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Greater Gods

Nito, the God Whose Body Is Made of Bodies (Gravelord Nito, The First of The Dead, Leader of the Gravelord Servant Covenant, The Rotten, The Great Dead One)
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  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Many Skeletons that are his body and Deathly Soul of Nito
  • Theme Song: Gravelord Nito, The Rotten
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: He is a mountain of corpses, a giant skeleton wearing armour made from other skeletons, The Grim Reaper, Plague Master, A Scimitar which is made of corpses and spreads plague
  • Domains: Death, Skeletons, Souls, Graves, Disease
  • Heralds: The Milfanito
  • Allies: Gwyn, Zobek, Quan Chi, Nurgle, Death of The Endless, Death the Horseman, Pestilence the Horsemen, Khorne, Hades, Grima
  • Enemies: Dragons, Nekron, Yami, Master Xehanort, Nightmare Moon
  • Followers: The Corpse Gatherer, Lookshy Rebels, the Legion, Melchiah
  • He is his Realm's First of The Dead, gaining Dominion over Death in his realm, due to this he has become a large skeleton formed and protected by many other skeletons of the Undead that have tried to strike him down before. This has made him a giant skeleton wearing a mountain of skeletons as armor.
  • Though it may seem strange to others that he would be fiercely loyal to Gwyn, as many other Death Gods are not usually friendly to Gods of Light, this is due to both Nito and Gwyn having an understanding that they serve as a balance of Life and Death and both know that they are often needed to keep The Age of Fire alive with the cycle of Death and Rebirth.
  • Thus even though Nito is a lord of Death, he understands that there must be a balance in the universe of who must die and who must live which is why he does not like Nekron: Although they are similar, Nito does not believe in killing everything that ever lived.
  • Nito likes Khrone, although he likes to have balance, when it comes time to cause death it does not matter who dies as long as they die.
  • Like Nurgle as he sees a kindred spirit in him and works with him to spread Disease to fill Nito's Quota.
  • When many others find him he is often sleeping in his coffin, usually he lets his Covenant deal with unimportant issues and has them talk for him. When Gwyn wishes to speak with him, that is when he rises from his slumber.
  • Like Gwyn he does not like Dragons as they worked together to stop The Reign of The Everlasting Dragons. Thus like Gwyn he usually has an attack on sight mentality unless they are allied with Gwyn.
  • Despite this has taken a liking to Grima of all Dragons as his undead-like nature and attempts at Immortality reminds him of Seath The Scaleless, thus when he needs to fill his quota he often goes to Grima to do so, even pondering on letting him be apart of his covenant.
  • His heralds are The Milfanito, Songstresses given eternal life by him to soothe the souls of those bound by death and Dark, they also speak for him as no one but Gwyn knows what he says.
  • Though usually very indifferent to The Pantheon, as of late Do. Not. Mention. that his corpse was devoured by a creature known as Aldrich. After learning how this creature affected his friend Gwyn (who lost a son to this monster), he will show why he is to be feared as "Death" to those that decide to disparage his name in such a way.

Omegamon, God of Combined Beings (Omnimon, GaruruGreymon)

Intermediate Gods

Dust, God of Merged Souls (Sen-Mithrarin, Cassius, Jin)
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Blade of Ahrah
  • Alignment: Neutral Good ( The Cassius piece of his soul was likely Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Combos, Dust Storm, Nice Eye-Obscuring Hat, Reverse Grip, Quest for Identity
  • Domains: Swords, Souls, Justice
  • Herald: Fidget
  • Allies: Raiden, Shouichi Tsugami, Elie, Tails, Navi, Kisuke Uzuki, Ichigo Kurosaki
  • Rival: Ermac
  • Enemies: Most evil-aligned gods in general qualify, but especially YHVH and Dolores Umbridge, Shang Tsung, Shadow Fiend
  • There has been cases of multiple souls merging into one. Dust is one of these cases, as he is the product of a spell that merges two souls to create the Sen-Mithrarin, a warrior that requires two opposite souls to keep it in balance. In Dust's case, it's one kind and compassionate soul that guides him to a path of righteousness, and one powerful but ruthless soul that grants him great strength and skill.
  • As Dust fights for justice, he has become fast allies with Raiden, who has a similar belief. Dust and Raiden both being agile fighters helps with the friendship.
  • Dust truly detests tyrants and similar figures, which is why Dust opposes YHVH and Dolores Umbridge as they're among the worst of them.
  • Gets along quite well with Tails and Navi, since they remind him of his sidekick, Fidget. The former for being a flying fox and the latter for... well. Dust in general seems to be much more resistant to annoyance than most.
  • Within the pantheon, he found a kindred spirit in the form of Kisuke Uzuki, who has the soul of Senju Oboroya merged within him. While Senju doesn't exist anymore, it doesn't stop their friendship from being formed.
    • He also learned that Ichigo is a similar case, though in a different way. Meeting Kisuke Uzuki and Ichigo Kurosaki got Dust to wonder if there's more entities like Dust himself throughout the multiverse...
  • Ermac has expressed interest in Dust for being a similar being, and has stated that they would like to challenge Dust to a battle one day.
  • Dust isn't sure what to think of Morrigan and Lilith at all, who's essentially one soul split into two. Since it confuses him, he will question it at a later time.
  • Has been invited to a tournament somewhat similar to that of Master Hand's. And fellow Indie Game deities like Shovel Knight, Sash Lilac, Octodad, and Captain Viridian have been invited as well.

