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The Hall of Humanoids is home to those that blur the line between man and something else. A different type of man, artificial people, former or altered humans can be found here. As such, it's the Otherness sub-house that most resembles a normal house. Some mortals who visit here are difficult to tell if they are homo sapiens or not.

Merfolk, werewolves and vampires are sometimes found loitering here. Similar to the house of Anthropomorphic Animals, who are animals with human-like features(or humanoids with animal features).

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    The Horned Serpent 
The Horned Serpent, God of Mortals That Became Abominations (The Libertylurker, Hanodaganearsnote , The Man Beneath America, Climber, The Underground God, The True Ruler Beneath Our Feet. Birth name: George Washington)
A symbolic depiction of the Horned Serpent
Click here to see it escaping the Statue of Progress 
Click here to see it when freed (SPOILERS) 
  • Overdeity
  • Symbol: A bicorn hat with actual horns
  • Theme Song: Statue of Liberty Eventual Departure
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Serpentine Transhuman Abomination That Used To Be George Washington, Horns of Villainy, To Serve Man, Fed Through The Statue Of Liberty's Podium, Being The Source of the Deanverse's Problems, The Great Serpent, Spikes of Villainy, The Source of The Special Trees, The Bad Guy Wins...In One Timeline, That Is, Religious and Mythological Theme Naming
  • Domains: Analog Horror, Abominations, America, Transformations, Alternate History, Monsters, Sacrifice
  • Alternate Self: The human George Washington
  • Interested in: Tzeentch, the Sarkic Cults, SCP-169, The Enclave, Governor Ratcliffe, The Reverberation Ensemble
  • Allies: Death Phantom, Apophis, Colossatron, Nyarlathotep (Cthulhu Mythos), Bill Cipher, Dark Gaia, Alice (Bibliomania)
  • On good terms with: Nightmare (Kirby), Wizeman
  • Rivals: Cthulhu, Lord English, Giygas, Funny Valentine, Ragyo Kiryuin
  • Enemies: The main timeline George Washington, Quetzacoatl, Tezcatlipoca, the SCP Foundation, the Men in Black, every other president of the United States Of America (especially Ulysses S Grant), Alucard, Dream of the Endless, Anyone passionate about the US (eg: Steve Rogers), Native Americans like Michelle and Julia Change, Ludwig the Accursed, The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit, Black Ops
  • The America of the Alternate History of THE MONUMENT MYTHOS is littered with skeletons in its closet. The government covers up the existence of gods and monsters under the country, sacrificing people to appease them and many national monuments have a sinister history. Under the podium of the Statue of Liberty is the maw of the Horned Serpent, a colossal, god-like beast tied to the multi-dimensional Special Trees that is given Human Sacrifice through the podium. Once it was human, but after trying to cut down a Special Tree fell into Wonderland and was gradually transformed into an abomination.
  • The beast is seen as symbolic of America's spotty history with immigrants and other minorities, and it is not a mindless animal; it has subtly manipulated history by commanding key figures to do its bidding by sinking into their dreams. It is described as "the true ruler of America", and it regards all ascended U.S presidents as potential pawns or fools. They consider it as an abomination they're uncomfortable with, even Frank Underwoodnote . This is personal with Ulysses S Grant since in the Deanverse, he was the one who damned him to be a prisoner in the podium. The beast may be "the true ruler of America" in the Deanverse, but every single American is horrified by it, which wasn't helped when they learned who the Horned Serpent used to be.
  • The Horned Serpent wasn't the only entity of Analog Horror to make its way to the Trope Pantheon; when Special Trees started sprouting in the Trope Pantheon and a terrible stench could be smelt from a replica of the Statute of Liberty, an entity claiming to be the Archangel Gabriel was waiting. "Gabriel", actually an incarnation of Satan, introduced itself as one of the Alternates, malicious shapeshifters who Kill and Replace. And he was the true ruler of his world, having become a Demiurge of his setting. The Horned Serpent announced itself as a the true, secret ruler of America and mentioned that it sees much of itself within "Gabriel". However it claimed to be the superior being and though it would not bow or kneel to anyone. The Alternates took that as a challenge to their own hegemony, but "Gabriel" agreed they were more similar than different and that he wants to talk to The Man Beneath America again.
  • Funny Valentine sees potential in possibly exploiting it for the benefit of the country; he wants to understand the Special Trees and the multi-dimensional nature of the Horned Serpent for his own benefit. The Horned Serpent respects Valentine's belief that America should be the supreme nation even at the rest of the world's expense given its history and twisted pride in its work, but is also wary that it cannot be certain it is beyond his Stand's effects. As for why that might even be a concern, keep reading. For those wondering, while it is concerned with his Stand's power the Horned Serpent laughs at any attempt Funny Valentine may have trying to control it. Maize Machines tried the same thing, only for it to end disastrously.
  • The Horned Serpent is also known as Hanodaganears, a Native American word meaning "destroyer of villages" that was given to George Washington. This is not a coincidence; the original form of the Horned Serpent is the Deanverse version of the Founding Father, as a result of trying to cut a Special Tree. The main timeline George Washington was mortified to learn that the abomination was a version of himself. In Washington's opinion, the Horned Serpent is the embodiment of his worst attributes, acts he committed that were once tolerated by society, but now regarded as a black mark. Even with the reveal of there's another Washington frozen in the Delaware river he does not count this as proof the Horned Serpent isn't a version of him, as the Special Trees can access other universes.
  • The SCP Foundation's attempt to understand the discrepancies of the Horned Serpent and the historically understood George Washington is further complicated by having their own version; a robot meant to replace him when he died too early. It's theorized that the organic Washington was revived and cut down the Special Tree, leading to it becoming the Horned Serpent, while SCP-2776 became president...but they admit they could be wrong. For now they're writing off the Horned Serpent as a Keter anomaly and are using their resources to hide the anomalies associated with it and find a more controllable way of containing the beast. This doesn't benefit the Devourer of Villages in the slightest, so it has decided to try and pressure government officials to oppose the SCP Foundation and leave it alone.
  • The Men in Black have been trying to minimize the damage it causes. However, it did at least like learning about the Foundation because of the anomalies they are studying and/or containing. Perhaps the most intriguing to Eldritch Washington is SCP-169, a massive arthropod thousands of miles in length. The Horned Serpent wants to take the Leviathan as a pet. It also wishes to understand Sarkicism more, as they can use flesh manipulation and anomalies to potentially ascend to eldritch gods akin to itself. The Hazardous Environment Combat Unit and Black Ops found the fact this thing used to be human unnerving and as they specialize in counteracting apocalyptic alien invasions and the fact it used to be George Washington is why they seek to cover its existence up after successfully containing it. There's some irony that a (trans)human may be a bigger threat than any alien they've had to deal with.
  • The eldritch Founding Father sees some of itself in other deities. For instance, it notes that Alucard was once a mighty king with a past drenched in blood that become something akin to a god. The No-Life King is disgusted by the Horned Serpent as it is a validation that pure humanity will always be better than monsters like them. The Horned Serpent sees more of itself in Giygas, who while starting as an alien was also twisted into something inhumanly power and incomprehensible...however the monstrous serpent boasts that it kept its mind while Giygas is void of reason. Ludwig the Accursed, though turned into the same beast he had thought, is disgusted by the serpentine Washington throwing away its former species.
  • Ragyo Kiryuin thinks quite differently and sees its potential goals akin to that of the Primordial Life Fiber. However, she has no interest in working with the beast, even if she respects its renouncement of humanity. Another entity that felt itself agreeing with the Horned Serpent's liberation from its past humanity is Alice, an ill princess who became a world-destroying monstrosity sought to consume the souls and experience of every single human on Earth. She's even serpentine, and all this for a mad love of knowledge. The Horned Serpent regards her as a kindred spirit. The Libertylurker is similarly interested in the Reverberation Ensemble as they're a group primarily made up of humans so overtaken by their innermost desires and emotions it turned them into reflections of such wants.. Each member harbors a different motive and worldview, but they all seek to transform the rest of humanity living within the City into Distoritons like them.
  • Should the Horned Serpent escape, the sheer size and eldritch-ness of the entity would cause the end of the world. Or more accurately break the Earth like an egg, which eventually happened anyway. Because of this, the GUAD considers freeing the Horned Serpent as beneficial. The Lovecraftian Washington acknowledges the GUAD is "beneficial for now" and has decided to make friends with Apophis and the Colossatron. However it regards this more as wanting some muscle than someone to debate with. The Horned Serpent prefers talking with one of its rivals, Father. Father was the secret fonder and Shadow Dictator of Amestris until his defeat, manipulating things to make it a militaristic nation all for the ultimate goal of achieving godhood. The Horned Serpent has a similar scheme of hidden but massive manipulation to the USA so it likes Father's strategies, though even if he likes him Father considers the Horned Serpent an obstacle to his own path to ultimate power.
  • Outside of its multi-dimensionality, massive size and apparent connection to the Special Trees, the Horned Serpent can command key figures to do its by sinking into their dreams. One such example was commanding Ferdinand de Lesseps to build the Suez Canal through telepathically talking to him and invading his dreams until he caved. The entity's infiltration and manipulation of dreams has potentially put it on the naughty list of Dream of the Endless, much to the beast's consternation as even a being as mighty as it is small compared to a member of the Endless. Nightmare and Wizemen were intrigued, however, and wish to study the monster. The Liberty Lurker is flattered, though it prefers using this dream-based talent on "useful idiots"; it wants to subtly manipulate Governor Ratcliffe and the Enclave to shape the American continent to yet disclosed specifications.
  • The Horned Serpent knows there are a variety of eldritch abominations that have their own plans for the Earth/universe, and by extension America. It has decided to research them and hedge its bets on who it wants on their side, and who it can't afford as an ally.
    • It has the respect of Death Phantom and Bill Cipher. The former was once a man, but merged with the Planet Nemesis to become a true nightmare of an Omnicidal Maniac. He isn't sure what the Horned Serpent has in store after "The Great Division" but does know said division involves damaging the universe beyond repair, which he wants to see happen. Bill Cipher has a similarly apocalyptic goal called "Weirdmageddon" which would through reality into chaos he can make his playground. Bill has been influencing history for a long time and though to what extent is unclear, he was in contact with George Washington. The Horned Serpent has told him "no hard feelings" for invading its mind with nightmares while still human, as it can finally "see the bigger picture". The eldritch Washington would also "liberate" its home universe not too dissimilarly to Bill Cipher.
    • Superficially it could be compared to Cthulhu and Dark Gaia, being a slumbering abomination who's awakening would threaten or cause the end of the world. Though the latter (as much as a bestial entity like itself) seems to be pleased by the idea of the Horned Serpent's awakening, the Great Old One does not trust the entity in part because it used to be human, and in part because he sees a "territorial dispute" since he has his own plans for the Earth. The Outer God Nyarlathotep also has his own plans, but he is more amused than anything by the Horned Serpent as the Crawling Chaos also seeks to bring about an age of chaos and madness. For now, the Liberty Lurker has his vote.
  • The Horned Serpent is an actual character in the mythologies of many Native American tribes. Given its actions as a human towards the Iroquois, you can guess any and every Native American hates it...though given its goals, you'd have to be deluded, pretty damn evil and/or an Omnicidal Maniac not to hate this dark take on a Founding Father. It was interested in other great and terrible serpents from mythology, such as the Midgard serpent. Jormungandr has expressed interest at learning about a serpent of comparable size, but has yet to state what his true feelings on the Lovecraftian Founding Father are yet. Quetzalcoatl and Tezcatlipoca have stated their feelings, however. The former is appalled as he is one of few Aztec deities to not demand massive Human Sacrifice, which the Horned Serpent has done both with gusto and only to benefit itself. The latter is reminded of Cipactli and sees the Horned Serpent as a being so sinister in its goals and acts he feels he may need to step in and intervene.
  • The connection to the Special Trees is deeper than "it was created by them"; they're extensions of the Horned Serpent, and have been around since at least Ancient Egypt. By extension, this makes the perverted form of Washington a product of his own handiwork. Comparisons were made to Lord English, a hulking reality-ending cherub who got where he is through bootstrap paradoxes. The Horned Serpent was impressed by his machinations, but considers LE to be "an interloper". In truth, the corrupted Founding Father is simply terrified of his war path as the angel of double death outclasses him.
  • Essentially victorious in emerging as the Earth as a result of climatic conflict between Freedom and the Angel. The survivors of "the Great Division" became the Cornerfolk. At least in one timeline. One of the survivors and the ashes of the Angel were able to go back in time and create a timeline where the Horned Serpent wasn't released. Unfortunately it also revealed that there were three serpents. One was dormant on Mars because it was too cold until a nuke was dropped, and another supposedly died on Venus because it was too hot. Supposedly being the key word. Fortunately a merger of the Angel, Freedom and Everett stopped the Martian Serpent...but the Horned Serpent should still be lurking underground in the "Montyverse", and who knows how its plans have changed.

Greater Gods

    Malekith the Accursed 
Malekith, God of Dark Elves (Malekith the Accursed, The Dark Elf, King of Svartalfheim, Lord of the Wild Hunt, Lord protector of all Dark Elves, Master of the Hounds, Balder, The Butcher of Thors)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: The Emblem on his chest, with each half being Black and White
  • Theme Song: Origins/Dark Elves War/The Aether
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Lord of The Dark Elves, Worst of his kind, Worse than Loki, Lord of The Wild Hunt, Master of Dark Magic, Manipulative Bastard, Soft-Spoken Sadist, Weak to Iron, Was molded by War and needs it to live, Complete Monster
  • Domains: Dark Elves, Dark Magic, Sadism, Manipulation, War
  • Herald: His loyal Dark Elf followers
  • Followers: All (Evil) Dark Elves
  • Allies: Surtr, Fenrir, Jörmungandr, Fafnir, Eredin Bréacc Glas, Melkor, Smaug, Tzeentch, Khorne, Slaanesh, Morathi, Griffith, Johan Liebert, Yuuki Terumi, Molag Bal, Corypheus, Ganondorf, Esdeath, Mordred, Arthas Menethil
  • Rivals: Malekith, Sauron
  • Enemies:
  • Respects: Darkseid
  • From the realm of Svartalfheim there is an elf feared by all. He is the most vile, conniving, and dangerous Dark Elf to have ever lived across all the Nine (Ten) Realms. He is the King of Svartalfheim, Lord of the Wild Hunt, leader of the Dark Council and mastermind of the War of the Realms. His name is Malekith the Accursed, and he is the Lord and God of the Dark Elves.
  • From the very beginning Malekith's life was filled with nothing but war and strife. He originally had twelve older brothers, as well as twelve uncles and a father, all died from the many wars in Svartalfheim. It got up to the point that when the Forty-Third Troll War came, his mother made the decision to sell him to the undertaker Elves, as a corpse burner, so he wouldn't lose his life to another senseless war. This did little to help the young Malekith, because while he lived he was now constantly surrounded by corpses that he was tasked to burn . And if that wasn’t enough, he was eventually kidnaped and made prisoner by the Trolls that the Dark Elves were at war with. Thankfully for Malekith, a fellow dark elf prisoner was a wizard and was able to escape with Malekith alongside him. After escaping the old dark elf made Malekith his apprentice, teaching him everything he knew. Once Malekith's training was complete, the old wizard revealed that he planned to put an end the still ongoing and escalating war and help change the way of their people, saving them from the continuous wars they suffered through. He hoped that Malekith would understand and help him in goal to bring peace to their kind, as his life was filled with war and strife. Unfortunately, Malekith had other plans. Malekith stabbed his master and promised that for as long as he lives, there would always be war. The Dark Elves will continue to live and thrive through war, just as he has. After learning of his former student’s goal, the old wizard casted a spell towards Malekith's face, so everyone would forever know who he was. Malekith would later go on to kill his mother, feeding to her dogs, become the lord of the Wild Hunt and then the King of the Dark Elves.
  • After the events of the War of the Realms, Malekith was sent to Hel after being devoured by his own Wild Hunt and Bog Tiger. There Hela and her new wife Karnilla had crucified him and sewed open his eyes so that he may forever suffer a Fate Worse than Death. He is to forever watch his younger still innocent child self live a happy life, playing with the very hounds and Bog Tiger that devoured him (now as puppies and a cub). For the rest of eternity, he is to see a life he never had, a life he could never have, a life so alien and unknown to him, that he can no longer recognize who he is. Malekith would have forever stayed that way had not been for Eredin Bréacc Glas.
  • When Eredin Bréacc Glas first learned of Malekith, he was so impressed with his work that he made him his High Priest, but after the events of the War of the Realms he knew what had to be done. Eredin made the decision to elevate Malekith from a High Priest to a God of Pantheon. Recognizing how Malekith was exactly how Dark Elves are described and imagined has, the title and position was practically his for the taking. In an effort to bring Malekith back to how he was before, Eredin brought him alongside his Wild Hunts, again and again and again, until not only was Malekith able to recognize himself, but he was able to lead the charge in his own Wild Hunt.
  • In an effort to make his debut in Pantheon more unique and memorial, Malekith decided to enact the Wild Hunt in various locations in Pantheon. Locations ike Equestria, Hyrule, Westeros, and Zanaris, causing massive casualties and death. This instantly made him enemies with all of Equestria, Hyrule, Westeros and the entire House of Fairies. Obviously he's not very upset with that, new enemies also means more recognition and a stronger reputaion. In addition, some new allies from his new enemies. He admits that he wanted to wait till later befor attacking, but he decided to let the realms know who he is, what he does, and what he's capable of. Malekith is back and he plans on staying.
  • Neither Thor, Loki, Odin, Hela or an Asgardian for that matter, were happy with Malekith's ascension. Not only does Malekith knows this, but he's gone out of his way to personally piss off nearly every member of the Aesir present in Pantheon. He sent Thor a replica of his severed arm, so it can burst into flames right in front of him like the last one. He taunting Odin over the death of his brother Cul. He mocked Loki with how even after everything he's gone through he still isn't fully trusted by others. He taunted Freya for how now only one Valkyrie now lived, because he butchered the rest. He casted a powerful spell that robed Baldr of his senses, nearly driving him mad like one before. For Try, Malekith ambushed the Goddess trio nearly killing them. Try swore to make Malekith pay for attacking his daughters. After successfully angering most of Asgard, he decided to travel elsewhere, contact old allies make new enemies and prepare for his new war.
    • The Asgardians aren't the only gods that Malekith has antagonized. A number of Olympians, Hercules especially, were far from happy to see him again. While he hasn't yet personally met the Ghost of Sparta, he did make him an enemy by having his men kindnap his son. Atreus managed to save himself without the help of his father, but Kratos knows full well that this was done for the sole purpose of angering the God of War, and it worked. While satisfied to have the Asgardians and Olympians as his enemies, Malekith was noticeably suprised to hear that the Lord(s) of Camelot have waged war against him, but then he remebered about the time he once tried to take over Avalon. In addition, Arthur convinced the Celtic Gods and heroes have joined in as well, it wasn't expected but he won't complain.
  • If there was one enemy that Malekith wasn't happy to see, it was Tony Stark, Iron Man. Iron is the greatest weakness of Malekith's kind. It doesn't matter how strong their bodies, or spells are, iron will completly bypass anything and everything they have. Tony initually didn't have an armor made entirely of iron, but then he decided he had enough of Malekith's actions and made one just to hunt him down. The event that fallowed has not only lead Malekith to fear Tony, but the entire Dark elf kingdom in as well. What's worse is that Tony has gone out of his way into informing others of elf's weakness to iron. Normally this woudn't be too much of a problem, iron isn't the best of metals and he as allies that don't share his weakness. But now forces that would have been hepless agaisnt him and his army have the means to defend themseves. He even began to show concern when he saw reports of numberous dark elves taken down by the Dovahkiin, Grey Warden and the Inquisitor. That by itself woudn't have been a problem, he kills some of his own men when he's bored, what really concerns him is how they themselves are potentially elves who can use iron, but that they also seemly have an entire armory of iron daggers, swords and axes on their person. So much that they can kill an elf and leave the weapon on them and do it again.
  • It goes without saying, Malekith owes Eredin. Without Eredin's help, Malekith wouldn't be in Pantheon and still be stuck in Hel. Normally Malekith wouldn't be too thrilled about being in someone else's debt, but Eredin did grant him the title of God of Dark Elves and did so out of respect and admiration. It doesn't hurt that the two actually get along with each other. In gratitude, Malekith promised a true alliance between them, meaning he won't backstab him when everything is said and done. They've even discussed about what to do in regard to The White Frost. Malekith would prefer to see if he could use it in a similar fashion to the Cask of Ancient Winters, but he's savvy enough to realize that trying to control something he knows little to nothing about wouldn't end well for him.
  • As one of the most vile and vicious elves in all of Pantheon, he's not exactly popular with the other local elves. Both Tyrion and Teclis had always had problems when dealing with dark elves, but Malekith the Accursed is hardly any better than the Malekith that they were familiar with. The fact that he brainwashed the Queen of the Light Elves into marriage so could later imprison her and massacre her people by hurtling their bodies towards earth like meteorites has lead them to believe that he may actually be worse. Speaking of the other Malekith, the two Dark Elf lords are surprisingly civil towards one another. While they have separate goals, motivations, stances on Chaos, and are competitors for the title of true lord of the Dark Elves, there's a surprising level of respect between the two. Of course this won't stop one, or the other from trying to kill each other and take the throne for themselves. One elf who does seem to like Malekith is Morathi, but it seems to be mostly out of lust than anything. She's either lusting out of his cruilty, or brutality, potentially both. Either way, nobody is enjoying the idea of the two joining together.
    • It wasn't just the elves from the world of Warhammer, but also the humans and dwarves felt the same with the accursed elf. Both Sigmar and Thorgrim Grudgebearer have swron to avenge the innocent human and dwarven lives lost thanks to Malekith's actions.
    • Neither Drizzt nor Malekith have anything positive to say to each other. Drizzt thinks he's an absolute madman who exemplifies everything wrong with their kind and more. Malekith thinks he's an embarrassment to their kind and questions just how he got the title of Dark Elves before him. He does admit that he's a pretty good swordsman and that his men could learn a thing or two, but that just makes him feel even more disappointed with Drizzt stance and life choices.
"We ride, my warriors. To the gardens of Alfheim and the mountains of Nidavellir. To the frozen fields of Jotunheim and beyond. Wherever the Dark Elves cower, we ride. Let the great horn be sounded. The Wild Hunt has begun!"

Millennium, Gods of Supernatural Nazis (Letzte Bataillon, Evil Squared)
  • Role Call: The Major, The Doctor, The Captain, First Lieutenant Rip van Winkle, First Lieutenant Zorin Blitz, Warrant Officer Schrodinger and Tubalcain Alhambra.
  • Greater Gods (the organization as a whole), Intermediate Gods (individually)
  • Theme Music: Gradus Vita, War
  • Symbol: A swastika and the number 1000 splattered with blood
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Those Wacky Nazis, The Remnant, Stupid Jetpack Hitler, For the Evulz, Monster Mash, Complete Monster (Major, Doctor, and Blitz).
  • Domains: Chaos, Evil, War, Destruction, The Undead.
  • Followers: Vindel Mauser
  • Allies: Red Skull, Ali Al-Saachez, Johan Liebert, Wilhelm "Deathshead" Strasse, Edward Richtofen, Nyarlathotep (co-leader alongside the Major, they think he's Hitler), Hol Horse (has an Odd Friendship with Rip Van Winkle)
  • Enemies: Raiden, Captain America, Yuji Sakai, Master Chief, Kiritsugu Emiya, Setsuna F. Seiei, Heero Yuy, Bright Noa, Amuro Ray, Hayate Ayasaki, Booker DeWitt, Sol Badguy, Ky Kiske, Hakumen, Ragna the Bloodedge, Alucard, Seras Victoria, Dizzy, Painwheel, Gertrud Barkhorn, Alexander Anderson, Valvatorez, Tracer, Gandalf, Magneto
  • Disrespects: Mard Geer Tartaros, those who look down upon humanity.
  • The entire Kampfgruppe is confined to their zeppelin, the Deus Ex Machina. However, they have little problem in escaping, especially Schrodinger.
  • Despite having access to massive caches of wealth, they prefer to stick to WWII weaponry. They're classics, after all, though Deathshead suggests giving them new weaponry and equipment he invented.
  • Each of the members has their own pastimes:
    • The Major is often sought by other Chaotic Evil deities, as his famed "I Love War" speech can inspire bloodlust in even the most pacifist of hearts. Is an avid music connoisseur, though he specializes in grandiose war songs. May be a bit of an otaku as well.
      • Nyarlathotep has recently taken command of the Battalion in his disguise as Hitler. The Major is ecstatic his hero's just as bloodthirsty as he is.
    • The Doctor just as often is invited to myriad Mad Scientist symposia, where he has gained some notoriety. Currently seeks to obtain more research specimens. Human-demon fusions, SPARTANs, robotics of all rank and file and EVAs rank high in his list of interest, though he is closely watched so isn't allowed to get his mitts on anything that could serve to improve his technologies. Is rumoured to be as much an otaku as the Major.
      • He also tried to kidnap Dizzy and use her Gear cells to further enhance his vampire army. The end result is that he ends up getting his ass kicked by Sol and Ky.
      • In addition, he tried to kidnap Ryuko Matoi and experiment on her to create Goku Uniforms for the Millennium soldiers and Kamuis for the Werewolves to wear before she and Satsuki kicked him out.
      • However with Wilhelm around, he's managed to obtain parts of the information concerning the aforementioned technologies. So far, they've managed to to get a hold of and reverse-engineer the blueprints of the SPARTAN program and have combined it with the Millennium's vampirification process to create their own iteration dubbed "Ubersoldaten Zwei".
    • The Captain rarely leaves his post as the Major's bodyguard, but is quietly seeking someone strong enough to conclusively kill him. He was quietly delighted at Seras Victoria's ascension.
    • Rip wastes much of her salary in super-sugary merchandise. Other than that, she likes to hang around the House of Weapons, seeking challengers for marksmanship contests. Is often accused of cheating, though the accusers rarely last more than a few seconds before being killed by the same bullet. For some weird reason, she has developed a relationship with Bullseye.
    • Zorin is a renowned Mind Rape technician, much to Johan Liebert's pleasure. Unlike her fellows, she has no funny traits. At all. However, she prefers to remain aboard the Deus Ex Machina these days and is very careful when leaving, as not to endure a repeat of the Hellsing Manor incident, now Seras has ascended.
    • Schrodinger has seized the throne of God of Villain Teleportation in the House of Travel to extend Millennium's hold.
      • The fact that both him and Hayate Ayasaki share the same voice is what bothers the latter so much. Schrodinger gleefully loves that fact and uses it to troll him on a daily basis, ultimately gaining the praise from Yuuki Terumi, who has since made him his new minion to troll Hayate.
    • Alhambra has been banned from all casinos hosted by Marge and Tsunade after he attended one of the largest and proceeded to effortlessly break the bank at every card game. Is currently seeking the title of God of Cards. Yugi Muto has vowed to defeat him, considering him an affront to card games.
  • The Major prefers that nobody brings up the Cold War in his precense, due to it reminding him of suffering through "Blueballs for fourty years!".
  • Despite the intense lack of morals, the Major still maintains his pride and belief in humanity, something shared with his mortal enemy Alucard. As such, he found Mard Geer's embarrassing defeat at the hands of Alucard simply delicious and overall the slaughter of those who believe Humans Are Insects to be hilarious. Even if this mocking ended up with the demon showing up to wreck several zeppelins, all he said was...
    "Ha! Who gives a shit? They're Nazis!"
  • His joy only increased when he learned that Zeref had finally died and in a way that would've confounded Mard Geer: Zeref died thanks to The Power of Love with Mavis. He relished in laughing at the demon that not only did Mard Geer fail in his purpose, but that the humans he looked down were the ones that stopped him and the one Zeref risked everything to stop, Achnologia. Most of all, the One Magic that the demons coveted was The Power of Love, something that demons like Mard Geer would never understand, much less come close to reaching.

