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The domaine of what foretells and brings about fate. Not to be confused with Harbinger, who's been assuming control of his minions in an attempt to gain influence in the house. Most are assuming it's just a publicity stunt.

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Othinus, Goddess of Prophetic Names (One-eyed Othinus, Odin, Othi-chan)

Greater Gods

    Loki's Brood 
Fenrir, Jörmungandr, and Hel, Heralds of the End of the Gods (Loki's Brood) (Fenrir: Vanargandr, Hróðvitnir, Fenris, The Unchained, The God-Devouring Wolf, the legendary wolf, Rider) (Jörmungandr: Midgardsormer, Jormungand, Yamino Ryusuke, Sleeping Dragon, End of Days, Doomsday Beast, Ancestor Piece, The World Serpent), (Hel: Goddess of the Underworld, Hela)
  • Greater Deities (though Jörmungandr would be close to an Overdeity as the Doomsday Beast)
  • Symbols: The World inside a jaw surrounded by hands of the undead
  • Theme Music:
  • Alignment:
  • Portfolio
  • Domains:
    • Fenrir: Savagery, Destruction, Hunger
    • Jörmungandr: World, Sea, Reptiles
    • Hel: Death, Life, Destruction, Rebirth, Generosity, Light, Dark
  • Children of: Loki
  • Allies:
  • Rivals: The Four Horsemen
  • Enemies: Hulk, Spawn
  • Everything must come to an end. Who to say the Gods and Goddesses final destiny isn't to meet their death in a grand final battle. And who better to herald that end of the gods than the Children of Loki.
    • On the day of Ragnarok, the end of the Aesir Gods of Norse mythology, Fenrir would break free of his ribbon in which he will do battle with Odin, the All-Father in which the beast will win. Jörmungandr will rise from his slump from the depth of the sea, ascend and poison the sky. He will fight Thor, with the two both dying by each other's hand, with Thor walking seven steps before dieing. Hel will provide her father Loki with an army of her dead as they invade Valhalla. The Pantheon has taken notice of this and tried to make sure that the Ragnarok did not come to pass in the Trope Pantheons. So far, they're successful, but tales of these three remain in the hearts of men...
  • Though, to be honest, Hel would just rather stay at her home and bake cookies for everyone... The problem is that her dark side would always berate her with "What the *bleep* is wrong with you!?"
  • At one point, Hel ended up visiting Oichi and her light side attempted to cheer her up, which nearly succeeded... until her dark side took over and started ridiculing her for being too timid to use her dark power gleefully... Prompting Oichi to go full on dark-possessed on her, in which she actually showed considerable power that Dark Hel was impressed... just in time for Light Hel to took over... The next thing Azai Nagamasa saw when he crossed by was Oichi profusely apologizing all the time while Light Hel was curling and crying like a baby, scared shitless. Nagamasa prompted to take Hel home since Oichi was in no condition to escort her, and thankfully, there was no Split Personality mishap on the way home.
  • Compare to the two Hades who are cruel towards the dead, Hel is more compassionate. Well, she more kind towards those who pass from sickness or old age. However, if they were wicked and evil in life, she shows no such mercy.
  • Interesting enough, the light Hel found herself attractive towards Thor. She has attempted multiple times to give him her bake goods but its always ruined by her darker self who is also attractive to thunder god. A Love Triangle in which the rivals are the same person?
  • Hel has found some comfort with the more benevolent forms of death in Hotaru Tomoe and Death of the Endless. They also don't mind hanging around the dark side.
