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Born July 19, 1975, Reuben Christopher Langdon is an American stunt actor, motion capture actor, voice actor, actor in general and martial artist, primarily based in Los Angeles. His career started back in 1996, where he portrayed Mac Windy/B-Fighter Yanma in B-Fighter Kabuto (the show adapted into Beetleborgs Metallix for American audiences), the 15th entry in the Metal Heroes toku series. Soon afterwards, Langdon would relocate to Hong Kong, where he was lucky enough to work alongside action film greats such as Jackie Chan.

However, it wouldn't be until 2005 that Langdon rose to prominence within the world of voice acting, where he provided both the motion capture and voicework for Dante, the protagonist of the game Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening. You may have heard of it. And the rest, is history.


As such, this makes him one of five voice actors in the series with ties to the Power Rangers franchise. (The other four would be Daniel Southworth—better known to many as Eric Myers, the Quantum Ranger—as Vergil in 3 note ; Johnny Yong BoschAdam Park, the second Black Ranger—as Nero in 4; T.J. Rotolo—the voice of Dark Specter and a stuntman with several bit roles from Lost Galaxy to Wild Force—as Credo in 4; and David de Lautour—RJ, the Jungle Fury Wolf Ranger—as Vergil in DmC.)

A few more fun facts:

  • He and a friend were the ones who pitched to Capcom (and a few other gaming companies) the idea to use English motion capture artists and VAs for various projects, such as the Resident Evil: Outbreak series. (By Langdon's admission, this was sometime in 2002, right after DMC2 had been released.)
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  • He convinced Capcom to rename the Big Bad of DMC3 from Hyne (pronounced "Hai-neh") to Arkham as he protested English-speaking fans would find the name unintentionally funny.
  • He actually had to re-audition for his role as Dante in 4, as Capcom was unsure if he could pull off an older Dante.
  • He, like many of the other voice actors involved with Street Fighter IV, is an avid fan of the series, even going as far as to cite it as his favorite video game series. Langdon (according to interviews) was actually a Ken player back in the day. According to Taliesin Jaffe (the voice of Blanka and Adon, as well as the voice director for IV), he's a good enough player that he's ranked.

Nowadays, it seems that he's been pigeonholed as cocky, if not well-meaning badasses, but those are the roles that his fans deem to be the most appropriate for him.

He is the co-founder, producer, and action director of his own motion capture company, Just Cause Productions note , and is also a member of the California martial arts stunt group ZeroGravity. You might have seen him performing stunts in productions such as The Medallion, Spider-Man 2, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, Avatar, and Scott Pilgrim vs. The World; his resume as a stunt coordinator/performance capture actor reaches far beyond that. As he lived in Japan for five years, Langdon is fluent in Japanese and knows some basic Mandarin Chinese and Cantonese as well. He's been featured in several Japanese commercials, including a famous and widely popular series of Mentos commercials (a fact that Dan Southworth has ribbed on him for at least once before in the past).

Around 2018, Langdon married Japanese expressionism artist Sui Yumeshima, news he only publicly revealed during the introduction of Devil May Cry 5 at Capcom's panel for the Tokyo Games Show that year, in which she attended while cosplaying as Lady (something that Hideaki Itsuno himself lampshaded to the audience and fans joyfully noted). Congratulations!

Notable roles by Reuben Langdon: