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Greater Gods

    Kurama (Naruto
Kurama, God of Multiple Tailed Beasts (Nine-Tails Fox Demon, Nine Tails, Kyuubi)
  • Greater God
  • Symbol: the Eight Trigrams Seal
  • Alignment: Chaotic Neutral, but comes off as Chaotic Evil. Now Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Kitsune, massive size, being housed in a Jinchuriki, being composed mostly of hatred, protecting his host as needed, Tsundere, Heel–Face Turn Siding with Naruto, looking like an animal while being anything but.
  • Domains: Hatred, Foxes, Chakra, Destruction, Nature (the latter two usually go hand-in-hand in the form of destructive forces of nature), Redemption, Leadership
  • Followers: Shippo, Kongiku and Yuzuruha, Ninetales, Saya, Kunou, Yasaka, Kyubi, Kaden, Selkie.
  • Allies: Naruto, Ungoliant
  • Enemies: Tobi, Orochimaru, Sasuke, Godzilla, Steve Irwin, Mokkan, SCP-953
  • Technically speaking, as Kurama is still sealed within Naruto, he serves as Kurama's shrine within the Pantheon.
    • Thus, any communication with Kurama has to be done either through psychic links, or using Naruto as a middle man.
  • Has been let out of his host a few times in the Pantheon, with the required hands at the ready for such procedures. The first time he got out, he drew the attention of Godzilla, which led into a clash that lasted for seven hours before the two were tired enough that the fight could be called off. The Nine Tails now has a chip off his shoulder towards the lizard.
  • Out of either respect for Naruto or his own obliviousness, Luffy has yet to attempt to tame the fox demon.
  • Recent events have called into question whether or not Kurama will willingly and officially join the GUAG. The fox refuses profusely.
  • Definitely not to be confused with the Bishōnen fox demon who has control over plants, Kurama ''Minamio'', who resides in the House of Nature.
  • First applied for the post of God of Eldritch Beasts, but settled for this throne when he found that Ungoliant had already taken the post, and he didn't fancy being eaten by a giant spider.
  • His Norwegian worshippers keep praying for him to reveal what sound he and other foxes/kitsunes make. The reason for this is because they have some...rather strange guesses.
    • Kurama finally answered their question, if only to shut them up, by sending a fox to a group of his worshippers one day to sit nearby and make this sound. The poor folks were terrified, but a video of it was recorded by one of the followers, the clip was spread around, and nobody has bothered Kurama about it since.
  • He is not overly fond of Mokkan, due to the Marlfox's habit of betraying everything and everyone he's ever met. Bets are being placed on how much Mokkan's going to regret trying to betray Kurama.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Ahri the Nine-tailed Fox is not Kurama's follower. This is because she's a gumiho, not a kitsune. Kurama prefers that his followers get these facts straight.
  • The Tails Clan does not view him as their god or anything like that. Kurama doesn't really care that much either way.
  • Tends to take charge of situations when with his allies, having once been called a Captain.
  • When the Beasts were freed and planned to go to their homes, they needed someone to remain sealed to serve as communications. Kurama was chosen with minimal reluctance on his part, though most have caught on to his attachment to Naruto.

    Telethia, the Endbringer 
Telethia, the Endbringer, the Divine Docile Monster (The Ruler of Fates, The Guardian of Mira)
  • Greater god
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Symbol: The planet of Mira
  • Portfolio: Savage Setpiece, Adaptational Heroism, Token Heroic Orc, Telepathy, Bonus Boss, Gaia's Vengeance, Names to Run Away From
  • Domains: Life, Monsters, Peace
  • Allies: Captain Planet
  • Enemies: Yiazmat, Dark Samus, YHVH
  • Uneasy relationship: Shulk, Reyn, Dunban, Melia Antiqua, Riki
  • One of only two Telethia on Mira, Telethia, the Endbringer is the strongest creature on Mira and uses its strength to act as a guardian of Mira, purging the planet of tainted monsters that threaten the planets ecosystems.
    • Telethia is enemies with Dark Samus due to her being able to use Phazon to corrupt others.
    • Many deities have seen Telethia to be on god terms with the ascended Crystal Gems as they would often poof Dark Gems.
  • Not long after Telethia's ascension, Shulk and his ascended friends quickly made their way to Telethia's temple to confront it as they expected it to be like every other Telethia they'd faced; extremely vicious, however, upon learning from other deities that Telethia displays more intelligence than the average Telethia, but they also learned that Zanza was not aware of its existence.
    • While Shulk and friends decided not to instigate violence against a non-malicious creature, they keep their guards up at all times in the event Telethia were to attack innocent lives.
  • Despite Telethia having a fearsome appearance and the power to go with it, Telethia is indifferent to 90% of life entering its temple, preferring to spend its time flying around.
  • Because Telethia protects Mira from anything that would harm it, Telethia has become enemies with YHVH and his followers due to them nuking several planets to oblivion.
    • On the flipside however, Telethia is on friendly terms with Captain Planet and the Planeteers as they protect the Earth from anything that will harm it.

    The Tyranids 
The Tyranid Hive Fleets, The Horde of Alien Locusts (The Great Devourer)
  • Collectively, Greater Deities
  • Symbol: The Tyranid insigina
  • Theme Song: Xeno Presence
  • Alignment: Neutral Hungry
  • Portfolio: Alien Kudzu, Bug Wars, Combat Tentacles, Extreme Omnivores, Healing Factor, Hive Minds, Living Ships, Living Weapons, Lots and LOTS of Teeth, Multi-Armed and Dangerous, Organic Technology, Psychic Static, Tyranoform, Endless Numbers, 'Nid Rush
  • Domains: Space, Hunger, Swarms
  • Rivals: The Facehuggers and the Xenomorphs, The Flood, Ungoliant, The Swarm
  • Enemies: Just about anyone, but primarily the Imperium of Mankind, the House of the Undead, Galactus, Unicron, The Lich, Mogo, Fix-It Felix, Wreck-It Ralph, Vanellope, Jim Raynor
  • While they are considered part of the Pantheon, they are, thankfully, locked outside of it with a magic seal that prevents their entry and are not to be let in unless it is an extremely dire situation and there is no better alternative.
    • The place that holds the Tyranid seal is a temple devoted to them that is located deep in the jungles of this very house. Said temple is guarded by a magically bound Carnifex who has been lovingly named "Cuddlefex" by some of the more intelligent members of the Bestiary.
  • Resembles the Xenomorphs, leading some of the Imperium to theorize Xenomorphs are Tyranids that Slaanesh got his/her hands on. It is not known what might happen if a Facehugger latches onto a Tyranid, but it'd be pure Nightmare Fuel and the Court of the Gods has forbidden anyone from letting the two next to each other.
  • The Tyrandis are after one and only one thing; to consume all that breathes. They'll consume every bit of organic matter and resources on a planet down to the bedrock, and leave the now lifeless planet behind to search for more. Their hunger is on par with the Swarm, and as such the two often butt heads. As does Ungoliant.
  • Currently engaged in a great battle with The Flood, who seeks to assimilate the Tyranids into itself, or at least turn them into willing soldiers. For now, they are at a stalemate.
  • Despite being able to eat almost anything, the Grox are completely indigestible to the Tyranids; something which greatly frustrates them but they can't be bothered dealing with. They also aren't able to digest any of the undead, which give them food poisoning, and while the House of Toxicity isn't that much of a problem, the Lich is. Mogo also screwed them over when they tried to raze the planet.
  • Even they are completely out-classed by the planet-eating Galactus and Unicron who ended up eating them instead and freaking out the hive mind.
  • For some strange reason, some of their Genestealers have developed an obsession with taking people's pants, leaving their victims embarrassed but generally unharmed.
  • Felix, Ralph and Vanellope are concerned over the matter of Tyranids, due to their similarities to the Cy-Bugs.
  • Recent evidence suggest that the Tyranids are actually running away from something else. Given what the 41st millennium is like, most don't want to imagine what that threat might be if the 'Nids don't consider the insanity that is the Milky Way galaxy frightening.