  • On hearing that Odin is in the Pantheon, Fenrir thought it was time to fulfill the prophecy. Turns out it's not the Allfather, but he didn't care anyway and tried to devour him... Fenrir just barely dodged his Zantetsuken, and got some of his fangs cut off instead. He really really hates that Aeon...
    • Fenrir once tried to practice on devouring Odin by attacking a different Allfather, Zeus. The Greek Top God just barely got himself eaten before he threw a thunderbolt straight into Fenrir's insides. He really really hate that god.
  • Fenrir is often seen hanging around with a similarly evil Wolf Man, Warwick, even occasionally joining him in hunting down the celestial Soraka. Fortunately for Warwick, Fenrir just passes the chance of eating her, saying that she's too small for his belly. Odin is the only one worthy.
  • Surprisingly, there is one soft spot on Fenrir... He would gladly lend his power towards Tytti Noorbuck when she chanted his name and unleashing the 'Fenrir Crush'. Fenrir's excuse is that he gets off unleashing destructive power to whatever Tytti pointed to. He has no say about her tragic love life though.
  • True to his legend, Jörmungandr is MASSIVE. Some have said he can stretch all the way from the Main House to the end of the Pantheon and even further than that. Not even the oceans of the sub-house Water & Moisture can hold him. There are now attempts to find a more suitable place for him.
  • Due to the fact that Jörmungandr hasn't stepped foot(?) onto the Battlefield of The Gods, his incarnation in the Pantheon is... hard to pinpoint. There seems to exist three states of his existence, mainly based on how close to Ragnarok it is:
    • The first form is his humanoid avatar of Yamino Ryusuke, who is like a butler to Loki. He is rather pleasant at this state, but do not threaten Loki in his presence, unless you want him to take on his serpent form.
    • His serpent form before Ragnarok is named Midgardsormer the Sleeping Dragon. Even though he is one of the largest creatures in the Pantheon, he is rather inactive, only waking up when something major is happening. He can talk rather casually at this state.
    • However, the real fun starts when Ragnarok actually begins, making him turn into the Doomsday Beast, a giant white serpent who desires to devour everything in its path to bring the end. The worse thing is that at this state, he is Eternal; a being of existence who lives from the beginning of time to the end of time, and cannot be killed. At this point, you cannot reason with him, and only real option you have is to seal him away.
      • Note that Fenrir (or Vanargandr) and Hel has an incarnation from this world, but only Vanargandr is related to Jormungandr and is hardly wolf-like.
    • Jörmungandr is also one of the few of the Norse Gods that witnessed the arrival of Kratos to their home realm. Whatever he's planning on him, it's unknown for now.
  • They didn't take what the Hulk did to Loki well. Plans for revenge against the Hulk have been going a bit slow.
  • Hel has deviced a plan to gain more power. When the death and seering of the former God of Dwarves, she took control of the spawn to make him her high priest. The whole plan is done in order to make her the new Top God and the Pantheon worries she could become a powerful Overdeity as a result. While the Vampire Formerly Known As Durkon is no longer Hel's high preist, he is still loyal to her.
    • This entire situation has earned Hel the intense hatred of the rest of the Order of the Stick, especially Roy (due to how the vampire kept playing him and his responsability to his group) and surprisingly Belkar (Durkon died for him after all, and having this happen to him infuriated the halfling.)
  • Fenrir along with his children Hati and Sköll can be seen attacking the town Rellekka in Gielinor during the Winter.

