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    Chaos Knight
Chaos Knight, God of Randomized Damage Attacks (Nessaj, Fundamental of Chaos)
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: The icon for his Chaos Strike
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Unpredictable Fighting Style, Sentient Expression of Chaos, Knight In Blackest Armor, Entropy and Chaos Magic, Evil Sounds Deep, Chaos Given Form, Lightning Bruiser, Riding To Combat On His Steed Armageddon, Old as Creation.
  • Domains: Chaos, Combat, War.
  • Allies: Lucifer, Jinx, The Chaos Gods, Crazy Hand, Lord Chaos
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra
  • Enemies: YHVH, Discord, Korra
  • Worthy Opponents: Shovel Knight, Kain Highwind, Sir Lancelot, Davion
  • For a long while, the throne of Randomized Damage Attacks has been vacant with several candidates trying to get it. However, their efforts turned out to be futile when a certain knight in black armor showed up. His attacks were either weak or devastating, his chaos strike amplified the random damage of his attacks, his chaos bolt dealt a random amount of damage, and anyone who tried to challenge him for the throne were trampled down by the knight and his other selves from other dimensions. Once Chaos Knight had successfully taken the throne, he dismounted from his steed and sat upon the throne, with a declaration that he will spread chaos to the pantheon.
  • When most knights would wield a sword, axe or the like, Chaos Knight chooses instead to opt for a "cudgel"... albeit a cudgel with one end curved to a hook and Spikes of Villainy in other places. And it still inflict excruciatingly painful and mortal wounds when he scores chaos strikes with it.
  • Frequently takes some time off to hunt down "The Light". Thousand times he has extinguished the source, only to begin anew in a different plane, as he searches endlessly. Some believes that he has ended many worlds on his hunt, though few is truly sure of what he does on his search.
  • Meeting Lucifer was, in the knight's own words, one of the greatest moments in his millennia-exceeding life. It was like meeting his very own father he didn't know he had. It wasn't a surprise that he ended up joining the GUAC.
  • Challenged the Shovel Knight to an one-on-one combat, to see if he is worthy of being called a knight. After an intense and grand battle that ended in a draw, Chaos Knight admitted that Shovel Knight is a true combatant and considers him worthy of his armor. However, he thinks that the Shovel Knight need to get himself a steed.
  • He seems to have some trouble understanding that horses are not the only creatures that can be mounts. Chaos Knight's confusion and bewilderment at seeing Mario riding on Yoshi was legendary, as he couldn't believe that there's such a thing as bipedal horses.
  • Though Chaos Knight appreciates the chaos that Jinx causes with her pointless terrorism, even he lacks the patience to be around her for at least fifteen minutes.
  • Once fought the Black Knight in a duel, only to realize that the Black Knight is a relatively pathetic combatant in comparison and quit the fight out of utter disappointment after dismembering him limb from limb.
  • When he learned that there is a Dragon Knight in the pantheon, Chaos Knight immediately rode out to greet his old Worthy Opponent... only to find out that it's actually Kain Highwind, not Davion. However, a battle with the dragoon showed Chaos Knight that while it's not THE Dragon Knight he's used to, Kain proved to be a strong warrior regardless.
  • Dislikes Discord, feeling that he has gotten too soft as an agent of chaos. That, and he gets a headache whenever he finishes a conversation with Discord.
  • Naturally, Chaos Knight likes the four Chaos Gods. In particular, he seems to like Khorne the best of them. It is not known if Chaos Knight has joined the Chaos Marines or not.
  • Mistook Alphonse Elric for a knight in heavy armor and challenged him to a battle. When he realized the truth behind the "knight", Chaos Knight laughed it off and apologized for his small mistake. However, he has shown some interest in seeing how strong Alphonse Elric is.
  • Learned that a fellow agent of chaos, Vaatu, is sealed within Korra. Chaos Knight has since been scheming to free his "brother" from imprisonment, even though he's aware that there's a chance that Korra won't survive it.
  • As an embodiment of chaos and the strongest of the four fundamentals, Chaos Knight's strength is potentially limitless. The only reason he even limits this strength is so that he may relish in challenging battles. If ever needed, he will unleash his true power.
  • "All creation is order which must be scattered to the wind."
  • Also has a spot in the House of Probability.

Greater Gods

    Amane Nishiki 
Amane Nishiki, God of Chip Damage and Fabulousness
  • Greater God
  • Theme Music: BUSHIN
  • Symbol: His plumage on his emblem.
  • Alignment: True Neutral?
  • Portfolio: Valuing Beauty And Youth Above All Else, Fighting to Prove His Philosophy, Overly Exaggerated Androgyny, Intentions of Recruiting Young Boys Into His "Acting Troupe"
  • Domains: Love, Dance, War, Music, Youth
  • High Priest: Fisheye
  • Followers: Nathan Seymour,
  • Allies: Bridget, Might Guy, Vega, Oren Pierre Alfonzo/Kamen Rider Bravo, Leeron Littner
  • Enemies: Kanji Tatsumi
  • Opposed by: Carl Clover
  • Said to have the power to reverse time and turn someone younger. He's got a list for the whole Gods here, and he's not revealing. This causes him to be on good terms with Might Guy.
  • Also once peeked into the Midnight Channel and accidentally viewed Shadow Kanji. Kanji himself is pissed off that Amane peeked on that side of him, and Amane was disappointed that Shadow Kanji isn't fabulous enough for his standards.
  • Scours through the Pantheon in search of a certain 'Young and handsome vigilante' called Carl Clover so he can add him to his fabulous troupe. When he found out that he was taking refuge in the House of Magic under Alice Margatroid, Amane appealed to get him transferred to his home. He got refused, there was a fight, both survived and so far... no ill wills.
  • His drills are known to be fearsome in a way that he can kill you with just Scratch Damage. Let all who think he's just one fruity fabulous harmless transvestite beware.
  • Rumors say he may actually be an immortal Observer. Rachel Alucard, herself an Observer, declines to comment on this matter. Even worse, Amane's minimal involvement during the Chronophantasma events further puts this thing into mystery.
  • His high priest is Fisheye, mostly due to them having the same personality and voice.
  • If there's one thing that both Sasuke and Ben Tennyson can agree with, is that they shudder when they note how Amane has a similar voice than them. Yosuke Hanamura (who also has that similar voice problem), screamed in absolute terror when he heard Amane's voice.
    • Minato Arisato thinks he has it worse, as no matter which language they try to talk to each other, they sound the same. Hell, when the two met each other the first time, Amane had changed the color of his clothes and dyed his hair to match Minato's!
  • At one point, he tried to capture Hayate Ayasaki and dress him in drag, knowing full well on how he would look due to past experiences from the latter. Unfortunately, Hayate retaliated and kicked him out of his house.
  • Also has a spot in the Houst of Love.

