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The Slaughterhouse

This is, arguably, one of the most obscene Houses in the Pantheon. A House filled with dead bodies, mutilated appendages and weird obsessions with blood where every deity's specialty is related to dismembering.

Due to the very nature of the House, deities under the age of 18 are not allowed to enter.

The House also counts with security cameras provided by the House of Justice. The reason for that is not because they want to see the massacre, but rather to check if nobody's trying to steal the ludicrous gibs.

Also, Vampires are given a warm welcome due to the nature of this place. Except for the Crimson Court after a tight lipped incident involving their infestation. The Ancestor has done his best to try and prevent their permanent residence but has bluntly said there's no guarantee. A while later, the aristocrats have ascended and have frequently assaulted this House and its denizens save for a few who took a liking to them.


It's connected with the House of Death and Postmortem.

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The Killing Trinity

Atros, The Violent Red God (Atrocitus, Lord and Master of the Red Lantern Corps, Wrath, Hate, Righteous Vengeance)

    Bi-Han/Noob Saibot 
Bi-Han, God of Fatalities (Noob Saibot, The Original Sub-Zero, Sub-Zero I [actually Sub-Zero V], Boon Tobias)
Noob with his shadow clone (known as Saibot)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: His Troll Hammer or his Sickle.
  • Theme Song: The Cathedral, Nemesis, Noob Saibot's Dorfen when preparing for battle; Chinese Ninja Warrior back in his Sub-Zero days
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Names Taking Unfortunate Meanings With Time, Hammers, Memetic Mutation, Casting a Shadow, Cheap Death, Getting Drunk on the Dark Side, Painting It Black, Being the Cain to an Abel, Ex-Secret Characters
  • Domains: Darkness, Evil, Corruption, Kombat
  • Superiors: Father and Dante (Fullmetal Alchemist)
  • Allies:
  • Enemies:
  • Ambiguous Relationship: Tomas Vrbada/Smoke
  • Evil Counterpart to: Hakumen
  • Odd Friendship: Anub'arak
  • Opposes: Gamers (Because they keep calling him Noob)
  • Noob Saibot is one of several undead servants of the Netherrealm, with the power to manipulate darkness and even possesses more free will than his peers. Born as Bi-Han, the descendant of a family of cryomancers and the fifth to bear the name Sub-Zero, Bi-Han was one of the best assassins of the Lin Kuei clan, having carried several missions for them. He was key in stealing Shinnok's amulet after being hired by Quan Chi to do so, killing his long-time rival from the Shirai Ryu clan, Scorpion, in the process, only to retrieve it on commission from Raiden after realizing how badly he'd been manipulated. He was later one of the participants in the Mortal Kombat tournament, where he met his end at the hands of the resurrected Scorpion, who mistakenly believed Sub-Zero to be the one responsible for killing his family. That was not the end of Bi-Han; reborn as Noob Saibot, he became one of Quan Chi's servants and fully embraced evil.
  • While he had been a part of the Pantheon for a while, his position was dubious. As you may be aware, he is not exactly proud of what's become of his name as a wraith. In the language of the Internet, "noob" has become a silly derogatory term associated with novice videogame players; it doesn't help that he comes from a fighting game franchise. Worse, for the longest time it used to be his main claim to fame in the Pantheon and a frequent target of mockery for others. Fittingly, he preferred to stay in the shadows because of this. That all changed later, as Noob Saibot would resurface after he reminded everyone of why he is a serious threat, executing an opponent with his signature Spine Rip, one of the original Fatalities of his tenure as Sub-Zero and one of the reasons why the ESRB was created. Not to mention, his brutal finishers as Noob Saibot. He still he developed a distate for gamers since they still keep calling him a Noob.
    • This is one of the many reasons he, strangely enough, related to Anub'arak. The Nerubian traitor king unfortunately gets called "A Noob" by the same gamers that make fun of Noob Saibot. This is how the wraith managed to get close to the Scourge deities, as being an undead wraith certainly fit with the interests of said group and his similarities with the Lich King Arthas certainly helped.
  • Turns out his brother Kuai Liang has taken up the mantle of Sub-Zero ever since Bi-Han's death, and while he did try to avenge him, he didn't go through with killing Scorpion and once both siblings reunited, Noob Saibot didn't even care about him and has tried to kill him since. While Kuai Liang did end becoming a revenant in Timeline X, he got better and returned to life; that said, reuniting once again with his brother in the Pantheon after finding out he now works on his own, Sub-Zero decided to confront him. They relationship hasn't improved in the slightest.
    Noob Saibot: You disappoint me.
    Sub-Zero: The feeling is mutual, brother.
