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Pictured: The blood and thunder the average Servant experiences when whaling.
Learning with Manga! FGO is a webcomic based on the card battle game Fate/Grand Order drawn by Riyo. While the title claims it's about teaching newcomers the basics of how to play, the main draw is instead the antics of its protagonist, a hotheaded gambler named Gudako who happens to be abusively sociopathic at the expense of her Servants, and her ever-harassed compatriots Mash and Olga Marie, though other Servants and NPCs make appearances along the way. The adventures involve poking fun at some game mechanics and player tendencies as well as the current events of the game.

The runaway success of the comic led to two extra seasons being made, titled More Learning with Manga! FGO and Even More Learning with Manga! FGO respectively. You can read the official translated version of the first and second seasons on their respective pages. Due to the one-year gap between the Japanese and English versions of the game, the Japanese strips remain ahead: in the meantime, fan translations for all three seasons can be found on Gamepress here (original), here (More) and here (Even More).

The manga has a lot of links with the main game itself: Riyo provides art for Craft Essences depicting their Learning with Manga renditions, announcements and April Fools jokes are commonly done with series gags, and the comic crossed over with the main verse in its "All the Statesmen!" event, which saw its original Berserker canonized.


For New Years Day 2019, the comic received a 15 minute animated adaptation, with the Female Protagonist's stage show voice actress, Tomoko Kaneda, reprising her role and surprisingly doing double duty for the Male Protagonist.

Tropes associated with the manga:

  • Adapted Out: The animated special removes any instances where FBI Servant (Assassin) and Rabbit Ears (Rider) appear, rendering them still voiceless unlike Gudako (Berserker still appears and is credited, though).
  • Affectionate Parody: Of Fate/Grand Order gaming style.
  • Artifact Title: The manga itself these days has been less about learning about FGO but more on Gudako and her Servants' shenanigans and poking fun of the game elements. In fact, a strip where Rabbit Ears and Olga unironically teach the audience about NP cards is used as Anti-Humor.
  • April Fools' Day:
    • The Male Protagonist was introduced in the first April Fools strip.
    • The comic itself serves as the prank for the main game, with Riyo lending their style to the April Fools versions of servant cards and the Gutentag Omen parody games. All three udon servants debut there as fake cards.
  • Back from the Dead: Olga Marie is literally pulled away from the afterlife to participate in Gudako's shenanigans.
  • Biting-the-Hand Humor: A staple of Gudako's character. Lampshaded in one strip, where Assassin's notes state her complaints are only viewable because the devs allowed it — she (and by extention, Riyo) wouldn't be on their payroll otherwise.
    • The conspicuous lack of good insults toward the dev team is also what makes Olga's Gudako disguise so off.
    • More Learning with Manga! FGO Chapter 3 made fun of Altria's name in the English translation, a name that Type-MOON insisted be used in the localization, even though the team (and the fandom) preferred Artoria with Mash's glanced comment "We can't do anything about that."
  • Black Comedy: Just about anything Gudako plans relating to Olga's death.
    • When the gang watches First Order on New Years, the tape gets fuzzy when it reaches Olga's death scene because Gudako used the clip as implied schlick material.
    • One of Gudako's ideas for festival games involves a parody of goldfish scooping — except here, players would try to salvage as many parts of a toy Olga from the pool as they can.
    • The Halloween comic had Gudako getting costumes for the two of them, with Olga's costume being Lev Lainur's actual suit (it even comes with a vertical split down the middle). Olga is shown to be visibly concerned before putting it on.
  • Black Comedy Rape:
    • When Gudako runs a panel on what Servant would be good for a first timer, Dr. Roman picks Heracles as a good choice to help them steamroll through early levels. It turns out she was asking about who would be good for a first time, and so happily lets the big Berserker take him to his room to test if he's right.
    • In Even More Chapter 85, Mash gets captured by Nursery Rhyme, Jack the Ripper, and a cowboy themed Archer. She's "rescued" by another Servant who tells them to stop... because this Servant wants her way with Mash before handing her off. Mash's original captors refuse to hand her over because Mash has a perfect child-bearing body that they also want a piece of.
  • Broad Strokes: While both of the protagonists avoid touching the storyline as much as possible, the settings of some of the comics imply some version of an event happened to get them there.
  • Butt-Monkey: Anyone that gets near Gudako is more or less going to turn into a comic relief for her. But special mention goes to:
    • Mash, being the 'official Gudako stress toy'. And aside of that, even the Servants she summoned didn't show any respect on her: The first reaction of Atalante Alter after being summoned was to deck Mash in the face because she didn't like the Master cheering and gloating after summoning her.
    • Jeanne, for being too much of a Nice Girl, so Gudako does all her best to make her suffer, in hopes that she'll turn to the more popular Jeanne Alter. So far, she hasn't succeeded. Also anything good she did tend to backfire or fail.
    • Nitocris, for being there at all. A majority of her on-screen time is spent on being tied up and occasionally given Tickle Torture for whatever reason.
  • Cast Full of Gay: As per Riyo tradition, damn near everyone with speaking lines is somewhere on the spectrum or teased to be.
  • Cerebus Syndrome: Invoked and Played for Laughs... to some extent. In Chapter 77 of Even More, FBI Assassin finally fulfills her promise that the strip would shift into a serious battle manga that was made a year ago, as Jeanne points out, by having a Lancer impale Gudako with a spear that may-or-may-not be absurdly-sized based on proportions.
  • Chocolate Baby: Altera looks at the udon Servant Helena made and notices it has animal ears. She immediately jumps to the conclusion that Tamamo had an affair with her.
  • Chuck Cunningham Syndrome: Aside from a brief cameo in the first New Years special, Dr. Roman is all but gone after strip #54 of More.
    • In the first series, internet personality Mafia Kajita gave out teaching notes about the game. At the end of the series and starting from More, it's implied that he's stuck in oblivion and no longer appearing. Technically, he's done all his jobs.
  • Comedic Sociopathy: Gudako is the female protagonist of FGO turned into a psychopath.
  • Decomposite Character: The role of "protagonist" is spread pretty thin amongst the main characters. We have:
    • Gudako, who takes her appearance and importance;
    • Mash and Olga, who do the actual rayshifting and event clearing because Gudako won't;
    • And the Male Protagonist, who is considered a separate character and is mostly unrelated to the plot.
  • Disproportionate Retribution: When the Male Protagonist comes across Anastasia's Lostbelt, he decides to give her some furry yaoi in return for the furry yuri she gave him. Her response? Freeze him alive.
  • Downer Ending: Parodied. The ending of the animated adaptation has Gudako congratulating and wishing good year for the viewer, only to reveal that Mash is defending herself from being stomped by Bunyan and in the verge of getting stomped. Gudako obliges Mash's call for reinforcement, which is revealed to be... another Mash. Both are promptly stomped on, and Gudako continues to wishing good year for the viewer... with both Mashu's last words also wishing the same.
  • Elemental Rock–Paper–Scissors: According to this strip, the main trio has a class triangle of their own. Mash is weak to Olga, while both are collectively weak to Gudako. Dr. Roman is apparently weaker than the whole triangle.
  • Establishing Character Moment: You know Gudako is a psycho when in the very first chapter, she strangles Olga Marie because she's the protagonist and demanding Olga Marie to 'know her place' because of that.
  • Gender Bender: Parodied. The Male Protagonist introduces himself to Olga in a way that makes him look like he was genderbent into that form, but it was really an April Fools prank between him and Gudako.
