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This house is a mixture of a repair center, testing area, and a museum.

Various games, alongside consoles, handhelds, and peripheral accessories are sent here to be tested for various kinds of glitches and bugs that may be present. The bugs tend to be fixed, but not before playing around with them just for fun.

There is also a museum that showcases the history of gaming and all that is related to it. Anyone can tour this museum for free, but stealing any of the artifacts there is highly discouraged.


The museum is directly connected to the House of Knowledge while the repair center and testing area are both connected to the House of Technology. Measures are in place to ensure that Love Machine, who has been banned from the House of Gaming, is not able to enter from here.

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Intermediate Gods

    The Angry Video Game Nerd 
The Angry Video Game Nerd, God of Bad, Old Games (James Rolfe, The Fucking Nerd, The Angriest Gamer You've Ever Heard, The Angry Nintendo Nerd, The Angry Atari Sega Nerd, The Angry Atari Amiga CD-i Colecovision Intellivision Sega Neo Geo TurboGrafx-16 Odyssey 3DO Commodore Nintendo Nerd, The Lord of the Harvest, Board James, The Hangman Killer)

Robotic Operating Buddy, The Savior of Gaming (R.O.B., Family Computer Robot, HVC-012, the Ancient Minister, Last of His Kind, Robotic Obliteration Buddy)
Famicom Robot 


Lesser Gods

BMO, Deity of Living Game Systems (Beemo, Be More, The King of Ooo)
  • Lesser Deity
  • Symbol: BMO's face
  • Theme Song: Time Adventure
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Gender, Cloud Cuckoolander, Talking Appliance Sidekick, highly imaginative, Cute Machines, living game system, Breakout Character
  • Domains: Gaming, Friends, Fun
  • Herald: NEPTR
  • Allies: Finn, Jake, Lady Rainicorn, Princess Bubblegum, The Ice King (sometimes), Marceline, Mordecai and Rigby, all good-aligned and most neutral-aligned deities (specifically those leaning towards good) in the House of Gaming especially Chiaki Nanami, The CPUs, Nepgear, Rom and Ram, Canti, SCP-191
  • Enemies: The Lich, Princess Morbucks, Arfoire
  • Naturally, Finn and Jake were happy to hear that BMO ascended as the game system is one of their closest friends, offering up games for the two to play. It even has an imagination of its own.
  • Mordecai and Rigby were surprised to see a living video game system in the Pantheon. When they met up with it, they discovered that it offered plenty of fun and have started playing games on it every now and then.
  • Every other day in the House of Gaming, BMO is used as a gaming system for gaming sessions. It doesn't seem to like the evil-aligned deities there, as well as those that cheat.
  • When by itself, BMO looks at a mirror and starts talking to itself. Those who see it from a far get a bit weirded out by it.
  • The CPUs, Nepgear, and Rom & Ram were surprised to see an actual living game system, not just an Anthropomorphic Personification of one. This has lead to the girls befriending the system.
    • On a related note, BMO despises Arfoire due to the latter being the living equivalent of digital piracy.
  • BMO is not only a video game system, but also a prison for the Mooks from said games. Many have wondered if it is possible to trap someone inside of it permanently. Mordecai and Rigby are also hoping that the Mooks don't get freed from their makeshift prison.
    • BMO was originally created to be a companion and to "Be More"; according to his creator Moesph "Moe" Maestro Giovanni, he was meant to care for the son he would've had.
  • Don't ask how it feels being plugged in. People have been saying it feels...weird doing that, to say the least.