    Noob: Mother would be so proud.
  • If there is anyone that he hates as much as his brother, that would be Hanzo Hasashi, AKA Scorpion. The two have clashed numerous times in the past, including both having killed each other, resulting in their undead states. Being one of the reasons Bi-Han became Noob Saibot is something that Hasashi deeply regrets but the former Sub-Zero is beyond saving as he has fully embraced what he has become.
  • Being a wraith and having an affinity for shadow, Noob Saibot desires nothing but to plunge the Pantheon into an era of darkness. This peaked the interest of certain particular deities who too share this goal like Chernabog, Nightmare Moon and Zs'skayr. Noob has no problem working for them as a field agent and from the shadows, having proved to be an excellent hitman and assassin for the ones in the shadows.
    • But not all that delve in the dark share his sentiment. Many of the good-aligned deities and some of the anti-heroes took issue with Noob Saibot's goals and firmly oppose him. One in particular was Jackie Estacado. Being used to demons and having control of the darkness would make anyone think these two would work together but such is not the desire of Estacado, who views the ninja as just another mindless demon that should be put down.
    • While he has no power over decay, he and SCP-106 are very chummy with each other. Similar background aside, the Old Man is the perfect ally for a world shrouded in darkness and death that Noob so desires.
  • Noob has been coined as the evil counterpart to Hakumen, as they are both beings who are the new selves of people blessed with ice powers. Many gods are placing bets on who would win between Hakumen and Noob, although the former is definitely the favorite between the two. Noob's emnity for Hakumen also extends to his other counterpart, Jin Kisaragi, particularly because some people have compared the then alive Bi-Han to Kisaragi's attitude. Several have also even said that Noob Saibot is basically what Jin would have become if he didn't receive the Character Development in his home universe.
  • Not many know how he even survived being thrown at the Soulnado by Nightwolf.
    Noob: Quan Chi's creations are hard to kill.
    • That said, he swore to get back at the Native American if their paths ever cross again.
  • Sees potential in the darkness of Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha's souls, making them prime converts to the clan he so desires to control. Obviously this made their respective parents oppose Noob Saibot and lament that someone that used to be like them could have fallen so low. Shikamaru Nara especially takes problem with Bi-Han. Having similar power sets is a huge factor in that.
  • While Lin Kuei are not ninjas, some of the latter did catch Noob Saibot's attention. The inherent darkness in Ayane's soul, particularly her tainted heritage, made her a prime candidate for corruption, trying time and time again to corrupt her into a being just like him. To her aid came Ryu Hayabusa, who drove off Bi-Han's attempts at manipulation by attempting to cut him down and while the wraith does respect Hayabusa's power, he believes he has wasted precious power by ignoring the Curse of Hatred.
  • Bi-Han is a dark reminder of what could happen to those that fall into darkness and embrace it. Ryu in particular is glad that he is never going to follow his path after having expelled the Dark Hado from his body, something that Noob finds dissapointing. The living essence of said power though shares goals with Bi-Han, namely that both share common enemies that will be destroyed, but the desire to kill and destroy everything has made it hard for the two to work together. Not that Noob has a problem with that; after all, that behavior is what he seeks for his minions.
  • In previous timelines, Noob formed a partnership with the fellow Lin Kuei Smoke to create an army of cyber demons. Both have little recollection of said events, but Smoke's revenant being controlled by his Enenra self has made it easier for both to partner, and now that Noob Saibot works for Kronika on Lord Shinnok's behalf, he could make this timeline version of events actually happen.
    • The moment he heard about cyber demons, the Doom Slayer instantly assumed that Noob was the mastermind behind his universe's Cyberdemon. He personally challenged the wraith to a fight and Noob was almost mutilated, since he didn't expect the space marine to be such a fearsome foe, forcing Noob to retreat and swear revenge on Doomguy for daring to attack him.
  • Some people think he sounds like Dr. Claw. Ironically this made Inspector Gadget believe he is actually the true self of Claw, or at least an envoy of him, and thus has set to defeat Noob Saibot for good. Bi-Han hardly takes him seriously.
  • While he doesn't miss his previous life one bit, he does lament having lost his cryomancer powers. The many residents of the House of Ice and Cold consider Bi-Han a disgrace for having ditched his old identity, not helped by Kuai Liang's presence in said house. Noob's only retort was to state that death is the coldest ice that exists and that he would inflict it on all who oppose him.
