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Ouroboros, God of Final Bosses in New Dimensions (The God of Destruction, The Harrowing, The Serpent That Devours the Horizon, Serpent Eating the Ground, The Devourer, His Malevolence, Airy's Master)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The Ouroboros symbol
  • Theme Song: The Serpent That Devours The Horizon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Eldritch Abomination, Sealed Evil in a Can, Sealed away for 1,100,000,000 years, Devouring the servant who released him, Planet Eater, Ouroboros, Our Dragons Are Different, A Form You Are Comfortable With, Final Boss, New Dimension, Evil Sounds Deep, Batman Gambit, Planet Destroyer, Apocalypse Wow, The Dark Aurora, The Infernal Realm, preparing an assault on Real Life, Utter Depravity
  • Domains: Evil, Death, Destruction, Bosses, Finales, Devouring, The Infernal Realm, Patience, Deep Voices
  • Followers: Mortamor, Corvus, The Sun-Eater, The crew of Starkiller Base
  • Allies: Airy, Albert Wesker
  • Rivals: Galactus, Unicron, Apophis, Beerus, Lavos
  • Enemies: The Bravely Default Protagonists, Insert Name Here, Io, Bahamut, Ophis, Spyro, Tiki, The Dovahkiin, Superman, The Warrior of Light, Thor, Mogo, Ornstein, Harry Dresden, The Nameless King, All Final Fantasy deities, all deities from Real Life
  • Unknown Rival: Zero (Kirby)
  • Annoyed by: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction
  • Ouroboros ascended when several major deities were attempting to limit villainous ascensions, and were tricked by Airy into letting her master into the Pantheon under the pretense that their course of action would keep him out forever. He has shown his gratitude by sparing her this time, rather than devouring her.
  • When Tiz, Agnes, Ringabel, and Edea found that Ouroboros had come to the Pantheon, they confronted him, but were held off by Airy while he exited the Infernal Realm. Sensing a draconic abomination ascending, Io came to learn what was going on. Ouroboros began to exit the Infernal Realm, devouring pieces of the Pantheon around him, and Io confronted him, driving him back into his new temple in the House of Boss Fights. The dragon god's reason for fighting Ouroboros was simply, "That abomination should not be a dragon."
  • As a planet-destroying deity, Ouroboros is intensely disliked by Superman because the Man of Steel doesn't want anyone else to end up one of the only few survivors of their planet.
  • Ouroboros believes he should represent destructive deities rather than Beerus, but the effects of a battle between them is just one more reason that he is kept sealed in his temple. Beerus's suggestion that he can just use Hakai on Ouroboros was shot down: Ouroboros is immortal, and unless some way is found to seal his immortality (that is to say, another immortal is willing to sacrifice themself to do so), Hakai wouldn't work.
  • Nekron offered him membership in the GUAD, but Ouroboros scoffed at him. He sees the Pantheon as no more than livestock to be slaughtered and eaten, and does not want any other to consume his meal.
  • Holds Galactus and Unicron in contempt as inferior planet-eaters to himself.
  • Mogo, as a living planet, is afraid of Ouroboros, as he could devour Mogo with only an ominous gesture and a few seconds of freedom. Ouroboros is aware of Mogo, and thinks he sounds tasty.
  • Bahamut, Spyro, and Tiki collaborate to ensure that Ouroboros never gets the chance to leave his temple in his true form.
  • Since Ouroboros can reach across dimensions, and Bravely Default is connected to other Final Fantasy worlds, The Warrior of Light and all other Final Fantasy deities are interested in keeping him contained to protect their own universes.
  • Real Life authors and people are opposed to Ouroboros, as he threatens the real world. That means YOU, tropers.
  • The Dovahkiin and Dragonslayer Ornstein have been assigned the mission of Ouroboros's destruction, and consider the abomination their greatest challenge yet.
  • Both being mythological serpents of destruction, Apophis and Ouroboros have something of a sibling rivalry.
  • Zero is envious of Ouroboros's position and power, and has stopped attempting to kill Kirby in favor of plotting to usurp Ouroboros, who dismisses it as no threat whatsoever.
  • Ouroboros occasionally takes the form of humans and attempts to frighten or manipulate the Pantheon, but the fact that his appearance and abilities are limited to who is nearby restricts his freedom while using this power.
  • Harry Dresden has a habit of flipping him off, and although Ouroboros is usually aloof to the actions of "mortals," Harry has made him mad like no one else can.
  • Thor, as a dragonslayer and protector of Asgard, sees it as his duty to slay Ouroboros.
  • Ophis is aghast at the abuse of the power of the Ouroboros, and Ouroboros is none too pleased that she represents his name rather than one who bears it.
  • Wesker is impressed with Ouroboros's power, and the shared name with one of his creations has led to collaboration between the two. What ends might be achieved terrify anyone who knows either of them.
  • The Nameless King, due to his bond with dragons, feels revulsion at Ouroboros's existence much as ordinary people are horrified by Humanoid Abominations.

Greater Gods

    The Soul of Cinder 
The Soul of Cinder, Patron Deity of Final Exam Bosses (Incarnation of Kings, The Red Knight)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Firelink Greatsword or the First Flame
  • Leitmotif: Soul Of Cinder
  • Alignment: True Neutral with leanings to Lawful Neutral
  • Portfolio: An entity made to guard the First Flame as well as the living manifestation of it, harkens to all who link the Flame, not evil and simply guards the Kiln, merged combination of varied souls, has access to various sorceries, superhuman strength and other abilities as a result of the various Chosen Undead that linked the Flame including Gwyn and gains all their powers combined, has a morphing weapon, defends the First Flame at any cost
  • Domains: Power, Souls, Bosses, Guardians, the First Flame
  • Heralds: Ludleth of Courland, Aldrich, Saint of the Deep/Devourer of Gods, Yhorm, the Giant, Lorian, the Elder Prince and Lothric, the Younger Prince
  • Those Who Linked The First Flame: Lord Gwyn, The Chosen Undead, Bearer of the Curse (and possibly the Ashen One), Solaire of Astora, the Abyss Watchers
  • Pitied by: Dust, The Maiden in Black
  • Worthy Opponent: Abhorash (on his perspective)
  • Target of Envy by: The Nameless God
  • Enemies:
  • Opposed by: Lord Aldia, Sister Friede, Pontiff Sulyvahn, Ermac
  • The Age of Fire was considered a blessing to many humans around. The Flame has been said to be the only barrier between humans and monsters, more specifically blocking the Abyss from encroaching to many innocents. Of course, that was before when the concept was new but as years, if not decades, has passed by, following the Undead Curse that would be the sign of humanity, the Flame was to die out and one last push was made in an attempt to find another Lord of Cinder. There is a problem: the world is also at its embers, as civilizations born from the Flame have also become husks of their own selves. Thankfully the former Lords of Cinder have arisen from their thrones, or so it would have been as the Lords have refused to the call, leaving the Flame defenseless and close to being extinguished. Thus leading to two things, an Unkindled would force these Lords of Cinder to their thrones and an entity would be born from the Flame itself to keep it sustained.
    • Said Unkindled, an Ashen One, would soon accomplish the call of all Lords of Cinder, allowing access to the Kiln of the First Flame, the source of its origin. Before reaching to the First Flame, he encountered something within the First Flame, a being wreathed in fire and armor that is near indistinguishable from others. Said entity sensed the Ashen One's presence and immediately fought as a natural response to protect the First Flame. The fighting style of it was confusing at first, until seeing that all its styles are reminiscent of the Chosen Undead of old, meaning it has the memories of all the Chosen Undead (and even Bearer of the Curse) that have linked the Flame. After repelling it however, it came back with a moveset that is similar to another legendary figure, Lord Gwyn. After the tenuous fight, the Ashen One succeeded and the Soul of Cinder, the final avatar of the First Flame died, leaving the Ashen One the decision to either continue the First Flame or snuff it for good.
  • This is the Soul of Cinder, the First Flame turned into a physical avatar as a last ditch effort to protect the First Flame. It may not be malicious or evil but it heavily defends the First Flame and will chase down anyone who enters the Kiln with no remorse. However, there are other theories that which deciphers the Soul of Cinder's true purpose, either adamantly protecting the First Flame, finding a worthy Lord of Cinder through battle or perhaps filled with fear which can be guessed by the fact that the entity itself has so many souls in itself. Most of the time, the Soul keeps a heavy watch towards the First Flame, and never leaves its place. This is in order to protect it from the darkness lurking in its surroundings and anyone who wishes to remove the Flame for good. The Court of the Gods knew that if the Soul of Cinder were to ascend, the Kiln would also be brought in as well to make sure that the entity would still remain and it was finalized, with the Soul of Cinder's temple being the Kiln of the First Flame.
  • Some say that the Soul of Cinder's ascension was all part of Gwyn's plan to protect the First Flame at any cost as he is the first Lord of Cinder (as he was the Lord of Sunlight originally until he had embers left). At a time when Gwyn's rule has been challenged and relentlessly mocked, the entity was proof that Gwyn was not only not willing to give up the Flame but neither is he going down without a fight. This, coupled with some sighting of other Lords of Cinder, that being the Abyss Watchers and even the Chosen Undead and Solaire, decided it was high time to bring one of his best assets to protect the Age of Fire, until all that is left is embers.