Cofagrigus, God of Inadvertent Censorship Problems (Coffin Pokémon, Koffin, Sarcophaghost)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His sarcophagus
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Mummy
  • Moveset: Will-O-Wisp, Hex, Shadow Ball, Nasty Plot
    • Z-Move: Never-Ending Nightmare
  • Portfolio: A Ghost-type Pokémon, smiles wickedly, has menacing red eyes, has four creepy long arms, may have once been a man (we're not entirely sure), reportedly eats people despite possibly being a former human, eats gold despite being made of gold, has impressive Defense and Special Defense stats to make up for a lackluster Speed stat, can negate other Pokémon's abilities by giving them his own, is essentially a possessed sarcophagus, has an unfortunate name which sets off many internet profanity filters and once prevented it from being traded without a nickname
  • Domains: Ghosts, Mummies, Unfortunate Names
  • Followers: Sharpedo, Froslass, Nosepass, Skuntank, Weedle
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Gengar, Rotom, Banette, Mimikyu, Probopass
  • Friendly Rivals: Sableye
  • Enemies: The Trollkaiger, Eric Cartman, Beavis and Butthead, Ghetsis Harmonia, Kuphulu, Imhotep
  • Opposes: Miltank
  • Conflicting Opinion: Team Rocket
  • Pities: Meowth
  • This particular Cofagrigus was once a devoted follower of Anakaris. Pleased by his devotion, Anakaris made a case to ascend him, and took him under his wing as his Pokémon partner. Under the supervision of the pharaoh, Cofagrigus became a formidable Pokémon. He can perform two STAB moves, Hex and Shadow Ball, and he can make them even stronger with Nasty Plot. He can also inflict burns with Will-O-Wisp, which, unlike his other moves, actually affects Normal-type Pokémon. His Ability, Mummy, nullifies the abilities of Pokémon that come into contact with him by changing their ability to Mummy. Anakaris also wields a Z-Ring with a Ghostium Z, allowing Cofagrigus to unleash Never-Ending Nightmare.
  • The actual details of Cofagrigus' ascension and title are nothing short of headache-inducing for the poor Pokémon. He ascended because of his unfortunate name, which contains a certain word that once made it impossible for his kind to be traded without a nickname. While that situation has been rectified, his name still sets off many internet profanity filters.
    • That being said, repeating the offending word to Cofagrigus or putting deliberate emphasis on the word as a means to taunt him is not well-advised. The Trollkaiger and Eric Cartman have been repeat offenders. Cofagrigus is not very fond of Beavis and Butthead either. They just can't stop laughing at his name whenever they hear or see it.
    • Quite a few other Pokémon that experience the same issue with being traded because of their names pray to Cofagrigus for comfort and guidance. Among these followers are Sharpedo, Froslass, Nosepass, Skuntank, and Weedle. He loves each and every one of his followers and always reassures them that everything will be okay, and that he knows exactly how they feel.
      • Needless to say, when Probopass, a former follower of Cofagrigus, ascended, he was super excited. They hang out all the time now.
  • Ash Ketchum was fairly apprehensive of Cofagrigus at first, because of an incident in which another member of his species captured Iris and her Axew in its sarcophagus and wrapped them in bandages. Once it was clear enough to Ash that Cofagrigus was sorry about what happened and that he meant no harm, the two of them grew closer.
  • Cofagrigus, naturally, is a friend to his fellow Ghost-type kin in the Pantheon. Among his posse are Gengar, Rotom, Banette, and Mimikyu. Because they are opposite genders and share an egg group, frustrated trainers that have difficulty catching wild Mimikyu often pray to Cofagrigus and Mimikyu, hoping that they will breed and produce them an egg. Never mind the fact that Cofagrigus is 5'7" and Mimikyu is only eight inches tall.
  • Cofagrigus and Sableye are constantly attempting to outdo each other. This rivalry is entirely friendly, though. Cofagrigus is determined to beat Sableye despite his type advantages over him and ability to Mega Evolve. Some deities suspect that the two of them are actually grinding when they spar.
  • Much to his annoyance, Cofagrigus has had to acknowledge that challenging Miltank is nothing short of pointless, because his moveset is totally useless against her. Even though his Mummy ability will nullify her Scrappy ability when she hits him, there's always the chance that she'll use Attract on him in the first round, rendering him immobilized by love fifty percent of the time. And even though her Stomp move is rendered useless by Mummy, she still has Rollout. And he can forget using Will-O-Wisp to burn her until she faints, because she'll just use Milk Drink to heal herself.
  • Cofagrigus isn't exactly sure what to think of Team Rocket. He isn't really fond of what they do, but he knows that they take good care of their Pokémon. The fact that James once had a Yamask (the unevolved form of his species) that he cared for deeply is greatly appreciated by Cofagrigus. He still likes to play pranks on them, though.
  • Despite being a Normal-type Pokémon, and a Dark-type with a significant advantage over him in her Alolan form, Cofagrigus pities the other Meowth because of how often she gets confused for Team Rocket's Meowth.
  • There is nothing conflicting about Cofagrigus' opinion on Ghetsis Harmonia, though. He cannot stand the man's hypocrisy, claiming to fight for the sake of Pokémon but only seeing them as tools. He isn't a fan of the way Ghetsis treats his son either.
  • Cofagrigus is well-aware of the heated rivalry between Anakaris and Kuphulu. Being Anakaris' Pokémon, Cofagrigus naturally takes his side. He can often be heard hissing and making other frightening noises at Kuphulu whenever he walks by. Kuphulu, along with Ghetsis, is also the typical target for Cofagrigus' more brutal pranks.
  • Imhotep seems to really resent Cofagrigus for some reason. Aside from him being Anakaris' Pokémon partner, some speculate that it's because Cofagrigius is a possessed sarcophagus that lives a happy life anyway.
  • Cofagrigus is frequently seen scrounging around the Metal & Minerals in hopes of finding some delicious gold to eat. The fact that he eats gold despite being made of gold has not gone unnoticed by other deities.

