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The domain of what foretells and brings about fate. Not to be confused with Harbinger, who's been assuming control of his minions in an attempt to gain influence in the house. Most are assuming it's just a publicity stunt.

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Othinus, Goddess of Prophetic Names (One-eyed Othinus, Odin, Othi-chan)

Greater Gods

    Loki's Brood 
Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel, Heralds of the End of the Gods (Loki's Brood) (Fenrir: Vanargandr, Hróðvitnir, Fenris, The Unchained, The God-Devouring Wolf, the legendary wolf, Rider) (Jörmungandr: Midgardsormer, Jormungand, Yamino Ryusuke, Sleeping Dragon, End of Days, Doomsday Beast, Ancestor Piece, The World Serpent), (Hel: Goddess of the Underworld, Hela)
  • Greater Deities (though Jörmungandr would be close to an Overdeity as the Doomsday Beast)
  • Symbols: The World inside a jaw surrounded by hands of the undead
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio
  • Domains:
    • Fenrir: Savagery, Destruction, Hunger
    • Jörmungandr: World, Sea, Reptiles
    • Hel: Death, Life, Destruction, Rebirth, Generosity, Light, Dark
  • Children of: Loki
  • Allies: Hela
  • Rivals: The Four Horsemen
  • Enemies: Hulk, Spawn
  • Abhorrent Admirer of Hel: Ithaqua
  • Everything must come to an end. Who to say the Gods and Goddesses final destiny isn't to meet their death in a grand final battle. And who better to herald that end of the gods than the Children of Loki.
    • On the day of Ragnarok, the end of the Aesir Gods of Norse mythology, Fenrir would break free of his ribbon in which he will do battle with Odin, the All-Father in which the beast will win. Jörmungandr will rise from his slump from the depth of the sea, ascend and poison the sky. He will fight Thor, with the two both dying by each other's hand, with Thor walking seven steps before dying. Hel will provide her father Loki with an army of her dead as they invade Valhalla. The Pantheon has taken notice of this and tried to make sure that the Ragnarok did not come to pass in the Trope Pantheons. So far, they're successful, but tales of these three remain in the hearts of men...
  • Though, to be honest, Hel would just rather stay at her home and bake cookies for everyone... The problem is that her dark side would always berate her with "What the *bleep* is wrong with you!?"
  • At one point, Hel ended up visiting Oichi and her light side attempted to cheer her up, which nearly succeeded... until her dark side took over and started ridiculing her for being too timid to use her dark power gleefully... Prompting Oichi to go full on dark-possessed on her, in which she actually showed considerable power that Dark Hel was impressed... just in time for Light Hel to took over... The next thing Azai Nagamasa saw when he crossed by was Oichi profusely apologizing all the time while Light Hel was curling and crying like a baby, scared shitless. Nagamasa prompted to take Hel home since Oichi was in no condition to escort her, and thankfully, there was no Split Personality mishap on the way home.
  • Compare to the two Hades who are cruel towards the dead, Hel is more compassionate. Well, she more kind towards those who pass from sickness or old age. However, if they were wicked and evil in life, she shows no such mercy.
  • Interesting enough, the light Hel found herself attractive towards Thor. She has attempted multiple times to give him her bake goods but its always ruined by her darker self who is also attractive to thunder god. A Love Triangle in which the rivals are the same person?
  • Hel has found some comfort with the more benevolent forms of death in Hotaru Tomoe and Death of the Endless. They also don't mind hanging around the dark side.
  • On hearing that Odin is in the Pantheon, Fenrir thought it was time to fulfill the prophecy. Turns out it's not the Allfather, but he didn't care anyway and tried to devour him... Fenrir just barely dodged his Zantetsuken, and got some of his fangs cut off instead. He really really hates that Aeon...
    • Fenrir once tried to practice on devouring Odin by attacking a different Allfather, Zeus. The Greek Top God just barely got himself eaten before he threw a thunderbolt straight into Fenrir's insides. He really really hate that god.
  • Fenrir is often seen hanging around with a similarly evil Wolf Man, Warwick, even occasionally joining him in hunting down the celestial Soraka. Fortunately for Warwick, Fenrir just passes the chance of eating her, saying that she's too small for his belly. Odin is the only one worthy.
  • Surprisingly, there is one soft spot on Fenrir… He would gladly lend his power towards Tytti Noorbuck when she chanted his name and unleashing the 'Fenrir Crush'. Fenrir's excuse is that he gets off unleashing destructive power to whatever Tytti pointed to. He has no say about her tragic love life though.
  • True to his legend, Jörmungandr is MASSIVE. Some have said he can stretch all the way from the Main House to the end of the Pantheon and even further than that. Not even the oceans of the sub-house Water and Moisture can hold him. There are now attempts to find a more suitable place for him.
  • Due to the fact that Jörmungandr hasn't stepped foot(?) onto the Battlefield of The Gods, his incarnation in the Pantheon is... hard to pinpoint. There seems to exist three states of his existence, mainly based on how close to Ragnarok it is:
    • The first form is his humanoid avatar of Yamino Ryusuke, who is like a butler to Loki. He is rather pleasant at this state, but do not threaten Loki in his presence, unless you want him to take on his serpent form.
    • His serpent form before Ragnarok is named Midgardsormer the Sleeping Dragon. Even though he is one of the largest creatures in the Pantheon, he is rather inactive, only waking up when something major is happening. He can talk rather casually at this state.
    • However, the real fun starts when Ragnarok actually begins, making him turn into the Doomsday Beast, a giant white serpent who desires to devour everything in its path to bring the end. The worse thing is that at this state, he is Eternal; a being of existence who lives from the beginning of time to the end of time, and cannot be killed. At this point, you cannot reason with him, and only real option you have is to seal him away.
      • Note that Fenrir (or Vanargandr) and Hel has an incarnation from this world, but only Vanargandr is related to Jormungandr and is hardly wolf-like.
    • Jörmungandr is also one of the few of the Norse Gods that witnessed the arrival of Kratos to their home realm. Whatever he's planning on him, it's unknown for now.
  • They didn't take what the Hulk did to Loki well. Plans for revenge against the Hulk have been going a bit slow.
  • Hel has devised a plan to gain more power. When the death and seering of the former God of Dwarves, she took control of the spawn to make him her high priest. The whole plan is done in order to make her the new Top God and the Pantheon worries she could become a powerful Overdeity as a result. While the Vampire Formerly Known As Durkon is no longer Hel's high priest, he is still loyal to her.
    • This entire situation has earned Hel the intense hatred of the rest of the Order of the Stick, especially Roy (due to how the vampire kept playing him and his responsibility to his group) and surprisingly Belkar (Durkon died for him after all, and having this happen to him infuriated the halfling.)
  • Fenrir along with his children Hati and Sköll can be seen attacking the town Rellekka in Gielinor during the Winter.
  • Ever since the Marvel incarnation of Hel, Hela, has ascended, they have kept in touch, admiring Hela's strength, though Hel didn't like the way she would treat Loki on certain occasions, even trying to scheme against him.

    SCP- 990 
"You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream, the last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming."

SCP-990, God of Prophetic Dreams (The Dream Man, Tony, Richard or any name will do)
An artistic depiction of SCP-990, witnessing a nuclear explosion.
A closer look at SCP-990
  • Rank: Keter. Around Greater God level given how unpredictable he is.
  • Symbol: His Suit.
  • Alignment: Unknown. Could be either True Neutral, Neutral Evil or even Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Dark Is Not Evil, Dream People, Dream Weaver, The Men in Black, Noble Demon, Screw Destiny
  • Domains: Dreams, Warnings, Suits, Mystery, Prophecy
  • High Priest: The Cosmic Owl
  • Allies: Ysera, The Inception Crew, Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Princess Luna, The Men in Black, Agent K and Agent J, The G-Man
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Many of their schemes have been foiled by his interference), Freddy Krueger, Atropos, Pitch Black
  • Opposed by: Anakin Skywalker, Akagi, Jacket
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: Darkrai
  • Known as the Dream Man, this mysterious individual has been mostly seen in dreams where he tends to warn people about catastrophic events and how to avoid them. The nature of SCP-990 is strange and bizarre, but his intentions have always been well-meaning, which is a surprise for many to know that he is a Keter Class specimen. Although the designation just happened because the Foundation is unable to contain him in any physical way.
  • The true story is that SCP-990 have been active even prior his official ascension. A rather select few knew that he was around, as he appeared in their dreams to warn about impending threats that could seriously cripple the pantheon (It's theorized that many of Madoka's visions were caused by him). The latest of those events involved the Mind Flayer, with the creature having one of most devastating impacts on the pantheon the Dream Man decided to pull some strings that eventually resulted in the ascension of the Miser Brothers, who have seriously crippled most plans that the GUAD had planned for the Shadow Monster.
    • For some context, SCP-990 appeared in the Miser Brothers dreams, tricking the two into having a battle with each other by telling them that something bad would happen to them and that their respective brother would try to prank him, which ended up in the confrontation in the House of Military and Warfare and subsequent ascension. The Dream man himself later entered the scene a few days later following the inauguration of the House of Dreams and personally went to clarify to the brothers of the necessity of their role in combatting the dangerous threat of the Shadow Monster. Needless to say, many consider this one of those plans that miraculously worked perfectly.
  • Most of the time he resides in his temple located in the Hall of Dreams and Nightmares, but with his ascension he seemed to be able to have a physical body outside of the realm of dreams. However, his unpredictability and ominous nature still remains, as he seems to be able to be anywhere he wants without much difficulty.
  • Initially he didn't leave a good impression on Ysera, at the time the top goddess regarding Dreams, but his role in preventing disasters and general politeness ended up making them close allies, if by necessity, since he's still very cryptic in his remarks and she doesn't want to risk the possibility of the Dream Man going rogue. This is the same sentiment of the Foundation, who have trusted Ysera in keeping an eye on SCP-990 since her powers are similar to his'.
  • Haruto Tsukishiro is one of the deities that have caught the strange man's attention, if only because he is a competent Dream Walker. Haruto believes that SCP-990 may be connected to Eve in some way, with the possibility that he might be the god that she wants to exact revenge on. The Dream Man hasn't confirmed nor denied any of Haruto's suspicions, but he seems to know a lot about the Eve that Haruto knows about.
  • NiGHTS believes that the Dream Man may be related to his Arch-Nemesis Wizeman, but thankfully that wasn't the case so they are on good terms. However, unlike many other deities, NiGHTS has the suspicion that the Dream Man is up to no good and there is some chance he may be behind one or two of the disasters he usually warns about.
  • Ever since the little stunt he pulled with the Miser Brothers, SCP-990 has become a target for the GUAD. Nekron is very angry that the Dream Man may possibly be behind a few of his schemes being foiled, so he is taking extra measures to consider his involvement in the future and this time there will be no warning.
  • Strangely enough, the Dream Man seems to be in a good standing with the Men in Black, unusual given how a similar organization in the form of the SCP Foundation have instead tried to do something else and contain him. On the other hand, the G-Man and SCP-990 have also been seen together, which has prompted a few people to theorize that they could be part of the same alien species.
  • Certain deities who have dreamed about their future usually don't have a strong opinion on SCP-990, mostly because of the misfortune they have gone through. Anakin believes he is a manifestation of the Dark side, which reminds him of the dreams that ultimately led to the death of his loved ones while Jacket is reminded a lot of Richard when he met the Dream Man.
