Spawn. Unlike with Bane, the two don't have anything against one another, even with Eddie losing. Both agree that it's better to be allies than enemies.
  • There have been a number of gods in Pantheon that Eddie wasn't happy to see and weren't happy to see Eddie. Some like the Juggernaut, Norman Osborn, Wilson Fisk, Lex Luthor, and The Joker. But among all the gods that Eddie wasn't happy to see, the one he hated the most was Cletus Kasady, aka Carnage.
    • Both Eddie and Cletus have a long history with one another. It's thanks to Eddie that Cletus became Carnage and further terrorized the world. Both Eddie and Venom have desperately tried to put him down for good, seeing them as their single greatest mistake. Cletus knows this and enjoys rubbing it in, mockingly calling them "daddy" whenever they meet. Cletus also takes great pleasure in tormenting Eddie whenever he gets the chance, in the some of the most cruel and sadistic way possible. At the conclusion of Absolute Carnage, he forces Eddie to into a situation where to no mater what happens, Cletus still wins. It was either Eddie let Cletus kill his son Dylan to awaken and free Knull, or Eddie kill Cletus and be the one to free Knull. Eddie chose to save his sons life and damn the world. Seeing Cletus still alive and kicking, repeatedly mocking him what he did. It obviously puts him in a bad mood. Unfortunately Eddie is not yet aware that Cletus somehow still has the Grendel Symbiote, and that he's ready to bring Knull to Pantheon.
    • Of course this did just include Villains. Heroes like the Punisher, Ghost Rider, Nick Fury and Miles Morales (one-sided on Miles end). Eddie, Frank, Furry and Johnny have a hard time seeing eye to eye. Most of the time they're either in a reluctant partnership, or they're just trying to kill one another.
  • Something that has made Eddie very uncomfortable as of late is how a number of Gods are aware of his past. Namely that he had an Abusive Dad that blamed him for his mother's death, and the only love that he received from his family was from his now dead sister. Also how they know about the incident with the Sin Eater. How it got him fired from his work, disowned by his father, divorced by wife and how he learning that he had cancer not long after nearly all at once. He asks that people not bring that up. Especially with his discovery that not only did he never have a sister he initially didn’t have cancer. These were Fake Memories implemented on him by Venom, cancer included. But it's because of having a horrible father that Eddie is opposed to all Abusive Parents.
  • Eddie would eventually come in contact with J. Jonah Jameson again. While to two aren't exactly friends, at the very least they don't hate each other. Eddie eventually found out that Jameson is the reason why he's been having an easier time then when he first arrived in Pantheon. He said that it was because Peter asked to help let others know that he's a hero now, and that he's trying to help. Jameson tells him not to thank him, but to make sure he doesn't do anything to make him regret his decision.
  • In preparation for Knull, Eddie went to one of the only Gods he new that could help defend for what was to come, Thor and the Asgardians. He went with the aid of the Silver Surfer, hoping that his past history with them could be of aid. When Eddie told warned them about the God Butcher, Thor laughed and said that they wouldn't have to worry. Gorr is long dead and both the title of Deicide and Rage Against the Heavens have been taken, and are unlikely to be replaced. But before they could leave, Norrin told them that they weren't referring to Gorr. Odin almost immediately demanded to know of the name of who they were referring to. When they explained everything, the Asgardians soon went to prepare themselves for war.
    • He would also go to the Men in Black to speak to Agent K and J. He tells them that he's already aware that they were closely monitoring him since his arrival in Pantheon, having also done this with Venom for even longer. He told them about Knull's existence and that he'll need their expertise to help stop him. Coming to an agreement, Eddie now works alongside the Men in Black, similar to when Eddie worked for the FBI.
  • For a time Eddie has been seen in the company of Frank Castle, Logan and surprisingly enough Conan. There are rumors of the five and another not yet ascended god are forming their own Avengers Team.