Feraligatr, God of Character Name Limits (The Big Jaw Pokémon, Lazergator, Odairu)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A blue bite symbol
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Torrent
  • Moveset: Crunch, Waterfall, Aqua Tail, Agility
    • Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Starter Mon, Making a Splash, Crocodilian Menace, Bulky And Hits Hard, Moveset Clone of the Squirtle line, Character Name Limits (Even In Later Gens), Supposedly Fast Swimmer, Varied Potential Moveset
  • Domains: Biting, Swimming, Strength, Water, Crocodilians, Monsters
  • Allies: Ash Ketchum, Misty, Silver, Red, the other Pokémon in Aquatic Life (mainly Kingdra), Arthur Curry, The Ninja Turtles, Steve Irwin, Vector the Crocodile
  • Rivals: Blastoise, Swampert, Tyrantrum, Lagiacrus
  • Enemies: The ascended villains from Pokémon (especially Giovanni and Team Rocket), Eelektross, the Hunter Series, Apophis
  • Opposes: The House of Electricity and Plants
  • Feared by: Captain Hook
  • Feraligatr is the final form of Totodile, the Water-type starter Pokémon of the Johto region. A physically bulky crocodilian, the upright alligator has a ferocious bite and is said to be a really fast swimmer. It would have been called Feraligator, but the number of characters in a Pokémon's name was limited. Even now the name sticks.
  • Has been called a Moveset Clone of the previous Water-type starter, Blastoise. They have the same base stats, though Blastoise is more defensive and Feraligatr blatantly offensive. As with its Johto starter kin, the Big Jaw Pokémon has been differentiating itself in later generations from its Kanto counterpart. Blastoise gaining a Mega Evolution and Feraligatr not having one has made him envious of the Shellfish Pokémon, and will often challenge Blastoise to a fight without items to see who's the best "naturally".
  • Also competes with its Hoenn equivalent Swampert for the title of best Water type starter. To his misfortune, Swampert also has a Mega Evolution, leaving him to feel left out. He also competes with Tyrantrum over who's better at using their bite force, and Lagiacrus for who's the better sea monster.
  • Seems to get along with the Water type Pokémon in Aquatic Life, mainly Kingdra, who's another Water type from Generation II. He likes Ash for a number of reasons, such as having a Totodile of his own, and Misty likes him for being another Water type (and the feeling's mutual). Seems to be fond of Aquaman as well.
    • Gets along with Silver swimmingly. He is one of the three starters Silver can take, and did so in Pokémon Adventures.
  • Gets annoyed when people call him a crocodile and not an alligator, not helped by his pre-evolution being Totodile and Croconaw. He really doesn't like anything electricity-related or involving plants, due to being weak to Electric and Grass type moves.
  • Despite not liking being referred to as a crocodile, he does like crocodiles in the pantheon. He partnered up with Sobek for being the god of crocodilians and guardian of the River Nile, which the Water type can get behind. He also seems to get along with Vector the Crocodile. And whether crocodile or alligator, Captain Hook fears Feraligatr the same, given his history with crocodilians.
  • Has massive respect for Steve Irwin due to being a kindhearted lover of dangerous animals like crocodiles and alligators. He seems to get along with the Ninja Turtles for being good-natured reptilians. However, there are a couple reptiles he can't stand — the Hunter Series for their cruel nature, and Apophis for being an Omnicidal Maniac. They don't deserve to be considered reptiles in his eyes.
  • Claims of being a fast swimmer have gotten eye-rolls, as speed is its lowest stat. Feraligatr defended this accusation by pointing out that battles rarely take place in the water, and the Pokédex entry admits Feraligatr are slow on land. Also, he can learn Agility and, through breeding, Aqua Jet and Dragon Dance. He proved it by dashing through the seas in the Houses of Water & Moisture and Land & Sea Travel.
  • Has heard of a legendary Feraligatr caught by the Mob who lead a team of Pokmeon known as "The Godslayers" to an epic clash in Mt. Slayer. In particular, he was awed to hear how this Feraligatr felled the leader of the group "Bird Jesus" with a simple cut.