    • Being a manifestation of the First Flame made it immediately gain heavy disdain towards dark-based deities and has targeted any being powered by darkness regardless of alignment. Granted, it will not fight beings outside the Kiln, but those who enter, and most especially those powered by dark, will be the first primary target for the entity to engage battle with. Some say that this mentality of the Soul of Cinder must have been rooted by Lord Gwyn's near obsession with the Age of Fire and some may be right considering that Gwyn's soul is transposed into the entity as well.
    • That being said, the Chosen Undead and the Bearer of the Curse, alongside fellow Sunlight companion Solaire of Astora have seen the Soul of Cinder and have felt a portion of their memories engrained in the being, though the Bearer of the Curse remained silent on the matter. Due to them linking the Fire, their souls as a result are also a part of the Soul of Cinder, which is a gestalt being of multiple souls. This is further shown with various skills, weapons it can morph to and fighting styles that the Chosen Undead has recognized. On the other hand, the Soul did gain back its hatred upon discovery of the Ashen One, the same being who killed it, although the details after the Ashen One killed the soul are murky as various details have been different per encounter.
  • With its ascension planned out by Gwyn, the various deities residing in the same universe the Lord of Cinder originated from has not taken the ascension of what is essentially the First Flame's physical form very lightly. If anything, this only strengthened their hatred for the Soul of Cinder and Gwyn's Age of Fire, seeing that Gwyn is ever so ignorant that the Age of Fire should be prolonged even longer than it actually needs to be. Lord Aldia, one of Gwyn's most outspoken of critics, berated the Soul of Cinder's purpose and spoken how the entity's existence is proof of his valid criticisms against the king and he is not alone, the Pontiff of the Irithyll Valley also came in with opposition of the First Flame and has brought proof of his hatred towards the Age of Fire: A Lord of Cinder that was crowned through power alone, Aldrich. Not to mention, Aldrich's plan was to use Sulyvahn's cult as a gateway for the Age of Dark. If that was not enough, Sister Friede, another Unkindled also came in and spoke how her revival to link the First Flame is what drove her to the Painted World of Ariandel and leave her purpose. These criticisms did not dissuade the Soul of Cinder as while they will bring their criticisms, the Soul has one thing they do not have: power.
    • Criticism similar to them were not only limited to those who experienced the Undead Curse and Age of Fire, even those within the Pantheon has spoken their similar thoughts, all the more increasing following the Ashen One's return from the fabled city known as the Ringed City. Various beings such as Oryx the Taken King have spoken how the Soul of Cinder's purpose is slowly withering and how it as an example of the Age of Fire: a bygone age still clinging to existence, ultimately in the way of the world's process of achieving it's final, perfect state, a criticism that The Nameless God even agreed with. With those aside, the powers of the Soul of Cinder are most definitely not to laugh down at and can make even the strongest Gods struggle, something that the Nameless God learned the hard way.
    • One of the biggest critics past Aldia was another king of which was the King of Boletaria, King Allant. Seeing that he mocked Gwyn for the near loss of his Age of Fire, the presence of the Soul showed that Gwyn has persisted and made Allant furious. While he may bid his time considering the Witch of Izalith's Chaos Flame has withered, the chance of the First Flame are close, but with the Soul of Cinder intact, Allant's push may have been halted. The consequence of this however is that the Lord of Cinder's reputation ended up going rock bottom as those once connected to his alliance have now reconsidered their treaty with him.
  • The Abyss is something the Gods during the peak of the Age of Fire feared at and it is the Soul of Cinder's creation to protect the Flame from being engulfed by the Abyss. However, the Abyss' strength has increased decades while the First Flame has been on embers for a very long time. So when those enhanced by the Abyss, such as the eponymous Father of the Abyss and the Children of Dark were spotted, the entity struck them with brute force. Even those afflicted with it such as Artorias the Abysswalker were not spared by the entity. One god in particular, who was found in the very edge of civilization, had his presence filled with the Soul's imbued hatred. Slave Knight Gael, the unfortunate soul who took his own life consuming The Dark Soul of man was its biggest target, though if the Soul of Cinder's attempt to kill Gael is of any indication, the manifestation of all Lords of Cinder could not beat one who has survived to the end of the world.
    • The rumored source of the Abyss, Manus, was neither spared from the wrath of the Soul of Cinder as Gwyn has pushed for the full eradication of many dark-based deities. While Manus may have been one entity in the long list of Abyss entities, it did not help that Manus' soul was shattered and resulted in the various Children of Dark. Lead by Nashandra who wishes to usher the Age of Dark in a faster method and alongside with her are the remaining Children, Elana, Nadalia, Alsanna and Karla of which the latter two have taken a different direction from their siblings. This was also noticed by various dark-powered beings as well, seeing the advantage they could gain if they used their powers in tandem with the Abyss. Zant was eager to use the Abyss as a medium to push his powers to the world though progress of that has gone nil thanks to Gwyn's efforts, the Soul included in that list.
  • Power is one of the Soul's greatest strengths, calling from the souls that have linked the Flame and putting them into combat use. It is this strength that have both inspired and feared many deities about the Soul, with some even so far as to fighting it all for the sake of its demonstration. Abhorash was among the first who challenged the being out of bloodlust and while he tried to suck its' blood (well if it even has), his attempt at fighting it ended badly with it finishing Abhorash with a Soul Stream. Meanwhile, Nightmare and Soul Edge have been clamoring for a new host and the Soul of Cinder's powers are far stronger than their past hosts, if not bordering on ridiculous. Soul Edge has tried taking possession but that only increased the entity's hatred for the living sword and has seen it as one cancer to get rid off alongside the Abyss.
    • Few studies have seen that the Soul of Cinder's power is drawn from all the souls that have linked the Flame, making it a large body of souls merged into one. There is a catch, as a result the Soul has no identity and cannot make new emotions or even understand most despite having so many souls with him, an observation Dust has noticed. While Dust is lucky that he only has two souls (albeit powerful) he can control, if the Soul's predicament is of any indication, having many souls has not helped in the slightest, if anything made it worse. On the other side of the spectrum is Ermac who also possesses many souls inside him, but unlike the Soul, Ermac possesses a personality, and a rather dangerous one at that. Power-wise however, the Soul still reminds victorious in that regard.
      • This power was also extended thanks to the Maiden in Black, who sensed the Soul's power, but at the same time, also saw the pain of the entity as having multiple souls of countless Lords of Cinders did not do good in the long run. If anything, the being while filled with souls and powerful is fearful and desperate from the First Flame dying. Perhaps this was the consequence of prolonging an age that was never meant to be extended as a cycle.
    • As for soul absorptions, that has been one of the questions if the Soul of Cinder is susceptible to being absorbed by another being, a test which Shang Tsung attempted against it. Attempt seems to be the right word as he was unable to take even one soul from it and got burned as a result. He finds the Soul powerfully delicious, if only he can actually absorb it, though plans of him to link the Fire was considered, if not for the side-effects of being a Lord of Cinder (gaining great power at a cost of independence and having to burn yourself till embers remain).

Yiazmat, Deity of Marathon Bosses (Ultimate Mark, The Terror of All Ivalice, Guardian to a Sacred Blade)
  • Greater Deity
  • Symbol: The magic circles that are seen on its horn, wings and tail
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral or Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Bosses What Take Hours to Defeat, Superboss, Large Boss in Small Arena, Fell Wyrm, Physical God, One-Hit Kill, Cyclone, Allows One To Save Mid-Battle, Driven to Madness with Power
  • Domains: Wyrms, Bosses, Health, Magic
  • High Priest: Trillion
  • Allies: Shinryu, Deathwing, Baal
  • Enemies: Balthier, Penelo, Ashe, Monster Hunters
  • Rivals: Naoki Kashima, Jaraxxus
  • Legends talk of a creature called Yiazmat, a wyrm created by the Creator Himself to rule over all other dragons. However, the power it was granted drove it into madness, becoming the single most dangerous being in Ivalice.
    • There exists an Esper called Yiazmat, who was created by Feolthanos, but was too powerful to be controlled so it was sealed away. Though it is most likely that the two of them are not the same creature.
  • Upon the wyrm's ascension, a group of brave gods went ahead and tried to fight against the behemoth. What ended up happening was a drawn-out battle what lasted for 12 hours. Then Yiazmat casted Regen on itself, healing from near zero to full health, demoralizing the gods to the point where they allowed Yiazmat to finish them off rather than go through that ordeal again.
    • While whom each of those warriors were, some say one of them was at least Ornstein. Mainly as he seems to be willing to go after Yiazmat for now, at the very least.
  • Yiazmat governs this throne in place of Pandemonium Warden. For while it can take hours to defeat Yiazmat, it is generous enough to let any daring adventurer to rest if they so wish to.
  • Being the Deity of Marathon Bosses, it is the polar opposite of Jaraxxus, God of Rush Bosses.
  • Yiazmat does not want to talk about the time when utterly defeated in less than a half of a minute. Some consider it being rage-fuelled karma.
  • Due of the metallic outer appearance of the wyrm and the ability to use a freezing breath attack, some consider it being the corrupted form of Bahamut. This bothers the Platinum Dragon greatly. Though the fact that it outranks Ivalice's own Tiamat does give him a bit of a chuckle.
    • Gajeel on other hand thinks that Yiazmat is some sort of bent out of shape Metalicana, what bothers him greatly.
  • As both of them are dragons driven to madness by power, it and Deathwing seem to get along decently. Some gods fear the moment the two dragons decide to team up, as battling both of them would probably take days.