  • Became one of the main enforcers of the newly established High Command, thanks in part to General Esdeath taking a liking to him and recruiting Noob for the job (though originally this was meant to have him join a renewed version of her Jeagers squad). He met her after she witnessed him ripping appart an opponent that challenged him to Mortal Kombat, impressed by his brutality she decided to test his abilities, and it helped that Noob Saibot used to have ice powers like her in the past. Noob Saibot has no true attachment to the Command's goals but he is content with obeying them so long as he benefits from them and he doesn't exactly feel out of place alongside the homunculi; in fact, his unique wraith properties inspired Father Homunculus to try and create another minion in Bi-Han's image.
  • If there is one thing that embarrasses Noob, that would be the many times he fell from high ground during his quest to thwart Shinnok when he was Bi-Han, complete with flailing arms and very loud "AAAAAAAHHH!!!" Mock that moment at your own peril (especially about comparing his drowning like 'getting flushed into a giant toilet'), getting your body bisected with his good old 'Make A Wish' will be the least of your worries. (And to his annoyance, that was pretty set in stone that not even Raiden or Kronika could revert THAT)
  • "All is dark. All are shadows. Now I am become Death, Destroyer of Worlds."

    King Ghidorah 
King Ghidorah, Unholy Civilization Destroyer (Ghidrah, Ghidora, Monster Zero, King Of Terror, Space Super Monster, Emperor of the Cosmos, Venus Hellfire, Space Super Terror-Beast, Supreme Ruler of the Cosmos, Mecha King Ghidorah, Guardian Ghidorah, God of the Sky, Grand King Ghidorah, Super Dragon King Ghidorah, Yamato No Orochi, Otaru Ghidorah, The Planet Eater, The Golden Demise, Wings of Death, God of the Void, The False King, The One Who Is Many, Death Song Of Three Storms, The Devil, Titanus Ghidorah, Mechagodzilla)
Legendary Ghidorah
Showa Ghidorah 
Mecha-King Ghidorah 
GMK Ghidorah 
Anime/Otaru Ghidorah 
  • Greater God. Borderline Overdeity (as Legendary Ghidorah, or Otaru Ghidorah when partially or improperly summoned). Overdeity (Otaru Ghidorah when properly summoned)
  • Symbol: A silhouette of himself
  • Theme Songs:
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Chaotic Good as Guardian Ghidorah)
  • Portfolio: Arch-Enemy, Our Dragons Are Different, Giant Flyer, Aliens Are Bastards, Giggling Villain, Ax-Crazy, Constantly Reviving Villain, Breath Weapon, Draconic Abomination, For the Evulz, Absolute Depravity
  • Domains: Dragons, Destruction
  • Heralds: Desghidorah (AKA Death Ghidorah), Monster X / Keizer Ghidorah, The Futurians, Metphies, the Exif
  • Employed by: Black Doom, Darkseid, Thanos, Ragyou Kiryuin
  • Allies: Gigan, Hedorah, Orochi, Mechagodzilla (Showa), Gauron, Infinite, Ridley, Evolto
  • Rivals: Majin Buu, Hydreigon
  • Enemies: Godzilla, Rodan, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Anguirus, Baragon, Amaterasu, Aang, Many Children Deities, Korra, Rei Hino, Minako Aino, Hercules, Martian Manhunter, Jason Scott, Raleigh Becket and Mako Mori, Tommy Oliver, Altera, Miraak, The EVA Children, Many Dinosaur Deities
  • Teeth Clenched Team Work: Mesogog
  • Source of Interest for: GUAM
  • Even if King Ghidorah is just one adversary that Godzilla has clashed with, he's essentially the Arch-Enemy for the King of the Monsters and both have battled each other many times over for the fate of the planet. A malevolent three-headed space dragon with the power to unleash bolts of electricity, Ghidorah has been focused on nothing more than annihilating countless civilizations across different planets, with Mars and Venus among those that fell victim to his attacks. While there have been a few different versions of Ghidorah across his multiple fights with Godzilla, one common trait that the dragon has is being thoroughly psychotic and relishing in the destruction and mayhem he causes.
  • A series of lightning strikes hit the Pantheon for a few days, in spite of the weather forecast claiming that at the very least it would be cloudy within that time period. As that was going on, some have noticed that a few planets that resided in the Pantheon was completely destroyed, with whatever images being picked up revealing that it was a three-headed dragon responsible for the planets being annihilated. It didn’t take long until the dragon, identified as King Ghidorah, touched down on the Pantheon, bringing forth a terrible storm and untold amounts of destruction. His arrival required a number of mecha pilots and military forces to try and get some hits on him, but Ghidorah shrugged off most of them and destroyed some of the mechas being used against him. It wasn’t until Godzilla arrived at the scene of the battle that things began to turn around slightly and the two kaiju were focused on attacking each other. It was a hard-fought battle and it required an all-out attack from Godzilla and the mecha pilots to defeat Ghidorah. Even if the space dragon has been defeated, it hasn’t quelled any concerns that Ghidorah will come back and finish what he started, particularly since some destructive deities were impressed with his power and wanted to get ahold of it.
