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Greater Gods

Lord Frieza, God of Streamlined Transformations (Freeza, Freezer, Prince Regent of the Known Universe, The Strongest Being in the Universe, Emperor of the Universe, The Terror of Namek, The Insane Bastard, Space Napolehitler)
100% Final Form 
Mecha Frieza 
Golden Frieza 
Black Frieza 
  • Greater God (borderline Overdeity as Golden Frieza, Overdeity as Black Frieza)
  • Symbol: The insignia for his Frieza Force.
  • Theme Music: ‘F’, Only a Chilling Elegy, Evil Suspense (With Choir), Frieza is Resurrected, Freeza and His Terrible Power, Golden Frieza's Theme, Desperate Struggle Against Golden Freeza, Freeza's Ambition, Two Steps from Hell
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil (Lawful Neutral in one of MasakoX's very popular what-if scenarios)
  • Portfolio: Evil Overlord, Galactic Conqueror, Power Limiters, Painful Bishōnen Line Transformations, The Sociopath, Golden Super Mode, Absolute Malevolence, Hating Filthy Monkeys, The Gentleman Boss of a Criminal Empire, Gradually Gets Stronger.
  • Domains: Destruction, Tyranny, Order, Evil
  • Followers: All non-ascended Arrancars
  • Heralds: Zarbon, Dodoria, Cui, Sorbet, Tagoma, Kikono, Berryblue (his childhood nanny), the rest of the Frieza Force, and his son Kuriza
  • Allies:
  • Drinking Buddies with: Nobuyuki Sugou
  • Respected Nemesises: SON GOKU, Son Gohan, Bardock (Bardock DOES NOT return this sentiment), Android 17
  • Rival: Megatron
  • Enemies:
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Baby, Galactus, The Anti-Monitor, Thanos, Char Aznable
  • Odd... Alliance(?): The Trix
  • Supports: LittleKuriboh
  • Fears: Lord Beerus
  • Dislikes: Whis, Kirby
  • Feared by: Raditz, Nappa
  • Complicated Relationship: Cooler (in his words, because Cooler's a prick), Infinite
  • Opposes: Anything cute
  • Opposed by: Shin, Master Roshi (would be enemies if he had the power to catch up with Frieza), Akame, Sarah Kerrigan, Jim Raynor
  • Evil Counterpart to: Hit
  • Real estate tycoon. Galactic conqueror. Terrifying despot. Exterminator. Traitor. Trades in fear, terror, and agony, for they are the only things he seems to understand. Inspires mutual hatred in almost everyone he knows unless they are similarly evil and/or just plain weird. Natural power and potential almost unrivaled. The mutant alien changeling known simply as Frieza has been raised up in the ways of conquest and empire since the day that he was born thanks to his father King Cold, standing at the helm of a planet liquidation and trading empire that held the lion's share of empirical power in the cosmic reaches of the Seventh Universe (its North Galaxy at the very least). By the age of five, his power and penchant for evil had already grown enough that Cold was ready to retire and hand the reins over to his son, making the boy Lord Frieza, the Emperor of the Universe. Announcing this transfer of power to the Saiyan Army, a front that ranked among the top soldiers in their galactic army, Frieza made it abundantly clear how terrifyingly devious, clever, and capricious he could be from the very beginnings of his dealings with the Saiyans. Not even a decade later, he had done away with the Saiyans by generating a supernova and sending it careening into their homw planet, all through the pointing of a single finger.
    • Frieza had made the decision after feeling uneasy about the Saiyan race's collective potential as well as being urged by Beerus the Destroyer (who had petty reasons of his own) to preempt the possible advent of a Super Saiyan or even a Super Saiyan God. By recalling all active Saiyans to their home planet as well as having his generals preemptively attack a certain strong team of warriors, he was able to play his "employees" into position for their death warrant. Of course, it goes without saying that the Saiyans were not his only soldiers. The Frieza Force boasted quite a few generals and hired specialists within its ranks whose power far outrstripped anything that could come from Planet Vegeta at the time. Even then, a small sampling of remnants remained who hadn't returned to the planet when he recalled all Saiyans and thus survived the extermination, including the Prince of the race himself, Vegeta IV. Vegeta and his team were kept under Frieza's employ, yet despite all they did, their relationship was coated in fear and hatred.
    • The dreams of those gone by and the ambitions of those that remained ultimately culminated in fateful battles on a backwater planet that ultimately paved the way for a three-way mini-war on Namek for the magical Dragon Balls between Frieza and his men, Prince Vegeta, and a group of Earthlings who it turned out were friends to another Saiyan survivor raised on Earth known as Son Goku. This war culminated in Frieza losing all of his strongest men, as well as witnessing when the Namekian Dragon Balls turned to stone through the death of their creator...and thus dashing Frieza's hopes of using the wish orbs to achieve immortality and rule the universe forever. Furious with this outcome, Frieza would engage in battle personally with Vegeta as well as the Earthlings. Gradually he released the locks on his true terrifying power through gruesome body-morphing transformations, each time dashing any and all hope his enemies thought they had to stand a chance. In his final form, or should we say his true form, uninhibited by cumbersome rods, horns, and scales, he humiliated and slowly killed his failed usurper Vegeta. And this is when Goku, healed from lethal injuries through Frieza's own rejuvenation chambers, stepped forth with the intent to deck him in the schnoz.
  • Often confuses the other gods by appearing in his myriad other forms. For a long time, no one had seen Final Form Frieza and lived…except for Jack Bauer. And Goku. Also, he's kept a mental list of how many heroic speeches he's heard before, and really needs to lay off the Space Twitter.
    Frieza: Lol Blewed up Filthy Monkey Planet.
  • He doesn't consider that his brother Cooler should join the Pantheon. Why? Because he's a prick. After ascending, He's going to slap Cooler in his smug prick face. Unfortunately, and much to Frieza's chagrin, Vanitas has been working on getting Cooler into the Pantheon, and has succeeded. Thankfully, they're not in the same House.
  • With the recent ascension of Sun Wukong, Frieza is getting really tired of monkeys ascending into the pantheon, so he orders the Ginyu Force to kill any other monkeys who attempt to ascend.
  • It's said that he is still seeking immortality, which is really odd since he's already a God. Most likely he just wants to be extra-unkillable when he finally faces Goku in a rematch. This, however, turned out to be false, with Frieza declaring he got over the idea of guaranteed immortality due to his time tortured in a saccharine Ironic Hell as a disembodied cocooned head. Aside from instilling in him an absolute HATRED of anything cute and the occasional alignment with The Trix since they were all trapped in similar cutesy places, it made him realize that being unable to be killed could result in him being fatally crippled and staying that way forever without the hope of death as a release. Still, after another immortality-seeker in Garlic Jr. came to ascend, Frieza is fine with working with Garlic to gain revenge on the Sons, as long as Garlic sticks to immortality and taking out Gohan and leaves both Goku and the position of strongest to him.
  • Following his defeat by the Super Saiyan Son Goku and his death at the hands of a mysterious younger Super Saiyan, one continuity showed Frieza encountering Goku and Gohan several times in the afterlife thanks to either their brushes with death or a portal between Hell and Earth opening. Those instances were generally harmless as the Sons' power had long eclipsed his by then. However, it became known that in the main canon, Sorbet and Tagoma, two of his organization's remnants, were planning to revive him. The old GUAG feared what could happen to Goku if he came back more powerful than ever.
    • Indeed, in order to regain control of the Evil Power Vacuum in space, the Frieza Force subordinates would sneak onto Earth and steal its Dragon Balls for the wish, committing the dreaded act known as "Resurrection ‘F’," or "the worst wish in history." After said revival, as well as his body reconstituting itself through his ship's advanced rejuvenation chamber, Frieza acted on a deduction that his power could increase through training at a rate exponentially higher than that of the Saiyans. This allowed him to unlock a brand new, more powerful form, that was capable of oppressing Goku. In the beginning of the fight. Only in the beginning of the fight. Because of his impatience, he would completely forego endurance training, once again being incapable of sustaining his full power for very long and being embarrassed by not only Goku, but also Vegeta, as Super Saiyan God Super Saiyans. Cue the Emperor blowing up Earth in a fit of rage, with Whis pulling a Superman and turning back time so that Goku and Vegeta could put an end to Freeza for another time.
  • As of late, he is rarely ever out of the House of Power, being busy training for his upcoming rematch with Goku.
  • Is a fan of LittleKuriboh, seeing his portrayal of him as perfectly encapsulating his character.
  • With his brother in the Pantheon, Cooler has been constantly teasing Frieza, usually relating to Frieza playing "Pretty Pink Princess". Frieza vehemently denies ever doing so. Recently.
    • He enjoyed seeing Cooler freak out upon discovering that he had come back with power that rivals Beerus's first revealed level, since this boost of power means Cooler might be disqualified for the position of Stronger Sibling. Cooler is currently fighting for his long-held position.
      • Upon hearing of Cooler's invasion of the House of War, Frieza let him be. He's proven himself the stronger sibling, which is more than enough to satisfy him. When Cooler had to petition another place in the Pantheon, Frieza outright laughed at his new title, as it basically invalidated every claim Cooler ever made of being greater than him. Still, he supported Cooler's rebirth by the Time Breakers as the prime Metal Cooler; even if it diminished their gap in power a great deal, this only made him a proper ally against Goku and Vegeta. He's even nonchalant about the later development of Golden Cooler more or less closing the gap, as he knows he's still more adept at handling that power.
  • Zamasu claims that Frieza, perhaps more so than even Goku, is proof of the depravity of mortals and the failure of the gods. Despite being as evil if not more so, most concede he has an argument; the fact that Beerus and Shin didn't interfere against Frieza is one of the reasons why Universe 7 is the second-lowest in rank. Frieza is entirely disdainful of Zamasu himself, not only because he's gotten tired of hearing people in his cosmos extolling their personal brands of justice, whether hypocritical or not, but also because one of his components wears Goku's face. Just seeing that form is bad enough, but knowing that Zamasu wields it about as naturally as an arrogant doll is icing on the cake, if only because it takes away some of the satisfaction from beating Goku's face in.
  • Others who believe that the strong should rule over the weak, such as Azula, King Bradley, Corset (who also sounds very similar to him, if only a touch more crude) and even Ragyo Kiryuin as depraved and sadistic as she is (though upon second glance, that would be a plus for Frieza), have started to gain Frieza's support. Reportedly the Lord of the Universe thinks that some version of Earth should have what he deems to be a suitable ruler. Many don't quite know what to make of this, but most can agree that whatever his endgame is cannot be good. Frost thinks the ones most in danger are those "suitable rulers" themselves, given his experience being played for a fool by Frieza. That or anything else aside, the Emperor of Mankind cannot abide by this and has expressed his desire to see Frieza eliminated due to that time he destroyed Earth. Frieza considers Big E to be a hypocritical fool.
  • Frieza has a mysterious origin that not even the gods of the Pantheon know much about. What is known about is that according to Chronoa, Frieza's background is different in many timelines. In a different timeline, Frieza was created by the Supreme Kai of the West in order to obtain the strongest entity in the universe. Frieza laughed at the idea, but also admitted that being considered a godly being was quite a flattering thought, even though his true ambitions lay above the gods.
  • After hearing about the feared and powerful alien conqueror Boros, Frieza decided to confront him personally to see just how true the rumors of his strength were. Boros smiled gleefully at the prospect of being challenged by another powerful alien overlord like himself, and yes, both were pleased with the resulting battle. So pleased, in fact, that the two intergalactic lords became best buddies, much to the shock and horror of everyone else.
    • When Frieza told Boros how he achieved his strongest form after a mere four months of training, Boros started to take sparring matches with him whenever they both had time. During these sparring sessions, he would occasionally talk of the Saiyans, venting his hatred for them and referencing their immense combat potential. Much to Frieza's pleasure, he and Boros have improved their skills considerably from this parring, and Boros plans on testing his gains out against the Saiyans.
  • When Android 21 surfaced to revive him for what was chronologically the second time only so she could eventually beat him up and then eat him up, he was utterly indignant about the mere idea of being cultivated as livestock. Now that she's ascended, he wants to score payback and erase her. Even if she's playing goody-two-shoes at the moment.
  • Frieza was enraged to learn that King Kai was the one who helped out the Z-Fighters, claiming that he had no right to interfere with his actions as he ran a perfectly Lawful Evil business; an argument no-one else buys, and Frieza likely wouldn't follow anyway. He ended up getting his revenge by proxy. After honoring his deal with the others in the Tournament of Power, Whis resurrected him at the behest of Beerus. King Kai, who like Frieza has been dead for years, was unbelievably annoyed that Frieza was revived by the good guys before he was.
  • Despite being professional enough to not confront him during the Tournament of Power, Android 18 has a deep grudge against Frieza stemming from when he killed Krillin. Were it not for the Dragon Balls, she would've never met her husband because of him. It doesn't help that Krillin is obviously still spooked by Frieza; when the monster returned, he had her stay behind despite being stronger than him specifically to protect their daughter Marron even before finding out anything about Frieza's massive gains in strength.
  • Turles has shown a deep hatred of Frieza's race and wishes to wipe them all out. When the Tournament of Power happened, Turles was livid because spoiler:FRIEZA was part of Team Universe 7. He'd rather Universe 7 get erased than allow that psychopath to work with the Saiyans. Frieza merely responded that he was a pale imitation, about to become even paler as he's planning something big. Ultimately, while his original plan to usurp the position of the gods fell by the wayside and his approach to evil empire became more pragmatic and less gratuitous thanks to the influence of the Tournament of Power and actually teaming with Goku, this has only let him to taking on power unlike anything Turles could've ever imagined in the form of Black Frieza.
  • Oddly, it turns out the hatred he feels for Goku is not the bigoted and condescending type reserved for former underlings like Vegeta, Nappa and Raditz; rather, it resembles the antagonistic "friendship" shared between the likes of Batman and The Joker. After all, Goku is the man whose courage, hard work and honor allowed him to best him not once, but twice; that alone entitles the Saiyan warrior to his sincere respect, especially as it caused Frieza to dedicate himself to actual training, becoming stronger than he could've known. After fighting side by side as brothers-at-arms to protect Universe Seven in the Tournament of Power, this respect is now completely mutual on Goku's part. Ryu and Akuma have both compared this to the recent turn in their own relationship; two enemies destined to fight again, but both acknowledging each other as true warriors this time.
    • In fact, Freeza's respect and admiration extends to both Goku's father Bardock and his eldest child Gohan, the former for his sharing his son's courage and the latter for his intelligence and cunning. Even before the former was fully realized, it was worth noting he remembered Bardock's name and face far more vividly than even those of King Vegeta. With Gohan, the respect is mutual after they worked together during the Tournament of Power. With Bardock, it is most decidedly not. On the other end, Goku himself is not the only god who gained respect for Frieza through his efforts in the Tournament. At Beerus' request, Whis resurrected the Emperor of the Universe once again.
  • He has been Locked Out of the Loop that both his deaths are because of time travel. He was first killed by Future Trunks, and when he tried to Rage Quit the second time around Whis rewinded time so Goku could kill him. (Goku was originally the one to kill him in Trunks and Cell's timeline.) Upon his revival he was very confused as to why there was a kid version of his executioner. Ascending into the Pantheon led him to learn about Future Trunks, and has sworn one day to find his timeline and make him pay. For now, however, he's more focused on his enemies in the present timeline. That, and rebuilding his empire upon his third revival. He's learned the importance of Pragmatic Villainy, no need to rush against Future Trunks.
  • To many's surprise, he and Hit have actually met before. He promised to one day make the Universe 6 assassin beg to be killed. There is a commonality between Hit, Frieza, and even Cooler, all being purple-themed fighters with more creative moves, stronger abilities, and great potential for improvement, whose first true measurable adversary is the Earth-raised Saiyan Son Goku. However, Hit is decidedly the one with the most noble traits out of the three in his approach to his assassin's profession versus their galactic conquest as well as lacking any supremacist temper or desire to destroy worlds. When he later learned that the two had crossed paths when Hit and Kenshiro destroyed Metal Cooler's clone army and left him alone to be defeated by Vegeta in the Hall of Pride (which is of course now the House of Pride and Egotism), Frieza couldn't help but haughtily laugh at Cooler's misfortune before suggesting that his brother should've waited until he himself would readily oblige being summoned to assist the task.
  • Frieza was approached by a being called Infinite who resides in Vegeta's subhouse and also hates the Saiyan Prince. Infinite believed that the two were similar enough in how they fell from power, came back stronger, and still lost in the end that they could strike up an alliance against Vegeta. Frieza, however, saw that Infinite was still stuck in his hubris and could not maximize his true power because of it, so instead he made a counter-proposal to have Infinite work for him. The jackal walked off in a huff, though Frieza is holding patience to see if he later changes his mind.
  • Frieza has begun drinking beer and playing Poker at the Pantheonic Bad Guy Bar of with Nobuyuki Sugou, former fairy King of Alfheim Online; the latter sharing stories with the former of how he was also sliced and diced into pieces by another pretty-boy Teenage Swordsman. Being a classy and gentlemanly villain, Frieza make no secret of his contempt for the crass and tasteless Sugou, but doesn't kill him because of pub rules. Much more favorably, he's also taken to having wine on weekends with fellow Mafioso bosses Vito and Michael Corleone; though Vito is impressed by the success of the alien Don's business ventures, he remains wary of finalizing any deals with him due to his utter lack of honor and boundaries. Frieza for his part has taken a great liking to Michael for his ruthlessness, as he was willing to kill his own incompetent brother Fredo in order to secure his business interests.
  • Despite rejecting his subordinates Sorbet and Tagoma's idea to revive his father and predecessor along with him after they discussed how it was foiled by Emperor Pilaf's group, Frieza was pleased to see the return of King Cold in the Pantheon. He admits Cold had a point about being pragmatic, and while Cold's parenting was an odd mishmash of harsh and spoiling, it did produce the Emperor of The Universe. Cold is also not upset with Frieza, but rather proud of him for his development; instead his ire is focused on the Pilaf gang.
  • Views Char Aznable's ideology as a joke, since his totalitarian regime across Universe 7 kept things stable, while Char's attempt to unite Spacenoids did nothing to stop the endless state of war the Universal Century is in. Since his third resurrection, he's taken a more nuanced view and has gained the tiniest inch of respect for Char, hardly the same as his warrior's respect for Goku. This is highly one-sided, as Char can't stand the galactic conqueror for his cruelty and sadism.
  • Also resides in the House of Power.