  • Interestingly enough, Yiazmat is weak to darkness-based spells. Forget about attacking it with Holy, though, as it absorbs Holy damage.
  • The "Sacred Blade" it is guardian of, the Wyrmhero Blade, is a powerful sword told by legends. Unfortunately, even if someone would best Yiazmat, they wouldn't be able to receive the blade from it.
    • There does exist another blade, Anastasia, what grows in power every time Yiazmat is slain, though since it was forged way after Yiazmat's birth, it couldn't be that blade.
  • Is in good relation with a fellow Superboss Baal. Though it is more rivalling the Demi-fiend. Though it might not consider Demi-fiend being that much of a threat. After all, his strongest attack would only deal about 5000th of Yiazmat's max health. And that is not counting its ability to put a damage cap of 6,999 per hit onto its foes.
  • It has some sort of hatred forwards Creature-Hunter Organizations or Adventure Guilds due of the only reason why anyone went against it was because someone created a guilt for the purpose of finding someone to take Yiazmat down for the sake of revenge.

    Yu Yevon 
Yu Yevon, God of Bosses Requiring No Effort To Defeat (Sin, Founder of Yevon)

Intermediate Gods

    Nemesis (Resident Evil 3

Nemesis T-Type, The Unholy Representative of Repeated Boss Encounters (Nemmy, The Chaser, The Pursuer, S.T.A.R.S. Killer, Matt Addison)
Mutated Form 
  • Intermediate God with his Power Limiter in place; gains a serious power boost when removed or damaged
  • Symbols/Signature Weapons: His Tentacles, Minigun and Rocket Launcher.
  • Theme Songs: Nemesis' Theme (Escape), Missile Approaching (Fighting in the Flames), Unstoppable Nemesis (B.O.W., Oppressive, Battle Against the Beast), Nemesis Doesn't Give Up (Invincible Nemesis), Final Metamorphosis (Metamorphosis)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Long Coat, which serves as his Power Limiter, Implacable Tyrant, Determinator, Unflinching Walk, The Dreaded, Drops Weapons Parts and Items When Knocked Down, Made of Iron, Puppeteer Parasite, Healing Factor, Wields Both A Rocket Launcher and a Minigun, The Only One In Existence, Combat Tentacles, Clipped-Wing Angel, Facial Horror
  • Domains: Bio-Organic Weapons, Umbrella Corporation's Tyrant Series, T-Virus, Heavy Weaponry
  • Superior: Ozwell E. Spencer
  • Allies: None, the Nemesis is only focused on eliminating his targets and care little about his allies. He is willing to team up with the T-102 Tyrant and the T-00/Mr. X. The Nemesis also has no issue working with The Flood
  • Rivals: Pyramid Head
  • Enemies:
  • Banned From: The House of Health and Diseases
  • The Nemesis T-Type is yet another version of the Tyrant B.O.W. created by the Umbrella Corporation, this one specifically designed to hunt down and eliminate the surviving members of the S.T.A.R.S. unit that survived the Spencer Mansion incident. Unlike his predecessors, the Nemesis is one of a kind monster that wasn't only experimented with the T-Virus but also a rare parasite that allows him to regenerate and adapt at a fast rate. Not only that, his intellect is vastly superior, allowing the Nemesis to use a grand variety of weapons, his preferred weapon being a Rocket Launcher. Although the only Nemesis ever produced was destroyed by Jill Valentine, his constant pursuit of the woman coupled with how strong he proved to be, he was later relocated into the Pantheon by the remnant of some Umbrella operatives under the title of Recurring Encounters.
  • Jill Valentine's blood ran cold as the monstrous roar carried throughout the Pantheon: "GWOOAAAARRRGH!!!" Ironically enough, The Wolfpack, Chris Redfield and Albert Wesker also shared looks of dread. It has been nearly 20 years, but Jill recognized that roar anywhere. His mission was still clear, to eliminate the S.T.A.R.S. and this time he had more targets to choose from but ever since their encounter in Raccoon City, the Nemesis had hold a grudge against Jill Valentine in particular ever since he was blown to bits by the railgun and only wants to settle the score this time.
  • Nemesis behaves like any other Tyrant would, with the specific goal to eliminate someone. Nemesis differs both in composition and methods. He is far smarter than his predecessors and is less likely to just slowly walk towards his target and actively try to cut off his target either by running or by using his tentacle to traverse the location In a Single Bound. Unfortunately, it seems the Nemesis developed an arrogant persona believe it or not, often not finishing off his target because he wants to have a challenge (Which spelled doom for him the second he decided to spare Jill Valentine even though he had her on his grasp. The Nemesis is aware of his fellow Tyrant counterparts and in a surprise turn of events he doesn't mind their presence as long as they don't get in the way but also don't mind working alongside them if it means killing a shared enemy.
  • Luckily (and unluckily for Jill), there are other S.T.A.R.S. members for Nemesis to chase after but he also expanded his list to any BSSA member and related parties, which makes him a constant danger to deal with. Chris has had a few run ins with Nemesis, particularly during the tournament deciding the fate of two worlds, all the while Chris was after Albert Wesker. Luckily for Chris, he already befriended the incredible Hulk and he took care of the Tyrant efforlessly. Another happened during Chris' investigation in the A.I.M.brella facility, joined by Spiderman, Frank West and Mike Haggar, the four encountered Nemesis was guarding M.O.D.O.K. in order to create a powerful symbiote B.O.W. Luckily they were able to best Nemesis and M.O.D.O.K. and later defeat the Symbiote, with Nemesis including all the aforementioned people in his hitlist after he is done with S.T.A.R.S and BSSA.
  • Easily the most recognizable Implacable Man in the Pantheon and he sometimes butts heads with Pyramid Head over that even if the title ended going to someone else. Nemesis and Pyramid Head ended up developing a sense of rivalry between the two as both are really hard to put down and it seems they are evenly matched.
  • Despite being a former S.T.A.R.S member, Wesker still managed to gain control of Nemesis at one point, using him as his chief enforcer during the T-Valkyrie outbreak. It culminated when Wesker injected Nemesis with the E-strain of his new virus, and Nemesis became an Extar, capable of transforming into a hulking suit of Power Armor (luckily for everyone's sanity, Wesker had developed a chemical that could induce a Drive on the spot for Nemesis to use, meaning the hideous beast didn't have to resort to the...ahem...normal method). The Tyrant later had some run-ins with Mamoru and Mirei as well as their allies Lady Lady and they all agreed that he was a pain to deal with and feel sorry that Jill had to bear with this thing by herself.
  • There is a lot of things that tends to get on the Nemesis' nerves, for starters ice-related weapons or abilities and acid, the former because it's an effective way to deter him and the latter because it ended up killing him once, or at least the Tyrant host perished resulting in the parasite taking control and forming a hideous blob monster. There was also that one time he got into a fight with Leatherface and the hillbilly ended up cutting several of his tentacles, which made Nemmy develop a hatred for chainsaws (And leatherface gained a fear of Rocket Launchers)
  • While no S.T.A.R.S. members are nearby, Nemesis is content enough with eliminating anyone deemed an enemy to Umbrella (which includes almost anyone in the Pantheon) and has engaged in combat with several deities, the ones he encountered the most have been Action Survivors from a Zombie Apocalypse. From Rick Grimes to the Ultimis Group to even soldiers like Doom Slayer who can match him both physically and in firepower, the Nemesis T-Type has certainly no shortage of enemies or people that want to see him dead.
    • Speaking of Umbrella, he serves under Earl Spencer as one of his go to enforcers alongside fellow Tyrant Mr. X. Nemesis hardly cares for the man himself but given that Spencer has the means to control the parasite, he can do nothing but obey the frail old man.
  • As stated before, what makes the Nemesis so special is the presence of the Nemesis Alpha parasite, which is what allows the Tyrant to be more intelligent than other B.O.W.s and even his fellow Tyrant counterparts. Nemesis is also able to implant similar parasites into other zombies infected with the T-Virus to spawn one in the head and is unknown if he can do the same to other organism. Apparently there was an attempt by the Nemesis to use the Headcrabs as a conduit for the alpha parasite to spread to other organism but found the creatures to small and the infection proved to be fatal, even when infecting a Gonarch. This turn of events also seemed to attract the Flood, who were not hostile towards the Nemesis as they were aware of his durability but managed to convince the creature to form an alliance with them, albeit a rather shaky one.
  • Has different weapons at his disposal ranging from a Rocket Launcher and a Minigun, and later took a liking to using a Flamethrower. Somehow because he heard that the Nemesis was created in the European branch of Umbrella, the Soldier believed that he was a monster created to destroy America and challenged the creature to a fight. He barely made it out alive once he found out that the Nemesis was able to shrug off his own Rocket Launcher and even dodge some of the missiles.
  • It's a common misconception but he can actually swim. It's also rumored that one of the main reasons the Nemesis hates Jill the most is because she called him a bitch who can't even swim.
  • Named after the greek goddess of Vengeance, it's only natural that she would consider the Nemesis T-Type to be a crime against creation and would enact her trademark vengeance against Umbrella for their hand in creating this insulting creature and naming it after her.

???: "Stop Such Foolishness... Resistance is futile. Your fate is sealed. Go back... It is not too late... Come no closer..."
