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Greater Gods

    The Dealer 
"Ah, one more for the game. Come, sit. You've passed the gates of the House of Gaming and the Hall of Gaming Genres. And you come to my temple to play the Game of Life and Death. Well, not that death means much in the Trope Pantheons. Regardless, your stake is wagered. I refuse none who come here. Yet, I say, "Turn back"."

The Dealer, God of Deckbuilding Games
  • Greater God (briefly demoted to Intermediate God levels after his first defeat)
  • Symbol: His deck, or a throng of cards floating around himself
  • Theme Song: Welcome To The Game, Hand of Fate, or Deal of the Millennia
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguously Human, Big Bad In The First Game And Big Good In The Sequel, Game Master, Ambiguous Fourth Wall Breaking, Takes His Game of Life And Death Seriously, The Snark Knight, Time Abyss, Smug Snake, Nicer In The Sequel, Video Games and Fate, Graceful Loser, You Kill It, You Bought It (Maybe), Stealth Mentor, Sixth Ranger for the Second Player
  • Domains: Life and Death, Cards, Decks, Fate
  • Herald: The second Player (possible successor)
  • Followers: Dominion monarchs, the Reigns king, the realms of Vigil, Cerberus Engine Games
  • Allies: Harth Stonebrew
  • Enemies: All purgers of magic, Amon
  • Respected by: Yahtzee
  • When it comes to deckbuilding games, there are certainly better examples than Hand of Fate. Alas, one of the other prerequisites to earn a spot in the Pantheon is distinct character, and the search for a deity to represent the genre led to the Court nominating the Dealer after the end of the second game whether he managed to reinstate himself, or if he allowed the second Player to take the mantle. Intrigued with what the Pantheon has to offer, the Dealer accepted the invitation.
  • The Dealer is a mysterious individual. He hosts the Game of Life and Death in his temple, where adventurers who face him must re-live encounters from their past, and fight the deadliest monsters in his service, though they're usually comprised of bandits, skeletons, giant rats, and lizard folk (though that's only in his first game). The deck-building part comes from the equipment and encounter cards (and in the sequel, a companion and starting supplies) one may put in their deck before each game, all earned after earning tokens from the Dealer for meeting certain conditions. It's a pretty long game to play, though the reward (since wagering his position is not advisable or even possible here, he's had to create one such system) can be worth it.
    • In account of how the Pantheon works, though, he had to revise his game (though not a complete overhaul, thankfully), balance the "mechanics", and has allowed for three variants.
      • First is the "vanilla" variant that his first Player Kallas played against him, complete with Wildcard "DLC" where one can choose different adventurers with varying pros and cons.
      • Second is the "vanilla" variant that his second Player played with different mechanics and rules. Several complaints on the "The Lovers" Escort Mission however forced him to "Nerf" the difficulty, making it a little more manageable. He's also had to balance the game some more after complaints of most of the stages (especially the dice) being all but Luck Based Missions with skill being a non-factor, as well as a better "search system" for his encounter cards.
      • The third variant is based on the player's own life and has appropriated encounter and equipment (and companion) cards, though the richness of their adventure/life story determines the difficulty, play length, and final reward (e.g. someone like Geralt or Shepard would have more to experience than someone like Red or Oboromaru), and it can mainly be a version of either of the first two variants. As his game has a lot of combat, he turns down pacifists from playing this variant, which he otherwise recommends the most to everybody who visits.
      • Additionally, he's been offered means to "save" whatever progress his (now many) players have made, so that there'll be little hassle for changing up between players' progress. Also, since there's only one of him and he's shown no ability to multiply himself, only one player can play at a time.
  • Given his world fell under a threat to outlaw all magic (though they turned a blind eye for one day of the year) and purge magical species by the first Player Kallas (except hired necromancers), the Dealer loathes those who go to such extents.
    • The purge Kallas mandated had also driven the ratmen to near-extinction, while the lizardmen were completely wiped out, though dwarves and gnomes were spared from persecution for some reason, mainly because the former were simply too boring and the reasons regarding the latter are unknown.
  • The dealer isn't a very social person, and prefers traveling alone, but he will go with others if he has to.
    • When he does travel long distances sometimes (if it's not within walking distance), it's usually in a caravan big enough for a player to play his game with him. It's also warded with spells that prevent it from drawing attention from raiders.
    • One of the few he has repsect for is Harth Stonebrew, who also hosts a deckbuilding game like him, but also has this weird charismatic charm (or perhaps threat of power) that allows a lot of really evil people to behave in his tavern. This includes the likes of Garrosh, Guldan, Jaraxxus, Ragnaros, and so on. On rare evenings, the Dealer even visits the inn for a drink and maybe even a game or two.
  • In regards to the Dealer's power outside the table, assuming what Kallas has performed as the holder of the Game of Life and Death can be done by him too, he can summon a squadron of Mooks from the Monster cards he's crafted thus far (Dust [bandits], Skulls [skeletons], Plague [ratmen], Scales [lizardmen], Steel [imperials], Frost [northern barbarians], another Plague [Corrupted], and Greed [thieves]), launch an orb of light for damage, conjure a barrier of magic, create searing lines on any surface, set off small magical explosions anywhere within his vision, and presumably equip himself or others with weapons from his cards. There can potentially be more.
  • Having experienced the Corrupted, and having been afflicted with it for a time, he has particular disdain for zombie plagues, especially if they're from the land rather than a mere virus with a Patient Zero.
  • For some reason, there are those who compare the Dealer to the Merchant in appearance and attitude. The Dealer for his part doesn't see how that is so.
  • Despite its many flaws, Yahtzee likes the Dealer's game, at least the second variant. The Dealer doesn't like being called an "ugly nun" though.
  • Has respect for few rules (aside from those that make his game), and among them is to treat with respect those who feed you.
  • Has contempt for nobles who expect heroes to rescue them when overwhelmed.
  • Has little love for assassins (and less for "criminal guilds"note ), even the Brotherhood led by Ezio Auditore. That said, he admits they're useful in what they do.
  • Has contempt for fortunetellers, especially after he's needed to pose as one before to earn some coin.
  • Has met spirits, gods, and even his world's death, and has no respect for any of them. He still doesn't now, and himself being a god now doesn't help either.
  • Has never set to sea, preferring the land.

Intermediate Gods

    Banjo and Kazooie 
Banjo and Kazooie, Deities of Collection Marathon Platformers (Laid-Back Animals)
  • Intermediate Deities
  • Symbol: A Jiggy
  • Theme Music: Banjo-Kazooie Main Title, Spiral Mountain
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Banjo), Chaotic Neutral (Kazooie)
  • Portfolio: Vitriolic Best Buds, Adventure Duo, Platonic Life-Partners
  • Domains: Collection, Platforming, Duos
  • Heralds: Mumbo Jumbo the Shaman, Bottles the Short-Sighted Mole, Humba Wumba
  • High Priests: Yooka and Laylee
  • Allies: Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Conker the Squirrel (leaning a bit towards Vitriolic Best Buds), Maxwell, JonTron, Wander, Sylvia
  • Friendly Rivalry: Gomez
  • Enemies: Lord Hater & Commander Peepers, Wicked Witch of the West, King K. Rool, Galeem and Dharkon
  • Unsure of: Naughty Bear
  • The easygoing Banjo the Bear and his feisty feathered friend Kazooie live in scenic Spiral Mountain...which just so happens to be close to the lair of their arch-enemy, Gruntilda Winkybunion. They have come into conflict a number of times; the first involved Banjo's sister getting kidnapped and needing to be rescued by Banjo. Afterwards, Grunty set out for revenge against Banjo-Kazooie, no matter what it took. Banjo and Kazooie's journey was more than just getting to that witch and beating her; it involved collecting a ton of stuff along the way, be it puzzle pieces, musical notes, or cute creatures in an conundrum. More often than not, it was necessary for the bear and the bird to collect these things to make progress.
  • One day at Spiral Mountain, Banjo was relaxing when he got a letter from an unknown subject, telling him and Kazooie to collect a bunch of items in order to access an enticing destination. Banjo and Kazooie went along with what the letter said, collecting items until they reach what appeared to be an incomplete picture. After the picture was filled in courtesy of the puzzle pieces they collected, a once-inaccessible location was opened up to them and Banjo and Kazooie entered it.
    • Upon entering, they found themselves in a very unfamiliar place and were greeted by an eccentric figure who told them that they were in the Pantheon. Banjo and Kazooie were told that since much of their adventures revolved around collecting a bunch of stuff, they were viable for a Pantheon spot, with them allowing to have Spiral Mountain (with Banjo's home and all) as their temple. Banjo and Kazooie accepted it even though they didn't quite understand what was happening (Banjo moreso).
  • For the most part, the two are often together, though there have been a few instances where they voluntarily separated themselves from each other in order to accomplish an objective with abilities that are unique to each other. That said, they prefer being with each other in their adventures.
  • While they are usually seen traveling on foot, they have used vehicles before. Banjo participated in a racing adventure with Diddy Kong and some others and the bear even set up a piloting competition once (he and Kazooie got separate planes). Thanks to a mysterious higher power, the duo had an adventure involving vehicle construction that was quite different from their normal adventures. While some such as Jontron did not like it to say the least, it didn't stop Banjo and Kazooie from bringing one of their vehicles to a racing contest held by Sonic and his associates.
  • Both didn't expect to see Conker again given how they (or rather, just Banjo and Conker) originally met during Diddy's racing adventure and went their separate ways after that. Banjo was very surprised upon finding out what Conker had become after Diddy's racing quest, though Conker just told him that he's better off not asking about the period between the racing and his bad fur day (all Conker could say after repeated asking was that one birthday was nowhere near as hellish as what would come later). Regardless, both keep in touch every now and then, especially through the occasional races that Diddy holds in his free time. Banjo wishes that Conker didn't crash so often during these races as a result of bad habits, but Kazooie has called out Conker a lot on that, much to the squirrel's irritation.
    • After witnessing one too many crashes caused by a drunk Conker, Banjo felt that maybe they should do something a bit different. The squirrel found his way too a garage where the duo was at, wondering exactly why he was even there to begin with. Upon opening the door, Conker witnessed bear and bird completing work on a couple of vehicles to be used for something that didn't involve racing. He remarked that he didn't expect the two to be skilled vehicle makers the same way Banjo and Kazooie didn't expect Conker to become a greedy drunkard. Banjo took the vehicles outside and he and Kazooie went in one of them while Conker stepped into the other. It took a bit of time for him to get used to it, but Conker didn't mind Banjo's side gig that much, though crashes of his own doing still tend to happen. Bear and bird still prefer that Conker doesn't act wasted before going behind the wheel of anything.
  • The duo has formed a friendship with Maxwell, since collecting items is a crucial part of their adventures. Maxwell sometimes gives Banjo and Kazooie what they need, and they sometimes find Starites for him. Other times if not much is happening, they like to play around with the things that Maxwell summons or the vehicles that Banjo and Kazooie designed.
  • Under the right circumstances, it is possible for Kazooie to transform into a dragon. It might sound strange at first, but keep in mind that there also exists magic that allows Banjo to turn into a truck. It isn't possible for Banjo to transform into any of the vehicles he designed though.
  • Lord Hater reminds them a WHOLE lot of Gruntilda (and in turn, Lord Hater finds to duo to be very reminiscent of Wander & Sylvia, another easygoing male and free-spirited female duo), and as such, they keep a sharp eye out for them and make sure they have a Jinjonator on standby should things go awry.
    • Wander and Sylvia did meet Banjo and Kazooie when Hater summoned an army of his Watchdog mooks to try and stop the former duo. Unfortunately for Hater and Peepers, the latter duo just happened to be nearby when the mooks attacked. With Banjo and Kazooie's help, the Watchdogs got beaten and Wander and Sylvia decided to get to know bear and bird better. Both pairs were intrigued by the other and what they can do and have offered to help each other whenever such a chance comes around.
  • Time travel ended up being involved in one of the duo's conflicts with Grunty as the latter attempted such a thing in order to defeat bear and bird. Banjo and Kazooie aren't ones who would actively travel through time, but they are wary of evil time travelers because of what happened. Those kinds of evildoers don't really care about or acknowledge the duo to a serious degree, but the heroic time travelers are willing to lend Banjo and Kazooie some help if the duo ends up getting affected by the villains' messing with time.
  • Banjo and Kazooie are not fond of the Wicked Witch of the West, especially in regards to her being an ugly evil green-skinned witch like Grunty (though Grunty did become other things such as a skeleton at certain points). That and both witches made threats against someone their enemies cared about more than once (with Grunty being far less subtle about it).
  • Naughty Bear, while looking for a couple of troublemakers that mocked him, ended up encountering them by chance when the duo was completing a task for someone else. While Banjo and Kazooie are aware that Naughty Bear is not really antagonistic by any measure, his extreme methods (well, extreme as far as teddy bears go) for dealing with trouble has left Banjo disturbed and Kazooie just slightly agitated. Revenge was actually something that Banjo and Kazooie are aware of thanks to Grunty "killing" their friend Bottles; it's just that they don't want this to take over their lives in contrast to Naughty Bear who ended up more than caught up in it.
  • At one point, they decided to try and participate in a racing competition with a few other deities that are reasonably fast (but not too fast). The two joined via Kazooie wearing her Turbo Trainers and Banjo looking behind. They had a bit of trouble against some of the better racers during that time. If anything, they consider the competition to be a bit easier than racing Canary Mary.
  • Quizzes are something that Banjo and Kazooie are familiar with thanks to having to go through such a thing twice in order to reach Grunty. Mettaton heard about it and decided to set up a quiz-related competition in the House of Theater, with the duo and a couple of other deities as the contestants for the first episode of such. Like Bear & Bird's quizzes, it involved a board and getting the wrong answers while trying to reach the exit would lead to trouble. Banjo and Kazooie, along with one of the other competitors, were able to reach the exit, if only because the questions for that particular run aren't as difficult compared to later ones.
  • It took some time and effort, but Banjo and Kazooie were able to meet up with Donkey Kong and Diddy and ask about some of the adventures the two went on. When asked about collectible items, DK mentioned that there were plenty throughout their quests, though it took a while for DK and Diddy (and their friends) to get everything during one of their fights against K. Rool. DK also told Banjo and Kazooie that the two are more than welcome to help the him, Diddy, and their friends whenever possible, including potentially providing assistance in their fight against K. Rool (whom Kazooie noted had multiple schemes that simply amounted to "defeat the Kongs by any means necessary"; kind of like how Gruntilda had a similar M.O.; only Grunty targets bear and bird instead of apes).
  • Many of their followers have been clamoring for the pair to appear in one of the Smash tournaments for years, which plentiful saw as difficult to happen after their series became property of Microsoft. However, to the joy of many, the pair was invited to participate on the fifth tournament, and the first thing the pair did was to go to Donkey Kong and Diddy Kong's temple (with King K. Rool happening to be there during a temporary truce) to see their once fellow Rareware friends once more, and the Kongs proceeded to instantly celebrate their inclusion. Even K. Rool joined the celebration, having gone through similar difficulties as his Rareware brethren.