Intermediate Gods

    Baloo and Bagheera 
Baloo and Bagheera, Dual Deities of The Animal Language (Papa Bear, Ol' Iron Paws (Baloo only); Baggy, Bags, Cousin Cat (Bagheera only) )
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  • Intermediate Gods
  • Symbol: The footprints of a sloth bear and leopard surrounded by foliage
  • Theme: The Bare Necessities; alternatively, TaleSpin
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral (For Bagheera), Chaotic Good (For Baloo)
  • Portfolio:
  • Domain: Animals, Nature, Law, Language, Music
  • Heralds: Chil the Kite & Kit
  • High Priest: Zoboomafoo
  • Allies:
  • On Good Terms With:
  • Enemies: Scar, NAPOLEON, The Hyenas, Koba, Mojo Jojo, Tai Lung, Lord Shen, The Sharptooth, Riptor, Indominus Rex, Clockwerk & Neyla, The Firebird, Mr. Burns, Looten Plunder, Ghetsis Harmonia, Dr. Eggman, Cruella De Vill, Hexxus
  • Conflicted Opinion: King Louie (Baloo likes him, Bagheera doesn't, and they all had their share of conflict), Terra, King Kong, Sun Wukong, Spirit, the snake-based deities
  • Complicated Relationship: Walt Disney
  • Baloo the bear and Bagheera the panther arrived in the Pantheon upon the request of their former charge, Mowgli. The man-cub spoke highly of his animal friends and convinced the Court of the Gods to ascend them. All three were happy to reunite with each other, especially since Baloo and Bagheera had no idea Mowgli was in the Pantheon.
  • Baloo originally served as High Priest to Winnie The Pooh, but decided to drop the position to take up a new godly position. The two bears still remain good friends, and will often enjoy a pot of honey in each other's company.
  • Every now and again, the pair have taught special classes to the students of the Elysium Academy. Their lectures often revolve around The Law of the Jungle, how to survive in the wilderness, and learning the Master-Words of the Jungle Peoples. Interestingly, Baloo often ends up teaching the lessons to the students, with him adopting a more stern and gruff persona whilst Bagheera becomes more laid-back and a bit of Big Brother Mentor. whenever that happens, Bagheera will sit back, relax and listen, impressed by the bear's methods of teaching.
    • The students aren't the only ones who come for the lessons. Various denizens from the Houses of Beast and Nature often stop by to observe, and as a result, many in the Pantheon use the Master Words to get out of any situation involving the animal deities.
  • It was through Mowgli that Baloo and Bagheera were introduced to Simba, Timon & Pumbaa. After an initial misunderstanding - Simba thought Bagheera was going to eat his friends - the five animals managed to get things cleared up and became good friends, though Baloo and Mowgli are more often seen hanging out with Timon and Pumbaa, the four finding comparisons between the Bare Necessities and Hakuna Matata.
    • In turn, their friendship with Simba allowed for the pair to meet with his father Mufasa, who respected their teaching skills and asked them to aid Simba with becoming a good king. Scar on the other hand has shown hostility to the pair not only for allying themselves with his nephew, but also being friends with Mowgli. Both Bagheera and Baloo have compared Scar to Shere Khan, and are ready to take on the disgraced lion if push comes to shove.
  • When the two were brought to meet Mowgli's fellow Nature Preservers, Bagheera personally thanked Tarzan and San for watching over the young man-cub in their absence. From that point onwards, the older humans became allies with the panther, helping him with keeping things in order and looking out for Mowgli whenever he's off adventuring.
  • Many of the other feral children in the Pantheon have gotten along well with Baloo and Bagheera, though it has been divided between the two. Hareta and George of the Jungle hang out more with the fun-loving Baloo, while the older, more mature N and Eliza Thornberry can be seen speaking with Bagheera in private, the former practicing the Master-Words to better understand the other non-Pokémon animal deities.
  • One day, Lord Shen had caught the Iriomote mountain cat kitten Maya spying on his scheming. He decided to make an example and captured the tiny feline. It was Bagheera who came to the rescue, managing to fight off the Peacock long enough to escape with the kitten in tow. Maya's owner Sakaki was so grateful for the Panther's help, becoming close friends afterward. In fact, Sakaki often turns to Bagheera to watch over Maya when she's away at school.
  • After encountering T'Challa and hearing what had happened between him and Mowgli, all Bagheera could do was chuckle to himself. The two are on good terms, with Bagheera and fellow feline Eugene Gallardo meeting up and discussing their daily businesses in the Pantheon.
  • There has been some confusion as to what kind of bear Baloo is. Most know him to be a sloth bear (Melursus ursinus), though some disagree, claiming him to be a Himalayan brown bear (Ursus arctos isabellinus). When it was brought up Baloo merely shrugged, saying it doesn't matter what species he is as long as he can continue doing the things he loves.
  • Having dealt with King Louie and the Bandar-logNote  in the past, Bagheera is hesitant around most of the deified primates in the Pantheon. Mojo Jojo's antics and prolonged ranting greatly annoys the serious panther, though Sun Wukong is even worse. But while he can deal with those two, Bagheera was seen awestruck by the sight of King Kong.
    • On the other hand, Baloo gets along well with Donkey and Diddy Kong, often dancing with them in the House of Theater. But one thing is for certain, both mammals have a great distrust of Koba for his bloodthirsty nature, and breaking the law of not killing other apes. They also hate Napoleon for his treatment of his fellow animals and wanting to be more like a human, mirroring King Louie's own desires. Despite this, the panther does respect Caesar for being a good leader to his clan and for wanting peace over war with man.
  • Have a mixed opinion of many of the serpentine deities in the Pantheon, due to past experiences with the python Kaa. In some timelines, he is an ancient creature, feared by many but still serving as an ally and friend to Mowgli. In others, he is a hypnotizing villain who wants nothing more than to eat the man-cub. There's also a timeline where he... is actually a she. Nevertheless, Baloo and Bagheera dread the day Kaa ascends, hoping that the version that is selected will be their ally.
  • Both Baloo and Bagheera have a distrust of humans who seek to poach animals and destroy the environment, due partly to the pair being considered Endangered Species. In particular, they oppose Looten Plunder for wanting to clear-cut the Seeone Hills, Mr. Burns and Cruella De Vil for wanting to turn them into fur coats (or in Baloo's case sloth bear underwear), Dr. Eggman for turning animals into robots and Ghetsis Harmonia for abusing both Pokémon and his son N.
    • Despite their fears of being hunted, it came as a shock to most when the archer Atalanta approached Baloo and struck up a conversation with him. After learning about her origins and how she was raised by bears, the pair became close friends, and on occasion, one can find them singing about the Bare Necessities. Baloo has even allowed the Chaste Huntress to call him "Ol' Iron Paws".
      • And speaking of Iron Paws, Baloo found new sparring partners in the form of the Canadian boxer Bear Hugger, and Russian street fighter Zangief. The trio have been seen wrestling with one another, with Baloo giving instructions on how to fight like a "real bear". So far the matches have mainly ended in friendly draws, but once boxing season starts up, then all three won't hold back.
  • For all the friends they made upon ascension, both Baloo and Bagheera gained a fair number of enemies as well. Both Tai Long and Lord Shen have shown hostility towards the pair and it doesn't help that the panther and bear became friends with Po. There is also the trio of Riptor, Indominus rex and the Sharptooth, who have all attempted to kill and eat Mowgli in the past. The three theropods have made the mammal gods nervous by their mere presence, but Bagheera knows that despite their fearsome appearances, they can easily be defeated.
  • Both mammals respect the Spring Sprite for bringing spring to the world and for keeping the forest vibrant. On the same note, they utterly fear the Firebird and Hexxus for their desire for environmental destruction.
  • One time, Bagheera had a run-in with the wild horse known only as Spirit, who mistook the former for a mountain lion. Not much is known about what exactly went down but nowadays the panther keeps his distance, not wanting to rile up the Mustang any further.
  • Many in the Pantheon were caught off-guard when they learned Baloo is an expert pilot, having worked as a seaplane operator in an alternate universe. Not only that, but some of his piloting feats caused even Team Star Fox to do a second take. Even Bagheera was surprised by this and questioned the bear about it. The response he got...
    Baloo: What can I say? I've got a few tricks up these furry sleeves.
  • Their relationship with Terra, Ventus, and Aqua is... interesting. Apparently, all three Keyblade wielders made visits to Bagheera and Baloo's homeworld in the past, though none of them can remember the details. Regardless, both animals formed friendships with Ventus and Aqua respectively; Baloo looking out for Ven as he does with Mowgli, and Bagheera with Aqua due to their maturity and shared desire to protect their friends. Terra though is up for debate, with the pair suspecting that he could have been tricked by King Louie to kidnap Mowgli. No incidents have happened as of yet but everyone has their eyes open.
  • The pair have a very complicated relationship with Walt Disney, which stems from the decision to change up the original Kipling story to be more light-hearted and family-friendly. Despite this though, they do owe Walt for keeping their story alive and well in the cultural mindset and were saddened by his passing in 1966. Note  When they met again in the Pantheon, Walt thanked the pair for helping carry the film with them, and was happy with how the final product turned out.
  • Some of the Russian gods have wondered why Bagheera doesn't sound like a female and doesn't have cubs around. Understandably, he was thoroughly confused by their comments.

Garchomp, God of Unconventional Creatures (The Mach Pokemon, Gabrias)
Mega Garchomp 

    SCP- 3000 
SCP-3000, God of Animalistic Abominations (Anantashesha)
SCP-3000 and Foundation diver during Atzak Protocol.

Lesser Gods

Bambi, God of Woodland Creatures
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A pair of antlers. Alternatively, a butterfly.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Bambification, Being tougher than he looks, Being a Heartwarming Orphan, Infamous Tear Jerker moments.
  • Domains: Forest animals, animals who've been wronged by mankind, orphaned animals
  • Allies: Sora, Fluttershy, Littlefoot, Jerry, N, Batty Koda, Xerneas, David the Gnome
  • Followers: The Great Prince, Faline, Flower, Thumper, Skippy Squirrel.
  • Enemies: Hunters, rival male deers, Godzilla, Hexxus, most carnivores, Gaston.
  • He will not go anywhere near Godzilla, due to a certain incident back in the 1960's.
  • He still believes Humans Are the Real Monsters after what happened to his mother (He especially loathes Gaston since he was the one who killed her); however, in spite of this, there are a few humans he has managed to warm up to and considers exceptions:
    • It all started when he took an unusually quick shine to N, which he thought made no sense until he learned about N's close connection to Pokémon. N sympathized with Bambi's view of humans and told him about how he grew up with and held the same exact belief, before the nobler humans that he met over the course of his journeys were thankfully able to prove him wrong. This was able to convince Bambi to start opening up to the idea of becoming friends with humans.
    • Eventually, Steve Irwin was able to win him over by continually demonstrating his long-term commitment to keep everyone in the Bestiary, animal and non-animal, safe and sound from threats both foreign and within.
    • He is also occasionally seen in the company of Jean-Luc Picard, who he says sounds a lot like his father.
  • Many members of the House of Beasts are worried that he has been hanging out with the pig Napoleon a lot as of recently, speaking about how evil humans are. Bambi, however, seems conflicted; there are now two people in the pantheon who sound like his father, and they have conflicting worldviews. He doesn't know who to trust...
  • Has actually allied himself with Sora twice before.
  • Other deities have done everything in their power to keep people from asking if Bambi really starred in a hard R-Rated 70's sex comedy in order to protect the deer's innocence.

    Billy Hatcher 
Billy Hatcher, Divine Guardian of Weird Eggs
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The Legendary Chicken Suit, or just the helmet
  • Theme Music: G.I.A.N.T.E.G.G.
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Widget Series, Badass Adorable, Egg MacGuffin, Kid Hero, Fingerless Gloves, Color-Coded Elements, Improbable Weapon User
  • Domains: Eggs, Morning, Heroism
  • Heralds: Rolly Roll, Bantam Scrambled, Chick Poacher, the Chicken Elders
  • Allies: Sonic the Hedgehog, AiAi, Solaire of Astora, Tails, Knuckles, NiGHTS, Mega Man, Yoshi , Volcarona, Princess Celestia, Chibiterasu, Amaterasu, Django, Leona, Ness, Finn the Human, The Powerpuff Girls, Steven Universe, Amigo
  • Enemies: The Crow, Grand Duke of Owls, Nightmare Moon, David Zappa, Yami, Diana, Balanar
  • Morning Land is a place where this kid and his friends reside, and as one might guess, it's a sunny place. Things were normal until the place came under attack by Dark Raven and his goons, who wanted to cast an eternal night there. Billy donned the Legendary Chicken Suit and used it to save Morning Land. Along the way, he could use eggs and with sufficient care, it could hatch things like helpful creatures (including Sonic the Hedgehog) and powerups.
    • Sonic actually wasn't the only outside help Billy could get back in the kid's initial journey. Tails, Knuckles, and even NiGHTS and Amigo could be found in certain eggs that Billy could find. If needed, they will come by his aide to help him out in combat.
  • With his ascension, he serves as an additional member to those who protect the sun against malevolent night deities. However, Billy was told via Princess Celestia that there were a few benevolent moon deities such as Princess Luna, Usagi Tsukino, Tyrande Whisperwind, and Yuri Tsukikage. Billy has acknowledged this and has focused his effort on the villains who want an eternal night.
  • Much of Billy's mobility comes from the use of the eggs he finds, along with the powerups and aid that comes with it. If an egg gets destroyed, there's not much he can do. This is partially why Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and NiGHTS tend to accompany him on his current missions, provided that they aren't magically stuffed inside an egg.
  • Billy was invited by Sonic and a few other Sega characters to participate in a race. Somehow, Billy wasn't able to arrive for a later round and on top of that, his friends were watching the later races, but Billy wasn't present at all. He hasn't really said if he was busy that time or not.
  • Billy gets along smoothly with AiAi, another Sega character who uses a sphere as one method of travel. The difference is that Billy rolls spheres (eggs) to get better movement speed while the monkey is inside a sphere (a ball) for improved mobility.
  • There is a significant difference in how he and Yoshi use their eggs. While Yoshi simply throws the eggs at enemies, Billy has to run over enemies with the eggs (in addition to the hatching bit). Despite these differences, Billy is on good terms with Yoshi, mostly since the eggs the dinosaur throws don't really have anything inside them (aside from the occasional coin).
  • A small number of deities (mainly the ones who like to make fun of others for petty reasons) have mocked the Legendary Chicken Suit for being a ridiculous costume for any hero to wear. Although Billy was a little surprised when he tried on the suit for the first time, he's gotten used to wearing it.
  • He has a really strong disdain towards The Crow, mainly for reminding him of what he has fought against back in Morning Land. That and this aforementioned crow is most likely creepier than the ones he fought against.
  • For whatever reason, people tend to think that his Spelling Song is done as G-I-N-T-E-G-G, without the A of course (to be fair, there's lack of enunciation between the I and A). Billy has tried to correct the matter, but SomecallmeJohnny hasn't let Billy hear the end of it.
    SomecallmeJohnny: That's some good G.I.N.T. E.G.G.
  • Unsurprisingly, Billy gets along really well with other kid heroes such as Ness and the Powerpuff Girls. With the possible exception of Steven Universe, most of Billy's kid hero friends aren't really interested in trying on the Legendary Chicken Suit.
  • No one really knows who exactly laid those eggs that Billy utilizes. Even the House of Knowledge got really frustrated just trying to figure out how those eggs came to be.
    • And for that matter, there's the other question of what those eggs taste like if Billy fails to hatch them. The kid is very hesitant to roll his eggs near the House of Food since there's bound to be a handful of hungry gods there wanting to try out these eggs.