  • Apparently SCP-990 has showed an interest in Darkrai. It's not clear whether he wants to use the Pokémon for evil purposes or something else, but there are rumors that he wants to use it to lure Cresselia into the Pantheon (Who apparently is the one SCP-990 is after).
  • While he is not strange to nightmares, even causes a few of those to certain Foundation personnel, he doesn't seem to get along with other nightmarish deities. He stated that they make his job harder and leave a bad impression on him, and he is not the bad guy mind you.
  • Also present in the House of Dreams and Nightmares

"I wouldn't want to wake up, but unfortunately, you must."

Intermediate Gods

    Takuma Saiou/Sartorius 
Takuma Saiou, God of Tarot-Using Villains (Sartorius, Sartorius Kumar)
  • Intermediate God when possessed, Lesser God otherwise
  • Symbol: Three Pillars of Light
  • Alignment: True Neutral
  • Portfolio: Tarot Troubles, Shunned For His Powers That He Hated, The Fatalist, Fortune Teller, Can See Duel Spirits, Sliding Scale of Free Will vs. Fate, Used to Be a Sweet Kid, Actually Around 17 or 18 Years Old
  • Domains: Corruption, Fate, Tyranny, Light, Tarot
  • Herald: Mizuchi Saiou/Sarina (his sister)
  • High Priestess: Mieru Hochun
  • Allies: Judai "Jaden" Yuki, Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro/Nasch, Eliphas, Oriko Mikuni, Kaworu Nagisa, Makoto Yuki, Makoto Naegi, the Gang of Seven, Chihaya Mifune, Nimue Inwudu/Madame Xanadu, Jellal Fernandes
  • Interested In: All Persona-users particularly Tatsuya Suou, Sora and Shiro
  • Teeth-Clenched Teamwork with: The rest of the heroic Yu-Gi-Oh! deities, especially the students of Duel Academy (special mention to Asuka Tenjoin and Jun Manjoume), Sora Shiun'in and The Dimensional Counterparts, Nagito Komaeda
  • Annoyed with: Deadpool, Excalibur
  • Enemies:
  • Pities: Future Diary Holders (except Eleventh), Dartz
  • Takuma Saiou and his sister Mizuchi were children born with the unique ability to see into the future, an ability that caused them to be shunned by others and eventually end up on the streets. Eventually, Saiou created a small fortune-telling business when the two were older, but when a stranger appeared to consult him concerning a card known as "The Ultimate D", a strange force possessed Saiou, a force known as The Light of Destruction. Under its influence, Saiou set his eyes on Duel Academy, creating the cult known as the Society of Light, preparing to use the laser satellite SORA to destroy the world. However, thanks to the efforts of Judai Yuki, Saiou was set free from its influence and his powers vanished.
    • About a year later, Saiou would return, revealing to an at-the-time cynical Judai that the Light of Destruction incident, along with the earlier Sacred Beast incident and the matter with Yubel, had weakened the fabric of dimensions and would create a new calamity, one known as Darkness/Nightshroud. While at first an ally to Judai concerning this matter, Mizuchi's kidnapping by Darkness caused Saiou to turn on Judai, a decision influenced by how his loss of power made him feel powerless to protect her. He dueled Judai again, but was defeated once more, a loss he accepted with a twinge of self-depreciation, before Nightshroud's defeat freed him.
  • Saiou's ascension was marred by these drastic points in his life, as while his most prominent role featured him using his tarot-themed deck as as basis for his light-themed powers, his next appearance had those powers gone in favor of a dark-themed boost from Nightshroud, while cheating by slipping Arcana Force 0: The Fool into Judai's deck. Ultimately however, due to his consistent motif of Tarot cards along with them being omnious, that was chosen to be his title in the end.
  • For your information, Takuma Saiou is his given name for the Japanese-speaking Gods and Sartorius is his only name for the English-speaking Gods. For simplicity's sake, the former will be used for this profile.
  • The first to welcome Saiou warmly is Judai Yuki, who had ultimately defeated him when he was possessed and saved him and Mizuchi after Nightshroud's attack. Judai, being one of the only ones who truly knew Saiou is mostly unwilling to go through grand evil schemes is still glad to see him and is also willing to defend him and Mizuchi (who is currently her brother's Herald) when they are in grave danger. Ryoga "Shark" Kamishiro sympathized with Saiou and can see where he's coming from, since he was also a victim of possession and resigned himself to fighting Yuma in order to protect his people which Saiou is grateful for. As he thinks he can be a better force of light than the Light of Destruction, Eliphas resolves to help Saiou atone and got him to put his fortune telling to more benevolent uses; Saiou at first was wary of Eliphas due to bad memories of the Light taking him over but became relieved when Eliphas is also working on his own attitude and was less capable of possesion. Saiou also pities Dartz and his situation of losing his kingdom of Atlantis, but Dartz often sways between being his true good self and his evil possessed self due to the Pantheons' nature and Saiou could do nothing but pray and hopes that Dartz keeps overcoming his possession.
    • The other good-aligned duelists of his multiverse are distrustful of Saiou, as he has done a lot of crimes while possessed such as forcing a lot of students to join the Society of Light (something both Asuka and Manjoume are not over) and attempted Orbital Bombardment with the satellite SORA. Saiou is aware of the gravity of his actions and is resolving to do better through Eliphas' supervision.