    The Classic Team 
The Classic Team, Patron Saints of Character FPS Games (Team Fortress Classic, Scout: Greg, Soldier: Ross, Pyro: Beatrice, Demoman: Greg, Heavy: Chevy, Engineer: Fred Conagher, Sniper: Virgil)
The Team in Classic (from left to right): the Spy, Scout, Pyro, Sniper, Soldier, Medic, Heavy Weapons Guy, Engineer, and Demoman.
The Team under the Mann brothers' employ (from left to right, top to bottom): the Sniper, Spy, Medic, Heavy, Scout, Demoman, Soldier, Engineer, and Pyro. 
The Team 40 years after, sans Medic (from left to right): the Scout, Demoman, Engineer, Sniper, Pyro, Soldier, and Spy. 
The Heavy 40 years after 

    Cyrus (Wizorb) 
Cyrus, God of "Block Kuzushi" Games
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His wand
  • Theme Song: Cyrus's Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, but can fall to Neutral Evil in a different ending
  • Portfolio: Breaking Out, Becoming A Hyper-Destructive Bouncing Ball, Mana Pool For Casting Spells, Fireball Spell, Alter Spell, Control Spell, Can Speak to Dogs
  • Domains: Magic, Wands, Blocks
  • High Priests: The Breakout paddle, the Vaus
  • Followers: the Shatter bat, the prince and princess in Bad Omen as well as their blue sphere, Mr. Chin and Marcus
  • Allies: Sackboy, all other benevolent wizards in the Pantheon
  • Enemies: All evil possessors, demons, skeletal beings, and other kinds of monsters
  • Avoided by: The Kid
  • Pities: Ice King
  • Finding a representative for Breaking Out was a hard task, given that there's barely a plot that can be feasibly made with such a game type. The Trope Maker and Trope Codifier were a simple paddle and an Escape Pod/scout ship respectively, so choosing them won't be feasible. Then came Cyrus, a wizard who has mastered a secret magic art called Wizorb. After demonstrating his abilities to the Court of the Gods after they called for him, they decided to ascend him.
    • His "temple" is a bit of a mishmash given his followers and the trope he represents. Paddles and balls unaffected by gravity are abundant, there're services that provide him with his power-ups and magic, and aside from himself, there are only four humans who "follow" him.
  • Cyrus is often traveling, looking for places that need aid, and going adventuring to earn cash to pay for repair jobs to get them back on their feet. For inexplicable reasons, due to his title, any area he goes to that has monsters or is otherwise a place for adventurers to go becomes a rectangular area with destructible square shapes (crates, hedges, stones), indestructible blocks, and a few treasure chests. These (save the indestructible blocks) all need to be cleared before he can proceed. Also, he turns (or encases?) himself into the titular Wizorb to break them (and beat up monsters), relying on his wand to bounce him back and forth.
    • While he certainly has the skills to handle these on his own, he's come to appreciate other adventurers he comes across in the Pantheon whenever they join him, who allow him to clear the "stages" faster by destroying blocks, conjuring barriers or using their shields/weapons for his Wizorb to bounce off of, or even manipulate the Wizorb itself (its properties don't allow for physical contact) directly or indirectly (like winds, water, the ground, etc.). There's also a certain charm in having an aged wizard like him in their party.
      • One exception is the Kid, who's had bad experiences in his kind of environment. Even if the fields Cyrus is involved in are of a different two dimensions, being a One-Hit-Point Wonder with a peashooter doesn't do him any favors.
    • As such, a lot of his earnings go to helping the House of Craft, since the House itself is constantly being rebuilt.
      • One such repair job he's accepted to pay for is for the Think Tank after some experiments or after said facilities moved on their own. The first time they requested help which he provided funding for was in the aftermath of Null Sector's siege on the Big MT after Dr. 0 dismantled a couple of their members.
      • Among friends he's made in the House of Craft is Sackboy, who sometimes has levels that fit perfectly for Cyrus to practice his art.
  • His art of Wizorb is a point of interest for other spellcasters in the Pantheon, though only as a novelty since many find it somewhat impractical. That said, Cyrus does have other spells in his arsenal, so it's not like Wizorb is all he can do.
  • Having fought the skeletal Demon King in his adventure, Cyrus has a dim opinion on demons, skeletal beings, and those who practice possession magic. The fact that there're houses dedicated to the first two ticks him off quite a bit.
  • Is averse to crowns or any other kinds of treasure for sale ever since the House of Prophecy showed a path he could've taken had he bought it; he would've turned to the dark side out of greed. In fact, he may collect all the money he wants, but he'll never purchase any personal treasures; most of his money goes to building repairs (and maybe renovations, too).
    • Having befallen a crown-related problem, he pities the Ice King's own situation given what it's done to the identity known as Simon Petrikov.
  • Wants nothing to do with the other Cyrus in the Pantheon. His plot makes him far worse than the Demon King. Though Hareta redeeming him is starting to color his opinion of the Team Galactic leader a bit differently.
  • Has a soft spot for children, given he's had to rescue the Four Sacred Children of Tarot Village.

    General Fletcher 
General Fletcher, Celestial AI of Tower Defense
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Defense Grid icon
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Big Good, Brain Uploading, Cloudcuckoolander, Exposition Fairy, Shell-Shocked Veteran, Loves Raspberries, Nice, Optimistic and Lively Until Angered
  • Domains: Defense, Towers, Artificial Intelligence
  • Allies: The Machine, Dell Conagher, Good-aligned Defenders of the Ancients, XCOM, Gordon Freeman, Raiden, Captain Qwark, Agents K and J
  • Enemies: GLaDOS, SHODAN, Ex, The Dalek Emperor, the Combine, Headcrabs, Frieza, Boros, Dr. Wallace Breen
  • Opposes: Rotom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: GLaDOS
  • After a few too many incidents of alien invasions and space pirates, the Main House decided that enough was enough and looked for ways to at least make them less of an annoyance to deal with. They found their answer in the form of the Defense Grid, a planetary defense system meant to repel alien invasions with a variety of towers. Coming along with the Grid was General Fletcher, an AI with quite a cheerful personality.
    • A thousand years ago, General Fletcher beat back the attacking aliens using the Defense Grid. After the war, Fletcher's brain was uploaded into the planetary defense grid in case the aliens ever returned. Which they did. Now helping out the player character, they both fight to re-awaken the grid and save humanity from the aliens with the use of towers.
    • The Defense Grid has access to a variety of towers, such as Gun Towers, Inferno Towers, Laser Towers, Temporal Towers, Missile Towers, Tesla Towers, Command Towers and some more. If that isn't enough, it also has access to orbital bombardment satellites just to make sure that the invaders dies.
    • As the AI in charge of the grid, Fletcher also serves as a helper to deities who wants to try Tower Defense themselves. He will take care of the boring parts of the job (salvaging and gathering resources) while they place, upgrade and sell towers.
  • Shows up in the Field of the Ancients as an announcer, commentating on what happens in the battles. The heroes reportedly likes to hear him cheer them on.
  • Once he and his friend got tied up in GLaDOS' tests, with Fletcher unable to help the player out until he got out to save his friend from an unwinnable situation, to which GLaDOS retaliated by opening a portal to the aliens. With cunning and trickery however, General Fletcher tricked the hostile AI and managed to shut her down for good. GLaDOS is still unhappy about that.
    • When he learned that the headcrabs exists in the same universe as GLaDOS, he started to come up with ideas as to how to deal with them just in case she would attempt to get her revenge by using headcrabs. General Fletcher didn't hesitate to ask Gordon Freeman for guidance in this regard.
    • Through the Pantheon, Fletcher was horrified to learn about SHODAN and her actions. His thoughts on SHODAN? "She (GLaDOS) was frustrating enough to deal with, but she makes her look tolerable by comparison!"
  • Gets along with The Machine for being a fellow benevolent AI. General Fletcher himself laments that friendly A.I.s are a rarity these days.
  • Once upon a time Rotom got loose in the Defense Grid, causing a massive amount of havoc on Fletcher's end. Ever since that, General Fletcher has made sure to improve the security system so that Rotom will be less likely to create chaos.
  • With Dell Conagher able to build strong turrets and General Fletcher able to set up good defenses, it wasn't a surprise that they got reasonably well along. The AI has been warned by the engineer to not trust The Spy.
  • Because of his experience with defense, he has been assigned to take care of the Pantheon's Treasury alongside GLaDOS and The Machine. While he's happy to be working together with The Machine, he's not so pleased about the GLaDOS part.
  • Has developed a working partnership with XCOM over their shared interest in thwarting alien invasions.
  • He is in direct opposition against every alien deity who frequently invades Earth and other planets, such as the Dalek Emperor, Combine and Boros. He's not fond of headcrabs either, since they tend to be used for invasions as well. Note that he is fine with benevolent aliens.
    • He's also not fond of Dr. Breen for surrendering Earth to the Combine, even if Breen was well-intentioned about it.
  • Fletcher's voice reminds Raiden of Doktor. Along with Raiden being a cyborg (close enough to Brain Uploading), there's some good reasons why they like each other's company.

Madotsuki, Goddess of Explorer Horror
  • Intermediate Goddess potentially Overdeity if she were to wake up and in her Evil form
  • Symbol: Her shirt pattern
  • Theme Songs: Yume Nikki's Title Screen Theme or the Save Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral, with some hints of Evil
  • Portfolio: Eyes Always Shut, Desensitized to Horror, Never says a Word, Hikikomori, Unknown Age
  • Domains: Dreams, Surrealism, Horror, Knives
  • Heralds: Sabitsuki, Usotsuki, Chie, Me, etc.
  • Allies: Frisk, Ness, Kirby, Sayori (DDLC), Sumireko, The Wind Fish, Steven Universe
  • Enemies: Giygas, Monika, Freddy Krueger, Atropos, Ruvik, Mara, Hypno, Vaermina
  • Tolerates: Haruto Tsukishiro, Soldier #25954, The Inception Crew, NiGHTS, SCP-990, Azathoth
  • Opposes: Darkrai, Ysera, Sigmund Freud
  • Opposed by: Sans
  • A mysterious young girl who spends most of her time dreaming. That's not to say that she's unconscious, however, given that the Pantheon itself appears to be her dream at the moment. She is a silent individual, with no clear goal whatsoever. She is usually seen exploring the surroundings without interacting much with anyone, although she has no qualms about stabbing anyone who gets in her way or, sometimes, on a whim.
  • Her personal dream world is known to be a dark and strange place, often featuring surrealistic landscape (even more than most of the house of Dreams), gore and sometimes downright Freudian imagery. Despite this, it seems to be where she is the most at ease, and certain deities have found certain places in the dream world to be relaxing indeed.
    • Several deities have shown interest in the more dark side of her dreams, including the House of Slaughter visiting the Eyeball World and Freud visiting places such as the Numbers World or the Infinite Road. Madotsuki usually reacts violently to anyone entering her domain without her permission, including well-meaning entities. This puts her at odds against most deities capable of manipulating dreams.
  • Seems to dislike Monika, due to her using her powers to force her own friends to suicide, something she has almost experienced in the past. On the other hand, she seems to sympathize with Sayori, even if the latter finds the little girl to be a bit off-putting.
  • Due to their similar origins and status as Heroic Mimes, she is often seen with Ness and Frisk. Notably, she opposes Giygas alongside Ness, due to the abomination reminding her of a certain trauma hidden deep within her dream. While Frisk generally appreciates her, they are worried about her tendencies of stabbing monsters on a whim and thus try to keep her away from their friends from the Underground.
    • Flowey has taken interest in the girl, due to her similarity with Chara. However, Madotsuki ignores him at best, if not outright attempts to murder him.
    • For the same reasons, Sans is very wary of her, especially when she is around other monsters.
  • Steven projected into her dreams by accident, and upon bumping in to her, immediately apologized for walking into her dreams without her permission. Surprisingly, she accepted it, and the two ended up becoming friends. When Steven's asleep, they like to race each other on occasion, Steven using his rocket shoes and Madotsuki using her fast-travel effects.
  • Madotsuki is extremely protective of her dream journal. Not only does it keeps all of her memories of her dream, but last time it was destroyed, she went on a rampage and almost destroyed the entire dream world. Needless to say that she doesn’t want it to happen again.
  • She seems to tolerate the presence of other dream-walkers in her own dreams, such as Haruto Tsukishiro and Agent # 25954, as long as they don’t interfere too much with her own dreams.
    • Due to both being isolationist individuals who escaped reality through their dreams, she seems to respect Sumireko quite a lot, with them even visiting each other’s dreams (which is Gensokyo for Sumireko) on occasion. Yukari is keeping an eye out for both, given their frequent travels through the barrier.
    • She absolutely hates Freddy, due to his habit of invading her dreams and attacking her in them. However, Madotsuki is not as vulnerable as most of the killer's victims, so these encounters often end up as a brawl between the two.
  • Madotsuki finds Kirby to be absolutely adorable, despite not expressing it so clearly. She allows him in her Dream World from times to time, where he will usually copy the ability of a few denizens to match Madotsuki's effects.
  • Will react extremely violently against anyone with a history of rape or anyone wielding strong sexual imagery, for some unknown reasons. Thus, she tends to avoid the House of Love, particularly the Subhouse of Lust.
  • As Madotsuki was dreaming herself into this world, and due to her Dream World now being connected to the Pantheon, it is believed among many deities that Madotsuki waking up could cause the temporary destruction of the universe. Parallels have been drawn between the girl, the Blind Idiot and the Wind Fish. Precautions have thus been taken to ensure that nothing would cause her to wake up, whether willingly or not.
    • Her status has drawn the attention of the GUAD as a potential tool for the destruction of the world and of the Magical Girl Sisterhood as a potential new member, on top of keeping her in check. Madotsuki hasn’t shown any desire to join either group, however.
    • She has actually been seen in company of Azathoth quite often. No one knows how she manages to keep her sanity intact in its presence, although some theorize that she simply can’t see it due to having her eyes shut all the time. She also seems to be on good terms with the Wind Fish, due to facing her own nightmares in her dreams. Although unlike him, Madotsuki would rather stay in her dreams than wake up, so being trapped in her own dreams wouldn’t have bothered her as much.
  • By taking advantage of the fact that she is constantly dreaming, Hypno once attempted to eat her dreams. Not only did they taste awfully bitter, but Madotsuki, being still conscious, retliated immediately. The two still cannot stay in each other's presence for long to this day.
  • Can also be found in Fearsome Archetypes.