Sephiroth, God of Villainous Shapeshifting (The Man in the Black Cape, The One-Winged Angel, Sephy, The Focused Blade, Sephdawg)
Bizarro Sephiroth 

Intermediate Gods

    Cutey Honey 
Honey Flash!

Honey Kisaragi, High Prophet of Magical Girl Warriors and Transformation Sequences (Cutey Honey, Cutie Honey, Hitomi Kisaragi, Warrior of Love)
Honey Kisaragi
Cutey Honey 
  • Intermediate Goddess
  • Symbol: A stylized heart
  • Theme Music: Cutey Honey (1973; New; Flash; Re)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with Chaotic Good moments
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Ms. Fanservice, Beware the Nice Ones, Hot-Blooded, Master of Disguise
  • Domains: Androids, Beauty, Transformation
  • Herald: Seiji Hayami
  • Allies: Sailor Moon, Ryuko Matoi & Senketsu, Mako Mankanshoku, Androids 16, 17, & 18, Heart Aino, Lois Lane, Jade, Frank West
  • Enemies: SHOCKER, Dr. Gero, Akio Ohtori, Embryo, Senator Armstrong
  • One day, a girl wearing a white skin-tight outfit riding a motorcycle was sighted in the Pantheon, with her stating that she went there looking for anyone that might be causing trouble. While nothing major happened for a few hours, when night came, some monsters broke into a jewelry store and attacked the humans that were tasked with protecting the place. As they were prepared to make their escape, the girl from earlier caught up to them and after introducing herself and who she is, transformed into a sword-wielding redhead warrior and defeated the monsters. Some time after the incident, the redhead learned what the Pantheon is and how crime and other problems are a regular part of the place. From there, Honey Kisaragi vowed to continue her crime-fighting duties there and ensure that evildoers get put in their place.
  • At first glance, Honey looks like a regular schoolgirl with a well-meaning, but mischievous disposition. In actuality, she is an android created by her father in memory of the real Honey. Following his murder by the vicious organization known as Panther Claw, Honey learned the truth about herself and prepared to fight back against the group that killed her dad. With the help of a transformation device on her neck, Honey is able to transform into the sword-wielding Warrior of Love known as Cutey Honey. Not only that, she has access to a number of other transformations such as a biker, a singer, a stewardess, a camerawoman, a model, or whatever the situation calls for.
  • With her gimmick of being a normal girl able to transform into a superheroine and giving out a speech or two to the criminals she’s about to fight, she can be considered a Magical Girl even if she leans more towards a sci-fi angle than the fantasy slant of many others. It hasn’t stopped her from befriending many of the other magical girls present in the Pantheon. Usagi Tsukino is one of Honey’s closest friends and Honey is impressed with what Usagi and her friends have accomplished. Both have helped each other in fighting the various villains that threaten the Pantheon, with other members of the Sailor Senshi helping them out against the more dangerous threats.
    • It was through Usagi and the rest of the Sailor Warriors that Honey learned of the Magical Girl Sisterhood, a group of other magical girls dedicated to fighting evil wherever it may lurk. When Honey decided to visit the group at the Sailor Senshi’s request, she was surprised to learn just how many other magical girls are there and the members there saw Honey as a sort of motherly figure given how long she’s been fighting compared to them. Honey has offered to help the group out and has provided plenty of support for them.
  • Honey has a few things in common with Ryuko Matoi in terms of motivation and superhuman capabilities. Both set out on their journey to avenge their murdered father at the hands of a criminal group and Ryuko has Life Fibers inside of her that make her superhuman much like how Honey is an android that can transform into various things. That said, Honey learning about her superhuman traits played a role in getting her adventure going while Ryuko didn’t find out about her being made of Life Fibers until much later in her quest. Both Honey and Ryuko hang out with each other and team up on a regular basis, with Honey enjoying the company of Ryuko’s best friend Mako Mankanshoku in their downtime.
  • She managed to find a couple other friendly cyborgs in Androids 17 and 18, despite their names suggesting them to be androids. Initially, she was surprised to learn that the cyborgs’ relationship with their creator was very different from how Honey viewed Dr. Kisaragi. Honey was willing to listen to the duo’s story about their animosity towards their creator and learned just how dangerous Dr. Gero was. She also learned that they didn’t start off as purely heroic and that there was another (actual) android designed by Gero, Android 16, who didn’t last as long as 16 and 17. 16 was also modeled after Gero’s dead son and Honey was willing to sympathize with 16, given how she was based on Dr. Kisaragi’s dead daughter.
  • Honey’s main enemy is Panther Claw, a criminal organization that wants valuable riches and has an assortment of themed enemies for her to fight against. While Honey initially wasn’t able to find Panther Claw itself in the Pantheon, she did learn of a similar organization that was far more dangerous named SHOCKER. While SHOCKER has mainly fought against Kamen Riders, the group greatly expanded its influence in the Pantheon and has a multitude of other villains lending their services to them. Regardless of whether or not SHOCKER in the Pantheon is aware of Panther Claw, Honey still sees SHOCKER as a vile criminal group that needs to be taken down no matter what and is aware that she’ll need plenty of help to bring about the organization’s downfall. The fact that they’re interested in her choker that allows her to transform has her concerned about what they could do if they had their hands on it.
  • Before it got destroyed in an attack by Panther Claw, Honey attended a school, though she doesn’t really partake in the lessons there and sneaks out whenever possible. Much of the same is applied to the various schools in the Pantheon, including the House of School, though she is willing to fight back against anyone that threatens to destroy that place or other schools to avoid a repeat of what happened to her previous school. As for her time in the Pantheonic schools, she seems to enjoy making a fool out of the more mean-spirited teachers there.
  • One of her more frequent disguises is to be a camerawoman so that she can spy on what her enemies are planning to do next. It helps that her most consistent ally, Seiji Hayami is a reporter, even if he is someone that Honey has to rescue more often than not. She then learned that the Pantheon not only has a number of reporters, but that they’re active in finding any sort of problem that can affect those they care about. As Flash Honey, she got herself acquainted with these reporters and found herself working alongside them in order to find any potential threats that can happen at a moment’s notice. Some of her frequent partners include Lois Lane, Jade, and Frank West (though Cutey Honey had to tell Frank that using his “Perfect Erotica” pics on her isn’t going to be much help).
  • Senator Armstrong learned of another deity who was able to use nanomachines to their advantage and given how he was bested by a cyborg, was willing to use what he can to defeat Honey should he fight against her. Given his belief in strength above all else, Honey doesn’t think that highly of him and his motivations and is aware that fighting against him will be a challenge for her, especially since he’s more than willing to fight her if given the chance to do so.
  • Despite referring to herself as the Warrior of Love, Honey doesn’t really have anything related to The Power of Love. That said, Honey is a friendly girl and she will sometimes attempt to reason out with her enemies provided they haven’t done anything severe to warrant them being killed by her. Heart Aino thought that someone with a Warrior of Love title would be helpful in her overall motivation, but Honey stated that she’s only fighting against those who threaten the peace. Aino still admired Honey for who she is and Honey is friendly towards Aino, despite the fact that the kinds of villains Honey fights against are ones that Aino won’t be able to reach out to.
  • Plenty of people are interested in Honey given her reputation for being an attractive girl. While she’s had some benevolent admirers, others such as arch-enemy Sister Jill have had a sexually unhealthy obsession towards her and there’s a couple of deities in the Pantheon that are after Honey for their own benefit. Akio Ohtori has attempted to win over Honey, but it became clear she wasn’t interested in him, especially after the two engaged in a swordfight and Akio lost due to Honey’s tactics. Embryo proved to be a bigger problem for Honey as he was someone that could overpower her easily if they met, not to mention his overall behavior and goals being something that revolted Honey once she learned more about him.

    Jake Long 
Jacob Luke "Jake" Long, God of Were-Dragons (The American Dragon)
Click here for his dragon form 
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: A gong with his human shadow imposed on a dragon shadow
  • Theme Song(s): The American Dragon intro theme songs (both Season 1 and 2)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Weredragon through Dragon Ancestry, The Hero (Knight in Sour Armor and Pragmatic Hero type), Cocky, Shirks Responsibilities But Noble And Heroic, Heroic Red Dragons, Half-Caucasian, Half-Chinese, Big Eater, Beware the Nice Ones, Protagonist Title
  • Domains: Dragons, Heroism, Teenagers, Shapeshifters
  • Heralds: Luong Lao-Shi (his grandfather), Jonathan and Susan Long (his parents), Haley Kay Long (his little sister), Arthur P. "Spud" Spudinski and Trixie Carter (his best friends), Rose/Huntsgirl (his girlfriend).
  • Allies: Lilo and Stitch, Spyro the Dragon, Harry Potter, Io, Bahamut, Crossbreed Priscilla, Ryu (Breath of Fire), Peter Parker/Spider Man, Avatars Wan, Aang and Korra, Zuko, The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Lloyd Garmadon
  • On good terms with: Benevolent members of the House of Otherness, most dragons really, Medusa (Fate series), friendly Deaths
  • Friendly Rival: Danny Phantom
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Daenerys Targaryen (enemies with TV incarnation), The Dovahkiin
  • Enemies: The Dark Dragon, Acnologia, dragon hunters in general, Tiamat, Ripto, The Sorceress, Melkor, Smaug, Aerys II Targaryen, Voldemort, Kaido, The Shredder, The Dazzlings, Nekron, The Ebon Dragon
  • Opposes: Poseidon
  • Pities: The original Medusa
  • Jake Long is an at first unassuming Chinese-American teenager living in New York. In truth, he's a fire-breathing dragon who's job is to protect a secret world of magical creatures. The first American Dragon, he is said to be The Chosen One, though as a slacker teen he has a lot to learn. He gets it from his mom and her father. Normally he's in human form, but can transfer into a dragon.
  • The Weredragon trope was considered for Acnologia, however Jake decried this choice since Acnologia is a depraved beast who despises dragon and human alike. The fact that he hunts dragons only increased the American Dragon's ire towards him. It was Lilo and Stitch who ultimately proposed he gets the trope, as they had teamed up to deal with Morpholomew/Experiment 316.
  • Jake's ascension was a boon to the Otherness house, due to his role in guarding and protecting the magical creatures of an unseen world, though it remains taxing on his school life. Harry Potter has helped fill in some of his time protecting the magical world so he doesn't exhaust himself. Jake's travels eventually led him to meet another New York superhero, Peter Parker, who can relate to the stress of his role as Dragon Guardian given his own bad luck and responsibilities being a superhero.
  • The American Dragon wasn't happy to learn there were a number of fantastic racists who would want to see him dead. Ripto hates dragons in general, even ones with a human form. Voldemort considers Jake Long both a muggleborn and a "filthy half-breed". None of them revolted Jake as much as the Sorceress, who's plan of becoming immortal involves ripping off the wings of baby dragons. He is also an enemy of Kaido, due to being a Weredragon who's desire to spark the biggest war the world has ever seen is insane.
  • Jake is against dragon hunters by principle, and hopes the wish to destroy them all will mean the Huntsclan won't enter the pantheon. However he makes an exception for the Dovahkiin, at least to a degree. Despite his memetic hatred of dragons, the Dovahkiin only goes after malicious dragons and not ones outside the The Elder Scrolls verse as he doesn't have the same dreaded factor. He does have bad experiences with dragons as a whole so he only works with Jake to counter-act evil dragons. He'll be there if and/or when the Dark Dragon arrives.
  • As nobody knows where said Dark Dragon comes from, Jake wondered if he was a pupil of Melkor. Melkor claimed he was behind his turn to darkness, which was believable, but eventually his vanity led him to boast he is the progenitor of all dragons and that he is Jake's rightful ruler. Io stepped in and informed that other than possibly having a role in the Dark Dragon he's full of it. Jake naturally opposes someone as malignant as the first Dark Lord, and came to recognize Io as the true progenitor of dragons. He and Bahamut were proud to see Jake managed to make it to the pantheon.
  • While usually not as bad as the head of the Huntsclan, Shredder is still a villain who corrupted a ninja clan for his evil ends and that gives Jake bad memories of the Huntsclan. Fortunately for Jake he has the TMMT for backup, who can even turn into dragons themselves in one universe. Jake can also count for back up in the Dragon Warrior Po, and the quarter dragon Lloyd Garmadon.
  • There were a number of evil dragons like Tiamat or Smaug that Jake considers a threat to the magical world, however there are more benevolent, neutral or less bad dragons who considered him a great addition to their sub-house. Even Bowser was pleased, and in spite of sometimes fighting Jake Long when he uses magic for evil purposes like kidnapping the Sprixies they sometimes work together, especially when someone proves Eviler than Thou. Jake's a more straight ally with Spyro the Dragon.
  • His Dragon Ancestry was a point of interest for the Targaryens. Jake theorizes that their association with dragons and unique royal abilities are because Valyrians have actual dragons in their family tree. He wasn't happy around the likes of the Mad King Aerys, who in his delusions believed that burning down King's Landing with wildfire would have him reborn as a dragon. His daughter Daenerys was more level-headed and impressed by Jake, however the American Dragon is careful with her as while she has good intentions she can be...ruthless. Her TV incarnation's Face–Heel Turn has made that version an enemy of Jake Long.
  • He and Danny Phantom are rivals, albeit friendly ones. Other gods have noticed the comparisons: they're half-otherworldly beings who can shapeshift to that form, teenage superheroes and they help deal with supernatural/otherworldly threats. A simulation was made to determine in a no holds-bar fight who'd win. The simulation concluded Danny would make the winning strategy of overshadowing Jake and blasting him into a ghost.
  • Jake has faced a variety of magical threats, some with counterparts or same-species in the pantheon. He had experience with a siren who pretended to be a nice geek girl and manipulated him, so he knows the threat that the Dazzlings pose. He's cautious when it comes to numbered magical threats. The Ebon Dragon reminded him of the #11 threat, the Shadow Dragons, however he was far 'worse than even the Dark Dragon
  • He was used to Medusa being a villain along with her siblings. To a point this is true with the original, however she isn't interested in domination and more seeks revenge on the gods for what happened to her. While she is still a magical threat, Jake honestly feels sorry for her as she was raped by Poseidon in Athena's temple, who punished her for having sex in her temple. Jake is disappointed that Athena would victim blame and wants nothing to do with Poseidon. He is on much better terms with the Servant version of the gorgon.
  • Jake would rather not mention the time his grandfather wanted to hook him up with a younger version of his mom when he time traveled back to 1986. Marty McFly and Philip J Fry said that "it could've gone worse". He got Marty, but when taking a look at Fry's trope he felt a bit queasy and reaffirmed not wanting to mention said incident.
  • The nicer Grim Reapers wanted Fu Dog to ascend first, not Jake. This is because he's a good friend of his universe's Death, aka Marty. He's pleasant company. Most good reapers got a good word from Marty, who is probably closest to Grimm as they are rather chill, and funny. However Marty is actually competent. All of them warned him of Nekron, grimmest of the Reapers, who would jump on the chance to bring back the entire Huntsclan as a Black Lantern army against Jake and his friends.
  • As Jake is a protector of two worlds, he works closely with all versions of the Avatar. He is also friends with Zuko, given dragons are the symbol of the Fire Nation and he learned the true firebender style from dragons. The fact that Zuko and Jake have similar-sounding voices doesn't hurt. A bit later than people expected, he ended meeting up and partnering with the Saturdays, which isn't surprising because they investigate the secrets of the world and the many cryptids. Jake helps with the nastier ones.
    "He's cool he's hot like a frozen sun. He's young, he's fast, he's the chosen one."

    Ludwig the Accursed 
An unsightly beast... a great terror looms! Ahh... Ludwig the Accursed is coming. Have mercy... Have mercy upon us...

