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Greater Gods

    Tailed Beasts 
The Tailed Beastsnote , The Divine Nonet of Multiple-Tailed Beasts
The Tailed Beasts and their Jinchuriki. Clockwise from Top: Son Gokū, Kokuō, Gyūki, Kurama, Chōmei, Saiken, Isobu, Matatabi, and Shukaku
  • Greater Gods
  • Symbol: A Circle of Nine Magatamas
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral (Now Chaotic Good)
  • Portfolio: Titanic, Unfathomibally Powerful Creatures with Massive Levels of Chakra with a Series of Noticeable Tails as their Defining Physical Characteristic, Immensely Feared by the Shinobi World, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Mix-and-Match Critters, Have Existed for around a Millennia, Are Living, Sentient Sources of Chakra, Can Come Back Sometime after Dying, Are rather Unrefined in Controlling their Power, Used to have a Disdainful View on Humanity for Treating them as Vicious Monsters rather than Empathetic Beings, Are only really Hostile because of their Poor Treatment and Receiving Resentment and simply Desire to be on their Own Devices without Interruption, Eventually find Acceptance and are Allowed to Live On Uninterrupted and away from being Ostracized
  • Domains: Power, Destruction, Tails, Legend, Harbingers, Tragedy, Ostracization
  • Heralds: Their Most Recent Jinchuriki (Yugito Nii, Yagura Karatachi, Rōshi, Han, Utakata, Fū), Hagoromo Ōtsutsuki
  • Allies: Gaea, Zilla Jr., Captain Planet, The Planeteers, Rexxar, Steve Irwin, Son Wukong, Mothra, Mothra Leo, Izetta
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: Battra, Viridi
  • Rivals: Godzilla, The Dinobots (in general), King Kong, Rajang (Son Gokū)
  • Enemies: Kaguya Ōtsutsukinote , Madara Uchiha, King Ghidorah, Pokémon Hunter J, Rusty, Sophie, Dougen
  • Respects: The Colossi
  • Odd Friendship: Bruce Banner/The Hulk (in general), Toph Beifong (Shukaku), Donkey Kong, Diddy Kong, Son Gokunote  (Son Gokū)note , Tamamo (Kurama)
  • On Speaking Terms With: The Ninja Turtles, Ryu Hayabusa, Kasumi, Ayane
  • Opposes: Obito Uchiha, Nagato
  • Pitied By: Hakumen
  • Dstrusted By: Susano'o (Kurama)
  • Special Relationship: Gaara (Shukaku's Jinchuriki), Killer B (Gyūki's Jinchuriki), Naruto Uzumaki (Kurama's Jinchuriki)
  • The Ninja World was one of constant struggle, distrust, and warfare, with groups and communities having to battle against one another for dominance as well as their own views in achieving peace. Of everything that the world offered, none were as majestic, yet terrifying as a set of nine creatures known as the Tailed Beasts, for they were living masses of chakra with unbelievable power and the capability to cause massive ruin and destruction towards everything they come across. However, their power led to an undesired reputation that left them resented and feared by the Ninja populace and some went as far as to forcibly capture them for their own uses, most notably sealing them into an individual so that they could be the beast's host, a jinchuriki who could call upon the beast's power to augment their strength and abilities whenever they wanted. This did nothing to improve the already bad relations between people and the Tailed Beasts, for the nine of them had since developed an utter disdain and contempt for humanity due to their own negative view and treatment of them.
    • While the exact origins of the Tailed Beasts remain a mystery to most, they were created a thousand years ago by the Sage of Six Paths, Hagoromo Otsutsuki, who, later in his life, took to splitting the chakra essence of the Ten Tailed Beast into nine separate entities as he knew dying would release the apocalyptic beast back into the physical world to wreak havoc. Before dying, Hagoromo promised that someone would eventually come to unite the beasts into unity and acceptance, though it would take a long time. Whilst they endured their own hardships and struggles over being hated for their strength and contempt, Hagoromo's words would come to light under Naruto Uzumaki, a descendant of Hagoromo's son, Ashura, and the then-current jinchuriki of the Nine-Tailed Fox, Kurama. However, by that time, the Tailed Beasts and their jinchuriki were hunted by the criminal organization, Akatsuki so that the beast's chakra and power can be used to assert world dominance. In reality, the actual plan was orchestrated by Madara Uchiha, who intended to combine their essence to bring back the Ten-Tails and become its jinchuriki, giving him the necessary power needed to cast an illusion that can grant everlasting peace. Eventually, Naruto and his friends and allies fought back the Akatsuki and Madara, even reaching out to the Tailed Beasts and befriending them to the point of seeing a lighter side in humanity and after being freed in the Fourth Shinobi World War, were finally able to lead their own lives without getting interrupted simply for their existence.
  • Of the Tailed Beasts, Kurama was the only one who had a proper place in the Pantheon, albeit this was due to a technicality he shared with Naruto as when his current jinchuriki ascended, so did he. Even so, given that this occurred before the events of the Fourth Shinobi World War, Kurama was not on amicable terms with Naruto, until later on when the boy decided to properly empathize with the Demon Fox alongside the other tailed beasts. Even so, it would take until the very end of the war itself as well as a final battle between Naruto and Sasuke before the beasts finally had the independence and respect that they desperately wanted. That said, a few of them, including Shukaku and Gyūki, were open to accepting their most recent jinchuriki as close comrades and remained with them as partners, jinchuriki or not. In the Pantheon, Naruto himself made a point to not just have Kurama, but also the rest of the Tailed Beasts to be given a proper place so that they could hopefully find a new place to thrive in as well as potentially find a friend or companion to converse and stick around with. To their pleasant surprise, this turned out to be a success; the Pantheon was quite open to the possibility of allowing the Tailed Beasts to dwell upon the new realm and they've since marked themselves with territories of their own. That said, they'll still telepathically communicate with each other and with Naruto in times of need, maintaining a sense of looking out for one another.
  • The Tailed Beasts are some of the most powerful and dangerous creatures in the Pantheon, thanks to their inherently massive reserves of chakra and possessing enough power to significantly alter their environment permanently and destroy entire settlements in one fell swoop. And while they have earned a certain level of infamy due to their mostly poor history with Humanity, they're not exactly proud of this fact. In fact, most of the Tailed Beasts were faced with resentment and discrimination from the get-go simply for being living weapons of mass destruction. The Pantheon has been kinder, thanks to all of them ascending into the Pantheon after Naruto found a way to liberate them after centuries of being hated and later getting captured for nefarious uses. Much to their own surprise, some animals took to liking and provided them with some form of company. Some, like Matatabi and Saiken didn't really mind it whereas others like Shukaku were more begrudging. They've since come to very much appreciate their time in the Pantheon, even to some degree to protect their domains as if their life depended on it.
    • In cases of extreme situations, the Tailed Beasts are able to telepathically communicate with one another, which is something they usually do with Naruto regarding any sort of consultation. Oddly enough, comparisons between this and the Court of the Gods were not unfounded, though the Tailed Beasts have made it very clear that their discussions and conversations are solely to do with their own matters and concerns. Even so, there have been a few times where the beasts' and the court's conversational topics became mutual, but the former would rather state that it is a matter of coincidence. That said, they don't have anything against each other and, if anything, Naruto has stated that sometimes they can learn a thing or two from the Court and that they may be talking about something the beasts may take concern of, something which they managed to agree upon.
  • Of course, the Tailed Beasts were not happy to learn that Madara and Kaguya were also in the Pantheon, considering their own past grievances towards them as well as the fact that Madara still holds a very contemptuous thought about the beasts. That said, the Uchiha doesn't focus on the beasts as his primary target of capture after learning about the true nature of the Ten-Tails and is seeking to find a new method to bring peace to the Pantheon after being inspired by the realm. However, the Tailed Beasts and Madara remain enemies with one another because Madara's idea of bringing peace is still in an oppressive perspective as well as the fact that while the beasts are no longer his main goal, he is not above having them subjugated under his control if they somehow prove useful to his goals. The fact that Madara had done this before, especially towards Kurama is quite telling of the fact that the beasts would rather keep their distance from him, despite their wholly negative opinion on the Uchiha. They also don't have a kind opinion on Nagato and Obito either, considering their actions under the Akatsuki and the fact that the two of them were responsible for the beasts getting sealed and their jinchuriki killed by the extracting process. Like many, they have a hard time grasping Nagato and Obito's attempts in atoning for their actions, but beyond that, they would rather not think about the two all that much, something which Nagato and Obito accepted as they figured that the Tailed Beasts wouldn't be a popular audience for them.
  • While they are destructive forces of nature, they are, at the end of the day, simply animals who are trying to live out a mundane and simple life, albeit they are sentient, intelligent, and are sometimes given orders to do something, courtesy of Hagoromo or Naruto. Gaea, the Titaness of the Earth, took an immediate interest in the Tailed Beasts and conversed with them about their desires and general habits, a way in which she could get to know them better. Some of the beasts were open, others took some time to get adjusted. She explained that because they possessed great power and that they could use it for something productive, she offered them an invitation to the Grand United Alliance of Nature, hoping that the nine of them can once again be in unison and be working together as well as stand a better chance against a growing list of threats. Gaea also promised that she would ensure the beasts remained independent in their free time as well as being given some credence and respect for their contribution. Thankfully, the beasts also mentally discussed this with Naruto, who was open to the idea of them working with Gaea. With the Seventh Hokage's goodwill and advice, the Tailed Beasts accepted Gaea's offer into the GUAN, serving as one of their most powerful members.
    • Despite being among the most powerful members of the GUAN, the Tailed Beasts aren't exactly known for being protectors of nature. They're aware that Gaea sympathizes with them and decided to give them a purpose in the Pantheon, but they do admit that Naruto himself is the main motivator in getting them to approve the Titaness's offer as he would have wanted the Tailed Beasts to do something good as a way to earn others' respect. Some of the beasts can be rambunctious and others can be affable at times, though they agree that Battra is the most difficult member to really work with as he is so adamant in wanting to protect nature and take revenge on whatever slights have been made towards it that he comes off as militant whenever it demands the Tailed Beasts to get on with looking after nature, something which bugs them. Viridi is another similar case, being a mentally overgrown brat who champions plants, considering her own godly domain revolves around them. That said, Viridi manages to come off as more civil, if immature, which meant that while the Tailed Beasts did find her annoying, some found her humorous and they'd still take her over Battra. While they don't share much in the field of common enemies, they do respect each other's needs, especially in regards to the Tailed Beasts wanting to lead a quiet solitary life for the most part.
  • While humans in the Pantheon are generally a lot laxer and more accepting towards the Tailed Beasts than they were in the real world, there was one such figure who stood out from them, mainly because he was eager to actually meet them up close. This was where Steve Irwin became involved with the beasts; while initially hesitant due to their cynic nature towards humankind, Steve became confident once he learned that they were making an effort to be more open and optimistic thanks to Naruto and that's when he made his move towards them. Steve's first meeting was, of course, done with a filming crew who wanted to make sure of Steve's safety. While eccentric, he made quite a good impression on the beasts, who were taken aback by Steve's generous and respectful nature towards them. The famous Crocodile Hunter took to making a few light-hearted jokes and complimenting their looks and attitude to ease the beast's perspective on him. Not since Hagoromo and Naruto did they expect to find a man in the Pantheon who actually wanted to empathize with them. Steve became their first human friend, which was symbolized by some of them giving him a fist bump of approval and camaraderie, and while Steve is aware of their cynical lives and even a few heinous actions, particularly from Kurama, his main focus is to simply help them out in opening up more towards society, something which has helped in a way as the Tailed Beasts now has another human whom they could trust due to his demeanor of wanting to help them out some way or another.
    • Another figure that the Tailed Beasts came to appreciate for his reputation and actions was the Beastmaster orc-ogre hybrid, Rexxar, who was renowned for his reputation in being able to tame and command even the most fearsome of beasts as well as gaining their respect thanks to his commitment toward them as well as his strong and assertive authority. Given his occupation, Rexxar was intrigued by the Tailed Beasts himself to personally encounter them and fight against them in case things went wrong. Fortunately, he realized that they were intelligent, sentient creatures, and the half-orc was able to maintain a civil conversation with some of them. While he figured that there was no way that he could sway the Tailed Beasts to his command, he did respect their wishes and preference to be left to themselves in the Pantheon as well as sympathizing with their turbulent pasts, believing that regardless of their ferocious reputation, they didn't need to be treated as monsters or forced weapons of mass destruction. The Tailed Beasts saw Rexxar as an understanding figure and came to eventually like him due to his hospitality as well as his willingness to fight back for what he works and believes in, with the orc being one of the few who keeps in contact with them from time to time.
    • Shukaku and Kurama, being two of the more temperamental of the nonet, tend to have rockier and more vitriolic encounters than the rest of their peers. For one, Kurama likes to boast himself as the strongest of the Tailed Beasts, a claim that annoys the others considerably. He's found himself butting heads against Susano'o a couple of times given the latter's distrust of anyone that is a Nine-Tailed Kitsune and they're not afraid to fight against each other if they're annoyed enough. Though surprisingly, he's managed to find a way to be on good terms with Tamamo, seeing as both of them tend to be on their best when in a partnership with someone, in Tamamo's case, being a servant to someone. While empathetic to what Kurama went through, she did criticize him for trying to be antagonistic towards humanity and his previous jinchurikis, though the demon fox has made it clear that as being hosted by Naruto, he's making an effort to be better, which Tamamo respected. In Shukaku's case, he'll simply lumber around, not caring about being given attention. He does however find a strange companionship with Toph Beifong, who is able to sense Shukaku's energy with her potent Earthbending skills being able to track down others through sensing seismic waves under the Earth, which meant that Shukaku's size and presence made him easy to find. The monstrous tanuki found Toph's childish nature to be oddly entertaining, yet also recognized that she was a powerful warrior who could hold her own pretty well, a gesture that was responded by Toph herself liking Shukaku for being rather chummy and respectful towards her.
  • Being well-known figures from a shinobi world, it was a reasonable assumption that the Tailed Beasts would come to be noticed by several ninjas in the Pantheon. For one, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were once sent to investigate on Isobu, if mainly because they're the same species, and they actually managed to somehow get along, with the Three-Tailed Beast finding it surprising how four humanoid turtles, despite their mutation, were willing to stand up and fight for their world. Leonardo, the oldest and leader of the Ninja Turtles, pleaded that Isobu should try to use its own powers for others, which the beast mused that it's making an effort as of now. Ryu, Kasumi, and Ayane are more cautious, though from Naruto's suggestion, were open to giving the Tailed Beasts a second chance in being better. Ayane is normally not too focused, though she does take notice of the Tailed Beasts in case something is wrong and Hayabusa expresses more concern, given his own experience in fighting demons and monsters. While concerned about their power and ferocity if provoked, he's content to see that they've been placid and affable for now. Kasumi, however, spends the most time empathizing and trying to directly help the Tailed Beasts out in their spare time, justifying that if Naruto was a role model to them due to his own kindness and sympathizing with their struggles, then she should follow it and use her own experiences and knowledge to communicate and look after them. That said, the beasts do tend to be wary of Dougen, who, while not as strong as them, has exceptional skill at manipulating and subjecting others to mind control. While Dougen realized that his mind-control powers don't work on a Tailed Beast due to how naturally strong they are, he's planning to find some way to rig events and favors regarding the beasts to his own advantage, and they, in turn, are willing to kill him off if they ever dare to provoke them with his own agendas. The fact that he always finds some way to weasel his way back to life... somehow, has been a big point of contention for the Tailed Beasts in wanting to rid him.
  • Thanks to the Pantheon, the Tailed Beasts are often considered to be the Kaijus of the Naruto world, and it's pretty easy to see why. This had the beasts curious about the identification, which eventually led them to a whole slew of monsters that they were unfamiliar with. Of course, the one that got the Tailed Beasts' attention most was none other than the King of the Monsters, Godzilla. Despite the feared reputation, Godzilla was actually quite docile, not really being bothered to assert his superiority... until Shukaku and Gyūki decided to see what made Godzilla so distinct from the others. They engaged in an epic battle that tore apart the land in which they were fighting in, and then Kurama himself entered the fray. The battle was so intense that Gaea personally had to intervene to stop their squabble. The King of the Monsters, despite their brutal brawl, showed a sign of respect for his opponents as they simply told him and Gaea that they wanted to see how strong he was and wandered off without any animosity. The Mother Titaness was a little snippy about the incident though and chided Shukaku, Gyūki, and Kurama about not starting pointless fights. That said, the three have come to respect Godzilla back and are open to the idea of a rematch, much to Gaea's chagrin.
    • Mothra, one of the few monsters in the Pantheon who seems to be generally accepted by most people, quickly learned about the beasts through Godzilla, whom he just so happens to be a close acquaintance of. She, alongside her male counterpart, Mothra Leo, decided to visit the Tailed Beasts and try to converse and hopefully find some common ground with. The kaiju mother's benevolent and helpful nature proved effective as they were able to befriend the beasts and reason with why they should try to do the best they could to provide for the Pantheon, considering that all of them are a part of the GUAN. The Tailed Beasts have noted that Mothra's compassion is quite similar to Hagoromo's, which helped with why they were able to quickly accept her as a friend and she is open to helping them if they're facing a problem. That said, she's not fond of the fact that some of the Tailed Beasts want to fight against Godzilla again, thinking that that sort of approach is rather immature and unproductive for them, not to mention how Gaea finds nature's destruction to be aggravatingly annoying, given that the last time they fought, they were destroying a large piece of land.
    • Some of the beasts have specific relations and rivalries with other great creatures. For instance, Son Gokū has met with Sun Wukong and it turns out that both have a laid-back attitude, which allowed for the two simians to easily get along. Son Gokū also finds Wukong's story of immortality to be quite funny, if really bizarre given the circumstances the latter went through to attain it several times over. The Four-Tailed Beast has a more traditional rivalry with the fanged Wyvern, Rajang, whose aggression and temper caught Son Gokū's surprise on their first encounter. They'll occasionally fight one another, if mainly because Rajang doesn't like being intruded upon, intentionally or not, and Son Gokū feels it's best that the Fanged Wyvern is best left to its own devices. Finally, it turns out that he happens to share his name with a certain Saiyan, both of them have close ties to someone named Roshi (for the Tailed Beast, it's his host, and for the Saiyan, it's his master), and, what's more, both were noted to have been inspired by the aforementioned Sun Wukong. Both enjoy each other's company, with both choosing to identify themselves as Son Gokū and Goku respectively, as the latter tends to be more informal. The latter likes a good fight, so the former is open to the idea of a good fight to satisfy his new friend, and Goku has taken it upon himself to look after Son Gokū at times as a sign of their friendship.
  • Fortunately for them, the Tailed Beasts don't really have to worry much about being "owned" for someone else's use, and even then, Gyūki and Kurama expressed pride about their own jinchuriki's at the end, even if it took a lot of time for the latter to come around to respect Naruto. Even then, there were two figures that got their attention, and not in a good way. The apparent "Pokémon Trainer", Rusty was noted to be so terrible at raising Pokémon that nobody had any faith in supporting him. Upon seeing his methods at "raising" Pokémon, the Tailed Beasts have made an effort that if he ever does try to approach him, they'll give him a hard lesson. Unfortunately for them, Rusty only showed excitement towards the Tailed Beasts, seeing them as Legendary Pokémon, much to their annoyance. Kurama himself had to fire a Tailed Beast Ball to send him flying away and at another point, Isobu gave him a harsh speech about how pathetic he was before whipping up a tidal wave and sending Rusty flying away elsewhere. While he's an annoying pest that they've to hate, they take Pokémon Hunter J rather seriously, given that she takes up a job in finding exotic creatures to petrify and sell them as trophies. In a moment of lucidity, Hunter J decided that the Tailed Beasts might be too much for her to handle and backed away from trying to capture them. That didn't stop Kokuō and Chōmei from chasing her away at separate points. While they're usually laxer with humanity nowadays, they're more than willing to hunt down and kill any vile human they come across who wants to exploit such creatures like them. It's no wonder that Hunter J remains among those individuals the Tailed Beasts happen to dislike most.
  • The Tailed Beasts have a largely unknown history when it comes to the public's knowledge and unless there's someone who's either an interested historian or someone whom they can put their trust into, they don't really pay much attention to their own past. That said, they do happen to be one of the more mysterious creatures in the Pantheon, with many wanting to figure out just why they are so powerful and why they are so intrinsically tied to each other, with the beasts just admitting that they're simply sentient reserves of chakra, though, on the second question, they're more hesitant due to their creation coming from the Ten-Tails. The only other set of creatures of their size that are just as mysterious as the Tailed Beasts would probably be the Colossi, some being small in comparison whereas the largest might be around the Ten-Tails' size. The Colossi, being ordinary in their sentience, don't really mind the Tailed Beasts and keep to themselves whereas the latter are interested in the former regarding their nature and primal lifestyles. For one, Isobu would like to learn a bit more about Hydrus and Pelagia in general while Kokuō would be interested in Phaedra and try to see if they can get along.
  • As natural embodiments of chakra in some way or another, the Tailed Beasts caught the attention of one Captain Planet, who usually made it his life's work to provide protection and advocacy for the planet. At first, he expressed concern about the power and destructive capabilities the beasts had until he found out that they're simply beasts who want to remain mostly on their own and mind their own businesses. He and his chosen patrons, the Planeteers were eager to the idea of communicating with them, though it is Ma-Ti who takes up the most proactive role in getting involved with the Tailed Beasts as his affinity to Heart allows him to better communicate and reason with the beasts. It proves to be quite effective as the Tailed Beasts took a liking to the boy and he, in turn, has made a promise that they make an attempt to be better than they were if they want to remain friends. The other members of the Planeteers do have their preferences, though Son Gokū is one of their more frequent visitors, which is coincidental given the Planeteers's Team Pet us a monkey named Suchi, who in response enjoys Son Gokū despite the latter's fearsome appearance and power.
  • Of all of the monsters that the Tailed Beasts have known in the Pantheon, none of them have struck quite a nerve or animosity as King Ghidorah has, and considering the amount of power the former possess, the fact that Ghidorah managed to inspire fear towards them is a notable feat. The beasts had a discussion with Naruto and Gaea at separate points about Ghidorah and while the former urged them to not give up fighting against the malicious space dragon, the latter warned them of just how powerful and malevolent it was. It's bad enough that Ghidorah was titanic in size, but its sheer destructive capabilities, including annihilating worlds if given the chance, made the Tailed Beasts realize that it might be dealing with a threat that could be worse than Madara and Kaguya. To that end, whenever Ghidorah becomes a topic of concern, the Tailed Beasts would do just about anything, including setting aside their rivalry with Godzilla just to have a chance of fighting against Ghidorah and his threat justifying why they are needed in the GUAN. Ghidorah, on the other hand, doesn't really see the Tailed Beasts as high threats to take too much attention towards, something which the latter intends to change sometime soon.

    The Tyranids 
The Tyranid Hive Fleets, The Horde of Alien Locusts (The Great Devourer)
  • Collectively, Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The Tyranid insigina
  • Theme Song: Xeno Presence
  • Alignment: Neutral Hungry
  • Portfolio: Alien Kudzu, Bug Wars, Combat Tentacles, Extreme Omnivores, Healing Factor, Hive Minds, Living Ships, Living Weapons, Lots and LOTS of Teeth, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Organic Technology, Psychic Static, Tyranoform, Endless Numbers, 'Nid Rush
  • Domains: Space, Hunger, Swarms
  • Rivals: The Facehuggers and the Xenomorphs, The Flood, Ungoliant
  • Enemies: Just about anyone, but primarily the Imperium of Mankind, the House of the Undead, Galactus, Unicron, The Lich, Mogo, Fix-It Felix, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Jim Raynor
  • While they are considered part of the Pantheon, they are, thankfully, locked outside of it with a magic seal that prevents their entry and are not to be let in unless it is an extremely dire situation and there is no better alternative.
    • The place that holds the Tyranid seal is a temple devoted to them that is located deep in the jungles of this very Hall. Said temple is guarded by a magically bound Carnifex who has been lovingly named "Cuddlefex" by some of the more intelligent members of the Bestiary.
  • Resembles the Xenomorphs, leading some of the Imperium to theorize Xenomorphs are Tyranids that Slaanesh got his/her hands on. It is not known what might happen if a Facehugger latches onto a Tyranid, but it'd be pure Nightmare Fuel and the Court of the Gods has forbidden anyone from letting the two next to each other.
  • The Tyrandis are after one and only one thing; to consume all that breathes. They'll consume every bit of organic matter and resources on a planet down to the bedrock, and leave the now lifeless planet behind to search for more. Their hunger is on par with the Swarm, and as such the two often butt heads. As does Ungoliant.
  • Often engages in a great battle with The Flood, who seeks to assimilate the Tyranids into itself, or at least turn them into willing soldiers. For now, they are at a stalemate.
  • Despite being able to eat almost anything, the Grox are completely indigestible to the Tyranids; something which greatly frustrates them but they can't be bothered dealing with. They also aren't able to digest any of the undead, which give them food poisoning, and while the Hall of Toxicity isn't that much of a problem, the Lich is. Mogo also screwed them over when they tried to raze the planet.
  • Even they are completely out-classed by the planet-eating Galactus and Unicron who ended up eating them instead and freaking out the hive mind.
  • For some strange reason, some of their Genestealers have developed an obsession with taking people's pants, leaving their victims embarrassed but generally unharmed.
  • Felix, Ralph and Vanellope are concerned over the matter of Tyranids, due to their similarities to the Cy-Bugs.
  • Evidence suggest that the Tyranids are actually running away from something else. Given what the 41st millennium is like, most don't want to imagine what that threat might be if the 'Nids don't consider the insanity that is the Milky Way galaxy frightening.


Intermediate Gods

    Baloo and Bagheera 
Baloo and Bagheera, Dual Deities of The Animal Language (Papa Bear, Ol' Iron Paws, The Big Balooski (Baloo only); Baggy, Bags, Cousin Cat, Black Panther (Bagheera only) )
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  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The footprints of a sloth bear and leopard surrounded by foliage
  • Theme Songs: The Bare Necessities and TaleSpin
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (For Bagheera), Chaotic Good (For Baloo)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Animals, Nature, Law, Language, Music
  • Heralds: Chil the Kite & Kit
  • High Priest: Zoboomafoo
  • Allies:
  • On Good Terms With:
  • Enemies: Shere Khan, Napoleon, Scar, The Hyenas, Koba, Mojo Jojo, Tai Lung, Lord Shen, The Sharptooth, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Clockwerk & Neyla, The Firebird, Mr. Burns, Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Eggman, Cruella De Vil, Hexxus
  • Conflicted Opinion: King Louie (Baloo likes him, Bagheera doesn't, and they all had their share of conflict), Terra, King Kong, Sun Wukong, Spirit, snake-based deities
  • Complicated Relationship: Walt Disney, Kaa
  • Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther arrived in the Pantheon upon the request of their former charge, Mowgli. The man-cub spoke highly of his animal friends and convinced the Court of the Gods to ascend them. All three were happy to reunite with each other, especially since Baloo and Bagheera had no idea Mowgli was in the Pantheon.
  • Baloo originally served as High Priest to Winnie The Pooh, but decided to drop the position to take up a new godly position. The two bears still remain good friends, and will often enjoy a pot of honey in each other's company.
  • Every now and again, the pair have taught special classes to the students of the Elysium Academy. Their lectures often revolve around The Law of the Jungle, how to survive in the wilderness, and learning the Master-Words of the Jungle Peoples. Interestingly, Baloo often ends up teaching the lessons to the students, with him adopting a more stern and gruff persona whilst Bagheera becomes more laid-back and a bit of Big Brother Mentor. whenever that happens, Bagheera will sit back, relax and listen, impressed by the bear's methods of teaching.
    • The students aren't the only ones who come for the lessons. Various denizens from the Houses of Beasts and Nature often stop by to observe, and as a result, many in the Pantheon use the Master Words to get out of any situation involving the animal deities.
  • It was through Mowgli that Baloo and Bagheera were introduced to Simba, Timon & Pumbaa. After an initial misunderstanding - Simba thought Bagheera was going to eat his friends - the five animals managed to get things cleared up and became good friends, though Baloo and Mowgli are more often seen hanging out with Timon and Pumbaa, the four finding comparisons between the Bare Necessities and Hakuna Matata.
    • In turn, their friendship with Simba allowed for the pair to meet with his father Mufasa, who respected their teaching skills and asked them to aid Simba with becoming a good king. Scar on the other hand has shown hostility to the pair not only for allying themselves with his nephew, but also being friends with Mowgli. Both Bagheera and Baloo have compared Scar to Shere Khan, and are ready to take on the disgraced lion if push comes to shove.
  • When the two were brought to meet Mowgli's fellow Nature Preservers, Bagheera personally thanked Tarzan and San for watching over the young man-cub in their absence. From that point onwards, the older humans became allies with the panther, helping him with keeping things in order and looking out for Mowgli whenever he's off adventuring.
  • Many of the other feral children in the Pantheon have gotten along well with Baloo and Bagheera, though it has been divided between the two. Hareta and George of the Jungle hang out more with the fun-loving Baloo, while the older, more mature N and Eliza Thornberry can be seen speaking with Bagheera in private, the former practicing the Master-Words to better understand the other non-Pokémon animal deities.
  • One day, Lord Shen had caught the Iriomote mountain cat kitten Maya spying on his scheming. He decided to make an example and captured the tiny feline. It was Bagheera who came to the rescue, managing to fight off the Peacock long enough to escape with the kitten in tow. Maya's owner Sakaki was so grateful for the Panther's help, becoming close friends afterward. In fact, Sakaki often turns to Bagheera to watch over Maya when she's away at school.
  • After encountering T'Challa and hearing what had happened between him and Mowgli, all Bagheera could do was chuckle to himself. The two are on good terms, with Bagheera and fellow feline Eugene Gallardo meeting up and discussing their daily businesses in the Pantheon.
  • There has been some confusion as to what kind of bear Baloo is. Most know him to be a sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), though some disagree, claiming him to be a Himalayan brown bear (Ursus arctos isabellinus). When it was brought up Baloo merely shrugged, saying it doesn't matter what species he is as long as he can continue doing the things he loves.
  • Having dealt with King Louie and the Bandar-logNote  in the past, Bagheera is hesitant around most of the deified primates in the Pantheon. Mojo Jojo's antics and prolonged ranting greatly annoys the serious panther, though Sun Wukong is even worse. But while he can deal with those two, Bagheera was seen awestruck by the sight of King Kong.
    • On the other hand, Baloo gets along well with Donkey and Diddy Kong, often dancing with them in the House of Theatre and Spectacle. But one thing is for certain, both mammals have a great distrust of Koba for his bloodthirsty nature, and breaking the law of not killing other apes. They also hate Napoleon for his treatment of his fellow animals and wanting to be more like a human, mirroring King Louie's own desires. Despite this, the panther does respect Caesar for being a good leader to his clan and for wanting peace over war with man.
  • Have a mixed opinion of many of the serpentine deities in the Pantheon, due to past experiences with the python Kaa. In some timelines, he is an ancient creature, feared by many but still serving as an ally and friend to Mowgli. In others, he is a hypnotizing villain who wants nothing more than to eat the man-cub. There's also a timeline where he... is actually a she. Nevertheless, Baloo and Bagheera dread the day Kaa ascends, hoping that the version that is selected will be their ally.
  • Both Baloo and Bagheera have a distrust of humans who seek to poach animals and destroy the environment, due partly to the pair being considered Endangered Species. In particular, they oppose Looten Plunder for wanting to clear-cut the Seeone Hills, Mr. Burns and Cruella De Vil for wanting to turn them into fur coats (or in Baloo's case sloth bear underwear), Dr. Eggman for turning animals into robots and Ghetsis Harmonia for abusing both Pokémon and his son N.
    • Despite their fears of being hunted, it came as a shock to most when the archer Atalanta approached Baloo and struck up a conversation with him. After learning about her origins and how she was raised by bears, the pair became close friends, and on occasion, one can find them singing about the Bare Necessities. Baloo has even allowed the Chaste Huntress to call him "Ol' Iron Paws".
      • And speaking of Iron Paws, Baloo found new sparring partners in the form of the Canadian boxer Bear Hugger, and Russian street fighter Zangief. The trio have been seen wrestling with one another, with Baloo giving instructions on how to fight like a "real bear". So far the matches have mainly ended in friendly draws, but once boxing season starts up, then all three won't hold back.
  • For all the friends they made upon ascension, both Baloo and Bagheera gained a fair number of enemies as well. Both Tai Long and Lord Shen have shown hostility towards the pair and it doesn't help that the panther and bear became friends with Po. There is also the trio of Riptor, Indominus rex and the Sharptooth, who have all attempted to kill and eat Mowgli in the past. The three theropods have made the mammal gods nervous by their mere presence, but Bagheera knows that despite their fearsome appearances, they can easily be defeated.
  • Both mammals respect the Spring Sprite for bringing spring to the world and for keeping the forest vibrant. On the same note, they utterly fear the Firebird and Hexxus for their desire for environmental destruction.
  • One time, Bagheera had a run-in with the wild horse known only as Spirit, who mistook the former for a mountain lion. Not much is known about what exactly went down but nowadays the panther keeps his distance, not wanting to rile up the Mustang any further.
  • Many in the Pantheon were caught off-guard when they learned Baloo is an expert pilot, having worked as a seaplane operator in an alternate universe. Not only that, but some of his piloting feats caused even Team Star Fox to do a second take. Even Bagheera was surprised by this and questioned the bear about it. The response he got...
    Baloo: What can I say? I've got a few tricks up these furry sleeves.
  • Their relationship with Terra, Ventus, and Aqua is...interesting. Apparently, all three Keyblade wielders made visits to Bagheera and Baloo's homeworld in the past, though none of them can remember the details. Regardless, both animals formed friendships with Ventus and Aqua respectively; Baloo looking out for Ven as he does with Mowgli, and Bagheera with Aqua due to their maturity and shared desire to protect their friends. Terra though is up for debate, with the pair suspecting that he could have been tricked by King Louie to kidnap Mowgli. No incidents have happened as of yet but everyone has their eyes open.
  • The pair have a very complicated relationship with Walt Disney, which stems from the decision to change up the original Kipling story to be more light-hearted and family-friendly. Despite this though, they do owe Walt for keeping their story alive and well in the cultural mindset and were saddened by his passing in 1966. Note  When they met again in the Pantheon, Walt thanked the pair for helping carry the film with them, and was happy with how the final product turned out.
  • The pair were immediately on edge when they found out Shere Khan was in the Pantheon, and decided to keep an eye out to make sure he doesn't cause any trouble, at least to Mowgli or their other allies.
    • The ascension of Kaa, on the other hand, was a more complicated affair, given that their original versions are friends, but the "Disneyfied" ones aren't (with Bagheera saving Mowgli fom Kaa in the cartoon, and Baloo doing so in the live-action version). And all three have a very hard time recalling if a certain account that the "Disneyfied" versions grew up together happened.
  • Some of the Russian gods have wondered why Bagheera doesn't sound like a female and doesn't have cubs around. Understandably, he was thoroughly confused by their comments.

