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Lesser Gods

Atreus, The Combat and Support God (Son of Kratos, Boy - by Kratos, Little Brother - by Mimir, Loki - by Faye and the Jötnar)
Atreus in God of War Ragnarök
Atreus in God of War 
  • Lesser God (considering his parentage, he very likely has the potential to be MUCH higher)
  • Symbol: His Notebook With Faye's Handprint On The Cover
  • Leitmotif: Memories of Mother
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: 1/4 God, 1/2 Jötunn, 1/4 Mortal, Assist Character, Badass Adorable, Brutal Honesty, Calling Your Attacks, Canon Character All Along, Cunning Linguist, Destined To Trigger Ragnarök, Good Feels Good, Greek Demigod Father, Norse/Jötunn Mother, Hearing Voices, Improbable Aiming Skills, Momma's Boy, Morality Pet, Named After A Spartan Warrior, Nice Kid, Pint-Sized Powerhouse, Took a Level in Badass, Translator Buddy
  • Domains: Children, Norse Mythology, Jötun Ancestry, Greek Ancestry, Archery, Divine Heritage
  • Additional Relationships: Kratos (father), Jörmungandr (his son from the future), Zeus (grandfather), Cronos (great-grandfather), Ares (uncle), Athena and Artemis (aunts), Poseidon (great-uncle)
  • Conflicting Opinion: Thor (Marvel), Sophitia Alexandra, Percy Jackson, Annabeth Chase, pretty much anyone who has issue with his dad
  • Not Connected To: The Other Loki
  • Allies: Aloy, Arya Stark, Jon Snow, Odysseus, Leonidas I, The Monster Hunters, Alexander the Great, Daenerys Targaryen, Anivia, Chibiterasu, Grey Wolf Sif, Mithra
  • Rivals in Archery: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow, Clint Barton/Hawkeye, Hanzo Shimada, Kung Jin, Legolas
  • Enemies: Gregor Clegane, Thanos, Most Of The Greek Pantheon whom his dad killed
  • Approved by: Asura
  • When Atreus learned that he was a God first time around...he had let it go to his head. Now, upon learning that he was to be given a place in the Pantheon, the son of Kratos took the news well, meaning that he was going to join his father in the Pantheon.
  • If you've seen what he had done to Mođi, then insulting his late mother is a bad idea. Even threatening and/or kidnapping Atreus will clearly piss Kratos off. And may the gods help you should Atreus summon Jörmungandr...
    • Speaking of Jörmungandr, Atreus was pleased as punch to discover the World Serpent in the Pantheon. Mimir was right about the part of Jörmungandr being a "sparkling conversationalist" now that he knows enough of Jörmungandr's language. When Atreus is not with his dad, he can be seen on Jörmungandr's head, happily chatting away with the World Serpent.
    • Gregor Clegane discovers this tidbit the hard way when he tried to cleave Atreus in two with his great sword. Cue Atreus unleashing a horde of wolves and his pissed-off dad chasing the Mountain off.
    • Thanos thought he had killed Loki in the past, and decided to pursue him. Imagine his surprise that instead of the trickster god that is well-known throughout the Pantheon, he found a boy, whose dad is an infamous god killer. Deciding that discretion is the better part of valor, Thanos spares Atreus...for now.
  • Given his father's hatred towards Zeus and the Olympians (save for Aphrodite), Atreus isn't named after a god, but rather a Spartan whom Kratos had served alongside in the past. While the Spartans were a warrior culture, Atreus the Spartan stood out due to his compassion and kindness, which helped with the Spartans' morale. Atreus the Spartan gave his life in battle and in respect, Kratos carried him home on his shield and buried him with full Spartan honors. His son carries the name as a form of respect to his Spartan namesake. Atreus likes his Greek name better than his Jötunn name his mother had given him: Loki.
  • Became fast friends with Arya Stark, which came about when they had an impromptu archery contest. Atreus concedes that while he is the better archer, Arya is the better fighter between the two. Robb Stark wisely keeps his distance. Given how Atreus had peppered Baldur with repeated arrows, he did not want to reenact how he died the first time around.
  • Met Zeus when the Thunder God cornered Atreus. Still sore over how Kratos had brought down Olympus, Zeus attempted to turn Atreus against his father by telling Atreus of his father's crimes as the Ghost of Sparta and as the God of War. Too bad for Grandpa Zeus that Atreus already knows of his father's bloody past, as he came clean at the tail end of their journey. Disappointed, Zeus retreats.