  • For some time Eddie has been visiting the House of Time and Temporality, learning more about any alternate version of himself. He was really disappointed to see that he was mostly an insane psychopath obsessed with killing Spider-Man. He was initially hopeful when he learned of a world where he and Peter were practically brothers. Only to meet disappointment when he learned that even that version would eventually become evil. His spirits were raised when he was told about a version of him that was completely heroic, without a trace of insanity or corruption, and upon discovering another version where he was Not Evil, Just Misunderstood, on top of bearing a hilarious personality.
  • After finally becoming more comfortable with Pantheon and its residences, he felt that it was finally time to tell his newfound allies the truth. After setting up a meeting between members of the Super Hero community, Fury, the Jedi Order, the Men in Black and the Asgardians, he went to explain a number of truths he discovered. First is that the Klyntars were never a race of noble and heroic warriors of peace. They were as the rest of the galaxy had perceived them as. A chaotic and monstrous race hell bent on the destruction of all life in the universe. The Guardians of the Galaxy were the first to protest on this. Having been there at the home planet of the Symbiotes and learning their history from them directly. They even saw Venom "cleansed" of his corruption. In response, Eddie gave everyone a brief explanation and history lessen. The Symbiotes were not just some alien alien parasites, but a race of eldritch abominations made of "living abyss", which explained the unnatural feeling that the Force users would get when near Venom. He also explained that they were specifically made to kill and enslave gods, something that worried everyone present. Eddie then asked the others what they thought Klyntar meant in the language of the Symbiotes. When nobody answered, he said that it meant "cage". It was when the Symbiotes had began to call themselves the Klyntar, that they made a lie about how they were a natural benevolent race that wanted to bring peace, order and justice to the universe. Doing everything that they could to erase any trace to their dark past. The Lanterns noticed how similar this was with the Guardians when hiding the existence of Perpetua. Eddie ended with how even the very planet Klyntar is giant massive collection of Symbiotes, one giant Klyntar, one giant cage. When asked who was being held captive, Eddie revealed to them the existence of Knull, the of The Symbiotes. He then told them to prepare themselves, because God is free, God is coming, God help them all.
  • As Venom: "We are Venom!"
  • As Anti-Venom: "I am the Cure!"

Qubit, God of Using Knowledge For Goodness (Mr. Qubit)
  • Intermediate God
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Science Hero, Anti-Hero (despite his idealism), Badass Bookworm, Badass Longcoat, Resembles the Tenth Doctor, Disapproves of killing (but has occasionally been forced to compromise his morals), Heart Is an Awesome Power, Insufferable Genius, Jerk with a Heart of Gold, Messy Hair, Psychic Block Defense, Squishy Wizard, The Smart Guy, Technical Pacifist, Technopath, Teleportation
  • Domain(s): Science, Heroism, Pacifism
  • Allies: Superman, Samaritan, All Might, Metro Man, Mister Fantastic, Iron Man, The Hulk, Cyborg, Blue Beetle III, Static, Black Lightning, The Doctor, Professor Paradox, Kuroko Shirai, Nightcrawler, Tracer, Minato Namikaze
  • Enemies: The Plutonian, Regime Superman, Black Noir, Lex Luthor, Lord Recluse, Brainiac, Ultron, The Grand United Alliance of Machines, The Evilutionists of Mad Science, Ganondorf, Kurogiri, Dante (FMA), Zouken Matou, Orochimaru, The Dalek Empire, The Cybermen, Emperor Palpatine, Thanos, Darkseid, Mongul, Frieza, Baby, Cooler
  • Conflicting Opinion: Homelander, Gilgamesh
  • Qubit is one of the smartest people alive and regarded as one of the greatest heroes to ever live. He used to be a solo hero until he got stranded in another dimension from where he was getting cheese. He was rescued from this bind by the Plutonian. Soon after, he became a member of the Paradigm and acted as the brains of the operation both before and after the Plutonian snapped. Though his friends, enemies, all civilians, and the governments of the world agreed that Plutonian needed to be killed, Qubit disagreed, as his whole moral foundation was based on a "no killing" rule. He believed that the Plutonian could be saved and redeemed, somehow, despite the rogue superhero having killed over nine million people singlehandedly.