    Garnet (Steven Universe
Garnet, Goddess of Romantic Fusions ("Yeah, she's The Boss", Captain Square, G-Squad, Ruby and Sapphire, Leader of the Crystal Gems!, Square Mom, Death Cube, Mom Squared; Ruby: Rad Red, Eternal Flame, Ruby Rider; Sapphire: Baby Blue, Laughy Sapphy, Sophie)
Ruby  and Sapphire 

    James Marcus/The Queen Leech 
Dr. James Marcus, Divine Patron of Collective Beings (Mysterious Young Man, The Queen Leech, The Leech Man)
Marcus Reborn
Queen Leech 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A T-Virus infected Leech
  • Theme Song: The Queen Leech
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Asshole Victim, Ax-Crazy, Bad Boss, Corrupt Corporate Executive, Evilutionary Biologist, Laser-Guided Karma, Mad Scientist, Predecessor Villain, Back from the Dead, Body Horror, Eviler Than Thou, Hive Mind, Weak to sunlight
  • Domains: Villains, Infestation, Betrayal, Viruses, Leeches
  • Allies: The Hunter Series, Zouken Matou, Anton Arcane, Zs'Skayr, Ra's Al Gul, Erik
  • Rivals: Lysandre, The Magician
  • Enemies:
  • On Good terms with: Alexia Ashford
  • Interested in: T-103/Mr. X, Nemesis T-Type, Eveline
  • Opposes: Light-based deities
  • Dr. James Marcus is one of the three founding members of the farmaceutical company known as Umbrella Corporation and he was the one responsible for the creation of the infamous T-Virus, a variation of the Progenitor Virus that he and his collegue Ozwell E. Spencer discovered. Throught his life, Marcus was an amoral scientist who valued only the development of his creation, caring little for the wellbeing of his staff and his partners wishes, culminating in a rift with Spencer that ultimately ended in the assassination of Marcus commanded by his then students and trusted right hands Albert Wesker and William Birkin. Miraculously, Marcus' biggest creation, the Queen Leech, bonded with his body and attained his memories. The newly reborn James Marcus sought to brought the world to ashes and take Umbrella down with him, but he was ultimately put down by rookie S.T.A.R.S. member Rebecca Chambers and Death Row inmate Lieutenant Billy Coen. The influence of Marcus lives on as his creations involving the T-Virus ended up shaping the world into a bio-terroristic haven.
  • Reborn once again as young man that can turn into a leech monstrosity, Marcus managed to surprise attack and take out of commission the entity known as Foo Fighters, thankfully she and her friends managed to secure a second place for her but swore to get back at Marcus for stealing her temple and for being an amoral person. The court of gods while not happy at the development, allowed James Marcus to get the title of The Worm That Walks after the Leeches proved to be a stronger contender for the title.
  • While Marcus has made many enemies, he has nothing but pure hatred for the two people that used to be their students. Both Wesker and Birkin were a bit alarmed at the sudden return of their former master but in a weird turn of events, neither of the three is with Umbrella anymore but instead of letting bygones be bygones, they don't want to bother with someone they consider old news and are only interested in the Leech Queen capabilities. He also is furious that Birkin took all the credit for the creation of the T-Virus and then mocked William after learning that he too was murdered by Umbrella for his creation and with Wesker he is a bit bothered that he got to kill Spencer first.
    • The hatred of his former underlings also stems towards their respective children, also fueled by a desire to take their viral powers for himself. While Wesker is indifferent and actually on bad terms with Jake, Birkin had a Papa Wolf moment and transformed into G after Marcus made the declaration that he would make Sherry suffer. The following confrontation between the G-Virus mutant and Leech Queen was so destructive that the GUAG had to be deplayed to separate the two.
    • Then there is Alex Wesker, the other surviving member from Project W that he too despises. Although it less has to do with Albert and more of her being another reminder of his old partner Ozwell E. Spencer, who heralded the project. That and he thinks that a Wesker cannot be trusted and he finds her attempts to gain immortality fruitless and vasly inferior to his link towards the Leech Queen and, while mildly intrigued about it, he consider the T-Phobos virus to be inferior to his original version.
  • Besides his former students, he also wants to enact revenge on the ones that killed him as the Queen Leech. Having learned of Rebecca Chamber's location, he wasted no time in going after her but thankfully she wasn't alone and she and Moira Burton fended off Marcus until help arrived. Ever since then, he also became enemies with the members of B.S.A.A. and also their close allies and has added them to the list of people he wants to get rid of before humanity burns for their sins.