  • For those who hate Kratos for his rampage against the Olympians, they have to agree that while he is dour and stoic, he is a decent dad. Sophitia Alexandra - of which her disdain towards Atreus' dad is well-known. But she admits - albeit grudgingly - that Kratos is trying to be a good dad to his boy.
  • The tattoos on Atreus' arm? Old Norse runes, designed to bring him luck and strength while hunting and using the bow. Translated, stjrkrarmr means "strong arm," happskejtr means "lucky arrow," and hrada hond means “quick hand.”
  • Atreus' actions during the trip to Jötunheim - mainly his archery skills - has gained the attention of the various archery gods, mainly Robin Hood, Green Arrow, Hawkeye and Hanzo. They see that Atreus is a natural with the bow given how he pumped Baldur full of arrows, and given the proper training and guidance, Atreus can be a Worthy Opponent in the local archery contests the archery gods hold.
  • Atreus was introduced to Leonidas I and Odysseus by his father in an attempt to learn about his Greek heritage and Spartan history. Ironically enough, Kratos has placed his son down on the path as the wily god of tricksters under Odysseus' mentorship, as Atreus shows natural talent as a schemer. That and Odysseus' stories about the Greek gods is on par with those of Mimir's tales of the Norse Gods. Leonidas, on the other hand, is impressed at Atreus' growth and development during the journey to spread his mother's ashes. With his father's blessings, Atreus learns about Spartan culture, customs...and epic scenery chewing, of which Atreus turns out to be a natural at.
    Atreus: THIS! IS! MIDGARD! (dropkicks a random Mook into a chasm)
    Leonidas: (shrugs) Not what I was expecting, but fair enough.
  • The Thor from his time is a giant-killing maniac, with his sons not being any better. The Thor that resides in the Pantheon is anything but the stories Mimir has told him. For one, this alternative Thor has no children, and has a more heroic attitude, of which can be vouched for by Thor's friends. But Atreus wisely decides to keep his distance.
    • Now Thor's brother, on the other hand, is intrigued at the thought of being a second Loki running around in the Pantheon. Marvel!Loki begins to plot and scheme, hoping to bring Atreus to his side, being the Palpatine to Atreus' Anakin. "Oh, we are going to have such fun once you master the ways of the trickster," Loki vows. Thankfully, Thor brought those plans to a halt. "Thou shall leave the boy be, brother," Thor warns.
  • Found his way into the House of Beasts, not because he wanted to hunt something, but he actually likes animals. Kratos had told him about Daenerys Targaryen, who has a temple here. The two hit it off, especially when Dany's dragons warm up to Atreus, despite not having the blood of the Dragon.
    • Likes to hang around Chibiterasu when he's not hunting with Grey Wolf Sif in the Canines' House. Whenever Sif or Chibi is with Atreus, it's mostly at his temple, which consists of his mother's home in the Wildwoods of Midgard. Chibinaru's mother, Amaterasu, was a bit hesitant in allowing her son to be friends with the Son of the Ghost of Sparta, but even she sees that her son and Atreus are building the bonds of a strong friendship, of which Kratos also sees.
    • Atreus is also friends with Anivia, after Atreus allowed her followers to pass through his temple/hunting grounds without incident. The Frost Arrows that she had gifted him for his kindness was a nice bonus.
  • Met Aloy under the most strangest of circumstances. Several of the mechanized animals had wandered off her temple/refuge and had attacked both him and his father. With Aloy's help, the animals are restrained and sent back to her temple/refuge. Impressed with the lad, Aloy gives Atreus pointers in archery and tracking, with Kratos' approval.
  • With Asura's permission, he is allowed to be around Mithra after the boy found his father and Asura to be alike. Asura, knowing that Atreus isn't the type to "seduce" Mithra, allowed him to be around her, on the condition he does not make her cry, knowing that he once lashed out at Sindri in anger. Atreus, flinching at the memory, nodded. In a rare moment of snarkiness, Mithra told her father that he really didn't have any room to talk about snapping at people. Asura conceded and the two have been friends ever since.

    Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha 
Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha, Shinobi Saints of Force and Finesse (Both: Hiashi Hyuga's next-level Eugenics Plan; Boruto: Bolt, The Hokage's Son; Sarada: Salad)
Sarada Uchiha (left); Boruto Uzumaki (left)
  • Lesser Deities (Boruto becomes an Intermediate God when Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki takes control of his body.)
  • Symbols: The Konoha hitai-ate for the both of them; Boruto's Jacket for Boruto and Sarada's Eyeglasses for Sarada
  • Theme Song: Baton Road
  • Alignments: Neutral Good for Boruto, Lawful Good for Sarada
  • Portfolio:
  • Dōjutsu:
  • Domains: Families, Legacies, Bloodlines
  • Herald: Mitsuki (their teammate)
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Each other for the most part.
  • Enemies: Shinnok, Shao Kahn, Sephiroth, Regime Superman, Sheev Palpatine
  • Conflicting Opinion: Orochimaru
  • Annoyed By: Minako Kino/Sailor Venus (Sarada only)
  • Odd Friendship: Mikazuki Augus and Orga Itsuka
  • In General:
    • For the umpteenth time, the panda bear had escaped from the Konoha Zoo. Naruto and Sasuke both found their respective children arguing whether the panda was just that (so Boruto says) or whether the panda was a bear (as Sarada claimed), while Mitsuki watched in amusement. Sasuke stopped the argument by telling both his student and daughter that pandas are bears, with Naruto notifying both Boruto and Sarada that they are the first of the Next Generation shinobi to ascend to the Pantheon...after some serious Character Development from both parties, of course.
    • Boruto also got to meet his grandmother, Kushina Uzumaki upon arriving at the Pantheon. Kushina squealed in joy at finally meeting her eldest grandchild...and promptly punched him into the ground and berated him for cheating in the Chunin Exams. Sarada's response? "I like her." Even Sasuke admitted to Naruto that "his mother scares even him."
    • Say what you want about their respective dads, but Naruto and Sasuke will seriously wreck your shit if you threaten their kids. And that's if Hinata and Sakura decides to leave anything intact when they're done. And may the gods help you if Naruto lets Kurama out to play, since the Nine-Tails has a soft spot for both kids...
    • Following their children's ascension, Naruto and Sasuke had a chat with their respective wives regarding Boruto and Sarada's training. The Uchiha and Lord Seventh have made friends in the Pantheon's ninja community and suggests that Boruto and Sarada learn from them, along with some other folks that both Hinata and Sakura had suggested.
    • The children's ascension into the Pantheon has not opened up a brand new world for the both of them, but it has also made them both high-value targets due not only who their parents are, but also their respective bloodlines, especially Boruto's Jōgan, which gives him the ability to cross dimensions, something that attracts the attention of the Grand United Alliance of Evil.
    • The Pantheon is home to a thriving ninja and martial arts community. Some use ninpo, while others specialize in stealth and hand-to-hand combat. Of course, this means that Boruto and Sarada will have to work twice as hard if they want to overtake their respective fathers and make legacies of their own.
  • Boruto Only:
    • Hinata had recommended Lei-Fang to train Boruto, as Tai Chi is similar to that of the Gentle Fist. As she reminds him of his aunt Hanabi without the Byakugan, Boruto likes to learn from her. It's rumored that Boruto has a crush on her, which is funny, seeing as how both Sarada and Sumire Kakei both got a crush on him, only he's oblivious to it.
    • Boruto's favorite food is hamburgers, which is why he was seen in the House of Food, looking for a burger joint. He found two temples which serves the best burgers outside of Konoha, owned by Bob Belcher and Toriko and Komatsu. Hinata occasionally has to drag Boruto away from either temple, stating that he can't live on burgers alone. "I swear, you're just like your father sometimes," she mutters.
    • Boruto's Jōgan had drawn him to Jun Kazama. When asked about the darkness surrounding her, Jun replies that it was "an unwanted memento from my son's father." It also explains why some of Boruto's moves looked eerily similar to various Kazama-ryu techniques, with the signature Kazama combo, the White Heron Dance, having been incorporated into Boruto's moveset being a dead giveaway, Jun teaching Boruto some moves.
    • Regime Superman found out about Boruto's dojutsu from his contacts. After what he had done to Shazam, he has no problem with harming Boruto unless he uses his Jōgan to access his universe in order to bring his Regime buddies to the Pantheon. That is, if Regime Supes can get past Boruto's parents. But it's the demonic fox in Papa Uzumaki's gut that's the problem.