    Crash Bandicoot 
Crash Bandicoot, God of Species Rarely Represented in Fiction (Willy the Wombat, Infernal Bandicoot, Orange Delivery Boy)
  • Lesser God (Intermediate God with three Aku Aku masks)
  • Symbol: His extra life mugshot and a Wumpa Fruit.
  • Theme Songs: N. Sanity Beach, The Great Hall, Crash Bandicoot 2 Warp Room and Time Twister
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Portfolio: Spin attacks, Those who are off in their own little world, Star of a big Playstation game, Seldom-Seen Species, Half-Dressed Cartoon Animal, Those who are easily distracted
  • Domain: Marsupials, Spinning, Collection, Gaming
  • Herald: Crunch Bandicoot
  • Allies: Coco Bandicoot (His younger sister), Aku Aku, Polar and Pura, Jak, Daxter, Nathan Drake (the last three his successors), Ratchet, Clank, Sly Cooper, Bentley, Murray, Sora, Lightning, Parappa the Rapper, Sir Daniel Fortesque, Androids 17 and 18, Garen and Yurnero, Balthier, Caesar, Perry the Platypus
  • Rivals: Ripper Roo
  • Friendly Enemy: Neo Cortex (though Cortex won't admit to such)
  • Enemies: Uka Uka, Dingodile, Nitrus Brio (Sometimes allies), N. Gin, Ripto, Polygon Man, Cell, Dr. Octopus, Dr. Robotnik
  • Odd Friendship: The Tasmanian Devil
  • Crash Bandicoot is an unusual marsupial who was mutated by Dr. Cortex to serve as the general of his Cortex Commandoes, but the process never quite finished like he expected and Crash ended up escaping his facility, only to return for his girlfriend Tawna and trashing all of Cortex henchment. The bandicoot went to become Cortex biggest headache and one of the most popular platformer mascots of his generation. While he underwent a period where he dissapeared, he eventually and triunfally returned with a retelling of his first adventure.
  • Crash Bandicoot was ascended into the Pantheon by Polygon Man, who forced him to fight Spyro as the main event in Round 2 of Polygon Man’s Battle Royale. Unfortunately for him, Crash and Spyro had been tricked into fighting each other once before by Cortex and Ripto, and they didn’t fall for the same trick twice. They vowed to put a stop to Polygon Man's scheme with the help of Sora, Lightning, Riku, Dante, and the ascended competitors of the first Battle Royale.
    • Crash and Spyro would later try to formally settle their rivalry in a one-on-one duel, with Aku Aku and Sparx present to spectate. Unfortunately, Sparx ended up getting hurt before the fight as a result of an accidental hit by Crash (who mistook Sparx for an ordinary bug in a moment of distraction), resulting in Spyro turning into Dark Spyro. Dark Spyro very quickly overwhelmed and vaporized both Crash and Aku Aku (who tried to protect Crash) and had to be stopped as he rampaged around the Pantheon.
  • Ever since his inception, Crash has had a fierce rivalry with both Mario and Sonic being the mascots of the rival companies that published his games. Nonetheless, Crash is a good sport and actually gets along rather well with them, moreso with Sonic since he also had to deal with Arch-Enemy Mad Scientist Dr. Robotnik.
  • Crash presence was enough of a motivator for his sister Coco to eventually ascend and get a temple of her own. The first thing she did was berate Crash for not telling her earlier but thing quickly were mended after she gave him a big hug.
  • Parappa was overjoyed that Crash had finally come to the Pantheon, since they were such good friends in the PlayStation era, but hadn’t seen each other since.
  • He was formerly a follower of Androids 17 and 18 along with his sister Coco. Now that Crash is in the Pantheon himself, he remains on good terms with them and is always ready to help stop Cell whenever he tries to absorb the Androids. Later down the line her little sister also joined in to support the Android twins.
  • Has joined a sports team alongside Jak, Daxter and Nathan Drake. They call themselves the Naughty Dogs. Daxter wanted the Naughty Ottsels, after his bar in Haven City, but he was outvoted.
  • He has bonded with Balthier over their mutual dislike of mad scientists and offered Crash to be a part of his crew. Crash politely turned him down, but accepts Balthier help whenever Dr. Cortex is up to no good.
  • Caesar is pleased to see that Crash doesn't let the fact that he was experimented upon by humans get him down. If Koba ascends, Crash has agreed to meet him upon his ascension and introduce him to the Pantheon.
  • When the more aggressive residents of the Bestiary get out of control, Crash uses the powers of his mask friend Aku Aku to jack the beasts and calm them down. Eventually Aku Aku himself ascended to aid Crash, at the cost of bringing his Evil Twin Uka Uka and share a temple with him. Crash is not happy about the latter.
  • Unlike many half dressed cartoon animals, Crash wears pants but nothing on his upper body.
  • When he receives Aku Aku’s protection three times, he becomes temporarily invulnerable to most damage. In this form, only pitfalls can harm him. To that end, in preparation for the final battle, the GUAG have arranged for three mask boxes to be placed near Crash’s location. The GUAE, on the other hand, have ordered Team Rocket to dig a number of holes in the hopes that he will fall in.
  • He's not exactly fond of the fact that Psycho Mantis made fun of him, and was glad that Snake shot him in the face mid-sentence.
  • Crash has decided to join the Skylanders after a few years of thinking, which has pleased his rival, Spyro the Dragon. Both are looking forward to duking it out again.
  • Crash got acquaintanced with the Tasmanian Devil, not only for being peculiar and rare seen marsupials, but also for being fond of using a Spin Attack. Plus, neither is very bright.
  • People have reportedly seen a rather strange version of Crash uttering his signature "WOAH!" in a rather bizzare way.
  • "WOAH!"

    Garfield Logan/Beast Boy 
Garfield Logan, God of Animorphism (Beast Boy, Changeling, Grass Stain, Gar, B.B.)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A circle with different animals inside.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Beware The Nice Silly One, Nice Guy, Adorkable, Butt-Monkey, Plucky Comic Relief, Keet, The Heart, I Just Want to Be Special, Let's Get Dangerous!, Cute Monster Boy, Idiot But Really a Badass, Ascended Fanboy, "Dude!"
  • Domains: Animals, Justice, Jokes
  • Allies:
  • Just Friends (Maybe): Raven.
  • Enemies: Deathstroke, Lex Luthor, The Joker, Team Rocket
  • Ascended to the Pantheon after leading a rag tag-team of Titans who were not captured by the Brotherhood Of Evil and showing actual leadership skills.
  • Even though Gar is mostly seen as a laidback person by most of the Pantheons, he is actually a very capable person when he gets serious in a fight. He is especially dangerous when he get mad enough.
  • Once fought Deathstroke one on one and actually had the advantage.
  • Gar's animal transformations aren't just limited to Earth-based animals or dinosaurs and he can actually transform into mythical animals and alien beasts. He can even transform into a Pokémon.
    • Because of the aforementioned Pokémon transformation, he was captured by Team Rocket, mistaking him for a rare colored Pokémon. Fortunately, he was rescued by Greninja and blasted Team Rocket away.
  • Once had his shampoo bottle replaced with red dye by Victor Stone. He chased after his friend for "ruining" his beautiful green fur.
  • While he never noticed it before when they were both mortal, Gar can't help but ogle at Raven's legs. Was once caught by Raven when he transformed into a dog and "wolf whistled" at her. He was expecting a swat in the head, but to his surprise, he actually saw a small smile on her face.
  • Has been seen hanging around with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. While Leo, Donny, and Mikey don't mind him, Raph is mostly annoyed by him because it feels like there are two Michelangelos now.
  • Became instant friends with Teddie, finding his bear puns hilarious. The two have joined forces to try and make both Raven and Yukiko laugh. Emphasis on the try part.
  • An alternate version of this character was involved in an incident that led to his departure from the Teen Titans. Beast Boy does not enjoy comparisons to this character, though he's as willing to joke about it as anything else.
  • Has a seat in the House of Shapeshifters.

    King Louie 
King Louie, God of Non-Native Species (King of the Swingers, Jungle V.I.P., Cousin Louie, Lou, King of the Bandar-Log, Louie Lamount)
Louie as a orang-utan.

