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"Are you ready, True Believers? Capcom and Marvel have joined forces once again to bring you..."
— Opening narration

X-Men vs. Street Fighter was a huge hit, and in 1997, Capcom followed it up with Marvel Super Heroes vs. Street Fighter.

The Marvel roster retained Wolverine and Cyclops (and brought back Omega Red from Children of the Atom) and was extended with Captain America, Spider-Man, Shuma-Gorath, The Incredible Hulk, and Blackheart, all of whom were last seen in Marvel Super Heroes. The Street Fighter side was pretty much left alone, with the exceptions of Cammy and Charlie (who were replaced by Dan and Sakura). The game also featured a number of hidden character variants, such as U.S. Agent, Mephisto, an armored Spider-Man, and an alternate version of Zangief, Mecha Zangief, that couldn't block but had hyper armor (i.e. he was immune to hitstun) and could breathe fire — as well as Shadow (the result of Charlie being subjected to horrific experiments by Bison). The Japanese version also had an exclusive original: Norimaro, a Joke Character based on Japanese comedian Noritake Kinashi.


The gameplay remained mostly the same as the previous game, even using the same backgrounds from X-Men vs. Street Fighter, only remixed. This game additionally allowed players to call their partner in for an attack without switching out, which would become a staple element of the Marvel vs. Capcom series.

Apocalypse is still featured as a boss fight, but instead of fighting your partner after defeating him, the final fight is now against Cyber-Akuma, a cybernetic version of Akuma who appears to have been somehow transported from this continuity's Age of Apocalypse timeline after having been turned into one of his Horsemen.

Followed in 1998 with Marvel vs. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes.


The game shows examples of:

  • All Just a Dream: Ken's ending. Ryu wakes him up before their training, and Ken notes a strange dream he had fighting alongside superheroes. Helps explain why he wasn't killed as soon as a Marvel hero hit him with any of their superpowers.
  • Ambidextrous Sprite: Cyber-Akuma's Arm Cannon. Normally it's the right one, but it changes to his left one when facing in the opposite direction.
  • Announcer Chatter: "WELCOME TO THE ADVENTURE!!!"
  • Attract Mode
  • Badass Boast:
  • Big Bad: Apocalypse.
  • Bilingual Dialogue: All the Marvel characters speak English while all the Street Fighters speak Japanese.
  • Blood Knight: Akuma. It gets worse with his Cyber self:
    "Kill... Destroy... That's all I know..."
  • Breaking the Fourth Wall:
    Norimaro: "I've only got a quarter! ...Sorry!"
  • But for Me, It Was Tuesday: Omega Red's ending has him killing Ryu off-screen, and Ken is kneeling next to his corpse.
    Ken: "How many lives have you ended?"
    (cue Ken's off-screen death)
  • Calling Your Attacks: You'd expect this with the Fighting Game characters, naturally. But it even extends to the Marvel Superheroes, among others.
  • The Cameo: Many characters from both universes make appearances in the endings and stages.
  • Combat Tentacles: The only plausible explanation as to how Shuma-Gorath made the cut instead of Doctor Strange.
  • Combination Attack: Double Hypers.
    • Notably, Ryu and Ken have a unique attack where Ken joins Ryu in performing a Shinkuu Hadouken. Zangief has two: if he's the point man, his teammate joins him in performing a Double Final Atomic Buster while in other cases he performs an enhanced Double Lariat.
  • Cyborg:
    • In this continuity, Apocalypse rebuilds Akuma as one.
    • And, to an extent, Mech-Zangief.
  • Death from Above:
    • Blackheart/Mephisto's Armageddon summons a meteor storm to the battlefield.
    • The Hulk jumps into space, and essentially pulls a passing meteor from space to drop it on his opponent.
  • Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu?: Almost literally, with Shuma-Gorath.
  • Dude, Where's My Respect?: Dan's pre-fight against Apocalypse:
    Dan: "I will put the big hurt on you!"
    Apocalypse: "Who are you, posturing idiot?!"
  • Everything's Better with Spinning: Zangief.
  • Fire-Breathing Diner: Mecha Zangief has a move where he spews blue fire.
  • For Great Justice: Cap's quips in his winquotes.
  • Genius Bruiser: The Hulk, where he's in the guise of the Merged Hulk/Professor persona. (The Green Scar had yet to be created at the time.)
  • Getting Crap Past the Radar: Averted. Norimaro was supposed to have a kancho throw in the Japanese port of the game, but when Marvel found out about it, it was promptly removed. More details here.
  • Giant Space Flea from Nowhere: And then suddenly, Cyber Akuma!
  • A God Am I:
    • M. Bison. His ending has him using the same technology used in Cyber-Akuma to make Cyber-Charlie, and Bison orders him to destroy everything at will. Also, one of his winquotes:
    "I shall rule all in this pathetic world!"
    • Shuma-Gorath. His ending has him starting to multiply, taking the universe with him. There's also this winquote:
    "I am the eye of the storm to come!"
    • In tone with his character, Apocalypse:
    "I alone prevail... You cannot stop me!"
    "I am eternal. None can withstand me."
    "I am eternal. You did not stand a chance, fool!"
    "I create history your grandchildren will read!"
    "I was the first. And I alone will be the last!"
    • One of Blackheart's winquotes:
    "I shall rule the universe with my power!"
  • Hulk Speak: Guess who?
    (against Apocalypse) "Hulk hates Apocalypse! HULK SMASH!"
    • Parodied in one of his own winquotes:
    "Hulk Smash! Smash! Smash! Only kidding..."
  • Instant Awesome: Just Add Mecha!:
    • Mecha Zangief, a cybernetic version of Zangief. While not a proper mecha, this version of Zangief couldn't flinch and took reduced damage from pretty much any attack. He could also use a fiery breath attack as Mech-Zangief, the Vodka Fire, similar to Dhalsim's Yoga Blast. The downside is his inability to block in this form.
    • Cyber-Akuma (Mech-Gouki in Japan), a roboticized version created by Apocalypse, as the game's final boss. He's a more powerful and faster Akuma that possess the greatest attack and defense of any character in the game, and comes complete with mechanical wings and rocket punches. He can fire two Zankuu Hadoukens while midair, much like Shin Akuma, and can also perform an aerial Shun Goku Satsu Shining Gou Shock, something that wouldn't be seen again in Street Fighter-related media until the introduction of Oni in 2012's Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition.
  • I Shall Taunt You: Dan, as always:
    "Can you withstand the power of my Super Taunt?"
  • Joke Character: Dan (natch) and Norimaro.
  • Large Ham: The announcer on just about every KO that ends in a super move.