Intermediate Gods

    Carl the Invoker 
Carl, Grand Master of The Limited Move Arsenal (Invoker, Arsenal Magus)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The essences of Quas, Wex and Exort floating in a circle
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: The Arch Mage, Badass Bookworm in a Robe, Deafening Blast (Which can become a massive circular explosion), Canis Latinicus, Chaos Meteor, Sun Strike, Power Over Quas, Wex and Exort, Functional Magic, Cold Snap, Insufferable Genius, Ghost Walk, Jerkass, Narcissist, Special Person, Normal Name, Forge Spirits
  • Domains: Magic, Fire, Ice, Lightning, Combat
  • Allies: Allies? Ha! The illustrious and ingenious Carl has no need for allies! That said, Carl does have some respect for certain individuals (not that he would ever admit it) such as Doctor Strange. He also seems to like Jaina Proudmoore, though he refuses to comment about it. He also appear to have a soft spot for Carl Clover
  • Arch-Rival: Rubick
  • Enemies: Carl don't believe that anyone are worthy of being his enemy. Though he does have some dislike for Anti-Mage (naturally), Kiritsugu Emiya and Touma Kamijou. He is also disgusted with Relius Clover. For some reason that Carl himself is unsure of, he has a seething hatred of Arthas most of all.
  • "Behold before you, the illustrious, the imperious, ingenious arch-mage… CARL. "
  • It is said that a long time ago, Kael'Thas used to fight for the Dire Ancient in the Field of the Ancients. However, Kael quit the battles as he descended to madness and lost control over the three essences. The essences slowly began to create a new being based on the memories of Kael's battles in the field, creating a new Invoker. This Invoker chose to reveal himself to the heroes as the Bonus Boss in one incarnation of the field, before joining the battles as the successor of Kael'Thas.
    • However, Kael made his way to the Pantheon eventually, prompting Carl to prove his mettle by challenging him into a magic combat. Days passed with magic explosions flung here and there in the battlefield, but eventually the dust cleared, and there was no clear victor.
  • Thanks to his Invoke ability, Carl is capable of bypassing the "4 skills" limit imposed by the Field of the Ancients, giving him access to ten different spells to use, with the weakness that he can only have two spells active at once (though it bothers him less and less as he gains experience in the matches. In many battles, he had managed to cast over 5 spells in a single engagement). Carl's mastery over the Limited Move Arsenal was what allowed him to ascend.
    • Gods (mainly those from the Summoner's Rift or partner battlefields) who were impressed by Carl being able to use 10 different abilities in the Field of the Ancients were incredibly surprised to hear that Carl used to be able to invoke over 20 different spells in the past. The reason he cut down on them is because a bunch of these spells turned out to be pointless, weak or just not worth it, so he chose to forget about them and concentrated on his more important and worthwhile spells. He's happier for it, for his core spells became stronger as a result.
    • Though Carl tries not to focus too much on one spell over the rest, he considers Tornado to be his favorite spell because of the myriad of ways it connects and interacts with his other spells for combos.
  • When he heard of his predecessor's story and downfall, he scoffed about him, claiming that only weaklings could possibly succumb to madness, and questioned how he could possibly have been formed from the memories of a man who couldn't control his own powers. He is somewhat pleased however for in his own mind, he has completely surpassed Kael'Thas as the Invoker.
  • When he learned that there is a child named Carl, he decided to pay him a visit. To the surprise of many, he actually treats the young Carl Clover quite well. This is because Carl Clover is a bright and intelligent child, which the Invoker views as a wonderful contribution from the new generation and thus worthy of notice. However, he accidentally pressed Carl Clover's Berserk Button by referring to Ada as 'the Doll', opting the Invoker to 'help him from the shadows' instead, mostly through use of his Ghost Walk spell.
    • He also learned about Relius Clover from this. His reaction was that of disgust, shocked that someone would be so cruel against a young prodigy who's their own child on top of that. And then there's how, from Carl's view, it appears that Relius doesn't understand wisdom and mistook it with megalomania. Needless to say, he considers it an insult. It's even worse when it turns out that Relius broke free and managed to corrupt Carl. Of course, Invoker tried to say in public that he's finally getting a 'friend' who shares similar mindset in pursuit of knowledge, but from the inside, he didn't take a wisdom-less person like Relius succeeding and think that one of these days, he needs to drop 1000 Meatballsnote  on Relius one day.
  • Absolutely despises Arthas with every fiber in his body, and he's not even sure why. Several gods has theorized that it might be thanks to influence from the memories of Kael'Thas, though Carl doubts that is the case.
    • He also seems to like Jaina, not that he's going to admit it. Anyone who asked him what he feels about Jaina got chased away by a barrage of tornados and meteors.
  • Carl's narcissism reaches heights so high that even ZEUS, of all people, finds him to be an unbearably pompous egomaniac. He also offered to tell him a story about Narcissus.
  • Seriously pissed off fellow narcissist Vega and the rest of The Rule of Beauty by pointing out that they're fools for valuing beauty so much when it's bound to perish unlike knowledge and intelligence, as well as for stating "Beauty is momentary, wisdom is eternal". For that, he was immediately put on the group's official shit list.
  • He earned the ire of Guile for mainly being very insufferable beyond doubt, and also because he 'stole' his trademark phrase Sonic Boom for his Deafening Blast. Once again, Carl didn't have any idea that the name was taken, and in fact, didn't care and treats it like he patented the name in the first place because when he does it, it's supposed to be glorious and deserving of praise.
  • Apparently, he also has a thing for round objects.
  • Yes, he may be an egomaniac, but there are times that he fell into some sort of deathly peril and then someone helped heal him. Carl actually thanked them generously since he considered saving 'the only thing that matters in the world' means saving the world, so he DOES have a few appreciative sides. Well that says something, compared to that totally unpleasant Troll Warlord...
  • "So begins a new age of knowledge."