Garchomp, God of Unconventional Creatures (The Mach Pokémon, Gaburias, Sharkadactyl)
Mega Garchomp 
  • Intermediate God (Greater God as Mega Garchomp)
  • Symbol: Its fin-like claws
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Sand Veil (Sand Force as Mega Garchomp)
  • Moveset: Dragon Claw, Earthquake, Stone Edge, Dragon Rush
  • Portfolio: Dragon/shark/jet Hybrid, The ability to use a Mega Stone, Manliness, Power and speed, Generation IV's pseudo-legendary, dragon landsharks, Threatening Shark, scythe-like claws, evasion in sandstorms
  • Domain: Power, Speed, Dragons, Sharks, Earth
  • Allies: Viral, Ash Ketchum, Pikachu, Tyranitar, White Metagross, EMIYA, Ryuko Matoi, Gaara, Crocodile, Lucario, Meta Knight, Wally, Gallade
  • Rivals: Charizard
  • Enemies: Team Rocket, Indominus Rex
  • Opposed: Those with ice and fairy-based powers, Jigglypuff, Gardevoir
  • Odd Friendship: Rias Gremory
  • One of the most powerful, fastest, and overall dangerous Pokémon in the world. Many credit its feat to being part dragon, part shark, and part jet.
  • Because of how powerful he is, Garchomp visits the House of Power often to compete in many battles. It was there that he found a friend in fellow Pokémon Lucario, mainly because someone by the name of Cynthia owns both a Garchomp and Lucario.
  • He respects Sinnoh's Champion, Cynthia, for her powerful team which includes a perfectly-raised Garchomp.
  • Many people wanted to know if Garchomp was a Shiny or not, due to the fact that his Shiny coloration is nearly identical with its normal color. When the question was answered, he was revealed to be one and has since been considered the pinnacle of manliness. Because of this, he is good friends with Archer. Several affectionately call the two GARchomp and GARcher.
  • He respects Ash Ketchum for raising a Gible in his journey through the Sinnoh region.
  • Has a kinship with Tyranitar for also being a Pseudo-Legendary Pokémon. Tyranitar's Sand Stream works well with Garchomp's Sand Veil, making the two a powerful duo.
  • Surprisingly gets along with Wally following the addition of a Garchomp to his team. Likewise, he has found a good ally in Gallade, as both utilize shoulder blades.
  • Because of the fact that both of them are chimeric creatures with dominant shark traits, he has officially become Viral's partner. However, Garchomp is also enemies with the Indominus Rex for giving hybrids a bad name.
  • Likes Ryuko, since her Senketsu Senjin form reminds him a lot of his Mega Evolution.
  • He can fly. No, seriously.
    • Unfortunately for Garchomp, the actual documentation of such come from a source with a history of less than reliable depictions, hurting the credibility of his claim.
  • Garchomp became acquaintances with Rias Gremory after the latter learned that her name is derived from Garchomp's Japanese name Gaburias (Apparently her author wanted her name to sound foreign). She thought that the Mach Pokémon would be an excellent pet but was disappointed to learn that he was already assigned a partner. Nonetheless they both remain good friends.

    Mew Mews 
The Mew MewsMembers , Divine Animal-Motif Team
Clockwise from top left: Zakuro Fujiwara/Mew Zakuro, Ichigo Momomiya/Mew Ichigo, Retasu Midorikawa/Mew Lettuce, Ringo Akaii/Mew Ringo, Bu-ling Huang/Mew Pudding, and Minto Aizawa/Mew Mint.
Berry Shirayuki/Mew Berry
  • Intermediate Goddesses
  • Symbol: Their Mew Pendants
  • Theme Songs: Tokyo Mew Mew Opening Theme
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Animal-Motif Team, Magical Girls, Action Girls, Clark Kenting
  • Domains: Animals, Magic, Good
  • Heralds: Ryou Shirogane, Keiichiro Akasaka (Mew Project members), Masaya Aoyama/Blue Knight (Ichigo's boyfriend), Quiche, Tart and Pie (former enemies).
  • Allies: The Magical Girl Sisterhood, Tuxedo Kamen, All Ascended Pretty Cure, Adora and Catra, Mewtwo and All Good-Aligned Pokémon Deities, The AppliDrivers, The Grand United Alliance of Nature, Dr. Alphys, Misaki Ayuzawa, Sharo Kirima, Maika Sakuranomiya, Hideri Kanzaki, Shadow the Hedgehog, Superman
  • Enemies: The Death Busters, Black Doom, Death Phantom, Moebius, Dr. Eggman, Metal Sonic, Infinite, Giygas, The Starmen, Porky Minch, Katz, The Shroobs, The Martians (Mars Attacks!), Vril Dox/Brainiac, The Lich, Lucifer, YHVH, Lord Tirek, The Incubators, Yuuki Terumi, Relius Clover, Regime Superman, Joker (The Clown Prince of Crime and The Spawn of Pierrot), Gohyan, The Batman Who Laughs, Kefka Palazzo, Anyone in the Grand United Alliance of Destruction, Horde Prime, Ragyo Kiryuin, Nui Harime, Zim, All Evil Aliens not listed here and those who would destroy nature
  • Uneasy Towards: Sailor Galaxia, Homura Akemi
  • The Mew Mews are a group of Magical Girls who are infused with the DNA of certain animals thanks to the Mew Project and are recruited by the masterminds behind it to take on a threat. This threat happens to be some evil aliens, and they take them on in order to save the world.
  • It was a bleak morning. An attack by the Death Busters and the Black Arms, with it being spearheaded by Black Doom and Kaolinite, had seriously wounded and captured many heroes and were giving the GUAG a very hard time. Ichigo, however, came up with a solution, and went to fetch the other Mew Mews for aid against the two alien forces. This, combined with a few reinforcements that the Magical Girl Sisterhood had gathered, managed to push back the invasion and force the Black Arms and the Death Busters to retreat for the time being. The rest of the Mew Mews joined Ichigo in the Pantheon after they helped repel the evil aliens, and they all decided to share Animal-Motif Team together.
  • As they fought evil aliens, they are opposed to the amount of hostile extraterrestrial races in the Pantheon. At the top of the list are Black Doom and his Black Arms as well as the Death Busters. Both parties are absolutely incensed by their interference as they had very nearly won when they and the Magical Girl Sisterhood’s reinforcements arrived. The Mew Mews are absolutely appalled by the goals of both Black Doom and the Death Busters. They especially dislike the Death Busters not only due to their Omnicidal Mania but also because of the fact that they use a school as a front for their operations and headquarters and have removed the souls and Pure Heart Crystals of students attending there before.
  • Were absolutely horrified by another race of evil aliens; The Shroobs. The fact that they go around destroying everything they come across was something that didn’t sit well with any of them, and that’s not even getting into how they reacted once they learned of what they did to Toads. Things got worse when they learned of how the Shroobs forcefully mutated many forms of organic life in the Mushroom Kingdom’s past, and have decided to aid in opposing them. Princess Shroob and her sister aren’t worried though, as they know that they can potentially overwhelm the Mew Mews with sheer numbers.
  • The Mew Mews have allied themselves with the Magical Girl Sisterhood. Of course, there’s the extremely complicated situation with Homura Akemi, and how Lucifer manipulated her into joining him. They actually hang out with Madoka Kaname sometimes and were glad that she got some of her powers back. There was an incident where they busted into Madoka’s bedroom during a sleepover in her house and interrupted Death Phantom who was trying to corrupt her with his Mind Manipulation. He found their opposition to be hilarious and has used his powers to cause friction between them from time to time, gaining even more ire from the Mew Mews.
  • Opposing Dr. Eggman not only for his cruel treatment of animals, especially using them as organic batteries. They also weren’t happy to learn of the different continuities where he used the Roboticizer to turn people, animals and Mobians into robots subservient to him, and they were understandably even more horrified to learn of the Metal Virus that he once created and unleashed.
  • While she insists that Tokyo Mew Mew is the Expy and Mew Mew Kissy Cutie was the original, Alphys gets along just fine with all of the girls. She had actually been friends with Ichigo long before the arrival of the other Mew Mews that occurred due to the attack that the Black Arms and the Death Busters launched, and they can sometimes be seen talking.
  • Given how they carry the DNA of various endangered species due to the Mew Project, the Grand United Alliance of Nature took an interest in them. Despite her Fantastic Racism towards humanity, even Viridi feels it is necessary for them to exist at the moment as should the various endangered animals go extinct, they could try to replicate the DNA that the Mews carry in order to bring them back.
  • Tend to hang out in the House of Nature and House of Food, the latter being where they continue their jobs in a maid cafe that was constructed shortly after their arrival. They tend to spend time in the House of Nature with the wildlife, though they stay far away from the Hall of Toxicity. One of their greatest foes from that Hall is the Lich, who wants to destroy all life and is essentially the embodiment of Nuclear Warfare. They once had a fight with him in the House of Nature, with Finn the Human and Jake the Dog joining the Mew Mews in fending him off.
  • While they are way outside of their weight class, this doesn’t stop them from hanging out with Courage the Cowardly Dog from time to time. There was an incident where they utterly humiliated Katz and forced him to flee when he attacked the Bagges and had no idea who they were, and the vile cat has sworn vengeance upon them, vowing to find a way to bring a Fate Worse than Death upon each of them despite knowing how much weaker he is compared to them.
  • As their biggest enemies were evil aliens, they are at odds with The Martians, The Harvesters, The Daleks and their creator, Davros. The Martians want to kill them for fun, and the Harvesters couldn’t care less about them. The Daleks want to EXTERMINATE! them and Davros sees them as annoyances at best. They are especially disgusted by him for bringing the Daleks into existence in the first place and wanting to bring about the DEATH! OF REALITY! ITSELF! using a Reality Bomb.
  • To their complete and utter surprise, they learned of an evil woman named Ragyo Kiryuin who sold herself out to evil aliens and attempted to do the same to all of humanity. Her crimes horrified them to say the least, especially with what she did to Satsuki and Ryuko. Most of the time they aren’t fighting her though when it comes to Ragyo’s plans, but rather her Dragon Nui Harime. They are helping Ryuko and Satsuki try to put a stop to the two once and for all.
  • Despite their opposition to evil aliens, they couldn’t help but pity Giygas for what happened to him and drove him into villainy, finding his descent into becoming a powerful, unthinking, incomprehensible horror to be heartbreaking. The Starmen, however, did not earn their sympathy. They proved to be utterly relentless and when they interferes with some their plans, the sheer numbers of the Starmen where they fought as well as some of Giygas’ other troops that were present there as well was overwhelming, and they would have been killed had Ness, Paula, Jeff and Poo not interfered in time.
    • And yet, the Mews learned of somebody from their universe who happened to be even worse than the Starmen and Giygas upon helping Lucas fend off a horde of mechanized animals. They soon learned that Porky Minch was the cause of this, having his Pigmask armies mess with animals to turn them into Chimeras in order to make them “cooler.” Porky finds it hilarious that these people are opposing him, and is genuinely toying with the idea of finding a way to turn them into Chimeras as well. Naturally, they were not pleased with his intentions for them.
  • Are some of the only deities who take Zim completely and deadly seriously due to the Florpus incident where he nearly destroyed the planet by accident. Zim actually likes that someone other than Dib is treating him as a legitimate threat as he believes this can boost his reputation and prove to the Tallest that he is in fact a skilled invader.


Lesser Gods

    Asterion/The Minotaur 
Prince Asterion, God of Beasts Within Mazes (The Minotaur, The Beast of Minos, Asterius, Asterios, Berserker, Ferdinand, the Kythotaur, SCP-432-1)
Click here  for how he looks in the DC Universe
Click here  for his Servant incarnation
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: An eagle-eye view of the Labyrinth itself
  • Theme Song: His God of War boss battle theme
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil (Neutral Good around Diana of Themyscira)
  • Portfolio: Half-Human Hybrid Because Of The Queen's Bestiality (the gods are to blame), Our Minotaurs Are Different (the OG Bull-Man), True Name Means "Starry One", To Serve Man, Beast in the Maze
  • Domains: Bulls, Monsters, Abominations, Hybrids, Cannibalism, Monsters
  • Allies: Frankenstein's Monster, Piggsy, Rajang
  • Odd Friendship with: Mordred
  • On speaking terms with: Miltank, Ferdinand
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: Khazrak (but not Gorthor), The Fabrication Machine
  • Enemies: Poseidon, Percy Jackson, Kratos, The SCP Foundation, Zebediah Killgrave, The Big Friendly Giant, Baine Bloodhoof, The Hunter(Bloodborne), The Monster Hunters, Scarface, Hoss Delgado, Jareth
  • Pitied by: The Doctor
  • Opposes: Dante Alighieri
  • Prince Asterion is the monster of King Minos, and beast of the Labyrinth. Known better as the Minotaur, it was placed in the heart of the seemingly inescapable maze of the Labyrinth. Having a taste for flesh, King Minos would have youths and maidens sacrificed to it, and Athenian king Aegeus sacrificed to avert a plague. Theseus would volunteer to slay, and using a trick with string was able to escape after slaying the beast.
  • Has attracted a number of monster hunters interested in the bounty that's been placed on it, or for Scarface an interesting challenge. This has only angered the beast. The Onion has released an article that the Labyrinth is used by the military to interrogate terrorists, which Asterion has revealed in a tell-all audiobook.
  • The Minotaur finds its origins to be rather embarrassing. His mother, the Queen Pasiphae, was cursed to fall in love with a bull the king refused to sacrifice to Poseidon because of how beautiful it was. Through a hollow wooden cow, the shameful deed was done. It's aware of the disgusting details, and has come to sympathize with Mordred since he's the royal bastard of a shameful incestuous union, the complex of which drives his villainy. He seems to get along with Rajang as well, being a vicious minotaur crossed with a gorilla with a far less gross origin to it.
  • His abominable origins and aggressive temperament have some within the House of Beasts on edge, however with minotaurs actually being a race in many parts of the multiverse, he feels less shameful about his existence. He's actually relieved to be part of the Trope Pantheon since he comes off as much less out of place.
  • Loathes Theseus, and by extension Poseidon. This isn't just because Poseidon is Theseus' father, but because he cursed his mother in the first place. In that way, he could be considered a Child by Rape. For this reason he hates Zebediah Killgrave for using his Compelling Voice to make women sleep with him, which has resulted in the Purple Children.
  • The original bull-man, the Minotaur wanted to ascend with Our Minotaurs Are Different but Baine Bloodhoof already had it. Baine doesn't like the minotaur for being a savage cannibal, even if he's the OG. The Big Friendly Giant would rather the Minotaur grow out of it and embrace his human nature, but the Minotaur isn't hearing of it, claiming "What did humans ever do to me? Besides my own step-father locking me in a maze and treating me like an abomination".
  • The SCP Foundation identified the Labyrinth as what's inside SCP-432, and the Minotaur SCP-432-1. Well it's heavily implied, and the author of the document has confirmed it's the case. To prevent him causing a rampage, they made sure the temple was his labyrinth. This enraged him to no end. It hates Jareth to no end for representing the Labyrinth, seeing him as a symbol of his imprisonment.
  • Dante attests that the Minotaur can be found in the seventh level of Hell, with a bull's body and a man's head. It is the infernal guardian for this circle of violent sinners, and managed to bypass him by taunting the beast. The Doctor believes this in inaccurate, and wonders if it is related to the Nimons. Like the Minotaur he found, he pities the condition that Prince Asterion was left in and believes being there is why it is so monstrous anyway.
  • Generally a loner, however Prince Asterion does have friends. Piggsy is a cannibal driven that way by madness, so the Minotaur sympathizes with his condition. He found an accord with Frankenstein's Monster, since he very well know what it feels to be an unnatural creature abandoned by their "fathers". That feeling of being or made unnatural might be why it likes the Fabrication Machine, but it's a tenuous and more one-sided fondness given the Fabrication Machine's goals.
  • It has a more strained alliance with Khazrak. They're both monstrous beast-men, however some of the things that the Beastmen do disturb the Minotaur somewhat. Also it doesn't like how their race uses bestiality to increase their numbers. Still, Khazrak at least has some standards. Gorthor has absolutely none, however, and the Minotaur doesn't want to be near him.
  • Usually a villain, but in the DC Universe he had a change of heart when Wonder Woman spared him. He serves as the chef of her embassy. Though remaining a villain in the pantheon, he does behave around her. However he prefers to be called the Kythotaur and Kythira is where he comes from, instead of Ferdinand. There's another bull named Ferdinand, and in this more placid form the Minotaur gets along with him. It's hoped he could function as a Morality Chain when not so nice.
  • He lets Miltank call him Ferdinand because she's a bovine and she's so nice. She's unnerved by him, but appreciates him behaving around her. The Master of Chaldea also keeps him in check (and refers to him by his actual name). As a Servant, he goes by Asterios and is under the Berserker rank. He looks much better in this form, having a human face but bull horns. Despite being aligned as Chaotic Evil, he's a rather nice and loyal person in this form.
  • Apparently it's also the berserk form of Shadow Labrys that exists independent of Shadow Labrys, after Shadow Labrys became a separate personality of Labrys after she unintentionally stored her data, it became an actual Persona to Shadow Labrys.