    • There's a connection between Boruto and Makoto Kino that neither person could put their finger on. But Boruto respects her enough to address her as "big sis," as she taught him a couple of power strikes...and since Boruto has Lightning Release, Makoto has become his de facto patron.
    • Boruto despises Kars after learning that when he doesn't sound like his father's sensei, he sounds like his (unascended) maternal grandfather, Hiashi Hyuga.
    • Boruto ended up making friends with John Constantine and Zatanna Zatara, of all people. Both Constantine and Zatanna were chasing after a demonic soul that possessed a nun. Boruto and the Jōgan quickly identified the possessed woman, allowing the duo to purge the demon from the nun. Every once in a while, Boruto would team up with Constatine and Zatanna on several of their cases. "Had you been legal, I'd buy you a pint," Constatine remarked.
    • With the reveal that Boruto's Kāma will transform him into a clone of Momoshiki Ōtsutsuki, the Pantheon is doing everything they can to prevent Momoshiki from taking over Boruto and wreaking havoc in the Pantheon. But even he doesn't know how long it will last.
    • To me, the Hokage is just a path. Just because my grandpa and dad are Hokage, doesn't mean that I have to walk the same path.
  • Sarada Only:
    • Accidentally stole the Rekkū Jinpū Satsu (Torn Sky Blast), the most powerful of the Mugen Tenshin Clan's techniques using her Sharingan. Ayane demanded restitution by means of teaching Sarada how to properly use the technique without killing well as some Hajimon techniques, sans the spinning.
    • Sarada is also a force to be reckoned with, due to the Sharingan and the Uchiha Interceptor style from her dad and learning the Super Strength technique from her mother. But there was something about Kokoro's Bajiquan that made Sarada ask if she could be trained in the style. Kokoro earned herself a student, and became the sempai to Sarada's kohai, as well as a friend.
    • She actually finds Minako Aino...well, annoying, despite being the Senshi of Love. Despite Minako saying that they have a bond, Sarada avoids her. "Seriously, she uses a chain made up of hearts," she had gripes to her mother one day. "And here I thought you had it bad when you were a kid."
    • Hanzo Hasashi is no stranger to fire. So after Sarada saw him incinerate a body down to the bone ("Toasty!"), she asked Hanzo to train her in fire jutsu. Already having a student in Takeda, Hanzo refused, but reconsidered after Sarada performed her own jutsu; the Great Fireball Technique.
    • As she is the leader of Team Seven, Sarada has learned the basics of leadership, but now she's been itching for a couple of advanced courses. Thanks to her parents and Naruto, Sarada is now being mentored in leadership under Jeanne D'Arc and Artoria Pendragon. After all, a Hokage must be sharp in their mind along with their body.
    • I plan on becoming Hokage by choosing a different path than my dad!

    Paul London and Brian Kendrick 
Paul Michael London and Brian David Kendrick, Gods of Wrestling Combination Attacks (The Hooliganz, Londrick | Paul: The American Dolphin, The Intrepid Traveler | Brian: Spanky, The Wizard of Odd, The Brian Kendrick, Fighting Thumbs)
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: A harlequin face superimposed on a black star (when together)
    • Brian: A white jacket with three red slashes at the back (as The Brian Kendrick)
    • Paul: A white rabbit in a circle of Aztec glyphs (as part of the Rabbit Tribe)
  • Theme Songs: "New Rockers" (Paul's initial theme and their main theme when together), "Hey You" and "Man With a Plan" (Brian Kendrick alone, the former being The Brian Kendrick's theme)
  • Alignments:
  • Portfolio: fast, high-flying wrestlers, wearing masks, rushing into the ring, full of energy, being liked by kids, contrasting personalities, very well liked despite not being upper-card material
  • Domains: Wrestling, Flight, Masks, Tag Teams
  • Herald: Ashley Massaro (Their friend/manager/love interest)
  • Former promoter: Vince McMahon
  • Teacher: Shawn Michaels
  • Allies: Rey Mysterio, Matt Hardy, Jeff Hardy, John Cena, Shotaro Hidari and Philip, Daniel Bryan, Elvis Presley (London only)
  • Rivals: Edge, Randy Orton, The Undertaker, Kane
  • Paul London and Brian "Spanky" Kendrick are students of Shawn Michaels who started out becoming a tag team after Kendrick rescued London from the beatings of Brock Lesnar. The two would subsequently team up for a year before Kendrick went off to Japan before reuniting for good in 2005, where they had matching wrestling gear, masks and coordinated attacks that would propel them to having one of the longest reining tag team championship reigns in the early 2000s. For this, the two ascended.