Nezu, God of Confusing Species (The Principal, Mr. Principal, Nedzu)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His uniform and his Rugged Scar. Alternatively, a cup of tea.
  • Alignment: Lawful Good
  • Portfolio: Amplified Animal Aptitude, Animal Superheroes, Big Good, Cartoon Creature who is dressed, Intellectual Animal, Reasonable Authority Figure, Rodents of Unusual Size, Super Intelligence
  • Domains: Animals, Intelligence, Schools, Education, Heroes
  • Allies: All Might and Izuku Midoriya, Ochaco Uraraka, Shoto Todoroki, Charles Xavier, All members in the House of Heroes, Caesar, Babar, Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Sonic the Hedgehog, Iroh
  • Enemies: Kurogiri, "Hero Killer" Stain, Koba, Dr. Neo Cortex, Nitrus Brio, Dr. Robotnik, The House of Villains
  • Pities: Renekton
  • Meet Nezu, the principal of U.A. Academy and ascended solely after learning that his school ended up warping into the Pantheon. Someone has to run the place, so he happily came here and settled a temple up with the approval of the court of gods.
  • No one can figure out what type of animal he is. Some say he is a mouse, others a dog and others even think he is some sort of bear. Nezu just chuckles when he hears other people theorize what he really is.
  • His quirk is "High Specs", which grants him Super Intelligence. What makes Nezu notable from other heroes is that he is an animal and quirks rarely manifest in non-human species. That's why in the past many people experimented on him, something he would rather not to talk about.
  • Even though in the past he was experimented by humans and has been implied to have been tortured considering his scar, Nezu still choose to be a force of good and work alongside other humans. That still doesn't mean, whenever he is given the opportunity, that he won't hurt humans, but at least he limits himself to those that really deserve it.
  • The one type of person Nezu won't hesitate to attack would be Mad Scientists. More so with the likes of who already experimented on animals, as it brings painful memories for him.
  • Koba was really dissapointed to learn that Nezu chose to ally with humans when both were experimented in the past by humans and don't have fond memories of it. Nezu wouldn't be that much different from Caesar in that sense, which pissed Koba even more and tried to kill the Principal for that but he was prepared for such a setup and planned ahead so Koba wouldn't reach him. Needless to say, the primate hates Nezu as much as Caesar and other humans.
    • It didn't help that Caesar himself allied himself with the Principal, mostly out of concern when he found out about what Koba tried to do. They remained friends after seeing that their goals aligned and their past are very similar.
  • A stroll through the House of Beast got him the chance to meet many different animals who are also quite intelligent. The ones he likes to chat the most are those who are mutated animals like Crash Bandicoot, who he heard from Caesar after he told him about the incident Crash got involved with Koba. Even with their contrasting personalities, Nezu does consider Crash a valuable ally and is glad him and his sister Coco didn't choose to be evil because they were mutated animals.
    • Another deity he befriended was the kind Babar, who was also a Civilized Animal like him although the circumstances for that were quite different. He is interested that he managed to build a city alongside his fellow elephants and is quite interested in seeing it.
  • Having heard of his constant visits to U.A. Academy, Nezu and Charles Xavier shared a cordial talk where they exchanged ideas in how to run their respective academies. He also understands the pain that must be seen as an outcast to society and hopes that Charles' world becomes more accepting like the one Nezu lives in.
  • Tea is one of Nezu's prefered drinks and he can often be seen visiting Iroh's temple since his find the kind of tea he serves exquisite.
  • He is fully aware that a traitor has infiltrated his school, but hasn't been able to figure out who could that person be. He did receive some additional help from Tony Stark but not much progress has beem made on the case. There are certain deities that have theories regarding certain students that attend class 1-A but nothing too solid has been found yet.

    Oswald The Lucky Rabbit 
Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, God of Explosively-Breeding Creatures
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: His head over a sky blue circle
  • Theme Song: Oswald's Story
  • Alignment: True Neutral leaning to Good
  • Portfolio: Proliferative gene-seed, bad luck, Anti-Villain, Badass Adorable, The Everyman
  • Domains: Bunnies, Family, Toons
  • Heralds: Ortensia and their 420 children
  • Superior: Walt Disney
  • Allies: All Ascended Disney Heroes (especially Mickey Mouse, Roger Rabbit, and Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde), Reisen Udongein Inaba, Bugs Bunny, the Rabbit of Caerbannog, Mr. Freeze, Zuko, Tewi Inaba, Cream the Rabbit, Peppy Hare, Hibari, Usalia, The Gochi Usa girls, Rukia Kuchiki
  • Enemies: All Ascended Disney Villains, Freddy Krueger, Springtrap, The Joker, Dr. Wily, Dr. Eggman, The Professor
  • Oswald has a rather unusual history for a cartoon character. He originally came to be before Mickey Mouse arrived and Oswald was, more or less, forgotten after Mickey became famous. Enough time passed and the Lucky Rabbit was originally jealous of Mickey's fame. In one of Mickey's adventures, the Rabbit met the Mouse and eventually worked with him in the Wasteland, a place where forgotten Disney characters reside. Oswald was able to get enough mortal supporters for him at this point. Also, he has 420 children with his wife Ortensia, but don't ask for specifics on how they got so many kids (especially considering that Ortensia is a cat).
    • Following his initial endeavor with Mickey, Oswald got a little more than annoyed that there were some who thought he would just outright antagonize Mickey after the rabbit looked through some old records. Oswald is only slightly less annoyed when others assume that this relatively recent adventure was his debut (as mentioned, it only made him more relevant).
  • A little after his arrival in the Pantheon, Oswald noticed that there were deities hailing both from popular and obscure works. Since Oswald was originally not that well-known before gaining his fame, he has spent some time talking to lesser-known deities to give them support and hope that they don't languish in obscurity.
  • Being a very early creation of Walt Disney, Oswald once asked Walt himself if he prefers the Lucky Rabbit or Mickey Mouse. Walt didn't really answer the question, but was quite pleased when he learned that both Oswald and Mickey are working together after the two cartoon stars overcame their differences.
  • Finds it somewhat weird that he sounds similar to Fred Jones. Though he does get a little more annoyed if the vocal similarity extends to Megatron and would often say that Megatron sounds different and inconsistent.
  • Ortensia actually wasn't Oswald's first girlfriend back in the Lucky Rabbit's early days. Oswald had a Love Interest named Francine Cottontail and they, weirdly enough, had several kids at first. Then he had a few other love interests prior to Ortensia, but once he met her, the Lucky Rabbit has stuck with Ortensia.
  • Despite his moniker, Oswald's luck usually isn't the best. It has become a source of mockery by a number of jerkish deities. The rabbit has some sort of resentment towards Gladstone Gander for being ridiculously lucky by default, though the duck doesn't acknowledge the resentment most of the time.
    • Speaking of luck, much of the rabbit's luck comes from his detachable foot. It's become a source of interest for many deities, particularly those who are normally unlucky. Sometimes, others would just take the foot away from him just to mess with him.
      • And on top of all these luck-related shenanigans, he has been made an unofficial mascot of the House of Luck and Fortune, likely due to his varying luck. Oswald isn't sure what to make of it, but he keeps a rather professional relation with Bugs Bunny at that house.
  • He sometimes carries a remote control with him in case he is confronted with weaker enemies. It more or less functions the same as Mickey's paintbrush, only the remote doesn't spew paint out.
  • Probably the only rabbit in the Pantheon which The Rabbit of Caerbannog doesn't really care about. Oswald himself doesn't have much to say about that rabbit's current superior, Tewi Inaba, though they do keep in touch every now and then.
  • Oswald likes to hang around with the other benevolent rabbits, as well as those associated with them, and those who just simply like rabbits in general. In particular, he has a strong friendship with Usalia given their experience in ruling over a peaceful realm.
    • Like all the other rabbits, Oswald is highly wary of Springtrap. Given the animatronic's background, the Lucky Rabbit is making more of an effort to make sure his children doesn't get harmed or near the killer.
  • Oswald doesn't like mad scientists such as Dr. Wily and Eggman since their penchant for evil machinery remind him of The Mad Doctor. He's even more annoyed at the fact that the two even had different plans at different points in time that involved feigning redemption, akin to the Mad Doctor's second attempt at conquest (neither plan from Wily nor Eggman had any songs in them, though).
  • It's worth noting that Oswald at least thought that the Mad Doctor genuinely reformed at the start of Mickey and Oswald's second adventure together (and they may or may not have redeemed the Doctor at the end of it). Regardless, if there is a villain who has done multiple attempts to enact an evil plan by claiming that they reformed themselves, chances are Oswald would ask for Mickey's help to investigate it.
    • In regards to that, Oswald doesn't like The Joker given that the clown had pulled off similar stunts before. His craziness and penchant for chaos on a level Oswald hadn't heard of before earned further scorn from the rabbit.
  • Strangely enough, Oswald was once considered to be a participant in Vanellope Von Schweetz's Sugar Rush races, but plans fell through. The two like to talk to each other on occasion, though it's not clear if these conversations involve the rabbit being a proper contestant in the races. At the very least, Oswald would sometimes watch these particular races in his spare time.
  • Doesn't everybody deserve a second chance?

    Polar and Pura 
Polar and Pura, Duo of Domesticated Wild Animals
  • Lesser Deities
  • Symbol: Their faces
  • Theme Song: Bear It, Bear Down and Totally Bear theme (Polar), Orient Express and Midnight Run theme (Pura)
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Power-Up Mount, Ridiculously Cute Critter, Team Pet
  • Domains: Wild Animals, Mounts, Pets
  • Allies: Crash Bandicoot, Coco Bandicoot, Aku Aku, Yoshi, Damian Wayne
  • Enemies: Neo Cortex, N. Gin, Uka Uka, Cruella De Vil
  • Odd Friendship: Heihachi Mishima
  • The World of Crash Bandicoot is not strange to unusual animals with unusual behaviour, mostly because of the scientist that took over the island experimented on the local fauna and creating evolved animals as a result. But these two creatures are different, they aren't altered and are wild animals that you wouldn't in an island living with anthropomorphic bandicoots. Polar and Pura are the pets that have helped both Crash and his sister Coco in their quest to defeat Dr. Neo Cortex, but for wild animals they certainly don't behave like one.
  • They quickly were received by both Crash and Coco, since they act as their Power-Up Mount in certain missions and have helped them in other ways too, like the time Pura fused his ship with Coco's to help her defeat N. Gin. They also know how to pilot karts and have competed in races before
  • Their tour around the House of Beast was given by Yoshi, since he is also a Power-Up Mount for Mario and is happy to welcome fellow deities that have a similar function as him. It was stated that Yoshi does remind them of the Baby T-Rex crash once found in the prehistoric era, but they don't know what happened to it.
  • Polar behaves a lot like a dog, to the point that he even barks like one. Korra found him adorable after meeting him one day, since she does own a polarbear dog named Naga, but was weirded out by the Polar cub being a regular bear.
  • Being a South Chine Tiger, Pura was glad to find another one of his kind in the form of Tigress of the Furious Five. She acts like a Cool Big Sister to him since he still a child and still learning the ins and outs of the pantheon, but is impressed but other things a regular animal like him could do. He also befriended Tigger after meating him thanks to Coco introducing Tigger to him and ofter like to play together.
  • Pura would often wander around the pantheon when he has nothing better to do, and that's how he came across Jasmine who found him adorable and reminded her of her own pet tiger, but cuter.
  • Surprisingly, Damian Wayne is really fond of them as he has a soft spot for animals. He asked Bruce if he could adopt the two but unfortunately they already the pets of Crash and Coco, but he still visits them from time to time.
    • An even bigger surprise was Heihachi Mishima finding them adorable too, considering what he is. Being reminded of Kuma, he wants Polar to be trained in the same martial art as him and Pura reminds him of his late wife Kazumi's pet. The animals don't really mind him that much as long as he doesn't harm his friends, but Polar is interested in taking on his training, for personal reasons that he as off yet has to explain.
  • There is a lot of confusion about Pura's gender, since her name would indicate he is female. Well, he used to be female but things changed during the events of Crash Team Racing and he has been male ever since.
  • Polar befriended Bashmaster for being a fellow Polar Bear like him, even though he is actually evil. He doesn't mind the little cub though, some company won't hurt after all.
    • He also is willing to befriend Teddie, even if he isn't a polar bear.
  • Polar will often visit the House of Ice & Cold since it's the closest thing the pantheon has to resemble his home before Crash adopted him. A lot of deities that are present in there often play with him when he comes along. Sub-zero tends to be the one he approaches the most, since he does smell like a polar bear (which he used to transform during his animality).