Intermediate Gods

Arakune, The God That Was Once a Man (Lotte "Roy "Carmine, Black Squiggly, 'Kune)
  • Intermediate God (Overdeity should he successfully become a Black Beast)
  • Symbol: A Tarantula with human skeleton limbs with his mask somewhere in the middle.
  • Theme Song: Thin RED Line
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (can be manipulated into Chaotic Evil)
  • Portfolio: Blob Monster, Confusion Fu, Nightmare Fuel, Bees!!!note , Gone Mad from the Revelation, The Unintelligible, Formerly Humanoid, Badass Bookworm, Eldritch Abomination, Insane as fuck
  • Domains: Insanity, Abominations, Monsters, Former Humanity
  • Allies: Litchi Faye Ling (Her side only though...), Relius Clover(?), Fritz von Meyer, Arachne, Reptile, Lesale Deathbringer, Reaper
  • Odd Friendship with: Beast (and Belle to some extent), Dracula, Mordekaiser, Merkava
  • Enemies: Taokaka, Nicolas Cage
  • Opposed by: Most of Ms. Litchi's friends and allies, The Investigation Team (Chie especially), Kokonoe Mercury, Homura Akemi, Kyubey, Shinji Ikari, Fluttershy
  • Obsessed with: The House of Knowledge
  • Not exactly well-liked in the Pantheon due to the fact that most people see him as the main reason why Ms. Litchi's life is so hard.
    • Despite that fact, however, most of her friends and allies are willing to help and respect Ms. Litchi's decisions regarding him.
  • When Batman found out that Arakune ascended with his BEES!!! his response was "My God"
  • He is banned from the House of Knowledge after an event where he tried to absorb all the books in the library. Ever since then, the House of Technology has put some devices around the house to keep him out.
    • Also banned from the House of Food because he and his bugs would end up eating all the food and grossing out the guests, and also because he tried to eat Kero along with Tiger when he mistook them for Kaka kittens. Then he tried to eat Ika Musume because she tasted like squid.
  • Homura Akemi dislikes him because she sympathizes with Litchi on what it's like having to join the dark side. However, unlike Homura's current situation, Ms. Litchi's current situation was caused by Roy's selfishness and utter ego.
  • What keeps most gods from seeing Arakune as a true villain is the discovery of one timeline from the BlazBlue world where Arakune discovered his subconscious memories of Litchi may have been the only thing holding the rest of him together. He then tried his best to cure her of an erosion the would have turned her into something like him, and erased her memories of him so that she could live a happy life with her friends instead hurting herself chasing him to the ends of the earth. Some of the other gods might have called this a senseless sacrifice due to the situation running deeper than that, but to most of the other gods, this is proof that there may be a heart somewhere, deep in this blob monster that Was Once a Man.
  • There are some rumors around the Pantheon that Arakune is trying to make contracts with girls so that they could become magical girls. This does not sit well with Kyubey because that is supposed to be Kyubey's job.
  • Shinji Ikari and Nicolas Cage stay away from Arakune as much as possible. On Shinji's side, he keeps his distance because Arakune sounds too similar to him. Nicolas Cage, on the other hand, was subjected with one of Arakune's arsenals (bees), and then reacted as expected: "Ooh no, not the bees! Not the bees! AAAARRGHHH!!"
  • He now holds a sort of grudge against the Investigation team (and most persona users in general) after an incident where they attacked him after they mistook him for a shadow. He survived when Ms.Litchi jumped in and explained the situation to them. They backed off and apologized to Litchi and have agreed to help her when the need arises.
    • Chie, however, is deathly afraid of Arakune and his BEES!!! to the point where she will Galactic Punt him on sight.
  • Upon hearing his ascension, Beast went to try and befriend Arakune as he himself knows what it feels like to to be human once along time ago. There has been some success in him befriending Arakune. Belle too tries here and there to befriend Arakune because Arakune's and Litchi's situation sounds a bit similar to hers. (She still feels somewhat uncomfortable around 'Kune though.)
  • Dracula is surprisingly quite fond of Arakune as he states "He is a perfect representation of man, a miserable pile of secrets."
  • Earned the resentment of Fluttershy due to the fact he keeps trying to eat small fuzzy animals. Luckily she (along with Discord) has managed to prevent any more cute and fuzzy animal casualties by his hand by keeping the animals and Arakune away from each other. She does, however, leave some food around him, thinking that he won't try to eat the animals if he is already fed and full.
  • He was ascended by Yuuki Terumi and Relius Clover as a way to get Litchi under their thumb to do the bidding of the GUAE. Then to add insult injury, Terumi, along with Trollkaiger, did his damnedest to make Litchi look like an utterly selfish bitch who would throw her friends to the grinder, and burn down the whole pantheon just to fuck her blob boyfriend, by mainly using her dedication to save Arakune against her. Sadly this was one of their most successful operations because some of the Pantheon actually took what they said at face value (because Litchi wasn't even helping "deny" this rumor by being at their side) and started to horribly scrutinize Ms. Litchi. Some of the other members however easily saw through what Trollkaiger was trying to pull and gave the utmost support they could to Litchi whilst at the same time trying to defend her.
    • Garrus Varkian, in particular, fell for the false information, it didn't help that he was personally struck down by Litchi as her first act of betrayal. He was mad enough that he tried to exact punishment for letting her emotion get the best of her. Thankfully he was talked out of it by Litchi's friends, Yu Narukami and Commander Shepard. Needless to say, Garrus is now dedicated to taking down Trollkaiger.
    • Furthering, even if the subject might not be actions towards Litchi, the Pantheon has been kind of split about the decisions to do with Arakune. Some has delved into Litchi's mind and realized that Lotte Carmine really was a decent man and his sense of selfishness was perpetuated with inferiority complex and Kokonoe not helping things, thus they think he still deserved to be restored like Litchi's plan, as well as making other Gods get more repulsed to Kokonoe because she refused to take responsibility that she could've prevented Lotte's corruption if she was MUCH nicer (in which Kokonoe replied that she has no time to indulge to such silly, unproductive emotions). On the other hand, some camp believes that Arakune should just be killed because Lotte is just long dead, and Litchi was an idiot for trying to pin on someone who's never coming back. Perhaps this was something the Trollkaiger truly planned. Didn't help that Arakune himself secretly was on the former's part, but only on the part to shame on and one-up Kokonoe.
  • However, in recent events Arakune has been seen less and less around the Pantheon with a few people having claimed to see him here and there. Ultimately his current location is unknown. There are rumors spreading around the pantheon that he may secretly be working under Relius Clover. Though Relius himself just said that he has not seen Arakune himself in quite a while, especially after he was betrayed by Ocelot and Wesker. Simply put, he lost contact, and Arakune might be seen as a free wild monster again.
    • Fortunate or unfortunate, it seems that in interim, Arakune has gathered several groups of friends who seem fond in this form... Maybe he won't be so 'alone' in this form for long.
  • This is the best picture of Roy that any of the other gods could find back when he was human
    • The House of Justice also dug up some more info on how Roy became Arakune
  • Some gods have claimed that Arakune and Hakumen have forged a partnership called The Boundary Bros. (◇)人(∵). Hakumen has refused to comment upon this.
    • Hakumen was willing to say that Arakune has the potential to become a sankishin such as him and Rachel.
  • Some People have reported that there is a strange side to Arakune called "Irresistible Arakune" that attempts to hit on most of the girls he sees. However few people have managed to see this mysterious (and funny) side of Arakune.
  • Is aware that he's being stalked by Mordekaiser who finds his multitude of sufferings delicious. Arakune can't eat him, but he doesn't seem to mind Mordekaiser's presence.
  • There seems to be some rumours that Kira Daidouji is trying to capture Arakune in order to do some experiments on him. Where she doesn't say anything that proves that rumour, she isn't really denying it either...
  • Currently, if you can spot him doing that (it's easy for his friends), Arakune tends to express annoyance towards several people who insist on helping saving and restoring him for Litchi's sake. This is because secretly Roy himself does not want to get cured. Annoyed because he just can't find the mood to devour them in response.
    • By the end of it, Arakune managed to make it clear that he'd rather be left alone and Litchi to leave him, because as Roy, he was in a cozy spot to research the Boundary AND the Pantheon. After telling Litchi to move on (she did), Arakune still remained as his blob form, but much more coherent in speech, much to the delight of those who like him in his form.
  • Has an Odd Friendship with Merkava, recognizing something similar to himself in the black, inhuman monster driven by a relentless hunger and pursued by a young, determined woman. This became even greater after Roy became aware through the Boundary like him Merkava also once used to be a human, but unfortunately, Arakune isn't in enough of a rational frame of mind to put this to any use.

Machamp, God of Humanoid Mons (The Superpower Pokémon, Kairiky, The Rock's Spirit Pokémon, Karate Duck-Man)
Machamp ready for Pokkén Tournament
Click here  for Gigantamax Machamp


George Tarleton, God of Head Creatures (M.O.D.O.K, M.O.D.O.C, Mental Organism Designed Only For Computing, Mental Organism Designed Only For Killing, Mental Organism Designed Only For Conquest, M.O.D.O.K. Supreme, Mental Organism Designed Only For Trolling)