    Billy Hatcher 
Billy Hatcher, Divine Guardian of Weird Eggs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Legendary Chicken Suit, or just the helmet
  • Theme Music: G.I.A.N.T.E.G.G.; alternatively, Chant This Charm
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Widget Series, Badass Adorable, Egg MacGuffin, Kid Hero, Color-Coded Elements, Improbable Weapon User
  • Domains: Eggs, Morning, Heroism
  • Heralds: Rolly Roll, Bantam Scrambled, Chick Poacher, the Chicken Elders
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi, Solaire of Astora, Tails, Knuckles, NiGHTS, Mega Man, Yoshi , Volcarona, Princess Celestia, Chibiterasu, Amaterasu, Django, Ness, Finn the Human, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Amigo
  • Enemies: The Crow, Grand Duke of Owls, Nightmare Moon, David Zappa, Yami, Balanar
  • Morning Land is a place where this kid and his friends reside, and as one might guess, it's a sunny place. Things were normal until the place came under attack by Dark Raven and his goons, who wanted to cast an eternal night there. Billy donned the Legendary Chicken Suit and used it to save Morning Land. Along the way, he could use eggs and with sufficient care, it could hatch things like helpful creatures (including Sonic the Hedgehog) and powerups.
    • Sonic actually wasn't the only outside help Billy could get back in the kid's initial journey. Tails, Knuckles, and even NiGHTS and Amigo could be found in certain eggs that Billy could find. If needed, they will come by his aide to help him out in combat.
  • With his ascension, he serves as an additional member to those who protect the sun against malevolent night deities. However, Billy was told via Princess Celestia that there were a few benevolent moon deities such as Princess Luna, Usagi Tsukino, Tyrande Whisperwind, and Yuri Tsukikage. Billy has acknowledged this and has focused his effort on the villains who want an eternal night.
  • Much of Billy's mobility comes from the use of the eggs he finds, along with the powerups and aid that comes with it. If an egg gets destroyed, there's not much he can do. This is partially why Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and NiGHTS tend to accompany him on his missions, provided that they aren't magically stuffed inside an egg.
  • Billy was invited by Sonic and a few other Sega characters to participate in a race. Somehow, Billy wasn't able to arrive for a later round and on top of that, his friends were watching the later races, but Billy wasn't present at all. He hasn't really said if he was busy that time or not.
  • Billy gets along smoothly with AiAi, another Sega character who uses a sphere as one method of travel. The difference is that Billy rolls spheres (eggs) to get better movement speed while the monkey is inside a sphere (a ball) for improved mobility.
  • There is a significant difference in how he and Yoshi use their eggs. While Yoshi simply throws the eggs at enemies, Billy has to run over enemies with the eggs (in addition to the hatching bit). Despite these differences, Billy is on good terms with Yoshi, mostly since the eggs the dinosaur throws don't really have anything inside them (aside from the occasional coin).
  • A small number of deities (mainly the ones who like to make fun of others for petty reasons) have mocked the Legendary Chicken Suit for being a ridiculous costume for any hero to wear. Although Billy was a little surprised when he tried on the suit for the first time, he's gotten used to wearing it.
  • He has a really strong disdain towards The Crow, mainly for reminding him of what he has fought against back in Morning Land. That and this aforementioned crow is most likely creepier than the ones he fought against.
  • For whatever reason, people tend to think that his Spelling Song is done as G-I-N-T-E-G-G, without the A of course (to be fair, there's lack of enunciation between the I and A). Billy has tried to correct the matter, but SomecallmeJohnny hasn't let Billy hear the end of it.
    SomecallmeJohnny: That's some good G.I.N.T. E.G.G.
  • Unsurprisingly, Billy gets along really well with other kid heroes such as Ness and the Powerpuff Girls. With the possible exception of Steven Universe, most of Billy's kid hero friends aren't really interested in trying on the Legendary Chicken Suit.
  • No one really knows who exactly laid those eggs that Billy utilizes. Even the House of Knowledge got really frustrated just trying to figure out how those eggs came to be.
    • And for that matter, there's the other question of what those eggs taste like if Billy fails to hatch them. The kid is very hesitant to roll his eggs near the House of Food since there's bound to be a handful of hungry gods there wanting to try out these eggs.

    Crash Bandicoot 
Crash Bandicoot, God of Species Rarely Represented in Fiction (Willy the Wombat, Infernal Bandicoot, Orange Delivery Boy, Crashworth Cortex the First, Cash Banooca)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with three Aku Aku masks)
  • Symbol: His extra life mugshot and a Wumpa Fruit
  • Theme Songs: N. Sanity Beach (N. Sane Remix), The Great Hall (N. Sane Remix) (shared with Tawna), CB2 Warp Room (N. Sane Remix), Time Twister (N. Sane Remix), Crash Cove (Nitro Fueled Remix)
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Spin attacks, Those who are off in their own little world, Star of a big Playstation game, Seldom-Seen Species, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, Those who are easily distracted
  • Domain: Marsupials, Spinning, Collection, Gaming
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: Ripper Roo
  • Friendly Enemy: Neo Cortex (though Cortex won't admit to such)
  • Enemies:
  • Odd Friendship: The Tasmanian Devil
  • Crash Bandicoot is an unusual marsupial who was mutated by Dr. Cortex to serve as the general of his Cortex Commandoes, but the process never quite finished like he expected and Crash ended up escaping his facility, only to return for his girlfriend Tawna and trashing all of Cortex henchment. The bandicoot went to become Cortex biggest headache and one of the most popular platformer mascots of his generation. While he underwent a period where he dissapeared, he eventually and triunfally returned with a retelling of his first adventure.
  • Crash Bandicoot was ascended into the Pantheon by Polygon Man, who forced him to fight Spyro as the main event in Round 2 of Polygon Man’s Battle Royale. Unfortunately for him, Crash and Spyro had been tricked into fighting each other once before by Cortex and Ripto, and they didn’t fall for the same trick twice. They vowed to put a stop to Polygon Man's scheme with the help of Sora, Lightning, Riku, Dante, and the ascended competitors of the first Battle Royale.
    • Crash and Spyro would later try to formally settle their rivalry in a one-on-one duel, with Aku Aku and Sparx present to spectate. Unfortunately, Sparx ended up getting hurt before the fight as a result of an accidental hit by Crash (who mistook Sparx for an ordinary bug in a moment of distraction), resulting in Spyro turning into Dark Spyro. Dark Spyro very quickly overwhelmed and vaporized both Crash and Aku Aku (who tried to protect Crash) and had to be stopped as he rampaged around the Pantheon.
  • Ever since his inception, Crash has had a fierce rivalry with both Mario and Sonic being the mascots of the rival companies that published his games. Nonetheless, Crash is a good sport and actually gets along rather well with them, moreso with Sonic since he also had to deal with Arch-Enemy Mad Scientist Dr. Robotnik.
  • Crash presence was enough of a motivator for his sister Coco to eventually ascend and get a temple of her own. The first thing she did was berate Crash for not telling her earlier but thing quickly were mended after she gave him a big hug.
  • Parappa was overjoyed that Crash had finally come to the Pantheon, since they were such good friends in the PlayStation era, but hadn’t seen each other since.
  • He was formerly a follower of Androids 17 and 18 along with his sister Coco. Now that Crash is in the Pantheon himself, he remains on good terms with them and is always ready to help stop Cell whenever he tries to absorb the Androids. Later down the line her little sister also joined in to support the Android twins.
  • Has joined a sports team alongside Jak, Daxter and Nathan Drake. They call themselves the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • He has bonded with Balthier over their mutual dislike of mad scientists and offered Crash to be a part of his crew. Crash politely turned him down, but accepts Balthier help whenever Dr. Cortex is up to no good.
  • Caesar is pleased to see that Crash doesn't let the fact that he was experimented upon by humans get him down. If Koba ascends, Crash has agreed to meet him upon his ascension and introduce him to the Pantheon.
  • When the more aggressive residents of the Bestiary get out of control, Crash uses the powers of his mask friend Aku Aku to jack the beasts and calm them down. Eventually Aku Aku himself ascended to aid Crash, at the cost of bringing his Evil Twin Uka Uka and share a temple with him. Crash is not happy about the latter.
  • Unlike many half-dressed cartoon animals, Crash wears pants but nothing on his upper body.
  • When he receives Aku Aku’s protection three times, he becomes temporarily invulnerable to most damage. In this form, only pitfalls can harm him. To that end, in preparation for the final battle, the GUAG have arranged for three mask boxes to be placed near Crash’s location. The GUAE, on the other hand, have ordered Team Rocket to dig a number of holes in the hopes that he will fall in.
  • He's not exactly fond of the fact that Psycho Mantis made fun of him, and was glad that Snake shot him in the face mid-sentence.
  • Crash has decided to join the Skylanders after a few years of thinking, which has pleased his rival, Spyro the Dragon. Both are looking forward to duking it out again.
  • Crash got acquainted with the Tasmanian Devil, not only for being peculiar and rare seen marsupials, but also for being fond of using a Spin Attack. Plus, neither is very bright.
  • People have reportedly seen a rather strange version of Crash uttering his signature "WOAH!" in a rather bizarre way.
  • "WOAH!"

    Cretaceous and Maelstrom 
Cretaceous and Maelstrom, Deified Cold-Blooded Monsters
From left to right: Cretaceous and Maelstrom
  • Lesser Gods
  • Symbol: Their silhouettes inside an iceberg
  • Theme Song: Attack From Below the Ice
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Cold-Blooded Whatever, Unintentionally Somewhat Accurate Depictions of Metriorhynchus and Globidens, Fat and Skinny, Knight of Cerebus, Alledgedly an Ichtyosaur and Pliosaur Despite Not Looking the Part, Plot-Irrelevant Villain, Prehistoric Monsters, Reptiles Are Abhorrent, Sea Monster
  • Domains: Reptiles, Water, Prehistory
  • Rivals: Bruce, The Orca, Kabutops
  • Enemies: The Herd, Scrat, Relicanth, Indominus Rex, Spinosaurus, The Brontosaurus, The Gang of Seven, One-Eye
  • Wary of: Plesioth, Lagiacrus, Ceadeus, The Meg, Duke Fishron, The Carapaceons, Kraken, Octogeddon
  • Respect: Arthur Curry/Aquaman, Orm Marius/Ocean Master
  • Source of interest for: Alan Grant
  • Cretaceous and Maelstrom were a pair of marine reptiles that ended up frozen into ice and survived the Cretaceous Extinction and beyond, until they ended up resurfacing during the Ice Age during a warm season that preceded a great flood. With the warmth freeing the duo from their prison, it let them go ahead to begin hunting all that they could, eventually crossing paths with the Herd led by Manfred "Manny" the Mammoth in various encounters. They met their end when the flood finally came as they attempted to kill Manny during it only to be tricked into collapsing a rockslide into themselves that dragged them to the bottom and crushed them underneath.
  • Their ascension was mostly quiet, with the duo taking to the waters to ambush possible prey, up until a reporting Steve Irwin spotted them in the House of Aquatic Life hunting for prey, the Crocodile Hunter got closer to them to better sight them as was impressed with the creatures. Eventually they crossed paths with the Herd again, but this time they thought twice about antagonizing them as a wandering Gammoth was accompanying the animals and thus intimidated them out of attacking. For now it seems they've settled towards not getting revenge... Yet, out of convenience that is.
  • The duo tends to frequent the Halls and Houses filled with waters that they can swim in and try and catch prey in. Their most frequented is so far the House of Aquatic Life where they spend their time looking for prey either underwater or above the waters to catch. However they do remain wary of the stronger predators that frequently are seen in the place such as the Plesioth, who do to their crocodile-like traits has seen them as prey, as well as the Megalodon and Liopleurodon. The predators they're the most wary of are the Ceadeus and Duke Fishron, who both possess much more power than either of them could handle.
  • Because of their aggressiveness, they made a rival in Bruce the Shark, a similarly sized sea monster who is also infamous for being a deadly aggressive predator. Bruce is reluctant to fight the duo due to them being equals in size and power each to him, and as such mostly just ends up confronting them when he wants to chase them out of his turf. The rivalry with Bruce led the duo to also earn a rival in the Orca, a very intelligent and vengeful killer whale who has had some rather unfriendly encounters with the predators, it does tend to deal with them better than Bruce thanks to its higher intellect allowing it to use better tactics that can actually pose a great threat to the duo such as similar situations to the rock slide that killed them in the mortal world.
  • Smaller water-dwelling animals are rather afraid of the duo thanks to their aggressive behavior and relentless pursuit of prey. In one instance Marlin and Dory visited the House of Aquatic Life had to avoid the duo out on a hunt for prey and barely got away alive. In another instance, the duo instead set their sights on Padak during a visit to the same house and wound up almost becoming their dinner before getting away. The pilot fish Joe also has had some encounters but has mostly dissuaded them thanks to having some allies willing to intimidate the duo away from him.
  • Due to his status as ruler of the seas, Arthur Curry/Aquaman is someone they respect and are willing to follow his commands without question, Arthur has been key in making sure the duo don't get up to causing trouble for other deities in the Pantheon. At the same time they also can kowtow to the whims of Ocean Master, who in his worst days can become downright genocidal and therefore could make their status even more dangerous for other underwater inhabitants. At the very least, Arthur has so far been able to keep them along with other aquatic beasts, placated for the moment.
  • At first, the duo thought that a bite out of the Kraken's tentacles would be a good snack, but the Kraken turned out to be a far more ferocious and tenacious beast than expected. Barely escaping the Kraken's wrath in one piece, they decided that avoiding the giant cephalopod was a much better idea. And not much later, they would cross the path of Octogeddon, another giant octopus that was tearing apart metallic submarines with giant tentacles, with some resembling that of other animals. What intimidated them even more was seeing one of its tentacles resemble a T-Rex itself, biting through the hulls of the underwater vessels, and some sort of draconic head breathing fire underwater. The two smaller predators decided that the unfortunate victims of Octogeddon were on their own and searched for smaller prey elsewhere, deciding to go where sealife scared off by the giant octopus would go to.
  • The Spinosaurus was one predator interested in hunting them, given that it specializes in hunting underwater beasts around the size of Maelstrom and Cretaceous. As such the duo tend to get into grueling fights with the large predator anytime that they cross paths, though the Spinosaurus is often the victor of these clashes. One-Eye the T-Rex and Indominus Rex are both dinosaurs that met their ends at the jaws of Mosasaurus that dragged them underwater and as such find themselves having special hatred for sea predators that target land-dwelling creatures.
  • Their status as surviving Mesozoic beasts raised interest in Alan Grant to know more about them, he was also puzzled by their inconsistent categorization and the species they allegedly are, since he can tell the inaccuracies compared to others of their kind. Grant has mostly been helped by Aquaman to approach them without any danger to his life and has been writing up a book on the duo to see what he could learn from remnants of a long-gone age.
  • The Gang of Seven once had to contend with a large "Water Sharptooth"/Liopleurodon and as a result found themselves in an animosity with the predators, who attacked them when the duo made a trip to the House of Mesozoic Beasts in yet another attempt to hunt for prey. The Brontosaurus, who tends to swim in the waters when moving around, has also encountered the pair of predators and sent them packing after a fight, leading to the sauropod also developing a hatred of the pair, especially with its generally more aggressive behavior.
  • To scientists in the Pantheon classifying them has been a nightmare to say the least, while they're supposed to be an Ichtyosaur and Pliosaur, they barely resemble the part being more alike to two other organisms: the sea crocodile Metriorhynchus and the mosasaur Globidens. As such some have debated on which species they actually are, which isn't helped by conflicting reports from their home universe on what they are. At the very least they do know they're not "fishes" as Sid believes.