  • Honest Axe: Parodied in one strip. The Male Protagonist gives Astolfo two Siegs for being so generous, but the way he sticks around afterward implies he was hoping something else would be at play.
  • Improbably Female Cast: The character page alone shows 4 main recurring boys to the dozens of girls, with the cameos being either extremely silly looking, ugly, or disappeared from the strip altogether. It's even invoked by Gudako when she looks for a temporary replacement for Mash: she puts Berserker Lancelot in the running due to the whole Galahad situation, then immediately strikes him out due to her "No Boys Allowed" rule.
  • Kiss Me, I'm Virtual: At one point, Gudako acquires a virtual reality visor and uses it to have sex with and molest a simulation of Mash. Then with the visor still on, she chases Olga Marie, thinking she is Mash, then bumps into the real one and starts molesting her, gushing about how "lifelike" the simulation is.
  • Lady Land: What the Lostbelts turned into as part of Rabbit Ears and Marie's trap. The singularities became all-girl lesbian paradises, with the main Servants in each expounding yuri's virtues.
  • Lost in Translation: Strip #21 has Gudako crack a joke about Saber's parents being delinquents due to her name.note  Since the pun wouldn't translate well in English, the official version had Gudako wonder what kind of parents would name a kid "Altria".
  • Mood Whiplash: Even More Chapter 77 starts with Gudako gushing about Berserker's then-upcoming figure. It ends with Lancer impaling her, while Assassin monologues about how things will get serious from here on out. The very last panel is a shot of the figure in Gudako's blood, still being advertised.
  • Most Annoying Sound: In-Universe example parodying the original game: In one strip, Da Vinci was first found Bound and Gagged by Gudako and Mash freed her, and she showed just why she ended up that way: Her endless yapping on shop quotes whenever you buy something, enter a menu, or get back to the main shop menu. By the end of the strip, even Mash was sick of it and proceeded to re-tie and gag Da Vinci, and then put her on an Unwilling Suspension just to be sure.
  • Naked People Are Funny: Several characters (especially Gudako) have a habit of stripping for no real reason, not unlike the Koha-Ace cast.
  • Netorare:
    • Kiyohime is tricked by Rabbit Ears into filming an AV with Mashu by mentioning Gudako is into it.
    • The Male Protagonist hates watching the Fate/Apocrypha anime at first because Astolfo is shown getting a little too friendly with Sieg for his tastes. He's later shown blushing the more time passes, and it's implied this is the reason he uses two Siegs for his Honest Axe ploy.
    • Mash manages to set off Gudako's fetish just by telling her she's been farming more often with Olga Marie.
  • No Fourth Wall: Being a gag series, Chaldea's custom built without one.
    • The last strips of season 1 have the cast realizing they ran out of basics to cover— and without anything to teach, their strip is as good as canned. Gudako then resets the game (which apparently means resetting all of Chaldea with it) to start fresh with more topics.
    • One strip has the Male Protagonist's team debate over if any of them have nipples due to their respective artists. After being told he probably doesn't have any,note  he goes on a long, soul searching journey.
    • Goldorf's biggest objection to being casted for a life-sized statue is that it goes against official fanwork guidelines.
    • When Olga asks Caster why she helped plot to get Gudako killed, she tells her she did it to get her and Olga on the loading screen as a 1-koma hint manga.
  • Original Generation: Three Servants were created solely for this comic: A female Assassin that looks like an FBI agent, a female Rider that looks like a Moon Rabbit (with severe hatred against Thomas Edison), and a Giant Woman Berserker with rather creepy tendencies. Berserker would later be implemented into the main game in 2017. Season 3 adds up a mysterious female Lancer with 'monster hunting' capabilities and proves it by impaling Gudako.
  • Paper-Thin Disguise: Olga Marie puts on a Gudako costume to lead the Servants still at Chaldea while the real thing's away. Trouble is, her impression is way too kind to possibly be Gudako, she didn't do up her face, and her Saber stand-in is Rabbit Ears in a Goofy Suit. And yet, the disguise fools everyone.
  • Parody Names: The series is named after the various Learning with Manga textbooks, a genre of Edutainment that teaches various topics through manga stories. If the translators went with the most well known series to the West, the comic might have been named The Manga Guide to FGO.
  • The Pirates Who Don't Do Anything: None of Gudako's adventures involve solving Singularities or Lostbelts. So Chaldea is more or less Gudako's playground, not the preservers of humanity (in fact, the joke goes like she is the greatest threat of humanity, you'd be grateful that she just prefers minding her own business within her own circle instead of actively threatening humanity).
  • Play Every Day: Mocked in Even More Chapter 87. Mash escapes from a group of Servants who were capturing her and threatening to rape her and stops just to collect login bonuses in Fate/Grand Order.
  • Retroactive Recognition: Gudako has this reaction in-universe when she watches the first Fate/stay night: Heaven's Feel film, recognizing most of the non-Servant cast as "those guys on the Craft Essences".
  • Running Gag: Gudako unsuccessfully trying to get a "Skip NP" function added.
  • Sand Necktie: Gudako buries Rabbit Ears and the agent Assassin up to their necks as punishment for trying to take over. After a while, Olga takes pity on them and digs them out... and finds that Gudako had stripped them naked before burying them.
  • Shout-Out:
  • Super-Deformed: The comics' artstyle, where the detailed characters from Grand Order are here rendered without fingers or details and heads are almost the size of the entire body.
  • The Stoic: All of the renditions of Altria don't speak and are always putting up a grumpy silent face. Gudako and the rest can still understand what she wants just fine, however.
  • Tickle Torture: Gudako and the agent Assassin start interrogating the Servants by tying them up and tickling their feet.
  • Trailers Always Lie: The trailer for Volume 2 has Astolfo talk about all the adventures he and the Male Protagonist went through in Part 2 and all the people they met... most of which we never saw in the volume itself, since their story was in about a fourth of the strips and had almost nothing to do with what was shown (Gordolf and Anastasia were the only truthful parts).
  • Wham Episode: Even More Chapter 77: The Battle Begins. FBI Assassin gets a new Lancer to impale Gudako. Assassin declares from now on, things will be serious. Assassin and Lancer leave, telling Gudako to bleed out and die.

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