  • Following his ascension, Qubit was both alarmed and disappointed to discover that the Plutonian was present there as well, as he had previously scattered Plutonian's Eleosan essence across the multiverse and parallel dimensions as a way of redeeming him. After a tense standoff, Plutonian ultimately decided to leave due to the presence of other heroes, although he warned Qubit to stay out of his way.
  • Qubit was very happy to meet genuinely heroic superhumans such as Superman, Samaritan, All Might and Metro Man, who remind him of what the Plutonian tried to be before he snapped. However, he also quickly became enemies with other tyrannical superhumans in the Pantheon, such as Regime Superman and Black Noir. His opinion of Homelander is a bit more mixed, as Homelander's evil actions were the result of him being gaslit by Black Noir.
  • He's on good terms with other genius heroes such as Mister Fantastic, Iron Man and The Hulk. His technological expertise also resulted in him getting along with Cyborg and the third Blue Beetle, both of whom use alien technology. He also quickly befriended Static and Black Lightning, as his Paradigm teammate Volt strongly resembled them.
  • Qubit is on very good terms with the Doctor and Professor Paradox, whom he has a lot in common with. However, his resemblance to the Doctor's tenth incarnation has resulted in him regularly getting targeted by the Daleks and Cybermen, who tend to mistake the two for one another.
  • His borderline game-breaking use of teleportation when fighting against enemies has resulted in him regularly teaming up with other heroic teleporters such as Kuroko Shirai, Nightcrawler, Tracer and Minato Namikaze. When working together, they've been quite successful in combating villainous teleporters such as Ganondorf and Kurogiri.
  • He quickly became enemies with Lex Luthor and Lord Recluse, both of whom remind him of Modeus. When they learned of how Qubit had managed to contain Modeus in his considerable psychic blocks and gained access to his intelligence and knowledge, they became very wary of him, as he's one of the few heroes in the Pantheon who can match their intellect.
  • Qubit's mastery of technology has made him a formidable opponent for malevolent machines such as Brainiac and Ultron. He is frequently involved in battles with the Grand United Alliance of Machines as a whole, having been responsible for a number victories.
  • He has a strong dislike of the Evilutionists of Mad Science and all other Mad Scientists in the Pantheon, as he firmly dislikes science being used for evil, especially since his own teleportation technology was weaponized by the Vespa until he managed to destroy all of it simultaneously.
  • He strongly opposes body snatchers such as Dante of the Deep Forest, Orochimaru and Zouken Matou. His ability to not only resist attempts to take over his body but trap the mind of his attacker in his psychic blocks, has alarmed both Dante and Zouken, who generally avoid him, while Orochimaru has simply remarked he mostly behaves himself these days.
  • Having previously dealt with power hungry alien conquerors, he frequently assists in clashes with the likes of Emperor Palpatine, Thanos, Darkseid, Mongul, Frieza, Baby and Cooler. The fact that his "no killing" rule tends to apply a lot less to non-humans has resulted in him being a lot more ruthless towards them, although he has also received criticism from his non-human allies over this double standard.
  • Being friends with the Babylonian immortal Gilgamos, who is a very Nice Guy, Qubit was rather disappointed to find that the similarly named Gilgamesh was instead a narcissistic jerkass, who quickly dismissed Qubit as another "mongrel". However, Qubit does manage to get along with Gilgamesh's Caster incarnation, who is a lot more personable.
  • Also in the House of Scientists and Geniuses.
  • "Are you really willing to gamble your life that you're smarter than I am?"