Nine-Ball/Hustler One, Deity of Very Hard Boss Battles (Lana Nielsen)
Nine-Ball's emblem
What Hustler One supposedly looks like 
What it actually looks like 
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: A shot of Nine-Ball Seraph focused on its emblem
  • Leitmotifs: Nine, its ACE:R version, its Verdict Day version
  • Alignment: Lawful Evil
  • Portfolio: Char Clone, Famed in Story, Law of Chromatic Superiority, Master Computer, THAT ONE BOSS, The Computer Is a Cheating Bastard, Transforming Mecha, Wolverine Publicity
  • Domains: Mechas, AI, Boss Battles
  • High Priest: The Pursuer
  • Followers: WAYYYY TOO MANY TO COUNT. In particular, Reiko Kirishima, Air Man, most Bloodborne and Dark Souls bosses, way too many Atlus bosses, The Hermit
  • Allies: Char Aznable, Yaldabaoth, The Grand United Alliance of Machines
  • Enemies: The Phantom Thieves of Hearts, Liberion Arcadia (Commander Epsilon, Sage Harpuia, Hidden Phantom, Fighting Fefnir, Fairy Leviathan, Dr. Ciel, 2B, 9S, Quote and Curly Brace, Green Biker Dude,Lambda-11, ICEY), The Technosyte Infestation
  • Long ago, Absolute Virtue used to hold the title of Very Hard Boss Battles. However, from within its own realm, the ones that used to be brutally curb-stomped by it become more powerful as time progressed, eventually weakening it in the process. As this happened, however, a massive explosion was heard in its former temple, with the Demi-Fiend investigating what happened over there. As soon as he stepped inside, however...
    Nine-Ball: Target Verified. Commencing Hostilities.
    • Upon hearing this, the GUAG Robot War Division quickly scrambled to get their Mechas up and running, given that some of them had a personal encounter with it. Upon seeing what happened at the former temple, the deities had all confirmed one thing: Nine-Ball has usurped Absolute Virtue's position.
    • Unfortunately for them, after finally managing to destroy most of the Nine-Ball Mechas, a massive horde of suicide-bombing robots emerged from its temple, causing unknown havoc across the House of Gaming and damaging most of the Mechas in the GUAG Robot War Division. To make things worse, the AI still remains undamaged from the conflict.
  • Nine-Ball is notorious among the house of Gaming due to being hard to beat, especially once they encounter Nine-Ball Seraph. With its machine guns and Laser Blades, along with its missiles, along with lack of cover in his temple, can easily turn a fight into a race into whoever obliterates the other first. Those that DO manage to beat it are christened with the title "Nine Breaker".
    • If You Thought That Was Bad... the power vacuum that spawned from the earlier incident was much more worse. For starters, at least several mortals from each of the Grand United Alliances went and fought each other in one of the more gruesome battlefields not uncommonly seen in the House of War. It got so bad that the Grand United Alliance of Good actually sent several reinforcements to help out another mortal called Reiko to claim the position (though, to be fair, she didn't want to claim the position and was just caught in the crossfire, and has since calmed down from her time with Rogles). Eventually, however, due to the above suicide bombing robots thing earlier, the sole winners were Nine-Ball and The Pursuer, which Nine-Ball crowned its High Priest.
  • Being an AI that believes that Humanity must be controlled, it gets along well with Char Aznable, who also believes that Humanity is weighted down by Earth. This also caught the interest of Yaldabaoth, which reminded him of Masayoshi Shido. That said, unlike him, Nine-Ball at least is willing to work for him.
    • Speaking of which, this earned it the ire of the Phantom Thieves for the same reasons, though it later responded with this:
    Nine-Ball: Are you satisfied? You want to destroy order? Destroy the world? Is that what you want? We were evil. That's why we were born. People cannot live without an order. Even if it's a lie.
    Makoto Nijima: That doesn't mean humans are evil by nature though!
    Nine-Ball: Go on living, Phantom Thieves. Which one of us was ultimately right? You have the right to find that out.
  • Whatever you do. DO. NOT. EVER. Confuse its name with Cirno's nickname. The last person who did this (possibly a member of Trollkaiger) was met with an army of Nine-Ball Mechas, all ready to engage.
  • Later joined the Grand United Alliance of Machines in order to get assistance in subjugating humans into its idea of order. Because of this, it has been opposed by the Liberion Arcadia group, who believe that Nine-Ball may be using the Ravens to eliminate any opposition to the group.
  • Is considered one of the major targets of The Infested, given that most of the Nine-Ball Mechas are Lightning Bruisers, especially Nine-Ball Seraph. Naturally, it responded with additional security measures designed to counter them, and a self-destruction system if all else fails.
  • There are rumors circulating around the Pantheon that it has a son called "Hustler Two" and has a Core called Eight-Ball. Said descendant has much inferior performance compared to it, and after all, AI can't give birth to humans.
    • There were also rumors of another Pulverizer called Nine-Ball. While some info on it was proven false (i.e it's actually a Prototype Pulverizer), it was still kept anyway due to the fact that upon defeating a mecha, it absorbed whatever combat data it had.
  • "...What is your wish?"

    Ornstein & Smough 
Ornstein & Smough, Divine Dual Bosses (Ornstein: Dragonslayer Ornstein, The Old Dragonslayer (presumbly), Captain of The Knights of Gwyn; Smough: Executioner Smough, Knight Smough; Together: Pikachu and Snorlax, Dunkstein and Slamough, and various creative nicknames)
Left: Ornstein; Right: Smough
  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol/Weapons of Choice: The Dragonslayer Spear and Great Hammer for Ornstein and Smough respectively
  • Leitmotifs: Ornstein & Smough
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Smough is often mistaken as Chaotic Evil), for Gwyn and his family Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: A pair of demigods tasked to defend Gwynevere in Anor Londo, challenging bosses, with Ornstein's speed and Smough's strength combined, dons armor that is both intimidating and impossible to wear for humans, actually not fond of each other
  • Domains: Knights (and Executioners), Gods, Bosses, Dual Fights, Dragon Killing
  • Heralds: Lord's Blade Ciaran and Hawkeye Gough, the remaining Four Knights (shared with Artorias), the Silver Knights and Royal Sentinels of Anor Londo, Dark Sun Gwyndolin (for Smough)
  • Allies: Gwyn (their King), Knight Artorias (member of the Four Knights), Lina Inverse, Gnasty Gnorc (for Ornstein)
  • Additional Relationships: The Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, Solaire of Astora, Undyne (Rival for Ornstein), the subhouse of Flesh Eaters with the likes of the Hag and Lord Crumb, the Bakers (Teeth-Clenched Teamwork for Smough)
  • Special Relationship: The Nameless King (for Ornstein)
  • Avoided by: Most human beings (for Smough)
  • Feared (and Respected) by: The House of Gaming (infamous-wise)
  • Enemies:
  • During the Chosen Undead's mission to reach to the Kiln of the First Flame, he first had to attain the Lordvessel which would grant him entrance to it, however such artifact was located within the city of the gods, Anor Londo, a city placated with gold and a history worth eons. Many knights were found guarding the abandoned city but none are more fierce and challenging than the demigods guarding the Lordvessel and the Goddess holding it, Dragonslayer Ornstein and Executioner Smough. Upon entering the cathedral, Smough was assumed to be the only one the Chosen Undead was meant to fight, until Ornstein came down to assist, and thus sparked a more terrifying boss duo he encountered. After multiple deaths and revivals to the bonfire, with assistance from Knight Solaire, the demigods were felled and the Lordvessel was acquired. Even at the end of the journey, Ornstein and Smough's battle remained the most fierce, rivaled only to Lord Gwyn himself.
  • The two demigods were tasked by Gwyn to guard the Lordvessel and such, stayed in the cathedral for many long years. Even before such conscription, histories of the two were revealed, with Ornstein, the thin-scaled knight, to be a Captain of Gwyn's Four Knights which granted him authority over most knights, and Smough, the fat one, to be an executioner hated by everyone in the city for being a cannibal. The Age of Fire was a boon to the demigods that existed but as the fire faded, soon many demigods left, leaving the two, alongside Princess Gwynevere, the only notable members within the fading city. By the time the Chosen Undead arrived, the city was seen as golden but empty and the two were the last barrier between him and the path to the Kiln. Ultimately, their defeat, alongside the reveal that Gwynevere was an illusion and Anor Londo truly was empty, would seal their fates.
    • Following the endless cycles of the Age of Fire, another sight was seen, during the Bearer of the Curse's entrance to the Kingdom of Drangleic, a figure with similar stature to Ornstein. This discovery lead to the credence that Ornstein survived the encounter and fled, however, this Dragonslayer was eroded with the Abyss, hinting that he too succumbed to the dark. That notion was finally ended when the final visit to Anor Londo by the Ashen showed their true fates. The Ornstein that the Chosen Undead (as well as the same Dragonslayer found by the Bearer of the Curse) fought might have been an illusion with the real Ornstein having already left the city, attempting to find a lost mentor while Smough retained in his post, ultimately dying at the hands of the Cathedral of the Deep when they invaded Anor Londo.