Ludwig, Unholy Being Who Transformed Into The Being He Was Against (Ludwig the Accursed, Ludwig the Unsightly/Hideous Beast, Ludwig the Holy Blade)
  • Leitmotif: Ludwig, the Accursed, shifts to Ludwig the Holy Blade once he retains his sanity
  • Intermediate Being
  • Symbol: The Radiant Hunters Badge, or alternatively, the Holy Moonlight Sword
  • Alignment: Lawful Good in his human life, Chaotic Evil as a beast.
  • Portfolio: A once established hunter of Yharnam now turned into a hideous beast, a horrifying mutation with Centuar motifs, the first Healing Church hunter to rally the people and was among the most noble of the organization, suffers the same fate as every member of the Healing Church with him being the worst of them all, restors his sanity mid-battle, divine wielder of the Holy Moonlight Sword retains the ability to speak, considers the Holy Moonlight as his mentor with hints of it causing his insanity, dies gracefully or not
  • Domains: Beasthood, Transformations, Humanity (formerly), The Hunt, Moonlight
  • Allies: Knight Artorias (if not being too similar), Guts, The Skull Knight, Farnese de Vandimion
  • Mixed Reception with: The Hunter, the House of Heroism, the Royal Knights, The Knight
  • Pitied by: The Maiden in Black, Hoss Delgado, Darius Crowley, Kubo
  • Commonality Connection: Slave Knight Gael, Samurai Jack, The Puella Magi, The Abyss Watchers
  • Adores: Leonidas and the Spartans, Ludwig van Beethoven
  • Source of Interest for: The Radiance moon-based deities
  • Enemies: The Monster Hunters, The Houyhnhnms, The Kraeken, Hircine, The Witch-King of Angmar
  • The Scourge of Beasts that occured within Yharnam has shook the city and many times has the hunt occured throughout its timeline yet in the early days right during its beginnings, some of the Healing Church took it seriously and one among them all rallied the people to fight against the unending hunt in the hopes of finding closure to it all. Yet for all their efforts, it all remained in vain and thus began the repeated cycle of Healing Church hunters becoming beasts later on. One popular hero by the name of Ludwig brought the situation to light and was the first of the Healing Church hunters to gather as many citizens to fight the menace, eventually creating the hunts that would ravage Yharnam countless times. While he did so courageously, his sanity did not last long and for all the blood that he took, began his transformation to beasthood, a curse to those within the Healing Church. Him succumbing to the hunt itself became the final nail in the coffin, turning him into a mindless beast, as cursed as the Hunter's Nightmare can be.
  • Following the revelation of the Great Ones, a new realm appeared that was enterable, the Hunter's Nightmare, a twisted mesh of some of Yharnam's imagery but with all the blood and beasts still lingering. Old Hunters that have become maddened and enraged by any living being would ravage the newcomers and surround the nightmare, leaving many unwilling to enter. However, there those who were seen entering an underground tunnel underneath the city but never came back, leaving some to investigate the premise. One expedition lead by the Hunter has lead him to a large bloodied arena, of which many bodies are seen lying around, and on the middle would be a beast feared among even those within the nightmare itself. Before the Hunter could react, the beast immediately mauled him to death, forcing him back into the arena to face the beast, this time with assistance from the Monster Hunters who were slowly getting used to the place. At first, it all seemed right as the group managed to keep their concentration against such beast, not until said beast would regain its sanity and bring out a sword with a moonlit theme. Of which it caught them off-guard and nearly killed them all. It was not until the Hunter finally drew the killing blow and ended the beast-swordsman, revealed to be the fabled hero of Yharnam, Ludwig who was accursed in the realm he is in.
  • Most Yharnamites who have transformed into harrowing beasts have little to none about their personal life as their transformation would remove that part of their humanity and Ludwig is no exception. A being bearing the image of a merged horse and a man, his fate is the curse to all Healing Church members who partook in the hunt as the consequence of the entire blood transfusion they conducted in the city. Multiple legs, a second lamprey-like mouth with many eyes and an urge to kill like most beasts, he would be among the worst of all transformations. There is one thing special about him though as few retain some form of intelligence and during battle, Ludwig would regain sanity once more as he would be during the brink of death. Tapping into the moonlight, he would battle but this time, the grace and nobility he had as a Healing Church hunter, allowing him dying gracefully against his opponent. This discovery alone makes him a unique beast as he has not fully succumed to the curse, or perhaps has a unique connection to the moonlight, as some of his detractors would say.
  • He would have very few people to recollect with, even with his sanity in check, outside of the Hunter, who he knows from his last battle. Although the Hunter he saw has none of the Church Attire, until he came back with white garments, of which he actively knew for asking him the fate of his noble warriors. The answers vary but the Hunter is given the Holy Moonlight Sword after the last meeting. Even with such answer, one cannot help but see the irony of his fate, as he continued to fight off the hunt and yet for all his courageous attitude, his transformation is mockery in its purest form.
    • At one point, Ludwig came with another response, this time thanking the Hunter for able to give him peace. What some may guess from this is that the Hunter killing him gave him clarity before he died and that without his intervention, his beasthood would remain and would have made him suffer as he lived. He refused to divulge more into the response, prompting other knowledge seekers to ask the Hunter more information on what he saw on his encounter.
  • Outside of his beasthood, various deities have wondered what to do with him :specifically on trying to revive his inner sanity. No other methods have worked outside of him tapping into the mysterious force of moonlight. Of which emanates from his Holy Moonlight Sword, a sword of unknowable origin that possibly only he knows. Even the most staunch and valorous deities have some sort of clinging interest with the sword, while also creating a sense of caution due to some of the warnings made from a certain hunter named Simon, who might have hints that the same Holy Moonlight Sword that helped regain the sanity of Ludwig during battle, may have also been the root of his demise. It seems that for all of Ludwig's trappings, that secret has become both his greatest weapon and his biggest crux.
    • However, due to some misaligned issue during ascension or perhaps some manifestation of manipulation from the Court of the Gods, Ludwig's sanity has been restored. Albeit in the same scenario as Artorias, though he is much easier to control as the Holy Moonlight Sword was able to restore his mind. With that out of the way, Ludwig may have the capacity to interact with deities, expect the reactions of horror to be present whenever someone tries to converse with him. Just try to ignore his looks though.
  • As mentioned above, very few try to interact with Ludwig despite some of the newer conditions present. Most are warriors of some kind as his visions of what the Church hunters he taught drew inspiration from them. His restoration is what brought Leonidas' some form of interest, seeing that the spartan himself has read the tales of the Healing Church and how Ludwig treated his compatriots similarly like how spartans treat each other, as some sort of battle-brother if you will. And while he praises Ludwig's efforts, one thing has to be said about him and that to tell Ludwig the actual truth of his warriors will cause him to snap and lash out in pure beastial rage. This makes him rather cautious when speaking to him as he may inadvertently cause him to do such.
    • Meanwhile, Guts has begrudgingly accepted Ludwig into his ranks seeing that the Black Swordsman has seen similar beings like him, though lucky for him Ludwig has been restored to a certain degree. The tale of a Church Hunter able to go up against the Scourge of the Beasts, only to see him become a beast has earned him some sympathy. The Skull Knight has also accepted him into their ranks, especially seeing that he is still worthy of combat, though he has reminded Guts to watch him as his looks does remind him about a certain rape horse, something that Farnese has warned Guts about on first meetings. Still, as long as he remains sane, he can keep a good eye on him and trusts him.
    • Outside of the same, if not too similar, fates, Ludwig finds great kinship in Artorias. The similarities are due to both being once-beloved heroes and those who were simply doing the right thing, yet they fell and became corrupted, becoming the very thing they swore to fight against. Then there is that whole manipulation from the Court of the Gods who did a few minor changes to their psyche. They have both agreed to help the other fight the source of their respective corruptions and went as far as to make a vow that they both be ready to strike the other one down should they completely lose themselves once more. Another warrior of similar fate appeared but this time from the perspective of a long Slave Knight. Gael, as he called himself, sees equal similarity between the two as they are dedicated to their goals and are not as bad when it comes to alignment although it goes without saying that Gael was more of the opposite as he was sane but chose to go insane to accomplish his goal, by eating the Dark Soul to give it some form of pigment for the Painter.
  • Other Hunters have seen his form and whether or not they would be disgusted at first appearance, the challenge fighting him exists, a challenge that the Monster Hunters have taken to heart as they have taken challenges before with gigantic beasts, although Ludwig is still a warrior so he can take and handle such fights compared to the animalistic behaviour for some of their prey. Some also have taken pity in Ludwig's fate so much that fighting him is not considered part of their resume. Hoss Delgado was among the first to deny hunting him down as deep down all that ugly looks is a man who simply wanted the best for his people. The latter also gave Darius Crowley some form of pity since he does sympathize with his actions and regardless of his fate, him regaining his sanity and wanting confirmation on the hopes of his Healing Church Hunters. He has halted attacks on him and can hope that he can find peace.
    • A certain House that contained many heroes of ages have mixed feelings about Ludwig, mainly because of his looks. The possibility of Ludwig going back to his beastly form is shaky but for the most part, his history may be optimistic, a bit too optimistic for the world he was living in. While good in intention, the same can be said about some of Ludwig's decisions that caused a ton of backlash on some of his compatriots. Hence, some detractors would be noted in regards to the Holy Moonlight Sword and even a rune he personally owned, Guidance. His response also had doubts on the House since said opinions on him reminds him of his past life and some of the heroes there, much like the other hunter organizations in Yharnam are not as noble as he could have hoped to be.
    • The Hunt has become a synonymous event regading many things, but it always has the hunters and the prey. Some hunts do escalate things, with some even having a phenomena called a Bloodmoon, something Yharnam themselves are not exempt from. The Daedric Prince of the Hunt, Hircine has done this numerous times, with werebeasts of various kinds would hunt their prey the moment of the moon's notice. Ludwig and the Hunter are aware of this, something the two share since Yharnam was already devastated by the Scourge of the Beasts, becoming one of the very first barriers the werewolves will face whenever Hircine commences the Bloodmoon Prophecy. His unexpected ally would even extend towards the Kraeken and its eldritch forms, as both hunters would join together and defend various incursions of Kraeken though while able to handle their many forms, number would become a problem later on, forcing many to join them, even if they have to side with a beast that has the potential to snap at any point.
    • And if that was not enough, the Abyss Watchers, Artorias' heralds have also been in touch, with their swords drawn the moment the beast-transformed hunter came to their temple. While history of the Healing Church Hunters and the origins of the Abyss Watchers bears some similarities including their fates, they are not buying his entrance. This has resulted in a shaky alliance but should he go berserk, the Abyss Watchers will gladly wipe him out as per Legion tradition.
    • Thankfully, not all was with a negative reception as the Royal Knights have seen Ludwig's actions and that even with his current form, his attempts were deeply heroic at best and misguided at their worst. It was all fine and dandy until he would soon learn the history of some of these knights, or in particular their genocidal attempts all in the name of Digimon kind. This has understandably made some distance between the two as he was dedicated to saving his people. Nonetheless, their sympathies are still heard.
  • Fates regarding their transformations are not new as many deities have experienced such horrors occur on them, and while few have survived their ordeal, many can agree that such ending to their lives are painful both in a physical and mental sense. What is rare is maintaining their sanity and their memories, if not for a few moments before death. Of which Ludwig is not alone in this matter as some have luckily gone through the latter, case in point: Samurai Jack. The wandering samurai sought Ludwig seeing that his transformation reminded him very much of the truth that he has a fragment of Aku within him and at one point attempted to convert him had it not for him remembering his deeds to the people. Even in his beastly form, Jack cannot help but think that Ludwig was merely helping with good intentions and that the beastly incarnation of him is the opposite of what he is. He believes he may have a chance at redemption, although a limited chance at that.
    • Then came the Puella Magi, magical girls of which are binded by a contract that if signed, gives them their powers at the eventual cost of their lives into witches. Ludwig has seen comparisons between the hunt he was placed into and the magical girl contract Kyubey has given to most of the Magi. Those who have ascended have seen the comparisons as well, even so much as to avoid his sight for such horrid reminders. The one who avoids him the most is Sayaka Miki as she is the only one among the Magi to have fully transformed into a witch overtime, giving her the worst flashbacks upon seeing the Healing Church Hunter's fate. For him, it is an unfortunate cost that he has to bear.
    • The Darkest Estate has experience with various people of beastly nature, though for the Ancestor, Ludwig is perfect for his hopes of exterminating the evil forces looming within it, such as the beastmen in the Warrens or even those who reside within the Weald. His form reminds him very deeply of a certain Abomination the Heir hires within the Stage Coach while his past rings similarity to the Crusader. As for the other inhabitants of the Estate, both the Flagellant and Highwayman do believe him to be similar to their Abomination counterpart and for the Flagellant, of which he had issues working with. Back when the Abomination and Flagellant could not work together due to certain problems, they can but with far more tension that can break the team overtime. The Flagellant's reaction to working with Ludwig is similar but with eldritch forces getting increasingly stronger, he will have to do.
  • A group of equine creatures soon swarmed Ludwig's temple, circling it for days on end and other deities noticing the increasing activity on the outside premises. When Ludwig came under warnings from surrounding neighbors, the creatures, identified as the sentient horse being Houyhnhnms, bespoke in the doorstep of his disgusting looks, seeing him as the worst creature they have witnessed, an unholy mesh between a Yahoo, their language of a disgusting human and their own physical forms, complete with disgusting lamprey-like eyes and misplaced hooves. Their disgust did not fade away despite the Healing Church Hunter's attempts at explaining his uncertain conditions, as they are convinced that Ludwig deliberately made himself similar to their biology in an attempt to mock their form. Angry at their entrance, Ludwig went into a mad trance and chased them off while also creating chaos within the vicinity. A few days later and Ludwig's sanity was regained but the chaos that ensued proved to the Houyhnhnms that Ludwig is a disgusting mockery of their kind.
  • In his desire to help his fellow Yharnamites through rallying to their cause, he arguably was the progenitor for most hunters to the rally mechanic, a function that allowed hunters to gather health once they are damaged for a few seconds, allowing many hunters to continuously fight in a faster pace. This may have done some goodwill to many hunters but some deities, in the form of the Radiance, can use said mechanic to allow Ludwig's rallying potential as a medium for her corruption. The Knight has taken wind to this and while seeing Ludwig's honest soul, cannot allow such mechanic to be taken advantanged of, especially towards the one god willing to infect Hallownest in any way possible.
  • Attempting to fix his soul may be a lost cause, as due to the unfortunate circumstances regarding the Hunter's Nightmare and anyone cursed in that realm may no longer have connections to the real world, let alone revive back in their former conditions due to what is perhaps an undisclosed time since that one certain incident. Even with advanced time travel or even the strongest of soul power, the chances of putting Ludwig back at his human shape is impossible. Such task was relegated to the Maiden in Black, who was requested under personal guidance by an unnamed samaritan to heal his soul in the hopes of gaining the original Ludwig back in action. When she took notice of his soul and history, his human remains no longer can be found, meaning all that is left is the beastly form. What does interest her is the fact that the Holy Moonlight Sword has a connection to Ludwig's mental state, suggesting that the sword may have been responsible for his sanity and by extension, his beasthood. Even his beast form, when nearly downed, saw the moonlight in his eyes, and soon his sanity was regained. The Maiden cannot articulate what type of connection it is but one thing is for certain, it is very close.
    • Said attempt of healing also came with the interest to some of the more evil-aligned deities to do the opposite, as he and a few more people are prone to corruption, also to oppose the status the Court of the Gods have placed on him. His sanity may be on the verge due to a few complicated changes, but the Witch-King of Angmar, one of the most horrific lieutenants of Sauron and most infamous of many generations of corrupters has set his sights on him and a few others including Artorias and Talion, all in the attempt to twist the image of his sanity once more and mock the Court of the Gods of their changes. Not content with giving up, Ludwig's sanity has resisted the Nazgûl's attempts for his sanity has deeper connections, a sense that even he was surprised upon discovering it. Seeing the conditions, he may be also planning to find the source of his connection to the moonlight.
  • Speaking about moonlight, it is the one element that has guided him for a long time, one that may think it may have been too much for his own good. Said moonlight is a mystery and perhaps, more cosmic than the Great Ones, in theory. His name in particular also bears the same similar theme, hence his adoration towards another Ludwig who is the musician who popularized the same theme: the Moonlight Sonata. Beethoven's thoughts on the Holy Moonlight Sword are reserved however so no one has an idea as to what he may have thought the moment his eyes were set in front of it.
    • Said theme also put interest to Kubo who much like him has intrinsic connections to the moon, not just in a weapon construct, but in a family bloodline connection. While he did eventually decline the kingdom within said theme, he has his sympathy for the Healing Church Hunter, seeing that his obsession with it may have some connections to the Moon Kingdom and their obsession of godhood. His permanent transformation also bears similar faith to his companions since his allies were humans too, much like him. What is not known is that Ludwig has so much interest in the child, believing that his connection to the moon may potentially save him from his form, a thought that should be taken with a grain of salt should the other detractor's words be true, as spoken by one Simon the Harrowed.
  • Ludwig's position was also expanded in the House of Otherness, inside Monster Behavior.
  • You were at my side, all along. My true mentor, my guiding moonlight.

    Ryu (Breath of Fire
Ryu, Good God(s) of Draconic Transformations
The 3rd, the 2nd, the 1st, the 4th and the 5th