    Rick Taylor/The Terror Mask 
Rick Taylor and The Terror Mask, Gods of Possessed Heroes (The Hell Mask (Terror Mask))
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The Terror Mask
  • Theme Song: "The Doll That Bled"
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good with shades of Neutral Good (Rick)/Chaotic Neutral (Terror Mask)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domains: Possession, Teaming Up, Demon Fighting, Abomination Killing
  • Followers: the Aburame Clan, Perry Rhodan, Blake Thorburn
  • Allies: Ashley J. Williams, Simon Belmont, Gabriel Belmont, Bayonetta, Dante Alighieri, The Doom Slayer
  • Enemies: Satan (Castlevania), Cthulu, Ludwig von Tökkentäkker, Zobek, Mundus, Soul Edge, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Opposed by: CatDog
  • Oppose: Jason Voorhees
  • Rick Taylor was once an ordinary man with an (extra)ordinary girlfriend. Her name was Jennifer Willis and she was suddenly taken by forces of evil. The Terror Mask came to him giving him the power needed to fight that very evil in exchange for the mask to have a body to kill creatures with.
  • Though they are Intermediate Gods, the Terror Mask can push his body to Greater God levels for a short period of time, though prolonged use can kill Rick.
  • Rick hates anyone that would try to sacrifice loved ones for power. When he discovers anyone that attempts to do so he will go on a rampage to stop them, or as The Terror Mask puts it.
    Terror Mask: Show him why we call it 'SPLATTERHOUSE'.
  • The Mask believes that Rick is just as much a violent killer as it is. Though Rick has tried to deny it, he has taken great joy in the power and killing of demons.
  • The Terror Mask hates Lawful Evil Demons as they often remind him of The Corrupted, the type of Demon that would never understand why it is sometimes a nice idea to help a human every now and again. Like the time he protected The Aztecs.
    • When he is asked why he did such a thing he claims:
    Terror Mask: If Rick-O can be a good guy doing some pretty bad things, then the opposite could be true with me.
  • Many pointed out the fact that originally the Mask eventually tried to kill Rick and take over the world. Its response to this is pretty curt.
    Terror Mask: That was another time, another place, and a different game. I just want to play it my way now.
  • Rick is often trying to stop other abominations in a deal with the Terror Mask to help his girlfriend.
    • Due to this he is trying to help Bayonetta's situation with her father as he knows what that is like and has been through that before.
  • Rick has a fear of clowns much to the amusement of The Terror Mask.
  • The Terror Mask loves using the fact that he sounds like Winnie the Pooh Bear to mess with people.
    • CatDog doesn't seem to like the Terror Mask either, due to how it shares the former's voice for some reason. The Terror Mask had a field day with that one.
  • Rick hates CarnEvil as he once had to fight a large cyborg Gorilla and he blames the ringleader of that circus for inspiring Dr. West.
  • People say that he used to look like Jason Voorhees, much to Rick's confusion. The Terror Mask doesn't really like the comparison, claiming something about it being more on the lines of him being like a stone mask.

Lesser Gods

    Leonard (White Knight Chronicles) 
Leonard, God of Idiot Heroes (Wizel the White Knight, Shit-For-Brains, Dumbass)
Wizel, the White Knight 
  • Followers: Firo Prochainezo, Teru Sakurada, Billy Madison, Foxleap, Avan Hardins
  • Allies: (Insert Name Here) (sometimes), Zidane, Nowe, Gallantmon and the other Royal Knights, Snow Villiers, plus the other Defiers of Fate, Lann and Reynn, Tidus, Yuna
  • Enemies: All evil overlords and imperials such as Ganondorf, Griffith, Hades (Kid Icarus), and Malefor
  • Pitied by: The Bard
  • When it comes to selecting a deity to represent Idiot Hero, the criteria for who to pick above all others is a bit of an issue. To start with, what makes an ideal pick for the trope? The frequency of their idiocy? Or the severity of the consequences of their idiocy? Well, this... person embodies both of these.
