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Jinpachi Mishima: By the way, old friend, didn't you die after beating Azazel last time?
Wang Jinrei: That's right. I did die. My awesome existence allowed me to cheat death and stand before you now.
Jinpachi: They were this close to killing off a no-name character like you. The only reason you're still here is because those wussy game developers didn't have the heart to go through with it. You'll never figure anything out until you start facing reality.
Wang: Hmph! That's a lot to say coming from a guy who turned into sand in my very hands that one time.

In a Fighting Game, it is rare to see two competitors go head-to-head without the use of superhuman skill. These fighters also have the miraculous ability to seemingly recover from even the most fatal of wounds. As such, Plotline Death tends to be rare in fighting games.

Sometimes, however, not even being Made of Iron can save characters from kicking the bucket for good, be it in the name of drama or just to ensure that the Big Bad can no longer carry out their evil plans.

This can be problematic, especially in long-running franchises, for fans. In fighting games, a good deal of a series' identity comes from the cast, as well as their fighting styles. Maybe there is a Final Boss who is so undeniably cool that they gained an extremely loyal fanbase and merit a playable spot on the roster. Maybe there is a really badass side character who has become an overnight hit with the fandom. Or maybe there is just a particular character that fans find really attractive. Either way, their exclusion may prove to be an unwise decision.


To remedy this, many series decide to write the ultimate love letter to their fans by bringing back the entire cast for one grand battle royale.

Usually, a Dream Match Game has no bearing on the main plotline of its series, as the next proper installment will disregard this one to pick up from where the preceding iteration left off. Despite this, it will still contain many nods to the series' mythos. Nostalgia Levels tend to pop up quite frequently in games like these, albeit sometimes in a new form. A Dream Match Game itself may have an Excuse Plot, rarely, but not too often, turning out to be a byproduct of one of the characters' dreams or imagination. It may also be used as an opportunity for various What If? plots and to explore different paths the main story could have taken if characters had made different decisions.


Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny games are like this too, only instead of bringing back everyone in the series they bring characters from many series together.

Subtrope of Megamix Game, and tends to overlap with Intra-Franchise Crossover in more extensive and far-reaching cases. See also Fake Crossover (a crossover that has no bearing on either series' plot).

Not at all related to Match Game, which is a Game Show.


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