Orion, God of Wood Elves (The King In The Woods, The Hunter, God-King of the Deep Wood, Master of The Wild Hunt, Lord of the Forest, Protector of the Oak, Shield of Athel Loren)
  • Theme Song: The King In The Woods
  • Intermediate God
  • Symbol: The Spear of Kurnous
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Blood Knight, The Fair Folk, Fauns and Satyrs, Gaia's Vengeance, God-Kings, Heroic Neutrality, Hidden Elf Villages, Hunting the Most Dangerous Game, Large Leaders, Nature Protectors, Noble Savages, Resurrective Immortality, Walking Shirtless Scenes, The Wild Hunt
  • Domains: Forests, Hunting, Seasons, War, Magic, Strategy, Leadership
  • Heralds: The other Wood Elven Lords (Ariel, Drycha, Durthu, Araloth, and the Sisters of Twilight)
  • Allies: Trevenant, Treebeard, Swamp Thing, Viridi, Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind, Merrill, Oberon, Titania and Puck, Xerneas, Gaea
  • Enemies: Everyone else since he and his people are intense xenophobic isolationists.
  • Respects: Karl Franz
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Thorgrim Grudgebearer, Lor'themar Theron, Arthur Pendragon
  • Rivals: Scarface, Rengar, The Hunter, The Monster Hunters, Hircine
  • Complicated Relationship: Tyrion, Teclis
  • Conflicting Opinions On: David Attenborough, Killian Experience
  • Orion is the immortal demigod-king of Athel Loren and the Wood Elves, and the living avatar of the Elven god Kurnous, the God of the Hunt. Orion’s power comes and goes with the seasons- he is reborn in the spring and is strongest by then and in the summer, but grows weaker in the autumn and dies in winter, only for the cycle to begin anew next spring.
  • After the ascension of the Warhammer World, Athel Loren was naturally present itself. During one spring, Orion was reborn and began to help the other Wood Elves get to the Pantheon. Soon, the entire population had arrived back in Athel Loren to resume life, guided by Orion and the spirits of the forest.
  • Spends most of his time in his own domain of Athel Loren, rarely leaving it. He doesn't take kindly entering his domain without permission and is openly hostile to any outsiders. That said he is a little more welcoming to nature spirits, protectors of nature, or other Wood Elves that are in the Pantheon (or equivalents to Wood Elves), regarding them as allies.
    • There are a few gods that he will work with, albeit reluctantly so. A good deal of them are also heavily protective of nature like he is (such as Viridi, Tyrande, and Malfurion), and he was offered a position in the GUAN by Gaea. However, being an isolationist, he turned it down, but at least told the group that they could help defend Athel Loren from anyone who intends to invade the sacred forest.
    • That being said, he wasn’t pleased to learn that many of the more evil races of the Warhammer World, like the Vampires under the van Carsteins, the Orcs under Grimgor Ironhide, and the Warriors of Chaos under Archaeon and the Chaos Gods, had also ascended, forcing him to ensure they never invade Athel Loren.
    • But perhaps the biggest threat to him are the Beastmen under Khazrak and Gorthor, as the most frequent enemy of the Wood Elves has been the Beastmen. These two have been made aware of the Wood Elves and seek to destroy them as they do all races.
  • The creation of the different Elves was caused by an act by Malekith called "The Sundering", which involved the wicked Dark Elf attempting to assume leadership of the Elves and staring a civil war. Orion’s Wood Elves were those who fled to the Old World and chose to live in Athel Loren. Naturally, Orion was none too pleased to see Malekith in the Pantheon and warned that he would take action if he ever tried to invade Athel Loren.
    • The same applies to Tyrion and Teclis, who currently rule the High Elves in the Pantheon. While Orion noted that they are not as evil as Malekith, they are still unwelcome in Athel Loren, as are all trespassers. Especially because his death in the mortal plane was caused by Tyrion, though it was a reenactment of Kurnous’ death at the hands of the High Elven War God Khaine. Tyrion having been driven to madness by the death of his daughter was no consolation for Orion.
  • Was pleased to see that Karl Franz had ascended to the Pantheon, being that Karl Franz was one of the very few humans the Wood Elves ever liked. Upon encountering Emperor Franz, Orion remarked that if there was ever a human that deserved to rise to the ranks of Godhood, it was him.
  • At some point, David Attenborough suggested visiting Athel Loren to document the lives of the Wood Elves. Naturally, Orion was hostile to this, siting they simply do not want anyone watching over them. This hasn’t stopped some of his film crews from trying, but the Wood Elves usually chase them out of the forest before they can film anything.
  • The Monster Hunters view Orion as a worthy rival when battling monsters, and often assist him during particularly dangerous hunts. They often feel blessed to be hunting with someone like him.
    • In the same vein, whenever Hircine calls for one one of his Hunter’s Games, Orion is often the first to join in, noting that a deity who represents hunting is to be worshipped, regardless of alliance.
  • He despises Mr. Burns due to the fact that he often deliberately destroys nature and has warned the tycoon that he will be quick to harm him and his employees should he try to damage or destroy so much as one tree in Athel Loren. He was equally angered to learn that Burns had, at least once, set up a logging factory to try to further his business ventures, and noted that such things could not be allowed in the forests.
    • In a similar vein, he has made it clear that Hexxus will he fought should he attempt to cause harm to Athel Loren, noting that being the embodiment of pollution will not save him from their powers. Hexxus couldn’t care less, as polluting forests is his nature, even if they’re inhabited.
  • In Killian Experience’s version of Warhammer involving Melvin the Everchosen, the Wood Elves were defeated by accident when two of Melvin’s generals burned down Athel Loren during a smoke break. Orion was none too pleased by Killain’s claims about this, siting that the complete destruction of Athel Loren is a grave sin to the Wood Elves.
"You call yourselves hunters? Don't you know you stand before Orion, Master of the Wild Hunt?"

    Rinoa Heartilly 
Rinoa Heartilly, Goddess of the Mage Species (Sorcereress' Successor)
  • Theme Song: Rinoa's Theme
  • Intermediate Goddess (with potential for Greater Goddess)
  • Symbol: A pair of white angel wings
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Weapon of Choice: "Blaster Edge"
  • Portfolio: Action Girl, Military Brat, Being Together With Squall, Gaining Wings With Magic Powers, Powerful Sorceress, Using a Dog for Combat, Feather Motif, Taking Her Mom's Last Name.
  • Domain: Magic, Heroes, Power.
  • Herald: Sant' Angelo di Roma (her femalenote  Australian Shepherd)
  • Mentor: Doctor Strange
  • Allies: Squall Leonhart, Yuna, Tifa Lockhart, Kairi, Ruby Rose, Weiss Schnee, Blake Belladonna, Yang Xiao Long, Zelda, Twilight Sparkle, Kat (DmC)
  • Enemies: Ultimecia, Sephiroth, Kuja, Kefka Palazzo, Ragyo Kiryuin, Lord Tirek
  • Rivals: Kasumi, Ayane
  • In the world of Final Fantasy VIII, there is a very special kind of witch race called Sorceresses, who are able to use magic naturally and are more powerful than Para-Magic. This is possible because Sorceresses posess power from their world deity named Hyne. A Sorceress's power can pass down to potential Sorceress when they are at the end of their lives, and the latest inheritor of that great power is Rinoa Heartilly, whose potential hasn't even been reached yet.
  • No one was more happier for Rinoa's ascension then the normally stoic Squall Leonhart. Or to be more specific, Rinoa descended down to Squall's welcoming arms like an angel. Lucina thought it was cute.
    • Now that the two are finally together, Rinoa has been doing her best in helping him mingle more around the Pantheon, to the amusement of others.
  • Seeing that she has much potential as a magic user, Steven Strange himself has become Rinoa's mentor in better handling her powers. So far Rinoa has gained the ability to grow a pair of white angel wings and fly. Not only that, her magic has increased to the point of functioning very differently than they were in her own world. Still, heavy use will leave her very exhausted afterward.
  • While Rinoa has been using her magic more, she still relies on her Blaster Edge and the use of her dog companion Angelo (who, for the record, is a female). She has been thinking of taking up the use of the Gunblade, but decided against that since it might take years to master it. Still, she might settle for a simple sword…
  • Once mistook Ragyo Kiryuin for an evil Sorceress after seeing her in this and in this. The last one making her remember that awful time when she was absorbed in Adel. She became sick when she found out what she was going to do to the Earth and what she did to her two daughters.
  • Many deities believe that Rinoa is Ultimecia. This is despite the fact that Ultimecia come from way in the future. Others will counter maybe she is immortal. And others will argue why would Rinoa want to destroy her friends in the first place. And then there are those who are convince Greiver is really Squall transformed into a Guardian Force. Many hours have been spent on this argument.
  • Became very close friends with Team RWBY. For Ruby and Yang, it's because they both own and love an awesome dog. For Blake, it's for their love of books. And Weiss, it's for both having family issues dealing with their fathers. She shared in their mourning of the passing of their creator.
  • While close with many ascended FF deities, she is special close towards Yuna and Tifa Lockhart after the three fought against Kasumi, Ayane, and Hitomi that one time. Also, many have noticed that she and Tifa kind of look like each other.
  • Loves to visit the House of Knowledge because of its large collection of books. Sometimes she spends hours reading before falling asleep in which Squall has to carry her home.
  • Found common grounds with Zelda because both have powers descended from their universe's Gods.
  • She also has a place in the Hall of Witches and Wizards.