Reuniclus, God of Mega-Microbes (The Multiplying Pokémon)
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: A green blob with an embryo and other objects inside it (basically itself)
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male
  • Ability: Magic Guard
  • Moveset: Psychic, Acid Armor, Signal Beam, Thunder
    • Z-Move: Shattered Psyche
  • Portfolio: Psychic Powers, Mighty Glacier, Potential Homunculi, Surprisingly Cute Creatures, Mindlink Mates.
  • Domains: Psychic, Odd Creatures
  • Allies: Ness, Usagi, Luke Skywalker, SCP-999
  • Enemies: The Ghosts in the House of Otherness, Giygas, Lucy, bug-like and dark-and-gritty deities
  • Reuniclus is an odd creature, looking like an embryo or a homunculus inside some sort of green jelly. He can potentially live anywhere.
  • He has incredible psychic powers, being able to control his arms to crush even boulders and use other powerful psychic attacks. Combined with the jelly being durable enough to repel hazardous elements, Reuniclus is as deadly as he is cute.
    • Due to these powers, he has become allies with Ness. However, after this chance encounter, he discovered both Giygas (who stirred up some Primal Fear surrounding his body shape...or lack of it), and Lucy (who just plains scares him). For these reasons, he flees at the sight of them.
  • Whenever a Reuniclus holds hands with another of its species, their minds become linked, increasing their psychic power. For this reason, he has become allies with Luke Skywaker (who had a similar relationship with a woman named Mara Jade), as well as the favorite Pokémon of Usagi "Serena" Tsukino. For this reason, Reuniclus is another that has joined the Great Upheaval.
  • Stays far away from the Ghosts sub-house since he's weak to Ghost-type attacks.
    • Also tries to avoid insectoid and dark deities ("dark" meaning "gritty" more than "shadowy") due to its weaknesses.
  • Also present in the House of Otherness.

The Sarlacc, the Deified Creature of the Deep Pit and Entrapment
One spotted in the Great Pit of Carkoon in Tatooine
  • Lesser God
  • Symbol: The creature's beak in a pit full of sharp teeth
  • Alignment: Blue and Orange Morality
  • Portfolio: Carnivorous Plant, digest their victims for thousand years, has sharp maws on its side, Combat Tentacles
  • Domains: Antlion, Plant, Carnivorous
  • High Priests: Antlions
  • Followers: Trapinch
  • Allies: Jabba the Hutt, Graboids
  • Enemies: Luke Skywalker, Leia, Boba Fett, Samus Aran
  • Deep within the Pantheon, in the Other subhouse of the House of Beasts, lies a Sarlacc (plural: Sarlacci), a carnivorous plant-like creature. Though Sarlacci have been spotted on different planets, including the infamous Great Pit of Carkoon on the desert planet Tatooine and an utterly gigantic specimen on Felucia, this one landed in the Pantheon quite some time ago, and has since grown mature. It can sometimes be seen in the Earth and Metal subhouse in the House of Nature, an appropriate location as it would function similarly to the one on Tatooine. Though it was once thought that a Sarlacc could only survive in a more damp location, the Great Pit of Carkoon proved otherwise.
    • No one is sure how it is able to move from one part of the pantheon to the other, but most are just glad it only moves to those two locations, for whatever reason.
  • Many have taken pre-cautions to ensure that the creature doesn't snatch anyone and devour them. It has tentacles that could grab any potential food.
  • Almost no one is sure what the creature truly looks like, because no one would be stupid enough to get close to it, though some sketches suggest that this may be what its true form is.
  • Though the creature would devour anything within the vicinity, it has the intelligence to preserve its victims and devour them rather slowly. It may be a sign of sadism, a thought which causes some to question the Sarlacc's alignment.
  • The only known report of anyone falling into the pit and escaping to tell the tale is from the bounty hunter Boba Fett, but he has refused to say anything about it.
    • There was one time when Samus Aran fell into the Sarlacc. Unfortunately for the creature, Samus was prepared and set a Power Bomb to cause the creature to spit the Bounty Hunter out.
  • Jabba the Hutt likes to use this Sarlacc to feed his opponents into the pit, just like the one back on Tatooine. Just like old times.

    Sash Lilac 
Sash Lilac, Goddess of Informed Species (Lilac the Dragon Girl, Little Miss Heropants)
  • Lesser Goddess
  • Symbol: An orange leaf, or alternatively her Dragon Boost
  • Theme Music: To the Rescue!, Pangu Lagoon
  • Alignment: Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Being a Sonic clone that actually works, Cute and awesome, Feminine Brawler, Informed Chinese Girl, Same name as her... fur?, Can spin to gain extra height, Hair Whip, Kind-hearted thief, Doesn't quit easily, More narm than a Playstation One game, Nostalgia Throwback, Descendant of Ancient Dragons from Space
  • Domains: Theft, Nature, Aliens
  • Allies: Carol Tea, Milla Basset, Commander Torque, Sonic the Hedgehog, Miles "Tails" Prower, Knuckles the Echidna, Amy Rose, Bahamut, Spyro, Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Rachet, Clank, Issei Hyodou, Neptune
  • Enemies: Lord Brevon, Carmelita Fox, Dragonslayer Ornstein, Acnologia, Deathwing, Arfoire
  • Not many people have actually heard of her, mostly because her exploits are overshadowed by the haunted playhouse known as Freddy Fazbear's Pizza. That was until Sonic heard about her battle against Lord Brevon and freed her planet from his clutches, also seeing how similar she is to him. He quickly offered her a place in the Pantheon. She accepted, and hopes to get her friends Carol Tea, Milla Basset, and Torque into the Pantheon as well. While godhood is increasingly unlikely, being High Priest(es)s or even a Follower will suffice for Lilac.
    • She's also trying to figure out how Sonic can breathe in space so easily, as she herself can't do it.
    • Her prayers have been answered as both Carol and Milla managed to acquire spots in the Pantheon as goddesses, and they had a heartfelt reunion. Now they all wait for Torque.
    • With Torque's arrival, all of Liliac's friends have all been accounted for.
  • Being a former thief, she tends to avoid the House of Justice as much as she can. She particularly doesn't get along with Carmelita Fox, as the latter reminds Lilac too much of Neera Li.
  • Even though she doesn't look remotely like a dragon (western or eastern), which is what she ascended for, she seems to get along rather seemingly with most friendly dragons such as Bahamut and Spyro. It could be due to the fact that they want learn more about dragons who exist in space, though even she doesn't know much about that.
    • However, there are dragons who scoff at her and even out right despise her. One such evil dragon is Ancologia who views her as nothing but a disgraceful dragon and not worth his time. Deathwing, on the other hand, took a more hands-on approach in introducing himself to her, and by that we mean chasing her around the Pantheon and shooting flames of destruction at her. Luckily, with her smaller size and speed, she was able to avoid his attacks while striking his eyes whenever she got the chance. Issei, Rachet, and Clank even gave her assistance after seeing her in trouble, the battle ending with Deathwing getting trapped in a small cave, the the Dark One roaring in frustration as he struggled to break free.
  • Of course, being a dragon means that she is also on Ornstein's hunt list. Lilac is not at all amused.
  • Lilac has found kinship with Twilight Sparkle, as the both have strange and unique friends, and reacting violently when any of them are threatened.
  • Lilac's heart skipped a few beats upon hearing that her homeworld's invader Lord Brevon ascended to the Pantheon. And the worst part, he managed to do this by attacking the Main House. In response to this, she arranged for an alliance with Sonic and his friends to ensure that Brevon is stopped once and for all.
  • Gets along well with Neptune and her sister, due to their similarities and due to the fact that they are both the spiritual successors of Sonic The Hedgehog.
  • The sequel shows a few changes for Lilac. In addition to a couple of new techniques, the fact that she might be able to get a set of Wing Gliders in the future that will enhance her Dragon Boost makes her feel giddy.

Bandit, Tinker & Pirate, Triumvirate of Weaponized Animals (Bandit: 1; Tinker: 2; Pirate: 3)
Tinker, Bandit, Pirate
  • Lesser Deities with the cybernetic upgrades; Quasideities without them
  • Symbol: An ID tag with "We3" on it
  • Alignment: Somewhere between True Neutral and Chaotic Neutral
  • Portfolio: Phlebotinum Rebels, Secret Project Refugee Family, Xenofiction, Mature Animal Story, Speech Impaired Animals, Power Trio, A Group of Cyborg Animal Weapons Meant To Be Used For Military Operations, What Measure Is a Non-Human?
  • Domains: Animals, Warfare
  • Allies: Red Genesect, Fluttershy, Cyrax, Kotaro Minami, Bladewolf, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, Crash Bandicoot, Buddy Baker, Takeshi Hongo & Hayato Ichimonji, Inori Yamabuki
  • Enemies: Ghetsis Harmonia, Cruella de Vil, Napoleon, Viktor, Dr. Eggman, Sundowner, Senator Armstrong, Monsoon, Mistral, Sektor, Neo Cortex, The Grox, Metal Face, Fulgore
  • Opposes: Muruta Azrael, Lord Djibril
  • Commonality Connection with: Kiryu
  • Pitied by: Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde
  • In a slightly futuristic world, a government decided to set up a program known as We3, which was meant to create animal weapons to be used in wars. Consisting of a dog (Bandit AKA "1"), a cat (Tinker AKA "2"), and a rabbit (Pirate AKA "3"), the project got shut down despite some progress being made. The one who spearheaded that project decided to let the animals go and from there, the trio was left to fend for themselves. Did these animals ask to get turned into weapons of war? Most likely not, but one thing was certain: their ordeal took a toll on them.
  • When their journey came to an end, Pirate was the only one of the group that didn't survive and the others removed their cybernetic upgrades a while after that. The House of Life and Death took care of bringing Pirate back to life, though the House of Technology did something unusual in regards to the armor. They can be removed from the animals and put back on if necessary, though only if someone among the group's friends does that.
  • A few animal lovers such as Fluttershy and Inori Yamabuki heard about the group's ordeal and have offered to take care of them whenever the trio isn't in action to fend for themselves.
  • Some animals are capable of human speech while others aren't. Although these three can't "talk" in a traditional sense, their suits are able to translate their thoughts into what can be considered simple articulation. All of their "thoughts" have differing speech patterns as well depending on the animal. Those who are capable of talking to animals are hoping to provide a clearer translation of the group's thoughts.
  • This trio came as a surprise for Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles as the latter three had been used to freeing animals from robots while battling against Dr. Eggman. Animals that were being used as cyborg weapons and not fully stuffed inside a robot was a different thing. Nevertheless, Sonic, Tails, & Knuckles befriended We3 given what that group had gone through.
    • As for Eggman, he's quite interested in the capabilities of these cyborg animals and is hoping to enhance them to move closer to his goals (and by that, it means stuffing them inside some sort of giant robot that is capable of using that group's individual abilities and then some). Needless to say, We3 and Team Sonic are not going to let that happen.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde learned about what this trio had gone through and were quite saddened to hear about it, especially since before being turned into cyborg weapons, the trio were just normal animals (in particular, Pirate's final fate hit Judy & Nick the hardest). The two are hoping that these three don't end up worse than before.
  • The trio was not pleased to hear about Cruella de Vil and Ghetsis Harmonia, both of whom are known to treat animals poorly (in Ghetsis' case, the animals are more fantastical than normal ones). Fortunately, for unknown reasons, neither of them really pay much attention to the trio.
  • Even though they had to deal with humans that performed some questionable actions, the group learned that there were a few reasonable ones out there, such as a homeless man they encountered during their journey. This is partially why they don't want anything to do with Napoleon and his agenda to make animals superior to humans.
  • Despite Crash Bandicoot not being a cyborg, he ended up being made to fulfill the goals of an evil scientist. Regardless of his eccentricity, We3 were able to become friends with him since they all had to escape from being used for something bad. The unusual capabilities of this trio gave Neo Cortex another idea about using altered animals for his schemes.
  • Although Bladewolf is a robot and not a cyborg, it didn't stop him from being friends with these three (Bandit is particularly friendly with Bladewolf, due to canine kinship). Not only were they also built for less-than-noble purposes, but he and this trio were also looking for freedom from their creators (or at least trying to survive, in the case of Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate).
    • It was through Bladewolf that Bandit, Tinker, & Pirate learned about the group that Bladewolf was originally created from. We3 became antagonistic towards Desperado Enforcement, especially Sundowner for using war for little justification other than profit. One would have to wonder if an equivalent of We3 is being planned by the Winds of Destruction, though Sundowner appears to be really interested in that idea in addition to his already-in-use child soldiers.
  • Both this group and Kiryu are animal-based weapons that went off on their own thanks to circumstances. Kiryu's inspiration is destructive, so to speak, and Kiryu's potential tendencies have made the group a bit unsure whether they should interact with it or not.
  • Lord Djibril & Muruta Azrael have earned the group's ire thanks to the two having an affinity for war and being heartless humans in general. What bothers the animals most is that Muruta & Djibril were involved in a program that turned normal humans into ruthless killing machines and the three dread thinking of what would happen if these plans become applicable to animals as well (in addition to the cybernetics).
  • Many ruthless cyborgs such as Sektor and Viktor became interested in the trio's capabilities and have tried to get these animals to join them. A lot of the meetings so far have resulted in violent battles. These cyborg animals are only trying to survive, and causing more misery for others to please other ruthless cyborgs is not part of the trio's plans.
    • On the other hand, the animals are much more friendly towards less hostile cyborgs such as Cyrax, Kamen Riders 1, 2, and Black, mostly due to the fact that all of them received cybernetic upgrades and became a deadly force against their will.
  • Their real names are indicative of their outsider status and have no direct relation whatsoever to the profession of their names in question.
  • They also have a spot in Other Weapon Tropes. If they are in that house, then they are almost guaranteed to be wearing their cybernetic upgrades.