  • During Gwyn's rule in the Pantheon, he wanted to expand his temple, as well as place his guard should unwanted visitors invade his space. This became a main motivator for Gwyn to reinstate the Four Knights of Gwyn, however the Pantheon only allowed few positions with reasonable titles, thus he was forced to comply by bringing the Captain of his Knights, Dragonslayer Ornstein whilst also begrudgingly bringing Smough as well. Upon inspection, Gwyn made reasoning of how these two were an exemplar showcase of paired boss fights, with tenacious difficulty and notoriety. Thus both Ornstein and Smough were added to the Pantheon's list of gods. Upon their ascension, they were placed as the main guards of Gwyn's Temple, though they share their own temple in the House of Gaming, and are meant to ward off intruders. Those who survive the flurry of Silver Knights and Sentinels will be forced to face Ornstein and Smough combined, and to put it simply, the fight will prove their title's worth.
    • One quirk that increased their difficulty, beyond the idea of fighting two polar opposite bosses back-to-back, was that should one of them be slain in combat, one will absorb the power of their fallen combatant, giving an increase in power while gaining a new moveset. Ornstein will briefly offer his respect to the body before absorbing it, while Smough will simply just smash Ornstein flat if the Dragonslayer falls first, letting out a chuckle as he does so. This resulted in the Chosen Undead simply running out of Estus Flasks in the middle of the fight and dying right after. This mechanic has made them one of the few infamous deities within the House of Gaming, as Ornstein and Smough's infamy has become one of the few inspirations for what would be dual bosses in many difficult action RPGs. Admittedly, the same House adores and respects them since their battle, difficult as it may be, is actually balanced and challenging without treading to absurd difficulty as both compliment their fighting styles quite well, with Ornstein giving support in terms of speed to Smough's slow movement and the latter giving out strength and defense to support the former's stoutness and lanky health.
  • They are among one of the few demigods who were raised in the city of the gods, Anor Londo, as such, they are loyal to Gwyn and him only. They will follow his orders and will fight alongside him and his allies but will not follow orders from anyone else. Beyond that however, their king has granted them independence in the Pantheon and has allowed both demigods to traverse the Pantheon as they see fit. Regardless of their whereabouts, they will answer to any order he has made. One of which being the imminent slaying of anyone related to the Abyss, those within Lordran and beyond. This order was issued when the sighting of Manus, Father of the Abyss was confirmed, and the latter regarding the entity's offspring, the Children of Dark were also seen roaming the Pantheon. Should they be spotted, it is advised for the two to fight alongside together, as reckless charging to either of the two will result in corruption, the most obvious case being Ornstein himself. When not facing the two, they will be waiting within the House of Gaming, patiently for the Chosen Undead to arrive for another rematch.
  • A special ruling was made by Gwyn during the presence of a great fog that shocked the House of Royalty and their neighbors. Gwyn and his allies, including his Four Knights and fellow Lord Soul Bearers, would engage in combat against the Boletarian King known as Allant XII. After the Deep Fog inflicted much chaos within the House of Royalty, it only further rallied Gwyn's order. Both the Dragonslayer and Executioner have been told to follow Gwyn's decree to stop Allant, knowing that the Deep Fog will continue to spread as well as protecting Anor Londo and the First Flame from falling at the hands of the fallen king. It became a first priority that both have been dropping their habits in order to follow it. To Gwyn's allies, taking down Allant is the main priority, while the King himself is more fixated on the state of the First Flame.
  • One recurring joke is that whenever one fights the duo, funny nicknames would be created to mock them and their boss fight, probably to vent their frustrations in a creative manner. Nicknames such as Fuckwad and Fatass, Pickachu and Snorlax and other derivatives are common but what was unexpected was the idea of the two participating in basketball, popularized by Michael Jordan and the Loony Toons. Thus, in fictional basketball tournaments, Ornstein and Smough can be seen as special guests, dubbed Dunkstein and Slamough. Some say it is a joke too far but many find it more hilarious.
  • Ornstein, the golden thin knight with a spear, is one of The Four Knights of Gwyn making him a knight with high authority among Gwyn's forces. As such he continues to serve his lord and has no issue working with any of Gwyn's newfound allies in the Pantheon. However, when he is not serving him, he is often regarded as the Pantheon's most infamous dragonslayer due to his Knight Templar-esque mentality regarding dragons of any kind. He will be often seen in the distance, ready to strike and zoom in to his prey, all of this either for sport or following tradition with Gwyn. This mindset of his stems from Gwyn's equal hatred of dragons during the Age of Ancients and can be seen from his lightning spear, an element hated by dragons, and his entire trophy set of dragon heads, giving credibility to his title. Many dragon-based deities have their guards intact in the case Ornstein appears at an unlucky time.
    • As the Captain of the Four Knights of Gwyn, he is happy to see his ally Artorias within the Pantheon, though his state is far different from what he remembers of him as Artorias is corrupted beyond repair. Whatever valor Artorias had has been torn apart into a maddened version of the knight, something that has caught the Dragonslayer's attention. Although worried about his state, several changes have been made to Artorias' corrupted state and is often see working alongside him, though it should be stated that he only works with him when the remaining Four Knights are together and is ready to put him to rest should he spiral out of control. Some of the more observant deities realize that the Dragonslayer may suffer a similar fate should he be corrupted by the Abyss as well as evidenced by the supposed "Old Dragonslayer" within Drangleic. Smough on the other hand has respect for Artorias, though it took very long for Artorias to respect him back, only till he died as a knight was he given the same respect.
    • While many may remember him from his fight in Anor Londo, the reality was that he left even before the Chosen Undead entered the city. He traveled outside of the city to find his old teacher, the one that taught him the way of his combat, in this case it was Gwyn's firstborn "The Nameless King". Why he decided to go and what happened when he found him are unknown, what is known however is that he has decided to forgo hunting Dragons for sport as a new more important task is at hand. In the case of the Pantheon, he has stopped hunting dragons for a while, but as some would say, old habits die hard and Ornstein is still accused of hunting dragons at random times. One of the main reasons why he has taken stops from his habit comes from the fact that the Nameless King has loyalty to all dragonkind. Any comments between Ornstein and Gwyn's firstborn have been met with silence.
    • Dragonslayers in general have a mixed reception within the Pantheon, some have an ounce of respect, such as the Dovahkiin, and Ornstein resides in the other side, despised. Considering he hunts dragons for sport, and for some, decapitating their heads as a trophy, this is understandable to most, especially those who wish no harm to anyone. His hunts have become notorious that the House dedicated to dragonkind has issued no mercy should Ornstein and his knights come to slay dragons either on his decision or Gwyn's orders. During his earlier hunts, Smaug was nearly slain on multiple occasions, helped by the lightning spear he wields, which is shown to have a great effect against dragons and when Smaug was not enough, a bunch of Rathalos and Rathians were found missing in the House, only to have some of the heads found in Ornstein's trophy showcase. The situation grew worse when Davion was reported to have been hunted down by Ornstein on several cases, eventually wounding Slyrak in the process and nearly killing the Dragon Knight. An unanimous agreement by Bahamut, Tiamat and Io resulted in the kill-on-sight order given when Ornstein enters the House, stopping his hunts... until he found another way.
      • When he was considered banned in the House, it would not take long till other dragon-based deities were spotted outside the three draconic guardian's reach, allowing him to take advantage of his sport. Both the Dovahkiin and Hiccup and Toothless faced Ornstein and were heavily injured, as the Dovahkiin intervened before he could attempt on cutting Toothless' head off. It was at this moment that Ornstein realized the crucial relationship between him and the Nameless King that he backed off and has avoided the two of them, namely that if he tries to hunt them down, his mentor will be notified and a beating will ensure. Reports of Ornstein's hunts have died down but there is still hints that he has not backed down just yet. This was confirmed when he was found to be very good friends with Lina Inverse, a fellow deity feared by dragons, hence the Dragon Spooker moniker. Since lightning has shown to be very effective at killing dragons, she has been clamoring to learn more of his techniques, something that other draconic beings have been on the edge.
      • In addition, other dragonslayers (or at the very least, dragon haters) usually contact Ornstein when they want a dragon to be dealt with. Gnastly Gnorc was tired of dealing with Spyro and so called upon him to deal with the pesky purple dragon, which worked for a while. Gnorc has since called Ornstein several times but Spyro keeps coming back, eventually annoyed at him. He can't pursue him further since he's in the House of Dragons, and the rule has made it clear he will never come back (unless he's asking to die). Not all are willing to share the same idea though, the oldest recorded dragonslayers, Saint Martha and Saint George do not see him at a good light since they too have sympathies for good dragons, compared to Ornstein's dedication to killing all. That said, if they cannot agree with each other, a dual challenge is common between the two parties.
    • He is known as a master of the spear, one of the few to master such elegant weaponry, made even better by his lightning strikes he can make. When Undyne, a friend to the Chosen Undead and Bearer of the Curse, noticed the Dragonslayer, she was at awe as his armor is remarkably similar to hers, a relic that she does not wear anymore. Alongside his mastery of the spear, she is very interested how Ornstein managed to slay many dragons so much that she is willing to learn, though Ornstein is not a teacher, that goes to his mentor, the Nameless King.
  • On the other side, Smough, the fat one, is the city's Executioner, often being the one that kills subjects sent by the demigods to be executed guessing by his role. He is treated with worry by many of Gwyn's allies, like Gwyn they recognize his strength and power, but his sadistic personality and hunger for human flesh has earned the ire of many to the point that - outside of Gwyn and Ornstein (and even then Ornstein is not fond of him either) - most can't stand him, and he hates them back in return. He stands out both from a physical and a notorious standpoint. Despite this, he is very loyal to his king and has attempted many times to earn himself as part of The Knights of Gwyn, as such he is often seen treating his allies with respect, though his sadism and evil laughing when fighting has not won him any favors.