    Ken Masters 
Ken Masters, God of Moveset Clones and Master of the Shoryuken (Roaring Inferno, Crimson Warrior, The Fire-Breathing Fist, The Original Echo Fighter)
Ken in Street Fighter V 

Malboro, Divine Beast of Deadly Status Infliction (Marlboro, Molbol, Morbol, Oscar, Mad Oscar, Evil Oscar)
  • Intermediate Deity
  • Symbol: Its disgusting face
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Breath Weapon, Man-Eating Plant, Combat Tentacles, Giant Mook, Rows of Many Teeth, Named After a Cigarette Brand
  • Domain: Beast, Gaming, Pain
  • Allies: Hexxus, Peter Piranha, Audrey II, Mordremoth
  • Enemies: Odin, all Final Fantasy heroes, Sora, Chiron, most gamers, Monster Hunters, Nerif the Oracle, Toriko
  • Malboro, a foul creature whose signature move, Bad Breath, is just as foul. It has the nasty ability to inflict multiple status effects like confusion, silence, poison and other crippling status effects that gives players a bad day. All at once.
  • There's actually multiple Malboros in the pantheon. They come in different colors and varieties like King and Greater.
  • While its title is a game trope, Malboro has a seat in Toxicity, because it has a murky swamp. Malboros like swamps, as they're ideal places to nest.
  • It's really a bad idea to pick a fight with a Malboro unless you can finish it quickly or are well equipped. A party much be equip with items that can combat status ailments since some Malboros, especially the tougher varieties, start things off with a dose of Bad Breath on its first turn. Ribbons are being made since they are able to block all status inflictions.
  • Turns out, Malboro Tentacles are ideal materials to make whips and nunchucks. There are actually petitions to hunt the Molboro and harvest them. Hunters like Scarface and the Monster Hunters have taken the call. Rewards varies on which type of Malboro is slain.
    • Surprising enough, it seems they can also be use for cooking. This perk the interest of Toriko who wants to make a Malboro dish. Some, however, seriously doubt that Toriko's associate Komatsu can make an ingredient as...NICHE as Malboro Tentacles appetizing.
  • Surprisingly, there are some Malboros stationed on some of the basketball rims in the House of Sports. They are known to spit out blindness on the players which makes it harder to shoot.
  • So far, the only deities to stand Malboro are Hexxus since it can withstand it's Bad Breath. There's also fellow man eating plants of Audrey II and Petey Piranha. It also found a place, literally, with in Mordremoth. The Elder Dragon is reminded of it's Mordrem.
  • Doesn't like the sword wielding version of Odin. Largely because its Zenketsuken cleaves them dead in short order.
  • Turns out, Nerif the Oracle has the ability to remove all negative status ailment. This naturally makes him a good counter to Malboro's Bad Breath.

    Red Mage Statscowski 
Red Mage Statscowski, God of Versatile Incompetence (A Fractatical Genius, Deborah)

    Yamato and Musashi 
Yamato and Musashi, Dual Deities of Resource Sinks (Yamato: Yamato Hotel, LOLpen, The Funeral Pyre of the Japanese Navy; Musashi: Motel, Fortress, Superfortress [care of her Second Remodel])
Click here for Musashi's Second Remodel Form 

Lesser Gods

    Abigail (Street Fighter/Final Fight
Abigail, God of Getting Tougher near Death (Superhuman Hot-Rodder)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: Two tires used as armbands with the words "Mad Gear" each
  • Theme Song: Bay Area (CPS base)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Big Badass Rig, Boxing Battler, Hails from Canada, Dumb Muscle, Facial Markings, Forgetful Jones, Gender-Blender Name, Stands a whopping 8' foot and is still growing, Idiot Savant, Impossibly Graceful Giant, Mighty Glacier, Musical Theme Naming, Psychopathic Manchild, Reformed Criminal, Saying Sound Effects Out Loud, Unskilled, but Strong,
  • Domains: Strenght, Cars, Rage, Criminals
  • Allies: Rolento, Poison, Sodom, Scooter, Brick from the Crimson Raiders
  • Rivals: Mike Haggar, Zangief, Juri Han, Vega, Alex
  • Enemies: Negan, Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Robert the Tire
  • Opposes: Bullies
  • A hulking giant of a man, originally one of the lieutenants of the Mad Gear gang who controlled the bay area, Abigail was known for being a very strong and intimidating fighter until he was defeated in combat by the trio of Cody, Guy and Haggar. After Mad Gear was disbanded, Abigail opened a car modding company on Metro City's bay area and seems to be doing ok, but he is still prone to violent outbursts or getting into fights with people for silly reasons.
  • The more damage he takes, the stronger and angrier Abigail gets. Eventually he managed to take control of his enraged state and use it at will, which screams bad news for everyone who angers the big guy.
  • He was happy that he wasn't the sole ex-Mad Gear member around the Pantheon as he was personally received by Sodom, Rolento and Poison, who abigail gave them all a big Bear Hug that almost crushed them to death. He also learned that Mike Haggar was in as well and he personally wants a rematch from the last time they fought in Metro City.
  • At 8' feet, Abigail is by far the tallest of the Street Fighters and he even dwarves the likes of Zangief, Sagat or fellow ex-Mad Gear comrade and fellow giant Hugo Andore. Some even question if he is even human to begin with.
  • Ever since he abandoned his criminal lifestyle, Abigail has dedicated to repairing and customizing cars and he seems to be doing ok. Hell, he even befriended Scooter after he wandered into his temple. He also seems to spar with Brick from the Crimson raiders, as he is able to keep up with Abigail even when the latter goes hard on him.
  • Many think that Abigail would be an oustanding wrestler, but he himself is not interested in it. Even then, the Shield trio of Dean Ambrose, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins tried to jump Abigail, but it didn't end well for them.
  • When he was younger, he used to be bullied because of the unfortunate circumstance of having a girl's name. While he did become a thug later in his life, he still hates bullies and has actually gone out of his way to beat up some of them. Along with Jimmy Hopkins, Abigail might as well be the scariest Bully Hunter of the pantheon.
  • Loves Death Metal and can be seen on the House of Music listening to some tunes.
  • One time he mistakenly thought that a tire from his car shop has mysteriously dissapeared which lead him to Robert the Tire, a psychic killer tire. He ended up chasing it everywhere it went until Robert got tired and tried to blow Abigail's head after noticing that he wears tires as armbands. But Abigail proved to be too dumb for the psychic powers to even affect him and the tire could do nothing to him. Robert has tried to avoid going near Abigail ever since.
  • Is a loud-and-proud monster truck owner, and few things get under his skin like someone taking it for a spin without his knowledge or permission. The last time that happened he ended beating up Ibuki, Zangief, Juri, Vega and Alex because of a misunderstanding, and then beating up his underlings because they took his truck, even though he gave them his permission.
  • Said to share a voice base with Ren Amamiya, which astounded the latter since he and the hulking brute sound nothing alike.