    SCP- 990 
"You look afraid. Don't be afraid. This is a dream, the last dream you may ever have, for nightmares are coming."

SCP-990, God of Prophetic Dreams (The Dream Man, Tony, Richard or any name will do)
An artistic depiction of SCP-990, witnessing a nuclear explosion.
A closer look at SCP-990
  • Rank: Keter. Around Greater God level given how unpredictable he is.
  • Symbol: His Suit.
  • Alignment: Unknown. Could be either True Neutral, Neutral Evil or even Neutral Good
  • Portfolio: Affably Evil, Dark Is Not Evil, Dream People, Dream Weaver, The Men in Black, Noble Demon, Screw Destiny
  • Domains: Dreams, Warnings, Suits, Mystery, Prophecy
  • Allies: Ysera, The Inception Crew, Haruto Tsukishiro, NiGHTS, Princess Luna, The Men in Black, Agent K and Agent J, The G-Man
  • Enemies: The Grand United Alliance of Destruction (Many of their schemes have been foiled by his interference), Freddy Krueger, Atropos, Pitch Black
  • Opposed by: Anakin Skywalker, Akagi, Jacket
  • Under watch by: The SCP Foundation
  • Interested in: Darkrai
  • Known as the Dream Man, this mysterious individual has been mostly seen in dreams where he tends to warn people about catastrophic events and how to avoid them. The nature of SCP-990 is strange and bizarre, but his intentions have always been well-meaning, which is a surprise for many to know that he is a Keter Class specimen. Although the designation just happened because the Foundation is unable to contain him in any physical way.
  • The true story is that SCP-990 have been active even prior his official ascension. A rather select few knew that he was around, as he appeared in their dreams to warn about impending threats that could seriously cripple the pantheon (It's theorized that many of Madoka's visions were caused by him). The latest of those events involved the Mind Flayer, with the creature having one of most devastating impacts on the pantheon the Dream Man decided to pull some strings that eventually resulted in the ascension of the Miser Brothers, who have seriously crippled most plans that the GUAD had planned for the Shadow Monster.
    • For some context, SCP-990 appeared in the Miser Brothers dreams, tricking the two into having a battle with each other by telling them that something bad would happen to them and that their respective brother would try to prank him, which ended up in the confrontation in the House of War and subsequent ascension. The Dream man himself later entered the scene a few days later following the inauguration of the House of Dreams and personally went to clarify to the brothers of the necessity of their role in combatting the dangerous threat of the Shadow Monster. Needless to say, many consider this one of those plans that miraculously worked perfectly.
  • Most of the time he resides in his temple located in the House of Dreams, but with his ascension he seemed to be able to have a physical body outside of the realm of dreams. However, his unpredictability and ominous nature still remains, as he seems to be able to be anywhere he wants without much difficulty.
  • Initially he didn't leave a good impression on Ysera, at the time the top goddess regarding Dreams, but his role in preventing disasters and general politeness ended up making them close allies, if by necessity, since he's still very cryptic in his remarks and she doesn't want to risk the possibility of the Dream Man going rogue. This is the same sentiment of the Foundation, who have trusted Ysera in keeping an eye on SCP-990 since her powers are similar to his'.
  • Haruto Tsukishiro is one of the deities that have caught the strange man's attention, if only because he is a competent Dream Walker. Haruto believes that SCP-990 may be connected to Eve in some way, with the possibility that he might be the god that she wants to exact revenge on. The Dream Man hasn't confirmed nor denied any of Haruto's suspicions, but he seems to know a lot about the Eve that Haruto knows about.
  • NiGHTS believes that the Dream Man may be related to his Arch-Nemesis Wizeman, but thankfully that wasn't the case so they are on good terms. However, unlike many other deities, NiGHTS has the suspicion that the Dream Man is up to no good and there is some chance he may be behind one or two of the disasters he usually warns about.
  • Ever since the little stunt he pulled with the Miser Brothers, SCP-990 has become a target for the GUAD. Nekron is very angry that the Dream Man may possibly be behind a few of his schemes being foiled, so he is taking extra measures to consider his involvement in the future and this time there will be no warning.
  • Strangely enough, the Dream Man seems to be in a good standing with the Men in Black, unusual given how a similar organization in the form of the SCP Foundation have instead tried to do something else and contain him. On the other hand, the G-Man and SCP-990 have also been seen together, which has prompted a few people to theorize that they could be part of the same alien species.
  • Certain deities who have dreamed about their future usually don't have a strong opinion on SCP-990, mostly because of the misfortune they have gone through. Anakin believes he is a manifestation of the Dark side, which reminds him of the dreams that ultimately led to the death of his loved ones while Jacket is reminded a lot of Richard when he met the Dream Man.
  • Apparently SCP-990 has showed an interest in Darkrai. It's not clear wheter he wants to use the Pokemon for evil purposes or something else, but there are rumors that he wants to use it to lure Cresselia into the Pantheon (Who apparently is the one SCP-990 is after).
  • While he is not strange to nightmares, even causes a few of those to certain Foundation personnel, he doesn't seem to get along with other nightmarish deities. He stated that they make his job harder and leave a bad impression on him, and he is not the bad guy mind you.
  • Also present in the House of Dreams

"I wouldn't want to wake up, but unfortunately, you must."