    Zangoose and Seviper 
Zangoose and Seviper, Dueling Deities of Speciesism Between Animals (Zangoose: The Cat Ferret Pokémon | Seviper: The Fang Snake Pokémon)
Zangoose (bottom) and Seviper (top)
  • Lesser God and Goddess
  • Symbol: Zangoose's claws and Seviper's tail blade
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Gender: Male (Zangoose), Female (Seviper)
  • Ability: Toxic Boost (Zangoose), Shed Skin (Seviper)
  • Moveset:
    • Zangoose: Crush Claw, Facade, Swords Dance, Close Combat
    • Seviper: Toxic, Crunch, Poison Jab, Venoshock
    • Z-Move: Breakneck Blitz (Zangoose), Acid Downpour (Seviper)
  • Portfolio(both): Mongoose-Viper Antagonism, Patterns Resembling Bloody Wounds, The Rival, Status Buff, Can Breed Despite Hating Each Other, Will Work Together Under A Trainer, Foil
  • Domains: Rivalry, Blades (both), Mongooses, Claws (Zangoose), Snakes, Poisons (Seviper)
  • Allies (both): Steve Irwin, Reubus Hagrid, Ash Ketchum, Red, Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny, Calem and Serena
  • Enemies (both): Each other (except for opposing mutual enemies), Ghetsis Harmonia, Hunter J, Lysandre, Walder Frey, Apophis
    • Zangoose only: Jessie (again, of Team Rocket)
    • Seviper only: Scyther, Gregor Clegane
  • Opposes: The House of Reptiles (Zangoose), the House of Felines (Seviper)
  • Annoyed by: Hunter and Bianca, those who put their Animal Jingoism behind them (both)
  • Zangoose and Seviper are two version exclusive Pokemon first found in Hoenn. Zangoose is a mongoose/cat ferret with sharp claws, and Seviper a viper with a blade for a tail. As with real mongooses and snakes, the two despise each other. For generations the two Pokemon have feuded, scars from their battles etched into their very body. And now that they are gods, their conflict will prove even more climatic.
  • The hatred the two share towards each other is so intense that in a Horde Battle, they will immediately start attacking one another before attacking the opponent. However even they must follow Pokemon battle rules and will work together under a trainer. Both of them were happy to learn they'd have separate partners in the pantheon. Both despise Walder Frey for violating the rules of Sacred Hospitality and putting aside differences in important rites.
  • Zangoose is described as being a cat-ferret, but its hard to determine that from first glance. However he still has a connection to the House of Felines, being fond of Bastet. He is primarily interested in sharpening his Wolverine-like claws, leading him to get along with Scyther. The two test their blades and claws in the House of Weapons. He has chosen Wolverine as a partner to better hone his claws.
  • Seviper immediately caught the interest of Jessie. Jessie has a Seviper of her own, who she fought directly and caught in a blind rage when it too a bite out of her hair. While not interested in Team Rocket's endeavors, she respects a fellow Seviper trainer. The fact that Seviper is friendly with Ash along with Zangoose, as are most Pokemon, makes this a bit awkward. She seems fond of Serperior and Quetzalcoatl due to being fellow snakes, even if the former is weak to Poison types.
  • Oberyn Martell was very interested in Seviper, due to his title as the Red Viper and Seviper being a literal poisonous viper. One with a poisoned knife as a tail, which fit his taste in weapons. The two met, and she agreed to be his partner so she can harness his various poisons in combat. This has given the Mountain even more to be angry about, and plans to add the Fang Snake Pokemon to his long list of victims.
  • Their intense speciesism led Zangoose to oppose the House of Reptiles and Seviper to oppose the House of Felines on principle alone. They allied with the Tarantula and Scorpion due to sharing this animal rivalry. It would've been an arbitrary choice which they allied with were it not due to the Scorpion's poison resonating more with Seviper. Zangoose allied with the other just to oppose her.
  • Due to their aforementioned speciesism, they are confused by those who put their Animal Jingoism aside. They consider Hunter and Bianca's relationship to be disgusting considering they are predator and prey, and never quite understand when canine and feline deities get along. None of it makes sense to them.
  • Despite their bitter hatred of one another, there are gods they hate enough to work together for a time. That being Ghetsis Harmonia for his cruel actions and disregard of Pokemon even being sentient making him near-universally loathed among Pokemon, Hunter J's poaching making her even more hated by Pokemon than Ghetsis, and Lysandre for his plans of mass genocide. They also equally despise Apophis. Seviper believes Apophis is an abomination who gives snakes a really bad name.
  • Conversly, both will stop fighting due to their shared respect and ethics surrounding Nurse Joy and Officer Jenny. Both respect Ash, Red, Calem and Serena. Steve Irwin and Reubus Hagrid are good enough handlers that they can take care of both of them together. Well, certainly Steve but Hagrid tends to "let boys be boys" and isn't really able to stop the two from fighting each other.
  • No, Seviper is not an evolution of Arbok. She'll Poison Jab any idiot who believes otherwise. She'll do the same to anyone who makes a snide remark about how they can breed. Since the Zangoose is male and Seviper female, it's entirely possible they are capable of producing more Seviper with each other. She and Zangoose will slice up anyone who wants that to happen.


Dag, God of Evil Carnivores (A Big Meanie, A Meaner)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: A profile silhouette of his head, grinning.
  • Theme Song: Dag Invades the Hen Coop and Dag's Deal by John Debney
  • Alignment: Chaotic Evil
  • Portfolio: Darkening Presences, Dark Villains in a Comedic Setting, Those Wily Coyotes, Predators Are Mean, Junkyard Lair, Big Bad of the movie, Pretending to be affable, Off his Rockers, Dirty Coward, Attacking Vulnerable Spots Allowing His Fellow Coyotes To Overwhelm His Victims, Would Hurt a Child, Coyotes Flock to Him For Some Reason, Killed Ben after an intrusion of the chicken coop, Overall Monstrous
  • Domains: Carnivores, Hunger, Evil
  • Heralds: His own pack of coyotes.
  • Followers: Sabor, Glut the Shark, Tyrannor, Red Claw, Screech, Thud, Krabnagel the Cat, Aardvark, Kirkor
  • Allies: Melkor, Yuki Terumi, Napoleon, The Grand Duke of Owls, The Toon Patrol, Ratigan, Scourge
  • Rivals: Sharptooth, Indominus Rex, Cruella De Vil, The Killer Rabbit of Caerbannog, Twitch
  • Enemies: Nearly every animal deity with special mentions of Otis, Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde, Chanticleer, Foghorn Leghorn, Chomper, Wile E. Coyote, Ralph Wolf & Sam Sheepdog, Bigby Wolf, Gilda, Scrappy-Doo and The Angry Birds. Also Dr. Alfred Drevis and the Grox.
  • Dag the Coyote has quite the rap sheet. He has killed and eaten countless chickens then keeping their feet on a chain, killed Otis' father, Ben and guilts him for not being there when Ben needs him, tricks Otis with an offer just to get to the chicken coop and finally tries to eat a chick just because she called him 'a meaner'. He truly is monstrous and cruel in a setting where farm animals just wanted to goof off.
  • He actually arrived at the Pantheons shortly after Otis has ascended. Dag was caught when he was ransacking the chicken coop in the House of Birds for some prey. Impressed by his depravity and being the epitome of jerkass predators, Melkor allowed him to stay. Dag is flattered by his actions, but is unsettled by his size and aura; luckily Melkor got on his good graces by getting him and his pack livestock meat, yet Dag himself wanted the thrill of torturing his victims to which Melkor encourages.
    Melkor: Oh, go on and do as you wish. You have my full approval.
  • Otis is furious beyond belief that he snuck in without anyone's knowledge, let alone his and Dag will never forget his defeat at Otis' hands. For now, they are biding their time and once their paths cross, things will get ugly.
  • Judy Hopps & Nick Wilde caught him one day trying to steal some meat from the House of Food's pantry where Judy openly presumes that he must have ate too much Night Howler berries and considered giving him medical attention. Dag then said the following and ever since then, the duo learned that he is beyond saving.
    Dag: Ahhahahaha! You actually think I ate some berries that make me go wild and that I need help? That's where you're wrong, little bunny; THIS is who I am.
  • Dag is completely aware he needs allies fast, or else he can't last two seconds of this place. Napoleon and the Grand Duke of Owls approached him, and offered him asylum for him and his pack in exchange for their strength in numbers. He happily accepted, since he did admire Napoleon's willingness to turn against his fellow farm animals (making him better than Otis in his eyes) and the Grand Duke's ambition of destroying the day makes it easier for him and his pack to hunt for prey. He and Twitch have a little kinship between them though it is rocky at best and it could crumble at the worst moment; he has a better time with the Toon Patrol instead and they often invite him to poker games and whatnot. Ratigan finds his cruelty admirable and struck up a truce with Dag, who is okay with him though his only complaint is that Ratigan is not vile enough to be menacing.
    • Probably the alliance Dag never regret making is with the evil cat, Scourge because they both happen to enjoy inflicting evil unto their fellow animals. Together, they have became a Big Bad Duumvirate as they and their respective packs hunted for prey to torture and feast upon.
  • Has some rivalries with Sharptooth and the Indominus rex in terms of being evil predators. Dag is cautious of them (especially the I. rex) as they may eat him too if he crosses their paths. The actions of Cruella De Vil have impressed him, though he feels he calls dibs on the animal torture first rather than her.
  • His primary targets first and foremost are chickens since they are easy to catch and Dag's favourite meat. The ascended chicken deities, Chanticleer and Foghorn Leghorn are not pleased with Dag's presence, and the feeling's mutual since they allied themselves with Otis. He did try to expand his palate by stealing the eggs of the Angry Birds, but they were alerted by this attempt and blasted him out of sight and has sworn enmity since then.
    • Wile E. Coyote and Ralph Wolf were frightened that one of their species is ruthless to their prey and despite Ralph being a milder version of Dag, the two were quick to distance themselves from him. Sam Sheepdog hears about Dag from Ralph and Otis and resolves to fortify the sheep enclosure's defenses ASAP, preparing for his threat in case he plans to nab some sheep.
    • Bigby Wolf and Gilda the griffon were reminded of their respective pasts as mean predators whenever they hear about Dag; Bigby even moreso, he has to be restrained (often with his wife's help) from tearing Dag apart and is currently waiting for a justifiable reason to do. Chomper is disappointed and angry that Dag's entire existence serve to keep perpetuating the belief that all predators are mean.
    • Scrappy-Doo shrinks whenever Dag is nearby. Because of this, it takes a lot of courage to fight back against Dag in a fight-or-flight situation. Dag has never ate a puppy before but since he finds Scrappy annoying, he'll consider eating him quick (of course after cooking him, he wouldn't want a bad taste in his mouth).
  • There is one human he fears and that is Dr. Alfred Drevis, who is looking to taxidermy a coyote and sees Dag as a challenge. Dag stays far away from him ever since because he refuses to die by the hands of a human, let alone a horrendous one. Similarly, the Grox is too much for his tastes seeing as they are the bane to all animals though most of his enemies feel that he has no place to complain about it when he himself is unlikable.
  • The animal deities ended up calling him 'the Yuki Terumi of the animal world' due to his cunning, ruthlessness and caring about only himself. Terumi and Dag did meet up and in spite of having different end goals (Terumi wants despair to all while Dag wants to enjoy torturing others for fun), they get along nonetheless. Terumi believes Dag can spread despair among animals if he keeps up his reputation; he wants every living being to taste it.
  • "Ohoho. This should be fun."