Lesser Gods

    Bill Rizer and Lance Bean 
Bill Rizer and Lance Bean, Co-Gods of Run-and-Gun Games (Bill: "Mad Dog", Sgt. Bill 'Mad Dog' Ko, Jimbo, Bill Gryzor, Mystery G? | Lance: "Scorpion", Corporal Lance 'Scorpion', Sully, Lance Gryzor, Enemy Commander of the Blood Falcon)
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    Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, and Leon Kennedy 
Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield and Leon Scott Kennedy, Divine Triumvirate of Survival Horror (Chris: The B.S.A.A.'s Golden Boy [by Leon], Commander Redfield [by Captain America], Captain Redfield, Boulder Punching Asshole | Claire: The Goddess of Destruction | Leon: Rookie [by Jack Krauser])
Left to Right: Chris Redfield, Claire Redfield, Leon Kennedy

    Devil (Devil World
Devil, Overseer of Maze Games
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His bat form
  • Theme: Devil World medley
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Endless Game, Mascot Villain, No Name Given
  • Domains: Demons, Mazes
  • Allies: The Cacodemons, The Devil (Cuphead)
  • Rival: Jareth
  • Enemies: Pac-Man, George & Karl
  • Opposed by: Asterion
  • As the ruler of Devil World, it is this Devil’s job to make sure that no one gets out of his labyrinth alive. Watching from up above as Tamagon, his apparent nemesis, navigates Devil World to weaken the Devil, this demon commands his minions to shift the maze around in an attempt to squash Tamagon flat. Should Tamagon successfully find a way to weaken Devil’s power, the Devil will just retreat into another section of Devil World and repeat the process until Tamagon is defeated.
  • One day, a hastily made sign was posted near a dark fog that read “Beware the Devil World”. Despite the fears of one member of a four-person party about what that “Devil World” is, the member ended up getting pulled by the rest of that ensemble to discover what lies ahead. Among the things that the group found was a bunch of glowing dots, some bibles, and floor ice cream. At some point, a loud scream was heard and one member of the group was squashed flat. Soon, another member got caught between the walls and eventually, the worrywart survivor had to race to escape the maze. A blue devil was looking over the maze, witnessing the one survivor escape the labyrinth to warn others about “Devil World” and looking forward to trapping others inside.
  • If there is one entity that this Devil truly despises, it would be Pac-Man. That yellow muncher has had plenty of experience navigating mazes to collect tiny dots and when Pac-Man ended up in that Devil’s labyrinth, the demon grew increasingly frustrated with Pac-Man’s skill and flew out of Pac-Man’s sight once he got the chance. While Pac-Man does see the ghosts that pursue them as sort-of frenemies, he finds that Devil to be a problem, especially seeing as how the latter wants to kill people that oppose him inside his mazes. That Devil has since taken to seeking a maze in his world that even Pac-Man would have trouble navigating through.
  • Whenever he isn’t busy ruling over Devil World and attempting to make the lives of any trespassers miserable, he’ll sometimes take on the role as a summonable Assist Trophy in the Smash tournaments. Rather than try to attack anyone directly, he’ll move the blast zones of the stage the fighters are on in a specific direction, though it’s not clear if his minions have any involvement in moving the stage blast zones. If anything, this Devil would find it much more interesting if the Smash fighters were in his domain so that way, he can have more free reign in messing with the blast zones, though some are concerned about having another Devil spawn from the Assist Trophy and change around the already messed-up movement of Devil World.
  • As he later found out, this Devil wasn’t the only one ruling over a labyrinth. Jareth the Goblin King had his own labyrinth that he ruled over, one that was much more vast and varied than Devil World. Jareth was surprised to learn of someone with a similar rule over mazes and had a meeting with this Devil. He then found out that this Devil had little motivation besides trying to kill anyone that threatened to find him as opposed to Jareth challenging someone who he would eventually become attracted to to find their way throughout the maze. It didn’t take long for a nasty rivalry between the two to take place over who is better at ruling over their respective domains.
  • While looking for additional entities that can be useful in making Devil World much more dangerous than it already is, this Devil learned about Asterion, a minotaur that resided in a maze and has an appetite for human flesh. A creature with that kind of power was something this Devil was interested in roaming around his labyrinth in addition to the moving walls, but his attempt to get Asterion in Devil World has ended in failure, as The Minotaur saw Devil World as no different from his own labyrinth that he was imprisoned in. Since trying to get The Minotaur in Devil World ended up being a lost cause in several ways, this Devil has since looked for other devious creatures to roam his labyrinth to frighten intruders that set foot on this Devil’s domain.
  • Compared to the many other demons in the Pantheon, this Devil would rather not get himself involved in direct conflict. There have been a number of other evil demons that this Devil learned about and he has considered trying to get them at least, roam parts of his domain on occasion in addition to him trying to move the walls to kill intruders. Most of the lower-level demons such as the Cacodemon have taken up this Devil’s offer, with parts of Devil World having a few Cacodemons to make things harder for those trying to explore it. This Devil would like to have some stronger demons roam his world to make things harder for intruders, though most of his efforts to recruit them haven’t gone anywhere.
    • Arguably the closest thing he has towards an alliance with a stronger demon was The Devil of Inkwell Isles, who heard about what Devil World and how potent a sprawling labyrinth could be for collecting souls. Suspecting that people would try and wager to see how many areas of Devil World they can get through, The Devil of Inkwell Isles set up an alliance with The Devil of Devil World and made a contract where if someone makes a bet about getting through parts of Devil World and fail to complete it, that soul will end up in the hands of The Devil of Inkwell Isles. The Devil of Devil World agreed to those terms and it has since motivated him to try and be more dangerous in the hopes of getting on good graces with The Devil of Inkwell Isles.
  • Given how vast Devil World is and the possibility that there may be some forgotten treasure hidden inside, some adventurers have taken to exploring this Devil’s labyrinth in the hopes of discovering something worthwhile. He is often annoyed at these regular intruders, mainly for trying to seize something from his domain and for regularly surviving his labyrinths. Finn and Jake, who have previously explored a labyrinth that pushed Jake’s stretching abilities to the limit, explored Devil World and were convinced that something is hiding there. While some hidden treasures have been taken from Devil World, no one has been able to catch the Devil, who has been able to hide himself from others no matter how skilled they are at completing his mazes.
  • One of his favorite targets to torment inside his labyrinth are those who have a poor sense of direction, mainly because they have a greater lack of awareness as to where they’re at and the moving walls that dominate his domain. Celica A. Mercury and the adventuring duo of George and Karl have often ended up in Devil World as a result of now knowing where they’re going (and the duo thinking that there was something to be found in Devil World the first time they heard of it). Both Celica and the duo have made it out of Devil World alive every time they wound up there, with George and Karl vowing to slay the demon responsible for making Devil World what it is.

    Fancy Pants Man 
Fancy Pants Man, God of Web Games
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His fancy orange pants
  • Theme Song: World 1 Ground Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Iconic Pants, Spiky Anime Hair, Nice Guy, Heroic Mime, Martial Pacifist, Badass Adorable, Master Parkour Runner, Ideal Hero, The Ace, Loves Ice Cream, Being A Stick Figure, Humble But Not Soft Hero, Incorruptible Pure Pureness, Big Brother Instinct, Muscles Are Meaningless, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, The Stoic, Winged Soul Flies Off at Death
  • Domains: Web Games, Fanciness, Pants, Platformers, Abode Flash, Gaming
  • Followers: The main characters of many Web Games
  • Herald: His sister, Cutie Pants
  • High Priest: Phil Eggtree
  • Allies: The Henry Stickmin Trio, Patrick Star, Pit, Snap White, the Scout, Tracer, Lucio, Monkey D. Luffy, Shovel Knight, Isaac, Charlotte, The Four Avatars of Gaming, Muffet, DJ Grooves, Frisk, The KiraKira Cures, Flo, Beat, Faith Connors, The Monkeys, The Blue Elephant, and other friendly deities coming from Web Games
  • Complicated Relationship with: Bendy
  • Annoyed by: Eko, The Inklings and Octolings
  • Opposes: Hank J. Wimbleton, Tricky, The Chosen One, and other deities from Newgrounds known for excessive violence, the evil-aligned deities within the House of Piracy
  • Enemies: Pico, Nene and Darnell, Drawcia, Judge Doom, Lolth, Arachne, Shelob, Ungoliant
  • Source of Interest for: The House of Metafiction
  • When the internet was beginning to spread its wings, it only had two ways to get a hold on gaming. There were downloadable games, and then there were Web Games. Many of such games would rely on the once-revolutionary Abode Flash to host thousands of browser games of varying quality. There were a variety of such games that stood out to players, one of the more popular ones being the adventures of the Fancy Pants Man, a simple teenager doing simple yet increasingly crazy tasks from jumping on spiders to rescuing his little sister, Cutie Pants, from pirates.
  • However, since January 2021, Abode Flash would end its service, and many internet users would mourn for the many games that were lost to history. Or at least people expected, only for a character from one of such Web Games to discover and reach the Pantheon on their own. A stick figure with Spiky Hair and rather fancy pants had wandered into the House of Gaming, and Henry Stickmin was one of the first to recognize him. With the help of his little sister who he brought as his herald, they explained that despite Flash's end-of-service that Web Games still had lasted on its own through various methods, from Flashpoint to Ruffle, among others. It also turned out plenty of mortals knew about the Pantheon and had a contest to decide who would be the messenger for all of them, which Fancy Pants Man won. For that reason, Fancy Pants Man, to his surprise, was ascended for the trope of Web Games.
  • The temple for Fancy Pants Man is humongous, but most of it isn't for the man himself. He and his sister stay at a large but fancy house nearby the rest of the temple. A very unexpected decision from the deity, he had the rest of the temple made to host Web Games through emulators and other applications, as well as being a place where many of such games' characters could drop in for visits, as followers of the Fancy Pants Man. While Fancy Pants Man was the one who officially ascended in the first place, he designed the temple to host groups of his followers in, and as such "shares" the place with them. He admits that he wouldn't feel good to keep the benefits of the Pantheon to himself, though only few of the mortal followers get to stay too far from the temple.
    • To assist in organization of the temple, Fancy Pants Man had met some of the more prominent followers, and the followers would eventually form their own sects.
      • The Adventurer Sect would represent followers who simply had places to travel to, upgrades to find, and obstacles to take down. These followers are generally the most well-liked in the Pantheon and they can be found wandering within other parts of the House of Gaming occasionally. Fancy Pants Man would be in this sect if another god were to take his trope.
      • The Carnage Sect contains followers that are infamous for causing mass destruction in one form or another. It's the least favorite sect of the Fancy Pants Man due to all of the carnage and violence they cause. Other deities keep an eye on this sect so their representatives don't cause any disasters or freak-outs.
      • The Defender Sect would represent followers who made defensive structures to defeat their invasive attackers. Due to the bloon-popping Monkeys originating from Web Games themselves, the main representatives of the sects highly respect them too. Despite their tendency of using WMDs and superpowers to overkill bloons, Fancy Pants Man does get along with them.
      • The Marathon Sect is a union of followers known for making new records for traveled distances. They can achieve such feats by launching themselves, or running and jumping until an obstacle forcefully stops them. Fancy Pants Man sometimes races with one of these guys within the House of Gaming. Such races are organized to avoid visitors from being trampled or being in the way of one of the representatives.
      • The Puzzler Sect holds followers that are known for either creating or solving puzzles, or having to do with activities that require a good amount of wit or logic. Or maybe a guide. This sect is managed by Fancy Pants Man's high priest, Phil Eggtree.
      • The Shooter Sect holds followers that primarily shoot things, and also not destructive enough to belong in the Carnage Sect. The representatives here are also able to defend the temple along with the Defender Sect, so anyone attempting to directly attack the place will have to deal with them too.
      • The Oddball Sect is the biggest sect of followers, full of those who can't be categorized into the other sects very easily. Their representatives are living proof of the unique charm and variety of Flash games. This sect was responsible for constructing the temple, with the Doodle God creating the necessary materials, the Mars Drill Tank excavating the area for its construction, and the Onkies doing the main work.
    • There's also a whole section dedicated to characters from the Nitrome games.
    • The sect representatives of Fancy Pants Man, while highly restricted by their mortal status, are capable managers of the large arcade that is the rest of Fancy Pants Man's temple, and a force to be reckoned with for anyone who tries to threaten Fancy Pants Man. Given the fact that Fancy Pants Man was chosen by many of his followers themselves to represent the trope, even the morally-questionable Carnage Sect has respect for him.
  • If you were to ask Fancy Pants Man who he would have chosen to be the representative deity for Web Games, he'll say that the Blue Elephant would have been his pick, though at the time, the Blue Elephant wasn't in the mortal realms when Fancy Pants Man was chosen to go to the Pantheon. Later encountering that blue elephant in the Pantheon, he understood why. As fellow deities from Flash games they tend to hang out and eat ice cream and pastries (that the Blue Elephant has pooped out themselves) near Fancy Pants Man's temple.
  • While he acknowledges the hard work and creativity put into the place, Fancy Pants Man doesn't have much of a fond opinion on Newgrounds, a popular site for browser games to be hosted. Much of his distaste for the place came from a rather troubling experience in Newgrounds Rumble, which he was tricked into entering the Portal with the offer of free ice cream, only to get caught up in its Crapsack World of Newgrounds characters mercilessly beating each other up and generally throwing him into a load of Family-Unfriendly Violence. After surviving an encounter with Hank Wimbleton, and then an encounter with Pico and Nene, both being mascots of Newgrounds, he ended up hating the place and left the Portal in disgust. The Chosen One had also dragged him into their conflict once again during a separate battle between The Chosen One and the Dark Lord. He's rather adamant on staying out of that site due to it invoking violent urges within him.
    • However, over the years, his tainted perspective on the place did mellow over time, and his opinion has become a bit less harsh by the time he became part of the Pantheon. Having conversations about Newgrounds with his High Priest, Phil Eggtree, did help to let him understand the site. Looking beyond the irrational violence and mature content, Fancy Pants Man does recognize the place's value in the history of web games, but he still wants nothing to do with Newgrounds himself. Not to mention that he believes fighting with any of the deities from Newgrounds might risk the violent spirit within him from his first visit there to come up again, which he prefers to not let happen again. As such, the only deity from Newgrounds he interacts with is Phil Eggtree. He also made a friend out of Frisk for similar struggles with handling one's inner urges to cause violence.
      • That being said, he still doesn't care much for the violent secure of the place, even confessing to Frisk how he was glad to be the trope representative of Web Games and not a more violent individual. Some members of his followers, namely Pico, Nene, Darnell, and the Tankmen, overheard and took offense to this comment, and decided to jump him, guns blazing. While Fancy Pants managed to evade them enough to get help from outsiders, the situation ended with the attackers getting banned from the temple. However, Pico made enough fuss with the attack to not only get his own temple, but let the Tankmen patrol the place, becoming the representative of Newgrounds itself (It's actually Interpretative Character, but Pico still argues that's still a rich part of Newgrounds history). All Fancy Pants Man could do was sigh and hope they don't cross paths again. Funnily enough, Pico's evil clone, Piconjo, stayed behind, as he has a Odd Friendship with Fancy Pants, due to his past of being a stick figure himself.
  • He ended up impressing both Mario and Sonic and Hedgehog with his platforming abilities, especially with his acrobatics and cool tricks, on top of the stylistic simplicity of his moves. It's not too uncommon to see either of them have a fun race with Fancy Pants Man, and he never lets such events get boring.
  • Naturally got along with Snap White being a friendly Living Drawing. Fancy Pants Man does like to hop into ChalkZone for a fun adventure or two, and can be seen running and jumping to places where the others can't, which impresses many visitors there.
  • Learned about Shovel Knight from some of his followers, and Fancy Pants Man was impressed by the Improbable Weapon User. They decided to try racing through an obstacle course, which ended with Fancy Pants Man barely winning. Recognizing the merit of each other's platforming abilities, the two adventurers have formed a mutual respect.
    Shovel Knight: So one really can argue that the pen is mightier than the sword after all!
  • Learning about the painful story of another deity that originated from a Flash game, Isaac, Fancy Pants Man has become a common visitor for the purpose of being supportive for him. It has been noted that Isaac is the one deity that Fancy Pants Man tends to take care of the most, though not as much as his own sister. Even Cutie Pants admits that Isaac deserved better family than what he had.
  • Upon running into the House of Boss Fights, he accidentally jumped onto a penguin, as he had done before in his first adventure, though DJ Grooves did put up a much more difficult fight. After the scuffle, they managed to clear up the understanding, and finding the fashion style of Fancy Pants Man snazzy, Grooves has decided to make him an actor for some of his planned movie projects, hoping that he can help earn Grooves a legitimate award of his own.
  • He doesn't really like the House of Arthropods too much since the attitudes of the more prominent spider-related deities like Arachne, Lolth, or Shelob remind him of the aggressive spiders in his world. And don't get him started with Ungoliant.
    • He's fine with Charlotte and other good-aligned spider deities, however. Muffet is also a spider deity that he's fine with since his little sister can have a tea party with her without having to worry about anything going wrong. Fancy Pants Man has yet to learn of what the spider pastries are made of.
  • He also isn't fond of the more evil-deities within the House of Piracy due to an earlier encounter with pirates kidnapping his little sister, only for Cutie Pants to take over the pirates, causing her to proclaim herself a "pirate princess" which would make bringing her back even more of a problem. Though none of such pirates within the House of Piracy would even bother, however, since she sounds like too much to manage for them. He does recognize that there are good pirates like the ones who helped him out in reaching a volcano in his latest adventure, so he did befriend Balthier and Luffy for being good-aligned pirates that he can easily trust.
  • Is inexplicably popular within the House of Costumes, as tailors attempt to replicate the pants of Fancy Pants Man, only to fail at replicating the original's exact fanciness. Rarity's still trying her best to understand the intricacies of those pants.
    • Fancy Pants Man did think about claiming a trope related to pants too, but he was heavily disappointed by the lack of fitting tropes.
  • It was inevitable for him to run into Mr. Game & Watch, another quirky stick figure, and as such, the two of them along with Henry Stickmin go on the occasional adventure together. While he has much greater athletic abilities, the others have noted how much he sucks at Hide and Seek since his hair and pants stick out way too much.
  • Fancy Pants Man makes no secret of his love for ice cream, and his wrath against anyone foolish to nab it from him. He often hangs out with both Patrick Star, Pit, and Pac-Man to have an ice cream feast. He's a little weirded out by Pit's taste for floor ice cream, however. He also visits the temple of the KiraKira Pretty Cures for ice cream as well, being one of their most enthusiastic visitors.
  • In one of his latest adventures, he fought an Evil Twin which was basically an ink-imbued clone of himself, and as such, he isn't fond of those who would use drawings for malicious purposes, which made him to quick to oppose Drawcia. There's also Eko, who wants to test her drawings against him, and while he understands that Eko isn't doing so out of malice, he'd rather not continually entertain her and will try to minimize the frequency of their encounters.
    • The encounter involving his clone was also notable for the fact that Fancy Pants Man managed to escape into the real world, and into another paper. Some members of the House of Metafiction are curious on whether Fancy Pants Man could go further with this feat.
    • While he gets along well with Bendy in his Toon form, he's very concerned about his more realistic forms, and has been watching him to ensure that Bendy doesn't transition into his ink form too often.
  • The Inklings and Octolings love to make a mess with their ink weapons, and Fancy Pants Man is perfectly fine with that, until he gets caught up in their ink-blasting antics. He'd rather appreciate their fun from very far away where they can't accidentally shoot him with ink.
    • Someone who tends to make less messy art, Beat, would get along with Fancy Pants Man much more smoothly. Fancy Pants Man actually does like the grafiti he produces, and the two have made a small hobby of watching each other perform cool tricks while travelling around the Pantheon.
  • Fancy Pants Man often travels around with a giant pen or pencil, and has used to surf around the House of Craft. He also has visited the temple of Ramo, Lola, and Quill in order to draw up some things for their world, and they appreciate him making their world a little more lively each time he visits, having a reputation as "The Radical Sketchie" there as a result.
    • Decided to use his pencil skills to troll the unpleasant Judge Doom by forming pencil strokes all over the walls of his temple as he ran all over the place. His effort managed to enrage Doom into falling into a puddle of some of the Dip he used in order to try to eliminate him, which got a laugh out of the lucky spectators.
  • Sometimes helps Flo run one of her restaurants if Flo is occupied with other tasks, in exchange for a wage that Fancy Pants Man spends solely on ice cream. They also became friends in the first place as a result of Papa Louie being her High Priest.
  • Due to his talents for his stylish form of free-running, he's made a friend out of Faith Connors, which leads to him to joining her own excursions for fun, and she hasn't failed to notice all the backflips and other tricks he does when doing so. For her, she sees it less as showing off and more of him really enjoying the action, which Fancy Pants Man is glad to be understood for.
    • Later, Fancy Pants Man decided to set up a race of his own on top of the House of Gaming, desiring to attract more potential friends through a friendly competition. The three to attend his race were Tracer, Lucio, and the Scout. Racing through the special obstacle course he set up for the challenge, the winner would end up being the Scout, who had prepared for the race beforehand to be able to outrun and outjump all of them. After a brief session of bragging, the three of them made friends with the Fancy Pants Man, although the Scout primarily wants his friendship to learn how to do the same mid-air tricks that Fancy Pants Man sometimes does, for the sake of attracting ladies. Fancy Pants Man has been willing to help the Scout do so, regardless of his intentions.
  • "Be fancy."