  • There have been several different versions of Ghidorah and how they came to be. Him traveling across galaxies and destroying them has been a common interpretation of Ghidorah while one possible explanation of how he came to be is via a mutation from three miniature creatures known as Dorats following a nuclear bomb test. This isn’t getting to some of the more stranger versions of him, such as him being a guardian monster and immature Yamato no Orochi (and by extension, the only version of Ghidorah that’s on the side of good) that’s apparently weaker than the other Ghidorahs and one that’s basically an extra-dimensional Energy Being that is seen as a God of Destruction. There’s also a number of creatures who have a resemblance to Ghidorah such as Desghidorah and Keizer Ghidorah and while they’re quadruped as opposed to being bipedal, those Ghidorahs share the same sense of destruction that most of the other Ghidorahs have.
  • He has destroyed numerous planets throughout his lifetime before getting into conflict with Godzilla. Among those included were Venus and Mars, something that more than angered Minako Aino and Rei Hino given how they are Princesses of their respective planets. Ghidorah’s destruction of Mars has also earned the ire of several deities related to that planet (even villainous ones such as Mars People and Marvin the Martian hated Ghidorah for it and want nothing to do with the dragon), including Martian Manhunter. The latter ended up getting into a battle with the space dragon as Ghidorah attempted to go after the Mars that was residing in the Pantheon and although Martian Manhunter was able to drive out Ghidorah, it wouldn’t be the last time he would find himself with conflict against Ghidorah.
  • One attempt to defeat Godzilla involved rebuilding Ghidorah’s corpse and turning it into a controllable cyborg weapon. The idea of controlling a space dragon and using its powers got the attention of some mechanics, who have offered their own takes on a version of Mecha-King Ghidorah, though most of these ideas were shot down, partially because it would be too dangerous to even get close to him and would require a lot of power to incapacitate him to begin with. The GUAM has looked into permanently turning Ghidorah into their own version of Mecha-King Ghidorah; one that would be completely loyal to them and one that would potentially be fully mechanized and stronger than before. While the attempts so far haven’t been successful, GUAM is confident that they’ll have a powerful weapon at their side, no matter how much force is needed to get that accomplished.
  • Since it is related to Yamata no Orochi in some way (even if Guardian Ghidorah is very different from the other Ghidorahs in terms of behavior), the Orochi in the Pantheon took interest in Ghidorah and was able to get him on its side as a means to instigate further damage to the Pantheon. Asuka and Homura, both of whom have fought against that Orochi, were angered to learn of another multi-headed abomination that could destroy everything and know that fighting Ghidorah and Orochi together would require everything they’ve got and even then it might not be enough to take down Ghidorah. When it comes to other deities that have fought against an Orochi before, Amaterasu saw Ghidorah as someone just as dangerous, if not more so, than Yami.
  • Ghidorah largely doesn’t care about who he works with as long as he’s able to bring about destruction and get the chance to relish it (though he has frequently worked with Gigan as far as aliens are concerned and the two make a formidable pair). Being an alien dragon, a number of dangerous aliens were impressed with his power and have approached him with the offer to bring down various worlds that they’re looking to conquer. This even extended to humans who have turned against their own kind such as Ragyo and are looking for allies who can help them accomplish their goals. While Ghidorah ultimately isn’t able to fully work with aliens such as Darkseid and Black Doom, he has more than gladly accepted any offers from them that involve annihilating planets and making it easier for said aliens to take over them.
  • Mothra Leo had to fight against a version of Ghidorah that wiped out all of the dinosaurs beforehand. The dragon being the instigator for such a cataclysmic event would make him earn the anger of nearly every dinosaur present in the Pantheon. Tommy Oliver and Jason Scott in particular despise the dragon as the two Power Rangers are able to derive their powers from dinos. One of the Rangers’ enemies, Mesogog, is curious about Ghidorah’s power, but the dragon causing a massive extinction event and Mesogog’s desire for dinosaurs to rule the Earth once more have lead to some conflict on their part. Mesogog is aware of the large power gap between him and Ghidorah and is working on something that will give him at least a fighting chance against the dragon.