  • They entered the Pantheon rushing through the corridors with such speed that made gods like The Flash, Rainbow Dash and Ricky Fitness look in awe as they slid to the ring in nothing more than their wrestling gear and masks. They then began to amaze the masses with their high-flying arsenal, even jumping through the ropes in suicide dives.
  • Have tried to get other wrestlers to call them "The Hooliganz", but unfortunately announcers just call them "The Team of Paul London and Brian Kendrick".
  • Once, when going to the House of Craft for some new ring gear, they met up with Shotaro and Philip aka Kamen Rider Double. Inspired by their battle-style and partnership, London and Kendrick made their own wrestling gear (half-green and half-purple) in their honor. Although considering that their gear was made about two years prior to Double's debut, maybe it's the other way around?
  • Prior to godhood, Brian Kendrick faced John Cena (in his Dr. of Thuganomics persona) in a battle rap. Let's just say that Brian unknowingly would cause the infamous "Cena Sucks!" chants heard to this day.
    • And even prior to that, Brian had to be delivery boy to "American Badass" Undertaker. It wasn't a pretty sight.
  • The two avoid Randy Orton like the plague after they found how Randy Orton did the RKO on the Shooting Star Press while he was flat on his back, London in particular due to him excelling in the SSP, having done it via the use of Kendrick as a step.
  • When Vince met up with London and Kendrick, the first thing he told them, after Paul gave a sheepish grin was, "Keep that smile on your [Paul's] face". Paul won't exactly explain why Vince said that though.
  • Can fight separately when not in need of a tag team. During this time, Brian sometimes branches out into a persona called "THE Brian Kendrick", and Paul has won singles gold. However, like Haas and Benjamin above, they're at their best when they work together.
  • Due to them wearing lots of masks, they gained a strange kinship with Hata no Kokoro, who give them inspiration for the masks that they wear when they enter the ring. They've also learned not to mix up their masks with hers after hearing what happened when her Mask of Hope got stolen.
  • The Hardy's and E and C are shocked at how London won a championship from the Dudley Boyz, who held at least eight Tag Team Championships and were part of multiple TLC matches and Triple Threat Tag Team Ladder Matches. Paul just simply shrugs his shoulders.
  • The two dressed up as Bill and Ted (calling themselves "Brian D. Kendrick, and Paul 'Paul' London") once, while traversing for their own "Excellent Adventure" throughout the House of Travel. Bill and Ted admitted that their costumes were "Excellent!", complete with Air Guitar, and the four have gotten along splendidly. It also helps that Bill and Ted love London and Kendrick's entrance theme and are planning to do a live entrance of that theme when they can.
  • As of late, the two have gone on their separate ways: Brian is now calling himself "The Brian Kendrick" and has made all wrestling gods look in fear when it was revealed that he can now perform the BURNING HAMMER, while Paul London has found himself leading a group of wrestlers called The Rabbit Tribe and are searching for the White Rabbit that lead said tribe. Fluttershy is now creeped out by Paul after he bowed in supplication to her bunny friend, Angel. This only got worse when Angel himself ascended; while Angel liked the attention initially, he eventually decided that London was absolutely nuts and has been trying to find out who the real "White Rabbit" figure is just to get them off his back...and then learn that the real thing is an absolute psychopath who made London murder the messenger who brought him to the White Rabbit and then sacrificed his own Rabbit Tribe members to appease said figure. Fluttershy and Angel no longer want London near them and Discord is now ready to smite the jerk where he stands if he should get within a 50 foot radius of the two.
    • Neither of them known exactly what to say about the Broken Hardys, but Paul's not one to make judgement on this, considering his escapades as part of the Rabbit Tribe, especially since gods are worried for London and his already fragile sanity after committing murder.
      • London's new black attire has annoyed the hell out of Eric Draven since Draven only used it as a way to strike fear on those who killed him. Draven knows that between the two of them, he'd be the one standing (due to his martial art skills and the Crow's healing properties), not that London minds seeing as he's too fixated on the White Rabbit.