  • Leonard was a young man employed at Rapacci's Wines in Balandor. Though he is an orphan, he has grown up into an upright and very positive fellow. He approaches his job with the same enthusiasm (a lot) and attention to detail (very little) as he does everything else. One day during Princess Cisna's coronation and diplomatic talks between Balandor and Faria, Leonard was tasked with delivering a large supply of wine for the party at the castle, and to head to their warehouse at Parma Village to pick it up with the rented beastwain. Somehow, despite getting there in a few minutes, it took until the afternoon to get the delivery ready, and it became nighttime by the time they arrived. It would a prelude not only of the game's shortcomings, but of Leonard's achievements as a whole.
    • Somehow, the delivery was still surprisingly successful (thanks in part to incompetent security), and then Leonard decides to go off the rails and take a sneak peek inside the castle (and thanks to Plot Contrivance do not get caught at any point), forcing his friends to follow him. They manage to sneak into the ball and watch the goings-on, and then Leonard remembers the Princess, whom he had met ten years ago, and has an incredible one-sided crush on her. That's also when Belcitane's forces (plus Shapur) stage an attack that ends with both Balandor's king and Faria's archduke dead, and Leonard came to Cisna's rescue in the middle of the chaos while his friends were busy getting involved with the rest of the violence. They escape to the cellars, and find catacombs of an ancient fortress underneath the castle, and a treasure vault holding a secret ancient weapon called an Incorruptus called the White Knight, and its corresponding Ark. When the enemy siege unit Pyredaemos caught up to them, Leonard decides to take up the Ark (with Cisna inadvertently activating it), ends up triggering its security Phantom, and somehow deemed himself worthy to it (It's later revealed that Leonard is one of five infants-in-stasis found in the Dogma Rift, the others being Ceasar, Kara, Setti, and Yulie, and had his soul bound to the White Knight 10,000 years ago, where he was found next to, so it was never a matter of worth), and became able to transform into the White Knight.
    • But even as he defeats Pyredaemos, Cisna ends up kidnapped anyway as the bad guys escape with her. Leonard is then given a mission by the remaining survivors of the nobility to rescue her and stop the Magi, the responsible party, and it will take him all over the known world with his friends and a wandering swordsman named Eldore who has a hand in orchestrating things, but wasn't the only one. But the failures he would achieve as a result of his idiocy would be astounding, not helped by the fact that almost everybody in the setting is a moron at some level, just not to Leonard's extent. How bad exactly? There are two comprehensive lists so long that they're hidden in labelnotes so as not to completely spoil you on what they are. First game events  Second game events 
  • Due to all the flak he was sure to get, Leonard's ascension was done quietly and he was given a spot in the Pantheon right away. If there's anything he actually learned after everything he's been through, it's that he's now cognizant of the fact that he was a screw-up and that he's an idiot. He was also surprised to see his Ark available once again, given its power was drained after Medoras awakened and possessed him. That said, he doesn't want to take it up again, not after everything he's done. There's also the fact that a pactmaker lends their soul to their Knight to power them. Except the souls meant to power the Knights are suppoed to be those of infants to ensure loyalty to the Ancients that made them, and so they can fight autonomously after gaining enough battle experience; intelligence is not actually required for the Knights to operate (and Leonard barely has any to even start with).note  At least in the Pantheon, there are actually decently smart people who would not have the patience for Leonard's stupidity and would work quick in reining it in, and those come in plenty, though it also comes with plenty of mockers.
    • There's also the fact that out of all the other Incorruptus, the White Knight seems to have a direct effect on his body, and holds a secret none of the others do; an evil presence biding its time for some nefarious purpose. And when that time came in the form of five Knights coming together, which the cast was explicitly warned NOT to do, all their essences merged into Wizel, and Emperor Madoras awakened. He was only stopped thanks to the others, mainly the custom-made Player Character's own (Artificial) Knight. At least Madoras isn't in this version of Leonard's Ark anymore.