  • While he is a bit of a Wicked Cultured man, he is still a man of science and viruses are what he focuses on. Conerning his home universe, Marcus has managed to snare a few Hunters to his side, considered they are an extension of his creation and he is strong enough to command them without getting attacked by them. The ascended Tyrants also somewhat follow his order even if they are Umbrella creations, Marcus is impressed by the resiliance and determination of both Mr. X and Nemesis.
    • Surprisingly on good terms with Alexia Ashford, she seems to respect Dr. Marcus unlike most of the Umbrella related figures and it helps that she did base her T-Veronica Virus on Marcus' own T-Virus, which James found particularly fascinating. It helps that both have a grudge against Wesker and Birkin.
    • Eveline's power intrigues him, seeing a lot of potential on the young B.O.W. and has tried to bring her to his side, promising to give him the family she has always desired if she let's Marcus study her composition. Of course, Wesker also made her the same proposition but feels more at home with Marcus but doesn't trust him enough. Marcus hasn't tried attacking her as the Queen Leech given that her powers do surpass his own, but he does consider it after she has proven to be fairly unstable.
  • Having become one with the Queen Leech has made Marcus believe he has achieved true immortality, even if it's far from perfect. Being a walking collection of leeches reminded a lot of people of Zouken Matou, another old man that is in reality an amalgamation of Crest Worms. While not magic, Zouken has expressed interest in the Queen Leech and wonders if he could use them for immortality purposes, the same can be said for Marcus and experimenting on Crest Worms. After hearing these developments, Sakura Matou instantly came to dislike Dr. Marcus after having experienced contact with the crest worms for years and is horrified of the implications that could happen should he tamper with them.
    • From Zouken he also ended up meeting Anton Arcane, another immortal though he was right up to Marcus' alley. Also an scientist interesting in decay and also admiring the effect that Marcus' T-Virus had on people, considering using it on himself after witnessing some B.O.W.s in action. He even praised the Queen Leech and gave Arcane more ideas for horrifying Un-men mutations.
  • While the Leech Queen is very powerful, it is weak to sunlight which is what allowed Billy Coen to finish it off for good. That's why Marcus stays away from the House of light and any light related entity and sympathizes with Zs'Skayr's weakness and also has been interested in forging an alliance with the ghostly alien.
  • Loves opera and even sings it himself from time to time. A stroll to the house of Music got him to meet Erik, the infamous Phantom of the Opera who Marcus is a huge fan of and admires the mysterious nature of his songs. While Erik doesn't really return his sentiment, he does appreciate Marcus as an Aloof Ally of sorts even if he couldn't care less about his schemes and plans to eradicate humanity.
  • After his resurrection he became a huge Misanthrope, labelling humanity as sinful and that all humans should be eradicated. This belief stems mostly from his religious beliefs, which has made him clash with the House of FAITH. Actual divine deities even consider him a nutjob but the one that despises him the most is Zamasu, who considers him an embodiment of all that is wrong with mortal beings. Of course, Marcus found the Kai to be a huge hypocrite considered what he has done in the past.
    • This desire to erradicate humanity also caught the attention of several other people that also despise humans. Most notably, he developed a rivalry with Lysandre, someone who he considers as lowly as other humans, and a shaky alliance with Ra's Al Gul, who wants to erradicate humanity to spare nature from their polluting, although he can't quite make an exception of Marcus considered the damage the T-Virus has done to nature, but both work towards a similar goal for now.
  • Fairly similar to Alex Mercer, both being an entity with memories that are tied to an insane scientist, although Marcus is fully aware of what he was and relishes on it while Mercer considers himself separate from the former Alex Mercer and even if evil, desires to distance himself from his "former" life. Even then, both do hate humanity and could work together for the same goal but Marcus desire to get the hands on the Blacklight Virus has only generated animosity between the two.