    • Cannibalism is one of the very few things people are reminded of when Smough is mentioned, as tales have spoken how Smough grinds the bones and remains of the executions he made, mostly humans, into spices. This has made human-based deities avoid him at all costs, so much that whenever one fights the duo, most would rather prefer being impaled by Ornstein than smashed by Smough's Hammer. This has also made outside relations between the Executioner and other Pantheonic deities very little, no one wants to be associated to an executioner who turns his kills into spices. Even visitors would rather visit Ornstein himself than the Executioner. At one point, Ornstein, out of pity, tried to make Smough change his addiction. In what can only be described as a recreation of Homer's Phobia, it only made Smough more addicted to his cannibalistic tendencies.
      • In the same vain as other cannibals, he is often seen in the Halls of Flesh Eaters, likely finding new subjects to satiate his hunger, though because he is a demigod, most of the inhabitants (apart from Pennywise, three SCPs and Cronus) of that House was pretty much a target for Smough. Just like the reputation that precedes him, many abhor his presence and some, with the case of Lord Crumb and the Hag, noticed him stealing their foods. While they can mumble and order more security, they are careful not to anger him too much, as they will most likely be smashed into paste for him to chow down on. His hunger further went on as to even incite a fight between him and the Bakers, who also caught him taking their food, but not before smashing all three of them with ease and using their corpses as his next meal.
    • Most people thought it was impossible but at long last, Smough surprised everyone with a revelation that he finally achieved his dream of knighthood. Unfortunately there was a catch, he ended up being the only knight defending Anor Londo from the Cathedral of the Deep's invasion to the very last. He was also the only knight to not desert his post. He understands completely that he is not a good guy by any means, but Gwyn and his bloodline mean more to him than most people know. This also made him enraged when Pontiff Sulyvahn was seen on the Pantheon, wanting to take revenge after how he desecrated Anor Londo and fed Gwyndolin to Aldrich as an "offering".

    Pontiff Sulyvahn 
Sulyvahn, Profaned Figurehead of Main Villains Killed Halfway (Pontiff, Pontiff Sulyvahn, Sulyvahn the Tyrant, Darth Sulyvahn, Sully)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Dual Wielding Greatswords, the Profaned Greatsword and Greatsword of Judgement
  • Leitmotif: Pontiff Sulyvahn
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: The servant of Aldrich, main supporter, and the despotic ruler of Irithyll, transpired majority of the events on Lothric, took the title of Pontiff as a facade of a moon-worshiping religion, took control of Irithyll and Anor Londo, controlled his Outrider Knights and other assets, wields two greatswords together, possible half-Corvian and half-Birch Tree origin
  • Domains: Religion, Tyranny, Power, Dual-Wielding, the Deep
  • Heralds: The Deacons of the Deep and his Pontiff Knights, the Outrider Knights, Vordt and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley.
  • Allies: Griffith, Zouken Matou, Kirei Kotomine, King Allant, Zant, the Godhand and their Apostles
  • Target of Interest for (and towards to): Manus, Father of the Abyss, Double, Sauron, the Witch-King of Angmar
  • Rivals: Malekith
  • Additional Relationships: Sister Friede and Father Ariandel
  • Opposes: The Soul of Cinder
  • Enemies:
  • Banned from: The House of Religion and Faith
  • Once there was a city known as the home of the Gods, a place of worship for such beings. This would be Anor Londo, the once great city of Gwyn and similar beings. This would however not last, as ages have come by and it was repopulated, albeit with a different purpose. Portions of Anor Londo were renamed as Irithyll of the Boreal Valley, home of a new concept, the Deep. This concept was rallied by many who worship a being known as Aldrich, Saint of the Deep and spearheaded by his trusted supporter, Pontiff Sulyvahn. His rise to power all began as a lowly sorceror who climed his way to the ranks of the Way of White, a religion that focused on continuous sustainment of the Gods' rule. Filled with the power of ambition after finding the Profaned Flame, he would eventually worship Aldrich, who had visions of an endless sea filled with dark and introduced him the concept of the Deep. This changed him and began a series of upheveals that would eventually crown him the title of Pontiff and change the Way of White forever, steering them into the newfound Deep faith.
    • Even with the religion in his control, ambition continued to stir in Sulyvahn's mind, and so began his tyrannic rule, beginning with the conscription of Pontiff Knights that would serve as his battallion of order around the city, to corrupting disloyal subjects into monsters, hence his Outrider Knights being his watchdogs past Irithyll. Then came his conquest to hinder the progress of the First Flame, as Irithyll grew accustomed to the First Flame's importance. With this in mind, he orchestrated a gargantuan plan that would serve as the backbone of his rule, controlling Irithyll and pushing the Deep faith further to his religion, large amounts of guards that would protect outsiders from entering the city and finally, giving Aldrich the link to the First Flame and feeding a god related to Gwyn to him. As he feeds on the imprisoned god, the Pontiff then set his eyes on the slowly fading First Flame, in the hopes of pushing in a new Age of Dark, had it been for one Ashen One to destroy his efforts.
  • Following his ascension, a Cathedral was rebuilt in the Pantheon nearby the House of Faith and Religion. The officials knew nothing of the Cathedral and its purpose but would soon meet a tall entity clad with two greatswords at hand. There were also the presence of a large congregation of ministers, dubbed the Deacons of the Deep surrounding the halls. This did not bode good news as the place has been filled with darkened horrors related to the so-called Deep. With a hasty retreat, news of another unexpected presence of a city was reported, spotted with partial snow and a sighting of an eternal moon. Soon, reports of knights engaging the borders of the city filled the busy conditions of the House of Defense and with various options, one kind soul approached them with information on the Cathedral and the city built, claiming it to be the locations of Pontiff Sulyvahn and his Deacons of the Deep. With this in mind, Pontiff's presence sparked the Ashen One's call to defeat him once more.
  • Sulyvahn's timing could have not been more perfect, in a time where Gwyn's rule is in constant criticism, the Pontiff appeared to despise the Gods' rule and created a scheme that the Lord of Cinder would call blasphemous. All the Pontiff's efforts to halt the First Flame, which included having a Lord of Cinder who wants to usher a new Age of Dark and feeding his offspring to him, sending his Outrider Knights to kill any outsider attempting to reach Irithyll, corrupting a religion that was supposed to sustain the First Flame and possibly one of the rumored sorcerors who might have tempted the supposed successor of said flame to not link it showed that the Pontiff would do whatever it takes in his power to halt his rule. Gwyn was not just mad, but outright furious hearing the Pontiff's plan and has taken a large portion of his Silver Knights to hunt him and his subjects down.
    • In a fit of rage, Gwyn has ordered his fellow Lords of Cinder to battle against Sulyvahn and the remains of his Irithyll forces, beginning with strikes from the Abyss Watchers. Seeing the Pontiff still alive and kicking, he decided to bring one of his best assets that ended up enraging the Pontiff: the Soul of Cinder, showcasing the king's desperate attempt to foster the First Flame. However, with many of Pontiff's assets including his Outrider Knights and other agents, he believes he can put up a fight regardless of the sheer power the king has in store.
    • Reputation of the tyrant towards others have been seen with fear and retaliation, such as the case with one of Gwyn's trusted soldiers, Executioner Smough, who defended Anor Londo following the Pontiff's rise to power and died while still defending his post, wanting a rematch against him, Crossbreed Priscilla has been warned of his presence, with the Pontiff laughing since he fed Gwyndolin to Aldrich, and perhaps even inherited a portion of Priscilla's powers, hence the Lifehunt Scythe in the blob's possession. He has asserted his power once more in the hopes that this time, he will accomplish the Age he and Aldrich has sought for.
    • Outside of his common enemies, the armies of Irithyll went in search of the Ashen One and even deployed his various Outrider Knights to halt his progress yet for every knight slain by the Ashen One, has made him stronger. Then he made an encounter with the First Flame's physical manifestation, the Soul of Cinder, enraged that it somehow grew in power. He then turned into the darker corners, eventually finding the Chasm of the Abyss, where Manus resides. Witnessing the strength of the Abyss, he believes the connection of the Deep and Abyss can help strengthen his plan to topple the God's rule once and for all. This was not helped by King Allant's presence, sensing that the Pontiff's hate for Gwyn's order is tremendous and has even bargained assistance from Boletaria, allowing a mix between the Fog, Abyss and Deep into one force against the First Flame.
    • On his way, he found another scholar that also had beefs against Gwyn's rule yet he was unable to meet him properly due to his omniscent presence. Aldia observed the Pontiff and saw disgust, as while both hate Gwyn for the what he has done, Sulyvahn's intention is what differs from the two. The Scholar of the First Sin has made it clear he wanted Gwyn punished but was also against the presence of the Abyss, shown when Nashandra overtook Drangleic from his brother so to see the Pontiff usher a new Age of Dark is something he also despises. There also has been contention if whether or not Aldia or Sulyvahn were responsible for convincing Lothric to not link the Fire as both were scholars, with Aldia's omnipresence making him able to go anywhere. Either way, one of them were responsible for the motion that would set for the finale of their world.