    The Knight (Hollow Knight) 
The Knight, God of Non-linear Action Adventure Platformers (Ghost, "Not Bug, nor Beast, nor God", Void Entity, Void Given Form, Lord of Shades, Void Given Focus, God of Gods)
  • Lesser Deity, Greater Deity as the Void Given Form, Overdeity as the Void Given Focus
  • Symbol: His Helmet. Alternatively, the Void Heart Charm.
  • Theme Song: Enter Hallownest
  • Alignment: Neutral Good, with shades of True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Silent Protagonist, Magic Knight, Adorable Badass, Unknown Gender, Shadow Powers, Being Made of Void, Empty Shell, Dream Walker, Monster Without Needs, Unchosen One, Vacant Stare
  • Allies: The Chosen Undead and The Bearer of the Curse, The Ashen One, Samus Aran, Zeratul
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The Metroid Hatchling, The Hunter, Kyu Stardust
  • Enemies: The Radiance, The Great Ones, Ruvick, Nightmare (Kirby)
  • Worthy Opponent: Scyther
  • Deep underground lies Hallownest, an ancient kingdom that was thrown into disarray by an infection after its inhabitants had rejected its previous ruler, the Radiance. In order to protect his dominion from the infection, Hallownest's ruler, the Pale King, sacrificed thousands of his spawn so that one of them would serve as a suitable vessel for containing the Radiance. The Knight this profile follows was one of those suitable vessels, and with the deterioration of its predecessor, the titular bug carries on with its original mission: stop the Radiance, no matter the cost.
  • Nobody knows exactly how the Knight managed to get into the Pantheon. Some theorize that the Knight was brought along specifically to keep the Radiance in check. Others speculate that the Knight had climbed out of an abyss near the Hall of Darkness and Shadow. Some even believe that the Knight had initially emerged as a monstrous creature that had broken out of a golden masked bug. Whatever the case may be, all that was known was that the Knight was going nowhere else for the time being.
    • One of the very first actions that the Knight undertook upon ascending to the Pantheon was walking straight to the Radiance's temple with the sole purpose of ending her. However, due to the Pantheon's nature regarding life and death, whatever deaths that the Knight or the Radiance inflict upon each other are usually short-lived. In spite of this information, the Knight persists on - marching toward the Radiance's temple each day in the vain hope that their next battle would be the last.
  • Having originated from a franchise that held numerous similarities with the Metroidvania genre, the Dark Souls protagonists took an immediate shine to the Knight, and gladly consider the little bug as one of their own. That said, their newfound kinship doesn't seem to hinder the Ashen One from taking cues from a certain bug in Hallownest and attempting to con the Knight out of some Geo every now and then.
    • The Knight also gained an ally in fellow Metroidvania protagonist Samus Aran. Their alliance isn't as close-knit as is the Knight's alliance with the Dark Souls Trio since Samus happens to associate with the Metroid Hatchling, a creature that happens to bear an uncanny resemblance to another jellyfish-like enemy named Uumuu.
  • Having heard about the mantis lords in its game of origin, Scyther can sometimes be seen sparring with the Knight in the House of Combat, with the Knight usually beginning these sparring matches by pulling out his nail and urging the mantid to Bring It.
  • Being a creature made entirely out of void, the Knight quickly gained the interest of Zeratul. Said interest almost instantaneously developed into respect when Zeratul learned that the Knight's purpose was to destroy the Radiance, which had trapped all of bugkind in a Hive Mind before the Pale King came along. The respect was mutual on the Knight's end when it heard about the Dark Templar's efforts in resisting the Khala that most of the Protoss had already accepted.
    • This stands in stark contrast to the Hunter, who, having claimed to have witnessed the Knight as the aforementioned monster that consumed the golden masked bug, immediately tried to kill the Knight the moment he saw him set foot outside its temple. He would've succeeded in doing so if the Plain Doll hadn't stopped him and informed him of the Knight's true nature. While the Hunter is no longer hostile to the Knight and has even teamed up with the bug whenever the Hunter is being overwhelmed by the Great Ones, the Hunter continues to remain wary of the Knight judging by all the instances where the Hunter was caught pressing an Evelyn towards the Knight's helmet.
  • Somehow the Pantheon managed to obtain live footage of the Knight's dating attempts. The results were... less than stellar, to say the least.
    Knight: Now my mom always told me that I was a handsome young man and I always took that to heart, so I'm going to try and seduce god.
    • Having seen the footage, Kyu Stardust immediately took it upon herself to take the Knight under her wing so that she can transform the awkward mess that she had witnessed into a ladykiller like she does with most of her clients. So far, the process has proven to be slow and arduous, but Kyu remains hopeful that she can at least make sure that the Knight will at least end up with the sense to not ask every random person they encounter to quote unquote "check out [its] dick."
  • Being a Dream Walker, the Knight has started to unnerve the more sinister deities of the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares such as Ruvik and Nightmare, who now fear that their advantage from the Radiance has been nullified by the Knight's presence. They do, however, take comfort in knowing that deities such Haruto Tsukishiro and Ysera are having difficulties convincing the Knight that they don't have to Dream Nail every sleeping person they come across.

    The Marked Ninja 
The Marked Ninja, God of Stealth-Based Games (Champion, The Severed, The Bearer of the Mark)
Go on, click on this to see his face. I hope you survive his attempts to kill you to make sure none will see his face 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: the Hisomu Clan motif, a raven
  • Leitmotif: Ninja Intro
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: ninjutsu faithful to reality, mystical tattoos that eventually lead to insanity, has no name
  • Domains: Stealth, Darkness, Tattoos, Insanity
  • Allies: None so far.
  • Enemies: Anybody who ends up as his target.
  • Rivals: Ryu Hayabusa, every other Highly-Visible Ninja. But he doesn't really care about this whole rivalry thing, he's got work to do.
  • What sets the Marked Ninja apart from other "ninja" is that stealth is paramount to him, he is not immediately recognizable, very little is revealed about him (we don't even know his real name), and bears nothing that is world-famous (like Ryu Hayabusa's True Dragon Sword). Just like ninjas in Real Life.
    • However, a later re-examination of his title and a re-reading of the rules of ascension means he couldn't stay as God of Realistic Ninjas for long, and so had to find another trope to hold. One message to the Court of the Gods later (and they never saw him come or go), and he was transferred to the House of Gaming to represent the Stealth-Based Game, as his story's game is all about hiding, and where exposing oneself will mean trouble for him.
    • Not to mention, the Marked Ninja fought mostly humans where stealth truly worked wonders. He wouldn't know if he ended up having to do stealth missions against fiends or demons with most likely superhuman senses.
  • The Marked Ninja has no temple, and so has barely any followers (aside from a few in Ryu Hayabusa's that worked on ascending him). What little information that had been gleaned out of him was thanks to those followers and a couple of other curious gods, but the Marked Ninja has since made extreme efforts to silence further inquirers and destroy all evidence of being witnessed. He'd prefer to destroy what information is now at the public, but it's been secured in a place he cannot ever reach. That and because nearly everybody who is anybody is a god and thus cannot be killed (for good).
    • Regardless, he does admit that there is a purpose of the other so-called ninjas in the Pantheon: If all ninjas were like him, then no-one would ever know the existence of the term 'ninja'. Even if they're supposedly invisible, they do exist, and he owes these 'ninja' for showing the world of their existence.
  • He's tried to take his portfolio away, but additional countermeasures have been put during his transfer from Hunters to Gaming Genres. That said, it is not an updated image of him: he's bald from when his final tattoos were applied.
  • Still, he wasn't satisfied and eventually argued for it to be hidden behind a warning, and the Court acquiesced.
  • Has no care for the Ninjas vs. Pirates war, but the Marked Ninja can afford to imagine what would happen if he cared… Ninjas win by default as the pirates would no-show the battle, because he'd have those pirates dead before they even enter the battle, without even being spotted. Don't worry, he'll make it look like they died of someone else attacking or maybe food poisoning rather than just slitting their throats (or maybe environmental hazards). He'll have to make sure no one knows that he did the job.
  • There are actually two Marked Ninjas depending on the path he took in the end. One where he kills his master and succumbs to insanity as he wipes out his clan for their 'dishonor', and one where he kills himself and his clan degrades as they go high-tech. The Marked Ninja that is here is the latter.
  • Solid Snake is impressed that the Marked Ninja can hide in a cardboard box just as well as he can. The Marked Ninja on the other hand is happy (not that he'd let others see it) to see Dosan in the Pantheon as Snake's follower.
  • Once every couple days or a week, he commits seppuku to prevent himself from going totally batshit insane, which could compromise his job as a ninja. Thankfully, as a god, he 'regenerates', and his sanity is also restored.
    • On occasion, the Marked Ninja sometimes 'regenerates' without his tattoos, and so has to (secretly) visit Dosan (a follower of Solid Snake) so he can re-apply the tattoos. It is unknown why this happens, but just in case, Dosan occasionally visits the Plants sub-house or the House of Nature to harvest certain flowers (extinct in his mortal realm but thankfully existent in the Pantheon) as ingredients for the Marked Ninja's tattoos.
  • Due to his old clan's traditions, he bears contempt for modern technology, though he does understand its necessity. Still, his techniques and tools, and the Mark of Serenity allow him to bypass most security systems.
  • Ezio Auditore is impressed with the Marked Ninja's stealth abilities, and has offered to let him in as an unofficial member and help him be a better combatant. With no real clan to follow or lead, and because he's not really for-hire, The Marked Ninja has been taking this offer into consideration.
  • He's heard that Suzune, the Goddess of Ninja Studies, has been looking for him in an attempt to learn from him. He decided he'd let her learn what he knows… if she could successfully track him down. And he certainly won't be taking it easy on her; she's gonna have to earn the right to learn what he knows.
  • Somehow, he had managed to sneak into the TV World while members of the Investigation Team were escorting one of their 'clients' in. After facing his Shadow and making a Persona out of it, he was just as easily able to sneak out as the Team left with no one the wiser. It helped that neither Teddie nor Rise were present that time.