    Mr. Blik, Gordon, and Waffle 
Mr. Blik, Gordon Quid, and Waffle, Godly Triumvirate of Pet Heirs
From left to right: Gordon, Mr. Blik, and Waffle

    Rowf and Snitter 
Rowf and Snitter, Deified Victims of Animal Testing (Plague Dogs, Hinny, Boogger, Mazer, Marrer, Fyeul, Rowf: 732, Snitter: 815)
Rowf is the big black dog, Snitter is the smaller one.
  • Demigods
  • Symbol: Green plastic collars
  • Theme Song: "Time and Tide"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Animal experimentation subjects, Escaped from the Lab, woobies, miraculously surviving the ordeal in the book, ambiguously dying in the film
  • Domains: Dogs, Animal Rights, Science
  • Herald: The tod
  • Allies: House of Canines, Charlie Barkin, Pinky and the Brain, Caesar, Fluttershy, Black Beauty, Crash Bandicoot, Nezu, We3, N
  • Enemies: Dr. Robotnik/Eggman, Cruella De Vil, Prof. Farnsworth, Alfred Drevis, Vanilla Ice, Dr. Borous
  • Complicated Relations: Amaterasu
  • Fears: Houses of Aquatic Life and Water & Moisture, pretty much any area with water (Rowf), House of Science
  • Rowf and Snitter are two dogs who lived at an animal research facility, where they were subjected to grueling and cruel experiments to satisfy humans' scientific curiosity and commercial pursuits. They succeeded in escaping the place and tried to make their living in the landscape of Northern England. It was harsh, but at least they were free, and they had help from a fox only known as the tod. It wasn't to last, however, as (false) news got around that Rowf and Snitter were carrying the bubonic plague and going around murdering humans and sheep, which turned them into targets to be eliminated stat.
  • Rowf was made to drown repeatedly and for progressively longer periods of time to test his endurance. The result is that he has a phobia of water. His time at the facility has also given him a very cynical opinion on humans and made him hostile towards them, even though he thinks that it's the way of the world for dogs to obey humans. Snitter had some kind of intervention done to his brain, leading to him having hallucinations and go on very odd rants. Unlike Rowf, he believes humans are not all bad, helped by the fact that he used to have a kind master. Seeing their plights as sobering examples of what animals go through when treated as disposable guinea pigs, the Pantheon decided to ascend them just as they were about to drown in the sea, trying to run away from the people hunting them.
  • Since they ascended as they were drowning, they were temporarily placed under Fluttershy's care to recover. Fluttershy finds their tale to be absolutely heart-breaking and the experiments they were subject to revolting. She cried when she first heard all about it. Since then she has invited them to hang about her temple and relax as much as they want because she'd take good care of them. Rowf and Snitter are thankful and consider her a canny lass, though Snitter at first thought he was having one of his "moments" at the sight of a yellow and pink flying horse. They also met Black Beauty, another regular visitor, there. The horse shared his own tale of being abused by humans, which led to the animals bonding over their similar sufferings.
  • Rowf's aquaphobia is so extreme, he can't even stand hearing the sounds of water without panicking. He avoids the sub-Houses of Aquatic Life and Water and Ice for this reason. He's also particularly aggressive with deities that have control over water.
  • Unsurprisingly given their experiences, they keep away from the House of Science as much as they can, since it reminds them too much of the research facility they were at and they want nothing to do with "whitecoats" (researchers and other personnel), who they're convinced exist to abuse them.
  • Being former animal test subjects and lab escapees, they've found companionship in other animals with a similar background, such as Crash Bandicoot, Nezu and We3. Much like We3, they had soldiers sent to hunt for them with the intent to kill them for being seen as a threat. Rowf likes how Nezu can be rather sadistic with humans and wishes he could be like him sometimes; Snitter by his turn is glad Nezu at least distinguishes between good and bad humans.
  • A scientist they particularly hate is Robotnik for turning innocent animals into his robotic minions, something they find to be pure Nightmare Fuel with how close to home it hits. They would not hesitate to attack him on sight. Another one they despise is Farnsworth for defending deadly animal experimentation on the grounds that science won't move forward otherwise.
  • Alfred Drevis is someone they identify as a whitecoat (since, you know, he wears one), which is reason enough for them to stay the hell away from him, though it also helps that they find his smell extremely foreboding and have heard of his past abuse and murder of animals. Drevis would most likely like to use them for his hobby, since he thinks no one would care about two strays.
  • She has nothing to do with scientific experimentation, but they still really hate Cruella De Vil for being another example of brutality towards animals by seeing them as nothing more than potential accessories and even going as far as killing a hundred puppies to satisfy her vanity. Cruella herself sees them as too filthy to be worth it, but that won't stop Rowf and Snitter from throwing themselves at her if they see her.
  • The Brain approached them with offers of becoming his minions, appealing to their shared origins as animal test subjects and promising they'd have anything they wanted once he finally conquered the world. After a while Rowf and Snitter could tell that plan was clearly going nowhere, but in the end they still sympathize enough with Pinky and the Brain that they'll help them with some scheme on a regular basis.
  • As puppies, Rowf and Snitter were told a tale about a "star dog" that created the world and nurtured everything in it. Rowf is of the opinion that the star dog did a crappy job and that the world is a bad one for animals. Upon meeting Amaterasu in wolf form, they were convinced that she was the star dog incarnate, and Rowf asked her why she'd leave her creations at the mercy of man. Amaterasu didn't answer, but offered both dogs meat bags to appease them and collect their graces. Rowf appreciated the food but said such meager offerings didn't make up for everything else, so she got nothing from him. Snitter apologized for his friend's rudeness, and Amaterasu just smiled in understanding.
  • Caesar welcomed them as fellow animals trying to escape the yoke of abusive humans, although he also supports Snitter in trying to convince Rowf that humans aren't all bad, especially as he knows his enemy Koba might try appealing to that side of Rowf to convince him to join forces with him and become his attack dog.
  • They're on fine terms with most of the Pantheon's canines. They probably get along best with Iggy and Charlie due to them living rather on the edge and being independent from humans. When they heard of Hachiko's loyalty to his human even past his death, Rowf was completely baffled, while Snitter once more assured him that there are humans worth doing that for and Hachiko must have had a truly splendid master.
  • They definitely don't like Vanilla Ice for brutally killing Iggy either by beating him to death personally or using his Stand, Cream, to erase one half of him. Nor do they like Dr. Borous for his experiments on animals such as the Cyberdog line which even extended to his own loyal pet dog, Gabe. While Ice couldn’t care less about their opinions on him and wouldn’t even hesitate to erase them if they do much as get in his way, Borous does actually seem to regret what he did to Gabe given he was the only high point of his life. He tries to get better by nurturing the young of his existing creations, but being Think Tank he sometimes lapses back to old habits.
  • They had a chance meeting with N one time they were visiting Fluttershy. They were alarmed at the unexpected human and Rowf barked at him a little. N guessed that the dogs were fearful of humans due to mistreatment, which Fluttershy confirmed. N then decided he'd be their first human friend and help them (re)gain trust in humanity. Snitter, really wanting a master who'll treat him as a good boy, yielded to N immediately, while Rowf remained testy at first, but ultimately had to give in to N's kindness and admit he was a good human.