    The ThunderCats 

The ThunderCatsnote , Quarter Representatives of Humanoid Felines (Lion-O: Lord of the ThunderCats)
The 2011/Reboot Version from Top to Bottom: Panthro, Cheetara, Lion-O, and Tygra
WilyKat (Left) and WilyKit (Right)
The Original 1985 Version 
  • Intermediate Gods (Lion-O and as a group), Lesser Gods (Panthro, Cheetara, and Tygra), Demideities (WilyKat and WilyKit)
  • Symbol: The ThunderCats Emblem
  • Theme Song: ThunderCats Theme (1985 and 2011)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good with both Lawful and Chaotic tendencies
  • Portfolio: Humanoid Felines, Panthera Awesome, Older Than They Look
  • Domains: Heroism, Warriors, Felines, Extraterrestrials, Loyalty, Companionship
  • Heralds: Snarf, Jaga, Lynx-O, Pumyra, Bengali
  • Followers: Avocato, Little Cato, Amelia, Kimahri Ronso
  • Allies: Prince Adam/He-Man, Adora/She-Ra, Catra, Clark Kent/Superman, Kara Zor-El/Supergirl, Son Goku, Vegeta, Mark Grayson/Invincible, Sigmar Heldenhammer, Arturia Pendragon, King Arthur Pendragon, Merlin, The SWAT Kats, Firestar, Bluestar, Jayfeather, Diana of Themyscira/Wonder Woman, Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, Raiden, Link, Princess Zelda, Simba, Mufasa, Anne-Marie, Taokaka, Ragna the Bloodedge, Litchi Faye-Ling, Bang Shishigami, T'Challa/Black Panther
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Nolan Grayson/Omni-Man, Bardock
  • Enemies: Skeletor, Darkseid, Vril Dox/Brainiac, General Zod, Regime Superman, Frieza, Cooler, Megatron, Starscream, Shinnok, Katz, Scourge, Ganondorf, Evolto/Kamen Rider Evolt, Killbas, Scar
  • Wary Of: Teostra and Lunastra
  • Worthy Opponent: Barbara Ann Minerva/Cheetah
  • The planet Thundera was dying, and its inhabitants had to be quick about evacuating as many of its kind as possible, among them being a sect of nobility known as the ThunderCats. However, the ThunderCats were attacked by their sworn nemesis, the Mutants of Plun-Darr, who, in their attempt to find the fabled Sword of Omens that housed the Eye of Thundera. Despite the eye's power intimidating the Mutants, they had caused enough damage to the ThunderFleet, forcing the ThunderCats to change their original destination to a planet known as Third Earth, with the ThunderCats patriarch, Jaga, piloting the plane whilst the other members, consisting of a future successor, Lion-O, and fellow ThunderCats named Panthro, Cheetara, Tygra, WilyKat, WilyKit, and Snarf, were put into sleep in a suspension capsule to preserve their bodies. En route, Jaga dies of old age, seeing as the trip had lasted for years, though the ship was successful in reaching its destination.
    • When the remaining members of the ThunderCats, woke up from their sleep, Lion-O realized that because of the damage the ship sustained, his suspension capsule also took a hit, resulting in his chamber having slowed his aging as opposed to stopping it, and as a result, Lion-O instantly grew into an adult, albeit with the mentality of a child. Working with new friends made in Third Earth to establish a new base of operations, the Cat's Lair and the ThunderCats decided to reestablish themselves as warriors of good, with Lion-O being the one to wield the Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera into battle. Along the way, they have battled against several threats, including the Mutants and their newfound Arch-Enemy, the demonic mummy-sorcerer known as Mumm-Ra, who desire to steal the Eye of Thundera to achieve ultimate power for themselves.
  • Prior to the Pantheon, the ThunderCats were aware of the fact that beings from outside their universe did exist, but were rather unaware of the fact that there more to that... until one point where Skeletor and He-Man ended up taking one of their battles to the Third Earth, unwillingly on the latter's side. Having known Skeletor before, the ThunderCats once again united with Prince Adam to fend off the Lord of Destruction. Things got even more hectic when Superman showed up and turned the tide on He-Man and the ThunderCat's favor, forcing Skeletor to retreat. Confused about the situation, Lion-O approached the Man of Steel and the Master of Power about what had been going on. The two explained that Skeletor was seeking a means to power himself up in the House of Shape, and Adam and Superman were quick to chase him there. When questioned about the term "House", the two realized that the ThunderCats were unaware of the Pantheon's existence, much to their own surprise. But knowing that Third Earth had been exposed to all sorts of new threats, Superman and He-Man were aware that it was a matter of time that the ThunderCats learned about the Pantheon and had to contribute to it in some capacity. To that end, Adam and Kal-El made a pledge with Cosmos to get the quartet ascended, which she did. Initially, a bit intimidated first by the scope of the Pantheon, the ThunderCats didn't waver against their will to protect their kind and fight against evil, deciding to do the best they can to contribute to these divine realms.
  • The ThunderCats are quite the dynamic team, with each of them having some unique traits that distinguish each other, yet they're also very close to one another and are more than willing to fight alongside, determined to preserve their own kind and defend themselves and their close ones against whoever threatens them or attempts to use the Eye of Thunders for their own machinations. Lion-O has come a long way, having matured considerably from the manchild he used to be in his early days as a hero, whereas Panthro, Cheetara, and Tygra are just as dedicated to their cause and have forged new friendships whilst they grew to respect Lion-O more as he became more mature and better leader over time. Though they are careful about their predicament as they're aware that the Eye of Thundera would likely be sought by other villains in the Pantheon that they would like to use for their own machinations. However, with support from Cosmos, He-Man, and Superman, the ThunderCats have become assured and confident in being defenders in the Pantheon.
  • As humanoid felines, they naturally ended up getting accustomed to the Hall of Felines where they were met with an assortment of ascended cats, both primal and primordial. Of course, the ThunderCats couldn't help but get themselves acquainted with the pack. In particular, Lion-O saw himself hanging out with Simba a number of times. It seems that they were able to connect with one another in the sense that they have been given responsibility at a very unexpected timing, back when things were dire and they were inexperienced. Of course, after dealing with their issues and becoming more mature over their journeys, Lion-O and Simba quickly became revered leaders and they're been determined to protect and look after those they care about ever since. So it came as no surprise that they became good friends and supporters of one another. Simba himself has gotten along well with the ThunderCats generally, though he admits to being a bit too unfamiliar with Tygra, given that Tigers are not native to Africa. In spite of this, Simba and Lion-O are eager to promote unity, regardless of any feline species.
    • Of course, the ThunderCats's relationship with Simba would lead to them also learning about Mufasa and Scar. While Lion-O and his companionship became great allies with the former, they hold a big deal of disappointment and disapproval towards the latter, for Scar was more than willing to kill Mufasa and Simba, his own brother and nephew, just to take over leadership of the Pride Lands. Scar meeting them for the first time only furthered the contempt between the two parties when the malicious lion revealed just how self-absorbed and narcissistic he was. While Zira stood by Scar's side, most other felines were in support of the ThunderCats, who supported them in decrying Scar and his followers as disgraces to their family and species. While Scar has been greatly annoyed by his bruised ego, it hasn't stopped him from having thoughts to kill, or at least overthrowing the ThunderCats in some way, though he has to constantly remind himself that the ThunderCats would easily kill him is Scar isn't too careful.
    • Among other specific felines were a group of cats that formed communities known as clans and their struggles to look out for one another and ensure their survival led to a whole scale of stories that involved family drama, exile, struggles for leadership, fighting against other clans for dominance, preserving the next generation and beyond, and dealing with and coming to terms with death on a number of occasions. These tales reminded the ThunderCtats of their own experience, which helped them to further assert their unity and drive to protect their kind and others. On a personal note, they became well-associated with Firestar, Bluestar, and Jayfeather for trying to keep up with the needs of their communities and making sure they provided enough for their kin to survive, which was enough to earn the ThunderCats's respect. On the other hand, they pity the circumstances Scourge went through in his youth, but ultimately decided that he was too far gone to really reach out towards and instead condemn him for his villainous acts.
    • Unlike most individuals, or even felines for that matter, they were awed by Teostra and Lunastra... at first. The ThunderCats still appreciate the Elder Dragon couple, but after they had their first encounter, they knew better than to simply come across even one of them, seeing as Lunastra incited a battle towards the quartet for simply intruding on her territory. The ThunderCats were barely able to escape the wrath of the Flame Dragon Princess and decided that they needed to be more careful when approaching either of them, although Teostra is more amicable, if only somewhat. While the full power of the Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera can likely even the odds or even defeat Teostra and Lunastra, Lion-O thinks it's better to just leave them be, seeing as while territorial, they likely would be more focused on their domain. Though the ThunderCats have admitted that they would fight the Elder Dragon pair if left with no other choice.
    • While not a feline himself, T'Challa has stylized himself after the panther whenever he is going under his superhero alias, Black Panther. Being of royalty and positioned to be the leader of the nation of Wakanda, he would come into contact with the ThunderCats after Superman had offered them a like-minded hero to give them further guidance. Being no stranger to weird occurrences, literal humanoid felines included, T'Challa was very welcoming of the sextet upon learning of their exploits and allows them to fight him, mainly as a way to gauge their strengths, weaknesses, and their unity, to which he saw that it was close. Promising fun for the ThunderKittens, more cozy homes for them all, and upgraded gadgets and equipment for them, T'Challa is most focused on Lion-O, seeing as he is a budding leader and with his young age, T'Challa is keen on giving him pointers and tips on what makes a good leader and warrior, which the ThunderCat leader has taken seriously on. Overall, he has nothing but admiration and support for the ThunderCats and is willing to fight for their cause.
  • They are essentially aliens, considering their origins from a distant planet that eventually collapsed to destruction, leaving them among the Last of their Kind. They've been allies with Superman even before ascending into the Pantheon, so they were sure that there were others who've been through a similar experience as they did. They would quickly become friends with Kal-El's cousin, Kara Zor-El, better known as Supergirl for upholding similar heroic beliefs and responsibilities as they did, even if she held a temperamental and impulsive side to her. Much to the ThunderCats's delight, Kara had a pet cat, Streaky, who was a crime-fighting supercat, and it wasn't long before WilyKat and WilyKit wanted to play and have an adventure with Streaky. On her side, Kara found the ThunderCats to be endearing and can relate to their plights in settling down in an unfamiliar world. She also respected Lion-O for his maturity and his rising leadership, which she felt was something that Kara herself would need some lessons in.
    • Other alien survivors included the Saiyans and the Viltrumites, both of whom proved to be far more powerful than the ThunderCats expected. Fortunately, most of the ascended ones they came across were rather benevolent in nature, with Son Goku enjoying the fact that he and Lion-O have a childish mindset that they can endear themselves with as well as a protective instinct whenever their friends and family are concerned. The sextet also came to appreciate Mark Grayson for his superhero career as Invincible as well as him trying to do the best he can regarding leading the Viltrumites to a better age. Their interactions with Bardock and Omni-Man proved to be more complicated, however, due to their dark and murky history as galactic marauders and as an enforcer to an oppressive empire respectively and while both of them have tried to become better people over time, it hasn't changed Bardock and Omni-Man from retaining their ruthlessness in combat. That said, Bardock does respect the ThunderCats's determined nature in fighting for their cause whereas Omni-Man thinks that the group still needs refinement in their strength and skill, even if he does think Lion-O is a capable leader.
    • One of their most surprising allies came in the form of the Autobots. Despite their obviously different physiologies, they came to bond over the fact that they were among the last remnants of a bygone world and that they have set shop as defenders of a new home whilst fighting against threats that have persisted even before their previous homes' collapse. Seeing as he was many years his senior, Optimus Prime proved to be a good mentor for Lion-O, with the latter being open to learning more about pacifism and valuing others, whilst also learning when to stand up for one's self and for others. That, and despite Lion-O's temperamental nature, Optimus thinks his big heart would mean he's a naturally good leader, plus the two have surprisingly worked well as a team and as allies, with Bumblebee being a recurring presence for the ThunderKittens and making sure to protect them in case they venture off to other places out of curiosity. Of course, tris meant the ThunderCats would become enemies with Megatron, Starscream, and the Deceptions, whose aspirations for world domination are not dissimilar to Mumm-Ra's goals, though Megatron is dismissive of him as a whelp in comparison to his experience in villainy and infamy.
  • The ThunderCats treasure the Eye of Thundera not just because it is an artifact of incredible and cosmic power beyond comprehension, but also because it is literally the lifeblood of the ThunderCats. If the Eye is destroyed, it would kill Lion-O and every single member of his race, so while it may be their most powerful weapon and item, it is their greatest weakness at the same time. Not many people know about this, and He-Man learned to put it through a battle simulation which concluded with him destroying the Eye of Thundera to take the win, although it killed Lion-O and the ThunderCats. Adam didn't take the information too well, stating that he would never kill anyone, let alone Lion-O for a disagreement (though he did have to clarify what kind of relation he has with Cringer, given his Painful Transformation into Battle Cat was what sparked the dispute at the sim in the first place) and simply wishes for his friends to be careful when it comes to the use of his sword and sacred jewel. Panthro has since taken measures to better the durability of the Sword of Omens as well as add more defenses to his team's arsenal as well as shield the Eye of Thundera. While Adam and the ThunderCats aren't fond of Wiz and Boomstick, they do cite them for taking better priority over their defensiveness in general combat.
  • With their story having heavy ties to the Sword of Omensnote  the topic of legendary swords wasn't new for the ThunderCats, considering they're also aware of He-Man's Power Sword, which is powered by the magic of Grayskull. By extension, Lion-O has seen himself bonding with Arthur Pendragon thanks to their story of being raised to be a great leader whilst also enduring a grand adventure as a way to build up their wisdom, leadership, and strength. The same was also applied to Arthur's Distaff Counterpart, Arturia, though her tale was already complete by the time she was involved in the Holy Grail Wars. Arthur and Arturia were willing to trade blows with their Excalibur against Lion-O's Sword of Omens in exchange for the two kings of England to impart their own wisdom and knowledge towards the ThunderCats, hoping that they can form a strong relationship with each other. Lion-O, more than eager to sate his desire for a thrill and for the sake of his companions, accepted. He eventually came to appreciate Excalibur when he fought Arthur and Arturia on separate occasions as well as seeing a worthy rival and ally in those two anytime he needs help.
    • The Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera were given some mention by the denizens of Hyrule, particularly it's greatest hero, Link, and its most notable monarch, Zelda, considering that the former also wielded a fabled sword, namely the Master Sword, and that both of them held a mystical relic, pieces of the Triforce. Both parties very quickly became friends with each other, with Zelda providing further aid and support for the quartet and Lion-O opting to fight against Link as a way to better their swordplay as well as their use of their items. Link took it a bit further and fought against all the ThunderCats at one point. Outside of their spar, the ThunderCats and Link enjoy each other's company, with the latter appreciating the former's camaraderie with each other and participating in some of their activities. That said, the quartet is wary of Ganondorf, given that his scheming nature, great power, and desire to rule the world isn't far off from what Mumm-Ra seeks to accomplish, hence their approval to help Link and Zelda in stopping the Great Evil King.
  • As survivors of destroyed worlds, they are quite cautious of other survivors who were either rejected by their kind or had a hand in destroying it. This is why they announced their opposition against General Zod as, while wanting to avert Krypton's destruction, he was not above using terroristic tactics and warmongering to achieve his ends. While Zod personally doesn't involve himself too much in the ThunderCats' matters, their alliance with Kal-El means cthat he would have to deal with them on some occasions. That said, he is willing to allow the quartet to surrender and pledge their allegiance to him, relating to their circumstances as survivors, though Lion-O sees past this and denounces him for his acts, greatly annoying Zod. That said, Zod is insistent that they may be forced into an alliance, whether they like it or not, considering he doesn't think of Mumm-Ra too highly and that there are greater threats looming in the Pantheon.
    • By extension, they found several enemies in the Pantheon, particularly those who treat destroying planets as a hobby, and considering that they're survivors, it's no surprise that they are appalled to learn of those kinds of beings. Frieza, Cooler, and Evolto were three of those examples, and given the amount of destruction and extinction they've caused and the sheer joy they take in their acts, the ThunderCats deemed to be just as heinous as Mumm-Ra, even though Frieza and Cooler honestly couldn't care about them and Evolto would rather toy around and cruelly belittle them for his own amusement. Brainiac was another destroyer, though he only does it for the sake of his own self-absorbed and narcissistic desire for knowledge, though he expresses interest in the Sword of Omens and the Eye of Thundera, thinking that they could be worthwhile items to hold for his collection. Not that Lion-O and his compatriots would ever back down from fighting against the Collector of World's, especially when they have Superman as a friend in need. Though from what Kal-El has told them, they are most wary of Darkseid, who also seeks the ThunderCats's most treasured items, though he's not above destroying the Eye of Thundera if he wants to see a threat eliminated as quickly as possible. So far, the quartet tend to avoid Darkseid as much as they could, knowing that the Lord of Tyranny is too overwhelming for them to fight back against unless they have heavy support.
  • Among their newest set of allies and supporters are Bang Shishigami, who want through a similar situation as the ThunderCats regarding seeing his home get razed, forcing him to become the leader of his people, much to his burden. That said, his sense of honor and responsibility is not too different from the ThunderCats's, which helped in him understand them enough to be empathetic towards their plight as well as aid them whenever he can. From Bang's own world, Taokaka, a humanoid cat herself, quickly saw the ThunderCats as new play-buddies. Although first impressions were mixed due to her clingyness, the ThunderKittens liked her to the point of them being willing to learn a few tricks from Taokaka. While the adult quartet see her as a bit annoying, they do respect that Taokaka simply wants to have some fun and that she would fight for them if need be. Of course, Ragna and Litchi have to keep Taokaka from going too bonkers and have to apologize to the ThunderCats in case her mischief goes out of hand. It helps that Taokaka, Ragna, and Litchi are all friends of Bang, and the ThunderCats are open to accept them in their circle of comrades, respecting their commitment and their struggles as well as sympathizing with what Ragna had to go through, and vice-versa.
  • Despite being the physical bulk and powerhouse of the group, Panthro is actually among the smarter ones. In fact, he's the one who's most well-versed in technology, having come up with some gadgets, including the ones the ThunderCats tend to use in their adventures and serves maintenance when opting to repair something. In his spare time, he would often be lounging at the House of Machinery and Technology, more than open to offer a helping hand to anyone who wants to have their tech or vehicle repaired. It's also there where he met up with T-Bone and Razor, who were a pair that went by the SWAT Kats who used their piloting skills and quick thinking to protect Megakat City from an assortment of threats. Incidentally, Panthro was assigned to repair their ship after an incident in the House of Crime and Transgressions and after the job was done, the three of them hung out for a while. It's there where the SWAT Kats decided to leave a notice to Panthro, thanking him for helping them out with their aircraft and promising to meet the ThunderCats at some point, which did eventually happen.
  • Of the group, only Panthro doesn't seem to express any romantic interest as far as the adults go. Furthermore, Cheetara and Tygra have pursued a relationship with each other, and they were surprised to discover that in one divergent timeline separate from the Pantheon, they would settle down and have twin sons, WilyCat and WilyCub. Of course, the Pantheon hasn't stopped Cheetara and Tygra from thinking about getting together at some point, though they've admitted that they still need to prioritize their work in regards to looking out for Lion-O and defending their race and the Pantheon. On another note, the knowledge of them having twin sons has the two consider having children at some point, but if need be, they'll try and see if they can get WilyCat and WilyCub into the Pantheon, even if they only have to be heralds for them.
    • Speaking of Cheetara, her description as an anthropomorphic cheetah caught the attention of Barbara Ann Minerva, who went by the alias of said species as a supervillain. While usually apathetic and more keen on stealing riches and fighting Wonder Woman, she expressed interest in Cheetara and made it a point to fight against her. This then escalated to Barbara wanting to fight the ThunderCats when she saw what they were capable of. The ThunderCats expressed dismay and disappointment over Barbara's primary motivations as well as her general apathy towards Humanity, though she feels as if she's found worthy prey in the quartet and she would like to savour the moment when she defeats the ThunderCats, genuinely respecting their power. That said, she's found a new way to frustrate the quartet, namely by mentioning off-hand that she'll take in WilyKat and WilyKit and raise them to be thieves like herself, though she only says this to provoke the ThunderCats into fighting them. Of course, Barbara would like to get her hands on the Sword of Omens, thinking that being in possession of the blade and the Eye of Thundera would make her an apex predator.
  • Being the youngsters of the sextet, WilyKat and WilyKit are usually told not to get themselves involved with danger and they comply... unless they decide to follow along anyway. With the Pantheon presenting far bigger stakes than their universe ever did, the ThunderCats were more assertive about their safety, but even that does little to stop them from venturing the Pantheon's vast locales and landmarks regardless. Unlike most children their age, they don't commute as much in the House of Childhood and Adolescence, though their nature as runaway cubs and orphans won them some new friends like Anne-Marie, who enjoys WilyKit's flute sessions, though being reminded of family can make them sentimental since they haven't been since since Thundera's destruction, so they admittedly feel too reluctant to visit the House of Family and Relatives. One thing that the ThunderCats try to do is make sure they don't think about stealing the House of Commerce, though they do state that they only want to rob the bad people and while precocious, they have to be reminded that said "bad people" can get them into a lot of trouble, something that the ThunderKittens are quite guilty of in the past several times.
  • They also hold a spot in the Hall of Anthropomorphic Animals.