  • With the Cathedral and his City installed in the Pantheon, Sulyvahn first sought out viable worshippers and those interested in his faith. He stumbled upon the House of Religion and Faith, and Zant. He went for Zant as the House as a collective placed him under probation due to his tyrannical rule and the risk of the Deep going for the remaining inhabitants. The False King of Twilight has seen the Deep and has attempted to merge it with the Twililght but was forced to make a deal with the Pontiff to make sure he is allowed in his temple. He may have some power needed to cripple supporters of the First Flame but he will make sure his insane behavior will not spread towards his subjects.
    • The probation did not stop other religious deities to take notice of Sulyvahn's power. Soon both Zouken Matou and Kirei Kotomine formed a pact with the Pontiff witnessing the faith he is in. While Aldrich is most certainly not within Pantheon grounds, he has taken measures to make sure neither try to rebel under his leadership. When Zouken whispered to him about the Holy Grail, he gazed with interest and soon the bond grew as the ambitious nature of the Holy Grail and the potentials it can grant made the Pontiff curious about it, as well as the nature of the servants further divulged by Kirei.
    • There are suspicions that Sulyvahn's search for worshippers are not as a means to share the faith, but perhaps use said subjects as food for Aldrich, supplementing him with more power as he waits for his master's arrival. This was made more evident after a meeting with a particular nun by the name of Double. Monster similarities aside, he sees her to be worth feeding to his master to gain her powers, he is however aware that she wants to use his army to further her agenda for the Skull Heart. As a tyrant, that will not happen so easily.
  • The information regarding Sulyvahn's past and other transgressions have been a subject of conversation to some of the more curious deities as to how he managed to go through all of that for the destruction of the First Flame. First there was his origins, as the Ashen One's trip to the Painted World of Ariandel has shown that he came from the painting and was taken care of by a Birth Tree woman. When he felt that the atmosphere of the Painting could not comfort him any longer, he left, presumably to see more of the outside world. Second was his discovery of the Profaned Flame, and how it tempted him with power as it was considered to be undying. Lastly would be the various actions he has done following him being crowned Pontiff and taking Irithyll for his own goals. The Outrider Knights for instance were subjects he disliked, giving him reason to corrupt them with certain charms given to him personally. These charms would slowly turn the wearer into a beastial state, demonstrated with Vordt and the Dancer of the Boreal Valley. The Way of White, a religion he was a part of, slowly turned away from the First Flame into a cult devoted to Aldrich. And lastly would be the rumor that he was responsible for convincing Lothric to not link the Fire.
    • Add to that infamy was the corruption part since his charms, the Pontiff's Left Eye and Right Eye. These rings, if the user stares into the black orb will be lured to "battles of death", a description that fits those who wield it. These charms, coupled with Pontiff's usage of these has taken a liking to The Witch-King of Angmar, seeing that he could possibly fit the Nazgûl. The similarities go deeper, from the usage of fel-beasts to do their bidding, their inhuman origins and their ability to corrupt their victims to mindless beasts have made the duo a terrifying threat. Worse was that Sauron himself has noticed this and with the possible usage of the Deep, they can communicate to bring the Deep with them. No response has been made by the Pontiff, but odds are, he is willing to bring them in, if only to extinguish the First Flame. His actions were not unnoticed and soon the Fellowship of the Ring were notified of this, with Gandalf warning those who follow the Deep and its faith to leave, else they turn in the same way the Deacons of the Deep are.
    • Soon, the Deep faith reached to the Godhand and were intrigued at the concept. The most obvious being the idea of a "deep sea" where human dregs went to the deepest parts. They contacted the Apostles to bring Pontiff Sulyvahn under their presence but none captured the same ambition and intention than their newest member, Griffith who considers him to be an equal. The ambition both have with alongside their achievements meant the two have quite a lot in common, seeing how the two managed to go from complete nobody peasants to notorious figures, each with their own brand of evils. Pontiff's corvian wings are a dead giveaway to Griffith's transformation as Femto, earning him even more respect, but that also attracted Guts into the scene seeing that there is another Griffith-like figure he will have to deal with.
  • On the subject of ambitious beings, he has become both a welcoming figure and a terrifying one as his desire for power gave way to various movements, showing that one's desire can move mountains, yet on the other side also harbors a sinister premise as said movements crippled an already dying world, unhelped by his intention for an Age of Dark, something of which few have attempted to do. Malekith is very unsure of what to think of Pontiff, besides his title of religion and his links to the Witch-King of Angmar but his ambitious plan made him very curious. There was also his curiosity with a certain flame he was wielding, the Profaned Flame, though he has been avoiding that, unless he wants a repeat of what happened to the Flame of Asuryan.
  • With the Ashen One's call to slay him down, a few others have also volunteered to fight against him, those being his other compatriots and a surprising guest in the form of the Hunter. The latter has spoken about his Outrider Knights that have a similar comparison to the beasts in Yharnam but with the information that he is the source of the knights, he can put an end to the threat once they kill him, that is considering that the Pontiff has a place in the Pantheons.

Ridley, God of Legacy Boss Battles Cunning God of Death, Geoform 187, Meta Ridley, Neo-Ridley, Omega Ridley, "Little Birdie", Mystery Creature, Proteus Ridley)
Meta Ridley 
Omega Ridley 
Proteus Ridley 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Music: Vs. Ridley (Brawl, Ultimate)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Ascended Extra, Ax-Crazy, The Dreaded, Genius Bruiser, Healing Factor by Eating Organic Matter, Lightning Bruiser, Practically Joker, Keeps Dying but Always Comes Back, Usually Second-in-Command but is Samus's Most Personal Nemesis, Equally Sadistic and Sociopathic, Pirate, Cyborg, and/or Undead Space Dragon, Your Size May Vary, Promoted to Playable in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Being Completely and Utterly Irredeemable
  • Domains: Dragons, Destruction
  • Heralds: Kraid, The Space Pirates, and occasionally Metroids
  • Superior: Mother Brain
  • Allies: Phazon, Ganondorf, SCP-682, The Joker, Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, King Ghidorah, Cyberdemons & Tyrants, Ender Dragon, Andross, Sinistar, The Slugs, Gigan, Acnologia, Tiamat, Deathwing
  • Rival: Raven Beak
  • Enemies: SAMUS ARAN, Anthony Higgs, The Metroid Hatchling, The Chozo, Spyro, Pikachu, Isaac Clarke, Star Fox, Galeem & Dharkon, New Alliance of Free Stars, Green Lanterns of Sector 2814, Atrocitus, Ellen Ripley
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Dark Samus, SA-X, Bowser
  • Source of Interest for: Bydo Empire, Aparoids, The Infested
  • Samus Aran has fought against many dangerous adversaries across the galaxy, but of these foes, she harbors a strong hatred towards Ridley and said hatred is mutual. As part of the Space Pirates, Ridley is responsible for the death of Samus’ parents and destruction of her homeworld and he greatly enjoys his job in causing chaos across the cosmos. Samus has been able to defeat Ridley whenever they cross paths, but Ridley has been known to gain some sort of additional power before fighting her once more, be it getting mechanized or being corrupted by an alien substance, making him more of a danger not just to Samus, but to whatever planet they’re on. Even if Ridley isn’t the main threat to the galaxy that warrants Samus getting involved to stop it, his insatiable bloodlust and power (whether it is by his own natural skills or getting augmented by an outside source) make him Samus’ most prominent adversary.
  • A distress beacon reached the Pantheon and a team led by Samus was sent to investigate to find any survivors and exterminate any threats that are present at that location. The team managed to find where the distress signal was coming from, a desolate spaceship that was barely functional and mostly destroyed from the outside. As the team explored the ship looking for survivors, Samus had a feeling that a familiar enemy may be responsible for what was going on and as the members of the rescue team started dwindling in numbers, Samus was able to find someone from the ship who turned out to have been the only survivor of the attack. A loud rumble went through the ship and a dangerous enemy burst through the floor, preparing to kill the survivor before getting blasted from behind by Samus. As it turned out, Ridley was responsible not just for the massacre on the ship, but he also killed the rest of the rescue crew and taunted Samus over what was destined to be another failure. A fight ensued and in the chaos a self-destruct key was activated due to the ship sustaining a lot of damage. Samus helped the survivor find their way to the exit while blasting Ridley away before the latter was damaged enough by some falling rubble and fell far from where Samus and the survivor was at. The two were able to escape the ship’s explosion, but Samus knew that her arch-enemy found his way to the Pantheon and that many more battles against him were bound to happen.
  • Even when Samus is taking part in Smash battles alongside other Nintendo characters, Ridley has managed to find a way to terrorize her alongside other participants. During the Subspace incident, he fought Samus and Pikachu (the latter was rescued by her and the two became allies both during that incident and afterwards) and later attacked them and some of the other participants as Meta Ridley while the Subspace Bomb Factory was being destroyed. He (or a clone of himself more accurately) later became involved in the Pyrosphere attacking other fighters if they’re unable to use him to their advantage (the Pyrosphere was also used as a fighting arena by those in the Dead or Alive tournament, but Ridley interrupting those fights led to said combatants not wanting to use it as an arena again) before becoming a direct participant of the Smash battles, attacking them in multiple arenas beyond the Pyrosphere. Him being an active fighter happened when Galeem unleashed a massive attack that led to a massive amount of casualties, with the stake getting higher once the similarly powerful eldritch entity Dharkon got involved. There are many devious villains who Ridley is willing to work for just so he can kill others, but Galeem and Dharkon are among the very few villains that he won’t ally himself with not just because of what happened, but because he should be the one to incapacitate Samus and not them.