  • Leitmotif: A notable aversion. Like Street Fighter III, which was released previously that year, none of the Street Fighters retained their iconic themes from II and Alpha, instead being given new music for this game. On the Marvel side, only Spider-Man, Captain America, Omega Red, Shuma Gorath and Blackheart would keep their themes from previous outings. This was mostly amended in the following game (save for Spidey and Cap) and completely reversed by the time of Marvel vs. Capcom 3.
  • Lethal Joke Character: Dan gets some of the biggest buffs in this game. These humiliating winquotes sum it all:
    "Hah, you're weak! Just like me!"
    "It's more fun to mock you than defeat you!"
  • Kamehame Hadoken: The second part of the trope's name comes from the version of the Shinkuu Hadouken, which is the best known of many, MANY, MANY instances.
  • Kick Chick: Chun-Li.
  • Mad Libs Dialogue:
    • Beat the game to get dialogue like this before the character endings: "We make a great team (insert name here)", "We shall meet again (insert name here)."
    • It also has another form of it present via the Team Hyper finishes: winning a match with one combines their names together which is then displayed in a huge font. The name is tweaked depending on who was the point character at the time. For example, performing a Team Hyper with Spider-Man and Ryu (in that order) is called the "Crawler Hadouken," whereas Ryu and Spider-Man's Hyper is the "Shinkuu Assault." Works with most of them, although some of the time the end result is somewhere in the lines of "Shinkuu Miracle Treasure" or "Knee Press Star." Reaches its most ridiculous with Captain America and U.S. Agent or Blackheart and Mephisto as a team, whose Team Hyper names combine into "Star Star" and "Armageddon Armageddon" respectively.
    • Subverted with the pre-fight quotes against Apocalypse, as every character has an unique one against him.
  • The Man Behind the Man: Apocalypse, for Cyber-Akuma.
  • Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot: Cyber-Akuma, a cyborg version of an evil Blood Knight who is also a badass, and a martial artist, how does that not count? Oh, and he has a freaking Arm Cannon as well as wings.
  • Original Generation: Norimaro. To a much lesser extent, Cyber-Akuma, being a variant created only for their sole appearance.
  • Paint It Black: Shadow, a roboticized version of Charlie.
  • Palette Swap: Mephisto, U.S. Agent, and any other secret character not called Shadow. They all have different properties compared to their regular versions:
    • Armored Spider-Man trades speed for super armor.
    • Mephisto has a few winquotes exclusive to him while adding fire effects to some of his moves, which are based on his son Blackheart.
    • U.S. Agent has different winquotes but has similar gameplay to Captain America.
    • Sunburned/Dark Sakura note  fires the Shinkuu Hadouken forward and obtains some of Akuma's properties, including the Shun Goku Satsu.
    • Mecha Zangief CANNOT be knocked down, but has the worst mobility in the game.
    • Shadow is unique in that he is a palette swap of Charlie, who was not retained from his appearance in X-Men vs. Street Fighter. His moves have altered properties compared to Charlie's in that game.
  • Panty Shot: Sakura, thanks to the magic of recycled Alpha sprites.
  • Powered Armor: Apocalypse and Mecha-Zangief. Spider-Man's armored version is a lighter version.
  • Rocket Punch: Cyber-Akuma.
  • Satan: Mephisto.
  • Shotoclone: Aside from the 5 carryovers from Street Fighter (Ryu, Ken, Akuma, Dan, Sakura), Spider-Man, Captain America, and Cyclops qualify for this.
  • Shout-Out: Check the page.
  • SNK Boss: Cyber-Akuma, a Shin Akuma variant brought about by Apocalypse either cloning or mechanizing Akuma.
  • Stripperific: On the men's side, Hulk, Zangief, and Dhalsim.
  • Superpowered Evil Side: Sunburned Sakura, a What If? version of Sakura depicting what she'd be like if she chose to follow Akuma instead of Ryu.
  • Surprisingly Good English: All Marvel characters are voiced by native English speakers.
  • Tag Team
  • Take That!:
    "I'm not a clone! I'm the one and only!"
    • And this winquote from Zangief:
    "No one can compare to me. Not even a mayor!"
  • There Is No Kill Like Overkill:
    "HYPER COMBO FINISH!": For bonus points, get this using an Otoko Michi. It's the only move you'll hear this on from a character that is not a hidden character or a boss.
  • Three Round Deathmatch: Because the PlayStation version could not fully implement the tag team system, a variant on this based on Darkstalkers was implemented. Players were tasked with depleting an opponent's health bar a certain amount of times, with any red health restored between rounds. This was in direct contrast with the predecessor port's traditional round system, and would later carry over to the PlayStation version of the sequel.
  • A Winner Is You: None of the secret characters get a proper ending, at least in the English version.
  • Your Soul Is Mine:
    Mephisto: "Now I tell you a truth. Your soul belongs to me."
  • You Wouldn't Like Me When I'm Angry: Again, the Hulk:
    "Don't make me angry! You wouldn't like me..."


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