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Recap / American Dragon Jake Long S 02 E 8 Hero Of The Hourglass

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Tired of his father's obliviousness to the Magical World getting him repeatedly grounded just for doing his dragon duties, Jake uses a magical artifact to go back in time to tell his teenage father the truth. Instead, Jake inadvertently causes the break-up of his future parents, putting his very existence in jeopardy.

This episode provides examples of:

  • Absentee Actor: Trixie and Spud are absent in this episode.
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  • Action Prologue: The episode opens with Jake and the Huntsman locked in battle over the Ucrono Hourglass.
  • Call-Forward: Jake's mom believing Halley's Comet was pronounced "Haley" is corrected when Johnathan points out it's pronounced "Halley". Saying the name "Haley" to herself is a telling hint as to what inspired her to name her future daughter.
  • Canada, Eh?: In 1986, when he has to interact with the past versions of his mom and grandfather, he claims that he's the Canadian Dragon, adding in the "eh?" at the end.
  • I'm Mr. [Future Pop Culture Reference]: Jake introduces himself as Beyoncé Timberlake.
    Susan: Beyoncé Timberlake. What kind of bogus name is that?
  • Innocuously Important Episode: On the surface, this is really just a standalone episode. However, it also serves as a backstory episode for the Huntsman, revealing why he personally hates dragons so much and planting the first seeds for just why he'd resort to trying to acquire all the Aztec Skulls.
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  • The Stinger: Fu Dog shows Jake some of his time traveling vacation photos.
  • Underestimating Badassery: Basically, the whole story of the Huntsman's teenage years. The time traveling Jake, his huntspeers, and even his Huntsmaster predecessors treated him like a Butt-Monkey due to his undeveloped voice, even though the Huntsman successfully kidnaps Jonathan during his first hunt and, later on, when he and Jake fight during Jonathan's rescue, he has Jake on the ropes through most of it and Jake only wins once he burns the Huntsman's weapon.

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