    • His prior method of getting people to join him during his time at Duel Academy struck a chord with the Dimensional Counterparts and Sora Shiun'in, due to them being reminded of The Doktor, who utilized parasitic implants to control the Bracelet Girls as part of his twisted experiments. And by chord, we mean, deep unease and hands on duel disks to hold him back. It took a large amount of explanation on Saiou's part to explain the differences, and he has assured them that he finds The Doktor to be revolting in his methods. As for Shiun'in, he wonders if he was named after the SORA satellite which he's scared by, but later assures himself it's highly unlikely and Saiou's opinion of him was one of disturbance considering how Sora was indoctrinated into the beliefs of a truly evil version of Duel Academy, and was quite glad to know that he broke out of those thoughts.
      • On a more humorous note, Yuya is also unnerved by Saiou's Tarot-deck, as the Arcana Force monsters were used for Fortune-telling by one Mieru Hochun, an Abhorrent Admirer who took uh... an interest in Yuya after her duel with him, seeing him as the handsome duelist she is fated to meet. Yuzu of course, was more angered than unnerved, especially since Mieru decided to become Saiou's follower so as to divine a future with her 'darling' (though she stopped later on when she realizes Yuya and Yuzu's fates are so intertwined that they are meant for each other). Saiou couldn't help but laugh in relief to himself, finding the situation a welcome change of pace.
    • And of course, Saiou hates the fact that the Light of Destruction returns in his presence; when he was possessed, he would have been rejoicing for his arrival but not anymore now that he's freed and the Light still wants him back as a valuable pawn and vessel. Many fear that Saiou could be brainwashed yet again, but Judai is determined that it won't happen again and for now anyways, the Light has not made any moves... Saiou's powers likewise, have returned, but are not as strong as they used to be, which puts him at Lesser God rank for now. Other world-ending threats Saiou opposes are Zorc Necrophades, Don Thousand and his fragment Black Mist with Zorc disregarding Saiou as a small fry and Thousand & Black Mist seeing him as a potential pawn that they have missed out on taking over. Saiou is less hostile with Z-ONE as he can understand doing everything to save his future but not going back to change it in order to do so because he believes Z-ONE's future is already pre-ordained and there's no point fighting it, something Z-ONE privately agrees.
  • Besides Jaden and other the duelists, there is one other that he harbors intrigue in; (Insert Name Here) when in the form of The Vagabond/"Hat Guy". This is mainly due to when in that form, his deck layout and strategy is unpredictable because there's no consistent theme, and he seems unable to be tied to destiny (at least in terms of defeat or victory) because of it.
    • While not Duelists from his world, another who draws interest in him would be 『  』, the siblings Sora and Shiro, who have never lost a game, but always pick their fights, and never play without knowing as much of the rules as possible. To them, luck is merely the numerous invisible factors most laymen never account for. He would like to see one day if he could put that perspective of theirs to the test in a Duel.
  • Saiou uses Tarot cards to prophesize future events on top of his future sight. This got him mingled with Madame Xanadu, who invented the Tarot deck of her world and lived on throughout its human history; she feels bad that a good man like Saiou has gone through two apocalyptic events that separates him from his sister and one of them involves being possessed by an evil force of light and resolves to help him move on, a sentiment Saiou can appreciate. Oriko Mikuni can also see the future and along with Ryoga, understands his plight which Saiou is also grateful for. Due to their shared fatalism, Saiou has partnered with Kyurem; it's not a question of if, but when either one of them will say "You Can't Fight Fate" or "Because Destiny Says So" which is practically their unofficial catchphrases when they are together.
    • Has a fair amount of interest in the gods coming from the Persona world, due to the sharing of the Tarot theme. Out of all of them, Makoto Yuki and Tatsuya Suou are the ones that amuses him the most, the former for averting a terrible fate for humanity by sacrificing himself to seal Nyx and the latter for saving humanity from their own widespread rumours on top of sounding similar to him. Saiou was later approached by one of the Confidants of Ren Amamiya, a fortune teller by the name of Chihaya Mifune who knows what it's like to have one's fortune not come out exactly as predicted, and to be vexed by such results, only in her case, it was ultimately to her benefit as Joker was never in opposition to her to begin with, though he certainly was against her former employers. She's helping him get acquainted with the other foreseers who aside from Madame Xanadu, are slowly accepting him in over time.
    • With Makoto sounding like his dear friend Edo, Kaworu Nagisa also does pique his interest from that trait along with having an appreciation for humans and their achievements (especially music) which is why Kaworu would risk his original mission of invading Terminal Dogma as Tabris in order to help Shinji. Saiou accepts him with open arms, seeing that some fates that seem inevitable can be averted.
    • He has great sympathy towards the Diary Holders (aside from the unascended Eleventh for making the whole Survival Game) due to their pasts leading them to becoming what they were before gaining the power to read the future, which really hits home for him. He admits to not finding any real moral high ground when comparing these situations, but is willing to speak with them if the possibility presents itself.
  • It has never crossed Saiou's mind that pure luck, good or bad can change a destiny greatly. Such is the minor cases of Nagito Komaeda and Makoto Naegi whose luck can greatly affect their destinies and might defy Saiou's predictions; he's vary wary of Komaeda due to his unpredictability potentially take fate into a dark turn while Komeada sees him as exemplary of hope with his talents in fortune telling, and has a considerable amount of respect towards Naegi because his optimistic attitude reminds him of Judai with Naegi himself also sees a little of his classmate Yasuhiro Hagakure in Saiou. He is trying to teach him Duel Monsters, even if his luck (and also Komaeda's) would be the bane for his fortune-telling abilities.
  • During the time he was possessed by the Light of Destruction, Takuma Saiou aims to rule the world through the Society of Light and carry out the Light's desire for destruction to all but now that he's no longer under the Light's control, he not only regrets carrying them out but also vehemently opposes them since he now doesn't want others to feel what he had gone through. This is why he began to be enemies with YHVH, Gill, Jedah Dohma, Galeem and the White for such reasons with YHVH and Galeem reminding him far too much of the Light and the White reminds him of Nightshroud who had abducted his sister once, leading him to try and duel against Jaden in order to save her. All of the aforementioned see him as a potential pawn and are ashamed that they missed out on meeting him since his powers can guarantee their respective ideas of a new era (destruction of all for the White). Saiou also has no respect for Light Yagami AKA Kira whose methods of killing those who he deem unworthy to live on make Saiou consider him a monster and Light himself sees Saiou as a potential enemy and another name to put into the Death Note.