    • Additionally, if someone else tries to claim mastery of his Ark while he's still alive, as Shapur tried to do with Kara, it results in an unstable souped up abomination, and ownership can actually transfer to the other person once the abomination is beaten. Given what the White Knight can do, and given how poorly Leonard has used its power, there are those who wish to repeat this process, even some unscrupulous heroes who think he isn't worthy (and they wouldn't be exactly wrong). The only reason (insert Name Here) isn't among them no matter their moral spectrum is because they already have a Knight of their own, and it's not directly tied to Madoras’ power..
  • The only thing the White Knight grants Leonard is a giant form, a giant sword for slashing and stabbing, a giant shield for blocking (plus rendering nearby allies invulnerable as well) and bashing, Relic Arts for boosting defense, Artifacts for other boosts, various stat-augmenting accessories, various accessories that buff the party (exc. Leonard himself) after he transforms, immunity to poison, paralysis, sleep, and silence, some energy-charged strikes, and that's it. At least support spells still work, status ailments can still be cured, and one can still replenish its HP and MP just like any organic being. That said, he's pretty susceptible to being knocked down, has less overall mana and lower defense than on-foot characters, and often does less DPS than on-foot characters of the same relative power level. And thus the only remaining advantages are more vitality and hitting higher or giant targets.
  • Of course, the Knight isn't the only method Leonard has in terms of combat. He has rudimentary experience with the sword and shield (which the Knight also hold proficiency at) (and can learn other weapons except staffs and spears), and has basic healing spells for curing Poison, Sleep, and Bind, and injuries (if he even remembers to cast them). That said, magic in his world takes long to cast and leaves the caster vulnerable to attack and getting interrupted. Sitting down restores his health, and assuming a position of prayer replenishes his mana, and they do so stupid fast. Byleth is astounded he hasn't reached A or S rank with the sword yet, though it should be noted that his idiocy seems to just not apply to general combat most of the time, though he certainly needs to be reminded to transform if he has to.
  • Infamously, he's known for being the only protagonist who becomes his own story's Final Boss, which just doesn't happen anywhere else (excpet probably Xenosaga Episode III). And Leonard's still worse that other example there because 1) she wasn’t an actual hostile enemy, just a support character for the villain in question, 2) she was only a part of the penultimate boss battle, not the final boss battle, and 3) she turned good again in time to face the actual final boss of the game.
  • His instances of idiocy are far and wide (he lacks competence, sympathy, and proactivity), but what is considered his biggest one is the boss fight against Brimmflamme and the Black Knight, which transcends Cutscene Incompetence and bleeds all the way to "Gameplay Incompetence"; forcing the player to put up with Leonard's idiocy in one of the toughest fights ever, and what makes him irredeemable to those who haven't already given up on following his story. To be specific, after having been benched for much of the game due to a plot-related illness, he foists himself into the fray even after being explicitly told not to go. Not only does he not get any new gear; he's still on the same strength level that he left in while everyone else has already eclipsed him in terms of strength, and were already struggling before he arrived. What wouold've been a Big Damn Heroes moment instead ends with him being a major liabilty.
  • As stated before, he has no sense of time whatsoever. He once promised a delivery at noon to be done by sunset, but by the time he makes it to his destination, it was already midnight! Killing other sapient beings that are more than mindless monsters doesn't register in his mind, and the less intelligent ones seem to have a tendency to go berserk in the his presence. And throughout his entire fist half of his adventure, he was obsessed with rescuing Cisna over all else, who probably doesn't return his feelings in that way. The two of them (well, him and Cisna as a holographic projection) even had a romantic scene in a lake just like how Tidus and Yuna have done, presumably all in Leonard's head (since Cisna dancing with Leonard's hologram while locked up would not make sense). Someone even doctored a recording of that dance with the latter's music.