    Anataeus Vaya 
Anataeus Vaya, Al. D., Patron Saint of Programming Games
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A hex grid with elemental/metal Reagents, manipulators, and glyphs
  • Theme Song: Opus Magnum Introduction
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Insufferable Genius, From A Steampunk World, Alchemy as Mundane Utility, Alchemy Not Being Magic
  • Domains: Alchemy, Genius, Programming
  • Herald: Concordia Lem
  • High Priests: the SpaceChem reaction enigneer, the Infinifactory engineer, The Incredible Machine (his precursor)
  • Followers: Opus Magnum players, Master Factory Computers
  • Finding a representative for Programming Game was a hard task, given that either only the "programming" and machine where the work is done matters, or the player character is lacking in details. And then came Anataeus, protagonist of Opus Magnum, and who has actual characteristics. Anataeus is rather miffed that that was why he was invited to the Pantheon, but he's certainly not complaining.
    • Nobody knows for sure what had happened to him and Concordia after fleeing once the latter's vengeance on House Colvan was fulfilled, but it's known that the offer for ascension was given after that, which is why Anataeus accepted the position. His companion Concordia was then chosen as his herald and to sort of serve as his moral compass and pull him away from his work if need be.
  • Brought with him upon his ascension are his transmutation engine (and all its parts and how to make them), special dispensaries for all the basic alchemical atoms (fire, water, air, earth, lead, quicksilver), and all the glyphs and tools he needs for making the various devices he's created over the course of his story, which in turn are all brought as well.
  • Among those machines are those that create simple things like refined/purified gold (though he finds it trivial), face powder, waterproof sealants (for seafaring ship hulls), hangover cures (potable water), fuel (for airships), (precision) machine oil, hair gel (at a noble's insistence; fragrances can be added by someone else), rocket propellants, explosive phials, armor filaments, courage potions (actually, alcohol), cloth stain removers, sword alloys, invisible ink, (alchemical) jewels, voltaic coils, unstable compounds (for explosives), poison lipstick, etc. And then there are other wonders such as…
    • A health tonic for regulating irregular heartbeats.
    • A "stamina potion" for "a little boost at the necessary time". Apparently, it has something to do with reproduction and is for men's consumption.
    • Mist of incapacitation (a.k.a. knockout gas).
    • A water purifier, though the result is slightly sour and somewhat bitter.
    • A solvent for removing (document) seals, though it potentially has more uses than just that.
    • Climbing rope fibers that are strong and resilient, yet light and easy to carry.
    • A warming tonic for keeping the body warm.
    • A "life-sensing potion", which can be used by stealthy folks for sensing heartbeats of patrollers in the form of pulses. It's advised to stay away from crowded areas while using it, though, but rest assured the drinker won't collapse into a quivering heap of nerves when that happens.
    • Very dark thread for easier shadow-sneaking. The House of Costumes (and some sectors in the House of Crime) make several orders for this product.
    • Golden thread. The House of Costumes make several orders for this, too.
    • Mist of hallucination, which probably works as advertised. It seems best appropriated for small spaces.
    • A "timing crystal". Only Anataeus knows how this should operate.
    • The "universal solvent", which he wistfully bemoaned would never be known in his world due to survival and their revenge against House Colvan hinging on no evidence of his work remaining taking precedence over his desire for recognition. Given what the Pantheon is, now it is known.
      • However, because of its potential to change the course of the war, and it's implied that Anataeus dissolved his original transmutation engine with that solvent, Anataeus knows he has to eventually pick a side lest he be kidnapped by one of the Grand United Alliances and be forced to make the solvent for them, or be otherwise removed for a long time (while death is not an issue, there are fates far worse). As such, he's decided that joining the GUAG is his best choice, and Concordia concurs.
  • Due to his alchemy being a delicate process, he's not willing to let just anybody use his transmutation engine without his supervision. That said, there is a simulation program—which Anataeus is still grasping at the subject of—available for "public" use and for his followers (which he's still getting used to having), which emulates all the features in Anataeus' transmutation engine. One just has to make sure that their device (with its parts and the instructions they input) can perform at least six cycles without screwing up before submitting their "blueprint" to Anataeus. After that, he may decide to have the device replicated for use, but without being customizable like his engine.
    • To his surprise, he ends up getting several thousands of submissions, and—barring inefficient models that just focus on getting the job done—he deduced that they're all classified into at least three different types; those that focus on production speed, those that are concerned with minimizing space, and those that are very economical with machine parts. Thankfully, his followers volunteered to filter through them, and even improve on them.
    • Given that he didn't think one alchemist could change the world alone, and that he doubts one could get more than one alchemist to even agree on anything, Concordia had to convince Anataeus to teach them how to use the engine for real for purposes other than constructing devices after several replicas have been commissioned. Even though they don't actually understand the fundamentals of alchemy the way he does, they do know how to operate it. Besides, if things should go wrong, the Pantheon has the means to get him spares.
  • Aside from turning lead into gold, no work on any product is beneath him. Of course, gold isn't the only precious resource in the Pantheon, though he risks messing up the economy if he overdoes it.
  • Anataeus' interests lie solely on practicing his brand of alchemy, though Concordia's been getting him to go out more and learn all the other parts of life. And among the things he's learned doing so are the other forms of alchemy, namely that in the world of Fullmetal Alchemist. Right now, he's reserved his opinion of them to himself.
  • Can't really stand overly formal dinners given the stuffiness he had to endure in his time as Head Alchemist of House Van Tassen. Nor does he tolerate those who don't take warfare seriously or value property more than victory.
  • In his downtime, Anataeus sometimes plays a solitaire game called Sigmar's Garden for unwinding purposes. And to get around the issue of using alchemical proxies, Concordia commissioned actual marbles for the game. So as not to end up getting bored with that game, Anataeus sometimes takes a gander at the House of Gaming for other (non-fast-paced) time-consumers. He's stayed away from the digital consoles though after finding himself having wasted so much time in one of them.
  • Doesn't converse with his "colleagues" in the GUAG Engineering Division unless absolutely necessary. That said, he sometimes gets visitors, some who are genuinely fascinated with his transmutation engine and all the products he's able to produce with them.

    Derek Stiles and Angie Thompson 
Let's begin the operation!

Dr. Derek Stiles and Nurse Angela "Angie" Thompson Co-Deities of Medical Games (Derek: Kousuke Tsukimori | Angie: Angela Blackwell, Ange Tonegawa Amou)
Left: Derek, Right: Angie
  • Demideities (Derek can reach borderline Lesser levels when using the Healing Touch)
  • Symbol: The Healing Touch star
  • Theme Song: Operation Briefing
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Dressed to Heal, Belligerent Sexual Tension, Last-Minute Hookup
  • Domain(s): Medicine, Life, Surgery, Disease Combat
  • Heralds: Resurgam First Care (Trauma Team)
  • High Priest: The Life and Death surgeon (as the Ur-Example)
  • Followers: Daniil Dankovsky, Artemy Burakh, Alan Probe
  • Allies: Dr. Markus Vaughn and Dr. Valerie Blaylock (fellow Caduceus colleagues), most every benevolent doctor, nurse, and otherwise healer in the Pantheon (Dr. Black Jack, Florence Nightingale, Mordin Solus, SCP-2295, Osmosis Jones), the (Etrian Odyssey) Lagaard guild, Dr. Tenma, Navy Corpsmen James Broderick Sullivan and John Henry "Doc" Bradley, Ellen Ripley
  • Enemies: Nurgle, those who advocate death, Facehuggers, Thrax, Typhus, Albert Wesker
  • Oppose: Nigel Burke (especially Derek)
  • Conflicting Opinion: The Medic (Derek can tolerate him, Angie despises him)
  • Usually, in most games, healing is not a big issue, and can be solved with potions, food, sleep, or exiting combat. Sometimes, it takes a bit of effort, or it's just plain impossible to get sick or injured (though death is still an option). In a Medical Game, the treatment of illnesses/injuries/infections is the main point. Enter the Trauma Center games.
  • Derek Stiles grew up in Northridge, a suburb just outside Angeles Bay. After losing his father to an incurable disease (and losing his cat in a car accident before or after that), this started his resolve to become a doctor. His story begins as a surgeon at Hope Hospital in Angeles Bay, just about to complete his residency there and eager to start operating as a full time surgeon. He used to have the assistance of Nurse Mary Fulton before she had to transfer to another hospital, newcomer nurse Angela Thompson taking her place as Derek's aide. While mostly professional, Angie also tends to be moody and prone to outbursts, but is still just as dedicated to her job as Derek is.
    • Their story begins in full force upon the discovery of a series of bioweapons known as GUILT, designed with the intent to cause pain and death to those infected by it. It comes right after the discovery of something in Derek: the Healing Touch, a supernatural ability meant to help surgeons with their operations. The results vary, but for Derek, it slows down time for a few minutes. Partly in thanks to this gift, Derek was eventually invited to the international organization Caduceus (with Angie shortly following suit), which is at the forefront in combating Delphi, the terrorist group responsible for GUILT. Several operations later, all the strains of GUILT have been stopped, and Delphi is tracked down and its members arrested, putting an end to their threat to the world.
    • Another thing to note is that Angie has close ties to GUILT, so to speak, in that her father Dr. Kenneth Blackwell was blackmailed to create GUILT, and did so to keep Angie from becoming a living incubator of GUILT. While he has been rescued, she has not forgiven him for his actions, though he continues to atone after that.
    • That said, GUILT would surface once again three years later, though Derek and Angie would first deal with Post-GUILT Syndrome patients after coming back from Costigar, Africa with new "recruit" Dr. Adel Tulba. And then GUILT itself would resurface, thanks to Delphi remnants, and worse Derek would lose access to the Healing Touch for a while after failing to save a patient (out of four in succession), the pressure getting to him, just as his mentor Dr. Robert Hoffman feared years ago, having suffered that burden himself. He would take a break at Hope Hospital for about a month before Angie visits him and they visit her father who's under probation and helping clean up the mess Delphi made, but when he contracts PGS, Derek finally gets his Healing Touch back after getting his act together, and Derek and Angie eventually return to Caduceus, continuing the fight against GUILT, eventually putting a stop to Delphi for good, exposing that Acropolis and HOA has been utilizing GUILT (now called NEO-GUILT) in certain medicines of theirs as "ability enhancements" (to the point of mimicking the Healing Touch) thanks to Blackwell's espionage, arresting the implicit top brass, and eliminating NEO-GUILT for good as well.
  • Their ascension to the Pantheon came in the form of a Court envoy sent to Caduceus and requesting for the pair, who were just returning days after overseeing Dr. Markus Vaughn and Dr. Valerie Blaylock test out simulation operations against Stigma strains plus GUILT strains (they would receive their own invitations later on). After a lengthy talk with the envoy, Director Hoffman decided that it would be best that Derek and Angie accompany the envoy Dr. Black Jack to their new assigned location: the Trope Pantheons. And there they were granted two temples; one in the expected House, and the other in the House of Gaming.
  • Applies to both:
    • Naturally, Derek and Angie were first acquainted with the doctors in the House of Health and Diseases, starting with Black Jack himself, given Caduceus has a few shrines dedicated to him. They're amazed at his speed, and that it's all from his body, no mystical Healing Touch necessary.
      • While a nurse, they revere Florence Nightingale for revolutionizing the profession and making sanitation mandatory.
      • Their first big step towards accepting the strange was the salarian doctor Mordin Solus, who was additionally a proficient fighter to boot, given the criminal environment Shepard first found him operating at.
      • SCP-2295 was a massive curiosity, being able to replace organs and patch up skin with plushie materials and they somehow work like the real thing.
      • While the Medic's tech and speed of healing is revolutionary, his practices, mercenary career, and (lack of) ethics prove problematic for them to deal with. Still, after one operation where Derek and Angie had to treat the Heavy after being infected by an anomalous parasite using the Medic's tools (and Angie being critical of their filth before cleaning them), and the fact that he considers his colleagues as friends, Derek can tolerate him at best, while Angie loathes him for his loss of his medical license on top of everything else he's done.
      • Fran Madaraki is another they found unsettling due to her skewed anti-death morality, despite her unparalleled surgery skills, and because of the mutations she's made thanks to those skills. But her rules are relatively easy to follow to keep her sort-of under control. That said, when it comes to heart operations, she sometimes offers to "modify" Derek, though he always turns her down.
      • And then there's Nigel Burke, a ... disgrace to the profession, so much that even Derek is close to being driven to a rage at the sight. The fact that several of Nigel's patients have also been delivered to Derek's operating table puts him really close to actually ranting about that guy's ineptitude.
    • Outside of the House of Health and Diseases, they were acquainted with Dr. Tenma, his skills as a neurosurgeon, his unending optimism, and his mission to stop Johan Liebert.
      • They were also acquainted with Navy Corpsmen Pacific Assault Squad member James Broderick Sullivan and Flag Raiser John Henry "Doc" Bradley, who have both treated battlefield casualties in the jungles and islands of the Pacific Theater. Derek and Angie are no strangers to medical operations in a warzone, given their time at Costigar.
      • And then there's SCP-049, who has a desire to "end the plague", but is oblivious to the fact that his actions aren't conducive, including his Touch of Death. 049 treats them with respect (and intrigue with Derek's Healing Touch), but this is not reciprocated by the surgeon or nurse.
    • They were once approached by the Lagaard guild and thanked for providing much needed medical supplies, but neither Derek nor Angie remember them or ever being in High Lagaard. Still, the aid is appreciated, and Derek has even considered teaching his art to their (and the other guilds') Medics.
    • As doctors, they oppose those who would promote death, especially death cults such as Delphi was, and those who specifically design diseases to bring that about, having stopped every strain of GUILT they encountered.
    • A surgeon is supposed to have as much of their attention as possible on a patient that needs saving. While turbulence, reckless driving, and darkness may be tolerated since those can't be helped, live media coverage with lighting and flashes will not be tolerated by Angie, even if Derek will try to persevere amidst it anyway. Reality TV with real operations isn't tolerated either, and two other Caduceus doctors eventually put a stop to one such show.
    • Medical malpractice of any kind is not something they'd want to repeat, having once been directed by the government to implant a pacemaker with a tracker in a Delphi mole, who would then be "set free" for him to return to his base.
    • They oppose those who would do unspeakable things for the sake of beauty/youth, just as President Reina Mayuzumi of Acropolis has.
    • The operations they've had to perform in the Pantheon has led to enemies and allies as well.
      • There was one operation on a patient who was infected with Thrax, and he proved more challenging to deal with than even the GUILT strains Savato and Aletheia since he's actually sapient. A timely arrival by Osmosis Jones helped turn the tide, though Thrax managed to escape entirely, leaving a huge mess for Derek to fix.
      • There was also another on a recently "impregnated" Facehugger victim when they were in the area. Usually, they're just written off as doomed, but Derek wanted to save the victim and the patient was taken to the operating room (and Ripley was already contacted). Not being given enough time to grow inside the victim, the to-be-Chest Burster was much weaker than it should've been, though still proved challenging for Derek to handle, especially since unlike GUILTnote , this infant Xenomorph even made to attack Derek himself, though his Healing Touch instincts kept him from getting hurt as it found itself decapitated by his scalpelnote  (the xenomorph infant was that weak). Angie swiftly gathered the "pieces" for future study.
      • He suffered a minor breakdown after the operation, given this was the first time he's killed a living thing that wasn't a virus/parasite/bioweapon (thinking back on Dr. Tulba's attempt to use the Healing Touch to kill Derek, only for the NEO-GUILT to kick in), but Ripley (who arrived near the end of the operation) assured him that he did the right thing. Also, "prequel" events have revealed that the Xenomorphs were indeed bioweapons that eventually Turned Against Their Masters and were on the loose ever since.