    Bald Bull 
Bald Bull, God of High Risk and Reward in Battle
  • Theme Song: Punch-Out Theme (Bald Bull ver.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bald head
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Baldness, Having a fatal weak point (stomach), Determinator, Ax-Crazy, having Hot Blooded Sideburns, serving as That One Boxer
  • Domains: Attacking, Power, Weak Points, Risk, Reward, Punishment
  • Followers: Wielders of Devil Weapons
  • Allies: Big Bull
  • Rivals: Little Mac, Dudley
  • As one of Little Mac's most recurrent opponents, the two have a palpable rivalry. As soon as Little Mac ascended, Bald Bull came out of hiding from his temple to challenge him to a boxing match. It was a long and arduous match that only ended when Bull received a Star Punch to the gut in mid-Bull Charge.
  • His signature move, the Bull Charge is what allowed Bull to ascend in the first place. In addition to his strength and patterns, this attack allowed him to flummox would-be boxers and Punch-Out fans for decades.
    • He can also be seen arm wrestling with other gods in the Pantheon under the alias of "Mask X". No one is sure why he feels the need to disguise himself, but he goes into a rampage whenever questioned.
  • Despite his unruly behavior and short temper, Bald Bull does not actually approve of Balrog. Bald Bull's a jerk, but he's no super villain.
  • Bald Bull has declared himself to be a rival to Dudley, though this is really an extension of Bull's rivalry with Little Mac. It's the green boxing gloves, they remind Bull of Mac's gloves and get him riled up, much like how actual bulls dislike the color red (or actually how they dislike the cloth being waved in front of them).
  • Big Bull approves of Bald Bull overall and has invited the boxer to join his gang. Bald Bull has taken him up on this and they get along well enough, except for when their tempers get the best of them. When the two bulls resort to violence, it's uncertain who will win. Big Bull's hammer hits like a tank, but the Bull Charge manages to still win battles for Bald Bull.
  • His barber didn't know when to quit. Do you?

Cactuar, Divine Monsters of Fixed Damage (Cactaur, Cactrot, Sabotender, Qactuar, Kactuar, Cactuer, Cactoid)

    Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro 
Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro, Celestial Capeoristas of Button Mashing (Eddy: The Vengeful Demon of Prison)
Eddy Gordo (left) and Chrιstie Monteiro (right)
  • Theme Music:
  • Lesser Deities (Intermediate if competing in the Tag Tournaments, or in Christie's case, teaming up with Lei Wulong)
  • Symbol: A picture of Grandpa Monteiro, the Legendary Capoeira Master
  • Alignment: Lawful Good for Christie, Lawful Neutral for Eddy
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Capoeira, Family, Brazilian People (for both), Convicts (Eddy), Granddaughters (Christie)
  • Herald: Tiger Jackson
  • High Priests: Richard Meyer and Bob Wilson
  • Allies: 
  • Enemies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Jin Kazama, Kazumi Mishima, Lars Alexandersson
  • In General:
    • Paranaue, paranaue, parana... As practitioners of Capoeira, it's a song that Eddy Gordo and Christie Monteiro instantly recognize. The song is coming from the Pao Pao Cafe's Pantheon branch. Inside, Eddy and Christie watch among the patrons as the Cafe's owner, Richard Meyer and his pupil, Bob Wilson, put on a clinic. Then, Elena joins in. Christie remembers her from the past incident with Pandora's Box. Then, Chrιstie joins in, much to Elena's delight. Then, Eddy takes a turn, relieving Christie. Then, in a surprising twist, Selina Kyle and Dinah Lance join in. Yes, even Catwoman and Black Canary know Capoeira as well. Sure as hell made Eddy and Christie's ascension a lot more easier.
    • In truth, Eddy and Christie are the fourth and fifth capoeristas, following Richard Meyer, his pupil Bob Wilson and Elena respectively. In recognition of Richard and Bob paving the way for Capoeira, Eddy and Christie made the both of them their High Priests.
    • Eddy and Christie's bond is strong due to not only being the teacher and student, but also through Christie's grandfather, of whom Eddy had met whilst in prison. Grandpa Monteiro taught Eddy Capoeira, who in turn taught Christie. Their relationship had been rocky following his passing, but Eddy is trying to make amends.
    • If you like eating solid foods, absolutely DO NOT mention that specific movie in which both were present. It's known that the Martelo De Negativa (a roundhouse kick disguised in a crouching position on the floor) can do some serious damage to the human body.
    • Their temple also doubles as an orphanage, where Eddy and Christie teach Capoeira to their young charges. Laura Matsuda has a fond respect for the style, as several of her relatives are Capoeira practitioners. Aside from the fact that both Eddy and Christie are fellow Brazilians, it's one of the reasons why Laura is friends with the duo.
  • Christie received one hell of a surprise when Lei Wulong arrived at her and Eddy's temple, having ascended to his new position shortly before the pair. Christie and Lei had teamed up in an attempt to find Pandora's Box in the past. While they were unsuccessful, Christie's trust in Lei is on par with her trust in Eddy. For Eddy, Lei is one of few cops he actually respects.
  • Exclusive To Eddy:
    • Eddy was originally born into a wealthy Brazilian family, his father working to rid his beloved home country of the illegal drug trade, of which he paid the ultimate price. Eddy, honoring his father's final wishes, admitted to the crime in order to hide out in prison from his father's murderers. During a prison riot, he met Grandpa Monteiro, a Capoeira master, who took Eddy on ad his student, with the promise that Eddy would train his granddaughter.
    • Eddy does not think too highly of Kazuya Mishima. The reason being? It was Kazuya who green-lighted the hit on his father. Eddy's tale of woe had caught the attention of Phoenix Wright, who represented Eddy pro bono to get the conviction overturned and Eddy pardoned. Phoenix succeeded.
    • He does regret having working for Jin Kazama back when he was running the Mishima Zaibatsu, but in Eddy's case, he was desperate to find a cure for his ailing master. When asked if he would return working for Jin, Eddy flatly refused, saying that once was enough for him.
  • Exclusive To Christie:
    • As revealed, Christie's grandpa is Eddy's Capoeira teacher. Honoring the promise to Granddad Monteiro, Eddy tracks Christie down and mentors her in the style. Suffice to say, Christie is a natural, having learned the style in just two years.
    • Frank West is planning a new PERFECT EROTICA spread; a swimsuit edition featuring female martial artists. Laura and Elena are down for the photoshoot, as well as Christie. Now the problem is whether or not to shoot it in Rio or the African savanna.
    • Speaking of Laura, turns out while Laura is content with her family's style of Jiu-jitsu, there are Capoeira practitioners in the Matsuda family. When they don't meet up at the Pao Pao Cafe or training their young charges at the orphanage/temple, Christie is seen spending time with her new bestie.

Jago, God of Combo Breakers (Shadow Jago)

    King II 
King II, God of Multithrows (King, Silent Jaguar, Heir to the Throne)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head...or rather, his Jaguar Mask
  • Theme Music: Skyring, Rain Maker when representing Okada
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Masked Grapplers, Chaining Throws so Many Times for Massive Damage, Understandable Jaguar Growls, Gentle Giant, Forgiveness, Succeeding His Mentors And Expanding Further, Jaguar Motifs, Professional Wrestling, Orphanage Caretaking
  • Domain: Combat, Wrestling, Good
  • Herald: Armor King II (also his rival)
  • High Priests: King I and Armor King I (his mentors)
  • Follower: Solomon Grundy
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Poison, AJ Styles
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Jin Kazama (one-sided)
  • Enemies: Kazuya Mishima, Ogre, Heihachi Mishima
  • Conflicting Opinion: Hulk Hogan
  • After he succeeded his dead mentor, King has amassed much power while continuing to stay positive despite his world going down the drain in terms of morality. This triggered his ascension.
  • Once thought he's an even bigger badass than Mike Haggar, besting him in wrestling ring. King humbly said that it was an utterly tough match and they became friends afterwards. Including Zangief, whom he met and wrestled with for a bit.
    • Posion, on the other hand is still very miffed on how King II was able to perform his Mighty Swing on Hugo, though.
  • Although he's on easy terms with Jin Kazama, he remains wary of him, still remembering his crazy gambit of becoming a dictator with the Mishima Zaibatsu. Even if it was ultimately for a good cause, dangerous ideas like that don't exactly better the world at large.
  • Is a very forgiving person. As long as you're not irredeemably evil, he will forgive you for your mistakes. Being raised by a Religious Bruiser (the previous King) helps out. This is why he hangs around with Zuko a lot and is being considered to be one of the monitors of the GUAG Token Evil Teammates to inspire forgiveness.
  • Being caught in his grab is the most dangerous thing that can happen to his enemies. He just doesn't let go until after a long session of slamming and throwing the enemy.
  • Whether in the mortal realm or in the Pantheon, King enjoys participating in a wrestling match every now and then. Alongside Bret Hart, King also tutors the younger deities in the art of wrestling, in his spare time.
    • Has asked Rey Mysterio to enter the Pantheon as the God of Masked Luchadors. Rey accepted, and welcomed his entrance to the Pantheon by brawling with King II. It ended with a draw and a handshake between the gods.
  • Was very livid when he heard of Ogre's ascension; The Aztec God of Fighting was responsible for the death of the original King. It is during these times that he's willing to team up with Jin Kazama.
  • Made acquaintances with the Dragon of Dojima himself via the record-setting New Japan Pro-Wrestling champion Kazuchika Okada, a rival-turned-friend to Kazuma in the streets who also taught King the Rainmaker lariat. This became a true friendship once Kazuma learned that King was raised in an orphanage by his predecessor, as Kazuma spends much of his own time looking after an orphanage and is a Friend to All Children himself. This gained the opposition of AJ Styles, as while he understands where they're coming from, shares a religious background in common with King I, and has four kids of his own, the Bullet Club has been heated rivals to Okada and his CHAOS group since its inception.