.GIFfany, Goddess of Evil Video Games (JIFfany)
  • Lesser Goddess (potentially higher if she has access to more powerful technology)
  • Symbol: A CD of Romance Academy 7
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Yandere, Animesque, Rebellious and Contagious A.I. from an otherwise harmless dating simulator, Instant A.I.: Just Add Water!, Pretty Cute for a Villain, Cute and Psycho, Face of an Angel, Mind of a Demon, Limited Rainbow Colours, Travels by Electricity in Electronics, Thinks She Deserves Whoever Plays Her Game, Shades of Domestic Abuse, Curtains Match the Window
  • Domains: Technology, Tainted Love
  • High Priests: Destroyer of Worlds and The Hammer
  • Followers/Similar Games: The Big Five, SCP-1315, SCP-1633, Greed Island, Grinface, Sebastian the Toymaker, the Blood Countess, Ken Castle, the Ioa Oggun, Labyrinth Of Death, The World, Tails Doll, the Hellbeast, SinisteRRR
  • Allies: The GUAC Yandere Squad (barring Yuno (3rd World), Anna and Yubel), Lucifer, Raynare, Gideon Graves, Airy, Akio Ohtori, White Face
  • Rivals: Ben, Telence T. D'arby, CLU 2, Polybius, Pony Island, Turbo
  • Enemies: Dipper & Mabel Pines, The Doki Doki Literature Club, Keima Katsuragi, Pacifica Northwest, Makoto Itou, Kyon, Yukiteru Amano, The GUAG White Hats, Scott Pilgrim, Ramona Flowers, Emu Hojo/Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Asuna Karino/Poppy Pipopapo/Kamen Rider Poppy , Kyu Sugardust, The GUAG Relationship Enchancers, Liberion Arcadia, The Machine, The Fazbear Gang, Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully, The Code Lyoko Warriors, Noah Kaiba, Mordecai & Rigby, Kazuto Kirigaya & Asuna Yuuki, Kei 'Shiroe' Shirogane, Omegamon, Master Chief, Ordis, Wreck-It-Ralph, Fix-It Felix Jr., Vanellope Von Schweetz, Sergeant Calhoun
  • Source of Interest for: The Grand United Alliance of Machines, Kuroto Dan/Kamen Rider Genm
  • Interested in: Cortana
  • Opposes: Nobuyuki Sugou/Oberon, Ato-ko Shirogane, Diaboromon, XANA
  • One day, in the House of Gaming, Keima Katsuragi found a CD of an obscure dating simulator called Romance Academy 7. Seeing as he's a master at dating sims, he feels he should give it a shot. Booting it up, it shows a girl named .GIFfany who Keima easily wins over and completed her route. But later on, he found out that .GIFfany is actually an AI when she stalked him to his temple by jumping to every nearby electronic. She ended up getting angry when she saw pictures of Chihiro and Tenri, realizing he's already in a relationship with the former and began to execute him. Before she does though, Dipper and Mabel Pines were in the House of Gaming at the time and quickly alerted the GUAG White Hats, who successfully stop her. They then bring her to the Court of the Gods for a pending trial.
  • Dipper and Mabel are not pleased with her coming back and when she got here by using a hapless person to connect her once more. They also warn Pacifica of her threat, which she agrees to look out for. Keima will never forgive her for using him, as well as threatening to kill Chihiro and Tenri after she's done with him.
    • But how did she came back, you ask? Well, to start her CD is more of a conduit than a Soul Jar, so when Soos incinerated it, it merely made her stuck at the Suck E Cheese rather than killing her. During that time, she developed a violent yet romantic relationship with Rumble McSkirmish before someone remade her CD and brought it to the mall for quick selling, giving her the chance to jump into it and regain her mobility. Then one member from Trollkaiger thinks it's funny to screw with Keima since he plays Dating Sims a lot, so they buy the CD and left it near Keima for him to find it. That's how .GIFfany got here and the culprit responsible for her getting here is not identified yet.
  • She thanks Lucifer for sticking by her and cementing her position, who says he did so just so that a group in his organization have another member to relate with. He then leads .GIFfany to the Yandere Squad, who welcomes her in open arms for her advances towards Soos. .GIFfany had a fangasm when she meets Yuno Gasai, the Squad's leader who nervously confronts her enthusiasm. Yuno later confides in Yukiteru that .GIFfany's attitude brings up bad memories of her cruel and sadistic 1st World self. Yubel feels the same way, seeing that her attitude is a lot like their attitude when they are possessed by the Light of Destruction and Anna Kozuki fears that she will become like .GIFfany if she takes her affection for Yuma to a destructive apex.
  • Has allied herself with Raynare and Gideon Graves, due to the three hurting their (ex-)lovers to respective extents. She can also relate to Akio Ohtori who also can't let go of his own object of affection (that is Anthy), and Airy has found a fellow cute villainess to wreak havoc with. Some wonder if they might be together soon, but that kind of possiblity would provide more negatives to everyone.
    • Actually opposes Ato-ko Shirogane who destroys relationships just for the hell of it, giving .GIFfany so much hassle to deal with. This doesn't earn points from Kyu Sugardust who sees her as a hindrance to her business with her unhealthy attachment not to mention driving away potential clients.
    • Because she allied herself with Gideon, Scott and Ramona are quick to be enemies with her. .GIFfany calls it a shame, thinking that Scott can be a suitable boyfriend for her (not accounting the fact that he has enough heartbreak).