    The Wasp King 
Hoaxe, God of Turning into Flora (the Wasp King, The Everlasting King, the Usurper)
Click here to see The Everlasting King 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as The Everlasting King)
  • Symbol: His crown.
  • Theme Songs: The Usurper; The Usurper, Grasping For Power; Transcending, Overpowering, Everlasting (specific to his Everlasting King form)
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Wicked Wasps (even though he's not a real wasp, but a wasp-mimic fly), Crown of Power, All-Encompassing Mantle, Evil Overlord, Demented Ruler, Used to be a friendless trash collector, Brainwashed the entirety of the Wasp Kingdom and usurped their queen, Playing with Fire, Evil Is Burning Hot, Violent and foul-tempered, Wants to conquer Bugaria just for the sake of being in power, Immortality Seeker, Determinator, Extremely and outstandingly vile in a relatively tame setting
  • Domains: Wasps, Royalty, Tyranny, Flies, Crowns, Fire, Brainwashment, Search for Immortality, Plants, Transformations
  • "Allies": Melkor, Hopper, Turbo/King Candy, Zant
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Flowey, Ragnaros the Firelord
  • Rivals: Queen Sectonia, King Sombra
  • Enemies: Team Snakemouth, The House of Plants, Vanellope Von Schweetz, Nightmare Moon, Midna, Shokichi Komachi, Queen Vanessa, Beelzebub (one-sided friendly on Beelzebub's part)
  • Frequent underling/brainwashment target: Waspinator
  • Interested in: Shadow Queen, The Radiance, Volcarona
  • A son of the wasp-mimic fly family, Hoaxe was abandoned by his parents before he said his first words as a desperate measure to keep him alive. Spending the rest of his life fighting the Dead Landers, he eventually reached Bugaria and blended in with the Wasp Kingdom's populace. However, he was shunned by his peers and had to become a trash collector to make a living. Eventually, he left the Kingdom, with nobody noticing, and spent all of his savings to buy a crown from a hapless trinket seller. Said crown turned out to be the ancient Roach relic that gave him immense flame magic and power to brainwash wasps. With his newfound powers, he returned to the Wasp Kingdom and brainwashed its entire populace and usurped their queen, Vanessa, turning the kingdom into his personal army, and set his eyes on the Everlasting Sapling, a plant said to grant immortality, and spreading his rule across entire Bugaria. Leading two assaults on the Ant Kingdom, he successfully retrieved the artifacts and went straight into the Giants' Lair, chased by the Ant Kingdom's forces. Eventually, he reached the Sapling...only to learn that it had wilted from the lack of sunlight. Refusing to accept this fate, he greedily devoured its sole remaining leaf and turned into The Everlasting King, a Planimal demigod who possessed near-limitless power. Even then, he was still defeated by Team Snakemouth, and when he lost his power, he involuntarily turned into an inanimate tree, left to serve as a grim warning to no longer seek the Sapling's power.
  • Ever since he met his end in the mortal realm, his soul was retrieved by Melkor, who told him of the Pantheon and offered him a choice — the Wasp King would assist him and GUAE in his plans of conquest, in exchange of gaining a physical body and the godhood, and getting a chance to get back at those who had wronged him, or to permanently remain an inanimate tree back in his own world. Initially, he wasn't too keen on accepting his offer...until he learned that Team Snakemouth, the ones responsible for his downfall, were in the Pantheon, after which he immediately agreed on terms presented by Melkor.
    • With his new physical body and the ability to turn into The Everlasting King form at will, the first thing Wasp King did was to use his flame magic to start the uncontrollable fire in the House of Plants, where he received his first temple, in hopes of bringing Team Snakemouth's attention. The fire rampaged across the entire Hall of Miscellaneous Flora until the group of deities from the Hall of Water and Moisture extinguished the flame. Thanks to his insect size, he was not found until Team Snakemouth decided to investigate this occurance, leading to them clashing with their nemesis once more. Though they were shocked to see him alive, they still managed to defeat him, resulting in him wasting all of his powers and turning into an inanimate tree once more. Unfortunately, thanks to the Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, he had returned once more, his eyes set on conquering the Pantheon and forcing everyone to submit under his tyrannical rule.
  • Because of the aforementioned destructive introduction, his fire powers and his general heinousness, he is considered one of the most hated gods of the entire House of Plants, and not even the evil gods in the House are willing to tolerate him. The Wasp King simply scoffs at his neighbors, seeing them as nothing more but irritation. That being said, he's still wary of the stronger gods such as Biollante, Cyth V'sug, and Mordremoth, understanding that they are not easy for him to kill, especially given his insect size. Even then, given that his tiny size would make him unnoticed, he would pull attempts on their lives on occasion by starting the fire on them and then waiting until it does the rest of the job.
    • The only deity from the House of Plants Wasp King is willing to tolerate is Flowey, a vile flower that revels in spreading misery and suffering, which he finds to be decent qualities for the one he may consider an ally, plus he heard the rumors that Flowey had also underwent Transflormation that gave him unimaginable power (and he's not far from truth). Even then, though he accepted him, he still can't stand the flower given the fact that Flowey is intolerant to orders and tends to act very independently, attacking his other allies For the Evulz, and the Wasp King had noticed that his losing streak grew slightly ever since they formed an alliance, with the heroes always being one step ahead from his plans. Flowey denied his involvement and simply accused the King of poorly thinking out his plans, which only angered him further. However, as rocky as their relationship is, they somehow are still able to keep their alliance going. As it turns out, Wasp King was actually right in suspecting Flowey, as the flower was secretly deliberately undermining his plans and passing information to his enemies, as he's secretly an ally to the heroes.
  • Due to the fact it his Everlasting King form is a part-plant, and it was theorized that he would become unbeatable should he end up taking this form at daylight, he would become unstoppable, many good-aligned mages of the Pantheon tried to take away his power to take this form at will. Bad news? They failed. Good news? At the very least, they were successful in preventing him from taking this form during the daytime, restricting it only to nighttime. Wasp King is very displeased by these turns of events. However, deities are warned that, in this case, they must defeat the Everlasting King before the sun rises, or else their fears would be proven correct, and he'd become unstoppable.
  • Since he had ascended with no troops at his disposal, he expressed interest in finding some wasps to turn into his brainwashed underlings. His choice number one was the one who bore the title of the God of WaspsWaspinator. Of course, given that he's actually a Cybertronian with a wasp alt-mode, that meant the Wasp King would be unable to brainwash him...or so everyone thought. And boy, they were wrong. Waspinator's technorganic structure (meaning that his body was part-organic and fused with an actual wasp's DNA) meant that he may or may not be suspectible to brainwashment. Alas, luck is never on Waspinator's side, and the wasp DNA in his technorganic structure was all it took for him to become suspectible, leaving the poor Predacon constantly ending up under the Wasp King's thrall. The King frequently uses him as his personal "attack dog", and has most preference to his Animated incarnation, given its powers and ruthlessness in combat. Be very afraid.
    • Unfortunately, the other wasp in the Hall of Insects, Queen Sectonia, was not as suspectible to his mind control, her magic powers rendering his crown's brainwashing abilities null. Hoaxe was infuriated by such turn of events and sees her as a contender to a position of leadership over the House of Insects. Sectonia, on her part, decries him as nothing more but an ugly vermin unworthy of the rule, but is aware of the threat he poses, thanks to his constantly brainwashed pawn, Waspinator. The two can often be seen fighting over the control of the House of Insects.
    • Outside of the Hall of Insects, he expressed interest in brainwashing Shokichi Komachi, a man who got himself infused with DNA of asian giant hornet, having heard of his fighting prowess and brutality in combat, and believing he would make a powerful minion. Having Waspinator provoke him into taking his insect form, Wasp King tried to make him a minion, but unfortunately, his part-human nature made him not so suspectible to brainwashment (leaving many puzzled as to why Waspinator didn't try to resist; the most commonly accepted theory is that Waspinator is just too weak-willed for that), and during the battle, Waspinator accidentally mangled his antenna, completely severing him from the King's brainwashment. Shokichi then proceeded to turn the tables against the mad king and his underling. After that, he always tries to make sure to prevent the Wasp King's attempts to brainwash him and tries to make sure to end his goals of world-domination, much to the King's chagrin.
  • Hearing of the powers and feats Shadow Queen is capable of, Wasp King had expressed interest in trying to use her powers for his own benefit, either by making her his servant, or by allowing her to use him as a vessel to become the potential "Shadow King", with him eventually taking the control over their consciousness. However, he's more than aware of what she did to Grodus when he tried to command her, and decided to avoid making interactions with her until he figures out how to control her. Another deity that he's interested in is the Radiance. Due to the aforementioned restriction to his Everlasting King form, he hopes to exploit the Radiance's light to constantly power his Everlasting King form. But of course, before meeting her, he tries to ensure that she won't infect him with his Mystical Plague, and as such, he tries to find a convincing argument that would make her acknowledge him as more useful when uninfected. For the same reasons as the Radiance, he expressed interest in Volcarona, but the Sun Pokemon is disgusted by the mad king and refuses to interact with him.
    • The one deity he was really interested in for their power was none other than Ragnaros, and he personally approached the Firelord to receive his blessing and vastly increase the power of his flame magic. Ragnaros' initial response to him was the same as to every other INSECT! — trying to PURGE HIM WITH FIRE! However, Wasp King immediately explained that he doesn't seek conflict, and instead wants to propose an alliance; Ragnaros would increase the power of his flame magic, and in turn, Wasp King would help him spread his fire across the entire Pantheon (of course, Hoaxe is simply manipulating him, as he only wants to use his new powers for his personal ambitions). Though Ragnaros was suspicious and reluctant to allow an INSECT! to wield his power, but he eventually relented and gave him a portion of his power, much to everyone's horror. Even then, in the end, Ragnaros still remains distrustful of the Wasp King, and will be more than eager to remind him to uphold his end of the deal, much to the latter's annoyance.
  • Given that the Ant Kingdom and its knights were his primary enemies, he hoped to find an ally who would've shared his sentiment regarding the ants. He found said ally in form of Hopper, who was also busy terrorizing and oppressing ants back in his home realm, approaching him with an offer of alliance against those who have wronged them. Seeing how the Wasp King managed to vastly outpower and outwit his enemies, and how fiercely determined he was in achieving his goals, with nothing, not even the Dead Landers, deterring him from his end goal, the grasshopper leader accepted his alliance, hoping to learn a thing from him or two in how to instill fear into his enemies. While Hopper can't do match against the larger enemies, but as long as he can fight against Team Snakemouth, that would be enough to leave the Wasp King satisfied.
  • As an usurper himself, Wasp King managed to form an alliance with another fellow usurper Turbo, a.k.a. King Candy. He generally doesn't care for the racer's personal ambitions, but as long as he gets the job done, Hoaxe is willing to tolerate him. Their alliance didn't bode well with Vanellope Von Schweetz, the one who was usurped by Turbo in the first place. The fact that Wasp King had a gall to mock her for allowing Turbo to usurp her didn't do their hostile relationship any favors.
    • He also found strong commonality with Zant, another fellow usurper king. Both of them are very unhinged, but good at hiding it with a facade of sanity. Both were initially just ordinary people until they stumbled across the source of unimaginable power that allowed them to turn the tables against those who had wronged them. Both usurped the benevolent rulers of their lands and turned their populations into their personal armies. Both are power-hungry and will stop at nothing until the whole world would be under their control. Seeing him as a useful asset in conquering the Pantheon, he struck up the alliance with the Twili, hoping to use his insanity to his own advantage. Midna is not too fond of their alliance, and hearing of his atrocities, made it her goal to put an end to his campaign of conquest and destruction.
  • Beelzebub was quite pleased to hear of an ascension of another fly deity (even though the fly in question was not a housefly, but a wasp-mimic fly), and initially tried to form an alliance with Hoaxe. However, he ended up changing his mind, as several of the Wasp King's actions (namely, brainwashment of the Wasp Kingdom's forces) serve as an anathema to the ways of Chaos that Lord of the Flies follows, where no one would have to be under complete control of other being. Wasp King dismissed the demon prince as a filthy vermin that follows a child's dream, claiming that their war against the concept of the Law itself would never meet a success, and he himself doesn't really care about the ways of Chaos as long as it doesn't benefit him. Though they became enemies, Beelzebub still tries to convice the King to accept ways of Chaos, though Hoaxe always puts down his offers.
  • Having heard of how King Sombra brainwashed the Crystal Empire and turned its populace into his personal army, similarly to what he did to the Wasp Kingdom, Hoaxe attempted to form an alliance with a dark unicorn king. However, Sombra declined, refusing to share the position of power with anyone other than himself, and also because he doesn't have a good opinion on the Wasp King, seeing him as lowly bug undeserving of his power, leaving him furious at having yet another Evil Overlord to compete with. While on the subject of ponies, Wasp King is also not too fond of Nightmare Moon, given that her plan to bring The Night That Never Ends ends up clashing with his desire to grow endless power for his Everlasting King form from the sunlight. He seeks to eliminate her at the first given opportunity.
  • Having heard of the name of Queen Vanessa, he made the same mistake Team Snakemouth did, believing her to be Queen Vanessa of his home universe, and started the Roaring Rampage of Revenge, trying to kill her for daring to give his enemies the Flame Brooch. However, by the moment he crashed into her manor and realized it wasn't Vanessa he knew, it was too late, as she swiftly encased Waspinator in ice. Wasp King in response retaliated with his Ragnaros-empowered flame magic attacks. A fierce battle erupted, with both opponents being on equal standing in spite of the King's insect size, until the Wasp King decided to turn into the Everlasting King. This ended up becoming his undoing, as his part-plant nature resulted in him being vulnerable to ice, which resulted in him becoming an ice tree. Once he resurfaced thanks to Death Is Cheap nature of the Pantheon, he swore to take revenge on this 'new' Vanessa for his humiliating defeat.
  • "Hmph. You're all so pathetic. Pitiable. A King holds absolute power over his people. He is not meant to serve... He is to be served! To command! To possess! To enjoy! That is the privilege of royalty! And it shall all be mine!"
  • Also has a temple in the House of Plants.