  • Exclusive to Derek:
    • The secret to Derek's success is the Healing Touch, which slows time to a crawl from his perspective as he operates on the patient in record time, though he's been recommended to make do without it as often as possible to conserve his mental stamina and only use it for critical diseases that are as dangerous as GUILT has been.
      • A Healing Touch used subconsciously out of desperation costs the doctor nothing and can last quite a while, while an intentional one exhausts the user and last for a brief time proportional to their focus. Two different Healing Touches can be used in concert without interfering with each other. Meanwhile, two of the same Healing Touch will stack. This includes those from the same doctor (a.k.a. Derek) using a desperation healing touch and an intentional one simultaneously.
    • If worse comes to worst, as long as there's an expert to instruct him, and he has his tools, he can even defuse a bomb, and disarm certain electronic locks.
    • Despite his expertise, he's just one surgeon, and can only operate on one patient at a time. Thankfully, in the Pantheon, there are several advanced healing methods to close up wounds fast when he has to operate in succession. It's one of the only reasons he tolerates the Medic.
    • Is slow at working out puzzles, and gets regularly mocked for it.
    • Despite the last time he had cameras and sensors wired up to him, Derek's willing to have his operations recorded if it can help other surgeons. He'd just prefer that they aren't artificially enhanced like Acropolis Pharmaceutical and the Hands of Asclepius have done with their doctors and Adel Tulba, and using NEO-GUILT as "ability enhancers". Time-related abilities should work just fine, though.

  • Exclusive to Angie:
    • Because she never got it back at Caduceus or Hope Hospital, several are unafraid to give her flak over the things she's done (including suggesting to a depressed patient that they should just die, even if that isn't actually unique to Angie), though they also state that she's tolerated because of Derek and because she pretty much keeps him in line in regards to non-surgeon matters, particularly to remind him to do his paperwork. Interestingly, in certain other matters, he's the more mature one compared to her.
    • Despite not looking the type who would have the discipline to study it, Angie is proficient in aikido.
    • Dislikes parents who do all sorts of atrocities just to spare their children, even if it's because of ransom, as her father had done. It took years before she could look at him again without too much hate.
    • Despises Nurse Ratched for how badly she treats her patients. Yes, Angie has had her moments too, but those were out of impulse and wild emotion, not calculated cruelty.
    • "Nice work, Dr. Stiles!"

    The Drillers 
The Drillersmembers , Divine Team of Digging Games
Clockwise from bottom-center: Susumu, Usagi, Ataru, Taizo, Holinger-Z, Anna, Puchi
Taizo in a cross-dimensional universe 
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: Susumu’s head
  • Theme Songs: Dig Dug Theme, Dig Dug II (both mainly for Taizo)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: This Is a Drill, Oxygen Meter
  • Domains: Drills, Digging
  • Heralds: Masuyo “Kissy” Toby (Taizo’s ex-wife), Dr. Z
  • Allies: Reiji Arisu & Xiaomu, Pac-Man, Jill Dozer, The Kosugis
  • Enemies: Saya (Namco x Capcom), Creepers, Anub’arak, Ludwig von Tokkenntakker, Dead Moon Circus
  • Admires: Team Dai-Gurren
  • Interested in: The Wisps (Taizo only and mainly regarding Drill Wisps)
  • Taizo Hori is a man who made a living digging underground and blowing up strange creatures with his drill pump. At some point in time, he married an adventurer named Masuyo Toby and they had three children together: Susumu, Ataru, and Taiyo. Since then, Taizo and Kissy have separated from each other, with Kissy raising Taiyo and Ataru having a stated dislike towards Taizo. Despite such a family history, Taizo, Susumu, and Ataru have went to various places alongside Anna Hottenmeyer (a female driller from Germany with an interest in Susumu), Susumu’s dog Puchi, robot Holinger-Z, and Ataru’s rabbit companion Usagi, drilling colored blocks and foiling the schemes of the Anoku Drillers along the way.
  • What was supposed to be a routine drilling expedition led to something much bigger for Taizo and the others as, while drilling underground, they managed to find some sort of subterranean society with creatures and items none of the Drillers have seen before. These underground dwellers told Taizo and co. that above them was a world full of plentiful items and that the items that the dwellers have in possession originated from that aforementioned area from up above. After some additional digging, the Drillers managed to discover what was known as the Pantheon and that the subterranean society that they discovered was part of this vast world. Their sense of awe was short-lived when the Drillers discovered some sort of weapon that was going to drill underground and destroy that society they discovered earlier. The villains’ scheme was thwarted, in part because the parties involved with planning and execution were incompetent and while there were more dangerous threats in the Pantheon, Taizo and the other Drillers decided to continue working in the Pantheon, both for leisure and to fend off any future threats that they can handle.
  • One of Taizo’s more unusual adventures didn’t involve Susumu and the rest of his team, but rather, a cross-dimensional journey that saw him encounter a multitude of other characters. It was during that time he met Reiji Arisu and Xiaomu and Taizo also had a more badass-looking appearance during that time, along with some additional skills to go along with working alongside other characters, Kissy included. Despite some of Taizo’s quirks whenever he’s around Susumu and the other Drillers, he’s aware of the dangers he’s encountered on that journey and is willing to keep the team safe if they end up threatened by such enemies. While Reiji and Xiaomu have plenty of allies to fight off Saya and her forces, Taizo is willing to team up with such heroes whenever possible and hopefully, give Susumu and the others a better understanding of genuine threats that can happen.
  • When it comes to those that use their drill to overcome life’s problems, Team Dai-Gurren is a group that Taizo and the other Drillers admire a lot. Originally consisting of Simon the Digger and Kamina who met numerous individuals along the way to grow the team with Simon taking up the mantle as leader after Kamina was killed, Dai-Gurren believed that nothing was impossible and used their determination to fight back against anything that stood in their way through the use of mecha. The team would eventually face off against a devastating adversary known as the Anti-Spiral whose power far surpassed any enemy that Taizo and the Drillers had faced off against back then. While Taizo proved himself capable during his time with Reiji and Xiaomu, it’s looking at what Team Dai-Gurren could do and their determination that Taizo is hoping that he and the others can increase their resilience in the face of danger, even if Holinger-Z feels like nothing compared to Dai-Gurren in terms of being a drilling robot.
  • Jill Dozer was another drill user that Taizo and co. encountered and while she isn’t as extravagant as Team Dai-Gurren when it comes to action, she’s capable when it comes to her Drill Dozer. She is part of a gang of bandits, but she and the rest of The Red Dozers have a code of honor when it comes to thievery, mainly in that they target corrupt individuals or engage in treasure hunting when it comes to looting riches. Much like Taizo and the other Drillers, Jill has used her small drill tank effectively to fight off larger threats, even if she has engaged in such battles a bit more often than the Drillers have. The Drillers aren’t really treasure hunters by nature, but Jill is friendly enough to hang out with the team and show them some Gears that would make her tank more potent and give the Drillers some idea of how upgrading a drill can help for Taizo and co., even if said potential upgrades for the Drillers’ equipment are difficult to come across.
  • There were plenty of other applications for drills besides building things as Taizo and the Drillers learned, whether it was integrated with giant robots or as a smaller, but no less deadly weapon that can be carried around. What ended up being of interest for the Drillers (or at the very least just Taizo) was learning that through the power of a specific type of Wisp, it’s possible to actually transform into a drill to maneuver underground. Given how the Drillers only have so much oxygen when digging by default, using these Wisps would be of good use to get around underground much quicker. There are other types of Wisps that can give out other abilities, but the Drill Wisp is of the most interest to Taizo, even if the others aren’t ready to fully commit to an alternate method of drilling underground.
  • Drilling underground meant that the team would have some unexpected encounters during such expeditions, some of which would end up being a problem to a bigger extent than what Taizo encountered prior to starting a family. Baragon was a giant monster that the Drillers would end up coming across a few times and while Baragon hasn’t actively threatened them, Anub’arak presented himself as a danger to Taizo and the other Drillers, not helped by the Scarabs Anub’arak summons to impede the Drillers’ progress. The Creepers were a deadly annoyance to the Drillers thanks to their tendency to blow themselves up near their enemies and the explosions having a bad impact underground. All these dangerous creatures that dwell underground are compounded by the irregular earthquakes that occur in the Pantheon (whether they occur naturally or by someone that can cause them willingly), making it more of a challenge for the Drillers to navigate subterranean areas.
  • The Kosugis were another set of subterranean adventurers that had a messy family history to their name, though they are archaeologists rather than diggers that the Horis and the others are. Where Taizo separated from Kissy in addition to feeling that he’s a more experienced digger than Susumu and the fact that Ataru has issues with Taizo’s oddball traits, Shawn has a rivalry with Lemeza when it comes to getting treasure, with Lumisa being part of that rivalry as well, but she’s willing to save the two from trouble when it happens. The Horis and the other Drillers work well together in spite of their quirks, but relying solely on a drill tank can only get them so far when it comes to underground exploration and confronting threats that thrive there. Given the Kosugis expertise in understanding puzzles and potential underground dangers, the Drillers found what the Kosugis have learned from the caverns they explored to be useful in making their own drilling expeditions more effective.
  • One of the Drillers’ adventures involved visiting a theme park that turned out to be a plot by Dr. Manhole to get rid of the team. Being no strangers to visiting amusement parks, the team learned of other related entertainment venues that ended up being deadly for those that stumble their way in. Ludwig von Tokkentakker and the Dead Moon Circus were such figures responsible for overseeing such horrific entertainment venues and while what Dr. Manhole attempted back then had some challenges, those were nothing compared to what Tokkentakker and Dead Moon as a whole are willing to throw at their enemies and that’s not getting into Dead Moon’s greater ambitions. The Drillers specialize in digging and since that’s not a viable option in confronting either Tokkentakker or Dead Moon as a whole, the Drillers can only stay far away from them as possible and they were to end up in another park, it would be something manageable to overcome akin to Dr. Manhole’s prior plot.
  • Pac-Man is someone who the Drillers have plenty of trust towards, especially when it comes to navigating mazes. As Taizo went around blowing up weird creatures before meeting Kissy, Pac-Man sometimes serves as a guest guide for the Drillers in some of their trips in case they get lost in the maze-like underground areas and leads the way for them, sometimes fighting against some underground enemies that end up troublesome for the Drillers to handle. Pac-Man was also something of a father at times and the fact that Taizo had his flaws as a dad was something Pac-Man noticed and has tried to help Taizo overcome them, especially if it means that Ataru would tolerate Taizo more in the long run. While Pac-Man hasn’t had much luck in reigning in Taizo’s more eccentric side, it hasn’t stopped him from hanging out with Taizo and the other drillers from time to time.
  • Taizo has a great fascination with Egypt (especially regarding its camels) and that region is one of many places of the world that he and the other Drillers have visited during their drilling expeditions. The interconnected nature of the Pantheon meant that not only would Egypt be part of it, but so were the many figures and gods associated with it. This excited Taizo greatly and he set out to meet him, with the other drillers following him to make sure he doesn’t do anything stupid to incur the wrath of the gods or anyone dangerous. There were a fair amount of dangerous Egyptian entities present, though Taizo was competent enough to keep his distance from the more antagonistic figures and encounter some of the more benevolent Egyptian gods. While Taizo enjoyed his Egyptian adventure in the Pantheon, the others preferred it if their next endeavor related to Egypt only involved camels, pyramids, and diggable blocks, not highly powerful entities that can make short work of the team if angered.

    Harth Stonebrew 
Harth Stonebrew, God of Card-Based Combat Games (The Inkeeper)
  • Demigod (But rumors say he has the power of a Greater God)
  • Symbol: The Hearthstone Symbol
  • Theme Song: The Hearthstone theme song
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Big Fun, Known as "The Inkeeper", Large Ham, The one in charge of explaining things, Nice Guy, Dwarf, Technical Pacifist
  • Allies:
  • Enemies: No one. He is really that nice to everyone....except cheaters
  • Unknown Connection: The RNG
  • More commonly known as The Inkeeper, Harth runs a Tavern where there is only a single rule that you must follow, to have fun!. This place became the meeting point of various important figures of the world of Azeroth to relax and play a really nice and friendly card game. Of course, managing this place is no easy task, but he manages to pull through every day.
    • The day he ascended was a weird one for the pantheon, as nobody know where this mysteryous Inn came from. Then he came out of his temple (Said Inn) and he shouted to anyone who could hear him: EVERYONE, GET IN HERE! Minutes later a horde of visitors came running down to his Tavern, which made him happy that people really seem to enjoy his work.
  • Anyone is welcomed to come and play Heartstone in his temple, which became a popular activity shortly after his ascension. This makes Harth really happy that people really enjoy his place.
  • He has been notable for being the mediator that finally calmed down the feud between the Horde and Alliance. Instead of fighting, they just participate in friendly matches between them. Obviously with the objective of having fun. Most of the Gods were most pleased, and have asked Harth to do the same to other constantly-bickering realms. Unfortunately, such a process takes such an extremely long time and so much effort that it greatly exhausts Harth to do, so the Pantheon decided that it was not worth it and settles with his accomplishment to the realm of Azeroth.
  • In the rare times he is off-duty, he likes to hang around with fellow dwarf Gillius Thunderhead. He is also surprised that one of his clients, Magni, serves as Gillius' High priest.
    • He also is the Unnofficial "Leader" of The Fortress Dwarves. How he managed to control these little buggers is known, but he said that he had to deal with another bunch of dwarves that were more chaotic that these ones could even hope to be. Their Catchphrase is even stuck with him to this day:
      "Everyone! Get in here and say hello!"
  • Often likes to chat with other bartenders like Moe, Decim or King about how they manage their respective bars. Although the other three really wonder how Harth even allows things like Deathwing or the Old Gods to enter his tavern, even managing to make them behave.
  • His Tavern is known as one of the most random places in the entire pantheon, where everything that can happen in a Hearthstone match can happen. Some say that Harth is even a direct descendant of the RNG itself, given the amount of crazy things that can happen in his temple.
  • His temple has been home to numerous special events that saw the introduction of numerous characters, ranging from the chaotics conflicts between Gnomes and Goblins to an official tournament, to even the invasion of The old Gods. Yet people are really surprised that the dwarf has gleafully allowed all of this events to happen.
    • He also organizes sppecial matches starting on Wednesdays, which he calls "Tavern Brawls". These is the place where he basically allows anyone to do anything, so long as they follow the special rules.
  • The one thing he hates is cheaters. If he happens to catch any of these fellows cheating in his tavern, he will curse you with bad luck for eternity. There is a reason nobody has ever tried this out.
    • This is the reason he gained the alliance of an unlikely fellow in the form of Dhuum, who also despises cheaters. Many don't understand why he became friends with him but he says that the whole Grim Reaper thing doesn't bother him that much.
  • There was a time where he had to do some reconstruction of his Tavern after complaints about certain aspects of his game, which he decided to split it in two. "Wild" .for everyone who wants to play with every single card released. and "Standard", which only allows the latest two expansion packs to be played. This of course left quite of few of his visitors relegated to a place (Most notably Dr. Boom, infamous for being a powerful Game-Breaker). Each year is themed after an animal and it was home to some notable events.
    • The Year of the Kraken was the one that kickstarted the Standard and Wild rotation. In the first quarter, the Old Gods invasion took place where notable figures were corrupted into mindless minions that followed the Ancient Ones bidding. In the middle of the year, the Magus Medivh organized a huge party where he invited everyone on Azeroth (Except prince Malcheezar, something he felt a little bummed about) and the closing event of the year was a three way conflict in the port city of Gadgetzan, where the Grimy Goons, the Jade Lotus and the Kabal dispusted control over the city using shady methods.
    • Then came the Year of the Mammoth, kickstarted by an open exploration of the Un'goro Crater, a land filled with ancient creatures and wild elementals. Later the story took a dark turn when the Lich King finally arrived to the Tavern and in doing so, many of the heroes where reborn as Death Knights. Fortunately it all ended up on a brighter note when the Kobolds came around, offering daring adventurers to venture into the depths of their catacombs in the hopes of finding rich treasures. (One thing for sure: YOU NO TAKE CANDLE!)
  • "Welcome to my inn!"