  • Those who have acquainted with Leonard have reported him to be worse than Snow Villiers, and even Lann and Reynn. And after having been shown the White Knight Chronicles, the NORA leader and Mirage Keepers can absolutely concur. The Bard shows pity for Leonard given he had also willingly jumped up to save the world, though his love was wider in scope compared to Leonard's Cisna-centric focus. And even he finds it embarrassing that the White Knight accomplished so much less despite having more to use than the Bard ever did, who got by with only charisma, optimism, and singing talent.
  • Given that he's an idiot, this means he's open to exploitation by villains and some heroes alike. Vile overlords such as Ganondorf, Griffith, Hades (Kid Icarus), and Malefor in particular have looked forward to using him to further their plans or hinder their enemies' plans. That said, they either underestimate or don't comprehend what it means for an Idiot Hero to be aware of his idiocy (since most types are oblivious to it and remain so), which Leonard has become now. What that means is that more crafty and cunning heroes are willing to use everyone's (mostly true) perception of Leonard to their advantage to get one over their enemies.

    Van and Fiona 
Van Flyheight and "Fiona" Elisi Linette, God and Goddess of Grown Up Kid Heroes (Van: Bang Freihert Freiheit | Fiona: Fine Elecyne Rine)Rine)
Click here to see them in Guardian Force 

    Wong Fei Hung 
Doctor Wong Fei-hung AKA Huang Feihong in pinyin, God of Martial Arts Heroes (Tenth Tiger of Canton, The Tiger After Tigers)


    Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth 
Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! (37th Defender of Earth)

  • Demigod
  • Symbol: Thursday the Robot
  • Theme Music: Anthem of the Braves
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Ditzy Heroes, Large Hams, Good Captains, Those Who Love To Shout, Error Prone Chivalry, the Enforcement of Justice, Heroically Chiseled Jaws, Hot-Blooded
  • Domains: Protection, Courage, Justice
  • Heralds: Jennifer and Thursday
  • Allies: Laharl, Etna, Flonne, Commander Shepard, Captain Falcon, Kamina, Guy Shishioh, Buzz Lightyear, Team Lightyear, Uther Lightbringer, Master Chief, XCOM
  • Opposes: Evil aliens, Charles zi Britannia
  • Captain Gordon is the 37th Defender of Earth. Brave, outrageous, though how competent he is if up to you, and he's not that bright. Still, he does everything he can to defend Earth. And he's also loud.
  • As the ascended highest prophet of BRIAN BLESSED, it is of nominal importance that his name always be spelled fully, in bolded font, and with at least one exclamation point. The great and mighty Captain Gordon, Defender of Earth! will accept no less.
    • Though if you really insist of not doing that, at least respect him enough to call him Captain Gordon.
  • He was, at one point pushed off a cliff, after which the entire Pantheon wrote him off, save for Indiana Jones and BRIAN BLESSED himself, who insisted (quite correctly) that "GORDON'S ALIVE!"
  • Might have turned into a demon at one point, as Mao once demonstrated with him turning into a weapon. No one is sure if that really is the case or not.
    • Speaking of Mao's group, he still doesn't quite trust Raspberyl after an incident regarding aliens which she thought were good. Though more in the sense that he is not sure if she will do the same mistake again.
  • He gets along with Uther due of having similar voice to him. Though on other hand, he doesn't appreciate Charles zi Britannia at all due of that, especially due of him taking over the majority of Earth.

Marv, Divine Wife-Basher Basher

    Rick Grimes 
Rick Grimes, God of Zombie Apocalypse Heroes (Rick, Sheriff, Officer Friendly)
Television Rick Grimes
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: The badge of his police officer uniform
  • Leitmotif: Lead Me Home
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Action Dad, Anti-Hero, I Did What I Had to Do, He Who Fights Monsters, Papa Wolf, Beware the Nice Ones, Pay Evil unto Evil, The Gunslinger
  • Domains: Love, Protection, Survival
  • Heralds: Carl Grimes (his son), Daryl Dixon (his "brother").