Lesser Gods

    Alexei Stukov 
Alexei Stukov, God of Viral Transformation (Vice-Admiral, Infested Admiral)
Stukov before his infestation 
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His hat and a remnant of the United Earth Directorate insignia
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (formerly Lawful Evil)
  • Portfolio: Vice-Admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet and Competent Officer, Once pure Human, Coffin Shot into Space, Russian Taking Many Pain like Betrayal, Vodka Drinker, Cannot Return Back to Earth And Anticipates the UED's return
  • Domains: Virus, Transformation
  • Allies: Kerrigan, Zagara, Abathur, Raynor, Artanis
  • Enemies: Samir Duran, Arcturus Mengsk, Albert Wesker, The Borg Queen, Nurgle, Typhus
  • Odd Friendship: Heavy, Aya Brea, Zarya
  • The Zerg has developed an incurable (only because it develops too quickly) disease known as the Hyper-evolutionary virus that can transform any humans into infest terrans. For example, this man was the Vice-Admiral of the UED Expeditionary Fleet who died during the conflict called the Brood War. His corpse was shot off into space and was apparently founded by a renegade cerebrate named Kaloth who revived and infested him. He was saved by Raynor and several Protoss with an experimental cure, in which it failed much later when he was experimented by Moebius Foundation. He eventually escaped the Foundation and contacted Kerrigan with the Skygeirr Station destroyed and the leader Emil Narud dead, he has joined the Swarm with nowhere else to go.
    • Long story short, everything sucks for him and is now a zombie man.
    Stukov: Let's recap. I was betrayed and killed, shot into space, captured by the zerg, resurrected and infested, cured, given to Moebius to research the protoss cure, and was instead experimented on as the cure slowly failed. Everyone up to speed? Good.
  • He is allied with Raynor and Artanis, despite being antagonistic toward each other during the Brood War. Though they were responsible for freeing him from Kaloth's control and giving him an experimental cure. Even if it didn't work, he commends them for trying.
  • Since he was infected and transformed by a virus, he admits to not liking the Borg Queen despite some similarity to Kerrigan. Perhaps unlike Kerrigan, she wasn't fully involved with his transformation and she is also transformed like him, unlike that of the Queen.
    • He is disgusted with Nurgle who makes viruses for the sake of creating plagues and death, unlike his virus which transformed him and becoming an agent of the Zerg. The same goes for his follower, Typhus. When he said he likes to face a god since his alliance with Kerrigan, he certainly wants to do that now.
  • He often miss the day of drinking vodka because of his new biology as an infested terrans, which prevents him from having the same enjoyment from it (plus, everyone ran away from him before he could even be served in the House of Foods).
  • What he miss all is Earth, as he knew that he could no longer return to his home as an infested Terran and the fact that the United Earth Directorate hasn't given up on the Koprulu Sector yet. He wants to lie low in the Pantheon as his presence might frighten many humans because of his infestation and it might alert the UED into the Pantheon.
  • When there are other Russian men who have suffered so much, he thought he had it worse. Thus, a strange friendship occurred as a result.
  • Obviously, he doesn't get along with Arcturus Mengsk due to past histories. Back when he was human, he was the second-in-command of the UED Fleet sent to overthrow him in the Brood War, and years later after becoming an infested terran, he aided Kerrigan in her quest for vengeance against him.
  • Wesker had shown interest in him as he injected himself a virus which made him much stronger, even after death. He has considered making an alliance with the infested terran with such similar background, only to be disappointed that Stukov considered him a madman and predicted that he was going to be a test subject for his quest for perfection, something he'll not take.
    • His accomplice, William Birkins, doesn't get the reception much better with Stukov either as he injected himself with his own virus to become a monster. Stukov is even more disgusted as his virus-transformed into something much worse.
  • Stukov has used infest terrans as his primary force and as a former Vice-Admiral, he is still a military tactician. His forces are almost like that of a Terran army but infested by Zerg biology and tactics, making him one of the most unorthodox fighting force.
    Stukov: "My forces are unorthodox... but effective."
  • Aya Brea nearly aimed at him when she thought he was a mutated man, in which he ensures her that he meant no harm.
  • Stukov overheard from his fellow Zerg allies about the so-called Nexus and so decided to find out what was it all about. He properly joined shortly after, apparently his time in the House of Health and Diseases has made him develop viruses that are able to heal his allies and infect his enemies and now his arm is much bigger after the Zerg infestation grew stronger in him.
  • He is also seen in the House of Health and Diseases.

    James' Bug Friends 
Centipede, Old Green Grasshopper, Earthworm, Ladybug, Miss Spider, and Glow-worm, Divine Group of Transforming Into Something More Human
From left to right:Grasshopper, James, Centipede, Ladybug, Earthworm, and Miss Spider
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: The Giant Peach as their house.
  • Theme Song: That's the Life for Me
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Originally a bunch of arthropods, and a worm transformed into something more human-like, Becomes James' Family of Choice in the end, Only referred to by the name of their species
  • Domains: Arthropods, Anthropomorphism, Family, Dreams
  • Allies: James Henry Trotter, Flik and Z, All good deities in the House of Insects, Sig, Agitha, and Shino Aburame, Jiminy Cricket, Jack Skellington, Madeline, Cinderella, Satoko Houjou, Carrie White, N, Aqua, Gardevoir (Friendship) and Gallade, Candy White, Cherna Mouse and Tepsekemi, Steven Universe, Pearl, Amethyst, Garnet
  • Enemies: All evil deities in the House of Insects and Arthropods, Oogie Boogie, Lady Tremaine, Ozai, Scar, Ghetsis, The Sorceress
  • Complicated Relationships: Rhydon, Anyone who is afraid of bugs
  • Back when James was living under his abusive aunts, he was given a bag of magical "crocodile tounges" that he accidently dropped near a peach tree, causing a giant peach to grow on the tree. When James enters the peach, he discovers a group of bugs, arthropods, and a worm inside, who were all transformed by the peach into a more human-like state. James would befriend the bugs, and together they journeyed all the way to New York City, surving many obstacles and even facing the rhino that killed James' parents. As soon as they arrived, they were there to witness James stand up to his aunts and they come to his rescue. With that, they adopt James and become his new family.
  • One day in the Pantheon, a Giant Peach made an unexpected appearance. Upon hearing this, James Trotter immediately went to check and see if his foster family are there. Sure enough, the bugs he had befriended emerged from the Giant Peach and made their way to greet him. The family was back together again.
  • After the Bugs are given their own temple in the form of their house, these new deities would go around the Pantheon, meeting gods that were either unnerved or fascinated by them. Of the latter, Shino Aburame, Sig, and Agitha were the most interested in them, being Friend to Bugs.
    • Some of the deities that were unnerved by them include Misty (who is afraid of Bug-type Pokémon) and Billy (who is afraid of spiders, so Miss Spider is the one he hates the most). The Bugs, James, and their helpers have going around the Pantheon, reassuring everyone they mean no harm, to varying levels of success.
  • The bugs would befriend other insect deities within the Pantheon, such as Z and Flik, both of whom had worked to save their fellow insects. They're also fascinated by both the benevolent insect like monsters Mothra and Mothra Leo, as well as the Bug-Type Pokemon that are in the Pantheon. The latter actually makes them wonder if they were Bug-Type Pokemon, then James would likely be their trainer.
    • Of course, there are also some evil bugs within the Pantheon. Oogie Boogie is a sack of bugs that sadistically tortures people, something that outright disgusts them. Swarm is practically a swarm of bees in the shape of a human, and the way he became the supervillain he is outright horrifies them. Megagurius, The Terraformers, and the Radiance are probably the biggest enemies they have amongst insects. Queen Sectonia, on the other hand, they pity due to how she was once a benevolent ruler who fell to corruption out of a vain desire to be beautiful.
      • In the House of Arthopods, Miss Spider severely dislikes Black Arachnia and Shelob, because they give spiders a bad name. Arachne seems interested in her and wants her to join her cause, but Miss Spider wants nothing to do with her.
  • The Bugs have a complicated relationship with Rhydon, a rhinoceros-like Pokémon. A rhino had (allegedly) eaten James parents, and it served as their last obstacle on the trip to New York City, but Rhydon is nothing like the rhino in question, only counting as a villain because he's Giovanni's partner.
  • Just like with James, the Bugs didn't know what to think about Jack Skellington when they met in the pantheon, considering Jack (and several undead pirates) once tried to kill Mr. Centipede because he stole a compass. Turns out that Jack was only there to recruit the pirates for that year's Halloween festivities, and while he was napping, the compass was stolen. Jack thought that Mr. Centipede was hostile, explaining why they attacked the group, and if they had just asked, they would be glad to give it to them. Now that the misunderstanding is cleared up, the two are on good terms now.
  • The Bugs are interested with Cherna and Mei, who were also animals changed into a human-like form. However, whereas the Bugs befriended James because he treated them with kindness, Cherna only works for those stronger and taller than her. Other than that, the deities do have similarities in their loyalties to the people they care about.
  • James and his family immediately became good friends with Steven and the Crystal Gems, who are a surrogate family like they are. Both Steven and James enjoy hearing the other's tale (Steven's journey to both restore the corrupted gems and bring peace between Earth and the Gem Homeworld, James' journey to New York City in the peach) and how they grew as people (Steven becoming more understanding of the conflict, James' becoming more courageous).
  • The Bugs all heavily dislike the Sorceress, not just for having the rhino-like Rhynocs as minions, but for also targeting young children, even if they are baby dragons. The Bugs promised that as long as they live, she will never come near another child again.
    • The Bugs also severely dislike all evil deities in the House of Family, as well as any abusive relatives in general. They won't even hesitate to give Lady Tremaine, Ghetsis, or a powerless Ozai the same treatment they did to James' Aunts.

    Tohru Honda 
Tohru Honda, Goddess of Accidental Transformation (Maiden of the Sohma Clan)


    Cobra Commander 
Cobra Commander, God of Transformation Horror (Adam DeCobray, Rex Lewis)
Art by Scott Dalrymple
Alternate design 

    Prince Adam/He-Man 
Prince Adam, God of Voice-Activated Phlebotinum (He-Man, the Most Powerful Man in the Universe, Master of Power, Master of The Universe, The Most Powerful Chippendale in The Universe, Masters of the Multiverse [shared with Adora])
Click here for their 2002 appearances 
  • Demigod as Prince Adam, Greater God as He-Man
  • Symbol: Castle Grayskull, or the Sword of Power
  • Theme Song: He-Man and the Masters of the Universe
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Voice-Activated Phlebotinum, Deadpan Snarker, In-Universe Expy of King Greyskull, Half-Eternian, Half-Terran Human, Nice Guy, Technical Pacifist, Clark Kenting (in the 80's incarnation),
  • Domains: Transformation, Fabulous Secret Powers, Secrets, Princes
  • Heralds: Cringer/Battle Cat, Teela/The Sorceress/ Man-At-Arms, Orko
  • Followers: Many non-ascended Toku heroes
  • Allies: Adora and Catra, Hordak and Entrapta, Superman, Zero, Eren Yeager, Shazam, Alexander the Great, Braum, Alex Louis Armstrong, Optimus Prime, Many Ascended Toku Heroes, Papyrus, Sans, the GUAG Magical Girl Sisterhood
  • Enemies: Skeletor, Dr. Weil, Nagash the Undying, Barragan Luisenbarn, Spinal, Dormammu, Quan Chi, Zobek, Shinnok, Megatron, Regime Superman, Horde Prime
  • Odd Friendship: Solid Snake
  • Friendly Rivals: Son Goku
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Shadow Weaver, Double Trouble
  • He-Man was first spotted in the House of Combat, after many deities saw a lightning bolt, as well as the phrase "By the Power of Grayskull!". Understandably, many rushed to find the source of the lightning bolt, only for them to see He-Man in training. No one knows how he got here in the first place, but after his history is reviewed (and it was decided to ignore his 2002 incarnation), they decided to give him a spot in the Pantheon.
  • Cosmos is the only deity who knows Adam's secret. Everyone else is left scratching their heads.
    • At least that's how it used to be. Because the Pantheon's residents aren't all idiots (though there are certainly some, and even a few of those might be able to tell), they were eventually able to connect the dots (not just from Prince Adam's disappearing whenever He-Man shows up, but also from his sword and the lightning that transforms him, not to mention their only differences is outfits and a tan). Unfortunately, this also means that his identities are now known to Skeletor, whom he isn't surprised to see here. Thankfully, his friends in the Pantheon are more than capable of defending themselves or otherwise have such friends to protect them.
    • Despite being at odds with Skeletor, He-Man still hopes that one day he'll abandon his evil ways, like the times they had to work together, not to mention how he's certainly become a better combatant during the Christmas Special.
  • If he is on break, you will most likely see Prince Adam. If he's sparring, you will usually see He-Man, but there are rare occasions that you will see Prince Adam sparring.
  • Despite his strength, He-Man is largely non-violent and prefers to outsmart his opponents. As such, he tends to throw his opponents into mudholes or bodies of water whenever possible to get them out of the fight. Of course, he won't do this to those who can die from water contact (like the Wicked Witch of the West).
  • Being an 80's cartoon character, He-Man has performed several ridiculous feats such as:
    • Moving mountains.
    • Reversing a tornado by turning himself into a human one (sometimes with the aid of spinning his sword).
    • Running in circles fast enough to create a vacuum.
    • Digging to the center of the planet with nothing but a broken stalactite.
    • Being being able to blow, using the full capacity of his lungs, a gust of wind powerful enough to knock over most opponents (similar to Superman's "super-breath").
    • Flying short distances on rare occasions.
    • Rubbing his hands together fast enough to turn sand into glass.
    • The inexplicable ability to fix a broken chain by merely connecting both ends.
    • Pushing a moon (once or twice).
    • Shattering/deflecting a falling moon (on a collision course with Eternia) by throwing a rock from the ground at it. This has also earned him the ire of other moon-related deities, especially Nightmare Moon.
  • He-Man despises Dr. Weil, and the feeling is mutual due to their clashing alignments, but it's more of a deal for He-Man because Dr. Weil Weil sounds just like Skeletor. Dr. Weil has plans of kicking He-Man down a few pegs, but only time will tell if it will work.
  • He does not sing. Stop asking him to do that.
  • After dueling with Zero, he has gotten the reploid's approval and a valuable ally. This only further infuriated Dr. Weil.
  • Solid Snake gives him weird looks sometimes. It's either because he sounds similar to him, to Liquid Snake, or because of the ridiculousness of his outfit. Needless to say, they hang out on occasions.
  • Eren once mistook him as Armin due to his appearance, despite the fact that he's larger even as Prince Adam. Somehow, they managed to become friends.
  • Megatron once gave him a weird look due to sounding similar.
    • Despite that, he has managed to forge a friendship with Optimus Prime.
  • Wizard and Boomstick once pitted him in a fairly tough DEATH BATTLE! against Lion-O. The researchers found the results so lopsided that for once they didn't remove his pacifism as was the norm. That didn't stop him from taking the win by crushing the Eye of Thundera. After realizing he had basically comminted genocide by doing so, he was furious (given he was once tricked into thinking he accidentally murdered an innocent), went over to the researcher duo, and had some words to say to them as he lifted them by their collars and shook them like rattles. It was a cathartic day for those who hate their battles. And he certainly won't be revealing how to get a part-dragon like Cringer to Boomstick.
    • He has since felt bad for Lion-O though, and decided to become his mentor and try and find a way to ascend him.
  • He-Man can sometimes be spotted in the House of Beasts as a caretaker for the animals, and can be seen in the House of Combat dueling with other sword-wielding gods. Often than not, the duels are a spectacular sight.
  • He is one of the few gods to chase the Deviljho back into its temple. At least Skeletor isn't controlling it. No, he didn't kill it, he just used his bolas.
  • He is NOT in the closet, despite wearing pink and his double entendre-ridden dialogues and body actions.
  • Somehow, an arranged fight was held between He-Man and Ryuko Matoi. Doctors were on sight for anyone who fainted in the crowd. The result of the battle? A draw. The crowd? Many cases of bad nosebleeds.
  • Even with his powers, he has no contempt for technological tools, given he has a friend and confidant in the inventor/gadgeteer Man-At-Arms.
  • He once sounded similar to The Punisher and Ivan Drago. It was a weird experience for him.
  • Apparently, Lord Hater made a parody cartoon that includes aspects of his show to try and win Lord Dominator's affections.
  • Despite having quite a bit similarities with Skeletor, he sees Papyrus as a jovial fellow to be around as well as a reliable pacifist combatant. He can appreciate Sans' humor as well, not to mention his ability in combat should it come down to that. If only he weren't so lazy…
  • When Adora ascended, he was initially surprised to see his sister with Catra, who he remembered as a villain from the Evil Horde. Once Adora explained that this version was in love with her, he understood, even if her version of Catra, Hordak and Entrapta were not like the versions he was familiar with.
  • Adam has had to deal with other incarnations of Weaver and seeing one as abusive didn't leave any good or positive impressions, as such Adam has sworn to defeat her if she ever tries to act on her desires to conquer Etheria or become more powerful at everyone else's expense. They do occasionally team up, mainly because the threat of Horde Prime is at large greater than hers. That said, she is very interested in learning the secrets of Castle Grayskull, which she learnt from Skeletor could lead to a source of magic and power greater than even the Heart of Etheria, which she once sought out to strengthen herself. She plots to eventually find a way to access these secrets for herself.
"Let the power return!"