    Keima Katsuragi 
Keima Katsuragi, God of Dating Sims (The Capturing God / The God of Conquest, Otamegane, Dweeb)

    Miku Hinasaki 
Miku Hinasaki, Goddess of First-Person Snapshooters
Age 17, in her first foray
Age 19, in the events of Fatal Frame III 
Age 37, as of Fatal Frame V 
  • Entered the Pantheon after her eventual departure from the realm of the living since even if her daughter rescued her in the events of Fatal Frame V, she didn't have much time left due to the...circumstances of Miu's conception. To her surprise, she ascended in the appearance of her 19-year-old self, when she had worked as Rei Kurosawa's assistant, and found herself before the Court of the Gods, who explained her situation, how the Pantheon works, and why she came here.
    • It's true that the trope is about getting bonuses from taking pictures rather than it being the main thing, but the Fatal Frame series does have that too in the form of incidental ghosts that can be caught on camera.
  • In terms of residence, it takes the form of her (and Miu's) home, though it also takes elements (and size) of Rei's.
  • Given the severe psychological damage on her across three games (she makes no appearance in 2 or 4), she takes regular sessions with Frasier Crane, who by this point has gotten used to all the strangeness the Pantheon has to offer.
  • It was surprising to Miku that in the Pantheon, ghosts are (or can be) as visible to normal people (unless they're specifically hiding) as they are to her.
  • The Camera Obscura can only be used for its intended purpose by a select few people, among them Miku herself. In the hands of most people, it's just an ordinary antique/analog camera.
    • For those with the sixth sense, it works for them just like it does for her, though it seems to be stronger when used by women with such powers than men with the same. On the other hand, most deities in the Pantheon with the sixth sense have strong enough powers to not need the camera, so it's usually best in Miku's hands.
    • As for what kind of camera model it is given the one she used in the Himuro Mansion was smashed by Kirie and given the other one she used was in the Manor of Sleep, her new one is one of the many other kinds Dr. Kunihiko Asou and his assistants had created. It takes the shape of a Nikon F camera with similar casing and occult marking design as previous Camera Obscuras. It comes "fully upgraded" in all aspects and has all the functions of all previous Camera Obscuras seen and used in all the games. There are also Power-up Lenses and special film caches available at Miku's temple for her to replace and "reload". It's also powerful enough to inflict considerable harm on a Lesser Deity-level ghost with a regular snapshot, though it's only half as effective on half-ghosts like Youmu and Danny Phantom (unless he's in human form, in which case it merely stings). Of course, it only harms ghosts she takes shots at if they fully intend to attack her or someone she doesn't want hurt.
      • It also comes with a strap for it to hang around her neck so that Miku doesn't accidentally drop the camera when she's attacked or when on the run.
      • There are other Camera Obscuras that can do things like return "ghost items" to the physical plane, but Miku's doesn't have that feature.
    • Unfortunately, unlike her first Camera Obscura (technically her brother's), it's not capable of eventually exorcising hostile ghosts with enough snapshots, only driving them away.
    • Another item that she's acquired is the Sacred Stone Amulet (nothing to do with the ones in Magvel), which can slow the movement of all ghosts in her general vicinity. She accrues power to invoke its ability from damage dealt on ghosts (using the Camera Obscura) or taken (on Miku herself) from ghosts.
  • Despite its abilities, due to its effective range, even though it's quite powerful, the Camera Obscura is not that great of a weapon against most of the Pantheon's ghost deities, especially for those who are speedy enough to reach Miku before she could catch them in a Shutter Chance, let alone a Fatal Frame (which requires the ghost to be right at her face), even with the Sacred Stone Amulet to reduce their speed.
    • Danny Fenton holds some concern over this as given the ghosts of his world, depending on how strong shots from the Camera Obscura are, she could have trouble against even the Box Ghost unless she gets the jump on him. Then again, the only reason Box Ghost is so easy for Danny is because the minor villain's powers are useless against other ghosts, which Danny is part of the time.
    • There's been talk on possible training to hone her quick-shot instincts, but given that the Camera Obscura's shots are usually most effective when aimed and charged up, it would be hard to have her change methods so quickly.
  • In regards to what she does in the Pantheon, she mainly works as a paranormal investigator, just as Rei had, and while the supernatural are part of the Pantheon norm, it is what she knows best.
  • It's a little unbelievable for her that in the West, fighting ghosts is actually a career. She doesn't fancy herself as one; all she had wanted to do was rescue her brother, and the Camera Obscura let her repel the ghosts that would try to keep her from achieving it and succeeded, though only because Mafuyu chose to stay. Still, she's on amicable terms with the Ghostbusters, Danny's parents, and Luigi. Jack Fenton in particular is intrigued with the Camera Obscura, though his overeagerness can unsettle her. His wife Maddie is the same, but is more reserved in her interest in the camera.
    • That said, there're a few who do ghost-busting and more in Japan, such as Raidou Kuzunoha, who in an alternate reality has gone to Himuro Mansion and All God's Village in place of herself and Mafuyu and the Amakura twins.
    • And of course, she also got acquainted with Mystery Inc. (while they usually catch mundane culprits who use facades of supernatural creatures to scare off people, they've faced real supernatural creatures, too) and the Winchesters (who face all sorts of supernatural creatures/races, ghosts only being one of them). Both are willing to help her should she face way more dangerous ghosts, espcially since the Mystery Gang had once beaten the Nibiru Entity.
  • As fellow deities who come from similar genres (or at least use part of it in gameplay), Miku was acquainted with Frank West and the maybe-alien Jade. Incidentally, there had been debate for either of them to claim (more of a transfer, really, to) the title of First-Person Snapshooter before she came along. That said, given the different scopes of their careers, they don't interact often.
  • While not a proficient koto player, she can read sheet music for it and play from what is written there.
  • Has some experience with the dream world thanks to the Manor of Sleep, though it certainly wasn't pleasant, to say the least, given the curse tormenting her for being unable to save Mafuyu, and it required the efforts of her colleague Rei (with help from fellow Manor of Sleep "visitor" Kei) to bring her back from the brink, and even then she was still in a bad place after that.
    • One night, courtesy of Vaermina, Miku dreamt that she was in the Manor of Sleep once again, but more decrepit, with more ghosts, and without her camera, forcing her to run and hide. And then Freddy Kreuger showed up, ready to do worse to her than any ghost in her world ever could. And then he was driven back by the timely intervention of NiGHTS and Princess Luna (who shortly conjured a Camera Obscura for Miku to help fight back with), and together they repelled Freddy, exorcised the ghosts, ended the nightmare, and turned the dreamscape into a more solemn place.
  • Some people wonder how Miku's daughter Miu even makes sense given that it's a result of a "Ghost Marriage" between Miku and the long-since-deceased Mafuyu. Then again, the same can be said for Youmu, though she's pretty certain that Ghost Marriage isn't how her kind procreate. And for Danny, his half-ghost existence was the result of a freak accident.


    Dr. Wright 
Dr. Wright, God of Construction and Management Games
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A building
  • Theme Songs: SimCity Title Theme and Menu Theme
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Canon Foreigner, Exposition Fairy, Smart People Wear Glasses, Wide-Open Sandbox
  • Domains: City, Advice
  • Allies: Villager, Isabelle, Pauline, Mike Haggar
  • Enemies: Mr. Burns, Bowser, villainous politicians
  • On Good Terms with: Cody Travers
  • Frustrated with: The Mayor of Townsville
  • The world of SimCity can be unpredictable thanks to a variety of factors that can affect the place that’s been built at any given time, including having possible natural disasters strike and having whoever is in charge of the city be corrupt and/or incompetent. In order to build a thriving city, it’s necessary to use the resources given properly and to allow citizens to have a good life there. Dr. Wright serves as an advisor to whoever is the mayor of that city and he’ll notify them of their progress and how to improve the setting.
  • A project in the Pantheon was underway to build a prosperous city, one that wouldn’t have to deal with a lot of corrupt individuals running around doing whatever they want. Another reason for the project’s inception was that an advisor named Dr. Wright was heading to the Pantheon to see how things are and that potential city was meant to impress him. Unfortunately, a series of thunderstorms and heavy winds struck the near-complete city just days before Wright’s arrival, rendering the work pointless. By the time he arrived at the remains, he was told what had happened and what the Pantheon was going to be like. Given what was out there, Dr. Wright decided to stick around (even if he was apprehensive about what happens there initially) and give useful advice to those looking to build and run cities in the hopes of bringing more thriving settlements to the chaotic world of the Pantheon.
  • While looking for deities who had experience in managing towns and similar settlements, he found Villager, who was minding their own business and was fishing near a stream in their downtime. Isabelle was alongside the Villager, telling them of their next plans, to which they followed her back. After a bit of planning, Dr. Wright was able to arrange a meeting with the two and they (though Isabelle did the talking for Villager) about town management and the Villager’s work as mayor. Isabelle was eager to work with another advisor and the three have done some work together on Pantheon projects related to landscaping.
  • There have been additional mayors and political figures that Dr. Wright has taken a liking towards. He was impressed with Pauline’s story of how she went from a damsel in distress to being a respected mayor that’s learned from her experiences. Wright also liked what he saw of New Donk City when he went there. Things got interesting when Wright met with Mike Haggar and learned that the latter was the mayor of a crime-infested city and dealt with crime personally. While Wright was very wary of violence, he did understand Mike’s situation and determination in setting things right. Wright was very surprised when Mike told him about Cody Travers, a friend of his that was interested in starting fights and later became mayor of Metro City as part of a journey to become a better person. Even though Cody still has his flaws, Wright is confident that Cody will be able to improve fully and has faith in him being a mayor.
  • Outside of city planning, Dr. Wright sometimes appears as an Assist Trophy in various Smash tournaments despite his apparent lack of combat skills. Whenever he shows up, he’ll summon a building that will launch his summoner’s opponents upwards and disappear shortly afterwards. While he’s able to get a building to show up quickly in the short time he’s on the battlefield, he doesn’t appear to be capable of doing this outside of them.
  • Natural disasters are just one type of event that can cause ruin to the cities that Dr. Wright oversees. The number of deities that have power over the weather was something of a problem at first, especially after hearing about The Weather Trio and how they cause certain weather conditions wherever they go, though Rayquaza is the one that has to break up the fighting caused by Kyogre and Groudon. All told, Dr. Wright is aware that scenarios like these are out of his control and that it’s up to others to make sure the damage at the very least, isn’t extensive.
  • He has an issue with Bowser given how he recalled the Koopa King has attacked the cities Dr. Wright has looked over a few times just to find Mario. As Dr. Wright found out, erecting a statue of Mario in a city will get Bowser to leave, though he’ll just take the statue before doing so. That said, Bowser doesn’t care much for what Dr. Wright thinks of him and has generally gotten more annoyed whenever he sees a statue of Mario, be it at Wright’s cities or elsewhere.
  • Godzilla and the kaiju associated with him has proven to be a headache-inducing topic for Wright and how cities will survive with them around. Godzilla has sometimes been compared to a natural disaster, specifically his ties to nuclear power, and that he will rampage across cities without warning. For as much of a problem Godzilla is, there have been several worse monsters that threaten cities that Godzilla will fight against, mostly as a means to keep nature in balance. While there are a few heroic kaiju that will work with Godzilla to stop the villainous ones, the fact that there are beings as powerful as they are has added to Wright’s challenge of keeping the cities he’s looking over safe, especially considering that damage will be unavoidable with deities like King Ghidorah around.
  • Wright sees Mr. Burns as a major problem when it comes to working on cities. Being in charge of a power plant that can cause problems for others is one thing, but to actively harm the environment in an attempt to earn money and possibly increase his influence is enough for Wright to look into his future plans and make sure they don’t end up like what Mr. Burns is trying to do. Mr. Burns sees the cities that Wright oversees as potential obstacles and is willing to find ways to drain them of their money.
  • Learning about the various corrupt leaders in the Pantheon got Wright both nervous and angry, seeing as how they were able to maintain a strong hold in their position through illegitimate and cause a dystopian setting in the places they ruled over. Wright made it a point not to associate himself with those figures and would want nothing more than to see them driven out of their positions.
    • Although the Mayor of Townsville is far from a corrupt figure, he’s incompetent enough to annoy Wright whenever they meet. Despite the former having his moments of brilliance, Wright thinks they aren’t enough for him to justify the Mayor of Townsville keeping his position, not to mention having to rely on a group of girls to settle the problems that befall that place. Wright has tried giving plenty of advice to the Mayor of Townsville on how to improve, though they haven’t been enough to make a significant change in the behavior of the Mayor of Townsville.
  • In addition to the traditional cities that are in the Pantheon, there are a number of futuristic settings and even a handful of older towns that Wright has managed to visit. While Wright has found these settings interesting, he has decided to devote his time in making sure the traditional cities are able to survive what the Pantheon has to go through. It hasn’t prevented him from helping out a few deities who look over those other settings and ensure they thrive however.

    Flo (Diner Dash
Flo, Goddess of Time Management Games
  • Quasideity (Probably Lesser Goddess when transformed into a Goddess)
  • Symbol: A jar full of coins and bills
  • Theme Song: The first level theme from the first game
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: The Ace, All-Loving Hero, Chronic Hero Syndrome, Deadpan Snarker, Dude Magnet, Feminine Women Can Cook, Perpetual Smiler, Tomboyish Ponytail, Ascend to a Higher Plane of Existence, Gold and White Are Divine, Mystical White Hair
  • Domains: Waitresses, Diners, Hard Work
  • Heralds: Cookie, Grandma Florence
  • High Priest: Papa Louie
  • Followers: The rest of Papa Louie's employers, Emily, Denise, Carrie
  • Allies: SpongeBob Squarepants, Squidward Tentacles, Mr. Krabs, Tiana
  • Additional Relationships: Eros
  • Opposes: Morris
  • Opposed by: Plankton
  • Additional Relationships: The Pantheonic Time Police, Sakura Matou
  • A young businesswoman named Flo became stressed and unsastified with her job as a businesswoman, due to how much paperwork she was forced to handle by her other co-workers and that it's a job that she found out is not something that she wantsd. This eventually led her to quit and escape her own job, wanting to find a job that at least sastifies her dreams. She eventually found an abandoned diner, realizing she could open her own restaurant, proceeding to purchase it, and named it Flo's Diner. It eventually became the most popular restaurant in her hometown, and giving Flo a life that she is happy to have.
  • How did she managed to ascend to the Pantheon? The Chum Bucket managed to outrank the Krusty Krab by having more customers and the latter was about to be brankrupt.....until Flo came in and led them a helping hand. Thanks to Flo's hardwork as a waitress, she managed to save the Krusty Krab to its former glory and saved it from bankrupty, which infuriated Plankton. The Court of Gods saw her good deeds and thought that she should be ascended as a reward for her actions. And that's the story of how she ascended.
    • Thanks to her actions, she became fast friends with SpongeBob, Squidward, and Mr. Krabs and was directly opposed by Plankton, although she doesn't habor the same sentinent as him as it's hard for her to hate people even if a certain someone took out all of her friends' restaurant without any sympathy.
  • After her ascencion, she opened her restaurant, Flo's Diner, along with her newly positioned heralds, Cookie and Grandma Florence. It became quickly populated thanks to Flo's hard work and dedication as a waitress. This caused a lot of boys, ascended or not, to admire her because of her skill and sheer determination alone.
    • Despite the competition, the other neighbouring restaurants seem to get along with her. It also helps that Flo will occassionally help them if their business is struggling. This results a lot of restaurant owners to ask her for help in case their establishments will be in debt. Although Flo would love to help them in their business, she stated she never thought that it would be this much.
  • Other than being a waitress, her other full-time jobs is being a caterer in weddings and suprisingly, as a hotel manager. Her two other full-time jobs caused her to get too many clients after hearing how hard-working it is, although Flo asked them to calm down and stated that she will take their offer one by one.
    • While working as a caterer back in her hometown, Cupid unexpectedly developed a major crush on her and tries to make her fall in love with him by shooting his love arrows to her....which never works. Hearing about this, Eros is embarassed to hear that a different version of him could fall in love with someone like her. Of course like last time, she's not aware of it and also his existence.
  • Flo gets along with Tiana the most as they are both dedicated to their jobs in their restaurants and managing to earn it by themselves. She congratulated her and Naveen for their marriage as she was a caterer in marriages and isn't weirded out by them turning into frogs considering how she suprisingly encountered into so much weird stuff nowadays.
  • While she doesn't hate Mr. Big and they became more and more like Friendly Enemies later on, she couldn't stand Morris's greedy attitude and wanting to take over the competition. Although she truly doesn't hate him, she couldn't bear the thought of him taking voer businesses just like her old "enemy" and even holds back of working alongside him. Morris thinks that it's a waste that he couldn't work with a diligent woman like him as he wants to hire her in his corporation to expand his territory, but of course, she will never let that happen.
  • The Pantheonic Time Police (except for Trunks because he did the exact same thing) are not exactly proud to see her going back in time to fix her grandmother's younger days as an owner of a disco bar. But they will admit that at least nothing bad came out of it.
  • A lot of people in the Pantheon are shocked to learn that Flo became a Goddess herself. She explained her story that after she opened four restaurants, her worth as a waitress was tested by a an actual Goddess by turning her into one to see if she can live up to the expectations. As this is technically the Pantheon, she can switch into her human form and Goddess form, although she prefers to stay in the former.
    • Sakura (as Parvati) was intrigued to know that the goddess is actually Indian and wanted to know who it is. As Flo could say is that she never asked what is her name exactly.