    • Beyond the fact that the Ghidorah that battled Mothra Leo caused the extinction of dinosaurs, that particular Ghidorah has the ability to eat the souls and life-force of anyone unlucky to get in his way, with children being a favorite target of his. The Ghidorah in the Pantheon once attempted it again and ended with Mothra Leo coming in and defeating it once more. The fact that a dangerous sadist like Ghidorah would be willing to absorb the souls of children and anyone else has caused great concern among those who are protective of children. Those who specialize in the absorption of souls such as Shang Tsung see Ghidorah as a major rival in their goals considering how much damage the dragon can cause wherever he goes.
  • There have been a few deities that got the attention of Ghidorah, mainly through their shared desire of causing destruction and willing to work with whoever will provide such opportunities to them. Gauron, Ridley, and Infinite all saw Ghidorah’s scale of destruction and was impressed with it, even if Infinite had a bit of resentment over the fact that someone was much more powerful than him at first. While Ghidorah was bemused at Gauron by virtue of being a human who goes around in a mecha, Guaron was more than willing to join Ghidorah if it meant forcing Sosuke Sagara into battles much more dangerous than before. Of the three, Ghidorah found a strong ally in Ridley, mainly for being a sadistic space creature who has his own personal arch-enemy that he keeps coming back to just to torment them. Ridley more than enjoyed Ghidorah’s brand of chaos and has worked with him in terrorizing planets, with Infinite sometimes tagging along just to prove that he can keep getting stronger no matter what.
  • He actually made his way into The Spirit World at one point and started to wreak havoc in there, which included sucking the souls out of some Spirits. Not only that, it almost made its way into the Spirit Portal that connected it to Avatar Universe. Luckily, it was stopped by both Aang, Korra, Godzilla and Mothra Leo. After this near fatal incident, security of the Pantheon Spirit portal has been doubled. Further investigation of the incident revealed that Ghidorah was used as a distraction as some members of GUAE enter the Spirit World to harvest Spirit Vines for their own use. Neither Avatars were happy about this and Ghidorah is eager to get involved in a similar stunt again.
  • As far as dragons are concerned, Ghidorah mostly doesn’t care a lot about them, though many of the benevolent ones see him as a threat that must be stopped no matter what and the more villainous ones being interested in Ghidorah’s destructive sadism. While he has fought against other Pantheonic dragons numerous times, Hydreigon ended up being one dragon that has frequently come into conflict with Ghidorah. The Pokemon is a three-headed dragon with a violent streak much like Ghidorah, but sees the space dragon as a much darker version of himself and one that wouldn’t rest until everything in its path has been destroyed. Ghidorah doesn’t see a whole lot in Hydreigon much like other dragons, but won’t hesitate to destroy the Pokemon and make things as painful as possible for Hydreigon.
  • Evolto was going around various planets across the Pantheon and annihilating them when he saw Ghidorah fly over to another planet and destroy it. Evolto was more than thrilled to find another galaxy destroyer like him and one that fully relished in the mayhem he causes. Seeing Ghidorah as a potential “pet” and a means to cause chaos faster than before, Evolto has taken the dragon under his wing and both have traveled across galaxies destroying anything that they come across. Evolto’s arch-enemies are more than disgusted with seeing something that shares his penchant for destruction, especially since Ghidorah is going to make a rematch against Evolto much more difficult.
  • Altera was once designed to be a Civilization Destroyer by her alien progenitors, but she eventually grew out of it and now works alongside The Master of Chaldea. Even if Ghidorah did have a version that was on the side of good, that barely comes out and by default he doesn’t intend to change his ways whatsoever. Altera is more than repulsed to see a creature like Ghidorah as a reminder of the kind of being that she used to be and would want nothing more than to see the space dragon destroyed, even if it means having to fight him directly.
  • For as much of a deadly force of nature that Ghidorah is, there has been only a handful of deities that are willing to use force to try and control Ghidorah. Among them include Miraak, who is able to bring dragons under his control and has been an enemy amongst nearly every dragon in the Pantheon. Miraak thought that Ghidorah would make a powerful ally, but the dragon was far too sadistic too listen and tried to blast Miraak with lightning bolts. Miraak was then put into a fight against Ghidorah and used what he can to try and defeat him and bring him under his control. As with much of Miraak’s previous attempts, it ended in failure, though Miraak was undeterred and had hopes that he can get Ghidorah and other powerful dragons like him under his control.
  • One of the most destructive moments in the Pantheon came when Majin Buu saw Ghidorah in action. Buu, being the insane force of destruction that he is, attempted to assimilate Ghidorah’s power and the failed attempt resulted in Buu getting into a nasty fight with Ghidorah. What followed was a fight between two deranged planet destroyers that spanned across galaxies with many casualties and ruined planets. While Buu ended up gaining the upper hand, he saw quite a bit of himself in Ghidorah when it comes to enjoying devastation. Many have dreaded a potential rematch between the two, with Goku and Vegeta offering to intervene and stop the pair’s destructive competition should it happen, especially after learning about how Ghidorah’s insanity and sadism is comparable to that of Buu.