    Tiana and Naveen 
Tiana and Naveen, Divine Couple of Bewitched Amphibians (Tiana: Luminous Alchemist)
Left: Naveen; Right: Tiana
Click here to see them in their frog forms 
  • Demigods
  • Theme Song: Down In New Orleans
  • Symbol: Their frog forms
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bewitched Amphibians, Official Couple, Opposites Attract, Red Oni, Blue Oni, Earn Your Happy Ending
  • Domains: Frogs, Curses, Couples; Hard Work, Passion, Chefs (Tiana); Princes, Disownment, Arrogance (Naveen)
  • Heralds, Louise, Ray, Mama Odie
  • Allies: Charlotte LaBouff, Greninja, Kuzco, Ariel, Ralph, Vanellope von Schweetz, Thor, Suwako Moriya, Tsuyu Asui, Brightwing
  • Enemies: Dr. Facilier, Yzma, Ursula, Roodaka
  • Opposes: Cirno
  • Pities: Gregor Samsa
  • Tiana is a hardworking woman who dreams of getting her own restaurant, while Naveen is an arrogant prince who was disowned by his own family due to his lifestyle. The latter wants to marry a rich girl to get his riches, but a visit with Doctor Faciller prevents him to do so as he got turned into a frog. He then meets Tiana and asks her to kiss him after learning the story of The Frog Prince but it results her to turn into a frog like him. Throughtout their journey, Naveen started to value hardwork and self-sufficiency, while Tiana realizes that her dream wouldn’t be worth it without the man she loves. The two eventually become a couple and because Tiana becomes a true princess, they turn back to human and become owners of a successful restaurant.
  • After having ascended, they met up with Charlotte whom they are happy to see again. The trio decided to catch up on what's going on around their lives and the couple are quite amuse to see Charlotte's efforts to find the prince who is willing to marry her. Unfortunately, Doctor Faciller has ascended and are quite baffled that the Pantheon allow someone like him to ascend. They try to keep an eye on him so that his efforts wouldn't succeed
  • While having a date in the House of Aquatic Life, they met up with a frog named Greninja. Hearing about their former situation, he feels bad for them and told them if they ever need help if facing against someone like Doctor Faciller, they could ask him. The couple are grateful for his request and make sure to make good use on it if they ever need it.
  • During one of the couples' travels in the Pantheon, they met up with Kuzco. The trio have some kinship with Kuzco, much more so with Naveen, as they are arrogant royal people who are both cursed to become animals by people who at first are helping them for their own agenda and learning to improve themselves throughtout their journey. They also get along with Ariel for the same reason except that she was given legs and forced to lose her voice. As a result, they have become enemies with Yzma and Ursula.
  • Ralph thanked her, Naveen and the other Disney Princesses for their efforts on saving him, thinking that they're the ones that he met in the Internet. The couple corrected that they're actually the real ones that he met and couldn't , which made him embarassed as they have to start from scratch to properly get along. Nontheless, he and Vanellope still thank them and the two princesses started to hang out with each other along with the other princesses.
  • Coincidentally, the couple met up with Thor. When they learned that Thor became a frog just like them because of Loki, they are baffled and amused to see that a an actual god turned into an animal. Nontheless, they remain on good terms and told each other countless stories including the fact that there's an actual frog that gained the powers of Thor.
  • When she hears there are an another set of frogs ascended in the Pantheon, Cirno is gleeful and is about to cause her mischief, until she is disappointed to hear that they’re actually humans who broke their curse. Nontheless, she still tries to cause mischief on them, but thankfully, Suwako Moriya interferes after hearing their story and gave them her blessing. The couple has since then oppose Cirno for her attitude and tries to stay away from her as soon as possible.
  • One of the people that they are interested in meeting is Tsuyu Asui, thanks to her frog-like face and having the abilities that of the amphibian and are impressed that she uses them to become a hero in her own right. Tsuyu sympathizes with them because of the curse and that they have suffer from it, even if there is something good that came out of it. They became good friends and Tsuyu promises that she will help them if they are in danger.
  • When they heard the story of Gregor Samsa, they are horrified to learn of how he is abused to work everyday because of his lazy parents, something that Tiana doesn't take for granted because she commits herself to labor to pursue her dreams, and being disowned by his family because his transformation will be a burden to them, a personal issue for Naveen as he too is disown. They wanted to show him that they don't deserve the kindness, love, and sacrifice that he gave them and his suicide just shows that they didn't really care. While Gregor continues to believes that he performs a Heroic Sacrifice for his family, he is happy that there are people that care for his well-being.
  • The couple quickly became enemies with Roodaka due to the fact that she depowers her enemies through transformations. But they befriended Brightwing because although she has the same abilities as Roodaka and they still somewhat fear her as a result, she only uses them on jerks and her extension of friendship is enough of them to be at ease with her.
  • Exclusive to Tiana:
    • The first thing Tiana did in the Pantheon is opening her restaurant in the House of Food. Because of her hard work with Naveen working alongside her, the restaurant became a success and is fillef with activity. Gordon Ramsay praises her endurance and is sastified with her cooking, wishing her good luck in the future. She also gets along with Flo and Chiyoko Shiraishi as the former is a hard-working chef like her and finds her efforts o help her friends heartwarming and the latter for her good cooking and for Charlotte visiting her cosplay cafe every now and then.
    • By Ariel's request, she met up with the other Disney Princesses (yes, that includes Anna, Elsa, and Moana) as she became an official Disney Princess herself. She hit it off with them because they share a lot of similarities that is somehow a requirement to become one. They get along so well that their Internet counterparts have their own room and website to work on and worked together to save Ralph from his falling.
  • Exclusive to Naveen:
    • One of Naveen's followers told hin to meet up with Tony Stark due to the fact they used to have a similar lifestyle before eventually maturing because of unfortunate circumstances. They hit it off instantly and the two wish each other good luck on their love life.
    • He pities Sarah Crewe due to the fact they both started off as rich people who eventually were disowned by their own families and suffer from financial situations. When he heard that Sarah gained back the fortune she deserves, he started cheering on her and is happy that she remains a humble girl who continues to help other people even after she restored her former status.


    Claudia Jerusalem 
Claudia Jerusalem, Goddess of Angelic Transformations (Metatron)
Click here  for her Briah