    • As he also now hates brainwashing and possession, Saiou also opposes Master Xehanort and Pazuzu for them, seeing them as heartless monsters who would use others for gain and amusement. Xehanort himself also sees him as a potential pawn but is still considering to bring him as he has other people to play around and Pazuzu likewise sees him as a vessel worth his time to torture. As he is also under scrutiny for his unwilling crimes, Saiou also share his sympathies with Jellal Fernandes who is also guilty over being forced to do crimes by his former lord and can see where Saiou is coming from. They both hope to reach out to others who were in their same shoes in the coming days.
    • His prior command of the SORA satellite (either for destruction or for brainwashing) created a few bits of contention with the Keybearer Sora, who was not pleased in the least to find out about another evil use of his name. Saiou was confused at this, looked a bit deeper into prior events and he would explain to him the context, assuring him it was less confusing than whatever Xehanort had cooked up. Or he would, had it not been for Sora vanishing thanks to Xehanort's schemes resulting in the boy having to sacrifice himself to get Kairi back after Xehanort killed her to summon Kingdom Hearts. Saiou was horrified to learn this, and views Xehanort as a bigger monster for pulling such a vile action to push his mad agenda further.
  • Other villains Saiou hates are Arthas Menethil, an evil king who turned back on the side of good (though he has his understandable reasons of wanting to avenge his comrades which led to his moral downfall) and Judge Frollo, whose self-righteousness of thinking he's above the lustful when he himself is insults Saiou greatly. Arthas sees him as a pathetic light user though he sees all forces of light as very pathetic (regardless if they're good or bad) and Frollo himself thinks Saiou doesn't know what it's like to feel something he hates, which sounds ignorant as Saiou knows the weight of his crimes unlike Frollo.
  • He's awkward around the dinosaurs in the Pantheon, due to his history with one Tyranno Kenzan/Hassleberrynote  which led him to an awkward encounter with the Gang of Seven. At first, there was an aura of intimidation from both sides but Littlefoot managed to alleviate it and convince Saiou that he and his friends are not weird enough to get involves with him, let alone assault him out of the blue; Saiou buys it and even more when he can see that they have bright futures with no conflict in their lives. On the more negative side, he had also dreads Sharptooth, the Indominus rex and Diego Brando for these reasons and takes precautions from the Gang to stay away from them.
  • He doesn't get out of his temple that frequently, preferring to read the cards about the Pantheon's future which is why so many were surprised when he summoned Arcana Force XXI - The World in one duel against Judai, since he sounded like Dio Brando; it really didn't help that he shouted the words out loud and that his ace monster has the effect to skip the opponent's turn, much like Dio's time-stopping powers. Both Dio and Saiou got off into bad footing, with Dio expecting his fate to be in his favour every time he would ask a fortune teller not named Enyaba while Saiou knows Dio is fated to be stopped no matter how much power he keeps accumulating.
    • Also through this connection, he also sounds similar to Zechs Merquise, Deadpool and Excalibur. Let's just say he considers the latter two different kind of fools (ﺧ益ﺨ) that the usual kind he often refers to, but he does have a better time with Zechs and sympathizes with his situation of losing track of his sister's goals of peace for power.
  • He once warned the Radiant Heroes of the Ancients after having a prediction, and he said "that one similar to me that some of you may not want to be ascended is coming soon". Who knows what he is talking about and not even Saiou will like it either...
  • "The fate of this world is guided by the cards."
  • Also found in Complex Symbolism.


    Jacob Marley 
Jacob Marley, God of Deathbed Clothing and Warning Others to Not be Like Him
  • Theme Songs: Link By Link, This Chain, Jacob Marley
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chains
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Jacob Marley Apparel and Warning (obviously), Ghostly Gape, Chained by Fashion
  • Domains: Ghosts, Warnings
  • Allies: Ebenezer Scrooge, The Ghosts of Christmas, Scrooge McDuck, Statler & Waldorf, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, Nicolas Cage
  • Opposes: Unrepentant and/or greedy deities
  • Tense relations: Wario
  • Jacob Marley used to be a business partner alongside Ebenezer Scrooge before death. It was only a matter of time before he came back as a spirit to warn Scrooge that the miser will end up becoming like him if he didn't change his ways. Even as a spirit, he is still wearing the same clothes that he had before his death, albeit with chains.
  • Compared to most of the other gods in the Pantheon, Jacob Marley is rarely seen on a frequent basis. Most have only seen him during the holidays if someone is a greedy miser that's unlikely to change their ways and he largely disapproves of said misers.
  • Has claimed that he doesn't have a brother named Robert Marley. It was largely Statler & Waldorf's doing, though he commends the two on warning the Scrooge from that universe to avoid a bad fate.
    • In addition to the two Muppets, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, and even Nicolas Cage have played Jacob's role on different occasions.
    • Jacob was a little annoyed when he found out that Bloo attempted to play the role of Jacob Marley, but ended up being like Bob Marley instead.
  • Had an encounter with Bugs Bunny, who claimed to have played Marley's role one time. The spirit has a feeling that constantly annoying someone and threatening to send them to hell is not the best idea to try and change a greedy miser's way.
  • He quickly found out that there was a House of Commerce and was disappointed to find that a number of deities there were greedy, if not moreso that him and Scrooge before the latter redeemed himself.