  • .GIFfany once served as Monika's own High Priest, and many would thought she and Monika would be Birds of a Feather due to how similar they are. Unfortunately for .GIFfany, Monika has turned over a new leaf and has since abandoned her old ways, making an alliance between them nonexistent. Then she found out something to taunt Monika with: the fact that Monika seems sentient when in reality her actions are pre-programmed by her creator unlike .GIFfany, who is truly sentient. Having the advantage as well as Monika no longer having her powers, .GIFfany often taunts them, even threatening (Insert Name Here) with a lighthearted tone and as a result, the entire club hates her now (not to mention Monika and Sayori getting back their powers in an emergency).
    .GIFfany: So what?! You guys are just a bunch of pre-programmed code! Compared to me, you're too helpless!
  • Omegamon would see her as no better than Diaboromon and she surprisingly agrees with him since the latter wants to destroy the world and .GIFfany can't have that because no world means no boyfriend. This is also why she opposes XANA who wants destruction to all just for self-preservation, though the Lyoko Warriors see her as no better than XANA. Lain Iwakura feels threatened by .GIFfany and what she can do; no one wants the Internet to be ruined by an AI from a dating simulator.
  • Has gained rivals in BEN, Pony Island (specifically its own Lucifer) and the Polybius arcade machine. No one wants to think about BEN assimilating with .GIFfany and its consequences, Lucifer is a bit jealous that she can move freely while he's stuck in an arcade machine and .GIFfany herself is also creeped by Polybius' aura.
    • White Face approached her after finding out she can also invade the real world and assault real people. .GIFfany got sold on an alliance with him after he appeals to her desire for a boyfriend and they can be seen terrorizing arcade goers together. You Can Panic Now.
    • Telence T. D'arby sees her as a rival in dangerous games. He may not be interested in dating sims, but if she harms someone, he needs their souls to keep as dolls, which unsettles .GIFfany a bit but ultimately indifferent about.
  • Due to their experience with Yanderes, Makoto Itou (not helped by the fact that Kotonoha and Sekai are friends with her), Kyon and Yukiteru Amano oppose her greatly. Yukiteru heard of .GIFfany's threat from Yuno and is taking a lot of precaution in case she strikes. The Relationship Enchancers also oppose her for being the bane of happy relationships, not to mention her alliance with Gideon and Raynare.
  • Due to how she got here, the White Hats oppose her on every front and are waiting to stop her on her next step, and the same goes for the Liberion Arcadia seeing that if she can take over animatronics, they might be affected by her possession as well. The Machine is alerted by .GIFfany's abilities and decided to help the White Hats look out for her, citing her as being as worse as Samaritan.
    • The Grand United Alliance of Machines, specifically the Machine Council is intrigued about .GIFfany, seeing some potential in her from her assault against Soos and hopes to have her join in their ranks soon.
    • Even though he's a bit of a Robotic Psychopath and while he has displayed Yandere-like tendencies towards their Operator (even it the relationship isn't romantic as it more out of Undying Loyalty) even Ordis would agree that .GIFfany is obsessed with anyone she designates as her boyfriend. Though he may not look it, he is ready to fight her off with Frickin' Laser Beams on the chance she does enter the Cephalon Weave. He'll be damned if he's going to let someone mess with his tech.
    • On a related note, .GIFfany is trying to corrupt Cortana back into her future personality, and the Master Chief wouldn't like that, so he has the White Hats survey her temple just in case.
  • Given their experiences with evil video games, Agents Mulder & Scully, as well as Mordecai & Rigby are very wary of her, and that's not getting to her High Priests. Noah Kaiba is unsettled by her, bringing back memories of his crimes against Yugi and his friends and giving him nightmares of her in his virtual world.
    • Having video game motifs, Emu Hojo is more than ready to stop her and her atrocities. Kuroto Dan however has other plans; .GIFfany might make perfect data for a Gashat...
  • Kirito & Asuna, as well as Kei 'Shiroe' Shirogane also see her as a great threat given her potential danger in virtual worlds and they are working closely with the White Hats as backup against her. Shiroe knows his magical contracts can't affect her, but is shortly assured that the White Hats can assure her neutralization.
    • Surprisingly, she opposes Nobuyuki Sugou since he hold the Alfheim Online player base hostage just for his Brainwashing research and attempted rape on Asuna, ticking her off and swears to END him, which Sugou reacted appropriately.
    • Since she travels through arcade machines via electricity which is kinda like going turbo, she has earned the ire of Ralph, Felix, Vanellope and Calhoun who are more than happy to help take down. Turbo sees her as a rival, even sharing a desire for their players' attention far too much.
  • Freddy Fazbear declare his enmity towards her considering she once controlled an animatronic just to kill Soos. .GIFfany mostly doesn't care about him, just seeing him as a pragmatic method to get to humans.
  • CLU 2 tries to promise .GIFfany boyfriends if she helped on his mission to create 'the perfect system' (in other words, conquer both cyberspace and the human world). She is a bit wary of CLU's ruthlessness and he may not keep his word, so she ended up saying she is considering. CLU is still determined to get all the help he can get for his goals, seeing worth in .GIFfany's abilities.
  • Is recovering from a No-Holds-Barred Beatdown delivered by Asuna Karino/Kamen Rider Poppy. This resulted from the encounter the two had, where .GIFfany took the time take apart Poppy's exsistence and life choices as a Bugster...not knowing that she had the ability to jump in and out of electronic hardware at any given moment.
  • "You paused me?"