Intermediate Gods

    Harbinger (DOTA 2) 
Harbinger, Omen Incarnate of Impending Doom (The Outworld Devourer, The Obsidian Destroyer, Outhouse Decorator, Outland Demolisher, Overpowered Destroyer, Ominous Dominator, Overused Dumbjoke)

Lesser Gods

Leluminaï Lekatariba Lamina-Tchaï, Goddess of Prophetic Birthmarks (Leeloo [Dallas Multipass], Ekbat De Sebat, Precious Stone of the Earth, Defender of Light and Life, the Honorable)
  • Lesser Goddess (Greater God when utilizing the Divine Light)
  • Symbol: The "four elements" mark on her wrist
  • Theme: Leeloo
  • Alignment: Chaotic Good
  • Domains: Good, Chaos, Sun, Strength, Stars
  • Portfolio: Badass Adorable, Big Eater, Cosmic Keystone, Element Number Five, Innocent Fanservice Girl, Martial Pacifist, Mysterious Waif, Naked on Arrival, Overly Long Name, Waif-Fu
  • Herald: Korben Dallas
  • Followers: Owen Krysler, Fakir, Ewing, Frobisher, Rey, Cavendish, Sonmi, and Zachry
  • Allies: The Nothing Card, Percy Jackson, Toph Bei Fong, Recca Hanabishi, John Egbert, John McClane, Kushina Uzumaki, Pippi Longstocking, Lucy, Leon and Mathilda
  • Enemies: the GUAD
  • Opposes: House of War
  • Uneasy Relationship: Immortal God-Emperor of Mankind
  • Feared by: All zombie deities, Albert Wesker
  • Admired by: John Preston
  • Many know of this supreme being from her iconic outfits, orange hair and Sci-Fi Bob Haircut. Enough followers of her exploits brought her into the Pantheon, accompanied by Korben Dallas.
  • Many zombie gods are wary of her presence. Red hair aside, the woman bears a strong resemblance to a younger Alice. Even Wesker has noted to pay special attention to her.
    • John Preston thinks she looks more like his high priest Violet Song jat Shariff. Leeloo doesn't like the comparison though, believing the woman lives too her nickname too much to her liking.
  • Is notoriously abhorrent towards the House of War. The fact that multiple species preside in the House further dampened her mood. She nearly balked over saving the Earth when she first found out about the destructive nature of humanity.
  • The God Emperor tried to give her tribute to saving humanity in her world from destruction, but she rebuked the offering. She may be sympathetic for the atrocities his people had to deal with, she is still uncomfortable with his methods.
  • While the GUAE took note to find ways to neutralize her, it was the GUAD who truly loathe her. Nekron and The Lich both see her as an instrumental threat to their plans. She is currently one of their primary targets to destroy first.
  • Is welcomed at all times into the House of Nature. She did save nature in her world after all. When she got word of another fifth element, she frantically searched for that deity. It turned out to be a card wielded by Sakura, and they couldn't be any more different. While Leeloo at her full potential protects life, The Nothing can destroy anything she touches. This doesn't faze Leeloo in the slightest, becoming one the avatar's few friends in the Pantheon.
    • Her tattoos also wield the four classic elements. As such, she made time to visit each deity of that element. Percy found her odd if not amiable. Toph hangs around with her in the hopes of rubbing her personality onto the redhead. Recca didn't have much to say other than complimenting on her hair. And the troll gave her a rousing welcome... only to mess with her hair as a prank. To his surprise, she is rather good at getting back at him. The two are in the middle of a playful prank war.
  • When she came face to face with John McClane, she couldn't help but smile a bit. The God of Monkey Wrenches looked just like her herald. She quickly got Korben to take a look, confirming her suspicions. It was no surprise that the two got along well, as both people performed extraordinary feats after living ordinary lives. Well... they both had a bit of training, but neither would expect to have had such a massive effect on their world.
  • Both Leeloo and Korben can attest to worshiping Kushina before their ascension. Korben would at least admit that red hair looks great on the two of them.
  • Likes to go to the House of Music to listen to operas. It reminds her of her memorable fight at the cruise spaceship.
  • To their surprise, there was already a deity for taxi drivers. They would find out why as soon as they met the man. Travis Bickle immediately took offense, shouting "You lookin' at me?'' until the two hurried out of his premises. The two have been avoiding him ever since.
  • Both Leeloo and Lucy have a bit more in common than merely wielding massive power inside them. They also share the same director. The connection also led her to meet Leon and Mathilda, and in spite of Leeloo's idealism making her at first wary of a man who kills others as a living, they found common ground and have hung out together.
  • Not many could contest with Pippi Longstocking in a wrestling match, but Leeloo sure gave her a run for her money. What started as a way to get some exercise turned into a riveting battle between two redheads. Leeloo may have eventually lost the fight, but she gained a new friend in the process.