Varsuuvius, God/dess of Effeminate Elves (V)
  • Intermediate God(dess) (formerly Lesser God(dess). Was very briefly an Overdeity, but doesn't like to talk about that.
  • Symbol: A pink triangle with a question mark on it
  • Alignment: Arrogant Neutral
  • Portfolio: Ambiguous Gender, Ambiguously Gay, Anti-Hero, The Atoner, Crippling Overspecialization, Deadpan Snarker, Functional Magic, Glass Cannon, Guile Hero, Inferiority Superiority Complex, Insufferable Genius, It's All My Fault, Jerkass, Protective Parents, Terrifyingly Protective Parents, The Plot Reaper, Pride, Squishy Wizard, Sugar-and-Ice Personality, Unscrupulous Hero
  • Domains: Knowledge, Magic, Explosions, Fire, Isolation (formerly)
  • Followers: Oberon, Aloth
  • Allies: The rest of The Order of the Stick, Merlin
  • Anonymous Benefactor: Sol Badguy
  • Enemies: Xykon, Tarquin, Bahamut Hel
  • Opposes: Miko Miyazaki
  • Pities: Sheldon Cooper
  • Annoyed with: Leeroy Jenkins
  • Uneasy Relationship: Drizzt Do'Urden
  • Varsuuvius largely ascended because everyone else was ascending. Besides, Elan and Haley both agreed shi should. Varsuuvius has been reminded by hir crow not to let this get to hir head again. Varsuuvius for the most part just nods silently. Shi's had enough as is.
  • People are just plain confused about what the hell shi's supposed to be. A man? A woman? Either way, seems to be rather fond of the color pink...
    • With that said, V has no interest in interacting with the subhouse of Gender Appearances, having been repeatedly dogged by every being there trying to figure out which House the elf belongs too. There's much more important matters to go into.
    • Was revealed to be in a relationship... but it only raised even more questions.
  • Initially only joined the Order of the Stick in order to amass great arcane power. That made V less likely to interact with the Order. Haley and to a lesser extent Roy are V's go to members to talk to. Elan proved to be too idiotic and Belkar to reckless for V's tastes. And yet, the wizard has learned to cooperate with the group.
    • As such, V shares their united disgust of Miko's inclusion in the Pantheon. Not one to care about the extremes of alignment, the paladin's extreme interpretation of the law was too much for even V to bare. Is only slightly relieved that Miko goes after certain other members more frequently.
    • Finds Leeroy Jenkins to be almost as annoying. Almost because V finds Elan's antics at least slightly more enduring and the fact that the later has shown signs of improvement.
  • While for the most part no one is aware of hir little accident, there are a few who are. Bahamut tends to look at hir disparagingly, in no small part for what shi did and its consequences. Sol Badguy, however, seems to be trying to push hir on the path to redemption. Not that he really needs to, anyhow…
    • Has made amends with the Order over the incident, with the group more or less willing to keep the elf in the group. Belkar stated it made him like V for once. It hasn't helped with the guilt one bit.
  • Has a complicated relationship with most of the parents of the Pantheon... While some were moved by how far V will go to protect hir (ex-)mate and children, the full rammifications and sheer power was also frightening, especially the amount of innocents accidentally killed.)
  • While V has never struggled regarding Family Versus Career, shi has been found meditating with a picture of hir (former) mate quite often with a rather lamentful look. The only reason shi did not try and patch things up was in order to let hir family be safe from any other enemies shi may face as a result of hir travels with the Order of the Stick.
  • While not present, V also took the events leading to Durkon's death, vampirification and being hijacked to become the High Priest of Hel like the others, not happy at all. While its now known how shi fully feels, some have noted that V may be beating hirself for another perecieved failure on hir part; after all, had shi not panicked, shi would've been able to help hir team.) Regardless, Hel has become another enemy for V to take down.
  • When V found out there was a deity for dark elves, V was ready to give that person a verbal beatdown. V has long been stymied by a rival wizard called Zz'dtri. The encounter wasn't quite as expected. The resident god explained that the wizard in question wasn't a part of his clergy, though he did promise to look into things. Varsuuvius remains slow to trust the drow, even with the Z's death. Associating himself with Artemis on occasion didn't help his case.
  • V and Sheldon have known each other for a while now and their relationship has evolved as they both underwent Character Development. Both known for rubbing their intelligence on others' faces, a team-up between the two used to be unbearable. Both have improved, though Sheldon has been lagging behind (he does hold the title of Insufferable Genius after all). Still, the elf continues to occasionally visit the physicist.
  • As a Wizard Classic, V does have to pay lip service to Merlin the wizard. While initially scoffing at giving him much praise, their friendship has improved after V's Break the Haughty moment.