  • In the long run, Ghidorah is considered to be a highly invasive creature and one that will potentially destroy everything if no one is able to stop him. One of his more potent abilities is being able to control other “Titans” to terraform the planet to his own liking (meaning to annihilate anything that could stand in the way). Given the variety of creatures in the Pantheon similar to “Titans” in terms of power such as Elder Dragons and Legendary Pokemon, many dread what would happen if Ghidorah is able to get them under his control.

The Wicked Triad of Torture

AM, God of Delivering Concious Eternal Punishment (Allied Mastercomputer, Adaptive Manipulator, Aggressive Menace, I Think Therefore I AM, SCP-682(?))

    Asdrubael Vect 
Asdrubael Vect, Unholy Patron of Brutal and Merciless Torture (Supreme Overlord of Commoragh, Archon of the Black Heart Kabal, Pimp Master of Commoragh, Captain Thigh High)
  • Archon (in Pantheon ranks, Greater God)
  • Symbol: the Kabal of the Black Heart’s Banner, the Dark Eldar’s city Commoragh and/or The Dark Eldar Emblem
  • Theme Song: The Dark Eldar theme from Dawn of War Soulstorm, alternatively Velkommen Till Commoragh
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Supreme Overlord of the Dark Eldar, Proclaims to be A Dark Muse, Manipulative Bastard, Mightness of Intellect, An absolute dick, even towards other Eldar, At least 12,000 years old and may have seen the Fall, The Chessmaster, From a slave of Commoragh, to the Supreme Ruler, The Casanova (actually scratch that, he is much more than that), Feigns death quite easily, Depraved even by Dark Eldar standards, Practioner of cruelty in mercy and death
  • Domains: Evil, Destruction, Suffering, Terror, Torture, Mercilessness, Absolute Depravity
  • Herald (as much as he hates him): Archon Tahril
  • Followers (not that he’ll need them, though he’ll appreciate it): Devils, Atlas, The Thalmor, The Brotherhood of the Darkness, The Damned 33rd
  • “Allies”: Pinbacker, Richard Tager
  • Enemies:
  • Feared by: Sakura Matou, Alma Wade, Alex Mason and surprisingly Renekton
  • Respected by: SCP-953
  • Rival: Malekith
  • From the depths of the 41st Millenium, from those wars forged by several factions, be it Humanity, Orks, Eldars, Necrons, Tau, Tyranids, and Chaos, none (or rivaled in the case of Chaos) match to the depravity of the Dark Eldar. These loathsome remnants of the old and wicked culture from the Eldar past are heavy practioners to the art of absolute merciless torture. Yet none are more depraved than their Overlord, Asdrubael Vect. Leader of the Kabal of the Black Heart and current Archon of the Dark Eldar, he leads a race powered to the brim of torture and cruelty to the point that they are completely powered by misery, torture and depravity of their victims, lashing out on the souls of their victims and powered by it. Not only that they are also protected from death by their culture, rendering them partially immune to She Who Thirsts. Truly a horrifying race indeed.
  • It was said Vect was a part of the Pantheon during the beginnings of the House of Slaughter in its debut. However, he disappeared and was not found until portions of his body were found by a replacement to his position, by the kitsune Goddess Daji. As soon as she took helm into the House, she would later be obliterated by a rising dark figure behind her throne. Said figure would paralyze her and torture her by every means, including his weapons, his tools, and would later be sent into Commoragh’s finest gladiator pits. She would never be heard again, and the figure was confirmed, by the Eldar Ulthrad himself, to be his estranged kin, Asdrubael Vect, returning back to reclaim the glory of the Dark Eldar once more.
  • What makes him special is not just his methods of torture or intentions, but by the fact that his faction, the Dark Eldar (or Drukhari) are taught and cultured into the most hedonistic and sadistic culture once catered to the Eldar before the Fall. After the aformentioned Fall of the Eldar, the others who wanted to go back to their old ways set up a city within the warp, and after realizing that they can cheat Slaneesh’s curse by torturing and harnessing their victim’s agony and death, they decided to stick to that notion of absolute depravity and mercilessness and would continiously harass the Milky Way Galaxy.
    • To sum up how terrifying he and the Dark Eldar are, those who have experienced or seen their methods consider their culture to be “Metaphorically on the run from the dark god whom they spawned from their UNRESTRAINED, UN-QUANTIFIABLE MURDERFUCKING!