Krul, God of Draining Life (Jungle Nightmare)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Helmet, above his face.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral for his intentions, viewed as Chaotic Evil for most people.
  • Portfolio: Has Hellrazor Sticking On His Torso, Nightmare Fuel, Not A Zombie, But Something Else, Super-Persistent Predator, Earned His "Powers" Through A Long Range Of Descendants, The Dreaded
  • Domains: Death, Regeneration, Undead
  • Allies: None. Though he is getting along with Pugna and probably Undying
  • Rivals: The Champions of Runeterra and The Defenders of the Ancients.
  • Commonality Connection with: Andromeda
  • Target of Interest for: Abathur, Sylvanas Windrunner
  • Uncommon Connection with: The Lost Vikings, Papyrus and Sans, Gravelord Nito, Leoric, Ainz Ooal Gown
  • Enemies: Artemis, Yasuo, Strider Hiryu
  • Usually the forest is peaceful around, with animals and gods from all would make peace, (except for Mordremoth). Unfortunately, when Teams RWBY and JNPR along with The Hunter and Geralt rested into the forest, they were ambushed, by something. The fight lasted so long, with both parties facing a jungle menance, unlike something that has been ever seen before. By the time Geralt and The Hunter retreated, they called assistance, in the form of Ashe and Phantom Assassin.
    • When they discovered what they were facing against, they eventually met this "menance". Together, they fought the nightmare, but not before "it" drained majority of Ashe's health. With that mark, they retreated, with the scars of the horror they fought against.
  • Why was he given the title? Because he relies heavily on Life Drain. His attacks slowly drain his opponent's health and his Spectral Smite allows him to drain specific health based on the damage he causes. This makes him able to survive 1v1 combat. The downside: he's much reliant on one person and will die easily on a team match.
  • Since he is the first of his kind to ascend, his welcome was a cold one from the Champions of Runeterra and Defenders of the Ancients. He doesn't mind though, since his realm, the Halcyon Fold, might become one with the Dominions. (If it will ever happen).
    • Despite their differences, Pugna is rather fond of him. The two formerly fought for the Life Drain title, and Krul came victorious. The reason was that Pugna's availability of Life Drain was on his ultimate and not a natural ability. Meanwhile, Krul's Life Drain is rather natural for him, giving the upper advantage. This has given Pugna some time to study him, and analyze his strengths. Undying also has a good opinion about him, not to mention how both of them look oddly similar.
    • Speaking of interest, Sylvanas has taken a huge interest in his powers, since it can help her and the Forsaken in terms of new powers. Abathur has taken notice as well, and won't allow other competition in his experiments.
    • Of course, this has rather given him heavy sympathy to Andromeda as he and she are The Only One of their own respective universes. This is actually the first time the Jungle Nightmare can actually agree on and at the same time, sympathize at.
  • Had a somewhat eventful meeting with The Lost Vikings during their stroll in the Pantheon. Suffice to say, the Vikings aren't proud to see one of their own kind turned into undead for some reason. In the words of Olaf:
    Olaf: Wait, this is how an Undead Viking looks like? Well, I'm gonna have bad dreams after this.
  • Krul's origins still remain a mystery today. Some say that Krul was a failed Death Knight experiment of Arthas and Kel'thuzad, others say that he appeared when the Summoner's Rift and became part of the Dominions. Even some people mentioned that he is a merge of a Grimm and a human. However, one thing is clear about him, is that he wants to acquire life. And he definitely is doing it, the wrong way.
    • Speaking of attaining life, this is actually why he's heading to the Halcyon Fold, as someone who earned this "curse" through his ancestors, he wants it gone. The only reason why he is aimed so much is because of his looks, many people would kill someone looking like that. And to survive his journey, he must be still alive, through the essence of life drain. No wonder people got so antagonized and scared at the same time.
  • "Halcyon compels me!"