    • Marley had an unusual encounter with Wario during that visit to Commerce and found out that Wario took up Jacob's role one time. The spirit was annoyed that Wario encouraged that greed, and Wario telling him that he had to carry out the warning simply to fulfill the story didn't really change Jacob's opinion of him.
    • During that same visit, he met Scrooge McDuck. Beforehand, Marley felt disappointed that Ebenezer Scrooge would have a place in a house that focuses mainly on money, but the confusion got cleared up quickly. Jacob is thankful that Scrooge McDuck does have his own family to make sure the duck's own greed doesn't get out too of control.
  • Rumors have started to spread that he might sound a bit similar to Lord Shen. The spirit is not amused at all by the rumors.
  • The chains that he carries with him are made of moneybags and ledgers, meant to symbolize how selfish he was before his death. Some believe that the chains can be removed, but others think that the chains are a burden he'll have to carry forever.
  • Jacob Marley was much relieved to see his old friend not only reformed, but ascended to the Pantheon. Scrooge was likewise touched to see him, though he wondered if Marley's chains might be any lighter for his efforts, crediting his friend with saving him from a dismal fate. Whether this is true remains to be seen.
  • Marley is in contact with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come and was able to join forces with them in saving Scrooge, though how he procured this chance is a mystery for the ages.


    Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu 
Taki Tachibana and Mitsuha Miyamizu, Divine Bearers of the Red String of Fate
From left to right: Taki and Mitsuha
Adult Taki 
Adult Mitsuha 
  • Quasideities
  • Symbol: Their red cords wrapping around Comet Tiamat
  • Theme Song: Zen Zen Zense and Sparkle
  • Alignment: Neutral Good (Mitsuha), Chaotic Good (Taki)
  • Portfolios:
  • Domains: Pendants, Body Swapping, Time Travel, Fate, Comets, Love, Death
  • Allies: Anna and Tess Coleman, Yuuta Kimura, Yui Ootsuka, The Student Cultural Society, Sarah Connor and Kyle Reese, Samurai Jack, Ashi, Phillip J. Fry, Turanga Leela, Future Trunks, Lucina, Crono, Zinnia, Matt Garetty, Steve Montgomery, the Charlotte cast, Sissel, Missle, Yomiel, Hiro and Zero Two, Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana, Max Caulfield
  • Oppose: Sephiroth, Sturm, Lavos, Zamasu, Grima, Andrew Detmer
  • Distrust: Lunatone & Solrock, Jirachi, Deoxys
  • Fear: The Sleeper, the Colour out of Space, Tiamat (DND), Tiamat (SMT), Tiamat (FGO)
  • Complicated Relationship: Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano
  • Conflicting Opinion on: Homura Akemi (Taki)
  • In the sleepy town of Itomori, a girl named Mitsuha Miyamizu is tired of living her current life. Resenting her role as a miko and her father neglecting his family in pursuit of his career, she wishes that she was reborn as a handsome Tokyo boy. One day, she gets her wish, waking up as a teenage boy working in a restaurant in Tokyo. Meanwhile, a boy from Tokyo named Taki Tachibana wakes up in a girls body in an unfamiliar town. The two realize that they are somehow swapping bodies, so they have to navigate each other's day to day lives while stuck in each others bodies, writing on each others arms to communicate. It should also be mentioned that the comet Tiamat will pass over the earth on the day of a festival in Itomori. When Taki tries to contact Mitsuha one day, he is unable to do so, and upon further investigation finds out that a part of Tiamat splintered off and crashed onto Itomori, with Mitsuha as one of the casualties, and that they were time travelling whenever they swapped bodies, with Mitsuha being 3 years behind him. Not only that, but they actually met each other before, with Mitsuha giving Taki the bracelet he wears to him. Taki and Mitsuha then hatch a plan to evacuate the town before the comet hits, with Mitsuha convincing her friends to cause a large enough ruckus to convince the townspeople to evacuate. After much difficulty in trying to convince Mitsuha's father to evacuate the town, Mitsuha succeeds, and everyone in Itomori leaves town before the comet lands. After the event, Taki and Mitsuha forget each other, yet know they are missing something. It is only when they are both adults that they finally reunite.
  • Applies to both:
    • They initially ascended under the title of Mental Time Travel due to their story gaining popularity, as well as River Song requesting them for ascension. After staying in the Pantheon for a while, they decided to return to the mortal realm and relinquish their divinity. After some time has passed, River Song approached the Court of the Gods to recommend them a second time, this time with another title, the Red String of Fate, as the red bands they wear connect them both physically and metaphorically in their stories. The two were soon brought up the regain their divinity, ready to restart their lives in the Pantheon anew. Within the Pantheon, they have also gained the ability to shift between their teenage and adult forms.
    • The two have a rather... complicated relationship with Hodaka Morishima and Hina Amano. Why is that? Well, the two were living together in Tokyo during Hodaka and Hina's story, so they felt the effects of Hodaka preventing Hina's death, therefore flooding Tokyo in endless rainfall. While they do understand the feeling of wanting to save someone else as well as pitying Hina's unfortunate weather powers, they don't approve of him dooming Tokyo to eternal rainfall, especially since Taki managed to save Mitsuha and the Itomori's townspeople's lives since the meteor impact was an inevitability, plus living in Tokyo at the time rubbed the salt on the wound. Hodaka could only feel embarrased by them, unable to answer their grumpy confessions. They are less conflicted on Hina, as they understand that she doesn't have complete control over her powers.