  • Vect’s temple is a ungodly mesh of every city from the warp merged into one massive labyrinth, also known as Commoragh. The city’s history has been a long one, considering Vect himself pretty much orchastrated the elimination of every political threat on the city, killing all non-loyalists and later reviving them to follow him, and finally, the complete merging and unification of all other cities into one, eventually forming Commoragh’s labyrinth structure, making it almost a maze to go through.
  • Upon his re-ascension, Eldrad could not be more surprised seeing that his other kin has come back once again, as the history between the Aeldari and the Drukhari are if anything, mixed. While they aren’t truly enemies, as Dark Eldar sometimes do come into terms with their original factions, Eldrad has massive beefs towards Vect’s culture as they seem so content with the torture and obsessive killing, the very cultures that gave birth to Slaneesh and eventually, the Eye of Terror. Vect on the other hand leers towards the Farseer, citing that he is nothing more but a coward for resigning to death and accepting their losses rather than reliving the old days of the Eldar. They even had a call session between each other which led to Eldrad facepalming so hard after the talk with him, even saying that it is better talking to a clown than with him.
  • Considered a Troll, potentially even able to out-troll Eldrad thanks to his Chronic Backstabbing Disorder. He surprisingly even trolled one of his bretheren with a gift, only to have a black hole stuffed in a box.
  • The Imperium, hearing Vect’s return, improved and multiplied their defenses ten-fold to make sure he never tries raiding another planet from their handle. He would comment saying that no matter how many times humanity will keep adding more defenses, their souls will bring much more enjoyment to the Dark Eldar with or without their divine Emperor. Emps however, calls him irrelevant, as he has more things to do other than dealing with bugs, Egyptian robots and Chaos itself.
    • This later got personal upon hearing that Vulcan and Leman Russ were already inside the Pantheon grounds, especially the former. The Primarch of the Salamanders will be glad to burn Vect’s body and the rest of Commoragh after what he has done to his soldiers during their attempted desecration of Forgehammer.
  • Has a massive disdain towards any race in general, but special props goes to humans as a whole (read Mon’keigh). He abhors humans especially since they are nothing but pests to Eldar in general. He also sees them as perfect prey for their horrific torment considering how effective human souls are for the Warp.
    • Mechs are not spared either as his Kabal’s work with captured Adeptus Mechanicus turned them into Haemonculi, living proof that suffering is their existence. This even gave chills towards most robotic deities as they know that if they can do that towards the Imperium’s mechanical divisions, they can do it towards them too.
    • There is also a shtick for anyone who even dares to fight Vect and the Dark Eldar: “Pray they don’t take you alive”.
  • There is a warning placed within the House of Slaughter that reads: “Do not ally with the Archon Asdrubael, for it will be short-lived.” And for good reason, he loves betraying his allies all for himself. While he may have allies, it will be a matter of time before he uses them for their purpose before he can dump them into oblivion.
    • Pinbacker and Richard Tager are one of the few to get into Vect’s attention as both have been inflicters of horrible torture and nasty fates. Pinbacker believes he is the Leviathan while Tager believes him as in idol. Both have gotten into the Archon’s good side, for now.
  • Has been highly opposed with any human (or any race) who uses their own brand of torture and believing it to be effective. Only he can say whether their torture methods are provocative, but he has barely seen anyone give their best, hence his lack of positivity towards those who try.
    • Among those he criticized was Federal Agent Jack Bauer, who is famous for his techniques of torture and gaining information from said techniques. He was quick to point out that Jack’s torture methods are too short and plain, and sees no merit on teaching him anything regarding torture. However, Jack also pointed out that there is a difference between his torture methods and Vect’s taste of pain. He will give the Mon’keigh a lesson on true pain. The same can be said about Gene Hunt, though Hunt’s torture methods are quite entertaining to say the least.
    • Isaac Prescott was quick to dismiss and challenge Asdrubael on the topic of brutal torture, stating that he is a true master considering what he has done to the Spirits in his world. Vect, unamused, decided to bring him to his temple and show him the Dark Eldar’s wicked culture of pain, using him as a guinea pig no less. Thus, leading to Isaac desperately running away from the Archon’s wrath and leaving with him a smile on his face.
    Asdrubael: “Sigh, it shows how Mon’keigh have no place in the world of torture for such boastful attitudes. Its fun breaking them down to show them their rightful place. And his screams shall be a part of today’s delicacy.”
    • As if Isaac wasn’t boastful enough, Junko Enoshima thought it would be a good idea to question the Archon of his definition of despair. This lead to an exchange between the two:
    Junko: “Oh please! Despair was, if anything, my thing! I’ve built a legacy among the world of my actions and their respective endings. Plus, I’ve even built a partner suited to that.”
