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When a mummy has reason to restrain the living, it will frequently do so by wrapping them in bandages similar to its own. The victim's head (or at least their face) is usually left uncovered, as the living still needs to breathe, though in some cases, their face being covered in bandages doesn't seem to impede their breathing at all; sometimes the victim's mouth can be covered with bandages to gag them. May also be done by an Egyptian-themed criminal, or a regular criminal with the ability to wrap his opponents. Similarly to All Webbed Up, this counts as fetish fuel to some people. Also see Bound and Gagged.


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    Anime & Manga 
  • In the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, this is how the Solid Vision Hologram system interprets the effect of Tribute to the Doomed when used on a monster.
  • Happens in an episode of Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. The gang is transported into another dimension, where most of the group is imprisoned in this fashion (inside sarcophagi), and Judai has to duel the leader of the area's population to prevent the sarcophagi from being sealed permanently. By the way, the enemies are the "Gravekeeper's" Duel Spirits.
  • Mummymon's attack Snake Bandages in Digimon Adventure 02 where he throws his bandages on his opponents to restrict their movements or to strangle them. Even as a Laughably Evil character, it's a powerful move against Digimon below his level or even those on the same level as him.
  • The "Mummy" ability is depicted this way in Pokémon: The Series. Iris and her Axew fell victim to this in one episode of Pokémon the Series: Black & White.
  • This happens in Galaxy Angel when the girls are dealing with a trinket that makes proverbs literal. The proverb "Like a mummy hunter turning into a mummy" is used on Ranpha, turning her into, well, a mummy. When she tries to use another proverb to put out a fire, it comes out muffled due to her entire head being wrapped.
  • In Nurse Angel Ririka SOS, the mummy monster in episode 21 wraps itself in bandages as its reveal, and then shoots some out to restrain the heroine's sidekick.
  • Odd use of this trope in Kill la Kill Ira Gamagori uses the Goku Uniform "Shackle Regelia, which involves himself getting mummy-wrapped. As his fighting style is focused on S/M, this is definitely the fetish fuel aspect of this trope in play in universe, for him at least.
  • Anime-only example in Dragon Ball first series with Bandages the Mummy, a living dead who works as one of Fortuneteller Baba's fighters. He can throw bandages and uses it either to swing back aboard the Devil's Toilet platform or to bind and attack his opponent. He used this against Goku in the anime where the fight is more longer than in the manga.
  • Underworld Academy Overload!!: Mel tries to apply first-aid bandages to Shion while they're waiting for the nurse and ends up nearly suffocating her after excessively wrapping her. Choco later completely wraps Shion into a clean and round cocoon.
  • Soul Eater: Wrath of the Pharaoh uses his prehensile bandages to tie up Liz and Patty, then strip and molest them.
  • I'm Giving the Disgraced Noble Lady I Rescued a Crash Course in Naughtiness: In Episode 8 (Chapter 37 in manga), Dorothea has been fully wrapped up in ropes from neck to toe as soon as she's been found by Yor. She also tried to escape by crawling like a worm, but ended up futile.

  • Somewhat frequent on sites like DeviantArt, if you search for tags such as "mummification". Naturally.

    Comic Books 
  • Archie Comics:
    • Betty and Veronica did this to Archie in one comic. (It was a first aid class where they were practicing with banadages; they got a little carried away...)
    • Both girls were also held captive this way in an episode involving a museum's Egyptian exhibit and art thieves.
  • The mummy hitman Raduk does this to Wynonna in Wynonna Earp.
  • This was basically the origin of N'Kantu the Living Mummy, an obscure super-hero who first appeared in Marvel's Supernatural Thrillers. Originally a soldier living in Egypt three-thousand years ago, an evil high priest used a foul ritual to replace his blood with enchanted preservation fluid, then wrap him in mummy linens, and bury him alive, alive, fully conscious, but paralyzed. The paralysis wore off in the present day, but he was driven insane by the experience, and went on a mad rampage until a jolt of electricity shocked him back to sanity. He has appeared infrequently since then.
  • Nightwing: Sylph uses strips of prehensile red cloth as her costume and weapon, and ties Dick up when fighting him as her go to attack. It's no coincidence that the DCU's premier Mr. Fanservice has a foe who fights him by tying him up.
  • Wonder Woman (1942): Countess Draska Nishki tries to "turn Wonder Woman into a mummy" in issue 161 by throwing the bandages she's wearing as a disguise on her. She's actually using the bandages to disguise that she's stolen the magic lasso and is lassoing the princess with it.

    Films — Live-Action 
  • Young Sherlock Holmes. An Egyptian cult prepares captives for sacrifice by wrapping them up in bandages like a mummy.
  • In The Mummy (1932), the 1959 Hammer remake, and the 1999 version, the title characters are all wrapped up and buried alive for either lusting after the pharaoh's mistress/daughter, or trying to bring them back from the dead. A variation appears in the 2017 version in that the titular mummy was buried alive for murdering her family as part of a plan to allow the Egyptian god of evil to physically incarnate in the mortal world.
  • In the opening to Mannequin the heroine somehow manages to do this to herself (well, mostly) in order to hide in a tomb to avoid an Arranged Marriage. (Her mother still finds her, and she only escapes due a plea to the gods, which they answer, causing her to vanish, leaving only the wrappings behind.)
  • Shoot-Out at Medicine Bend: When breaking into the Emporium to steal clothes, Devlin knocks Walters out and then wraps him head to toe in muslin and leaves him laid out on the counter, with a bow around his head.