    Detective Pikachu 
Detective Pikachu, Divine Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal (Pikapool)
Game Version
Film Version
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A Deerstalker Cap and Magnifying Glass
  • Theme Songs: Holding out for a Hero or Carry On
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Gender: Male
  • Moveset: Thunderbolt, Electro Ball, Volt Tackle
  • Portfolio: Amnesiac Hero, Badass Normal and Badass Adorable, Can speak properly but only towards Tim, Loves Coffee, Uplifted Animal, Cloudcuckoolander, Cannot use any of his attacks because he forgot how to
  • Domains: Detective, Mysteries, Investigation, Animals, Accessories, Coffee, Friendship
  • Herald: Tim Goodman (His partner)
  • Allies: Pikachu, Ash Ketchum, Deadpool, Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Watson, Cole Phelps, Batman, Superman, Godot, Phillip J. Fry, Gamera
  • Enemies: Giovanni, Ghetsis Harmonia, Lysandre, Galeem and Dharkon, Ratigan
  • On Good Terms with: Mewtwo, Godzilla
  • Meet Detective Pikachu. While at first, he may look like any other Pikachu with a funny hat, he is actually much more than that. This Pikachu belonged to Harry Goodman, a detective of Ryme City investigating a series of strange events happening around the city but then he mysteriously disappeared to thin air, with his Pikachu remaining in the location where he was last seen. Once his son Tim came to the city, he discovered he and Pikachu could talk and understand each other and so they teamed up to find out what was going on in Ryme City and where the mysterious R gas comes from.
  • He wound up to the pantheon completely by accident after he got curious and decided to check a shifty looking portal that ended up bringing him here. He was then chosen to represent the title of Accessory-Wearing Cartoon Animal, given that his hat is what makes him distinct from other Pikachu. He accepted, since he felt the pantheon could use a detective like him.
  • Speaking of the other Pikachu, both are good friends and Detective Pikachu has even met regular Pikachu's trainer, Ash Ketchum, who he is a little jealous that he lets his Pikachu climb to his shoulder, unlike Tim. Sometimes, both Pikachus like to switch positions to pull a prank on unsuspecting deities.
  • Shortly after ascending, he was visited by Mewtwo. The latter thanked him for helping him free himself from Howard Clifford's control in one timeline and is wondering how this Pikachu still remembers all the events that transpired in that timeline considering that Pikachu had the essence of Harry Goodman inside him. Pikachu just responded that some things are better left unanswered and left shortly, leaving Mewtwo confused.
  • Became an unlikely ally of the House of Justice and the Hall of Investigative Work. Few expected him to be of any help but Pikachu turned out to be surprisingly good at solving mysteries. He tends to work a lot with Sherlock Holmes and Watson, usually competing with the former to see who can solve the case better.
    • Pikachu is also a frequent partner for Cole Phelps, ever since the two got involved in a Pokémon related case that Phelps happened to be investigating with leads towards Team Rainbow Rocket. While Pikachu thinks his driving skills need improvement, he likes Phelps because at least he takes him somewhat seriously (even if he can't really understand Pikachu). This joint investigation has made the two keep an eye on certain members of Team Rainbow Rocket, with Giovanni, Lysandre and Ghetsis on top of their list.
    • Speaking of actual Partners, Pikachu found out late that several ascended Pokémon had a partner except him, so he decided to look into potential candidates. While he was considering asking Sherlock to be his partner, he ended up noticing that he wasn't the only rodent detective, and thus met Basil and Dawson, both being remarkably similar to Holmes and Watson. Both ended up accepting Pikachu's offer and while they are a bit taken aback by having a fellow rodent bigger than them, at least this Pikachu is on the side of good. On the other hand, this ended up putting Pikachu on Ratigan's radar, who scoffed at the idea of another mouse detective in the pantheon.
  • Sounds remarkably similar to Deadpool and the Merc with the Mouth quickly took notice of that. They hit it off immediately and Deadpool started calling him Pikapool, which Pikachu doesn't mind at all. Although he is a bit bothered that Deadpool keeps insisting that Pikachu should wear a custom made Deadpool suit made just for him. He tried it once and he felt it look a bit ridiculous but he secretly liked it anyway.
  • He can speak, but only to a select few. At first he only believed that only Tim was able to understand him and then he found out that there were other deities that can talk to animals. Batman can also understand him (Don't ask him how, you know what Batman will answer) and later invited Pikachu to the Super Café, where he met Superman who turned out to be a huge fan of him
  • He claims to always know about spoilers of the newer shows. Those who end up believing him are then surprised by a video of him dancing.
  • Likes coffee and frequently goes to the House of Food in his downtime to drink some. He tends to be joined by Fry and Godot, who also love coffee but unfortunately they also can't understand him and tend to find him mildly amusing.
  • Surprisingly familiar with Kaijus after he witnessed giant, genetically-altered Torterra emerge from the abandoned laboratory. He find Godzilla to be cool albeit a bit too destructive for his taste and surprisingly ended becoming friends with Gamera who was surprisingly friendlier than he looks. Pikachu even managed to convince the latter to aid him whenever Pikachu finds himself in trouble and Gamera was surprisingly ok with that.
  • He was mildly curious about the Super Smash Bros. tournament after hearing about it from the other Pikachu but that unfortunately just made him fall victim to Galeem's devastating attack and become a spirit alongside a hundred other characters. Once freed, he wanted nothing to do with the Smash Universe and decided to stick with detective work and once he heard that Galeem and Dharkon were part of the pantheon, he got a bit scared that they would break free and imprison him again. Thankfully, they have been subdued and locked up which he felt relieved after hearing that.
  • "I can feel it in my jellies!"
  • Can also be found in Accessories.

    Garfield Logan/Beast Boy 
Garfield Logan, God of Animorphism (Beast Boy, Changeling, Grass Stain, Gar, B.B.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A circle with different animals inside.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beware the Nice Silly One, Nice Guy, Adorkable, Butt-Monkey, Plucky Comic Relief, Keet, The Heart, I Just Want to Be Special, Let's Get Dangerous!, Cute Monster Boy, Idiot But Really a Badass, Ascended Fanboy, "Dude!"
  • Domains: Animals, Justice, Jokes
  • Heralds: the Doom Patrol (his former teammates prior to joining the Titans).
  • Allies:
  • Just Friends (Maybe): Raven
  • Enemies: Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Team Rocket, Granny Goodness
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after leading a rag tag-team of Titans who were not captured by the Brotherhood Of Evil and showing actual leadership skills.
  • Even though Gar is mostly seen as a laidback person by most of the Pantheons, he is actually a very capable person when he gets serious in a fight. He is especially dangerous when he get mad enough.
  • Once fought Deathstroke one on one and actually had the advantage.
  • Gar's animal transformations aren't just limited to Earth-based animals or dinosaurs and he can actually transform into mythical animals and alien beasts. He can even transform into a Pokémon.
    • Because of the aforementioned Pokémon transformation, he was captured by Team Rocket, mistaking him for a rare colored Pokémon. Fortunately, he was rescued by Greninja and blasted Team Rocket away.
  • Once had his shampoo bottle replaced with red dye by Victor Stone. He chased after his friend for "ruining" his beautiful green fur.
  • While he never noticed it before when they were both mortal, Gar can't help but ogle at Raven's legs. Was once caught by Raven when he transformed into a dog and "wolf whistled" at her. He was expecting a swat in the head, but to his surprise, he actually saw a small smile on her face.
  • Has been seen hanging around with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While Leo, Donny, and Mikey don't mind him, Raph is mostly annoyed by him because it feels like there are two Michelangelos now.
  • Became instant friends with Teddie, finding his bear puns hilarious. The two have joined forces to try and make both Raven and Yukiko laugh. Emphasis on the try part.
  • An alternate version of this character was involved in an incident that led to his departure from the Teen Titans. Beast Boy does not enjoy comparisons to this character, though he's as willing to joke about it as anything else.
  • Has a seat in the House of Shape, in the Hall of Shapeshifters.

    Killer Rabbit 
The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, God of Little, Lethal Creatures (The most foul, cruel and bad tempered rodent you ever set eyes on)
"Look at the bones!"
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A bloodstained white rabbit
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Deadly Fluffy White Bunnies, Arthurian Legend, Ascended to Carnivorism
  • Domains: Bunnies, Murder, Cuteness
  • Followers: Infernal Spawn of Evilnote , Vorpal Rabbits, The Fury, Coney Dewclaw, Bun-Bun, The Great Rabbit
  • Superior: Monty Python
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork: SCP-524
  • Enemies: King Arthur, Artoria Pedragon, Sir Lancelot, the Catachan Devil, Reisen Udongein Inaba, Springtrap, Hoto Cocoa, Kafuu Chino, Tedeza Rize, Ujimatsu Chiya and Kirima Sharo
  • Master: Tewi Inaba
  • Fears: John Marston
  • Ascended to the immortal plain upon meeting its Achilles' Heel: High explosives, charged with a powerful divine blessing.
  • Even the Catachan Devil avoids it, since it's not sure of its chances and it doesn't wanna lose to a freaking bunny.
  • Constantly tries to take over the temple owned by Useless Little Bunny Only Good For Her Sex Appeal to ensure its dominance as the only God of Bunnies. However, its attempts always end in eye contact with Reisen and reliving its destruction with high explosives.
  • His flesh-eating ways and tendency to wreak carnage completely traumatized Fluttershy, Friend to All Living Things, when she tried to pet the cute little white bunny and it didn't work out too well. Thankfully, The Stare kicked in on time to prevent her from being mangled and devoured.
  • Rumor has it that Bun-Bun seeks to usurp him.
  • Despite its fearsome reputation, there are those who would still willingly challenge it to combat. A group of six mighty warriors gained much fame by besting the beast in combat without the use of holy explosives.
  • For whatever reason, he has gained enough hatred forwards Steve? that in rare occasions he will exit his temple in order to bite his face off.
  • When Reisen stepped out of her position as the Goddess of Bunnies, The Killer Rabbit tried to kill Rabbit in order to become the God of Rabbits, thinking that Reisen was completely gone. However, Reisen quickly blasted The Rabbit of Caerbannog before anything would happen.
  • Tried to attack Hibari, or more accurately, the bunny which she can summon. He ended getting shocked by the bunny before Hibari kicked him away.
  • The one bunny-related creature it has never once attacked is Springtrap. He beats out even it in the scariness department.
  • One day, Tewi arrived in front of his cave to meet him. Chasing the intruder away, the Rabbit attacked her. After a bout of fighting that involved a carrot and Holy Hand Grenade, he was captured by Tewi and forced to become her subordinate.
    • The Rabbit feared no deity (except those wielding the Holy Hand Grenade), until the day John Marston arrived. At first, the Rabbit thought him an easy kill as he was fast and immune to bullets. All that changed with a double unload of Dead Eye-infused Buffalo Rifle shots with blessed phosphorous bullets. All the Rabbit remembered after it was revived in the House of Life and Vitality was a huge headache and the flash of blue phosphorus. Since then, it stays as far away from the ex-outlaw, even if Tewi forbade John to come near it again.
  • Seemed to have once existed in the British Isles even in Nasuverse. Indeed, Artoria and her Knights of the Round Table have nothing but bad memories of the snarling beast.

    King Louie 
King Louie, God of Non-Native Species (King of the Swingers, Jungle V.I.P., Cousin Louie, Lou, King of the Bandar-Log, Louie Lamount)
Louie as a orangutan.
Clickhere  to see Louie as a Gigantopithecus.

Nezu, God of Confusing Species (The Principal, Mr. Principal, Nedzu)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His uniform and his Rugged Scar. Alternatively, a cup of tea.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Amplified Animal Aptitude, Animal Superheroes, Big Good, Cartoon Creature who is dressed, Intellectual Animal, Reasonable Authority Figure, Rodents of Unusual Size, Super Intelligence
  • Domains: Animals, Intelligence, Schools, Education, Heroes
  • Allies: All Might and Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Charles Xavier, All members in the House of Heroism, Caesar, Babar, Crash Bandicoot, Nicodemus, Coco Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Iroh
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, "Hero Killer" Stain, Koba, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nitrus Brio, Dr. Robotnik, the House of Villainy
  • Meet Nezu, the principal of U.A. Academy and ascended solely after learning that his school ended up warping into the Pantheon. Someone has to run the place, so he happily came here and settled a temple up with the approval of the court of gods.
  • No one can figure out what type of animal he is. Some say he is a mouse, others a dog and others even think he is some sort of bear. Nezu just chuckles when he hears other people theorize what he really is.
  • His quirk is "High Specs", which grants him Super Intelligence. What makes Nezu notable from other heroes is that he is an animal and quirks rarely manifest in non-human species. That's why in the past many people experimented on him, something he would rather not to talk about.
  • Even though in the past he was experimented by humans and has been implied to have been tortured considering his scar, Nezu still choose to be a force of good and work alongside other humans. That still doesn't mean, whenever he is given the opportunity, that he won't hurt humans, but at least he limits himself to those that really deserve it.
  • The one type of person Nezu won't hesitate to attack would be Mad Scientists. More so with the likes of who already experimented on animals, as it brings painful memories for him.
  • Koba was really disappointed to learn that Nezu chose to ally with humans when both were experimented in the past by humans and don't have fond memories of it. Nezu wouldn't be that much different from Caesar in that sense, which pissed Koba even more and tried to kill the Principal for that but he was prepared for such a setup and planned ahead so Koba wouldn't reach him. Needless to say, the primate hates Nezu as much as Caesar and other humans.
    • It didn't help that Caesar himself allied himself with the Principal, mostly out of concern when he found out about what Koba tried to do. They remained friends after seeing that their goals aligned and their past are very similar.
  • A stroll through the House of Beasts got him the chance to meet many different animals who are also quite intelligent. The ones he likes to chat the most are those who are mutated animals like Crash Bandicoot, who he heard from Caesar after he told him about the incident Crash got involved with Koba. Even with their contrasting personalities, Nezu does consider Crash a valuable ally and is glad him and his sister Coco didn't choose to be evil because they were mutated animals.
    • Another deity he befriended was the kind Babar, who was also a Civilized Animal like him although the circumstances for that were quite different. He is interested that he managed to build a city alongside his fellow elephants and is quite interested in seeing it.
  • Having heard of his constant visits to U.A. Academy, Nezu and Charles Xavier shared a cordial talk where they exchanged ideas in how to run their respective academies. He also understands the pain that must be seen as an outcast to society and hopes that Charles' world becomes more accepting like the one Nezu lives in.
  • Tea is one of Nezu's preferred drinks and he can often be seen visiting Iroh's temple since his find the kind of tea he serves exquisite.
  • He is fully aware that a traitor has infiltrated his school, but hasn't been able to figure out who could that person be. He did receive some additional help from Tony Stark but not much progress has beem made on the case. There are certain deities that have theories regarding certain students that attend class 1-A but nothing too solid has been found yet.

Nicodemus, God of Animals with Facial Hair
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His crystal ball
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: All-Powerful Bystander, Big Good, Cool Old Guy, Power Glows, Dark Is Not Evil, Mr. Exposition
  • Domains: Rats, Mystics
  • Herald: The Great Owl
  • Superior: Don Bluth
  • Allies: Mrs. Brisby, Fievel Mousekewitz, Thumbelina, Miss Bianca & Bernard, Basil & Dawson, Remy the Rat, Rowf & Snitter, Nezu, Crash Bandicoot
  • Enemies: Ratigan, Grand Duke of Owls, Dr. Cortex, N. Brio, Claudandus, Koba, Peryite, The Ancestor
  • Wary of: Twitch, Pinky & The Brain
  • Nicodemus is the leader of The Rats of NIMH, a group of rats that were originally used for experiments at the organization known only as NIMH. These experiments gave the rats a boost in intelligence and later escaped the place, though they had to rely on human technology in order to survive. Mrs. Brisby, who was traveling in search of something that can help her family, came across him and learned about their origins and a plan to leave the farm and live independent lives and was given an amulet by him. The experiments that Nicodemus and The Rats of NIMH went through slowed down their aging process, though he’s very old compared to them, if the long beard and mustache is any indication.
  • Having been accustomed to life in the Pantheon and having grown from her adventures, Mrs. Brisby started to hear of rumors related to Nicodemus still being alive, but had a hard time believing any of them. The rumors persisted for some time and Brisby ended up going on a perilous quest to see if the rumors were ultimately true or not. She ended up finding herself in a setting similar to where she met Nicodemus back then, but there were a few differences she could notice. As she continued on, she ended up finding Nicodemus and was surprised to see him still alive in the Pantheon. He acknowledged that it’s been a while since they last met each other and could tell how more determined Brisby has been since then. Nicodemus then told Brisby that he’ll continue to watch her and those close to her from afar, something that she understood considering the greater dangers that can happen to them in the Pantheon.
  • Brisby’s time in the Pantheon meant that she found a few extra friends that have a close connection to her in some way. She introduced Nicodemus to Fievel Mousekewitz and Thumbelina, two deities that Brisby was acquainted with and befriended. Nicodemus saw in Fievel a strong will that allowed him to get through trouble and get to his family akin to Brisby’s willpower, though seeing a human girl that was smaller than normal was unusual for the rat. Thumbelina was nervous upon seeing what Nicodemus looked like, but Brisby assured her that he meant no harm and in turn, Nicodemus saw Thumbelina as friendly and was sympathetic to what she had gone through.
  • Miss Bianca and Bernard heard about Nicodemus through a conversation with Brisby, who told them about a wise and powerful rat who helped in her journey. One of Bianca and Bernard’s missions required Nicodemus’ help and Brisby was able to get them to his place. The pair didn’t really expect Nicodemus to look the way he did (and Bernard was unsettled by the setting in general), but the rat did find plenty of worth and resilience in Bianca and Bernard, citing a similar desire to help children out of trouble much like how Brisby did for her own. Nicodemus’ advice to The Rescuers proved useful and they’ve come to hold Nicodemus in high regard since then.
  • Basil and Dawson were given a difficult mystery to solve and one of the clues they had led them to Nicodemus’ place. The place came across as unusual to them and both wondered how they were going to solve this mystery with what they have so far. They then encountered Nicodemus, who was willing to listen to what Basil and Dawson had to say about their predicament. It was through them that Nicodemus learned about Ratigan, a devious rat with a selfish desire for power that was very similar to what Jenner had tried to do before. Noticing what Ratigan’s intentions were (alongside his connection to the crime that the detective mice were going after) and how smart Basil and Dawson are, Nicodemus offered his help to the two and after the pair was able to foil Ratian’s plans once more, Basil and Dawson viewed Nicodemus as a valuable ally, with meetings between them occurring every now and then. Ratigan saw Nicodemus as a major nuisance following this and has come up with a number of plans to get rid of him, prompting Brisby, Basil, and Dawson to step in and thwart those schemes.
  • In one of their attempts to take over the world, Pinky and the Brain found a strange passageway that the latter believed would lead them a step closer towards their goal. They ended up finding Nicodemus, who wanted to know who they were and what they wanted with him. The Brain introduced himself and his partner to Nicodemus and told him what the two wanted. Nicodemus mentioned that Brisby told him about the two and the Brain did act friendly around her. Given Nicodemus’ ties to Brisby, the Brain tried to convince Nicodemus to join him and Pinky to take over the world, but the rat mystic refused the offer, citing the repeated failures the two endured and whether or not any harm will come if an attempt does succeed. The Brain was disappointed that someone as valuable as Nicodemus wasn’t going to get involved with a world-takeover scheme, but he and Pinky aren’t all that deterred and have nothing against him given his backstory.
  • Remy the Rat was a deity that surprised Nicodemus in a handful of ways. Remy has spent much of his life in close proximity with humans, has taken up an interest in cooking, a very human activity, and even became friends with a human to the point of improving said human’s life (even if Remy can’t verbally speak to humans). Nicodemus, being someone who would rather not get involved with humans much, if at all, found it unusual that a rat of Remy’s aptitude would take a strong interest in a human activity instead of fending for himself, but understood that Remy meant well and had no malice in the long run. Remy, understanding how hard things have been for Nicodemus, did try to give one of his meals to him, but the old mystic politely declined the offer.
  • While he very much is on amicable terms with Remy, the same can’t be said regarding Twitch. Twitch’s sneaky personality, as well as his habit and expertise in using poison and weapons has Nicodemus worried about what Twitch could do even if he isn’t really evil. The latter’s title of The Plague Rat concerned Nicodemus further, especially regarding the idea of rats being associated with bringing about diseases towards others. The concept of plagues and a quick conversation with Twitch (nothing hostile occurred from either end) resulted in Nicodemus learning about Peryite, a powerful entity who spreads diseases and can transform into a swarm of rats. Nicodemus would want nothing more than to be far away from Peryite as much as possible regardless of the latter’s supposedly polite demeanor.
  • A close associate of his is The Great Owl, who has a similarly aged appearance and helped Mrs. Brisby get closer to finding the answers she was looking for. In spite of his intimidating appearance, he was very much on the side of good. Nicodemus learned of another foreboding owl in the Pantheon, albeit one that was nowhere near as benevolent as The Great Owl in The Grand Duke of Owls. In addition to having a selfish scheme to enact an everlasting night, The Grand Duke is more than willing to harm children simply because they’re threatening to him. Nicodemus made it clear that he has no affiliation with The Grand Duke at all and if that particular owl goes out of his way to harm Mrs. Brisby, Nicodemus will do what he can to help her get out of trouble.
  • While Nicodemus is someone who doesn’t say much about humans in general, the one kind of human that he dislikes at lot are scientists given his background of being an animal used for experiments. Dr. Cortex and N. Brio are two particular scientists that have earned significant ire from Nicodemus. Them having less-than-benevolent goals is one thing, but what truly sickened Nicodemus was how Cortex and Brio (even if the two aren’t really working with each other) specialized in animal experimentation, with their projects resulting in freakish animals as a means to achieve said goals. He later found out that Crash Bandicoot, one of Cortex’s creations, fought back against the scientist and thwarted multiple plans. Even if Crash is eccentric, Nicodemus finds what the Bandicoot did bold (if rather reckless), though he can’t help but suspect that he and The Rats of NIMH wouldn’t have lasted as long as they did if they tried to fight back like what Crash did.
    • On the subject of humans that have experimented on animals at some point in their lives, one particular human that did such a thing has horrified Nicodemus and that was The Ancestor. The Ancestor has done a lot of questionable things throughout his life, including doing experiments on pigs, though when Nicodemus overheard a conversation regarding The Ancestor at one point, there was a story that led to the rat truly despising him. It involved a prophet that tried to warn others of what The Ancestor is capable of and a meeting between the two (following a number of failed assassination attempts by The Ancestor) ended with said prophet mutilating himself and becoming an insane leader of an apocalyptic cult. Even if The Ancestor claims to have regretted his past actions, Nicodemus doesn’t buy into the regret that The Ancestor has and sees him as a human that’s just as bad, if not worse, than the scientists from NIMH.
  • In addition to Crash, there were a handful of other animals that were experimented on that got Nicodemus’ attention. Nezu, a rodent-like creature with heightened intelligence and has a prominent scar on his face due to the experiments he went through, found the rat’s place while going on an errand for someone and while Nicodemus was surprised with Nezu’s job of being a teacher for superpowered humans (and the mere idea of superhumans was something that worried Nicodemus), he came to accept Nezu for who he is and understanding the difference between good and evil humans (regardless of if they have superpowers to begin with). Nezu then showed Nicodemus a few other animals that the former got along with, Caesar and Rowf & Snitter. Nicodemus was sympathetic to the canine duo’s plight and was very curious about everything that Caesar went through, from understanding that not all humans are bad to trying to find a new home as things became dire.
    • Nicodemus’ conversations with these friendly lab animals resulted in him finding out about a couple of these animals that became cruel and vengeful as a result of their experiences. Claudandus was seen by Nicodemus as a worse version of Dragon, a cat that Nicodemus and the Rats of NIMH have known for a while, but the one that was truly condemned by Nicodemus was Koba. Nicodemus had problems with Jenner being untrustworthy, but Koba was someone that took Jenner’s traitorous sociopathic desire for power and amplified to a dangerous degree. Nicodemus was revolted by the bonobo’s actions and how he used his hatred of humans to justify a war that would bring down society. The rat knew that Koba and Claudandus would pose significant trouble and he, alongside the other friendly lab animals, have done their best to make sure the two don’t get far with their plans.