    Asdrubael: “Is that so? Let me ask you something dear; did you rule over a race of despair? No, not just an army or a council, a race filled with sadism? I have been an Archon for thousands, if not millions of years, witnessing the fabric of despair when my race fell. Tell me Mon’keigh, does despair mean only perpetrating it and not witnessing, feeling, and achieving to its fullest? Because if so, then you haven’t felt the wrath of the Drukhari.”
  • Due to being the patron of absolute brutality in torture, many victims of such acts have avoided and feared his presence. On the other hand, the Archon sees this fear as delicious, citing it as a new taste he will enjoy within the Pantheons.
    • Among those who fear him, Sakura Matou fears him the most, well, other than Renekton, but his cultures, and wickedness has left her disturbing thoughts about her abuse with Shinji and Zouken Matou, the later placing a crest worm in her heart and the former raping her lots of times. Compared to those who fear him, he sees Sakura’s despair to be worth for a feast.
    Asdrubael: “This child’s screams of yearly pain and agony; this will satiate Slaneesh for years, but for us, it will keep us alive, forever!”
    • Alma Wade has also feared Asdrubael’s personality, seeing him as another deity to fear other than Slender Man. In fact, if the Slenderman’s form as a Humanoid Abomination is close to the Creep’s type, then Vect’s culture is similar to Harlan Wade’s attempts of bringing the poor girl down to hell and back, and combining both has given the poor ghost traumatic experiences.
    • The same can be pretty much be said for Alex Mason, who had to go through tons of reprogramming just to get THE NUMBERS! out of his head, until Vect decided to show Mason even the first 5 numbers, which lead to him to reprogram himself again just to get it out.
    • Renekton is tied alongside Sakura for Vect’s most favorite victim, seeing how a deity like him managed to go through torture and become evil as a result. On Renekton’s end, he wants nothing to do with Vect, seeing him as a daily reminder of what he had to deal with in his world, particularly with the realm of Shurima.
  • Artanis was horrified upon hearing that he was the “other Eldar” Eldrad spoke about. So much that upon comparing him to his other dark bretheren, Alarak, he believes the Tal’darim to be saints compared to the Drukhari.
    • Even moreso for Alarak himself when Vect, who heard about the darker side of the Protoss and wanted to pay a visit. While they have a similar mindset, Alarak immediately kicked him out, citing him having completely abhorrent taste of the arts. On the other hand, the overlord wants to see how inflicted Protoss tastes like.
  • While Dark Eldar do have no worshippers in their universe, here someone does enjoy their tastes. Among them is the infamous kitsune SCP-953, who also has a habit of torturing their victims before eating them, though she’ll be picky on which body part it would be. She is however albeit disappointed hearing he was the one responsible for the banishment of Daji, losing another kitsune ally in the process.
  • Known for attacking constantly without the need for taking dominion of planets or doing hit-and-run tactics, they do not take dominions and rather raze whatever they find for more subjects to take for their pleasure. However, Vect always oversees the raids to make sure they are successful. There was even one time when he lead an attempt of conquest towards the Kaurava Star System, though he would like to not speak of it ever.
    • It is because of this that made him angry towards his herald, Archon Tahril. When he oversaw him after he appointed him as Archon of the Kabal of the Black Heart, he saw major flaws in Tahril’s strategy and saw numerous stupid actions that costed the Dark Eldar’s defeat in the system, one of which was placing the HQ of the Dark Eldar right below the HQ of the Chaos Forces. There may be even evidence that of all people, Indrick Boreale might have defeated the Dark Eldar using STEEL REHN. And to make it worse, the Kaurava System was overtaken by the Orks by the end of the conflict.
  • News from the scouts of the Imperium has revealed some information about Vect and a portion of the Dark Eldar They have captured some human prisoners, one of which is the Primarch Leman Russ and apparently a fragment of the Emperor’s Soul, infused with the mortal Fyodor Karamazov, after they opened the Gate of Khaine. Vect smiled upon hearing that and decided to pit them into a battle to the death with their own kin, hoping to let Emps watch the carnage unfold.
    • During these events, the Emperor-possessed Fyodor irradiated so much kindness and purity that it nearly melted not only the Supreme Overlord, but the near entirety of Commoragh, though thankfully for him (and not many others), that has been rectified. Despite nearly dying, however, he felt quite content with the encounter and admits, only to himself, that the pleasant feelings filling him throughout that time were...what he wanted all along...He would then vomit blood again immediately after the self-confession..
  • “Death is my meat; terror my wine.”

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