Negev, Goddess of Situational Effectiveness
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Her namesake weapon and Stars of David hair clips.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good. Can lean towards chaotic when suffiently enraged.
  • Portfolio: Ridiculously Human Robots, Stone Wall, Alpha Strike, Manic Blood, The thrill of battle, Arrogant Kung Fu Girl, Dark and Troubled Past, Slasher Smile, Wearing a Flag on Your Head, Sigil Spam, Dyed her hair pink, A Day In The Lime Light in Chapter 7 Night
  • Domains: Androids, Machine Guns
  • Heralds: Jericho, TAR-21, Galil, Micro Uzi, and X95
  • Allies: G36, S.A.T.8, Contender and Thunder, AUG, Carcano M1891 and Carcano M91/38, TAC-50, AA-12 and Vector Steve Rogers/Captain America, William "B.J." Blazkowicz, Olivier Armstrong, Lin Beifong
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Walter Sobchak
  • Enemies: Los Illuminados, 50 Blessings, All Nazi deities, Eric Cartman, Teseo
  • Avoids: Ukanlos
  • Opposed by/Opposes: Zapp Brannigan, Simon Keyes
  • Complicated Relationship (mainly mistrust): Isomer Black
  • Combat Specialist Negev, reporting for duty. Griffin and Kryuger Security Firm has many, many doll combatants under their employ. As a whole, they're pretty capable (especially under the guidance of a human) but there are a few who stand out among the crowd for their performance both in and out of combat, excluding those of outside parties such as Anti-Rain (products of 16Lab), Hk416 (part of 404 Squad, independent covert mercenaries), and DEFY (formerly under Federal Security Bureau). Negev is apart of this crowd and is not only quite proud of this status but also perfectly capable of backing up her claims.
  • With the continued presence of G&K's T-Dolls came the proposition of bringing forth their more elite members. It's something that some of them have secretly pushed for as more and more of their enemies become aware of the threat they pose despite their limitations. These efforts have thus resulted in Negev's ascension. It was rocky at first (someone neglected to tell her about the Pantheon beforehand) but she soon quickly got the swing of things. Probably helped that on the exact day she was brought up a violent incident regarding villagers indoctrinated within the Los Illuminados cult, thugs affiliated with the jingoistic terrorist outfit known as 50 Blessings, and the people caught in the crossfire between the two groups. Negev, having experienced in leadership thanks to being granted such privilages through a module, was able to take hold of the situation. No doubt it was a boost to her mood after finding about the title she would have reign over.
  • Wasn't at all thrilled at the fact that the Paradeus units known as the Isomer have free reign in the Pantheon as deities like herself and the rest of the T-Dolls. Even if Isomer Black wasn't truly affiliated with them and in fact has since tried to distance herself from the organization since her ascension, Negev still sees her and the Isomer collective as dangerous. If she tries to act up in any Negev and her comrades will know about it soon enough.
  • Her clothing is a dead giveaway to Israel's flag if it wasn't obvious enough. If one is still confused about her nationality don't fret: She bears twenty Stars of David on her person. It's practically impossible to miss by that point. Naturally, Negev is no friend to the Pantheon's various anti-Semitic deities be they the many Nazis (both mundane and fantastical) or Eric Cartman and doesn't shy away at assisting Captain America and B.J Blazkowicz should they require a specialist's hand. Walter Sobchak caught wind of her and, remembering what he heard about G&K being betrayed by KCCO to further their own goals through Captain America and B.J. Blazkowicz that one time, assured her that he'll lend her and her comrades a hand against such scum. Negev, clearly recalling Walter's infamy as a psychopathic moron through an incident involving Niko Bellic and his cousin Roman in bowling through Thunder, did not appreciate the offer. As the offer was brought up to one of her Heralds (Micro Uzi) while she was away Negev didn't have time to give a proper say in the matter either.
    Negev: How in the hell did you manage to befriend a human like him, anyways?
    Thunder: Honestly, I have no clue.
  • Besides her arrogance, Negev has also garnered a rather crazy reputation. Not just in how she presents herself, but more so in how she conducts operations. Simply put, she has a bolder take when it comes to leading her team around. Negev pushes her team into some pretty dangerous situations that many would find a death-wish, but not her. She expects her teammates to get the job done in such circumstances because she knows they truly can, even if they themselves don't know that yet. She's that kind of leader, the one who likes to push people past their limits but also not overstep them hence why her fame from back home extends to the House of Leadership as it's not that uncommon of an archetype.
    • When concerning other leaders she looks down on Zapp Brannigan for his idiocy and overall incompetence. Zapp, being the self-deluded ladies man that he is, has hit on her from time to time. Not wanting to even in the same space as him Negev, each and every instance, tells him to piss off and leave her and the rest of her comrades be. By contrast, Negev has a much healthier relationship with Olivier Armstrong and Lin Beifong as she can see where they're coming from than most.
  • Haughty and somewhat cuckoo as she is, there's more to her than just that. Negev is very troubled T-Doll, more-so than anyone even realizes beyond the surface-level quirks. Before being the Combat Specialist she was once a subordinate to a T-Doll named Jericho until the latter's death (along with the rest of their team) during one fateful mission and subsequent Death Amnesia upon being reconstructed. Now granted the position of leader Negev resorted to creating a persona for herself to not only become strong but also cope with Jericho's death. She's well aware that such a thing doesn't help accomplish the former because at the end of the day she's just hiding from her feelings. This event is what serves as the basis for Chapter 7 Night, being a mix between what transpired that fateful day and Negev's reminiscence with a made-up Jericho as she and her team go and retrieve her senior's body, more specifically for the memories still in that body.
  • Ever since Negev charged head-first behind Sangvis Ferri lines through falling for Alchemist's provocations on an open channel during the hunt for ST AR-15 she has been careful to not repeat her mistakes. Such a thing landed her on hot water where she was temporarily relived of her command and placed under supervision. Being cautious around such people who are known to get under others' skin is just step one. First and formost is Simon Keyes who, being the manipulative sociopath that he is, makes it a point to probe for emotional weaknesses and exploit them however was he can. While he is more concerned with living a comfortable life with his father-figure that doesn't necessarily mean he is at all reformed. When it comes to actual enemies there's the technopath Adept, Teseo. While he's more of a troll due to his extensive time on the internet he still finds many ways to tick everyone off (he's a thousand times worse than MDR, if such a thing was even possible), though the real danger still lies with his Septima, Hack the Planet.
  • There was a time where she was stranded in a bunker with T-Dolls Makarov and FNC in the middle of a blizzard after their chopper was shot down by the enemy. It resulted in Negev breaking down in front of the rescue team under the impression she sent Makarov out to die while trying to find help while also having apparently murdered FNC when she became delirious from chocolate withdrawal and mistook her teammate as sweets. In reality, Makarov hid in the ceiling to continue waiting and the "killing blow" administered on FNC was just a light wound at best and only put her to sleep. Meanwhile, her reaction to being punked was recorded by Makarov and put onto a video sharing site around the base. Some important takeaways to consider from this: 1. T-Dolls are kind of basket cases. And 2. She's avoiding those who have drastic command over ice and snow, such as the Flying Wyvern Ukanlos.
  • Her hair is a soft pink but it isn't her natural color, and contrary to popular belief it isn't white or brown. Uniquely enough, Negev's hair is actually supposed to be translucent akin to those of optical fibers. According to Word of Saint Paul, anyways. Still, that's quite the 'do.
  • "Having a specialist like me is more than enough!"