The Sarlacc, the Deified Creature of the Deep Pit and Entrapment
One spotted in the Great Pit of Carkoon in Tatooine
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The creature's beak in a pit full of sharp teeth
  • Alignment: Blue-and-Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Carnivorous Plant, digest their victims for thousand years, has sharp maws on its side, Combat Tentacles
  • Domains: Antlion, Plant, Carnivorous
  • High Priests: Antlions
  • Followers: Trapinch
  • Allies: Jabba the Hutt, Graboids
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Leia, Boba Fett, Samus Aran
  • Deep within the Pantheon, in the Other Hall of the House of Beasts, lies a Sarlacc (plural: Sarlacci), a carnivorous plant-like creature. Though Sarlacci have been spotted on different planets, including the infamous Great Pit of Carkoon on the desert planet Tatooine and an utterly gigantic specimen on Felucia, this one landed in the Pantheon quite some time ago, and has since grown mature. It can sometimes be seen in the Hall of Earth and Rock in the House of Nature, an appropriate location as it would function similarly to the one on Tatooine. Though it was once thought that a Sarlacc could only survive in a more damp location, the Great Pit of Carkoon proved otherwise.
    • No one is sure how it is able to move from one part of the pantheon to the other, but most are just glad it only moves to those two locations, for whatever reason.
  • Many have taken precautions to ensure that the creature doesn't snatch anyone and devour them. It has tentacles that could grab any potential food.
  • Almost no one is sure what the creature truly looks like, because no one would be stupid enough to get close to it, though some sketches suggest that this may be what its true form is.
  • Though the creature would devour anything within the vicinity, it has the intelligence to preserve its victims and devour them rather slowly. It may be a sign of sadism, a thought which causes some to question the Sarlacc's alignment.
  • The only known report of anyone falling into the pit and escaping to tell the tale is from the bounty hunter Boba Fett, but he has refused to say anything about it.
    • There was one time when Samus Aran fell into the Sarlacc. Unfortunately for the creature, Samus was prepared and set a Power Bomb to cause the creature to spit the Bounty Hunter out.
  • Jabba the Hutt likes to use this Sarlacc to feed his opponents into the pit, just like the one back on Tatooine. Just like old times.

    Sash Lilac 
Sash Lilac, Goddess of Informed Species (Lilac the Dragon Girl, Little Miss Heropants)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An orange leaf, or alternatively her Dragon Boost
  • Theme Music: To the Rescue!, Pangu Lagoon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being a Sonic clone that actually works, Cute and awesome, Feminine Brawler, Informed Chinese Girl, Same name as her... fur?, Can spin to gain extra height, Hair Whip, Kind-hearted thief, Doesn't quit easily, More narm than a Playstation One game, Nostalgia Throwback, Descendant of Ancient Dragons from Space
  • Domains: Theft, Nature, Dragons, Aliens
  • Allies: Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Bahamut, Spyro, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rachet, Clank, Issei Hyodou, Neptune
  • Enemies: Lord Brevon, Carmelita Fox, Dragonslayer Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing, Arfoire
  • Not many people have actually heard of her, mostly because her exploits are overshadowed by the haunted playhouse known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. That was until Sonic heard about her battle against Lord Brevon and freed her planet from his clutches, also seeing how similar she is to him. He quickly offered her a place in the Pantheon. She accepted, and hopes to get her friends Carol Tea, Milla Basset, and Torque into the Pantheon as well. While godhood is increasingly unlikely, being High Priest(es)s or even a Follower will suffice for Lilac.
    • She's also trying to figure out how Sonic can breathe in space so easily, as she herself can't do it.
    • Her prayers have been answered as both Carol and Milla managed to acquire spots in the Pantheon as goddesses, and they had a heartfelt reunion. Now they all wait for Torque.
    • With Torque's arrival, all of Liliac's friends have all been accounted for.
  • Being a former thief, she tends to avoid the House of Justice as much as she can. She particularly doesn't get along with Carmelita Fox, as the latter reminds Lilac too much of Neera Li.
  • Even though she doesn't look remotely like a dragon (western or eastern), which is what she ascended for, she seems to get along rather seemingly with most friendly dragons such as Bahamut and Spyro. It could be due to the fact that they want learn more about dragons who exist in space, though even she doesn't know much about that.
    • However, there are dragons who scoff at her and even out right despise her. One such evil dragon is Ancologia who views her as nothing but a disgraceful dragon and not worth his time. Deathwing, on the other hand, took a more hands-on approach in introducing himself to her, and by that we mean chasing her around the Pantheon and shooting flames of destruction at her. Luckily, with her smaller size and speed, she was able to avoid his attacks while striking his eyes whenever she got the chance. Issei, Rachet, and Clank even gave her assistance after seeing her in trouble, the battle ending with Deathwing getting trapped in a small cave, the the Dark One roaring in frustration as he struggled to break free.
  • Of course, being a dragon means that she is also on Ornstein's hunt list. Lilac is not at all amused.
  • Lilac has found kinship with Twilight Sparkle, as the both have strange and unique friends, and reacting violently when any of them are threatened.
  • Lilac's heart skipped a few beats upon hearing that her homeworld's invader Lord Brevon ascended to the Pantheon. And the worst part, he managed to do this by attacking the Main House. In response to this, she arranged for an alliance with Sonic and his friends to ensure that Brevon is stopped once and for all.
  • Gets along well with Neptune and her sister, due to their similarities and due to the fact that they are both the spiritual successors of Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • The sequel shows a few changes for Lilac. In addition to a couple of new techniques, the fact that she might be able to get a set of Wing Gliders in the future that will enhance her Dragon Boost makes her feel giddy.

Bandit, Tinker & Pirate, Triumvirate of Weaponized Animals (Bandit: 1; Tinker: 2; Pirate: 3)
Tinker, Bandit, Pirate
  • Lesser Deities with the cybernetic upgrades; Quasideities without them
  • Symbol: An ID tag with "We3" on it
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Phlebotinum Rebels, Secret Project Refugee Family, Xenofiction, Mature Animal Story, Speech Impaired Animals, Power Trio, A Group of Cyborg Animal Weapons Meant To Be Used For Military Operations, What Measure Is a Non-Human?
  • Domains: Animals, Warfare
  • Allies: Red Genesect, Fluttershy, Cyrax, Kotaro Minami, Bladewolf, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Crash Bandicoot, Buddy Baker, Takeshi Hongo & Hayato Ichimonji, Inori Yamabuki
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cruella de Vil, Napoleon, Viktor, Dr. Eggman, Sundowner, Senator Armstrong, Monsoon, Mistral, Sektor, Neo Cortex, The Grox, Metal Face, Fulgore
  • Opposes: Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril
  • Commonality Connection with: Kiryu
  • Pitied by: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • In a slightly futuristic world, a government decided to set up a program known as We3, which was meant to create animal weapons to be used in wars. Consisting of a dog (Bandit AKA "1"), a cat (Tinker AKA "2"), and a rabbit (Pirate AKA "3"), the project got shut down despite some progress being made. The one who spearheaded that project decided to let the animals go and from there, the trio was left to fend for themselves. Did these animals ask to get turned into weapons of war? Most likely not, but one thing was certain: their ordeal took a toll on them.
  • When their journey came to an end, Pirate was the only one of the group that didn't survive and the others removed their cybernetic upgrades a while after that. The House of Life and Vitality took care of bringing Pirate back to life, though the House of Technology did something unusual in regards to the armor. They can be removed from the animals and put back on if necessary, though only if someone among the group's friends does that.
  • A few animal lovers such as Fluttershy and Inori Yamabuki heard about the group's ordeal and have offered to take care of them whenever the trio isn't in action to fend for themselves.
  • Some animals are capable of human speech while others aren't. Although these three can't "talk" in a traditional sense, their suits are able to translate their thoughts into what can be considered simple articulation. All of their "thoughts" have differing speech patterns as well depending on the animal. Those who are capable of talking to animals are hoping to provide a clearer translation of the group's thoughts.
  • This trio came as a surprise for Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles as the latter three had been used to freeing animals from robots while battling against Dr. Eggman. Animals that were being used as cyborg weapons and not fully stuffed inside a robot was a different thing. Nevertheless, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles befriended We3 given what that group had gone through.
    • As for Eggman, he's quite interested in the capabilities of these cyborg animals and is hoping to enhance them to move closer to his goals (and by that, it means stuffing them inside some sort of giant robot that is capable of using that group's individual abilities and then some). Needless to say, We3 and Team Sonic are not going to let that happen.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde learned about what this trio had gone through and were quite saddened to hear about it, especially since before being turned into cyborg weapons, the trio were just normal animals (in particular, Pirate's final fate hit Judy & Nick the hardest). The two are hoping that these three don't end up worse than before.
  • The trio was not pleased to hear about Cruella de Vil and Ghetsis Harmonia, both of whom are known to treat animals poorly (in Ghetsis' case, the animals are more fantastical than normal ones). Fortunately, for unknown reasons, neither of them really pay much attention to the trio.
  • Even though they had to deal with humans that performed some questionable actions, the group learned that there were a few reasonable ones out there, such as a homeless man they encountered during their journey. This is partially why they don't want anything to do with Napoleon and his agenda to make animals superior to humans.
  • Despite Crash Bandicoot not being a cyborg, he ended up being made to fulfill the goals of an evil scientist. Regardless of his eccentricity, We3 were able to become friends with him since they all had to escape from being used for something bad. The unusual capabilities of this trio gave Neo Cortex another idea about using altered animals for his schemes.
  • Although Bladewolf is a robot and not a cyborg, it didn't stop him from being friends with these three (Bandit is particularly friendly with Bladewolf, due to canine kinship). Not only were they also built for less-than-noble purposes, but he and this trio were also looking for freedom from their creators (or at least trying to survive, in the case of Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate).
    • It was through Bladewolf that Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate learned about the group that Bladewolf was originally created from. We3 became antagonistic towards Desperado Enforcement, especially Sundowner for using war for little justification other than profit. One would have to wonder if an equivalent of We3 is being planned by the Winds of Destruction, though Sundowner appears to be really interested in that idea in addition to his already-in-use child soldiers.
  • Both this group and Kiryu are animal-based weapons that went off on their own thanks to circumstances. Kiryu's inspiration is destructive, so to speak, and Kiryu's potential tendencies have made the group a bit unsure whether they should interact with it or not.
  • Lord Djibril & Muruta Azrael have earned the group's ire thanks to the two having an affinity for war and being heartless humans in general. What bothers the animals most is that Muruta & Djibril were involved in a program that turned normal humans into ruthless killing machines and the three dread thinking of what would happen if these plans become applicable to animals as well (in addition to the cybernetics).
  • Many ruthless cyborgs such as Sektor and Viktor became interested in the trio's capabilities and have tried to get these animals to join them. A lot of the meetings so far have resulted in violent battles. These cyborg animals are only trying to survive, and causing more misery for others to please other ruthless cyborgs is not part of the trio's plans.
    • On the other hand, the animals are much more friendly towards less hostile cyborgs such as Cyrax, Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Black, mostly due to the fact that all of them received cybernetic upgrades and became a deadly force against their will.
  • Their real names are indicative of their outsider status and have no direct relationship whatsoever to the profession of their names in question.
  • They also have a spot in Other Weapon Tropes. If they are in that house, then they are almost guaranteed to be wearing their cybernetic upgrades.


    Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad 
Mole, Rat, Mr. Badger and Mr. Toad, Holy Quartet of Animals Named After Their Species (Mole: Moley; Rat: Ratty; Badger: Old Badger)
Clockwise from top left: Badger, Mole, Rat and Toad
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: (None, because Rat and Toad had a fight as to whether it should be Rat's beloved boat or Toad Hall, so Badger determined they'd do without one.)
  • Theme Song: The Wind in the Willows
  • Alignment: Lawful Good, except Toad who's more like Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Known only by their animal names, behaving exactly like late 19th century middle-class Englishmen despite being animals, Four-Temperament Ensemble, inconsistent levels of anthropomorphism
  • Domains: Animals, Anthropomorphism, Names, Adventure
  • Herald: Otter
  • Allies: The Hundred Acre Wood Gang, Mrs. Brisby, Babar, Lady Amalthea, Black Beauty
  • Enemies: Toon Patrol, The Headless Horseman
  • Admires: Kyogre (Rat)
  • Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad are four friends living in an idyllic forest in Edwardian England. Mole is a sensible homebody who nonetheless has a craving for adventure sometimes, which led him to become friends with Rat, an easygoing yet grounded gentleman with a passion for the river and boating. From there Mole was introduced to the capricious Toad, who has a penchant for taking up a different hobby every other day, and Badger, who generally prefers to be left alone in his home in the dangerous Wild Wood due to his contempt for society, though he'll do anything for his friends (and can keep Toad's fancies in check).
  • After many misadventures that famously included Toad's incarceration for vehicle theft and reckless driving, his subsequent escape, and ridding Toad's manor of the weasels who were unlawfully squatting there in his absence, it seemed as if things would at last settle down in the four animals' lives. One day they heard that a unicorn was sighted wandering in the Wild Wood. Mole and Rat, who've had some run-ins with the supernatural, were curious, but Badger thought it was all hogwash, and Toad too busy with some new hobby to care. Feeling confident after the battle at Toad Hall, Mole and Rat ventured into the Wild Wood to see the truth for themselves. They found the unicorn alright, but also found that the weasels had had similar ideas and captured and tied her up as though she were a common horse, with the intent of selling her off. So Mole and Rat gathered Badger and Toad and together they hatched a plan to free the unicorn from the weasels. They were successful and the unicorn thanked them. She revealed herself to be Amalthea and that she was in that world to verify whether there were beings worthy of godhood. She deemed Mole, Rat, Badger and Toad to be suitable.
  • Knowing how much they love their home, the Main House ensured that the temple is pretty much the forest and countryside they live in, with the Wild Wood serving as the connecting point between their world and the Pantheon. While the four have a hankering to go adventuring in some far-flung corner of the Pantheon once in a while, it's definitely comforting to know they can always go back to their familiar homes in the end.
  • Rat likes to say that nothing is worth doing as much as messing around in boats; he has a great love for navigating rivers and once seriously considered leaving everything behind and setting out to sea. Naturally, as he's a Water Rat. He's very fond of going boating all day in the Hall of Water and Moisture, with Mole sometimes accompanying him. He became a great admirer of Kyogre after hearing of its ability to increase submerged territory, though deep down he understands that if such a thing were to pass, it wouldn't be very pleasant for his friends. He's quite sure he could never come to like Kyogre's counterpart Groudon under any circumstance, however.
  • The Pantheon being an extremely varied place, Toad has no shortage of new things to try out and take up as a new hobby. This means Mole, Rat and Badger, more than ever, have their hands full trying to rein in their friend's enthusiasm.
    • The House of Travel is on the look-out in case Toad gets it into his head to steal any of the vehicles to go joyriding. Toad has done a fairly good job of containing himself in that regard. However, one day he saw this picture and he couldn't get out of his mind what a thrill it must be to race the Headless Horseman for one's life. So he snuck into the House of Travel one night, stole a motorcycle, then went to the Headless Horseman's temple and proceeded to taunt him to come get his head. A wild chase ensued, with Toad having several close calls as he had no familiarity with motorcycles. When Toad got to his home, the Headless Horseman was left frustrated due to it being on a river, which he can't cross. Because of this, he has a deep grudge against Toad. This was all very amusing for Toad, though he inevitably had to pay the price for stealing by getting locked up for a while in the House of Justice, while Mole, Rat and Badger shook their heads at their friend's incorrigibility and for bringing them a new problem in the form of the Horseman. Though Rat was oddly proud that the Horseman's weakness is the river.
  • Given their turn-of-the-century upbringing and set of values, they cultivate cordial relationships with just about anyone, especially anthropomorphized animals, in the Pantheon, and never openly antagonize anyone who didn't antagonize them first. They've become particularly close to Black Beauty, who, as a horse brought up in Victorian England, has a rather similar mindset to them, and could be considered a Quintessential British Gentleman, just as a horse. When Toad needs a horse to pull his carriage, he favors requisitioning Black Beauty, and Toad may have many faults but treating horses badly isn't one of them, so Black Beauty obliges him whenever he can.
    • Other animals they're good friends with include the mouse Mrs. Brisby, who the four friends, especially the somewhat timid Mole, all admire because of the courage and determination she displayed in facing many deadly dangers for the sake of her children. Babar is another one they like for bringing civilized society to his corner of the jungle.
  • Once, Winnie-The-Pooh got it into his head to explore the Wild Wood and see if he could find delicious honey somewhere in its depths and got himself lost instead. Badger fortunately rescued Pooh before anything bad could happen. Perceiving Pooh as something of a child, he wasn't too hard on him and even gave him some honey, but strongly hinted that the Wild Wood was no place for... someone like Pooh, and so he shouldn't wander in again. After that, Mole and Rat were put in charge of safely bringing Pooh to his own home; that's how they met the rest of the Hundred Acre Wood Gang. They quite enjoyed their time there as Rabbit did his utmost to make them feel at home after "all that bother with Pooh". Subsequently, the two groups often visit each other and go on small adventures together.
  • There are humans in their world, however interaction between the two societies seems to be restricted only to what is strictly necessary. For that reason, the four friends rarely interact with human deities. They'll happily interact with the Token Human of the Hundred Acre Wood Gang, Christopher Robin, since he's proved himself to be an upright young boy who can keep the follies of his friends in check, but he's the exception rather than the rule.
  • They have never had a great opinion of weasels, even before the squatting incident at Toad Hall. Those weasels would be followers of the Toon Patrol, and they aren't happy with the way the four have treated them. So when Toad went away somewhere for a prolonged time, the Toon Patrol decided they'd invade Toad Hall themselves in order to avenge their brethren. Toad and co. weren't really scared of the Patrol; they'd dealt with larger numbers in the original incident and came out successful, after all. But they did not quite expect just how unhinged the Toon Patrol could be, and Rat got seriously hurt in the ensuing battle. Despite these difficulties, they quickly won back the manor once they enlisted the help of some of their allies. This is unlikely to be the last time the two groups see of each other, though.

    The Pinatas 
The Piñatasnotable members , Divinely Colorful Wildlife
Some prominent Piñatas; Clockwise: Franklin, Hudson, Fergy, Les, Paulie
  • Demideities
  • Symbol: A Happy Candy piece
  • Theme Music: Viva Piñata
  • Alignment: True Neutral with the more prominent Piñatas closer to Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Simulation Game
  • Domains: Piñatas, Creatures
  • Allies: The Farmer, The Hundred-Acre Wood Gang, Banjo & Kazooie, Lemres, Pinkie Pie, Eliza Thornberry, Vert/Green Heart
  • Enemies: P.T. Boomer
  • Source of Intrigue for: David Attenborough
  • Tense Relations: SCP Foundation, Naughty Bear
  • On mostly good terms with: Bojack Horseman (Hudson)
  • Piñata Island is home to a diverse selection of piñatas based on various animals. The gardens in that place are maintained in order to ensure its prosperity and to attract other piñatas who, after certain conditions are met, become proper residents of that garden. Anything can happen in the gardens of Piñata Island, ranging from romance between certain Piñatas to dealing with unwanted guests (though some can become proper residents of the gardens with the right tools). There are even some named Piñatas who serve as notable residents of the place living out their own lives.
  • A large patch of land was found in the Pantheon, though none of the people who discovered it was interested in claiming it for themselves. It wasn’t until The Farmer came across this piece of land that it was put to good use, especially regarding the tools that were laying around the area. It took a bit of time for the area to be restored and by the time The Farmer came back to do some additional work, he discovered some colorful creatures roaming around. It surprised The Farmer to see such vibrant critters inhabit that place, but he otherwise had no objections to seeing those living piñatas around. With some extra work, the garden grew in scale and with it, more piñatas came to the place and a colorful section of the Pantheon dedicated to being a sanctuary for these piñata creatures was made thanks to The Farmer’s diligence.
  • While there are plenty of different piñatas inhabiting the Piñata Island gardens, there are a few prominent piñatas that more or less serve as de facto figureheads of such given how long they’ve lived in that place. Whenever The Farmer is too busy to maintain the place, the likes of Hudson Horstachio, Fergy Fudgehog, Paulie Pretztail, and Franklin Fizzlybear among other denizens make sure the gardens of Piñata Island are in good condition whenever they aren’t busy living out their own respective lives. Those prominent piñatas have their own personalities ranging from Hudson’s boisterousness to Franklin being laid-back, which add to the diverse activities across Piñata Island beyond garden maintenance.
  • There are a wide variety of piñatas that live in Piñata Island, with upwards of 90 species of piñatas being seen. These piñatas are largely based on real-life animals and some mythical beings such as dragons and unicorns. The concept of an entire ecosystem themed around piñatas and sweets is highly unusual, though it hasn’t prevented a lot of nature-savvy deities from looking more into it. David Attenborough, who has spent his life documenting nature and animals, managed to find a lot of idiosyncrasies that made the piñata animals stand out from normal creatures and the idea of a limited docuseries centered around life on Piñata Island and how different it is from regular creatures overall (especially regarding how these creatures evolve and mate other piñatas within the place) has been considered for production.
  • At first glance, Piñata Island has a few things in common with The Hundred-Acre Wood, mainly that it’s a whimsical place with animal-like characters being the prominent residents of those places. What makes them different is that Piñata Island is prone to having some more dire situations happen in the place isn’t maintained while the Hundred-Acre wood has minor inconveniences that get resolved relatively easily. That hasn’t stopped the residents of those respective places from visiting the other and getting along with the residents there, with Franklin finding good friendship with Pooh Bear via honey-flavored candy and Fergy befriending Piglet for having a similar cowardly, but well-meaning disposition.
  • Candies are not only a favorite food of piñatas (especially Fergy) so long as they are not Sour Candies (which cause bad conditions if a piñata eats them), but they happen to have candy inside of them and bleed them if beat up. Many deities who enjoyed sweets were interested in a land of piñatas, though for the most part, they know when to not step over a metaphorical line that would get them banned from maintaining Piñata Island. Of these candy connoisseurs, Lemres has particularly enjoyed his visits there, especially with the mix of magically conjuring up candy and manually making his own during those instances. In spite of Lemres being a certifiable weirdo, the piñatas have no issue with him being in Piñata Island and he has assured that none of the candies he makes are sour.
  • Banjo and Kazooie ended up on Piñata Island while searching for more Jiggys to help them open up another part of the Pantheon. A land of living piñatas wasn’t anything unusual for the duo given how many offbeat characters they’ve encountered prior to this. The two were approached by Langston with a few favors related to getting rid of some pests that were in the gardens, finding some missing piñatas, and to get a party on the island ready. For their efforts, they managed to not only receive some Jiggys, but they were welcome to visit anytime as honorary guests given their diligence and willingness to be around with a company as eccentric and varied as piñatas. There’s apparently statues of not only Banjo and Kazooie present in Piñata Island, but also one of Mumbo Jumbo, a friend of the duo.
  • The SCP Foundation was very wary of these piñatas given how the organization had to deal with SCP-956, a piñata that murders children and causes candy made out of said children to spill out, causing any children who eat that candy to become more of that piñata. A few members of the Foundation kept a low profile while investigating life on Piñata Island in case someone similar to that SCP was running around. Many of the piñatas were suspicious that someone was spying on them, which then turned into annoyance given the relative frequency of said events. It got to a point where Langston saw one of the Foundation members and told them that not only are there no signs of any murderous piñatas, but that such a thing would not be allowed on Piñata Island at all, especially given how often they tried getting Professor Pester and his Ruffians out of that place, not to mention the Sour Piñata problem that the place deals with. While The SCP Foundation did concede that none of the regular inhabitants of Piñata Island meant any harm, it didn’t change the possibility of SCP-956 being around in the Pantheon and things between the Piñatas and the Foundation have remained awkward at best.
  • Naughty Bear, having had plenty of bad experiences back in his world, was not eager to visit a land of piñatas, especially since he was under the pretense that they would act similarly to the other teddy bears he had to put up with. Much to his misfortune, he somehow ended up on Piñata Island while trying to look for SCP-1048 after the latter gruesomely harassed him. It became clear to Naughty Bear that Builder Bear was nowhere to be seen on Piñata Island, but during his time looking around, he did bear witness to what goes on over there, including parties, mating rituals, and all-around weirdness that resulted in Naughty Bear leaving and not wanting anything to do piñatas. Sometime after Naughty Bear’s “visit”, Franklin believed that he saw some strange-looking sour piñata of an unknown type and there has been some apprehension among other piñatas about whether or not Naughty Bear, this weird “sour piñata” that Franklin saw, would pose an issue given how his anger stemmed from being bullied rather than outright malice.
  • P.T. Boomer, a greedy miser who hates childish magical things, was revolted upon hearing reports of a land inhabited by living piñatas. He saw the place as yet another attempt to make money, which in that case involved attempting to blow up every single inhabitant and have their remains converted into cardboard, with Piñata Island being turned into an industrial complex. Those attempts would end in failure, more precisely with him getting caught and launched out of the Cannonata into a place far from Piñata Island (which would only add to Boomer’s contempt of these piñatas).
  • Hudson Horstachio is the most popular piñata on Piñata Central, which has resulted in him being targeted by Professor Pester and his Ruffians, which serve as recurring nuisances for the place. He can be vain, arrogant, and rather full of himself, but remains a good friend towards the other main piñatas. His ego tends to be kept in check by said friends.
    • Of all the deities that Hudson had something in common with, he didn’t expect the commonalities to come from Bojack Horseman. Like Hudson, Bojack was a very popular horse celebrity, but whereas Hudson had some friends that were able to make sure his pride didn’t get out of control, Bojack went on a very self-destructive path and his attempts at redemption came with a lot of obstacles to put it mildly. Even though Bojack has continued to try to come clean in the Pantheon, it still unnerved Hudson to see what could happen if he let his fame get the better of him. When they had their initial conversation with each other, Bojack noticed a bit of himself in Hudson, but conceded that at least Hudson is doing a better job at not getting caught up in his fame and Hudson has tried his best to not fall in the dark path that Bojack took. They still maintain decent terms with each other even if Hudson is worried about the possibility of being like Bojack (though Hudson’s problems aren’t going to reach the same severity as Bojack’s anytime soon) if things don’t work out.
    • Donkey was one ungulate who Hudson has a better and more consistent friendship with given the former’s lively attitude. Donkey was more than on board with the idea of a land of living piñatas and has sometimes helped Hudson out with arranging parties that go on in the place. A few things that surprised Donkey during his visits was the existence of a dragon piñata known as a Dragonache, as well as the mating habits of various piñatas and how some of them turn into different piñatas under certain circumstances.
  • Fergy Fudgehog likes candy a lot even by the standards of other piñatas (especially since they are made of candy and eat them). Despite this, he is terrified at the idea of having to be sent off to children's parties far away since it involves other piñatas getting beat up.
    • It didn’t take long for Fergy to learn that the Pantheon had a lot of children and that inevitably, a number of them would be interested in parties. It was through various anecdotes and news stories that would sometimes reach Piñata Island that Fergy better understood who some of those kids were. He’s been apprehensive about the friendly and energetic (if benign otherwise) children, but it’s the truly vile children who actively harm others that Fergy wants no association with, especially if their “parties” turn out to be every bit as horrifying as Fergy claims children’s parties are. While Langston has at least made sure the piñatas don’t go to the parties of evil kids, he still insists that Fergy and Paulie go to a party held by a friendly child whenever possible.
  • Like Fergy, Paulie Pretztail isn’t a fan of going to children's parties, though it’s more out of seeing them as annoyances rather than outright fearing them. He is very good friends with Fergy despite their disagreements, is a bit more down-to-earth and comparatively smarter, and is a good cook.
    • As Paulie was getting ready to cook something for his friends, he heard some creaking coming from the floorboards. It eventually annoyed him to the point that he demanded that whatever small creature was hiding, be it a Mousemallow or otherwise, come out. The creature showed itself as not a Mousemallow, but rather Remy the Rat, who didn’t really have the appearance of a piñata much to Paulie’s surprise. Remy explained that he was looking for some ingredients to create some sweets and other meals and he ended up on Piñata Island while doing so. Seeing that Paulie was already in the process of cooking something, Remy decided to help out and improve what was already present in Paulie’s meal. Once that was done and Remy got the ingredients he was looking for, Paulie was a bit bemused to learn of another animal cook, but had no problem with Remy in any case.
  • Franklin Fizzlybear acts like a surfer, sounds like a surfer, and happens to enjoy surfing. He is laid-back, a little too honest at times, and is overall an amicable and approachable bear even with his quirks in mind.
    • Setting aside his friendship with Winnie the Pooh and his uncertainty on if Naughty Bear really isn’t that bad of a bear, Franklin has managed to learn about other ursines and has taken a chance on meeting them, with shenanigans ensuing from such. Yogi Bear stumbled on Piñata Island while looking for other picnic baskets to take and was greeted by Franklin shortly after arriving. Yogi witnessed a lot of unusual events going on, including the fact that Piñata Island is home to a bunch of walking, talking critters filled with candy (which meant Yogi believed there were a lot of picnic baskets filled with candy in Piñata Island). Yogi was more than welcome to visit the place provided that he doesn’t do anything that would seriously damage Piñata Island, with Franklin making sure Yogi doesn’t cause too much of a ruckus during his visits. Paddington was another bear who Franklin enjoys hanging around with, with the former being given some marmalade-flavored candy in addition to helping set up some of Piñata Island’s parties.
  • Despite being a small creature, Lester Galagoogoo is a very smart piñata and has been able to get his friends out of trouble. That said, him speaking in gibberish results in others not taking him seriously.
    • Les was temporarily able to speak coherently (in a deep voice) temporarily, but it wasn’t really enough for him to communicate with his piñata friends better (even if half of the residents of Piñata Island can talk normally while the other half can’t). Eliza Thornberry took an interest in Piñata Island and was surprised at how many quirks there were in that place for animals. She encountered Les during her initial visit and to the piñata’s surprise, she was able to understand him perfectly. Eliza was more surprised after learning that some of Piñata Island’s residents (such as Les’ friends) can speak like a normal human while others couldn’t. In any case, Piñata Island was a really interesting place for Eliza to visit, with her often giving Les some encouragement during those times.
  • Ella Elephinilla is one of few elephants in which the saying “an elephant never forgets” doesn’t apply to her for the most part. She is a kind elephant all things considered and had a position of royalty as queen of one of Piñata Island’s gardens, but ended up forgetting about it like a lot of other things.
    • Word of another mystical land ruled by animals reached Babar, who decided to visit Piñata Island to get a better understanding of how things work there. Babar believed that there was some sort of leader who ensured the prosperity of these piñatas, though he wasn’t able to find anyone who oversaw the land. It was during that time he saw Ella Elephinilla, another elephant who Babar was willing to strike up a conversation with. Babar was surprised at not only how much Ella forgot things, but how Ella used to have a position of royalty before she forgot it. Regardless, he holds nothing against her and wishes nothing more than for Ella and Piñata Island’s other residents to continue thriving in an unorthodox world.
  • Tina and Teddington Twingersnap are basically conjoined snakes who get on each other’s nerves very often. The pair can’t live without each other despite all the bickering after having been split in half at one point.
    • Catdog found out that there was another conjoined creature in the Pantheon, with Dog being very eager to meet up with that creature and Cat really only tagging along since while other conjoined creatures do exist in the Pantheon, whoever it was that Dog was talking about happened to be a proper deity. After wandering around for a bit and finding themselves near the entrance of Piñata Island, they encountered Tina and Teddington Twingersnap. Both conjoined entities got along with each other rather quickly, with the Twingersnap commending Catdog for maintaining a good friendship in spite of all the problems that come with being conjoined. Catdog were then surprised to hear that Tina and Teddington were just one kind of Twingersnap in Piñata Island and that not only were there others of that kind, but also Fourheads, which were four-headed versions of Twingersnaps that have two extra heads on each side. Dog didn’t mind the existence of Fourheads, but such a thing really weirded out Cat when he first saw them.
  • Langston Lickatoad is largely responsible for making sure the piñatas head to the right party and manages a cannon that does just that. Things don’t fully work out for him, partially since Fergy and Paulie aren’t that keen on flying off to get beaten up at parties.
    • After another unsuccessful attempt to get Fergy and Paulie into the Cannonata, Langston decided to try and find other party planners that would lead to more successful parties that the two would go to. Pinkie Pie was getting some party favors for an event and Langston approached her with a request to set up a party on Piñata Island. She was not only more than willing to take up a request, she asked Langston to help set up the party event that she was working on. Langston wasn’t sure what to make of it, but decided to take on Pinkie Pie’s request to make her happy. Pinkie Pie then found herself in Piñata Island, a very colorful place and had Langston’s party set up while the Lickatoad ended up in Equestria, a colorful place with residents just as weird as that of Piñata Island, which overwhelmed Langston during his initial stay. Once both events wrapped up, how Pinkie described her party that Piñata Island partook in (she was very fond of the residents there, even being a fangirl of Hudson’s) did convince Langston to let her be a guest party advisor for the place, with her helping Langston get a better handle of how things happen in Equestria, even if the place is still a bit much for him.

