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Maaya Sakamoto (born March 31, 1980) is a Japanese voice actress who's probably better known for her singing career than her acting resume, even though her debut/big break was voicing Hitomi Kanzaki in The Vision of Escaflowne. Which was, well, a bit of beginner's luck: she was only supposed to voice Hitomi, but Yoko Kanno suggested that they have her sing the OP song and some others.

Sakamoto has many collaborations with the aforementioned Yoko Kanno and CLAMP. Her star as a seiyuu is still rising, even landing her parts in stage plays, including a multi-year run as Eponine in the Japanese production of Les Misérables and the leading role of Jerusha in the 2012 musical version of Daddy-Long-Legs. She is also a longtime collaborator with Nasu Kinoko and has multiple major roles in many Type-Moon works (most notably, the lead of Kara no Kyoukai, Shiki Ryougi, as well as Jeanne d'Arc in Fate works, which is particularly relevant with the ascent of Fate/Grand Order). Sakamoto in fact credits the role of Shiki with inspiring her own exploration of her gender. Additionally, she often dubs over Natalie Portman.


She has done several of her roles alongside Mamoru Miyano, Akira Ishida, and Kenichi Suzumura and in fact married Suzumura on August 8, 2011.

Some of her roles include:


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