  • Mr. Men: Little Miss Naughty does this to Mr. Small after swiping Mr. Bump's bandages.
  • The Bible: In Luke chapter 2, the baby Jesus after He was born was wrapped in "swaddling clothes", which was most likely burial wrapping that travelers in the region of Israel were advised to carry in case someone in their caravan had died.
  • The Extreme Monsters book series had mummy Mumford able to move his wrappings like tentacles, mainly so they could help him in climbing and so he could hitch a ride by using his wrappings to fasten himself to Steiner's BMX bike. The occasions where he used his wrappings to ensnare other people were when he prevented Damon Christopher and his goons the Slime Brothers from getting away in the first book The Blue Moon Effect and when he used them to rescue Doc's nephew Gerald in Meet Mr. Hydeous.
  • The Mummy Monster Game: Variant in book 1 — while rescuing Amy, Harry and Spy, Josh uses this trope against a mummy when he ties the crocodile-headed mummy monster's bandages in such a way as to trip it up, buying them valuable time to get ahead.

    Live-Action TV 
  • Part of a Japanese game show called TORE! (or something like that), as seen in this excerpt.
  • Self-inflicted in Raumschiff GameStar, where Petra sneaks aboard the Gamestar while impersonating a mummy the crew met earlier.
  • Legend of the Seeker episode "Desecrated" has a mummy-monster that catches people in bandages, and when it dies, it mummifies the closest living person to continue its mission.

    Video Games 
  • Somewhat frequent in video games involving mummies. If a mummy has an attack that involves throwing bandages, it will usually impair your character in this manner.
  • Anakaris, from the horror movie monster Fighting Game Darkstalkers, does exactly what the trope describes. He is a mummy, and at least one of his attacks involves wrapping up his opponent in bandages.
  • In League of Legends Amumu the Sad Mummy has two abilities for this. Bandage Toss stuns an opponent and drags him to them. His ultimate ability Curse of the Sad Mummy wraps all enemies in a radius around him in bandages, preventing them from moving or attacking. Amumu is generally considered to have one of if not the strongest ult in the game.
  • In Brütal Legend, the Silence guitar solo wraps the opposing hero unit in bandages, to inflict Silence on them. This prevents them from issuing commands and using their guitar properly.
  • Laura Bow can meet this fate in "The Dagger of Amon Ra"-
  • Mummy mooks from Crypt Killer will attack the player using their bandages as whip-like projectiles.

    Web Comics 
  • Matchu has this happen to Amber when she gets to close to a machine designed to duct tape things together, wrapping her head to toe. It happens again to Famine when she is captured by Lala and Wheezy for questioning, and is wrapped neck to ankles.

    Western Animation 
  • Drak Pack: Mummy Man often uses his bandages as a lasso and to wrap people up.
  • Happens in an episode of Sonic Underground.
  • Happens in the episode "I Want My Mummy" of Totally Spies!, where the Egyptian-themed criminal wraps the girls and their associate up using some automated mummification device.
    • And again in the episode "Evil Mascot", where one of the villain's weapons is a projectile that wraps the girls up to their shoulders in tape.
  • One of the enemy aliens on the original Ben 10 was a mummy-like creature with animated "wrappings" of skin that it used to grapple and incapacitate opponents.
  • Fairly certain this happened on an old-series episode of Scooby-Doo.
  • Happens in Thunder Cats a couple of times when Mumm-Ra manages to capture the ThunderCats and put them "on display" in his chambers. On at least one occasion, the bandages themselves actually chased after Lion-O to wrap him up.
  • One of the Hooded Claw's death traps in The Perils of Penelope Pitstop episode "Arabian Desert Danger" is a machine that wraps Penelope up in bandages. He watches gleefully, complete with popcorn, as Penelope tries to signal for help with her mouth, holding a pocket watch in her teeth and throwing it at a gong, as she is slowly mummified. By the time the Ant Hill Mob come and save her, she's been completely wrapped from head to toe.
  • In one episode of Mighty Max, Max and his allies are wrapped as mummies by none other then Anubis himself as punishment for offending the ancient gods of Egypt.
  • Happens to Chiro in Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! by... evil circus clowns.
  • In Teen Titans, Control Freak wraps Raven in film tape. Her legs apparently weren't pinned together, since she's somehow able to walk backwards despite being completely wrapped.
  • One episode of the Five-Episode Pilot of Filmation's Ghostbusters takes place in an Ancient Egypt setting, and the heroes have to deal with Prime Evil's minions Airhead (an actual mummy) and Apparatia. At the cliffhanger end of the episode, Apparatia uses a magical curse on Tracy that not only does this to him, but starts to age him rapidly. (Her reasoning is, mummies are old.) By the time his friends get him out of it, he's got a beard that reaches to the floor, but fortunately, it wears off.)
  • Happens to Blossom in The Powerpuff Girls (1998) when facing Abracadaver. Believing her to be the little girl who ruined his career and got him killed, he hypnotizes her, wraps her in a string of scarves and slings her back and forth like a yoyo into a iron maiden.
  • Happened to Wonder Woman twice. Once in Justice League, once in Justice League Unlimited.
  • Castlevania (2017): One of the demon's the heroes fight in the penultimate episode of the series is an intangible mummy-like demon that uses its bandages to snare Trevor.

    Real Life 
  • A common Halloween game involves teams of two or more people wrapping one person in toilet paper in this manner. The team who can finish wrapping the person head to toe the fastest wins. Since it's toilet paper, the head can be wrapped with no issue of suffocation. There's also a Christmas variant, where instead of mummies, it's "Snowmen".


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