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Put your grasses on, and prepare to CLANG: it's gonna be a loooooong boat ride.

Berserk has its share of Memetic Mutation. In fact, /r/berserk has a whole playground for memes and trolling called /r/berserklejerk which has developed progressively more opaque inside jokes. Below are some of the more notable memes bandied about by the fans:

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  • The meme[[labelnote:Explanation]]The explanation behind the meme, if necessary[[/labelnote]]Explanation 

Berserk (Manga)

  • This meme has been passed down through the Coborlwitz family for [arbitrary number] years!Explanation 
  • "HERETIC!!!"Explanation 
  • "Homoerotic water fight!" Explanation 
  • Guts is BatmanExplanation 
  • Kentaro Miura is actually Filthy Frank.Explanation 
    • "Franku is really Kentarou Miura? Hmmmm well berserk does have quite a lot of filthy things happen..."
  • Potato Casca.Explanation 
    • Seen on r/berserk:
      Question: "I'm thinking of getting a Casca figurine for my collection, got any recommendations?"
      Answer: "I hear potatoes are pretty cheap at the Supermarket these days."
  • Berserk Manga goes on HiatusExplanation 
  • "When will they get off the boat!?"Explanation 
    • "Finally they're off the boat!"Explanation 
    • "Are they still on Elfhelm?"Explanation 
  • Three silver coins.Explanation 
  • Happy Mother's Day!Explanation 
  • Miura's addicted to The Idolmaster.explanation 
  • Rape HorseExplanation 
    • Rape Horse is our lord and savior, and Moura is his prophet.explanation 
  • "Adult Attack!"Explanation 
  • Bagzerkexplanation 
  • Griffith did nothing wrong.explanation 
    • Occasionally crossed with the Penpals' "nothing wong" line.
    • "Hail Griffith." explanation 
    • Griffith says he doesn't remember the Eclipse because he was drunk, now chooses to live as a gay man.explanation 
  • Gattsu! Pakku! Guriffisu!explanation 
  • "Don't lump me together with you faggot-ass monsters."explanation 
    • Seen on r/berserk:
      Question: "What would Guts look like as an Apostle?"
      Answer: "Probably like a faggot-ass monster."
  • "It was much too big to be called a sword. Massive, thick, heavy, and far too rough. Indeed, it was like a heap of raw iron."explanation 
    • "That thing was too big to be called bait. Too big, too thick, to heavy, and too rough."explanation 
    • "His penis. It was almost too big, too thick, too long to be a penis, but it was a penis nonetheless."explanation 
  • Schnoz Dance!explanation 
  • Brethren before wenches.explanation 
  • "Is this a Berserk reference?"explanation 
  • Griffith ObservatoryExplanation 
  • The True Black SwordsmanExplanation 
  • "Muh dream, Guts."Explanation 
  • Rickert The Badass/The SlapExplanation 
  • "He died doing what he wanted, no matter what, right? I bet he was happy."explanation 
  • Berkexplanation 
  • What did Kentucky Mario mean by this? Explanation 
  • Do not avert your gaze! Explanation 

Berserk (1997)

  • "Put your grasses on, nothing will be wong!"explanation 
    • "It's up 2 u!"
    • "Tell me why, it's too late, it's too late!"Explanation 
  • Hai Yai Forces!explanation 
  • Pokémon: The Series is the next season of BerserkExplanation 
  • "BAZUSO!!"
    • "THE GREY KNIGHT BAZUSO?!!"Explanation 
    • "BIG DICK BAZUSO?!!"Explanation 
    • BAZUSOULSExplanation 
  • "My love for you is like a truck! BERSERKER! Do you want to making fuck?! BERSERKER! ...BERSERKER!"
    • "...Did he just say 'making fuck?'"Explanation 
  • Guts themeExplanation 
    • "I do not wish to be horny anymore, I just want to be happy"Explanation 
  • Berserk Skeletons/You should have died.Explanation 
  • "BOOGITY BOOGITY BOOOOO!!!"Explanation 

Berserk (2016)

  • Rubber Dragonslayerexplanation 
  • CLANG!explanation 
    • It was too CLANG to be called a CLANG! Too CLANG, too CLANG, and far too CLANG! It was more like a slab of CLANG!
    • Berserk Clang Dank Memes 1, 2, and 3 (contains spoilers for Game of Thrones)explanation 
    • Luca's Ultimate「CLANG」Techniqueexplanation 
    • Senior Editor CLANG.explanation 
  • That's some damn good anime!Explanation 
  • RIP Rabbit Explanation 
  • "Oh, Tonio! He was a good man..."Explanation 
  • Rape Horse! Best anime ever!!!Explanation 
  • Why did they make Casca white?!Explanation 
  • Max immersion level. Explanation 
  • Guts has hotdog arms.explanation 
  • Careless Griffissexplanation 
  • "Gotta go fast!"explanation 
  • We need Madhouse!explanation 
  • Pirate Captain is a nutcracker.explanation 
  • They played the credits over it!? Now they're just twisting the knife!explanation 
  • This gif has become quite popular among detractors of the show as a perfect example of how cheap and shoddy the animation can look at times. Many people who have not seen the show genuinely wondered if it was a fanmade animation for just how bad it looked. Also, people have pointed out that it looks like Guts's pecs look like abs. It can also be experienced with hilarious tiny legs.

Berserk and the Band of the Hawk

Alternative Title(s): Berserk 2016, Berserk 1997, Berserk And The Band Of The Hawk