Lesser Gods

    Legolas and Gimli 
Legolas and Gimli, Gods of Tension Between Elves and Dwarves and Body-Count Competitions (Legolas: Greenleaf, Prince of the Woodland Realm | Gimli: Son of Glóin, Lord of the Glittering Caves, Elf Friend, Lockbearer)

    Scanty and Kneesocks 
Scanty and Kneesocks, Goddesses of Horned Humanoids (The Daemon Sisters, High-Class Demon Commanders)

    Wilbur Whateley 
Wilbur Whateley, God of Humanoid Abominations
His human form as depicted in the 1970 movie
His true form as he appears in Russel's Guide
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His journal
  • Theme Music: The Dunwich Horror 1970 OST, Avoid the Road to Dunwich and The Birth of Wilbur Whateley by Graham Plowman
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Literal Humanoid Abomination (Potentially With His Grandfather As The "Vessel"), Seeks To Bring His Father To End Life On Earth, Younger Than They Look, Psychopathic Manchild, Cared For His Grandfather, Eyes On His Hips, Hillbilly Horrors, To Create a Playground for Evil
  • Domains: Eldritch Beings, Hybrids, Humanoids, Doomsayers
  • Interested in: The Flying Spaghetti Monster, Hermaeus Mora, Abigail Williams
  • Allies: Yog-Sothoth (his father) and presumably Cthulhu (technically his uncle), The Bakers
  • Rivals: Damien Thorn (more on Wilbur's end)
  • Enemies: Clara Oswald, The Doctor, his father's enemies in general, The SCP Foundation, The House of Canines
  • Evil Counterpart to: Leah (Diablo)
  • Annoyed by: Eric Cartman
  • The town of Dunwich, Massachusetts was thoroughly unremarkable until Wilbur Whateley is born. A strange, goatish-looking man, he displays unnaturally rapid physical and mental development, dogs hate him and he comes off as uncanny. While his mother never states who the father is, Whateley is actually the spawn of Yog-Sothoth itself and on his grandfather's orders seeks to bring the Earth to his father. His true form is monstrous, and seeks to help his even more monstrous brother, the titular Horror, to do so.
  • Could be considered an archetype of The Antichrist, something Damien noticed. Damien seeks the victory of evil and desolation of mankind, Wilbur seeks to move the Earth to the realm of his father, so they are of different minds in what their desired apocalypse would be. He wasn't too impressed with the Psychopathic Manchild, however Wilbur shot back at him due to his allegiance;
  • Was conditioned by his grandfather, who some theorize may have been used as Yog-Sothoth's vessel to impregnate his mother, to fulfill his desire to see Yog-Sothoth destroy the world. In some ways he's similar to Leah, being raised by their parental figure for an apocalyptic purpose. The different is that she ultimately had free will while Wilbur is consigned to his mission and to aid his twin. He appears too childish to get her resistance.
  • Though they oppose his actions, a number of Anti-Anti Christs like Hellboy have sympathy for him as he is ultimately a pawn in his grandfather's goals, instead of being willingly malicious like Damien Thorn. Rosemary Woodhouse pities what his mother must've went through, given her own ordeal.
  • Wilbur Whateley was overjoyed to learn of his father's presence in the pantheon, however it is unknown what the Outer Gods' thoughts are on his plan. Well, more of Old Man Whateley's plan to be honest. Some wonder why and how a being transcending space-time would mate with humans. Some believe he did so as the Great Intelligence through the Dr Simeon avatar. Whateley hates Clara for foiling the Great Intelligence's attempt to turn the Doctor's victories into defeats.
  • Trying to find acknowledgement for his role, Wilbur Whateley located his nephew Cthulhunote . For the time Cthulhu accepts his plans, as they align with Yog-Sothoth. Wilbur was disheartened to learn that Eric Cartman managed to make him work for him by being cute, as he finds the Jerkass to be really annoying.
  • He was ever interested in Abigail Williams due to her connection with Yog-Sothoth, or Sut-Typhon as the Master of Chaldea has called him. She is the Vessel of his father, although it's not exactly something she desires. The SCP Foundation wants to cut their interactions to a minimum for obvious reasons, lest he might suggest she fully embrace his father's will.
  • Before meeting his father in person, Wilbur Whateley mistook Hermaeus Mora for Yog-Sothoth. The Daedric Prince gets the confusion and they share similar traits like existing outside of linear time and possessing vast amounts of knowledge often sought out by mortals and cultists. He remains intrigued by Mora. Wilbur is also intrigued by the Flying Spaghetti Monster, thinking he is some sort of pasta-based Outer God.
  • Dunwich is a rundown, degenerate hamlet in the middle of nowhere. And the Whateley's exemplify this. For this reason Wilbur Whateley gets along well with the Bakers. Joe Baker was very worried about his family because of this, though given Wilbur is ultimately a pawn in his grandfather's posthumous goals he does feel sorry for him. He fears that Lucas might exploit him into becoming something worse, not helped by Wilbur being 15 years old despite looking in his 30s.
  • Really doesn't like dogs, and wasn't happy to learn of the House of Canines. Dogs never liked him, but despite how inhuman he is a single guard dog laid the killing blow and Wilbur's rather salty over that. After he died he disintegrated into a sticky white mass, his blood being a green-yellow ichor.