  • Allies: Lee Everett and Clementine, Edward Newgate/Whitebeard, Chris Redfield, Leon Kennedy, Claire Redfield, The Survivor Crew, Jill Valentine, Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin, Bryan Mills, Saeko Busujima, The Green Flu survivors, Joel and Ellie, Ikoma and Mumei
  • Enemies: Albert Wesker, Alex Wesker, William Birkin, Alexia Ashford, Quan Chi, Walter White, Edward Richtofen
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Negan.
  • Being a survivor became first nature to Rick Grimes. So when he had been ascended into the pantheon he quickly drew out his Colt Python prepared to kill the first walker he saw. He didn't trust anyone he didn't know so during his first days in the pantheon. It turned out he was the only person from his group to ascend in the pantheon. The reason being was through Lee and Clementine who felt he was long overdue being free out of the hell Rick had been through.
  • Many deities notice his certain visits to the other houses. When people ask about his actions he simply gives this reply. "I'm doin' stuff and thiiiiinnnnnnnngs."
  • It took Edward Newgate from the Pantheon of Fathers to calm Rick down, and explain there was no danger from walkers in this place. Unlike Lee, however, he didn't have Carl around, which made him very agitated. Edward knew his fatherly love outweighed his role as a god. He promised Rick he would be reunited with his son one day in the pantheon. In a way, the former cop saw a bit of herself in the veteran pirate.
  • He was able to come across Lee and Clementine, the both of them knowing some of the horrors Rick had gone through. Since they had been through the dangers of walkers they got along very well with each other. Like Rick, Lee is very protective of the young and Clementine hoped he would get to meet Rick's son.
    • Like Clementine before him, Rick worried about his infection spreading to the entire Pantheon, since like her he didn't ascend upon death. Thankfully, he has been told that was not the case.
  • Despite Saeko Busujima coming from a different culture, Rick respected her abilities with her sword the Murata-tou. She also reminds him of Michonne another swordsman whom he misses along with Carl. Saeko would love to meet her and see her blade in action.
  • While Rick was trying to relax and come to grips with his new life here some of the best men in fighting bioterrorism came to visit Rick. Chris, Leon, and Claire met Rick first and wanted him to know they were sympathetic to his pain and suffering. They also suggested he speak with others like them who wanted to put an end to virus that would create the zombies or as Rick knew them The Walkers.
    • Taking their advice he visited the House of Health and Diseases where he met Jake and Sherry. They both also were happy to find someone who could survive the undead. Sherry, in particular, was very happy to learn about how much he cared for his son. She was grateful he would be there for him unlike her father who seemed to care more about his work than her.
    • It's through speaking with the various survivor of Umbrella's schemes he's come to despise the kind of people who knowingly make viruses to infect the world. He's made it his personal mission to kill any of these people he comes across for their actions. This includes necromancers who take advantage of the dead for their own gain.
  • Many consider Walter White and Rick Grimes to have a few similar traits to them. They both also came from shows made on a similar network. Rick is quick to point out he needed to survive in a different world. Walter chose to act through criminal means, and if he was still a cop he would want him arrested by his own hands if he got the chance.
  • He gets along with most of The Survival Crew, except for Edward, who he's come to hate.
  • One day Rick came across a note left on the ground. He didn't know who it was from, but the note said the following message. The Pantheon is gonna need Rick Grimes.
  • After the Savior War, the mere sight of the grinning man known as Negan was enough to make Rick point his trademark gun in his face. They were still at odds with each other despite all that's happened before their ascension.
  • Ever since a certain video, Rick was sent over to the House of Health and Diseases to get his ears treated; deafness can be very deadly in the world with a Zombie Apocalypse. Lee Everett and Clementine have been advised to take the same treatment.