Lesser Gods

    Cliana Rimskaya 
Cliana Rimskaya, Goddess of Multiple Souls In One Body, in Harmony (Rim, Liana, Chris)


Wishiwashi, Divine Collective of Coordinated Swarms (The Small Fry Pokémon, Demon of the Sea, Yowashi)
School Form 
  • Quasideity (Intermediate Deity in School Form)
  • Symbol: The Waterium Z Crystal
  • Theme Song: Battle! Totem Pokémon
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Ability: Schooling
  • Gender: Male (Colony Wishiwashi can be male and female)
  • Moveset: Tearful Look, Hydro Pump, Surf, Endeavor
    • Z-Move: Hydro Vortex
  • Portfolio: Making a Splash, Synchronized Swarming, Normally the Weakest Pokémon Until Its Ability Kicks In, Mechanically Unusual Class, Mighty But Slow, The Worm That Walks, Schooling, The Demon of the Sea, I Am Legion
  • Domains: Swarms, Hidden Power, Fish, Colonies
  • Allies: Magikarp, Lapras, Shedinja, Dan Hibiki, Spongebob Squarepants, Arthur Curry, Ariel
  • Rival: The Red Gyarados
  • Enemies: Bruce, Moby Dick, Dr. Zoidberg, Monstro (really anyone who finds it tasty), The Wig-Wigs, Gluttony
  • Opposes: Most of the House of Food, bullies
  • Frightens: Mr. Krabs
  • Wishiwashi is sardine-looking Pokémon found in the Alola region while fishing. Weak, tasty and understandably afraid, it is the weakest Pokémon ever at 175 BST. However upon reaching Level 20 its ability Schooling kicks in; it summons a swarm of its kind to unite into a Sea Monster, more than tripling its power. Though losing this power when under a quarter of its health, in Schooling Form it is one of the most powerful non-legendary Pokémon out there.
  • The Wishiwashi in the Pantheon is recognized as the same Totem Pokémon one must face in Brooklet Hill to gain Waterium Z in Lana's trial. It has a boost of energy increasing defense, and the rain to enhance its water moves. It can't achieve this outside its temple, however.
  • Could be considered the Alola counterpart to the Magikarp line. They start out as perhaps the most pathetic creature in the game, but at Lv 20 they become incredibly powerful; Magikarp through evolution, Wishiwashi through ability. Naturally, the two get along. However, once it reaches School Form it becomes so ferocious that even Gyarados fear. The Red Gyarados refuses to be afraid, pointing out that it doesn't lose its luster under 25% health. The two are rivals for the true beast of the sea in the Pokémon world.
  • Doesn't fear any of the power nullifiers since its ability cannot be nullified, however, is concerned over its low speed which actually decreases slightly in School Form. The collective keeps their eye out for HP-related attackers, as that's the one stat which stays the same. Of course, that's why it packed a Sitrus Berry.
  • Because of its initial weakness and fragility, it becomes a target to many. As such it hates bullies, and will make them pay with a Hydro Pump. Due to this mindset, it ended up choosing Bully Hunter Jimmy Hopkins as a partner. It already has an association with school, so to speak.
  • Often finds itself on the bad side of members from the Aquatic Life sub-house, mainly because they want to eat it. Both Bruce and Moby Dick have tried, but it schooled them with no time to spare. Lapras meanwhile was protective of it even in Solo Form, which led it to become eternally grateful and loyal to the Transport Pokémon.
  • When travelling the seas of the pantheon, it spends most of its time under the guard of Aquaman for protection. It spends time with Ariel as well, due to her compassion towards sea creatures.
  • Alola regards the Small Fry Pokémon as delicious, as do a lot of the pantheon. Many in the House of Food have tried to get Wishiwashi on the menu, which was suggested by Doctor Zoidberg who at first mistook them for anchovies. It refuses to go near that House for this reason, particularly when Gluttony tried to eat it. It thought that the School Form would cause him to choke on it, but mistook the size of the Homunculus' stomach. There were similar mistakes made about the Wig-Wigs and Monstro's appetite.
  • Feels pretty bad for Dan Hibiki due to being a Joke Character. It and Shedinja also get along, as they're both weak but powerful Pokémon. It stopped feeling sorry about its HP state when considering Shedinja is a One-Hit Point Wonder.
  • The arrival of Wishiwashi terrified Mr. Krabs, as the Pokémon reminds him of the anchovy horde and was afraid it might rampage on him. Spongebob was sent out to feed it, and after some impressive frying skills, it left behind a bunch of Big Pearls as payment. It continues to eat at the Krusty Krab, finding the Krabby Patties incredible.


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