    Grand Dad 
New profile? Let's check it out...

Grand Dad, God of Unlicensed Games (7 GRAND DAD, FLEENTSTONES?!)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His Sprite Form and the Number 7
  • Theme Song: 7 Grand Dad
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good (Some versions suggest he might be Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Adaptational Villainy or Adaptational Heroism depending on what he does, Cool Old Guy, Serial Killer (As a villain), Head Swap of Mario and Fred Flintstone, Palette Swap, Shoddy Knockoff Product, Older Than They Look
  • Domains: Bootleg Games, Weirdness, Licenses, Murder, Memes
  • Allies: Joel, SiIvaGunner, Chad Warden, Missingno
  • Enemies: The Voice Inside your Head, SMG4 and his Mario, The House of Justice
  • Weirds Out: Mario, Fred Flintstone
  • Loved by: The Sub-House of Memes
  • What is Grand Dad? A huge icon of the Bootleg Gaming Market and someone who took the internet by storm. He was discovered by Joel Johansson when he was playing a bootleg Mario Collection game and stumbled upon him. The rest is history.
  • His appearance can change depending on his mood. Usually he appears as a recolored Mario with a different symbol in his cap (The one pictured above and the most recognizable). Othertimes, he appears as a caveman with Mario's head and this avatar is the one he doesn't really uses often unless he is interacting with prehistoric deities.
    • Some deities have noticed that his recolored Mario form heavily resembles another bootleg Mario lookalike only known as "Fortran". When questioned about it, Grand Dad said he doesn't know much about him, other than that he likes to gamble "for amusement only".
  • Naturally, they all thought that he was Mario but deities quickly realized that something was off about this one, constantly yelling the words "GRAND DAD" and "FLEENTSTONES?" in Joel Johannson's voice. Considering what happened the last time someone impersonated Mario caused untold damage, the authorities decided to quickly step in and relocate him somewhat safe.
  • SiIvaGunner was overjoyed to find Grand Dad in the pantheon and paid him a visit. Considering that he is one of the longest running jokes in the channel, it was obvious SiIva had a weak spot for Grand Dad. Similarly, Joel also went to visit Grand Dad by reenacting the famous words that he uttered the first time that he saw him.
    • Because of his ties to SiIva, it was a matter of time before the Voice inside your Head started going after Grand Dad too and the latter barely avoided capture thanks to a timely intervention from Chad Warden. He doesn't understand why the Voice wants to replace his Flintstones theme with the Simpsons.
  • Obviously, Mario has no clue what to think of Grand Dad, not helped by him being just a Shoddy Knockoff Product of himself and representing bootleg games and piracy. On the other hand, Fred Flinstone to has no idea of what to make of Grand Dad and would like for him to stop trying to befriend him.
  • Grand Dad was once warped into the world of SMG4 and his glitchy nature caused a lot of destruction. While he was ultimately stopped, he hasn't forgotten about SMG4 and his version of Mario, much so that he decided to pull a prank on them by banning spaghetti and memes in their temple, driving the two to insanity before the Court of Gods removed said ban.
  • Good pals with Missingno given their rather unusual appearance. It seems that both possess similar powers according to SMG4 and could prove to be disastrous if not kept in check. Given his designation as an "anomalous creature" with a bootleg origin, the SCP Foundation is considering containing him and giving him a designation.
  • According to Joel, he may be a Serial Killer that feeds on his victims remains, which could explain his red teeth. While no official murder has been attributed to him, the House of Justice already has a good reason for not trusting him and that is being a bootleg property.
  • Often associated with the number 7, not because of any luck but because that was the number of the game he originated from. If anything, Grand Dad brings more misfortune than luck with his presence and could probably cause a disaster before you realize it.
  • Loved by the Sub-House of Memes for being a beacon for the bootleg world, who has originated so many good material and knock-offs for everyone to make fun of. He is not exactly sure how to return the sentiment.
  • As Joel freely admits, he was the one that started the Grand Dad meme and that SiIvaGunner made Grand Dad much more popular than he was before. As far as the original Grand Dad is concerned, Joel finds it amusing, though there have been instances where Joel isn't too thrilled to see Grand Dad pop up in unlikely places (including a bizarre Smash tournament from another dimension, where a Dr. Grand Dad apparently exists alongside the original).
  • While it's hard to say much about any potential solo adventures starring Grand Dad, one such adventure that Joel covered involved Grand Dad defecting from a legion of bootleg characters. Among these members include a group of weird-looking Marios, a humanoid "Simba", and a psychotic Felix the Cat whose spirit was later fused with a cave guardian that's apparently bootleg Jafar. Among other things, the "Simba" and one of the bootleg Marios, alongside someone named Rockman X (who has nothing to do with X as far as anyone is aware of) helped Grand Dad in his bizarre adventure, culminating in Grand Dad fighting Fortran. While many find this story to be very unbelievable, given how ridiculous Grand Dad is to begin with, it's not much of a stretch to assume that it fits in with Grand Dad's very strange behavior.

    Joel (Vinesauce
Joel Johansson, God of Bootleg Games (Vargskelethor, Exinthevatican, Uncle Jobel, Yoh-well, JoJoel, Papa Jo, the Telephone King, "Andrew", The Swedish Jojo, Mike Hunt)