    Rowf and Snitter 
Rowf and Snitter, Deified Victims of Animal Testing (Plague Dogs, Hinny, Boogger, Mazer, Marrer, Fyeul, Rowf: 732, Snitter: 815)
Rowf is the big black dog, Snitter is the smaller one.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Green plastic collars
  • Theme Song: "Time and Tide"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animal experimentation subjects, Escaped from the Lab, woobies, miraculously surviving the ordeal in the book, ambiguously dying in the film
  • Domains: Dogs, Animal Rights, Science
  • Herald: The tod
  • Allies: The Hall of Canines, Charlie Barkin, Pinky and the Brain, Caesar, Fluttershy, Black Beauty, Crash Bandicoot, Nezu, Nicodemus, We3, N
  • Enemies: Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, Cruella De Vil, Prof. Farnsworth, Alfred Drevis, Vanilla Ice, Dr. Borous
  • Complicated Relations: Amaterasu
  • Fears: The Halls of Aquatic Life and Water and Moisture, pretty much any area with water (Rowf), House of Science
  • Rowf and Snitter are two dogs who lived at an animal research facility, where they were subjected to grueling and cruel experiments to satisfy humans' scientific curiosity and commercial pursuits. They succeeded in escaping the place and tried to make their living in the landscape of Northern England. It was harsh, but at least they were free, and they had help from a fox only known as the tod. It wasn't to last, however, as (false) news got around that Rowf and Snitter were carrying the bubonic plague and going around murdering humans and sheep, which turned them into targets to be eliminated stat.
  • Rowf was made to drown repeatedly and for progressively longer periods of time to test his endurance. The result is that he has a phobia of water. His time at the facility has also given him a very cynical opinion on humans and made him hostile towards them, even though he thinks that it's the way of the world for dogs to obey humans. Snitter had some kind of intervention done to his brain, leading to him having hallucinations and go on very odd rants. Unlike Rowf, he believes humans are not all bad, helped by the fact that he used to have a kind master. Seeing their plights as sobering examples of what animals go through when treated as disposable guinea pigs, the Pantheon decided to ascend them just as they were about to drown in the sea, trying to run away from the people hunting them.
  • Since they ascended as they were drowning, they were temporarily placed under Fluttershy's care to recover. Fluttershy finds their tale to be absolutely heart-breaking and the experiments they were subject to revolting. She cried when she first heard all about it. Since then she has invited them to hang about her temple and relax as much as they want because she'd take good care of them. Rowf and Snitter are thankful and consider her a canny lass, though Snitter at first thought he was having one of his "moments" at the sight of a yellow and pink flying horse. They also met Black Beauty, another regular visitor, there. The horse shared his own tale of being abused by humans, which led to the animals bonding over their similar sufferings.
  • Rowf's aquaphobia is so extreme, he can't even stand hearing the sounds of water without panicking. He avoids the Halls of Aquatic Life and Water and Ice for this reason. He's also particularly aggressive with deities that have control over water.
  • Unsurprisingly given their experiences, they keep away from the House of Science as much as they can, since it reminds them too much of the research facility they were at and they want nothing to do with "whitecoats" (researchers and other personnel), who they're convinced exist to abuse them.
  • Being former animal test subjects and lab escapees, they've found companionship in other animals with a similar background, such as Crash Bandicoot, Nezu and We3. Much like We3, they had soldiers sent to hunt for them with the intent to kill them for being seen as a threat. Rowf likes how Nezu can be rather sadistic with humans and wishes he could be like him sometimes; Snitter by his turn is glad Nezu at least distinguishes between good and bad humans.
  • A scientist they particularly hate is Robotnik for turning innocent animals into his robotic minions, something they find to be pure Nightmare Fuel with how close to home it hits. They would not hesitate to attack him on sight. Another one they despise is Farnsworth for defending deadly animal experimentation on the grounds that science won't move forward otherwise.
  • Alfred Drevis is someone they identify as a whitecoat (since, you know, he wears one), which is reason enough for them to stay the hell away from him, though it also helps that they find his smell extremely foreboding and have heard of his past abuse and murder of animals. Drevis would most likely like to use them for his hobby, since he thinks no one would care about two strays.
  • She has nothing to do with scientific experimentation, but they still really hate Cruella De Vil for being another example of brutality towards animals by seeing them as nothing more than potential accessories and even going as far as killing a hundred puppies to satisfy her vanity. Cruella herself sees them as too filthy to be worth it, but that won't stop Rowf and Snitter from throwing themselves at her if they see her.
  • The Brain approached them with offers of becoming his minions, appealing to their shared origins as animal test subjects and promising they'd have anything they wanted once he finally conquered the world. After a while Rowf and Snitter could tell that plan was clearly going nowhere, but in the end they still sympathize enough with Pinky and the Brain that they'll help them with some scheme on a regular basis.
  • As puppies, Rowf and Snitter were told a tale about a "star dog" that created the world and nurtured everything in it. Rowf is of the opinion that the star dog did a crappy job and that the world is a bad one for animals. Upon meeting Amaterasu in wolf form, they were convinced that she was the star dog incarnate, and Rowf asked her why she'd leave her creations at the mercy of man. Amaterasu didn't answer, but offered both dogs meat bags to appease them and collect their graces. Rowf appreciated the food but said such meager offerings didn't make up for everything else, so she got nothing from him. Snitter apologized for his friend's rudeness, and Amaterasu just smiled in understanding.
  • Caesar welcomed them as fellow animals trying to escape the yoke of abusive humans, although he also supports Snitter in trying to convince Rowf that humans aren't all bad, especially as he knows his enemy Koba might try appealing to that side of Rowf to convince him to join forces with him and become his attack dog.
  • They're on fine terms with most of the Pantheon's canines. They probably get along best with Iggy and Charlie due to them living rather on the edge and being independent from humans. When they heard of Hachiko's loyalty to his human even past his death, Rowf was completely baffled, while Snitter once more assured him that there are humans worth doing that for and Hachiko must have had a truly splendid master.
  • They definitely don't like Vanilla Ice for brutally killing Iggy either by beating him to death personally or using his Stand, Cream, to erase one half of him. Nor do they like Dr. Borous for his experiments on animals such as the Cyberdog line which even extended to his own loyal pet dog, Gabe. While Ice couldn’t care less about their opinions on him and wouldn’t even hesitate to erase them if they do much as get in his way, Borous does actually seem to regret what he did to Gabe given he was the only high point of his life. He tries to get better by nurturing the young of his existing creations, but being Think Tank he sometimes lapses back to old habits.
  • They had a chance meeting with N one time they were visiting Fluttershy. They were alarmed at the unexpected human and Rowf barked at him a little. N guessed that the dogs were fearful of humans due to mistreatment, which Fluttershy confirmed. N then decided he'd be their first human friend and help them (re)gain trust in humanity. Snitter, really wanting a master who'll treat him as a good boy, yielded to N immediately, while Rowf remained testy at first, but ultimately had to give in to N's kindness and admit he was a good human.


Leafie, Goddess of Domesticated Animals into the Wilderness (Daisy)
  • Quasideity
  • Symbol: Hers and Greenie's silhouettes
  • Theme Song: Leafie's Theme, Melody of the Wind
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: A Domestic Chicken That Escapes Into the Wild, Becomes a Mother to Greenie, an Orphan Duck, Foil to One-Eye, Dies by Giving Herself Up as a Meal for One-Eye and her Babies
  • Domains: Farms, Wilderness, Birds
  • Herald: Greenie (her adopted son). One-Eye, the weasel (former enemy, now somewhat ally).
  • Allies: Padak, The Master, Hazel, Otis, Foghorn Leghorn, Donald Duck, Fluttershy, Hagen, The Zoosters, Bolt, Rango, Sam Sheepdog
  • Respects: Firestar, Simba, Speckles, Rexie, Baloo and Bagheera
  • Enemies: One Eye, Dag, Dawn Bellwether, Scar, Anago, General Woundworth, Indominus Rex, Indoraptor, Shere Khan.
  • Pities: Chirin
  • Unsure About: Ralph Wolf
  • Leafie was just one of many barn chickens, whose sole life was dedicated to laying infertile eggs for human consumption, which she eventually came to hate and desired more in her life. She eventually escaped the farm she was in by pretending to be dead, which caused her owner to toss her out into a pit with dead chickens. After she was free, she had a run-in with a ferocious weasel named One-Eye who tried to kill and eat her, only to be saved by a male mallard duck who she named Wanderer, after both Wanderer and his mate were killed by One-Eye, she took care of their unhatched duckling, which she named Greenie. However problems arose when her physiology as a barn chicken led to her being unable to live in the marsh healthily as she grew sick with time. Eventually Greenie grew up and his relationship with his surrogate mother became strained as he was discriminated for being raised by a chicken, though he eventually came around after Leafie saved his life from One-Eye. Eventually Greenie managed to impress his fellow ducks and migrated to mate in distant lands leaving Leafie alone. When One-Eye once more came for Leafie, the chicken willingly gave herself up as a meal, as she had discovered One-Eye was a mother like her who was desperate for food; with her former sworn enemy in tears, Leafie's life ended with a quick bite to the neck.
  • Leafie was ascended into the Pantheon right after her death in the mortal world. Initially confused and scared of her situation, she eventually calmed down when deities explained what happened to her and was overjoyed when she was able to realize that now she would live a life free of her old problems, even if new ones have arisen; though at least Leafie is now in a much more advantageous and safe position than before thus giving her the chance to make a new life for herself in the Pantheon. Her heralds were her son, Greenie and surprisingly, One-Eye the Weasel, her former enemy now turned respected acquaintance.
  • Leafie made a quick connection with the atlantic mackerel Padak, Padak knows from her experience just how horrible it is to live trapped inside of a cage with an seemingly unpreventable grim future ahead of her. Likewise, their desire to live in freedom in the wild also helpe them become friends. Padak later introduced Leafie to her somewhat friend, The Master Flatfish, though Leafie took a while to getting used to the flatfish's presence due to his past of having created a cult with himself as the head through which he imposed a brutal rule furthering nihilism and selfishness, though he's gotten better ever since his escape into the sea.
  • The Zoosters were once desiring to return to their captive lives in Central Park, New York after they were sent to Africa but ended up mixed in many adventures that led to them traveling the world and temporarily joining a circus to find a way back to New York only for their adventures to leave them unsatisfied with said previous life. As such they made good friends with Leafie who herself realized earlier that a life behind bars with no freedom was no life at all and in spite of dying at the end of her journey has stated that it was worth it thanks to her being able to do some small amount of good in the world even in death.
  • Has found some friends in Sam Sheepdog, Foghorn Leghorn and Otis; barn animals who are welcoming to newcomers and are friendly enough on their own as a stark contrast to the farm animals that rejected her presence when she escaped her cage. These friendships also led to learning about vile foes such as Dag, a sadistic cruel coyote who kills animals more for fun than for food and is quite fond of slaughtering chickens and turning their corpses into macabre accessories to taunt his next victims with, Leafie might respect natural predation but Dag's outright sadism has led to her seeing the coyote as a big enemy, even if she strays clear of his path due to knowing she can't exactly defeat him. Ironically, she learnt from Otis that one of the male cow's friends is a weasel who is repressing his instincts that try to tell him to eat his chicken best friend, which she found strange.
  • While General Woundworth is a herbivore rabbit, Leafie found herself loathing him for his Darwinistic attitude and ruthless behavior and treatment of his fellow rabbits. Moreso after she became friends with Hazel, the rabbit, who like her had some nasty experiences in the search of a new home particularly with humans and predators. While Woundworth has tried to appeal to her by saying that by sticking with him she won't have to fear predators as he'll teach her how to fight back, she's rejected the offer on the principle that she respects predation and also doesn't wants to be corrupted by Woundworth's ideals and cruelty.
  • Chirin was once a nice and cute sheep but unfortunately his mother's death and being mentored by the savage wolf who killed his mother, Wor, turned him into a ferocious and deranged killer who eventually ended up all alone and without a home, family or friends to turn to as he killed Wor when he refused to kill his fellow sheep and the others were too scared of him to accept him in their ranks. Leafie can attest to knowing what it feels like to be rejected by her own kind and being left to all but die alone in a harsh climate, however she still finds the actions he took to be deplorable so she keeps a pitying distant relationship with Chirin as a result.
  • Is quite afraid of Shere Khan, the tiger, she finds him deplorable for his sadism and attempts to kill Mowgli out of personal hatred and a petty vendetta towards his family for something Shere Khan himself started. This relationship also led to her crossing paths with Baloo and Bagheera, a brown bear and black panther who opposed Shere Khan, since both respect the natural order and only ever prey out of necessity, she greatly respects them.
  • She isn't one to be necessarily hateful or even resentful of predators in spite of her past interactions with predators, as such she has no kind words to give to Dawn Bellwether, a predator-hating bigot who attempted to divide the populace of Zootopia so as to create a place where herbivores could freely oppress and lord over predators out of nothing but residual fear of the days where neither groups in her universe got along. Since Leafie has learnt better than to judge predators as "Evil" she was quite clear in her dislike of the sheep and her plans.
  • As a strange close relative she has respect for Speckles, the Tarbosaurus, who not only preys when necessary but is even willing to team up with herbivores if need to or to save his family, such as the occasion when his son, Jr.m was kidnapped and he got help from a Saichania up until his son was rescued with both prey and predator parting on friendly terms. This also meant she had a lot of disdain and disgust for One-Eye, a sadistic T-Rex who kills for sport and shows malice in his entire lifestyle of killing and slaughtering.
    • Similarly, while she respects the predator Rexie, for being also a predator who only hunts for necessity, she has disdain for the Indominus Rex and Indoraptor, both predators who hunt not for food but for sport and cruelty. Leafie has been wary of crossing their path and as such keeps herself on high alert just in case she has a run-in with either predator.
  • The nihilistic viewpoint of the eel, Anago, led to Leafie growing quite disdainful of him. Leafie hates how Anago propagates the defeatist and cynical view that a trapped animal's situation can't ever be changed which she heavily disagrees with, especially after meeting Padak and the Master. Anago has mocked how she still died in the end even when she escaped, denoting the "pointlessness" of her quest, which only strengthened her aversion to the eel.
  • Other predatory animals that she respects are Simba and Firestar, a lion and a cat who have made sure to keep the balance of nature well-respected and are even willing to be friends with herbivores in off-times from hunting. Firestar in particular was impressed that Leafie managed to hold on in the wild despite her nature as a domestic animal, denoting how many like her wouldn't make it past their first day and yet she lived long enough to raise a child of her own and watch him grow and mature.
  • She's cozied up with Fluttershy, a pony who loves all lifeforms and has her sanctuary serve as a safe haven for all creatures where no predation takes place. Leafie has taken trips to her temple, often to talk with the nature-loving pony and have a safe place in which to rest and spend the day in. Fluttershy has been driven to tears by her stories and has promised to keep Leafie safer than she ever was in her own life.
  • She is very uncertain on how to feel about Ralph Wolf, who is antagonistic to her friend, Sam Sheepdog, on their duty time but is friendly outside of it. At least she does respect that Ralph never really goes outside of the regular parameters of what makes a predator hunt naturally though still remains confused about his whole deal with Sam.