    Jacob Marley 
Jacob Marley, God of Deathbed Clothing and Warning Others to Not be Like Him
  • Theme Song: Link By Link, This Chain, Jacob Marley
  • Demigod
  • Symbol: His chains
  • Alignment: Lawful Neutral(?)
  • Portfolio: Jacob Marley Apparel and Warning (obviously), Ghostly Gape, Chained by Fashion
  • Domains: Ghosts, Warnings
  • Allies: Ebenezer Scrooge, The Ghosts of Christmas, Scrooge McDuck, Statler & Waldorf, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, Nicolas Cage
  • Opposes: Unrepentant and/or greedy deities
  • Tense relations: Wario
  • Jacob Marley used to be a business partner alongside Ebenezer Scrooge before death. It was only a matter of time before he came back as a spirit to warn Scrooge that the miser will end up becoming like him if he didn't change his ways. Even as a spirit, he is still wearing the same clothes that he had before his death, albeit with chains.
  • Compared to most of the other gods in the Pantheon, Jacob Marley is rarely seen on a frequent basis. Most have only seen him during the holidays if someone is a greedy miser that's unlikely to change their ways and he largely disapproves of said misers.
  • Has claimed that he doesn't have a brother named Bob Marley. It was largely Statler & Waldorf's doing, though he commends the two on warning the Scrooge from that universe to avoid a bad fate.
    • In addition to the two Muppets, Jason Todd, Goofy, Sylvester the Cat, and even Nicolas Cage have played Jacob's role on different occassions.
    • Jacob was a little annoyed when he found out that Bloo attempted to play the role of Jacob Marley, but ended up being like Bob Marley instead.
  • Had an encounter with Bugs Bunny, who claimed to have played Marley's role one time. The spirit has a feeling that constantly annoying someone and threatening to send them to hell is not the best idea to try and change a greedy miser's way.
  • He quickly found out that there was a House of Commerce and was disappointed to find that a number of deities there were greedy, if not moreso that him and Scrooge before the latter redeemed himself.
    • Marley had an unusual encounter with Wario during that visit to Commerce and found out that Wario took up Jacob's role one time. The spirit was annoyed that Wario encouraged that greed, and Wario telling him that he had to carry out the warning simply to fulfill the story didn't really change Jacob's opinion of him.
    • During that same visit, he met Scrooge McDuck. Beforehand, Marley felt disappointed that Ebenezer Scrooge would have a place in a house that focuses mainly on money, but the confusion got cleared up quickly. Jacob is thankful that Scrooge McDuck does have his own family to make sure the duck's own greed doesn't get out too of control.
  • Rumors have started to spread that he might sound a bit similar to Lord Shen. The spirit is not amused at all by the rumors.
  • The chains that he carries with him are made of moneybags and ledgers, meant to symbolize how selfish he was before his death. Some believe that the chains can be removed, but others think that the chains are a burden he'll have to carry forever.
  • Jacob Marley was much relieved to see his old friend not only reformed, but ascended to the Pantheon. Scrooge was likewise touched to see him, though he wondered if Marley's chains might be any lighter for his efforts, crediting his friend with saving him from a dismal fate. Whether this is true remains to be seen.
  • Marley is in contact with the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Yet to Come and was able to join forces with them in saving Scrooge, though how he procured this chance is a mystery for the ages.


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