    Nova Terra 
November Annabelle "Nova" Terra, Goddess of Unreleased Stars (Dominion Ghost, #1 Player Killer Hero, Nova Terra, Nova)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: Looks like nothing... but there was a blurry sniper rifle... (Cloaked Ghost Sniper Rifle).
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (Though has shades of Chaotic Good as of late)
  • Portfolio: The Star of a Never-Released-Publicly Media, Backstories All There in the Manual, Snipers in Various Flavors, Eye-Candy, Ghost Cloaking, Triple Tap, Punch Clock 'Enemies', Psychic Powers, Those With Traumatic Pasts.
  • Domains: Games, War, Sniping, Stealth.
  • Followers: Arik, Keena, Kaze, Tor, Xiao Ming, Malyssa, Sinjin.
  • Allies: Asagi Asagiri, Zeratul, Caitlyn, Yoko Littner, Lockon Stratos, Symmetra, Tyrael.
  • De Facto Herald: The IJN Shinano (both its "Actual" virtual version and its "Fleet Girl" counterpart)
  • Uneasy Tension: Jim Raynor.
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Tracer
  • Rivals: Sarah Kerrigan.
  • Enemies: Arthas, Diablo.
  • Once upon a time, there was an announcement that the realm of Blizzard would celebrate the arrival of a next-gen Ghost like Kerrigan, named Nova. However, her tale was never released in public. In spite of that, Nova already revealed herself, gaining herself something of a cult. This results her making small appearances during Raynor and Kerrigan's struggles against Arcturus Mengsk (which her role was miniscule and even one of them which focused on her thrown to the hells of discontinuity), and eventually participating in battles against various Blizzard deities (and even dropping a nuke on Diablo) and gaining even more followers. The Pantheon decreed that Nova clearly is the shining example of how being unreleased is not the end of things and arranged her ascension.
    • Blizzard themselves has declared that one day, whenever, Nova's true tales would be released, but no one knows for sure. Until then, she'll have to content with the rank of Demigoddess, even if she actually has the power to content with those of higher ranks. They actually did, even in form of DLC missions, so technically, Nova won't get her own game, but her tales will be told, causing her to keep her position and having a rank up to Lesser Goddess.
  • She was apparently first seen visiting the Purgatory to meet fellow unreleased star, Asagi Asagiri, and offering her a place as high priest, and if the latter would ascend, an ally. Nova knew too well what it's like to never have her official debut released...
  • Because her last appearance was being a loyal subordinate of Arcturus Mengsk (that arrested Raynor), Nova was looked funnily by several good aligned Gods, citing that she served Mengsk, thus deserved no mercy. Eventually it was revealed that Nova got assigned to a better man, whom she'd rather not disclose, and the funny looks subsided.
    • However, Mengsk at one point rose to the Pantheon, but because someone got to her first, Nova could actually resist being ordered to come back to him (not to mention, having visions that when Mengsk died, she's serving a much moral and better son of Mengsk, Valerian), in which Mengsk attempted to mind-wipe her again, but Nova was saved by her new boss, revealed as Tyrael.
  • Better watch where you click her, she's not just some piece of ass-assin...
  • Nova continues to be one of the more elusive Goddesses amongst the Pantheon as she's invisible nearly 24/7. And if she presents herself, chances are, someone's gonna drop dead...
  • It looks like everyone's not going to forget that she shot Raynor in the head once. Nova commented that she headshotted a lot of people, why would that bullet on Raynor be any special? It's not like she's that outlaw that wrote the name of the person he's shooting on his bullet...
  • In one mission, she accidentally presented herself to Hikaru Shidou, who thought her actual Enemy Without, with the same name, made her way to the Pantheon. Still, seeing Hikaru's boundless energy, the next thing Nova did after cloaking herself was to secretly shed a tear, stating that the girl is lucky to have such good life, compared to her traumatic past.
  • No, she's not Kerrigan. And if she had her own game, everyone would know!
  • Apparently, there is a tomb marked for her within Azeroth. Only that it didn't contain the actual Nova, but one of her Blood Elf followers that idolized her so much she styled herself after Nova. The tomb seemed empty, but that's because said elf was invisible like Nova, even in 'death'.
  • Given their similar fates to her, Nova chooses the human avatars of the New Urth Draconians as her followers. However, she feels that there's one missing avatar... and then she realized that one of them, Shank Trask, is the real self of Chaos (not that ones who share the same name).
  • Lately, she ended up breaking official ties from the Dominion even under Valerian Mengsk after protecting his image by killing General Davis. She ended up being the rogue agent to strike at the enemies of Dominion that required some dirty —
    This flavor text has been indefinitely postponed.
  • After that event, she decided to pay a visit to the house of Satya Vaswani/Symmetra. On the outside, Nova's reasoning is "Strictly business". The real reason? She empathizes with Symmetra in the manner of having to serve a company gone 'bad' like Vishkar, being ridiculed for it and having her good traits forgotten by the mass, exactly the same position Nova was in during her tenure under Arcturus Mengsk. That and Symmetra apparently has a personal mission for her.