    David Kessler 
David Kessler, God of Painful Transformations
David as a Werewolf 
  • Quasideity (Lesser God as a werewolf)
  • Symbol: A full moon
  • Theme Song: Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Blue Moon by Bobby Vinton, Travelling to East Proctor/Werewolf Theme
  • Alignment: True Neutral (Chaotic Evil as a Werewolf)
  • Portfolio: Nice Jewish Boy, Transforms into a Werewolf in an Incredibly Creepy and Contortive Fashion, Tries to Resist his Transformation but is Unable To, Overtly Stocky and Quadrupedal Werewolf that has a Demonic Howl and is Vulnerable to Ordinary Gunfire, Is Told to Commit Suicide due to his Curse, Doesn't Remember any of his Moments as a Werewolf, Multiple Gunshot Death
  • Domains: Lycanthropy, Horror, Lunacy, Monsters, Curses
  • Heralds: Jack Goodman, Nurse Alex Price
  • Allies: Bigby Wolf, Robyn Goodfellowe, Mebh Óg MacTíre, Larry Talbot, Genn Greymane, Remus Lupin, Jon Talbain, Valkenhayn R. Hellsing, The Wolf, Bruce Banner/The Hulk
  • Odd Friendship: Belle and the Beast, Shrek, Fiona, Dora the Explorer, Kaban
  • Opposes: Fenrir Greyback, Archibald Snatcher
  • Pities: Ludwig the Accursed
  • David Kessler and Jack Goodman were two Americans who decide to backpack to the United Kingdom to trek across the North York Moors, stopping by a pub called the Slaughtered Lambs for a brief rest before heading out again, ignoring the pub-goers' advice of staying clear of the moors under full moonlight. Shortly after, a savage beast attacked, killing Jack and injuring David, who passed out and woke up in a London hospital whilst the beast was killed by the pub-goers, leaving behind a naked human corpse. Developing a relationship with his nurse, Alex Price, and moving to her residence after recovering, David struggles with horrid nightmares and sees hallucinations of Jack in a decayed state, who tells David that they were attacked by a werewolf and urges David to commit suicide as he was cursed and thus would transform into one by the next full moonlight. David dismisses Jack's warnings and continues on with his life... until he undergoes severe shock and pain, a symptom of his transformation into a werewolf when a full moonlight does occur. Losing any sense of his personality and moral agency, David becomes a raving, bloodthirsty monster, stalking the London streets and killing six people before waking up as a human in London Zoo in a wolf enclosure. After making his way back and realizing that he's a werewolf, David hallucinates Jack, now fully decayed, and the six people he killed who continue to tell him to kill himself to end his curse, but no matter how much he tries, David couldn't do it. He transforms into a werewolf again and attacks the streets, killing more people before the police corner him in an alleyway. Alex confronts David and professes her love for him, but David, being a feral beast at that point, doesn't reciprocate and lunges at his lover, prompting the police to open fire and kill David, who reverts back into a human in his final moments, finally free from the werewolf curse.
  • With David's death, came his eventual ascension into the Pantheon, where he was met by the Court of the Gods to talk about and explain his tale and the consequences that he's had to struggle with in regards to becoming a werewolf. He was saddened to learn of what had to happen and openly wept about the recklessness he and Jack made, which led to everything that happened. David did ask the Court whether his death freed the souls of those he killed, to which he was answered yes, something that he was content on hearing about as it meant that at least there was some peace to be given to the victims. Otherwise, he was devastated to learn that despite his death and his ascension into the Pantheon, his werewolf curse remains and he's scared about the fact that he could be a danger to society. Though to David's fortune, the Court offered to provide as much help as they could and told David to see if there are other werewolves who may be able to help him out, prompting David to use his time in the Pantheon in any way necessary to see if his curse can be lifted without dying.
  • David is, well, an ordinary Jewish man, albeit a pretty good-looking one. If his tale is not being accounted for, he stands as one of the more unassuming and ordinary deities in the Pantheon and thus, leads a rather normal life in a fantastical realm, something that David noticed with some snark. As a neat bonus, Jack was able to return fully alive as David's herald and even Nurse Alex was brought along, provided she entered a romantic relationship with David and confessed her love to him, even when he was a werewolf and had lost his personality and moral agency. Oftentimes, Jack would snicker around David about past incidents they shared together as well as the conversations they had when Jack was a hallucinating corpse, though David would much prefer not to be reminded of that time. Outside of necessity and in cases of emergency, David prefers not to be too involved with the Pantheon's larger events, feeling that he doesn't want to become a burden due to his curse and is more content in staying isolated for now, save for his close friends and anyone who could help him.
  • Due to him dying, the werewolf's curse was lifted, allowing those who were killed by David to be passed on peacefully. While this was relieving for David to hear, what wasn't was the fact that he still had his curse upon his ascension and, even more, he will have new ghosts and spirits to haunt him anytime he kills in the Pantheon, and they will almost always respond to David that he should commit suicide as unless he dies, they will continue to remain in the Earthly realms without a chance to move on to the afterlife. David really doesn't like the idea of taking his own life, but given his experience under his mortal coil, he can see why they're urgent about their pleas for David offing himself. This was something that happened in the first few weeks of David's time in the Pantheon where, after committing enough kills, he was pressured enough to put a gun in his mouth before discharging, killing him instantly. He resurfaced in the House of Death and Postmortem and discussed his circumstances for a few days before his soul was taken to the House of Life and Vitality to be resurrected. Since then, David's angst has persisted and has furthered his motivation in getting something to stave off his predatory and unrelenting nature upon becoming a werewolf.
  • David was surprised to learn that while there are a plentiful number of werewolves in the Pantheon, many of them were actually different from each other, be it mentally, physiologically, and by their own lore and myth. David was initially confused by what to think about this information but eventually decided not to press too much into that topic. He and Jack entertained the idea of establishing a "Pantheonic Werewolf Club" as a way to keep in contact with any werewolves that they could get along with as well as keep tabs with unascended werewolves in case they ascend to the Pantheon. Unfortunately, while a nice person who feels remorseful for what he had done, the fact that David becomes a bloodthirsty monster who doesn't discriminate what he hunts and kills upon turning into a werewolf, not to mention the sheer pain and agony he goes through made David rather nervous about starting a Werewolf Club, though Jack has affirmed that he'll try to help out as much as he can as a form of reassurance.
  • Thanks to some good words of advice from Jack and the Pantheon's open acceptance of fantastical beasts, David took this as a starting point to meet others like him, as well as, humorously as stated by the two before, make a Pantheonic Werewolf Club. Among the first that David met were Robyn Goodfellowe Mebh Óg MacTíre, a pair of girls from 17th Century Ireland who were part of a pack consisting of Wolfwalkers, humans whose souls depart and their bodies morphing into that of a wolf's upon falling asleep. David was caught by their kindness and got to spend some time with the pair, albeit with some urging courtesy of Mebh and her mother, Moll. While Robyn and Moll are open to hanging out and even messing around with David for the fun of it, they do express unease and fear at the prospect of having to witness or encounter him in his werewolf state given how vicious and unfettered he could get in his pursuit of prey. At worst, David could even see Robyn and Mebh as prey, something that David himself is afraid of.
  • His tale of werewolf curses was very similar to that of Larry Talbot's, though he was better associated as being a Wolf Man. The two held a decent conversation with each other and David and Jack even jokes about their predicament, though Larry was a bit more morose about it as his baggage of being cursed sometimes involved his father, who was not a positive influence in the slightest and found himself dying regardless. That said, Larry has better control over his manifestation as a wolf-man, which is more than what could be said about David losing any sense of himself anytime he transforms. The two are eager for the opportunity to see if they can find a way to control or at least mitigate their curse's influence in their everyday life. That, and David having nightmares about Nazi Werewolves killing him and his family, because that happens to be something that came with David being afflicted with the werewolf's curse.
  • A stroke of good luck occurred with David when he met Professor Remus Lupin, a wizard of Hogwarts and an experienced practitioner in magic who was unfortunately cursed after being bitten by a werewolf, causing him to transform anytime a full moon occurs. Of course, David and Lupin became well-acquainted with the latter being a sort of Cool Teacher figure to the former and even Jack in teaching them about magic and lycanthropy and while both sympathize with each others' circumstances, Lupin pities David considerably as he was turned at a very young age and his transformation renders him completely animalistic and unreasonable, much like Lupin himself. With that, Lupin revealed to David about the Wolfsbane Potion, telling him about its effects of relieving the mental stunting and predatory nature of becoming a werewolf, and gave him some bottles as a token of their friendship. David took a potion on one particular day and while he transformed, he didn't act on his beastly urges, instead becoming sleepy and dozing off shortly after. On the following morning, David was surprised and happy to learn that he may have finally found something that could at least stop him from attacking others. That said, supplies on Wolfsbane Potion aren't a lot, forcing David to be conservative about his consumption, not to mention that Hogwarts' formerly anti-werewolf policy was something that intimidated him on the occasion he ever went there.
    • Speaking of Remus Lupin, it was clear that David would come to learn about Fenrir Greyback, given that it was he who turned Lupin into a werewolf and that the professor told David to be wary about him. David heeded his words but was not prepared to learn just how bad Greyback was, as in he was someone who proudly embraced the worst stereotypes of lycanthropy and attacked and kills anybody, children included just because he feels like it. Even worse, Greyback chooses to bite others so that they could be affected by the werewolf curse and Greyback takes sadistic joy out of this, knowing how one would be cursed to lead a doomed and ostracized life, which is partly why he attacked Lupin, in addition to his father trowing an offhand insult at Greyback. Once the details were revealed, David went from being wary to outright hating Greyback, stating that he would be fine if his werewolf form ended up killing him. Greyback, on the other hand, finds David's tale to be amusing and is not above making potshots and insults at his circumstances whilst also stating that he's not worth his own time either.
  • While he wasn't a werewolf, a prince named Adam refused to help out a passerby, which resulted in him being cursed to transform into a giant, ferocious beast and his servants being converted into anthropomorphic everyday objects. Adam was tasked to find true love to return to his human form, lest he remained a beast forever, with his time being determined by the number of leaves his rose had before it withered. Fortunately, he was able to overcome his issues when he found love with a studious town girl named Belle, who showed Adam compassion and sympathy when no one else did. David found their story sweet, though, on another note, he and Jack did find Adam's beast form really scary to look at, let alone provoke jokes about his servants, much to their annoyance. There was a point where David tried to kill Belle during his stint as a werewolf one night, though Adam stopped him on time. After David explained his circumstances as his way of apology, Belle forgave him, though Adam was rather hesitant at first. To David's credit, this was before he learned about Wolfsbane Options. While Adam can tolerate David partly due to Belle and due to him being a legitimately nice and innocent person, the fact that David's werewolf form is more than willing to kill and eat Belle without hesitation leaves Adam nervous and wary about David anytime they meet.
    • On an additional note, David also got to learn about Fiona, the princess of Far Far Away Land who was scheduled to marry Prince Charming, but instead wound up falling for Shrek, an ogre from the swamps when he suddenly swooped in to save her from a dragon (who coincidentally fell in love with Shrek's traveling companion, Donkey. As a result, she transformed into an ogre, and while at first insecure, she came to embrace her newfound look and nature. While falling for someone from a similar race and turning into said race because it seems like a curse, David didn't pay too much issue to it because at the very least, it didn't make Fiona a raging monster. Shrek and Fiona, conversely were open to welcoming David and Jack to their company, despite their reluctance and it seems they work well together anytime they're at a pub. With Shrek and friends having dealt with wolf-like figures before, he thinks that David's werewolf form would not be too hard to deal with, though David suggests otherwise, stating that anytime it happens, they should really be careful as in his own words, "he's not himself". He also has a similar relationship with Bruce Banner as both can relate to and understand their circumstances of becoming feral beasts upon their transformationnote , and while Banner is upset that he doesn't have anything that can alleviate or cure David's curse, he is content to learn that at least he's getting help from other friends and can at least provide social and moral support.
  • On the subject of backpacking, David would be open to doing it again in the Pantheon with Jack, but the fact that his curse makes him a threat by midnight makes him nervous. Still, he did learn about those whose tales have had backpacking as a heavy influence, most notably Dora and Kaban. Despite their big age difference, Dora and Kaban still opted to meet up with David and converse with him about traveling around the wilderness. Jack was open to talking about it, though David was understandably hesitant and simply said that backpacking is "fun, but dangerous". Dora and Kaban frowned a bit, mainly because they've dealt with a lot of perilous situations before, which caused David to spill the beans about what werewolves are as well as his curse, which made Dora and Kaban upset about his circumstance. Dora has considered using her magical backpack to research and learn about David's curse and was stunned to learn about its severity whereas Kaban's memory loss is not too different from David having amnesia whenever he transforms back and not remembering his actions as a werewolf, though David was amused to learn that Kaban means bag. Despite these troubles, Dora and Kaban got along with David and Jack, and the duo at least considered giving backpacking advice to the girls the next time they traveled.
  • His curse is pretty similar to that of Ludwig the Accursed's, with them losing their sanity and rationale upon turning into monsters and becoming feared by anybody who stumbles across them. However, while David is able to revert to his human form during daytime and can at least alleviate his bloodlust and savagery with the Wolfsbane Potion that Lupin provides him, Ludwig is not so lucky and his subconsciousness is buried so deep within his monstrous form that nobody really remembers him for the hero he was and more as a monster that he himself used to hunt. Of course, while David hasn't (and, well, couldn't under normal circumstances) meet Ludwig, learning about the latter and his situation did make David wince in surprise and shock at just how tragic and painful Ludwig's experience must have been. At the very least, while still sad, Ludwig did get to die as himself upon defeat, whereas David doesn't even get that, though Ludwig being reverted back into a beast upon ascending to the Pantheon wasn't something that David liked, instead thinking that Ludwig either shouldn't have ascended at all or at least ascended under his human form, knowing how much it sucks to still retain your monstrous side.

    Eva Adamson 
Eva Adamson, Goddess of Emergency Transformations

  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: A purple and yellow butterfly
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Underwent an Emergency Transformation, Protagonist Title, has Recurring Dreams about trees, named after Adam and Eve, learns she'd become a chimpanzee in the second chapter, figured it by looking in a mirror, still legally human, struggles with chimp instincts, Deadpan Snarker, dies of old age in the last chapter believing that chimps will inherit the Earth
  • Domains: Chimpanzees, ethics, fame
  • Allies: The Librarian, Tobias, Caesar, Winston, Tarzan, Captain Planet and the Planeteers, WALL-E and Eve, Inklings and Octolings
  • Interested in: Zaius
  • Of interest to: King Louie
  • Pities: The Once-ler
  • Enemies: Pokémon Hunter J, the Glukkons, Buy n Large, Shere Khan
  • Annoyed by: Mojo Jojo
  • In a future where human overpopulation has rendered most large animals extinct, Eva is the daughter of a primatologist who studies captive chimpanzees. As a result, she'd grown up interacting with his chimps and could communicate with them before she could talk. One day, when she was barely a teenager, she was involved in a horrifying car accident... and woke up eight months later in a body of a chimp named Kelly. The doctors explained that they copied her memories using a bleeding-edge procedure, which her mother agreed with to save her life. After leaving the hospital, Eva goes back to her old life (communicating with a text-to-speech keyboard) and becomes a media sensation, but it turns out the project had far bigger plans: she ends up being relocated to one of the last wild islands on Earth to teach a troop of chimps how to survive on their own.
  • Eva is an honorary member of the Hall of Primates. The member she interacts with the most is Zaius; in his world, great apes became the new civilisation after humanity declined, just like what she imagined would happen in her world. She thinks erasing all evidence of human history is excessive, though. As for its other members, she finds Mojo Jojo annoying. She initially pitied Winston because she thought he was another product of human exploitation, but was amazed when she learned he was a well-regarded scientist.
  • There are some great apes in other halls that Eva gets along with, too. She quickly related to Caesar, a captive chimpanzee who was mistreated by humans and eventually led his kind to find a new home. The Librarian is another human who became an ape and adjusted quickly. She prefers not to use her keyboard when interacting with them, instead communicating like a normal chimpanzee.
  • King Louie is the opposite of Eva: an ape who wants to be human. He's fascinated by man's red flower (fire), and once asked Eva to teach him how to make it. Eva refused, in case he burned down the entire House of Beasts. She's wary of fellow Jungle Book god Shere Khan, who hates humans and sees her as an affront to nature.
  • She finds common ground with Tobias of the Animorphs. Just like her, Tobias became a wild animal in his early teens and grappled with his dual identity. Unlike Eva, he did so by choice. She's curious about morphing, but the morphing cube is strictly off-limits. She also has the same name as Marco's mother, which leads to confusion sometimes.
  • Eva grew up in a world where the few remaining wild places were heavily protected. As a result, she was amazed to learn there were many gods who grew up surrounded by wilderness; she gets along the most with Tarzan, another human who grew up with apes; and Captain Planet and the Planeteers due to their dedication to protecting the environment... even if their show is schlockier than the Adam and Eve cartoon she grew up watching.
  • Conversely, she despises anyone who exploits nature. Pokémon Hunter J is a ruthless hunter of rare creatures, but fortunately chimps are too mundane to be on her hitlist. The Glukkons destroyed their planet for the sake of business and hunted down many species to near-extinction, including their Mudokon slaves. Plus, their all-encompassing hunger for profit is like a twisted mirror of the shapernote  companies who might as well rule her world. Buy n Large are another all-consuming corporation that destroyed the environment, so Eva admires WALL-E and EVE for restoring both life to Earth and the Axiom passengers' will to live.
  • Eva pities the Once-ler, because he's like a microcosm of humanity in her world. He exploited a forest and cut down its trees for profit until nothing else remained, causing his company to collapse. Now, he's an old man who regrets his actions, but there's still hope for a better future: one Truffula seed remains. Similarly, humans in Eva's world became overpopulated until there was little left but cities, and they gradually lost the will to live; by the time Eva died of old age, people were committing mass suicides, but she believed chimps would inherit the Earth.
  • Eva's chimpanzee instincts still long for the jungle, and the Pantheon has two: Isla Nubar and Isla Sorna. Unfortunately, very few gods are allowed there because of the risk of being killed by their dinosaurs. She isn't one of them. She was horrified when she learned how these dinosaurs came to be; humans developed the technology to resurrect extinct species, only to use them as entertainment? She had to reign in the urge to rip John Hammond's face off.
  • Eva is interested in the Inklings and Octolings because they're two other species who inherited the Earth from humans. After rising sea levels rendered most large land animals extinct, the last humans took refuge in an underground cavern. Eventually, they all died, but their collective desires were absorbed by crystals, which were in turn absorbed by various sea creatures. Some Inklings and Octolings have saved the world from humanity's relics. Ever curious, they like to ask Eva all about the Age of Mammals.

    Gregor Samsa 
Gregor Samsa, God of Waking Up In A Different Form
His current form