    • After everything that happened in the mortal world, the two thought that the whole body-swapping thing was permanently over. However, thanks to the Pantheon's strange nature, they now have to deal with it yet again. Once a week (not always on the same days), the two will swap bodies for the entire day and swap back when twilight hits. The two have grown accustomed to being in each other's bodies, so there's somewhat less groping around when it happens and they don't need to write on their arms to communicate now that they're living together. Aside from the behavioural differences, one can note when they're in each other's bodies in that Taki-as-Mitsuha ties his/her hair in a simpler way, and Mitsuha-as-Taki doesn't wear her/his bracelet on her/his wrist.
      • When they heard that other deities experienced similar body-swapping incidents like them, the couple sought those deities out, which made them encounter other deities who ended up swapping bodies such as Anna and Tess Coleman, Yuuta Kimura and Yui Ootsuka, and the Student Cultural Society. The Colemann's swapped bodies after being handed some magic fortune cookies, forcing them to live each other's lives and appreciate each other's struggles, which made Taki and Mitsuha glad that they learned to love each other more. Yuuta and Yui swapped bodies after the former fell from a tree, and they struggles to live each other's lives, especially since they were stuck in the body of the opposite sex. Taki and Mitsuha pity them for their struggles, noting that they themselves didn't feel much gender dysphoria during their body-swapping episodes. The Student Cultural Society were inflicted with body swapping and other such oddities by a malicious entity called "Heartseed", forcing them to see each other's darker, uglier secrets. Taki and Mitsuha also pitied them for being toyed by such an entity, while wondering if there really was a powerful being responsible for their body-swapping.
    • Their body swapping episodes were a bit more extraordinary in that they were mentally time travelling in a span of three years everytime they swapped bodies. The SHIFTers all have the ability to mentally time travel, which they use to create better futures and rewrite the past. Akana Kurashiki in particular used her powers to create the Nonary Game not once, but twice, first to save her life, then to train Sigma and Phi so they can go back and prevent the outbreak of a deadly virus. Taki and Mitsuha had some trouble trying to catch up with the complicated plans and gambits they pulled off, but were amazed by their tenacity in trying to make a better future, occasional cold pragmatism aside.
    • The two were disconnected by three years in their world, and they ended up falling in love during their adventure. They met up with other people who bonded through time and space. Kyle Reese and Sarah Connor came from different time periods, and their child, John Connor would end up becoming the key to ending SKYNET's tyranny once and for all, though because of that Sarah's life was in danger multiple times to prevent his birth, something the couple was rather spooked by. Samurai Jack fell in love with Ashi, a denizen of the future, but their romance come to a tragic end when Ashi faded away due to the bad future being vanquished, which made the couple teary eyed in sorrow. Phillip J. Fry and Turanga Leela's time gap was even larger than theirs, as Fry was cryogenically frozen for a millennium and met Leela after he woke up, which made Taki and Mitsuha baffled on the sheer amount of changes Fry faced, plus they're still confused by Fry being his own grandfather due to time-related antics.
    • The duo have gained the respect of Future Trunks, Lucina and Crono for their efforts in successfully averting the death of Itomori's residents thanks to their swift planning. In so, they told the couple about their own experiences in averting bad futures, which made Taki and Mitsuha almost overwhelmed in how the stakes were much higher for the three. While they just had to deal with the destruction of one town, the three had to deal with their whole worlds destruction, facing off against incredibly powerful opponents who brought the apocalypse to the worlds. The two are incredibly disgusted by Zamasu, Grima, and Lavos for their destructiveness, especially Zamasu since his actions did result in the annihilation of Future Trunk's timeline.
    • Needless to say, the two are NOT fond of meteors due to the comet Tiamat's splintering resulting in the destruction of Itomori and potentially Mitsuha's and many others deaths. It comes as no surprise that the two are deathly afraid of the Sleeper and the Color out of Space for their eldritch properties and immense danger to their surroundings, not wanting to even get near them at all. Not helping was the Sleeper creating a zombified husk version of Mitsuha, which happened to be a factor in why they initially left. The two are incredibly disgusted by Sephiroth for his plans involving crashing Meteor down upon his world, plus his demeanor creeps them out and they dare not confront him due to his sheer power and menace. Sturm is also someone they despise, given that his meteor powers cause much destruction on the battlefield, which they believe is overkill. They are quite uneasy around Deoxys, Minior, Solrock, Lunatone, and Jirachi thanks to their experience with comet Tiamat, especially Deoxys since it resided in a meteor that was headed towards the Pokémon world with catastrophic consequences should it hit. On the other side, they managed to gain the support of Zinnia, who managed to prevent Deoxys' comet from impacting Hoenn, and she appreciates the couple's efforts in saving Itomori's population.
      • Speaking of meteors, the couple have noticed that a few other denizens of the Pantheon were granted special powers because of strange meteors, and decided to meet them. Said groups happened to be empowered by meteors named Charlotte, Temsik, and one of an unknown name. The Chronicle trio initially used their newfound powers to have fun and pull pranks, but things went awry as Andrew slowly loses his grip on his sanity, resulting in Steve's death and Matt being forced to kill Andrew. The Charlotte comet's passing gave teenagers superpowers for the duration of its passing, with the crew teaming up to stop people from abusing their powers, and eventually Yuu absorbed everyone else's powers so that other people can't exploit them anymore. The Temsik meteorite grants "Ghost Tricks" to those who have its shards within their bodies, allowing their ghosts to manipulate objects or people, with those affected (Sissel, Missle, and Yomiel) going back in time to alter events for a better outcome. The couple were quite intrigued by the idea of a superpower-granting meteor, but understand and relate to the unfortunate consequences of suddenly having supernatural happenings being thrust upon them. They do especially pity Yomiel for the effects the Temsik shard had on him. They get along with said deities, except for Andrew Detmer for his actions back in the mortal world.