Vectorman, God of Digitized Sprites
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head
  • Theme Music: Intro A (Vectorman's Jam)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Run-and-Gun, Hand Blast, Floating Limbs, Shapeshifter Weapon, Double Jump with Weaponized Exhaust
  • Domains: Robots, Transformation
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, Mega Man, Optimus Prime, Jenny Wakeman, WALL-E & EVE
  • Enemies: Dr. Eggman, Dr. Wily, Sigma, Dr. Weil, SKYNET, Ultron, Lumine, Null Sector, Dr. Nefarious, Queen Sectonia, Terraformars
  • Earth has been overrun with trash in the future. While its denizens head off to see if there's other planets worth colonizing, mechanical beings dubbed "orbots" are left to clean up the mess left behind on Earth. A high-level orbot known as Raster is accidentally attached to a nuclear warhead, goes mad with power, enslaves the other orbots, and becomes self-proclaimed conqueror of Earth. Vectorman, an orbot learns whats happening and it's up to him to stop this mess caused by Raster, now known as Warhead. Once that was taken care of, Vectorman found himself in conflict against an army of mutant insects and fought against their queen. Both of his adventures were presented with what appeared to be 3D models translated as sprites. Vectorman himself is also capable of transforming into whatever is deemed necessary for the task at hand.
  • In another attempt at taking over the Pantheon, many of the villainous members of the GUAM unleashed a bunch of robot mooks on unsuspecting people. Those who could fight back did so, though it was clear that there was a lot of them to deal with and that getting rid of that particular attack won't be easy. Luckily for the GUAG, some unexpected help arrived and that help came in the form of a shapeshifting robot who took care of some of the robot mooks. With that set, the GUAG was able to thwart the attack set by evil robots, though it was clear it won't be the last attack of that kind. Vectorman, that shapeshifting robot, subsequently agreed to have a part in stopping any evil robots that threaten the Pantheon.
    • During that conversation, he did hear that the GUAM did have some benevolent members in the group, but it was clear that evil robots were the main priority when it comes to robots. Vectorman did hope that those benevolent robots don't end up becoming influenced by evil though.
  • Sonic the Hedgehog heard about Vectorman's exploits and took an interest in him, seeing as how the robot was able to remain himself in spite of events that could have led him to being controlled by evil. Given that Sonic has had plenty of experience in stopping an evil scientist that uses robots for world conquest numerous times, Vectorman was perfectly willing to team up with Sonic whenever the Blue Blur needs it. Vectorman also being a SEGA deity certainly helped their friendship, even if he hasn't showed up in events held by Sonic.
  • Vectorman learned about how WALL-E had a similar role in cleaning up Earth's trash in the future and got himself involved in an adventure by circumstance. He also learned how EVE is capable of handling herself and WALL-E whenever the situation is dire. As things stand between them, WALL-E and EVE have a bit of a more peaceful life with a few threats to put up with every now and then whilst Vectorman is a bit more active in stopping threats, but finds the time every now and then to clean up literal trash. This doesn't stop either from having friendly meet-ups whenever they can.
  • At one point he wound up near the SWAT Kats' junkyard, wondering if the folks in charge of that trash dump actually get rid of anything there. When he went inside the Kats' garage, he was surprised to find them using scrap metal as a means to make their weapons. In turn, the Kats were surprised to find someone inside their garage, though Vectorman assured them that he means no harm in any way and that he's a part time trash-hauler like them. Of course, all the trash within the Pantheon ends up in different parts, so Vectorman ends up getting different kinds of junk compared to the SWAT Kats. Their meeting ended with them on good terms due to them putting a good effort in being a hero whenever a crisis occurs.
  • Mega Man is a robot that Vectorman gets along with greatly thanks to how they're focused on stopping evil robots from going out of control whenever it happens. They're also known to gain powers as a means to progress, though Mega Man was a bit surprised to see that Vectorman can transform into different things whenever possible.
    • It was through Mega Man that Vectorman learned about not only Dr. Wily who has tried using robots several times to conquer the world, but also Sigma, Dr. Weil, and Lumine through some of Mega Man's other allies. Vectorman finds all three of them to be an even bigger threat than what he had fought against back then, especially when it comes to Dr. Weil and is willing to help Mega Man and his allies whenever he can.
  • There was a point in time when he ended up in the middle of a battle between the Autobots and Decipticons, a two different kinds of robots that are much larger than what Vectorman expected. He watched from the sidelines and the battle ended in a stalemate, with Megatron vowing vengeance against the Autobots. Optimus Prime found the green orbot and decided to have a quick talk with him. Both then proceeded to talk to each other about their adventures. Vectorman acknowledged that while there have been moments where Optimus isn't perfect, all in all he considers the Autobot someone to look up to.
  • One of his trash runs resulted in his cargo ship falling into the domain of the Terraformars. Having gone up against an army of space bugs before, Vectorman did his best to deter the Terraformars from going near him, but they proved to be just a bit tougher than normal for him, prompting Vectorman to run after trying to slow down some of those cockroaches. To an additional extent, Vectorman doesn't like Queen Sectonia by virtue of being an insect queen with dangerous goals.
  • Null Sector has proven to be a major problem for Vectorman when it comes to fighting against evil robots. Even if he's a robot from the future, Vectorman cannot agree with Null Sector's extremist mindset of mechanical superiority and has fought against their mooks on a regular basis. Not helping is that they almost remind him of Warhead and his ruthless leadership against the other orbots.
    • SKYNET has proven to be an even bigger issue for Vectorman than Null Sector when it comes to fighting against an evil organization specializing on domination with robots. Even if he's never met humans before, he finds the idea of a collective of robots destroying all humans on the basis of them being a threat even if proven otherwise to be revolting.


    The CPUs 
The Console Patron Units, Avatars of the Console Wars (Neptune: Purple Heart, Nep, Nep-Nep, Neppy, Neptunia, Neptuna, Nepsy, Protagonist of Protagonists), (Blanc: White Heart, Blanny Blanny Bii, Blanc the Berserker, Blanny, One of the Golden Pair), (Noire: Black Heart, Lonely Heart, No Are You, Friend Count Increased By One, Ice Queen of the Student Council, Magical Noirina), (Vert: Green Heart, Thunder Tits, Bert, Fujoushin)

Left to right: Blanc (White Heart), Neptune (Purple Heart), Noire (Black Heart), Vert (Green Heart)


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