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A Legacy Boss Battle is a boss from one game that appears as a boss in a later installment, often as a Bonus Boss and as a result generally much harder than the original boss fight. Though some storyline bosses can fit as well.

If the boss' game of origin is from another franchise, then these may be Mythology Gags or Lawyer Friendly Cameos.

Of important note is that most Legacy Bosses are only fightable in the post-game and don't have any role in the plot. So Big Bad Final Boss examples don't qualify unless the Big Bad of the game his cameo is in is different, or because the fight feels more familiar than the context would indicate.


Compare and contrast Degraded Boss, Recurring Boss Template, Previous Player-Character Cameo, Hijacked by Ganon, Sudden Sequel Heel Syndrome, Giant Space Flea from Nowhere. Nostalgia Level is the Level version.


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     Action Adventure 

  • Geese Howard in the Fatal Fury series. To date he's been in every game in the series except Fatal Fury 2 and Garou: Mark of the Wolves and of those games he's been in, only one has him as not as a boss or a final boss.
  • Rugal (or Omega Rugal) in The King of Fighters. First appearing as the final boss for The King of Fighters '94 and its direct sequel The King of Fighters '95, Rugal returned again as the final boss for '98 (UM) and 2002 (UM). Now whenever the series has a Dream Match Game, fans can expect Rugal not to be too far behind.
  • The boss characters in Tekken 7 are special matches against The Devil, Shin Heihachi, Akuma, Geese Howard & Negan.

     Hack and Slash 


  • Two of the Zero Space bosses from Mega Man X5 are taken from earlier Mega Man franchise games.
    • When you reach the end of the first Zero Space stage, Doctor Wily's logo is visible in the background for the first time in the X series. Then after the Boss Warning Siren, a remix of the Mega Man fortress boss theme plays, and the Shadow Devil, a recolor of the Yellow Devil from the same game, makes its entrance.
    • The second Zero Space stage boss is Rangda Bangda from Mega Man X, complete with a remix of the fortress boss theme from that game.
  • In Mega Man ZX, Omega from Mega Man Zero 3 appears as a Bonus Boss in the N area. Defeating him nets you the Model O Biometal, the strongest in the game. If you have completed both Zero 3 and 4 in their cartridges, linking them to the DS slot can let you fight 4 of each game's bosses in the same area and defeating them all gives you the same reward.
  • In Mega Man Zero 3, taking a secret detour in the second fortress stage will take you to a teleporter. Go inside, and you'll meet Phantom from the first game, or rather his "ghost" since he died. Defeat him and you'll get the Infinity Plus One Foot Chip.
  • After defeating all the Robot Masters in Mega Man 3, four new stages open up, each having two Doc Robots (one as a mid boss, one as an end boss). Each Doc Robot takes on the exact same attack pattern of one of the eight Robot Masters from Mega Man 2, and their sprite is even seen descending into the Doc Robot before the fight starts.
  • The boss of Wily Castle 1 in Mega Man 10 is the Weapons Archive, which deploys robots that use the weapons and tactics of one Robot Master from each of the past nine games. Also, there are three Downloadable Content stages that each feature one of the Mega Man Killers as bosses.
  • In Super Mario Land 2: 6 Golden Coins, the boss of Space Zone is Tatanga, who was the final boss of Super Mario Land.
  • Super Mario Galaxy 2's Boss Blitz Galaxy is a Boss Rush bonus mission, where all five bosses are ones from the original game not fought anywhere else.
  • In Kirby's Return to Dream Land, Galacta Knight from Kirby Super Star Ultra appears as an extra boss in the True Arena. In this game, he cannot be fought everywhere else.
  • In Kirby: Triple Deluxe, Dark Meta Knight from Kirby & the Amazing Mirror acts as the final boss of King Dedede's mode.
  • In Kirby: Planet Robobot, clones of Dark Matter from Kirby's Dream Land 2 and Queen Sectonia from Kirby Triple Deluxe, as well as the real Galacta Knight, are the last three bosses of Meta Knight's mode.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog:
  • The Black Plague fight in A2XT is an updated version of his original level in the rom-hack Super Mario Infinity, room design and battle mechanics included.
  • In ActRaiser 2, you can fight the final boss from the first game by using the password "Xxxx Yyyy Zzzz".
  • The Shantae series has the Squid Baron, who first appears in Risky's Revenge as an important part of the story line and later appears in Shantae and the Pirate's Curse as a Filler Boss with new tricks up his sleeve and higher difficulty. This gets multiple lampshades throughout the game, as the Squid Baron, aware of his nature as a video game character and why he returned for another game, repeatedly bemoans his reduced role in the plot.
  • Konk in The Legendary Starfy, who was the first boss in all four of the Japan-only Starfy games.

     Real Time Strategy 
  • Warcraft III has an optional fight against an enormous monster called the Butcher, a boss from the Diablo series.

     Role Playing Game 

     Third-Person Shooter 
  • Splatoon:
    • The Octostomp was one of only two story mode bosses who debuted in the first game who would reappear in Splatoon 2, with the other being...
    • DJ Octavio, who serves as the Final Boss of the first two games' story modes, and appears set to reprise this role in Splatoon 3.

     Turn-Based Strategy 

     Rail Shooter 
  • If you take the alternate path on Corneria in Star Fox 64note , the boss fight is the Attack Carrier from the original Star Fox. Defeating it will take you to Sector Y instead of the Asteroid Field stage.

     Light Gun Game 
  • The Magician, the Final Boss of The House Of The Dead reappears as the penultimate (unique) boss of The House Of The Dead 2, in a form only slightly weaker than his incarnation in the previous game. He also appears as the final boss in The House of the Dead 4 Special.

     Survival Horror 

     Visual Novel 
  • Most Ace Attorney games start out with a case facing off against Winston Payne, nicknamed "Rookie Killer" due to his apparent record of defeating rookie attorneys. Despite this nickname, Payne's cases are by far the easiest in their respective games. Even when not facing off against Winston himself, his brother Gaspen Payne or their ancestor Taketsuchi Auchi take his place.

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