    The Grey Goo (Tasty Planet) 
The Grey Goo, Deity of Rising Up The Food Chain Games (Toilet Cleaner, Martian Goo)
  • Quasideity by default, but can increase in rank as it grows, up to Overdeity
  • Symbol: Itself
  • Theme Song: Tasty Planet OST - A
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Grey Goo, Extreme Omnivore, Big Eater, Attack of the 50-Foot Whatever, Blob Monster, Planet Eater, Gone Horribly Right, Sphere Eyes, Accidental Time Travel, Non-Malicious Monster, Mike Nelson, Destroyer of Worlds, Obtaining Flight As The Plot Demands, Did You Just Eat Cthulhu?, One-Track-Minded Hunger
  • Domain(s): Nanomachines, Absolute Consumption, Boundless Growth, Science Experiments
  • Heralds: Tasty Blue fishes, robot cat, a vengeful octopus, an experimental super-bee, a mine-eating rat, an evolved dingo, a vengeful whale shark, and a mutant penguin
  • High Priest: The Maw
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: The Goo and Valiant Singleton, The Aerospace Sanitation Inc. Janitor
  • Opposed by: Pretty much all of existence, especially the Pantheonic Time Police
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Amaterasu, The Egyptian Pantheon, Julius Caesar, Martian Manhunter, Kirby, Deviljho, Arthur Maxson, The Grandmas, The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Beatrix LeBeau, The Slime Family, Hedorah, The Blob, Lobotomy Corporation
  • Interests: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction, House of Commerce
  • Usually, there's a natural order to things on what eats what (with a few exceptions). But some games say screw that and allow you to climb it, though obviously usually start the character way down to make the inevitable climb much easier. Like this blob of Grey Goo for example, which grows bigger as it eats. At its smallest, the only things it can eat are quarks. As it consumes quarks however, it gradually grows until it is big enough to eat subatomic particles... then atoms and molecules, then micro-organisms and dirt particles, then bits and pieces, then small pets, then humans and furnitures, then vehicles and trees, then buildings, then cities and landscape, then asteroids and then the moon... and then the planets in the solar system, then the Stars, then entire galaxies, then clusters of galaxies and then finally... the whole well as other universes which all look like quarks.
  • A group of deities in the House of Science were one day studying samples that were collected from the Martian ice cap. One of them picked up a strange reading from a particular sample after it was scanned, but was told to hurry up before they could elaborate further. Unbeknownst to them, a grey blob of goo with two eyes was slowly consuming everything within a puddle of melted ice, and not too soon, witnesses saw it gobbling up all of their equipment until it was big enough to eat the deities themselves. When the House of Science went on high alert, the grey goo escaped via a sink and ended up being washed off to another part of the Pantheon where it continued feeding. A few hours later, the Pantheon found itself being attacked by a 1000 metre-tall blob monster. Despite the combined firepower of the House of Defense and other capable and armed deities, along with prior experience to dealing with the Blob, the worst they could do to the goo is make it say "ouch". Before it could start consuming entire Houses, the Overdeities of the Pantheon quickly interfered and put the Grey Goo in stasis to prevent the Grey Goo from consuming anything even further. Upon examination, deities realized that the entity originates from a (former) universe where the Grey Goo had gotten so large that it consumed its own universe before exploding, and finding its way into the Pantheon from there. Due to the nature of its consumption of everything smaller than itself for the sake of getting bigger, the Grand United Alliance of Destruction vouched for giving it the trope of Rising Up The Food Chain Game, which meant this thing had to stay. To prevent this goo from causing immense destruction on the fly, the temple it stays in is essentially a high-security containment area to prevent the Goo from getting to a threateningly big size on its own. All visitors are advised against giving it treats, since such an action typically ends in the perpetrator and many other deities getting consumed.
  • The true origin of the Grey Goo is traced all the way back to an unnamed scientist and and his younger assistant, the former who created the all-consuming blob in first place. Said scientist vehemently denies the destructive potential of the Grey Goo, insisting to the rest of the Pantheon that the goo was supposed to "eat poo"; that it was just an "automatic bathroom cleaner". Someone from the House of Commerce asked if said bathroom cleaner is on sale. Due to such motives, there are those who are genuinely interested in using it for huge clean-up jobs, but with extreme care and caution so it doesn't eat more than it's supposed to. As for those who chastise unchecked development of sciences, Arthur Maxson harshly berated the scientist for poorly handling the Grey Goo scenario and made the Grey Goo an example of the dangers of letting technological progress surpass human control. The Brotherhood of Steel, members of the SCP Foundation, and many other volunteers were prepared to use force to contain the Goo should it leave its temple.
  • Aside from some Overdeities using their reality-warping powers and brute force, it turns out that a lot of shrinking rays and deities capable of shrinking deities, usually through magic, could outpace the Goo's growth. Other deities known for indiscriminate gluttony, like Kirby or Deviljho, could possibly eat the Goo right back, though some worry of the risks of the Goo eating whatever they ate earlier, and growing from within. There were other assimilators in the Pantheon that could do something similar, like say, Rimuru Tempest, but the Pantheon is wary of those that can absorb their abilities in the process. If the Grey Goo were to be absorbed at the hands of someone like Alex Mercer, who has gained a disturbing interest in the goo, such a deity would have no issue making use of the much quicker consumption abilities of the Goo to become unstoppable.
  • The scientist recalled the time when the Grey Goo was freed by his assistant and making a mess (Or rather, cleaning up said mess) in their laboratory when it ate a Time Machine, causing it to travel through random periods of time, change history by preventing important events from occuring and have hiccups whenever it travels through time. The Pantheonic Time Police took note of this incident and adjusted the security in The Great Treasury to account for this deity, ensuring that the Grey Goo would not, by chance, consume any time-travelling devices such as Kronika's Hourglass and the DeLorean Time Machine. Even time-travelling deities like Celebi are advised to stay away from the Grey Goo as far as possible whenever it is loose. That said, it did interest some deities about how the Goo's timeline consisted of literal turtles, all the way down.
    • There are more mixed reactions from deities related to the time periods the Grey Goo had invaded. Some dinosaur deities revere the Grey Goo for saving the dinosaurs from an extinction-causing meteor, allowing their species to survive all the way to the present day, though that would get undone the Grey Goo eating the universe later on. Egyptians, on the other hand, are upset at the Grey Goo for eating their people, their homeland and the Great Pyramid of Giza, which turned many of the Egyptian deities against the Grey Goo, not they weren't already against its existence anyway. At some point while the goo was still trapped in the past, the people's fashion sense along with the architecture have switched to match that of the Roman Empire. This is because due to the Grey Goo's rampage, the people were forced to unite and rebuild, thus preventing the empire from falling apart. Julius Caesar isn't sure what to feel about this, but that does not change his sentiments about the goo's indiscriminate aggression towards his people. Japanese deities have become hostile to the goo as well, if it's only because it terrorized Feudal Japan during its time there. Godzilla, upon learning that the goo devoured his expy and unleashed Kaiju monsters in the present, roared in a fit of rage.
  • The Grey Goo is usually hyper-aggressive towards any objects, inanimate or not, and will prioritize eating the largest one it can consume. When left with nothing to eat however, the goo will continue searching until there really is nothing to eat and becomes docile, waiting until it finds something small enough to eat. It usually steers clear of larger deities, especially the Super-Persistent Predators who can eat it whole or just run it over. With that said however, smaller deities are warned to not get too close to the goo, lest it eats them alive. Kirby ended up becoming its most feared enemy as not only can he eat the Grey Goo without any ill-effects, but also prevent it from escape with his vacuum mouth.
    • The House of Food in general is obviously a location that the Grey Goo is kept from as far as possible, even considering its place in the Hall of Consumption, with the Grey Goo's attachment to the place being only be a tremendous disaster in waiting. There's just so much food there that even without the inhabitants, it would straight up grow to city-size at the very least if it ever absorbed the whole House in. Food-based deities also feel threatened by the Grey Goo's very existence, especially for the Flying Spaghetti Monster, who ended up becoming eaten by the Grey Goo once as it went to eat up the universe, making it a dreaded monstrosity for the Pastafarians in general.
  • The SCP Foundation has obtained, studied and grown a sample of the Grey Goo for use in some of their experiments. One of them tested if the Grey Goo could completely neutralize SCP-682. After growing their Grey Goo to approximately 10 metres in diameter, they moved SCP-682 into the chamber where the Grey Goo was contained. SCP-682 fought off the goo for a moment before it enveloped and swallowed it whole. For a while, nothing seemed to have happened, until the goo started groaning in pain as though it was having a tummy ache, after which the goo then suddenly got absorbed by the pissed-off SCP-682 from inside-out, making it grow larger than before. The experiment was concluded a failure, just like the other ones that were done on the unkillable entity, and the resulting rampage ended up causing a colossal amount of damage as well. If there's one thing they can confirm though, it's that the Goo can eat anything smaller than it.
  • The other Goo have mistaken it as one of their units gone rogue and sent other blobs to retrieve it. The blobs ended up being assimilated into the larger blob against the Goo's control, with said blob exclaiming, "yummy!". Upon learning that this Grey Goo is different, the Goo made an attempt to integrate it into its ever-growing army and due to this goo's rather simple programming and their similar properties, managed to partially convert it, though when the Goo expires, the Goo comes back normal. Regardless of its condition, this Goo doesn't seem to mind much— as long as it gets to eat something, it's content.
  • Other forms of slime and goo aren't fond of the Grey Goo since it hardly discriminates let alone cares for friend or foe; everything is simply food or soon-to-be-food for it. All of the denizens of the Slime Family are intimidated by it, with the Metal Slimes hoping to adapt to better ways of escaping its pursuits. Beatrix LeBeau, a slime rancher, is rather terrified of how similar it is to the Tarr she has to deal with, but with much more ruthlessness and no weakness to water. Hedorah and the Blob also see the Grey Goo as competition, the latter more so. Some deities have made the foolish mistake of watching the giant slimes absorb everything in their path in order to outgrow each other for the sake of eating the other slime. Whoever wins doesn't have qualms about eating up their onlookers, so trying to enjoy the spectacle of the Grey Goo's dining is definitely not worth trying.
  • The Grey Goo's heralds are similarly dangerous creatures that have the unusual property of growing really big from eating at concerning rates. Notably, some of them are the result of humans trying to making them into eating machines for all sorts of benefits, Gone Horribly Right as they devour their target, and then humans. Others also happen to be victims of human-caused ruination, like humans almost driving basking sharks into extinction, or causing so much pollution that it caused animals in it to mutate. The fact that one of them was an octopus that wreaked havoc on humanity for its pollution also amused the likes of Octogeddon, though even he knows better than to underestimate the likes of these creatures. If there wasn't a really good reason to respect the House of Nature before, there is plenty now. As mentioned earlier, the Goo and its heralds are masters of quickly cleaning up pollution (with humanity and everything else as collateral if not controlled and supervised), to the chagrin of deities like Mr. Burns or Hexxus, who are dismayed that it can easily ruin whatever they've tried setting up, especially for the former who has plenty of property to lose to the Grey Goo.
  • Unfortunately, luck is never on the Pantheon's side whenever it breaks free on its own. Wherever the Grey Goo goes, there always seems to be a laid-out pile of junk for it to gobble up. Sometimes it can also end up in the House of Slaughter where it cleanly devours the Ludicrous Gibs (Along with anyone unfortunate to be in its way). Even more worrying is all of the cookies left behind by the Grandmas, the hundreds of them making thousands and thousands of cookies continuously, making it a prime opportunity for the Goo to grow several sizes larger in the blink of an eye, thus people track its distance from the Grannies to prevent such a disaster from escalating further. The Grandmas themselves definitely dislike it, but they don't make as much of a big deal of it as others, probably with they've experienced from the various origins they have, let alone their connections to the Grandmatriarchs.
  • Quite a number of deities have smuggled small blobs of the Grey Goo from its temple back to their temples to make adjustments. Some managed to create a Grey Goo that works as its original creator have intended (by removing its ability to grow or give the goo a dietary preference for excretion and grime). However, others, particularly those affiliated with the GUAD tried to make their own Grey Goo to suit their destruction-oriented goals. No one barring the other Goo has been able to reverse-engineer the Grey Goo though, but the deities in House of Commerce are making a profit selling their own brand of improved "Toilet Cleaners". That said, in very desperate situations, the Grey Goo is allowed to leave its temple is when there's a ginormous mess that's too huge for the Janitor and his co-workers to handle. The Grey Goo would sometimes be paired up with the Janitor to help clean up parts of the Pantheon. Although it gets his job done faster, most of the time it would end up growing large enough to swallow him, unless the Janitor keeps stomping on the Grey Goo to keep it at a small and reasonable size, which is easier said then done.
    • While the Lobotomy Corporation is known for its history of containing and even exploiting Abnormalities, their staff know better than to try anything crazy with the Grey Goo. Having dealt with plenty of ravenous entities with boundless hunger to rival the Grey Goo, dealing with yet another entity with potential to devour the whole world and more is something they'll only help with surpressing at most. They have considered using the Beauty and the Beast Abnormality as a method of dealing with it, considering that if it was to be devoured by the goo, the goo would be forcefully transformed into another of said Abnormality, but to minimize the chaos it could cause, it's only considered as a Godzilla Threshold kind of counter.