Ratigan, God of Species Confusion (Professor Padriac Ratigan, The World's Greatest Criminal Mind, the Napoleon of Crime)
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His cape and hat
  • Theme Music: The World's Greatest Criminal Mind; alternatively, Goodbye, So Soon
  • Alignment: Neutral Evil
  • Portfolio: Faux Affably Evil, Evil "Big Mice", I Am Not a Rat, I am a Big Mouse, Sissy Villain, Evil Is Hammy, Would Hurt a Child, Evil Brit, Evil Genius
  • Domains: Villainy, Ham, Rats Big Mice
  • Herald: Felicia, his cat, who also serves as his executioner in the Mouse World
  • Allies: James Moriarty, Gaston, Sideshow Bob
  • Enemies: Basil and Dawson, Sherlock Holmes, Watson, Jerry, Doraemon, Speedy Gonzales, Fievel Mousekewitz, Remy the Rat, The Minions, Twitch
  • Opposed by: Mickey Mouse, deities that are protective of children
  • With a name like Ratigan, it would be easy to assume that he is a rat. However, this is not the case. Well, he is a rat, but he prefers to be called a "big mouse." It's just easier to assume he's a rat going off his name.
  • As one of James Moriarity's followers prior to ascension (and the Mouse World counterpart to the noted mastermind), he was happy to meet his inspiration. Both Sherlock Holmes and Watson are wary of the rat and are arranging the ascension of their counterparts, Basil and Dawson, to keep him in check.
    • Basil and Dawson later ascended properly and Ratigan is currently setting up a plan that would ensure their defeat for good.
  • He was originally a mouse, but he is more known for being a rat. Ratigan certainly wishes the former were the case.
  • Gets along rather well with fellow Disney villain Gaston, due to both of them being hammy and being admired for their ego.
  • While Doraemon is wary of many of the cartoon mice within the Pantheon, Ratigan is one of the few that he is openly afraid of due to his track record.
    • Speaking of cartoon mice, the other mice (and rats) present don't really have a high opinion of him.
      • Mickey, being a Disney character like Ratigan is, usually has to make sure Ratigan doesn't get too out of hand with his plans.
  • Earned the ire of many deities that are protective of children, as he has had a history of drowning orphans. He also drowned widows, which has also irritated some other deities, to put it lightly.
  • Despite not having a role in Maleficent and Xenahort's plans, he has been watching it with interest.
  • Has a bit of a tendency to create overly complicated death traps if he can't decide on a single way to kill anyone that gets in his way.
  • By default, he keeps a calm and collected composure. If a major plan of his fails, he'll pretty much lose it and become more feral.
  • Back in his own world, he kept a cat named Felicia that he seems to care about. Some are wondering what will happen if he tries to make Greebo his successor in terms of having a cat to use against his enemies or Ratigan's own incompetent mooks.
  • Because of Ratigan's Bad Boss tendencies (using his cat on someone that messed up his Villain Song and called him a rat, for instance), the Minions have shown a dislike towards him.
  • He was originally going to be God of Rats, but he objected to it as it would make more beings call him a rat and not a "big mouse." The Court of the Gods then decided to go with something else instead.


    Polar Bear Café 
Polar Bear, Panda, Penguin and Sasako, Representatives of Animal/Human Co-Existence (Polar Bear: MC 469MA)
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Polar Bear Cafe's logo
  • Theme Song: "Boku Ni Invitation", "Rough & Laugh", "You & Me"
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Wild animals and humans living side-by-side, animals that are fully integrated in human society, named after species, Boke and Tsukkomi Routine
  • Domains: Animals, Humanity, Society, Cafés, Daily Life
  • Herald: Grizzly
  • High Priests: Grizzly, Panda, Ice Bear, Chloe Park
  • Allies: Polar, Teddie, Winnie-the-Pooh, Po, Chen and Li Li Stormstout, The Panda King, May Chang and Xiao-Mei, Ling Xiaoyu, Madagascar Penguins, Sgt. Byrd, Hubie and Rocko, Misato Katsuragi
  • Friendly Rivalry: The Rabbit House staff
  • Tolerant of: Bashmaster
  • Not to be confused with: Oswald Cobblepot AKA The Penguin (Penguin)
  • In a world where all animals live their lives in harmony with humans, there was a young panda who'd rather laze around and eat bamboo all day than work. Forced by his mother to go job-searching, Panda chanced upon a cozy cafe run by a polar bear where he tried applying for a position as waiter. He didn't get it, of course, but he still became friends with the impossibly relaxed Polar Bear, his sarcastic regular client Penguin and a practical human woman called Sasako who got the job over Panda. Panda would soon find a job that was just perfect for him at a zoo exhibit where he only needed to be a stereotypical panda (ie: laze around and eat bamboo all day). With that settled, he went on to spend his off-work hours at the cafe hanging out with his friends.
  • Those who visit the House of Beast to look at its very wide range of fauna may sometimes be overwhelmed by the sheer amount of things to see and just need to take a break. Since going all the way to the House of Food is kind of a bother, the Main House looked into opening an establishment that could fulfill that particular demand, and they heard of a cafe run by animals and humans that could just be what they were looking for. So they invited Polar Bear to open his cafe in the Pantheon, and bring his employees and friends along. Polar Bear acquiesced in his usual relaxed way.
    • Polar Bear also decided to invite his childhood friend Grizzly along, and despite his ostensible protests he accepted becoming Herald to the group anyway. At night, the Polar Bear Cafe turns into Grizzly's bar, whose wilder atmosphere makes it more popular with the residents in the House of Beast than visitors, not that there are a lot of those at night anyway.
  • Hearing of the opening of a new animal-themed foodservice establishment, the Rabbit House's staff had a mind to stake out the competition, so Cocoa and Chino were sent to look at it. However Cocoa quickly fell head over heels for all the cute animals, especially Panda, so she sort of forgot their goal while she was there. Chino kept a level head on her shoulders and couldn't help but snark at Cocoa and Panda with Penguin joining in, which caused her to bond with Penguin despite herself. She decided that the two cafes probably wouldn't step on each others' toes given one was more bear-based and the other rabbit-based (of course, one could argue the real appeal of the Rabbit House lies in its staff of moe girls). Either way, the Rabbit House staff is determined not to lose to the Polar Bear Cafe, although that doesn't stop Cocoa (and sometimes others like Rize) from visiting to hang out with Panda, which Chino thinks undermines their goal. Polar Bear seems oblivious to the rivalry (well, he's probably aware, he just doesn't take it to heart) and says they're always welcome there, and likes making rabbit-related puns when they visit.
  • Their temple, being a cafe that's open to the public, makes it very easy for them to get acquainted with all sorts of deities and to befriend some of them. A polar bear cub known only as Polar was fast drawn to the cafe due to him detecting its species' smell, and so the little tyke quickly became friends with Polar Bear, who seeing such a young cub quickly developed a brotherly instinct over him. It's a more or less frequent sight to see Polar on Polar Bear's head while the latter is going about his work. Teddie also visited the cafe upon hearing its name and bonded with Polar Bear over their great love of puns; the rest of the Investigation Team now mostly avoid the place because the two bears together are an unstoppable pun machine. And Winnie the Pooh also made his own visit, to inquire, from a bear to another, if Polar Bear wouldn't serve a smackerel or two of honey. Much like Polar Bear added bamboo to the menu for Panda, he's also added honey for Pooh, maybe because Pooh's personality reminds him of Panda.
  • Polar Bear has been advised not to visit the House of Aquatic Life because it's known that seeing all the fish and seals swimming around makes his baser instincts as a predator itch. He's never given in to them, but he supposes he'd rather not scare its inhabitants in case they detect his unintentional Killing Intent. He might be a troll at times, but it's mostly to his friends and in a benign way, and he wouldn't want to make other animals seriously scared of him.
  • Due to their friendships with Polar, Polar Bear and Bashmaster have a relatively good understanding where Polar Bear treats him as any other customer despite being evil, and Bashmaster won't attack Polar Bear out of nowhere. Neither of them wants to make Polar sad, after all. They aren't exactly friends though, but Polar Bear quietly holds out hope that Polar can have enough of an influence on Bashmaster that'd cause the evil bear to want to do something constructive with his life. As a fellow polar bear, he'd be willing to hire him and help him start anew if that were the case.
  • Panda goes on doing his job of Panda-ing to the Audience, which, even though it only consists of eating bamboo, rolling around and playing, and he only works one or two days out of the week, he still manages to find exhausting. On occasion he is joined by the significantly more energetic Po, who he's become friends with. Panda thinks his martial arts prowess is really cool, although his laziness means he has no desire to emulate him. Through Po, Panda became friends with Chen and Li Li, with the latter reminding him of his little sister Mei Mei. Panda was also sought out by the Panda King to judge whether he had potential as a suitor for his daughter; the Panda King thought that even though Panda seemed to come from a wealthy family, he didn't want his daughter to marry a lazy bum like him. He never voiced these thoughts to the friendly Panda though, and they're perfectly amiable when the Panda King comes to the cafe.
  • Upon hearing of Panda ascending, Ling Xiaoyu immediately came to see, thinking it was her own pet panda also only known as Panda. She saw for herself that it was definitely a different panda, as Panda can speak human fluently and froze up in panic when Ling challenged him to a fight. They may not be the same but Ling likes Panda for his cuteness anyway. May Chang, by her turn, visited so Xiao-Mei could meet another one of her kind. Xiao-Mei took a liking to Panda and likes to imitate his actions when they're together. Panda sees her as a reminder of his little sister, much like Li Li.
  • Penguin is the one who keeps the crew grounded by checking Polar Bear and Panda's silliness. He's not an employee but a regular customer and great friend of Polar Bear's. What he actually does for a living is a mystery, much like the matter of how he manages to sit on a high stool, although since entering the Pantheon he's been seen advertising for the cafe. Also has a penchant for taking up hobbies no one else cares about (like rakugo and ventriloquism) and is known for having terrible luck at love. Though initially disappointed at the lack of female penguins in the Pantheon, Penguin has come to think that it's for the best, to save him from further embarrassment. In the meantime, he sometimes hangs out with the Madagascar Penguins, who remind him of a trio of small penguins he knows back in his universe, who always got up to trouble with their fame-seeking schemes. While Penguin doesn't mind being friends, he prefers to remain as uninvolved with their ill-planned antics as possible, though he can't help playing the straight man to the Madagascar Penguins whenever they're scheming within his earshot, not that they listen.
  • Penguin has become pretty good friends with Sgt. Byrd and Rocko, alongside the latter's friend Hubie, from their visits to the cafe. He was surprised that a couple of penguins managed to achieve the ability to fly; for a while this put some odd ideas into his head that maybe he could do it as well, but he gave it up eventually after a few disastrous attempts. Out of all the penguins he's met, he gets along particularly well with Rocko, since Rocko also has little patience for nonsense and keeps things in perspective for a romantic dreamer like Hubie, which is similar to Penguin's own relationship with Panda. Hubie also developed a good rapport with Polar Bear due to their penchant for lame puns, which deeply annoys Penguin and Rocko.
  • If there's one penguin that Penguin hates... well, it's not actually a penguin, but a super-villain who goes by the codename The Penguin. He's been known to mind-control whole flocks of penguins to achieve his evil goals, so one can see that there is cause for Penguin to avoid him at all costs. Penguin is also annoyed that Oswald's choice of alias leads to much confusion among the deities, who wonder why Penguin only goes by his species name. Penguin dodges the question whenever it comes up.
  • Sasako is the lone human in this crew, a young adult woman who became Polar Bear's sole employee. She's down to earth much like Penguin, though more easygoing than him and more accepting of everyone's odd quirks. Interestingly, Misato Katsuragi ended up becoming more of a friend to her even though she started frequenting the cafe because of Penguin and the two used to enjoy getting hammered together, but something happened between the two and now it's awkward between them, so Misato gravitated to Sasako and the two often hang out after work, finding the company of someone their age, gender and (in Sasako's case) species refreshing.


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