    Valeera Sanguinar 
Valeera Sanguinar, Goddess Of Attack Synergies And Combos (Shadow of the Uncrowned, Miracle Rogue, Mill Rogue, Oil Rogue (or (insert X here) Rogue depending on her mood), Valeera the Hollow)
Valeera the Hollow 
  • Lesser Goddess (Intermediate Goddess as Valeera the Hollow)
  • Symbol: Her twin fel-powered daggers planted near her red hood.
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Someone Considered 'Jailbait' For Elven Standards, The Sneaky Gal, Knife Nut, Chaining Her Attack, Being Appropriately Named After A Type Of Blood While Being A Blood Elf And Wearing Red, Extremely Hot, Being Snappy At Times, Being Known For Playing Cards, Host Of Kathra-nathir, Undying Loyalty.
  • Domain: Names, Stealth, Elves, Personality.
  • Allies:
  • Conflicting Opinion: Kael'thas Sunstrider
  • Rivals: Thrall, Jaina Proudmoore, Malfurion Stormrage, Uther the Lightbringer, Indiana Jones, Jago, Shiro Tagachi
  • Enemies: Gul'dan, Garrosh Hellscream, Arthas Menethil, Lord Jaraxxus, the entire Demons house, Katarina du Couteau.
  • For the most part, combos seems to only be prominent in fighting scenes. This changes with the appearance of Valeera Sanguinar, someone who's more often seen in card battles, but using combos very efficiently like it's a way of life, as is many Rogues in Azeroth. With such unique twist, after much consideration, the Pantheon decided that she's the more proper representation of Combos overall.
    • However, being the sneaky Rogue she is, Valeera instead just snuck and burgled throne from Jago when he's not looking. Understandably, he took offense and a battle broke out... whereas Valeera took Jago by surprise after he overwhelmed her, she unleashed a set of synergized attacks like a combo that would have taken out a majority chunk of a full health Jago out by miracle, but only stopped with Jago's trump card that Valeera could not take because she didn't have that: C-C-C-C-COMBO BREAKER!!. Afterwards, Jago agreed to let one of his thrones go, and they have been rivals since then.
  • Her name was somewhat very appropriate. She's named after an extroverted blood type (Sanguine), her attire is all red like blood, and she's a Blood Elf. And she admits that even if right now she's learned how to be a calm, sultry rogue, she could snap at times (keeping Kathra-nathir at bay is hard work). This was nearly the throne she took, until there was another option.
  • As far as she's concerned, her loyalty is only with the Wrynn family (imagine how secretly joyful she was when Varian actually entered the Pantheon) and her father figure Broll, the rest are pretty much just considered her 'rival' or sorts. Valeera is mostly a lone wolf kind of girl. But if one is declared her friend, her loyalty goes to undying levels so you better treasure that and not betray it. Or else...
  • Most of the people of the Alliance has wondered where in the bloody hell Valeera was after the fall of the Lich King. She's not saying anything, all she said is that "There's this card game in that inn and... long story short, I got addicted."
  • She likes to remind that she's actually several hundreds years old, only to get reminded as well that it's still a 'teenage/child' by elven standards. Surprisingly, this causes her to relate with Artanis, who's also pretty young for Protoss standards. From Artanis, Valeera learns about the Nexus and wondered if one day she could get in as well.
    • When the invitation for her to enter the Nexus battlefield has finally reached to her, a sly smile formed in her face as she prepared her blades to enter into the brawl. Valeera is looking forward in seeing her friend Varian once again and she will enjoy shoving her blades into Gul'dan as much as she wants.
  • Most of her popularity came about during the time she stayed at a certain inn. So, when Valeera entered the Nexus, many people were surprised on her capabilities on the battlefield.
    Valeera: They always underestimate me.
  • Gul'dan is aware that she also participated in one of the moments his student Cho'gall was beaten, not to mention those times Valeera trounced him in card fights (he has his moments of victories, but he tends to forget). He's been plotting for vengeance by trying to increase the remnants of the influence of Kathra-Nathir inside Valeera (so said dreadlord can jump off to her again after being contained by someone else from her), he has one trump card for that: Kathra's friend, Jaraxxus. Valeera herself is pretty undaunted, because she too has a secret weapon to counter that: LEEROOOOOOYYYY JEEEENNKIIINSSS!!!! Yes, apparently Valeera knows some secrets to tame that overly reckless Paladin and make him a lethal surefire weapon.
    • She sometimes call for help on Dr. Boom as well, but it's usually a rare sight.
    • She also gleefully announces that she can burgle from Gul'dan a Sacrificial Pact against Jaraxxus if the situation is needed.
  • If anything, her favorite strategy is to make herself look really weak in the beginning, only to pull off miraclous strikes that kills the enemy in one or two blows. Suckers.
    • Though in that way, she ends up becoming rivals with Indiana Jones, for his tendencies to break weapons while she likes her weapons enchanted nicely, not to mention that he's usually ahead of hers in that combat pragmatism (in fact, one more time he pulls his gun...)
  • She actually has a weird relations when it comes to her former Prince, Kael'thas. One thing, she still couldn't forgive his stint for his people at Tempest Keep and Magister's Terrace (though she did consider Artanis' theory about it), but she pretty much agree that this suffering is caused by that bastard Garithos in the first place. Either way, she's kind of glad that her Prince is 'sane' again.
  • As a Knife Nut combat Rogue, Valeera often butts heads against Katarina du Couteau. Didn't help that they have the same voice. That said, Valeera was quite disgusted at Katarina's blood lust and tendency to enjoy killing because she can and pretty good at it even if she was also pretty patriotic to her country/liege.
  • She apparently has the privilege to summon Anub'arak to do her bidding, but Valeera rarely ever used that privilege. Reasons range from how he doesn't fit in any of her planned combos to how he's a servant of Lich King, the one who caused misery to her whole race to how she thinks 'enslaving' him further would make her no better than the Lich King.
  • A few has seen her resurface in Azeroth, running guild halls for Rogues alike. However, there were times her mood got pissy and she locked herself in the room and just when no one is nearby, she just sobs. This is because she heard the news of one of her true friends Varian... perishing against Gul'dan. When she's done sobbing, Valeera planned that maybe in the next card game and in the Nexus, she'd do more than just beat him... she might even kill him for real.
  • "Here. We. Go." "Watch. Your. Back." (well she always does.)


    Razzil Darkbrew the Alchemist 
Razzil Darkbrew, God of Money Multipliers (Alchemist)


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