  • Ridley may be one of Samus’ deadliest enemies, but he’s not the only one she’s fought against in her travels. While he maintains loyalty to Mother Brain and her Space Pirates, there were other enemies of Samus that he became aware of and for the most part, there’s some degree of conflict between him and Samus’ other adversaries. While he’s been useful for the Phazon in general, there’s some in-fighting between him and the Phazon’s most trusted enforcer Dark Samus due to what the latter did to Ridley and the Space Pirates back then. An X Parasite made a clone of Ridley out of his remains, but Ridley has a similar level of distrust towards SA-X despite sharing the same goal of trying to eliminate Samus and seems more willing to let the Phazon corrupt everything as opposed to letting the X Parasites take over despite his issues with Dark Samus. Raven Beak is a highly personal foe for Samus, but for different reasons compared to Ridley and although the renegade Chozo doesn’t mind working with Mother Brain as the two have fairly similar goals, he and Ridley have a rivalry of sorts when it comes to personal foes of Samus and who should be the one to kill her when the time comes.
  • Participating in the Smash tournaments led Ridley to be in contact with other Nintendo villains who fought in the tournament, with most of their motivations being related to conquest. Ganondorf was someone Ridley had no trouble getting along with as the former had powerful magic and was willing to work behind the scenes alongside another villain to pull off his schemes to take over Hyrule and get revenge on Link and Zelda, with Ridley providing Ganondorf some airborne support to help out. There is a more mixed reception between Ridley and Bowser as while the Koopa King has often tried to take over the Mushroom Kingdom via kidnapping Princess Peach and has shown to be dangerous at times with the help of a massive army, Ridley feels that Bowser hanging out with Mario too much (whether it’s for recreational activities or fighting off an even more dangerous threat) is hurting how effective he can be in conquering various worlds. Bowser has had multiple powered-up forms ranging from willingly utilizing them to being corrupted by them against his will, something that Ridley was interested in if it meant having access to deadlier versions of his attacks. It’s clear that Bowser isn’t willing to let Ridley forcibly corrupt him via unknowable substances such as Phazon given how poorly it turned out for the Koopa King and while the two have worked together on occasion, Bowser finds Ridley too unstable to truly have an alliance with, even if Ridley is capable of hurting Mario to a greater extent than Bowser can.
  • Much like how Samus has some similarities to Ellen Ripley, Ridley has some things in common with the Xenomorph, specifically being aggressive alien creatures that serve as a primary enemy to a hardened female warrior. What Ridley lacked in rape metaphors and large numbers it made up for winged mobility, outright sadism in contrast to the Xenomorphs’ aggressive animal-like behavior, and having different forms to augment its abilities via mechanization or contact with corrupt substances. Ripley still saw Ridley as a threat the same way she saw the Xenomorphs and considering the similarities Ridley had to the Xenomorphs, she’s willing to help Samus and other combat-capable space warriors take Ridley down. As for the Xenomorphs, Ridley has no problem joining in on their rampages, but finds it darkly funny that regular evil humans have tried and failed to use Xenomorphs to their advantage when malevolent alien overlords would likely have better luck trying to use them in their conquests.
  • Ridley killing people and destroying the worlds they’re from has earned him the scorn of deities who served as the sole survivor of terrible attacks from those who were just as evil as he is. Atrocitus was someone who saw Ridley as someone that needed to be killed thanks to having been the survivor of an attack by the Manhunters that wiped out everyone from his world. One of Ridley’s rampages was intercepted by Atrocitus, who engaged in a violent battle against him, ending with Ridley heavily bruised to the point of needing cybernetics to get back on his feet for a period of time. The Green Lanterns later learned about Ridley and the damage he can do to the galaxies with and without additional power sources he can get his hands on and while Atrocitus despises him because of how much it reminds him of his tragic past, the Green Lanterns see Ridley as a more general enemy to the cosmos that must be stopped.
  • The Joker was someone who Ridley found strong kinship with thanks to them being mass-murderers who get a kick out of tormenting their arch-enemies and find a way to come back even after being put in a near-death situation. Since The Joker uses a deadly chemical known as Joker Venom as part of his crime sprees and Ridley was imbued with Phazon at one point, the idea of mixing a variant of Joker Venom with Phazon was something that was brought up by some, including The Joker himself who recalled when Ra’s al Ghul and The Shredder needed The Joker Venom formula so that it can be mixed with TCRI mutagen as part of the duo’s plan. If someone wasn’t already killed by a mixture of highly deadly substances, then they could be a psychotic murderer with the creepy grin of The Joker and additional powers from the Phazon. There’s doubts on whether or not a mixture of such substances will happen, let alone even work, but even if such a combination will never come to be, it doesn’t change the fact that Ridley and The Joker like working with each other in terrorizing the Pantheon.
  • As a draconic space pterodactyl with a penchant for destruction, Ridley has found himself in the crosshairs among the numerous dragon hunters in the Pantheon who have targeted him either for the safety of others or just to get a bounty for killing him. He has also been the subject of animosity from various benevolent dragons such as Spyro, but Ridley doesn’t care about how many enemies he has so long as he can make their lives miserable or kill them during battle. In these battles among dragons, Ridley has gotten the help of other malevolent dragons such as the Ender Dragon, with the latter sharing a similar tendency to cause destruction even if she’s not as emotive about it as Ridley is. Ridley is quite fond of King Ghidorah for being another sadistic space dragon willing to work with whoever is willing to conquer various worlds. The two having undergone mechanization was something they’re aware of, though Ridley noticed that Mecha-Ghidorah was a mecha that needed someone to control him and Ridley believed that if Ghidorah were to be mechanized again that he should try to fight against whoever is controlling him in order to maintain his sense of destruction.
  • While Samus primarily has been the one to fight Ridley whenever the chance arises, there are other intergalactic heroes who have stepped up to battle him if Samus is busy fighting a more dangerous adversary. Among such space heroes included Issac Clarke and Star Fox as they have fought against comparably deadly foes in space and learning that Ridley can become more dangerous with a corruption of some sort gave them more of a reason to fight him to prevent a Necromorph-inspired Ridley or an Aparoid-infused Ridley from going on a rampage. Ridley has no problem working with other space enemies to satiate his desire to kill such as Sinistar, The Slugs, and Andross, the latter of whom was looking to find additional ways to take over the galaxy and destroy Star Fox for good. Given that Ridley has a healing factor, ordered a robotic version of himself to be built at one point, and a separate group of people made a clone of himself at a different point, Andross is quite interested in what Ridley is capable of and is willing to make a clone far more dangerous than what Samus fought against and is willing to let Ridley work with him to get enough information and perfect that clone when the time comes to unleash. Other evil scientists (whether on Earth or in space) have taken a similar interest in Ridley and are willing to work with him in order to create their own distinct clone of Ridley as part of their Pantheonic conquests.
  • His time terrorizing the cosmos led Ridley to learn about a variety of aliens and his psychotic nature meant that the ones who are already a danger to innocents are willing to work with him. Gigan was an alien who shared much of Ridley’s deranged character and has no problem working with him if Ghidorah is elsewhere, especially since Ridley already has a good relationship with the three-headed dragon. Ridley opted to work with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za after learning about Samus attacking that group and that particular race saw the service of Ridley and his Space Pirates as useful to them. It was Ridley’s involvement with the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za that led to the New Alliance of Free Stars to oppose him with Samus aiding in the group’s efforts. Ridley learned that one of the races that is part of that alliance was the Yehat, pterodactyl-like aliens with a focus on warrior culture and some of the Yehat are loyal to the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za, a factoid that he’s looking to use to undermine the Yehat that are opposed to him.
  • Ridley underwent cybernetization after being killed by Samus and while his healing factor allowed him to shed some of his cybernetic implants overtime, being imbued with Phazon made him much stronger than before. The Cyberdemons and Tyrants were demonic entities given cybernetic implants and Ridley has no problem working with them in spreading destruction across the Pantheon, even if he ends up fighting against some Cyberdemons on occasion due to their chaotic nature. As Ridley was made stronger by the Phazon, there were plenty of alien races with corruptive abilities such as the aforementioned Aparoids, the Bydo Empire, and The Technocyte Infestation that are willing to imbue Ridley with their powers as a means to spread their influence across the Pantheon. There is a strong mix-and-match nature when it comes to both alien substances and cybernetic implants, meaning that Ridley can be even stronger than he was as Omega Ridley or Proteus Ridley with the right parts and substances, something Samus doesn’t want to happen given that Ridley already is dangerous without having to rely on cybernetic parts or alien substances.
  • One particular entity that fascinates Ridley is SCP-682 given how destructive it is and how much it despises humanity as a whole. What made it even better for him was that Ridley was one of the handful of entities that SCP-682 was on good terms with, mainly because of Ridley’s regenerative abilities and capacity for destruction wherever he goes. The adaptive abilities that contribute to SCP-682 recovering from various injuries, whether it is something mundane or extreme, was a subject of interest for Ridley and him mulling over the potential of enhancing his regenerative abilities, though his meetings with this SCP don’t happen often due to how much the SCP Foundation wants to destroy it and the Hard-to-Destroy Reptile being in a highly secure place. It hasn’t stopped Ridley from finding some weak points in SCP-682’s holding area and destroying it so that it can go on a rampage destroying humanity and anything else in its way.
  • Kill as much as you want! Have fun!


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Adult Red