  • The two recently reunited upon hearing about the death of their herald, Ashley Massaro. Thankfully, she was found waiting for them at their temple, although she's been concerned in regards to London's mental health recently.
  • Paul London some how struck a friendship with Elvis Presley because London is currently producing a film in which he plays a karate using Elvis Presley who is off to uncover the death of Bruce Lee (we are not making this up). Elvis is willing to help make the moves.


    The Whitewings 
Palla, Catria, and Est, The Goddess Trio of Code-Named Attack Commands (The Whitewings, the Pegasus Sisters; Palla: Elder Sister, Elder Whitewing, Paola; Catria: Middle Sister, Middle Whitewing, Katua; Est: Little Sister, Junior Whitewing)
From left to right: Palla, Catria and Est
  • Demigoddesses
  • Symbol: Their Signature Triangle Attack
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Power Trio Composed of Green, Blue, and Pink, respsectively, Wield the Signature Technique "The Triangle Attack", Riders of Pegasi
  • Domains: Technique, Signature Attack, Trio
  • Allies: Marth, Caeda, Tiki, Alm & Celica, Robin, Lucina, Ike, Roy, Corrin, Sumia, Erinys, Hinoka and the Hoshidan Royal Family
  • Enemies: Gharnef, Grima, Lord Shen, the Overlords, Oda Nobunaga, Garrosh Hellscream
  • Sympathizes with (Catria): Sayaka Miki, Tenri Ayukawa
  • The three sisters from the Kingdom of Macedon are known as the Whitewings, a squad of Pegasus Knights under the command of Princess Minerva. These sisters have the special technique that made them very powerful, the Triangle Attack, where upon surrounding a single target, they unleash a simultaneous strike that is guaranteed to inflict a critical hit.
  • As they have journey from afar like Valencia, the three ventured afar to meet with other people. With the knowledge of other Pegasus Knights beside them, they heard that some had their own variation of the Triangle Attack and hope to see them perform it.
    • Both Est and Catria once mistaken Erinys for Palla because of their similar appearance and profession. Still, the three were impressed that she was able to rule a country and view her as an equal to their own Princess Minerva. Still, Erinys is a little embarrassed that the one who took on the sisters 'Triangle Attack' in her realm turn out to be working for the Granvalle Empire. That, and they also gave condolences when being told about her dead sister Annand.
  • Est has the notoriety of being the weakest of the bunch but hold huge amount of potential because of her high growths.
  • Another notoriety is that Est gets captured a lot. She was first captured by the pirate boss Grieth in Valentia, forcing Palla and Catria to travel to the continent to rescue her and she was captured by the Archanean and used as a hostage to force her husband to betray his country.
    • She doesn't take these kidnappings well, to the point it affects her terribly. It was theorized that her reasoning for leaving was the hostage situation that forced Abel to fight against Marth and thus, found herself to be a burden. Not a case upon ascending in the Pantheon as the two managed to catch up with her and after a few counseling, they lift her spirits back up.
  • Catria has a secret crush on Prince Marth, to which everyone is aware of. She is ashamed of this as she is infatuated with the Prince who is also married to Caeda. At that point, it is no longer a secret as the Pantheon is aware of her lovesickness, as even Caeda is aware of her crush, though Catria still doesn't want to bring it up and resume back to training.
    • Catria actually sympathizes with those that had unrequited love, especially since she is aware that Palla loved Abel but he was already taken by Est and she didn't want to interfere. The more she hears from their account, a bit of mix feelings of depression and determination bounds with her.
    • She sympathizes with a companion of Sumia who is a bit a lot like herself, Cordelia. She was even jealous that she'll get over it and find a Second Love.
  • They and the party from Valentia were the first to witness Grima during its infancy upon exploring the abandoned catacombs of Thabes. They thought that the abomination was sealed away upon defeating it, but it wasn't meant to be and it would rise again in the future and nearly destroy the world, including Archanea. Needless to say, they were ready to bury the beast again if needed.
  • Due to their country nearly fell to ruin because of Michalis's ambitions, they do not support any lords that desire for more at the expense of others.
  • If there is one thing that depresses them are siblings having to fight each other. They know as they witness the clash with their lady Minerva and her brother Michalis which drove the family and their kingdom apart.
  • They're not really accepting to the idea that Narcian is the fourth Whitewing sibling.