    • Speaking of Tiamat, Taki and Mitsuha were noted of three goddesses who share their names with the titular comet. Said three goddesses happened to be an evil five-headed dragon, a multi-breasted water elemental demon, and the Mesopotamian goddess also known as Beast II. The duo are quite frightened by the three's sheer power and destructiveness and prefer not to meet up with them, with their experience with comet Tiamat poisoning their perceptions on them even further.
    • Their body swapping episodes weren't the first time they met each other; they met each other on a train three years ago in Taki's time, exchanging ribbons which they wear to this day. The two found out that a few other deities also shared a similar forgotten first meeting, in Hiro and Zero Two, and Yuzuru Otonashi and Kanade Tachibana. Hiro and Zero Two met up when they were children, but were caught and had their memories wiped when they tried to escape. While not meeting directly, Otonashi donated his heart to Tachibana when he was already dying from his wounds when he got caught in a train accident. The three couples were quite amused by these similarities, even if Taki and Mitsuha were quite baffled by Hiro's and Zero Two's circumstances. They became good friends, relating to how they fought for a happy ending together and ended up meeting again.
  • Exclusive to Taki:
    • Back in the mortal world, Taki works part-time in a restaurant. In the Pantheon, he works as a waiter in the House of Food, serving patrons their meals in one of the many restaurants there. He managed to meet other deities who work at food establishments. He's very impressed by Flo's work ethics and skills, effortlessly traveling from table to table to deliver food, a skill he wishes he had. He's amazed to find out about the Polar Bear Cafe, ran by both talking animals and humans, so he's fascinated by the idea of animals and humans living together. He noted Tiana's determination to open up her own restaurant, eventually succeeding, an achievement even more notable in her time. He allso got along with Naveen by proxy, though he can't relate to being turned into a frog. He's interested in the concept for the restaurant Chiyoko Shiraishi works in, and occasionally visits there during his free time. He also met up with the GochiUsa girls, Maika Sakuranomiya, and Hideri Kanzaki and visits their establishments too, even if he was initially confused by Hideri's gender, plus Maika's creepy smile and Rize pointing a gun at him made for an interesting first impression.
    • Taki aspires to be an architect one day, so he often visits the House of Craft to practice and hone his skills. He was approached by one Yusuke Kitagawa as he was painting a landscape, and the boy examined his works. While impressed by his skill, he notes that most of his paintings are rather picturesque, but lacking in variety, and he asked Taki if he can teach him some things about art. Taki happily accepted, so Yusuke took him to a group consisting of Masao "Mark" Inaba, Maki Sonomura, Jane Lane, Relm Arrowny, Vincent van Gogh, and Leonardo da Vinci, who bonded over their passion and dedication for art. Yusuke asked Taki if he would like to join their budding group, and he happily accepted his offer. He now crafts his work with them, taking their advice into consideration.
    • Given his successful attempt at saving Mitsuha and Itomori's population from death, Taki met up with others who also tried to defy fate to save their loved ones. Max Caulfield used her newfound time rewinding powers to save Chloe from death, only for her powers to later cause a tornado to approach Arcadia Bay, forcing her to choose between keeping Chloe alive and let Arcadia Bay be destroyed or change the past so Chloe dies, sparing Arcadia Bay. Taki can relate to her struggle, and pities that she couldn't find a situation to evacuate Arcadia Bay like he did, while Max is impressed that he and Mitsuha managed to successfully evacuate everyone out of Itomori instead of only Mitsuha escaping. Taki introduced her to Mitsuha, and they became friends. Homura Akemi made a wish to protect Madoka Kaname from death, trapping her in a time loop that only stopped when Madoka became a goddess and overhauled the magical girl system. Later, after being freed from her own Witch labyrinth, she stripped Madoka of her Goddess powers and became a devil figure in belief that what she's doing will make Madoka safe and happy. Taki is rather conflicted on Homura, as while he understands the feeling of wanting to prevent someone's death by defying time itself, he's unnerved by just how far she went to protect her. That, and she intimidates him, so he'd rather avoid her when possible.
  • Exclusive to Mitsuha:
    • Mitsuha worked as a miko in her family's shrine, as it is tradition in her family to uphold such duties. She doesn't work as a miko anymore since Itomori's destruction, plus her distaste for her previous lifestyle hampers her chances with returning to such a lifestyle, but she did meet up with the other mikos of the Pantheon. Mitsuha was surprised to find out that many of the mikos she encountered have actual powers, mostly unrelated to their duties. She was quite shocked at Akeno's lustfulness and Reimu's abrasiveness, but warmed up to them as she got to know their better sides more. Sakura introduced her to her siblings, who she also managed to befriend, even if Sakura's shyness and Takumi's sourness initially proved to be obstacles. Speaking of abrasive natures, she did note that Rei Hino managed to become a better person, and is amazed by her Sailor Mars form. She's also impressed by Haze's healing wind magic, and pities her for the misfortune she was dealt with. While Rika Furude doesn't have much powers, she does have the ability to remember all the timelines she lived and died in, something that Mitsuha was horrified by, as remembering all the times you and your friends died would certainly be harrowing.
    • Mitsuha's greatest issue in her story is that she's tired of her quiet small town life and wishes for a more exciting life in a more modern city like Tokyo. She sort-of got her wish when she swapped bodies with Taki, but fully left Itomori after its destruction and moved to Tokyo. Yosuke Hanamura relates to her angst, as he also resented the small town life of Inaba and keeps trying to entertain himself to relieve himself of the boredom, with his Shadow forcing him to confront that bottled-up issue. He didn't have to deal with stray meteorites destroying Inaba, much to his relief. They end up bonding over this shared issue, confiding to each other with it.
    • Some Deities are still wondering just exactly what Mitsuha said to her father that convinced him to evacuate the town, especially since they don't exactly have the best relationship. Mitsuha, to this day, is still hesitant to answer that question for unknown reasons.
  • Can also be found in Love: Other.